The King of Kungfu in school 2001-2005

Chapter 2001

Not long after, a late Mortal Immortal minister flew out, this powerful late Mortal Immortal was acting as the referee of this competition.

The referee stood over the ring and shouted, "Everyone, the new Genius Immortal Ranking Competition, has officially begun.Next, please invite the pre-Mortal Immortal, so participants to enter the ring."

As soon as the referee finished speaking, thousands of pre-human immortal men and women rushed into the ring together, and Tang Zichen and Julie Ma flew into the ring together.

The referee said, "In each realm, take the first 1000 names, there are 1000 circles above your heads, only one person can stand in each circle, after one hour, anyone not standing in the circle means out, and anyone standing in the circle means entering the first 1000."

After saying that, the judge waved his hand and a thousand water bubbles appeared in the sky, which slowly spread and then turned into a water circle.

"Alright, you may begin, here is a warning, no one is allowed to help others, or else they will be disqualified, and are not allowed to participate for five hundred years, and if the situation is serious, they are in capital punishment."

Everyone in the arena, pre immortal, immediately jumped on their legs and rushed into the sky to grab the water ring.

However, the water circles weren't that easy to grab because when everyone rushed up, all the water circles were moving quickly and they would also attack.

For example, Tang Zichen saw a pre-human immortal who was lucky enough to snatch a water circle and then quickly got into the water circle, just as that water circle began to shrink rapidly.That pre-human immortal youth let out a scream, and soon after, he fell straight from mid-air to the ground, seemingly injured quite badly.

Therefore, every water circle had an offensive nature, and everyone had to not only snatch the water circle from others, but also be able to resist the attacks that the water circle brought with it.

Tang Zichen rushed directly into a water circle, and that water circle immediately escaped. A second to remember to read the book

"Wanna go?"Tang Zichen covered with a large hand and rigidly pulled the water circle back, and when it was pulled back, the water circle did not fall apart, which also required extremely strong control to be able to do so.

In the crowd, some of the people watching Tang Zichen pulling the water ring were a little surprised.

Tang Zichen got into the water circle, the water circle rapidly contracted and tried to buckle Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen snorted with disdain and slapped the water circle.

"Buzz."The water ring let out a chirp, after which it became honest.

Tang Zichen had managed to snatch a water circle.

In the sky, thousands of silhouettes were flashing, either snatching the water circle or resisting the water circle's attack, and Moreover, there were constantly people falling from the sky.

At this moment, somewhere in the sky, Belinda Ma was heading straight for one of the water circles, when the Bull Dancing Water rushed up.

"Belinda."Niu Dancing Water was busy shouting, his eyes looking at Belinda Ma, a strong sense of nostalgia.

However, Belinda Ma was now looking at Niu Dancing Water up close, but she looked complicated.

Belinda Ma thought that she should still like it now that she saw her former fiancé, she was a person who was after all traditional and dedicated.

However, it turned out that she was looking at Niu Dancing Water at the moment, but she didn't even feel a bit happy inside, which means that she didn't feel anything for Niu Dancing Water inside.

Belinda Ma couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, this was the fiancé that she had once worshipped and loved.

"Belinda, don't worry, I'll definitely bring you back and snatch you from Zhou Mi's hands."Niu Dancingshui said, the more Niu Dancingshui looked at Belinda Ma.

The more he liked it, the more he really wanted to go up and hug her right now.

Belinda Ma said, "Dancing Water, you're here too."Belinda Ma didn't know what to say, so she had to say something random like this.

"Belinda, wait for me, I'll definitely bring you home, you've suffered these three years."


"Belinda, don't worry, I will beat Zhou Mi can't get up, also, this year, I will be in the top 200, I will be your pride."Niu Dancing Water said with confidence, he thought that Belinda Ma would definitely be proud of him for entering the top 200.

However, what Niu Dancing Water didn't know was that Belinda Ma herself was confident that she would enter the top 80, how could a district top 200 still make her feel proud?

Bull Dance Watercourse: "Belinda, let's not talk about that now, I'm going to go grab the water circle, you've only just become an immortal for a few years, your strength is still relatively low, feel free to participate, don't try too hard, lest you hurt yourself and make me feel bad."

"Uh, oh."Belinda Ma oh, not knowing what to say.I don't blame Niu Dancing Water for saying that, after all, it was true that Belinda Ma had only just become an Immortal a few years ago, and according to normal circumstances, her strength was still very low indeed.

Niu Dancing Water gnashed her teeth inwardly, "I must enter the top 200, make Belinda worship me and become her pride, and then, take her away from Zhou Mi's hands.Zhou Mi is nothing more than a dude who is just relying on his family's power, I'm so much stronger now, he's definitely not a match for me."

"Belinda, I'm going to grab the water ring then."After saying that, Niu Dancing Water re-surfaced a water circle not far next to it, but it was already occupied by someone.

"Hmph, give it to me."Because Belinda Ma was watching, Niu Dancing Water was hot-headed enough to rush up and grab it, wanting to snatch the water circle in front of Belinda Ma, so that Belinda Ma could see how he had changed now.

However, the young man who had already occupied the water ring was furious: "What kind of kitten or puppy would dare to snatch mine."

"Pah."Niu Dancing Water felt a fiery heat on his face, and somehow, he was slapped in the face by that person, making several circles in the same place.

Belinda Ma was busy going up to help Niu Danceshui and asked, "Danceshui, are you okay."

Niu Danceshui felt embarrassed, indeed, in front of a woman will do things impulsively, without judging the strength of the opponent rushed up.

"Fine fine, I've robbed other, this person is definitely in the top 100 strength."Niu Dancing Water was busy explaining.

At this time, only Julie Ma said to the youth who had just said, "Give me the water ring."

"What? You want to snatch the water ring I have too?"

"Buzz."Julie Ma rushed up.

"Pah."With two blows, Belinda Ma blinds the young man who occupied the water circle that Bull Dancing Water had just tried to grab.

"Ah."Niu Dancing Water was dumbfounded, he was not an opponent at all, but he was not her opponent in front of Belinda Ma.

Belinda Ma smiled slightly, at the moment, Niu Danceshui felt confused, feeling that anything he had just said was humiliating.

"Belinda, your strength?"

"Dancing water, I'm sorry, but I might have a top 80 strength."

"Ah."Niu Danceshui's body shook, wondering if she had misheard.

"Dancing water, it's Zhou Mi, in these three years, although Zhou Mi has taken me away, he has also made me, I am now able to become so much stronger, even defeating people who are halfway to the pre-human immortal cultivation, all because of Zhou Mi."


"No, Zhou Mi is just a dude trash, that's never possible."

"Dancing water, Zhou Mi he's not what you think, he's very powerful, although I now have the strength of the top 80, but, if I were to fight Zhou Mi, I would probably be defeated in one breath.Mai Shui, don't go to seek revenge on Zhou Mi, and don't even try to steal me back, because, you're not even a match for him, and I don't want you to get hurt again.You'll go back alone."

"Ahhhh."Niu Dancing Water hissed, he thought that in these three years, he had turned his grief into strength and increased his strength so much that he could completely crush Zhou Mi and bring his beloved fiancée home.But as a result, even his fiancée, who had been disciplined in Zhou Mi's hands for three years, was stronger than him, not to mention Zhou Mi himself.

Niu Dancing Water couldn't accept such a result.

This scene, in fact, Tang Zichen, who was far away, had already seen it.

Tang Zichen saw the exchange between Niu Dancing Water and Belinda Ma, but Tang Zichen didn't go up to disturb it, Tang Zichen wanted to see how Belinda Ma was evaluating him now.

Tang Zichen smiled, Belinda Ma didn't scandalize Tang Zichen and didn't waste Tang Zichen's efforts to cultivate her.

At this moment, Tang Zichen felt happy to see Niu Dancing Water's painful appearance.

At this moment, the judge flew next to Niu Danceshui and said, "You, are disqualified."

"Ah, why?"Niu Dancing Water panicked to stop hissing.

"During the competition, making loud noises and affecting others, you are disqualified, and, I am punishing you with a ten-year ban from participating, go down immediately." First URL


The referee slapped his palm and with a swoosh, Niu Dancing Water was blown out of the sky and fell into the crowd.

The Niu Dancing Water roared in pain and actually howled on the ground, it was truly a double blow to the spirit and flesh.

Belinda Ma sighed.

Soon, an hour passed and the first 1000 were born.

However, it was immediately followed by the first 500, the first 300, and the first 200.

For the three rounds after that, Tang Zichen easily passed all three, and Belinda Ma easily passed as well.

In the crowd, Niu Dancing Water, who had stopped crying, was incomparably disappointed when he saw that Julie Ma had entered the top 200, which was his expectation, but as a result, his fiancée had easily entered, and he, on the other hand, was disqualified and not allowed to participate for 500 years.

"Everyone, the top 200 were born smoothly congratulations to the 200 people who are still standing on the ring at this moment, they, are the 200 most talented pre-mortal people in our entire Yunluo Immortal Country, everyone salute with a warm applause."

"Pah-pah."There was thunderous applause.

The referee said, "However, the competition has not ended, instead, the contest of true geniuses has just begun."

Everyone felt a surge of excitement.

"The next thing that will take place immediately is, the battle for the top 100.What the top 100 means, I think you all know, every single one of them that enters the top 100, will receive a commemorative medallion from the Immortal Kingdom, and, will be sealed as a ninth-grade Chu Chen by the Immortal Kingdom."

Hearing about the Nine Chu Chen, everyone felt a surge of excitement and hated to be able to enter the top 100.

At this moment, Belinda Ma was also excited inside, if she was able to obtain the title of Ninth Grade Chu Chen, then she would be the first to obtain this title in the history of Xixing Town, and would be the most talented person in the history of Xixing Town, and would definitely become the pride of everyone in Xixing Town.

Thinking of this, Belinda Ma couldn't help but look at the few people standing next to her.

A position of Tang Zichen.

Unconsciously, Tang Zichen had completely changed his impression in her mind, and it seemed that she could no longer associate Tang Zichen with the rogue who had defiled her three years ago.

"Alright, the top 100 competition, it's official.Now, I'll explain the rules, the same water circle, but, what's different this time is that this time, the water circle is divided into ten ranks, a total of 100 water circles.The largest water circle represents the highest rank, if the ten people who grabbed the largest water circle, then it means that they are in the top ten.If he grabbed the next smallest water circle, it meant that he entered the top twenty, and so on, and if he grabbed the ten with the smallest water circle, it meant that he entered the 90th to 100th.Everyone, do you all understand."


"Very well, 200 of you, whoever is able to enter 100 and whoever has the ability to enter which stage in the top 100, it depends on this moment."After saying that, the referee scattered his hands, and the ten largest water circles appeared in the air.

Everyone looked at the ten largest water circles, their eyes filled with longing, being able to grab the ten largest water circles meant the top ten.

Then the referee spilled his hand again, ten second largest water rings, and grabbing this second largest meant 11th through 20th.

The referee scattered his hand ten times, and a total of 100 large and small water rings floated in mid-air.

Suddenly, the 200 people on the stage, eyes are locked in the mid-air for large and small water ring, each person has their own goal, to grab which level of the water ring.

For example, Tang Zichen, at the moment, his eyes locked directly on the largest number of water ring, directly into the top ten.

It was just a pity that the people whose gazes were locked on the largest numbered water circle were far more than Tang Zichen, and even more than ten people, there were at least thirty people whose gazes were directly locked on the largest numbered water circle.

All the spectators, at the moment, carried a nervous heart.

The referee said: "Everyone, I hope you will accurately judge your own strength, the bigger the water circle, the more aggressive it is, if you don't have that strong strength, it's best not to be over-ambitious and hurt yourselves.Alright, I'm not going to say anything more, let's begin."

The referee said start, and all of a sudden, 200 people in the ring stormed into the sky.

Everyone's goal seemed to be clear, on average, two people grabbed a water ring and had to resist the ring's attacks, so it wasn't that easy to get into the top 100.

Tang Zichen dashed directly towards the ten largest water circles.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen rushed to one of the largest water circles, but the person who wanted to grab this one water circle was also a prince, and that prince's name was Yun Camel.

Yun Camel saw Zhou Mi snatching the hitting book ring from him, and roared, "Zhou Mi, don't look for death, the largest numbered water ring, meaning the top ten, is it something you can snatch?"

This Cloud Camel, although he was also in the early stages of Human Immortality, he was already at the end of the early stages of the road, while Tang Zichen was only halfway there, so in theory, Tang Zichen was not strong enough to compete for the largest number of water circles.

But theory is theory.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I can't take it, can you."

"Roll."Cloud Camel slapped at Tang Zichen, trying to knock down Tang Zichen who didn't know the meaning of the word.

At this moment, on the audience podium, the emperor and all the other royals were looking at the mid-air.

A minion beside the emperor snorted, "That Zhou Mi, he really doesn't know how to behave, thinking that he had defeated Grandmother Hu before, but now he actually wants to enter the top ten and go for the largest water ring, he is really deceiving himself and others.Prince Cloud Camel will definitely beat him up so badly that he won't even think of a second level water circle and roll to after the 20th."


However, in the next second, that minion was hit in the face by reality.

Because, in mid-air, the Cloud Camel Prince who wanted to beat Tang Zichen into serious injury was punched by Tang Zichen and flew dozens of meters.

"Poof."Cloud Camel spurted out a mouthful of blood, just as well, that blood landed on the ground and scattered all over that minion's face.

"Ugh."That lackey was startled there, and the entire podium of royalty was startled.

Zhou Mi had actually punched Yun Camel and spat blood.

In the sky, Tang Zichen didn't even look at the cloud camel, occupying that largest water circle, the water circle emitted a strong attack, Tang Zichen felt like being under the water, as if he was going to suffocate him alive.

Tang Zichen shouted, a mana shocked in his body, and the water circle emitted a grunting sound, like a howl, Tang Zichen suppressed the water circle's own attack at once.

Tang Zichen succeeded in capturing one of the largest water circles and entered the top ten, but of course, it wasn't over yet, and there would definitely be people coming up to steal from Tang Zichen afterwards.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, a young man who had reached the end of the pre-human immortal stage flew in front of Tang Zichen.

This person, Tang Zichen knew, called Yi Hao, his father was also a First Grade Minister, however, Yi Hao's father's status in the court was far higher than Zhou Tie's.Because, Yi Hao's father, had two genius sons, the elder son, Yi Jing, was a middle Human Immortal, and the younger son, Yi Hao, was a pre-Human Immortal, and both sons were in the top thirty of the genius list, especially the younger son, Yi Hao, who was in the top ten of the last genius list.

This session, of course, still want the top ten, only, the top ten only ten circles, he scanned the circle, think Zhou Mi this circle, should be the best to grab, moreover, he is not afraid of offending Zhou Mi, even if he beat Zhou Mi into serious injury, so what. Remember the URL

At this moment, on the ground, in the courtier audience, a middle-aged man shouted, "Hao'er, grab it, there's no need to be polite on this kind of competition stage."After saying that, this man also looked at Zhou Tie next to him.

At this moment, Zhou Tie was very nervous, Yi Cake's youngest son, Yi Hao, was a famous genius, and an old genius, contacting the top ten for several hundred years.

"Mi'er, come on."Zhou Tie shouted.

That Yi Cake but a snort; "In front of a real genius, you think a few shouts of cheer will be useful?Save it, Chou Tie, haha."

"Hmph."Zhou Tie just snorted, he didn't argue with Yi Cake, he was more nervous that Zhou Mi would give Yi Hao the opportunity to take advantage of the situation, in this kind of competition, many courtiers who didn't agree with him would take the opportunity to injure their opponents, and even beat them for hundreds of years.Yi Cake had always despised Zhou Tie, so Yi Hao, Yi Cake's youngest son, would definitely take the opportunity to beat up Tang Zichen who couldn't recover for hundreds of years.Moreover, Yi Cake had just shouted that in this kind of competition ring, there was no need to be polite and was already assassinating Yi Hao.

In the sky, Tang Zichen looked at the youth in front of him, the corners of his mouth slightly Yang, this old former ten genius, Tang Zichen had already thundered like a thunderbolt when he hadn't died in his previous life, but at that time, Tang Zichen couldn't look up to him at all, that's why, right now, Yi Hao looked at Tang Zichen's eyes filled with disdain, as if Tang Zichen was a junior.

"Zhou Mi, let me have the water circle honestly, and I can just give you a few ear scrapes and then let you go.Otherwise, I'll make sure you won't recover from your injuries for five hundred years."Yi Hao said.

Tang Zichen said, "Yi Hao, in your previous life, you were so famous that I couldn't look up to you, but in this life, I'll make you look up to me

.Don't worry, I'll make sure you won't recover from your injuries for eight hundred years."

"Looking for death."Yi Hao was furious, and the reincarnated Zhou Mi was so mad.

After saying that, Yi Hao didn't bother to talk nonsense and directly cast spells.

Tang Zichen didn't hide it either, striking before Yi Hao and casting the Silence Spell was a powerful one after all.

"Empty Silence Starry Sky."

"Bang."As if a planet had struck, in the blink of an eye, Yi Hao wasn't even prepared for this prowess of Tang Zichen's to hit.

"Ah."Yi Hao let out a scream, feeling like his arms and legs weren't his own anymore.

"Boom."Tang Zichen showed no mercy, another palm strike to Yi Hao's brain, and Yi Hao let out a scream.

"Clack."Tang Zichen slashed at his lazy waist, cutting Yi Hao's body into two fractures.Of course, it wasn't broken, just two broken, Yi Hao's body was an immortal's after all, it wasn't so easy to cut off, and Tang Zichen didn't want to act too vicious in front of the emperor and countless other people.

"Boom."Yi Hao's body blasted into the ground, smashing up a cloud of dust.

"Ah, Hao'er."On the courtier audience stage, Yi Hao's father, Yi Cake, was dumbfounded, his genius son was so vulnerable in front of Zhou Mi, and the terror wasn't going to recover for eight hundred years.

"No."Yi Cake hissed, and many courtiers cast sympathetic glances at him, while at the same time, they cast affectionate glances at Zhou Tie.

Zhou Tie's position in the hearts of the courtiers scuffled upwards in just one moment.

Zhou Tie hehely smiled: "Yi Cake, it's still my son who is stronger, your son ah, although he is an old top ten genius, unfortunately, he is still not as good as my son.It's also fortunate that my son is stronger, otherwise, I'm really afraid that my son will be beaten even worse by your son."

"Hmph."Yi Cake's eyes were fierce, panicking to see Yi Hao, Yi Hao was so damaged, he definitely couldn't continue to compete for the ranking, but he remembered Zhou Tie and Zhou Mi's father and son, he would never be polite in the future as long as he found an opportunity.

Tang Zichen's mid-air performance was naturally seen by everyone.

On the podium, the emperor's eyes narrowed as he watched Tang Zichen without letting go, saying inwardly, "This person, after being reincarnated is so different, this time the top ten, I don't know if the top three seats of my royal family will be threatened by him."

In the sky, the princess called Yun Zi, her eyes looked towards Tang Zichen, Yun Zi was the first place in the previous Human Pre-immortal Genius Ranking, she was younger than Tang Zichen in her previous life, she was a very powerful genius, last time, Yun Zi became the first with the strength to absolutely spike the second place.

At this moment, Yun Zi said inwardly, "Zhou Mi, you just beat my brother Yun Camel vomiting blood, wait, me, in order to regain my royal dignity."

Tang Zichen seemed to feel Yun Zi's gaze and looked over as well, only, Tang Zichen's eyes were fearlessly looking at her.

This Yun Zi, who was also extremely beautiful looking, not inferior to Princess Yun Meng, was also the dream lover of an unknown number of men.In his previous life, Tang Zichen had also drooled, but in his previous life, this Yun Zi was still relatively small, and Tang Zichen paid relatively little attention to her.But coming back again in this life, Yun Zi grew much more mature.

Tang Zichen smiled, a provocative charm in his eyes, and at the same time, Tang Zichen also aimed at Yun Zi's upright chest.

Yun Zi saw Tang Zichen's provocative gaze, and her heart was even more furious.


"Zhou Mi, you wait for me."Yun Zi responded with a killing intent gaze, Tang Zichen had just beaten Yi Hao for eight hundred years is a scene, Yun Zi naturally also saw it.

At this moment, the emperor said, "That Zhou Mi's reincarnation, I really don't know what kind of luck he has had, someone who was such a trash in his previous life is able to have such strength in this life.His current strength has surpassed that of his previous life, even Yi Hao was defeated by him."

"Your Holiness, don't worry, he's only in the top ten now, and when the top ten duke it out again after that, Princess Yun Zi will definitely let him know why the flowers are so red."

The emperor snorted in discontent, "Did I compare him to Yun Zi?Yun Zi is one of my most talented daughters, the first time she participated in the last session, she won the first place in the pre-human immortal stage, what is Zhou Mi, who dares to compare with my daughter.I'm just praising him and occupying a top ten spot."

"Yes, yes, Zhou Mi's bracing for death is only in the top ten, just now my slave misspoke, I hope His Majesty will atone."

"Next time, don't talk nonsense, it's not good to grow other people's ambition."

"Yes, yes, yes."

An hour later, the judge shouted, "Stop, the battle of the top one hundred, it's officially over.Those who haven't snatched up any water rings by now have lost their chance, so please retire immediately."

Helplessly, those who hadn't snatched up any, retreated.

With a move of the referee's hand, all the water rings returned to him and disappeared.

"One hundred of you, stand still in the ring." One second to remember to read the book

One hundred people, standing in a row in the ring.

Right now, Belinda Ma was excited inside.

Belinda Ma had felt that she had the strength of the top 80 before, but when she had just grabbed the water circle, Belinda Ma had not grabbed the water circle that corresponded to her strength, which was the seventh level.Belinda wanted to challenge the sixth level water circle first, and after an hour of constant challenges, by the end of the hour, Belinda managed to snatch the sixth level water circle, which meant that Belinda was in the top 70, stronger than she had expected.

"Yay."Belinda Ma's inner excitement was already overflowing with words.

The judge said, "Congratulations, you have been awarded the title of the 9th Reserve Minister of the Immortal Kingdom, and I will present you with your certificates immediately."

Everyone received a certificate that was like a tile and heavy, some were excited to hold it, while others, didn't take it seriously.

Belinda Ma's excitement at the moment was needless to say, and she even looked at Tang Zichen several times.

In the crowd, Niu Dancing Water's expression had become dull and numb, the achievements that Julie Ma had now obtained were beyond his expectations, and perhaps not in his lifetime.

The referee said, "The certificate has been awarded, next, it's time for the specific ranking among the top one hundred, as you have just seen, the water circle is divided into ten ranks, the person who snatched the first rank is the top ten, and so on.Now, please ask the ten people who have just grabbed the tenth rank to come forward, and the rest of you to step back."

On the ring, ten people remained.

"The ten of you will now engage in a free battle, those who lose all their matches will be 100; those who win one match will be 99; those who win two matches will be 98; those who win ten matches will be 91, and so on.Next, the rest of the various water ring levels are ten, and the same rules apply."

In the ring, a new round of battles began immediately, ten people, each of whom had to fight nine others

It was a bit intense, but it was the fairest.

There was a battle and 91 to 100 came out.

Then, it was 81 to 90.

After that, the battle continued from 71 to 80.

Soon, it was time for a duel between the ten people in the sixth level water circle.

Belinda Ma was in this round of battle.Julie Ma stood in the ring, after the referee shouted to start, the people around her fought against her one by one, each one wanting to win against him, one more win, which meant advancing one place.

And so, they fought and fought until they were exhausted, and in the end, sadly, Belinda Ma only won one match.

This meant that Belinda Ma finished 69th, but Belinda Ma was content with that.

Round after round went on, and soon it was time for the most exciting final round, the battle for the top ten.

The emotions of the entire audience were explosive to the extreme.

Every single one of the top ten was recognized by everyone as a genius, except for Zhou Mi who was the dark horse that suddenly killed out of nowhere, but the fact that Zhou Mi was able to defeat Yi Hao already showed that Zhou Mi's strength was also unpredictable.

"Everyone, the most exciting battle of the top ten has begun, the rules are the same, feel free to start."After the referee said that, several gazes all landed on Tang Zichen.

One of these gazes that landed on Tang Zichen was Princess Yun Zixin, Princess Yun Zixin had already said just now.

Now that the war could finally begin, Yun Zi Zi was of course the first to find Tang Zichen .

In addition to Yun Zi Zi, the other four royal princes and princesses were also the first to look at Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen had beaten the Cloud Camel Prince until he vomited blood, these highborn princes thought that Tang Zichen had insulted their royal family, perhaps they were so high and mighty used to winning or losing in the ring that they considered it an insult.

Tang Zichen laughed, "What, you several royalty, all of you have locked me, Zhou, as your first enemy, ah, it's really a coincidence.Did I, Zhou, do something to make all of you imperial sons and daughters in the top ten so unhappy?"

"You."Princess Yun Zi was startled and looked to the side, indeed, other than her, the other four princes and princesses who had entered the top ten were just like her, the first person to hit was Zhou Mi.

In fact, the five of their royal descendants, coincidentally, were the first to hit Tang Zichen, somewhat losing their royal style.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I never thought that the rise of someone like me, Zhou, would attract the discontent of all the descendants of the royal family, in the ring, victory or defeat is a common thing, and one should not resent others because one's brother lost.It is true that I have just beaten the Yun Camel and vomited blood, but I, Zhou, do not think that I have done anything cruel, it is just that the Yun Camel Prince is weak.As such, it has drawn the discontent of several of your princes and princesses, all of whom look as if they want to cripple me, which is really disappointing to my Emperor."

At this moment, the emperor on the podium felt like he had been slapped in public by Tang Zichen, his children, who couldn't afford to lose, off to the side, as if he didn't have words to argue.

Princess Yun Zi gasped, "Zhou Mi, you are talking nonsense."

"If this is not the case, why are you five royal descendants, the first spear aimed at me?Come on, come along, I don't mind."Tang Zichen said.

"Hmph, against you, one random child of my royal family is enough, Cloud Leopard, you go."Yun Zi yelled, Yun Bao was the weakest of their five imperial children who had entered the top ten.


At this time, even though Yun Zi was eager to teach Tang Zichen a lesson, he had to let the weakest Cloud Leopard take care of Tang Zichen.

"Good."Cloud Leopard jumped out.

"Zhou Mi, this battle is only our battle, it has nothing to do with my identity or yours, if you continue to impose stigmas on the royal family recklessly, don't blame my father for bringing down the blame on you."

"That's best."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Drink."Yun Bao rushed towards Tang Zichen.


"Bang."Tang Zichen easily slapped the cloud leopard and knocked it flying.

"Ah."Yun Zi and the other three princes and princesses were silly, Tang Zichen was seriously beyond Tang Zichen's imagination.

"Yun Lan, you're on."Yun Zi shouted.

Yun Lan was the bottom two in strength among them all.

"Bang."Tang Zichen flew away with another palm strike. The first website

"Ah, what."Everyone was shocked, although Yun Lan was in the bottom two of them, he was also in the top six, but yet, he was no match for Tang Zichen.

On the podium, the emperor's face was slightly moved, in fact he was already having great inner fluctuations.

Princess Yun Meng, who was next to the emperor, was also very shocked at the moment.

On the audience of courtiers, however, Zhou Tie was a little worried, his steps were too big, afraid that he would rip his eggs.

Zhou Tie himself didn't expect that Tang Zichen could be so strong, simply like a step to the heavens, such popularity may not be a good thing, especially, Tang Zichen defeated so many princes one after another, the emperor's face definitely can't hang.

Zhou Tie sighed, in his previous life, Zhou Mi was too mediocre, but in this life, Zhou Mi was too popular.

In the ring, Princess Yun Zi said, "Zhou Mi, very good, then let me meet you."

"Please, Princess."Tang Zichen politely arched his hand, but Tang Zichen's politeness was only external, but inside Tang Zichen was not polite anymore.

"Ten Thousand Violet Reds."Yun Zi cast a powerful spell, it was already her strongest spell, because she wanted to defeat Tang Zichen as fast as possible, the faster she defeated Tang Zichen, the more she could show her strength, the more the royal dignity would be salvaged.

However, Yun Zi Zi was a bit dumbfounded after seeing Tang Zichen's return hand.

Only to see Tang Zichen's double palm slash, a silent wind blew out, destroying all of her spells and toppling back.

"Ah."Yun Zi was careless, but she was attacked by her own spells that toppled back, and flew back with a scream.

Yun Zi was embarrassed, she was such a genius that she had lost her face right off the bat.

Tang Zichen said, "Princess Yun Zi, I hope that you will be careful during the match, although I, Zhou, am indeed very handsome and attract countless young girls who want to marry, I cannot see the distraction."

"What did you say bullshit, I see you dazed, you Dengtong prodigal son, how dare you insult this princess."Yun Zi was furious, especially with those few that led to countless maidens wanting to marry.

Yun Zi killed again, and this time, she lost her mind a bit.

Tang Zichen made a virtual grasp gesture in the air, and suddenly, the cold wind was everywhere, and within Tang Zichen's gesture, countless knives and shadows were flying like.

"Ah."Yun Zi screamed again, her hair was disheveled, Tang Zichen didn't know what kind of spell, making her have no power to fight back.

In the next second, Tang Zichen said, "Princess Yun Zixi, I'll take over."

"You."Yun Zi Zi was angry and furious, Tang Zichen had insulted her, but she had no way to take revenge and lost without a fight back.

On the podium, the emperor's face sank with disappointment, looking at Tang Zichen's strength, he was definitely going to be the first place, and his royal family, he was finally going to give up a first place.

Tang Zichen said to the rest, "Do you want to go together, or one by one, or, admit defeat."

The rest of them didn't dare to go up and be abused by Tang Zichen, who didn't even have the strength to fight back against Yun Zi, let alone them.

"Since that's the case, I, Zhou, have won ten matches, I, Zhou, have claimed the first place in the pre-human immortal stage, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

The judge looked at the emperor, then said, "Zhou Mi, congratulations, alright, the rest of you continue."

More than an hour later, everyone had finished their battles.

Tang Zichen had won ten matches and Princess Yun Zi had won nine, losing only to Tang Zichen.

However, Yun Zi was not happy at all.

This pre-human immortal ranking competition, the royal family didn't have the limelight either, but instead lost a lot of image.

Yun Zi Zi gnashed her teeth at Tang Zichen.

When Tang Zichen saw Yun Zi Chen's gaze, there was a bit of fire inside.

If not for the lack of strength, Tang Zichen really raped and then killed her, what a thing, Tang Zichen just defeated her, did not let the royal family continue to top three just, making it seem as if Tang Zichen shit on the royal family's head.

One had to bow under the eaves, Tang Zichen also understood this truth.

"I announce that the Human Immortal Pre-Ranking Competition, is officially over, the first place winner is, Zhou Mi, the second place winner is, Yun Zi, and the third place winner is, Yun Chun, congratulations to all three of you."

The entire crowd cheered.

In the crowd, Belinda Ma was also excitedly cheering for Tang Zichen.

"Everyone should go home today, tomorrow we will continue with the mid Human Immortal ranking match."The referee shouted.

The crowd dispersed.

The emperor got up to leave with an unhappy face, and Zhou Tie immediately went up and kneeled at the sight of him.

"His Majesty atones for his sins."Zhou Tie kneeled.

The emperor's eyebrows furrowed and hummed, "What sin."

"Sovereign, I have taught my son incompetently and insulted the divine authority."

"Hmph, it's just getting the first place in the pre-human immortal stage, why mess with the Holy Might, when the Holy Might is so easy to mess with?"

"What His Majesty said, I was overly concerned."

The emperor turned around and flew away.

This scene, Tang Zichen had seen it all, Tang Zichen was very unpleasant inside, the reason why Zhou Tie went up to kneel was because he was afraid that Tang Zichen would win the first place and cause the emperor's discontent, afraid that the emperor would be small-minded and intentionally stifle it.

Tang Zichen said, "Belinda Ma, go home."

"Yes, young master."Belinda Ma obediently followed Tang Zichen back to the Zhou residence.

Not long after Tang Zichen returned to the Zhou residence, Zhou Tie also returned.

Tang Zichen immediately went to Zhou Tie's study.

"Lord Father."

"Mi'er, good job, you made my father, never dreamed of it, huh."Zhou Tie smiled, but the smile wasn't really happy.

"Is father-sama blaming me for not deliberately draining the water and giving the top three to the royal scion?"

"Alas, it's already done, what's the point of talking about it.It's all because my father didn't tell you beforehand, if my father had known your true strength, I would have warned you to drain the water and give the top three to the royal descendants."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, father-sama, I just wanted to surprise you, so it seems that in the past sessions, it wasn't that no one could win the top three, but rather, even if they had the ability, they deliberately let the water out."

"Although I have to be unsure that it must be, I think that a smart person would choose to drain the water, there is no need to compete with the royal children for the top three.The emperor's face was very unhappy when you won first place today."


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