The King of Kungfu in school 1991-1995


Chapter 1991

Tang Zichen snorted softly, "It's just a Level 2 Immortal Pill Master, making it sound as if it's so powerful."

That Master Chen heard Tang Zichen's words and his beard trembled with anger, isn't it just a Grade 2 Immortal Dan Master?Did he know that if it wasn't because he owed the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom a favor, Chen Ziqiu wouldn't have come here to concoct pills for the emperor, and that a Grade 2 Pill Master was already a supreme honor in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom?

The man called A Miao said, "You are that pervert Zhou Mi who specialized in defiling good girls in your previous life, right?Hmph, how ridiculous, you think that even a toad can become an Immortal Pill Master?You don't even take a piss to look at yourself. Do you look like you know how to make pills?Don't tell me that even if my master doesn't accept you, you won't be able to make it, so don't get lost."

Princess Yun Meng saw that Master Chen was about to get angry, she was busy saying, "Master Chen, don't be angry, why do you need to be common with a person who doesn't know the meaning of heaven and earth.Zhou Mi, if you still have any self-awareness, leave immediately, don't be conspicuous in your disgrace, be careful of ruining some of the good image you so easily gained last time.Also, Master Chen is the most honorable Immortal Pill Master in my Yunluo Immortal Country, ignorance is not scary, ignorance to the extent that you don't know the nobility of a second-grade Immortal Pill Master is scary."

The man called Ah Miao was busy saying, "Princess Yun Meng, don't talk nonsense with a pervert, let's go, let's go study that Yu Ji Pill of yours."


Princess Yun Meng happily followed that Ah Miao, Princess Yun Meng seemed to respect that Ah Miao, and that Ah Miao also seemed to have some thoughts about Princess Yun Meng, very attentive.

Master Chen was an alchemist only for the emperor alone, so usually, everyone else could only plead with Master Chen's disciple, Ah Miao, so that Ah Miao had a very high status in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, and almost every prince and princess, would come to flatter him.

That Ah Miao, who had been studying Immortal Pills at Master Chen's side for a long time, was also already a first-grade Immortal Pill Master.

Of course, those who could come to beg Ah Miao for alchemy were some imperial relatives, ordinary people were also not qualified, and people would not take care of them.

Tang Zichen could only accost them and leave. Remember the website

Tang Zichen originally thought that if Master Chen took him in, he would be more powerful than that Ah Miao, but unfortunately, he didn't get what he wanted and was humiliated.

Tang Zichen swore that one day, he would become an even more powerful Immortal Pill Master than Grandmaster Chen.

The most crucial thing for Tang Zichen now was still getting the True Fire Spell, as long as he got the True Fire Spell, Tang Zichen could officially become a first-grade alchemist with a little more effort for a few years.

"True fire spell ah true fire spell, where the heck can I get it, why isn't the Devil King contacting me, I don't know if the Devil King has the secret of true fire spell."On the way home, Tang Zichen muttered all the way.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen felt a crisis.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen instantly flipped to the side, and in the next second, a harsh sharpness flashed by Tang Zichen's side.

Tang Zichen panicked his eyes to look, but unfortunately, there was no one to be seen, but Tang Zichen saw a silhouette in the distance that was rapidly escaping.

"Trying to assassinate me?"Tang Zichen was startled and instantly understood what was going on.

Tang Zichen was furious and immediately chased after him.

I don't know who it was, but dared to assassinate Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen got closer and closer to the shadow in front of him, and in an alley, Tang Zichen finally caught up with him.

Tang Zichen immediately pounced on the assassin.

The moment Tang Zichen pounced on the killer, he immediately felt a softness beneath him.

"Hm?It's a woman."

The woman killed.

The hand tried to struggle, but, it was quickly subdued by Tang Zichen.

If I wasn't mistaken, this female assassin was just becoming an Immortal, that is, at the pre-human Immortal starting stage, and although Tang Zichen was also at the starting stage, Tang Zichen was definitely further along in his cultivation than this female assassin.

"Pah."Tang Zichen fiercely slapped and subdued the female assassin.

Then, Tang Zichen flipped the female assassin over and faced Tang Zichen, who had just been jumped by Tang Zichen with her back to him.

After turning over, Tang Zichen realized that the female assassin was very beautiful looking.

"Hmm, beautiful female assassin?"Tang Zichen was startled, really not knowing why a beautiful killer would want to kill him.

"Let go of me."The beautiful assassin roared.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Damn it, daring to assassinate me, it would have been hard to predict if I wasn't a bit capable."Tang Zichen was upset, after all, we were all pre-Human Immortals, and although the distance of repair was different, if we were hit, we would die or be injured.

"Say, you're the one who sent you here."Tang Zichen pressed.

However, that beautiful killer didn't say.

Tang Zichen struck her in the brain with a Silence Technique, knocking her out.

Tang Zichen carried the beauty killer on his shoulders and returned to his home.

Soon after, the beauty killer woke up.

Tang Zichen pushed her down again.

"If you don't say anything, don't blame me for raping you, I really haven't fucked a woman in years."Tang Zichen threatened.

That beauty killer raged, "Do you want to defile me a second time?"

"Uh, what do you mean?Have I ever defiled you for the first time?"

"Huh."The beauty killer snorted with tears in her eyes.

Tang Zichen reacted and laughed, "Looks like you're one of the thousands of virtuous girls I was strong in my previous life, hahaha, I see, I thought who sent you to kill me.However, in my previous life, I specialized in picking soft tomatoes, that is, I specialized in picking immortal cultivators, ah, but you're an immortal now.Oh, I see, when I defiled you in my previous life, you hadn't yet become immortal, but now that you've become immortal, you've come to seek revenge on me."

"I don't have to take this revenge."The beautiful woman said through clenched teeth.

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, that was done by me in my previous life, I didn't do anything to you in this life."

"I don't care, the fact that you recovered your memories from your past life means that you are connected to your past life, and the hatred from your past life must be avenged on you."

Tang Zichen saw that she was very chaste and couldn't help but have a hint of desire.

Tang Zichen stroked his chin and said, "Since you are looking for revenge against me across the board, wouldn't it be too unfair if I did nothing, it's fine, I'm already your enemy anyway, I don't mind having one more time, haha."

Tang Zichen tackled the pretty killer down, and as the pretty killer screamed, Tang Zichen naked her again.

When it was over, Tang Zichen said, "You can go now."

Beauty killer why put on clothes, with tears, said nothing, quickly left.Should have known not to be impulsive today, in fact, she didn't intend to assassinate Tang Zichen today, because she just happened to meet on the street, and saw that Tang Zichen was losing his state of mind, she thought it was a good opportunity to assassinate him, so he shot to assassinate, as a result, Tang Zichen was even more powerful than she had expected, but dodged, she could only desperately run away.However, she didn't expect to be caught, and also, she was caught back home, and he did that again, this beautiful fairy, I don't know if she blamed herself for being reckless, or for being peripatetic.


After the beautiful killer left, Tang Zichen smiled hehehe, recalling what it had just tasted like, and it was pretty cool.

The Tang Zichen from his previous life must have fallen in love with this feeling, that's why it got more and more outrageous, and ended up being a thousand.

At this time, Tang Zichen felt a hot pain from his back.

It was left over from when he was just assassinated by that beautiful assassin, and although Tang Zichen dodged it in time, his back was still affected by some waves.

"Damn, it was also really close, if I wasn't still somewhat capable, I would have had to account for it there."Tang Zichen found a mirror and looked at the injury on his back, a place there looked like it had been burned by fire, so it seemed that Tang Zichen had almost been killed, so defiling her once was not too much to ask.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "The injury on my back, why does it look so much like a burn, ordinary fire can't burn me at all, could it be, this is from a real fire?"

The fact that Tang Zichen's body was shaken and burned by true fire meant that the beautiful killer just now, she was able to emit true fire, that is, she could do true fire spells.

"Ah, no way, I'm really worried about not having a place to learn true fire spells, I didn't expect that a woman who was defiled by me in my previous life would appear with true fire, the heavens are too good to me."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

If Tang Zichen could learn the True Fire spell, then Tang Zichen could soon become a first-grade Immortal Pillar Master, or even, with the True Fire spell, Tang Zichen's strength could be increased.

"Wait, where's that beautiful killer just now?"

Tang Zichen immediately chased after them, but unfortunately, they were already gone. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen immediately asked the housekeeper, "Housekeeper, did you just see a woman, very pretty, going out from here?"

"Uh, a female?Nope."

Tang Zichen went to look for the janitor again, also no, that beautiful slayer just now, she didn't even take the front door when she left, she went over the wall.

"Damn, why didn't I find out earlier that she could do true fire spells."Tang Zichen was extremely depressed.

Tang Zichen went back to the surrounding streets to look for her.

It was getting dark, so Tang Zichen had to go home first.

"Mi'er, where have you been, I heard you were looking for someone."The stepmother was busy asking when she saw Tang Zichen return.

"Yes, Mother-sama."

"Who do you want to find ah, let everyone help you to find ah."

"Oh, I don't know what her name is, but, forget it."Tang Zichen was too embarrassed to say in front of his stepmother about the woman who had been strong in his previous life.

"It's okay, say it and we'll help you figure it out, I think you really want to find her."

"Well, it's a very pretty woman that I defiled in my previous life."

"A very pretty woman?But all of the women you defiled in your previous life were beautiful, or you wouldn't have gone in your previous life, huh?"

"She recently became immortal, that woman looks like this."Tang Zichen immediately drew a simple portrait, able to see the general appearance.

At that moment, the butler was busy saying, "I know who she is."

"Uh, you know?"

"Haha, Young Master Mi, you didn't do a single bad deed in your previous life, I was the one to clean up the mess afterwards, I met this woman when this woman was about to die, and in the end her father told her that there was no point in dying, why didn't she have the courage to seek revenge on him when she even had the courage to die.Afterwards, I heard that this woman was determined to cultivate and was bound to seek revenge on you.Unfortunately, you were dead before she sought you out.I think she must have a deep resentment in her heart and the hatred motivated her to move forward, that's why she still has all the memories of the reincarnated you.


"Cut the crap and tell me where I can find her."

"Her family lives in Xixing Town, it's about half a day's walk from the western gate of Yunluo Immortal City all the way out, just ask around on the way."

"What's her name?"

"I don't know about that, but when you get to Xixing Town, just ask anyone and you'll understand."

"Thank you Butler, haha, I'll go find her then."

After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately left.

"Mi'er, it's already dark."

"It's okay."

"Be careful on your way."

Tang Zichen was already gone.

Tang Zichen drove on through the night, and half a day later, at midnight, Tang Zichen arrived at Xixing Town.

Xixing Town was not far from the capital, so Xixing Town was quite prosperous.

Tang Zichen of course wouldn't go looking for someone in the middle of the night, so he first found an inn to stay in, and then went to look for the girl in the morning.

Tang Zichen had to have her teach Tang Zichen the True Fire spell, though Tang Zichen knew it was very difficult.

The rooms of the inn in Xixing Town had some information about Xixing Town's customs, tourist attractions, and so on.

Xixing Town, there are three big families, these three big families are the strongest families, the three big families in Xixing Town are the Ma family, the Niu family, the Yang family.

Tang Zichen could not help but smile when he saw the surnames of these three big families.

Each of these three great families had several immortals, but they were all at the level of human immortals.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen woke up and brought the inn's second child over.

"Do you know this person?"

The second shopkeeper nodded busily, "Of course, this is the Ma family's eldest daughter, Ah Ma Yu'er, the number one beauty in our town."

"The number one beauty in Xixing Town."Tang Zichen was startled.

"Yes, she's very famous in Xixing Town, recognized as the number one beauty, it's just a pity."

"Pity about what."

"The one who's been defiled, she's no longer a yellow flower girl."


"Guest, you shouldn't go out and say this nonsense, even though we all know it by heart.That person who defiled Belinda Ma is very powerful, the son of a first-grade official of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, seems to be called something like Zhou Mi.That god damned Zhou Mi is the enemy of all the men in our town."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was speechless for a while, of course, if he made his identity public now, he would be besieged by the immortals of Xixing Town.

"Alas, alas, alas, it was originally a pair of golden boys and girls, but as a result, they were given, alas, by the gods."Shopkeeper Er sighed for a while.

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "What golden boy and jade girl?"

"You don't know, Belinda Ma originally had a marriage contract with Niu Dancing Water of the Niu family, Niu Dancing Water was very talented, every time the town's martial arts tournament or something, he was the first place, Belinda Ma wasn't bad, although a little worse than Niu Dancing Water, they were originally the golden child of everyone in Xixing Town seriously.However, ever since Belinda Ma had been defiled, Niu Dancing Water had goose bumps in her heart, in short, because of this one thing, the pair of golden boys and girls were destroyed.Although they still had a marriage contract now, it was no longer the same.I heard that Niu Dancing Water couldn't get past the knot in her heart and repeatedly wanted to withdraw from the marriage."


"Do you think that Zhou Mi should die.It's just a pity that his family is so powerful that we, small farts, can't do anything about it."


"Oh, it's true that he should die, but it's like he's been dead for over fifty years."Tang Zichen laughed.

"It's precisely because he's dead that he's even more depressed, no one can be found to take revenge, Niu Dancing Water originally vowed to seek revenge on Zhou Mi.As a proud son of the heavens, he may very well have the chance to step into the Mortal Immortal and enter the court of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom in the future, such a genius and his fiancée being defiled, it's hard to think about that.I heard that it was the first time when Belinda Ma was defiled."The last sentence of the shopkeeper's second sentence was very.

This shopkeeper was a bit long-winded and talkative.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly.

Tang Zichen was also able to recall through his past life memories, when Belinda Ma and one of her girlfriends, went to Yunluo Immortal City to purchase some supplies, as a result, they were seen by Zhou Mi, who immediately abducted her to a dark place and gave her that, Tang Zichen remembered that Belinda Ma was indeed still a yellow flower girl at that time.

Tang Zichen, now that he thinks about it, feels sorry for Belinda Ma, who ruined her marriage.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen immediately went to the Ma family, Tang Zichen did not dare to be too wild, in case he was recognized, it was easy to be killed.

Tang Zichen arrived at the gate of the Ma Family, the Ma Family was also a very large place, after all, it was one of the three strongest families in Xixing Town.

At this moment, there were some people watching at the entrance of the Ma Family's gate.

"Hm?"Tang Zichen immediately went up.

"Auntie and uncle, what are you guys on the fence for."Tang Zichen asked politely. The first website

Those onlookers saw such a polite immortal, busy saying, "Senior immortal is polite, we, hehe, just now Niu Dancing Water from the Niu family came to the Ma family with a bad face, we are just taking a casual look."

"Niu Dancingshui?What's he doing here?"

"We don't know, but, just now, we heard some cursing coming from inside, I think."


Tang Zichen also immediately eavesdropped at the Ma family's front door.

Sure enough, it seemed to be quite loud in the Ma family's hall.

Tang Zichen wasn't satisfied with eavesdropping on some sounds outside, so Tang Zichen ventured to sneak into the Ma's house and ended up lying on the roof of the Ma's house, just in time to see a lot of people gathered in the Ma's hall.

At a glance, Tang Zichen saw that in the hall, Belinda Ma was full of lost souls, as if many people around her were accusing her.

Only a young man, with anger on his face, asked, "Belinda, tell me, what did you do yesterday when you entered the city?Why, when you came back yesterday, your maid told me that you had been washing yourself all last night."The last sentence of why, that youth was almost roaring hysterically.

This youth was precisely Belinda Ma's fiancé, the first genius of Xixing Town, Niu Danshui.

At this moment, Niu Dancing Water looked at Belinda Ma's appearance, angry and hateful, a woman, after coming back from the city and taking a night bath, this was by no means unusual, if it wasn't for the fact that the maid he had arranged for was a member of the Niu family, he definitely wouldn't know about this.Could it be that yesterday, when Belinda Ma went into the city, she was defiled again?God, Niu Dancing Water felt like collapsing, fifty years ago was defiled once by Zhou Mi, and yesterday was defiled by who knows who, does her Ma Yul'er surname defile?

Right now, Belinda Ma hadn't said a word, she didn't know what to say, she was disheartened, she had no shame in saying it.She had thought that

No one knew about this, but it was surprising that her maid had told Niu Dangshui early in the morning.

Belinda Ma silently wept under the aggressive gaze of dozens of people in the hall.

"Belinda, will you say it?If you don't say it today, withdraw your marriage."Niu Dancing Water shouted angrily.

The Ma family was busy saying, "Belinda, tell me, do you really want to be divorced ah, this spreads out, alas."

"Belinda, what happened yesterday when you went to the city, ah, tell me."

Belinda Ma said with tears streaming down her face, "Well, if you want me to tell you, I'll tell you.That's right, you guys guessed right, I went to the city yesterday, and, again, I got defiled, woohoo."After saying that, Belinda Ma cried out, how unlucky it had to be.

"Boom."At this moment, Niu Dangshui's brain boomed as if a thunderstorm had descended, although he guessed that this was the case, but after it was truly confirmed, the mood was another matter.

"No, no, no."Niu Dancing Water roared three times in pain.

Everyone at the scene was stupefied there, incredulous, somewhat sympathetic as well as pathetic, looking at Niu Danceshui.

Originally a pair of golden boys and girls that everyone in the town envied, but, now this was what had happened.Niu Dangshui was already disliked, repeatedly wanting to withdraw from the marriage, and now she was being forced even more so.At this moment, everyone didn't know how to comfort Niu Danceshui.

After Niu Dancing Water hissed three times, with tears in her eyes, she bit her teeth and looked at Belinda Ma and said, "Belinda Ma, how do you want me to scold you, fifty years ago, I wanted to make out with you, and you said that you wanted to leave your first time on your wedding night.Well, I respected you and never touched you.But, I didn't expect you to be defiled by that bastard Zhou Mi, that belonged to me, oooooh; after you were defiled by Zhou Mi, I still chose to be with you regardless of the past, I wanted to make out with you again, but, you said, you haven't gotten over the defilement and didn't want to give it to me.Well, I still respect you, I haven't laid a finger on you in the last fifty years, and I gave you enough time to come out of the shadows.But, what the heck, you told me today that I've been tainted again, sob."The more Niu Dancing Water thought about it, the sadder and sadder he was, the fiancée's New Year's Eve he could no longer have, his heart was already very upset, but now he couldn't even get it a second time.

Belinda Ma cried, "I'm sorry, I'm not worthy, I'm already a dirty one, I'm not worthy of you, you want to quit, I'll fulfill you."

"Ahhhh."Niu Dancing Water yelled, why did the saddest thing in the world happen to him.

At this time, one of the elders of the Ma family asked, "Belinda, this time, who defiled you?"

"Yeah, who is it?"Everyone asked angrily.

Niu Dancing Water also gazed at Belinda Ma.

But Belinda Ma said, "What's the point of saying it, it will only add to everyone's troubles, in short, it's something we can't afford to offend."

"Say, don't say retreat."Niu Dangshui yelled with red eyes.

Belinda Ma said, "Withdraw your marriage, I no longer have the face to face you."

Niu Dancing Water heard that Belinda Ma really wanted to withdraw her marriage, and was suddenly afraid, in fact, Niu Dancing Water still liked it inside, after all, if he withdrew his marriage, where would he find such a beautiful one, although the pimple in his heart was already too big to go on, but if he withdrew, don't say the first and second time, all the future was not his share.

"No, I don't agree, I won't retreat."Niu Dancing Water was busy.


"I'm sorry, Dancing Water, but I'm no longer good enough for you, and I want to withdraw my marriage."

"Belinda, you're sorry and you want to break off your marriage to me.Just because you're sorry?I didn't even say anything after being wronged so much, yet you want to withdraw your marriage with me, on what grounds."

The people of the Ma family also persuaded each other, saying what, Niu Dancing Water didn't dislike her, so why dislike herself.

Just at this time, in the hall, one of the immortals suddenly shouted, "Who, who is lying on the roof."

Tang Zichen was helpless, but he was discovered.

Tang Zichen had no choice but to fly down from the roof.

"Ah."Belinda Ma was startled when she saw Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "It's me."

"Who are you?Why are you lying on the roof of my horse's house?"That old man from the late Human Immortal stage asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm here to apologize to Belinda Ma."

"Apologize?Apologize for what?"People can't figure it out. Remember the website

Everyone immediately looked at Belinda Ma, only to see that her body was trembling and her eyes were looking at Tang Zichen with endless hatred.

When everyone saw Belinda Ma's reaction, they guessed something at once.

Niu Dancing Water roared, "Say, was it you who defiled my fiancée yesterday?"

At this moment, the entire hall was trembling.

Tang Zichen said, "Yesterday, I was almost assassinated by Julie Ma, after which I was quite unhappy in my heart, so, on impulse, I gave her that.However, the more I thought about it, the more I felt sorry for Belinda Ma, and I came here today to apologize."

"What? It's really you."Niu Dancing Water was trembling with anger, and he was about to collapse inside when he thought in his mind of the image of this person lying on top of his fiancée yesterday and galloping around.His own fiancée, who hadn't even had a glance at him yet, had been taken advantage of twice by someone else.

"I'm going to kill you."Niu Dancing Water's eyes were red, and killing intent emerged.

In the hall, a sensible immortal shouted, "Dancing water, don't be impulsive, just now Belinda said, this person has extraordinary power, can't afford to offend, mustn't bring disaster to your Niu family ah."

Niu Dancing Water gritted her teeth, "The one who insulted my fiancée is right in front of me, if I still don't dare to kill, I'm not worthy of being a human being."

Julie Ma was also afraid that Niu Dancing Water would do something impulsive and end up harming the Niu family instead, she was busy shouting to Tang Zichen, "Get out of here, I don't need your apology, get out of here.Do you really want to die, you've harmed me all my life, do you want to harm my fiancé's family again."

Belinda Ma didn't care about Tang Zichen's life, she was just afraid that Niu Dancing Water would kill him and harm the Niu family.

Tang Zichen, however, snorted, "A mere pre-human immortal halfway through his life, you even presume to kill me?It is not laughable.Belinda Ma, I am sorry that I have defiled you in a past life, but I never thought that in this life, I have defiled you.But what does it say about a woman that I have defiled her in a past life and in this life?It shows destiny.Belinda Ma, you and I are meant for each other, we can try dating and be my woman."

"Me fuck you."Niu Dancing Water killed Tang Zichen.

"Bang."With a single move, Tang Zichen put down Niu Danceshui.

"Ah."Everyone was shocked, they all knew about Niu Dancing Water's genius, but they didn't expect to be knocked down by Tang Zichen with a single move.

Julie Ma was also shocked, originally she admired Niu Danceshui's strength, but she didn't expect that she couldn't block a single move in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "See, this so-called first genius of Xixing Town is not worthy of you."

"You get out of here."Belinda Ma said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "If you don't agree to be my woman, or agree to try to date me, I won't leave, I'll stay at your house!

up.If your family is capable of killing me, kill me anyway, if I die here, you know, how will my father let you go."

Everyone's faces were furious, Tang Zichen was too shameless, he had forced someone else, and now he was still relying on someone else's house.

Tang Zichen looked at the Niu Dancing Water on the ground and said, "I announce that from this moment on, you and Belinda Ma have withdrawn from the marriage, get out of here."

"Bang."Tang Zichen flew up with a kick, directly kicking Niu Dancing Water out of the Ma family.

Niu Danceshui fell hundreds of meters away on the street, Niu Danceshui screamed in pain, but so helpless, the weak can only be slaughtered, even if his fiancée was defiled, now he was actually snatched away directly.

Tang Zichen said to everyone in the Ma family, "Dear uncles and aunts, I am Tang Zichen, Zhou Mi is the reincarnation of my previous life, my father is Zhou Tie, and now I have recovered my memories of my previous life.But don't worry, I'm no longer the same person I was in my previous life, I'm sure you've seen that the first genius of your Xixing Town is weak in front of me, it's not good to do anything to him.In the future, I will definitely be stronger, and I have come here today with sincerity.By the way, I also want to tell you one more thing, besides my strong spell talent and strength, I have another identity, I am also a first-grade Immortal Pill Master."Tang Zichen blurted out first.

"What, a first-grade Immortal Pill Master?"

The Ma family was shocked, what did a Grade 1 Immortal Pill Master mean, there was no doubt about it, that Grade 2 Immortal Pill Master Chen Ziqiu of the Yunluo Immortal Country, his status was so high, how much worse could a Grade 1 be.

Belinda Ma was also greatly shocked, a person of the status of a Grade 1 Immortal Pill Master was normally an existence she wasn't even worthy of touching yet.

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's no need to question it, although I haven't passed the examination of the Immortal Pill Palace yet and gotten my identity certificate as a Grade 1 Immortal Pill Master, I'll go for the examination sooner or later.Please also give me a chance, and give your Ma Family a chance as well.As you can see, other than the fact that I have defiled Belinda Ma in my previous and current life, the rest, whether it's my family lineage, my own talent, ability, and my appearance, all of them are worthy of Belinda Ma, and even spike Niu Dancing Water by an unknown number of streets."

The Ma family was stupefied there, and it was complicated.

One of the women asked, "You pervert, you haven't played enough with my daughter, you still want to play for a long time, right?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "You're right, I want to play for a long time, I plan to play for the rest of my life."


"You don't rely on your family's power and bully the weak."

"Heaven and earth's conscience, I really didn't bully you, I was sincere this time, Julie Ma gave me the first and second time, what reason is there not to follow me."

"Alright, today, I'll let you guys have a good discussion first, I'll recuse myself.However, no matter what the outcome of your discussion is, Belinda Ma I'm going to make up my mind, she's been my woman twice in a row, I will never allow anyone to take her away, goodbye, I'll stay at the Hongfa Inn in Xixing Town."After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Everyone looked at Belinda Ma.

A man said, "This reincarnation of Zhou Mi does seem to be different from her previous life."

"Which so what, a man who defiled Belinda's life and still wants to marry him?It's a shame."

"But what if he is sincere, as you have seen, this Zhou Mi reincarnation, he is more handsome than Niu Dancing Water, his talent is stronger, his strength is even second to Niu Dancing Water, moreover, he is a first class Immortal Pill Master, you guys say, if Belinda misses out on this person, she won't be able to find such a good match in eight lifetimes."

"I think, this matter should be thought about carefully, it's not just about Belinda, it's also a big matter for our Ma Family, maybe, we can follow this person in the immediate future and soar to the sky, or take it to the next level."

"The key now is to figure out if he is sincere or not, or if he is just having fun, if he cheats Belinda and plays for a year and a half and then throws it away, then don't say it will only go up a level, it will only go down even further."


After Tang Zichen left the Ma family, he stayed at the Hongfa Inn in Xixing Town.

This matter was instantly spread in Xixing Town.

Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of anyone coming to trouble him, and presumably no one would dare to come to trouble him, unless they really weren't afraid of losing their family.

Tang Zichen stayed at the Honfa Inn for three days, and after three days, Tang Zichen would come to the door again.

During these three days, the Ma family made fierce arguments.

A part of the family, who thought that this was an opportunity to take off, and the Ma Yu'er's closest relatives, thought that it was hurting the Ma Yu'er.

And so, the Ma family argued for three days without ending.

On the third day, Tang Zichen came to the door again.

"Mr. Zhou, you're here, come in quickly."When the Ma family's housekeeper saw Tang Zichen, he welcomed Tang Zichen in very warmly, as if Tang Zichen was a distinguished guest, and as for what Tang Zichen had done to Belinda Ma before, it was as if he didn't remember anything.

Tang Zichen asked the housekeeper, "It's been three days, how has Miss Belinda Ma considered it?"

"This, I don't know, but I want to strongly support Mr. Zhou and Miss Belinda together.Not only do I support it, but the vast majority of us in the Ma family support it as well." One second to remember to read the book

"So there are still people who don't support it, who don't support it?"Tang Zichen asked.

"The people who aren't supportive, of course, are Julie Ma's parents, sisters, and grandparents and the like, who are short-sighted and can't see the benefits that you and Miss Belinda will bring to the Ma family by being together, and only think that it will hurt any self-esteem."

"So according to you, Belinda Ma herself doesn't want to be with me?"

"Uh, well, don't worry, she just can't get off the stage, she must like you a lot inside."The housekeeper fiddled with his words.

Tang Zichen had come to understand that Belinda Ma, as well as her closest relatives, were reluctant, while the rest of the Ma family was more concerned with the future of the Ma family than with the harm that would come to Belinda Ma.

Saying that, Tang Zichen entered the hall of the Ma family.

"Master of the house, Gongshi Zhou is here."

"Paying homage to Gongshi Zhou."A group of people from the Ma family panicked to pay their respects, this was a great attitude.

Tang Zichen said, "It's been three days, how's the discussion going."

"Don't worry, Mr. Zhou, we are all very happy to see you and Belinda's good fortune come true."

Tang Zichen swept the hall and didn't see Belinda Ma.

Tang Zichen asked, "Where is Miss Belinda?"

"She, she didn't come out."

At that moment, a woman said, "Zhou Mi, you should die of this, I will not let you continue to spoil my daughter."

Another middle-aged man said, "Yes, even if I had to risk my life, I wouldn't let you spoil my daughter."

Tang Zichen looked at these two men, claiming to be Belinda Ma's parents, but unfortunately, they were not immortals.

Tang Zichen said, "How can you first rank Immortal cultivators stop me?At the risk of your life?But you can't stop me even if you fight for ten thousand of your old lives, so you might as well think about it."

"Impossible, you've defiled my daughter, ruined her reputation, and now you want to marry my daughter, do you want my daughter to be laughed at by the people of Xixing Town?"

Tang Zichen said, "I didn't say marry your daughter, I just said, stay with me."


"As for ruining your reputation, huh, can you eat a reputation?Can you use it as a herb and potion?I understand your desire to support your daughter, but don't worry, I'm not playing around, I mean it, and if I'm just playing around, why do I need to ask for your opinion?

Just directly let the strongest person in my family come and snatch it away."

An old man from the Ma family said, "Yes, I see that Duke Zhou is also very sincere."

"That's right, if Duke Zhou is so sincere, why not be an adult."

Everyone persuaded Belinda Ma's parents one by one.

Tang Zichen said, "Where is Belinda Ma now?I'll speak to her in person."

A youth was busy, "Belinda should be in her boudoir, I'll go call her out."

"No need, I'll go to her boudoir myself."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."Everyone was startled.

Belinda Ma's mother was busy bellowing, "No."

But, an old man from the Ma family said, "Mr. Zhou, come with me."

Tang Zichen followed that old man, and Belinda Ma's parents were furious, these people in the family, he had seen through them, they didn't care if Belinda Ma would be hurt or deceived, they only knew that they could bring benefits to the family, benefits to them.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at a loft.

"That loft ahead is Belinda's boudoir, are you going up there by yourself, or should I take you up there?"

"I'll go up there myself, and none of you are to come near without my orders."


Tang Zichen walked down to the attic, and leapt up to the attic.

As soon as Tang Zichen went up to the attic, a group of people from the Ma family followed behind, with Belinda Ma's parents among them.

Belinda Ma's parents wanted to go up and stop Tang Zichen, but they were stopped by a few youths from the Ma family.

"Duke Zhou has said that no one is allowed to come close, so whoever takes another step forward, don't blame me for being rude."The old man from the Ma family said.

This old man was a late stage Human Immortal, the strongest person in the Ma family, only, he couldn't take another step forward, but this time Tang Zichen showed him a little hope.

Tang Zichen walked into Belinda Ma's boudoir, Belinda Ma was indeed in the room, but she looked dull, her eyes were dull, her hair was messy, and she seemed to be suffering from mental torture.

"Belinda."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Ah, it's you, get out of here."Belinda Ma shouted.

Tang Zichen said, "Belinda, why are you so decrepit."

"Get out."Belinda Ma shouted again, and asked how to be so decadent, heck, wasn't he the one who caused this?

Now that she was causing her marriage contract to be lost, her reputation to be lost, and she had made it clear that she didn't want to have any contact with Zhou Mi, but the past few days, the people of her family, took turns to persuade her to follow Zhou Mi, to be Zhou Mi's woman, Belinda Ma was incomparably pained inside, only her closest relatives would care about her and really think about her.

At this moment, not far from the attic, a group of Ma family members were standing there, they were not allowed to approach, but they all heard Belinda Ma's roar.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Belinda, you look so decrepit and desolate, it's really something else, you look beautiful."


"Belinda, follow me, don't worry, I'll never treat you badly."

"Scram."After saying that, a sudden fire blasted out of Belinda Ma's palm.

Tang Zichen knew that this was a true fire spell.

Tang Zichen to be frank, what he wanted was a true fire spell, of course, if Belinda Ma was willing to be his woman, Tang Zichen would not refuse.

Tang Zichen flickered away while an arrow dashed up and subdued Belinda Ma.

"Let go of me."Tang Zichen pushed Belinda Ma down on the bed.


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