The King of Kungfu in school 1981-1990


Chapter 1981

"Oh, good."

Tang Zichen entered a dark, dark room filled with a palpable atmosphere.

"Servant Zhou, you're here."A voice came from inside the room, but not knowing where that person was, it was a bit eerie.

"Senior White Witch, I want to plead with you about something."Zhou Tie was busy.


"This person he said that this city is déjà vu and he also matches some aspects of my son, I want to ask you to help me verify if he is the reincarnation of my son, Zhou Mi."Zhou Tie was busy.

The voice in the darkness asked, "Servant Zhou, are you sure you want to verify?You should know that it's not necessarily good for him."

"Don't worry, I'll protect my son, please, I only have one son."

"Well, I can help you."

In the next second, an old woman with a veil appeared in front of Tang Zichen.

That old woman didn't know what race she was, but she had four eyes and looked terrifying. First URL

Zhou Tie was busy saying, "Don't be nervous, Senior White Witch, his two eyes look at this life and the other two eyes look at the previous life."


White Witch stared at Tang Zichen deadly for about ten minutes.

Tang Zichen always felt that two of her eyes were like the eyes of a dead man.

After ten minutes, White Witch said, "Servant Zhou, congratulations, I have determined without a doubt that this person, in his previous life, was your son Zhou Mi."

"Ah, really?"


"Oh my god."Zhou Tie and his wife were crying with excitement.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly inside.

White Witch said, "Servant Zhou, words have no proof, you now say one thing in your previous life that only the two of you know, verify it."

"Okay, when my son Zhou Mi was three years old, what gift did I give him at his birthday party?And who was at his birthday party at the time?"Zhou Tie asked.

White Witch looked at Tang Zichen and said ten minutes later, "On his third birthday, only two people attended his birthday party, one was you and the other was his own mother, his own mother gave him an amber jade pendant, and you, gave him a bracelet made of immortal crystals."

"Uh-huh."Zhou Tie cried and nodded.

"Do you need to verify it again?"

"No, it's true, there are only two people who know about this, my former wife is dead, so I'm the only one in the world who knows.Sooooo."Zhou Tie cried loudly, which meant that the picture of White Witch seeing Tang Zichen's former life at three years old matched the real one.

"Servant Zhou, then congratulations."

"Senior White Witch, is there a way to recover my son's memories from his past life?"

"I'm sorry, Squire Zhou, but it's very difficult if I'm not the one to do it."

"I'm willing to pay whatever the cost."


"Okay, you get the others out and we'll talk alone."


Tang Zichen and Mrs. Zhou Tie walked out.

Zhou Tie's stepmother looked straight at Tang Zichen with pity in her eyes.

Tang Zichen looked a little embarrassed.


"That one, haha."Tang Zichen laughed, not knowing what to say.

The Empress didn't know what she remembered, and her face was a bit lost.

Tang Zichen knew him.

Thinking of something, it must have occurred to him that in his past life, Zhou Mi, did not treat her at all, never acknowledged her as a mother, so what if he recovered his past life memories, so he was a bit lost inside.

Tang Zichen sighed in his heart, if he 'recovered' his past life memories, he must treat this woman better, he was too headstrong in his previous life, but this life was different, after experiencing two lifetimes, Tang Zichen knew that this woman was indeed a good stepmother, who truly treated former Zhou Mi as her own son.

At this moment, in Bai Witch's house.

"Senior Bai Witch, if you have anything you wish to say to me alone, please say it."

"Servant Zhou, if you want me to help your son recover his past life memories, you must agree to one condition."


"Your son's red light is so bright, he must be an extraordinary person in the future."

"Ah, no way."Zhou Tie was startled, he knew how much of a jerk Zhou Mi was in his past life, he never expected Zhou Mi to have any future achievements.But he didn't expect that White Witch would say that Zhou Mi would have extraordinary achievements in the future.

"Servant Zhou, the old woman won't be wrong, the top of this person's head, the red light rushes to the sky, the sun and the moon can't even hide it, he will definitely have extraordinary achievements in the future ah, it's very likely that he'll go to the heavenly passages in the future."

"No way."Zhou Tie greatly perked up.

"Oh, Servant Zhou, I have a request, the old woman has a granddaughter, who is also considered to be a national beauty and as beautiful as a flower, I am full of expectations for my granddaughter, can I let my granddaughter, bond with Zhou Mi, or even marry her."

"Khan."Zhou Tie wiped a cold sweat.

"Senior White Witch, this is a bit far."

"The old woman is serious."

Zhou Tie said, "Senior White Witch, it's not that I don't believe ah, but it's really a bit unreal ah, the entire Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, who doesn't know your status, and, your granddaughter, how many young talents throughout the empire admire, it's, a bit."

"If you're not willing, then forget it."

"Fine, fine, I'm willing, but I can't guarantee if they'll be able to get together."


Soon after, Tang Zichen was called in.

Zhou Tie looked at Tang Zichen, how cute he looked, he also specifically looked at the top of Tang Zichen's head, there wasn't any red light ah, did Tang Zichen's head really have a red light straight into the sky?Nima ah, straight to the sky, this is really going to heaven's rhythm, no wonder the senior White Witch of such a high status, all want to stuff his granddaughter to Tang Zichen before it's too late.

The White Witch's hand pressed on the top of Tang Zichen's head.

Tang Zichen felt an electric shock to his brain, and at the same time, the White Witch's four eyes were constantly changing.

Ten minutes later, the White Witch sat on his buttocks as if he was about to die of exhaustion.

"Senior White Witch, how is it?"

"Well, he's already able to remember all of his past lives, but the old woman's ability is limited, so she can only make him remember things from his past lives, not make him completely circumspect."

"I understand this."Zhou Tie said, Zhou Tie also didn't want Tang Zichen to completely turn into a son from his past life, otherwise, he would be a dude again.If he turned into a dude, then whatever red light would definitely be gone.

Zhou Tie looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "Mi'er, do you remember me?"

Tang Zichen said bitterly, "I know all about it, you are my father, Zhou Tie, alas."Tang Zichen looked like he had a complicated inner life.Just now that White Witch, her so-called recovery of her past life memories, was racing all the past life images she saw into Tang Zichen's brain.

"Mi'er."Zhou Tie pounced up.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Master Zhou, although I know that you are my father from my past life, please forgive me for not being able to fully accept it right now, after all, in my brain, it's just one more stream of memories from my past life, but in my heart, there are more things from this life."


White Witch said, "He's right, Servant Zhou, it's better to go back and cultivate your relationship first."

"Mmhmm."Zhou Tie nodded his head in succession.

"Then we'll leave first."Zhou Tie said.

White Witch was busy saying, "Servant Zhou, remember, the sky can't be leaked, once it's leaked, it won't work."

"I know."Zhou Tie nodded.

Tang Zichen was confused, what did they just talk about in the house?Also the sky cannot be revealed.

Tang Zichen walked out of the house, and his stepmother was waiting outside, looking very lost, because Zhou Mi had recovered her past life memories, and didn't accept her at all, didn't recognize her as his stepmother.

When Tang Zichen saw the look on her face, he was very intolerant inside.

Tang Zichen immediately walked up to her and called out, "Mother."

"Ah, what did you call me?"

"I, just."Tang Zichen smiled, "Mother, I'm sorry, although that was only my past life, and originally had nothing to do with my current life, but I already know the memories of two lifetimes, and my past life, I was very ashamed of you, making me very self-conscious.In this life, I will not treat you that way again, and I will honor you as my mother.Pay my respects to your mother."Tang Zichen bowed slightly. Remember the URL

"Oooooh."The former post-mother cried in tears.

Tang Zichen sighed inside, caught in the two worlds of love, it was very tangled inside, Tang Zichen was afraid that too much entanglement with his past life would make him forget who he was in this life, but some things were so deep in his inner memory.

"Mi-er."The Empress hugged Tang Zichen tightly.

Tang Zichen said, "Mistress Mother, my name is Tang Zichen in this life."

Zhou Tie said, "Mi'er, it's better to call back Zhou Mi."

"You can call me Zhou Mi, but I'm still Tang Zichen, my past life is in the past after all."

"Alright, let's go home then."

"Mm."Tang Zichen and Mr. and Mrs. Zhou Tie returned to the Zhou residence.

"Mi'er, from now on, you and your friends in this life will live in the house."

Tang Zichen said, "Lord Father, let's talk about this, my friends and they may not be willing, I'll discuss this with them."

Tang Zichen didn't immediately agree because, before Mu Qianji said, keep some distance from them, in case Tang Zichen went down the path of no return in the future, then it wouldn't involve his relatives.

That night, the Zhou residence held a very grand celebration, of course, today's celebration was only the residence's, and another day, Zhou Tie would also invite a full court of civil and military officials, to celebrate.

After tonight, the story about Zhou Tie finding the reincarnation of his former son would probably be spread all over the city.Those who heard about it would definitely be shocked, feeling that Zhou Tie hadn't even been dead for long, so how come the reincarnation had come.

That night, at the place where Tang Zichen lived, this place was also his house in his previous life, and it had been kept even after his death in his previous life.

"Zichen, congratulations."

"I should say Young Master Zhou Mi la."

Tang Zichen glared at me, "Don't mess with me, I can't help it."

"From now on, you can be Zhou Mi, we won't follow you."

"If you don't follow me, then where to?"

"Don't worry, we'll be living around here too, just not in direct contact with that."

"I haven't decided if I'm going to promise Senior Demon King,"Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji remained silent.

Tang Zichen hugged Mu Qianji to his waist and walked from the attic to the room.

This night, Tang Zichen's heart was complicated.

However, since he was here, why think so much about it.

The next day.

Almost the entire Yunluo Immortal City had heard that Zhou Mi had reincarnated back again, and even the Emperor of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom had been told by a servant early in the morning.

"Uh, that dude has reincarnated back again, huh, what a ghastly spirit."The emperor laughed after hearing this, a jovial smile in his tone.

In the imperial palace's harem, a beautiful princess with both beauty and wisdom frowned after hearing the maid's report, "This scum has come back again, heh, my Yunluo Immortal Kingdom is really unlucky, all of them are dead and have reincarnated back, alas, I don't know how many young girls will suffer again."

Similarly, in the mansions of many great officials in Yunluo Immortal City, some of the young masters laughed when they learned of this, "This turtle grandson, he has appeared again, haha, there will be another person who can be abused."

This bastard, even if he reincarnates and comes back, so what, it probably won't be long before he dies again, hahaha."

"Hurry up and write a letter to the Upper Fellows Island and tell the person who trampled on Zhou Mi in the first place to come back and trample on his lifeblood again."

"Hahaha."At some inn restaurants, there was laughter.

Tang Zichen had been at home for the past few days and did not go out.

On this day, the Nine Daoist Demons appeared again.

"Tang Zichen, it's been more than three days, how's the consideration?Want to take a chance with me?If it succeeds, you and I are both human beings in the future."

"And if it doesn't work, I could be ruined."

"So it's up to you, but I have full confidence in you.And after all, I failed once, so I have experience and know how to avoid some of the dangers."

"Well, I've decided to take your path."

"Hahaha, that's right, then, I can teach you the first level of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method's recipe."

"Why the first layer."

"There are only three layers in total of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, to be precise, I only know the first three layers, you can only use the first layer at your current stage, when you reach above Earth Immortal, I will teach you the second layer."

"Alright."Tang Zichen said in his heart, if he died at that time, wouldn't that be the end of the game.

The Nine Dao Demon King quickly passed on the first layer of the recipe to Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, cultivate well, with the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, the immortal level that others are so far away from, you are no longer distant, you can feel the accumulated immortal machines in your body every day, every time you accumulate to the extreme, you can go up to break a level."

"Thank you, I will definitely not disappoint your expectations, right, so am I going to keep a low profile now."

"Tang Zichen, you may have misunderstood me, I didn't say for you to hide yourself, in this world, there are also those who are truly geniuses, or those who truly have immortal destiny.Some people with true immortal destiny, their cultivation isn't slower than mine, what you need to do now is to disguise yourself as a super genius, just don't let anyone know that you are growing because of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method."

"Understood."Tang Zichen was relieved inside, otherwise it wouldn't be easy to figure out.

The Nine Dao Demon King asked, "Do you know why I'm so confident in you?"


"Because, you are a genius yourself, even if you don't have the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, you can still reach a good level with your talent.Now that you've learned my Immortal Machine Spitting Method again, you'll be even more of a genius, which I can't compare to you, I wouldn't be able to become a Dao Immortal without the Immortal Machine Spitting Method."

"Ah, you're not a genius, you can become a Dao Immortal so quickly, so wouldn't I?"

"Yes, you'll definitely be faster than me.Tang Zichen, your background is now innocent, in the Spirit World, I guess everyone knows you're a genius, and now that you've come to the Immortal World, it's only logical that you continue to be a genius.I, on the other hand, was originally an ordinary person, and then one day I suddenly exploded, which attracted attention, while you, won't, because you were a genius to begin with."



"Just try your best from now on, you just have to make everyone think, from the start, that you're a super genius, then the chances of you being suspected are greatly reduced."


After that, the Nine Daoist Demons' Immortal Thoughts disappeared.

Tang Zichen relaxed a lot inside, it turned out that it wasn't as dangerous as he thought, before the Nine Daoist Demon King seemed to test Tang Zichen on purpose, as well as not making it clear.

Tang Zichen was at home, using the Immortal Machine Spitting Method while quietly comprehending, in fact, quiet comprehension was almost useless, because being accumulated enough Immortal Machines, quiet comprehension is also equal to a waste of time, and quiet comprehension is also a way to collect Immortal Machines.

In one fell swoop, half a month had passed.

Of course, half a month couldn't see the effect at all, after all, it was an immortal realm, not immortal cultivation.

After half a month's study, Tang Zichen also had a deeper understanding of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method.

Ever since learning the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, Tang Zichen felt that there was a vague concept in his brain, a concept that had no data, but it could clearly show the numerical value.

"0.3? "Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, Tang Zichen's half month of spitting, his body's accumulated Immortal Machines, reached the figure of 0.3. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen felt that as long as the Immortal Machine accumulated to 100, he would be able to step into the pre-Human Immortal halfway point.

"It's only 0.3, mama, it's going to accumulate to 100, when do I get, hehe, but, at least see a hope."Tang Zichen smiled and walked out of the room.

"Young Master, a letter for you."A servant handed over a letter.

"Uh, my letter?"Tang Zichen was busy opening it.

"Zichen, we won't be staying at your house any longer, we've returned to live in the house you bought before, if you need anything, just come to us."The letter was left by Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen was depressed, "You really treat this place as my home."

Tang Zichen originally wanted to go and call them back, but after thinking about it, Tang Zichen hadn't gotten a firm foothold here yet, so he let them live there for now.

Right now, at the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom Palace, White Witch's residence.

"Grandmother, are you sure you're not talking nonsense?"

"Emotion, grandmother really isn't talking nonsense to you, you should now quickly go and have more contact with Zhou Mi's reincarnation, and if you can, marry him as soon as possible."

"Grandmother, what's wrong with you?You don't have a fever, do you."

"Emotion, as to what causes it, I cannot tell you, but you must listen to Grandmother, if you go late, I'm afraid there will be no more of you."

"Grandmother, you're really confused, alright, I'm leaving first, Prince Yunyou is waiting for me."

"Emotion, will you listen to Grandmother?"

"Grandmother, why are you like this, can't you see that I have a chance to become a princess?Don't you want me to have a good time?Now Prince Yunyou has a crush on me, and you're going to make contact with a pervert who has defiled thousands of virtuous maidens?Are you out of your mind?Even a single foot hair of Prince Cloud Young is better than that pervert, so I'm going."

"Ugh."Bai Witch sighed and watched his granddaughter walk away.

Inwardly, the white witch said, "Could it be, I was really wrong?Thoughtful, I hope I'm not mistaken."

The girl, called Emotion, came to a pavilion somewhere in the palace, a pavilion with a unique view, and now a man in satin was waiting in that pavilion.

"Yun You."

"Emotion, you're here, why are you so late."

"Don't say that, it's depressing, I feel like I've been tainted."

"What, tainted,

Who dares."Prince Yunyou roared.

"Not really tainted, but my grandmother, who told me to get in touch with that pervert reincarnation more, and to be nice to him."

"Peripatetic?Your grandmother isn't crazy."

"I think so, too."

"Well, Zhou Mi, don't worry, one day I'll show him what I'm made of."

"Someday which day is that?Not today?"

"Fine, we'll go to the Zhou residence now and meet that Zhou Mi reincarnation, I'd like to see why your grandmother recommended him, and when I beat him to a dog, I'll drag him in front of your grandmother and see what else she has to say."

"Goody, Prince Yunyoung is awesome."That lover was busy clapping his hands.

Then, Yun You left the palace in a rage and went straight to the Zhou residence.

"Bang."Yun You kicked open the door of the Zhou residence.

"Zhou Mi, get out of here."

"Prince Yun You, what has happened."The butler panicked up.

"Get out of here."Prince Yun You slapped up, and although that steward could easily dodge it, he didn't dare to, because he was the prince.

"Zhou Mi, die out."Yun You yelled.

At this time, Zhou Tie came out and smiled, "So it's His Highness Prince Yun You, I don't know what the prince's palace is doing to come to my Zhou residence."

Yun You snorted, "Let Zhou Mi get out."

Yun You was in front of Zhou Tie, he didn't dare to go up and kick him, because he was a First Grade Minister of Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, although he was a prince, but First Grade Ministers were also very powerful, the main thing was, if a prince could punch and kick a First Grade Minister, then who else would work for the Immortal Kingdom, so if the emperor knew, he definitely wouldn't support him.

Zhou Tie said, "I don't know what His Highness Yun You is looking for my son."

"Just let him roll out and find out."

Zhou Tie looked at Qing'er behind Prince Yun You, Zhou Tie knew that this Qing'er was Bai Witch's granddaughter, remembering what Bai Witch had told him before, Zhou Tie seemed to understand a few points.

However, Zhou Tie would not let his son be bullied and said, "Your Highness Yun You, my son happens to be out of town, please return."

"Zhou Tie, you don't have to lie to me."

"It is true that he is not at home."

"Zhou Tie, I am a prince, how dare you lie to me."

Zhou Tie said firmly, "Sorry, really not at home."

"I dare you to let me search."

"Oh, Your Highness, I, Zhou Tie, am at any rate a minister of the Immortal Kingdom, and you say to search it?If you have a directive from His Holiness, I'll let you search, but if not, will you please leave?Otherwise, I'm going to report to your father.I'm sure His Majesty is wise enough to distinguish right from wrong."

"Don't you dare hold my father against me, I must see Zhou Mi today, otherwise, I will report to my father that Zhou Mi has defiled the woman I love."

"Your Highness Prince, you've spread this lie too far."

"The lover can testify."

The love child behind him said, "Yes, Zhou Mi did defile me."The defilement in the love child's words could then be interpreted as a defilement of her reputation.

"You guys don't bully others too much."Zhou Tie roared.

"You let Zhou Mi come out and tell me clearly to my face."Prince Yun You Dao.

Just at this moment, the voice of Tang Zichen sounded, "Who's looking for me."

Yun You and Emotion immediately looked at Tang Zichen, to them, although it was Zhou Tie who was looking for them, seeing Tang Zichen was a stranger.


"You are the reincarnation of Zhou Mi?"

"Exactly, I don't know what His Highness Prince Yun You is looking for me for."

Yun You saw that Zhou Mi was quite handsome in reincarnation and became even more uncomfortable inside.

That lover also said inwardly, "He is quite handsome, is it because he is handsome that my grandmother recommended me and him?Grandmother, grandmother, you also place too much importance on appearance, in front of status, appearance is nothing, Zhou Mi is nothing in front of Prince Yun You."

That Yun You loudly said, "Zhou Mi, do you know the crime?"

Tang Zichen sized up the two people in front of him, that male was Prince Yun You, Tang Zichen knew through his past life memories, in his previous life, although Tang Zichen had seen him, but did not cross paths and did not seem to have dealt with him, this Prince Yun You, among the many princes, was also rather mediocre.The latter lover, Tang Zichen met her for the first time, and hadn't seen her in his previous life, but it seemed that he had heard of her name in his previous life, and heard that she was quite a beautiful woman, and that many young talents in Immortal City wanted to chase after her, but they couldn't, and never expected that she would get involved with a mediocre prince.

Tang Zichen said, "What am I guilty of?"

"Zhou Mi, you have committed a capital crime and you still don't even know that you have defiled the prince's woman, your crime deserves to be punished."

Tang Zichen sneered in his heart, what a big hat, this was the first one to trouble him after Tang Zichen came back here.

Tang Zichen ridiculously said, "As a prince, you give judgments at every turn, where do you place the laws of the Immortal Kingdom, are the laws of the Immortal Kingdom something that you, a prince, can trample on at will?"

"You."Prince Yun You was speechless for a moment, he didn't expect that this reincarnation of Zhou Mi would be very good at talking. The first website

Zhou Tie was also a little surprised, after his son's reincarnation, he seemed to be very different from his previous life, at least the momentum of talking to the prince was different.

Zhou Tie could not help but have some expectations inside.

Yun You said, "Zhou Mi, today, no matter what, I have to educate you."

Tang Zichen looked at Yun You with a burst of disdain inside, "This Yun You, is a pre-human immortal, starting stage, among the same level of the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, it is estimated to be ranked after thousands, and still, relying on spells to be stronger than people."

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, to show my respect for your identity, I have one hand."

"You heck."Yun You heard Tang Zichen say one hand, and his entire body became angry, this was looking down on him, despising him, and mocking him in an abject manner.

Tang Zichen said, "Please."

"Please mother."After saying that, Prince Yun You's entire body rushed up to Tang Zichen.

"Blossom everywhere."Prince Yun You Ton cast a powerful spell.

"Bang."In the next second, Tang Zichen slapped the Yun You prince away.

"Ah."Lover's body trembled, but he had completely spiked Yun You.

Tang Zichen rushed up with an arrow step and grabbed Yun You.

"Your Highness Yun You, I won't give face to the one who takes his own life."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped it, then kicked it right out of the Zhou residence.

Only Love'er was left on the spot, as well as some of the servants such as Zhou Tie and the housekeeper.

Tang Zichen looked at Love'er and said, "Bitch, do you want me to throw you out?Don't get out yet."

Lover snorted, "Zhou Mi, don't be arrogant, my grandmother is a white witch, if you dare to be rude to me, even your father Zhou Tie, in front of my grandmother, you have to respectfully call him senior."

"Pah."Tang Zichen directly slapped away.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What a thing."

"Yay, young master is good."A group of spectating servants panicked and applauded.


; Zhou Tie busily shouted, "Don't look, all go to work."The group of servants only then left in a panic.

Tang Zichen followed Zhou Tie and went to the study room.

"Mi'er, you shouldn't have slapped Yunyou just now at the end, I'm really afraid that this will make the emperor uncomfortable inside, if you slap Yunyou, you're slapping the Immortal Kingdom."

"Sorry, I didn't hold back, if it wasn't for his identity, I might have just pinched him to death.If it were me before, this kind of person would have died long ago."

"Alas, I hope everything is alright."

"Don't worry, after all, he was the one who came to trouble me first, and without any reason, he said that I had committed a capital crime, he was justified, even if the Emperor he was upset inside, he wouldn't dare to do anything about it, after all, he also has to take into account the eyes of others, he can't do whatever he wants, otherwise, he would also be criticized, how else can he govern the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom."

"Well, but making the emperor uncomfortable is ultimately not beneficial."

"Oh."Tang Zichen snorted inside, on the other day, Tang Zichen would show everyone who was the master, but Tang Zichen was still too far away from being the emperor of the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom.

Prince Yun You left with a grey face.

This matter spread very quickly.

Especially in the imperial palace.

Right now in, one of the main halls of the imperial palace.

"Your Majesty, this is how it happened."A personal guard said.

"That Zhou Mi reincarnated and really slapped Yun You?"


"Hmph, he's bold enough to slap the face of the royal family."

"I think he must have thought that this matter was a justifiable loss for His Highness Yun You, that's why he was so fearless, I expected that you wouldn't dare to do anything about it."

The emperor was extremely unhappy inside.

He asked, "That Zhou Mi reincarnated, how is the realm?"

"I've heard that he's starting out as a pre-Human Immortal, but seeing how easily he was able to defeat Yun You, I think he's almost halfway to the pre-Human Immortal stage."

"He's leaning on the strong against the weak."The emperor slapped the table and said.

"Who says it isn't, but what can you say if His Highness Yun You himself comes to your door."

"Go back later and arrange for a stronger prince to clash with Zhou Mi's reincarnation to get back this face."

"Yes, Your Holiness, then how about, arranging Yun Cheng?"

"Cloud City?Not bad, he's already reached the pre-human immortal halfway point, and, in the pre-halfway point, he's one of the strongest, so arrange for them to have some conflicts, and when the time comes, teach that Zhou Mi reincarnation a profound lesson.Remember, no traces of the arrangement, or else you'll create a laughing stock."

"Don't worry."

At the White Witch.

When Bai Witch heard about the incident, she called her granddaughter back.

"O Love, how can you do that, even if you don't go to contact with Zhou Mi's reincarnation, you can't go to make a grudge against him."

Emotion was busy saying, "Grandmother, why are you so afraid ah, it's Zhou Mi who should be worried now, not me.Zhou Mi, that lawless one, he slapped Yun You, it's the same as slapping the Immortal Kingdom.And, Grandmother, I'm not afraid to tell you, Yun You said that the Immortal Kingdom is already making arrangements that, when the time comes, another prince will appear and give Zhou Mi's reincarnation a good lesson, that Zhou Mi, he's dead."

"Alas, Emotion, you'd better listen to Grandma and go apologize to Zhou Mi."

"Grandmother, you're crazy, I'm going to apologize, where will that make Prince Yunyou lose face?Alright, I won't tell you any more, Prince Yunyoung asked me to look at the stars tonight."After saying that, Lovey walked away again.


Tang Zichen still vomited every day, quietly comprehending.

"Mi'er."At this time, Zhou Tie came to look for him.

"Mi'er, how come you seldom go out, you practice at home every day, in fact, after becoming an immortal, the possibility of being able to progress again is very low, everything can only follow fate, if there is no immortal fate, it's useless to be at home every day."Zhou Tie said.

Tang Zichen said, "How do you know there is no Immortal Fate without trying, do you want to find me something?"

"Oh, I've brought you a fairy grass, taking this fairy grass will definitely help you."

"Immortal grass?"Tang Zichen was busy bringing it over.

"Mi'er, take this Immortal Grass first, then I won't bother you, you're fine to go out more."

"Okay, thanks."

Zhou Tie turned around and walked away, this Immortal Grass was treasured by Zhou Tie for many years, and it took a great price to obtain it, it was a, three million years old Immortal Grass ah.

Tang Zichen immediately took the Immortal Grass.

After taking the immortal grass, Tang Zichen immediately proceeded to Immortal Qi Vomiting, Tang Zichen was surprised to find that the immortal grass he had just taken was quickly digested. Remember the website

Tang Zichen immediately felt that blood qi in his head.

Previously, the value of this blood energy that Tang Zichen felt was 0.3.

And now, taking the Immortal Grass, the value rose to 18.

"Wow, it's increased so much, it seems that taking Immortal Grass, as well as various geniuses and treasures, can increase Immortal Qi."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, the value of the Immortal Machine reached 18, one step closer to 100.

Tang Zichen hadn't been out, and that prince, Yun Cheng, hadn't been able to find a chance to contradict Tang Zichen, which made Yun Cheng very depressed.If it wasn't for the sake of taking the royal face into consideration, he would have wanted to go straight to Tang Zichen's door and beat the crap out of him.

At this moment, Tang Zichen said inwardly, "That Immortal Grass just now, after I took it, the value of the Immortal Machine increased by 18, however, this grade of Immortal Grass is not so easy to obtain.So, if I take a very low grade Immortal Grass, can I also increase my Immortal Machines?Even if you increase it by 0.1, you'll be able to accumulate more."

In order to verify this, Tang Zichen accurately went to the Immortal Pill Workshop and purchased some low-grade Immortal Grass.

Low-grade immortal grasses were useless to ordinary people, but Tang Zichen could accumulate them, and no matter how small the mosquito flesh was, it could accumulate to be heavier than an elephant.

Tang Zichen came to the Immortal Pill Workshop, which had all kinds of immortal grasses, only, most of them were relatively low-grade, and the high-grade ones wouldn't be brought for sale.

"Help me get ten thousand immortal grasses that work for three hundred years, any variety will do."

"Uh, purchase that many, okay, wait a moment."

Not long after, 10,000 Immortal Grasses came.

Tang Zichen took the immortal grasses and prepared to go home to take them, only, if he ate so many immortal grasses, Tang Zichen had to become a cow, and cows only eat grass.

Tang Zichen had just walked out of the Immortal Pill Workshop when he met a man, Prince Yun Cheng.

In fact, Yun Cheng had been watching Tang Zichen for a long time, Tang Zichen had left home with great difficulty, he definitely wanted to take the opportunity to have some conflicts with Tang Zichen.

Yun Cheng purposely pretended that he did not know Tang Zichen, and when he entered the Immortal Pill Place, his shoulders collided with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen did not expect to bump into him at all, so his eyebrows furrowed.

"Walking without eyes."Yun Cheng deliberately yelled at him, acting like he didn't know that Tang Zichen was a reincarnation of Zhou Mi.

Tang Zichen was upset, but Tang Zichen recognized the man as Prince Yun Cheng in the next moment.

Tang Zichen was confused, "Is this really a coincidence?Or did the Prince of Cloud City deliberately try to bump into me in an attempt to anger me?"

To verify if it was intentional, Don

Tzu-Chen said, "Sorry, I was the one who didn't see it, but meaning."

Tang Zichen intentionally apologized to him, if it wasn't a coincidence, then he would have still pestered him, because pestering was the only way to have a conflict with Tang Zichen.

"Will an apology suffice?You walk without dog eyes and bump into my prince, do you want to leave it like that?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm the reincarnation of Zhou Mi, don't pretend you don't know me, say it, Your Highness, Yun Cheng, what do you want?"

"Uh."Yun Cheng was startled, but he was actually discerned by Tang Zichen.

"Hmph, Zhou Mi, okay, then I won't bother with you, you hit my royal face, I vow not to stop this matter, today I must find you to settle the score."

Tang Zichen said, "Really? I welcome that."

"Looking for death."After saying that, Yun Chengton rushed up, a strong spell with both hands, Tang Zichen was clamped down by a pair of big hands.

Tang Zichen felt a bit of pressure, although this Yun Cheng was also an early stage Human Immortal, he had already reached halfway, while Tang Zichen was just starting out.

Tang Zichen's body was quietly operating the Silence Technique, using a spell called Earth Opening from the Silence Technique.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's body seemed to vibrate, as if an earthquake had occurred.

Instantly, Cloud City was bounced away by Tang Zichen.

As it bounced off Cloud City, Tang Zichen blasted on with a powerful palm strike.

"Bang."Yun Cheng flew out into the street.

So many people on the street, they all looked over and saw a man down on the ground in a very poor condition, many of them did not recognize Yun Cheng at the moment.

Prince Yun Cheng got up from the ground, very shocked.

At this time, a person on the street shouted, "Ah, yes, it's Prince Yun Cheng."

After being recognized by someone, the whole place was talking.

A prince who was blown out onto the street in such a mess, who was he?

Everyone looked towards the entrance of the Immortal Pill Place, only to see a handsome looking young man standing there.

"Gosh, isn't Prince Yun Cheng quite strong among the many princes?Why would it be vulnerable?"

"Yeah, who's that guy?One palm strike flew off the Cloud City Prince, tsk tsk."

Everyone was pointing.

At this moment, Prince Yun Cheng felt humiliated and looked at Tang Zichen full of anger.

Tang Zichen retreated with an advance and said, "Your Highness, Cloud City, I am much offended, goodbye."

Tang Zichen turned around to leave.

Yun Cheng was furious and shouted, "Don't even think of leaving."

After saying that, Yun Cheng violently attacked Tang Zichen from behind.

Tang Zichen slapped his palm back without turning his head back, as if an invisible force, blasted the Prince of Yun Cheng, who was rushing up behind him, and knocked him flying again.

"Wow", it flew to the street dozens of meters away, knocking over the many stalls on the street.

"Wow.So strong."Many people looked at Tang Zichen's back and exclaimed, no one knew that Tang Zichen was the reincarnation of Zhou Mi.

"Ahhhh."Yun Cheng yelled in anger, his eyes filled with cold.

This matter would definitely spread immediately.

Yun Cheng wanted to save the royal face, and as a result, he lost all the royal face on the street again, this time, Tang Zichen didn't hit Yun Cheng's face again, there was always no reason for the royal family to trouble Tang Zichen again.

I really didn't know how the emperor of the Cloud Gong Immortal Kingdom would feel when he learned of this result.

However, the person in question, Tang Zichen, did not take it seriously and hurried home, trying to take the low grade immortal grasses and how much each one could increase the value of the immortal machine.


When Tang Zichen returned home, he immediately began to test and took ten low grade immortal grasses.

Then he began to vomit, and soon the ten immortal grasses were digested.

Tang Zichen immediately felt the Immortal Machine value in his mind.


The Immortal Machine value in his mind didn't change in the slightest, or, there was a change, but the change was only 0.00000 several, such a small change could be ignored, unless Tang Zichen finished taking ten thousand strains of low grade Immortal Grass, and was able to increase the Immortal Machine value by one point.

And Tang Zichen 10,000 strains of immortal grass to take all of them, there was no telling how long it would take.

"Fuck, waste of energy, waste of expression, waste of time."Tang Zichen burned the remaining 9,990 strains of low-grade immortal grass in anger, and if he really wanted to eat the 10,000 strains of low-grade immortal grass, Tang Zichen would have to become a herbivore.

"It seems that we still have to find high grade Immortal Pills.But a high grade immortal medicine, how can it be so easy to obtain."

Tang Zichen left the Zhou residence and came to the courtyard he had bought before, where Mu Qianji and the others were cultivating in this small separate courtyard, and their goal was to try to reach paragon immortal as soon as possible.

"Qianji, Tang Huan, Yu Xi, Little Fire."Tang Zichen shouted a few times.

"Brother Chen, what are you doing here."Little Fire was the first to run out. One second to remember to read the book

"I came to check on you guys, how have you been."Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen hadn't seen them for over half a month.

"We've been cultivating ah, there's plenty of aura here, there's still the occasional immortal energy, and we have an immortal cultivation method, so we're cultivating very fast.If you hadn't suddenly come, we'd plan to shut down for a few years and only exit when we've struck a quasi-immortal.".

"Looks like I'm the one who's bothering you, well, until you become quasi-immortals, I won't bother you."

"Brother Minister, you've come, don't you want to sit down?"

At that moment, the rest of the group came out.

"Is something wrong?"Mu Qianji was busy asking.

"Nothing, just came to see you guys, alright, you guys go on with your retreat, I'll leave you alone."

Tang Zichen left shortly after, returning to the Zhou residence.

Tang Zichen felt a bit lonely by himself.

Although Tang Zichen had memories of his previous life, but in his previous life, Tang Zichen didn't even have a single friend.

At this time, Zhou Tie came.


"Uh, what is it that Lord Father wants?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Mi'er, were you on the street this morning and defeated His Highness Prince Yuncheng?"

"Yeah, that guy probably wants to take revenge for that Yun You last time, but unfortunately, it wasn't my opponent.As you know, it seems that this matter spreads fast, but this time I didn't beat Cloud City's face again, so there should be no more trouble."

"Trouble is no trouble, but you defeated the prince twice in a row, which really made every member of the royal family feel disgraced, I'm sure the royal people won't stop here."

"So, I'll have constant trouble after that until one day I get beaten by one of the princes of the royal family and the matter will not stop."


"It's a boring day, they're not tired of it, I'm very tired of it.Tell me, Father-sama, what it will take so that no one will bother me."Tang Zichen asked.


bsp; Zhou Tie said, "There's only one way to make the prince stop looking for you, and that's to let all the princes know that among their peers, they are not your opponent, so that they won't come looking for you again."

"But how do I make all the princes know that among their peers, they are not my opponents?"

"The Yunluo Immortal Country has a genius list, so if you challenge someone on the genius list, you'll be included on the genius list, and when those princes who aren't powerful enough learn about it, they naturally won't dare to come looking for you."

"Makes sense."

"Mi'er, there's one more thing that I'm not sure if you're interested in knowing."

"Please say."

"Anyone who enters the top three of the genius list will have the opportunity to interview Princess Yun Meng for her choice, and once they are chosen as Princess Yun Meng's son-in-law, they will receive at least ten 100 million year old immortal grasses as a dowry."

"One hundred million year old immortal grasses?I'll go."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Yes, so if you want to get it, you must become one of the top ten on the genius list, so that you have a chance to be chosen by Princess Yun Meng."

"Understood."Tang Zichen was gluttonous, if Tang Zichen obtained 10 100 million year old immortal grasses, then I'm afraid that Tang Zichen could hit the late stage of Human Immortal.

Tang Zichen asked, "Lord Father, is the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom so rich?Having so many 100 million year old immortal grasses?"

"Of course, after all, people are an immortal country, with such a huge geographical area and such a large population, of course they can harvest a lot of immortal grass.You have to know that the more powerful you are, the more you can get.Nowadays, it's almost difficult for an Immortal to raise their Immortal rank and rely on their own cultivation, so they must rely on eating Immortal Grass.The more immortal grass one eats, the more immortal opportunities one will accumulate, and the greater the probability of becoming a high-ranking immortal.Other than that, there isn't any other way."


"Of course, not everyone who eats Immortal Grass is able to improve, there is no Immortal Fate, and if you don't have Immortal Fate, no matter how much you eat, it will be a waste.But the Immortal Fate is something that no one knows if they have it or not, and even if they really don't, if people get the Immortal Grass, they'll still eat it."

"That's true."

"Mi'er, my father is only a first-grade official of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, the immortal grass that he can obtain is really limited, and the three million year old immortal grass that I brought to you last time was already a considerable waste of effort for my father to obtain.If you want to obtain better resources in the future, you must have power, and with power, you'll have more people under you to work for you, and your chances of obtaining treasures will be greater."


"There is a good chance right now, if you can become a man of Princess Yun Meng, you will have more power than me, and also, you can obtain ten 100 million year old immortal grasses.If a man with a very strong immortal destiny takes it, with these ten 100 million year old immortal grasses, he will definitely be able to rise to a major level, for example, you are now, at the pre-human immortal starting stage, if you take these ten strains, you might reach the middle stage of human immortality, and it's up to the individual at that middle stage."

"Oh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, if he took it, along with his Immortal Machine Spitting Method, the effect would at least double, Tang Zichen could at least reach the late stage of Human Immortal.

Tang Zichen couldn't fantasize anymore, the more he fantasized, the more he wanted, and, Princess Yun Meng, Tang Zichen had a crush on her in his previous life, but unfortunately, how could he match her in his previous life, in front of Princess Yun Meng, the former Tang Zichen was a grifter.

"Mi'er, go for it, enter the top three of the genius list first, so that you have a chance, of course, Princess Yun Meng's impression of you must be very bad, after all, that image of yours in your previous life was really a bit bad, so you also need to change your image quickly.Let her know that you're no longer the same person you were in your previous life after you reincarnated."


Tang Zichen asked, "What level has Princess Yun Meng reached now?"

"Late Human Immortal."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled, so strong.

"People are so resourceful and have immortal destinies, reaching the late Human Immortal stage isn't a difficult task."

"Then how can I be chosen by her when I'm even weaker than her."

"Even though you're weaker than her, the emperor has stipulated that as long as the top three in any realm have a chance, even if it's someone lower than her realm."

"I'm now a pre-human immortal, the weakest immortal, I think it's too unlikely, but I'm going to try anyway, I'm going to challenge a few geniuses first.Father-sama, give me a list of the Yunluo Immortal Country, Pre-Human Immortal, and the top ten geniuses on the list."


Soon, Zhou Tie got the list here.

Tang Zichen took a look and was directly dumbfounded, the top ten of the Pre-Human Immortal, all of them had reached the end stage.

And Tang Zichen was only at the pre-Human Immortal starting stage, although the same realm, but the difference is a bit much. The first website

Zhou Tie said, "Mi'er, I heard that you defeated the Prince of Zhennan before?"


"And it still spiked him?"Zhou Tie asked again.


"Hehe, Mi'er, that Zhennan prince is at the pre-Human Immortal halfway stage, you're now able to defeat the halfway stage Zhennan prince, is it still far from defeating the end stage pre-Human Immortal?I have full confidence in you."

"And what does Father mean?"

"Mi'er, you can't win the top ten pre-human immortals yet, you might as well go and defeat those that reach the halfway point first and replace their ranking, after that, you can move forward step by step."

"But when will Princess Yun Meng choose her son-in-law?"

"Not so fast, at least in fifty years."

"Fifty years later ah, I thought it was going to start right away, that's fine."

Tang Zichen took another look at the pre-Human Immortal genius list, the one ranked 16th was the one who had reached the halfway point, the pre-Human Immortal realm, and was halfway through cultivation.

"Lou Hu Nan?"Tang Zichen looked at the sixteenth place list.

Zhou Tie said, "Lou Hu Nan, who is the strongest among all the people who have reached the halfway point of the pre-celestial stage, has the strength to spike the Prince of Zhennan.Mi'er, do you have confidence?Wouldn't it be right for you to challenge him, in case you can't win?"

"It's fine, I'm confident that I can spike the Prince of Zhennan, and I believe I can defeat this Hu Nanbu."


Zhou Tie was full of excitement, if Zhou Mi could enter the 16th place in the Pre-Human Immortal Genius List, he would also be infinitely glorious and very proud.

Tang Zichen said, "Lord Father, then help me go down to the battle and ask Hu Nan Lou to fight me, openly."

"Good, I'm going."Zhou Tie turned around and left.

Soon, the challenge book was written and Zhou Tie sent someone to Hu Nan Lou's house.

Hu Nanlou's father was also a first-grade official of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.

In the past, Hu Nan Lou's father was hardly in the same position as Zhou Tie and the others, although they were both first-grade officials, they were not in the same position because their sons were different.In the past, Zhou Tie, among all the first-grade officials, his status was the lowest category.

At noon the next day, Hu Nan Lou received a challenge letter from Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Hu Nan Lou's father, Hu Danian, seeing Zhou Tie's reincarnated son, dared to pick the

Battle his son, who was suddenly angry, as if he had been insulted.

"In three days, the Immortal Kingdom tournament will be held to determine the winner.Zhou Mi."Lou Hu Nan looked at Tang Zichen's letter, her face full of veins.

"Grass you, what kind of a thing are you to even dare to issue a challenge to me."Hu Nan Lou stomped the letter on the ground in anger.

Zhou Tie's image was so bad that it was extremely insulting to be challenged by such a person, at least that's what Hu Nanbou thought.

Zhou Tie had great confidence in Tang Zichen, so Zhou Tie also sent people, to spread this matter widely, making sure to make it known all over the city.

The servants of the Zhou residence, who had been in various restaurants and other public places throughout the day to spread this matter, were very happy to spread it, after all, Tang Zichen was their young master.

At the imperial palace.

"Your Holiness."

"What is the matter."The emperor of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom was in a bit of a bad mood, because yesterday, that prince of his named Yun Cheng, was beaten by Tang Zichen on the street again, two sons in a row were beaten by Tang Zichen, where would the face of this royal family be, if he had known that Tang Zichen, a trash, was so strong, he would have sent a genius prince in the first place.

The emperor said, "Why do you think that the reincarnated Zhou Mi is so strong?Even I, Yun Cheng, couldn't beat him, my son Yun Cheng is not an absolute genius, but he is still considered to be in the middle.My royal family to the face, beaten twice in a row, I am not happy, I will immediately go and arrange another genius prince."

That underling said, "Your Majesty, it's not necessary."

"Why is it unnecessary?Am I just going to put up with this?"

"Your Majesty, I have come precisely for this matter, and I have just received the news that Zhou Mi has sent a letter of challenge to the 16th ranked Pre-Human Immortal, Hu Nan Lou, to fight it out in three days at the Royal Tournament Grounds."

"What."The emperor was startled.

"Your majesty, that Hu Nanbu is a genius who has cultivated to halfway in the pre-human immortal stage, and is halfway first, and the fact that Zhou Mi dares to provoke him shows that Zhou Mi is confident in himself.Which prince will you send again?If you send a prince who is in the pre-Human Immortal stage to cultivate to the finish line, it's a bit suspicious of bullying the little ones with the big ones, because it's said that Zhou Mi is only in the pre-Human Immortal starting stage.If one sends a pre-Human Immortal cultivating to the halfway stage, then people Zhou Mi would even dare to challenge the strongest halfway stage Hu Nan Lou."

"Since that's the case, let's see if Zhou Mi can really defeat Hu Nan Lou first, I don't believe that someone who was so bad in his previous life would change so much in this life."

Somewhere in the harem of the palace.

"Princess, extra-large news."A palace maid arrived in front of a princess who was both beautiful and intelligent.

"What mega news."

"It's about Zhou Mi."

Princess Yun Meng snorted, "I already know, Yun Cheng is really useless, he beaten him in the street, what a disgrace to my royal family."

That palace maid said, "Princess, the slave girl is not talking about this matter."

"Then what is it?"

"Just got the news, Zhou Mi has issued a challenge to Hu Nan Lou, three days later, in the Royal Tournament arena for a showdown, Zhou Mi wants to replace Hu Nan Lou's ranking in the pre-human immortal stage."

"What? Zhou Mi where did he get the confidence to dare challenge Hu Nan Lou?"Princess Yun Meng was startled.

"I'm also wondering, he's been reincarnated for so long, he didn't go looking for where to find a pretty good woman, but he got a brain fever to challenge Hu Nan Lou."

"Hmph, let's see then, how Hu Nan Lou killed him, the empire agreed that the person who takes the initiative to challenge someone else, if they lose, the other party can kill them."

"Now the whole city knows about it."

"How ignorant."


Tang Zichen was always at home, and about the rumors and gossip outside, Tang Zichen was indifferent.

Whether it was calling him dead or calling him crazy, it was ignored.

Three days arrived in the blink of an eye.

Early in the morning, Tang Zichen, Zhou Tie, his stepmother, and many of his servants, including the housekeeper of the Zhou residence, went to the Royal Tournament Grounds.

The Royal Martial Arena was not something only the royal family could use, everyone could use it, and the location was not inside the palace, it was just named the Royal Martial Arena.

Because this matter had already become a sensation throughout the city, so when Tang Zichen arrived at the Royal Martial Arena, the place was already crowded with people.

"Kill Zhou Mi."

"Rapist Zhou Mi."

"Self-defeating, kill him."


When Tang Zichen walked into the tournament arena, many people shouted, Tang Zichen did not expect that in his previous life, his popularity in the eyes of the citizens of Yunluxian City was so poor. Remember the URL

Zhou Tie said, "Don't pay any attention to these little farts, these little farts, only dare to vent a few words in this kind of public place when there are a large number of people, if you encounter them alone, they are crawling at your feet like a grandson again."

Tang Zichen said, "Of course, I don't give a damn about what people think of me, that was in a past life."

Tang Zichen looked towards the top of the podium in the tournament arena, where only people with distinguished status could sit, and ordinary ordinary citizens were not allowed on the podium.

At the moment, the podium was empty.

Everyone knew that the royalty would definitely come, except for the emperors and other big levels.

Tang Zichen swept around the crowd and didn't see Hu Nanbu in the crowd, or in which crowd he was coming.

When it was almost time, Tang Zichen went to the ring.

Soon after, a shout went up, "Princess Yun Meng, Prince Yun Yan has arrived."

Everyone looked, from the direction of the palace, flew a group of people, the brunt of which was a beautiful and noble woman with a prince by her side.

Tang Zichen saw Princess Yunmeng again in this life, his heart was somewhat fluctuating, this was after all the woman he had a crush on in his previous life.

It was so beautiful indeed, with an incomparably slim figure, coupled with the faint sense of nobility in her body, giving people an extremely strong desire to conquer, as if any man looking at it, would want to conquer this woman beneath him.

On this occasion, all the citizens did not need to bow, and all the Yun Meng Princess and Yun Yan Prince did not bow when they arrived.

Princess Yun Meng sat on the podium and sat together with Prince Yun Yan.

That Prince Yun Yan, was a genius prince, he was already in the middle stage of Human Immortal, of course, not the most genius prince, Yun Meng came with Yun Yan because they were born from the same matriarch.Yun Meng was even younger than Yun Yan, so Yun Meng's Immortal Fate, Yuan was much stronger than Yun Yan.

That Yun Yan sat down and laughed shamefully, "That Zhou Mi, I don't know if he will die here today, this son of a bitch, I wanted to kill him in my previous life, if I didn't consider that his father is a first class official, I would have killed him."

"Whether he dies or not, it doesn't have anything to do with us, just watch."

After that, more and more princes and princesses came.

However, some of the princesses that came after them were less than a tenth of Yun Meng's looks, and even had crooked growths.

And the princes, who came after, were not particularly genius.

I guess those more genius princes didn't care to come watch this kind of tournament, after all, that Hu Nanbu was only ranked 16 in the pre-human immortal ranking, and how unbearable Tang Zichen was!


Tang Zichen looked at the time, it was almost time.

Tang Zichen leapt up and flew into the ring.

When Tang Zichen flew into the ring, the whole arena reached the bursting point, the whole arena roared, but instead of a warm welcome, there was a burst of shame and sobbing, and language that screamed that Zhou Mi would definitely be killed.

Tang Zichen didn't pay any attention to it, but stood in the ring with a lonely look.

Tang Zichen stood for a short time, Hu Nanlou also came out and flew into the ring.

When Hu Nan Lou flew into the ring, the whole arena roared as well, but it was a roar of cheers.

Grandmother Hu Nan shouted, "Quiet everyone."

Soon, the whole arena quieted down.

Lou Hu Nan pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Zhou Mi, today, you will die."

Tang Zichen said, "Yes."

"Zhou Mi, you should know that the Empire has agreed that the challenger, if he loses, the challenged can be killed on the spot."

"Yes, I understand."

"Zhou Mi, if you dare to insult me, I'll slowly torture you to death."

Tang Zichen said, "For me, it's not an insult, but a replacement, you are the strongest pre-Human Immortal to halfway cultivation, while I, I am still still pre-Human Immortal to start, so, in terms of cultivation, I am one step behind you, but, I, Zhou, do not want to challenge the same pre-Human Immortal to start as me.I don't want to say anything nonsense, Hu Nan Lou, today I just want to be killed by you, or, do I maim you, I can't kill you, so I will maim you."

"Mouth full of nonsense."Hu Nan Lou was furious.

Many people at the scene also shouted to death.

Hu Nanbou suddenly made his move and cast his spell.

"Thousand Armies."Hu Nanbu raised his hands, and all of a sudden, it seemed as if a thousand horses had appeared in front of him and were galloping towards Tang Zichen, and the whole scene felt the solemnity of the thousands of horses.

Tang Zichen also cast his spell at once.

"Supreme Silence."

With a wave of Tang Zichen's hand, a strong wind blew out and Hu Nanbu's thousands of horses were suddenly blown away.

"Drink."Hu Nanbou immediately increased the output of her mana, and suddenly, the thousands of armies and horses became even more majestic.

Tang Zichen said, "You disappoint me too much, give me a fall."

"Bang."Tang Zichen's body moved, his palm decapitated, breaking through the thousands of armies and horses, taking only the head of the general, and in the next second, Tang Zichen struck the top of Hu Nanbu's head with his palm.

"Ah."Hu Nanbu was deflated like a ball and fell to the ground.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Being so arrogant just now, I thought it was so powerful, but as a result, it was too disappointing, and it was simply unbearable in front of me, Zhou Mi."

"You."Lou Hu Nan was dumbfounded, he wondered if Tang Zichen was hiding his realm, how come he broke his spell without any effort.

Tang Zichen stomped on Hu Nanbu's legs, flattening them, and then kicked them out of the ring.

The crowd was silent, or just stupid, completely unexpected.

Princess Yun Meng on the podium also had her brows furrowed, not expecting the reincarnated Zhou Mi to be completely different.However, the image of his former life had become deeply rooted in his heart, and it was no longer something that could be changed in a day or two.

Tang Zichen looked around at the audience and shouted, "Whoever just shouted to kill me, come up now, I will personally learn."

The audience was silent, the person who just arrogantly shouted to kill Zhou Mi now didn't dare to utter a word.

Tang Zichen despised these people for a while, these people, they would curse after people, and when the real thing came to an end, they all became wimps.


Tang Zichen looked towards the podium, his gaze meeting Princess Yun Meng's.

When Princess Yun Meng saw Tang Zichen looking over, she snorted and seemed to despise him for a while, then walked straight away, looking incomparably proud.Tang Zichen had merely defeated a grandmother Hu, it was impossible to reverse her impression of Tang Zichen, and even if she did, it wouldn't be enough to talk about any liking for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at Princess Yun Meng who flew away, he knew that even if Tang Zichen entered the top three of the genius list at this time, Princess Yun Meng would not choose him as her man.

Fortunately, there was still at least fifty years left for Tang Zichen to change his opinion in her mind.

After that, Tang Zichen left the Royal Tournament Grounds and went straight home.

The news that Tang Zichen had become the sixteenth on the pre-human immortal genius list spread throughout the city in less than half a day, and everyone was deeply incredulous that someone so bad in his previous life was so genius after his reincarnation.

Of course, people who loathed Tang Zichen were still disgusted, no matter what achievements Tang Zichen had taken.

In order to celebrate Tang Zichen becoming the sixteenth, the Zhou residence held a grand banquet, and some people who tended to be in the wrong came to attend.

The royal prince, and no one came to trouble Tang Zichen afterwards.

"How's it going, how's the Immortal Machine Spitting Method being learned?"One day, the Nine Dao Demon King suddenly asked.

"It's not bad, I've spent a lot of time vomiting every day, it's just that, it feels like the accumulation of fairy machines is quite slow." One second to remember to read the book

"You're still too slow, if it wasn't for the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, the Immortal Fate wouldn't even be visible."The Nine Dao Demon King said.

"Oh, maybe I'm in a hurry, by the way, I take some geniuses and I found that I can increase my Immortal Fate by a lot in an instant."

"This is of course, everyone who takes immortal grasses can increase their immortal fate, even if you haven't learned the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, the Immortal Machine Spitting Method only allows you to still accumulate immortal machines if you don't have any immortal grasses."

"Senior Demon King, if I have immortal grass and such again, can I grow even faster?"

"That's nonsense, it's just a pity that immortal grasses, immortal pills, and so on aren't so easy to obtain."

"Immortal pills are?"

"Immortal pills are of course made using immortal grass and other materials, after all, immortal grass is grass, but immortal pills are the essence of grass, and in the same year, if they are trained into immortal pills, the effect will be more than twice as strong as immortal grass.It's just that immortal pills are hard to make, there aren't many alchemists in the entire Immortal World, and your Earth Immortal World is probably even less."

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "What does it take to learn how to refine an Immortal Pill?"

"You just don't waste that time and vomit well."

"Truth be told, I would have been an alchemist when I was in the Spiritual Realm, and I'm pretty basic in this area of pharmacology, and I was also a divine doctor when I was in the Mortal Realm, although I know that immortal pills are completely different, but the principles and such should be similar.As long as I'm allowed to learn it, I can definitely learn it."Tang Zichen was full of confidence.

"You."The Nine Dao Demon King was a bit surprised, Tang Zichen wasn't just a martial genius ah, it turned out that he had talent in other areas as well.

"Alright, I'll pass on to you an Immortal Pill Beginner's Dictionary, I tried to learn it back then, but unfortunately I couldn't understand it at all, but I still remember the contents of the Dictionary.This Immortal Pill Introductory Dictionary is just the foundation of the entry level, if you can really learn it, it will only allow you to become a first-grade Pill Master, and you have to continue in the future, you must worship a more powerful master."



sp; After that, the Nine Dao Demon King immediately passed on to Tang Zichen the Immortal Pill Primer that he knew of.

Tang Zichen immediately began to study it.

Tang Zichen discovered that, as expected, refining Immortal Pills and refining Spirit Pills were similar and different.

The only difference was that refining immortal pills required a high level of fire, and one must use more than one true fire in order to succeed.However, it wasn't difficult to master the One True Fire, so go learn a spell to emit one true fire.

Of course, as the requirements of the Immortal Pill increased, the one true fire must also increase, for example, the two true fires and the three true fires.

Tang Zichen was like a treasure.

Why, because, immortal pills were amazing, for example, when using immortal grasses that were millions of years old, the effect could be equal to millions of years old when they were refined.

"I must learn how to refine Immortal Pills, both for the future and the present, it will be very beneficial."

However, Tang Zichen must first learn the True Fire spell.

"Senior Demon King."

"Senior Demon King?"

No response, it seems, Tang Zichen can only call passively.

Tang Zichen went to look for Zhou Tie.

"Mi'er, what are you looking for me for."Zhou Tie smiled, since Tang Zichen had defeated Grandmother Hu, Zhou Tie's status in the court had all improved a lot, so he was in a good mood.If Tang Zichen's ranking could be even higher, it would be even happier.

"Lord Father, I want to ask you one thing, do you have any spell secrets about True Fire?"

"Uh, you want to learn real fire magic?"


"Mi'er, Earth Immortal Realm, there are many, various kinds of spells, but, there are also high and low spells, true fire spells, honestly, belong to the stronger spells, or, rarer spells, because true fire attacks are single, but they are time consuming to cultivate, usually only people who refine Immortal Pills, will learn true fire spells."

"Father, don't say so much, just tell me where there are true fire spells."

"In our Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, I'm afraid that only the Royal Collection is available, you should know that the Royal Collection is only accessible to royal descendants, and every royal descendant, after cultivating to the Immortal realm, can go and pick the spell that suits them.It's impossible for us to go in."

"In that case, wouldn't that be a bit troublesome."Tang Zichen didn't have a frown.

Tang Zichen said, "Lord Father, do you still have any Immortal Grass on you?"

"Mi'er, I really don't have any on me."

"No no, I don't mean high-grade, like, hundreds of thousands of years old immortal grasses or something."

"Uh, hundreds of thousands of years old?"


"There are some, but I only have the ones within three hundred thousand years, and the ones over three hundred thousand years are already gone."

"Within three hundred thousand years, can I have some?"

"What are you coming for, a fairy grass of this vintage has little to no utility."

"Don't worry about that, just give it to me."

"Good."Zhou Tie immediately turned over a dozen or so Immortal Grasses that were within 300,000 years.

After Tang Zichen took the immortal grass, he immediately left the Zhou residence.


Tang Zichen came to the other courtyard where Mu Qianji and the others were staying.

"Little Fire."Tang Zichen called out to Little Fire.

"Brother Chenchen, you're here again."

"Little Fire, I have something I need your help with."

"What is it?"

Tang Zichen said, "I want to concoct immortal pills, but I must have true fire, but I can't find the spell for true fire, you were born with the ability to emit true fire, I would like to ask for your help."


Tang Zichen immediately began to study how to refine the Immortal Pill, with Little Fire always on the side to help.

As for the others, Tang Zichen had each of them take some Immortal Grass, then continued to close the door and cultivate.

Like this, with constant experimentation, two years passed in a blink of an eye.

Two years was a very short time in the Immortal World, so short that the topic of Tang Zichen becoming 16th on the genius list was still being discussed in some inns and restaurants. First URL

"Hahaha, first grade Immortal Pill, I've trained it."Tang Zichen laughed.

But, "Brother Chen, are you sure that this black mass is really a Xian Dan?"

Tang Zichen was a little embarrassed, "Little Fire, this black one is indeed a Xian Dan, but it's the worst and worst Xian Dan, so bad that it's one step away from Fiery Charcoal.No matter how bad it is, it's still an Immortal Pill, it's wasted two years of my time, I've already trained it."

"Brother Chen, can you really eat such an Immortal Pill?"

"Sure. Low heat, and try it while it's fresh out of the oven."


Little Fire finally tasted it and ate the black immortal pills.

Perhaps to Immortals, such a poorly made Immortal Pill was almost useless, but to Immortal cultivators, it was at least an Immortal Pill.

After Xiao Huo ate it, suddenly, it raised a realm.

"Haha, Minister, I've broken through to the eighth stage of the Tribulation."Little Fire laughed loudly.

"Hehe, now you know the power of the Immortal Pill."

"Brother Chen, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have doubted you just now."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Unfortunately, I can't emit true fire myself, and you can't fully cooperate with me, that's why the quality is so low, if I could emit true fire myself, then it wouldn't be such poor quality.If I want to embark on the path to Immortal Pill, I must find a True Fire spell."

Little Fire said, "Brother Chen, what would it take to tell the quality of an Immortal Pill?"

"Taste, the higher the quality of the elixir, the stronger the medicinal fragrance emitted, this elixir of mine, let alone the taste, hehe."

"Go for it, Brother Chen, you're the best.You're already a first-grade Immortal Pill Master now."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen remembered that there were only two Immortal Masters in the entire Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.

One of them was called Chen Ziqiu, a Grade 2 Immortal Pill Master, this Chen Ziqiu was already very old and had an extremely high status in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.

Chen Ziqiu had one disciple, named A Miao, A Miao was a First Grade Immortal Pill Master.

In the entire Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, there were only these two Immortal Pill masters.

That old man called Chen Ziqiu, he had trained all his life, but he was only a Grade 2 Immortal Pill Master, so it was clear that Immortal Pill Masters weren't that easy, no more difficult than becoming an Immortal.

Now, Tang Zichen was barely a first level Immortal Master, if Tang Zichen had the True Fire spell, it would be one hundred percent of a first level Immortal Master.

"Brother Chen, what does it take to get the True Fire Spell?Why don't you go and study under that Chen Ziqiu?".

Tang Zichen thought about it and nodded, "Good, that's an idea, I hope he can take me as his disciple, if he can take me as his disciple, then my dream of becoming an Immortal Pill Master will be even closer."

Tang Zichen bid farewell to Little Fire.

Using Little Fire's true

Fire was not the way to go after all.

Tang Zichen arrived at a very distinguished place in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, a place that the emperor had specifically approved for Chen Zichu to live in.

Tang Zichen knocked on the door.

"What man."


A medicine boy opened the door.

"Who are you?"

"I'm here to see Master Chen."

"Go away, Master Chen doesn't see the usual guests."That medicine boy was full of contempt.

Tang Zichen said, "Can you introduce me, I really have something."

"Nonsense, which one looking for Master Chen will be fine, it's nothing more than begging Master Chen to refine pills, don't think about it, our Master Chen is a second level Immortal Pill Master, can he just refine pills for anyone, except for the Emperor, no one can make Master Chen refine Immortal Pills for him."

"I'm not here to seek alchemy, I'm here to worship Master Chen as my master."

"Uh, to pay homage to your master."

Tang Zichen took out some money and said, "Inform for me, it's hard work."

That medicinal boy let Tang Zichen in at this point.

"Follow me."

Tang Zichen followed the medicine boy and arrived outside a large hall door.

"Wait outside."

Soon after, the medicine boy came out and said, "Go back, Master Chen is not seeing you."

Tang Zichen said, "Can I have an interview with Master Chen?"

"Master Chen said no see, can't you understand human language."

At that moment, an old man came out.

"Who's yelling here."That old man was furious.

"Master Chen, this is the man who wants to see you and worship you as his master."The medicine boy was busy saying

Tang Zichen immediately pleaded, "Master Chen, my name is Zhou Mi, I want to worship you as my master, please take me in."

Master Chen snorted, "What little cat or puppy dares to come and worship me."

"Ah, Master Chen, to tell you the truth, I'm quite talented in alchemy, I myself studied on my own before, and I even refined the worst grade one Immortal Pill."

"Get lost."Master Chen simply didn't listen, or, simply didn't believe that self-study could train into a first-grade Immortal Pill?Unless he was a Pill Master reborn.

"Master Chen, if you take me as your disciple today, I guarantee that you will definitely prosper in his day."Tang Zichen said.

"Get out of here right now, or I'll report to His Majesty and exterminate your entire family, don't think that I'm bluffing, you should know, my Chen Ziqiu's status in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom."

"Fine, Chen Ziqiu, I understand."Tang Zichen turned around and left.

Before Tang Zichen took a few steps, he saw outside, Princess Yun Meng and a young man walked in.

That Cloud Dream Princess also said under her breath, "I'll have to ask Master Ah Miao for my Yu Ji Pill."

"Haha, Princess Yunmeng don't worry, I'll make you the Jade Concubine Pill the first time."

Tang Zichen bumped into these two.

Princess Yun Meng was startled when she saw Tang Zichen, "Why are you here?"

Tang Zichen bowed out of courtesy, "Greetings to the princess."

That Medicine Boy was busy saying, "Sister Princess, this one called Zhou Mi, he wants to plead with Master Chen to take him as his disciple, and he also threatened Master Chen that if he didn't, he would regret it in the future."

Tang Zichen stared back at that medicine boy, "Did I ever say that?You're fucking spreading rumors believe it or not I'll kill you."

The Medicine Boy scowled, "You dare to kill someone in Master Chen's house?How old are you."

Princess Yun Meng said to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, get out of here right now and don't disturb Master Chen, or you'll only be asking for trouble."


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