Dish Best Served Cold 636-640


Chapter 636

"Another day?"

    "What international joke are you making?"

    "Brother Fan and I drove a hundred miles and almost two hours to get to the bottom of this Yunyang Mountain.Now you want us to come back another day?"

    "Playing us for monkeys?"

    "Besides, with so many people present, why should we be allowed to come back another day and make way for your staff.Mr. Xu, don't you think it's a bit unreasonable?"

    "Could it be that in the eyes of Mr. Xu, we're not as good as your three employees?"

    Shen Fei couldn't contain his anger.

    Thinking of him, the Prince of the Shen family, in Yunzhou, everyone who saw him had to respect him, and now it was the first time that he was treated so unfairly, it was strange that Shen Fei was not angry.

    However, in the face of Shen Fei's words, Xu Changqing did not care at all.


    "Is Young Master Shen unhappy with my arrangement?"

    "If that's the case, then you guys can go ahead and refund your tickets."

    "If you don't want to come, then don't come."

    "My Yunyang Mountain has no shortage of you little people."Xu Changqing coldly returned.

    It looked like he was just looking at you guys to deliberately mess with you.

    "You~" Shen Fei was so angry that his face was iron, it was the first time he had seen such a rude and unreasonable person.

    "Mr. Xu, this is not the way to do business!"

    At that moment, Nan Chen, who had been silent, was unable to watch anymore.

    Stepping out, with a heart full of displeasure, he said coldly to Xu Changqing.


    "And who are you?"

    Looking at the pretty and beautiful woman in front of him, Xu Changqing frowned.There was an extra touch of chill in his eyebrows.

    Meddling people, he had never liked much.

    Even though this person, was a beautiful woman!

    "Jianghai Chen family, daughter of Chen Ao, Chen Nan."Chen Nan was expressionless, but in front of the crowd, she introduced herself.

    Her words were undoubtedly like a boulder entering the sea, setting off a monstrous wave throughout the hall.

    The crowd present was all shocked.

    "Chen...Chen family, Chen Ao?"

    "Could it be that he is the daughter of King Chen Ao of Jiangdong?"

    "Damn, that's a tough one!"

    "But, not to mention, this Chen family's daughter is quite pretty."

    "I don't know that in the future, it will be cheap for that lucky guy~"

    After Nan Chen's identity was revealed, the entire hall exploded.

    The crowd present sighed in awe.

    The gazes that looked at Nan Chen were suddenly a bit more respectful and awe-inspiring.

    After all, most of the people present were the rich and powerful of Jiangdong.

    Nan Chen was a junior, and her name might not be known much.

    But Chen Ao's name, that was like thunder!

    Before the rise of Mr. Chu, at least ten of the 18 cities in Jiangdong were surnamed "Chen"!

    Now that Chen Ao's thousand gold appeared, the crowd naturally trembled.

    It only felt that the drama in front of them was getting more and more exciting.


    "Who do I think I am, daring to put on such a show in front of me?"

    "So it's Chen Ao Chen's daughter."

    "Also, I guess being used to being a king in Jiangdong has given Miss Chen Nan an illusion."

    "It's as if everyone in this Huaxia has to respect you and honor you."

    Looking at Nan Chen, Xu Changqing burst out laughing.

    The laughter was cheerful, with ridicule and contempt.

    It was as if Nan Chen's background did not stir up any waves in his heart.

    Without being humble or overbearing, Nan Chen continued, "Mr. Xu, I think you've misunderstood."

    "Brother Xiaofan and I don't need your respect, nor do we need your respect, but we only want justice!"

    "We are equally paid, have tickets at the same time, and come to the spa festival as well."

    "But why, when everyone else gets to bathe in the hot springs as they wish, are we the only ones who have to give way to your three men?"

    "Do you think, yourself, that's fair?"

    Nan Chen's slightly indignant words quietly echoed.

    Even she felt extremely angry about today's incident.

    Although she was born into a noble family and did not seek preferential treatment from others, but if she could not even guarantee a minimum of fairness, Nan Chen would naturally find it hard to tolerate.

    "Fairness?"Xu Changqing listened and laughed back, "Miss Chen, don't you think it's ridiculous that you're in front of me, talking about fairness?"

    "As the daughter of Chen Ao, you should know that there is no fairness in this world."

    "What there is, there is only power and might."

    "When you have enough authority and power, you can defy any rules."

    "Like right now, this Yunyang Mountain, I'm the biggest."

    "My word is the rule, is fair!"

    "If you are not convinced, just go back and tell your father."

    "I would like to see if this Chen Ao, dares to touch me?"

    Xu Changqing's arrogant words echoed for a long time.

    Above the hall, he stood proudly with his hands in the negative, and his eyebrows were filled with contempt and majesty towards Nan Chen and the others.


    "You're bullying me!"Nan Chen was so angry that her small face paled.

    Nan Chen obviously did not expect that this Xu Changqing would be such a naked bully.

    There wasn't even any cover up.

    It was inevitably too arrogant!

    Even her Little Fan brother, the mighty Jiangdong, was not so arrogant.

    Xu Changqing sneered, "You're right, I'm just bullying people, what can you, a small descendant of the Chen family, daughter of a gangster leader, do to me?"

    Xu Changqing's outrageous and unreasonable words, but they made Nan Chen's beautiful eyes turn red.

    Ever since she was a child, this was the first time she had been bullied like this?

    But Xu Changqing was right, he was after the Yanjing gentry, today even if his own father was here, I'm afraid that he would definitely not dare to offend this person.

    Moreover, even her little brother Fan was probably a little afraid of this Xu Changqing.

    After all, Xu Changqing Yanjing gentry background, indeed can step on the entire Jiangdong.

    Nan Chen's eyebrows were red, but she didn't defend anything further.

    She just raised her head and mocked herself, full of puzzlement, and asked Xu Changqing.

    "Mr. Xu, you're right."

    "You are a descendant of a lofty family, and no one can indeed do anything about the land of Jiangdong?"

    "But, I asked myself if the three of us and I have not offended you."

    "But why are you, today, so directed at us?"

    Shen Fei also looked over, which was what he was confused about.

    They were all meeting with Xu Changqing for the first time today, there was no grievance in the past, so why were they being chased away.

    Xu Changqing was condescending, looking down at Shen Fei, down at Nan Chen, and continued to smile, "Since Miss Nan Chen wants to know, fine, I'll give you a face and tell you."

    "It's actually very simple, you've messed with my brother, Ma Mingbo!"

    "This time, let this be a lesson to you."

    "Next time, remember to grow a better memory."

    "And Miss Chen, a reminder to you, Huaxia is big, Jiangdong is too small."

    "Your Chen family may be considered a figurehead in Jiangdong, but there is a heaven outside the sky, and there are people outside the human world, and in the eyes of the true giants, your Chen family is nothing more than ants."

    "You can bully others for the sake of a countryside trash."

    "I can also bully you for the sake of my brother!"



    At the summit of Yunyang Mountain, the wind was bitterly cold.

    In the hall, Xu Changqing's arrogant words, however, could not stop echoing.

    Faced with Xu Changqing's drink, Chen Nan's pretty face was pale, and a few fears had appeared on her stunning face.

    After all, she was a young girl who was not deeply involved in the world, facing Xu Changqing's cold and almost threatening words, she would inevitably be a little terrified.

    However, by now, Nan Chen and the others had finally figured out what was the reason why Xu Changqing was so targeted.

    It turned out that all of this was because of Ma Mingbo.

    "Miss Chen, please?"

    Xu Changqing stretched out his hand and had already issued an eviction order.

    It was clearly to drive Chen Nan and the others away.

    "Hmph, Nan Chen, you're asking for it, you can't blame me.If you want to be blamed, you can only be blamed for offending me for the sake of a hick."Ma Mingbo and the others at the side looked at Nan Chen coldly, but they were full of joy.

    It only felt that the bad breath in their hearts then came out.

    Suzy also had a smile on her lips, happily watching the scene in front of her.

    These days, Ye Fan has been arrogant, said what not to be afraid of anyone, and long skill, dare to annoy with their girlfriends.

    Su Xi had long wanted to find an opportunity to properly suppress this Ye Fan's arrogance on behalf of her own best friend .

    Today, seeing that Ye Fan's leaning was defeated, Suzy was naturally proud.

    "Hmph, this bastard made you disobey Mu Orange."

    "Now you know that you can't rely on someone else's authority, right?"

    Suzy smiled faintly, looking like she was watching a good show.

    Qiu Mu Orange, however, was expressionless and remained silent.

    Throughout the whole time, her eyes were always on Ye Fan's body.

    "Even Chen Ao's daughter-in-law knows how to bow down in the face of irresistible power."

    "Ye Fan, this time, you should finally understand my pain, right?"

    Qiu Mu Orange's face was clear and cold, looking at Ye Fan and whispering in her heart.

    Apart from them, the rest of the crowd also shook their heads with emotion, and there was sympathy and regret in their gazes towards Nan Chen's three men.

    Did Nan Chen have a big background?

    Of course it's big!

    However, the Sitting Tiger met the Cross River Dragon.

    Nan Chen had no other choice but to choose to retreat, she had no other choice.


    "Sister Nan, let's go back."

    Shen Fei also knew that there was no other way, and with a shake of his head and a sigh, he turned around and prepared to go back.


    Nan Chen paled her pretty face, knowing that any further talk would only be more embarrassing, so she also followed Shen Fei and prepared to go down the mountain.

    "Brother Fan, let's go."

    "I can't help it, the Xu family's giants are powerful, who let us be small in Jiangdong?"

    Shen Fei sighed with loss as he looked at Ye Fan.

    Originally, if Xu Changqing wasn't from the background of the Yanjing gentry, even if Chen Ao's reputation couldn't be suppressed and Mr. Ye Fan Chu's identity was revealed, this matter could be resolved.

    But, unfortunately, Xu Changqing's background was too strong.

    It was a Yanjing gentry, and both Shen Fei and Chen Nan felt that even Ye Fan's name would definitely not be able to suppress this Xu Changqing.

    After all, no matter how big Ye Fan's reputation was, it was only Jiangdong.

    Even Chen Ao was just an insect in Xu Changqing's eyes.

    Even if Ye Fan was better, he was probably just a grasshopper and would certainly not care.

    Helplessly, Shen Fei and Chen Nan, both of them were naturally ready to go home.

    However, the Ye Fan in front did not have the slightest intention to get up and leave.

    Facing the flower of Shen Fei, he still sat there peacefully and even took a petal of watermelon from the long table in front of him and ate it comfortably.

    "What a country bumpkin."

    "Acting like he's never seen the world before."

    "Before you left, you didn't forget that piece of watermelon to eat?"

    At the front, Ma Mingbo snorted at the sight of the situation and looked at Ye Fan as if he were only looking at an idiot.

    "This guy really doesn't mind being embarrassed."

    Su Xi saw the situation, but she rolled her eyes and was full of words.

    Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was even more livid.

    "Brother Fan, don't eat, let's hurry up and leave."

    "People are driving us away."

    "You really want to eat, there's some at home, let's go home and eat again."Shen Fei's eyes twitched, but he advised again in a bitter voice.

    "Go, why should we go?"

    "In this land of the east of the river, only I drive others out, why has anyone ever driven me out?"

    Ye Fan raised his head, his eyebrows and eyes had a cold flicker, but the majestic angry words resounded all around.

    Hearing this, at that time Shen Fei was terrified, lowering his voice to even advise, "Brother Fan, let's stop."

    "This Xu Changqing is no more powerful than our Jiangdong power, he is a Yanjing gentry."

    "A high family in the capital, our Jiangdong chassis is small, we can't afford to provoke him?"Shen Fei's old face was pale and shivering as he advised.

    "Yes, brother Fanny."

    "It's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years."

    "Nan Nan believes that in less than ten years, brother Xiaofan's prestige will resound throughout Huaxia, and then even the sons and daughters of this Yanjing gentry will be afraid of you."

    "But right now, we are not as powerful as others, so it's better to retreat for now.We mustn't be impetuous ah, and face attracting endless calamities."

    Nan Chen was also advising on the side.

    In her opinion, perhaps Ye Fan's strength could take care of this Xu Changqing today.

    But what about later, his little brother Fan will surely be subjected to the Xu family's endless retaliation.

    "A little intolerance will lead to chaos!"

    "Brother Xiaofan, we'd better go."

    Nan Chen and the two of them advised each other as much as they could.

    However, Ye Fan ignored it and sat there, still smiling, "Yanjing Mansion?"

    "Is it great?"

    "In my eyes, what's the difference between this Xu Changqing and those multitudes of beings in the Ma Mingbo, as well as the birds and beasts in the mountains and fields?"

    "A sword, just cut through!"

    Holy shit!

    "Who's this guy?"

    "So crazy!"

    "The Chen family is afraid, but this man, he's not afraid at all?"

    "You don't even care about the Yanjing gentry?"

    Ye Fan's words made the entire hall, explode.

    The surrounding group, was in an uproar.

    All of them looked at Ye Fan in shock.

    "Brother Fan, what are you talking nonsense about?"Shen Fei was even more frightened and trembled tremendously, and Nan Chen's pretty face was then pale and bloodless.


    "This bastard~"

    "You'll die if you don't pretend to be arrogant, right?"

    "Sooner or later Mu Orange will be dragged to his death."Suzy was also frightened silly at that time, her pretty face was livid and she cursed in a low voice.

    As for Qiu Mu Orange, she was even more terrified, her heart full of disappointment.

    She didn't expect Ye Fan, but he turned out to be like this now?

    Ignorant, arrogant, and arrogant beyond belief.

    "Ye Fan, you've really, too disappointed me."Qiu Mu Orange closed her eyes, her heart was close to despair.

    To Ye Fan, she was close to, to give up.

    Sure enough, the moment she heard Ye Fan's words, Xu Changqing, who was above the high hall, his handsome face, became completely cold.

    The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was, already, ice cold.

    "Stinker, I see that you don't want to live."

    "Do you know, what existence is standing in front of you now?"Xu Changqing whispered coldly, and there was anger rising in his chest.

    Ye Fan laughed, while his clear face lifted and looked at Xu Changqing.

    A pair of eyebrows, suddenly icy cold!

    "Xu Changqing, it's my turn to ask you that!!!"


"Holy shit!"

    "Evan, are you crazy?"

    "What are you babbling about?"

    Ye Fan's words were just like a boulder entering the sea, instantly setting off monstrous waves throughout the hall.

    Many people were trembling with sideways glances.

    Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi were even more frightened to the point of pale faces.

    At this time, Su Xi, with a gloomy pretty face, looked at the thin man in front like a ghost.

    Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes contained anger, and her disappointment in her heart towards Ye Fan had undoubtedly intensified.

    She didn't expect that even at this point, Ye Fan was still so arrogant and cocky?

    Even the people of the Jianghai Chen family bowed down in fear.This Ye Fan is still so reckless and loud?

    Is he blind to the situation?

    Or did he just mean to be angry with himself?

    Qiu Mu Orange was expressionless, indignation and resentment all over her pretty face.


    "Sissy, your ex-boyfriend, he's probably an idiot, right?"

    "Nan Chen has retired, but he's a poor country boy, yet he came out to knit Evergreen's brows."

    "He's asking for his own death?"

    Ma Mingbo looked like he was watching the fun.

    The more arrogant Ye Fan was, the more it was undoubtedly to Ma Mingbo's liking.

    He could know the temperament of this classmate of his, and if he provoked him, it was questionable whether this Ye Fan could leave this Yunyang Mountain on his feet or not.

    "Brother Fan, what are you doing?"

    "Don't be stupid."

    "We can't afford to provoke someone from the capital."

    "No one in the whole of Jiangdong can be provoked."

    Shen Fei was also scared to death, and with a terrified old face he advised Evan repeatedly that

    He was afraid that Ye Fan would be so proud and arrogant that he would really fight with the sons of Yanjing's gentry.

    At that time, even if Ye Fan was Mr. Jiangdong Chu, I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to counteract this Xu Changqing's family background.

    Between Shen Fei's trepidation, Nan Chen at the side was naturally equally full of anxiety and worry.

    She didn't say anything, but just pulled Ye Fan's sleeve, signaling Ye Fan to endure as long as he could, and never to act rashly.

    However, in the face of everyone's advice, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to it.

    His appearance was always calm.

    Sitting peacefully on top of the seat, he looked cross-eyed and angry.

    The clear face carried an erect rage.


    "Bastard, I see that you're really bent on death."

    "It will do you absolutely no good to anger this young master."

    Xu Changqing's face had completely chilled.

    The words were filled with suppressed anger.

    "Is that so?"

    Ye Fan smiled coldly and quietly looked up, while his eyebrows were cold and he asked coldly.

    "Then let me ask you, how do you compare to Xu Fengliang?"


    "Xu Fengliang?"

    The crowd was stunned, obviously not knowing about this person.

    They only thought that it was Ye Fan who was talking nonsense here.

    Only Xu Changqing's eyebrows were furrowed.

    He didn't think that there was anyone who knew Xu Fengliang's name in this Jiangdong land in front of him.

    Xu Changqing was puzzled, he didn't know what Ye Fan meant by asking this, but still replied, "Xu Fengliang is my second uncle, and he was even the head of the Xu family for ten years.Even in the land of Yanjing, that's a top-ranking dignitary and giant."

    "Even now, in my Xu clan, it is an existence under one person and above ten thousand."

    "Uncle Liang is highly respected for his virtues and strategies.I, Xu Changqing, am no more than a junior before my second uncle, so naturally I am inferior to him?"

    "Yes?"Ye Fan sneered coldly, while his face was icy cold, and suddenly gave a furious cry, "That being the case, at the King Sealing Banquet, Xu Fengliang was all fearful and uncertain before me as if he were a pig or a dog, respecting me like a father and a god."

    "When I beheaded Hua Yinglong to the sword on Yanqi Lake, it was when your Xu family had all been trampled under my feet!"

    "And you, a mere junior of the Xu family, not even as good as Xu Fengliang, so where do you get the guts to offend me?"


    Ye Fan's words resounded, only like muffled thunder reverberating, rolling through this world.

    Yet, it trembled the entire hall.

    The moment Ye Fan's words fell, everyone was terrified by these words of Ye Fan.

    They only thought that Ye Fan was crazy and dared to contradict Xu Changqing like this and insult the elders of the Xu family?

    He's just not dying fast enough.

    However, no one noticed that only Xu Changqing was flabbergasted when everyone blurted out that Ye Fan was insane.

    A pair of eyebrows that stared at him was huge, only as big as a copper bell.

    Ye Fan's words were undoubtedly like a bang on the head, causing Xu Changqing's mind to buzz and go silly.

    "Goose...Yanqi Lake?"

    "To crown a king...King...King's Feast?"

    "Beheading...Beheading Hua Yinglong?"

    "Could it be that you're...You're Chu...Chu...Chu..."

    Xu Changqing was now completely foolish, and there were almost monstrous waves in his heart, sweeping wildly.

    He, Xu Changqing, was nothing more than an unappreciated junior in the Xu family.

    Otherwise, he wouldn't have been sent far away from Jiangdong to guard this bit of industry in front of him.

    However, even so, the battle of Yanqi Lake, as a descendant of the Xu family, Xu Changqing had naturally heard his parents and clan relatives mention it long ago.

    He knew that at the Yanqi Lake, Mr. Chu had turned the tide and trampled the Xu family underfoot.

    He knew even more that because of this man, Xu Fengliang was forced to abdicate, and the current head of the Xu family, Xu Lei, was even his woman.

    He was the King of Yanjing, and even more so, the Lord of the Xu Clan!

    Perhaps, he had never met Mr. Chu.

    But when these things came out of Ye Fan's mouth, almost instantly, Xu Changqing guessed Ye Fan's identity.

    Tremendous trepidation and horror swept over him, and at this time, Xu Changqing was all over the pendulum.

    Looking at the thin young man in front of him like a ghost, he stared with his mouth open in a deathly stare for half a day, unable to shout out a complete sentence.

    In the end, it was Ye Fan who interrupted him.

    "Or else what?"

    "Who else do you think knows about these things in this Nodong, other than me?"

    "And who else has the pride to look down upon the might of your Xu family?"

    "If you don't believe me, I have Rae's number here."

    "Just dial it and ask."

    Ye Fan said coldly, and after saying that, he took out his phone and made a gesture to call out.

    However, the reprimanding words of Suzy and the others came out at this time.

    "Ye Fan, have you had enough?"

    "Are you seriously going to kill Mu Orange before you stop?"

    "Even Mr. Jiang Dong Chu wouldn't dare to offend the Yanjing gentry like this."

    "You're a poor loser from the countryside, and you dare to be so arrogant?So unaware of death?"

    "Why don't you apologize to Mr. Xu?"

    Suzy shouted anxiously.

    Qiu Mu Orange was equally anxious and angry: "Ye Fan, apologize quickly!"

    Ye Fan frowned, "Apologize?"

    "Why am I apologizing?"

    "The one who is arrogant is him, and he is also the one who doesn't know how to live or die."

    "Even if it is an apology, it is he, Xu Changqing, who apologizes to me!"


    "I can go to Nima, right?"

    "A redneck, and you want an apology from Howe after him?"

    "What does he want?Does he want to go to heaven?"

    "It's idiotic in general!"

    When the crowd heard this, they trembled in fear once again.

    Ma Mingbo even cursed the idiots, while turning his head to look at Xu Changqing, "Changqing, there's no need to waste time with these idiots, give them a beating, throw them down the mountain and be done with it."

    However, as soon as Ma Mingbo finished saying this, Xu Changqing was so scared that he slapped her directly.

    "You paralyzed shut up!"

    "Frakking thing, are you trying to get me killed?"


Xu Changqing's slap, however, was a clean one.

    With a slap, it directly smacked Ma Mingbo silly.

    Of course, not only was Ma Mingbo befuddled, everyone in the entire hall was all befuddled as well.

    I thought to myself, "What the hell is this?

    What's with this good news, the water has washed away the Dragon King's Temple, and why is the family fighting their own family?

    "Evergreen, what are you doing?"

    "Are you crazy?"

    "What are you hitting me for?"

    While everyone was trembling, Ma Mingbo, however, covered his face with aggravation and anger, and looked at Xu Changqing with a heart full of puzzlement.

    "What for?"

    "Fuck Nima!"

    "What kind of person would you dare to mess with, you stupid thing?"

    "I'm afraid I'm going to get screwed this time by you bastard!"

    "Do I still have to evict people?"

    "I think you're the one who should roll!"

    "Someone, give me a beating and throw him down the mountain."

    Xu Changqing wailed, his entire body was angry and terrified, and he was close to kicking Ma Mingbo to death.

    In the end, in annoyance, Xu Changqing directly summoned his men to beat up Ma Mingbo and drove him down Yunyang Mountain.

    In the end, Xu Changqing felt that it wasn't enough, and went so far as to order everyone to get lost.

    Threatening that there was a noble guest coming, Yunyang Mountain cleared the room to receive them.

    Very quickly, the originally large hall was cleared in an instant.

    Nearly a hundred tycoons with extraordinary backgrounds were all driven down by Xu Changqing who had them chased away like dogs.

    "Let me go~"

    "Bastards, you get off me!"

    "We paid our money, what gives you the right to kick us out?"

    "I'm going to sue you, I'm going to sue you!"

    Susie was still there, shouting in resignation.

    But so what?

    Anyone who shouted her throat out was still to no avail, and was soon drowned in the sound of the flowing crowd, without any waves being turned up at all.

    In the end, Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange and the others could only be driven out of the hall in a mess, and with fear and puzzlement, they looked at the upright figure who was being worshiped by Xu Changqing from afar.

    Yes, originally the hall was nearly a hundred people, everyone was driven down the mountain, but only Ye Fan and his group of three were still here.


    "Brother-in-law, I'm really sorry just now."

    "That Maminabo is my classmate, he begged me for help, I can't not help can I?"

    "I just didn't expect that the water would wash away the Dragon King Temple, and my own family would fight."

    "If I had known that brother-in-law you were coming, I would have cleared the field yesterday to wait."

    "Let this Yunyang Mountain be opened just for you, brother-in-law!"

    "By the way, my sister Rae, let me see you in Edo and give you my regards?"

    Xu Changqing was laughing.Just how brightly he was smiling at this point, how terrified he was in his heart.

    Underneath his shirt, it was full of cold sweat.


    Hearing Xu Changqing's name, Shen Fei and Nan Chen on the side were both stunned.

    Shen Fei even more so, with an admiring gaze, he secretly sized up Ye Fan.

    I thought to myself, Brother Fan is awesome, is this another one you've picked up outside?

    In the next moment, however, Ye Fan's ice-cold voice quietly sounded.

    "If you speak nonsense again, even if you are Little Lei's brother, I will not spare you!"

    Ye Fan's words frightened Xu Changqing to the point where his soul was nearly scattered.

    The smile on his face was gone, so all that was left in his heart was fear and despair.

    After that, Xu Changqing naturally didn't dare to talk nonsense anymore and bowed his head and apologized repeatedly, "Mr. Chu, I know I was wrong."

    "Before, I really didn't know it was you ah?"

    "It's all because of that Ma Mingbo who trapped me."

    "I, Xu Changqing, am absolutely loyal and devoted to you and have no intention of offending you ah."

    "I hope Mr. Chu can see my sister Lei's sake and bypass me this time."

    Xu Changqing miserably begged for forgiveness, but his heart was miserably cold, and tears were almost already in his eyes.

    Ye Fan's fierce ability, although he hadn't seen it, but he knew it well.

    At first, Ye Fan cut down Hua Yinglong on Yanqi Lake with two punches and one kick.

    After that, he even took the life of Lin Feng, the head of the Lin family, with a single sword to seal his throat.

    Ye Fan hadn't been in Yanjing for long, but he had trampled down a city full of dignitaries with one foot!

    This was an immortal figure, even Lin Feng was like an ant under him to be instantly exterminated, let alone his little Xu family descendant.

    Therefore, Xu Changqing was truly afraid that Ye Fan would slaughter him again in a fit of rage.

    "Alright, get up."

    "For Xiao Lei's sake, I'll spare you this time."

    "However, I can let go of your offense against me."

    "But your offense against Nan Nan, how can you forgive it lightly?"

    "To Nan Nan, kneel down and apologize!"


    The wind was bitterly cold, swirling up a mountain full of sand.

    Under Ye Fan's drink, the faces of Xu Changqing and the others were all suddenly a bit whiter.

    Nan Chen was even more terrified, "Brother Fan, it's not necessary, right?"

    "How can I afford to kneel to him?"

    Nan Chen even shook his head and waved his hand, not daring to accept Xu Changqing's kneeling worship at all.

    After all, the Xu Clan was a Yanjing gentry.

    How could she, a girl, bear the weight.

    Ye Fan looked calm and peeled a flap of orange, handing it to Nan Chen while smiling faintly, "Nan Nan, why do you need to belittle yourself?"

    "If I say you can afford it, you can afford it!"

    "What's more, you were humiliated for me, and I deserve to get this justice for you!"

    As the words fell, Ye Fan looked cold and abruptly snapped, "Kneel down now!"

    The words were like clanging, the sound like muffled thunder.

    Ye Fan's words were like gold and stone falling to the ground, shaking the heavens and earth here.

    Xu Changqing naturally didn't dare to disobey, and with a bang, he directly knelt at Nan Chen's feet.

    "Miss Chen, a thousand mistakes, it's all my fault, Xu Changqing!"

    "It was I, Xu Changqing, who was blind and offended you."

    "It's even more that I, Xu Changqing, was ignorant and didn't know that you were Mr. Chu's redhead."

    "Now, I take back what I just said."

    "With Mr. Chu to rely on, this Yunyang Mountain, you are the greatest!"

    "Your word is the rule, it's only fair!"

    Xu Changqing kneeled down and said, words and sentences were all from his heart.

    At this time, facing Nan Chen, he naturally no longer had the contempt and disdain he had before.

    Obviously, Xu Changqing is treating Chen Nan as Ye Fan's woman in Jiangdong again.

    Drunk in the knees of a beautiful woman, awake and in charge of the world!

    Who is the most powerful man of all time and how many women are behind him?

    In Yanjing, Ye Fan has his own cousin, Xu Lei.

    In Jiangdong, Mr. Chu had Chen Nan for company again, and Xu Changqing was not surprised.

    Ye Fan is good enough, and naturally there will be countless women who are intoxicated with him.

    In the face of Xu Changqing's words, but Nan Chen's pretty face is lowered, a pair of beautiful eyes flicker and flicker, quietly looked at Ye Fan, in her heart, there is inexplicable joy.

    Especially when she heard Xu Changqing, saying that she was Ye Fan's redhead.

    However, after rejoicing, there was a loss.

    Nan Chen knew that she was not the woman in brother Xiaofan's heart after all.

    "In brother Xiaofan's eyes, perhaps he has always thought of me as a sister~"

    A sigh, however, resounded in Nan Chen's heart.


At the bottom of Yunyang Mountain, a group of rich and powerful aristocrats who were preparing to soak in the hot springs, but they were all driven down.

    One by one, they were all grey-headed and sorrowful.

    Before this, the people thought that the ones who were driven down from the mountain would be Ye Fan three.

    But who would have thought that in the end, the peak would turn around and it would be them who would be driven off the mountain instead.

    "It's all because of this fool!"

    "Surely he's messed with the big boys and ended up implicating us?"


    "It's really bad luck to come out here and run into this kind of person!"

    The crowd was depressed, but they were cursing towards the side of the beaten and bruised Ma Mingbo, who was thrown out like a dog.

    Just now at the summit of Yunyang Mountain, it was obvious that Ma Mingbo wanted to use Xu Changqing's hand to deal with someone.

    As a result, he kicked the iron plate.

    It was just as well that he had been beaten up, but instead, he had implicated them.Naturally, the more the crowd thought about it, the angrier they became.

    "Let go of me!"

    "You bastards, let go of me~"

    "You're hurting me~"

    At this time, Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange were also driven off the mountain.

    Qiu Mu-Orange was more cooperative and didn't suffer much.

    Rather, it was Susie who was forced out by the staff in the end because of her struggle and resistance.

    A good trip to the hot springs ended up like this.

    Naturally, the more Suzy thought about it, the more depressed she felt, and after being kicked out of the scenic area, Suzy slumped a head and complained at Autumn Mu Orange.

    "Mu Orange, what do you think this is about?"

    "The opportunity I've been looking forward to all night, and it's gone?"

    "If we miss it this time, I'm afraid we'll never get the chance to come here in the future."

    The more Suzy thought about it, the more lost she became and the more depressed she became.

    In the end, she was so angry that her beautiful eyes had turned red, "Do you think that Xu Changqing, is he sick in the head?"

    "How could you be so respectful to Ye Fan for a good reason?"

    "It's just as well to beat up Maminabo for that poor boy Ye Fan, but he drove all of us down?"

    "What kind of sense is that?"

    Suzy complained repeatedly, full of puzzlement and confusion.

    Qiu Mu Orange was expressionless, always standing there, silent.

    No one knew what was on the mind of Qiu Mu Orange at this time.

    However, just as the crowd at the bottom of the mountain was all sorrowful and regretful, on Yunyang Mountain, Shen Fei was running down in a hurry.

    Across the distance, he started shouting for his sister-in-law.

    "Sister-in-law, don't go."

    "I was ordered by Brother Fan to pick you up from the mountain."

    "It's that Xu Changqing who is ignorant and doesn't know that you are Brother Fan's wife, otherwise, he would never dare to drive you down the mountain."

    "Sister-in-law you must not be angry with Brother Fan."

    "Now you hurry up and come with me."

    "Brother Fan has purposely picked the largest hot spring pool on top of Yunyang Mountain for you, just waiting for you to go over there."

    Shen Fei smiled heedlessly and pulled Qiu Mu Orange to go up there.

    The crowd looked on, envious for a while.

    Thinking that it's good to be pretty, there's someone to take care of you wherever you go.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange broke away from Shen Fei and only asked in a cold voice, "I ask you, answer honestly."

    "That Xu Changqing, with the former president of Red Flag Group, Xu Lei, is it a sister and brother relationship, is it a family?"

    Shen Fei didn't think much about it, so he replied honestly, "I guess so.That Xu Changqing, it seems like he is really the younger brother of Xu Lei Xu."

    Hearing Shen Fei's words, Qiu Mu Orange's pair of beautiful eyes swished red, and tears swirled in her eyes.

    As if she was afraid of being seen, before the tears slipped, she pushed Shen Fei away abruptly and ran away without looking back.

    "Sister-in-law, where are you going?"

    "Is Van waiting for you on the mountain?"

    "If you run away, how am I going to explain to Van when I get back?"Shen Fei panicked then, shouting anxiously.

    "I don't need him to wait!"

    "I, Autumn Mu Orange, will enjoy whatever treatment I can."

    "I don't need his pity."

    "Besides, I don't care for this kind of privilege that was earned by others~"

    Autumn Mu Orange shouted miserably and quickly ran away.


    Shen Fei looked at the scene in front of him, but he was flabbergasted and confused.

    It was completely unknown as to why Autumn Mu Orange was so angry.

    In the end, helplessly, Shen Fei shook his head and sighed.


    "I'll be scolded again if I go back."

    If he didn't bring his sister-in-law back, Ye Fan would be blamed for not blaming him.

    In the end, Shen Fei had no choice but to force himself to go back and hand in his duties.

    "Little brother, if she doesn't go, will you take me with you?"

    "I really want to, take a dip in this Yunyang Mountain's hot spring ah."

    At this time, a youthful and beautiful woman next to her, however, was selling her enchanting charm, winking her big eyes at Shen Fei, trying her best to show off her charm.

    "You?"Shen Fei raised his eyebrows and looked back to check out this gorgeous and beautiful woman in front of him.

    She was only wearing a long light pink skirt, a long black down jacket outside, a pair of sexy boots on her feet, and flesh-colored stockings that outlined her slender jade legs extra straight.

    Such a woman, whether it was her looks or her body, was also truly a talent of one in a hundred miles.

    "Yes, little brother."

    "In terms of looks, I don't lose to that young lady just now."

    "In terms of figure, I'm likewise not inferior."

    "Moreover, I'm younger and more obedient than that young lady, so I'll make the big man happy, so take me with you."

    "How about it?"

    "As long as you take me there, Wan Er will promise you anything."

    The woman said tenderly, that almost petulant tone, but it was exceptionally provocative.

    Shen Fei listened, shaking his head and smiling.

    And then...Pa~

    Hearing only a crisp sound, Shen Fei directly incited the woman to the ground without any mercy.

    "Even you, you dare to compare with my brother Fan's wife?"

    "I see that you don't want to live."

    "Get the hell out of my life!"

    "Yunyang Mountain has been sealed off, so none of the rest of you, except for your sister-in-law, can go in!"

    Ye Fan cursed coldly, while he also went up the mountain.

    On the mountain, Ye Fan was still waiting.

    Soon, he saw Shen Fei who returned alone, and Ye Fan immediately frowned, "Where is Mu Orange?"

    Shen Fei lowered his head, ashamed, "Brother Fan, that...That, sister-in-law isn't coming."

    "There's nothing you can do if she doesn't come?"Evan glared, "Where's the brain, can't you think of something yourself?"

    Ye Fan was annoyed.

    Shen Fei was terrified and lowered his head, not daring to speak.

    However, after a moment, Ye Fan shook his head and sighed, "It's just that, and I don't blame you."

    "It's hard for a clear official to break up a family matter.This is a conflict between us husband and wife, and it has nothing to do with you after all."

    "You go ahead, the hot spring pool over there, it's all ready."

    Ye Fan waved his hand, indicating that Shen Fei could go.

    "Brother Fan, you?"Shen Fei looked over.

    "No need to mind me, I'm alone, it's enough to look at the scenery here~"

    Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, standing proudly on top of Yunyang Mountain, but his deep gaze passed through the long sky.

    At this time, it was less than two days to New Year's Day!


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