Dish Best Served Cold 631-635


Chapter 631


    Chen Nan was a little surprised and also a little happy.

    This Yunyang Immortal Mountain's Hot Spring Festival, Chen Nan had wanted to go for a long time, and now that she could go with her brother Xiaofan, Chen Nan naturally rejoiced.

    However, Chen Nan also had his own concerns.

    After rejoicing, he eventually shook his head.

    "Brother Xiaofan, this is not good, right?"

    "If, Sister Qiu knew, I'm afraid..."

    Nan Chen said understandingly.

    As much as she wanted to go, she also had to be concerned about Ye Fan and the others.

    If it was because of herself that there was a conflict between Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, Nan Chen would undoubtedly be extremely self-conscious.

    Ye Fan lightly smiled, "It's fine, let's go together."

    "That's right, Miss Chen, since Brother Fan has given his word, let's go together."

    "Don't worry, sister-in-law is very generous."

    "There won't be any misunderstanding or anything because of this."Shen Fei encouraged from the side.

    And then without waiting for Nan Chen to reply, he pushed her into the car.

    With a beautiful woman accompanying him, Shen Fei was naturally happy to do so.

    Just like this, together with the three of them, Ye Fan Shen Fei had driven on the road.

    On the other side, among the Mu Fan real estate.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the list of the most important things you need to know.

    Only then was she contentedly returned the phone to Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Hmph, you only know to call Mu Orange now?"


    "Mu Orange, listen to me and hang him out for a day."

    "Otherwise, he won't take you seriously, and he'll keep ignoring your words,"

    Suzy said in a huff.

    "This Ye Fan, having fallen in love with the young master of the Shen family, he thinks he's not afraid of anything."

    "He doesn't even think that Shen Fei can protect him for a moment, but not for a lifetime?"

    "And the deeper the favor is committed, what will he return it with later?"

    "In the end, I'm afraid he won't be able to pay back even if his own wife gets involved."

    Susie was also very angry about last night's incident.

    It was the first time she had seen someone so ungrateful.

    "But Xixi, Ye Fan is looking for me, it can't be something important, right?"

    "Why don't I just call him?"Autumn Mu Orange was a little worried.

    But Suzy reassured, "Mu Orange, don't worry about it."

    "That Ye Fan, what can he be so important about?Even if it's really important, it'll have to be when we get back."

    "Pack your things and get going."

    "People, Young Master Ma has been waiting under the company for half an hour."

    "Mu Orange, that's the Yunyang Immortal Mountain's hot spring, legend has it that it's the water of the Immortal Spring."

    "It's only opened to the public every three years."

    "I've heard about it before, but I just thought it was just a wild rumor from everyone.I never thought that this Yunyang Immortal Mountain's Hot Spring Festival really exists."

    "It's said that the hot spring water is not only detoxifying and nourishing, it also has the effect of prolonging life."

    "This kind of immortal spring, it's estimated that in this entire Yunzhou, only Second Master Li is qualified to touch it."

    "This time, we're still in Young Master Ma's good graces."

    Ever since last night, after receiving Ma Mingbo's invitation, Suzy had been so excited that she hadn't slept all night.

    Now she was even more anxiously urging Qiu Mu Orange to hurry up.

    After all, that admission ticket was only valid until twelve o'clock tonight, and there would be no shop after this village.

    "See how excited you are?"

    "You just said that it's hard to return a favor, but now that you've done such a great favor to the young master of the Ma family, I'll see how you can return it in the future?Sooner or later, you'll have to hitch yourself to it."Qiu Mu Orange was speechless.

    But Suzy smiled proudly, "Although I don't want to marry Ma Mingbo, it's always okay to be a friend.Between friends, it's normal to exchange courtesies.Big deal, I'll just give him a generous gift later."

    "Alright, cut the crap, are you going or not.I begged this ticket of yours from Ma Mingbo, so don't waste it."

    Suzy asked again.

    But Qiu Mu Orange was obviously a bit hesitant.

    Leaving Ye Fan alone at home while he went for a hot spring tour was always a bit unjustifiable.

    But when she thought of Ye Fan's infuriating words last night, Qiu Mu Orange had nothing to dwell on.


    "Well, I'm not just going, I'm sending friends, I'm mad at that bastard!"

    "Yeah, piss that guy off.Let that bastard know that my Mu Orange will be better off without him."Suzy also opened her teeth and claws.

    From their two perspectives, it was natural that Ye Fan wouldn't be able to get into this hot spring festival.

    You know, this quota has always been held by the top dignitaries.Ye Fan, a poor country bumpkin, saw the circle of friends sent by Mu Orange, so naturally, he only had envy!

    Eventually, the two of them, Qiu Mu Orange Suzie, also got on a bus to Yunyang Mountain.



    Yunyang Mountain, located in Kiling County.

    Situated at the border between Yunzhou City and Jingzhou City, it was about an hour and a half's drive from Yunzhou city.

    The reason why Ma Mingbo arrived in Yunzhou early, apart from preparing for the Sea and Sky Feast the day after tomorrow, another purpose was to participate in this hot spring festival.

    Like Shen Fei, for the Yunyang Mountain's Hot Spring Festival, Ma Mingbo had also long wanted to go.

    Unfortunately, the Ma family was not of a high enough level to snatch the admission ticket.

    Now that they were still in the limelight of the Sea and Sky Feast, the real big shots didn't have the time to come, so the remaining seats naturally fell to Shen Fei, Ma Mingbo and other gentry like them.

    At this moment, a luxurious car, slowly drove up.Led by the staff, it was parked in the nearby underground parking lot.

    Ye Fan and the others stepped down from the car, and when they looked up, they saw a thick and majestic mountain standing here.

    The mountain was majestic and magnificent, as if a giant was standing proudly.

    Looking from afar, the clouds were steaming and the sky was very misty.


    "Is this the Yunyang Mountain?"

    "Surely it's like Wonderland?"Nan Chen was also here for the first time, and her pair of beautiful eyes were suddenly infatuated, and her pretty face was full of different colors.

    Shen Fei smiled, "How else would you say it is, Yunyang Immortal Mountain?"

    "I've also heard that this Yunyang Immortal Mountain has a legend."

    "What legend?"Chen Nan's pretty face came over and asked curiously.

    "According to legend, many years ago, there were two immortal couples in the world, the man's name was Yun Yang and the woman's name was Qi Huang.In particular, Qi Huang was not only beautiful, but also had a dragon bone in her body."

    "Within that dragon bone, there was boundless power, and countless people wanted it."

    "On the night before their wedding, the Qi Emperor fell into the hands of evil people and was skinned and peeled alive to remove the dragon bone, and perished in fragrance."

    "When Yun Yang learned of this, he thundered and raged and bloodied the globe."

    "After taking revenge, Yun Yang buried his wife here and built the "Kiki Emperor's Mausoleum"!"

    "The so-called Qi Ling County takes its name from the tomb of Emperor Qi's mausoleum."

    Shen Fei slowly narrated, and Nan Chen was so enthralled that her beautiful eyes were a little red.

    It was obvious that she was infected by this poignant story.

    "Where is that man?"

    "Where did it end up?"Nan Chen asked.

    Shen Fei did not speak, but looked towards the distant Yunyang Immortal Mountain.

    "After that, in order to resurrect his beloved wife, the Yunyang Immortal, in the midst of this mountain, dived into cultivation and eventually passed into immortality!"

    "This Yunyang Immortal Mountain in front of us is the place where that Yunyang Immortal, who crossed over and ascended."


    The fresh breeze was gentle, raising the blue silk on Nan Chen's forehead.

    Several people did not speak anymore, but instead raised their heads and looked far ahead at the majestic mountain.

    For some reason, when they learned of this story, Nan Chen and the others only felt that the Yunyang Mountain in front of them had an additional mysterious and misty color.

    "Brother Xiaofan, do you think that there are really immortals in this world?"


"There."Ye Fan whispered back, without any hesitation.

    Nan Chen was suddenly stunned.

    A pair of beautiful eyes, flickering with an inexplicable light, looked at Ye Fan obsessively.

    Just now, Nan Chen was feeling something in her heart and was in the mood to ask a casual question.

    She originally thought that Ye Fan would give a plausible answer to her question.

    But she didn't expect that Ye Fan's answer would be so uncompromising!

    The feeling was as if Ye Fan was convinced of the existence of immortals.

    "Brother Xiaofan, are you telling the truth?"

    "In the world, do immortals really exist?"Nan Chen, however, asked again.

    Ye Fan's face was expressionless, but after a moment, he smiled wanly, "Of course he did!"

    "Because, I am."

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan's proud words echoed.

    As Nan Chen listened and watched, he laughed idiotically.

    That Lin Luang's laughter was only like a silver bell, but it was a charming one.

    "What? Don't believe me?"Ye Fan smiled back.

    Nan Chen nodded with a smile, "I believe it."

    "I believe all of brother Xiaofan's words."

    "I just hope that when brother Xiaofan ascends to the Immortal Realm on the other day, he can take Nan Nan away with him."

    Ye Fan smiled and remained silent for a long time, only returning a good word.

    "A gentleman's word?"Nan Chen smiled and asked.

    "A team of horses!"Ye Fan readily agreed.

    Listening to the conversation between the two, the corner of Shen Fei's eyes beside him was twitching.

    I thought, worthy of being Mr. Chu, this skill at picking up girls is truly a masterpiece!

    To Ye Fan, Shen Fei was truly admired.

    Not only the power and authority, but also Ye Fan's ability to pick up girls.

    Before, Shen Fei had always believed that Ye Fan concealed his identity and kept a low profile in order to facilitate picking up girls.At one point, Shen Fei even estimated that Qiu Mu Orange was this way to be picked up by Ye Fan.

    Now, is this a move against Chen Nan again?

    Damn it, are we brothers now?

    Can't you save one for a buddy?

    Shen Fei was depressed, but as bitter as she was, she naturally didn't dare to say anything.

    In fact, not only Shen Fei thought this way, even Nan Chen, also thought that Ye Fan's words just now were just coaxing her to be happy.

    After all, in the world's perception, immortals only existed in myths and legends.

    How could they, really exist?

    Between conversations, the three of them, Ye Fan, went north.

    After arriving at the Yunyang Mountain Scenic Area, the three of them showed their entrance tickets and were led by the staff towards a reception area at the top of Yunyang Mountain.

    After entering the Yunyang Mountain Scenic Area, there weren't many visitors, even less than the number of staff.

    Instead, there were a lot of tourists at the bottom of Yunyang Mountain, and the lively atmosphere was extraordinary.

    The daily quota for the Yunyang Mountain Hot Spring was less than a hundred people.After all, those who could come in were only a few children of the rich and powerful, and the rest of the people, I'm afraid, would only be able to admire at the bottom of the mountain.

    The truly cherished resources had already been held by the powerful.

    Ordinary people, simply couldn't touch them.

    "Sir, the hotel hall in front is the reception area."

    "After you go in, wait for a little while, and when everyone is here, someone will naturally assign hot spring pools to a few gentlemen."Beside her, came the lovely voice of the etiquette lady.

    From what they meant, this hot spring pool, there was more than one, and they would need special personnel to assign it later.

    "Brother Fan, then let's go quickly."

    "Go find it, we might even be able to allocate a better hot spring pool."

    As soon as Shen Fei heard this, he couldn't wait any longer, and then he hurriedly whined at Ye Fan and the others, heading towards a magnificent hotel in front of him.

    The hotel lobby was exceptionally lively, though.

    Quite a few rich dudes, holding their female companions while conversing.

    There were waiters shuttling in and out, delivering red wine.

    In the middle of the lobby, there were some young men and women embracing and dancing.

    The melodious music lingers in your ears.

    All kinds of precious delicacies are displayed on the long table.

    A scene of luxury in an upper class circle.

    "Looks like people haven't arrived yet, so we'll have to wait."

    The hot spring pool distribution would definitely wait until everyone was present before starting.

    Shen Fei said something, and then he joined Ye Fan, found a seat and waited quietly.

    Nan Chen, on the other hand, went to use the bathroom.

    At this time, three more men and women were to walk in outside the door.


    "It's so lively."

    One of the pretty and beautiful women, after entering the door, sighed with joy.

    However, perhaps she was too engrossed in the scene before her, but she didn't pay any attention to her feet.


    With a shriek, Susie stepped on one man's foot and tripped over herself.

    She stumbled a few steps and almost fell over.

    However, Susie also knew it was her own fault and turned back and apologized quickly.

    "I'm sorry."

    "I wasn't paying attention, I'm really sorry."

    Susie was terrified and bowed her head in apology.

    She knew, however, that the worst person who could enter here was a powerful son of a prefecture-level city, right?

    Any one of them, presumably on the same level as Ma Mingbo, Suzy naturally didn't dare to provoke, and apologized in a good voice.

    "It's fine, I don't mind."A faint voice, quietly sounded.

    However, the moment she heard it, Suzy was in awe.

    The serene woman behind her, her delicate body similarly trembled.

    The two women looked up at nearly the same time.

    After seeing that clear side face, Suzy was so shocked that her eyes almost fell out.

    "Oh shit!"

    "Ye...Ye Fan?"

    "It's you!"

    "Why are you here?"

    "No, how did you get in here, mixed in, right?"

    Suzy's face darkened then.

    The reason why she brought Qiu Mu Orange along today was because she wanted Qiu Mu Orange to stay away from Ye Fan and come out to relax for a day.

    But I didn't expect that ah, this Ye Fan's ghost can't be scattered, to meet here?

    Qiu Mu Orange at the side was obviously also extremely surprised.

    She was about to say something, but after sighting Shen Fei on the side, a blandness came out again in her heart.

    This bastard!

    It really is still relying on Shen Fei to come in.

    He really didn't listen to a word I said yesterday.

    If he is so willing to accept Shen Fei's favor, how can he return it in the future?

    Qiu Mu Orange was so angry that her ears were about to smoke.

    Ye Fan ignored Suzy's words, for this best friend of Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan was already quite annoyed with her, so he naturally didn't bother to pay attention to her.

    Instead, he turned his head, his deep gaze, when he looked forward, Qiu Mu Orange.

    Looking at her, Ye Fan sneered, "I called you, but you didn't answer.Shen Fei said that you're probably busy working.Now it seems that we were wrong, you were just busy, accompanying Young Master Ma for a tour."

    "Hmph, does it have anything to do with you?"Qiu Mu Orange angrily turned her head, still gambling with Ye Fan.

    At this time, Ma Mingbo, who was on the side, undoubtedly noticed Ye Fan's presence.

    He mocked and laughed, "I say brother Ye, don't you think that you are a bit thick-skinned, don't you?"

    "Last night, CeeCee just broke it off with you.And then you came back to haunt Sissy's best friend?"

    "I used to know only that the country people were poor and humble, but now it seems that the character of the country people is also really unbearable."


Ma Mingbo obviously still doesn't know the relationship between Ye Fan and Qiu Mu orange, at this time after hearing Ye Fan's words, it is obvious that he thinks that this Ye Fan is not pursuing Su Xi, and he is stalking someone Qiu Mu orange again.

    However, Ma Mingbo also had to admit that this Qiu Mu Orange was indeed a rare beauty.

    On the way here, Ma Mingbo already had the intention to take down the pair of girlfriends together.

    When the time came, one would be the main brand, the other the spare tire, and the two beauties would both be his own, Ma Mingbo wouldn't be happy and crazy?

    Now that he saw Ye Fan pestering Qiu Mu Orange again, Ma Mingbo was naturally unhappy and smiled coldly at Ye Fan.

    "But brother Ye, before coveting Xi Xi and Miss Qiu, you also need to take a piss and look at yourself to see what kind of virtue you have."

    "Coming out to play without even a female companion, it's really pathetic."

    "But think about it, you're a poor loser from the countryside, which woman in the world would be willing to come out with you to play?"

    "Even if I did, it would probably be one of those ugly bastards that no one wants."

    Ma Mingbo sneered and laughed, his eyes full of pride and arrogance.

    After all, Ye Fan didn't have a single female companion, yet he was sitting on two beautiful women, and he was naturally proud of himself, feeling only a strong sense of superiority.

    However, as soon as Ma Mingbo's words fell, a joyful call came from behind him.

    "Brother Fan, come and see, the scenery over there is super nice~"

    Nan Chen had returned from using the toilet and pulled up Ye Fan to go out.

    However, seeing this woman, Ma Mingbo was immediately confused there.

    An old face was drawn in fear, only to feel as if someone had slapped him on the face: "Chen...Miss Chen?"

    "Little...Little Brother Van?"

    Ma Mingbo was startled and lost his voice.

    Chen Nan, of course Ma Mingbo knew him.

    Before the rise of Mr. Chu, his father, Chen Ao, was the king of Jiangdong.Chen Nan, as Chen Ao's only daughter, is the only daughter of many noblemen who are obsessed with Chen Ao.

    Naturally, Ma Mingbo is no exception.

    But unfortunately, he had visited Chen Nan several times, but people did not pay attention to him.

    Only then did Ma Mingbo give up and settle for second best, instead pursuing Su Xi.

    But Ma Mingbo never expected that he would be so intimate with Ye Fan and even hold hands with Chen's daughter.

    "How is that possible?"

    "Miss Chen, how can your golden body be defiled by this hillbilly?"

    "Ye Fan, you shameless lecher, why don't you let go of Miss Chen's jade hand?"

    Maminabo's eyes were red and he roared in anger.


    "Who are you to dare talk to my brother Fan like that?"


    Normally, Nan Chen looked like a young girl in front of Ye Fan.

    However, at this time, after seeing his little brother Fan being insulted, he was suddenly like a cat that was fried and coldly rebuked.

    However, when he heard this, Ma Mingbo's heart was depressed and close to vomiting blood ah.

    How do you say, you have also pursued you for a few months, I dare say you don't even know yourself?

    "Sister Nan, he's Ma Mingbo.The young master of the Nanquan Ma family, he's a very powerful man?"

    "Even you scolded, saying that only the ugly ones come out with Van."Shen Fei laughed as he pushed on from the side.

    But then Ma Mingbo's old face turned green, and he was so angry that he wanted to kick this Shen Fei to death.

    "You're Shen Fei, right?"

    "The Su family fears you, but I don't fear the Ma family."

    "Your Shen family, to be frank, is a dog raised by the Second Master Li.And my Nanquan Ma family, but it's an existence on par with the Li family, I too you dare to provoke?"Ma Mingbo scolded with a gloomy face.

    Shen Fei was not afraid in the slightest, peeling an orange and returned indifferently, "Yes Young Master Ma, your Ma family is powerful, I, Shen Fei, cannot afford to provoke you.But it doesn't mean that no one can't provoke you."

    "I advise you, it's better to be good and apologize for messing with me, Brother Fan.Otherwise, even your father won't be able to protect you from the consequences!"

    "You want to die?"This attitude of Shen Fei almost made Ma Mingbo angry.

    Nan Chen, however, had already walked over and looked at Ma Mingbo with a bad brow, "The Ma family is it, I remember.Back then, your father Ma Yingdong had provoked my Chen family, and in the end, your grandfather carried him to my Chen family's door and apologized on his knees.My father squared off to bypass you."

    "I originally thought that after this incident, the Ma family would be a bit more restrained."

    "I didn't expect that the descendants of the Ma family would still be so arrogant today."

    "I'll say it again, give me brother Xiaofan, apologize."

    Although Nan Chen was a woman, her words contained power at this time, and even Ma Mingbo, unconsciously, had his back wet with cold sweat.

    In the end, facing Nan Chen's might, Ma Mingbo bowed down.

    He clenched his palms and looked at Ye Fan with resignation.

    "Stinker, count yourself lucky!"

    "For Miss Chen's sake, this time, I'll give you an apology."

    "But, Ye Fan, how long can Miss Chen protect you?"

    After a cold snort and an unwilling apology, Ma Mingbo whirled around and left.

    Suzy looked back while pulling Qiu Mu Orange away as well.

    "Mu Orange, does Ye Fan still know the Chen Ao family's daughter?"

    "This poor boy has no skills, but there are many noble people?"

    Not far away, Suzy was only feeling unimaginable emotions incessantly.

    After Ma Mingbo and the others left, the place, only then, returned to calm.


    "Nan's dominating!"

    "Worthy of being Master Proud's daughter."

    "Truly a tiger's father has no dog's daughter."Shen Fei smiled evenly.

    Nan Chen's age was younger than Shen Fei.

    But the Chen family was powerful, so Shen Fei naturally called Chen Nan sister.

    Just like Ye Fan, he was also younger than Shen Fei, yet Shen Fei still called out brother.After all, people were great at it.

    In front of these two, Shen Fei could only be a little brother.

    "Hmph, who let them offend my little brother Fan!"Nan Chen was furious.

    "But brother Fan, although Ma Mingbo apologized just now, his heart is still not satisfied.I'm only afraid that, next, he will still target you ah."Nan Chen was worried.

    Shen Fei, however, smiled calmly, "Haha~"

    "What are you afraid of?"

    "If we provoke it later, we'll light up Brother Fan's identity, and these people here, even if they're dragons, they'll have to coil.If they're tigers, then they'll have to lie down too!"

    Shen Fei was laughing.

    With Ye Fan here, not to mention the Ma family, even if Prince Lei Ao Ting of the Lei family was here, Shen Fei was joyfully unafraid!

    Nan Chen also laughed, "That's right, brother Fan is too low-key, I'd almost forgotten what brother Fan is capable of.Hehehe~"

    While Chen Nan and the others were talking, Ma Mingbo was gloomy and walked through the lobby towards a private room in the hotel.

    Just now, Chen Nan had made him look bad in public by using his power to oppress others.It was strange that Ma Mingbo's face looked good.

    "It's not a public area inside, so don't go any further?"Susie voiced out a warning.

    Maminabo waved his hand and said in a quiet voice, "Sissy, it's okay, come with me."

    "I'm taking you, to meet a big man!"

    "This person's background is inferior even to that Chen Nan."



    Not as good as Chen Nan?

    Hearing Ma Mingbo's words, Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange, both of them were shocked.

    They could know that Nan Chen's father was Chen Ao.

    Nowadays, although the second master Li is like the sun, but Jiangdong land, recognized as the first person under Mr. Chu, or Chen Ao.

    But now, Ma Mingbo is, the next person they are going to meet, is even more powerful than Chen Nan's background.

    Does that mean that even the Jianghai Chen family is inferior to that person?

    "Murphy, is it Mr. Chu?"

    Thinking of this, Suzy became excited.

    In her heart, there were nearly a thousand deer touching each other, and a pair of pretty faces nearly all became flushed.

    It was completely like, the look of a little fan girl meeting her idol.

    "Calm down~"

    "Making it look as if you want to meet your future husband."

    Seeing Suzy's appearance like this, Qiu Mu Orange beside her was suddenly filled with white eyes.

    In her heart, she was quite speechless.

    She didn't expect that this lady friend of hers would be so obsessed with Mr. Chu?

    After turning a corner, the three of them, Maminabo, then arrived outside a private room.

    At the door, there were two bodyguards, stopping him from going.

    "I'm Ma Mingbo, invited by your General Manager Xu to come to the banquet."Ma Mingbo opened the door and directly explained his intention.

    The two bodyguards swept a glance at Ma Mingbo, while saying in a deep voice, "Please wait a moment while I go in to confirm with General Manager Xu."

    "No need, let Ming Bo come in."However, as soon as the bodyguard's words fell, a lazy and dignified voice came from within the private room.

    At this point, the bodyguard naturally no longer dared to stop him and whirled around to let the three of Ma Mingbo in.

    Inside the room, the decorations were luxurious.

    On the couch, a man similar to Ma Mingbo, wearing a bathrobe, was leaning against the couch, playing with his cell phone with one hand, while the other hand was playing with the youkai in his arms.

    "Changqing, you're still deadly after all these years."

    "Hurry up and restrain yourself, I'm still carrying a girl here?"

    Seeing a somewhat indecent scene in front of them, Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange turned their heads for a moment, but Maminabo laughed bitterly and scolded.


    "Sorry sorry."

    "I didn't know you had a female companion."

    "It's me, Xu Hao Changqing, who's being rude."

    The man in front of him, who obviously didn't expect Ma Mingbo to bring his female companion in together, smiled apologetically.

    And then he went back to the bedroom, and after changing into casual clothes, he walked out again.

    As for the youkai in his arms just now, but he was dismissed by Xu Changqing.

    "The one from earlier, it's not sister-in-law, right?"Looking at the sexy woman's departing back, Ma Mingbo asked in a low voice.

    Xu Changqing sneered, "Just a little secretary, of course not."

    "Like marrying into my Xu family, only having a face and figure is not enough."

    "Alright, let's not talk about that.Ming Bo, won't you introduce me to your friend?"

    Ma Mingbo nodded his head, and then he introduced the two of them, Autumn Mu Orange and Suzy, to her one by one.

    "Xi Xi, Mu Orange, this is a classmate of mine when I was a graduate student at Yanjing University."

    "Called Xu Changqing."

    "After the imperial gentry."

    "This Yunyang Mountain Hot Spring Festival is hosted by Changqing.I was able to get tickets thanks to Evergreen as well."

    "Also, the allocation of the hot spring pools later is also decided by Evergreen."Ma Mingbo smiled and introduced.

    "The Imperial Capital Mansion?"

    Hearing Ma Mingbo's words, Suzy was slightly shocked, and Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were also a bit more solemn and terrified.

    The two of them now finally understood why Ma Mingbo had just said that this person's background was inferior to even Chen Nan.

    Indeed, a descendant of Yanjing's gentry, this identity alone, not to mention King Chen Ao of Jiangdong, even Mr. Chu here would have to scruple a few points, right?

    Yanjing, after all, is the land of imperial capital.

    Naturally, it's not comparable to tiny Jiangdong!

    While his heart trembled at Ma Mingbo's connections, his lips were repeatedly thanking him, "Thank you, Mr. Xu."

    "If it wasn't for General Manager Xu, I'm afraid that Mu Orange and I wouldn't have had the chance to go to this Yunyang Mountain and bathe in the hot springs."


    "You're welcome."

    "You're friends of Minbo's, which means you're my friends."

    "If you need anything in the future, just say so."

    "Also, just call me Changqing, you don't need to call me General Xu Ma, that would be rusty."This Xu Changqing was enthusiastic though, even though he was from a noble family, he didn't put up any big airs.

    After all, only a fool would put up a show of being aloof in front of two great beauties.

    After a brief catch-up, Xu Changqing saw that it was almost time for the Hot Spring Festival to begin.

    "Miss Su, you can rest assured."

    "I've been friends with Ming Bo for many years, so when the hot spring pools are allocated later, naturally I won't treat you guys badly."Xu Changqing said with a light smile, giving Ma Mingbo plenty of face.

    Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi had nothing to say other than their thanks.

    After that, Ma Mingbo told Suzy and the others to go wait in the hall while he stayed behind to speak to Xu Changqing alone.


    "Is there anyone else who doesn't have the eyes to covet your woman?"

    "Ming Bo, I'll take care of this."

    "In a moment, I'll disgrace him and get this back for you!"Xu Changqing patted his chest.

    Back in college, Xu Changqing and Ma Mingbo had the best relationship.Now, although we hadn't seen each other for many years, the fellowship was undiminished.

    "Well, Changqing, thank you."

    "However, a little lesson is enough."

    "That jerk, with the Chen family's daughter protecting him, I'm worried..."

    "The Chen family?Is that the so-called King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao?"Before Ma Mingbo could finish his sentence, Xu Changqington snorted a laugh.

    "A little gangster leader, he's nothing in front of our Xu family!"

    "Evergreen, you don't have to interfere with this matter."

    "I don't care what the other party's identity or background is, if I messed with my brother, I will have taught a deep lesson."

    "Apart from that person, I, Xu Changqing, have nothing to fear in the Nodong Jiangdong!"

    Xu Changqing proudly said.

    And then, they both went out and headed to the hall outside.

    "Gentlemen, the free time is over."

    "Everyone should be here by now."

    "At this point, there's no need to wait for those who haven't arrived yet."

    "In a moment, pass the order down, Yunyang Mountain is immediately closed for one day, only out and no more in!"

    After Xu Changqing appeared, he immediately ascended the stage, and his majestic flooding voice spread throughout the hall.

    For a moment, the gazes of the crowd present looked over.

    Obviously, they were all wondering about this person's identity.

    "Oh, looked at the self-introduction."

    "My name is Xu Changqing, and I am the chief person in charge of this Yunyang Mountain."

    "In a moment, it will also be me, who will be distributing the hot spring pools to all of you!"


    "He's Xu Changqing?"

    "The head of this Yunyang Mountain?"

    "It's surprisingly so young."

    For a while, the crowd was talking, all trembling.

    After all, Yunyang Mountain Hot Springs was a business worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

    A single ticket was worth nearly ten million.And, one ticket was hard to come by!

    One hot spring festival opened, the incoming revenue that was almost a hundred billion dollars.

    Such a large business, the crowd did not expect that it would be such a young junior in charge.

    "Xu Changqing?"

    "Last name Xu?"

    "Strange, we don't have a more famous family named Xu in Jiangdong?"Nan Chen was slightly confused, frowning and whispering.

    Shen Fei shook his head, "He's not from Jiangdong, he's from, the imperial capital, Yanjing!"




    "The Yankees?"

    "Why did someone from Yanjing come to our Jiangdong?"

    After hearing this, Nan Chen was slightly shocked and whirled around to ask in confusion.

    Shen Fei replied in a deep voice, "Very normal."

    "This Yunyang Mountain Hot Spring is a treasured resource.A single hot spring festival can generate hundreds of billions of revenue."

    "With such a huge profit, it has naturally caused many powers to covet it."

    "After years of wrestling, eventually this property of Yunyang Mountain Hot Springs fell into the hands of the Yanjing giants.It is under their control."

    Listening to Shen Fei's narration, Nan Chen nodded thoughtfully.

    "All the world is bustling with profit."

    "As expected, nothing in the world can escape the word profit."

    Nan Chen shook his head and lamented.

    Shen Fei also replied back, "Who says it isn't?"

    When the two of them voiced their emotions, only Ye Fan was silent.Just sitting there, quietly drinking tea.

    At this time, Xu Changqing's words continued to ring out.

    "Alright, without further words, now I will tell about the hot spring pools of Yunyang Mountain."

    "In the entire mountain, there are a total of thirty-six hot spring pools."

    "Among them, on the middle mountain waist, there are twenty hot spring pools."

    "There are ten hot spring pools on the upper mountain waist."

    "At the top of the mountain there are six hot spring pools."

    "Each one, can accommodate three people to bathe."

    "Now, it will be me, who will randomly assign everyone."

    Xu Changqing said slowly, and then he began to recite the names of the users of each hot spring pool one after another.

    "Ma Mingbo, Suzy, and Autumn Mu Orange, use the central hot spring pool at the top of the mountain."

    During the hot springs, everyone would be in their bathing suits, so there wouldn't be separate male and female pools.

    However, the first one to hear her name, Susie jumped with excitement..

    "Mu Orange, did you hear that, we're the hot spring pool at the top of the mountain hey."

    "I've checked before, the top of Yunyang Mountain is not only rich in aura, but also has the most beautiful scenery, especially the central hot spring pool, which is also the largest and the place with the clearest hot spring water."

    "We're too lucky."

    Suzy was excited, and Autumn Mu Orange was also smiling slightly.

    But she didn't feel that it was really just luck.

    Presumably, because of Ma Mingbo's relationship, Xu Changqing was deliberately taking care of them.

    "I'm going!"

    "This Maminabo, what a lucky guy, huh?"

    "One of the biggest and best hot spring pools, but he was given it."Shen Fei, however, gritted her teeth in anger and jealousy.

    Nan Chen shook her head, she looked at the arrogant smile on Ma Mingbo's look from afar, but she whispered, "Luck?I'm afraid it's not that simple."

    After that, the hot spring pools continued to be distributed.

    As one name after another was shouted out, Shen Fei's face however became darker and darker.

    Although Xu Changqing had declared to the outside world that there was no difference between the thirty-six hot spring pools.

    But a fool would know that surely the higher the terrain, the better the scenery and the clearer the hot spring water.

    The worst water quality was probably the twenty hot spring pools on the mountainside.

    Now watching the top of the mountain as well as the upper mountain waist are all finished, but still no share of them, Shen Fei's heart is not depressed, it is strange.

    Finally, as the sixteenth hot spring pool was finished, the rest, it was all about the worst twenty Yuan Spirit pools in the mountainside.

    "Fuck, so unlucky!"

    "And we're really sorted halfway up the hill?"

    Shen Fei cursed under his breath, his old face depressed.

    He originally thought that even if that Xu Changqing, didn't know Ye Fan's identity, but Nan Chen's identity, he should know, right?

    Jiangdong King Chen Ao's daughter, how could that Xu Changqing have to give some preferential treatment, right?

    But the reality and the ideal, but the gap was too far.

    And while Shen Fei was depressed, Ma Mingbo and Suzy and the others, but they were gloating.

    "Hmph, this Ye Fan, thinks he's lawless after falling in love with the Shen family and Miss Chen family?"

    "Now what, the spa pool isn't going to be the worst of the lot?"

    "This being a human being, you still have to rely on your true skills."

    "Relying on others is ultimately unreliable,"

    Suzy shook her head and said.

    These days, Ye Fan was really too high-profile and deliberately made Mu Orange angry.

    Now that she saw that Ye Fan was defeated, Suzy naturally felt relieved.

    "Just have to kill his sharpness!"

    "Or else he wouldn't know his last name?"Suzy smiled proudly, as if to deliberately be angry at Ye Fan, and even glanced at Ye Fan from afar.

    Ma Mingbo, however, was now smiling and soothing, "Xixi, don't rush to be happy yet, wonderful, it's still behind?"

    Ma Mingbo smiled coldly, but there was an inexplicable cunning that flashed across his eyebrows.

    "Wang Lin, Du Xue, Zhao Gang, Hillside 28th Pool..."

    Xu Changqing was still reading.

    As far as the eye could see, 36 hot spring pools, 35 had already been read, but they had yet to read Ye Fan and the others' names.

    In the end, Shen Fei smiled bitterly, "Brother Fan, Sister Nan, it looks like we're the last hot spring pool."

    "What bad luck is it today that we've been assigned the worst one."

    Obviously, Xu Changqing this hot spring pool allocation was ranked from good to bad, isn't the last one, the worst hot spring pool?

    "It's fine.As long as you're in a fast with brother Fan, which hot spring pool is the best."Nan Chen smiled heedlessly, but she didn't care about that.

    In her eyes, it was good to have a hot spring pool, regardless of whether it was the one at the top of the mountain or the hillside.

    "Pool 36 on the mountainside, users, Cheng Yuan, Niu Chaoxi, Qian Ying Ying~"


    When the name of the last hot spring pool was read out, Shen Fei's eyes immediately widened and Nan Chen was equally shocked.

    She twisted to look at Shen Fei, "Shen Fei, this ticket of yours, is it fake?"

    "How is that possible?"Shen Fei glared.

    "I bought this with real gold, or trust my father."

    "How could it be a fake?"


    "There's not even any of us?"

    "What an international joke!"

    "Brother Fan, Sister Nan, you guys wait, I have to go over there and find out!"

    Shen Fei was clearly furious.

    He had spent tens of millions of dollars on three tickets and ended up drifting, it was strange that Shen Fei wasn't anxious?

    The movement on Shen Fei's side was naturally not noticed by Xu Changqing.

    After he finished reading the list, he waved his hand, "Alright, all of you, the next step will be for our beautiful etiquette lady to take you to your respective hot spring pools."

    "May all of you, have a good time."

    "Slow down!"As soon as Xu Changqing's words fell, Shen Fei's indignant voice came from below.

    "Mr. Xu, what do you mean?"

    "I paid for it, I bought a ticket, why don't we have our hot tub?"Shen Fei questioned Dao Cheng.

    Xu Changqing looked at Shen Fei and raised his eyebrows, "You are?"

    "I'm Shen Fei."

    "Oh, sorry, fist cuddle, I forgot to tell you just now, I'm on company welfare here, and I'm temporarily going to give three employees a spa vacation, so the spa pool won't be enough."

    "No way, you'll have to come back another day."Xu Changqing smiled back.


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