Dish Best Served Cold 626-630


Chapter 626


    Words of reverence, words of respect, were only like waves, gathering into streams that impacted the entire world.

    Looking ahead at the Jinbao and the others who stood on either side of them in awe to welcome them, it was only as if thunder was falling, and the Su Family crowd was confused at that time.

    "Wait...How long have you been waiting?"Mamab's old eye twitched.

    "Please...Invite him up the mountain?"Old Taijun Su's eyeballs almost jumped out.

    As for Su Xi, she was even more trembling, and her heart almost set off monstrous waves as she lost her voice and screamed, "This...How can this be?"

    Dead silence.

    A piece of dead silence.

    Under the Cloudy Peak Mountain, there was even silence for a time.

    Only the bitterly cold wind swept, causing the clouds and lakes to ripple.

    In the midst of a crowd of trembling and startled eyes, Old Lady Su and the others saw the iron gate that separated the Cloud Tower Villa from the Cloud Watching Villa, slowly open.

    After that, Ye Fan got into the car, the Maybach S680 was carrying him towards the villa of Genting Mountain.

    Before Ye Fan got into the car, he suddenly paused.

    With his back to Suzy, with his back to Ma Mingbo, and also to everyone in the Su family, the ghostly words were as if the night wind was sweeping.

    "As I said, you don't know me at all."

    "Naturally, you don't know, what can I do?"


    The engine roared, and the black luxury car sped away along with the night wind.

    Until the orange taillights have disappeared from everyone's sight, Su Lao taijun and the others, but they have not recovered from the tremor just now.

    It was only after an unknown amount of time had passed, that a voice that drew cold air from the side kept sounding.

    "Really...Really up there?"

    "A poor country boy was welcomed to Genting Mountain Villa just like that?"

    "Wading into the highest part of the cloud state?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "This world is too crazy."

    The Su family crowd was so unbelievable that until now, it was almost hard for them to accept the reality in front of them.

    In the end, the Su family crowd, who had just ridiculed Ye Fan, suddenly looked at Su Xi with a lot of trepidation, "Xi .Cee, are you sure that this boyfriend of yours, is really .. is a country bumpkin?"

    "He's not fucking Mr. Chu, is he?"

    "Oh shit, our Su family has messed with Mr. Chu, that's not far from death."

    "What should we do?"

    "What to do?"

    Many people in the Su family spoke with tears and fear.

    "He's a yokel surnamed Ye, a fart of a Mr. Chu!"

    "I think he just got lucky to get in."

    At this time, however, there was a furious curse from Ma Mingbo.

    After saying that, Ma Mingbo walked down the steps and was going towards that iron door.

    He didn't believe that where Ye Fan could enter, he, Ma Mingbo, couldn't.

    At this time, the staff in the Genting Mountain Villa was still locking that iron gate, and Ma Mingbo suddenly walked up to it, just like Ye Fan, who was swaggering to enter.


    "What are you?"

    "Genting Mountain is heavy land, no one may approach without permission!"

    "Still not retreating?"The cold words of the security guard came from the front.

    Ma Mingbo's eyebrows sank and he immediately revealed his identity: "I am the eldest son of the owner of the Nanquan Ma Family, Ma Long, Ma Mingbo, and I have come to visit Mr. Chu at Genting Mountain Villa, all of you who know better, get out of my way!"

    "The South Springs Mare?"

    The guard at the gate was stunned.

    After thinking for half a day, he didn't remember what the Ma family was.

    Then he asked to his colleague on the side, "Have you heard of the South Spring Ma Family?"

    The same colleague shook his head, "No."

    "Then what the fuck is the point?"

    "Get out of here!"

    "The land of Genting Mountain recognizes only the Chu family, not the Ma family!"The security guard immediately drove people away.

    Maminabo was annoyed, "Bastards you guys, how dare you yell at me?Did you know that..."

    "Oh?Faking it at us, today I not only dare to scold you, I dare to kick you!"

    "What? You dare?"

    However, before Maminabo could finish his sentence, the security guard had already kicked over.

    With a bang, it directly kicked Maminabo off the slope.


    Maminabo screamed and groaned straight on the ground.

    The Genting Mountain's security guards, however, locked the iron gate and then left with a despicable curse under their breath.

    Looking at the scene before them, the Su family was undoubtedly even more terrified.

    Old Su's old face was equally unsightly and bloodless.

    There was likewise a touch of fear in her heart, gradually sweeping away.

    This was the Cloud Peak Mountain Villa.

    The highest place in the entire Yunzhou.

    Even Ma Mingbo wasn't qualified to enter nowadays.

    But Ye Fan, he walked in openly and righteously.

    His background had to be so powerful, Old Su almost didn't dare to imagine it anymore.

    Moreover, if he was really Mr. Chu as their Su family guessed, not to mention her Old Taijun Su's life, their Su family would be afraid that it would topple ah!

    She turned her head and her words trembled as she asked Su Xi, "Xi...Cee Cee, you speak, you quickly say, this Ye Fan, what is his origin?"

    "Is he really, like, a hidden dragon?"

    With so many people here, the only one who knew a lot about Ye Fan was probably Suzy.

    In the face of the crowd's terrified questions, Suzy was actually a bit confused.

    "I...I don't know."

    "However, Ye Fan is indeed a countryman, and it shouldn't be Mr. Chu either."

    "As for how he got up there, I'm really not sure."

    "Presumably, he got into the Shen family's good graces."

    Su Xi didn't tell Su Lao Taijun and the others that Ye Fan was actually a door-to-door son-in-law, but simply stated her guess.

    She certainly didn't think that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu.

    Mr. Chu was high up in the world, how could he be a wimpy son-in-law?

    But Suzy had to admit that she did have some trouble seeing through Ye Fan.

    Previously on Qiu Mu Orange's birthday, Ye Fan had flowers floating all over the city.

    Now, Ye Fan, a poor country boy, actually stepped into Genting Mountain Villa?

    The only explanation nowadays was to rely on Shen Fei's connections.

    "The Shen family?"

    "What Shen family?"

    "Could it be that Shen Ninety Billion is in charge of the Shen family, the richest man in our Cloud State today?"The Su family asked in shock.

    Since Xu Lei left, Shen Jiuyi naturally rose to the top and became the richest man in Yunzhou.

    Su Xi nodded and whirled around to briefly explain the relationship between Ye Fan and Shen Fei.

    Only when they heard this, did Old Su and the others let out a sigh of relief.

    "So, it's the light of the young master of the Shen family."

    "Fortunately, I thought, this Ye Fan is really some great person?"

    "However, no matter how powerful people's young master Shen is, that's still their skill."

    "Parasites like this who only rely on the grace of others are still not worth entrusting!"

    "Xixi, you should still have fewer dealings with them in the future."

    Only after the situation was clarified did the worries in the hearts of the Su family members dissipate.

    However, Su Yuanshan's brows did not stretch out.

    He raised his head and looked out at the top of Cloud Peak Mountain, his heart secretly being thoughtful.

    "Is it really because of, the Shen family?"


Old Taijun Su had lived at home for a long time, and had almost always heard of things outside.

    But Su Yuanshan could be different, his knowledge of the major powers in Yunzhou and even Jiangdong was naturally much more than that of Old Taijun Su and the others.

    Just like Mr. Chu, an existence that even the Second Li of Yunzhou had to deal with respectfully, could a young master of the Shen family really speak up and allow Ye Fan to enter Mr. Chu's residence as a result?

    "It seems that this Ye Fan is by no means as simple as it seems on the surface."

    Su Yuanshan secretly thought, preparing to go back and take the time to have someone investigate Ye Fan's identity more carefully.

    However, these thoughts, Su Yuanshan was just thinking to himself and didn't say anything.

    After all, everything was just catching speculation, and there was no point in saying it.

    And at this time, Ye Fan had already gone up the mountain and arrived at the Genting Mountain Villa.

    "Mr. Chu, the Genting Mountain Villa is all packed up."

    "The furniture, lights and such are brand new."

    "The hygiene is also all cleaned up."

    "You and Madam, you can move in anytime."

    Ye Fan stepped out of the car, but Jin Bao respectfully stepped forward and said with a smile.

    Before Ye Fan came to Genting Mountain Villa, he had already made a phone call to Li Er.

    Jin Bao temporarily acted as the housekeeper of the entire Genting Mountain villa area, naturally, he had received the notice in advance that Ye Fan was coming, all already prepared.

    Ye Fan had just descended from the mountain, so he brought someone over to greet him.

    "Well, take me inside."

    Ye Fan nodded his head and said lightly.

    "Okay, Mr. Chu."

    "I'll take you in for a look."

    While Jin Bao was talking to Ye Fan and the two of them, Wang Lili, who was on the side, was already stunned.

    Her pretty face was terrified, and her beautiful eyes were filled with incredulity..

    "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    "Could it be that, old...Boss is, that famous Yunzhou, Mr. Chu?"

    In other words, the world's most powerful man who shakes the 18 major cities is always by his side?

    After learning of Ye Fan's true identity, Wang Lili's entire body was almost confused.

    Her brain was all buzzing.

    Only now, did she understand that Ye Fan's domineering words in the car earlier were in no way a teenage arrogance, but, rather, just the truth.

    This night, Wang Li Li didn't even know how it came about.

    From the time she entered the Genting Mountain Villa to the time she drove away, from start to finish, Wang Li Li was out of a state of trembling giddiness.

    After all, tonight she was not only fortunate enough to travel with Mr. Chu, but also to visit the most luxurious and beautiful villa in her life together.

    This night's experience, let Wang Li Li remember a thousand years.

    Even decades later, when her children and grandchildren, speaking of tonight's scene, Wang Li Li has long with incomparable pride and honor.

    This night, destined to be Wang Li Li's life, the greatest glory!

    "Mr. Chu, here are the keys to the villa.And your special pass."

    "With this pass in hand, you will have unimpeded access to this place!"

    Before leaving, Jin Bao also handed over the villa key, as well as some pass documents, to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, while turning his head to look.

    At his feet, there was the Cloud Mist Lake's smoky and

    In the distance, there were the ten thousand lights of Yunzhou City.

    Ye Fan stood proudly on top of the cloud top mountain and spoke in a deep voice, "Today, it's already the 29th, right?"

    Jin Bao whirled around and nodded, "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "In two days, it will be New Year's Day."

    "The new year is about to dawn."


    The wind was blowing, but the leaves of the four-season evergreen tree beside the villa were lifted by the breeze.

    A moment later, the black Maybach, was already far away.



    However, as soon as Ye Fan left Looking Cloud Villa, he received a call from Shen Fei.

    "Hey, Brother Fan, what's going on?"

    "I just went to your house, what did your aunt and uncle say about you being kicked out of the house?"

    "What's going on?"

    "And your sister-in-law no longer?"

    "Is it possible that you had a falling out with your mother-in-law?"On the phone, there was a confused voice from Shen Fei.

    Ye Fan hmmmed.

    "Well, I've moved, and I don't live in the Willow Garden neighborhood anymore."

    "What's wrong, what are you looking for me for?"Ye Fan asked slowly.

    Shen Fei smiled and said, "Haha, it's nothing major.It's just that my father asked me to deliver something to you."

    "Where are you now, Brother Fan, I'll drive over to find you."

    "No need, I'll go look for you, you're in the Willow Garden neighborhood, right?I happen to be nearby."Evan asked.

    "Right, Brother Fan.I just came down from your house, I'll be waiting for you at the entrance of the neighborhood later.Slow down on your way, this weather is cold enough."

    Shen Fei said with concern.

    It looked like Shen Fei still thought that Ye Fan was still the same as before, riding an electric bike carrying his wife all over the world.

    On this cold day, riding an electric bike, could it not be cold?

    After hanging up the phone, Ye Fan also asked Wang Lili to turn the car around and go to the Willow Garden neighborhood.

    At this time, at the entrance of the community, Shen Fei is playing with his phone with his head down.

    In front of him, Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple, but they were smiling in a pleasing manner.

    "Young Master Shen, you should reconsider what I just said."

    "Although my Mu Orange is a second marriage, it is true that she is somewhat unworthy of you."

    "But the point is, my Mu Orange is beautiful.She's well-groomed, has a good look and figure, and definitely has face to bring out.If that's not possible, why don't you guys try dating first?"The company has been in the business of selling its products to the public.

    In Han Li's opinion, as long as Shen Fei agrees to go out with her Mu Orange, when the time comes, the lonely man and the widow living under the same roof, it's strange that they can endure the fire.

    When the time comes, the rice will be cooked, and this Shen Fei will have to acknowledge it even if he doesn't.

    Her daughter will naturally be able to marry into the Shen family.

    By now, Han Li was still dreaming of her lofty family.

    However, the Shen Fei at the side was full of words, "I said auntie, you must never harm me again."

    "Really, I'm not good enough for your daughter."

    "Besides, who would dare to miss Brother Fan's woman."

    "I don't have the guts."

    Fortunately, Ye Fan wasn't here, or else Shen Fei wouldn't be able to explain to Ye Fan.

    "What Brother Fan Fan's?"

    "Young Master Shen, you, ah, are just too righteous."

    "That Ye Fan is just a hick wimp, how is he qualified to call himself your brother?"

    "That loser, married for three years, not to mention buying a house, can't even afford a car.The harm is that now we still have to take public transportation to get out of the house."

    "This kind of wimp, get rid of it sooner and easier."

    Speaking of that Ye Fan, Han Li was undoubtedly full of contempt and disgust.


    However, as soon as Han Li's words fell, a low roar could be heard not far away.

    Orange headlights illuminated the sky, and under the night, a luxurious luxury car, when driving.

    A beautiful darting tail, and after that, it steadily stopped in front of them.

    "This...This is..."

    "Maybach S680!"

    "Four or five million, right?"

    "This is a top-of-the-line luxury car!"

    Seeing this car, Qiu Lei was excited and called out directly.



    "Five million dollars for a luxury car?"

    Hearing Qiu Lei's words, Han Li was also so shocked that she just screamed out.

    She didn't know anything about cars, but she knew about money!

    Maybach Han Li may not understand, but the price of five million, already let Han Li know that the car in front of her, how expensive and luxurious?

    At that time, Han Li looked straight in both eyes.

    "I'll go, worthy of being Young Master Shen, going out of the house and still matching this luxury car?"

    "I've lived most of my life, but this is the first time I've seen a car of this class with my own eyes."

    "Young Master Chu, can you let us two old men go up there and feel it and see what it's like to ride in a luxury car?"

    Han Li said excitedly.

    However, after saying that, before waiting for Shen Fei to reply, the couple had already unceremoniously, opened the car door and got in.

    "I'm going!"

    "Electric doors."

    "Frosted glass~"

    "Leather seats!"

    "Luxurious and atmospheric!"

    As the saying goes, a car is a man's favorite.

    All his life, Qiu Lei had wanted to own a luxury car of his own.

    Today, perhaps the wish was still distant, but now, by taking Shen Fei's light, he could undoubtedly feast his eyes on it.

    Therefore, after getting into the car, Qiu Lei became excited and lamented.

    "Even the driver of the car is a stocking beauty?"

    "My God, is this the life of a dirtbag?"

    Qiu Lei was filled with envy.

    "Okay, stop screaming, sit inside and save me some seats."

    Han Li urged urgently.

    It was only then that Qiu Lei suppressed his excited heart and hurried to sit inside.

    However, it didn't matter if you didn't move, this leaning inside, only then did Qiu Lei notice that there was a person sitting behind the co-pilot.

    Just now, Qiu Lei was so focused on looking ahead at the driver's seat that he didn't even notice that there was already a person sitting next to him.

    Qiu Lei subconsciously thought it was Shen Fei's rich friend, and bowed his head in fear and worshiped, "Sorry, sorry to disturb you sir."

    "This is the first time I've seen this luxury car, and I'm a little excited..."


    As Qiu Lei said, he looked up and over.

    Near the next moment, Qiu Lei was slightly stunned, and then his eyes, they were huge!

    "Holy shit!"

    "Is that you?"Qiu Lei screamed right out in shock.

    Han Li undoubtedly looked over as well, equally furious.


    "Is that you, you wimp?"

    "Why are you here?"

    "How dare you rub up against Young Master Shen's luxury car?"

    "Do you deserve it?"

    "Get out of here now!"

    "Even a country bumpkin has the nerve to sit in a million dollar luxury car and get it dirty, can you afford to pay for it?"

    Han Li cursed with a black face.

    The pleasant mood she was in was instantly gone after seeing Ye Fan.

    The anger in her chest misfired.

    But Ye Fan raised his eyebrows and sized up the couple with an odd gaze, "Sorry, you're the ones who should roll down."

    "Because this car, it's mine!"



    "Just you?"

    "Who are you hoodwinking?"

    "You can't even afford a Mitsubishi for tens of thousands of dollars, and you're calling Maybach yours?"

    "What's the international joke?"Han Li rolled her white eyes and cursed angrily.

    However, Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to them.

    He waved his hand, and Wang Li Li then knew what he wanted.

    And then opened the car door, walked outside, and coldly said to them, "Two, please also get off the car.Our boss does not welcome you."



    "You.... you call him boss?"

    "What's wrong with him, he's just a poor country boy?"

    The more Han Li listened, the more shocked she became, and her eyes almost jumped out in shock at the end.

    The couple could never have imagined that the sexy and pretty intellectual beauty in front of them would call Ye Fan as her boss?

    Mr. and Mrs. Hanley no doubt felt like they didn't have enough brains.

    But in the end, the Han Li couple was still driven off the car.

    In the couple's muddled and horrified gaze, the black Maybach had already carried Shen Fei and Ye Fan and sped away.

    Here, only Han Li and Qiu Lei remained, looking at each other!

    A wimpy son-in-law who turns out to be the boss of a beautiful girl who sits in a beautiful secret and drives a million luxury cars?

    It's a crazy world.



    On the street, Wang Lili drove her car, driving slowly.

    Inside the car, Shen Fei was also surprised to check out the car in front of him.

    "I'm going!"

    "Van, yes."

    "Surprised you switched cars?"

    "I thought you were going to keep a low profile on that little electric bike of yours?"

    Ye Fan got a new car, and Shen Fei had to tremble.

    For Ye Fan's low-profile, he could not understand it better.

    The man in front of him, although already famous Jiangdong, but the daily food and drink, but is not at all any Jiangdong baron look, low-key and simple as an ordinary person.

    Now that Ye Fan suddenly got the hang of it and changed a luxury car, Shen Fei was naturally surprised.

    "Or a Maybach, this car our Yunzhou 4S shop are not available, it is said to have to be reserved in advance."

    "The whole of Yunzhou, I guess it's just Van's one."

    After all, Yunzhou City was a small town in the third or fourth tier, luxury cars over a million were inherently rare, not to mention that this one of Ye Fan's was more than three million.

    Among the existing business cars in Yunzhou, this one of Ye Fan's was already enough to be ranked first.

    "Okay, let's stop talking nonsense."

    "Tell me, what are you looking for me for?"Ye Fan didn't bother to listen to these flattering words, but he opened the door and asked directly.

    Shen Fei smiled, and then took out two tickets from his bosom in a swish.

    Ye Fan vaguely saw that there were six big words written on it, "Yunyang Mountain Hot Spring Festival".

    "Brother Fan, how about it, do you want to go tomorrow?"

    "Yunyang Immortal Mountain's Hot Spring Festival is held once every three years."

    "It lasts for half a month and only receives a hundred people a day!"

    "It's a once-in-three-years opportunity."

    "The last time I tried to go, I didn't get tickets."

    "This time, it's still in your favor, and I was able to get a few tickets for tomorrow."

    Yes, Shen Fei's words were in no way false.

    The Yunyang Immortal Mountain's Hot Spring Festival was extremely beloved not only by Jiangdong, but even by the top dignitaries throughout Huaxia.

    Every time it was held in the past, those seats were taken up by big shots like Li Er and Chen Ao.

    Even a family of the Shen family's level, they could not get them at all.

    This year, they were in a hurry to prepare for the grand banquet, so they didn't have time to attend the hot spring festival.

    Only then did Shen Fei and the others pick up the slots for this hot spring festival.

    "Yunyang Mountain is a famous immortal mountain in Jiangdong.It is said that there were once immortals who ascended here."

    "Therefore, on Yunyang Mountain, the aura is like mist all year round."

    "Some people say that if you soak in the hot springs on Yunyang Immortal Mountain for a day, you can live an extra year."

    "Not only does it prolong your life, but it also detoxifies your skin and makes you stay young forever, it's amazing."

    "It used to be that not only Second Master and the others would go there, even the top dignitaries from places like Jinling, Yanjing, and Zhonghai would come here in name only."

    "How about it, Brother Fan, I've got two extra tickets here, obviously let's take our sister-in-law and go together."

    "When we come back the day after tomorrow, it's just as well to catch the Hai Tian Sheng Banquet."


In the Maybach, Shen Fei waved his ticket and encouraged a smile at Ye Fan.

    Their conversation, the front row of Wang Li Li naturally also heard.

    It's just that the extremely famous hot spring festival that Shen Fei talked about, Wang Li Li is not even heard of it.

    Perhaps, this was the gap between the upper class dignitaries and them, the common folk.

    What was commonplace in Shen Fei's eyes was unheard of to Wang Li Li and the others.

    In fact, not only Wang Lili, it was also the first time Ye Fan had heard of this Yunyang Mountain Hot Spring Festival.

    "The aura is like a mist?"

    "Extended life?"

    "Is there really such a place?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, and there was clearly some disbelief in his tone.

    After all, what this Shen Fei said was too mysterious.

    Even if in this world, the place where immortals really ascended, Ye Fan didn't think that it would be around him.


    "Propaganda? It's definitely a bit exaggerated."

    "But for so many years, the quota for this hot spring festival has been held by top dignitaries, so I'm sure that even if it's not as common as those rumors, it definitely has its own extraordinary features."

    "Anyway, Brother Yun, you'll be fine for the next few days, take advantage of the upcoming New Year's Day and take your sister-in-law out for a walk, just for fun."

    Shen Fei smiled heedlessly.

    Ye Fan did not refuse, so he accepted the two tickets to the Hot Spring Festival.

    As the saying goes, eating others' mouths and taking others' tricks.

    Ye Fan accepted other people's coupons, so he also let Wang Lili send Shen Fei home first, as a return of the favor to Shen Fei.


    "To be able to have Brother Fan personally see me off, I'm afraid that I'm the only one in the Nodong Jiangdong."

    Naturally, Shen Fei was extremely honored, and even after getting off the car, he looked proud and smug.

    He was so eager to take a picture with Ye Fan and send his friends up to act like a big pussy.

    Mr. Chu personally seeing him off, this was enough to make Shen Fei blow a lifetime.


    "Why are you here?"

    However, as soon as Shen Fei got off the bus, he turned his head and saw a beautiful silhouette waiting outside the Shen family.

    The figure was tall and intoxicating, born with a stunning beauty.

    If it wasn't Ye Fan's wife, Qiu Mu Orange, who else could it be?

    At this time, Autumn Mu Orange was standing alone in the middle of the night, and next to her, there was a BMW parked.

    It was Suzy's car.

    Shen Fei was undoubtedly surprised to see Qiu Mu Orange.

    She was busy going forward to say hello, but Qiu Mu Orange did not respond.

    At that time, Shen Fei whirled around and realized that the situation was somewhat wrong, and with a smirk on his old face and a wince in his heart, he took the opportunity to slip away on the grounds that he still had business at home.

    Before leaving, Shen Fei also looked at Ye Fan as if he was letting Ye Fan fend for himself.

    It's hard for a clean official to break up a family matter.

    Ye Fan could not afford to provoke him, and Ye Fan's wife, Shen Fei could not afford to provoke him even more.

    Therefore, he naturally hid far away.

    "Boss, we..."

    At this time, Wang Lili was also at a loss as to whether to leave or stay as she looked at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't reply, but got out of the car and walked towards Qiu Mu Orange.

    In his hand, he was still holding what Shen Fei had just given him, two tickets to the Spa Festival.

    "You really are with Shen Fei."

    Looking at the slim figure that was slowly walking towards him, Autumn Mu Orange shook her head and smiled.

    The words were filled with disappointment.

    "Mu Orange, I'm with..."

    Ye Fan wanted to say something, but then he was interrupted by Autumn Mu Orange.

    "You don't have to explain, I don't want to hear it."

    "I'm only asking you one thing now, can you come with me to the Li family now and apologize to them?"

    "As for Fan Zhongxing's side, I'll explain."

    "But the Li family, you must personally follow me there."

    Qiu Mu Orange's expressionless, cold words quietly rang out.

    Ye Fan's forward steps stopped at this moment.

    Hearing this, he lightly laughed and looked at Qiu Mu Orange.

    Phantom words, quietly sounded, "What if I say, I won't go?"

    "Why don't you go?"

    "Because of your dignity, your face, your one pride that won't bow down?"

    Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were slightly red, and her words were trembling.

    However, she still tried to suppress her emotions and tried to keep herself calm.

    She didn't want to fight with Ye Fan, she came here just to persuade Ye Fan one last time.

    "Ye Fan, I know you're lonely inside."

    "But, we always have to bow down like reality, don't we?"

    "The Li family only has one hand in Yunzhou, not to mention that your offense is the teacher of the Li parent Princess Li Xueqi."

    "I've said it, I don't fear the Li family, I don't fear the Fan family, I don't fear anyone.I and Ye Fan have the ability to defy everything, I don't need to bow down to anyone, and you don't need to apologize to anyone!"Ye Fan interrupted Autumn Mu Orange's words.

    "Defy everything?"Autumn Mu Orange listened and laughed, "What are you defying everything with?"

    "With that pair of fists in your hand?"

    "Or by that lone voice of yours?"

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and said, there were near tears in her reddened eyebrows.

    "Ye Fan, after all these years, are you still unable to see reality?"

    "In this society, if you don't have power or influence and only rely on your inner loneliness, you'll only end up crashing to the ground!"

    "How can you fight family power with one pair of fists?"

    "As I said, you don't understand me, so naturally you don't know my majesty."Ye Fan was expressionless and coldly returned.

    "You're the one who doesn't understand me!"Qiu Mu Orange could no longer control her emotions, and tears burst out of her eyes.

    With tears in her eyes, she roared, "You self-righteous bastard, you never understood what I said, you never listened to what I said."

    "How many times have I advised you that it's hard to return a favor, but you still borrow Shen Fei's favor over and over again."

    "How many times have I told you that we can't afford to sin against the Li family and asked you to come with me to apologize, but you're bent on never listening."

    "I don't care about you~"

    "You think I want to control you!"

    After Qiu Mu Orange finished roaring, she turned her head and ran away in tears, getting into Suzy's car.

    Suzy, who was inside the car, looked back at Ye Fan, while she also shook her head in disappointment.

    A moment later, she drove away from the place in her car.

    Here, there was only Ye Fan left, standing quietly.

    The two admission tickets in his hands were trembling from the cold wind.

    After a long time, Ye Fan also returned to the car.

    "Boss, why don't you tell Miss Qiu your true identity ah?"In the car, Wang Li Li was confused and asked.

    Ye Fan shook his head, "Tell me, will she believe it?"

    "In her eyes, maybe I'm not even worthy of the title "Mr. Chu"."

    Ye Fan laughed at himself.

    And then threw the admission ticket in his hand, from the car window, out.

    He already, didn't need it anymore.

    Wang Lili, however, hurriedly got off the car and picked it back up, while consoling, "Boss, I can see that Miss Qiu cares about you."

    "I believe that sooner or later, she will understand you."

    "But you should also give her more chances to understand you ah."

    "For example, the spa festival tomorrow."

    "So, you'd better keep this admission ticket."


When Ye Fan returned home, there was no one at the Eastern Suburbs Villa.

    The large room was dark, and even the largest lamp seemed to be a decoration at the moment.

    Very tomorrow, Qiu Mu Orange didn't come home.

    Presumably, she was with Suzy.

    Ye Fan didn't know when she would return, so he waited in the room like this all night.

    Holding those two tickets for the Spa Festival in his hand.

    However, until dawn, Autumn Mu Orange hadn't returned.

    Unconsciously, Ye Fan gradually fell asleep on the couch.

    More than long after, Ye Fan was woken up by a continuous and urgent ringing of his cell phone.

    Hazily, Ye Fan picked up the phone.

    "I'm not going."

    "That hot spring festival, no need to call me."

    Ye Fan thought it was Shen Fei calling, calling for him to go to Yunyang Immortal Mountain together.Therefore, he directly refused.

    That languid tone, however, carried a few inexplicable emotions.

    "Brother Xiaofan, what's wrong with you?"

    "I'm Nan."

    "What's not going on?"

    "Where are you now ah, I'll go find you."

    From the phone, came Nan Chen's lively and confused words.

    Ye Fan was slightly startled, "Nan Nan?"

    "You've come to Yunzhou?"

    Twenty minutes later, a car stopped in front of the Eastern Suburbs Villa.

    I saw a youthful and beautiful woman with long, fashionable and sunny brown hair, who couldn't wait to get out of the car.

    This beautiful woman is naturally Chen Ao's daughter, Chen Nan.

    Today, Chen Nan is wearing a chiffon white shirt, with a black pleated skirt, revealing her long and slender jade legs.

    Of course, it was now the cold winter months, so naturally Chen Nan couldn't really bare her long legs, but instead wore a flesh-colored padded stocking.

    Outside, she was also wearing a black down jacket, which, coupled with the pair of boots on her feet, further outlined Nan Chen's perfectly slender body to the fullest.

    In the instant Nan Chen appeared,[New Pen Pavilion] the eyes of the surrounding passersby all looked straight.

    However, they were only envious.

    Because, from the woman's gaze that was filled with joy, the crowd already knew that the one in front of them was afraid that she was already a famous woman.

    "Hey, the rich experience it themselves, the poor witness it with their own eyes ah."

    Looking at the beautiful woman who rushed into the villa, the surrounding passersby shook their heads and sighed in regret.

    "Nan Nan, what are you doing here?"

    Nan Chen had been brought by Ye Fan to sit down in the living room.

    As Ye Fan held the fruit plate for Nan Chen, he asked in confusion.

    Nan Chen hehely smiled, "Brother Xiaofan is hosting a sea and sky feast, of course I, as a sister, have to come."

    "I'm really looking forward to the heroic sight of brother Xiaofan being worshipped by the heroes at the feast on New Year's Day."

    Nan Chen had always liked this kind of grand and overbearing spectacle, and after learning that the Sea and Sky Feast was about to be held, Nan Chen couldn't wait to come over early.

    Ye Fan smiled bitterly, "The day after tomorrow is New Year's Day, you're a bit early, aren't you?"

    "Not early.I came over early to give my dad a head start and stopped by to play with brother Fan."Nan Chen smiled heedlessly.


    "Where's Autumn's sister, not home?"

    "That's right, at this time of the day, sister Autumn must have gone to work."

    "But Brother Fanny, what was that hot spring festival you were talking about?"Nan Chen was confused and asked.

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "It's nothing, it's just that someone gave me two tickets to the Yunyang Immortal Mountain Hot Spring Festival."

    "Don't want to go."


    "A hot spring festival at Yunyang Mountain?"

    "Brother Fanny, why don't you go!"

    "It's hard to get tickets for that spa festival."

    "Even for my father, it would take some effort to get tickets.And there are a very limited number."

    "The last time I tried to go, my father didn't let me go.Gave the quota to my grandparents and theirs."

    "They say it's a fairy spring and you can live an extra year if you soak in it for a day."

    "My grandfather was old and decrepit before, but since running through that hot spring, he's been significantly better."

    Hearing about Yunyang Mountain's hot spring festival, Chen Nan said excitedly.

    As Chen Ao's woman, she had naturally heard about the extraordinary hot spring festival.

    Only, the quota for that hot spring festival was limited after all, even if Nan Chen got one or two tickets, most of them were given to the old people at home, so Nan Chen had never been able to go to it.

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Yeah? In that case, this ticket, I'll give it to you."

    Originally, Ye Fan had wanted to go with Qiu Mu Orange, but now it seemed that it was no longer needed.

    Instead of wasting it, he simply gave it to Nan Chen.

    But how could Nan Chen accept it, he even excused himself.

    "Brother Xiaofan, it's meaningless for me to go by myself."

    "You'd better go with Sister Qiu."

    "It's a rare opportunity, if you miss this one, you'll have to wait three years."Nan Chen couldn't help but advise.

    While talking, another car sounded outside the door.

    It was Shen Fei coming over.

    He had an appointment yesterday to go to the Hot Spring Festival with Ye Fan, so naturally he came over today.As for Ye Fan's residence, it was also Shen Fei who had asked yesterday.


    "Miss Nan Chen?"

    "Why are you here?"

    "Could it be that Master Ao has already arrived in Yunzhou?"

    Seeing Nan Chen, Shen Fei was instantly in awe.

    If Chen Ao had arrived in Yunzhou, it would be a big event.

    Wouldn't his own father be forced to pay a visit?

    Nan Chen then explained that she had arrived early, and her father was afraid that he would still have to wait until New Year's Day to arrive.

    Only then did Shen Fei nodded his head.

    "Alright, brother Fan, you should quickly contact sister Qiu and then go to the hot springs with young master Shen Fei."

    "What about you?Are you coming with us, Miss Chen?"Shen Fei asked in anticipation.

    If there was one more beautiful woman to travel with, Shen Fei would naturally beg for it.

    Nan Chen, however, shook her head, "I don't have a ticket, so I'm afraid I can't go.But you don't need to mind me, at the worst, I'll find my own hotel to stay in and just wait for brother Xiaofan to return."

    Nan Chen smiled understandingly.

    Actually, with the Chen family's energy, if they wanted to get tickets now, they could get them.

    But it would definitely be too late in time.

    Thus, Nan Chen was undoubtedly unable to travel with Ye Fan and the others.

    "Oh, alright then."

    Shen Fei was a bit lost, while he also looked at Ye Fan and urged Ye Fan to quickly contact his sister-in-law.

    Ye Fan hesitated for a moment, so he also picked up his phone and called with Qiu Mu Orange.

    However, the beeping sounded a few times and the phone was swirled and hung up.

    "Brother Fan, what's wrong?"

    "Won't your sister-in-law answer it?"Shen Fei asked curiously.

    Ye Fan did not answer, and called again.

    On the other end of the phone, it was still "The other party is not answering the call."

    "Brother Fan, call again later."

    "Maybe your sister-in-law is in a meeting."Shen Fei advised.

    Ye Fan, however, put down the phone, a few displeasure bubbling up on his face.

    "No more calls."

    "It's fine if she doesn't want to go."

    "Nan Nan, are you in trouble?"

    "Come with us."Ye Fan looked at Nan Chen and said in a deep voice.


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