Dish Best Served Cold 621-625


Chapter 621

Eventually, Ye Fan walked over.

    In the courtyard, the moonlight was like water, and the night was pleasant.

    A slightly cold breeze, but it was blowing gently.

    When Ye Fan walked over, Old Taijun Su was standing by a small fish pond feeding.

    Seemingly hearing Ye Fan's footsteps, the old taijun scattered fish food as she whispered, "You've come."

    The low and calm tone was so low that Ye Fan couldn't hear any emotions contained.

    Rather thinking that the weather-beaten old man was chattering with Ye Fan in general.

    Ye Fan didn't answer anything, just nodded and hmmmed, and also stood where he was, watching the golden carp play in the pond, the water rippling and reflecting the light of the moon.

    Old Taijun didn't pay any attention to him, and Ye Fan didn't take the initiative to pay attention to her either.

    Maybe it was a little rude, but so what?

    This Old Taijun of Su family is not related to himself, so it was not necessary for Ye Fan to lower himself to be close to her.

    After standing for a while, seeing that Old Taijun Su was just feeding the fish and seemed to be fine, Ye Fan was ready to leave.

    He didn't have time to spend here.

    Ye Fan's appearance undoubtedly made the old Taijun frown.

    She was a highly respected person in the Su family, and on normal days, when everyone was by her side, Mo was booing and befriending her.

    But she didn't expect that this young man in front of her would be arrogant in nature.

    The first thing you need to know is that you can't even talk to him.

    This undoubtedly made Old Taijun Su feel that Ye Fan was arrogant and disrespectful to himself.

    But this dissatisfaction, the old taijun didn't show it.

    When Ye Fan was about to leave, the old taijun who had been silent finally spoke.

    "Look at that red fish, is it pretty?"The old taijun asked slowly.

    When she said this, Old Taijun didn't look back at Ye Fan, still turning her back to him.

    That way, it was as if she was talking to herself.

    Out of politeness, Ye Fan took a glance into the pool and indeed saw a uniquely shaped ornamental fish with red, white and yellow spacing throughout its body, which was very delicate and beautiful.

    "Mm, quite beautiful."Ye Fan casually said back.

    "Do you know what kind of fish this is?"

    Old Taijun asked again, as if he was certain that Ye Fan would not recognize it, and without waiting for Ye Fan to answer, he continued on his own, "This fish, in Chinese, is called the Red Mint Fairy, also known as the Gentleman Fairy.With red, white and yellow spacing throughout its body, it is like the Junko Fairy coming down to earth."

    "These fish are rare in number, and only a few can be caught globally each year."

    "In the entire Yunzhou, I guess it's only my Su family that has this one."

    "You're not a dignitary and come from a poor background, so it's normal that you don't know."

    Hearing this, Ye Fan frowned.It didn't reply, but sat down against a stone bench.

    He wanted to see what this old lady, what did she want to say?

    However, as soon as Ye Fan sat down, the old empress smiled and whispered, asking again, "And the stone bench you are sitting on at this moment."

    "Do you know what it is made of?"

    "It's an excellent jade stone from Yunnan!"

    "One year, it only yields a hundred pounds.As far as I know, in the entire Jiangdong land, only Chen Ao of Jianghai, Lei V of Jingzhou, and Li Er of Yunzhou can see this stone in their homes."

    "As for my Su family's piece, I still had to go through internal channels and rely on connections to buy it."

    "In our elite class, this jade stone is rarely seen, let alone the rest of us."

    Old Taijun's faint laughter flowed.

    Ye Fan's frown, however, deepened the deeper he frowned.

    He got up openly, and instead of sitting on the expensive stone stool that this old taijun was talking about, he asked in a deep voice, "Calling me here tonight, could it be that you're just telling me this?"

    Old Taijun Su shook his head, but sighed, "After all, he is a cold disciple, not only is he lacking in experience, but even his heart is not enough."

    "I've said so much, do you seriously not understand my deepest meaning?"

    "When really don't you understand the huge gap between you and my granddaughter?"

    Old Taijun Su's tone quickened a bit, clearly already feeling indignant and discontented.

    "My Su family is a high family, and all the strange and exotic treasures you have never seen in your life are just rare and ordinary in my Su family."

    "Just like this Yunnan jade stone, you have never heard of it, but Xixi has been frolicking around this stone bench since she was a child."

    "And this gentleman fairy, you have never seen in your life, but my granddaughter Xixi is tired of seeing it."

    "Whether it's experience, insight, or lifestyle, there's a cloud of difference between you and my granddaughter."

    "We, and you, are originally from two worlds.So, young man, I hope you can see reality clearly and not be self-defeating."

    "Do not covet what you should not covet, the legend of the Cowherd and Weaving Maiden exists only in mythology."

    "Otherwise, it will surely, harm others and yourself!"

    "After tonight, just let go.Don't pester my granddaughter, you and Xixi, it's simply not right."

    "My granddaughter is stunningly talented, she deserves someone better."

    Old Taijun Su's words were slightly cold, carrying a strong sense of contempt and arrogance.

    That high-minded tone frightened the fish in the pond and hid them at the bottom of the lake.

    As Ye Fan listened, he smiled.

    "A better man?"

    "It seems that in the old lady's eyes, Ma Mingbo of the Ma family is the better man?"

    "Doesn't it?"Old Su's frown deepened.

    "In terms of profound knowledge, Ming Bo comes from a noble family, his own cultivation and insight, and my granddaughter, Xi Xi, are more than enough."

    "In terms of talent, he's good enough, young and promising, but at the age of thirty he's able to stand alone and take charge of ten billion dollars in assets."

    "In terms of assets, he has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a place in the Looking Cloud Villa, perched at the bottom of Cloud Peak Mountain, and lives next door to Mr. Chu."

    "And what about you?"

    "What do you have, a poor country boy, humble and ordinary and incompetent after the cold?"

    "What are you comparing it to Minbo?"

    Old Taijun Su was really angry.

    She didn't expect that even now, this Ye Fan still wouldn't give up and still brought up Ming Bo's name to compare.

    You're a poor kid from the countryside, and you're still comparing yourself to Ming Bo?

    What are you comparing it to?

    Saying it at this point was nothing more than humiliating himself and being laughed at.



    In the face of Old Taijun Su's raging words, Ye Fan laughed.

    That majestic laughter reverberated through the heavens and earth, as if hearing the best joke in the world.

    "What are you laughing at?"

    "What right do you have to laugh?"Ye Fan's laughter , made Old Taijun Su even more unhappy, having the anger of being teased.

    "What am I laughing at?"

    "I'm laughing at you for being ignorant and blind!"

    "As much as you talk, it's just your own self-righteousness!"

    "You don't even know that your granddaughter Su Xi, who you claim to be so talented and beautiful, has never even entered my Ye Fan's eyes!"

    "You still don't know that Maminabo, whom you've cited as your son-in-law, is nothing more than a tiny piece of dust in my eyes!"

    "You know even less what kind of being is standing before you at this time."


The words were eloquent, only like a thunderclap that rolled under this side of the night.

    Ye Fan was icy cold and full of majesty.

    The words of majestic fury, however, resounded incessantly in the Su Family.

    "How about coming from a noble family?"

    "So what if it's a $10 billion asset?"

    "Even the Yanjing giants, I, Ye Fan, have already stepped on them, let alone a small Ma family?"

    "I can come and go as I please, the so-called billion-dollar Looking Cloud Villa that you talk about is even more of a joke in my eyes."

    "Well frog Ann can speak of the sea, you're just an old peasant with half a body into the body, Ann knows what I can do?"

    "You should be glad."

    "If you weren't so old and frail, I would have cut off your head for your insulting words alone!"


    The furious drink was only like a thunderstorm exploding, rumbling in the old Taijun's ears.

    The resounding words and majestic words even raged the heavens and earth.

    Under Ye Fan's furious voice, the entire Su Family Courtyard was blown by a bone-chilling wind.

    The water of the pond in front of him rippled, three thousand falling leaves, rustling!

    How imposing Ye Fan's words were.

    Only as if the precious sword was out of the box, harsh, morose, and sharp!

    In all of Su's life, had Old Taijun ever faced such a battle?

    The moment Ye Fan's monstrous words of anger fell, Old Taijun Su's old face whirled to a frightening whiteness, just like a piece of white paper.

    In panic, the old eyes stared huge, and the entire person was so frightened that he even scuffled and retreated a few steps.

    In the end, he directly sat paralyzed on that stone bench.

    "You~ You~"


    "How dare you...How dare you!"

    Old Taijun Su roared in fear, she had never thought that this countryside person in front of her, a poor boy with no money and no power, would dare to say such treacherous words to her.

    However, where did Ye Fan pay any attention to her, after saying that, he turned around and brushed his sleeves away.

    All that was left for Old Taijun Su was that thin and cold back.

    "Ye Fan, what's wrong?"

    "What happened?"


    The commotion here naturally alerted the rest of the Su family.

    Su Yuanshan and the others who were going to visit the villa, worried, all ran towards the courtyard.

    They met, and saw the angry departing Ye Fan, who then asked out.

    However, faced with Su Yuanshan and Su Xi's call, Ye Fan ignored it.

    In the night, that thin figure quickly disappeared.

    Ye Fan's strange actions naturally made Su Yuanshan even more worried, while he hurriedly ran to the backyard to check on Old Su.


    "Old Taijun~"


    "Are you okay?"

    "What happened?"

    The Su family all swarmed over, looking at the terrified old Su who had a pale old face, all worried and asked.

    "Grandmother, speak up, you don't scare us ah?"

    Old Taijun was clearly in shock and sat there, his entire body gasping for breath.

    Panting like a cow.

    Obviously terrified.

    Only after a long time did the party slow down, while roaring in anger.

    "The erector is arrogant!"


    "No one else is in sight~"

    "Great treason!"

    "Crazy, he's crazy~"

    "Such scum must never enter my Su family's lintel."

    "Su Xi, if you insist on marrying him, the day you get married, your grandmother and I will die before the incense case?"

    Old Taijun's eyebrows were eventful, and he roared in anger.

    It was obvious that Ye Fan's actions just now had undoubtedly completely angered Old Taijun Su.

    How could she have never thought that a poor country boy with no family and no background would eat the guts of a bear and dare to be so rude to her Old Taijun Su?

    "This scum still wants to marry my granddaughter?"

    "To hell with his springtime dreams!"

    "Even if I were to die, I would never agree to this marriage."

    "I'll make him regret his arrogance to-night for the rest of his life!"

    Old Taijun Su was furious and spoke out to make Ye Fan regret his words for the rest of his life.

    Su Xi and Su Yuanshan's father and daughter listened, but the corners of their eyes twitched inwardly and their hearts were bitter.

    The other man, Ye Fan, is just here to accompany Su Xi in the play tonight.

    He didn't even fancy your granddaughter, much less want to marry her.

    What you are saying is just your own wishful thinking.

    How could Ye Fan regret it?

    However, of course, Su Yuanshan only dared to say these words in his heart, he wouldn't dare to actually say them.

    Now that the old lady was in a rage, it was afraid that it would add fuel to the fire.

    "Xixi, look at the good boyfriend you found."

    "Made your grandmother angry like this?"

    "Don't apologize to your grandmother yet."


    "That's right, Sissy, don't be so headstrong from now on."

    "The family is all for your own good."

    "That Ye Fan is just a poor loser from the countryside, and with you, he's just interested in our Su family's money."

    "He's mangy and wants to eat swan meat, but he doesn't take a piss to look at himself?"

    "I didn't fancy him at first sight."

    "Listen to your grandmother, break up tonight, break all ties with that poor boy, and don't make your grandmother angry again."

    The Su family members all advised each other, one after another.

    Su Xi's pretty face was pale, what else could she say except nodding her head and saying yes.

    Eventually, under the calming influence of the Su family members, Old Su calmed down.

    "Alright, grandmother, there's no need to get angry over a small person."

    "It wouldn't be worth it if you got angry and broke your body."

    "How about this, grandmother, you come with us and visit my villa."

    "I have an indoor hot spring there, and you can still look at the beautiful view of Genting Mountain from the rooftop."

    "Relaxing, it's also good for your health again, isn't it?"Mamoru Bo came out of this with a very thoughtful advice.

    "Yes, Old Taijun.Ming Bo's right, you should also come with us."

    "We can't waste someone's thoughtfulness, right?"

    "Maybe we'll be lucky enough to meet Mr. Chu?"

    Eventually, under the Su family's concurring advice, the Su family's old lady nodded, and got into the car with them to head to the bottom of the cloud top mountain, the Looking Cloud Villa.

    At the same time, on the streets of Yunzhou, a brand new Maybach S680 was slowly driving along the road.The orange-red headlights are like the devil's tail, throwing out an extremely voluptuous and beautiful long tail in the night.

    Inside the car, Ye Fan sat quietly and took a nap with his eyes closed.

    Shortly after Ye Fan left the Su family just now, he received a call from Wang Lili.

    She said that the car was repaired and asked Ye Fan where to send it to him.

    Ye Fan simply asked him to drive over and pick himself up.

    "Boss, are we really going to Genting Mountain Villa?"

    "That's the top of Yunzhou, the place with the highest land price in the city."

    "Even tycoons worth billions of dollars are afraid that they don't have the qualifications to go in there, right?"Wang Li Li's pretty face contained worry and asked in a low voice.


It wasn't that Wang Li Li looked down on Ye Fan.

    In Wang Li Li's eyes, at such an age, Ye Fan was already an extremely remarkable person when he could casually spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy an entire car dealership.

    However, even so, Wang Li Li was still worried that that Genting Mountain Villa, they weren't qualified to enter.

    After all, it was rumored that it was the residence of a great figure who was extremely respected by the Second Li of Yunzhou.

    In Wang Lili's opinion, even if Ye Fan was powerful, I'm afraid that he wouldn't be able to compare to Yunzhou's Second Master Li.

    What's more, what they were going to now was the residence of someone even more powerful than the Second Master Li.

    How could Wang Li Li not be terrified and worried?

    However, faced with Wang Li Li's words, Ye Fan sneered.

    "So what?"

    "No one else can go. I can go!"

    "Not to mention Yunzhou, even in the entire Huaxia, there is no place that I, Chu Tianfan, can't go to?"

    Ye Fan's words echoed.

    Inside the car, it was already full of Ye Fan's sloshing!

    That majestic and overbearing words, but let Wang Lili hear, only deafening.

    After that, Wang Li Li naturally didn't dare to say anything more, and drove Ye Fan to the top of Yunzhou, where the Genting Mountain Villa is!

    Since buying the Genting Mountain Villa, it had been so long, but Ye Fan hadn't gone in to see it.

    This Su family dinner, Ma Mingbo's words, however, reminded Ye Fan.

    It was also time to go and take a look at the newly purchased villa.

    According to Ye Fan's plan, after New Year's Day, he would officially move into, Genting Mountain Villa.

    Before that, Ye Fan naturally had to take a look in advance.See if this villa was worth fifty billion?


    The wind was chilly, the luxury car galloped.

    The deep roar of the Maybach cut through the sky, but it was riding swiftly away on the streets of Yunzhou!



    On the other side.

    The number of luxury cars driving out from the Su family, but they had already arrived at the bottom of Genting Mountain.

    Although it was night at this time, but the surrounding of Genting Mountain was brightly lit.

    All kinds of landscape lights dotted both sides of the road.

    It wasn't even New Year's Day yet, but the place was decorated as if it were a festival.

    "It's worthy of being an upscale villa area."

    "This way, there are three hurdles alone."

    "The security measures are so perfect, it's amazing."

    "The area around this Genting Mountain is probably the most secure area in the entire Yunzhou, right?"

    After the vehicle stopped, Su Yuanshan and the rest of the Su family walked away from the vehicle.

    Thinking back on the journey, many of them couldn't help but lament.

    "Yeah, if it wasn't for Ming Bo guiding the way, we probably wouldn't have been able to enter here in our entire lives, right?"

    The Su family's crowd was even more impressed and praised Ma Mingbo.


    "It's still against the Cloud Mist Lake hey."

    "Looking over from here, you can see the entire Cloud Mist Lake hey."

    "It's so beautiful~"

    At this time, you hadn't yet entered the villa, but standing outside, you could see the endlessly beautiful view of Cloud Mist Lake.

    With a refreshing breeze, the surface of the Cloud Mist Lake was brimming with light.

    Looking at the lake reflecting the moonlight, some of the Su family's younger generation, however, had already called out, full of joy.

    "Grandmother, the view isn't bad, right?"Ma Mingbo came over and smiled at Old Taijun Su and asked.

    Old Taijun Su was naturally impressed.

    "With the highest point in Yunzhou, the Cloud Peak Mountain, at the back, and the largest lake in Yunzhou, Yunwu Lake, in the front."

    "Nestled against the mountains and water, it's beautiful."

    "Ming Bo, your five hundred million, it's worth spending!"

    "It's just like paradise?"

    "And this villa of yours, its location is even the best one in the entire Looking Cloud Villa."

    "I guess, in terms of residence, I'm afraid that no one in the entire Yunzhou can compare to you, right?"

    "I just don't know, in the future, which lucky girl will be lucky enough to marry you, Ming Bo, to enter this place and sit in this boundless pomp ah."

    "By then, wouldn't the mistress of this villa be the Empress of Yunzhou?"

    The more Old Taijun Su looked, the happier she became, and the boredom she had felt because of Ye Fan was now gone.

    As he said this, Old Taijun Su also gave a meaningful glance at Su Xi.

    Obviously, Old Taijun Su, that last sentence, was obviously said to Su Xi.

    The purpose was to set up Su Xi and Ma Mingbo together.

    Su Xi pretended not to understand and only smiled perfunctorily.

    As for Su Yuanshan, he also turned a deaf ear and remained silent.

    Although there was a slight opinion on this matter in her heart, after all, Old Grandmother Su was in the midst of her fun, so there was no need to say something she didn't like to hear to spoil the old lady's fun.

    "No, grandmother, my current achievements are still far from enough!"

    At this time, however, Maminabo himself suddenly shook his head and said.

    He turned his head and looked up to the top of the Cloud Top Mountain in front of him.

    "The so-called "looking up to the clouds" means looking up to the top of the clouds."

    "Even though I'm sitting in the best location of Cloudwatching Mountain, I'm still far from the one on top of Cloudtop Mountain."

    "That one is the true Cloudwatching Emperor!"

    "His woman is the only one worthy to be called the Queen of Yunzhou, right?"

    Under the moonlit night, Maminabo speaks quietly, looking up ahead

    There, the cloud-topped mountain stood tall, and the majestic villa above it, even more so, was like a king, standing on top of the clouds, looking down on the entire cloud state!

    Ma Mingbo was certainly proud of himself, but in front of this master of Cloud Peak Mountain, he was not born with the slightest bit of arrogance.

    What there was, was only endless respect and reverence.

    He had, though, never seen that person's true face.

    However, his reputation was already like thunder.

    Even Nodong Jiangdong had already bowed at his feet, let alone him, Ma Mingbo.

    Old Taijun Su naturally knew who the person Ma Mingbo was talking about was talking about.

    However, she smiled with pleasure, "Proud but not arrogant, with a strong ambition as well as self-awareness, very good!Ming Bo, you child, your future achievements will be above your father's."

    "Ming Bo, actually, you don't need to be discouraged."

    "As far as you are concerned, the current Mr. Chu is certainly high above you."

    "However, you also have an advantage, and that is youth."

    "You have plenty of time to struggle hard."

    "In the future, when you reach Mr. Chu's age, the one who will live on top of this cloud top mountain might be you."

    Old Taijun Su was filled with expectation and said with joy.

    From the looks of it, Old Taijun Su clearly thought of Mr. Chu, as a middle-aged man of not too young age.

    Actually, thinking about it, whether it was Li Er, or Chen Ao, in short, any great figure of the mighty Jiangdong, almost all of them were middle-aged people in their forties or fifties.

    After all, at this age, fame and power is often when one is at his or her peak.

    "Well, Ming Bo will definitely work hard in order to live up to Grandma's high expectations!"Mamabu said firmly.


    "Xi Xi, look, look at Ming Bo, not only does he have talent, he has ambition."

    "Wouldn't it be more than a million times better than that poor country boy?"

    "That Ye Fan, who comes from a poor background, has no skills and no family, and is arrogant, saying that the Ma family can't see in his eyes, and that Jiangdong is all under his feet, he is simply an idiot."

    "This kind of country bumpkin will be rotten mud in the future as well."Old Taijun Su lifted one and stepped on the other, and said in a cold voice.


    However, it was then that a vehicle suddenly drove up ahead.

    "I'm going!"

    "A Maybach S680, that's a top-of-the-line luxury car, right?"

    "It's a few notches better than brother Ming Bo's car."

    "There aren't many of them in the entire Yunzhou, are there?"

    "Which one of these big shots is here again?"

    The Maybach's appearance instantly blew up the Soviet family in an uproar and curiosity.


"Minbo, you invited guests?"

    Looking at the Maybach that was driving towards here, Old Lady Su also frowned and was suddenly confused.

    This villa that Ma Mingbo had bought was almost the closest villa to the Genting Mountain View.

    Further up, it was the area where the Genting Mountain villa was located.

    And there was also a metal gate in front of it that cut off the road leading from Looking Cloud Villa to Genting Mountain Villa.

    In other words, further up was no longer accessible.

    Therefore, Old Lady Su naturally assumed that this car was coming for Ma Mingbo's home.

    However, Ma Mingbo shook his head, "I don't remember inviting any other guests ah?"

    "Unless, it was someone who knew I was in Yunzhou and took the initiative to come visit."

    Ma Mingbo said in a low voice.

    Now, it seemed that there was only reason to explain the scene in front of him.

    "Well, I guess that's it."

    "Since people are here to visit you, you should hurry over and welcome them."

    "People look up to us, we can't slack off on them, can we."

    Hearing Ma Mingbo's words, Old Taijun Su nodded his head in deep thought, while smiling and advising.

    And then, Ma Mingbo really welcomed him.

    The Su family also followed Ma Mingbo up to the front, they also wanted to see who the owner in the Maybach in front of them was.

    "Senior is Ma Mingbo of the Nanquan Ma Family, I don't know who is the friend who has come to visit."

    "Please also inform me of your identity name, I, Ma Mingbo, will definitely return to visit on another day."

    The speed of the car had slowed down, Ma Mingbo, full of pride and smiles, stepped forward and stood at the roadside whirling loudly and said.

    The color of pride and complacency between those eyebrows, however, was distinctive.

    After all, this first time he came to Yunzhou, he was visited by the rich and powerful.

    From the side, this was also enough to bake out the power and prestige of their Ma family.

    Now it was just right for him, Ma Mingbo, to make a small appearance in front of the Su Family's crowd.


    Ma Mingbo is still that proudly said, however the Maybach, but did not stop, directly whistling past.

    The wheels pressed on a puddle above, splashing muddy water, but collapsed Ma Mingbo a body.

    Even the Su family's old lady Su, who had come up to greet the noble guest with Ma Mingbo, was splattered with mud.


    "Who is it?"

    "What asshole is so uncouth?"

    Faking it didn't work, and instead, he was splashed with mud.

    Maminabo's original smile instantly dissipated, when an old face darkened.

    He had thought that the owner of this car had come to visit him.

    But to his surprise, the other party didn't even pay attention to him after seeing him and drove straight over.

    As if being slapped in the face, Ma Mingbo only felt humiliated, an old face hot and painful, his heart as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

    In the end, he could only use anger to cover up the embarrassment in his heart.

    However, with so many people present, I'm afraid that it was only Ma Mingbo himself who drove out a curse.

    The Su family members, even though they were also splashed with mud and water, but they did not dare to say a word, and hid their frustration in their hearts.

    The old Su Taijun also blushed with an old face, feeling angry but not daring to speak.

    After all, to be able to drive the car into here.The person in this car must also be above their Su family in terms of power.

    This kind of power, Ma Mingbo could be unafraid by virtue of the Ma family.

    But the Su Family, however, had to be afraid to cower.

    However, in the face of Ma Mingbo's anger, the people in the car remained oblivious, as if they hadn't heard.

    Everyone could only see that the car slowly drove past, and finally stopped in front of the iron gate that separated Cloud Peak Mountain and Villa Wang Yun.

    Seeing this scene, Ma Mingbo's face immediately went white.

    The Su family's crowd also unconsciously held their breath, their hearts were in their throats.

    Su Xi's pair of beautiful eyes were even more enormous.

    At this moment, the hearts of everyone here undoubtedly had the same one speculation.

    "Could it be..."

    "Could it be..."

    "Is...Is it Mr. Chu's car?"

    Ma Mingbo was filled with fear, Su Xi's nervous and petite body trembled, and Old Lady Su held her breath.

    And then, in the midst of the nervous and awe-struck gazes of Ma Mingbo as well as the Su family, the car door opened and a thin figure was seen, slowly walking down from the car.

    The moment this person appeared, the entire arena went silent.

    Ma Mingbo and the others, a pair of eyeballs, were close to jumping out in horror!


    "Is that you?"Maminabo cursed under his black face.

    "Ye Fan?"

    "Why are you here?"Suzy was equally horrified and lost her voice in shock.

    Yes, the skinny young man who stepped down from the car in front of her was naturally Ye Fan, who had arrived by car.

    Seeing this person, the Su family members were shocked.

    The original expectation and awe was gone, and there was only an inexplicable anger and sense of loss.


    "After all that fiddling, it's this poor kid?"

    "I thought I'd get lucky tonight and really get a glimpse of Mr. Chu's true face?"

    "What a bummer!"


    "That's right, this redneck, what's he doing here?"

    "Just what is he doing here?Is it pestering Sissy?"


    "But how did he, a country loser, get in this upscale villa area?"

    "It's not like they followed us all the way and got in here, right?"

    "Damn, that's really shameless."

    "Brother Ming Bo didn't invite him to visit the villa, why does he have the shame to follow him in?"

    Seeing that it was Ye Fan, the Su family scowled.

    Old Taijun Su was even more indignant.

    Ye Fan offended her before, which made Old Taijun Su dislike him to the extreme.

    Now that he was still haunting her granddaughter Su Xi, Old Taijun Su was naturally even more furious.

    A cold, angry voice said, "What are you doing here?"

    "I've already told you that you're not good enough for my granddaughter Sissy."

    "I won't agree that you're with Cee Cee."

    "You should die while you still can."

    "In the future, don't pester my granddaughter either."

    "Otherwise, my Su family will never forgive you!"

    "Now, get the hell out of here!"

    "Mom, you..."Su Yuanshan felt that the old lady was speaking a bit hard and spoke out to persuade her.

    "You shut up!"

    "If you, the father, hadn't been the one to push it from there, how would Xi Xi have gotten entangled with a country bumpkin?"

    "I'll get back to you!"

    Old Taijun Su glared angrily at Su Yuanshan.

    Su Yuanshan naturally didn't contradict anything further.

    After all, it was his own mother, and in front of so many people, he, the son, naturally had to save some dignity and face for the old taijun.

    However, at this time, a cold laughter came from Ye Fan in front.

    "Your old man is so lenient."

    "Do I still need your permission to go back to my own home?"




    Back to your own home?

    Ye Fan's words made the crowd present, all of them were shocked.

    Subsequently, many of them didn't hold back and puffed out a laugh right out.


    "You're a redneck, and you're going back to your own house?"

    "Do you want to laugh at me?"

    "Can't even make up nonsense."

    "Do you know what this place is?"

    "This is the Looking Cloud Villa."

    "Any villa in here, that's worth hundreds of millions of dollars."

    "Do you know what the concept of hundreds of millions is?"

    "Even if you sold your village, you wouldn't be able to buy any of the houses here."

    "And really ignorant."

    "Do you really think we're as easy for you to fool as Cee Cee?"

    The Su family crowd, snickered.

    The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were only as if they were looking at an idiot.

    Ma Mingbo was also shaking his head and laughing.

    Thanks to him, he had thought that this Ye Fan would be his fierce enemy in marrying Su Xi, but now, looking at it, he was purely overthinking.

    It turned out that it was just a fool.

    After sneering, Ma Mingbo said once again, "Brother Ye, is your family really here as well?"

    "I just don't know, which one is your house."

    "You point us in the right direction?"

    "Later, we'll also go to Brother Ye's house and visit."

    Ma Mingbo's words carried an inexplicable mockery, but it caused the Su family crowd to laugh.


    "Minbo, you don't really believe his bullshit."

    "He's a redneck who couldn't afford a toilet here even if he sold himself."

    "I think ah, he's just deliberately talking nonsense to fool our family, Susie."One of Susie's aunts burst out laughing.

    However, faced with the ridicule of the crowd, Ye Fan was not angry at all, but instead even said back faintly, "Do you seriously want me to point?"

    "Well then, in that case, I'll point it out to you."

    Ye Fan's words shocked the Su crowd once again.

    "I'll go!"

    "How dare this poor loser point that out?"


    "Then let him point, I'd like to see how long you can pretend to be a redneck."

    The Su family laughed coldly, looking as if they were waiting to see a good show.

    Old Taijun Su also had a look of contempt and disdain.

    In the opinion of Old Taijun Su, this Ye Fan was just trying to puff up his face and harden it.

    In the end, he would surely humiliate himself.

    "As you wish!"

    Ye Fan spoke proudly, and then turned his head, containing a smile, and pointed to the heavens.

    The low and majestic voice of authority immediately echoed the heavens and earth!

    "That cloud top peak is where I, Ye Fan, am perched."


    The cold wind was bitterly cold, and it brought three thousand ripples on the Lake of Clouds and Mist.

    The water rippled and the grass and trees swayed gently.

    But here, there was silence.


    A long, long silence.

    After Ye Fan's words fell, the Su family crowd, for a long time, was speechless.

    It was only after an unknown amount of time that there were curses.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Are you crazy?"

    "You don't want to live, you son of a bitch?"

    "It's idiotic in general!"

    The crowd was simply going crazy with Ye Fan's words.

    They originally thought that no matter how arrogant Ye Fan was, he would probably just point at a villa in the nearby Cloudwatching Villa and call it his home.

    However, they had never thought that this Ye Fan, with all the guts of a dog, would point to the top of Cloudwatching Mountain and call it his home.

    Is he crazy?

    Is he an idiot?

    Doesn't he know who lives in that place?

    How dare he covet Mr. Chu's residence? He doesn't know what he's doing!

    "Xixi, such a fool, quickly cut him off."

    "Otherwise, our Su Family will be screwed by him too!"

    "How ungrateful is that?"

    "What kind of nonsense is that?"

    "Is Genting Mountain Villa something a poor loser like you can covet?"

    The Su family scolded for a while.

    Ma Mingbo also rolled his eyes and looked at Ye Fan like he was a brainiac.

    This guy was just talking nonsense, but now he didn't even want his life.

    It was simply looking for death!

    "Let's ignore this fool and get inside."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid we'll have to be dragged down by him."

    The Su family was a little worried, and after scolding a few times, they were ready to go into Maminabo's villa.

    But Su Xi was still standing there, looking at Ye Fan, with nameless anger burning in her heart.

    "Xixi, come in quickly, huh?"

    "What are you floundering for?"The Soviets urged.

    Suzy was silent, oblivious.

    Finally, she couldn't hold back anymore and yelled at Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, have you made enough of a scene?"

    "Haven't you made enough trouble yet?"

    "You've offended the Li family, the Fan family, and the entire Dazzling Fist Gate's dignitaries, isn't that enough for you?"

    "And now you don't know how to offend Mr. Chu?"

    "Do you have to stab the sky and kill Mu Orange before you're willing?"

    Suzy's eyebrows were red and she roared with anger.

    She was really angry for her best friend Mu Orange.

    Previously, Ye Fan had already caused a lot of trouble and offended several forces, and for this reason, Autumn Mu Orange even had a big fight with Ye Fan.

    However, Su Xi had never thought that Ye Fan would not learn a lesson at all.

    Now, even more ignorant of death, even Mr. Chu, even dared to offend.

    "I really feel unworthy for Mu Orange,"

    With red eyes, Suzy looked at Ye Fan and shouted angrily.

    However, facing Suzy's roar, Ye Fan did not reply.

    His face was expressionless, and he only gave her a cold glance before turning his head and walking towards the closed iron door in front of him.

    "I'm going!"

    "Will this idiot not give up?"

    "What does he want?"

    "Is he really going to force his way into Mount Genting?"


    "That's stupid."


    "Downright insane!"

    When they saw Ye Fan heading towards Cloud Peak Mountain, the Su family thought that Ye Fan was going to climb over this iron gate and force his way into Cloud Peak Mountain.

    They were all pale with fear and cursed in fear and anger.

    At this time, the personnel left behind on the Cloud Top Mountain had obviously noticed the movement here, and someone had already come here.

    "Ye Fan, are you crazy?"

    "You're not coming back!"

    "Mr. Chu, you really can't afford to mess with that?"

    Seeing that someone had already come over in front of her, Suzy couldn't care less about being angry with Ye Fan and quickly shouted urgently.

    In her anxiety, she even had to go over and pull him.

    "Xixi, leave him alone~"

    "Let him go!"

    "He's the one who doesn't know what's going on, so why blame anyone else?"Ma Mingbo, however, pulled Suzy and didn't let her pass.

    Old Taijun Su also stared at Suzy with displeasure, "Xi Xi, did you take grandmother's words at face value?"

    "I'll say this one last time, from now on, you're done with him!"

    "Whether he lives or dies is no longer your concern!"

    "Ming Bo, bring her over here."

    Old Taijun said in a cold voice, then asked Mingbo to pull Suzy over.


    It was then that the people on Genting Mountain had arrived, they opened the locked iron gate and came out.

    "Mr. Chu's men have come out!"

    "That hillbilly is dead~"

    The Su family sneered and looked like they were gloating over a good show.

    However, just when the Su family thought that these people would severely teach Ye Fan a lesson.

    Who would have thought that in the next moment, those who came down from the mountain, led by the leader, bowed to Ye Fan, all together, "Jin Bao has been waiting here for a long time, please sir, go up the mountain!"


    "Please sir, up the hill!"


    "Please sir, up the hill!"


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