The King of Kungfu in school 1881-1900


Chapter 1881

"Mmhmm."Little Fire immediately carried Tang Zichen on his back and flew away in the distance with a swoosh, flying away in the direction of the Sea of Death.

This was what Tang Zichen and the others had planned, that place in the Sea of Death was now a forbidden place, and the ancestor of the Y Clan might not dare to go to the Sea of Death, so Tang Zichen went to the Sea of Death to hide.

That ancestor of the I Clan who held a pseudo-immortal artifact, Tang Zichen currently didn't even want to try it, he would rather just choose to hide, after all, it was a pseudo-immortal artifact that could topple the ocean.

At Tang Ji Gate, the countless onlookers who had been watching for a long time remained, everyone had not only worship, but also a hint of worry in their hearts.Although Tang Zichen had killed the Yi Clan's patriarch, the reason why their Yi Clan had dominated the Seven Seas was not because of Yi Weisheng, but because their family ancestor held the pseudo-immortal artifact, the Black Water Pearl.

Soon, Tang Zichen and Little Fire reached the waters of the Sea of Death, but they still continued to fly deeper into the Sea of Death.

"Brother Chen, are we going to that place where the Behemoth appeared?"

"Yes, we must go to that place, otherwise, I'm afraid the ancestor of the I Clan will still be desperate enough to come after us."

"But that sealed Behemoth, he warned us last time, if we run there again, will he?"

"Either we get killed by the ancestors of the I Clan, or we continue on to the Sea of Death, we have no choice."


At this moment, in the Seven Seas, the Light of Life Shrine. One second to remember to read the book

That servant who was in charge of guarding the ancestral hall, fell to the ground, his eyes dazed as he looked at the second position in the row of Life Lights above the ancestral hall.

What it meant to be in the second position of the Light of Life was clear to him, it was the position of the family patriarch, the strongest existence in the family besides the ancestor.

However, the Light of Life that represented this strongest existence at the moment, suddenly went out.

"Clan, the clan head is dead."

"The clan leader is even dead."

"Heavens, it must be blurred eyes, it must be."

That servant was busy rubbing his eyes, because it was too hard to believe.

However, after rubbing his eyes and looking again, the lamp, was still out.

"Oh my god, the patriarch is really dead."That servant, who was suddenly frightened, was sweating profusely.

In a situation like this, the family's death bell must be rung at the first opportunity, and it was the family's highest ranking death bell.

That servant, immediately climbed to the topmost level of the shrine, picked up the top level mallet and struck it on top of that bell and drum.

"Dang, dang, dang."The sound of the bell that represented the highest funeral bell resounded in the air above the I Clan.

"What's going on?Is the ancestor dead, or is the patriarch?"The entire Yi Clan was alarmed, and there were only two people who could match this death knell, the family ancestor and the clan leader.

At this moment, in the other cultivation room of the Yi Clan, an old man heard this death knell and opened his eyes wide.

"Ah."That old man didn't even think about it and immediately rushed out of his cultivation room.

This old man was none other than a strong man who possessed one of the five pseudo-immortal artifacts, the ancestor of the Yi Clan, named Yi Dingkang.

The pseudo-immortal artifact that Yi Dingkang possessed was the Black Water Pearl, but since Yi Dingkang had only stepped into the eighth stage of the Tribulation in the last few hundred years, he was the weakest among the five strongest people who possessed pseudo-immortal artifacts.However, despite being five

The weakest among those who possessed a pseudo-immortal weapon, but it was not something that ordinary people could deal with.

Yi Dingkang came to the ancestral hall, not only him, the entire Yi Clan came to the ancestral hall as if ants were on the move, and in no time at all, the Yi Clan's ancestral hall was already crowded with people.

When everyone entered the ancestral hall and saw the patriarch's life light extinguished, they immediately knelt down and cried.

For a moment, the sound of the Yi Clan crying shook the heavens.

"What's going on?"At that moment, Idincon came and heard everyone's cries and had to shout.

"Ancestor, the patriarch is dead."

"What."Although they had already guessed it, hearing it with their own ears was another matter.

Soon, the servant who was guarding the ancestral hall, who was on the scene of what had happened before, reported to Yidingkang, and the entire Yi Clan to know.

"Come, immediately follow me to the Six Seas and exterminate the clan."Yi Dingkang hissed, no matter which dynasty in the Six Heavy Sea, he would exterminate his clan today.

Yi Dingkang brought all the Half Immortals on the spot and headed to the Six Heavy Seas.

What had happened to the Yi Clan naturally couldn't be hidden from the other families of the Seven Seas, and within half a day, the other four great families of the Seven Seas, the Fu Clan, the Nuo Clan, the Universal Clan, and the Yong Clan, all knew that the head of the Yi Clan had been killed by someone from the Six Seas.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Little Fire were at the bottom of the Sea of Death.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire were lying in what was once the Shura Clan's headquarters.

The Shura Clan was now all dead, the last time the Behemoth Beast had an attack, it had implicated the entire Shura Clan, and now, the place had become a ruin.Tang Zichen and Little Fire were lying in a small blister in the ruins.

"Brother Chen, you take care of your injuries, this place should be safe for now, I bet that the ancestor of the I Clan would not dare to come here." ..

Tang Zichen said, "You also take good care of your injuries, you've been hurt a lot this time too."

"That Seventh Stage of Tribulation is really powerful, thanks to my previous thought that I could compete with the Seventh Stage of Tribulation by practicing a Flame of Void Fire, but now it seems that it's not even close."Little Fire sighed.

"That's normal, it's only now that the combined strength of the two of us can kill a Seventh Stage of Tribulation."Tang Zichen said.

"Brother Chen, I'm guessing that the ancestor of the Yi Clan must know by now that their clan leader is dead."

"That's for sure, as soon as we find out that Yi Weisheng's life light is out, we'll know that he's dead.If I'm not mistaken, the ancestor of the Yi Clan should have come to the Six Seas by now, and perhaps, have found out who killed their clan leader."Tang Zichen laughed.

"Hahaha."Little Flame laughed, but Little Flame was still quite worried inside, after all, that was a strong man with a pseudo-immortal weapon, and right now this Sea of Death was sealed with a Bimbo Beast, if the Bimbo Beast went mad, it would be the end, and they wouldn't even know where to hide.

At this moment, the ancestor of the I Clan, with a group of clansmen, had arrived at the Sea of Sixfold.

Regarding who had killed their clan leader, this matter would be known with a casual inquiry in the Six Heavy Sea.

When the people of the Yi Clan learned that it was a man named Tang Zichen from the Six Heavy Sea who had killed their clan leader as well as their clan members, everyone was furious.

Every member of the Yi Clan, with red eyes, shouted, "Kill Tang Zichen, tear Tang Zichen by hand."

"Tang Dog, kill Tang Dog."

"Old Ancestor, you must kill Tang Dog, take revenge for the clan leader, for the Yi table side, and for the Yi Shi Cai."


"If the bitch doesn't die, there will be no justice."

The people of the Yi Clan roared in the sky of the Six Seas, rallying their arms and roaring.

Yi Dingkang looked at the group of clansmen with blood red eyes at the scene and said through clenched teeth, "Don't worry, I will never make it easy for anyone who provokes our Yi Clan, we'll head to Tang Ji Gate, find Tang Zichen and cut him into pieces."

In less than half a day, Yi Dingkang and his group of clansmen arrived at Tang Ji Gate.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen was already gone.

Even the entire imperial city had run away for fear of implicating themselves, and everyone from the center of the palace to fifty circles away had disappeared.

"Escape, I'll see where he can escape to."Idincon roared.

At that moment, a clan member reported, "Old Ancestor, I just asked a man about it, Tang Zichen fled towards the Sea of Death after killing our clan leader."

"What? The Sea of Death."

"Old Ancestor, Tang Dog must have known that you wouldn't let him go and ran to the Sea of Death."

"Old Ancestor, what are we going to do now?Wouldn't that mean you can't kill Tang Dog." First published at

Yi Ding Kang ordered on the spot, "All of you, guard the exit of the Sea of Death, I don't believe that he can hide forever."

With that, the Yi Clan secured the Sea of Death.

At the Sea of Death, Tang Zichen and Little Fire recuperated for a month and finally recovered to their peak.

"Little Fire, wait for me here, now that a month has passed, I don't know what's going on outside, I'll go out and take a look."Tang Zichen said.

"Brother Chen, don't ever go out, there's no doubt that the Y's ancestor will guard the Sea of Death, as soon as you leave the heartland after death, he'll exterminate you."Little Fire advised.

The was really all right, currently, the I Clan's ancestor, who patrolled the perimeter of the Sea of Death every day, would swoop in and kill Tang Zichen just as soon as he left the heart of the Sea of Death.

"Damn, it's making me so frustrated, I'm about to get sick from nesting here every day."Tang Zichen was depressed.

"That can't be helped."

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, now that you've trained into a virtual fire, is there a stronger virtual fire?"

"Of course there are, like, two flavors of Void Fire and three flavors of Void Fire.However, it's too far for me to train to become a three-flavored Void Fire, and right now I feel clueless even with a two-flavored Void Fire."

Tang Zichen said, "But we can't be stuck here forever, we have to go out and face the Y's ancestor and fight him.So, Little Fire, you must train into the Two Flavors of Void Fire to raise your realm, and I must raise my realm and train into the sixth or even seventh set of the Twelve Sword Formation, so that we can rush out and join forces to fight the Y Clan's Old Ancestor."

"Ah, a battle with the Yi Clan's ancestor, this, I've never thought about it ah, would this be too appalling."After all, in everyone's eyes, the I Clan Ancestor was the overlord of the Seven Seas ah.

If we could fight with the Y's ancestor, wouldn't it be, that we could become a hegemon of the Seven Seas.

"Little Flame, let's not keep being afraid of his reputation, although he is one of the Seven Seas Hegemons in everyone's eyes that can't be countered, we are not weak, I have the sword formation, you have the inherited memories, together we may not be inferior to a pseudo-immortal artifact.Little Fire, get moving, I want to move as fast as I can, step into the fourth stage of Tribulation, and you need to step into the third stage of Tribulation as well!

."Tang Zichen said warily.

Tang Zichen was fed up with being trapped in the Sea of Death, it was a very lame life, Tang Zichen vowed to rush out and fight with the Yi's ancestor, to the death.

"Brother Chen, I've only recently stepped into the Second Stage of Tribulation, I'm afraid it's difficult, in fact, you've only recently stepped into the Third Stage of Tribulation, and it's impossible to break through within a few decades without any special opportunities."

Tang Zichen sighed.

At this moment, at the edge of the Sea of Death.

"Old Ancestor, Old Dog Tang has been hiding for more than a month and still hasn't moved, I think he's trying to hide for the rest of his life."A man of the sixth stage of the Tribulation flew up to the Y's ancestor.

"Hmph, continue patrolling, once you spot Tang Zichen's appearance, immediately jade note me."

"I'm afraid he'll keep hiding, that old dog Tang, he hid in the depths of the Sea of Status for fear that you'll kill him, he's not afraid of being killed by the sealed Behemoth."

"Hmph, he'll come out someday, unless he dies."

"Ancestor, our family's patriarch was killed, and now the whole Seven Seas has spread, those four families, they are secretly laughing at us."

"Let them laugh, ignore those people."

"Then I'm going to continue my patrol."The man who was at the sixth stage of the Tribulation immediately flew away.

That man was right, Tang Zichen was now famous in the Seven Seas, the other four families of the Seven Seas, the Fu Clan, the Nuo Clan, the Universal Clan, and the Yong Clan, all knew that there was a man named Tang Zichen in the Six Seas, and that Tang Zichen hadn't even been to the Seven Seas yet, yet he was one step ahead to become famous in the Seven Seas.

The other four families of the Seven Seas, while mocking the Yi Clan for their incompetence, were also paying attention to the Yi Clan's ancestor and when he would be able to kill Tang Zichen.

In the Four Heavy Seas, Mu Qianji and the others were filled with worry every day, wondering what the situation was now in the Six Heavy Seas.

"I can't hold it in any longer."Mu Qianji looked as if he was heading to the Six Seas.

Yan Xinyi advised, "Qianji, don't be impulsive."

"But I'm really worried about them, there's no news at all, and Tang Zichen hasn't sent us a single jade message, so I'm really going to be anxious."

"Maybe it's not convenient for him right now, let's wait a little longer, I believe Feng'er, he's not so easily defeated."

Mu Qianji and the others, the degrees were like years.

Tang Zichen was at the bottom of the Sea of Death, and it was also like a day to day.

Just as Tang Zichen was about to wait, Tang Zichen suddenly felt an attraction.

"Ah, attraction?Behemoth Beast."Tang Zichen was shocked, feeling the attraction, Tang Zichen thought of the Behemoth Beast, as Tang Zichen had experienced it once before.

In the next second, the two of them, Tang Zichen and Little Fire, appeared in a sealed space, above the space, two huge eyes, like two big light bulbs shot down, because it was too dark, only two huge eyes could be seen.

There was a cold snort in the air, "It's you again, you're looking for death, are you really forcing me to kill you?"

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Wait, Senior Bimbo, I didn't mean to intrude on your territory."

"You called me senior Bimun, hahaha, that's ridiculous, I didn't expect, I didn't expect."The voice in the air sneered.

Tang Zichen had the feeling that this sealed Beamon Behemoth had a yin and yang voice.


"Senior Bimbo, I really didn't mean to trespass on your territory, I was just chased by my enemy and had to hide here, that enemy of mine is very strong, but, he didn't dare to come to you.I hope that senior Bimeng, more support, Tang is grateful."Tang Zichen said evenly.

The voice in the air said, "I already said it last time, if I come again, I won't be polite."

"Senior Bimbo, although I did come again, I'm not bothering you, do I need to."

"Go, leave immediately."The voices in the air yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "My enemy is waiting for me around the Sea of Death, and if I take a step out, what awaits me may be death.Therefore, I will not leave."

"Are you forcing me to kill you?"

"I go out and die too, so does it make a difference?"

"I'll give you one last chance."The voice in the air said warningly, but before he could finish his sentence, Tang Zichen shouted impatiently, "Alright, don't have no fun, can you give me a break, you sucked me in here, did I barge in here of my own accord, be careful of me if you jabber on."Tang Zichen yelled.

"Ah, you."The voices in the air seemed startled.

Little Fire was busy, "Brother Chen, you're crazy to yell at him."Little Fire wiped away the cold sweat.

The voice in the air was yelled at by Tang Zichen, and it didn't dare to jabber anymore. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen dared to yell at him because Tang Zichen had an illusion that this Behemoth, he seemed to be so scrupulous that he didn't dare to kill Tang Zichen at all.Otherwise, he would have killed Tang Zichen already, so why would he be yelling at Tang Zichen so much?

So, Tang Zichen took a gamble and roared at him to give him some temper.

Sure enough, the Bimbo Behemoth was roared by Tang Zichen and didn't dare to gibber anymore.

Tang Zichen gambled right, the Behemoth Beast really was scrupulous of Tang Zichen.

The last time Tang Zichen learned that the Bimbo Behemoth knew Tang Zichen's past life, so was he scrupulous because of Tang Zichen's past life?

Could it be that Tang Zichen's past life was something that made the Behemoth still fear Tang Zichen now?

The air was free of that Behemoth's chatter, and it really was much quieter.

This sealed space felt like there was a hint of immortality, and Tang Zichen and Little Fire felt extremely deep in here.

"Brother Chen, have you noticed that we seem to be feeling extremely deep in this sealed space."

"Yes, I've noticed it too, so let's cultivate here, I think it will be very effective if we cultivate here."Tang Zichen said.

"Yes, but, here."Little Fire meant, this is in the space where the Behemoth was sealed, Tang Zichen said to cultivate here, when this is Tang Zichen's home ah.

The voice in the air said, "If you want to cultivate in my place, have you asked me?"The voice in the air looked unhappy.

Tang Zichen said, "I can cultivate here if I want to, so don't jabber."

"Don't you mess with me."The voice in the air shouted.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I told you to cut the jibbering, didn't you hear me?"

"I really will kill you."The voice in the air said suppressing its inner voice.

Don Zichen said, "Then kill me, kill me, shoot me to pieces


"Ahhhh."The Bimbo Behemoth roared, but it was too late to make a move.

Tang Zichen laughed inwardly, and wondered why this Bimbo Behemoth was afraid of Tang Zichen, who didn't even dare to actually make a move against him when Tang Zichen was pushing him so hard.

On the other hand, Little Fire, on the other hand, was terrified, feeling like he was walking on the edge of death.This is a Bismon Beast, those strong men with pseudo-immortal weapons in the Seven Seas are as weak as nothing in front of the Bismon Beast.

Tang Zichen said, "Bimun, don't disturb me, I want to cultivate properly, do you hear me."

"Ahhhh."The voice in the air shouted angrily, but it didn't move.

At this moment, that Behemoth was incomparably depressed, he was torn and struggling inside, his heart kept telling itself, "Hort, he's not your master anymore, why are you still afraid of him, kill him."

"Holt, kill him, he died long ago in his previous life, he has nothing to do with his previous life, he doesn't remember his previous life at all, and he doesn't remember you at all, why are you still afraid of him, kill him."

"But why am I afraid to kill him, why am I still afraid of him?When he used to be my master, he just treated me like a dog, he never really treated me at all, I hated him."

"Holt, what are you hesitating for, kill him, once he treated you like that, never treated you like a human, treated you like a dog, move and wave, why are you still afraid of him."

However, even though the Behemoth in the air was constantly urging itself to kill Tang Zichen inside, it never dared to do so, as if, the once master, had suppressed him to death, so that he didn't dare to resist.

In the blink of an eye, two months passed.

"Haha, Minister, I've broken through to the Third Stage of Tribulation."Little Fire suddenly laughed out loud.

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes and said, "It's easy to say that I'm at the third stage of Tribulation, I've already touched the threshold of the fifth stage of Tribulation."

"What? Brother Chen, are you kidding me, you've touched the threshold of the fifth stage of the Robbery?Two months ago, weren't you only at the third stage of the martial stage?"

Tang Zichen said speechlessly, "I broke through from the Third Order of Tribulation to the Fourth Order of Tribulation, and now I've touched the threshold of the Fifth Order of Tribulation."

"I go, Brother Chen, you're going against the heavens, I'm still excited about breaking through to the Third Order of Tribulation, and you, you've already touched the threshold of the Fifth Order of Tribulation.".

"Alright, keep up the good work lah.When I break through to the fifth stage of Tribulation, I'll be able to practice the seventh set of the Twelve Sword Formation, and by then, the Yi's ancestor won't be scary."Tang Zichen said.

"Wow crap, Brother Chen, how awesome."Little Fire was overjoyed, he was still trapped here, not knowing what to do in the future, but he didn't expect to enter the space where the Behemoth was sealed with Immortal Qi, causing him to pick up a bargain for Tang Zichen, soaring to the fourth stage of the Tribulation in just two months, and it looked like the fifth stage of the Tribulation wasn't far away.

"Little Fire, you also strive to break through to the Fourth Stage of Tribulation."

"Good."Little Flame immediately went to comprehend.

That Behemoth in the air was depressed, and he hated himself for being incompetent.

Soon, another half year passed.

Tang Zichen had finally stepped into the fifth stage of the Tribulation.

Little Fire also stepped into the fourth stage of the Tribulation.

In this sealed space, Tang Zichen couldn't find the slightest breath of comprehension either, indicating that Tang Zichen and Little Fire had absorbed all the favorable information here in the past few months.


Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, I've already trained into the seventh set of the Twelve Sword Formations, how about you?"

"Brother Minister, I've already practiced my Two Flame Void Fire."

"Good, then we can leave the Sea of Death now, now, if the two of us join hands, I'm confident that we can defeat the I Clan Ancestor."

"Brother Minister, after all, that I Clan Ancestor is at the eighth stage of tribulation and has a pseudo-immortal weapon in his hand, while you, who has no pseudo-immortal weapon and is only at the fifth stage of tribulation, are you really confident?"

"It's true that I'm unsure on my own, but adding you to the mix, it may not be, with your Two Flavors of Void Fire and the seventh set of my Twelve Sword Formation, I don't believe there's not a battle to be won."

At this time, the Bimbo Behemoth in the air snorted, "Don't dream, if the other party doesn't have a pseudo-immortal weapon, you together might be able to defeat them, but the other party has a pseudo-immortal weapon, you have no chance of winning."

Tang Zichen said, "Beamon, after being silent for so long, finally speak up, how much of an interruption, thank you for your support these past few months."

"Hmph."The Bimbo Behemoth snorted softly.

Little Fire was busy saying, "Senior Bimun, do you think we still can't beat that eighth stage of Tribulation that holds a fake Immortal weapon?"

Beamon snorted, "Thinking nothing of it, what makes you think you can defeat a strong man holding a fake Immortal weapon?If pseudo-immortal artifacts are so bad, then why is the world fighting for them."

Little Flame said, "But, Brother Chen has reached the fifth stage of Tribulation, and he has twelve sword formations, and his sword formations are as powerful as the pseudo-immortal artifacts." One second to remember to read the book

"No less than a pseudo-immortal artifact doesn't mean it's stronger than a pseudo-immortal artifact.Even if the Pseudo Immortal Weapon and the Sword Formation are evenly matched, then what about the realm, the other party is at the eighth stage of Tribulation, while your master is only at the fifth stage of Tribulation, not even close."

: "There's also me, I can also join forces ah, my Two Flavors of Void Fire is by no means extraordinary."

"Void fire, it's not real fire, it's nothing."The Bimbo Behemoth snorted disdainfully.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed deeply, after engaging in this for half a day, Tang Zichen now joined hands with Little Fire, but he still couldn't beat the Yi's ancestor ah.

Did, Tang Zichen have to continue to hide in the Sea of Death?

Tang Zichen said, "So then, I'll have to continue to nest here until I reach the Eighth Stage of Tribulation to defeat that Yi's ancestor."

"Right, those strong people holding pseudo-immortal weapons, the last time they came here, they were a hundred times more powerful than you guys combined now, and you're still trying to kill a pseudo-immortal weapons-holding Eighth Stage of Tribulation, it's ridiculous."

Little Fire was busy saying, "Senior Bimbo, you're so powerful, so do you have any solutions?Can you help us out a little?"

Beamon said, "Why should I help you guys."

"Senior Bimun, we have also been cultivating here for so long, just help us, if you have difficulties in the future, we can also help you, by the way, aren't you sealed here?We can help you.".

Beamon snorted, "I'm not sealed in here."

"Uh, aren't you?The legends out there say that you were once sealed here by a very powerful quasi-immortal."

"Bullshit, with a quasi-immortal being able to seal me?"

"Which you are how you're sealed here."

"I am, forget it, why should I tell you guys that I hate you."Beaumont said.

Tang Zichen found it funny and said, "Bimun, you said before that you knew someone from your previous life, I don't know about the former

People of the world, did I offend you, here, let me apologize to you."

"No need to be hypocritical."

"Whatever, right now, I need your help, so hurry up and think of a way for me to defeat that Yi's ancestor and steal his pseudo-immortal artifact.If his pseudo-immortal artifact falls into my hands, then my strength will definitely be greatly enhanced, even if I'm only at the fifth stage of robbery, then I have a sword formation and a pseudo-immortal artifact, I don't think I'll be much weaker than the other few strong people in the Seven Seas."Tang Zichen said expectantly, only if the Bimon Behemoth was willing to help Tang Zichen defeat the I Clan Ancestor and take away his pseudo-immortal artifact, otherwise it was a waste of time.

The Behemoth Beast snorted, "I won't help you."

Tang Zichen shouted, "I'll let you help, so why so much nonsense, hurry up."

"You."The Behemoth Beast seemed to look aggrieved, every time Tang Zichen got angry and spoke in a commanding tone, it was as if he couldn't resist from the bottom of his heart.

Tang Zichen shouted again, "You what you, don't think of a way to twist and turn like that, quickly."

Little Fire was frightened, the minister was too ungrateful, he wasn't afraid that the Bimbo Behemoth would get angry and kill them.

However, Little Fire also felt that the Bimbo Behemoth was a bit unpredictable, even though Tang Zichen had done this to him, he didn't even get angry enough to kill, every time he saw Tang Zichen's anger, it was as if he didn't dare to have a temper.

: "Senior Bimbo, please, will you."

For a long time, the Behemoth Behemoth said, "Alright, for your sake, I'll agree to help you.But, Little Fire, don't blame me for not reminding you, you'd better stay away from your master, he's definitely not worth following."

"Uh, you mean the minister?Brother Chen is my brother, not my master la."

The Behemoth Behemoth snorted, "Someone like him would never treat you as a brother, he would only treat you like a dog and call you around."

"Senior Bimbo, how could you say that about my big brother.

"Forget it, forget I said it.I'm now pumping a mouthful of Qi into each of you, and with you having my breath, it shouldn't be difficult to kill that eighth stage of Tribulation."

After saying that, Tang Zichen felt a strong surge of Qi into his body.

Little Fire also felt it.

Bimbo said, "This Qi of mine has already hit you, and you should have no problem finding a chance to hit each other."

Little Fire said with great joy, "Senior Bimun, thank you, if you need any help in the future, please find us."

"I, forget it, no need."The Behemoth hesitated and finally backed down, perhaps it was indeed possible for Tang Zichen to help him get out of this place, but he didn't even want it until he reached why.

Tang Zichen said, "Then let's go."

Soon, Tang Zichen and Little Fire appeared on the surface of the Sea of Death.

Little Fire saw the sun again and laughed with excitement, "Brother Chen, I didn't expect that we would be blessed by misfortune, not only did we rise two levels in a row, we also got a bite from the Behemoth Beast, now, we should have no problem killing the Y's ancestor."

Tang Zichen's mood was also doubly good, it was truly a mountain without a road, a willow without a village.

Tang Zichen said, "Old Ancestor of the Yi Clan, this time I'm going to let his head fall to the ground, and then take away his pseudo-immortal weapon, the Black Water Pearl.In this way, I, Tang Zichen, will be able to possess one of the five pseudo-immortal artifacts of the Seven Seas, hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a wild laugh.


Everyone wanted a pseudo-immortal weapon, but it was difficult to change hands for thousands of years.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, would soon be able to obtain it, and by then, the power landscape of the Seven Seas would all have to change.Tang Zichen's Tang Ji Gate could also be established openly to the Seven Seas.

Little Fire said, "I'm sure the Yi Clan will regret it afterwards, if they hadn't wanted to establish some family branch, they wouldn't be here today."

"Alright, let's stop talking and set off."Tang Zichen shouted, heading straight for the Tang Chi Gate, just follow any direction, and in less than a day, you can reach the shores of the Sea of Death.

Of course, since Tang Zichen and Little Fire had been hiding in the Sea of Death for seven or eight months, it was hard to guarantee if the people of the I Clan were still looking for Tang Zichen in the Sea of Sixfold.

Right now, at the Tang Chi Gate in the Six Seas.

"Old Ancestor, it's been almost eight months, and that grandson has been hiding in the Sea of Death and hasn't shown up."A Half Immortal reported to Yi Dingkang.

Yi Dingkang snorted, "So what if I wait for him for ten years, all of you, continue your patrols."

"Yes."Since eight months had already passed, most of the group of people who had come down from the Yi Clan had been sent back to the Seven Seas by their ancestors.Mu Qianji, only ten people remained here waiting for Tang Zichen, and these ten people were the I Clan's Old Ancestor and the nine Half Immortals.

Most of the time, the Y's Old Ancestor spent most of his time cultivating at the Tang Chi Gate, and if there was any news, those nine Half Immortals would return to report it.

A day later, Tang Zichen and Little Fire, arrived at the edge of the Sea of Death. The first website

At this moment, in a distant place, a Half Immortal of the Yi Clan discovered Tang Zichen and immediately took out a jade communication.

"Old Ancestor Old Ancestor, Tang Dog was discovered."

The Yi Clan's ancestor who was cultivating at Tang Chi Gate opened his eyes wide open, his heart in a frenzy of joy, waiting for eight months to finally show up.

"Old Ancestor, Tang Dog is already at the edge of the Sea of Death, heading towards the Tang Pole Gate, he's flying and looking around as if he's looking for where you are."

Old Ancestor Yi's face chilled, "This bastard grandson probably thinks I've left.Jin, don't spook him yet, you're no match for him, forget about it, let him come to Tang Ji Gate, I'll be here waiting for him."

"Yes, Old Ancestor."

Tang Zichen finally showed up, the nine Half Immortals of the Yi Clan that were left to patrol were in a good mood, otherwise, Tang Zichen would have had to patrol for ten years to hide, it was too torturous for them.

It was true that Tang Zichen was looking left and right, looking around, but Tang Zichen was not looking around because he was afraid of the I Clan's ancestors, quite the opposite, Tang Zichen was looking for the I Clan's ancestors.

Thankfully, those half-immortals of the I Clan thought that Tang Zichen was looking around because he was afraid of their ancestor and ran in time when he found out what was going on.

"Brother Chen, I didn't see anyone, could it be that the I Clan didn't come down to hunt us down at all?".

Tang Zichen said, "It's impossible that they didn't come down to hunt us down, after all, their patriarch is dead, even for the sake of the family's dignity, their ancestor would still come down to kill me .The hell, from the center of the Sea of Death, all the way back from finding it, I didn't feel any particularly strong momentum, could it be that the Yi ancestor didn't lurk around the Sea of Death at all?"

"This old dog must be so afraid of the Behemoth that he doesn't even dare to approach the shores of the Sea of Death." ..

"Hahaha, I think so."Tang Zichen and Little Fire amused themselves with a chuckle.

"Brother Chen, we're almost at the shore, let's find a place to eat a meal

, anyway, we don't have to be afraid of the Y's ancestors, if their people find us, they will naturally report it and come looking for us."Little Fire Dao.

"What's the rush for dinner, go straight back to Tang Ji Gate, we're here anyway, and fly another hour to Tang Ji Gate.If the Sea of Death doesn't see the Y's ancestor, then there's a good chance it's at the Tang Dynasty Gate."

"Okay, I hear you."

Tang Zichen and Little Fire accelerated for a while, heading straight for the Tang Ji Gate.

An hour later, Tang Zichen and Little Fire arrived at the Tang Ji Gate.

Tang Zichen stood over the Tang Ji Gate and looked underground, the entire dynasty was destroyed.

Moreover, a powerful momentum, which had just been hidden, suddenly spread out when Tang Zichen appeared over Tang Ji Gate, as if he was waiting specifically for Tang Zichen to come.

Tang Zichen's brow furrowed, and the air suddenly emitted a palpable fear.

The entire imperial court was silent inside and outside.

"Where to run."Suddenly, a strong oppressive force came from the ruins of Tang Ji Gate, and an icy, deadly voice pierced through the air.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire stood in mid-air, and suddenly looked into the surrounding sky, and saw that there were nine more Half Immortals encircled in the surrounding sky, approaching Tang Zichen continuously from four directions.However, these nine half-immortals that surrounded and approached Tang Zichen were only general momentum, and the strongest momentum was coming from underneath the ruins.

The corners of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted, as if Tang Zichen had been waiting for a long time as well.

Little Fire said, "Brother Chen, what's due, must come."

In the next second, a buzzing sound came from the ground, and in the blink of an eye, an old man stood hundreds of meters in front of Tang Zichen, his entire body emitting an invisible light as dazzling as the sun.

This person, without a doubt, was the Yi's ancestor, a Transmigration Eighth Stage who held a pseudo-immortal weapon.

The half-immortals that surrounded on all sides also approached, surrounding Tang Zichen and Little Fire, in a range of hundreds of meters in the air.

One of the Half Immortals was the first to shout, "Tang Dog, you've finally appeared, I'm afraid you didn't expect it, you carefully ran all the way back in the Sea of Death, and we're waiting for you here."

Tang Zichen sneered, "You'd better leave a little bit of tongue in your mouth, so you don't have to die too ugly later."

"Hahaha, Tang Dog, you're already surrounded by us, you may not put us in your eyes, but the person standing in front of you is our family ancestor."

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at the I Clan's ancestor.

The I Clan Ancestor's face was frosty, and his voice was like a bell as he asked, "Tang Zichen, should I do it, or should I do it myself?"

Tang Zichen said, "What's the point of doing it, busting your old ass?Sorry, I don't have the hobby."

The I Clan's ancestor's face was drawn, not expecting that, having reached this level, Tang Zichen would still dare to be so arrogant and verbally abusive.

However, the I Clan Old Ancestor thought to himself that this was normal behavior, showing that Tang Zichen knew that he would die today, and since he was going to die, he might as well exert a little bit of verbal arrogance and curse.

Old Ancestor Y's looked at Tang Zichen with pathetic eyes.

Little did he know that Tang Zichen was also looking at him with the eyes of a dead man.

One of the half-immortals of the I Clan said, "Old Ancestor, do it, he knows he is going to die, he will definitely be like a shrew, so he can curse as much as he can, so quickly extinguish him and save him from more cursing."


With a contemptuous gaze, Tang Zichen swept a circle and said, "From today onwards, your history is finished, come on, do it."

After saying that, Tang Zichen instantly activated the sword formation, with Little Fire momentarily assisting behind Tang Zichen.

Together, Tang Zichen and Little Fire only had two mouthfuls of Bimbo Behemoth's Qi, so Tang Zichen and Little Fire meant that there were only two chances to kill the I Clan's Old Ancestor.

If they didn't hit the I Clan Ancestor twice, then it was a waste of such a good opportunity.

Not only had they lost such a good opportunity in vain, they would have lost their little lives as well.

Therefore, Tang Zichen and Little Fire didn't dare to take it lightly at all, two chances ah.

The E's ancestor also moved, he had no worries at all, he struck directly towards Tang Zichen with a palm strike.

Tang Zichen's sword formation spun at high speed, his nerves tense to the extreme.

"The heavens and earth are limitless, a sword from the ocean."

Tang Zichen's sword formation erupted with a light that was almost invisible to the naked eye, so fast that one sword became one point.

"Swoosh." Remember the URL

The eyes of the Yi Clan's ancestor trembled, Tang Zichen's sword formation was truly powerful.If he didn't have a pseudo-immortal weapon in his hand, with this moment's move of Tang Zichen's, he would probably die, no wonder he dared to oppose their Yi Clan, unfortunately, it was all a pity.

The Yi Clan's ancestor wiped his hand on his chest, and a black screen appeared in front of him, which was instantly enlarged.

"Boom."This sword of Tang Zichen Heaven and Earth hit that black screen, and it seemed like a muddy ox entering the sea without a ripple.

Tang Zichen was shocked, that black screen was definitely a pseudo-immortal weapon, the Black Water Pearl.

As expected, Tang Zichen's current attack power was worthless in front of his pseudo-immortal weapon, thanks to Tang Zichen's previous thought that he could deal with the I Clan's ancestor by stepping into the fifth stage of Tribulation, what a naive thought.

At this moment, the I Clan Ancestor's palm rose and fell, and the black screen seemed to suddenly turn tooth and claw, overwhelmingly shooting down towards Tang Zichen.

"Ah, Little Fire."Tang Zichen shouted, right now Tang Zichen had to use up a chance to use up his Bimbo Breath, otherwise, he would surely die.However, Tang Zichen and Little Fire who's that breath was to be used first, Tang Zichen felt that he should use up Little Fire's first.

Little Fire heard Tang Zichen's shout and instantly understood.

"Buzz."When Little Fire saw that black water droplet killing, he didn't even want to think about it, a single breath struck out violently, it was in fact very rushed, and it felt more like he was trying to save his own life.

"Boom."The breath that Little Fire spewed out was like a substantial fist, and it collided with the Black Water Pearl's strike.

Issuing a shocking shaking of the ground, the ground of the entire Tang Ji Gate, popped and tumbled, showing how strong this one impact was.

The Y's ancestor's pupils constricted and he broke out in a cold sweat of fright, but in the next second, his pseudo-immortal weapon, the Black Water Pearl, seemed to be subjected to violent turbulence and instantly retracted back into his body.

"Puff."The Yi Clan's ancestor spurted out a mouthful of blood so violently that his entire body felt like the sky was spinning.

However, after all, the breath from the little fire just now didn't hit his body, it only collided with his black water beads against each other, so the I Clan's ancestor spat out a mouthful of blood and then

Steady as she goes, just, already out of breath.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire, for the time being, had picked up a life.

"Brother Chen, why isn't he dead."Little Fire was busy.

"Crap, didn't hit his body, damn it, didn't think it would be this difficult."Tang Zichen had fine sweat on his forehead, although they possessed two mouthfuls of Qi that could kill the Y's ancestor, it was difficult to hit his body.

"It was too hasty just now, and I didn't align.".

"His pseudo-immortal weapon, the Black Water Pearl, is too strong, and if I hadn't let you hit that breath of Qi just now in time, we'd both be dead."

"Ah, so what now, there's only one breath left in you, if we don't hit his body, then we will."

"Don't talk, there's no turning back from a bow."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth.

The difficulty of killing the I Clan Old Ancestor had exceeded Tang Zichen's expectations.

The I Clan Old Ancestor looked at Tang Zichen with a pale face.

"You guys, how could you, what was that you just sent out?"Yi's ancestor's lips turned a little white as he asked, although it hadn't hit him physically just now, it had given him a serious injury.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Old Dog Yi, today you will die."

The Yi Clan's ancestor's face trembled, and in the next second, felt extremely angry that he, a man with a pseudo-immortal weapon, had suffered a little loss.

In the distant sky, the nine Half Immortals of the Yi Clan, seeing their ancestor's face turn a little pale, they couldn't help but feel confused as to how they could kill a Tang Zichen with so much effort.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire exchanged glances.

Little Fire immediately opened his mouth and sprayed a mouthful of flames towards the Y's ancestor.

"Roar."The entire sky, thousands of meters in all directions, was a raging fire.

Tang Zichen also sent out his strongest sword again at the same moment.

"The heavens and earth are limitless, a sword of the ocean."

The Y's ancestor panicked and braced his hands, the black water droplets were like a water bubble, firmly protecting his perimeter.

Little Fire's Two Flame Void Fire couldn't even get close to the I's ancestor, all of them were intercepted by his black water beads.

Tang Zichen's Heaven and Earth Peerless Canghai Sword shot at the black water bead with the speed of light.

"Wave."It seemed like a drop of water fell into the pool, but Tang Zichen's sword so strong only sent out a wave.

The old ancestor of the Y's braced his black water droplet mouth and gave a disdainful sneer.

However, this was not Tang Zichen's purpose.

Tang Zichen had already approached within tens of meters of the I Clan's ancestor by using the Heaven and Earth's Infinite Canghai Sword, and although his sword didn't have any effect of tapping through the black water beads, Tang Zichen's next second, fiercely hit the breath on his body.

This move was the ultimate goal of Tang Zichen's attack this time.

If he failed to kill the opponent this time, then the chance was completely lost.

"Ah."The Y's ancestor, who was holding on to the Black Water Pearl, was stunned when he found out that Tang Zichen had fiercely struck out that breath of air, thinking that the powerful breath he had just struck out was only Little Fire's, thinking that it was Little Fire's unique move.


bsp; However, he never expected that even Tang Zichen would be able to let out such a powerful breath.

However, it was already too late.

The Yi Clan's ancestor could only hope that his Black Water Pearl would be able to firmly guard him at the moment, but he didn't have much confidence in his heart, because he had already learned the power of that breath just now, and rawly knocked the pseudo-immortal weapon back into his body.

"Boom."It was too late, and there was another incredibly violent collision.

The Qi of the Behemoth Beast and the Black Water Pearl collided together.

In almost a second, the black water bead of the I Clan's ancestor couldn't hold up to such a powerful force.

"Bang."The black water bead instantly broke open and contracted into the I Clan's ancestor's body.

Tang Zichen shouted at once, "Right now."After saying that, Tang Zichen's long-deliberate, end-everything sword was sent out.

"Heaven and earth are limitless, die."The moment Tang Zichen broke open the Black Water Pearl and hadn't had time to retract it into the body of the I Clan's Old Ancestor, Heaven and Earth's Infinite Sword broke straight through the I Clan's Old Ancestor's skull.

At the moment of cutting open the skull of the I Clan's ancestor, the heavens and earth seemed to reopen, and time seemed to suddenly stop.

The I Clan's ancestor, with his open hands but no longer able to hold them, looked at Tang Zichen with incredulous eyes.

"Tang, Tang, Tang."The I Clan's ancestor didn't know what he wanted to say, and Don didn't say it three times.

In the distant sky, the nine half-immortals of the I Clan hissed, "Old Ancestor."


"No, it can't be."

"Old Ancestor."

In the shrieks of those nine Half Immortals, and in the incredulous, braced eyes, the ancestor they were so proud of, the look on his face suddenly faltered, as if everything had ended, from a person, to a corpse floating in the air.

"Ahhhh."The nine half-immortals of the Yi Clan tore their hearts out and roared, a roar that was so frustrating and painful.

What the death of their ancestor meant, they didn't dare to think about it, right now, the only thing they could do was roar.

Tang Zichen was completely relieved.

"Whew, dead, finally killed the I's Old Ancestor."Tang Zichen felt himself being relieved, not that he was really relieved, but killing this I Clan Ancestor was really not easy, Tang Zichen and Little Fire had both pinned their lives to their pants belts.So at the moment it succeeded, feeling a sense of celebration and a relaxed body.

At that moment, Little Fire shouted, "Brother Chen, don't be relaxed yet, pseudo-immortal weapon."

Tang Zichen reacted at once.

Yes, at this moment, the Y's ancestor was dead, his pseudo-immortal artifact, the Black Water Pearl, had become a masterless object, Tang Zichen must take it away immediately and immediately.

Tang Zichen rushed up, a black bead, floating above the corpse of the I Clan Ancestor.

In between, Tang Zichen's hand grabbed the black bead.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh, and from then on, Tang Zichen also had a pseudo-immortal weapon.

Tang Zichen's gaze shot to the distant sky, where nine half-immortals of the Yi Clan chattered and laughed, and his eyes seemed to say, "It's your turn."


The nine I Clan Half Immortals in the distant sky shuddered when they saw Tang Zichen's gaze shooting towards them.

"Run."One of them shouted, so the nine Half Immortals suddenly ran.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Still running, your Yi Clan is officially extinct from today, I'll see where you can run to.Little Fire, one-stop service."

"Yes, Brother Chen."

Little Fire immediately chased after them, and of course, Tang Zichen chased after them together.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen and Little Fire caught up.

Little Fire opened his bloody mouth wide and shouted, "One dragon service, baohua."

"Phew."The monstrous flames engulfed those nine Half Immortals.

After the flames passed, there were no scraps left.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"Congratulations, Brother Chen, for obtaining the pseudo-immortal artifact and about to become one of the overlords of the Seven Seas."Little Fire was busy congratulating. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, find a place first, I need to digest the pseudo-immortal artifact.Once I'm done digesting it, we'll head to the Seven Seas and exterminate the I Clan."

"Good."Little Fire nodded his head full of anticipation.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed to the ruins of Tang Ji Gate, found a random ruined hall, and sat down to refine the pseudo-immortal artifacts.

Pseudo Immortal Artifacts weren't so easy to refine, Tang Zichen needed to put in some effort, but it wasn't that difficult either.

After about half an hour, Tang Zichen was considered to have completely turned the Black Water Pearl into his artifact.

Tang Zichen's mind moved, and suddenly a black screen appeared in front of him, which changed into a water bead.

After Tang Zichen refined the black water bead, this thing was Tang Zichen's magic weapon, Tang Zichen could use the black water bead for all kinds of attacks, of course, the black water bead also had its own attribute, the attribute he brought with him, the most biased one would be defense.

"Alright, I have thoroughly refined the Black Water Bead and, learned how to utilize it, we can now head to the Seven Seas."Tang Zichen stood up.

"Brother Chen, heading to the Seven Heavy Seas, I heard that you need some kind of key."

Tang Zichen flipped his hand and flipped out a token that was very primitive.

"I think this is the so called key, I found it from the Yi's ancestor."

"Then what are you waiting for, go up to the Seven Seas and destroy the Yi Clan."Little Flame shouted.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire, rose up into the sky.

The passage to the Seven Heavy Seas, deep in the sky, there was a similar teleportation formation, which had to have a key to activate.

And right now, in the Seven Seas, the I Clan's ancestral hall.

A light of life that was placed in the highest one, at some point, quietly went out.

The servant who was guarding the ancestral hall looked at the extinguished light and his entire body was silly.

"Oh my god, this must be blurring of the eyes."That servant rubbed his eyes as hard as he could, but the two lights that came first and second in line were always out.

"It's over, the Y's are going out, I'd better run first."That servant, who didn't even go to ring the death knell and threw down his broom and ran away, was also really heartless.If he rang the death knell in time, he would at least be able to send a message to the I Clan, so that the I

The clan promptly made a countermeasure, either going to move help or escaping in time.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at the Seven Seas, and once he entered the Seven Seas, he felt the thick to somewhat sticky aura.

"Wow, this aura is just enough, no wonder there are so many half-immortals in the Sea of Seven Heavens."

"The cultivation of Half Immortals isn't that important in terms of how much aura they need."

"There's nothing wrong with that, but with so much aura, at least there are more people who have cultivated to the ninth stage of the Mahayana stage, and then, there are more who have stepped into the tribulation as well."

"Alright, go find out where the Yi Clan is."

Tang Zichen flew in the skies of the Seven Heavy Seas, which was small in size and consisted of a total of four continents, among which, the southernmost continent was divided into five regions according to southeast and northwest.

"If I'm not mistaken, the five regions of the middle continent are the territories of the five major powers of the Seven Heavy Seas, but which one of these five regions is the Yi Clan's?"

Tang Zichen said, "We're already here, and we're still afraid that the remnants of the I Clan won't escape.Let's see what the Seven Seas is like first."

The southernmost continent continued north, east, and west, with three separate continents.These three continents were farther apart.

"It seems that there are other forces in the Seven Heavy Seas besides the five major powers."Tang Zichen said.

"It's obvious, you see, the five major powers have combined to dominate one continent, it looks like the five major powers are not the strongest in the Seven Seas, there are powers stronger than the five major powers."

"Well, we can go receive our territory now."Tang Zichen said.

After saying that, Tang Zichen swooped down to the southernmost continent from high in the sky.Although the continent looked very small from high in the sky, it was actually very large after rushing to the ground.

Tang Zichen casually landed in a bustling city.

"Excuse me, where is this place?"Tang Zichen asked a man at the Distraction Stage.

"Hey, you guys are so strange, how come you don't know where this place is, this is the Nuo Clan, Noling City, ah, aren't you, aren't you guys from our Nuo Clan?"The man looked at Tang Zichen and Little Fire in confusion.

Tang Zichen said, "It's the idiot who's a Nosferatu."

"Ah."That man was startled, then, his face felt a hint of anger, who are these two people, where did they come from, even if it's not enough to inquire about what place this is, they actually said that the idiot is the one who is from the Nuo Clan, isn't that calling them Nuo Clan's people idiots?

Little Fire asked, "Ah what ah, tell me, how do the Isthmians get there?"

"Who the hell are you guys?You must not be from the Seven Seas, you must have only smuggled yourselves up from the Six Seas.I'm going to report you and catch you, lowly immortal cultivators of the Sixfold Sea are not allowed to enter a sacred place like the Sevenfold Sea, and are only allowed to come here with the permission of the five great families."The man at the Divide Stage yelled.Everyone here seemed to have a high-minded attitude, seeing those under the Six Seas as lowly immortal cultivators.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped it down.

"Little Fire, go first."


Tang Zichen and Little Fire instantly disappeared and arrived at a street a few thousand meters away.

Little Fire said, "The Five Great Powers, they have been developing here for millions of years, even tens of millions of years, their family population, I'm afraid it's several hundred million."

"Well, that's for sure, this city we're in right now is a certain small town of the Nuo Clan, one of the family branches, this population is too much."


"Then it's a bit difficult for us to exterminate the Yi Clan, I'm afraid the Yi Clan, too, already has a population of several hundred million, where can we kill so many."

"Just kill some of the top brass, those weak ones, and drive them to the Six Seas.What I'm more worried about now is that our Tang Ji Gate, with a total of less than 10,000 people, how can we manage such a large territory with so few people."

"The population will naturally grow as it slowly grows."

Tang Zichen continued to ask around, and finally, Tang Zichen arrived at the territory of the Yi Clan.

The I Clan's territory was in the southwest region of this southernmost continent.

The Yi Clan had developed in this region for tens of millions of years, and by now, the population had exceeded 800 million, with a total of thirty-two cities, of which, the most prosperous city was their family headquarters.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire were now heading to the headquarters of the Yi Clan.

It wasn't long before Tang Zichen and Little Fire arrived at the Yi Clan's headquarters, which had a population of over a hundred million, and houses and buildings that were endlessly magnificent and prosperous.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, how do you extinguish it?"

"How about just a dragon, I'll just go down with a fire, and in less than half an hour, I'll make sure the I Clan burns to the ground."

"Never, it's not that I pity their lives, but if you go down in a fire, a good building is all destroyed, and we'll have to rebuild it later, we don't have the manpower here, so we can only use others ready-made." First URL

"Then what do you say."

Tang Zichen shouted, "All the people of the Yi Clan listen, your ancestor is dead, if you don't want to die now, immediately get out of here, kneel to the sky and receive my judgment."

Tang Zichen's shout was heard by the entire headquarters of the Yi Clan.

Many people had no idea what was happening, but those strong Half Immortals of the Yi Clan rushed out at the first opportunity.

Within seconds, dozens of Half Immortal powerhouses flew into the sky and surrounded Tang Zichen and Little Fire.

"Who are you guys?Why are you slandering my ancestor, my ancestor, who is clearly chasing after a lowly dog in the Six Seas."An old man of the fourth stage of Tribulation roared.

Tang Zichen snorted, "My name is Tang Zichen, I just came from the Sea of Sixfold."

"Ah, you're Tang Zichen."Suddenly, dozens of Half Immortals were shocked, they all knew that their ancestor had gone to the Six Seas to kill a man named Tang Zichen, that Tang Zichen had gone to hide in the Sea of Death, but, never would they have expected that this man was Tang Zichen.

"How could you be Tang Zichen, if you were Tang Zichen, you would have been killed by my family's ancestor."

Tang Zichen said, "Your Yi's ancestor is already dead, this is his pseudo-immortal weapon, the Black Water Pearl, and it's now my property."After saying that, Tang Zichen unleashed the Black Water Bead.


"Oh my god, it really is the Black Water Bead, our ancestor's pseudo-immortal artifact."

At this moment, a clan member from afar came running with a shout, "It's bad, the light of life of our ancestor, extinguished."

At the same time, a mournful death knell came from the direction of the Yi Clan's ancestral hall.

"Dang, dang, dang."Each sound of the funeral bell was extremely mournful and sorrowful.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Only now have you discovered that the ancestor is dead."

At this moment, dozens of Half Immortals were suddenly foolish, and they no longer had any doubts about this sudden arrival of the two men

and really killed their family ancestor.

Little Fire snorted, "What your family ancestor's, is now my big brother's.Alright, we're not here to inform you that your ancestor, and the nine Half Immortals who helped hunt us down in the Six Seas, are all dead, and we're now up here to receive the territory."

"Receive, receive the territory?"

"Otherwise, your ancestor, as well as the patriarch, are already dead, is there still a reason for you to occupy this place?Originally, we wanted to exterminate the Yi Clan, but, we didn't expect the population of the Yi Clan to grow to hundreds of millions, our big brother is merciful and doesn't want to kill so many people, so you guys can tell us what we should do."

The entire headquarters of the Yi Clan, upon hearing the death knell, erupted with cries of pain, Tang Zichen stood in the air, his ears full of cries.

The dozens of half-immortals that had surrounded Tang Zichen before were now all sobbing and crying.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire, for a moment, were just as ignored.

"Hey hey, have you guys made a mistake, we're up here to exterminate the family, you're just crying and ignoring us, what's the meaning of this."Little Flame shouted.

However, those half-immortals, who couldn't listen at all, howled and cried.

"Brother Chen, what should we do, this is the first time we've encountered such a situation, why don't we wait until they finish crying first and their emotions stabilize before we exterminate them?".

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Damn, extermination will have to wait until their emotions have stabilized, small fire, one breath of fire, first exterminate this group of half-immortals."

"Brother Chen, I'm a bit unable to do anything in this situation ah, they're all still crying, we're just going to kill people, wouldn't that be too inhumane."

Tang Zichen said depressingly, "Alright, alright, let them cry first, we'll deal with them when they're done crying.I'd like to see what they want."

Tang Zichen rushed from the sky to one of the most magnificent halls of the I Clan.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire sat in the grand hall, and they ate the various fruits in the hall as if they were in their own home, as well as drinking tea.

The cries that happened in the Yi Clan, of course, quickly spread to the next area, the Yong Clan.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire were lying unrestrained in the main hall when a shout came from the sky outside, "Who then, come out for a moment."

Little Fire was busy saying, "Brother Chen, is it calling us?A very strong momentum suddenly came from the sky."

Tang Zichen said, "If I'm not mistaken, it must be a strong person from one of the other families, who heard that the I Clan's ancestor had died and rushed here to watch the fun, or, with some purpose.Little Fire, let's go out."

"Will they make a move on us?"

"Hard to guarantee it won't, get out first."

Tang Zichen blinked and rushed out of the palace, standing in the sky, and sure enough, there were many half-immortals in the sky, one of them was at the eighth stage of Tribulation.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Who is your Excellency?What brings you to my Tang Chi Gate?"

One of the half-immortals snorted, "Tangible Gate?This is the Yi Clan."

Tang Zichen smiled, "From now on, this is Tang Ji Gate, my Tang Zichen's place, although there are still so many people from the Yi Clan living here, it's just that I'm benevolent and haven't driven them away yet.Aren't you guys going to report your history?"

"Listen up, we're neighbors of the I Clan, the Yong Clan."

"Oh, then we'll be our neighbors at Tang Ji Gate from now on, neighbors, hello."Tang Zichen said with a smile.


However, to them, Tang Zichen's being so smiling was a sign that he didn't take them seriously.

That Yong Clan's Eighth Stage of Tribulation said, "You must be Tang Zichen, I heard earlier that you killed several clansmen of the Yi Clan in the Six Seas, and even the Yi Clan's patriarch, and for that, Yi Dingkang personally went down to kill you."

Tang Zichen said, "Exactly."

That eighth stage of the Yong Clan said, "Yi Dingkang, he's really dead?"

"Or else, if I'm not dead, can I steal his pseudo-immortal weapon, the Black Water Pearl?If I'm not dead, I can come here and take over the territory?Can you cry out here?"

"Ugh."Yongshi's Eighth Order of Transmigration sighed, as if he was feeling unhappy for Yidingkang.

Tang Zichen said, "Since we are neighbors here, then we are the guests of our Tang Ji Gate, Senior Daoist, why don't you enter my Tang Ji Gate's Tang Great Hall and have a seat."Tang Zichen pointed to the most magnificent hall and said.

A half-immortal from the Yong Clan snorted, "That's clearly the Yi Clan's Holy Ancestor's Grand Hall."

"Pah."Tang Zichen instantly struck out and slapped that Yong's Half Immortal's face while Tang Zichen said, "Now I'm the master here, I say it's the Tang Great Hall, it is, you an outsider, who gave you the guts to point and sneer here."

"Ah."That Half Immortal of the Yong Clan covered his fiery face and looked at Tang Zichen very angrily, and finally, turned his attention to their ancestor.

The rest of the Half Immortals of the Yong Clan were very upset to see their compatriots being slapped by Tang Zichen, and their ancestor here dared to slap the face of their compatriots as well. Remember the URL

"Old Ancestor, look at this, this Tang Zichen, only just killed Yidingkang, and he just slapped the owner of this place, and Yong has just slapped Yong just a little bit for Yidingkang."Those Yong Clan's Half Immortals looked at their ancestor and said.

The one who had just been slapped by Tang Zichen was called Yong.

At this moment, Yong Clan's ancestor was also extremely pale, Tang Zichen slapped his clan in front of him, and Tang Zichen was talking to him with a hip-hopping, arrogant posture, this was not putting a hand in his eyes ah.

"Tang Zichen, you slapped the half-immortal of my clan, is this lack of consideration."The Yong Clan's ancestor said in a deep voice.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm sorry, neighbor, this clan of yours just now, it's really annoying, I just named the Tang Great Hall, he had to say it's the Yi Clan's Sacred Ancestor Hall, do you think I can be in a good mood, I have a problem, once I'm in a bad mood, I can't control hitting people."

"Tang Zichen, you'd better not be hip-hopping and yin-yang in front of me.Although you killed Yi Dingkang, that doesn't mean you can be arrogant in front of my Yong Clan.Yi Dingkang, is just the weakest of the five possessing pseudo-immortal weapons."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Understand, you're strong and I express fear."

"You."The Yong Clan's ancestor's face chilled, Tang Zichen's mouth said that he was afraid, but no matter how you looked at it, it indicated that he was not afraid.

In the sky, those few half-immortals of the Yong Clan all looked at their ancestor with burning eyes, Tang Zichen was so arrogant, they all wished that their ancestor, could make a move to teach Tang Zichen a lesson, better yet, kill Tang Zichen, snatch the Black Water Pearl, and possess two pseudo-immortal artifacts, then their Yong Clan would be even stronger.

However, the Yong Clan's ancestor also had concerns.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Powerful neighbors, do not in the sky

Zhong Gan stand ah, go and sit in my Tang Dynasty Palace.You're so powerful, if you don't go sit in my house, wouldn't that make me lose face."

Yong Clan's ancestor snorted, "Tang Zichen, you better behave yourself, and also, Yi Dingkang is dead, the Yi Clan is innocent, you better not hurt these innocent members of the Yi Clan.Hmph."The Yong Clan's ancestor flew away with a shake of his sleeve.

In the end, Tang Zichen and the Yong Clan's ancestor, did not clash.

Tang Zichen looked at the Yong Clan's ancestor who flew away as well as the Yong Clan's several half-immortals, the corners of his mouth lifted and he snorted, "What the hell."

"Brother Chen, those people from the Yong Clan were very upset just now."

"So what if they're unhappy, but they don't dare to do anything."

"Brother Chen, that slap you just gave was good, but aren't you very confident in dealing with that Yong Clan ancestor ah, how else would you dare to hit one of their men."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "Wrong, in fact, every ancestor of the Seven Seas is not so easy to deal with.We only killed the weakest Yi Dingkang, although this Yong Clan ancestor, who is the second to last ranked ancestor, is not so easy to deal with.The pseudo-immortal weapon that the Yong Clan's ancestor possesses is the Sky Eagle, and the Sky Eagle is so powerful that it has no solution, and I don't have any confidence in it."

"Then why are you still messing with him?In this situation, we should lay low first ah, we haven't even gotten a foothold in the Seven Seas yet."

Tang Zichen smiled; "It's wrong to lay low, we just killed Idincon, they must be upset, after all, they definitely have better relations with Idincon compared to us.If we keep a low profile, we will encourage their arrogance and even attack us.But if we are stronger and not afraid to fight them viciously, they will have to weigh it instead, after all, Idincon has just died and they have to be careful with their own lives."

"Minister, then we're still in a pretty dangerous position now in the Seven Seas."

"Yes, we killed Idincon with the help of Bimbo's two breaths of air, and although I also have the Black Water Pearl now, there's no way to know who's stronger or weaker in a battle with the other four who have pseudo-immortal weapons.Most importantly, if the other four ancestors join hands to kill us, huh, we will lose."

"Alas, let's hope that won't happen."

At this moment, the Yong Clan Ancestor who had already flown away looked cold.

"Old Ancestor, Tang Zichen was so arrogant just now, only just killing Yi Dingkang, he was so rude to us, why don't you do it."One of the Yong Clan Half Immortals said.

The Yong Clan Ancestor snorted, "Do it, do you think it's so good to finish, can you easily do it when you reach our level, what if you lose?Look at the Y's, what kind of end awaits them once their ancestor dies?That Tang Zichen dared to be so arrogant, he must have some bottom in his heart, and besides, he did kill Idincon, so it's better not to do it unless it's absolutely necessary, or else you have to make sure you can win if you do it."The Yong Clan's ancestor's gaze was cold.

Tang Zichen looked at the crowing Yi Clan and said to, "Little Fire, we'll go back to the Six Seas now."

"Why?None of them have received our territory yet."

"There's no escaping the territory, if nothing else, the other three great families should also know about this soon, and might even come here like the Yong Clan ancestor, now this situation is especially prone to conflict, once they clash, they're likely to join forces to deal with me, so let's leave first, we'll have to find Mu Qianji and the others anyway, and take care of the matter of the Six Heavy Sea as well."

"Okay, I hear you."


Tang Zichen and Little Fire soon returned to the Six Seas.

When Tang Zichen and Little Fire descended on the Tangji Gate of the Six Seas, the Tangji Gate was crowded with people, and almost all the immortal cultivators from the entire Six Seas had come to the Tangji Gate.

"Hey, why are so many people arriving at the Tang Ji Gate?"Little Fire was puzzled.

Tang Zichen said, "Less than a day ago, we killed the Yi Clan Ancestor here, the scene was so sensational, of course it alarmed the entire Six Seas, so they rushed here, there's nothing wrong with that."

"Gate Master Tang has returned."On the ground, someone saw Tang Zichen and Little Fire return and shouted.

Everyone looked up to the sky with reverence and incredulity in their eyes.They rushed to Tang Ji Gate as soon as they heard the commotion, but by the time they arrived at Tang Ji Gate, Tang Zichen had already killed the I Clan Ancestor.

That was a strong man with a pseudo-immortal weapon, everyone's gaze was complicated, they really didn't know how Tang Zichen had done it.

The eyes that were looking at Tang Zichen right now were completely different.

The other eight imperial elders, who were also in the crowd right now, looked even more complicated, as they had thought that Tang Zichen would die and were not on Tang Zichen's side.

Tang Zichen looked down at everyone and said, "Everyone, I, Tang Someone, have gone to the Seven Seas and taken over the territory of the Yi Clan, henceforth, the Tang Extreme Gate has been officially established in the Seven Seas."

"Wow."There was a sigh of admiration, and at this moment, many immortal cultivators hated the fact that they had joined the Tang Pole Gate before, so that they could follow Tang Zichen to the Seven Heavy Seas. One second to remember to read the book

Several geniuses at the scene slapped themselves in the face because they had the opportunity to join Tang Ji Gate before, but didn't go because they couldn't pull their status.But now, the Tang Ji Gate had become too high for them to reach.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Back when Tang Ji Gate was first established, many people looked down on Tang Ji Gate, especially certain geniuses from other cultivation dynasties.But today, Tang Ji Gate has become unreachable for you.However, regardless of the past, Tang Zichen is preparing to openly recruit new disciples for the second time, and anyone who enters the Tang Extremists Gate can go to the Tang Extremists Gate Headquarters in the Seven Seas.Alright, everyone, prepare yourselves well, the recruitment of new disciples will begin the day after tomorrow."

Everyone on the scene was incredibly excited, vowing that this time, they would seize the opportunity to enter the Tang Extreme Gate.

Tang Zichen originally didn't want to accept them, but the Tang Ji Gate was very short of manpower right now, so Tang Zichen was going to establish a branch in the Six Seas and then a headquarters in the Seven Seas.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Everyone disperse first, the other Eight Great Eldest Kings stay behind."

The eight great long kings on the scene were suddenly bitter, but they didn't dare not to stay.

Tang Zichen landed in a palace that had destroyed a corner, and soon after, the other eight Great Long Emperors, with bitter faces, walked in.

"Master Tang, you're looking for us."Bird Peng Jun was the first to say.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the men, Bird Peng Jun, Gao Yang Sending Jun, You Chang Hu, Li Chen Lonely, Sang Hong Ye, Zhu Zhou, Huang Qi Liang, and Ma Xiang Jun.

All eight of them were trembling with fear.

Tang Zichen said, "Last time when I killed Yi Piao Fang, you all thought that I was bound to die, right?You bastards, I should have just exterminated you, but, I, Tang Zichen, am now at least the overlord of the Seven Seas, and I really can't be interested in killing you little brats.So, I'll give you...

You have a choice."

"Tang Sect Master, what choice, please say."

Tang Zichen said, "I want to unify the Six Heavy Seas, and the entire Six Heavy Seas will become the Tang Extreme Gate's domain.The entire Sea of Six Heavens, where the Nine Great Immortal Imperial Dynasties are located, will become a division of the Tang Extreme Gate.If you are willing to cooperate, I can not kill you and let you become the divisional minister of the Tang Ji Gate, and you will also have the opportunity to go to the headquarters and become one of the elders of the headquarters."

"Ah."The eight elders were shocked, not expecting Tang Zichen to be so ambitious, wanting to turn the entire Six Seas into the Tang Extreme Gate's territory.

"If you guys don't want to, I won't force it, I'm the last person who likes coercion.Alright, hurry up and state your position."

Bird Pengjun asked, "Tang Gate Master, you really won't force it?"

"I never do that."

"Well, then, I choose not to that."Bird Penn Army.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Little Fire, give Bird Penn Army a one-stop service."

"Yes, Chenchen."

Bird Penn Jun was busy asking, "Sh, what's a one-stop service ah?"

Tang Zichen said, "The one-stop service is a special service we offer that is inclusive of killing and baleizing without polluting the environment, without wasting artificial burial, and without any worries."

"Ah, inclusive killing and encapsulation."Bird Pengjun's face was pale, and he immediately knelt down and shouted, "Brother Minister, spare my life.Didn't you say you wouldn't force it, woohoo."

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, I'm not forcing it, but I didn't say I wouldn't kill it, even if you don't cooperate, I'll personally go and exterminate your Bird Dynasty and then set up a branch in the Bird Dynasty's place."

"Ooh, minister, I agree, I'm willing to bring my entire clan to join Tang Ji Gate and become a branch of Tang Ji Gate's Bird Dynasty."Bird Peng Jun was busy.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "You misunderstood my meaning, I didn't ask you to bring your entire clan to join Tang Ji Gate, when has the threshold of my Tang Ji Gate been so low, anyone can join Tang Ji Gate.Only those of you in the Bird Dynasty who are still talented, or whose strength has reached the Divide Stage or above, have the opportunity to join the Tang Ji Gate division.Also, that division of yours is not called the Bird Dynasty Division.That division of yours is called the Tang Dynasty Gate's Ninth Division."

"Yes, Gate Master."Bird Pengjun nodded, his heart screaming that Tang Zichen had just let him disband the Bird Dynasty on his own initiative.

The other Seven Great Dynasties' long emperors knelt down, expressing their willingness to cooperate with Tang Ji Gate and change into the Tang Ji Gate Division.

Tang Zichen nodded his head in satisfaction and smiled, "Very well, then, I declare that the dynasties you are in have all become a division of the Tang Dynasty Gate.Among them, the imperial city where the Mo Dynasty used to be located is the first division; the location of the Zhu Dynasty is the second division; the location of the Li Chen Dynasty is the third division; the location of the You Dynasty is the fourth division; the location of the Gao Yang Dynasty is the fifth division; the location of the Sang Dynasty is the sixth division; the location of the Huang Qi Dynasty is the seventh division; the location of the Ma Lane Dynasty is the eighth division; the location of the Bird Dynasty is the ninth divisionDivisions."

"Do you all understand which division you are in, gentlemen?"

"Yes, Gate Master, I understand."

"You eight long kings, division is the minister of the Tang Ji Gate division to which you belong, at the same time, you also hold the position of headquarters elder in the Seven Seas, you can only travel to the Seven Seas.I think it's meaningful enough for you guys."

 Chapter 1891

"Thank you, Gate Master."

"Alright, you all go back to your respective divisions, within a month, I will visit each division, I want you to go back and remodel properly to meet my requirements."


The eight long kings, bowed their heads and left.To be precise, eight Divisional Ministers, walked away with their heads bowed.

Although they might be unwilling in their hearts, Tang Zichen was bent on unifying the Six Seas, and if they didn't cooperate, Tang Zichen would at most take the trouble to destroy their dynasty before establishing a division.

"Brother Chen, now the entire Six Heavy Sea, the nine imperial dynasties, have become our nine divisions.There's one headquarters in the Seven Seas and nine divisions in the Six Seas, this is simply too cool."

"Hehe, in the future, the nine divisions can compete with each other, and all the geniuses can be guaranteed to go to the headquarters of the Seven Heavy Sea, so that our Tang Ji Gate can become stronger and stronger, and the geniuses of the Six Heavy Sea can also have the opportunity to go to the Seven Heavy Sea to cultivate without having to join some kind of initiation meeting and be a tethered door stick for those families."

"Mmhmm, this will definitely be more beneficial to the cultivators of the Six Seas, so that all the resources don't go to the previous Nine Great Immortal Dynasties."


"Let's go, go pick them up."

Tang Zichen tore open the illusory space of the Rainbow Bridge of the Six Seas and arrived at the Five Seas. First URL

Tang Zichen directly shouted in the sky of the Five Seas, "Mu Qianji, if you hear me, please look for me at the Blue Fox Family location."

Saying that, Tang Zichen directly landed at the Blue Fox Family.

Tang Zichen thought that Mu Qianji and the others must be hiding in some hidden place in the Five Heavy Seas.

However, Tang Zichen didn't know that Mu Qianji and the others had gone to the Four Seas because they felt that the Four Seas were safer and, after all, the Four Seas were prosperous.

Dao: "Brother Chen, I have a suggestion."


"Since our Tang Ji Gate has established branches in the Six Heavy Seas, why not establish a branch in the Five Heavy Seas?There were some geniuses in the Sea of Five Heavens, but because there were no channels, they were unable to travel to a better place to cultivate throughout their lives.The eight rainbow bridges in the Five Heavy Seas are in the hands of that family in the Five Heavy Seas, and the rainbow bridges held by the eight families are only open to people from their own families, and outsiders don't have a chance.We might as well establish a branch of the Tang Chi Gate in the Five Heavy Seas as well, or even, we could establish branches in the Four Heavy Seas, Three Heavy Seas, Two Heavy Seas, and One Heavy Seas as well.That way, those geniuses who truly cultivate hard will not be buried due to a lack of channels.Even in the One Heavy Sea, as long as they are truly talented, they can continue to pass the examinations and bail out layer by layer, and in the end, they might even bail out to the Seven Heavy Sea.Tell me, if a certain genius, from the First Sea, constantly breaks through himself, and in the end, he successfully enters the Seven Seas, how inspiring is that."

Tang Zichen seriously thought about it and nodded, "Little Fire, this suggestion of yours is good.Fine, then listen to you, establish Tang Ji Gate branches from the First Sea to the Fifth Sea."

"I'll thank the minister for those bottom level immortals who don't have connections as well as a backstage."Little Flame laughed loudly.

After that, Tang Zichen wiped out the eight huge immortal cultivation families in the Five Seas and then turned them into the Five Seas Division of Tang Ji Gate.

For Tang Zichen, it took but ten days to establish and get the Five Heavy Seas Division up and running.

"Strange, why hasn't Mu Qianji come looking for me yet

We?The Tang Ji Gate branches of the Five Seas have all been established."Ten days later, Tang Zichen looked puzzled.

"Brother Chen, could it be that they are in the Four Seas?Why don't I start with the Four Seas, and incidentally, establish a Tang Dynasty Gate branch in the Four Seas as well."

"Mm, good."

Tang Zichen and Little Fire, immediately came to the Fourfold Sea.

As expected, Mu Qianji and the others were in the Four Seas and were staying at the home of Lu Yuxi in the Four Seas.

When Mu Qianji and the others saw that Tang Zichen had finally come to find them, they were all surprised and happy, they had been waiting here for too long, and every day was like a year.

"Zichen, you've finally come to find us."Mu Qianji cried and threw himself into Tang Zichen's arms.

"I told you, I, Tang Zichen, am not so beaten down, so you can relax now."

"The Yi Clan and the others?"

"Now that there is no longer an I Clan, Little Fire and I have killed Idincon and taken away his pseudo-immortal weapon, the Black Water Pearl."

"Ah."Mu Qianji trembled, it was hard to imagine how Tang Zichen had done this.

"Now that I've been to the territory of the Yi Clan of the Seven Heavy Seas, I believe that the other four families of the Seven Heavy Seas already know that I've been there and will be going up to take over the territory soon.It's only logical that I've become an overlord of the Seven Seas.Furthermore, the six heavy seas I also unified all of them, and all of the nine imperial dynasties became the nine divisions of the Tang Dynasty Gate.The Five Heavy Seas have also established a few divisions by the way, and I plan to, from the First Heavy Sea to the Six Heavy Seas, all establish Tang Dynasty Sect divisions."

"That's a good suggestion."

"Next, I also need your help to establish Tang Ji Gate branches from the First to the Fourth Sea, forming a bottom-up competition mechanism that will allow talents to be truly utilized."


Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji, Lu Yuxi, and the others, lingered for a few days, then they began to establish the Tang Ji Gate branches in the Four Heavy Seas, and when they were done, they established the Tang Ji Gate branches in the Three Heavy Seas, Two Heavy Seas, and One Heavy Sea, divisions.

When all the divisions had been established, it was already three months later.

So far, Tang Ji Gate had turned into a super sect that ran from the One Heavy Sea, through to the Seven Heavy Sea.

Regardless of which division a disciple was in, he only needed to use his hard work to cultivate and work his way up, and he could be guaranteed to go to a higher division, and in the end, he could even travel to the headquarters of the Seven Seas.

Every disciple at the bottom was full of fighting spirit and motivation as he fantasized about being able to go to the headquarters in the future.

Tang Zichen's establishment of the Tang Chi Gate could be said to have completely given the lower level Immortal cultivators the hope of becoming strong.

Of course, regarding Tang Zichen, the Gate Master, no matter which division they were in, they all worshipped him very much, and the disciples at the bottom all longed to meet the legendary Gate Master one day.

Three months later, Tang Zichen and the others, returned to the Six Seas.

"When are we ten million Seven Seas headquarters?"Tang Huan asked.

"There's no rush, the nine divisions of the Six Seas, I haven't gone to assess them yet, I gave them to those imperial elders to handle before, I don't know how they handled it, did they satisfy me or not, I have to visit them myself, the Six Seas is a very important division, I can't be sloppy."Tang Zichen said.

The next day, Tang Zichen personally went to the second division of the Six Heavy Sea, where the Zhu Dynasty was previously located.


The Second Division's Minister, Zhu Zhou, with a few Half Immortals, was already outside the Imperial City to greet him.

"Greeting the Gate Master."When Tang Zichen arrived, Zhuzhou and a few other Half Immortals, kneeled in panic.

Tang Zichen looked at the center of the imperial city, where a tall sign was erected, which read "Tang Ji Gate Second Division".

"Minister Zhu, well done."Tang Zichen chuckled.

"Everything was done according to the instructions of the Gate Master, and I expect the Gate Master to make an approval, where it is not up to standard, I will immediately rectify it."

"Very well."Tang Zichen smiled and nodded, of course, what he saw now was only the surface, Tang Zichen still needed the core.

After that, Tang Zichen rigorously inspected the second division's core structure and so on, and it was almost up to Tang Zichen's requirements.

Tang Zichen spent half a month examining all nine divisions on one side.

At this point, Tang Zichen was almost ready to return to the Seven Seas.

"Alright, we can officially head to the Seven Seas and receive our territory."Tang Zichen said to Mu Qianji and the others.

"Yay."Tang Huan shouted with excitement. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen led them to the teleportation array deep in the high altitude, took out the activation key, and the next second, they appeared in the Seven Seas, and the place where they appeared in the Seven Seas was the headquarters of the I Clan.Because the teleportation array here was quite magical, after activating it, if you wanted to go somewhere, you only needed to muse in your heart, and you would teleport to wherever.

Tang Zichen stood in the sky above the I Clan's headquarters and swept a glance at the ground, the ground buildings still had white lanterns hanging everywhere.

"Bad luck."Little Fire cursed in frustration.

"Where is this place, and why are there so many white lanterns?"Mu Qianji asked.

"This is the headquarters of the Yi Clan, so many white lanterns should be because they learned of their ancestor's death a few months ago, to pay tribute to their ancestor.But it's been months and these white lanterns are still hanging, it seems that they don't have any awareness ah.This is already my place, what the hell are they thinking."

Tang Zichen instantly rushed into the Tang Grand Hall.

Tang Zichen said to the few Yi Clan servants at the entrance, "Immediately, immediately, go get those remaining, undead half-immortals of the Yi Clan, otherwise, I will start slaughtering the Yi Clan."

"Yes yes yes."Those few subordinates went in a panic.

Not long after, more than thirty half-immortals of the Yi Clan hurriedly arrived.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, it's been four or five months since the last time I left here, last time I didn't make things difficult for you guys because of your newly dead ancestors, but I didn't expect that it's been so long and you guys are still making my place so unlucky.Tell me, what are you going to do?This is already my Tang Ji Gate's place, do you guys still want to live here."

One of the half-immortals of the seventh stage of Tribulation said, "Master Tang Ji Gate, our Yi Clan, hundreds of millions of people, our ancestors have lived here for generations, where do you want us to go?"

Although the Yi Clan's patriarch and ancestor had died, there were still two Seventh Stage of Tribulation, totaling over thirty Half Immortals.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Where you guys go is none of my business, I've let you guys continue to live for four or five months now, it's already merciful enough.If you guys really don't know where to go, I do have a suggestion, go to the Six Seas."

"Master Tang, our ancestors have lived here for generations, we simply can't get used to the environment of the Six Seas."

"I pooh."Little Fire snorted.

Tang Zichen said, "I will finally give you ten days, after ten days, all of you, you must leave this place.If after ten days, there is anyone from the Yi Clan still here, kill them without mercy."

That seventh stage of the Y Clan's tribulation said, "Senior Tang, can you open up, anyway, your Tang Ji Gate, you don't have many disciples at the moment, you don't need such a large territory, can you cede a city to us."

Tang Zichen said, "No."

"Then, then, can those of us from the Yi Clan join the Tang Chi Gate?After all, our family still has more than thirty half-immortals, so if we join the Tang Chi Gate, we can also enhance your strength."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Strength is based on the strongest person, not on how many Half Immortals there are, so no need.I killed your ancestor, and your entire clan, who only have hatred for me, let you join the Tang Extreme Gate, it's ridiculous, alright, I've given you ten days, after ten days, those who are still here, kill without mercy.Of course, if you guys are capable, you can go to another family, such as the Nuo Clan, Pu Clan, Yong Clan, and Fu Clan."

"They won't let us from the Yi Clan, enter their territory."

"Then I don't care, alright, you can go and make arrangements for the retreat.Remember, ten days."

The thirty or so half-immortals of the Yi Clan walked away with their hatred.

Tang Huan asked, "Why don't you just kill them."

"I want to kill them too, but their population is too large, I can't kill hundreds of millions of people."Tang Zichen said helplessly.

"Then at least kill all of their family's half-immortals or above, or, above the Mahayana stage, or else in the future, a genius from their family might appear and overthrow us."

"If that day does come, then there's nothing I can do about it, anyway, emperors take turns, whoever has the ability to rise to the top, solidifying yourself by strangling others is not the best method, the only way to solidify yourself in the long run is by becoming stronger yourself.Besides, for them to overthrow us, at least someone would have to have a pseudo-immortal artifact.But how can pseudo-immortal artifacts be so easy to obtain."

"What if one day in the future, a new pseudo-immortal artifact is added?Or, what if someone got the sword?"

"Even if I kill them all now, the hundreds of millions of people in their family, if it's fated that someone will rise, then no matter how much I kill them, it's useless.Rather, we might as well let them go, and if someone really rises in the future, they will also similarly let go of the disciples of the Tang Dynasty.Otherwise, we slaughter hundreds of millions of them, and if they do rise in the future, they'll also slaughter hundreds of millions of us from the Tang Chi Gate."

"Well, I hope it's good karma for good karma."

Ten days later, the hundreds of millions of people of the Yi Clan had disappeared from the Seven Seas and headed to the Six Seas.However, when they arrived at the Six Seas, they found that the nine great cultivation dynasties of the Six Seas had all turned into divisions of the Tang Dynasty.They were so depressed that they had wanted to seize a dynasty in the Sea of Six Heavy Seas as their new family.However, having turned into a branch of the Tang Ji Gate, their illusions were shattered, and they had to settle for the second best, establishing their family headquarters in the last, better place in the Six Heavy Sea, Hu Ying Ridge.They taught their children that they must work hard to cultivate, and one day in the future, they would return to the Seven Seas and drive down the Tang Chi Gate.However, everyone knew that even if that day did come, it would probably be millions of years before it could happen.

Tang Zichen's Tang Ji Gate, officially Seven Heavy Seas was put up, and for a while, the scenery was boundless.

However, on the surface, it was calm, but secretly, there were also many crises lurking.


Tang Zichen didn't waste a single second, dealing with the Tang Ji Gate headquarters and immediately going into cultivation after the Tang Ji Gate entered orbit.

Tang Zichen's current situation was very delicate, he had suddenly replaced the Yi Clan, the other four families, so far, none of them had made a statement, except for the Yong Clan's ancestor who had come to visit once before.

Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of anything else, he was afraid that the ancestors of their four families would besiege Tang Zichen, in that case, Tang Zichen would definitely not be a match.Even if it was one-on-one, Tang Zichen might not be confident, as Tang Zichen was only at the fifth stage of Tribulation, three behind in his realm after all.

Tang Zichen's only advantage was that he had a sword formation and a pseudo-immortal weapon.

Half a month later, Tang Zichen suddenly received a letter.

"Brother Chen, a letter from you."

"Letter?Who sent this to me?"

"It's sent by someone from the Yong Clan."

Tang Zichen immediately brought the letter over, the fact that someone from the Yong Clan sent him a letter made Tang Zichen feel strange.

Tang Zichen immediately opened the jade letter, inside the letter, the Yong Clan's ancestor said, "Master Tang, on the xxth day of the xxth month, can you come to my birthday?"

Tang Zichen's brow lightly furrowed, Yong's ancestor, actually invited him to his birthday. One second to remember to read the book

"Will this be fraudulent, Minister?Or, is this the Hongmen Banquet, after all, when Yong Clan's ancestor came to us before, you were quite arrogant in your posture towards him, and you slapped one of their Yong Clan's Half Immortals in front of him, Yong Clan definitely doesn't have any good feelings towards you.Now suddenly inviting you to his birthday, you must not have any good intentions ah.".

Tang Zichen said, "The letter has been sent to me, if I don't go, I'm bound to be despised by them, or, the Yong Clan's ancestor thinks that I look down on him.If I go, I don't know what kind of medicine the Yong Clan is selling in the gourd, I will never believe that the Yong Clan's ancestor really invited me to his birthday."

"Then there must be a purpose, brother Minister, it's better to refuse.Nine times out of ten, the Yong Clan will also invite the ancestors of the other four families to attend the birthday, and then, so many overlord powerhouses will gather together, in case, if they don't agree, they might fight.If the four of them join hands, we will surely perish ah."

Tang Zichen said, "Nowadays at my level, without absolute profit and the determination to win, we usually won't take action.No matter what, I must attend, has the person who sent the letter from the Yong Clan left yet?"

Not yet, he is waiting for your reply.

Tang Zichen said, "Reply to that man for me, and tell him that I will definitely go there then."


Tang Zichen didn't think much about it and continued his closed-door cultivation, there were still three months left until the Yong Clan's ancestor's birthday.

At the Yong Clan.

"Report old ancestor, the letter has been delivered to Tang Ji Gate."

"Then what does Tang Zichen say?Does he dare come?"

"I didn't see Tang Zichen with my own eyes, but the people from the Tang Chi Gate replied that their Gate Master would come as scheduled."

"Very well, go out."

After that servant went out, the Seventh Stage of Tribulation old man standing beside the Yong Clan's ancestor said, "Old ancestor, Tang Zichen seems to have a lot of guts."

"Hmph, this bastard brat, he really rushed here."The Yong Clan's ancestor snorted, looking at his face, he didn't seem to want Tang Zichen to come.


bsp; "Old Ancestor, when Tang Zichen comes, do you really want to propose a cut with him on his birthday?"

"Can I not agree to this, a month ago, I met up with the ancestor of the Nu Clan, the ancestor of the Fu Clan, the ancestor of the Pu Clan, and the four of us to discuss the issue regarding Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen, as a new power, is in the same extreme southern continent as us, and it's impossible for us, as neighbors, to ignore it."

"In the end, did they let you fight Tang Zichen in the name of sparring, thus testing Tang Zichen's strength?"

"Right, so I must propose a cut to Tang Zichen on my birthday."

"Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor Nuo, Old Ancestor Fu, Old Ancestor Pu, why don't the three of them take on Tang Zichen themselves?Do you have to be the one to take on Don Zichen?"

"Who asked me to be the last in strength ranking among the four, this kind of strenuous and unpleasant thing, if not me who else can do it."The Yong Clan's ancestor looked reluctant, no wonder his face was more than willing for Tang Zichen to refuse to come to his birthday, in that case, he wouldn't have to ask Tang Zichen for a cutscene.

"What would happen if you were to cut a match with Tang Zichen and Tang Zichen lost to you?"

"If they lose to me, then they will have an understanding of Tang Zichen's strength, and the ancestors of their three families can do something to Tang Zichen at any time.If Tang Zichen's strength surpasses mine, they will have to continue to watch and won't dare to do anything rashly to Tang Zichen."

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

The birthday of the Yong Clan's ancestor also arrived.

On the morning of the Yong Clan's ancestor's birthday, Tang Zichen brought Little Fire with him and prepared to depart.

"Zichen, you must be careful."Mu Qianji rushed out of the gate, his eyes filled with worry.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't worry, I'm not a vegetarian."

"The Yong Clan's ancestor invited you to his birthday, the purpose is definitely not simple."

"I know, and I've probably guessed it."Tang Zichen snorted.

This time, attending the birthday ceremony was considered Tang Zichen's first public appearance, and it was very significant, establishing Tang Zichen's status in the Seven Seas.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire left Tang Ji Gate and headed straight for the Yong Clan's headquarters.

The road was close, with Tang Zichen and Little Fire's speed, they could reach it in an hour, however, Tang Zichen and Little Fire didn't hurry, but went slowly.

"Brother Chen, you said you guessed it, what did you guess?"On the way, Little Fire asked.

"After months of thinking about it, I've figured out that the ancestors of their four families must have gotten together in private and discussed about me.No one would welcome a new power, but I did kill Idincon, so even though they didn't welcome me, they couldn't help it.If I'm not mistaken, they must be thinking of testing my strength on the birthday of the Yong Clan's ancestor, and if I'm bad, after that, I'm afraid it's hard to say."

"Test you?They go together?"

"Together, it's not even called a test anymore, but a siege, and they don't dare to be so blatant yet.After all, with my strength, even if they besiege me, they won't be able to exterminate me that easily, and if I escape, then their families will definitely suffer heavy casualties, who would dare to do this easily, so most likely, the Yong Clan's ancestor will propose a cut to me.The Yong Clan's ancestor is the weakest of their four families, so he will definitely be allowed to do this kind of thing."

"Brother Chen, are you sure you can defeat the Yong Clan Ancestor then?"


Tang Zichen hesitated and smiled slightly, "I don't know, in fact, they want to test me, and likewise, I want to test them as well."

At noon, Tang Zichen arrived at the Yong Clan's headquarters.

Tang Zichen saw from afar that the headquarters of the Yong Clan was decorated with lights and festive scenes everywhere.

"May I ask who Senior is?I so I can register and inform."At the entrance, a servant said to Tang Zichen.

"Tang Ji Gate Master, Tang Zichen."

"Welcome, senior, please enter."

Before Tang Zichen had even entered a certain square, an emcee shouted, "Tang Ji Gate Master, Tang Zichen has arrived."

Hearing this announcement, some people who were in the main hall at the moment, stood up in a panic.

Out of courtesy, the Yong Clan's ancestor stepped out of the gate to greet them.

"Old Brother Tang, you've come."The Yong Clan's ancestor said with a faux smile.

Tang Zichen also smiled falsely and said, "Old Brother Yong, congratulations, it's nice to hear that you're three thousand years old." The first website

"Hahaha, Brother Tang is polite, please come in."

Tang Zichen walked into the main hall.

At the top of the main hall, there were three old men sitting at the moment, those three old men were extraordinary at a glance, Tang Zichen didn't need to look to know that they were the Fu's ancestor, the Nuo's ancestor, and the Pu's ancestor.Tang Zichen had seen these three people once before, when the Sixfold Sea of Death, the New Relic was born, when they incomparably pulled off a trip to the Sea of Death.It was just that they, the ancestors, were afraid that they wouldn't believe to death that Tang Zichen, who was weak and could only watch from the surface of the sea back then, had now reached the point where he was on equal footing with them.

The Yong Clan's ancestor led Tang Zichen to the three old men and introduced him with a smile, "Let me introduce, this is the Master of the Tang Chi Gate, Tang Zichen."

The three old men all looked at Tang Zichen with false smiles, they were meeting Tang Zichen for the first time, they did not expect that Tang Zichen would be such a young and handsome person.Compared to them, their physical appearance had become older, and for a moment, there was some jealousy inside, who wished they were still young and prosperous.

The ancestor of the Yong Clan said to Tang Zichen, "Brother Tang, let me introduce to you, this is the ancestor of the Nuo Clan, Nuo Elephant Nose, Nuo Elephant Nose his pseudo-immortal weapon is the Flame Blade, and he is the number one, or rather, the strongest among us, ranked by seconds."

Tang Zichen looked at the old man called Novus Elephant Nose and smiled, "I've heard a lot about him."Back then, when the new relics were born in the Sea of Death, when Nuo Elephant Nose stepped on the Flame Blade and flew all the way from the sea, the sea followed all the way to boiling, that scene, Tang Zichen still can't forget, worthy of being the strongest among the overlords with pseudo-immortal weapons.

"This is the ancestor of the Universal Family, Pusarro, the pseudo-immortal weapon he holds is the Parthenogenic Puppet, his strength is powerful or not, there is no doubt that he is the second most powerful among us."

"Long time no see."Tang Zichen casually nodded his head, not making himself much of a groveler.

"This is the ancestor of the Fu Clan, Fu Emotionless, the pseudo-immortal weapon Fu Emotionless holds is the Death Sword, when the Death Sword is used, there are dead people within 30,000 miles.Fu Emotionless is the third ranked in strength among us."Yong's ancestor introduced.

"Oh, long time no see, not bad."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

That Fu Emotionless snorted, "Old Brother Tang, what a fearless young man."

"I dare not."Tang Zichen smiled.

The other two, Nuo Elephant Nose and Pusara, did not speak to Tang Zichen, sitting lonely and cold, and neither of them got up for a moment when the Yong Clan Ancestor introduced them.

The Yong Clan Ancestor said, "Brother Tang, I won't need to introduce them."

"If you can, of course you still need to introduce."

"Alright then, my name is Yong Xiong, the pseudo-immortal weapon I hold is the Sky Eagle, and I am currently the last ranked among the several ancestors of the Extreme South Continent.Of course, now that the Yi's ancestor has died, you've taken the place of Yi Dingkang, but the position is taken, but it's unknown if the power ranking position is also taken."

Tang Zichen said, "That's impossible, I heard that Yi Dingkang is the weakest among your ancestors."

"Right."Yong Xiong nodded his head.

Tang Zichen smiled, "No wonder it was so easy for me to kill Yidingkang at that time."

"Uh."The expression on Yong Xiong's face was startled, not only him, but the other three ancestors, their expressions also changed slightly.

Yong's ancestor smiled and said, "It seems that Brother Tang, indeed, is a hero, today is my birthday, I wanted to ask Brother Tang for a lesson or two, I don't know if it's suitable."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Indeed.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Of course it's appropriate, you, the birthday boy, don't even mind, of course I don't mind, Tang."

"Hahaha, since that's the case, then I hope that Tang will not mind if the birthday banquet ends later."

"Fine, let's consider it a boost to the three ancestors here."Tang Zichen said as he looked at the three ancestors of the Nuos, Puos, and Fuos.

Those three ancestors, their faces were a bit uncomfortable, Tang Zichen said that he had given them a boost, a bit of sarcasm in it.

The Yong's ancestor was busy saying, "Then, Brother Tang, please take your seat first."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen sat down in one of the seats.

Since everyone was unfamiliar with each other, they did not sit together, but had their own individual small table and chairs, which were positioned to the left and right at the front of the main hall.

After Tang Zichen took his seat, he was not restrained, there were many fruits on his table, and Tang Zichen could eat whatever he wanted.

The Yong Clan's ancestor shouted, "Come, prepare to serve the feast."


Half a minute later, a line of beautiful women, each carrying a plate of food, walked in and placed the food on the table in front of Tang Zichen and the others.

Ancestor Yong raised his wine cup and said, "Thank you to the three ancestors, as well as Master Tang, for coming to attend my 3,000th birthday in your busy schedule.I'll drink this toast first."After saying that, the Yong Clan ancestor drank it all in one go.

Tang Zichen also lifted his wine cup and drank it all in one go.

"Pah."The Yong Clan's ancestor snapped his hands, then a group of brightly dressed beauties walked in and began to dance in the main hall.

The birthday banquet ended in just over an hour, which was almost entirely spent watching the singing and dancing, as well as eating delicious food.

After the birthday feast was over, that Fu Clan ancestor said, "Brother Tang, now it's your turn to spar with Yong Xiong, I'm sure your sparring will be much more exciting than those songs and dances just now."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you, my sparring with Yong Daoist won't be exciting."

"Is that so."Fu Wu Ruthless snorted.

Yong Xiong came up and said to Tang Zichen, "Brother Tang, please make some preparations, in half a quarter of an hour, we'll begin immediately."

"Good."Tang Zichen burst into the sky and stood in the middle of the sky, waiting.


On the ground, everyone ran outside to the open field and looked up at the sky.

After Tang Zichen flew up into the sky, Fu said, "Yong Xiong, you must defeat Tang Zichen, heck, this little bitch, I don't like how it looks."

Yong's ancestor said, "If Tang Zichen really defeated Yi Dingkang extremely easily, then I may not be able to defeat him as easily."

The other two ancestors, Nuo Elephant Nose and Pusaro, remained silent.

After Tang Zichen waited in the sky for a few minutes, Yong's ancestor changed his clothes and rushed up.

They stood at the same height.

"Old Brother Tang, I've kept you waiting."Yong Xiong said.

"Fine, please, you're the birthday boy, I'll let you make the first move."

"No need, I don't need you to let me."

"Then do it at the same time."

From below came a small fire shouting, "Go for it, Minister." Remember the URL

"Old Ancestor, come on."Little Flame's shout was suddenly overshadowed by the Yong Clan's clan.

The people of the Yong Clan were certainly very nervous.

As Tang Zichen's mind moved, twelve flying swords appeared behind him, and at the same time, a black screen appeared in front of Tang Zichen's body, and suddenly, Tang Zichen's momentum became extremely strong.

As Tang Zichen showed his weapon, the faces of those ancestors on the ground moved slightly, they had only seen Yi Dingkang take out the Black Water Pearl before, now they saw another person take it out, it was a very different feeling, moreover, there were twelve ancient swords suspended behind Tang Zichen, they looked extremely imposing.

The Yong Clan's ancestor's feet also released a flying eagle at once.

This flying sword could become very, very large, and Tang Zichen knew that what this sky eagle was best at was speed, and it could be said that no one's speed could compare to the Yong Clan's ancestor.

Even though the Yong Clan's ancestor was the weakest, if anyone wanted to kill him, there was no way, because there was no way to chase him down.

"Old Brother Tang, do it."After saying that, the Yong Clan Old Ancestor rushed in with a blink of an eye.

The speed was too fast.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to do anything before the boom felt the black water droplets in front of him being struck hard.

"Wow."Tang Zichen flew back for a moment.

Tang Zichen was in a bit of a dilemma at the moment, facing such a fast speed, Tang Zichen's own realm was three levels below, it was really hard to react to it.

Tang Zichen doubted himself, whether he was going to lose.

"The heavens and earth are limitless, a sword of the vicissitudes."Tang Zichen didn't see where the Yong Clan's ancestor was either, so he could only rely on his senses and cut up with his sword.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen's sword cut through the air.

"Boom."In the next second, Tang Zichen felt another huge force hit up behind him.

Tang Zichen had lost twice in a row.

"I have to come up with a way to fight against it, or else I will lose if this continues."Tang Zichen was in a great hurry, now that he lost to Yong Xiong, then his situation became very dangerous, the other three ancestors would think that he was easy to bully and would definitely not find him less troublesome in the future.

Tang Zichen immediately calmed down, the strongest attribute of the Black Water Pearl was defense, and Tang Zichen wouldn't be harmed for a short time.

Tang Zichen immediately protected himself firmly with the Black Water Pearl, and the Twelve Sword Formation zoomed to its highest, so that as long as he was within the range of his sword formation, Tang Zichen would be able to sense the location of the opponent as quickly as possible, even if the opponent was even faster.

"Swoosh."At that moment, Tang Zichen sensed again that the Yong Clan's ancestor was coming from the side.

Tang Zichen cut to the side with a sword.

"The heavens and the earth are limitless, vicissitudes of the sea

A sword."

"Boom."This time, Tang Zichen managed to cut off the Yong Clan's ancestor.

However, it was difficult for Tang Zichen to win, because the Yong Clan's Old Ancestor's speed and Tang Zichen's Black Water Pearl attribute were just somewhat opposed to each other.

Tang Zichen's sword formation, however, relied on Tang Zichen's realm, and Tang Zichen's realm was only at the fifth stage of the Tribulation, making it difficult for him to form an effective attack on the Yong Clan Old Ancestor.

Therefore, Tang Zichen was somewhat passive, and if the fight continued like this, even if Tang Zichen was barely undefeated, it would only be a draw.

A draw was not what Tang Zichen wanted.

"What should we do?I have to win."Tang Zichen was anxious inside.

At this moment, Tang Zichen thought of the Shura Eighteen Blades.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "I don't know, I'm in the sword formation and using the Shura Eighteen Blades, how effective will it be, I have no other way now, I can only give it a try, if the sword formation plus the Shura Eighteen Blades doesn't work, then I'll have to draw even with him."

Tang Zichen immediately began to brew, as well as waiting for the Yong Clan's ancestor's next attack, he was too fast, Tang Zichen must first determine the direction of his attack.

"Swoosh."From behind Tang Zichen, the Yong Clan Ancestor attacked at an extremely fast speed.At this moment, the Yong Clan Old Ancestor was also very anxious, after all, he had fought with Tang Zichen for more than a dozen moves, except for the first two moves that he had taken the upper hand, the rest were just draws.What he wanted was a victory over Tang Zichen, not a draw.

This time, the Yong Clan's ancestor exerted all his strength and desperately strove to strike Tang Zichen from behind with the fastest and fastest speed.

After Tang Zichen closed his eyes and felt the attack from behind from the Yong Clan's ancestor, Tang Zichen made a flip of his sword formation, twelve swords merged into one and came down in a flash.

The eighteenth sword of Shura, opening the heavens.




The sky erupted with a dazzling light, and the air, like a wave, rolled away to a distant place with Tang Zichen at its center.

The Yong Clan's ancestor was in a dumb state at the moment.

"How did this happen?Why did Tang Zichen suddenly come out with a sword so strong?"

But no matter what, Tang Zichen's sword caught the Yong Clan's ancestor off guard, even badly.

"Boom."The Yong Clan's ancestor, who fell straight down from the sky to the ground, the great hall where the birthday banquet had just been held, was blown apart by his body, like a cannonball.

"Ah."All the people of the Yong Clan were dumbfounded.

How ironic and disgraceful it was for the old ancestor to be defeated at the birthday banquet and to blow up the great hall that held the banquet.

In the sky, Tang Zichen put away his sword.

Tang Zichen's heart was relaxed.

"Finally defeated, great, thanks to me coming up with a way in time to use the sword formation plus the eighteen swords of Shura, otherwise, I would only be able to fight him today, if I had tied, it would have been quite ugly."

The more disgraced and miserable the Yong Clan's ancestor was, the more glorious Tang Zichen would be, these were already two opposing people.

On the ground, the Yong Clan Old Ancestor crawled out of the ruins, grey-headed and in a very poor state.

The Yong Clan's ancestor felt very ashamed at the moment, so many people were watching, and so many clansmen were beaten and fell straight from the sky, it was really too ashamed, besides, today was still his birthday.

However, he couldn't hate Tang Zichen because it was destined, either he beat Tang Zichen to death or Tang Zichen beat him to death.

On the ground, Nuo Elephant Nose, Pusarro, and Fu Merciless, the three ancestors were all looking a bit ugly at the moment, not expecting Tang Zichen to be that much stronger than they had expected.


Tang Zichen landed in the air with his clothes in full view of everyone, and his movements and appearance were extremely handsome.

Many young girls of the Yong Clan, seeing such a handsome and powerful Tang Zichen, couldn't control their somewhat heartwarming.

Of course, the other clansmen of the Yong Clan were looking at Tang Zichen with resentment, but their resentment was so weak because they were pale with indignation at someone who was not even a match for their ancestor.

Tang Zichen looked at the wretched looking Yong Xiong and said, "Brother Yong, I'm sorry, I didn't control my power just now."

"Hmph."Yong Xiong looked very embarrassed and snorted.

Fu Wulding said in a gloomy manner, "Tang Zichen, you're really surprising."

Tang Zichen was very upset with this Fu Ruthless, Tang Zichen now had a rough assessment of his own strength, at least, Tang Zichen thought that it might not be unsure for him to fight Fu Ruthless.

Since he had come to attend the Yong Clan's ancestor's birthday today, Tang Zichen naturally had to make a stand.

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Fu Wu Rouge, I've just had a few sparring sessions with Yong Xiong, I wonder if your Excellency would be willing to, spar with me?"

"What? You want to challenge me."Fu Wu Rou's face chilled, Tang Zichen said it was just a cut and dried, but it was actually provoking him, which was a very disgraceful thing to do.

Tang Zichen said, "It's not about provoking, it's just a cut and thrust." One second to remember to read the book

At that moment, the second ranked Pusarro said, "Fu Emotionless, since Tang Zichen is so interested, why don't you play with him."

Fu Emotionless said with an angry face, "Tang Zichen, are you sure you want to spar with me?"

"Hahaha, what's so uncertain about that, Fu Ruthless, come on, let me experience your strength."

"Hmph, then I'll let you see what I can do."Fu Emotionless's body shook, and his cold gaze swept away.

The pseudo-immortal weapon that Fu Wu Emotionless embraced was the Death God Saber.

This Death Saber, millions of years ago, was in Wang Xueluo's hands, and at that time, with this Death Saber, Wang Xueluo became the hegemon of the Extreme South Continent of the Seven Seas.Unfortunately, after Wang Xuro's ascension, the Death Sword was left to the descendants of the Shura Clan, but his descendants failed to hold on to it, and in the end, it was taken away by a strong man named Fu.Since then, the Shura clan stepped down from their divine state and rolled back to the six seas of death, and now, the Shura clan has even fallen to the point of extinction.And that strong man with the surname Fu was passed down from generation to generation, all the way to the current generation of Fu Ruthless.

Tang Zichen and Fu Emotionless, the two of them faced each other in the sky.

In Fu Ruthless's hand, he held a completely black blade, and this black blade was the Death Sword.

Tang Zichen knew that his Shura Eighteen Knives would be even more powerful if they were matched with the Death Saber.However, Tang Zichen might not be able to snatch the Death Saber, and even if he could, if he did, the strongest Nuo Elephant Nose and Pusara would never stop because they couldn't allow Tang Zichen to have two pseudo-immortal weapons by himself.

Therefore, Tang Zichen didn't intend to snatch the Death Saber, and for the time being, he didn't have the confidence to deal with the No Elephant Nose and Pusarro.

"Death."The Death Saber slashed towards Tang Zichen at once.

"Wow."A white, devil-like white practice tore towards Tang Zichen, a terrifying momentum that seemed as if it would split the entire world in half.

Tang Zichen's twelve swords were suddenly united as one, displaying his strongest move at the moment, the Shura Eighteen Saber Family Sword Formation in one.

"Open the heavens and open the earth."

Tang Zichen's sword.

The slash with Fu Ruthless was violently colliding in the sky.

"Boom."It was as if two planets collided together, the entire world was darkened, as if the sun and moon had no light and the end of days had come, everyone on the ground had a palpable feeling that the moment of the collision, someone was descending late into the night.

Then, the ground trembled and almost all the houses collapsed at that moment.

The Yong Clan's ancestor was very depressed at the moment, a good three thousandth birthday, but now it had turned his family headquarters into ruins.

Two overlords fighting against each other, the devastation was just too great.

After dozens of breaths, the heavens and earth reopened and the sky gradually returned to clarity.

With the clash of swords just now, both Tang Zichen and Fu Ruthless had brought out each other's strongest strength, and it could be said that a single slash would tell the difference.

Tang Zichen stood in the air, his body as weak as a drawstring.

On the opposite side of Tang Zichen, Emotionless Fu was drenched in blood, his hair, clothes, all gone, looking extremely wretched and miserable.

Tang Zichen was only physically powerless, but otherwise there was no difference.So, it was clear which was stronger and which was weaker at a glance.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Scalp gone, this look, very handsome."

"You."Fu Emotionless saw Tang Zichen's sarcasm and bit his teeth in anger.

Tang Zichen said, "You're biting your teeth again?Believe it or not I made you lose your human skin, it only took one move and you're this miserable, if I come back with another sword, you'll surely die."

"Ah."Fu Emotionless's body trembled, he thought that Tang Zichen could really do it again.

In fact, Tang Zichen would indeed be able to do it again if he had to hold on hard, but it would definitely not be as powerful as it was just now.

On the ground, everyone had to re-examine Tang Zichen.

Pusaro flew up and laughed, "Tang Zichen, what good strength, alright, let's cut and run, point to point, why make such a rattling."

Tang Zichen swept his gaze towards Pusarro and asked, "Could it be that you want to cut and dice with me too?"

Pusaro snorted, "Tang Zichen, you have proven your strength and are qualified enough to become one of our five overlords, do I still need to spar with you?Of course, if you think you can beat me in seconds, then come on.In fact, you don't even have that strength."

Tang Zichen knew that Pusara possessed the strength to defeat Fu Ruthless in seconds, so Tang Zichen was not confident that he could defeat Pusara unless Tang Zichen stepped into the Seventh Stage of Tribulation.

Now that Tang Zichen had proven his strength, there was no need to fight any longer to his detriment.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Little Fire, let's go."

"Yes, Brother Chen."

Tang Zichen and Little Fire, flew away in full view of the crowd.

After Tang Zichen left, Pusaro's gaze was grimly cold as he looked at the direction Tang Zichen had left, the corners of his mouth slightly Yang, it was obvious that he had to treat Tang Zichen, as an opponent on the same level as him.

Fu Wu Ruthless said, "Pusarro, thank you for coming out to scare Tang Zichen off for me, if you hadn't just come out, I don't know if Tang Zichen would have attacked me again, I really don't have the ability to fight back anymore."

Pusaro said, "This Tang Zichen, I didn't expect his strength to greatly exceed my estimation, I'm afraid I don't have the confidence to win."

"He just became the overlord of the Extreme South Continent, how could he be so strong."Fu Wu Rou said sourly inside.


"I don't know about that, in short, I'm afraid that no one will dare to have any psychology towards Tang Ji Gate in the future."

The Yong Clan ancestor who was on the ground at this moment was in a better mood than before, but now that even Fu Ruthless had been beaten up so badly, then he was less humiliated when he was blown down before.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire, soon left very far away.

"Brother Chen, how are you?"

"I'm fine, except for being a bit weak, I'm considered light compared to Fu Ruthless, I didn't see Fu Ruthless, my hair is gone, my whole body is naked."

"Haha, Fu Emotionless has lost his temper this time, the next time he sees you, I'm afraid he won't dare to be gloomy to you."

"Yes, so strength is the thing that determines status.It's just a pity that I didn't continue to provoke him after Pusaro flew up."

"Minister, what do you think of that second ranked Pusarro?"

"I don't have the confidence to defeat him, he's very strong, and the pseudo-immortal weapon he possesses is a split puppet.I don't have confidence unless I reach the seventh stage of Tribulation."

"It doesn't matter, you're already powerful enough, they're all at the eighth stage of Tribulation while you're only at the fifth stage of Tribulation, and you've already defeated Yi Dingkang, Yong Xiong, and Fu Wu Ruthless.Even if you're ranked, you're still in third place."

"Let's go back first, in the future, it's better to bring up the realm first and try to reach the Seventh Stage of Tribulation as soon as possible, when I reach the Seventh Stage of Tribulation, that will be the day I defeat Pusara." Premiere URL

Tang Zichen soon returned to Tang Ji Gate.

Naturally, Mu Qianji and the others were very anxiously waiting for Tang Zichen's return.

"How was it?"As soon as Tang Zichen returned, he pounced up with concern and asked.

Little Fire smiled heedlessly, "Rubbish, can we lose if we minister out, after this war, our Tang Extreme Gate has completely gained a foothold in the Extreme South Continent of the Seven Seas."

"That's good."Mu Qianji and the others were all relieved and looked at Tang Zichen with great admiration.

Tang Zichen walked into the main hall, while Little Fire was still telling them about the exciting battle at Yong Xiong's birthday scene, and even the slightest detail was given out, listening to a group of them, wishing they could turn back time to the scene to see the same.

Tang Zichen sat down in the main hall and adjusted his body, after all, it was after an overlord battle, although it was only a single move to determine the winner, but that destructive move was very draining, Tang Zichen was unable to fully recover even if he came all the way back.

I don't know when, but when Tang Zichen opened his eyes, the sky was already dark.

It was incredibly quiet in the main hall, only Tang Huan, alone, sat not far from Tang Zichen peeling a fruit.

"Ah, you're awake."Tang Huan saw Tang Zichen open his eyes and came up in a panic.

"Well, what time is it."

"It's already midnight."


"Have you recovered yet?"

"Well, it's back to its peak, by the way, it's the middle of the night, why aren't you resting, or practicing."

"I came over to check on you, I didn't expect that you just happened to be awake."

Tang Zichen woke up in the middle of the night, feeling a heat rising in his abdomen, and looking down, at some point, Tang Zichen had a nocturnal reaction.

Tang Zichen burst out laughing, "Huanhuan, you're almost thirty this year."

"Yes, in the blink of an eye, it's almost thirty, time passes so quickly."

Tang Zichen said, "Youthful years are precious, it's shameful to miss them."

"Ah, what do you mean."Tang Huan was startled.

"Lu Yuxi is younger than you, it's that what, I think it's time for your turn."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

"What's my turn?"

Tang Zichen rushed up with an arrow and hugged Tang Huan.

"Ah, what are you doing."

"What do you think, it's the middle of the night, a lone man and a woman, what else are you doing."

"You."Tang Huan blushed.

"I've said before that you, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin, will all become my women.Now that Lu Yuxi is already, it's your turn."

"Ah, me."

"What? You don't want to, ah."

"I, I'm not ready."

"What does it take to be ready."

"Tearing."Tang Zichen tugged, and Tang Huan's clothes were ripped open.

"Ah."Tang Huan shouted out in reflex.

Tang Zichen laughed, and soon, Tang Zichen stripped Tang Huan, Tang Zichen wantonly caressed Tang Huan's smooth and delicate skin, as well as her perfectly curved body, Tang Huan's body was numb from Tang Zichen's touch.

What happened after that, no more details, just know that Tang Zichen's sexual bliss could not be described with words, and could not be understood without firsthand experience.

More than an hour later, Tang Zichen and Tang Huan were fully dressed, and they sat leaning against each other.

Looking closely, one could see a faint smile on the corner of Tang Huan's mouth, it seemed, she had finally become Tang Zichen's woman.

"What am I going to call you from now on?"Tang Huan whispered.

"As you wish, husband, husband, man, whatever."Tang Zichen said.

"It's all so corny, I'd rather call you Zichen's brother."

"Sure, I'll just pretend that the brother you call is not me."

"Ah, the brother you call isn't you?Who's that?"

"Of course it's my brother."

"What do you mean."

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "You know."

"Ah."Tang Huan was stunned for a few seconds, but finally realized what it meant when Tang Zichen's ambiguous eyes indicated.

"You're so bad."Tang Huan snapped.

"Come on, call one."

"Call one."

"Brother Zichen, you're so bad."

"Hahaha, younger brother is not bad, Huanhuan does not love, hahaha."In the palace, Tang Zichen's cheerful laughter could be heard.

Tang Huan left at first light, not long after Tang Huan left, Mu Qianji and Lv Yuxi came, but the smart Mu Qianji and Lv Yuxi saw the scene and knew that something must have happened last night when Tang Huan was here.

Lv Yu Xi hehely smiled, "Looks like we're going to congratulate Huan Huan."

"Speechless."Mu Qianji rolled his eyes, he really didn't understand these kids, in Mu Qianji's eyes, both Tang Huan and Lv Yuxi were like girls of the younger generation.

In the days that followed, Tang Zichen settled down at Tang Ji Gate.

Tang Ji Gate also developed in an orderly manner, and in just eight years, Tang Ji Gate had grown to over ten million disciples in the Extreme South Continent of the Seven Seas.

In the blink of an eye, eight years had passed.

Tang Zichen had also cultivated for eight years in the Seven Seas.

However, eight years was almost a very short period of time for a transmigratory immortal without any change, just like eight days for an ordinary person.

After eight years, Tang Zichen was still at the fifth stage of Tribulation.

It wasn't so easy to break through to the Sixth Order of Tribulation.

"Brother Chen, it's been eight years, and I haven't touched the threshold of the fifth stage of Tribulation at all."In a certain palace, Little Fire complained to Tang Zichen.

"Don't say you, I'm not the same, it really gets harder the further I get to the next few realms, I feel like I haven't changed at all from eight years ago."


"It seems like we should go out more, we're not naturally adapted to cultivating at home.We're not like other people, we're familiar with every place in the Seven Seas already, we just arrived in the Seven Seas eight years ago, and we don't go out these eight years, so we're not familiar with the rest of the Seven Seas, we only know that we're in the Extreme South Continent of the Seven Seas."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, there are three other continents in the Seven Seas besides the Extreme South Continent, and being in more distant places, there are other places that we haven't gone for a walk elsewhere.It's true that we should go for a walk, but the reason why I haven't gone anywhere for the past eight years isn't because I don't want to, but, I'm afraid that I'll have walked the entire Seven Heavy Seas."

"Why are you afraid of walking the entire Seven Seas?"

"Because of me, if I walk all over the entire Seven Seas, and I'm still in the same realm, it means that the future of my cultivation career will be like a pool of stagnant water, so you won't see any hope."

"I can understand how you feel, but we still need to go out more."

At this time, a you girl who looked to be around sixteen years old walked in the doorway, this girl was wearing a clean white dress, her face was like gelatin, her eyes were like peach blossoms, and her face was extremely delicate, so delicate that one would forget to breathe and forget that she was alive at a glance.

I saw that girl's voice sweetly shouting to Tang Zichen, "Brother, where are you going, I want to go too."

Tang Zichen piled up his face and said, "Xiao Bai, you should not interfere in adult matters, and cultivate well at the Tang Chi Gate."

That beautiful maiden pursed her lips and said, "But I've already cultivated to the point where I can change into human form, and it's hard to continue rising in a short time."

Tang Zichen sighed.

This beautiful maiden was none other than the little white dragon that Tang Zichen had picked up in the Flying Cloud Sect, and now, the little white dragon had grown up, and with Tang Zichen's help, the little white dragon had also cultivated to the Mahayana stage and could change into a human. Remember the website

After transforming into human form, Little White's appearance really surprised everyone, not expecting that the human form of Little White was so beautiful, this appearance, I don't know how many human beauties were ashamed of themselves.Even Mu Qianji, Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi and the others humbly said that Little White was prettier than them.

Because Little White had lived with humans since she was a child, her aesthetics, worldview, everything was the same as humans.For example, handsome, beautiful, ugly, these human aesthetics were also her aesthetics.In Little White's eyes, her Tang Zichen brother was the most handsome man in the world.

This is not quite the same as Little Fire and Violet Pupil.

Little Fire and Purple Pupil, their aesthetics were still based on their ancestry.For example, a human beauty, when Little Fire saw it, he didn't feel anything at all, because Little Fire wasn't a human, and he couldn't examine whether a person was beautiful or ugly from a human's point of view, no matter how beautiful a human was, in Little Fire's eyes, it was just a human.It was like a human seeing a snake, the snake was very beautiful, but in the eyes of a human, it was still a snake.

"Brother, will you take me there or not."

"Alright, if I'm going, I'll take you with me, it's always okay."

"That's more like it."

"Then why don't you hurry up and go practice."

"Oh."Little White playfully and adorably walked away.

Tang Zichen to, "Little Fire, do you have any thoughts on how pretty Little White looks?You're not careful with your age."

Little Fire was shocked and busy, "Minister, don't scare

Bluff me."

"How am I bluffing you, even though Sebastian is still young now, in a few years, he will already be a big girl."

"Brother Chen, you've really gone too far.It's a beautiful girl in your eyes, but in my eyes, it's still different from me, I have no concept of what you mean by beauty and ugliness, and if I liked human beauties, I would have found a girlfriend in the mortal world."

"Uh, what do you like, then?"

"Nonsense, of course I like my own kind, Minister, would you go for a beastly girlfriend?Like, a sow, a bitch, a cow."

"Gotta, gotta, don't say it."Tang Zichen waved his hand in a row, I dare say that in Little Fire's eyes, human women, including dragon women, were like sows and dogs in human eyes ah.

In that case, it was really Tang Zichen who was talking too much.

"Brother Chen, don't say that again, no matter how beautiful a human beauty is, in my eyes, it's like a sow bitch in the eyes of a human."

"Fine, I get it, I just saw you exist in human form for a long time and subconsciously ignored your true nature.But, big brother, I can't bear to see you single for a long time."

: "So, I hope, one day, I can find one of my own kind, no matter how beautiful or ugly, as long as it's female, I want it.Hahahaha, truth be told, there was a time when I also wanted the opposite sex ah, now I have no more requirements, as long as it's of my own kind, female, no matter how old or weak it is."

"I'll go, no matter how old or weak or sick, you have really strong tastes."Tang Zichen had a chill.

Little Fire hehely smiled, "Brother Chen, you have to understand, it's not even the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled."

"Also, hahaha."

Tang Zichen comforted, "Little Fire, don't worry, in a few days, we'll set off and walk around the Seven Seas, perhaps, somewhere in the dark of the Seven Seas, there are your kindred, and then you'll be able to hug the beautiful Qilin back."

"Don't joke, Chen, my breed is very rare.By the way, Purple Pupil he has also evolved into a dragon now and belongs to the dragon race, Purple Pupil and Little White, they are the same kind of species ah.And ah, did you notice the way Purple Pupil looked at Little White."

"Uh, Violet Pupil."Tang Zichen didn't even think of him.

"Brother Chen, since the fat water doesn't flow outside, you might as well fulfill Purple Pupil, after all, Purple Pupil is also still single right now."

Tang Zichen said, "That's a good idea, good, then this time out, let's bring Zi Pupil Xiaobai with us and see if the two of them, can call."

"Haha, right, after all, Purple Pupil is the son of our brother Little Black back then."End, somewhat sad, back then the three brothers, now, Little Black has long since gone to ashes and turned to dirt.Back then in that barren era, Little Fire and Little Black, two different races, spent many lonely and boring years together.

"Don't be sentimental."Tang Zichen patted Little Fire's shoulder, fate was like that, it couldn't always be as desired.

At this moment, somewhere in the darkness of Tang Ji Gate, Violet Pupil, who had a beard all over his face, was secretly watching the beautiful and touching young girl, Xiao Bai.

As a fellow dragon, Purple Pupil could sense Little White's beauty more than the average person.

The beauty of Xiaobai was rare in the Dragon Race, and already even people could sense her beauty, not to mention the dragons of the same race.

However, Violet Pupil, who looked like an uncle, knew deep inside how he could possibly be worthy of Little White.


"Hey, Uncle Purple Hitomi, are you here to see my brother, too?"Sebastian spotted the purple pupil.

"Ah, little, little white, yes, yes."Purple Hitomi stammered a bit, not able to keep her words straight in the face of such pretty words.

"Then hurry up, my brother's just finishing his training."

"Oh, good."Purple Hitomi nodded, Little White turned around and walked away, not taking many steps, Little White suddenly rushed up into the sky and turned into a white dragon.

"Knock!"Seeing Little White manifest his original body, suddenly, Purple Pupil was dumbfounded and couldn't help but swallow his saliva.In Purple Pupil's eyes, the little white dragon that transformed into its original body was the most beautiful, and he couldn't see the beauty or ugliness when it transformed into human form.

Tang Zichen stayed at home for three days, and after three days, Tang Zichen set off with Little Fire, Purple Hitomi, and Little White.

"Where are we going first?"Little Fire asked.

"We're in the extreme south continent, there's a continent directly north of us, a continent to the northeast, and a continent to the northwest, let's go to the one to the northeast first."Tang Zichen said.


Tang Zichen and the others, soon flew out of the extreme southern continent and entered over the ocean.

Several people flew over the ocean for half a day. One second to remember to read the book

"What's going on?Not here yet?The four continents weren't far apart from each other when we looked at them from above before."Little Fire looked puzzled.

"I don't understand, keep flying."

After two more days of continued flying, finally, they ended up on the continent to the northeast.

"Ow."Before they got close to the continent, Tang Zichen and the others heard a dragon roar.

"Hey, what's that sound."Little Fire was shocked.

Little White Dragon was busy saying, "Brother, it's a dragon."

"Ah, no, a dragon clan?"

Clearing the clouds and mist, indeed, Tang Zichen saw the continent in front of him, there were many dragons hovering in the sky, and, the dragons were of various colors, red, blue, purple, black, and white.

"Wow damn, it's really a dragon, we've even come to the land of the dragons."Little Fire laughed.

There were also many many dragons that had transformed into human forms on the Dragon Clan's ground.

Little White said in surprise, "Great, really great."

At this moment, Purple Pupil was also pleasantly surprised, although Purple Pupil used to be just a jiao and only evolved into a dragon later, but it was now a kindred spirit no matter what.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't be impulsive yet, this is after all the Dragon Clan's territory, don't act rashly, since the Dragon Clan is able to survive in the Seven Seas all year round, it must have something remarkable, perhaps, the Dragon Clan doesn't need any pseudo-immortal weapons, its fighting power is as good as those human overlords who have pseudo-immortal weapons."

At this moment, a black dragon saw Tang Zichen and the others in the clouds and immediately rushed up.

"Bold human, how dare you violate the land of my dragon race."Without saying a word, this black dragon directly opened its mouth and spat out a white gas.

The entire sky stunk, simply letting out poison.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and blew away all the poisonous gas.

This was a black dragon, a first-ranked robbery dragon.

The black dragon became angry and swept its tail towards Tang Zichen and the others.

Little Fire rushed out.

"Bang."A single blow knocked the black dragon away.

"If you do that again, I won't be polite.".

"What race are you again."That black dragon raged.

At that moment, Little White was busy saying, "Senior, I'm also of the dragon race, you see."After saying that, Little White suddenly revealed himself as Ben


"Ah."When Black Dragon saw Sebastian, a hint of shock appeared in his eyes, but he immediately regained his composure.

: "See, I'm also a dragon."

"And me."At this time, Purple Pupil also flew out, and Purple Pupil's original body was also a black dragon.

"You guys?"The black dragon seemed to be confused, because in this world, the dragon race was only so populated, but he had never seen a purple pupil before, and as for White, he felt familiar at first glance, somewhat suspecting that he was the offspring of a certain dragon.

At this moment, a voice came from the distant sky, "Rono, bring them to the Valley of the Dragons."

"Yes, Clan Chief."

The black dragon immediately put his face away and said, "Everyone, our clan chief has just spoken, come with me to the Valley of the Dragons."

Tang Zichen and the others looked at each other, not knowing if there was any danger in rashly coming to the Dragon Clan, but, Little White and Purple Pupil were both from the Dragon Clan, so reasonably speaking, they couldn't.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go, I'll take a look, besides, Little White and Purple Pupil are both from the Dragon Clan, maybe they have to return to their own clan.Besides, Xiaobai should have a life, maybe, we can find Xiaobai's relatives here."

Little White was full of anticipation, in fact, Little White also wanted to know who her relatives were.

Tang Zichen flew forward following the black dragon in front of him, and along the way, Tang Zichen saw many dragons.

Little Fire asked the black dragon, "You dragons have quite a large population."

"Multiple fart, compared to the human race, our population is far inferior."

"How many populations do you have now?"

"Only a hundred thousand."


Hundreds of thousands of dragons were indeed pitifully small compared to humans.

Little White asked, "Senior, why do I rarely see white dragons on this journey?"Sebastian paid more attention to the white ones because he was white, but he didn't see many white dragons.The largest number of them were black dragons.

"White dragons have the highest body mass, where are there so many white dragons."

"Ah, so I have the highest body mass, yay."White shouted excitedly.

"Why as childish as humans."The black dragon snorted.

Little Fire whispered to Tang Zichen; "Brother Chen, this guy doesn't seem too friendly."

"Well, it's better to be careful."Tang Zichen said.

Soon, he arrived at the Valley of Dragons, where there were even more dragons, and almost all of them were concentrated in the Valley of Dragons.

As soon as Tang Zichen entered the Valley of the Dragons, he felt many powerful impositions.

Tang Zichen's face changed, so many powerful qi, this is definitely comparable to those overlords of the eighth stage of tribulation, this random one, can fight with those overlords who have pseudo-immortal weapons.

Tang Zichen had an ominous premonition, if these dragons were to kill Tang Zichen right now, I'm afraid it would be very easy.Even if those few human overlords, unitedly came here, I'm afraid they would not be a match.

However, having reached the Valley of the Dragons, Tang Zichen had no reason to turn back and could only continue with a hard scalp.

Arriving at the center of the Dragon's Valley, Tang Zichen and the others landed on the ground.

On the ground, there was a luxurious, golden palace built, which was actually very similar to the buildings inhabited by humans, it seemed that the dragons also liked to live like humans, this could be seen from the fact that almost all of the dragons on the ground were transformed into human forms.

After Tang Zichen landed on the ground, an old man with a somewhat old appearance came out and swept a glance at Tang Zichen and the others.

"Patriarch, they are the ones who got our dragons, and, these two, too, are from the dragon clan, but have never seen them."


The leader of the dragon clan looked at Sebastian and Violet Pupil, then smiled, "This gentleman is afraid that he evolved from a jiao snake into a dragon."

"Ah."Purple Pupil was a bit surprised, that was all that could be seen.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Greetings to the Dragon Clan Chief, I am from the Extreme South Continent, the Master of Tang Ji Gate, I hope that the Clan Chief will forgive me for rashly coming here today."

That dragon clan chief said, "The humans of the Extreme South Continent, even the most powerful ones, don't dare to set foot on other continents, yet you dare to come to us."

"Ah, they don't dare?"Tang Zichen didn't seem to know that the few of them who had pseudo-immortal weapons didn't dare to come to other continents?

"Those so-called overlords of the human race, if they didn't have a few pseudo-immortal weapons, where would they be able to survive here, besides, that barren land of the Extreme South Continent is a place of disdain for the various holy beasts of our Seven Seas, otherwise, those human races wouldn't be able to exist here."

"Sacred beasts?"

"You're an interesting human, but you don't know anything."

"Truth be told, I've just come from the Six Heavy Sea and just gained a foothold in the Seven Heavy Sea."

"No wonder, in those places where the aura of the Six Heavy Sea is thin, someone was able to rise up and gain a place in the Seven Heavy Sea, it seems that you have a good talent.I'm a person who still appreciates geniuses, whether they're humans or dragons.Come in."

"Thank you, Senior." First URL

Tang Zichen and the others were busy walking into the main hall.

Little Fire noticed that there was some fine sweat on Tang Zichen's forehead.

"Brother Chen, why are you sweating?"Little Fire was a little surprised, it was reasonable to say that Tang Zichen was also at the fifth stage of Tribulation, and had defeated someone as strong as Fu Emotionless.

Tang Zichen transmitted, "Little Fire, this Dragon Clan's Clan Leader is too powerful, he just deliberately put pressure on me, I couldn't even carry it, I even secretly enabled the Black Water Pearl to resist, but still, I couldn't carry it."

"Ah, no way, so powerful."

Little Fire was also greatly shocked.

Tang Zichen and the others sat down in the golden palace, and the clan leader immediately ordered several female dragons to come up for drinks.

"You're welcome."The patriarch said with a wave of his hand.

"Thank you."Tang Zichen sniffed it, not sure what kind of drink it was, but it tasted okay.

Tang Zichen said, "Clan Leader, in the entire Spiritual World, are there any other places besides this place where there are dragons?"

"How is that possible."

"Well, this sister of mine, her name is Sebastian, he was a chance encounter when I was in the One Heavy Sea, she was very young and just born, I wanted to ask, since this is the only place in the world where there are dragons, she should be from here as well, do you know if you Dragonballs lost any of your children some years ago?"Tang Zichen said.

The dragon clan leader looked at Sebastian, and didn't know what kind of eyes, it was very faint, even Tang Zichen couldn't understand it.

The dragon clan chief said, "I will have someone inquire about it, my dragon clan's population of 180,000 people, although it is very rare compared to humans, but at the moment to know who has lost a child, we can't know."

"Oh, I'll have the clan leader do that."

The Dragon Clan Chief looked at Little Fire and smiled, "You're from the Kirin Clan, aren't you."


"However, your bloodline is not pure, you were not born a unicorn, you should be like this dragon clan, you used to be a jiao snake, and you, who used to be a fire demon beast, must have evolved into a unicorn."

"Yes."Little Fire nodded, this dragon clan leader had a sharp eye, and that was known.


bsp;Tang Zichen asked, "Patriarch, may I ask, do you know if there is a Qilin clan in this Seven Seas?"

"Oh, it's no bullshit."

"Ah."Tang Zichen and Little Flame were both shocked.

"So, the Seven Seas also has Little Fire's kind, great, Little Fire, you can finally find a girlfriend."

"Ahem."Little Fire was very embarrassed.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, he was actually more excited than Little Fire.

The dragon clan leader, however, didn't find it funny, but looked at Little Fire, and from time to time, he took a second glance at Little White, and as for Purple Pupil, he didn't even take a second look.

Purple Pupil felt a little hurt inside, although he used to be a Jiao dragon, but, not down to his appearance, he was always proud of himself for being able to evolve into a dragon, but the dragon clan didn't quite accept his feelings.

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Clan leader, which part of the Qilin Clan?"

The dragon chief said, "I advise you not to go."


"The Qilin clan, who are incredibly arrogant, despise humans the most, so why are you running away."


Little Fire was busy saying, "How can that be, I think humans are fine."

The patriarch said, "All the races living in the Seven Seas, except for the humans in the Extreme South Continent, are all holy beasts and spirit people.It's not that I despise humans, but those humans are really too despicable.They're like cockroaches, their reproduction ability is so strong that it's ridiculous, look at the Extreme South Continent, and now they're being given, forget it, by that group of cockroaches."

Tang Zichen's forehead broke out in cold sweat, saying that to his face was too disgraceful to humans.

And comparing humans to cockroaches, cockroaches were known for their reproductive ability, humans hated cockroaches very much, could it be that these races, the dragons, the humans in their eyes, were just like the cockroaches in the eyes of humans?

As for the human's ability to reproduce, Tang Zichen admitted that it was indeed very powerful, and in just tens of thousands of years, it could be bred from a few, to a single litter.No wonder these holy beasts of the dragon race, treated humans so badly.

"You don't accept it when I say that?"

"Uh, oh, Chief, I just don't understand why you have such a preconceived notion of humans."

"I'm only talking about the lower level humans here, I don't mean the higher level humans."

"By the way, you just said that all the people living in the Seven Seas are holy beasts and spirits, is this?"

"That's right, the Seven Seas is a place with many races, completely different from the place beneath the Six Seas, which is a bunch of stinking gutters.Our Seven Heavy Seas, other than those low-level humans from the Extreme South Continent, the rest of us are all holy beasts, for example, our dragon, unicorn, and phoenix clans.Aside from our holy beast race, there's also the strongest race, the Celestial Race, also known as the Spirit People."

"What are they?"

"They're advanced humans, they were born with a half-immortal physique, and every single one of them can ascend to the Immortal Realm and become a true immortal."


"You'd better never set foot in the Half Immortal Clan's territory, or else you'll die a horrible death."The dragon clan leader warned.

"Uh, yeah, that serious."

"The Half Immortal Clan, they are most disgusting to you lowly humans.After coming to our Dragon Clan today, don't go anywhere else but back to your Extreme South Continent.Don't you know that the rest of your Extreme South Continent never dares to take a half step into any other place?"


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