The King of Kungfu in school 1871-1880


Chapter 1871

These thousands of descendants, all descendants of Tang Zichen and some of his brothers and sisters, voluntarily followed Tang Zichen to live in the Spiritual Realm.

Tang Zichen was only giving it a try, and didn't know whether it would be a blessing or a curse to take them to the Spiritual Realm.

Afterwards, Tang Zichen split open the spatial boundary and brought thousands of people back to the Spiritual Realm, appearing in the First Sea of the Spiritual Realm.

The reason why he appeared in the First Sea was because the First Sea had the weakest space, and Tang Zichen had to choose a safe place to bring so many people.

Tang Zichen brought these thousands of people to a certain city in the One Heavy Sea and said to everyone, "We'll stay here for about half a year, and during this half year, each of you must become familiar with the Spiritual Realm, and each of you must step into the Spiritual Harmony Stage or above and officially start on the path of immortal cultivation.After that, I'll take you all to my place, Tang Ji Gate."

In the six months that followed, Tang Zichen helped each and every one of them to successfully reach the Spiritual Harmony Stage.

Tang Zichen could only help them here, after all, there were so many people.

However, there was one person that Tang Zichen couldn't help, and that was the robot Blackhawk.

Tang Zichen couldn't help Black Hawk refine spirit stones, and Black Hawk couldn't absorb spiritual energy, and Black Hawk's cultivation direction was all completely different.

To put it bluntly, Black Hawk's cultivation direction was more towards magic weapons, low grade magic weapons, intermediate grade magic weapons, high grade magic weapons, top grade magic weapons, heavenly grade magic weapons, and pseudo-immortal weapons.

Yes, Black Hawk's cultivation direction was the same as that of a Dharma weapon. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was also a bit cryptic, a robot, to put it bluntly, was a magic treasure that produced a soul.

The difference was that the robot could cultivate on its own to make itself more advanced, whereas the magic treasure, however, relied on its master to sacrifice it and needed the master to use spiritual power to drive it in order to function.

"Black Hawk, it's been half a year since you came to the spirit world, have you groped for anything?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Senior Tang, I found that our robot clan is very similar to the spirit world's magic tools."Black Eagle said.

"That's right, but you guys are more flexible and superior than the magic tools.Blackhawk, keep working hard, in the future, maybe your robot clan can become something more powerful than a magic weapon, or even replace it and become a weapon that people seek after."

Black Hawk said, "Senior Tang, we will not become someone's weapon, we are also a race, but we will always follow Senior Tang."

"Haha, let's talk about these later, Black Eagle, what level have you reached now?"

Blackhawk said apologetically, "If I were to be judged based on the Spiritual Realm's magic weapon levels, right now, I'm still very far away from even a Primary Inferior Magic Weapon."

"Too weak."Tang Zichen gave Black Hawk two words.

"Yes, a random flying sword with no rank could cut me to pieces."Black Eagle said, "He was so strong in the mortal realm that no human was a match, but in the spirit realm, he was weak.

"Don't worry Senior Tang, I will definitely intensify my research so that I can upgrade myself, but after all, I am alone now, I don't have any helpers or factories, I have to produce materials, I have to have a processing plant, I also have to have a laboratory and so on, alas."Blackhawk sighed.

Machines and artifacts, word for word, while many things were in common, many differences existed as well.

Tang Zichen casually turned over something that looked like a necklace.


sp; "Blackhawk, do you know what this is?"

"The necklace?"Black Eagle looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

Tang Zichen's mind moved, and with a clatter, that black necklace expanded and changed, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a huge steel giant hundreds of meters tall.

"Roar."The steel giant let out a roar, each roar was like that sharp, piercing sound that steel makes when it rubs against each other.

Tang Zichen said, "This is a magic weapon of mine, I haven't used it for quite a while, this magic weapon of mine can shrink into a necklace when not in use, I call him the Steel Giant.Black Hawk, now look at it with your eyes, my Iron Giant, does it contain a high level of technology?"

Black Eagle's body was trembling at the moment, stammering, "Senior Tang, I've really opened my eyes, I'm completely unable to use science to explain why a necklace this small would expand into such a large steel giant, what about the law of conservation of energy?It's as if it completely broke physics as I knew it.I suddenly realized that the science contained in your Iron Giant is beyond my reach."

Tang Zichen casually flipped out another jade slip and said, "This is a transmission jade slip, and this, you should be able to understand, can transmit sound for a thousand miles."After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately sent a message out, "Hey, hey, Thousand Extremities, what are you doing?I'm now in the One Heavy Sea, I brought thousands of people this time, now there seems to be a problem, the Rainbow Bridge can only take 100 people at a time, even if all eight Rainbow Bridges are taken over by me, I can only take 800 people, how am I supposed to do with these thousands of people?"

Not long after, Tang Zichen's jade slip vibrated, and a message from Mu Qianji came from inside, "Ah, can't you just tear through space to the Six Seas?"

"Because I've brought so many people with me, the space in the First Sea is weak, so I can only choose to settle here, it's more secure."

"Then we'll have to transport them up here in several years."

"That's all that can be done."

After that, Tang Zichen ended his call with Mu Qianji.

Black Eagle asked, "Senior Tang, this jade slip of yours is the equivalent of a telephone, right?"

"Yes, you can say that.However, this jade slip of mine, there are no satellites, and this spirit world has no satellites to connect the two sides."

"Ah, no satellite signal to connect?So how did that work?"

"Oh, how would I know ah, even the entire spirit world doesn't know the principle."

After that, Tang Zichen took out a few more magic tools, and scrolls and such, and these things were brought out, and they really scared Blackhawk to death, because Blackhawk couldn't even imagine how this was done, what the principle was.

Blackhawk couldn't explain it at all, or the technology that Blackhawk currently possessed was not up to this level.That bit of high technology on the robot was simply still too small compared to the magic weapon.

If Blackhawk was to evolve in the future, he would definitely go on an upgrade path that was exactly the same as the level of the magic weapon, and if he couldn't explain and research the mysteries of the magic weapon, then Blackhawk would stagnate, and wouldn't even be able to live in the spirit world, becoming something that was obsolete and backward in the spirit world.

"Everyone, let's go, follow me to the Five Seas first."

Tang Zichen led thousands of people from the First Heavy Sea, straight to reach the Five Heavy Seas.

Once they reached the Five Heavy Seas, it would be more troublesome to continue to the Six Heavy Seas, and they had to pass through the Rainbow Bridge.There was still less than half a month until the Rainbow Bridge opened, and since it couldn't take that many people on board at once, it would probably take several years to bring these thousands of people up to the Six Heavy Sea.


"Windy, do we have to go through the Rainbow Bridge?With your current half-immortal strength, can't you force your way into the Six Seas?Why don't you try it."Yan Xin Yi said to Tang Zichen.

"Good."Tang Zichen leapt into the sky and flew to an illusion like the sea and lips, then Tang Zichen tore through that illusion with a palm, and suddenly, tore open an opening.

"Haha, as expected, I can force my way into the five seas, fortunately, my aunt reminded me, otherwise I would have been foolish to really spend years."

After that, Tang Zichen effortlessly brought thousands of people to the Six Seas, and then returned to the Tang Chi Gate in the Six Seas.

Finally, Tang Zichen returned, and although it had only been gone for a year for those in the Spiritual Realm, for Tang Zichen, it had been gone for five or six years.

Xu Qing'er looked at the several huge characters of Tang Ji Gate and asked, "Old Ancestor, is this the sect you founded in the Spiritual World?"


Mu Qianji and the others learned that Tang Zichen had returned and came out in a panic to greet him.

"Zichen, you're back."Mu Qianji came up happily.

"Qianji, nothing happened at home during the year I was away, right?"

"No, but a few months ago, a survey team from the Seven Seas came to Tang Ji Gate."Mu Qianji said. A second to remember to read the book

"A survey team?What survey team?"

"A survey team from the I Clan of the Seven Seas, I heard that the I Clan wants to establish a branch of the I Clan in the Six Seas and is in the process of picking an address."

"What about now?"

"Now I don't know, but after they explored the terrain of our Tang Ji Gate a few months ago, they told us to wait for news, and if they end up choosing our place, then we must move away and set up a branch for them."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen said angrily, "The Yi Clan is bullying people too much, if they don't take care of the Seven Seas, then they come to the Six Seas to establish some kind of family branch, they're sick."

Mu Qianji said, "We're just waiting for news now, hopefully they won't choose our place to establish a branch, otherwise, I'm afraid we'll really have to move."

Tang Zichen's face paled.

Mu Qianji consoled, "Alright, just got back, don't be in such a bad mood, be happy, maybe they didn't choose our place in the end.It's not like we're the only place they've visited, the eight imperial cities of the imperial dynasty."

Mu Qianji looked towards Xu Qing'er behind Tang Zichen and asked, "Who is this?"

Tang Zichen introduced, "Her name is Xu Qing'er, a descendant of Xu Mei Qian's family."


Xu Qing'er was busy greeting Mu Qianji, "Greeting senior Mu."

"You're welcome."Mu Qianji smiled slightly.

Tang Zichen then ordered people to make arrangements for these people brought up from the mortal realm.

"Brother Chen."Little Fire saw Tang Zichen fly out.

"Uncle Minister."Zi Hitomi also flew out.

Tang Zichen was surprised to find that Little Fire had reached the second stage of Tribulation.

"Little Flame, when did you reach the Second Stage of Tribulation?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Haha, just last month."Little Fire smiled hehehe.

"Great, congratulations, Little Flame."Tang Zichen was delighted.

"Brother Chen, you went to the mortal realm .

There shouldn't be much to gain."Little Fire asked, after all, the mortal realm doesn't even have aura.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "That's not necessarily true, I've already touched the threshold of the Third Stage of Tribulation twice, I think I'll be able to step into the Third Stage of Tribulation even faster if I come back and close the door a bit."

"Wow damn, no way."

"Alright, nothing to be happy about."Tang Zichen was in a bad mood at the thought of the Seven Seas Yi Clan, which might choose this place to establish a family branch, feeling that these Seven Seas families were too tuggy, doing whatever they wanted without considering anyone else's opinion in the slightest.

Although there was still no news about where the specific site was chosen, Tang Zichen had to prepare in advance, in case they did choose to establish a family branch in Tangji Gate, then did Tangji Gate really move away and let them have it?

The answer was, no way.

However, this would definitely upset the Yi Clan of the Seven Seas, but Tang Zichen wasn't ready to confront the forces of the Seven Seas, besides, Tang Zichen hadn't reached the Third Stage of Tribulation yet, if he reached the Third Stage of Tribulation, then Tang Zichen's strength would increase some more.

Ten days later, the people brought up from the Mortal Realm were all arranged properly, and they were gradually adapting to life in the Spiritual Realm, Tang Zichen was no longer so concerned about them, and the route after that was for them to go on their own.

Tang Zichen came to the Nine Fifths bed and prepared to close the door for comprehension.

Although the aura wasn't as useful when reaching the tribulation stage, it would definitely be better than nothing if there was an aura, as a dense aura would help communicate the space between heaven and earth, thus better aiding in comprehension.It's like, you can grow up eating rice, and you can grow up eating mountains and seafood, but if you have mountains and seafood to eat, of course it's better, and the nutrition is more complete and more conducive to growing up.For the transmigration stage, the difference between having aura and not having aura is the difference between eating rice and eating mountains and seafood.

Tang Zichen spent three months in solitary confinement on the bed of Nineveh.

After three months, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"Brother Chen, you're out of the gate."When Little Fire saw Tang Zichen come out, he was busy being concerned and came over to ask.


"Brother Minister, looking at your face, it can't be that you've broken through to the Third Stage of Tribulation."

"Yes, the pressure forced me to break through to the third stage of Tribulation in the end, but this is only a realm breakthrough to the third stage of Tribulation, it hasn't been verified by the lightning tribulation, if you can't survive the third stage of Tribulation, then you'll be ashes and ashes."

"Brother Chen, with your physical strength, do you still need to worry about the thunderstorm, haha, congratulations brother Chen.You've now stepped into the third stage of Tribulation, so you can at least practice your twelve sword formations up to the fourth set, and if there are no pseudo-immortal weapons to fight you, I'm afraid you'll be able to compete with someone of the seventh stage of Tribulation.".

Tang Zichen nodded, "If the other party doesn't have a pseudo-immortal artifact, then I can indeed compete with the Seventh Stage of Tribulation.But if the other party has pseudo-immortal artifacts, then even if the other party is only at the Third Stage of Tribulation, I may not be able to win against him.As for the Seven Seas, the five people who have pseudo-immortal weapons, they're all at the eighth stage of the Robbery Transgression.In other words, if I want to compete with them, I have to reach at least the same realm as them."

"Brother Chen you're still worried about the Seven Heavy Seas Yi Clan establishing a branch?"

"By the way, is there any news on this yet?"Don Zichen was busy asking.

"Not yet, but it's definitely coming soon."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "I've sensed the thunder tribulation, I'll go through it first."

"Ah, so soon."

Tang Zichen immediately sat down on the ground and closed his eyes, his body and mind entering an unknown space.


Ten seconds later, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"Brother Chen, you've already survived the third thunderstorm, that's too quick."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled lightly, if it were anyone else, a thunderstorm was a matter of life and death, but Tang Zichen seemed to be normal and didn't feel the slightest pressure.In fact, this was mainly because in Tang Zichen's body, he had been nurtured by immortal energy for a long time, so his flesh was very strong, and it would be difficult for the lightning calamity to strike Tang Zichen to death.

Tang Zichen began to practice the fifth set of the Twelve Sword Formation.

Another month passed.

Finally, a group of uninvited guests came to Tang Chi Gate.

"Call out the man in charge of your place."A man of the second stage of the Tribulation said high and mighty, with a dozen people behind him.

Tang Zichen stepped out and smiled, "I am the Master of the Tang Chi Gate, who are you and what can I do for you."Tang Zichen guessed by looking at their looks that nine out of ten of them were from the Seven Seas Yi Clan.

Sure enough, the man who was at the second stage of Tribulation said, "You are the person in charge here?"

Tang Zichen disliked his tone of voice, shady and knowing, and couldn't help but scold him, "Are you fucking sick in the head?I've said I am, what do you mean by asking several times, can you show your status by being so fucking cuntish?"

"Uh."Those few people from the Seven Seas Yi Clan were startled, seemingly not expecting that they would encounter such people in the Six Seas, let alone not expecting that someone in the Six Seas would dare to speak to them like that. Premiere URL

The man at the second stage of the Tribulation was furious as he pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Do you heck, do you know who I am?"

"Not interested in knowing who you are."

"Listen up, I'm from the Seven Seas I Clan, and this time, by family order, I'm solely responsible for establishing a family branch.You're a fucking trash door master, and you're insulting me, fine, fine, I'm angry, the consequences are serious, tell me yourself, how do I vent my anger, if I don't vent the anger in my heart, this place will be filled with corpses."The man who was at the second stage of the Tribulation was filled with anger.

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "I knew what kind of bullshit Yi Clan you are."

"You, how dare you insult my family, lie down for me, do you hear me, lie down for me."That Second Stage of Tribulation pointed at Tang Zichen's nose and said.

"Lie down, why do you need to lie down?"Little Fire was busy asking.

"Lie down and let me beat you up honestly, and I might consider leaving a full body for everyone in your Tang Ji Gate."The man who was at the second stage of the tribulation said.

Little Fire snorted, "How arrogant, Minister, what to do?They came to our place today, if I'm not mistaken, they must have taken a fancy to us and want to establish their family branch in our place."

Tang Zichen's face chilled and said, "Little Fire, open your mouth, a fire, and cremate him."

"Yes, Brother Chen."Little Fire opened his mouth at once.

"Wow."That man who was at the second stage of the Tribulation, before he could escape, was cremated by Little Fire.

"Ah."The dozen or so people from the Yi Clan who followed behind were all silly, when had the Six Seas been so arrogant as to cremate people at the drop of a hat.

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold as he looked at the dozen or so people and asked, "Did you come here today to establish your family branch here?"

One of the old men of the first stage of tribulation raged, "You guys are so bold, you dare to kill a half-immortal of our Yi Clan."

"This is your own fault, a good seven seas don't stay, come to establish some family branch, you think the whole world is your territory ah, grass you."Tang Zichen fiercely swords.

"Boom."More than a dozen people from the Yi Clan were all chopped to death.

In just a few minutes, the dozen or so people from the Yi Clan who were ordered to be in charge of establishing family distribution were killed by Tang Zichen and Little Fire.

Only a faint smell of burning was left in the air.

Little Fire and Tang Zichen looked at each other.

"Brother Chen, will we be too impulsive and kill them with one word."..

"Just kill them, what's the drop, making me Tang Zichen like I'm easy to bully, huh."Tang Zichen's face was cross, but in fact, Tang Zichen had to admit that he really couldn't deal with the I Clan at the moment.

"Brother Chen, I'm afraid that at this moment, the Seven Seas I Clan has already learned of the deaths of these people just now, and I think that we need to do something to prevent it.How about quickly sending the Tang Ji Gate people out to hide?"

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "Let them come, come one and kill the other."

"Brother Chen, you're crazy."

"Little Fire, how many are the strongest you can deal with right now?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Right now, I'm the strongest to deal with the Fifth Stage of Tribulation, and in my inherited memories, there's a divine ability called One Flame of Void Fire, if I practice One Flame of Void Fire, I can burn the Sixth Stage of Tribulation in an instant."

"Wow damn, so powerful."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Brother Chen, this One Flavor Void Fire of mine is not an ordinary flame ah, you may not know that fire, too, has high and low grades.My one taste of virtual fire is at a level far beyond all the fires we've seen now."

"Then how long are you away from practicing one Void Fire?"

Little Fire said, "Now that I've told you, this shows that I'm not far away from practicing to become one of the Void Flames of Inherited Memory."

"Little Fire, we must practice faster, only then will our strength increase, currently, my Twelve Sword Formation has only just reached the level of dealing with the Seventh Stage of Tribulation."Tang Zichen said.

"Then what should we do now?Will our Tang Ji Gate be wiped out by the Yi Clan."

"Don't worry, as far as I know, although the Five Great Families of the Seven Seas have many Half Immortals, most of their Half Immortals are of the First to Sixth Tier of Tribulation, and there aren't many Half Immortals over the Sixth Tier of Tribulation in the Five Great Families of the Seven Seas.And now, the Seventh Order of Tribulation stands in front of me, as long as he doesn't have a pseudo-immortal weapon, I'm not afraid of him, and it's not certain who will kill who."Tang Zichen said.

"As for the eighth step of Tribulation, as far as I know, the five great families of the Seven Seas are estimated to have only one, or at most two, from each family, and one of them is holding a pseudo-immortal weapon.So, the ones that are a threat to us, to be frank, are only two at most.It's not that easy to kill us, and if we're really no match, we can go to the Sea of Death, who do they dare to go to the Sea of Death."Tang Zichen said.

"Seems a bit reasonable."Little Flame smiled heedlessly.

Right now, in the Seven Seas Yi Clan.

"Reporting to the Patriarch, Ilin Jun's Light of Life is out."A subordinate reported to an old man of the sixth stage of the Tribulation, who was managing the daily life of their Yi Clan, calling him the Patriarch.


The patriarch rose from his sitting position and said in shock, "What's going on?Didn't I send him to the Six Seas to fully handle the establishment of the family branch, so why did he suddenly die?"

"I don't know, Eirin Jun's life light just went out, he must have just died in the Sixth Sea."That underling said.

"Outrageous, who dares to kill someone from my I Clan in the Six Seas."The I Clan's protector clan leader was furious.

"Someone, go and call for Yi Cousin Fang."


Not long after, a man of the fifth stage of Tribulation came, this man of the fifth stage of Tribulation was tall and big, his eyes naturally showed a fierce light, and without having to say any words, he made people feel very dignified.

"Patriarch, what are you looking for me for?"

"Yi Cousin Fang, Yi Lin Jun, who I sent to the Six Heavy Seas to establish a family branch, has just died."

"What? Which bastard calf in the Six Heavy Sea dared to kill my Yi Clan, do they not want to hang around?"Yibiao Fang yelled, seemingly unable to believe where in the Six Heavy Sea someone could dare to be so arrogant.

The patriarch of the clan snorted, "The person who killed Yirin Jun in the Six Heavy Sea must have thought that God didn't know about it, that's why he dared to attack Yirin Jun.Yi Cube Fang, you are the law enforcement chief of our Yi Clan, you have the right to uphold the dignity of anyone's life in the family.I now order you to immediately go to the Six Heavy Sea and investigate who killed Y Lin Jun and bring back the murderer, I would like to see which son of a bitch ate the bear's guts."

"Patriarch, don't worry, I'll immediately go to the Six Heavy Sea, and within a month, I'll definitely bring back the murderer." Remember the URL

The Izumo side immediately went to the Six Heavy Seas to investigate the death of Ilin Jun.

The Seventh Heavy Sea went to the Sixth Heavy Sea and could go there at any time, but the Sixth Heavy Sea had to go back to the Seventh Heavy Sea, but the key was a must.

Tang Zichen and Little Fire, acted as if nothing had happened, after all, no one else had been present when they had just killed those people.

"Brother Chen, it's really as if we didn't do anything?Wouldn't that be sitting ducks."

"If we run off with our families now, it's a fool's errand to know we did it."

"But what if they Y's family already knows we did it?"

"Not usually."


"Because if you come down from the seventh sea, you can just come straight down, but if you go back again from the sixth sea, you have to have the key, and the key is in the hands of the strongest person in their I Clan, and the strongest person in their clan can't just 'open the door' for someone at any moment, so I guess the I Clan who we just killedThey definitely haven't returned to the Seven Seas in the past few months, and they'll definitely wait for the family branch to be established before they go back."

"The reasoning is somewhat reasonable."

"Alright, let's not talk about it so much, you should quickly go practice your One Flame of Void Fire."

"Okay Le."

Tang Zichen had been practicing at home for five days when a man from the Tang Chi Gate, claiming to be from the Bird Dynasty, came and wanted to see Tang Zichen about something.

Tang Zichen met the man in the main hall.

"What is it that you want to see me about?"

"Senior Tang, it's like this, our Bird Dynasty's eldest emperor, the Bird Peng Army, sent me here to ask you to go there."

"The Bird Pang Army asked me to go?"

"Yes, I expect Senior Tang to go there quickly."

"Have you asked your Long Emperor Bird, Peng Jun, what he is?He asked me to take a trip there?"Tang Zichen was furious.

"This, Tang Qian,

Senior, our eldest emperor also has a hard time, his life is being threatened, he didn't just send people to invite you, he also sent people to every other dynasty and invited all the people in charge of the dynasty."Bird's imperial servant said.

Tang Zichen said, "Who is threatening the life of your long emperor, Bird Peng Jun, by?"

"The man won't let me talk about it, he's afraid that if he does, you won't go."


"It's someone who came down from the Seven Heavy Seas, from the Yi Clan of the Seven Heavy Seas, the name seems to be Yi Biao Fang, a strong man of the fifth stage of tribulation."

"The Yi Clan, Yi Cousin Fang?"Tang Zichen's brow furrowed lightly, Tang Zichen had figured out that nine times out of ten, it had something to do with Tang Zichen killing those people a few days ago.

"What is that Yi Cousin Fang doing here?"Tang Zichen asked probingly.

"Back to Senior Tang, Junior doesn't know either, as soon as he came to the Six Seas, he took control of our Bird Dynasty and asked our Elder Emperor, in his name, to send out an invitation to all of the Royal Dynasties in the Six Seas, to the Bird Dynasty."

"Alright, I understand, you go back first, I'll be right back."

"Thank you senior, I hope that you will definitely come if you go, the life of our long emperor is in your hands."The people of the Bird Dynasty thankfully left first.

Tang Zichen snorted with contempt.

Little Fire arrived with the news, and was busy asking, "Brother Chen, it's someone sent down from the I Clan, isn't it."

"Yes, a man named Yi Cousin Fang."

"Ah, he must have come to investigate that last incident.Brother Minister, how strong is this Yi Cousin Fang?"

Tang Zichen trailed off, "A tribulation fifth stage is just that."

Little Fire was relieved, "That's good, I'm really afraid of a Transmigration Eighth Order."

Tang Zichen said, "The Seven Seas only has a few Transmigration Eighth Steps, where are there so many Transmigration Eighth Steps, don't worry, this matter, before it reaches the most serious stage, a strong person of this level of Transmigration Eighth Step will not be able to come down.Perhaps, they feel that; sending someone of the fifth stage of the Tribulation to come down and investigate is enough.Because they think that no one in the Six Seas would dare to openly confront them."

"So now you're going to the Bird Dynasty?"

"Of course I'm going to, I'm going to pretend I don't know who killed them and cooperate with their investigation.And then after that, I'll quietly, take out that Ipekata again."

"Uh, Minister, you're going to take out the Ipefang again."

"That's for sure, quietly find an empty place to kill it, after that, the I Clan will definitely send even stronger ones down, at that time, I'll quietly kill it again, in short, I'll kill as many people as they send down until I can't do it anymore."

"Minister, if you need anything, feel free to tell me, I'll go practice a flavor of Void Fire first."

"Go ahead, I'll handle these matters myself."

Tang Zichen immediately left for the Bird Dynasty.

A day later, Tang Zichen arrived at the Bird's Dynasty, and when Tang Zichen arrived, so did everyone from the other major immortal cultivation dynasties, such as Li Chen Alone from the Li Chen Dynasty, You Changhu from the You Clan Dynasty, Sang Jinye from the Sang Clan Dynasty, and Gao Yang Sending Jun from the Gao Yang Dynasty.

"Hello, Fellow Daoist Tang."

"Hello, Fellow Daoist Tang."

When the people from several major imperial dynasties arrived, they all greeted Tang Zichen warmly when they ran into him.

"You're welcome."

Tang Zichen said to himself, "It's better not to be so polite to him at this time, let Tang Zichen keep a low profile.

There was also one person who ran into Tang Zichen and didn't give him any face at all, and that was Gao Yang Sending King of the Gao Yang Dynasty.


"Tang Zichen, can you return the Infinite Heavenly Book to me?"Gao Yang sent the king running into Tang Zichen and said.

"Uh, Infinite Heavenly Book, what is this?"Tang Zichen pretended to be stupid and asked.

"Tang Zichen, you can't be so brazen, I don't have the Book of the Peerless Sky now, I'm at the bottom of the rankings of several major immortal dynasties."

"Alright, Gao Yang sent the ruler, I swear, I'll definitely return it to you when I'm tired of playing with it, the Infinite Heavenly Book is just a book, it's not a good thing."Tang Zichen didn't bother to get into more trouble with Gao Yang Sending Monarch.

"Thank you."Gao Yang Sending Monarch was happy inside, no matter when to return it, but promise to return it to him will do, originally Gao Yang Sending Monarch didn't think that Tang Zichen would return it to him.

Gao Yang Sendingjun asked, "What happened to Bird Pengjun who came to us in a hurry?Did you know that?"

"How should I know, I'll know if I enter the Bird Dynasty's palace."Tang Zichen snorted in his heart.

At that moment, a shout came from behind, "Greeting Senior Tang."

When Tang Zichen turned back, it was Zhuzhou.

"Zhuzhou, shouting to pay your respects to me from afar, you're afraid that no one will notice me right?"Tang Zichen glared towards Zhuzhou.

Zhuzhou was a foreign half-immortal of the original Yew Dynasty, but then Tang Zichen killed the half-immortal of the Yew Dynasty, Zhuzhou was forced to become the Long Emperor, and the Yew Dynasty was changed to the Zhu Dynasty. A second to remember to read the book

It was just that nowadays, the Zhu Dynasty was the weakest force in the Six Seas, as Zhuzhou was only at the fifth stage of the tribulation.Right now, when Zhuzhou saw Tang Zichen and respected him so much, maybe he wanted to flatter Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, don't say I didn't tell you ah, Bird Peng Jun of the Bird Dynasty, the reason why he hurriedly came to us is because he was threatened by a person who came down from the Seven Seas, that person is called Yi Biao Fang.Some time ago, the Yi Clan sent someone down to establish a family branch in our place, but I don't know which one of the gods killed the clan member that the Yi Clan sent down to establish the branch.So, if I'm right, this Yi Cousin Fang, is the one who came down to investigate this matter."

"What? Someone killed the I Clan?God, what god damned bastard was so bold."Everyone was shocked.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, when we enter the Bird's Palace, let's relax, we haven't done anything anyway."


Tang Zichen and the others, entered the Bird's Imperial Palace together.

Sure enough, in one of the main halls of the palace, a fifth-ranked man with a contemptuous and dignified face was sitting at the top of the palace, while Bird Peng Jun stood obediently at the bottom.

Bird Peng Jun was originally of the sixth stage of the tribulation, the longest emperor of a dynasty, but right now, in front of the Yi family, a man of the fifth stage of the tribulation, he was behaving like a servant.It certainly wasn't a fear of Yi Piao Fang, but a fear of the family behind him, after all, the Yi Clan was a family that possessed pseudo-immortal weapons.

"Are they all here?"After Tang Zichen and the others entered the main hall, Yi Piao Fang swept his gaze over Tang Zichen and the others, then asked.

Bird Pengjun said, "Fellow Daoist Yi Piao Fang, we are here in the Six Seas, and the people from the several major cultivation dynasties, let me introduce you to them."

"No need to introduce them, I have no interest in what these people are called."Ibiao Fang said from on high, he didn't even want to know what Tang Zichen and the others were called.

"That's right that's right, you're the law enforcement chief of the Yi Clan, of course you don't care to know us."Tori Peng Jun was busy nodding his head.


p; Yi Cousin Fang looked at everyone and said, "Everyone, it wasn't Bird Peng Jun who asked you to come.Let me also cut to the chase, our Yi Clan, sent a few half-immortals down to establish a family branch, but heck, they were killed, I want to know the murderer now, I bet it was definitely one of you who killed them, now give me an honest account of who killed my Yi Clan."Yi Cousin Fang said with threatening eyes.

Bird Peng Jun was the first to swear, "I swear to the heavens, I absolutely did not, my Bird Dynasty, absolutely no one dares to touch your Seven Seas."

You Changhu was the second to say: "I also swear to the heavens that I have absolutely none."

Li Chenlong said, "I am an honest man, Mr. Yi Cousin Fang, this is something that everyone knows, I cannot dig my own grave and kill people from your Yi Clan.It's an honor for you to come to our Six Seas and establish a branch, it's not too late for us to welcome you."

Gao Yang sent Jun also swore that he didn't and welcomed it, and was so happy that he couldn't sleep for days and nights when he found out that they had come to establish a branch in the Six Seas.

Tang Zichen almost didn't vomit when he heard that.

And the Zhu Dynasty's Zhuzhou, not to mention, was busy saying, "I, the Zhu Dynasty, am the weakest of all the dynasties, and I am even more unlikely to be able to, and I still hope that it is clear."

In the end, Tang Zichen was the only one left who didn't swear.

Tang Zichen didn't expect to swear, to make Tang Zichen swear at a fifth-ranked tribulation trash, Tang Zichen really couldn't do it.

Ibiao Fang looked at Tang Zichen and humphed, "Everyone has sworn, why don't you?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Everyone swears, and if I swear too, won't I be following the trend, so I won't swear."

"Kneel down."I Tablefang yelled.

"What?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed and he was made to kneel in disagreement?

"I said, kneel down, you're a third stage of tribulation, I'll make you kneel down and talk to me."Yi Tablefang shouted.

Tang Zichen shook his head and laughed, "Yi Tablefang, you bitch, I didn't want to attack, but you're too damn angry.Alright, alright, no need to investigate, I'd better explain myself, the people you sent down to establish the family branch were killed by me, they tried to establish a branch in my territory, they really didn't know how to live, so I exterminated them."Tang Zichen directly admitted, Tang Zichen wouldn't let this Yi Table Fang live anyway.

However, the rest of them were stunned that Tang Zichen had explained himself.

"Daoist Tang, you, you, it's actually you."

Everyone was dumbfounded, not expecting that Tang Zichen would be so bold as to even kill someone from the Seven Seas Super Power.

At this moment, Yi Table Fang's face was extremely ugly.

"It's you, unexpectedly, it's you."Yi Tablefang stood up in anger.

Bird Peng Jun, You Chang Hu, Gao Yang Sending Jun, Li Chen Lonely, Zhu Zhou, Sang Jin Ye, they all retreated to the side, away from Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen's death had nothing to do with them anyway, so as not to set them ablaze.

Ibiao Fang's eyes were spitting fire as he looked at Tang Zichen, he thought that it wasn't so easy to investigate, it would definitely take more than half a month to investigate it, but he didn't expect that it was only the second day.To be precise, it was the murderer himself who gave an account.

"What's your name?"Izumi Fang asked angrily.

Tang Zichen said, "Listen, your grandfather, me, is called Tang Zichen."


Everyone was even more shocked when they heard that Tang Zichen actually dared to speak to Yi Biao Fang in such a tone, admiring Tang Zichen's courage, but also feeling sad for Tang Zichen's death-seeking behavior, Oh the family of the Seven Seas possessing pseudo-immortal weapons, is Tang Zichen really too old for life?

Yibiao Fang was already furious, pointing at Tang Zichen and saying, "Tang Zichen, my Yi Clan, if I don't cut you down to size, I'll follow your surname."

Tang Zichen left his mouth and said, "It's just a pseudo-immortal weapon, if I don't have one, do you believe I'll let your Yi Clan die without a burial place?"

"You you you."Ibiao Fang trembled with anger, not expecting there to be such an arrogant person in the Six Seas.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense and rushed up to slap I Tablefang's face.

"Pah."Ippiao Fang was slapped by Tang Zichen and fell to the ground.

"This, how is this possible."I Cousin Fang was furious and at the same time incredulous, he was at the fifth stage of tribulation, how could Tang Zichen, a third stage of tribulation, be able to slap him down so easily?

Tang Zichen grabbed Yi Tablefang again and hoisted him in the air.

"Yibiao Fang, do you think you're from some shitty family, you're very tuggy, you fucking tuggy show me, I believe I'll make you eat shit in minutes."

"Tang Zichen, you better think it through."

"Let me think clearly what, is it to think clearly whether to offend you or not?I pooh." First published at

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Yi Cube Fang so hard that his head was tilted by Tang Zichen's slap.

I Cousin Fang's face was hideous.

At this time, Bird Peng Jun was busy saying, "Fellow Daoist Tang Zichen, don't be impulsive."

"Bird Pengjun, are you going to stop me?"

"Forget I said that."Tori Penn Jun retreated to the side.

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold and his mind moved.

"Pfft."Ibe Fang was instantly sliced into countless pieces from foot to foot by a flying sword.

The other people from the other imperial dynasties watched incredulously as Tang Zichen killed the I Clan's law enforcement chief just like that.

The palace was silent for a long time before Bird Peng Jun said, "Tang Zichen, you actually killed the Yi Table Party."

Tang Zichen said, "Gentlemen, I hereby advise you all to pretend that you saw nothing of what happened today and never saw any Yi Table Fang, otherwise, don't blame me, Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen said and flew away directly.

Only after Tang Zichen left did everyone regain their senses from the incredulity they had just experienced.

"Damn, Tang Zichen he really went crazy, he actually killed the Yi Clan."

"Oh my god."

"Everyone, Tang Zichen killed Yi Cousin Fang, the Yi Clan will definitely not let go, the Yi Clan will definitely send someone down to track him down, what should we do?Tang Zichen wants us to pretend we didn't see anything."

Gao Yang sent a snort, "He's really thinking naive."

"That's right, did Tang Zichen think that we would help him hide it?"

"That idiot Tang Zichen, he's just waiting to be exterminated by the Yi Clan."

In a moment, in order to show that they had made a clear line with Tang Zichen, the other eight great imperial elders in the palace all scolded Tang Zichen.As for Tang Zichen's words that threatened them, they were even more ashamed, with the Yi Clan on one side and Tang Zichen on the other, they were foolish to be on Tang Zichen's side.

Tang Zichen swiftly returned to Tang Ji Gate, now that he had brazenly killed the Yibiao Fang, Tang Zichen had to go back and inform everyone.

Right now, in the Seven Seas Yi Clan.

"Report, report, report."A servant shouted several times, flying all the way to the I Clan Protector's palace.

"What is it again."That tribal protector clan chief was impatient.

"Protector Clan Chief, it's bad, Yi Cousin Fang, he, his light of life, went out."

"What did you say?"

"Yi Cousin Fang, he just died."

"Bang, nonsense, I obviously sent him to the Six Seas just two days ago to investigate a matter."

"Patriarch, if you don't believe me, just go to the family ancestral hall and take a look."

The Patriarch of the Yi Clan, immediately rushed to the Family Ancestral Hall, and sure enough, the light of life of Yi Table Fang was extinguished.

The Protector Clan Head hissed, "Who is it, which bastard is tired of living."

In anger, the patriarch didn't think too much about it, and immediately went from the Seven Seas, to the Six Seas.

Half a day later, Tang Zichen returned to Tang Ji Gate, Tang Zichen's journey was the fastest way to get back.

"Brother Chen, why did you come back so quickly."Little Flame seemed to see that something big had happened.

"Little Fire, I killed Yi Cousin Fang."

"I know, you said before that you would kill him quietly."

"No, I didn't kill him quietly, I killed him in front of some other royal elders."

"Ah, then if another strong person from the I Clan comes down, wouldn't it be instantly obvious that you did it."

"I've asked the other dynasty's long kings to treat it as nothing and threaten them not to say anything."

"Brother Minister, you're too naive."

"Leave them alone, now we must take some precautions, you go gather everyone together."


A moment later, all the relatives, including Mu Qianji, were called to Tang Zichen's palace.

"Zichen, what's so urgent."Mu Qianji asked.

Tang Zichen didn't long-winded and got straight to the point, "We might have to prepare for a retreat at any time, a few days ago, the Seven Seas Yi Clan chose us to establish a branch here, Little Fire and I exterminated them, just yesterday, the Yi Clan sent someone called Yi Piao Fang down to investigate this matter, I couldn't hold back, and killed that representative Yi Piao Fang in the Bird Dynasty."

"Khan."Everyone wiped their cold sweat, they didn't know about this matter.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm afraid, the Seven Seas I Clan will soon have a stronger and stronger person coming down with anger."

Before Tang Zichen finished speaking, a guard outside ran in.

"Reporting to the Gate Master, there is news from the front, the Elder Emperor of the Bird Dynasty, the Elder Emperor of the Li Chen Dynasty, the Elder Emperor of the Sang Dynasty, the Elder Emperor of the Gao Yang Dynasty, and the other eight Great Immortal Immortal Dynasties are coming in our direction."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Coming really fast."

"Zichen, it must be the strongest of the Yi Clan coming down, didn't you say that the long kings of the other imperial dynasties are not allowed to tell anyone?"

Tang Zichen said, "These sons of bitches are clearly on the side of the Yi Clan."

"Brother Chen, what should we do now, I guess they'll be here soon."

Tang Zichen ordered, "All of you, immediately disperse thirty circles away from Tang Ji Gate, I don't think the Yi Clan has realized how strong I am yet, it's unlikely that they will send very strong people down."


"Obey, this is just in case."

At this moment, a roar came from the distant sky, "Tang Zichen, come out and suffer death."

Tang Zichen sighed, "It's already here."

After saying that, Tang Zichen rushed out.


In the distant sky, Gao Yang sent Jun, Li Chen lonely, Sang Hong Ye, Zhu Zhou, Bird Peng Jun, You Chang Hu, and eight others, with an old man with an angry face.

You Changhu pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Senior Yicai Cai, this is the Tang Ji Gate."

"Yes, Senior Yi Yi Cai, Tang Zichen is definitely back, if he hasn't returned yet, he can destroy his Tang Ji Gate first."

Just then, Tang Zichen flew up and grunted, "You bastards, I let you pretend you saw nothing, but you're good, you even brought the Yi Clan to my door."

Bird Peng Jun immediately pointed at Tang Zichen and shouted, "Senior Yi Shi Cai, he is Tang Zichen, the one who killed Yi Cousin Fang, it's him, we can all testify to that."

"Yes, Senior Yi Shizai, Tang Zichen killed Yi Tablefang in front of us."You Changhu was also busy mending his sword.

That old man from the Yi Clan, with a frosty face, looked at Tang Zichen with a cold gaze.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Give your name."

It was only when Yi Yi saw that Tang Zichen still had such an arrogant tone that he asked him to report his name, and he was very angry.

"You are the Tang Zichen who killed several of my clansmen?"

"Knowingly, who are you again?" Remember the URL

Gao Yang sent Jun busy, "Tang Zichen, he's the protector of the Yi Clan, Senior Yi Cai, you're finished."

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "I thought that if I killed two Yi Clan trash, the Yi Clan would send a strong man down, but I didn't expect that it would come down to a sixth stage of robbery, it really came down to die."

Tang Zichen's eyes showed killing intent.

Gao Yang Sending Jun was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, although Senior Yicai is a tribulation sixth stage, he is far stronger than us, do you think you can even defeat him?"

"That's right, Tang Zichen, you're just relying on a set of swords to be arrogant in front of us, and now that the I Clan's Transmigration Sixth Order has come down, I'll see how you can still bounce around."

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen instantly offered up twelve flying swords.

"Ah."Those eight long kings, seeing Tang Zichen's sword formation, scattered in fear.

Tang Zichen didn't have the energy to care about those eight Long Emperors at the moment, and focused his gaze on Yi Shicai.

Yi Shi Cai's face was extremely ugly, and he gritted his teeth, "Tang Zichen, do you really think that just because you have a set of sword formations, you can compete with our Yi Clan?Even if your sword formation exerts the same strength as a pseudo-immortal artifact, but right now, you are just a mere Third Stage of Tribulation."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Even if I'm only at the third stage of tribulation right now, relying on my sword formation, it's easy to kill you."

Yi Shi Cai said angrily, "Tang Zichen, I'm the protector of the Yi Clan, and I have an honorable status in the Yi Clan, so you better not shout at me to kill me.If I were you, immediately surrender to the Y Clan, and as a sign of your apology, you serve up your sword and personally go to the Y Clan to ask for forgiveness, that's the only way out for you now."

Tang Zichen gave a sneer, "So it's my sword formation that you fancy."

"Tang Zichen, I see that you are a talent, you shouldn't die like this, although you have killed two members of our Yi Clan, but as long as you sincerely repent, we will definitely forgive you, you don't have to be afraid, uncle will vouch for you.You will go back with my uncle now, and uncle will plead for you in front of the family patriarch."Yi Shi said.

Tang Zichen's veins bulged.

Tang Zichen pointed at Yi Si Cai and said, "Say another word about uncle, and I'll twist your head off and kick it as a ball if you don't believe me."

"Tang Zichen, uncle is really doing this for your own good, you just need to offer it sincerely."

"Puff."Tang Zichen plunged his sword into Yi Yi's throat, and Yi's flesh was decapitated by Tang Zichen before he could finish a sentence.

"Ah."Yi Xizai's infant panicked and detached from his body.

"Tang Zichen, you."Yi Shizai looked at Tang Zichen in horror, Originally, Yi Shizai didn't believe that Tang Zichen, a tribulation third stage, could deal with him, a tribulation sixth stage, but, at this moment, he was foolish.

Tang Zichen twisted down Yi Cai's head in front of Yi Cai's infant.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked Yi Yi's head.

"See, your head was kicked by me as a ball, I始才, are you stupid now, I told you that it would be easy for me to kill you using the sword formation, but I see that inside your heart, you don't seem to think so at all."Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh.

In the distance, Bird Peng Jun's body trembled, "Tang Zichen is getting further and further down the road to death."

"It's true that Yicai is also really, we all told him that Tang Zichen has a sword formation, he may not be a match, so be careful, but he is good, he thinks we are scaring him."

"Yi Shizai is already dying, let's run."

The eight long kings of the Immortal Dynasty in the distance, seeing that the situation was not good, ran away.

In Tang Zichen's sword formation, Tang Zichen cupped Yi Shizai's infant with one hand and sneered, "You definitely never thought to death that the Sixfold Sea would have someone as strong as me, or else you wouldn't have come down here alone to die."

Yi's infant trembled and said, "Don't be impulsive, Tang Zichen, if you kill me, there's really no way to redeem yourself."

"Redeem?Hahaha, why should I redeem it."

"Tang Zichen, although your sword formation can be compared to a pseudo-immortal artifact, but after all, your realm is only at the third stage of Tribulation ah, you're still too far from our family's ancestor ah, truth be told, our family's ancestor, the pseudo-immortal artifact he holds is the Black Water Pearl, that Black Water Pearl is incredibly powerful, you're no match for it until you reach the seventh stage of Tribulation.Moreover, there are four Half Immortals in my family who have reached the Seventh Stage of Tribulation, you have to think carefully whether you want to be an enemy of our Yi Clan."

Tang Zichen snorted, "After all that, you just want to beg for mercy from me, but unfortunately, I'm partial to not.Go to hell."

"No."Only then did Yi Yi hissed, and Tang Zichen instantly strangled him to death.

Tang Zichen looked away, those eight Long Emperors, had already run away, Tang Zichen was in no mood to chase them now.

Mu Qianji flew up.

"That person just now, is he someone very important to the Yi Clan?"

"Yes, the patriarch of the Yi Clan."

"Alas, this time, it's definitely going to alert the high-ups of the Yi Clan, and the next person to come will probably be the patriarch of the Yi Clan, or at least a strong man of the seventh stage of the Tribulation."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen said, "As long as it's not that Yi Clan ancestor who holds the Black Water Pearl, it's not a big problem.Thousand Extremities, go immediately and make arrangements, just in case, let the Tang Chi Gate disband first, the people I brought up from the Mortal Realm, arrange to go outside the eighty circles, while you guys, go to the Five Heavy Seas first."


"What about you?"

"I'm with Little Fire, trust me, I'll be fine, and if the ancestors of the I Clan do come, I can hide in the Sea of Death.I don't think they may dare to go to the Sea of Death."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji could only nod his head.

After that, Mu Qianji took Tang Huan and the others and left Tang Ji Gate, Tang Zichen helped them to go to the Sea of Five Weight.

Only Tang Ji Gate was left with Tang Zichen and Little Fire.

"Little Fire, how is one of your Void Fires practicing?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Brother Chen, it's almost done, give me one more day and I will definitely train to become a Void Fire."

"That's good."

At the Seven Seas, the I Clan's Life Light Ancestral Hall, the servant responsible for guarding the ancestral hall looked at a certain extinguished light silly there.

Underneath this light were written the words 'Yi Beginning Cai'.

This servant knew very well what the three words Yi Beginning Cai represented, representing the Yi Clan Protector. One second to remember to read the book

"Oh God, what if the Patriarch dies?"That servant was dumbfounded, it was less than a day ago that he had gone to report to Yi Bangfang that Yi Bangfang was dead, but in less than a day, even Yi Bangfang himself had died.

A few seconds later, that servant reacted and busily said, "This matter is of great importance, I must immediately go report to the clan chief."

After saying that, that servant ran out of the Light of Life Shrine in a panic.

The Yi Clan, apart from the strongest Yi Clan ancestor, there were three other Seventh Order of Tribulation, and one of the strongest of these three Seventh Order of Tribulation was the clan leader of the Yi Clan, named Yi Weisheng.Yi Weisheng was the second strongest of the Yi Clan, and he was the strongest under their ancestor, with a realm of the Seventh Order of Tribulation.

Although Yi Weisheng didn't have a pseudo-immortal artifact, his combat power wasn't ambiguous in the slightest, and his magic weapon, the Elm Light, was incredibly powerful.

Right now, Yi Weisheng was cultivating and comprehending, although it was too difficult for him to step onto the eighth stage of Tribulation, and he might not be able to succeed in another five hundred years, but he would not give up.

Just at this moment, a servant came running.

"Patriarch, something big has happened."

With a sweep of his spiritual sense, it was the servant guarding the Light of Life Shrine.

"What's happened?Who told you to come to my place, if you have anything to report directly to the Patriarch."Yi Weisheng didn't have the good fortune to say, usually it's not a big matter, he doesn't care.

That servant kneeled with a pale face, busy saying, "Clan Leader, I also want to report to the Protector Clan Leader, but, I can't report anymore, because, the Protector Clan Leader's light of life, extinguished."

"What."Yi Weisheng stood up sharply.

"Who?Who killed Ichizai?"

That servant told the family patriarch about the matter in full.

"Ah, someone from the Six Seas killed Yishuai?It's anti-climactic."Iwe Grand raged.

"Yes, the Patriarch went down in anger less than a day ago, when he learned that Yi Tablefang was killed, but less than a day ago, he himself died as well.It must have been some daring person from the Six Heavy Sea who killed the Protector Clan Leader."

Yi Weisheng clenched both fists and said angrily, "How dare you move on my Yi Clan's head, I would like to see which cultivation royalty of the Six Heavy Sea is so bold."

That servant was busy asking, "Clan leader, do you want to report this matter to the ancestor?"

"Don't bother the ancestor, although the killing of the protector by the Six Seas is a major family matter, I am at least the clan leader, can I even resolve such matters

No power at all? well, go on back to your shrine."After saying that, Yi Weisheng furiously walked away, destination, straight to the Six Heavy Sea.

Naturally, Yi Weisheng didn't expect that someone in the Six Heavy Sea had become so powerful that even he might not be able to defeat them, and thought that it was some daring Immortal Emperor of the Six Heavy Sea who had killed the Protector Clan Leader, after all, their Protector Clan Leader was at the sixth stage of the Tribulation, and those Immortal Emperor of the Six Heavy Sea were also at the sixth stage of the Tribulation.It was also quite possible for a few daring ones to appear and kill a Protectorate Clan Leader of the same rank.

As for himself, Yi Weisheng never thought that he would be in any danger, as the strongest in the Six Heavy Sea was only at the sixth stage of Tribulation, and there were no strong people above the seventh stage of Tribulation.

Yi Weisheng quickly reached the Sixfold Sea.

Yi Weisheng gritted his teeth and said, "Let me find out which Immortal Dynasty dares to touch my Yi Clan, I won't exterminate you, I'll follow your surname.Don't think that my Yi Clan, the weakest of the five families of the Seven Seas, is easy to bully."

The ancestor of the Yi Clan was the weakest of the five strongest holders of pseudo-immortal weapons, and the Yi Clan also had the fewest half-immortals, so the Yi Clan was the last ranked of the Five Great Families of the Seven Seas.

Yi Weisheng casually descended into a dynasty, which happened to be the Bird Dynasty.

The elder emperor of the Bird Clan Dynasty, Bird Peng Jun, suddenly felt an inability to breathe.

"Ah, could it be that a strong person of the seventh stage of Tribulation is here?"The Bird Peng Army ran out of the main hall in a panic, and sure enough, a super strong man of the Seventh Stage of Tribulation was standing over their Bird Dynasty.

"Pay your respects to senior."Bird Peng Jun knelt down in fright.

Filled with anger, Yi Weisheng asked, "Who was it that killed the patriarch of my Yi Clan?And the rest of the tribe?If you don't know, die."

Bird Penn Army didn't even want to say, "Don't kill me, I know."

"Who is it."Yi Weisheng roared, his roar was so strong that it crumbled a palace.

"Yes, it's Tang Zichen."

"Which one is Tang Zichen?I don't remember any immortal imperial dynasty surnamed Tang."

"Tang Zichen was someone who had just risen to power, he destroyed the Moji Dynasty and established the Tang Chi Gate in the Moji Dynasty.That Tang Zichen, even though he was only at the third stage of tribulation, he had a set of sword formations, so he easily killed Senior Yicai."Bird Peng Jun said without reservation.

"Sword formation?"Yi Weisheng's eyebrows furrowed, the sword formation was a long lost imperial sword art, but having a sword formation was the same as having a pseudo-immortal weapon.

"Yes, the sword formation."

"Where is Tang Zichen?"

"In, in the place where the original Mo Dynasty was."

Before Bird Peng Jun had finished speaking, the Seventh Order of Tribulation in the sky disappeared.

Yi Weisheng went straight to the Tang Ji Gate.

Soon, Yi Weisheng arrived at the Tang Ji Gate.

"Swoosh."Before Yi Weisheng arrived, he waved his hand from afar and a powerful attack went straight to Tang Ji Gate.

"Boom."The center of Tang Ji Gate turned into a ruin, within almost three circles.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen had already disbanded the Tang Ji Gate temporarily.

"Tang Zichen, come out and suffer death."Yi Weisheng stood over the Tang Ji Gate and shouted, but Tang Zichen did not appear for a long time.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was not at Tang Ji Gate.

"Brother Chen, there was just a powerful force rushing towards our Tang Ji Gate, if I'm not mistaken, it must be a strong person from the Yi Clan who has crossed the seventh stage or higher."On a mountain hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Tang Ji Gate.


"Well, see, it is indeed a Seventh Stage of Tribulation, and I don't know what status the Seventh Stage of Tribulation that came this time is a strong man of the Y Clan."Tang Zichen said carelessly.

"Brother Chen, what are we going to do now?"

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "No matter who that Seventh Stage of Tribulation was just now, I'm going to make him have his way."

"However, my One Flame of Void Fire has not yet been completely trained, and your Twelve Sword Formation has only reached the fourth set, are you sure you can kill the Seventh Stage of Tribulation?"Littlefire was a little out of breath.

"Not sure."Tang Zichen said without hesitation.

"If we were confident, we wouldn't need to be here first, we could have waited for that person to come to us at Tang Ji Gate.Little Fire, don't be distracted, hold on to your One Flame of Void Fire, when you're done, we'll go back to Tang Ji Gate, with the power of the two of us together to kill, I think it shouldn't be impossible to exterminate that Seventh Stage of Tribulation."Tang Zichen said.

"Good."Saying that, Little Fire continued to practice a Flame of Void Fire.

Tang Zichen was also practicing the fifth set of the Twelve Sword Formation.

The strength of the Seventh Order of Tribulation was very powerful, far exceeding the Sixth Order of Tribulation countless times, Tang Zichen's current strength was almost impossible to contend with the Seventh Order of Tribulation, but if Tang Zichen joined hands with Little Fire, along with the Twelve Sword Formation and Little Fire's One Flavor of Void Fire, then Tang Zichen was sure that he would be able to fight against the powerful Seventh Order of Tribulation.

At Tang Ji Gate, Yi Weisheng saw Tang Zichen's delay in appearing and shouted again, "Tang Zichen, if you don't appear, I will exterminate your entire city."

However, Tang Zichen still did not appear. First URL

Yi Weisheng was angry, but helpless.

On all sides, there were constantly strong people coming to watch.

After all, the momentum of a Seventh Stage of Tribulation could be sensed by the entire Six Seas.

After sensing this momentum of the Seventh Stage of Tribulation, the other major immortal dynasties, as well as various large and small immortal families, all rushed to the center of the momentum.

As expected, after they arrived at the Tang Ji Gate, they spotted a strong man of the seventh stage of Tribulation from afar.

Yi Weisheng didn't bother with the onlookers and flew straight to the ruins of Tang Ji Gate, sitting right there in the ruins.

Waiting, Yi Weisheng didn't go anywhere, he just waited at Tang Ji Gate, if Tang Zichen didn't show up in three days, it meant that Tang Zichen had already scared off and he would definitely slaughter the entire imperial city.

The number of onlookers was increasing, and a day later, the circle around Tang Ji Gate was filled with people.

Among them, the eldest emperors of the various imperial dynasties were naturally among them.

"Who is that?"

"Shh, keep your voice down, it's the head of the I Clan of the Seven Seas, Yi Weisheng."

"What? The clan head of the I Clan?"

"Yes, he's the number one strongest person in the Yi Clan other than the ancestor, the number two person in the Yi Clan."

"Tsk, why did he come to kill Tang Zichen ah?"

"This who knows, we can only watch."

Those onlookers, the melon eaters, did not know the truth.

In a blink of an eye, two days passed.

In the deep mountains hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Tang Ji Gate, Little Fire suddenly laughed, "Brother Chen, I've finally trained a Flame of Void."

"Yay, it's ready to go out."Tang Zichen stood up with great joy and waited for Little Fire to finish practicing.

However, Little Fire was a little cautious, "Brother Minister, the two of us working together, can we really deal with the Seventh Stage of Tribulation?"


p; "Trust me, you only need to assist me from the side at all times, I'm confident that even if I can't kill that Seventh Stage of Tribulation, I'll be able to get back in one piece."

"Hmph, good, then fight."Little Fire nodded.

Tang Zichen looked in the direction of the Tang Chi Gate, where there was an extremely strong momentum, as well as popularity, coming from there.

"Little Fire, we have to hurry up, don't let that Seventh Stage of Tribulation wait for too long."Tang Zichen said with a gaze.


After saying that, Tang Zichen and Little Fire rose up into the sky and headed straight for Tang Ji Gate.

Soon, Tang Zichen was almost at Tang Ji Gate, only, from afar, Tang Zichen saw many many people, surrounding this imperial city where Tang Ji Gate was located.

It seemed that the entire Six Seas knew that there was a strong man of the Seventh Stage of Tribulation who had come to kill Tang Zichen, otherwise why would there be so many onlookers.

At this moment, in the ruins of Tang Ji Gate, it seemed that the man at the seventh stage of the Tribulation seemed to be losing his patience in waiting.

At this moment, a voice came from the distant sky, "Impatient with the waiting."

That man at the seventh stage of the Tribulation, his eyes shot towards the place where the voice came from.

And from the crowd of onlookers in the distance, someone shouted, "Senior Tang has returned."

"Senior Tang has returned."

Countless gazes shot towards Tang Zichen, who, in full view of the crowd, and Little Fire, slowly flew towards the center of the Tang Chi Gate, and of course, Tang Zichen was always ready, with twelve sword formations suspended at his side.

In the crowd, the other eight Elder Kings of the Eight Great Immortal Dynasties, seeing Tang Zichen's appearance, all cursed Tang Zichen for waiting for death and daring to run back.

Just like that, Tang Zichen flew into the sky above the imperial city amidst countless gazes and confronted that Seventh Stage of Tribulation standing a few hundred meters away.

If one judged from the momentum, then there was no doubt that Tang Zichen would be flattened, and everyone doubted if Tang Zichen was going to die.

Tang Zichen looked at that Seventh Stage of Tribulation and smiled, "You came quite quickly, give your name."

"You're looking for death."

"Don't say such meaningless words to me, today, either I don't die or I die, the situation has reached such a point, still moving to seek death, or still thinking that I actually dare to offend you with such thoughts, then I'm too ignorant of myself."

Yi Weisheng gritted his teeth and asked, "Was it you, who killed Yi Biao Fang, Yi Shi Cai?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I won't just kill them, I'll kill you too."

"Why do you want to go against my Yi family clan?"

"Circumstances have forced you, your Yi Clan wants to establish a family branch on my Tang Dynasty Gate's territory, do you think I can agree?So, I killed the people you came to establish the branch, and after that, I table side, I only came down in succession, so taking this step today is completely forced by the situation.I also don't know your strength, but if we fail to kill you today, then we'll be prepared to be killed by you.Seeing as you are at the seventh stage of the tribulation, allow me to call you Senior.Senior, it's already reached this point and you still don't give your name?"

"Good."Yi Weisheng's gaze chilled and said, "My name is Yi Weisheng, the patriarch of the Yi Clan."

"Clan head?Hehe, it seems that you are the strongest person in the Yi Clan, other than that ancestor who holds the Black Water Pearl Pseudo Immortal Artifact."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Hmph, you will die today."After saying that, Yi Weisheng waved his hand and a light, carrying thousands of powers, violently tore into Tang Zichen.

This was, Yi Weisheng's magic weapon, the Elm Light.


The twelve flying swords around Tang Zichen instantly activated.



Tang Zichen's flying sword collided with the light, and the sky erupted in a fiery, dazzling light.

At that moment, Little Fire shouted, "Brother Chen, I'm coming too, watch me a taste of virtual fire."

"Phew."Little Fire's body violently transformed into a beast with a huge body, the Unicorn Beast.

The beast of the unicorn opened its mouth and exhaled fiercely, and a blazing flame spewed towards Yi Weisheng.

"Ah."Yi Weisheng felt the heat of the flame and was shocked, fiercely waving his hand, an even more dazzling force of light, tearing into the small fire.

"Bang."The little fire was suddenly blown away into the distance.

That Yi Weisheng's strength was too strong.

However, just as Yi Weisheng blasted Little Fire into the distance, Tang Zichen's figure suddenly disappeared, appearing senselessly behind Yi Weisheng's distraction. Remember the URL

"Pfft."Tang Zichen cut off Yi Weisheng's shoulder with his sword, he wanted to cut off his head, but Yi Weisheng was worthy of being the strongest person in the Yi Clan, it wasn't that easy to kill him, and in the end, only his shoulder was cut off.

"Bang."Yi Weisheng's body rose, and from his body, light erupted from the inside out, and when that light dissipated, Tang Zichen was blown back with a clatter.

In a few moments of this back and forth, everyone was each injured.

After all, Tang Zichen was only at the Third Stage of Tribulation, facing the Seventh Stage of Tribulation, the pressure was too great.If Tang Zichen didn't have the protection and help of the sword formation, he would have been defeated, not to mention the Seventh Tier, but the Fourth Tier.

After being blown to a distance, Little Fire spat out a mouthful of blood violently, although it was only a blow, it was injured quite lightly, Little Fire finally knew why Tang Zichen said that he had no confidence in facing the Seventh Tier of Tribulation, because the Seventh Tier of Tribulation was too strong.

However, Yi Weisheng didn't feel so good either, Little Fire's one virtual fire, the level of fire was completely different, Yi Weisheng was just sprayed by Little Fire, his skin began to fester where he was burned, and the pain was not stopping.Most importantly, Yi Weisheng's shoulder was also slashed by Tang Zichen, and his bones were exposed.

Yi Weisheng's gaze was filled with rage as he looked at Tang Zichen and Little Fire, not expecting that together they could cause such a great deal of damage to them.

Tang Zichen was considered the least injured, although he had just been slapped, but Tang Zichen's body was strong, and Tang Zichen had sword protection, so the damage that actually reached his body was much less.

Yi Wei was in full fury, "You're looking for death."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Saying that again, you're the one who's going to die now, how long do you think, you'll be able to resist."

Yi Weisheng said, "Tang Zichen, don't let that beast help you if you have the guts."

Tang Zichen raged, "He's my brother, try saying one more word about the beast.You talk to me about fairness, then why don't you say that you're at the seventh stage of tribulation, I'm at the third stage of tribulation, I'm four realms weaker than you, and you have the cheek to do so."

"Tang Zichen, then I'll kill you first."Yi Weisheng rushed towards Tang Zichen, he wanted to do whatever it took to kill Tang Zichen first, then he would clean up Little Fire.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Do you really think I'm so easy to bully at the Third Stage of Tribulation, kill me first, you wish."

Tang Zichen's twelve sword formations buzzed and spun rapidly.

"The heavens and earth are limitless, Shady One Sword."

The twelve flying swords fiercely joined together.

"Buzz."The speed was so fast that it was simply appalling, and a fierce sword slashed at Yi Weisheng.

"Ah."Yi Weisheng was busy erecting the Light of Elm to counter this shady sword of Tang Zichen.

"Boom."The earth trembled, and a three thousand meter deep ravine appeared on the ground of the entire Tang Ji Gate, and the sea water in the distance, pouring in so fiercely, suddenly, this imperial city where Tang Ji Gate was located, was split in two parts by a bay in the middle.

When the dust cleared, only Tang Zichen's hands were trembling, his hands were full of blood, and also, Tang Zichen's hair appeared some flowery white.

But . Looking further at Yi Weisheng's clothes, blood was everywhere, every pore on his body was bleeding out, and his body was trembling.

It was obvious that Yi Weisheng was forcing himself, his body was on the verge of collapse, but he was unwilling to give up his flesh and pressed on strongly, looking very painful.

Tang Zichen was completely desperate at the moment, that sword just now was actually the Twelve Sword Formation, the fifth set of power, Tang Zichen hadn't completely practiced it yet, but just now Tang Zichen had applied it at all costs.Although it was successful, the load Tang Zichen received was great.

Tang Zichen was unable to move his body and shouted, "Little Fire, give him a one-stop service."

"Yes, Brother Chen."Little Fire understood Tang Zichen's meaning, one dragon service, that is, bagging and killing.

Little Fire opened his mouth and was about to spurt out a handful of fire.

At this moment, Yi Weisheng was really afraid, busy shouting, "Wait, wait."

"What other tricks do you have."Little Fire snorted.

Yi Weisheng's face was pale, "Count you guys as powerful, I lost."

"If you lose then go die."

"No, can you not kill me."Yi Weisheng no longer had the momentum of a family patriarch, and was beaten back in the face of death.

Little Fire grunted, "Whoever just called me an animal, go die."

"Phew."A mouthful of Little Fire's blood pot covered Yi Weisheng.

With Yi Weisheng's now crossbowed body, he couldn't hide, let alone resist.

"No."Yi Weisheng let out a roar, and in the blink of an eye, the flames engulfed Yi Weisheng, and Little Fire's one-stop service, bagging the bagging was finished.

Tang Zichen was relieved, finally killing this Transmigration Seventh Stage.

It was fortunate that Tang Zichen finally performed a strike from the fifth set of swords, otherwise, it wouldn't have been so easy to kill the Seventh Stage of Tribulation, and of course, in the end, Tang Zichen wouldn't have been able to kill this person without that one dragon service from Little Fire.But no matter what, Tang Zichen had killed the Seventh Order of Tribulation.

At this moment, everyone onlookers were dumbfounded, dumbfounded as they looked at Tang Zichen with incredulous faces.

"Oh my god, this isn't real."

"Tsk tsk, Tang Zichen is too strong, the Seven Seas possesses pseudo-immortal artifacts, ah, he killed their patriarch."

At this instant, the entire audience was deeply impressed, looking at Tang Zichen in mid-air, everyone had the urge to worship him.

Even the Eight Great Imperial Dynasty's Long Emperor, Bird Peng Jun, Li Chen Lonely, Gao Yang Sending Jun, and You Chang Hu, all of them felt a sense of respect as they looked at Tang Zichen at this moment.In their eyes, a person of Yi Weisheng's level was an existence they couldn't look up to at all ah, but yet, he was killed by Tang Zichen right under their noses.

"Brother Chen, how are you?"Little Fire asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, it's not too late, let's go now, Yi Weisheng is the patriarch of the Yi Clan, this matter, not to mention within the Yi Clan, I'm afraid the entire Seven Seas will be sensational.This time, the ancestor of the Yi Clan will definitely take action himself."


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