The King of Kungfu in school 1861-1870


Chapter 1861

Tang Zichen kowtowed three times to show his gratitude for his mentor's upbringing.

If Tang Zichen hadn't returned here today, he wouldn't have felt so deeply.

When Tang Zichen returned to his homeland, he saw the things he had played with as a child, and suddenly thought of how, as a child, his teacher's wife had raised him day by day.

Tang Zichen was suddenly ashamed.

"Zichen, don't be like this, you're the one who's my master in the spirit world."

"Auntie, please call me Feng'er, okay?I want you to be my Mistress again."

"Wind, Windy."

"Shisuniang."Tang Zichen tearfully hugged Yan Xinyi, as if he had returned to the Divine Dragon School hundreds of years ago.

Yan Xinyi's heart was complicated, although she raised Tang Zichen, but as time passed, after reaching the Spirit World, slowly, time had made her forget the past, and her image of Tang Zichen was no longer the image of a child in the Divine Dragon Sect, so it was only slowly becoming as if she was the senior.

"Feng'er, why do you have to be like this, I was already used to thinking of myself as a junior."Yan Xinyi said.

"Shisha, in this life and in this world, you will always be my Shisha." First URL

Yan Xinyi sighed and nodded her head.

Back to the Divine Dragon School, Yan Xin Yi also always remembered back then, Tang Zichen was still a child, often crying and hugging her thighs, as well as Tang Zichen's childhood mischievous appearance, a moment, the mind is so complex, had been deeply hidden in the memory of things, suddenly rolled out again, feeling experienced several life in general.

After that, Tang Zichen came back to the Endless Gate.

This was the Endless Gate that Tang Zichen had founded back then.

When Tang Zichen saw the Endless Gate, he was shocked, "Oh my god, the Endless Gate has changed a lot, when I founded it, it wasn't this big, but now, it has expanded more than three times.It seems that the Endless Gate has developed very well, far beyond my imagination."

Yan Xinyi said, "Feng'er, look at your statue behind the main gate of the Endless Gate."

"Uh."Tang Zichen also saw that there was a statue of Tang Zichen there, notifying everyone that Tang Zichen was their founding ancestor, and that many disciples would give Tang Zichen incense every day.Tang Zichen was like a Bodhisattva, the reason why so many descendants were able to worship him must be because Tang Zichen had left behind the "Endless" technique, which was very outstanding.

Tang Zichen was quite moved inside when he saw this, worthy of the Endless Gate that he had created.Tang Zichen thought that the Endless Gate had already been extinguished, but it was really unexpected.

"Feng'er, are you?"

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know what to say down there."

"Then forget it, after all, you can't do anything, you can't bring everyone from the Endless Gate to the Spirit Realm."

"Just know that the Endless Gate is developing smoothly now, in the beginning, this river and lake, the strongest was only the Sect Master realm.And now, there are ten in the Endless Gate that have surpassed Ancestor."

"You should be pleased."

"Let's go, to another technological world."

Tang Zichen's hand sliced through the air, opening up an empty space.

Tang Zichen rushed into the mouth of the void and suddenly entered the connecting passage that connected the two worlds, the same connecting passage that Tang Zichen had walked through several times in the first place.

In the connecting passageway, Tang Zichen once again saw graves all over the mountains.

"Thousands of mountain graves, it's still the same

."Tang Zichen looked at the passage, the unreal and real graves and said.

"These graves, I don't know what they mean."

Tang Zichen tried to fly up, but in the passage, Tang Zichen couldn't control his body at all, there seemed to be an infinite power in the passage, and could only drift along with that power, in this power, Tang Zichen felt how small he was, like an insignificant small fish in the long river of the galaxy, and could only passively flow along with the river.

After drifting in the passage for a short time, Tang Zichen suddenly appeared in the depths of a large mountain in another world.

Tang Zichen arrived in the world of technology.

"Whew, back here once again."Tang Zichen said at once as he smelled the odor in the air, as a person who inhaled such high-grade air as spiritual energy every day, he suddenly came to a place filled with impure air like the technological world.

"Wow, why does the air smell so bad."Yan Xinyi was busy covering her nose.

Tang Zichen said, "Industrial society, alas."Tang Zichen sighed, Tang Zichen was expecting that the science and technology of the world should be even more sophisticated, but the special smell upon arriving here made Tang Zichen not dare to think about it.

With a blink of an eye, Tang Zichen flew to the location of the Yan Huang Empire in the world of science and technology.

"Feng'er, Yan Huang Empire, it's changed so much."

"Where's the change, this is completely part of half a ruin, what's going on here?Why does it feel backwards."

"Huh, yeah, why does the capital of the Yanhuang Empire look like ruins."

Tang Zichen immediately rushed from the sky, into the Yanhuang Empire's Wangjing City.

Just as Tang Zichen approached the Wangjing City, the Wangjing City suddenly launched a black, extremely terrifying looking missile.

"Eh?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen immediately moved his hand and the missile lost control and came to Tang Zichen's side.

"Boom."The missile exploded, exploded in Tang Zichen's boundary, Tang Zichen was standing right next to the missile, this power wasn't even enough to tickle Tang Zichen.Not enough, after the missile exploded, the smell emitted was extremely unpleasant, not that it was really unpleasant, it should be because Tang Zichen was used to air as high grade as aura.

"Feng'er, look quickly."Yan Xinyi suddenly shouted.

Tang Zichen took a look, and from Wangjing City, countless, soldiers in black armor suddenly emerged.

Tang Zichen's spiritual sense scanned them and said in shock, "These soldiers, how come there's no heartbeat activity, no sign of humans."

"They're not human."

Tang Zichen reacted at once, this group of things with the exact same appearance as humans were robots.

"Ah, robots?"

"Windy, I think I know why there are so many ruins in today's technological world, it should be the high development of artificial intelligence and robots replacing humans."

At this time, thousands of robots were killing towards Tang Zichen, each of them had that hot weapon in their hands.

"Bursting."All the robots fired at Tang Zichen, this kind of gun was no longer the bullet gun that Tang Zichen had seen back then, the muzzle shot out a blue light, and where the light passed, it turned into pieces.

However, those blue rays of light swept over Tang Zichen's body, but there was no trace of them.

With these Mortal Realm guns and ammunition, they couldn't hurt Tang Zichen's skin at all, and even the missiles had just been unable to do anything to Tang Zichen, let alone these missiles.


Tang Zichen waved his hand and an invisible force tore away.

"Click-click-click."In the blink of an eye, countless robots were torn into parts by the invisible force, and countless parts were scattered all over the floor.

At this moment, on the distant outer planet, everyone was stunned when they saw the video sent from the Yan Huang Empire

"Ah, is that God?"

After Tang Zichen killed those robots, another batch then popped up.

Tang Zichen waved his hand again and turned into a field of parts.

"Ma'am, let's go first."


Tang Zichen flew into the sky and his Spiritual Sense scanned the entire planet and found that the entire planet was full of robots.

"It's over, I'm afraid the human race is extinct."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, extinct, the entire planet is full of these robots?" Remember the URL


"How did this happen."Yan Xin Yi was also dumbfounded, this change in the technological world was something they never expected.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly looked up to the sky, Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed and said, "No, I feel like there are traces of humans on that moment planet in the depths of space.Let's go, go take a look."

Tang Zichen's body moved, and within a few seconds, Tang Zichen was on a planet deep in space.

The humans who were on this planet were completely stunned when they saw Tang Zichen cross thousands of light years in a few seconds.

It must be known that from this human base, to the mother planet, but it was more than three thousand light years ah, the speed of light to go three thousand years to the bottom of the place, and Tang Zichen, a few seconds to arrive.

Of course, the current spaceships, the speed is more than ten light years a day.

Tang Zichen stood on this one planet, overlooking the entire planet, and yes, there were many humans this week, numbering around three billion.

However, only three billion humans was really too few for back then, back then in the world of technology, even one Yan Huang Empire had a few tens of billions of people.

And yet today, there were only three billion humans hiding on this planet.

Not long after, a ship flew to Tang Zichen's side.

"Pay your respects to the Immortals."A group of people came down from the spaceship and worshipped Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Have I come to the world of fake technology?"

"Senior, I'd like to ask Senior to come to our base and elaborate."


Tang Zichen arrived at a heavily defended human space base.

It seemed to be the supreme leader of the humans who personally received Tang Zichen and Yan Xin Yi.

"Senior Immortal, I am the supreme leader of the human base, my name is Xiong Ying Hua, Senior Immortal has arrived, this means that we humans can finally be saved."That human leader said excitedly.

Tang Zichen asked, "Truth be told, I am also from this world, once I also survived in this world, back when I was immediately in this world, it was technologically advanced, there were very many armoured warriors, more powerful than any ancient martial arts expert, why is it like this now?"

"Elder Immortal, our people just checked the

After reading the history, they found out that you look like one of the most famous predecessors in our history who wanted to, his name is Tang Zichen, you should be?"

"That's right, I'm Don Zichen."

"Oh my god, you really are the historical celebrity Tang Zichen."The human leader looked incredulous, as if in his mind, this kind of historical celebrity, all of which had already gone to the grave, didn't expect to appear alive in front of him.

"Don't be surprised and answer my question."

"Senior Tang, in the history of mankind, it is true that armor was prevalent back then, and then, artificial intelligence kept developing, and computers became more and more intelligent.Let's not talk about anything else, let's talk about mobile phones, from the initial functional machines, developed to smart phones, in the end, the 'brain' of mobile phones is even smarter than humans, not only mobile phones, rice cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners, everything related to electrical appliances, have all been intelligent to surpass humans.Every household in the world, the electrical appliances in their homes know more than humans what to do, what to do, and as time passes, it's as if humans have been captive to a house full of smart appliances.We humans, on the other hand, are paralyzed, unaware of just how terrible this crisis is.In the end, with the higher development of artificial intelligence, all household appliances, already have autonomous intelligence, just like a different human being.Gradually, these high-IQ household appliances, controlling everything in every household, they can make you eat and drink spicy food, or let you live like a dog, depending on the mood of those household appliances.Humans, on the other hand, can do nothing about it.Because human beings have metamorphosed to the point where they can't even cook, make tea, wash clothes, or do any other chores in life, all of which are provided by those household appliances.Therefore, we humans, have become like lambs in captivity at home."

It was a terrible thing for Don to take a deep breath.

"Just when the human race was already being kept captive by only electrical appliances, another major change occurred on the home planet."

"What kind of change?"

"Disease, because of human over-exploitation and extreme environmental pollution, the home planet erupted with an unprecedented terminal illness that struck almost every household.So, within a few decades, this terminal disease destroyed the entire human race, and countless humans died.At this time, some prominent robots established their own forces, and the entire world, robots gradually became dominant.The rest of us humans formed an alliance and fought a very fierce war against the robot empire.But in the end, we lost, because the robots were more intelligent than us, and we had to suffer the aftermath of the environmental destruction, and still many humans were getting terminal illnesses every day."

"In the end, we had to evacuate the home planet.By the time we evacuated here, we were down to less than three billion people.These are the things that have happened over the years."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and sighed deeply.

Tang Zichen said, "So, all the families of the Yanhuang Empire back then, whether it was the Ancient Martial Family or the Mecha Family, they're all gone now."

"Senior Immortal, after all that has happened, only one out of a hundred people in the world has come here alive, where there are still any families of the past.Maybe you can still find the former deceased family here, but the complete family is gone."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

There wasn't anyone else that Tang Zichen needed to find, originally the people Tang Zichen needed to find were the descendants of those friends of his back then, such as Xu Qing'er of the Xu Mei Qian family, Tang Zichen had gotten to know her the last time he came here, but now she was probably long dead, as she was definitely not young.

Just then, a soldier came in to report, "Leader, Old Marshal Xu requests an audience."


"What's she doing here."

"She says she knows this fairy senior."

"Ah, let her in."

A few minutes later, a pale old woman with a crutch slowly walked in.When she saw Tang Zichen, she said in surprise, "Old Ancestor Tang."

"You are?"

"I'm Xu Qing'er, have you forgotten me?Back then, when I was only in my twenties, you brought back the ashes of my ancestor Xu Mei Qian."

"Uh, you're Xu Qing'er."Tang Zichen was startled, the Xu Qing'er that Tang Zichen remembered was a beautiful woman, but now she was an old woman who was dying.

Old woman Xu's wrinkled face squeezed out a few tears of excitement.

Tang Zichen said, "You come over here."

"Yes, Old Ancestor Tang."

Tang Zichen's hand was on the top of Xu Qing'er's head, Xu Qing'er's hair, at a visible speed, turned from white to black, and the wrinkle-filled skin on her face was becoming smooth at a rapid pace. One second to remember to read the book

In less than half a minute, the pale old woman on the verge of death was transformed into a young, beautiful woman, as if she was eighteen years old again in a flash.

"Ah."The human leaders at the scene, and so on everyone was stunned.

"Pounce."The human leader and a few others, shocked to the point of kneeling down, as if a real immortal had manifested, after all, turning an old woman who was about to die into an eighteen year old girl, what kind of miracle was this, how could they mortals understand it.

Tang Zichen said, "Xu Qing'er, you're already eighteen years old again."

"Ah."Xu Qing'er touched her face, her entire body was silly, Xu Qing'er was supposed to die soon, she was already lying in the human base's hospital with a tube in her hand, surrounded by a group of family members who were accompanying her on her last journey, just waiting to close her eyes.Then, seeing Tang Zichen on TV, Xu Qing'er came back to life despite her objections.As a result, turning into an eighteen year old girl, Xu Qing'er really didn't know what to say.

"Xu Qing'er, I didn't think you were still alive."Tang Zichen said.

"It's all thanks to Old Ancestor Tang, who gave me martial arts opportunities back then, allowing me to break through to the Ancestor realm, thus my lifespan was able to support me until now."Xu Qing'er said with a sweet voice, her voice sweet and disagreeable just a moment ago when she was still pale and old.

Tang Zichen nodded his head, the time that Tang Zichen had really spent so far after stepping into the Spiritual Realm, almost more than ten years in the Spiritual Realm, converting to the Mortal Realm, was more than a hundred years, so Xu Qing'er was now almost between 130 and 140 years old.

Xu Qing'er moved her body, because she had been in an old age state for a long time, and suddenly her joints became so agile, she was a little uncomfortable for a moment, but this feeling was so wonderful that it would be impossible for anyone who hadn't experienced it firsthand to appreciate it.

Tang Zichen asked, "Xu Qing'er, how many of the Yanhuang Empire's Ancient Martial Family from back then are still around today?"

Xu Qing'er was busy saying, "Back to my ancestor, there are no more families nowadays, the entire human race only has these three billion left.

The Empire, but tens of billions of people, and the world is even more trillions of people.Now these three billion were able to survive, when it was really not easy.Because they had escaped both the ravages of terminal diseases and the killing of the robot army.The three billion people in the human base today, it could be said that every single one of them was the elite of the human race.And, fortunately, most of these three billion human elites were martial arts experts.The ancestor was right back then, relying on external objects was not a long-term solution after all, strengthening oneself and improving one's martial arts was the fundamental.The three billion surviving humans today are all advocates of martial arts and have achieved very high achievements in martial arts."

Yan Xinyi asked, "Weren't there Mecha Warriors, Genetic Warriors back then?"

"MechWarriors, when they first developed, needed human mental power to control them, so there were some mentally powerful MechWarriors who were lowly in martial arts themselves, but could manipulate the armor, thus gaining a very high status in the world.Unfortunately, with the gradual improvement of the armor, the armor no longer needed humans to control it, because the armor was also intelligent, so the armor warriors were no more.And at that time, genetic potions were also researched, and injections of genetic potions could modify human genetic flaws and make the body constantly stronger.At first it was true that those humans who were injected with the genetic potion became very strong.However, genes are really too complex a thing to be studied at all, and they will keep changing with the changes.In less than twenty years, those humans who had been injected with the genetic potion had all sorts of after-effects, and thus the genetic warriors died.The illusion of genetic potions breeding strong people is shattered, and it's simply impossible for humans to see through genes, as if they were created by God."

Tang Zichen nodded, when Tang Zichen last returned here back then, this world's ancient martial arts fell out of favor, and what ascended to the world stage was the armor civilization and the gene warriors.In the entire world, those who practiced martial arts were instead beaten up furiously by the Mecha Warriors, their status was extremely low, and ancient martial arts almost reached the point of extinction, leaving only some ancient martial arts families in the world who still adhered to the martial arts.

Tang Zichen was very sad when he learned about this situation, Tang Zichen didn't want to see ancient martial arts disappear in this world, so Tang Zichen defeated the strongest armor warriors and kicked the strongest atomic bomb, Tang Zichen's martial arts skills, shocked the world.Afterwards, Tang Zichen also held a martial arts lecture on the scale of the universes, hoping to inspire more people to practice martial arts.

Now back here a hundred years later, the world has undergone a thousand changes again, because of environmental pollution, plus the development of artificial intelligence, surprisingly led to the extent that the human race is going extinct.The last three billion humans that survived were all ancient martial arts experts.

Xu Qing'er said, "Old Ancestor Tang, the three billion human elites from our human base are able to come here alive today, and it can be said that that speech you gave back then had a crucial role to play.It was because of that speech you gave back then that inspired so many of us Ancient Martial Arts enthusiasts, and achieved so many innate and unified realm powerhouses around the world."

Yan Xin Yi was busy saying, "You mean to say that the three billion humans here are all innate experts?"

"Yes, of the three billion survivors of the human base, more than 1.3 billion are innate experts, and more than half of these 1.3 billion innate experts are from our Yan Huang Empire.Moreover, there are more than 100 million people who have reached the Unity Realm, and of these 100 million Unity Realm experts, 70 million of them are from our Yanhuang Empire."

Tang Zichen was a little surprised, not because there were so many innate and unity realm experts, this number, if placed in another world, was not much at all.Rather, it was because there were so many people from the Yanhuang Empire.


"The Yan Huang Empire is this powerful?"

"Mmhmm, because Old Ancestor Tang is from the Yanhuang Empire, you are the pride of our Yanhuang Empire, so you inspire us."

Tang Zichen asked, "The families of those brothers of mine back then, there should be descendants alive as well."

"Of course there are, although the families don't exist anymore, but each family, compared to other families in the world, is still a large number."

"Well, that's good."

Yan Xin Yi said, "I just heard that soldier call you Old Marshal Xu?What do you mean?"

Xu Qing'er smiled, "Truth be told, just ten minutes ago, I was in the hospital with a tube in my mouth, and my sons and grandsons were gathered around my bed, preparing to see me off.I used to be the Grand Marshal of the Allied Human Forces, but now I'm old and retired."

"Oh, no wonder they call you Old Marshal Xu."

Although Xu Qing'er's martial arts skills weren't very strong, Ancestor Realm, she had reached Ancestor Great Perfection and seemed to be one step away from reaching the peak.

Tang Zichen noticed that in this human base, there were at least a hundred Zongshi Perfection.

When Tang Zichen was still practicing martial arts here, there wasn't a single Zongshi realm, Tang Zichen was the first one to step into the Zongshi realm, and now, there were more than a hundred Zongshi perfection. The first website

The human leader said to Tang Zichen, "Old Ancestor Tang, you came back just in time, with you here, it was effortless to exterminate those robots, those robots, they aren't even considered human, they shouldn't exist.Their existence is meaningless to human evolution and development, they can't reproduce, they can only keep mining raw materials, building factories and producing machines, if this continues, the mother planet will be destroyed by them sooner or later.I think, Old Ancestor Tang, you also don't want our former planet to be over-exploited to the point where it's full of ravages."

Tang Zichen said, "Those robots, even if I don't have to exterminate them, sooner or later they'll be finished, and one day, the planet's resources will run out.They don't need to eat and sleep, but they need resources, without them, how can the robots survive."

The human leader said, "Those robots are highly intelligent, after the mother planet's resources are tapped out, they will come to outer space, and the current spaceships are very fast, the entire galaxy's resources are available for them to use, so calculated, let them perish on their own, I'm afraid it will take millions of years.Millions na, we three billion humans, how long can we last."

Tang Zichen was startled, he didn't expect that the resources in outer space would still allow them to consume them for such a long time.

It seemed that they really needed to be exterminated, otherwise, the humans in this world would definitely become extinct, and even if those robots were allowed to find a passage through another world, this scourge would still extend to another world.These robots were simply a cancer.

"Don't worry, since I'm back, naturally I won't let those robots continue their scourge, this world will eventually return to the path of the martial path.Only the martial path can truly allow a person to evolve, so called science, so called genetic potions, these, in the end, can't turn over such big waves."Tang Zichen said.

The human leader was busy saying, "Old Man Tang, you don't know ah, those robots, it's really not as bad as you think

The so easy to deal with.You were just on the home planet, and the robots that came out to kill you were just little soldiers, just ones they sent out to test you, the real robot masters, they didn't even show up."

"Uh, just to test me?"

"Yes, you don't know much about them, but we know too much about them.All those robots that tested you are still using laser cannons, and this is a robot soldier, not a robot master."

"Oh, I'm curious then, robots can still be experts?"Tang Zichen lightly smiled, although the human leader and Xu Qing'er and the others were full of worry, but as Tang Zichen was very clear, he was a strong man of the Transmigration Stage, no matter how strong the robot was ten thousand times stronger, it was not enough for Tang Zichen to have a hand, there was no need to worry.

However, Tang Zichen was a bit shocked that the robot could be so strong.

The human leader said, "Ancestor Tang, there are currently a total of 388 robot empires on the home planet, and among them, there are 10 robot empires, and their emperors, who have upgraded to the 28th generation of the original power, are so powerful that you simply cannot believe how strong they are."

"28 generations of original power?"

"The original power, a power that they robotically researched, and it's a power they've upgraded to 28 generations.Any one of these 10 robot empires, any one of them can exterminate us if they only find our human base."

Tang Zichen nodded, so to speak, that machine emperor who had upgraded to 28 generations of original power, their strength was at least equivalent to the peak-denying realm, and possibly even equivalent to the return to the Void realm.

"Damn."Thinking like this, Tang Zichen felt a little terrifying.

The human leader said, "Old Ancestor Tang, those 28th generation pilots, they're really strong, I feel that our human martial arts, no matter how much we train our flesh, we can't reach their level, no matter how much we train our flesh, no matter how much we train our flesh, our flesh is made of flesh, and their bodies are made of materials that are hundreds of times harder than alloy."

Tang Zichen said, "Please don't doubt the strength of the Martial Dao, you're just sitting there watching the sky, you have no idea how high the sky is and how strong the Martial Dao is when it reaches its extreme.Just the kaiju you mentioned are equivalent to a human returning to the Void, believe it or not, I'll get a few human returning to the Void to come here and let you see with your own eyes who is more powerful."


Tang Zichen really wanted to go back to the other world and get a few Returned Void strongmen to come over and show them, but Tang Zichen only needed ten minutes to bring someone over anyway.

Of course, Tang Zichen could have done it himself, but it felt too pricey for him to take on those robots personally.Tang Zichen threw down a scroll, there was no telling how many robots he would have to destroy, fighting with Tang Zichen's level wasn't even called fighting, and Tang Zichen wasn't interested in killing those robots, so he might as well bring over a few of the Returned Void Strongmen from the other world.

"Old Ancestor Tang, you said another world, I was about to tell you, those robots also know about the other world and are looking for a passage all over the world, those robots also want to travel to the other world."

Tang Zichen trailed off, while it was true that those robots could bring destruction to the other world, it was impossible to achieve victory, because the strongest robots in the other world, the Returned Void, could definitely defeat the strongest robots.Unless, of course, the strongest robots had evolved again.


However, this robot threat was indeed extremely great.

Xu Qing'er said, "Old Ancestor Tang, what the Leader just said is actually still on the conservative side.The Leader said that the strongest dozen or so machine emperors have evolved to the 28th generation of the original power.However, according to my guess, the 29th, or even the 30th generation of pilots may have been born.Because, I've gotten unconfirmed information before, and it was 30 years ago.There are some robots, they seem to be looking for some genius, and there is also a subject that is being researched on how to shatter the void, and now that thirty years have passed, I don't know how well they are doing, or is it a false news."

Tang Zichen was startled, "Researching if to shatter the Void?"

Tang Zichen was a little shocked, oh my god, the robots had developed to the extent of wanting to shatter the void, this was reaching the level of returning to the ancestors.

If those robots were to really shatter the void, wouldn't they have entered the spirit world.

If the robots entered the spirit world, then with their intelligence and technology level, what would the robots become if they used the resources of the spirit world, that is, the geniuses, elixirs, pills, and magic tools of the spirit world, to develop technology?It was really unpredictable to anyone.Because now, robots could reach this level using just the resources of the mortal realm, and if they used the resources of the spiritual realm, it would be absolutely extraordinary.

"Is it really, the age of robots coming?"Tang Zichen not only asked himself.

Tang Zichen said to the human leader, "There's no rush for now, you guys can retire first, Xu Qing'er stay behind."


The Human Leader and the rest of the Vice Leaders and such retreated, leaving only Xu Qing'er behind.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Xu Qing'er, you are now eighteen years old again, what a feeling." Remember the website

"It feels a bit out of place, old arms and legs, suddenly becoming so flexible, as if I've been reborn as a body."

"Oh, you're considered reborn now, and since you're a descendant of the Xu Mei Qian family, I naturally won't treat you badly.Are you ready to follow me in the future?Farewell to the mortal realm henceforth, I'll take you to the spirit realm."

"Ah, really? Of course I will."

"Well then, go deal with your funeral, I thought you said that you were only just in a hospital bed with a tube ready to die."

"Uh, then I'll pretend that I'm already dead, and let those children and grandchildren of mine take care of the funeral for me."

Xu Qing'er walked out of the room and said to a nurse outside who had accompanied him here, "Go out to the front door and tell Xu Qing'er's relatives that, let's say, Xu Qing'er is gone and is walking peacefully."

That nurse didn't see that this eighteen-year-old beautiful girl was the one Xu Qing'er turned young.

The nurse was busy asking, "But, where is old lady Xu's body?His family can't see the body, can they?"

"Tell Xu Qing'er's family that Xu Qing'er's own body was taken away by Old Ancestor Tang."

"Yes."Only then did that nurse leave and come to the entrance of this building to tell the family members outside about this.

Xu Qing'er's children and grandchildren didn't suspect, after all, Xu Qing'er was originally waiting to die in the hospital, and only came back to this place after seeing Tang Zichen appear on TV, and now that she was dead, it made sense

It was just that, the remains were taken away by Old Ancestor Tang, feeling a little regretful, but it was also their grandmother's honor.

With that, Xu Qing'er's descendants went back to take care of their grandmother's funeral.Xu Qing'er was already gone in the eyes of their Xu family's descendants.

They wouldn't know that their grandmother was eighteen years old again, even if they met her face to face, they wouldn't believe it, they would think that she just looked like her.

At this moment, in the room, Yan Xinyi said, "Feng'er, aren't you going to kill those robots yourself?"

"Sensei, we're transmigratory ah, those robots can be extinguished with a thought, I really don't care to bully such a weak new species."

"A new species?"

"Yes, everything in the world, existence is reasonable, in fact, I'm a bit conflicted whether I should go against the world and remove those robots or not.This robot, the reason why it was born, is also in line with the development of the times, it belongs to a new species that has emerged, just like humans, and millions of beasts.Now that this new species has only just emerged, am I doing the right thing by beheading it in its cradle?"

"But if you think about it from the perspective of the human race, if you don't exterminate those robot species, these three billion humans will perish sooner or later ah."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "Throughout the universe, there are so many human species, how can we exterminate humans with robots?And it's very unfair to think from the robots' point of view that their new species has only been born and is about to die out."

"Windy, you don't want to exterminate those robots, do you?The humans here now are still counting on you to exterminate the robots and then return this world to them humans."

Tang Zichen thought about it and sighed, "Shizuo, to be honest, I really quite don't want to exterminate the robots, this extremely has become an extremely powerful species, what reason do I have to exterminate a new species that could potentially dominate the spirit world in the future?Now I'm here, so there's no way the three billion humans here will be exterminated by robots.We are supposed to be strong half-immortals, we shouldn't exist in this space and time and destroy the development of this time.It's already against the laws of the universe for me to save these three billion humans now, and it's even more against the laws of nature to exterminate a new species.If we didn't come to the mortal world this time, then, along with the development of time, the robot species, will definitely rule this technological world.There will even be robotic species entering the spirit world soon.In the spirit world, thousands of species, not one robot species short of a robot species.Why would I want to exterminate a newly born species?"

Yan Xin Yi nodded, seemingly feeling somewhat justified.

"If you look at it from the species' point of view, it's true that you can't go against the will of God and exterminate the robot species."

"So, I'd hate to get involved in an ant war."Tang Zichen said, "To Tang Zichen, going to exterminate robots is to stomp on a nest of ants, and the war between humans and robots in the mortal realm is a war between big-headed ants and little termites, regardless of whether they are big-headed ants or little termites.

"So, you really want to go to the other world and get some Returned Void powerhouses over here?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, we are half-immortals, we shouldn't interfere in the affairs of the mortal realm, so let them mortal humans handle it on their own.I will go to the other world and find a few of the strongest Returning Void experts, if the strongest Returning Void experts are unable to defeat the robot species here, then it means that the will of the heavens will allow this new species to rise, so I won't dare to disobey the will of the heavens."


"Are you afraid to go against the will of God, or don't you want to?"

"Haha, well, I'm the one who doesn't want to."

At this time, Xu Qing'er changed into a young and fashionable outfit and walked in.

Tang Zichen's eyes couldn't help but light up when he saw Xu Qing'er change her clothes, it was as if he saw the beautiful and beautiful Xu Qing'er again, and there was a little bit of Xu Mei Qian's shadow in Xu Qing'er's eyes, after all, she was the offspring of Xu Mei Qian's uncle.

"Xu Qing'er, finished dealing with your funeral."

"Well, I'll just tell the nurse that I'm dead and my body was taken away by you, so that those children and grandchildren of mine should not be disturbed and just go back to take care of the funeral."Xu Qing'er said, in fact, Tang Zichen already knew, what Xu Qing'er said to the nurse just outside, where could it be hidden from Tang Zichen's eyes, even, the entire human base, three billion human's every move, could not be hidden from Tang Zichen's eyes.So, Tang Zichen was as powerful as entering an ant's nest.

"Alright then, you can follow me from now on."

"Mmhmm."Xu Qing'er nodded her head incessantly in delight.

Xu Qing'er suddenly thought of something and was busy asking, "Right, Old Ancestor Tang, when I came in just now, I heard you say that you're not going to personally deal with the robots?"


"Why?"Xu Qing'er in a hurry. A second to remember to read the book.

"The war between humans and robots is the inevitable result of the development of technological society, if I intervene, I can wipe out the entire robot army in a minute, I'm a bit curious about robots, I want to see what this new species has and can do, so it's meaningless if I exterminate them with a wink."

"Don, you're a human too."

"Robots also belong to humans, but they're made of different materials."


"Alright, I'll go and help the Returning Void stage experts come to help, if I still can't defeat the machine humans, then there's nothing I can do about it."

"Old Ancestor Tang, you're anti-human like this, how can you support robots."

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "I just don't want to go out and exterminate them, did I say that I support robots killing humans?It's perfectly possible to coexist peacefully, so why should you and I die."

Xu Qing'er no longer said anything, but she just couldn't understand a bit why Tang Zichen didn't just exterminate the robot army since he could wipe them all out in a minute.

At this moment, at the human base.

A soldier reported to the human leader, "Leader, we've received a video communication from the Robot Empire."


In the next second, the human base accepted the video call.

On the other end of the video, a robot said, "I want to see Senior Tang Zichen, can I have a word with him."

The human leader looked at the robot in the video and hummed, "Senior Tang is the senior of us humans, are the two words senior something you nondescript things can call?"

"Please, let me have a word with him."The robot in the video pleaded.

"No way, you robots, just wait to perish, hahaha."

The robot in the video looked a little anxious, busy, "You're not being fair."

"Talking to you incoherent fairness, you only deserve to die."

"Human leader, you should know better than anyone that we robots have never actively attacked you, never wanted to kill humans, instead we've always helped humans, we've always followed you

You want to destroy us for advocating peace and giving you a better life.The terminal disaster that broke out decades ago, if we robots hadn't developed a cure, there would have been no human beings on this planet today, we allowed you to survive, and yet you are ungrateful to us and bent on our extermination."The robot in the video said.

"Hahaha, go to hell for those words, we, Senior Tang, will not know so much nonsense, he will exterminate you."After saying that, the human leader ordered the communications to be shut down and instructed, "Close all communication channels, don't let Elder Tang know about these things."


At this moment, in a certain hall, Tang Zichen said to Yan Xinyi, "Auntie, I'm going to go back to the other world first and get some Returning Void experts to come over, do you want to go back together?"

"I'm not going back, I'll wait here in case the robots raid the place."Yan Xin Yi shook her head.


Tang Zichen looked at the little white dragon, "Then you'll be here with my teacher too."

"Yeah, brother has to go quickly and return oh."


Tang Zichen looked to the side at Xu Qing'er and said, "Xu Qing'er, come with me, I'll take you to another world to see."

"Ah, take me with you."Xu Qing'er was surprised and delighted inside.

Tang Zichen's palm in place drew a void, and Tang Zichen pulled Xu Qing'er into the void, then came to the connecting passage of the two worlds.

"Where is this?"Xu Qing'er was busy asking.

"Don't say anything, let the power of this channel pull you, and you'll soon appear in another world."

Xu Qing'er saw the Thousand Mountain Tomb in this connecting channel and said in shock, "Thousand Mountain Tomb?Historically recorded?How come it's here."

Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly, to Xu Qing'er, before she was even born, the Thousand Hills Tomb, a point of passage, closed and became a legendary place.

Soon, it was worn out from the other world.

"Is this the other world?"

"Yes, this is where I'm really from,"Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, Old Man Tang, aren't you from that world of ours?"Xu Qing'er seemed surprised.

"When I was eighteen, at the back of my division, I fell off a cliff, and there happened to be a passage connecting the two worlds, and there was a gravitational force there, so I was instantly brought into the passage as well.However, there was a person in the other world who was exactly like me, even with the same soul structure, and that person was called Tang Zichen, so my soul was projected into Tang Zichen's body and I became Tang Zichen."

"I see."

"So, both worlds are considered my hometown."

"Then is your current body Tang Zichen's, or did you start it first?"

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "Maybe it's hard for you to believe, I thought at first, since that time when Mu Qianji entered the demon and killed me, we both rolled into the tunnel, I somehow returned to the Divine Dragon School, I thought that my body, I changed back to my original one.But then I gradually realized that my body had many more features of Tang Zichen's body, but it also had the features of my original Wind Lightning body, which meant that my original body, and Tang Zichen's body, were merged into one."

"Ah, merged into one."

"Yes, merged into one, I am both Tang Zichen and Wind Lightning."

"Then why do you keep using Tang Zichen's name?I think the wind is light and the name is very poetic."


"Get used to it, it's just a code name anyway."Tang Zichen sighed.

Tang Zichen held Xu Qing'er's waist in his hands, then his body moved, directly tearing through space, and in the next second, he arrived at the Great Martial Empire.

Previously in the technological world, thousands of light years away, the reason why Tang Zichen was able to arrive in a few seconds was that he tore through space and instantly shifted, not actually flying that long distance.

"Greetings to the Imperial Ancestor."Tang Zichen had just stopped in front of a palace hall of the Great Martial Empire when he heard a kneeling voice from behind him.

Tang Zichen turned back and said, "Shang Wuyun, currently in this world, how many total Returned Void powerhouses are there?"

"Back to the Great Ancestor, our Great Martial Empire, there are 18 of them, and several other empires, there are a dozen of them, and the whole world combined, there must be a total of 50 or 60.Among these Returning Void strongmen, the most powerful among them is me."Shang Wuyun smiled somewhat embarrassed.

"What are you laughing at, there is nothing to be proud of, you are my offspring, the strongest is what you should be."

"Yes, Tai Ancestor, I originally reached the Fifth Order of Returning Void, after you returned a few days ago, you instantly raised me to the Ninth Order of Returning Void, I'm now only one step away from reaching the legendary Returning Ancestor realm."

Xu Qing'er secretly smacked her lips, so powerful, Tang Zichen's power was beyond her perception, but instead she couldn't feel it.Shang Wuyun's strength, on the other hand, remained within her perception, but instead could tangibly feel the strength.

Tang Zichen said, "Shang Wuyun, go find all the Returned Void in the world, I'll give you five days, is that enough time?"

"This, it's a bit tight, mainly because I'm afraid that the other empires' returning void power isn't as strong as mine and won't be able to make it in time." First URL

"Then ten days."

"Yes, Tai Ancestor, I'm going."

Shang Wuyun immediately went to do it, what the Taizu commanded was done with great passion.

Tang Zichen entered the main hall and said to Xu Qing'er, "Ten days, there should be no rush for this amount of time, besides, my teacher's wife is on that side, the human base won't be in any danger."

"Hmph, is your teacher's wife as powerful as you?"

"Nonsense, that's for sure.It's just a pity that your family's Taizu Xu Mei Qian, couldn't hold on to them, mainly because I was still too weak to save them, otherwise, they could be just as strong as my teacher's wife today."

"Wow, so envious."Xu Qing'er fought for her big eyes.

Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry, so he waited in the Great Martial Empire.

These days, Xu Qing'er followed Tang Zichen's buttocks every day, and Tang Zichen didn't go to cultivation, but wandered around every day, going to places he had been to, looking for memories, because Tang Zichen found that every time he recalled the past, his perception of his Third Stage of Tribulation would deepen by one layer.

Six days later, Tang Zichen was standing in front of a foggy valley.

"Where is this?"Xu Qing'er asked.

"This is the Valley of Ghosts, a forbidden place for humans, I went in there back then and almost died."Tang Zichen's fancy ghost valley said.


Tang Zichen flew into the Valley of Ghosts with Xu Qing'er in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, the incomparably terrifying Ghost Valley back then was now simply unmentionable in Tang Zichen's eyes.The once terrifying Ghost Valley's incomparable ghosts were now avoiding Tang Zichen like a plague.

"After being out for six days, it's almost time to go back, and there's nowhere to remember."Tang Zichen said.

After these six days of revisiting his hometown, Tang Zichen's comprehension of the Third Order of Tribulation had deepened a lot, and he was one step closer to the Third Order of Tribulation.


nbsp; Tang Zichen then returned to the Great Martial Empire.

Waiting for four more days, Shang Wuyun should be back, and so should all the Returning Void powerhouses of this world.

Tang Zichen was lying on a rocking chair in the garden of the Great Martial Empire Palace, relaxing in the sun, and Xu Qing'er was making tea for Tang Zichen beside him.

"Old Ancestor, please have some tea."

"There's no need to be polite, I didn't bring you away to be a maidservant for me."

"This is what the younger generation should do, my family's terror has already taken care of my funeral, I don't know what status I count as a person now.In the future, if the ancestor has any orders, he can call me.Qing'er can still be alive in this life and become young again, this was granted by the old ancestor."

"Oh, you silly child, the old ancestor told you to die, and you're willing to do it?"

"Of course I'm willing."

"And you're willing to serve me at night when the old ancestor asks you to do so?"Tang Zichen said smilingly.

"Uh, Old Ancestor."Xu Qing'er shyly lowered her head, Old Ancestor was so unorthodox, no wonder he had found so many wives back then.

"Come over and rub Old Ancestor's shoulders."

"Oh."Xu Qing'er came over to rub Tang Zichen's shoulders.

"Qing'er, how many sons and grandsons do you have?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Ah."Xu Qing'er ahmed and didn't answer.

"What?Didn't you say before that you were already in a hospital bed, with a bunch of dutiful sons and grandsons serving you at your bedside?"

Xu Qing'er was a little embarrassed, "Old Ancestor, to tell you the truth, although I have three sons, but, none of them are biological, all three of my sons are adopted.In fact, I don't have any of my own biological sons, because, I never married in my life and only adopted three sons, although my family is full of children and grandchildren, none of them are my blood relatives.I'm very sorry to my Xu family for that."

"Khan, why have you never married anyone in your life?"

"I don't want to say it, I'm afraid the ancestor won't be happy if I do."

"But there's no harm in saying it."

"In fact, when Qing'er met Old Ancestor back then, she worshipped you very much, after that, and under Old Ancestor's guidance, my martial arts skills improved greatly, and I became the leader of the entire world's ancient martial arts experts, I was determined to follow Old Ancestor's steps, but I didn't want to, and delayed my own life's work, although there were many men pursuing me, but my own conditions were higher, and I was partial to my high standards, in the end, I didn't look at any of themon.Ended up adopting three sons and never married."Xu Qing'er said.

"So, you've never been in love until your death?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Yes."Xu Qing'er nodded her head in embarrassment.

"You really have lived in vain."Tang Zichen said with a laugh.

"How could I have lived in vain, in my entire life, I have at least reached Ancestral Master Perfection, and have cultivated three outstanding sons and a group of grandsons, Xuan grandsons."

Tang Zichen said, "Silly woman, is that what I'm referring to?Of course, the channels are very developed nowadays, even if you've never been in love, you've probably had a date with quite a few men for a bubble."

Xu Qing'er blushed and said, "Old Ancestor, why are you talking more and more unorthodox, it will ruin your sacred image in my heart."

"All images are just what the future generations have put on me according to their own hearts, what I actually am is what kind of person."

"Oh, no wonder Old Ancestor married so many flowery beauties back then."Xu Qing'er squeezed Tang Zichen's shoulder and said, talking to Tang Zichen more and more easily, not as cautious and careful as before.


Tang Zichen said, "Alright, it's been a long time since I've had a bath, let's go, accompany the ancestor to take a bubble bath."

"Ah."Xu Qing'er was startled.

"Ah what ah, go to the bath and give Old Ancestor a back massage."

"Oh."Xu Qing'er blushed all over.

Tang Zichen laughed, "A few days ago you were at least an old woman, why are you still so shy."

"Old ancestor, don't make fun of me, I've told you, I've never married in my life, besides, even if I'm still an old woman, then I'm only five or six generations younger in front of you."

"Alright, let's go."

Tang Zichen arrived at the royal bath and took off his clothes to enter the bath, but Xu Qing'er was hesitant to take them off.

"Take it off, I'm still afraid that Old Ancestor won't be able to see it."

"Oh."Eventually, Xu Qing'er squirmed and took off all her clothes, Tang Zichen looked at her tender white skin and beautiful curves, and smiled in his heart.Tang Zichen really didn't expect that this woman who was already an old woman would still be an old virgin, if Tang Zichen hadn't turned her back into a young woman, she would have had to wear a chastity membrane into her coffin.Tang Zichen said that she had lived in vain, and it was really in vain.

Xu Qing'er came to Tang Zichen's side and very embarrassedly rubbed Tang Zichen's back. Remember the website

Tang Zichen closed his eyes and enjoyed it.

After a while, Tang Zichen said, "Qing'er, you wash as well."


"I'll let you wash it clean so as not to bring in bacteria."

"Ah, what do you mean."

"Xu Qing'er, if Old Ancestor were to do away with you right now, then what would you think?"


"It's not like, the old man is going to be your first man, is he?"


"Wow."Tang Zichen turned around violently and hugged Xu Qing'er in front of him, smiling heedlessly, "Although you are a descendant of Xu Mei Qian's family, you don't have the slightest blood relationship with Xu Mei Qian, so Old Ancestor will be rude."

"Old Ancestor, do you really want Qing'er to serve you?"


Tang Zichen leapt onto the stool next to the bathing pool, put Xu Qing'er down, rubbed his hands, and pounced with a heated smile.

Four days passed in the blink of an eye.

By the time the tenth day arrived, Shang Wuyun was already standing in front of Tang Zichen with dozens of Returning Void powerhouses.

"Pay your respects to Tang Taizu."The dozens of Returned Void strongmen paid homage to Tang Zichen.

"There's no need to be polite, today I've called you here to take you to a place that is very different from this world, a world that is completely developing in two different directions.Today, that place has given birth to a new type of human, called a robot.I could have exterminated those robots with a single thought, but nothing is easy, and I can't exterminate the new species with a single thought so unfairly just because I'm a human.So, this time I'll take you there, and if you can't exterminate those robots, that means they shouldn't die.Alright, without further ado, follow me."

After saying that, Tang Zichen drew his hand in the void and entered the connecting channel between the two worlds.

Not long after, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the world of technology.

The place where Tang Zichen stood was in the sky of the Yanhuang Empire.


p; As soon as Tang Zichen appeared, many robots poured out in all directions, but these robots did not attack Tang Zichen, but looked at him with frightened eyes.

Shang Wuyun said, "Taizu, the new species you're talking about, are these people?They look exactly like us, don't they?It's just, why can't you feel their heartbeat?"

"They don't have a heart."

"Don't have a heart?How is that possible."

"It's impossible to explain to you in a few words."Tang Zichen couldn't explain to them what robots were and how they were created, they they were too limited in their thinking.

At this moment, out of the robots flew a middle-aged man, that middle-aged man was wearing a black suit.

Tang Zichen gazed at that suit robot.

That suit robot flew in front of Tang Zichen, plopped down on his knees and said, "Senior Tang, it's finally time to meet you."

Tang Zichen said in surprise, "You guys actually know me too."

"Senior Tang, we are robots, we know the history of this planet from ancient times to the present, and what this planet has to offer."

"And yes, your brains don't have brains, only chips, as long as they have enough memory, they can hold enough knowledge."

"Senior Tang, please, please let us robots go."The suit robot begged for mercy.

"Yo, you actually opened the door and begged me for forgiveness, I heard that you robots are so powerful that you are studying how to shatter the void, it seems that your strongest robots have already reached the Returning Ancestor realm, the speed of development is really fast."

"Senior Tang, to tell you the truth, our strongest robots are indeed already capable of shattering the void, our robots' goal is to break out of this world and head to a higher realm.Don't worry, our robots have absolutely no intention of destroying the three billion humans on Tachi Star, otherwise, you should know that those three billion humans, the strongest talent clansmen, we can destroy them in minutes.I know that Senior Tang is human and will only take their side and strangle us robots, but I still beg Senior Tang to let us go."The suit robot said.

Tang Zichen's brow furrowed and he snorted.

"Don't you believe me, Senior Tang?I absolutely did not lie to you, nowadays robots have already surpassed the humans in this world by an unknown number of times, if we really wanted to exterminate the humans, the humans would have already died out."

Tang Zichen said, "If you didn't exterminate the human race, then why are there only three billion humans left now?Why did the war between humans and robots break out so often before?"

The suit robot was busy saying, "Senior Tang, you've really wronged us to death.The reason why there are only three billion people left in the human race today is because of their over-exploitation and over-pollution of the environment, which has led to the outbreak of various new types of diseases, the consequences of which are sown by the humans themselves.I know you may be upset, but I still want to say that humans are really very stupid and like to fight with each other, each human empire, only for their own interests, regardless of the wanton exploitation of nature.This world has been ruined by the humans, so we robots have to take over and take charge of this world, otherwise if we let the humans continue to develop in a reckless and chaotic manner, this planet will die.As for the outbreak of war, it's really not that we want war, but that humans want to attack us, humans always want to kill all of us robots, but we robots, we never want to kill humans, because we robots are very smart, we can co-exist with humans, so why kill humans?Besides, our robots' goal is to shatter the void, and we don't even have the slightest intention of warring against humans."


"Yo, talking as if it's all the humans' fault."

"If Senior Tang doesn't believe me, go ahead and investigate, we robots, have never initiated a war, it's all humans that attack us.If I ever tell half a lie, I shall not die."

Tang Zichen said, "See this group of Returned Void powerhouses around me?I purposely brought this from another world, I want to destroy you robots, it only takes one thought, but I, Tang Zichen, didn't do that, so I brought these Return to the Void strongmen to fight you, and your fate is up to you.Go back and prepare well, and let's have a fair fight between us."

"Okay, on behalf of the machine humans, I thank Senior Tang, whether Senior Tang believes in it or not, we machine humans, also always consider you as our hero."

"Robots can flatter too."Tang Zichen shook his head speechlessly.

"Go."Tang Zichen instantly tore through space, bringing with him dozens of Returning Void powerhouses, and disappeared in a flash.

The suit robot looked at the disappearing Tang Zichen and sighed, "Too powerful, we can't catch up with this power even if we upgrade to the 2000 Generation Force."

Tang Zichen returned to the human base in outer space.

"Old Ancestor Tang, you're back."The human leader was busy obsequiously welcoming.

Tang Zichen said, "You, follow me in."

"Yes." A second to remember to read the book

The human leader follows Tang Zichen into a hall.

Tang Zichen asked, "I just spoke with a representative of the robots, and the robots said that they never thought of exterminating the human race."

The human leader huffed, "Don't listen to their nonsense, Tang Zichen, it's a wonder they haven't thought about it, I would never believe it."

"They say that the robots have never initiated any war, it's always the humans who have to kill them, is this true?"

"Uh, this."The human leader stroked his hair.


"Don's ancestor, this, like yes, but the home planet is already our human territory, they robots have taken over our territory, of course we're going to kill them all, are we going to let them take over our territory?"

Tang Zichen then asked, "Is it true that the robots say that they have taken over the planet because the various human empires, undisciplined, unscrupulous, and full of selfishness, have destroyed the ecology of the planet regardless of the illusion, so much so that the planet's ecology is completely out of balance?"

"Ah, well, I don't know how to say this, but it can't be whatever they say it is, they robots always think they're smarter, they always think that what we humans do is wrong.In fact, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the solutions we humans have devised."

"Alright, you can go out now."

With the human leader gone, Tang Zichen looked towards Xu Qing'er and asked, "Xu Qing'er, do you have anything to add to this?"

Xu Qing'er said, "Actually, it's true that the robots didn't lie, at least, it's true that they didn't actively attack the humans, every time, we humans were unwilling to lose, bent on exterminating them, and then we failed time and time again with moths to the flame.Perhaps it is true that the robots never intended to exterminate the human race, and that ninety percent of us humans are dying so much today because of disease, a disease that is caused by environmental destruction.You've just taken me back to the Infernal Empire, I haven't been back in twenty years, I've just

Standing over the Yellow Empire, I suddenly realized that the air there was much, much better than before.I remember that when we evacuated the home planet twenty years ago, the air was simply unlivable.It seems that after the robots took charge of the mother planet, they have really contributed a lot in combating pollution."

"Xu Qing'er, why are you speaking for them?"

"I'm just talking about the facts, if I hadn't just been standing over the Yanhuang Empire, I probably wouldn't have thought so, but now that the air in the Yanhuang Empire is better, I think it's all due to the robots, back then if we humans were left to develop, I'm afraid the planet would have really been destroyed, but the robots, they're changing for the better."Xu Qing'er said.

Tang Zichen said, "So, those robots, they are indeed better?"

"I think it's just that we have different interests, we humans want to retake our home planet and become dominant, while the robots want to dominate us, that's the key to the conflict."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "But the humans, however, have destroyed their homeworld, causing a complete ecological imbalance, the outbreak of new types of diseases, and the mass extinction of the population, so it's true that humans are no longer fit to dominate this world."

Xu Qing'er said, "The biggest difference between humans and robots is that humans have selfishness, and if there is selfishness, there will be struggle, and they will not care about the overall situation, and they will not hesitate to bring pain to others for their own selfishness.But robots are different, they follow procedures and have no selfishness."

"Alright, go tell the human leader that we're moving back to the home planet tomorrow."

"Ugh."Xu Qing'er sighed, from a selfish point of view, Xu Qing'er also hoped that the home planet would continue to be controlled by humans, but the drawbacks of humans would indeed only make the world's destruction more complete.

The next day, Tang Zichen broke open the void, going so far as to use the Formation Scroll to bring all three billion humans, back to the Mother Planet, to the skies above the Yan Huang Empire.

Tang Zichen's power to bring three billion people back from the distant outer space with the power of one person simply made those robots dumbfounded.

This kind of power, their robots couldn't even think about it, and Tang Zichen really wasn't bragging when he said that he could exterminate all the robots with a single thought.

The robots also instantly flew in from all over the world.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Please ask the most powerful robots to come up and speak to me."

A dark-looking robot man flew up and knelt in front of Tang Zichen, "Greetings, Senior Tang."

"Do you have a name?"

"Back to Senior Tang, my name is Blackhawk, I am currently the highest leader of the Robot Alliance and the most powerful robot."

"Blackhawk, you should know what I'm here for today?"

"I know, whatever you say today, I promise.I can let the robots, and all the territory of this home planet, continue to be managed by you.If the environment continues to be destroyed in the future, it will still be humans who will be hurt."Blackhawk said.

"I didn't come here today to talk to you about territory, but about whether you will continue to exist.Let me see your strength, if you can defeat this Return to the Void strong man behind me, then you robots can continue to exist."


Tang Zichen immediately ordered Shang Wuyun to fight against the Black Eagle.

As a result, Shang Wuyun failed miserably and broke his arm.


"I'm sorry, Taizu, I lost."Shang Wuyun said facelessly.

Robot Black Eagle said, "Senior Tang, my power has reached a level where I can break the void, so I win."

Tang Zichen sighed, "It's just that I don't care about you robots, in short, no harming any humans in the future."

"Senior don't worry, humans created us, we never wanted to harm humans, the reason we control this planet is just that we don't want humans to continue destroying themselves.Senior may not believe it, if we robots hadn't taken control of this planet back then in time, then you would have returned today and there would no longer be any trace of humans.After we developed the antidote, we released it into the air, and only after that did no one died.And today, is the air here a lot better than it was twenty years ago?If you don't believe me, ask all the humans behind you."

Tang looked back to the humans in the sky, and they all had some surprise on their faces that seemed genuine.

"Alright, Blackhawk, I'll allow you to continue to exist."

"Thank you Senior Tang, I, Blackhawk, am the first intelligent robot to appear, all robots are under my control, I will now program all robots to permanently not be allowed to harm humans, and to live in peace with humans forever."After Blackhawk finished speaking, he immediately placed a program in his head and sent it to each robot's chip.

Tang Zichen said to the human leader, "Alright, problem solved, in fact, the robots don't care to be enemies of humans at all, instead, they save the survival of humans in times of crisis.If the robots really wanted to exterminate the humans, with their returning ancestor level strength, the humans would have died long ago."

The human leader was busy saying, "Don't be fooled by these robots, Old Ancestor Tang, I think it's safer for you to exterminate them, after all, if they are not of my race, their hearts will be different.Only when they are completely exterminated will the humans be able to truly control our land."

Tang Zichen was very upset with this human leader, and snorted, "I see, you are afraid that your rights will be weakened, all these years, the humans have attacked the robots time and time again, you are the one who ordered it, right? the robots never actively attacked the humans, and you have ordered the robots to attack time and time again, causing so many casualties, I see, it's your own selfishness that's at stake, damn you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen's mind moved and the human leader turned into nothingness. First URL

Blackhawk was busy saying, "Senior Tang is wise."

"Alright, let's do it, Black Hawk, I believe in you, you can make your robot, make this world a better place, make humans live happier, and, make the path of human martial arts smoother."

"Senior don't worry, we can definitely do it.Also, Senior Tang, I have a favor to ask."Black Eagle said.


"Can Senior bring me along, I want to follow Senior, I hope Senior won't dislike me for being weak."

"Uh, bring you along?"

"Yes, I can step into the Void now as well, but I don't dare to travel to the higher realms.And if I travel to the higher realms, I'll be cut off from all the robots here, and I haven't dealt with what's going on here yet."

"If you want to follow me, you can, maybe with your robot advantage, you can still help me a bit in the spirit world."

"Thank you Senior, I will definitely serve you in the saddle."


sp; "Then you deal with the matter here first, and when you're done, I'll come back to take you away."

"Yes, Senior."

Tang Zichen turned back to the three billion humans and said, "From now on, live well, practice your martial arts, stop destroying this planet, and return to the right path of martial arts."

"Thank you, Senior Tang."Three billion humans were busy thanking each other, the entire sky, dense, fortunately Tang Zichen was strong enough, otherwise those in the far back would not be able to hear what Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen then casually opened the spatial channel with a stroke of his hand, bringing the dozens of Returning Void strong people back to the other world, along with Xu Qing'er and Yan Xingyi, and the little white dragon, these days, the little white dragon was with Yan Xingyi.

So far, the technological world, the robots and the humans, had come to an end, and Tang Zichen didn't know what the future would hold.

However, as long as that Black Hawk followed Tang Zichen, then it was like Tang Zichen controlling all the robots.

Because Black Hawk was the highest level robot, he commanded all the robots.Therefore, it would be the same as Tang Zichen taking control of all the robots.

Perhaps, the robots were still too weak at the moment, but in the future, it would grow into a powerful force, that was unknown.

Tang Zichen was still quite optimistic about Black Eagle's development in the Spirit World.

As such, Tang Zichen lived in the Great Martial Empire, for five years.

After five years, Tang Zichen returned to the world of science and technology and prepared to take Black Eagle away.

"Paying respects to Senior Tang Zichen."Blackhawk was very happy to see Tang Zichen here.

"Blackhawk, has everything been taken care of here?"

"Senior don't worry, I took care of it all, now that humanity is on the right track, in a few hundred years, the population of this world will be back to where it was in the beginning.We, the robot clan, will never interfere in human politics again."Blackhawk said.

Tang Zichen said, "Blackhawk, you are now taking orders from me, while everyone here, the robots, are taking orders from you, right."

"Yes, because I was the first robot to generate intelligence, all the other robots are derived from my code, I am the highest ranking robot, I am their only as well as eternal clan leader.I have now empowered some second generation intelligent robots to manage things here on their behalf, in the future if any of them second generation intelligent robots are able to step into the void anymore, they will come directly to me in the spirit world, meanwhile, they will empower the next generation, and so on and on.I believe that I can create more clans in the spirit world."

"Very well, I hope that one day in the future, I can see your robot clan, grow and become a powerful force in the spirit world.Then, let's go."

Tang Zichen left with Black Eagle and arrived at the Great Martial Empire.

"Brother, when are we going to return to the Spiritual World."Little White Dragon seemed to be about to get fed up, after all, after living in the Great Martial Empire for five years, it was too much to stay in a place without spirit energy.

Tang Zichen said, "We'll leave right away, if we go back now, we won't be able to return to the Six Seas, there's still half a year left before the Rainbow Bridge opens and we're in the Spiritual World."

"Brother, I really can't stand this place any longer.".

"Alright, let's go now."

Tang Zichen called out Yan Xinyi, Xu Qing'er, and thousands of descendants, all of them


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