Dish Best Served Cold 616-620


Chapter 616

The night was as cool as water.

    On the shore of the Cloud Lake, Ye Fan stood for a long time.

    In front of him, the waves of smoke were vast.But the bright moonlight was reflected on the faraway Cloud Mist Lake, brimming with waves.

    Looking at the water of the flat lake in front of him, Ye Fan's state of mind, however, could not be calmed for a long time.

    Liang Haonan's behavior in the Ji family teahouse just now undoubtedly touched Ye Fan deeply.

    Back then, if his father could have half of Liang Haonan's affection, himself and his mother wouldn't have suffered so much humiliation, right?

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed at himself.

    It's been ten years, and it's useless to think about this now.

    The weak boy from back then has grown up.

    He could hold up the world on his own, and no longer needed anyone's protection!

    Moreover, what the Chu family owed their mother and son back then, Ye Fan would soon get it back.

    It was late at night, and Ye Fan stood at the shore of Cloud Mist Lake for a long time.

    It wasn't until a phone rang that Ye Fan was awakened from his disorientation.

    Ye Fan looked at his phone, and it was from Su Xi's father, Su Yuanshan.

    "What could it be that you're calling at this time?"

    Ye Fan didn't have a good impression of Su Yuanshan.

    It was one of the few people who didn't look down on himself because of his origin.

    Thus, after seeing the incoming call, Ye Fan quickly answered the phone.

    "Ye Fan, where are you?"

    "Quickly tell me, I'm coming over to pick you up now."

    From the phone, came Su Yuanshan's anxious voice.

    Ye Fan was slightly surprised, "Uncle Su, what's wrong?"

    "Let's meet, but first you tell me where you are."Su Yuanshan asked again.

    Ye Fan had no choice but to tell Su Yuanshan where he was.

    Ten minutes later, an Audi A8 drove over and stopped in front of Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, get in the car and follow me to Su's house."

    "We'll talk about the details on the way."Su Yuanshan seemed to be in a hurry, he didn't even get out of the car, and after seeing Ye Fan, he rolled down the window and immediately urged Ye Fan to get into the car.

    When Ye Fan saw the situation, he thought that he was afraid that something big had happened in the Su family, otherwise Su Yuanshan would definitely not be in such a hurry.

    Therefore, Ye Fan nodded his head and didn't ask any more questions, then he got into the car with Su Yuanshan.

    "Uncle Su, what exactly is going on?"

    "Can I help you?"On the way, Ye Fan was full of stares and asked very solemnly.

    Su Yuanshan nodded, "I do need your help."

    "This is an important matter that concerns the future survival of my Su family, Ye Fan, you must not refuse!"

    Future survival?

    Ye Fan was stunned, he didn't expect things to be this serious.

    However, after a moment, Ye Fan's old face then turned green.


    "You want me to be your son-in-law at your Su family feast tonight?"

    "No no no, how can this be."

    After hearing Su Yuanshan's intentions, Ye Fan was shocked and shook his head repeatedly to say no.

    But Su Yuanshan stared, "No?"

    "How can a man say no?"

    "Besides, Evan, let's pretend that Uncle is begging you, can't we?"

    "Just be a one-nighter first, just fool the old taijun and the others, it's not like you're allowed to have a round house with my daughter."

    "But even if you were to consummate the marriage, you're a grown man, you're not at a disadvantage."Su Yuanshan advised evenly.

    Ye Fan still shook his head, "Still no, it's easy for people to misunderstand.What's more, even if I agree, I'm afraid that your daughter Suzy's side will not agree."

    "He dares!"Su Yuanshan glared and snapped, "Ye Fan, you don't need to worry about Xi Xi's side, I can handle it.Trust me, she'll cooperate with you in the act."

    "After all, that Ma Mingbo of the Ma family, not only I don't like it, Xi Xi doesn't like it either.If she doesn't cooperate with you tonight, Old Taijun could marry her off to that Ma Mingbo."Su Yuanshan said with certainty.

    Ye Fanton smiled bitterly, "Uncle Su, didn't you just say that that Ma Mingbo comes from a noble family, and the Ma family is even one of the most prominent big families in Nanquan City, and its overall strength is stronger than your Su family.It's reasonable to say that this woman marries high, you, the father, begged for it, why is this still taking all the effort like making a yellow?"

    Just now, listening to Su Yuanshan's brief narrative, Ye Fan had almost understood it.

    It turned out that Ma Mingbo, the eldest young master of the Ma family in Nanquan, had arrived at the Su family with a heavy gift, and looking at that gesture, he was preparing to propose to the Su family to marry Su Xi.

    The Ma family was the grand family of Nanquan City, and this marriage, among the Su family, everyone basically agreed, even Su Yuanshan's mother, the old lady of the Su family, was extraordinarily happy with Ma Mingbo.

    But Su Yuanshan, for some reason, is extremely disgusted with Ma Mingbo and is reluctant to agree.

    But if there is no justifiable reason, and it's not good to disobey the old Taijun, Su Yuanshan can only do this.

    Then he could only do this, let Ye Fan come and pretend to be Su Xi's boyfriend, so as to make Ma Mingbo give up.

    "Hey, Ye Fan, you don't understand."Faced with Ye Fan's question, however, Su Yuanshan shook his head.

    And then, he continued, "My daughter, I know best.Lonely and arrogant in nature, can't stand a little grievance, like her, if you want to have a happy marriage, you can only marry down, not up.Otherwise, she will surely suffer from the skin of her in-laws."

    Ye Fan listened, but the corners of his eyes twitched indistinctly.


    Daring to let Su Xi follow him is to marry down.

    Ye Fan now finally understood why this Su Yuanshan had gone to such great lengths to set him up with Suzy.

    "Of course, this is only one of them."

    "The second is that the Ma Family's business has a great level of overlap with my Su Family."

    "Previously, the owner of the Ma Family had repeatedly shown his intention to annex my Su Family's industry, making my Far Mountain Group a subsidiary of the Ma Family."

    "Old Taijun and the others feel that this is a good thing, and it's good to shade under a big tree.The Ma family is more powerful than the Su family, so they thought that after merging into the Ma family, our Far Mountain Group would be able to develop better."

    "However, where do they know that once the merger takes place, the Ma family will definitely find a way to deprive my Su family of its control over the Far Mountain Group.At that time, the life and death of my Su Family will be in the hands of others."

    "This is the most unacceptable thing to me!"

    "Now that the Ma family wants to marry with my Su family again, I have to suspect that they are just paving the way for the future annexation of my Far Mountain Group."

    "So Ye Fan, tonight, you have to help me!"

    "Think of it as Uncle begging you."

    Su Yuanshan was almost begging, looking towards Ye Fan.

    When Ye Fan saw the situation, he could only sigh helplessly and nodded his head.

    "But it's agreed that it's purely an act and can't be taken seriously."

    "And just for one night today, after the dinner is over, I won't be your son-in-law, nor your daughter's boyfriend."

    Ye Fan declared again.

    Su Yuanshan listened, but he was laughing with anger.

    "You guy, you really got a good deal."

    "If you don't know, you thought that my daughter can't get married if she leaves you."


    "Whatever you say!"

    Su Yuanshan shook his head for a while and laughed.

    In his heart, he undoubtedly liked Ye Fan even more.

    It only felt that this man in front of him was very different from others.


If it were anyone else, from a family background like Ye Fan's, who could marry his own daughter, I'm afraid he would have gone crazy with joy.

    But Ye Fan was good, this father of his own was close to backstabbing his own daughter, but he was so stunned that he still wouldn't take her.

    However, Su Yuanshan was in no hurry.

    Let's pass this hurdle tonight first.

    As time passes, this kind of thing has to be done slowly, step by step.

    And when Ye Fan followed Su Yuanshan to the Su family, Su Xi was naturally already on her way.

    The Su family's old lady called Su Xi at noon and told her that she must rush home for dinner in the evening.

    "Mu Orange, what do you think my grandmother is so anxious to find me about?"

    "Tonight's not going to be the Honolulu feast, is it?"

    Su Xi's grandmother had no small amount of authority in the Su family, and in some matters, Su Xi really didn't dare to disobey that old lady.

    At this time, while driving her car, Suzy was on the phone with Autumn Mu Orange through her Bluetooth headset.

    "Right, Mu Orange, has that bastard contacted you yet?"


    "You don't have to worry too much, there's no need to get angry over such things."

    "You're not thinking about tea over here, maybe people over there are drinking and talking with some country girl who came to work in the city?"


    "Mu Orange, I'm just kidding, don't take it personally."

    "Let's stop chatting for now, I'm home on this side."

    "Hang on hang on~"

    Shortly after Suzy hung up the phone, the vehicle drove over and also parked in front of a villa.

    And almost at the same time, Su Yuanshan's car also arrived.

    "Dad, you've just arrived too?"

    Seeing her father, Suzy whirled around to welcome him.

    However, Suzy hadn't taken more than a few steps when he saw the figure behind Su Yuanshan, a pair of beautiful eyes widened.

    "Ye Fan?"

    "Holy shit, why are you here?"

    "You wouldn't, for the past few days, have been hiding here at my father's for fear of retaliation from Fan Zhongxing and the others, would you?"

    "I go, are you a man you?"

    "Fearing retaliation, he hid himself far away and left a woman at home unattended."

    Seeing Ye Fan, as if seeing a ghost, Suzy asked with a sudden sense of the unimaginable.

    "You girl, how are you talking?"

    "What you rely on, I rely on, no girl's restraint at all, no wonder people don't even want you, Ye Fan."

    Hearing his own daughter speak, Su Yuanshan became angry and glared at her, rebuking her.


    "He's the only one who doesn't want me yet?"

    "My lady doesn't even like him yet."

    "Let him go!"

    Suzy was furious.

    He didn't think that Ye Fan, a poor boy from the countryside, would dare to dislike her?

    It certainly made Susie near angry.

    "He can't leave."

    "Tonight, he's having dinner with us."Su Yuanshan said faintly.


    "Dad, are you still going to have him at the table tonight?"Susie's beautiful eyes widened, and then, sternly, she refused.


    "Dad, Grandma said that tonight is our Su family banquet, Ye Fan he's an outsider, what right does he have to attend our Su family banquet?"

    "By what?"

    "With the fact that he's my son-in-law at Su Yuanshan, he's the one I've identified as your future husband!"

    "In this capacity, he's eligible to attend the Su family banquet tonight!"

    Su Yuanshan had clearly become furious and shouted in a deep voice.

    The words were majestic and simply unquestionable.

    When Su Xi heard this, she was undoubtedly even more shocked.

    A pair of small cherry mouths were opened so wide that they could almost stuff an apple.

    "Ye...Ye Fan?"

    "You.... your son-in-law?My...My husband?"

    Susie flinched in place.

    It just felt like a crazy world.

    Her own old man, stalking her, letting her best friend's man be her husband.

    If Qiu Mu Orange knew about this, what would Mu Orange think of her?

    "No, I don't agree."

    "Absolutely not."Susie shook her head repeatedly, simply unable to accept Evan's attendance at tonight's dinner in this capacity.

    "Suzy, don't misunderstand."

    "What your father means is that he wants me to accompany you to put on a show."Ye Fan explained at this point.

    "Putting on a play?"Suzy was even more confused.

    Only at this time did Su Yuanshan carefully give Suzy the whole story.

    "Either listen to me and cooperate with Ye Fan to muddle through [PEN 5200] tonight's matter."

    "Or, listen to your grandmother and marry with the Ma family and marry Ma Mingbo later."

    "Which one to choose, you think about it yourself, right?"

    Su Yuanshan looked towards his daughter and coldly said.

    Suzy was undoubtedly in a tangle as well.

    However, soon, Suzy came to a decision.

    Acting was only a temporary pain, but if she married Ma Mingbo, it would be a lifetime of pain.

    Better to shorten the pain than long!

    Finally, she looked at Ye Fan and said solemnly, "Ye Fan, we agreed that it's just an act.After the dinner is over, the two of us will no longer have any relationship."

    "And, you're not allowed to tell anyone about this matter."

    Letting your best friend's husband, be your boyfriend.This kind of thing was not very glorious in the first place, so Suzy naturally didn't want Qiu Mu Orange to know about it.

    And Ye Fan also smiled back, "It's a deal!"

    If it wasn't for Su Yuanshan's face, otherwise, Ye Fan wouldn't have been able to get involved in this kind of thing, much less want to get involved with Su Xi.

    Now these words of Suzy's were undoubtedly exactly what Ye Fan wanted.

    "Young people nowadays~"

    Su Yuanshan, who was on the side, saw his daughter saying the same thing to Ye Fan, but he laughed bitterly.

    I just feel that the young people nowadays are so proud?

    "Well, let's get inside."

    "Your grandmother and the others should be waiting."

    "Right, Ye Fan, this is the gift I prepared, you can send it over to the old lady later, just tell her that you bought it."

    Su Yuanshan was extremely considerate and even bought a gift for Ye Fan.

    And after that, the three of them walked towards the room.



    "Ming Bo, I haven't seen you for a few years, you're getting more mature and steady."

    "In a short while, I'm afraid that you'll be able to take over your father's class."

    In the hall, a graceful and wealthy old lady, but she said with a smile.

    This person was, naturally, the Su family's highest seniority, Old Taijun Su, Su Yuanshan's mother.

    Next to the old taijun, sat a refined young man, dressed in formal attire, wearing a Rolex gold watch on his wrist.

    He was unusually well-spoken and courteous, and at a glance it was clear that he was from a noble family.

    Yes, he was Ma Mingbo, the future heir to the Nanquan Ma family.

    Old Taijun looked at this man, the more she looked at him, the happier she was, and finally took his hand and chatted about family life.

    Apart from them, there were also Suzy's uncles, and several cousins at the family banquet.

    "Grandma's fallacious praise."

    Ma Mingbo returned modestly.

    And then, he looked around and wondered, "Grandmother, hasn't my Sister Sissy arrived yet?"

    Old Taijun's mother's family was from Nanquan City, and she was quite related to the Ma family, so according to the generation, Ma Mingbo should indeed call Old Taijun his grandmother.

    "What? You can't wait for this moment?"

    "Or is it that you're a little nervous about meeting your future wife?"

    "Ming Bo, don't worry, Grandma will help you."

    "You're so good, later on you're behaving well, and the old lady I'm pushing for it, tonight this marriage between you and Xi Xi will almost be done."

    "Don't worry, Xixi is very obedient to me."The old lady laughed.

    Ma Mingbo was suddenly relieved, "Then please leave it to grandmother."


"Mom, sorry sorry we're late."

    "Is Minbo here too?"


    "Just in time, while we're all here, I'll introduce you."

    "This is my daughter, Xi Xi."

    "Ming Bo, you guys should have met a few years ago and still know each other, right?"

    In the middle of the conversation, Suzy stepped forward and nodded to Mamoru Bo with a polite smile.

    "Well, Uncle Su, I know Sister XiXi."

    "Haven't seen you for a few years, Sister XiXi has really come out even more dainty."Ma Mingbo even got up and said with a smile.


    "Don't even stand there."

    "Come on, all of you, take your seats."

    "Far Shan, you sit next to me.Xixi, you sit next to your brother Mingbo."

    "You two siblings haven't seen each other for many years, so we'll catch up more tonight."

    Old Taijun saw Suzy and her father and daughter arrive, and then arranged to take their seats.

    "Grandmother, this seat is dirty."At this time, a youngster from the Su family reminded.

    The old taijun waved her hand, "It's fine, I'll have my servant change it."

    "What are you waiting for, why don't you go outside and move a seat?"

    "New guy, right? Why don't you have any eyes?"

    At this time, Old Taijun said unhappily to Ye Fan beside Su Yuanshan.

    Ye Fan frowned and didn't say anything.

    Su Yuanshan, however, his eyes jumped at the corners and explained, "Mom, this is your future granddaughter-in-law, you treat people better.Be careful that people don't honor you in the future."


    "Just him?"

    "My granddaughter-in-law?"Old Taijun was stunned.

    The rest of them were also all shocked.

    Especially Ma Mingbo, who was even more curious, asked to the side of Suzy, "Sister Xi Xi, which sister of yours is this fiancĂ©, this object search is too hasty, isn't it?"

    Old Taijun was also confused, "Could it be that that Nee Bei Bei, who doesn't study well, has fallen in love outside behind my back?"

    Su Yuanshan shook his head, "Mom, it's not Beibei, it's your eldest granddaughter XiXi's boyfriend."

    "Didn't I tell you before that there's a young man named Ye Fan who has a promising future and is a good match for Xi Xi."

    "He is Ye Fan."

    "Ye Fan, quick, call grandma."

    Su Yuanshan smiled evenly.

    But after his words fell, everyone in the full hall was undoubtedly all stunned.

    Especially Ma Mingbo, his face instantly looked down.

    Old Taijun's face also slightly changed a bit.

    After all, the Su family knew that tonight's family banquet was put on by Old Taijun to set up Ma Mingbo and Su Xi.

    But now, halfway through?

    "I'm afraid, there's going to be a good show."At the wine table, there were members of the Su family whispering in their hearts, secretly thinking.

    However, there were some things that even though everyone knew what was going on, they were not talking about it.

    Thus, most of the people at the table remained bored and silent as they ate.

    But the old taijun obviously couldn't sit still and gloomily looked old: "Yuan Shan, what's the matter with you, you didn't tell me even if you brought him here?"

    "The threshold of my Su family is not something that anyone can step into.Before you come, at least give me a greeting so I can see if he's qualified to eat at the same table as my Su family?"

    Old Taijun's words carried a hidden anger.

    She had just given Ma Mingbo a boast just now, and this was the result.This was undoubtedly a slap on her old lady's face, it was no wonder that Old Taijun Su could be happy.

    "Grandmother, I'm the one who brought brother Xiaofan here."

    "Haven't you been urging me to find you a grand-daughter son-in-law?"

    "It's just as well, today's Su family banquet, so I've brought brother Fan to show you."

    Su Xi picked up the conversation and walked over to take Ye Fan's arm, smiling at the old taijun with a pair of beautiful eyes smiling into a crescent moon.

    At this time, Ye Fan, feeling the softness and temperature coming from Suzy's body, but uncomfortable.

    The corners of his eyes twitched, thinking that this Suzy was really good at acting, and Ye Fan felt sorry for her if he didn't award her a little gold man.

    "But XiXi, I'm rushing you, but you can't be sick and desperate, you can't just find anyone as an object ah."

    "Your future husband can represent is the face of my Su family."

    "I forbid you to date someone who is not a trifling person."

    Old Taijun was very unhappy.

    Ye Fan's arrival had already made her a little angry.What's more, this person in front of her looked like a poor man, and he was wearing jeans and sneakers when he was meeting his elders for the first time?

    At first, Old Mrs. Su thought it was Su Yuanshan's newly hired driver.

    This undoubtedly made Old Mrs. Su even more disgusted with Ye Fan.

    "Grandmother, how can you say that?"

    "You can't judge people by their appearance, Ye Fan he's very good."

    "The painting in my dad's hand that's worth hundreds of millions of dollars was a leak that Ye Fan picked up and gave to my dad."Suzy immediately defended.

    "That painting?"

    "After a lifetime of luck runs out, I guess I'll be able to pick this one up."

    "How can luck be considered skill?"

    "The truly capable ones are the ones like your brother Ming Bo, who at a young age is in charge of tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of assets, helping his father to stand alone out there."

    The old lady shook her head and said.

    "Come on mom, come all here, let people Ye Fan sit first."

    "Besides, it's better to deceive a bearded man than a poor young man."

    "What the future holds, no one can say."

    "Maybe, in a few decades, Little Fan will also be famous in Yunzhou?"

    "I believe in Xixi's vision."Su Yuanshan laughed and made a roundabout way.

    And then he let Ye Fan sit with Suzy in one piece.

    "Famous Yunzhou?"

    "Everyone thinks so, but as a result, the only one who berates Yunzhou is Li Er?"

    "Isn't there only one Mr. Chu in Nodong Jiangdong?"

    "Do you think that he will become Mr. Li Er or Mr. Chu in the future?"

    Old Taijun shook her head and said, still a little dissatisfied in her heart.

    But after she said that, she didn't make things difficult for Ye Fan anymore and allowed him to take his seat.

    After all, Ma Mingbo was here, making too much of a stalemate was afraid that it would make people look ridiculous.

    "Alright, is everyone here?"

    "Then serve the dish."

    Old Taijun spoke, and then a dish was also brought to the table by the servants.

    The dinner party, then, also officially began.

    "Xi Xi, I remember you like papaya porridge the most, shall I help you serve some?"Ma Mingbo smiled and said that he was going to serve Suzy's rice.

    Suzy even said, "No, no, my boyfriend will just serve it for me."

    "Right, Evan?"

    Seeing no response from Ye Fan, Suzy was so angry that she kicked Ye Fan under the table and gave him a hard look.

    Only then did Ye Fan reluctantly help Suzy with the porridge.

    At that time, when Suzy saw it, she was almost angry to death!


    Is that why I'm so disgusting?

    Although Su Xi didn't like Ye Fan, but women have a climbing heart.

    When Ye Fan had eaten with Qiu Mu Orange before, it was so considerate, serving rice and sandwiching food, it was simply every bit as considerate.

    But now, this bastard was lovingly ignoring himself, which undoubtedly gave Suzy a sense of frustration in her heart.

    For the first time, she had doubts about her own charm.


The dinner party continued.

    For the rest of the time, Mamab still found words to talk to Susie from time to time.

    And Susie was clearly not in high spirits.

    Every time Ma Mingbo asked Susie a question, Susie turned around and asked Ye Fan again.

    "Brother Fan, what do you think?"


    "I'm not sure about that hey, I'll ask my little brother Fan~"


    "Brother Fanny~"


    Suzy's left one little brother Fan and right one little brother Fan's, acting like she was a thousand times obedient to Ye Fan.

    Although the surface of Ma Mingbo was still calm, but in his eyebrows and eyes, the gaze towards Ye Fan had become a little more hostile and icy cold.

    Later, Ma Mingbo knew that Su Xi's mind was all about Ye Fan, so he didn't ask for any more trouble to get close to Su Xi.

    He understands that the more you try to please a woman, the less she thinks of you.

    The wisest way is to show your own excellence.

    As the saying goes, the peach and the plum is not the right word.

    When he showed himself to be good enough, he didn't believe that Suzy would still look down on him.

    At this time, the gaze of Old Lady Su, who was also looking over, smiled at Mingbo Ma with joy.

    "Ming Bo, are you the only one who came by yourself?"

    "Your father and the others, they didn't come?"

    "I can hear that in two days, it will be the Sea and Sky Feast."

    "Your Ma family is one of the premier big families in Nanquan, you should have to receive an invitation, right?"

    Old Lady Su smiled and asked.

    "Grandmother, I received the invitation.But the group is busy with affairs, my father will have to wait until New Year's Day to come over."

    "Wasn't I in a hurry to see your father, and the party came two days early."

    Ma Mingbo's words, but they caused the old lady to become happier and happier.

    "It's still your Ma family's reputation, unlike my Su family, which can barely be ranked among the top-notch families in this part of Yunzhou.We're not even qualified to go to the Haitian Feast ah."

    "Xixi, did you hear that, if you're looking for your husband's family in the future, you'll have to look for a noble family like Ming Bo."

    "In that case, you'll also be able to get in touch with those big names who stand at the pinnacle of this society."

    Old Mrs. Su said meaningfully.

    The old lady then looked at Ye Fan.

    "By the way, your name is Ye Fan, right, I haven't asked you yet, what do your parents do?"

    "And now where are you high?"

    Hearing this, Suzy's pretty face turned slightly white, and before she could wait for Ye Fan to reply, she quickly said, "Grandmother, Ye Fan's parents are doing business abroad and only come home once in a long time."

    "As for Ye Fan, my father spent a million annual salary to poach him from my lady friend's company to come and work as a senior treasure consultant for our Far Mountain Group."

    "What? It's only a million annual salary?Sister Xi Xi, my mother says that Brother Bo earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and compared to Ming Bo, my brother-in-law is too lame, right?"At this time, one of Susie's little cousins was tongue-tied, but said with emotion.

    Susie immediately glared at him, "Eat your food, adults talk, what are you kids interrupting?"

    Susie's little cousin, then shut her mouth in shock.

    But Ma Mingbo's mouth, however, unconsciously curved up at the corners.

    I thought that the person who could make Susie look good would be some kind of talent, but now it seemed that it was nothing more than that.

    "Is Brother Ye's family also in business?"

    "I don't know what kind of business it is."

    "Can you elaborate on that?"

    "Maybe I'll learn something from it."

    Mamoru Bo seemed to see something suspicious in Susie's reaction, and smiled inexplicably.

    "That, my object his family..."

    "Sissy, why are you talking so much, your boyfriend he can't talk?"Suzy tried to help Ye Fan block it again, but Old Taijun Su was unhappy with the rebuke.

    Suzy then shut her mouth, but was still making eyes at Ye Fan.

    Obviously, she wanted Ye Fan to make it up properly.

    However, Ye Fan was familiar with the situation and faintly returned, "I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you."

    "My mother doesn't do business, she's just a rustic farmer in the countryside."



    The crowd was all shocked.

    Su Yuanshan's old face twitched.

    Su Xi even caressed her forehead.

    This time, I'm afraid it's going to be the end.

    As expected, that little cousin of Suzy's was then dissatisfied.

    "So, he's a countryman?"

    "Sister Xixi, why did you find me a country bumpkin to be your brother-in-law."

    "How humiliating to say it out."

    And Old Taijun Su was clearly angry, whirling around and asking to the side, "Yuanshan, what's going on?"

    "You let Sissy marry him?"

    "It's nonsense!"

    Su Yuanshan was bitter for a moment, explaining in a low voice, "Mom, birth doesn't mean anything.As long as this child Ye Fan has talent, it's enough."

    "People Zhuge Wolong also once bowed in the countryside."

    "Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, also came from a poor background."

    "But in the end, wasn't he at the pinnacle of power and few others?"

    "Enough, don't you dare fool me with this.How many thousands of years of Huaxia's history has there been a few lying dragons, and how many grassroots emperors?"Su Yuanshan was still speaking there, but the old emperor was furious and coldly questioned.

    "Could it be that you still believe that the one in front of you is the Chosen One who comes out once every few thousand years, the son of the True Dragon?"

    Being so reprimanded by the old empress, even the head of the Su family, Su Yuanshan, was suddenly speechless and bowed his head.

    Seeing that the atmosphere of the family banquet had been rattled, Ma Mingbo saw the situation, but smiled and said, "Grandmother Su, why do you need to be angry over this good meal?"

    "It's all too normal for Sister Sissy to be young and deceived for a moment."

    "I've come from that age as well."

    "A moat is a good thing, to that extent, isn't it?"

    "Also, what Uncle Su said is right, maybe there really is some sparkle in Brother Ye that normal people don't have?"

    "In any case, don't be angry, grandmother, your body is most important."

    "Emotions are such a thing, you can't be too hasty, you have to take your time."

    Ma Mingbo's words were polite and courteous, and the people of the Su family were secretly impressed.

    Old Su also exclaimed, "Look at people Mingbo, this is the son of a great family.Words and manners, heart and temperament, all are absolutely beyond the reach of ordinary people."

    "Xi Xi, grandmother wants you to find a descendant of a rich and famous family, never greedy for someone's background family.What you fancy is someone's cultivation."

    "Let's say that the poor country boy you're looking for is with Ming Bo...although tonight is a family dinner, it has to be considered a formal occasion for them."

    "Look at your brother Ming Bo's attire, and then look at that poor boy's attire, that's the most stark difference."Old Taijun Su lifted one to depreciate the other and said in a deep voice.


Old Taijun Su was still there preaching to Suzy.

    Next to him, however, Ma Mingbo was laughing softly, "Grandmother, look at you, why are you talking about it again."

    "Let's talk about something else."

    "Grandmother, when next year, I might be based in Yunzhou."

    "The family business over there is expanding and preparing to explore the Yunzhou market."

    "Thinking that I can see your old man from time to time, I volunteered to be the head of this Yunzhou branch, specifically to preside over the new business in Yunzhou."

    "It will be convenient for me to visit you and Sister Xi Xi then."

    "Oh, is that so?That's bold good."Hearing that Ma Mingbo would be stationed in Yunzhou in the future, the old lady was delighted.

    I thought to myself that in that case, Ma Mingbo and Suzy would be able to visit each other often, which would undoubtedly be beneficial to the deepening of their relationship.

    "Have you found a place to stay?"

    "If you can't find a doorway, I'll ask Far Shan to arrange a place for you to stay."Old Taijun was concerned.

    Ma Mingbo shook his head repeatedly, "Grandmother, there's no need, I've already bought a house."

    "It's at the bottom of the Cloud Peak Mountain, the Looking Cloud Villa."


    "Lookout Cloud Villa?"

    "That's a famous villa complex in Yunzhou."

    "A villa there, it's less than two or three hundred million."

    "Even in the entire Yunzhou, the level of luxury is second only to the Genting Mountain Villas, right?"

    "Brother Ming Bo is really rich."

    Hearing the name Looking Cloud Mountain Villa, the entire Su family was slightly shocked.

    Su Xi's younger cousin, even more suppressed directly called out, full of envy.

    The Su Family's Looking Mountain Group, although its market value was nearly ten billion.

    But that was only the market value, the water was very large.

    Anyway, those several hundred million to buy a villa, the Su family didn't have the financial power.

    "Two or three hundred million?"Maminabo shook his head, "That was the price before, but now it's more than that.The cheapest, it's 500 million."

    Ma Mingbo said in a light-hearted manner, but it caused the Su Family crowd to tremble again.

    "Under Genting Mountain?"

    "Wouldn't that mean you'll be living under Mr. Chu and being neighbors with him from now on?"

    The matter of Mr. Chu throwing fifty billion dollars to buy the entire Genting Mountain Scenic Area was a sensation in Yunzhou.

    Naturally, the Old Taijun of the Su family also knew about it.

    Now hearing that the Cloudwatching Villa was at the bottom of Cloud Peak Mountain, the old Taijun was shocked.

    Ma Mingbo nodded with a proud smile in his eyes, "Yes, grandmother."

    "It's because of being able to be neighbors with Mr. Chu, so recently the price of this Looking Cloud Mountain Villa, climbing steadily, one day at a time."

    "I'm still entrusting this to take up the next one in advance."

    "The house was handed over a few days ago, and my furniture is almost all installed."

    "If grandmother wants to go, I can take you to see it tonight.Maybe, you can even run into Mr. Chu?"

    "Yes, yes, brother Mingbo, I want to go I want to go."Old Taijun's side hadn't answered yet, but Suzy's little cousin was already excitedly running over, pestering Li Mingbo to go see it.

    Old Taijun smiled and said, "Well, if you want to go, after dinner later, you can all follow Mingbo to see it."

    "Especially our Su family's younger generation, go over there and take a look and find a gap with your brother Ming Bo."

    "In the future, strive to become as good as your brother Ming Bo, that too!"

    Old Taijun's laughter echoed.

    After receiving the Old Taijun's promise, the atmosphere of the following dinners were all significantly more warm.

    The Su family said one thing to each other, booing and flattering Ma Mingbo in various ways.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was extraordinarily miserable.

    Except for Su Yuanshan, who had a word with Ye Fan from time to time, no one in the audience seemed to be deliberately snubbing Ye Fan.

    The scenery, desolate as hell!

    When Ma Mingbo saw this light, he naturally felt more and more proud.The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was faintly filled with a bit of victor's pride.

    The other Su family members also looked at Ye Fan a few times, intentionally or unintentionally, while shaking their heads, full of sneers.

    A toad trying to eat swan meat?

    Now you know the shame.

    The Su family looked compassionate.

    Ye Fan himself, however, was not as much of an inner drama as they were.

    He just lowered his head to drink tea and ate the food quietly, not moving, not saying anything.

    From the beginning to the end, Ye Fan was just dealing with a "business matter".

    After the banquet, he and the people at the table were no longer related.

    How could Ye Fan care what they thought of him when he was just a group of irrelevant people?

    He already had enough on his plate, there was no need to waste any more emotions and energy on this insignificant group of people.

    Just like this, the Su family banquet came to an end after everyone had had their fill of wine and food.

    After it was over, many people from the Su family were ready to go with Ma Mingbo to visit the villa at the bottom of Genting Mountain.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was naturally ready to take his leave.

    After all, the drama was over, so there was naturally no point for Ye Fan to stay any longer.

    "Ye Fan, are you leaving?"

    "Won't you go to Lookout Cloud Villa together and take a look?"

    "Luck of the draw, maybe I'll see Mr. Chu?"Su Yuanshan retained the words.

    Tonight, when Ye Fan was belittled by the Su family, Su Yuanshan actually felt a bit guilty.

    After all, he was the one who asked Ye Fan to help, and as a result, he was humiliated, so Su Yuanshan naturally felt bad about it.

    Ye Fan shook his head, "No, Uncle Su, I still have things to do, so I'll go back first."

    "Alright, since you insist on leaving, then I won't keep you.Little Liu, drive a little."Su Yuanshan instructed Dead Silence to send Ye Fan away.

    However, at this time, that little cousin of Suzy's came over and somewhat scowled at Ye Fan, "Hey, grandmother called you over."

    "You ninny, why are you talking?No big deal, no small deal, call brother-in-law!"Su Yuan Shanton glared fiercely.

    Suzy that little cousin, however, threw up her tongue, and then ran away.

    They ran and also said as they said, "Hurry over, grandmother is waiting for you over there."

    But Ye Fan frowned.

    At this time, what could it be that the old lady of the Su family was calling out to him?

    Ye Fan did not want to go over there in his heart.

    After all, he said he would only cooperate with Su Yuanshan to perform the dinner scene, but now, well, he's added another one?

    Su Yuanshan smiled bitterly and said, "Let's perform one more scene, count Uncle as owing you a favor."

    "Go over later, just listen."

    "You'll answer whatever she asks."

    "Don't worry, Old Taijun is a bit temperamental, but he won't embarrass you as a junior."

    "Just remember, don't contradict him."

    "As for the rest of the matter, leave it to me."

    Su Yuanshan said in a low voice.

    Ye Fan rolled his white eyes and said to Su Yuanshan, "It's agreed, this is the last one."

    "After talking to the old lady, I'll just leave."

    "It's useless for anyone to stop you."


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