The King of Kungfu in school 1851-1860


Chapter 1851

Those who wanted to become Tang Zichen's successor didn't just need Tang Zichen to be pleasing to the eye, if Tang Zichen didn't look pleasing to the eye, no matter how genius he was, he didn't want it.

"Zichen, the results of the Dynasty Competition have been released, and the Gao Yang Dynasty won first place in the strength ranking of the eight imperial dynasties."One day a month later, Mu Qianji came to look for Tang Zichen and told him the results of the Dynasty Competition.

"I just want to know which one is the strongest at the sixth stage of the Tribulation, the others are not interested in knowing."Tang Zichen said.Because below the Sixth Order of Tribulation, Tang Zichen could all be seconds, not interested in knowing which weakling was the strongest, only the Half Immortal of the Sixth Order of Tribulation, Tang Zichen was a bit interested in knowing who was strong and who was weak, and Tang Zichen's strength was at the level of the Sixth Order of Tribulation.

Mu Qianji said, "Since the Gao Yang Imperial Dynasty is number one in overall strength, the strongest of course is them.The eldest emperor of the Gao Yang imperial dynasty, named Gao Yang Sending Monarch, has defeated all the other great imperial dynasties of the sixth stage of Tribulation.There were even three of those three combined robbery sixth stages that failed to defeat Gao Yang Sending Jun. Those three combined robbery sixth stages were the Long King of the Bird Dynasty, Bird Peng Jun; You Chang Hu of the You Yue Dynasty, and Li Chen Lone."

"Uh, this Gao Yang Sending Monarch is very strong."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes, that's why the Gao Yang Dynasty became number one, and also, in the outside world, many people compare you to the Gao Yang Sending Monarch, saying that you only beat the two of them, Li Chen Xiu and Hu Ying Ridge Master, while the Gao Yang Sending Monarch beat Bird Peng Jun, Travelling Tiger, and Li Chen Xiu together.Many people say that if you fight with Gao Yang Sendingjun, you may not be a match."

"Haha, which ignorant one."

"Many people say that ah, you don't care.By the way, this Dynasty Brawl, since we left early, it's the same as not participating, so the rankings don't have us, but even though the rankings don't have us, our influence is clearly strong, at least, people are comparing us to the Gao Yang Dynasty and comparing you to the Gao Yang Sending Monarch.So, in everyone's mind, our newly established Tang Ji Gate is at least ranked second."

"It doesn't matter."Tang Zichen trailed off.

"There's one more thing, I heard from the people below that a few very genius people came today, would you like to verify that.Those very genius people seem to come from a bigger place and aren't very cooperative in participating in the assessment, so it's a bit difficult for the people below to handle, and the purpose of those people is to go straight to you, not wanting to honestly start as a fourth class disciple."

"Yeah, I'll go check it out then." One second to remember to read the book

"Good, I'm going to go busy with my business as well."

Tang Zichen arrived at a certain assessment hall, and sure enough, there were a few seemingly rich kids, making a lot of noise.

"We want to see Tang Zichen."

"Hello, our Gate Master doesn't have time, you must take the assessment to become a fourth class disciple if you want to enter the Tang Extreme Gate."

"Joke, what status do we have to become a fourth class disciple?Our purpose is to go straight to the Don Tzu-Chen heir."A man said.

"I'm sorry, we can't make decisions on that either."

"Hurry up, go inform Tang Zichen, we want to see him, you'd better hurry up, you won't be spared if you delay me, you little brats, how dare you stop me, do you know who I am?I can tell you guys, even if Tang Zichen knew our identities, he wouldn't dare to do that to us."A Combination Stage man yelled.

Tang Zichen was all ears.

"Who's yelling there."Tang Zichen stepped forward.

"Pay your respects to the Gate Master."Those men scrambled to pay their respects.

Tang Zichen motioned for them to get up.

"Senior Tang Zichen, we want to be your successor."The man from the closing stage said.

/> Tang Zichen said, "This is the place for assessment registration, don't yell here, go and talk with me somewhere else."

"Good."The man at the closing stage looked proudly at those guards, as if to say, your Gate Master has invited me to talk elsewhere, you ignorant juniors.

Tang Zichen took those four men and brought them to a large hall.

"Senior Tang, request to accept us four as disciples, right?"Those four men entered the main hall and knelt down.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, but instead sized up these four people.

Among these four people, two men and two women were ordinary in appearance.

Tang Zichen asked, "What are you all called?Give your name yourself."

"Back to Senior Tang, I'm Gao Yang Light Green."The young girl in the green dress was the first to reply.

"My name is Gao Yang Fengniu."

"My name is Gao Yang Sheng."

"My name is Gao Yang Wei Nguyen."

One by one, the four of them gave their names.

Tang Zichen took a few casual glances and was saying, "It seems that all four of you are from the Gao Yang Dynasty?"

"Exactly."The four of them looked very confident, the Gao Yang Dynasty became the number one in this year's Brawl, and now when the Six Seas were in the limelight, no one from the other dynasties dared to disrespect the Gao Yang Dynasty, so the four of them were very confident that they would be allowed to enter the Tang Chi Gate.

Tang Zichen instantly saw what the four of them were thinking inside.

Tang Zichen said, "Gao Yang Light Green, how old are you?"

"Back to senior, junior is eighteen this year."

"Eighteen, reaching the Exaltation stage."The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth rose lightly.

That Gao Yang Fengniu was busy saying, "Senior Tang, you don't know, my sister is a well-known genius in our Gao Yang Dynasty, she's only eighteen this year, and she's already reached the Exaltation stage."

Tang Zichen snorted, "It's all about refining spirit stones to rise up, but you guys are just lucky."

"Senior Tang, even if you're refining spirit stones, you still need some talent."

Tang Zichen said, "Among the four of you, only Gao Yang Light Green talent is a little more than adequate, the other three, but that's all.Unfortunately, I don't want to take any of them, alright, you guys can leave now."

"Senior Tang, what do you mean?"Gao Yang Fengniu was startled.

"Can't understand human language?You may go now."Tang Zichen.

"Senior Tang, we want to be your successors, we want to learn the sword formation."Gao Yang Fengniu was busy.

"Sorry, you haven't met the conditions of my heir, please get out."

At that moment, Gao Yang Fengniu was busy saying, "Wait a moment."

"What are you doing?"

"Senior Tang, don't blast us out yet, you can read a letter first, this time we came to join Tang Ji Gate, we also brought a letter of recommendation with us, please read the letter of recommendation first."

That Gao Yang Fengniu sent a letter of recommendation.

Tang Zichen picked it up and read it with confusion.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, I am Gao Yang Sending Jun, first of all, congratulations on the establishment of the Tang Chi Gate, and secondly, I have an ungracious request, can you accept the four imperial grandsons of my Gao Yang dynasty who have come to be part of the Tang Chi Gate as your senior disciples for my sake.I also hope that you, Daoist Tang, will never refuse ah, and when you are free some other time, I will personally come to your door to thank you.Gao Yang sends the king off."


Tang Zichen's brow furrowed deeply.

Gao Yang sent a letter of recommendation to the king?

The corners of Tang Zichen's mouth rose slightly, this Gao Yang Sending King, who had only just become the strongest Sixth Stage of the Sixth Sea of Transgression, wanted to install someone at Tang Zichen's side, vainly attempting to learn Tang Zichen's sword formation.

Tang Zichen sneered in his heart, how could it be an ordinary person who wanted to learn Tang Zichen's sword formation.

The four people standing under the stage looked at Tang Zichen with very confident eyes.

Especially that Gao Yang Fengniu, he felt that Tang Zichen would never dare to refuse for the sake of his grandfather's face.His grandfather had defeated three super-strong people who had joined forces with the sixth stage of Tribulation, and in theory, was even stronger than Tang Zichen, so how could such a person who was no weaker than Tang Zichen dare to offend him.

"Senior Tang, what do you think?Can we call you Master now?"Gao Yang Fengniu asked.

Tang Zichen said, "This letter, is it really from Gao Yang to the king?"

"Of course, a thousand times true, this is the idea letter that our grandfather personally burned.Senior Tang, can we call you Master now?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Can you bark nonsense when the eight characters haven't even been written yet?"

"Eight words?What, what do you mean?" First web site

"I mean, I can't."

"But, you've read my grandfather's recommendation letter."Gao Yang Fengniu said puzzled.

"Hmph, it's read, where so what, is your grandfather a powerful figure?Is it so powerful that even I, Tang Zichen, have to give face?"

"Ah."The four of them were startled, not expecting Tang Zichen to say that, this was too much to put their grandfather in their eyes.

"Senior Tang, our grandfather is a sixth stage of Tribulation who just won first place in the Brawl, you don't know about this yet, do you?"Gao Yang Bong Niu said, the other three all thought it must be so, Tang Zichen hadn't learned the news yet, didn't know what their grandfather was.

"Of course I know, Gao Yang sent Jun, in the competition, defeated Bird Peng Jun, You Chang Hu, Li Chen lonely three team up well."

"Yes, yes, and it was still an easy defeat."

"Alright, I don't have time to talk nonsense with you guys here, Gao Yang Light Green stay, the rest get out."

"Senior Tang, my grandfather's letter says it all, let you."

Tang Zichen said angrily, "Your grandfather is a grizzled thing ah, one more sentence of your grandfather with me, I don't believe I'll waste you.Hehe, if it wasn't for your grandfather's sake, I would have been enough to exterminate you if you hadn't just messed with the periphery of our Tang Ji Gate.If you don't get out now, don't blame me for being rude."

Gao Yang Fengniu was upset in his heart, "Senior Tang, you are so disrespectful to my grandfather, let it go, I will go back and speak to my grandfather about this matter."

"Then go back and say it, and by the way, bring a line to your grandfather for me: roll the calf, what the hell."Tang Zichen said, and with a wave of his hand, the four men were blasted out of the main hall.

Outside the main hall, that Gao Yang Fengniu's angry voice could be heard: "Tang Zichen, you'll regret it."

The other three seemed to be advising, "Bong Niu, don't say anything, he is a strong man after all, be careful of offending him."

Gao Yang Bong Niu's character was a rather impulsive one, seeing that he was being blown out and was very ashamed, he cursed.

"I'm about to say, Tang Zichen, you'll regret treating us like this."

At this moment, in the palace, Tang Zichen was furious, originally Tang Zichen didn't want to cause trouble and let them go, but unexpectedly, he was so disinterested, and used their grandfather to pressurize Tang Zichen, making it seem as if their grandfather was a more powerful person than Tang Zichen.


; "Looking for death."Tang Zichen flashed out of the main hall.

"Tang."Gao Yang Fengniu, who was about to continue opening his mouth, saw Tang Zichen's sudden appearance and full of murderous aura, and didn't dare to say anything further, attempting to leave immediately.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What the hell, just a few grandchildren of Gao Yang Sending King, you dare to rampage in my place, do you think, I'm a place where you can come and go when you want?Go die."

After saying that, Tang Zichen slapped on that Gao Yang Fengniu.

"Ah."That Gao Yang Fengniu was instantly slapped into pieces by Tang Zichen.

"Senior Tang Zichen spare his life."The other three, Gao Yang Sheng, Gao Yang Wei Ruan, and Gao Yang Light Green, kneeled down in panic.

These three people hadn't spoken out of turn just now, so Tang Zichen didn't want to bully the weak.

"Get out of here."

"Yes."The three of them panicked and rolled away.

Tang Zichen ordered them down to clean up some of the broken meat on the ground.

Yan Xinyi happened to be not far away and saw the scene.

Yan Xin Yi came up and asked, "Master, it's just a few juniors who wanted to worship you, why did you kill them ah, who would dare to come back in the future."

"You only see the result, not the process, if I don't kill them in this situation, wouldn't I, Tang Zichen, be useless.The four of them, they are from the Gao Yang Imperial Dynasty."

"Is the Gao Yang Dynasty strong?"Yan Xin Yi still didn't know the outcome of the Scramble, nor did she know the current status of the Gao Yang Sending King.

"I don't bother explaining it to you, just go walk around the restaurant outside the palace and you'll know."


At this moment, in the Gao Yang Imperial Palace.

Many many powerful people from the immortal cultivation forces had sent their invitations to visit the Gao Yang Sending Monarch.

Gao Yang Sending Monarch was cheerful, enjoying the glory of being the number one in the Six Seas.

It wasn't until night time that those visitors were sent away.

One of Gao Yang Sending Jun's personal brothers smiled, "Big brother, finally you can have some peace and quiet, ever since you rose to prominence at the Brawl, many people have been visiting you every day, you've been so busy these days."

"No harm, it'll be fine after a while."Gao Yang sent the gentleman smiling.

"Right, big brother.Those grandchildren of yours should have arrived at Tang Ji Gate."

"Well, counting the days, they should indeed arrive."

"I don't know if they will be able to successfully enter the Tang Ji Gate and become Tang Zichen's personal disciples."

Gao Yang sent Jun, "I've already instructed them, if they can't rely on their talent to stay, then take out my recommendation letter to Tang Zichen."

"Brother, is your recommendation really useful?"

"I think Tang Zichen will definitely consider my face, after all, Tang Zichen himself may not have the confidence to beat me, he has no reason to offend me because of this, his Tang Chi Gate is just established, it's still unstable and in desperate need of support, if he accepts a few of my grandchildren, he will be gaining my support, as long as Tang Zichen isn't stupid, he won't refuse."

"Also, it's no wonder that Don Zichen dared not give his face to your recommendation letter."

"Oh."Gao Yang sent Jun a proud smile.

"Brother, in the future, if they learn Tang Zichen's sword formation technique, you can take the opportunity to observe it, and once you also master the technique, then Tang Zichen won't have any advantage at all.With the power of the Sword Formation Technique, with your Sixth Stage of Tribulation, you'll be able to compete in the Seven Seas."


Gao Yang sent the king, "I hope it goes this smoothly, even if Tang Zichen is forced to accept a few of my grandsons as disciples because of my face, Tang Zichen may not be willing to teach them the art of sword formation right away, so it will still take a long process.They, several of them, must gain Tang Zichen's deep trust, which can't be done in a short time."

"But no matter what, they are considered to have succeeded in the first step, as long as they become Tang Zichen's disciples, they will naturally have a chance to gain Tang Zichen's trust after a long period of time.If it were anyone else, they wouldn't even be able to succeed in the first step, only you, the number one strongest, would have the face to do so."

"Hehe, don't flatter me, I'm tired of hearing it these days."Gao Yang sent the gentleman laughing, but it was clear that he wasn't tired of hearing about it, and was enjoying listening to these flattery.

Tang Zichen quickly forgot about those grandchildren of Gao Yang Sendingjun's.

Tang Zichen didn't take Gao Yang Sendingjun into account at all, let alone the fear of offending him, everything was nothing more than Gao Yang Sendingjun thinking that he was self-righteous.

Gao Yang Sendingjun thought that his was so important in the Six Seas that no one dared to offend him, and that a letter of recommendation could pressure Tang Zichen to accept his grandson as a disciple, it was ridiculous.

Tang Zichen had forgotten about this in the blink of an eye.

However, Tang Zichen himself had forgotten about this matter, but other people hadn't.

In the Bird's Imperial Dynasty.

"Your majesty, Long Emperor, we have already received definite news that Gao Yang Sending Jun already had several of their outstandingly gifted grandsons and granddaughters, my Tang Chi Gate, seven or eight days ago.Furthermore, I heard that Gao Yang Sending Monarch also sent a letter of recommendation."

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"Yes, so I'm afraid that Tang Zichen will have to accept those grandsons of his as his disciples for the sake of Gao Yang Sendingjun."

Tori Pengjun said, "Gao Yang Sending-kun is really a good scheme, sending his genius grandson to Tang Zichen, and after gaining Tang Zichen's trust in the future and learning the art of sword formation, he can also steal it from his grandson later."

"Your Majesty Long Emperor, there is simply more than just Gao Yang Sending Jun who has such thoughts, don't you also want to send your genius grandson and granddaughter to Tang Ji Gate."

"Yes, I also want to, if I'm not mistaken, several other imperial dynasties, all want to send people to the Tang Chi Gate.Unfortunately, none of us may have the chance ah.But Gao Yang's sending a ruler has the best chance, because he's the strongest sixth stage of the Brawl, and Tang Zichen wouldn't dare to offend him.As for the others, Tang Zichen will not have to give face at all."Bird Peng Jun said helplessly.

"It can't be helped, whoever made Gao Yang Sending Jun the strongest, it's possible that even Tang Zichen can't beat him.Your Majesty, then, do we, the Bird Dynasty, still send genius princes to Tang Ji Gate?"

"Send, of course send, whether or not there's a chance to enter the Tang Ji Gate, at least try."

"Good, then I'll go and arrange for the most talented princes and grandsons to go to the Tang Chi Gate."

The other major immortal imperial dynasties had also sent their princelings and grandsons to the Tang Dynasty Gate.

But . They all thought that the royal grandsons of the Gao Yang Dynasty would definitely be able to enter the Tang Ji Gate, but what they didn't know was that Tang Zichen, at this point, refused to do so today, not only did he refuse, Tang Zichen even killed one of the royal grandsons of the Gao Yang Dynasty.

If everyone knew that Tang Zichen not only didn't give face to the Gao Yang Sending King, but also killed one of them, I'm afraid they would be shocked, it was completely different from what they had expected.

However, things would always get out, just not that fast yet, as short as five or six days .

Longer than ten days, at that time, I'm afraid that the entire Six Seas Eight Royal Dynasties, as well as countless small immortal cultivation powers, would know about this matter.

At Tang Ji Gate.

It was late at night, and on the stone steps at the entrance of the palace, a delicate gasp came from the darkness of the night.This sound lasted for a long time before it stopped.

After a few breaths, Mu Qianji angrily said, "Nasty, in the middle of the night, on the stone steps of this palace, see, wouldn't it be a shame to die."

"Haha, anyone who sees, who dares to see, believe me I'll gouge his eyes."Tang Zichen said hugging Mu Qianji.

Everyone was either asleep or practicing with their eyes closed, Tang Zichen's palace was heavy, no one dared to come in, that's why Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were openly messing around on the open steps.

"Zichen, not only did you confiscate those few people from the Gao Yang Dynasty today, but you also killed that Gao Yang Bong Niu, if this gets back to the ears of Gao Yang Sending Gentleman, will he be upset."After the passion, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji lay unbridled on the ground, looking at the sky and chatting, both of them naked and not afraid since there were no outsiders.

"Haha, not only unhappy, I should be very angry, even, I might even feel ashamed, after all, he just became the strongest sixth stage of the Brawl Club a while ago, and it's only been a few days, and someone dares to provoke his authority, if it's you, you don't want to be very angry."

"Well, that's why I'm worried now that he'll do something to you."

"Cut, I don't even care about him."

"But people from the outside world are saying that Gao Yang sent-kun might be stronger than you."

"How ignorant, if Gao Yang Sending-kun has a problem with me killing his grandson, let him feel free to come and settle the score with me."Tang Zichen said.

"That you."

"Alright, stop talking about this nonsense, take a shower and go to bed."


In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

One noon after seven days, Gao Yang Sendingjun was cultivating in his residence, after all these days, the number of people who came to visit him was finally slowly decreasing, and Gao Yang Sendingjun began to clear his mind.

However, this day at noon, he was just trying to cultivate a bit when weeping sounds came from outside.

"Who is weeping outside."Gao Yang Sendingjun yelled.

"Grandpa."A few grandchildren's voices came from outside.

"Ah."Gao Yang Sendingjun immediately heard the voice of his grandson, Gao Yang Sheng, and the cries of his granddaughters, Gao Yang Light Green and Gao Yang Wei Ruan.

"What's going on, they're not going to the Tang Chi Gate?By all means, it's only right to have become Tang Zichen's disciple."

Gao Yang sent Jun busy and went out, and it was indeed some of his grandchildren.

"Grandpa, oooh."Those few people cried out when they saw Gao Yang Sendingjun, they were usually very favored by Gao Yang Sendingjun because they were the most genius grandchildren.

"What are you guys crying for?Didn't you guys go to Tangled Gate?"

"Grandpa, we, we."

"By the way, where's Gao Yang Fengniu?"Gao Yang sent Jun to look outside and didn't see the man.

"Grandpa, brother Feng Niu is dead, sob."The three of them cried out, after they returned to the Gao Yang Dynasty, they were the first to come to find grandpa, so at the moment, no one else knew about this matter.


"What?Bong Niu is dead?"Gao Yang sent Jun in a daze.

"Didn't you guys go to Tang Chi Gate together?Why did Goyang Bongbull die?Did you meet some strong enemy halfway?"

"No, it was killed by Tang Zichen, that Tang Zichen not only didn't accept us as his disciples, he also killed Brother Bong Niu."

"How is that possible, you definitely didn't give him my recommendation letter."Gao Yang sent Jun said with a face of disbelief.

"Oooh."Once they heard the recommendation letter, those people cried even more, if it wasn't for this recommendation letter, maybe things wouldn't have been so bad.

"What are you guys crying for, is it me, you guys didn't even give Tang Zichen recommendation letter, didn't I make it clear to you guys when I went, if Tang Zichen doesn't receive it, give him my recommendation letter, Tang Zichen see the letter as a person, will definitely."

"Grandpa, don't say it, if it wasn't for your recommendation letter, maybe Tang Zichen wouldn't be angry, it's all your recommendation letter that makes Tang Zichen even more fiery to read."

"What did you say?Did Don read my letter of recommendation?"

"Nonsense, if he doesn't accept us, we'll give him a letter of recommendation, Tang Zichen looked at it with a face full of disdain and seemed to look ridiculous.When Brother Fengniu saw this attitude of Tang Zichen, he fought for your injustice, only to scold him and cause Brother Fengniu to be killed by Tang Zichen.Grandpa, didn't you say that your recommendation letter, which Tang Zichen only had, was bound to give you face, why did Tang Zichen not only not give you face when he saw it, but also killed Brother Fengniu."

Gao Yang Sending Jun looked unbelieving and asked, "It's not possible that Tang Zichen still doesn't know the outcome of the Scramble, right?After all, the Brawl has only been over for a short while and Tang Zichen doesn't know who I am, so..."

"Grandpa, don't deceive yourself and make excuses, Tang Zichen already knew that you defeated whoever and whatever, but he didn't give you a proper look at you at all." One second to remember to read the book

"Fuck, that son of a bitch."Gao Yang sent a tremor of anger through his body.

"Grandpa, you've only just obtained the strongest sixth stage of the Brawl, and already someone is looking down on you and killing your grandson, sooner or later, this matter will spread, and then the entire Six Seas of Immortals will look at you and laugh at you."

The veins on Gao Yang Sendingjun's hands were bulging, feeling very unpleasant, and it was a pity that he thought that Tang Zichen wouldn't dare to offend him and would take his grandson as a disciple even if he was forced to, but he didn't expect that not only would he not take him, but he would also kill his grandson.

"Ahhhh."Gao Yang sent Jun hissed, his eyes glittering with cold.

"Tang Zichen, if you're so disrespectful, then don't blame me, Gao Yang Sendingjun.Damn it, I don't believe that you, a District Tribulation Second Stage, relying on a sword formation, can't even win against me."Gao Yang Sending Monarch said through clenched teeth.However, although Gao Yang Sending Monarch said so, in his heart, he was a bit unsure of what to do with Tang Zichen, so he was depressed and didn't know whether to rush to Tang Ji Gate and slaughter Tang Zichen or reconsider.Let's give Tang Zichen a warning first, if Tang Zichen softens up and apologizes, everyone will have a step down, let's just forget about this matter.

"You guys go back first, I will handle this matter myself, I will never let Gao Yang Fengniu die in vain."

"Mmhmm, grandpa, you must kill Tang Zichen."

The three grandchildren of Gao Yang Sending King wiped their tears and left.

A few days later, the story about Gao Yang sending Jun's four grandchildren to Tang Ji Gate but having one of his grandsons killed by Tang Zichen spread all of a sudden.

The entire Six Seas'

All the dynasties and immortal cultivation families were stunned.

The result was truly unexpected by all.

Everyone, was secretly paying attention to Gao Yang Sending Jun to see what he would do.

However, it had been several days since, but Gao Yang Sending Jun didn't do anything angry, and instead had a warning letter sent to Tang Ji Gate.

Everyone was a little disappointed with Gao Yang Sending Jun's actions, at least he defeated three of the strongest people who joined forces at the same level, and his own grandson was killed, but he didn't even rush to the door in anger to slaughter Tang Zichen, and engage in some kind of preemptive salute.He had already killed his grandson, there was still a need to be polite to Tang Zichen.

However, everyone did not know Gao Yang Sendingjun's inner struggle, theoretically, Gao Yang Sendingjun should indeed rush to the door to slaughter Tang Zichen, but, Gao Yang Sendingjun did not have the determination to win, in case he rushed to the door and did not defeat Tang Zichen, that would not be even more humiliating.

Therefore, weighing the options, Gao Yang Sendingjun felt that it would be better to send a warning letter first, if Tang Zichen was willing to reconcile and give everyone a step down, then the matter would be settled.

The warning letter soon arrived in Tang Zichen's hands.

"Brother Chen, your warning letter."Little Fire walked in with a jade envelope.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, wondering if he had misheard the warning letter?Who else could warn him about this Rokukai?

"Bring it here, I'd like to see who dares to warn me, I'm really tired of living."

Tang Zichen immediately opened the jade letter, and a mental message was injected into Tang Zichen's mind.

"Tang Zichen, I am Gao Yang Sending Jun, a few days ago, I looked up to you, that's why I sent four of my most talented grandchildren to worship you, this was supposed to be a support for you to establish the Tang Chi Sect, but you are good, even if you don't accept it, you even killed one of my grandchildren.Your behavior, has deeply angered me, originally I planned to directly come to the door to kill you to take revenge, but I, Gao Yang Sendingjun, have a cultured mind, for the sake of all of us are public figures, I endured.Now, Tang Zichen, I want you to give me an explanation for this, or else, I will not care about your identity and face, rushed to the door, and then I can be blamed for not giving you any face, and make you lose face.This matter, it's best not to make a fuss, otherwise it won't be good for anyone, I'll give you ten days' time, after ten days I'll get to your sincerity."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen disdainfully threw the jade message away.

"Brother Chen, who warned you."

"Who else, Gao Yang sent the king, if he hadn't sent the warning letter, I would have forgotten about killing his grandson that day."

"I'll go, Brother Chen, you killed the grandson of the number one strongest man in the Scramble Association, but you would forget such a big thing."

"In my eyes, it's just a small matter."Tang Zichen said with a flick of his mouth.

Little Fire also took the jade letter over and read it.

"Brother Chen, Gao Yang will need to know your sincerity in ten days after he sends the king, so you should hurry up."

"Hahaha, I'll give him a fart."

: "This Gao Yang Sending Jun is really cowardly, not daring to come to your door, but wanting to save face, he gave you a warning letter, just hoping that you would choose to put the matter to rest and turn a big issue into a small one.If it were anyone else, the door would kill someone in the morning."

Tang Zichen said, "Gao Yang Sendingjun wants to save face, how can I do what he wants, I'm biased to force him, Little Fire, reveal the contents of Gao Yang Sendingjun's jade letter to everyone."



A few days later, everyone knew the contents of Gao Yang Sending King's warning letter.

Everyone was waiting to see how Tang Zichen would give an explanation to Gao Yang Sending Monarch ten days later.

At this moment, in the Gao Yang imperial court.

"His Majesty the Long Emperor."

"Was it Tang Zichen who replied to me?Hmph, this son of a bitch, thought how tough, less than ten days."Gao Yang sent Jun a burst of contempt.

"Long Huang, Tang Zichen didn't reply to you, but instead took your warning letter and deliberately revealed it.Tang Zichen is completely not putting you at ease ah, otherwise, how could he dare to deliberately spread out the contents of your letter."

"Damn it, Tang Zichen, don't force me."Gao Yang sent Jun gritted his teeth.

"Big Brother Changhuang, I think, there's no need to wait for his explanation, after ten days, he definitely won't give you any explanation.The entire Six Seas of Immortals are now secretly watching you, and if you don't take the initiative, you're really going to be laughed at."

Gao Yang sent a deep breath and said, "I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but Tang Zichen forced me to do it, let's just say that it's come to this, if I don't take the initiative, I'm really going to be laughed at.Xiao Cha, publish a challenge to go out, let's say, on today next month, have Tang Zichen come to Hu Ying Ridge, and I'll fight him."

"Good." First URL

Gao Yang Sendingjun's gaze was cold, although he didn't have the confidence to win, he had to fight for his honor.

"Brother Chen, I've just received news that Gao Yang Sendingjun is meeting you to fight at Hu Ying Ridge on the x day of next month."Little Fire hurriedly ran to tell Tang Zichen.

"Uh, this time Gao Yang Sendingjun has hardened up, haha, I've been waiting for him for a long time."Tang Zichen smiled.

The duel on the x day of next month had also already spread throughout the entire Six Seas when Tang Zichen got the news.

Many people, as soon as they heard the news, immediately rushed to Hu Yingling Ridge, even though it was still more than half a month away from next month's X date, many people couldn't wait any longer.

In just a few days, Hu Yingling Ridge had brought together people from all sides, and the number of people was simply more left over than the Dynasty Brawl.

The question of whether Gao Yang sent the ruler to win, or Tang Zichen won, was hotly debated in every restaurant in Hu Ying Ridge.

And, many restaurants were opening gambling games for this.

Time passed day by day, and soon, a month was almost here.

"Zichen, don't be busy, the day after tomorrow is the day of the duel between you and Gao Yang Sending Jun, I heard that the entire Hu Ying Ridge is now crowded with people, so don't hurry up and get ready to leave, don't miss the day after tomorrow, or else people will think that you don't dare to face the battle."Mu Qianji entered the cultivation room.

Tang Zichen had been in closed-door cultivation for almost a month now.

"So soon, alright then."Only then did Tang Zichen stand up and prepare to depart.

From Tang Ji Gate to Hu Ying Ridge, he would arrive around noon tomorrow, and then he would stay at Hu Ying Ridge for a night, and the day after tomorrow, he would fight with Gao Yang Sending Jun.

"Zichen, why do you look so relaxed, do you have the confidence to win?"Mu Qianji asked, Mu Qianji was a bit worried inside, in case he couldn't win, lightly his reputation would be ruined and the Tang Chi Gate would be destroyed, but heavily he would be killed.

"There is no certainty of victory, but I have at least ninety percent confidence in defeating him."

"I've heard that Gao Yang Sending Gentleman has a martial art that is very powerful and a magic weapon in his hand is also very powerful, called the Infinite Heavenly Book.Previously at the Brawl, Gao Yang Sendingjun was able to easily defeat three of his peers together with his magic weapon, the Book of Infinite Heaven, you can't be careless."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

After a little preparation, Tang Zichen brought Little Fire, Mu Qianji, Tang

Huan and the others set off, heading straight to the Hu Ying Ridge.

"This Gao Yang Sendingjun is also really annoying, why not just come straight to the door, why do we have to toss everyone to some kind of Hu Ying Ridge."Tang Huan complained.

"Huanhuan, everyone else is going to see the duel with enthusiasm and excitement, but you're good, and you're too far away."Lu Yuxi said speechlessly.

"That's what it was, what's the point of tossing everyone to Hu Ying Ridge, wouldn't it be better to come directly to our Tang Chi Gate."

"Come on, people Tang Zichen didn't say anything, you a spectator still think the road is too far."

And so, everyone joked all the way to Hu Yingling Ridge.

By the time they arrived at Hu Ying Ridge, it was already past two in the afternoon the next day.

Before entering Hu Ying Ridge, Tang Zichen saw that Hu Ying Ridge was filled with people everywhere.

"Wow, the number of people watching this event is ten times more than the Brawl, it would be too exaggerated, the Brawl is such a big event, there aren't even this many people to watch."Mo Yuyan said with a shocked face.

"The Brawl is just the Brawl of the eight imperial dynasties, but now, it's a duel between the two strongest, there are naturally even more people with curiosity."

On the ground, someone shouted, "Master Tang is here."

Everyone looked up and saw Tang Zichen flying into the Hu Ying Ridge.

Although they were all looking at Tang Zichen with admiring gazes, Tang Zichen had, unknowingly, stood as an existence that the entire Six Seas needed to look up to.

As soon as Tang Zichen entered the Hu Eagle Ridge, the lord of the Hu Eagle Ridge, immediately greeted him.

"See Master Tang Zichen."The Hu Eagle Ridge Lord was busy paying his respects to Tang Zichen, although Tang Zichen had made him lose face during the last Competition, but, people had strength, what.So this time when Tang Zichen came, Hu Yingling Ridge Lord had to greet him properly even though he didn't like Tang Zichen in his heart.

The people on the ground, seeing the Hu Ying Ridge Lord, a strong man of the sixth stage of Tribulation, worshipping Tang Zichen like this, worshipped Tang Zichen even more.

"My lord, everyone has arrived."Tang Zichen asked with his gaze high.

"Yes, Gao Yang sent the king to arrive five days ago."

"Oh, so anxious."Tang Zichen smiled, the more anxious Gao Yang sent the ruler to come, the more it showed that he didn't have confidence within him.

"Master Tang, I've asked you to prepare a place for you to stay, please follow me."

"Lead the way."

The Hu Yingling Lord brought Tang Zichen to a lavish mansion, which was a specially arranged place for Tang Zichen to stay.

"Lord Tang, I'll leave you alone then, I'll take my leave."

"Wait, my lord, although Gao Yang Sendingjun said that he would duel me tomorrow, he didn't say the time, what time exactly is it tomorrow?"

"According to the usual rules, it's usually midday."

"Fine, you go."

The Hu Ying Ridge Master soon left.

Tang Zichen and the others rested in the luxurious house for the time being.

"Brother Chen, last time you looked at the lord's leg, this time back, he has become more honest.".

"Anytime, it's always strength that speaks."

"Brother Minister, if you defeat Gao Yang Sender tomorrow, then you'll be truly the strongest man in the Six Seas."

"Well, I don't know, when will the Seven Seas get the information about the Six Seas, and when they know, will they do anything to me."

"Brother Chen, the Entrance Meeting will start in a few months, and you are planning to go to the Mortal Realm, are you planning to go to the Mortal Realm first or attend the Entrance Meeting now?"Littlefire asked.


"I haven't thought about it, but I'm already the strongest person in the Six Seas, so I don't know if it's reasonable to go to the Entrance Meeting again, and I don't even want to join the Entrance Meeting, I just want to find a chance to travel to the Seven Seas.If I get a chance to step into the Seven Seas, I'll use the Spirit Gathering Formation to raise my realm up a notch."Tang Zichen said with great anticipation.

With the aura of the Seven Seas, Tang Zichen could definitely ascend a few levels higher.

However, Tang Zichen felt inside that he could no longer rely on external objects to ascend when he reached the Transmigration Stage, and he didn't know if it was an illusion or not.

Little Fire hesitated and said, "Brother Chen, I know from my inherited memories that during the tribulation stage, there is no longer much point in absorbing aura, resort, and every level is cultivated by the heart."

"What do you mean?"

"Brother Chen, I suspect that the Spirit Gathering Formation, even if it gathers more aura, it won't be able to achieve the same wildash realm as before.We're all half-immortals now, and every level from now on, it's up to us to comprehend it.Of course, I also learned it from my inherited memories, I can't guarantee if it's true or not ah."

Tang Zichen's face darkened, and he said bitterly, "Actually, I also feel this way inside, so what you said is true nine times out of ten, it seems that there really is no shortcut to the tribulation stage."

"Brother Chen, you've cultivated to the second stage of Tribulation so quickly, I'm sure you don't need to worry."

In the blink of an eye, it was the noon hour of the next day.

The entire Hu Ying Ridge was looking forward to the moment when noon arrived.

"Alright, time's up." Remember the URL

After Tang Zichen finished speaking, he immediately rose up and stood in the sky.

At this moment, somewhere on the ground, Gao Yang Sending Monarch saw Tang Zichen go out and immediately leapt into the sky as well.

In this way, in full view of the public, and under the injection of countless immortals, Gao Yang Sendingjun flew not far in front of Tang Zichen.

One of them was in the east and the other in the west.

Gao Yang Sending Jun said with a murderous face, "Tang Zichen, you killed my grandson, today, I will never forgive you lightly."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Don't be tough-mouthed, I know you actually don't have any confidence in your heart to defeat me at all, otherwise, you would have killed me directly."

"Tang Zichen, not everyone is like you, not cultivated, I don't kill the door, it's just that I'm highly cultivated and don't want to do so."

"Alright, I don't have time to talk nonsense with you, hurry up, don't waste everyone's energy, do it.I've heard that you're very powerful with some kind of Infinite Heavenly Book, I want to learn about it."

"I also want to see if your sword formation is really that strong."Gao Yang sent his gaze cold, and with a sudden flip of his hand, a book-like object appeared in his hand.

The book was very thick and heavy, filled with the vicissitudes of history.

As Gao Yang sent Jun's mind moved, the book automatically flipped open.

"Apollo Milky Milky Milky Bird Bird Tribulus."Gao Yang Sending Jun's mouth immediately emitted a series of words that people could not understand.

Gao Yang Sendingjun's words suddenly made everyone who heard them on the scene feel like the blood in their bodies was rushing, as if it was completely uncontrollable.

Tang Zichen also felt as if the blood in his body was unable to flow automatically, but rather a passive stream of strings.

"What kind of magic weapon is this, it's so powerful."Tang Zichen had a feeling that he couldn't suppress.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about it, his mind moved and the sword formation formed.

However, after Tang Zichen's sword formation was formed, the Infinite Heavenly Book sent to the ruler by Gao Yang still pervaded Tang Zichen's ears, and Tang Zichen's sword formation could not block this sound at all!

The, spiritual attack, Tang Zichen's sword formation also did not have an active defense function.

And right now, Gao Yang Sendingjun was also very nervous, he soon found himself surrounded by Tang Zichen's sword formation, in the sword formation, Gao Yang Sendingjun could not see where Tang Zichen was.

Gao Yang Sending Monarch was not in a hurry, his mouth was chanting the Infinite Heavenly Book, one after another non-stop, Gao Yang Sending Monarch believed that his Infinite Heavenly Book would definitely be effective against Tang Zichen.

"Swoosh."At this moment, Tang Zichen sword formation, a sword shot towards Gao Yang Sendingjun.

"Bang."When that sword shot to Gao Yang Sending Jun's body, Gao Yang Sending Jun's sentence of Infinite Heavenly Book shook the sword apart.

"Ah, his Peerless Heavenly Book was able to intercept my flying sword."Tang Zichen was very surprised.

It seemed that Tang Zichen must now deal with his Infinite Heavenly Book first, which was indeed very strong, not that his grade was high, but the attack was bizarre.

Tang Zichen stopped his sword attack at once.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "That Infinite Heavenly Book is not weak, since my sword formation cannot attack, I will find a way to snatch his Infinite Heavenly Book."

Thinking of that, Tang Zichen immediately rushed towards the Peerless Heavenly Book, since Gao Yang Sendingjun couldn't see Tang Zichen's body, it was very difficult to defend against it.

Therefore, Gao Yang Sendingjun kept reading the Book of Infinite Heaven for a moment, leaving no gaps for Tang Zichen.

Helplessly, Tang Zichen seemed to have no choice.

Tang Zichen and Gao Yang Sendingjun seemed to be unable to defeat each other.

Tang Zichen could only take a desperate stab at it, gathering all of his immortal energy in his right fist and punching it.

"Wow."After Tang Zichen gathered his entire body of immortal qi in his right fist, he suddenly tore open an opening in the Peerless Heavenly Book.

Tang Zichen was delighted and immediately took the opportunity to shoot in with his sword.

"Puff."Tang Zichen's sword unsurprisingly entered Gao Yang Sendingjun's chest.

However, Gao Yang Sending Monarch accelerated his reading of the Infinite Heavenly Book.

The invisible versus invisible contest between Tang Zichen's flying sword and the Gao Yang Sending Gentleman's Infinite Heavenly Book, was momentarily impossible to see through.

However, Tang Zichen soon occupied the top as Gao Yang Sending Jun was a bit overwhelmed by such high intensity reading of the Infinite Heavenly Book.

Tang Zichen ruthlessly sometimes swords combined into one and cut down.

"Boom."A huge spatial wave shook Gao Yang Sending Monarch apart.

Tang Zichen quickly went up and took the Book of Infinity in his hand, Tang Zichen used his Immortal Qi to forcibly sever the connection between Gao Yang Sendingjun and the Book of Infinity, and then put the Book of Infinity into his own storage ring.

"Poof."Gao Yang Sending Monarch spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Where's my Celestial Book?"Gao Yang sent Jun busy asking.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked Gao Yang Sendingjun several kilometers away.

The battle ended and Tang Zichen put away his sword formation.

Tang Zichen said, "Gao Yang Sending Jun, your Infinite Heavenly Book, not bad, I'll take this magic weapon."

"Tang Zichen, you dare."Gao Yang Sending Monarch was furious.

Tang Zichen snorted, "The winner is the king, the loser is the bandit, your Book of the Peerless Heavens, after all, you lost to my Twelve Sword Formation, it's perfectly normal for me to confiscate your magic weapon, if you continue to jabber, I won't just confiscate your magic weapon, I'll take your little life."

"Tang Zichen, you."

"Hahahaha, Gao Yang sent the king, don't force me to take your little life."Tang Zichen laughed loudly, turned around and flew away.


Everyone watched as Tang Zichen left, no one dared to say anything.

Tang Zichen muttered, "Gao Yang Sending Monarch can defeat three of his peers to join forces, it's really not a waste of time, but I'm only at the second stage of Tribulation, my realm is too low, if I were to reach the third stage of Tribulation, my sword formation would probably be able to defeat him in the blink of an eye, so there's no need to seize his Book of the Infinite Heaven."Tang Zichen also knew that if he didn't have a sword formation, he wouldn't be able to seize the Peerless Heavenly Book with the Immortal Qi in his body, because everyone was a strong Half Immortal, and Tang Zichen's Immortal Qi didn't have much of an advantage anymore.

Gao Yang sent the king resentfully watching Tang Zichen leave, without the Book of the Peerless Sky, his strength was suddenly discounted by half, or even seventy percent less.

"Hahaha."As soon as Tang Zichen left, a Transmigration Sixth Stage flew out, it was the Bird Peng Army that had been defeated by Gao Yang Sending Jun before.Previously during the Brawl, Bird Peng Jun, You Chang Hu, Li Chen Lonely, and the three of them hadn't beaten Gao Yang Sending Jun even when they teamed up, at this moment, Bird Peng Jun suddenly ran out, what did this mean?

"Bird Penn Army, what are you doing out here?"Gao Yang Sending-kun was wary of the question.

"Goyang Send-kun, I had a bit of a cold during the last brawl, so I'd like to re-match with you."Bird Peng Jun said.

The crowd said shamelessly, a half-immortal can still catch a cold?You can't even find a better excuse, it's obvious that you saw someone else's magic weapon being robbed by Tang Zichen, so you just took advantage of the fire.

After that, the Bird Peng army was the first to attack.

Gao Yang Sending Jun was left without the Infinite Heavenly Book, and within a few minutes, Gao Yang Sending Jun was lost.

"Hahaha, Gao Yang Sending Monarch, you are no longer the strongest sixth stage of the Six Seas of Tribulation."Bird Peng Jun snorted.

Gao Yang Sendingjun was incomparably humiliated inside, it was all the fault of Tang Zichen. One second to remember to read the book

After that, there were some other half-immortals of the sixth stage of Tribulation who came out and provoked Gao Yang Sending, and Gao Yang Sending was beaten up, going from the number one strongest to the one everyone wanted to step on, literally falling from heaven to hell.

Of course, these episodes, Tang Zichen was not in the mood to watch, Tang Zichen brought his people and did not stop much, immediately departing back to Tang Ji Gate.

"Little Fire, your inherited memories say that reaching Half Immortal and absorbing aura is no longer decisive in improving your cultivation."After returning to Tang Ji Gate, Tang Zichen asked Little Fire.

"Yes, that's what it says in my inherited memories."

Tang Zichen sighed, "I was hoping that when I reached the Seven Seas, I would use the Spirit Gathering Formation to ruthlessly improve my cultivation, but as a result, reaching Half Immortal can't be improved by absorbing aura, so what am I going to use the remaining Spirit Gathering Formation for?It won't make any sense at all."

"Brother Chen, the Tribulation Stage is already the last realm of the Immortal's career, we must rely on our comprehension, and then cross the Thunder Tribulation."

"Since that's the case, I'll use the one remaining Spirit Gathering Formation and let them all step into the first stage of Tribulation, there's no need to stay in the Seven Seas."Tang Zichen said.

"That's fine, use the Spirit Gathering Formation once more, all of them, Mu Qianji and the rest, may step into the Tribulation Stage."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Zichen told Mu Qianji and the others about his idea, and they all agreed very much.

Thus, Tang Zichen chose a day to take everyone to the Sea of Death once again.

At the Sea of Death, Tang Zichen once again used the Spirit Gathering Formation.

The aura of the entire Six Seas flowed towards the Sea of Death.

All of Tang Zichen immediately began to absorb the aura.

The realm of Mu Qianji and the others changed day by day.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen and Little Fire, no matter how much they absorbed the aura, their realm didn't change much.

As expected, at the half-immortal level, no matter how much aura was absorbed, they couldn't go berserk.

Tang Zichen could understand, after all, this level was already the last hurdle in his immortal career.

Soon, half a month passed, and the Spirit Gathering Formation was completely ineffective.

"Everyone, the Spirit Gathering Formation has failed, how are you all doing this half month."

Mu Qianji said, "Thank you, I've stepped into the first stage of tribulation."

"Me too."

"Me too."

Other than Purple Pupil and Tang Jingtian, everyone else had stepped into the first stage of the Tribulation.

Purple Pupil was only at the ninth stage of the Mahayana stage, only one step behind, and if the Spirit Gathering Formation could sustain it for another day, maybe Purple Pupil would have stepped into the first stage of the Tribulation as well.Tang Jingtian was far from it, only reaching the sixth step of the Mahayana stage, but he was present twice in a row using the Spirit Gathering Formation.

"Congratulations everyone, you are all now at the first stage Half Immortal."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji asked, "What about you, Zichen?The Spirit Gathering Formation has gathered so much aura in the past half month, and there's no harvest at all?"

"No, I've been absorbing aura for half a month and there hasn't been the slightest change in my realm, it seems that reaching the tribulation stage is no longer by absorbing aura, one must rely on the heart to cultivate and break through.Reaching the tribulation stage, the demand for spiritual qi has instead decreased."Tang Zichen said.

"It's expected."Mu Qianji said.

"In the future, whether or not you guys can go further, whether or not you can truly become immortal, you're on your own, I can't help you anymore."

Tang Huan said, "Last time, the last time you reached the Mahayana stage, you said the same thing, the last time you reached the Divide stage, you also said the same thing, each time you said that after that, we'll have to rely on ourselves, but as a result, all the way up to the first stage of Tribulation, it's all on you."

"Oh, it's true this time, can't you see that even I, I haven't improved at all in the past half month."

Tang Huan said, "No matter what, it's all thanks to you that we were able to become a First Order Half Immortal so easily."

"Alright, let's stop being sentimental, let's go back and see when the Entrance Meeting will be held."Tang Zichen said.

"Zichen, you don't want to say that you don't want to attend the Entrance Meeting?You've reached the tribulation stage now, and for you, the amount of aura doesn't have much of an impact on your cultivation anymore, whether you go to the Seven Seas or not, it's actually pretty much the same."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "This is wrong thinking, didn't you hear Wang Pi say before that the Seven Seas occasionally had fairy qi leaking down from spatial cracks?If you can absorb the immortal energy, you can comprehend the half-immortal realm faster and improve even faster, but if not, then you can also increase your strength.Therefore, if I have the chance to travel to the Seven Seas, I still have to strive for it."

Tang Zichen returned to Tang Ji Gate.

Regarding the large amount of aura flowing into the Sea of Death in the past half month, the entire city was talking about it, thinking that it was the fierce beast from the Sea of Death that was causing the trouble, and no one suspected that Tang Zichen and the others were using the Spirit Gathering Formation.

Tang Zichen waited at home for another three months.

The Intake Meeting, which was scheduled to be held every ten years, was supposed to be held in three months.

However, this year, it was not held as scheduled.

The entire Six Seas was confused, many talented immortal cultivators were originally prepared to attend the Entrance Meeting.


It was only later that I received news from the Seven Heavy Seas that because of the Sea of Death disaster two years ago, the five great families of the Seven Heavy Seas had all lost dozens of half-immortals, and in order to remember those dead half-immortals, the Entrance Meeting had ceased to be held this session.Those who wanted to participate in the Entrance Meeting would have to wait until the next ten years.

Unfortunately, everyone had no choice but to go back to their own homes, the Entrance Meeting was originally held by the forces of the Seven Seas, so what could they do if they wanted to stop holding one session.However, they had indeed been in the Sea of Death before, and each family had lost dozens of Half Immortals, it was understandable that they would have to discontinue it once to remember those dead.

Tang Zichen said, "Since the Inclusion Society is discontinued for one term, then it's just as well, let's participate again in ten years.It's almost time for me to head to the Mortal Realm, it's been dragging on for so long."

"The Mortal Realm has no aura, but now that we've reached Half Immortal, our need for aura has weakened, so we can continue cultivating even if we go to the Mortal Realm."

After that, Tang Zichen brought Yan Xingyi and Little White Dragon with him, and the three of them passed through the Rainbow Bridge and made their way to the First Sea, where Tang Zichen broke the spatial barrier and entered the Mortal Realm's time and space.

Since Tang Zichen's realm had reached half-immortal, it didn't take much effort to break the spatial barrier, and Tang Zichen didn't lower his cultivation in any way.

"Grandmother, we've reached the Mortal Realm."Tang Zichen said as he overlooked the buildings on the ground.

"Well, let's go back to the Great Martial Empire now."

"Good."Tang Zichen hadn't heard the four words Great Martial Empire for a long time.

The Great Martial Empire was the empire where the Shang clan was currently the royal family, also known as the Shang Empire.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen arrived at the imperial capital of the Great Martial Empire, and with the strength of Tang Zichen and Yan Xingyi Half Immortal, it was indescribable that he had crossed from a thousand miles away to the Great Martial Empire in one step. The first website

"The view is still the same ah."Tang Zichen said, looking at the Great Martial Imperial City.

"Yeah, this is an old society after all, and it may not have changed much in hundreds and thousands of years, unlike another technological world."Yan Xinyi said.

With a flash, Tang Zichen appeared in the palace of the Great Martial Royal City.

Tang Zichen looked at this palace, and everything that had happened in the beginning seemed to be flashing before his eyes.

Back then, Tang Zichen and his delicate wives were living in this one.

Today, the scenery remained the same, and the palace hadn't even changed, but none of the people here were familiar.

"Who."At this moment, an old man of the Third Stage of Returning Void shouted.

When that old man of the Third Stage of Returned Void saw Tang Zichen, he was shocked, as if he recognized Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled back and said, "What, recognize me?"

"You, you're not the great ancestor of our Shang clan, Shang Hong, are you?"That old man asked in shock.

"Oh, yes, I am Shang Hong."

"Pay your respects to the Great Ancestor."That old man cried out and knelt down.

"You're an old man too, get up."

"Soooooo, Taizu, soooooo."However, that old man cried with increasing excitement, after all, Tai Ancestor was a legendary figure, and he could suddenly see him today and not cry with excitement.

"Oh, what's your name?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Back to Taizu, my name is Shang Wuyun, and my grandfather is Shang Yang."

"Uh, your grandfather is Shang Yang?"Tang Zichen was startled.

"Yes, now that grandpa has gone by the deadline."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Shang Wuyun, do you know that your grandfather Shang

Yang, what's mine?"

"Taizu, I know."After saying that, Shang Wuyun cried out in excitement again.

Tang Zichen said, "That's right, Shang Yang is my youngest grandson."Tang Zichen said, looking at the weeping old man in front of him and sighing in his heart, this is Tang Zichen's grandson's grandson.

Now the grandson's grandson is so old.

Tang Zichen said, "Shang Wuyun, tell me what the situation is now in the Great Martial Empire."

"Back to Taizu, now the Great Martial Empire is still under the power of our Shang clan, and no other clan dares to infringe on our Shang clan's majesty."

"Oh, that's good, Shang Wuyun, when you were a child, your grandfather should have told you, the legends about me."

"Mmhmm, of course my grandfather did tell me, when I was young, he told me all about what happened when Taizu was young."

"That's good, I'm coming back this time, I'll meet the descendants of those brothers of mine back then, you can help me arrange that."

"Good, I think that the descendants of the brothers and sisters of Tai Zu back then, they will be very excited to meet your legendary you."

"You go."

Shang Wuyun immediately went to do it happily.

Yan Xinyi said, "This palace, you lived here back then, ah."

"Yes, it's a pity that only my legend remains here, but there's no longer any trace of me."

"Let's go, let's go to the Royal Mausoleum first."


Tang Zichen arrived at the Royal Cemetery on the east side of the palace.

Back then, there were Tang Zichen's family members buried here with his own hands.

To be honest, Tang Zichen couldn't tell the bitterness inside when he arrived at the Royal Cemetery.

Tang Zichen remembered that when he was on his last dying day in the mortal world, Tang Zichen brought the ashes of Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Zuo, Han Xiaomeng and others back to the world of technology once, because they did not return until their death to make up for their regrets, and originally wanted to bury them in their homeland, but then Tang Zichen decided to bring them back, after all, there were their loved ones here.

Tang Zichen stood in front of a mausoleum, looking at the women carved on the tombstone, his eyes slightly red.

"Rei'er, it's been hundreds of years since this farewell, I've come back from the spirit world to visit you, you would never guess that I've reached the half-immortal level in the spirit world, it's been so long."Tang Zichen stroked the statue in front of the mausoleum, the statue was the appearance of an old woman, a statue of Qin Ren when she was old.

Yan Xinyi also sighed, "Rei'er, the teacher's wife has also come back to see you."

What an unpredictable world, back then, a group of them were brothers and teachers, in the end, only Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi broke the martial shackles and stepped into the spirit world.

Tang Zichen offered a bouquet of flowers to Rei Qin, and then came to a mausoleum next door.

"Mei Qian."When Tang Zichen shouted out the word 'Mei Qian', his nose suddenly turned sour, because, Tang Zichen suddenly realized that the word Mei Qian hadn't been shouted for a really, really long time, but when the word was shouted, it was so smooth, and it turned out that even though so much time had passed, everything was like yesterday.

"Mei Qian, wait for me, one day, my husband will definitely reverse time and space and go back in time to find you."Tang Zichen said with both fists clenched.

At this moment, Tang Zichen looked at Xu Mei Qian's mausoleum, Tang Zichen had a deep sense of reluctance within him, he was not willing to have the person he once loved so dearly, so far away from him.

Tang Zichen vowed that one day, he would reverse time and space and save all his once deceased lovers from the fading time and space.


Although it was fantastical, and it was almost god-like to reach the ability to reverse time and space, and Tang Zichen was a billion and eighty thousand miles squared away from this ability, or even impossible at all, but at this moment Tang Zichen's ambition was soaring.

"I will, if only God can do it, then I will be God, my former lovers, I will never let you go away from me."Tang Zichen said.

Yan Xinyi saw that Tang Zichen seemed to be suddenly agitated, she was busy comforting, "Master, don't get excited, it was hard to eliminate the demons, don't relapse again."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I know the score, and also, call me by my name, I won't call you Shisun either, and you shouldn't call me Master either."

"Good."Yan Xinyi nodded her head.

In the mortal realm, Yan Xingyi was his teacher's wife; after the spirit realm, Tang Zichen was her master.

After that, Tang Zichen paid homage to Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou, Tang Zichen's eldest brother in the mortal realm, his second senior brother, his third senior sister, his fourth senior brother, his fifth senior brother, and his master Ding Ru, as well as Liu Yue, Yang Yijian, and other brothers.

It wasn't until late at night that Tang Zichen left the cemetery.

"Taizu, you're back."

"Shang Wuyun, why are you waiting for me here in the middle of the night if you're not going to sleep."

"Tai Ancestor, I've already helped you inform all the descendants of your brother's descendants back then, tomorrow morning, everyone will be at the Heavenly Heart Palace." Remember the URL

"It's good that you arranged it."

"Okay, Taizu, then you rest early."

Shang Wuyun immediately left, not daring to disturb Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen sat in the main hall and immediately closed his eyes.

Although there was no aura in the mortal world anymore, it didn't affect Tang Zichen's cultivation, and the need for aura really wasn't that important when he reached the tribulation stage.

Today, going to pay homage to his original relatives, Tang Zichen was deeply stimulated, so at the moment, Tang Zichen's heart was tumultuous and turbulent.

There was a qi within Tang Zichen, a qi that wanted to go against the world.

Because of this qi, Tang Zichen felt that he had touched the threshold of the Third Stage of Tribulation.

"It seems that returning to the mortal realm has stimulated my mind greatly, and although there is no aura, it has instead allowed me to make a progress and touch the threshold of the Third Stage of Tribulation."Tang Zichen was inwardly pleased.

Of course, it was only touching the threshold of the Third Stage of Tribulation, and it was still unknown when I would actually break through to the Third Stage of Tribulation.

Early the next morning, thousands of people arrived at the Great Martial Empire's Heavenly Heart Palace early in the morning.

"Will we really be able to see Shang Hong Taizu?"

"Really, my grandfather told me that himself yesterday."

"Wow, Shang Hong Taizu, I grew up listening to my grandfather, the legendary stories about him, I can say that Shang Hong Taizu grew up with me."

"Mmhmm, I'm also excited now, back then, my grandfather's great-grandfather was one of Shang Hong Taizu's brothers."A man said excitedly.

All in all, thousands of people from the Heavenly Heart Palace, everyone was excited, Tang Zichen was a legendary story that each of them had grown up listening to, and they all knew that the legendary Shang Hong Taizu, who reached the Returning Ancestor realm, stepped through the void and left for a higher realm.Now, it was possible to see the legendary Tai Ancestor.

"Everyone, be quiet, don't make any noise, let's quietly wait for the Shang Hong Tai Ancestor to come."

Suddenly, the Heavenly Heart Palace quieted down, and everyone remained silent, waiting with anticipation.

After waiting for a short time, suddenly, everyone felt that they were hit by an

Warmth enveloped it, and after a few seconds, everyone felt that they had broken through several realms.

"Ah."Everyone was dumbfounded, who had such an ability to make them break through several domains in one go.

In the next second, everyone looked up, and at some point, there was an additional person above the Heavenly Heart Palace.

A graceful and beautiful man, it was Tang Zichen.

Everyone was of course incomparably familiar with Tang Zichen's young as well as old appearance, and when they saw Tang Zichen, everyone immediately cried and kneeled down.

This wasn't just excitement, this was a kind of faith.

All of them felt like they were dreaming.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, please get up, everyone here today is a descendant of me and those brothers and sisters of mine, so we are all family, no need to be polite."

"Taizu, woohoo."

However, the thousands of people were too excited to calm their excitement for a short time after seeing Tang Zichen.

It was only after ten minutes that they gradually calmed down.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I know that you are no stranger to me, you have been listening to your grandfather talk about me and the things your ancestors did with me back then.Today, I am also very happy to be able to meet the descendants of those brothers of mine back then.This time, I've returned from the Spirit Realm, and my Lord is looking forward to you, and at the same time, because I have some achievements in the Spirit Realm, I've been able to shelter some people, so when I return to the Spirit Realm, some of you will be brought to the Spirit Realm to cultivate."

"Ah, travel to the Spiritual Realm?"Everyone was shocked and somewhat incredulous.

In the past, they all knew that after stepping on the void, they could travel to a higher realm, but no one knew where it was, and now they knew that it was the Spiritual Realm.

Tang Zichen said, "Some of you, after all, have sprouted here and can't leave your loved ones, so whoever is willing to follow me to the Spiritual Realm must think carefully.However, there is no need to hurry, as you have at least eight or nine years to think about it."

Everyone was a little confused as to why it took so long to consider.

In fact, Tang Zichen had been down in the Spiritual Realm for a year, and one year in the Spiritual Realm was equal to ten years in the Mortal Realm, so Tang Zichen had a lot of time in the Mortal Realm.

"Today, you guys go back first."

At this time, a little boy asked, "Tai Ancestor, can you bring me, my parents, grandparents, and the whole family to the Spirit Realm ah."

That little boy's mother was busy saying, "I'm sorry, Tai Ancestor, my son is ignorant and rushed you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Your son is very cute, I like him very much, what's his name?"

"Back to Taizu, my son's name is Liu Jin."

"Liu Jin?It's Liu Yue's offspring, right."

"Yes, yes, our ancestor is Liu Yue."

Tang Zichen looked at the little boy, "The descendants of my Liu Yue brothers are really smart looking, your proposal is good, but at the moment, I don't have that much power to take everyone to the spirit world, moreover, the spirit world cultivation Yuan is crueler than here, if you don't have the strength, you will be worse off than the mortal world.You guys are now human beings in the mortal realm, but in the spirit realm, you're the lowest level of cultivators, so don't think it's fun, everyone should think carefully."

"Yes, Taizu."

"Then, this is the end of today's meeting, everyone go back first."

Everyone left the main hall in love and looked at Tang Zichen three steps back.

Tang Zichen laughed wordlessly.


After everyone left, Yan Xin Yi walked up to Tang Zichen.

"What's wrong with you?Did you think of something sad?"Tang Zichen asked, thinking that Yan Xingyi was thinking of her master.

"No, just just saw that each and every one of you has now reproduced so many children and grandchildren, while I, to this day, do not have a single heir.Back then in the mortal realm, your master and I were unable to give birth to a son or daughter, otherwise, now that I'm back, I would have many children and grandchildren to catch up with, so I wouldn't be alone now."Yan Xinyi said with a sigh, seemingly with deep regret.

"This."Tang Zichen didn't know what to say, it was true that Shiniang was unable to have children back then, although she was a divine doctor herself, she had been unable to find the cause of the disease, if she hadn't mentioned it herself, Tang Zichen would have forgotten about it.Today, Yan Xinyi saw Tang Zichen so many children and grandchildren, as well as the teachers and brothers of the year, now each of them have issued a lot of children and grandchildren, only the teacher's wife is alone, it is impossible not to sigh.

Tang Zichen didn't want Yan Xinyi to think about this, and changed the topic, busy saying, "Right, I'll tell you a good thing."

"What good thing?"

"Last night, I perceived a little bit of the threshold of the third stage of tribulation,"Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, no way, a place like the mortal realm that has no aura, a place where other immortal cultivators wouldn't want to stay for a moment, you actually perceived the third stage of Tribulation so quickly."

"Xinyi, before already? becoming a half-immortal, aura is not so important anymore, rely on the heart to comprehend.I had an extremely deep comprehension last night, so I touched the threshold of the Third Stage of Tribulation."

"Oh, the mortal realm can cultivate, and the time here is ten times longer than the spirit realm, so if we return to the spirit realm in a hundred years, wouldn't it be?"

"You're thinking too much, I have a hint of enlightenment because of some experiences I once had here.Although for Half Immortals, aura isn't that important anymore, but it's also impossible to do without it.Think about Mo Qing before, he dominated the Nine Fifths bed, and the aura of that Nine Fifths bed was 950 times that of the other places." One second to remember to read the book

"Yes, Mo Qing is at the fourth stage of tribulation, aura is no longer that important to half-immortals, so why did he want to dominate the Nine and Five bed and lose his life by falling out with you over it."

Tang Zichen said, "When you reach half-immortal, aura is not that important anymore, but it doesn't mean that it's useless.In the Seven Seas, occasionally, immortal qi leaks down, and those who obtain it can help with comprehension.Spiritual Qi was not as important as Immortal Qi, but if there was a large amount of it and it was invaded for years and years, Spiritual Qi could also help Half Immortals to comprehend, just, very weakly.Mo Qing and the others, they had no access to immortal qi, and although aura was of low use, it was already the only kind of thing that could help them comprehend.Therefore, who would want to give it up for the 9-5 bed, besides, it also represents a kind of imperial glory and dignity."

"Hmm, I see."

"Let's go, back to the other continent, the place where I was born and raised, the Divine Dragon School, and the Endless Gate."

"Good, I also want to go back to see it, I didn't go back to see it before I stepped into the Void, and this time, it's been several hundred years."Yan Xin Yi thought of her homeland and was somewhat nostalgic.

Divine Dragon Sect, that was the place where she grew up, where everything started, the most memorable thing for any person was the homeland where he was raised.

Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi, with a thought, instantly

In the meantime, he crossed the ocean and stood on a mountain peak on the other side of the ocean.

Tang Zichen laughed bitterly, "When I was a child, I thought that my world was this continent, this river and lake where the righteous and the demonic do not coexist, occasionally I heard you and my master tell me that there was a much more vast place on the other side of the ocean, a certain ancestor of our Divine Dragon School had crossed the ocean and never returned, at that time, it felt so incredible, it felt like the world was so big.Now, looking back and thinking about it, hehe, I've already left this time and space, it's really hard to believe."

Yan Xinyi said, "It feels like we used to be like ants, we don't know how big the sky is, in fact, how much do we know about heaven and earth now.Nowadays, do we think we've seen a lot just because we went to a spiritual realm?Not necessarily, perhaps, the Spiritual Realm, is just the tip of the iceberg, we haven't even stepped out of the tip of the iceberg yet."

Tang Zichen nodded his head with some excitement, "You're right, Auntie, you're right, the Spiritual Realm is just the tip of the iceberg, I, Tang Zichen, vow to get out of this tip of the iceberg and see the truly vast universe and time and space."

"Forget it, instead of sighing blindly here, why don't we hurry back to the Divine Dragon Sect to see if this Jianghu is still safe nowadays, and if the Divine Dragon Sect is still in peace."

Soon, Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi returned to the Divine Dragon Sect.

However, both Tang Zichen and Yan Xinyi chose to be invisible to outsiders, saying that they were invisible, but in fact, they just got a little protection, so outsiders couldn't see them.

Tang Zichen looked at every grass, tree, mountain and stone of the Divine Dragon Sect and smiled, "It hasn't changed, it's still the same as when I was a kid.Look at that back mountain, when I was a kid, my little sister, big brother and I used to practice martial arts there."

Tang Zichen looked at that back mountain, his eyes seemed to see that once when he was young, he and his senior brothers drank while practicing their swords, everyone was frolicking and having fun, those days were truly memorable and could never be forgotten.

Yan Xinyi smiled bitterly, her eyes looked at a certain place, as if she too had fallen into memories, she naturally had her fond memories as well, after all, she had many unforgettable past here as well.

"Auntie, back in the Divine Dragon School, I must call you Auntie, no, I'll continue to call you Auntie from now on.You see that, right?That rock under the big pine tree, when I was little, you held me and sat there telling me stories, teaching me to read and write, you were my eternal teacher and mother, ah."Tang Zichen's eyes were wet as he looked at the incomparably memorable big pine tree.He seemed to see a child, being held by a 'mother', who was putting him to sleep like her own son, teaching him how to put on shoes, use chopsticks, take a bath, wash his face, read and write, and other things that mothers do.

"Pounce."Tang Zichen suddenly turned around and knelt in front of Yan Xin Yi with tears in his eyes.

"Uh, what are you doing?"

"Sensei, I'm sorry."


"Master-mother, disciple is wrong, disciple is truly ashamed of heaven and earth.You are my teacher's wife, and even more so, my mother, after disciple came to the spirit world, he has even perverted the morality, treating the mortal and spirit worlds as two worlds, attempting to be on equal footing with you, disciple is wrong, how can disciple treat 'mother' who raised me and taught me to be upright like this."

"Ah."Yan Xinyi was a bit silly.

"Master-mother, please forgive disciple, disciple will never make such a mistake again, from now on, you are the one who goes to your own mother."


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