Dish Best Served Cold 611-615


Chapter 611

GAfter Fan Zhongxing and Liang Bo hit it off, they then began to operate.

    Liang Bo went home to try to lobby the family for their understanding and support.

    Fan Zhongxiong, on the other hand, tries to find a way to check on Ye Fan's whereabouts.

    While these two were preparing their revenge plan with great intensity, Ye Fan, who had been meditating for two days in the western mountain land of Yunzhou, had only awakened from his cultivation.

    His eyebrows and eyes opened, but a wisp of brilliant light flickered from the depths of his pupils.


    A breath of turbid air was exhaled.

    Ye Fan then got up, and after stretching his muscles and bones, he also headed down the mountain.

    As for the jade vein behind him, it was much dimmer compared to when Ye Fan first came, but its glow was much dimmer.

    It was as if the spirit pearl had lost its spiritual power.

    Naturally, it no longer had its former luster!

    On the other hand, Ye Fan, however, compared to a few days ago, his breath was significantly stronger.

    "It is recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book that the Earth's spiritual energy is thin, and the cultivation speed will be extremely slow just by breathing and vomiting and absorbing the energy of heaven and earth."

    "If you want to speed up your cultivation, you can use the spiritual energy in the jade to aid your cultivation."

    "However, the Western Mountain Jade Vein is too small, and in two days, I absorbed all the spiritual energy in the jade."

    "It's still far from enough for me to beat the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve~"

    On the way back, Ye Fan secretly thought.

    At the same time, he also thought about his future plans.

    If the "prairie prairie" operation starts immediately after the year, Ye Fan's cultivation speed must be accelerated, so that his heart will be accomplished soon.

    Among the Chu Family, there are many strong people.

    If Ye Fan wasn't fully prepared, even he wouldn't have the confidence to bring down such a huge thing!

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan contacted Li Er to confirm once again if he would be back in time on New Year's Day.

    "The Haitian feast must not be delayed any longer."

    "Three days later, it's the deadline!"

    "Before that, if you don't make it back in time, then you don't have to come back."

    Ye Fan's cold voice sounded, but it made the Li Er on the other end of the phone, all awe-inspiring.

    Promptly agreeing, he guaranteed that he would definitely return in time to host the Sea Heaven Feast for Mr. Chu!


    Ye Fan nodded and then hung up the phone.

    However, not long after, another call came in.

    Looking at the caller ID, Ye Fan frowned.

    This was the first time he had seen this phone number.

    "Mr. Chu, you finally answered the phone, I've been contacting you for two days."On the other end of the phone, a respectful voice came out.

    Ye Fan was slightly confused, "You are?"

    "Mr. Chu, I'm Xiao Nan."

    "Little Nan?"Ye Fan heard even more confused.

    Could it be Chen Ao's daughter Chen Nan, but it was not right, how could Chen Nan be a male voice.

    Perhaps sensing the confusion in Ye Fan's tone, the voice on the other end of the phone, sounded again, "Mr. Chu, it's Liang Haonan, the head of the Liang family, you just saved my life from Wen Liang's men two days ago, have you forgotten so quickly?"

    Hearing this, the corners of Ye Fan's eyes snapped shut.

    Liang Haonan you just say Liang Haonan ah, still fucking little Nan?

    Ye Fan cursed a few times in his heart.

    And then he smiled coldly, "So it's the Liang Family Master."

    "Why is the Liang Family Master so polite now, when the Liang Family Master chased me away in the hotel before, he wasn't so polite?"

    "This..."On the other end of the phone, Liang Haonan laughed bitterly and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, "Mr. Chu, don't discount me anymore."

    "I know it's all wrong."

    "It's my eyesight, I didn't know it was Mr. Chu driving."

    "If I wanted to know that you are Mr. Chu, that Western Mountain Jade Vein, I would have already served it with both hands, where are those misunderstandings from before."

    "But seriously, Mr. Chu, your age is really surprising to me, Xiao Nan."

    That night, after picking up a life from Ye Fan, Liang Haonan then ran back home.

    He didn't sleep through the night, and the more he thought about it, the more curious he became about Ye Fan's identity.

    The next morning, he personally went to the Li family and found Li Xueqi to ask about it.

    After learning that Ye Fan was the Lord of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu, Liang Haonan was almost scared to death at that time.

    It was then that Liang Haonan realized what kind of person he had offended before.

    God, he turned out, he almost pierced the sky.

    Originally, when Ye Fan asked him to buy his life for the 50 million, Liang Haonan was still a bit unhappy and was ready to try to repay the debt.

    But when he learned Ye Fan's real identity, any crooked thoughts in his mind disappeared.

    Having offended Mr. Chu, let alone fifty million, even if he was allowed to take five hundred million, Liang Haonan didn't dare to say anything.

    After all, Mr. Chu's name was unparalleled in Jiangdong.

    With a single word from him, he could influence the life and death of the Liang family.

    This kind of emperor-like person, Liang Haonan naturally tried to make up for it by all means.

    Therefore, after returning from the Li family, Liang Haonan immediately withdrew fifty million cash from the bank and was ready to contact Ye Fan to send it over to him.

    But for two days in a row, Ye Fan didn't answer his call.

    At first, Liang Haonan was desperate, thinking that Ye Fan wouldn't forgive him.

    But fortunately, the call finally got through.

    Now, in front of Mr. Jiang Dongchu, Liang Haonan was naturally respectful and humble, even directly called himself "Xiao Nan".

    "Okay, there's no need to say this nonsense."

    "What are you looking for me for?"

    "Could it be that the fifty million I made you pay for is all ready to go?"Ye Fan asked indifferently.

    Liang Haonan respectfully returned, "Mr. Chu, it's all prepared for you."

    "When Mr. Chu visits the Liang family tonight, I, Liang Haonan, will personally deliver it."

    "In the meantime, I'll also bring the Liang Family's crowd to host a banquet at my home to apologize to Mr. Chu."

    "I only hope that Mr. Chu, will definitely visit tonight!"

    Liang Haonan said with great expectation.

    Ye Fan chanted for a moment, so he agreed.

    Anyway, Ye Fan didn't have anything to do in the few days before New Year's Day.

    With a few rare days of free time, Ye Fan simply accepted Liang Haonan's invitation.


    "Thank you, Mr. Chu, for your hospitality."

    "When the time comes, our Liang family will welcome you with open arms!"

    Liang Haonan was so excited.

    The stone that had been suppressed in his heart for the past few days also fell to the ground.

    After all, from Liang Haonan's point of view, Ye Fan's agreement to attend the banquet undoubtedly represented the acceptance of his Liang Haonan's apology.

    This was naturally a matter of great joy.

    Then, Liang Haonan began to go to prepare.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, returned to the eastern suburban villa.

    There was no one at home, and Qiu Mu Orange was working during the day, so naturally he wouldn't be at home.

    Ye Fan opened WeChat, originally thinking of asking Qiu Mu Orange if she wanted to go to the banquet at Liang's house with herself in the evening, but after thinking about it and typing it, he ended up deleting it.

    Ye Fan felt that I guess even if he sent it, Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't believe it.

    In her eyes, he was born poor and mediocre, just a poor boy from the countryside.

    How could he be qualified and invited by the Liang family?

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan couldn't help but laugh at himself.


The day passed quickly.

    It was already evening, and the sun was setting.

    The fiery dazzling sun, but dyed red half of the sky of Yunzhou.

    At this time, Ye Fan was quietly drinking tea in the Ji family's teahouse.

    This Ji family teahouse is located near the eastern suburbs of the villa where Ye Fan lives, and it's quaint, with guests sitting around in groups, drinking tea and chatting about life.

    The environment in this teahouse was also extremely quiet.

    Ye Fan would often come here to drink tea on weekdays.

    Sitting outside the window by himself, through the bamboo window that emitted wood fragrance, he quietly watched the Yunzhou City outside.

    The entire state of mind, however, was also extraordinarily calm.


    The phone suddenly rang, and it was the head of the Liang family, Liang Haonan, calling.

    "Mr. Chu, the family banquet is all ready."

    "Just waiting for Mr. Chu to arrive."

    "I wonder where Mr. Chu is now so I can send a car over to pick you up?"

    From the phone, came Liang Haonan's respectful voice.The humble words were full of respect.

    Ye Fan nodded his head while saying, "Come wait for me outside the Ji's Tea House in Dongcheng District."

    "Good."Liang Haonan spun around and agreed.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, continued to sit quietly in the teahouse, drinking tea comfortably.

    However, the calmness here didn't last long.


    An ice-cold voice, however, quietly came out from outside the door.

    "Block the door, none of them can be let go!"

    Then, the crowd only heard a bang, and the door of the restaurant was then kicked open.


    The twenty or so burly men in suits then swept over with sticks as if they were a tidal wave.


    "You...What are you doing?"


    "You...You guys don't mess around~"

    With the appearance of these people, the original calmness in the teahouse was immediately shattered.

    The tea lovers who were still drinking tea in the teahouse before all turned pale and looked forward with fear in their faces.

    Many of them were even so frightened that they directly retreated to the corner, avoiding it from afar.

    "This is...Is what's going on?"

    "Could it be that one of us has offended the big man?"

    In the teahouse, a crowd of guests were filled with confusion and terrified speculation.


    Soon, the crowd dispersed, and those big men in suits separated to the left and right, then made way for them.

    Immediately afterwards, the crowd saw two handsome youths, sitting in wheelchairs, being slowly pushed in.

    "This...This is, Young Master Fan?"

    "The Grand Duke of the West City Fan Family?"

    "One of the founders of the Dazzling Fist?"


    "I'm going!"

    "One more?"

    "Could it be, the other founder of the Dazzling Fist Gate!"

    "The young head of the UBM Group, Liang Bo, has a family background even better than the Fan family!"

    "These two can be the land of the rich and the descendants of the powerful."

    "How is this all crippled?And in a wheelchair?"

    The two of them, Fan Zhongxiong and Liang Bo, clearly had quite a reputation in this neighborhood.

    The two have been known to be very popular in the area. Fan Zhongxiong has always been a high-profile figure, and the Dazzling Boxing School is located nearby.

    In normal times, when they saw these second generation people knew they couldn't afford to mess with them, so they stayed away from them.

    But now, seeing these two rich second generations, all sitting in a wheelchair, the crowd had to tremble.

    "Two...Two young masters, we...We're having tea, no...There's no need to put on such a big show."

    "This little heart of mine, I can't stand this shock."

    The teahouse owner walked up to the two of them with a scalp and said to Fan Zhongxiong in fear.

    "Get out of my way, this is none of your business!"

    However, before Fan Zhongxiong and the others could speak, Xia Yue was the one who then coldly scolded them.

    Then, Xia Yue looked around the entire teahouse and shouted angrily, "Ye Fan, I know you're here."

    "If you know what's going on, just get out!"

    "From the moment you wounded my little idle brother, you should have guessed that it would end today."


    Xia Yue's angry words echoed in the teahouse.

    Fan Zhongxiong and Liang Bo's eyebrows were sunken and they were also scanning the four directions.

    The rest of them were then shocked when they heard this.


    "The legs of these two young masters were broken?"

    "Who is this Ye Fan?"

    "That's quite a dare!"

    "No wonder Young Master Fan and the others are in a frenzy!"

    Terrified, the crowd also looked around.They also wanted to see what kind of divine being this Ye Fan was.

    Even Fan Zhongxiong and the others dared to mess with them.

    At this moment, the teahouse was quiet.

    Everyone was looking for the culprit of today's incident.

    But Xia Xue's small face was filled with worry and prayed incessantly that Ye Fan wasn't here.

    Otherwise, he would definitely suffer a lot today.

    After all, these people who came today are not good stubble.Every one of them was a well-trained bodyguard, not to mention that they were holding sticks.

    If things didn't go well, there was a real possibility that Ye Fan would be killed.

    Policy one second, two seconds~

    A few minutes passed and no one responded.

    The owner of the tea house was almost in tears at the sight of this, and begged to the crowd of tea patrons in front of him, "I say Mr. Ye Fan Ye, you can't hide anymore, just come out."

    "You're hiding like this, you're fine, but how am I supposed to open this tea house?"

    "That's right, who is this Ye Fan?You don't even dare to admit the trouble you've caused, are you so gutless?"The rest of the guests also competed with each other to complain.

    After all, Fan Zhongxiong had already had the entrance blocked, so if Ye Fan didn't show up, they would be implicated and couldn't leave even if they wanted to.

    Finally, while the people were grumbling, there was laughter in a corner by the window, but it quietly came out.

    "You guys, you're really persevering."

    "I can't believe you've all found your way here."

    "It seems that the lesson I gave you guys last time was still not enough."

    This sudden voice startled the crowd.


    In a split second, countless pairs of eyes all looked over.

    At the source of the sound, a thin figure was seen, drinking tea while laughing softly.

    "You are Ye Fan?"

    "Fuck, you're finally fucking emerging?"

    "How much of a background do you think you have, messing with whoever is bad, you have to mess with them, and mess with two at once?"

    "You're just making a fool of yourself."

    "We tea houses are all fucking implicated by you!"

    Looking at the plainly dressed Ye Fan, the tea house owner became angry and cursed.


    "He's got a shitty background."

    "Just a poor country boy who was lucky enough to get a foothold in the city by joining the family."

    "I really don't know where such a person would have the courage to offend my brother Little Leisure as well?"

    "It's so ungrateful!"


    A poor kid who's in the family?

    Xia Yue's words were only like a boulder like the sea, but they created huge waves in the hearts of everyone.

    The entire teahouse was suddenly shocked, all of them looked at Ye Fan like idiots.

    "I go, you young man, how dare you?"

    "You don't have any background and you dare to mess with them?"

    "You don't want to live?"


"What the hell were you thinking?"

    "You talk!"The tea house owner asked in alarm.


    "Does he still have the guts to talk?"

    "You didn't even show your head after shouting for half a day just now, so you're probably already scared out of your wits."Someone beside him said in disgust, full of contempt.

    "Nowadays, some of the countryside people are just as poor as they are, they don't have any money or skills, and they're still fucking around causing trouble!"

    "The key also screwed me all over the place."


    "What kind of bad luck do I have today, going out for a cup of tea and still running into this stunner?"

    Many people were grumbling.

    But Ye Fan was unmoved, yet he was still calmly tasting tea there.

    When the tea customer next to him saw it, he was almost angry.

    "I'm going~"

    "You still have a mind for tea here?"

    "Why don't you go over and make amends to Young Master Fan and the others."



    "What's the use of you just hiding here?"

    "You'll have to bear the blame sooner or later for the mess you've made!"

    "Get out early and you'll suffer less!"


    "Go on!"

    "Go apologize!"

    "You bastard, why don't you go?My wife is about to give birth and I have to rush back!"

    For a while, the entire teahouse was blaming Ye Fan, everyone was scolding him and telling Ye Fan to hurry over and kneel down and make amends to Fan Zhongxiong and the others.

    After all, the door of the teahouse was still blocked by Fan Zhongxiong's people, if Ye Fan didn't go and apologize, all of them wouldn't be able to leave, and they might even be inflicted with calamity.

    As for Ye Fan's life or death, what did it have to do with them?

    All of them were adults, and they naturally had to bear the consequences of their own mistakes.

    However, even in the face of a thousand accusations, Ye Fan remained unmoved.

    He sat quietly, lightly sip strong tea, the corner of his mouth always contains a faint smile.

    It was as if the water was still flowing from a peaceful lake, and no matter how strong the storm was, it didn't even raise any waves in his heart.

    "Ye Fan, don't stall for time."

    "Why don't you roll over and claim your death?"

    After a long wait, Fan Zhonglian had no more patience and snapped in anger.

    "Claim death?"Ye Fan raised his head and looked over with contempt at the dozen or so big men at the door, "With this?"

    Evan laughed at once, shaking his head and saying.

    "Fan Zhongxing, I remember that it was your leg that I broke in the first place, not your head, I think."

    "But why is the head all stupid?"

    "Before, your Dazzling Fist Gate had nearly a hundred people surrounding me, and they couldn't do anything to stop me."

    "Now, you want to antagonize me with this mere one to twenty people?"

    "Think it's possible?"

    Ye Fan smiled back and asked teasingly.

    However, when Fan Zhongxiong heard Ye Fan's words, he was not angry at all, but instead sneered back, "Ye Fan, you are still ignorant."

    "Before, among my Dazzling Fist Gate, the number of people was large."

    "However, no matter how large the number is, it's just a rabble.I'm not surprised that they can't beat you."

    "But do you know that each of these people in front of you are good fighters with a hundred battles under their belts."

    "One of them will be able to stand up to the previous ten."

    "What's more, they're holding sticks again."

    "The last time you were allowed to get away with your whole body, do you think you can still walk away this time?"Fan Zhongxiong drank furiously, and his words were filled with an eerie chill.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was still smiling contemptuously.

    "Fan Zhongxiong, you talk quite a bit, but so what?"

    "In my eyes, not to mention the one to twenty people in front of me, even if you invite tens of millions of people, I, Ye Fan, will break them with one punch!"


    Ye Fan's words were only like a thunderclap.

    A proud voice that shook this part of the world.

    The teahouse owner and the others almost trembled mad when they heard it.

    "Hungry to cut grass!"

    "Has this poor boy been kicked in the head by a donkey?"

    "How dare you say such big words even at this hour?"

    "Simply arrogant!"


    "Idiots in general."

    The crowd despised, cursing incessantly.

    The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were only as if they were looking at a brain.

    Those who knew what was right were wise.

    In this situation right now, the wisest move was to bow down, apologize and beg for forgiveness.

    Otherwise, it would not only be losing face, but also life.

    But to no avail, the young man in front of him, with no background to speak of, has a heart higher than the sky.

    The cowhide blows loudly!

    Sure enough, after hearing Ye Fan's words, whether it was Fan Zhongxiong or Liang Bo, their gazes all went cold, and the coldness raged in their brows and eyes!

    "Evan, why are you doing this?"

    "Wouldn't it be asking for trouble to anger them at this point?"Xia Xue's heart was angry and worried, and the beautiful eyes that looked at Ye Fan were filled with anger.

    Xia Yue, however, couldn't hold back and said in a furious voice, "Bastard, I'll see how long you can talk tough?"

    "Brother Little Leisure, Brother Liang Liang, don't waste any more time, just give the order and slaughter this bastard!"

    Fan Zhongxiong also nodded and looked to the side, "Liang Bo, I think, can declare his, death sentence!"

    "Yes!"Liang Bo didn't say anything, he just coldly returned, a good word.

    And then, he looked at Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, I gave you the chance, but you didn't cherish it."

    "If that's the case, then there's no way to blame this young man for being ruthless!"


    As the words fell, Liang Bo raised his arm at that time, and slashed at the void.

    It was as if the scythe of death, fiercely beneath!

    "To this for~" sneered Haruna.

    "It's time for the farce to end."Fan Zhongxiang's face was cold and smiled wantonly.

    However, just as Fan Zhongxiong and the others were expecting to see Ye Fan's desperate expression.



    I don't know whose phone it was, but it was ringing now.


    "Whose phone?"

    "Shut the fuck up!"Fan Zhongxing was a little annoyed and cursed angrily.

    Everyone looked at each other and bowed their heads to confirm if it was their phone.

    "That, sorry, I'll take a call first."

    Ye Fan's voice, quietly sounded.

    And then, not caring if Fan Zhongxiong and Liang Bo and the others agreed, Ye Fan even took it upon himself to answer it.


    At such a juncture, how can Ye Fan still have the heart to answer the phone?


    This was Ye Fan's naked contempt for them!

    Fan Zhongxiong was almost dying of anger.

    And Ye Fan himself ignored them and spoke very calmly on the phone.

    "Mr. Chu, I've arrived at the entrance of the teahouse."

    "Where are you?"

    "Why didn't I see you?"

    Outside the teahouse, a BMW 5 Series was parked on the side of the road.

    As Liang Haonan made a phone call, he asked in confusion.

    "Oh, has Master Liang arrived already?"

    "I'm just in the teahouse, I'm having a bit of trouble here, someone's got me surrounded, I'm afraid it's going to take some time."

    "Wait there for a while, I'll be out in three or five minutes."


    Liang Haonan was so shocked then that his eyes almost jumped out and he was in awe.

    "Mr. Chu, you said that someone has surrounded you?"

    "Who the fuck has the nerve to offend you?"


"Mr. Chu, don't worry, you're my Liang Haonan's guest, I'll settle this."

    "I'll bring someone over to kill him!"

    "In the land of Yunzhou, if he dares to offend you, I think he doesn't want to live."

    "At least break his two dog legs!"

    "Mr. Chu, tell him to prepare the coffin and I'll be over later to collect their bodies!"

    In the middle of the call, Liang Haonan's gloomy angry voice came out.

    This matter might be a trouble for Ye Fan.

    But to Liang Haonan, it was undoubtedly a chance.

    Previously, Liang Haonan had a bad time with Ye Fan because of the matter of the Western Mountain Jade Vein.

    And now, it was the right time for him to wear a sin and make up for his previous mistakes.

    "If we're going to do it, let's do it big!"

    "At any rate, I have to keep my Liang family's face up."

    Liang Haonan clenched his palms, and then he turned his head and snapped at his men, "Wan, call the family and call someone over."

    "Within ten minutes, they must arrive at the Ji Family Tea House!"

    "When the time comes, anyone who can't make it, won't have to return to the family."

    Liang Haonan said majestically.

    The people at the bottom, immediately went to do it.

    On the other hand, inside the teahouse, seeing Ye Fan hanging up the phone, Liang Bo, who had been silent, was undoubtedly also completely enraged by such arrogant behavior of Ye Fan.

    "Stinky brat, to the point of death, who is still calling?"

    "Could it be a coffin shop?"

    "Have him prepare a coffin for you to collect your body?"Liang Bo coldly berated.

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Coincidence."

    "He also asked me to tell you to prepare your coffins and come over later to collect your bodies."

    "Bastard, you're looking for death!"Liang Bo was instantly furious, while slapping the wheelchair and shouting in a deep voice.

    "Everyone, give me your orders..."


    However, just as Liang Bo was about to give an order, one person's cell phone rang once again.

    "Which asshole, all of you, shut the fucking phone up!"

    Fan Zhongxiong cursed in annoyance.

    Just now, because of a phone call from Ye Fan, they had interrupted their actions.

    Now again?

    Will it ever end?

    At this time, Xia Yue behind her, but she quietly poked Fan Zhongxiong: "Brother Xiaoxiong, it's brother Liang Bo's call."


    Fan Zhongxing was startled.

    But Liang Bo had picked up, "Dad, what did you say?"


    "I'm bringing someone over."

    Liang Bo even hung up the phone, but his face was undoubtedly much more sullen.

    "Liang Bo, what's wrong?"

    "What's happened?"Fan Zhongton was confused and asked.

    Liang Bo replied, "Something has happened on my father's side, let me bring someone over immediately.Zhong Xian, we can't delay any longer.I'll have someone break this kid's legs first, and while we're at it, you should quickly help find out where the Dongcheng District Ji Family Tea House is.After finishing this wimp, I must immediately head over to support my father."

    Liang Bo said anxiously, all in a very hurried tone.

    But as Fan Zhongxiong listened, his old face smacked hard, and he looked oddly at Liang Bo slowly: "Liang Bo, this is, the Ji Family Tea House."


    "This is the Gee's Tea House?"

    Liang Bo directly screamed out then, a pair of eyes then widened.

    If what Fan Zhongxing said was true, then wouldn't that mean that his father, at this time, was outside?


    Just as Liang Bo was surprised, he heard a loud bang, and the door of the teahouse was then pushed open.

    A middle-aged man, with an indignant face, walked in three steps at once.

    However, the moment they saw this person, Fan Zhongxiong, Xia Yue, and the others, directly stayed in place.

    "Uncle Liang...Uncle Liang?"

    As for Liang Bo, a pair of eyeballs almost popped out and shouted in a disembodied voice, "Dad...Dad?"


    Liang Haonan's mouth twitched and his words trembled, "Son...Son?"


    At that moment, as if thunder struck down, Liang Haonan's brain buzzed and became confused.

    The whole person directly stayed on the spot.

    The feeling was just like five thunderbolts!

    The mind went blank with a brush.

    In fact, the moment he saw Liang Bo and the others, Liang Haonan understood everything.

    It was just that he had never thought to death that the person who led the siege against Ye Fan would be his own son, Liang Bo?

    "What the hell did I do in my last life."

    After a long tremor, Liang Haonan's entire body directly cried, tears leaving his eyes.

    "Uncle Liang, what's wrong with you?"

    "You're not worried about my brother Liang Bo's leg, are you."

    "Don't worry Uncle Liang, Brother Liang Bo's leg is just a small injury, it will heal after a few months of rest."Seeing that Liang Haonan suddenly lost his temper, Xia Yue and the others thought that it was because Liang Haonan had lost his temper when he saw Liang Bo's leg injury and was in love with his son.

    Thus, Xia Yue then consoled them.

    Fan Zhongxing also echoed and smiled, "Yes, Uncle Liang Bo.Liang Bo and I are fine, we'll be fine after a few days of rest."

    "However, you're just in time.That jerk over there injured me and Liang Bo, and now we are preparing to get this back.Uncle Liang Bo, you just sit over there and watch the good show."

    Fan Zhongxiong laughed and even waved his hand, urging Liang Bo to order a move.

    "Watch the show?"

    "I see you're paralyzed!"

    Liang Haonan cursed, and then in the midst of Xia Yue and the others' muddled and trembling eyes, he lifted his foot and kicked Fan Zhongxiong directly on top of him.

    Only a bang sounded.

    Fan Zhongxiong, along with his wheelchair, fell to the ground and grazed the ground before being kicked directly outside the teahouse, while rolling down the steps onto the road outside.



    Outside, there was a howl from Fan Zhongxing.

    In the restaurant, however, there was silence.

    A full house of consternation!

    "Uncle Liang, you...You are?"Xia Yue and Xia Xue's two brothers were befuddled.

    Liang Bo also had the look of a dumb goose and asked tremblingly, "Dad, you...Why are you doing this?"

    However, it was good that Liang Bo didn't ask, but this question was like lighting a powder keg, and Liang Haonan just exploded.

    "What am I doing?"

    "I'll fucking kick your ass!"

    "You bastard, how dare you dog dare to impersonate me and move my Liang family bodyguards?"

    "The more you learn, the less you are a thing!"

    "I, Liang Haonan, was wise for a lifetime, how did I give birth to a fool like you?"

    "What kind of person also fucking messes with that?"

    "My Liang family, generations of foundation, will be destroyed by your hands sooner or later!"

    Liang Haonan cursed angrily while frantically beating his own asshole son.

    "Dad, stop beating~"


    "It hurts, Dad~"

    Liang Bo fell to the ground, a cry for mercy, snotty and begging for mercy.


    "You still fucking know pain?"

    "I have to kill you today, you pitiful thing!"

    "Evil beast, evil beast~"

    Liang Haonan's old eyes were red with rage, and he couldn't stop violently punching Liang Bo.

    But even so, it was still hard to dispel the hatred in Liang Haonan's heart!


Today, Liang Haonan was undoubtedly close to being pissed off at his own bastard son!

    He, the father, had taken great pains to ease the relationship with Mr. Chu.

    But he's lucky to have brought so many people to beat up Ye Fan.

    Isn't this a trap for the father?

    Isn't this a death wish?

    This can't be good enough to get their entire Liang family killed.

    Moreover, just now Liang Haonan was vowing to Ye Fan that he would kill these people and take their coffins to collect their corpses, now in this situation, how can he explain to Mr. Chu?


    "I was wrong, Dad~


    Liang Bo was still crying out on the ground, his whole body had already been beaten to death by Liang Haonan.

    Seeing that Liang Bo was about to be killed by Liang Haonan, the housekeeper behind him who followed Liang Haonan over with him, however, couldn't watch anymore and quickly ran over to generally hug Liang Haonan.

    "Family Master, it's okay, don't fight."

    "Young Master already knows that it's wrong."

    "If you continue to fight, you will really kill the young master."

    "You're only this one son~"

    The housekeeper held Liang Haonan tightly, preventing Liang Haonan from beating Liang Bo anymore.

    At the same time, he ordered the people to hurry up and carry the young master away.

    "Wan Lao, you let go of me."

    "I'll kill this evil beast!"

    "Let go of me~"

    Liang Haonan is still there roaring angrily.

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

    This Fan Zhongxiong was kicked by Liang Haonan directly from the steps, naturally fell quite lightly, it is estimated that the other leg is also broken.

    Both Liang Bo and Fan Zhongxiong were carried away, and the two sisters, Xia Yue and Xia Xue, naturally did not dare to stay here.

    With pale faces and a heart full of trepidation, they also hurriedly ran away at once.

    It's just that until the time of leaving, Xia Yue was still unable to figure it out.

    Liang Bo's father, why exactly did he lose his temper so much?

    Is it because Liang Bo used the family force [District 8] privately?

    However, even so, it wasn't enough to make Liang Haonan so furious that he would almost kill Liang Bo.

    "Is it, because of that hillbilly Ye Fan?"

    Xia Yue's beautiful eyes trembled and her heart thumped.

    However, as soon as this thought appeared, it was fiercely thrown out by Xia Yue.


    "The Liang family is one of the top five big families in Yunzhou."

    "Ye Fan is just a door-to-door son-in-law, how could he make the head of the Liang family, so disoriented?"

    Xia Yue kept shaking her head.

    Xia Xue, who was on the side, but was whispering, instead, she was still a little titillated, "I feel anyway, that Ye Fan, is not an ordinary person."



    After Xia Yue and the others left, in the teahouse, Liang Haonan's angry words still echoed.

    "Let go of me!"

    "See if I don't kill that beast!"

    "Mr. Chu he dares to mess with him too?"

    "Bastard, come back, come back~"

    Liang Haonan's old eyes were red, roaring with rage.

    But that old steward was holding on for dear life, unable to persuade each other.

    As for the others, they were watching in fear, not daring to speak at all.

    Especially the men Liang Bo had brought to deal with Ye Fan before, they all lowered their heads and kept quiet in fear.

    "Okay, stop shouting."

    "Your son has already been sent away, he won't be able to hear you even if you shout your throat out."

    "Abate the meeting."

    Naturally, Ye Fan knew that this Liang Haonan's demeanor at this point was nothing more than a show for himself.

    If he really wanted to keep Liang Bo, how would the butler be able to stop him.

    To be frank, he still wanted to keep his son.

    At this point, having someone send Liang Bo away would also be protecting him.

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Liang Haonan then calmed down.

    After breaking free of the steward's restraints, Liang Haonan whirled around and ran towards Ye Fan, apologizing, "Mr. Chu, I'm sorry.I didn't think that it was that beast that had frightened you."

    "Frightened?"Ye Fan listened, but sneered, "Liang Haonan, do you know that just now your son brought someone over to kill me.And it's not the first time.With an apology and a shock, you want me to reveal this and spare your son?"

    "My Chu Tianfan's life hasn't been this worthless!"


    The palm fell down, and in the midst of his anger, Ye Fan raised his arm and slammed it against the long table in front of him.

    Only a thumping sound was heard.

    The long table shattered, the cups broke and the hot tea splashed on the floor.

    Liang Haonan was shocked when he saw Ye Fan's anger, and between his pale face, he whirled around and kneeled down to Ye Fan in the midst of everyone's startled eyes, begging miserably, "Mr. Chu, it's me, Liang Haonan, who failed to teach my son."

    "It's the fault of the son for not teaching the father."

    "A thousand mistakes, it's all my father's fault."

    "I'm willing to take the blame on behalf of my son, I only beg Mr. Chu to spare my son's life!"

    There was dead silence in the teahouse.

    The onlookers who had just scolded Ye Fan for not knowing whether he was alive or dead were dumbfounded!

    They trembled and drew back cold air.

    It was hard for them to believe that the head of the Liang family in Yunzhou, the multi-billionaire of the Shen family, was now kneeling down to Ye Fan.


    "A multi-billionaire, kneeling down to a poor country boy?"


    "It's a crazy world!!!"

    The tea house owner looked dumbfounded.

    The rest of the crowd was similarly dumbfounded in place.

    The large teahouse was silent.

    Only Liang Haonan's miserable, terrified voice echoed unceasingly.

    Looking at Liang Haonan, who was kneeling to plead for mercy, Ye Fan was suddenly quiet.

    The original anger disappeared quietly.

    It was as if there was the softest place in his heart that had been struck.

    After a long silence, Ye Fan suddenly laughed softly.

    "If the son doesn't teach, the father and son will pass."

    "Yes, if the son doesn't teach, the father will pass~"

    Ye Fan's laughter was self-deprecating, miserable, and even more, dense with loss.

    No one knew, at this time, what was Ye Fan thinking of?

    So much so that he was now looking a bit disoriented.

    "Mr. Chu, you?"

    Liang Haonan raised his head and looked at Ye Fan in fear.

    Ye Fan ignored it, and after laughing, he also got up and headed out of the teahouse.

    As he reached the door, he suddenly stopped and turned his back on the crowd.

    "You're a man, and a good father."

    "In this, I am not as good as your son."

    "Since you are a father, in the future, you will be able to teach him well."

    "Today, I hope for the last time."

    The low, slow words echoed.

    At that moment, Liang Haonan was like a great pardon, when he kneeled down to thank him, nearing old tears.

    "Thank you, Mr. Chu~"

    "Thank you, sir, for sparing the dog's life~"

    Liang Haonan was still thanking him, but Ye Fan, was long gone.


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