The King of Kungfu in school 1841-1850


Chapter 1841

Mo Qing was incomparably depressed inside, in fact he was regretting showing up at the moment, he was in an impasse.

Mo Qing, Sang Honghua, Tang Zichen, the three of them seemed to be in a strange situation.

"Ah."Mo Qing hissed.

Tang Zichen said, "Mo Qing, although you betrayed me, but no matter what, you are Mo Yuyan's father, I won't you, so your best choice now is to immediately attack Sang Honghua, so as to make up for your mistake."

"You shut up."Mo Qing shouted towards Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, you ungrateful white-eyed wolf, I went so far as to make my daughter give up her participation in the Entrance Association and pledge her to you, and you, a white-eyed wolf, have taken my bed."

Tang Zichen's heart was also furious, this was really a backhanded move.

Sang Hong Hua said, "Mo Qing, between you and me now, the conflict is not big, you might as well cooperate with me."

"I pooh, do you think I will still believe you."

At that moment, another group of people came to the entrance of the main hall, it was Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Yan Xinyi and the others.

"What's going on." Remember the URL

Mu Qianji shouted, "Tang Huan, Yu Xi, Xin Yi, quick, let's attack this man together, he wants to kill Tang Zichen."

"Ah, how dare you kill my big brother."The Fire Demon Beast shouted, emitting a monstrous rage.

Several women, Mu Qianji, immediately attacked Sang Honghua.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Qianji, it's useless."

As expected, the attacks of Mu Qianji and the others were not enough to tickle Sang Honghua.

Sang Honghua looked at so many beautiful women and laughed, "Tang Zichen, none of these women of yours can escape, hahaha."

At this moment, Little Fire emitted a blazing flame.

"Buzz."The blazing flames suddenly wrapped around Sang Honghua.

"Ah."Sang Honghua let out a scream.

A few seconds later, the flames died out and Sang Honghua had turned into a black man.

"What the hell."Sang Hong Hua screamed in fear.

The flames spewed out by Little Fire were simply unusual.

Tang Zichen was delighted when he saw how powerful Little Fire's flames were.

It seemed that there was no need for Mo Qing to attack Sang Honghua, Little Fire's flames would be enough and even faster.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Little Flame, go on, burn him to death."

"Good."Little Fire shouted, gathering all his strength and opening his mouth, a thick, almost materialized flame sprayed up, and, because of the array, the flame that burned into Sang Honghua was even stronger than it actually was.

"Ah."Sang Honghua let out a scream, this taste of burning in a bathing fire flew hard to describe with words.

Tang Zichen really didn't expect the flames to be so powerful, this mouthful of flames, I'm afraid that the first and second stage of Tribulation would not be able to stand it, the true strength of the little fire was definitely above the second stage of Tribulation, and even the third stage of Tribulation, this flame, Tang Zichen felt afraid.

Sang Honghua yelled in the flames, "Mo Qing, stop him quickly."

At this moment, Mo Qing panicked, Mo Qing didn't know how to stop the small fire by allowing it to burn Sang Honghua to death.

If Tang Zichen was saved, he would definitely not be spared.

"Stop."Mo's yelled.

However, Little Fire didn't stop, and Mo Qing Ton cut Little Fire with his sword.

Tang Zichen shouted; "Little Fire, get out of the way."

"Bang."Little Fire was cut down by a sword and was suddenly covered in blood, if it wasn't for Little Fire's strong body, he would have broken into several pieces.

Tang Zichen was suddenly furious, "Mo Qing, you dare to hurt my brother."

Mo Qing snorted, "I said stop, who dares to try to move again."


sp; Tang Zichen's face was cold: "Mo Qing, don't you force me."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, you're the one who forced me."

Tang Zichen looked at Little Fire and asked, "Little Fire, how do you feel?"

"Minister, I, I."Little Fire tried to stand up, but, immediately fell back down.

Mu Qianji said, "Mo Qing, do you still have a conscience, when Mo Yuyan was captured by the Yao Clan Dynasty, it was Tang Zichen who saved her back."

"Bitch, shut up."

"Pah."Mo Qianji was slapped by Mo Qing in the air, slapping him and flying out of the door a few hundred meters away.

Tang Zichen held his anger in his heart.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I must step into the Second Stage of Tribulation, I want to train into the Fourth Set of Twelve Sword Formations."

Tang Zichen immediately forced himself to calm down, he had already touched the threshold of the Second Stage of Tribulation before, although it might take two or three years, or even twenty or thirty years, to completely step into the Second Stage of Tribulation, but now, Tang Zichen must step into the Second Stage of Tribulation as quickly as possible.

Mu Qianji was slapped away, and Little Fire was seriously injured.

Tang Huan and the others immediately raged and cursed.

Mo Yuyan ran in from the doorway and shouted, "Father, stop."

Mo Qing saw Mo Yuyan and said, "Yuyan, you've disappointed me."

"Father, don't be like this."

"Yuyan, two months ago, I took you with me, why didn't you leave, you can't even leave this white-eyed wolf behind, you disappointed me."

"Father, oooooh."Mo Yuyan cried out.

Mo Qing said, "Yuyan, today, I'll let you see how all of Tang Zichen's relatives died right under his nose."

"Father, don't."

Mo Qing immediately looked at Light Water who was closest to him and snorted, "Go to hell."


But, it was too late, Light Water was killed by Mo Qing's palm.

"Light Water."

Mo Qing looked at the next one again, on Tang Huan.

Mo Qing snorted, "You're the second."

After saying that, Mo Qing slashed at Tang Huan with a palm.

At this time, Mo Yuyan suddenly rushed out.


Mo Qing promptly withdrew his power.

"Yuyan, are you going to fight against me?"Mo Qing yelled.

"Father, why did you take such a path, why."

"You should ask Tang Zichen about that, get out of my way."Mo Qing slapped Mo Yuyan unconscious, now, no one could stop him.

Mo Qing raised his palm again and slapped it towards Tang Huan, while yelling, "Die."

"Bang."At this moment, Little Fire rushed up and blocked the palm for Tang Huan.

But Little Fire flew out of the palace, and the slap must have hurt Little Fire even more.

Tang Zichen hissed, "Ahhh."At the critical moment, Tang Zichen told himself that he had to immediately, immediately, break through to the Second Stage of Tribulation, otherwise, all of his family members would have to die.

Mo Qing was stopped twice in succession, very annoyed.Mo Qington offered his flying sword and slashed towards Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin and everyone else, he had wanted to kill them one by one and let Tang Zichen watch, but now he couldn't bear it anymore, let's just slash them into pieces together.

Just as Mo Qing's sword was about to fall.

"Bang."The sound, Tang Zichen broke the boundary.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen cast twelve sword formations in the blink of an eye.

"Puff."In the midst of a thousand golden moments, one of Tang Zichen's flying swords, puffed out, shot straight through Mo Qing's mouth and into his throat.


After Mo Qing was shot in the throat with a sword, his entire body was nailed directly to the side of the stone pillar.

"Ah."Mo Qing struggled on the stone pillar for a while and saw that his physical body seemed to be unable to survive any longer, so Mo Qing hurried his YuanYing to get out of his body, once his body died, it would be too late for his YuanYing to get out of his body, because once his body died, his YuanYing would die immediately.

In the next blink of an eye, Mo Qing's YuanYing escaped.

However, before he could stabilize his body, Tang Zichen instantly grabbed it with his big hand.

Tang Zichen had a death grip on Mo Qing's infant with one hand and was controlling it, making it impossible for Mo Qing to self-destruct, much less escape.

"Ah."Mo Qing struggled in fear.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at Mo Qing's infant with anger and roared, "Mo Qing, you're looking for death."

"No, don't."Mo Qing let out a frightened cry for help, he never expected that Tang Zichen would be able to break free of Sang Honghua's boundary.

"You still have the nerve to beg for mercy from me."

"Don't kill me, Tang Zichen, don't kill me."It was only at this moment, when Mo Qing felt death so close to him, that fear arose deeply within him, a desire within him not to die.

"Mo Qing, if you live, heaven forbid, you not only betrayed me, but also killed my friend Light Water, injured my brother Little Fire, and slapped my woman away, these three, whichever one, can sentence you to death." One second to remember to read the book

"No, Tang Zichen, I was wrong, I was wrong, please, for the sake of Yuyan, please forgive me, I beg you."Mo Qing pleaded.

"Hmph, I really don't know how your cheek grows."

After saying that, Tang Zichen pinched hard at Mo Qing's cry.

"Ah."Mo Qing's infant was strangled to death, then turned into air and returned to nature.

Mo Qing was dead, but Tang Zichen didn't feel any pleasure because Mo Qing had killed Light Water.

Tang Zichen looked at Light Water's corpse and felt a pain in his heart.

Tang Zichen immediately went up to Light Water and picked her up.

"I'm sorry, I'm the one who hurt you."Tang Zichen stroked Light Water's face, filled with armor, although Tang Zichen had saved Light Water from Blue Fox Lily in the first place, and helped Light Water fuse with Blue Fox Lily's soul, allowing Light Water to leap into the Mahayana stage, but now only a few years later, Light Water was killed because of Tang Zichen.

Lu Yuxi and Tang Huan and the others were also busy coming up.

It was really too dangerous just now, if Tang Zichen hadn't acted early, Tang Huan and the others, all of them would have died.

"Brother Zichen, you shouldn't blame yourself."Tang Huan consoled.

"I'm the one who killed her."

"How can I blame you, just now Light Water was closest to Mo Qing, so the first one was killed by him, just now if it was someone else, it would have been someone else who died."

At that moment, Mu Qianji walked in from the doorway.

"Qianzhi, are you alright."Tang Zichen busily walked up.

Half of Mu Qianji's face was swollen, Tang Zichen immediately checked Mu Qianji's body and found that Mu Qianji was very, very badly injured.

"Qianji, how could your body be so badly injured."

"Zichen, I'm afraid that my flesh body is preserved, Mo Qing's slap just now almost slapped my skull, even if I live and don't die, my flesh body will be finished."Mu Qianji looked hard to part with, this was her flesh body that was born from her mother's womb, since she was a child, she already had feelings, how could it be replaced by taking away another person's flesh body.

Tang Zichen was even harder to give up, this body of Mu Qianji, Tang

Tzu-Chen was so familiar with it, it was simply unacceptable to change over.

"No, I won't let anything happen to you."

Tang Zichen immediately immortal energy surged into Mu Qianji's body.

At the same time, Tang Zichen took out a pill, this pill was called 'Regeneration Pill', no matter how much damage was done to the flesh, even if the flesh was about to die, as long as there was still a last breath left, taking the Regeneration Pill would slowly recover.When Tang Zichen had just pierced through Mo Qing's throat with his sword, if he had taken the Regeneration Pill in time, he definitely wouldn't have died.

A few minutes later, Mo Qianji's injuries were miraculously recovered.

"Ah, that's amazing."Mu Qianji was overjoyed, being able to not have to lose his physical body was certainly better than anything, and Tang Zichen had lost some Immortal Qi to Mu Qianji, and Mu Qianji was almost recovered.

"Qianji, you're fine."

"Mm, I'm fine.Right, quickly go check on Little Fire."

Tang Zichen immediately rushed out of the main hall, where Little Fire was lying motionless on the far side outside the main hall.

"Little Fire, what's wrong with you?"

Little Fire slowly opened his eyes and smiled, "I'm glad you're okay, Minister."

"Words."Tang Zichen wanted to help Little Fire check his body, however, Tang Zichen looked at Little Fire, a fire beast's body, at a loss, Tang Zichen understood the human body, which organs of Little Fire's body Tang Zichen wasn't even sure.

Mu Qianji said anxiously, "Little Fire's body has only withered, I'm afraid the situation is not good."

"Brother Chen, I'm fine, I can't die."Dao.

"Little Fire, don't worry, I won't let you die."

Tang Zichen searched his mind for a long time, however, no pills that could cure Little Fire were found.

"Little Fire, I'm sorry, I don't have any pills that are suitable for you to take."

"Brother Chen, I'm really fine."Little Fire's voice became even weaker.

Tang Zichen said, "As things stand now, I can only fight it out."Tang Zichen didn't care so much and lost one-half of his body's immortal Qi to Little Fire.

With one-half of Tang Zichen's Immortal Qi protecting his body, Little Fire finally recovered a lot, but it would still take some time to fully recover.

"Brother Chen, what do you do with yourself if you lose your Immortal Qi to me."

"I still have half of myself left, besides, you are my brother, even if I lose all of it to you in order to save your life, so what if I lose it to you, how can I compare to you in a district, how can I compare to you, besides, I've reached the second stage of tribulation, I also belong to the half-immortal, I can already produce half-immortal Qi in my body on my own, the meaning of immortal Qi to me, gradually changing.

"Brother Chen, thank you."Little Fire looked touched, I didn't expect that Brother Minister was still so affectionate towards him.

"Alright, you're definitely fine now."

A few minutes later, Little Fire slowly stood up, while at the same time, Little Fire shook his body and transformed into his human form.

"Brother Chen, thanks to the immortal energy you gave me, not only am I now recovered, but, with your immortal energy stimulating me, I feel as if I'm not far away from being able to cross the first stage of robbery."

"Ah, that's great."Mu Qianji was delighted.

"This is all granted to me by Brother Chen.".

"Alright, don't be polite, now, it's time to go in and deal with Sang Honghua."

As Tang Zichen entered the main hall, Sang Honghua was still trapped by the Heavenly Formation Scrolls.

Right now, Sang Honghua was filled with worry, ever since Mo Qing was killed, Sang Honghua seemed restless.

Finally, Tang Zichen came in to deal with him.


Tang Zichen's gaze was cold as he looked at Sang Honghua and said, "Sang Honghua, now that Mo Qing is dead, what else do you want to say."

A hint of panic flashed in Sang Honghua's eyes.

"Sang Honghua, you may be wondering why I just suddenly broke free of your boundary.You probably won't believe it to death, but I just now, at a critical moment, stepped into the second stage of the Tribulation."

Sang Honghua said unwillingly, "But even if you stepped into the Second Stage of Tribulation, you're still much weaker than me, so how could you break free of my boundary."

Tang Zichen instantly offered up twelve flying swords.

"See?These twelve flying swords of mine, combined in a sword formation, are no weaker than a move made by a pseudo-immortal weapon.My possession of this sword formation is equivalent to my possession of a pseudo-immortal weapon.Sang Honghua, now, do you know what level you've messed with?"

"Ah."Sang Honghua's body trembled, and when he heard the three words Pseudo Immortal Artifact, he was completely stupid.

"Sang Honghua, you're as weak as a worm in my eyes.I, Tang Someone, who is bound to compete with all the super families of the Seven Seas in the future, who are you."

Sang Honghua's body trembled, busy saying, "That, Tang, Tang Zichen, I'm, sorry ah."

"What?I didn't hear you clearly, what did you say?"

Sang Honghua said very awkwardly, "Fellow Daoist Tang, much offended, I expect you to be more tolerant ah." The first website

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a cold laugh.

Little Fire and the others all let out a burst of shameful laughter.

Tang Zichen said, "Sang Honghua, it's late."

Sang Honghua was in a hurry: "Fellow Daoist Tang, you are a man of great deeds, why do you need to get along with people like me."

Tang Zichen sneered, "You're wrong, even if a mosquito bites me, do I still dislike the mosquito for being weak and not swatting it to death?"

"Fellow Daoist Tang, as long as you let me go, I'll agree to anything you say."

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, don't let him go, this kind of person's words can't be trusted."

Tang Zichen snorted, "He wants to be beautiful, let him go."

Tang Zichen's hand rose, and the twelve sword formations swiftly surrounded Sang Honghua.

Sang Honghua clearly felt the great deterrent power coming from the twelve sword formations.

"Ah."Sang Honghua's body trembled, such a powerful deterrent might not be able to win even if he wasn't trapped by the Heavenly Formation.

"How is this possible."

Tang Zichen said, "Sang Honghua, even if I were to go one-on-one with you right now, I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to win against me."

"No, you have the guts to duel with me face to face."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I can obviously kill you in an instant, so why do I need to make the extra effort to duel with you."

Saying that, Tang Zichen's twelve flying swords slashed.

What Tang Zichen was performing right now was the fourth set of twelve sword arts, and it was much stronger than the previous second set.

"Ah."Sang Honghua felt unable to breathe, and in the next second, he lost consciousness.

Tang Zichen had already cut Sang Honghua into pieces.

Sang Honghua was dead.

In the main hall, only Tang Zichen and the others were left, and besides their own people, there were two outsiders, Liu Bing and Song Complaint.

Lu Yu Xi asked, "Tang Shao, what do we do with these two?"

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Bing and Song Complaint, and honestly, Tang Zichen really didn't know how to deal with the two of them.

Just now when Tang Zichen was trapped by the boundary, Tang Zichen ordered them to attack Sang Honghua, however, they were hesitant to do so.


sp; "Pounce."Liu Bing and Song Complainington knelt down.

"Senior Tang, spare your life."The two of them begged for mercy in succession.

Tang Zichen's brows furrowed deeply.

: "Zichen, kill them, they already know your secret, in order not to cause trouble, it's better to settle it, besides, the performance of the two of them just now is too disappointing, they are clearly wallflowers."

"Senior Tang, spare my life, sob."Liu Bing and Song Complaint cried and kowtowed for mercy, as if death would come in an instant.

Tang Zichen wanted to spare them, but they already knew all of Tang Zichen's secrets, they knew that Tang Zichen had Immortal Qi in his body, they knew that Tang Zichen had a Spirit Gathering Formation, if this kind of thing was spread out, then there would definitely be more people coming to find Tang Zichen.

Liu Bing and Song Complaint kowtowed, "Senior Tang, don't worry, I will always be loyal to you, I will never do anything against you."

Tang Zichen asked Mu Qianji and the others, "What do you guys think about this?"

Mu Qianji said, "Can you erase their memories?"

"They're half-immortals, they can't clear it,"Tang Zichen said.

"That depends on whether or not you're willing to trust them."

"But I don't have the confidence to trust someone anymore, before Wang Pi, and even my father-in-law Mo Qing, would end up betraying me for their own benefit, so how else can I trust others?This time Mo Qing almost brought about the annihilation of my entire family, and if I hadn't broken through to the second stage of Tribulation in time, it would have been terrifying to think about.Therefore, I really can't trust two people who have no emotional base with me."

Mu Qianji said, "If you're so torn, then kill them, there's not that much mercy in the immortal cultivation world."

Little Fire was busy saying, "Brother Minister, don't be a holy mother whore, since you can't do it, then I'll do it."Finished, a spurt of flame.

Liu Bing and Song Complaint instantly turned into nothing, such a quick death without any pain, this was the greatest mercy for them.

Tang Zichen was speechless, "I wasn't trying to be merciful."

Tang Zichen sighed and could only say sorry to Liu Bing and Song Complaint in his heart.

Tang Zichen had servants to clean the battlefield, while Tang Zichen himself immediately entered the closed state, Tang Zichen had just stepped into the second stage of the tribulation, he must now stabilize his realm first, after which he was afraid that the thunderstorm would come soon, Tang Zichen must prepare for the tribulation.

Last time when he was in the tribulation, Tang Zichen developed a demon, if not for his strong body, he was afraid he would have died, this time, the thunder tribulation was even more powerful, Tang Zichen must be prepared for everything.

"Zichen, are you sure you've gotten rid of your heart demon?"Mu Qianji asked.

"I don't know, mind demons are something that I don't even know about on a regular basis, only when I actually reach that stage will they explode."Tang Zichen said.

"Hopefully, you've gotten rid of your heart demons."

Soon, half a month passed.

Tang Zichen walked out of the cultivation room and said to everyone, "Everyone, I've already felt the thunderstorm, and I'm about to begin my second thunderstorm."

"Cheer up."

"Don't worry, it's impossible for me, Tang Zichen, to be defeated by a mere thunderstorm."

After saying that, Tang Zichen sat down and closed his eyes.

Tang Zichen suddenly entered a sealed space, as if he had arrived in another world, a world where he was the only one.

Suddenly, the sky was filled with dark clouds, and a powerful thunderstorm struck towards Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was unable to dodge it because the speed at which the thunder fell was too fast.

"Boom."The heavenly thunder struck Tang Zichen's head.

Tang Zichen offered his flying sword and blocked with all his might.

After a few seconds, the dark clouds dispersed and Tang Zichen didn't even lose a single hair.


"Haha, I've succeeded in my robbery, no heart demon."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, after having no heart demons, Tang Zichen's robbery was too easy, and not a hair would fall off when the lightning struck.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and found everyone gathered around him.

"How is it?Did the robbery succeed?"The people surrounding Tang Zichen were busy asking.

"Nonsense, if the robbery doesn't succeed, then you'll never wake up, you'll just be brain dead."Tang Zichen said with a smile.

"Great, we were worried about you as soon as you closed your eyes.This kind of thunder tribulation is really terrifying, we onlookers can't even see it if we want to, and bystanders can't help you."

"Yes, when we cross the thunder robbery, our spirit will enter a space where we are alone, there are no bystanders and no one can interfere with the thunder robbery, and the thunder robbery will not harm innocent people.If we succeed in the tribulation, we will wake up, if we fail, we will never wake up, we won't even have the chance to say goodbye to our loved ones."Tang Zichen said.

Little Fire said, "Brother Chen, I'm also close to sensing my first thunder tribulation."

"Congratulations, Little Fire, only when you have survived the thunderstorm, you will truly reach the first stage of the thunderstorm, and only then will you be a true half-immortal body."

Tang Zichen swept a glance and didn't see Mo Yuyan.

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, after all, Tang Zichen had killed her father, Tang Zichen hadn't seen her for a long time.

"Where is she, Yuyan?I haven't seen her for half a month." Remember the website

Mu Qianji said, "Go find her and talk to her properly, you are her father's enemy after all, if she can't get over this hurdle, the future will be ruined."

"I'll go look for her."Tang Zichen did not hesitate in matters and immediately went to good Mo Yuyan, indeed, Tang Zichen was her father's enemy.

Tang Zichen searched for most of the day and finally found her in an inn outside the palace.

Mo Yuyan was drinking by herself, her eyes looking blankly out, bowl after bowl after bowl.

The entire inn knew that Mo Yuyan had been drinking here for several days, and these days, she was muddled.

Mo Yuyan didn't know what she should do, she didn't hate Tang Zichen, but, after all, Tang Zichen was her father's enemy, how should she deal with such a relationship.Should she continue to be with an enemy of her father's murderer, or should she separate decisively.I believe that anyone who encountered such a thing would be in pain and torn.

At that moment, Tang Zichen came.

"Yuyan, why are you drinking wine."Tang Zichen's voice came.

Mo Yuyan turned her head and didn't speak.

Tang Zichen sat down in front of Mo Yuyan and grabbed Mo Yuyan's hand.

Mo Yuyan tried to break away, but Tang Zichen wouldn't let her.

"Yuyan, your father, Mo Qing, was indeed killed by me.However, you can't just imagine me as the one who killed your father's enemy, and I'm also your immortal cultivator.Moreover, your father almost killed all my family members.If he didn't die himself, no one would want to kill him.You should know all this yourself, no need for me to say more.I know you're condemning yourself for being with someone who killed your father's enemy, but we became Taoist lovers first, and then we became enemies.Alright, come back with me and pretend this never happened."

Tang Zichen pulled Mo Yuyan back to the palace, allowing Mo Yuyan to struggle without letting go, and after arriving at the palace, Tang Zichen directly forced Mo Yuyan to do it.Tang Zichen wasn't a psychologist, so he didn't have that much mind to study how to convince others.

Mo Yuyan was very

Unfortunately, in the end, it was left alone.

The Sang Dynasty's Sang Honghua had been dead for more than half a month so far, but no one else from the Sang Dynasty had come to look for him, because no one even knew where Sang Honghua had gone, much less where he had died.Of course, even if they knew that Tang Zichen had killed him, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid at all.

However, with Mo Qing dead, the Mo Dynasty could not be without the Long King.

Therefore, Tang Zichen had to make a difficult decision.

"Brother Chen, why don't you just set up a Tang Dynasty and you be the long king."

"Uncle Minister, let's set up a Tang Dynasty and grow our family here with roots in the future."

"Yes, Brother Minister, we can also go down to the mortal realm to get you mortal, after all, our relatives to find a way to get up here, you have so many spirit stones, I'm sure you have a way."

"Brother Chen, when you were in the Mortal Realm, those brothers of yours and their descendants were still honored by you.In the Great Shang Empire in the Mortal Realm, the Shang clan is still the royal family, and you are still the ancestor of the entire Great Shang Empire and a legendary figure in the entire Mortal Realm."

Tang Zichen himself was the long emperor.

Tang Zichen said, "All of your proposals are good, however, I have no intention of putting down roots here.I'll ascend to the Immortal Realm in a few hundred years at most, and this place is merely a passing phase for me ah."

So what if it's a passing phase for you, Minister.There's no way you can help us continue to cultivate immortality now, the future is all up to us.Those girlfriends of yours, are you sure they'll be able to ascend in a few hundred years as well?If they couldn't, wouldn't they have no family at all.If you have your own family in the Spirit World, then the relatives who can't ascend to the Immortal World in the future can rely on their families to continue living.Moreover, you have the Twelve Sword Formation, after you ascend, you would definitely want someone to inherit it, right?"

Tang Zichen was a bit shaken.

Although Tang Zichen's goal was to cultivate immortality in the Seven Seas, he could build up his family first now, and in the future, when Tang Zichen was able to criss-cross the Seven Seas, Tang Zichen would then move his family to the Seven Seas and become a lord of the Seven Seas.

With a nod of his head, Tang Zichen said, "Good, my Tang Zichen's legendary mythology can't just be in the mortal realm, even in the spiritual realm, I want to become a legend."

"Yes, yes, in the future, after you ascend for millions of years, the people in the spirit world will also know your great name.It's like the Spirit Gathering Formation and the Sky Formation, these famous things are still known even after an unknown number of years.Although you're now at the second stage of tribulation, you're not as close to ascending as you think you are, and you still need a large and popular family in the future."

"But, I'm afraid of repeating the tragedy of the mortal realm.In the mortal realm, even though I lived out a legend, my loved ones one by one are aging greatly and I can't do anything about it, that kind of grief is not known to those who haven't experienced it.I had vowed that I would never have a family like this again, and I would only live my life in style with a few women I loved, without any family ties."

"I didn't let you have children ah, and I didn't let you be a grandfather ah.You're still dashing with the women you love."

"Uh, so I form a family force, where will the personnel come from?"

"Minister, you can set up a country, and in the future, all the people who fly up from the mortal world will be your people, so you can also help more people in the mortal world.Also, I heard that the world of science and technology in the mortal world is now very advanced, so perhaps, using technology, you can also practice immortality, for example, using science and technology to create pills?Cultivate the elixir?"


"Using science and technology to create a potion?Cultivate the elixir?"

Tang Zichen brightened up.

"Yes. Back then, before you stepped on the Void, the world of technology in the mortal realm was already very clever, and martial arts was the opposite, falling out of favor.In fact, this is also the law of history.At that time in that world, Mecha Warriors were much more powerful than those ancient martial experts, and there were scientists who had researched bestial genetic potions.That was a major genetic project that changed humans and modified their genes."

"Chen, think about it, in that mortal world, cancer, AIDS, and many other diseases are incurable.Why did they become incurable?This is because mortals have a defect in their genes, and when we become spirit beings, our body's genes don't have this defect, we no longer have anyone who is sick, and there are no doctors in the spirit world at all.This means that it will not be difficult for mortals, who have become spirit beings, to become spirit beings by constantly peeking into the nature of their genes, and one day, when they reach the point where they can modify their genes.Even if technology keeps getting stronger, it's not impossible to become an immortal by modifying genes.In short, I think that the group of mortals who engage in technology will one day go against the heavens and even completely change the entire universe."

"Khan, is it that exaggerated?"Tang Zichen wiped cold sweat from his forehead.

After all, Tang Zichen was not a native of the world of technology, and always felt that technology, those were side issues.

But, yes not without reason.

The universe was also constantly moving forward, and new things might really replace the old ones someday.

"Well, then, I, Tang Zichen, have decided to create a legend in the Spirit World, I can't treat this place as if it's a passing phase, every place I pass, I want to be the legend of that place."

"Haha, Brother Chen, that's right."

Tang Zichen immediately gathered everyone including Mu Qianji, Yan Xinyi, Tang Huan, and Tourism, except for Mo Yuyan, after all, Mo Yuyan's identity was special, Tang Zichen had already killed her father, and now it would be a bit of a deliberate facepalm if he talked about plotting to usurp the throne in front of her. A second to remember to read the book

"What do you think, guys?Should I make a high-profile move to change the Mo Dynasty, to the Tang Dynasty, or, other names, that will be discussed later."Tang Zichen laughed and asked everyone.

Mo Qianji and the others looked at each other, a little surprised.

"Zichen, why did you suddenly have such an idea?You were very seemingly rejected before, after all, you've been in the mortal realm."

"That's right, I had been a father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather, and an ancestor in the mortal realm before, and sent one of my closest relatives to old age with my own eyes.Therefore, when I came to the spirit world, I vowed not to follow the same path, and I was even afraid within myself to establish a family for fear of having sons and grandsons again."Tang Zichen spoke the words hidden within his heart.

"But isn't it contradictory that you want to set up a family now."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Nowadays, in the Spirit World, no matter which region, almost all of them have families as their power, why should I be like that as well, the Tang Clan power that I have formed is mainly to absorb immortal cultivators from the Mortal Realm, other than that, it's my family and friends, and some disciples that I have taken in.As for myself, I do not produce offspring."

"Are there any immortal cultivators in the mortal realm?"

"It may not be now, but I can help some people.My former brothers in the mortal realm, their descendants, I am going to help them enter the spirit world, and in addition, the mortal

It's about time I went back to the world of technology in the human world."

"Okay, you decide."

"So, what should we call our Don's power?Everyone help think of something, and try to be as domineering as possible, because, I want the power I set up to be passed down through the ages."

Everyone didn't come up with any good names for a while.

"There's no rush for a name, let's go back and think of it slowly, there's plenty of time anyway."

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, so you're going to make another trip to the Mortal Realm."

"Yes, this trip down, it won't be like the last time, it won't be a rush, I'm going to bring up the more outstanding of the descendants of those brothers of mine from back then, I think it will take me a longer time.It should take ten or twenty years in the mortal realm, but of course, ten years in the mortal realm is only one year in the spirit realm."

"Well, it's only a year, that's fast, so do you need us to accompany you?"

"No need, you all must spend more time practicing."Tang Zichen said.

Yan Xinyi was busy saying, "Last time you didn't take me with you when you went back, you should take me with you this time, I also want to go back to my hometown."

Tang Zichen said for a reason, "Teacher's wife, you're not making it difficult for me."

"I really want to go back there, although the time for cultivation is precious, it's not bad for the time in the spirit world, it's only one year, two years at most."


Yan Xinyi was busy again, "I want to go back to pay my respects to your master in the Mortal Realm, as well as your senior siblings and their sisters."

What else could Tang Zichen say, he had to agree.

"Alright then, the last time I went back, I forgot to pay my respects to them."Tang Zichen looked a little embarrassed.

Little Fire was busy saying, "Brother Chen, I want to go back too."

Tang Zichen was speechless, "What are you going back for, you've only been on the Spirit World for how long."

"Then who are you going to take with you?"Little Fire asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not taking anyone but Yan Xingyi."

"Brother, I'm going too."At that moment, a child's voice rang out and a little white dragon jumped out.

"Uh, Little White, well, Little White doesn't need to cultivate yet, so he can go, so it's just the three of us.You all honestly practice here, right, Little Fire, you're in charge of everyone's safety, you're at the first stage of the Tribulation, what's your highest strength roughly?"Tang Zichen asked.

Little Flame smiled heedlessly, "Don't worry Brother Chen, I've already initially obtained my inheritance memories, there are many powerful techniques in my inheritance memories, I'm currently practicing them, even if I don't, my flames are able to make even the strongest people of the fifth stage of Tribulation not dare to get close.The fifth stage of Tribulation is enough to deter a party in the Six Seas anyway."

"Well, I'm relieved then, I'll leave this place to you."Tang Zichen nodded, Little Fire was finally starting to get strong, and when he completely obtained his inherited memories, Tang Zichen didn't even know if he was Little Fire's opponent anymore.

Yan Xinyi asked, "Master, when are you going to the Mortal Realm?"

"What's the hurry, let's get this over with, at least make sure we're in the dark for now and there's no potential danger before we move on,"Tang Zichen said.


"Well, also, after all, Sang Honghua just died here a while ago, no one is sure if the Sang Dynasty will have learned about it already."

Tang Zichen waited at home for another month, and after a month, he suddenly received an invitation letter, precisely from Mo Qing, the other eight dynasties didn't know that Mo Qing had died.

The invitation letter was to invite Mo Qing to the Six Seas Dynasty Brawl.

"What is this Dynasty Brawl?"Don asked looking at the contents of the invitation.

"I don't know."Little Flame and the others all shook their heads straight.

"Those who know are all dead now, the Mo Dynasty, now only you and Little Fire are left with the two transitional stages."Mo Qianji said.

Tang Zichen felt speechless, thinking about it, there was really nothing left of the former Mo Clan dynasty.

"Go ask Mo Yuyan, she definitely knows better."

Tang Zichen found Mo Yuyan in the harem.

Mo Yuyan was still the same as before, living a muddled life.

"Yuyan, what are you doing?" First web site

"I don't know."

"Yuyan, I just received an invitation to invite your father to the Six Seas Dynasty Competition, do you know what this Dynasty Competition is?"

"My father is dead, they should have sent the invitation to the dungeon."

"Your father is dead, but there's still us now, so it's just as well we went to attend."

"You?It's the Tang Dynasty or the Mo Dynasty, if it represents the Mo Dynasty, then it's not necessary, the Mo Dynasty no longer exists."Yuyan said inwardly in a complicated manner.

Tang Zichen said, "Did you hear, about me preparing to establish a force of my own in the future?"

"That's to be expected."

Tang Zichen said, "I want to set up a force of my own, not to take over the Mo Dynasty, if you, the Mo Clan, have someone who can stand up and preside over the situation, I can choose to go over other dynasties."

When Mo Yuyan heard Tang Zichen say that, she felt a little better, and said softly, "It's expected that my Mo Clan has today, it's not you who's to blame, it's my Mo Clan dynasty that has no successor, if, my Mo Clan doesn't have a strong half-immortal at all."

"Since that's the case, I'll have no choice but to establish my power in the place of the Mo Clan."

"As you wish."

"Thank you for understanding."Tang Zichen kissed Mo Yuyan on the cheek, and Mo Yuyan pursed her lips, as if the knot was gradually unraveling.

Tang Zichen said, "So, what will be the dynasty competition?"

Mo Yuyan said, "The Dynasty Brawl, held every fifty years, is mainly a brawl for all the strong half-immortals of the nine great dynasties, as well as their genius descendants.The last Dynasty Brawl, the one who took first place was the Sang Dynasty, so for the past fifty years, the Sang Dynasty has been the strongest dynasty in the Six Seas."

"The last Dynasty Brawl, the last side, I think it was the Mo Clan Dynasty."

"Yes, it was my Mo Clan Dynasty, so everyone says that the Mo Clan Dynasty is the weakest of the Nine Great Cultivation Dynasties, and truth be told, our Mo Clan Dynasty has taken the last place for ten times in a row, which means it's been the last place for the past five hundred years."

"Uh, so bad, it seems that your Mo Dynasty is indeed running out of gas as well."

"Maybe."Mo Yuyan sighed.

Tang Zichen held Mo Yuyan's hand and said, "Don't be sad either, you didn't always belong to the Mo Clan, fifty years ago, you weren't even born, you still belonged to the mortal realm."


bsp; "I don't understand it either."

"Yuyan, come with us for the Dynasty Competition, this time, I must win the first place and crush the other eight great immortal cultivation dynasties."

"Oh."Mo Yuyan lightly echoed.

Coming all together, Tang Zichen gave Mo Yuyan a rude what-have-you again.

The time for the Dynasty Brawl would soon arrive.

The location where the Dynasty Brawl was held was in a place called Hu Yingling Ridge, which was the center of the Six Seas, and the people from the nine great cultivation dynasties traveled to this place at the same distance, so for all time, the Dynasty Brawl was held here.Hu Yingling had also now turned into a prosperous neutral city.

Tang Zichen traveled to Hu Ying Ridge two days early.

Tang Zichen didn't bring many people with him, just the few of them.

When they arrived at Hu Ying Ridge, Tang Zichen first stayed at an inn in Hu Ying Ridge.

"Guest, where are you guys from?"Walking into the inn, the innkeeper greeted him warmly.

"Mo's Dynasty."Tang Zichen replied.

"Oh."Hearing that it was from the Mo Dynasty, that innkeeper casually ohed, as if the Mo Dynasty was very unranked in their minds, after all, a dynasty that had been counting down for 500 consecutive years.

Tang Zichen didn't bother with an innkeeper.

Tang Zichen had just entered the inn not long after, when he heard a voice coming from the direction of the inn's restaurant, "Yo, the Mo Dynasty that has been counting down to number one for 500 consecutive years is here."

Tang Zichen looked towards the place where the sound came from and saw a man of the third stage of Tribulation, sitting with a few people of the first and second stage of Tribulation, drinking tea.

Mo Yuyan said, "They're from the Li Chen Dynasty."

"The Li Chen Dynasty?"

"Well, look at the family crest on their clothes."

"Rubbish."Tang Zichen directly said.

However, Tang Zichen's cry of trash was heard by those people.

"Bang."Those few Half Immortals from the Li Chen Dynasty heard Tang Zichen say that they were trash and slammed the table in anger.

"Hey, Mo Clan, who are you calling trash?"That man at the third stage of the tribulation shouted.

Originally, the Mo Dynasty, among the nine immortal cultivation dynasties, was the lowest in status, but I didn't expect it to be so grippy.

Tang Zichen coldly snorted, "Silly dog, how about calling all of you fools of the Li Chen Dynasty names?"

"Ah."Those few half-immortals of the Li Chen Dynasty were a bit dumbfounded, this person from the Mo Dynasty seemed to be a bit of a grifter.

"Kid, don't look for death, let your Long Huang Mo Qing come out."That man who was at the third stage of the tribulation said.

Tang Zichen said, "You really want to see him?I don't mind sending you to see him."

"Once?Do you believe I'll destroy the Mo Dynasty?Rotate all the women around you again?"

"Looking for death."Tang Zichen's figure moved.

"Bang."In the next second, the man from the Li Chen imperial dynasty who was at the third stage of the Tribulation, fell to the ground unconscious.

"Ah, Li Chenyao."A few other Half Immortals of the first and second stages of Tribulation were shocked and panicked to help the unconscious Li Chenyao up.

At the same time, they were terrified of Tang Zichen's strength.

Tang Zichen was also at the third stage of Tribulation and Li Chenyao was also at the third stage of Tribulation, as a result, Li Chenyao was unconscious before he could react.

Tang Zichen knocked Li Chenyao unconscious and snorted, "What a thing, you dare to be arrogant when you see people."


An old man of the second stage of the Li Chen Clan who was in the second stage of Tribulation raged, "What do you mean, Mo Dynasty?Wounding our family Li Chenyao, do you know that Li Chenyao is the prince identity of our Li Chenyao Dynasty?"

Tang Zichen said, "If you keep jabbering, you won't just be injured."

"Wait for us, your Mo Dynasty's Mo Green is dead, and you still dare to be so arrogant."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to nag and lifted his foot.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked the unconscious Li Chenyao in the head.

"Wow."Li Chenyao's brains splattered the faces of those few who were confused.

Since Li Chenyao was in a coma, his infant didn't take off his body and was directly kicked to death.

"Ah."Those few people were dumbfounded, not expecting the people from the Mo Dynasty to be so arrogant.

Tang Zichen said, "See, originally, this guy didn't have to die, just because you jabbered and tried to threaten me, that's why this guy was kicked to death by me."

"You."The bodies of those Li Chen Dynasty's half-immortals trembled, Li Chen Yao, ah, was the prince of their Li Chen Dynasty, their Long Emperor's most favored son, also a genius son, only less than a thousand years of life, cultivated to the third stage of tribulation, must be a big man in the future, and was a son that their Long Emperor was proud of in this life, their Long Emperor often boasted to others that he had a genius son.

However, with such a genius prince, in just a few minutes, he was kicked to death, and the one who kicked him to death was still from the Mo Dynasty, a dynasty that had been ranked in the bottom 500 years in a row. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen grunted and said, "My name is Tang Zichen, from the Mo Dynasty, if you, Li Chen Dynasty, are unhappy with this guy's death, try to come to me during the Dynasty Competition, I will settle the score when I have a score to settle."After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

"Go stay at another inn, there's no peace and quiet to be had by staying here anymore."Tang Zichen said.

"Good."Everyone followed Tang Zichen and left this inn.

Those few Half Immortals of the Li Chen Dynasty were still stupidly there, looking at the corpses on the ground, the brains all over the floor, they didn't seem to know what to do.

"What to do?"Those half-immortals of the first stage of Tribulation looked at that old man of the second stage.

"It's over, it's a wonder the Long Emperor doesn't let out a monstrous rage this time."

"Ooh, Li Chenyao, the most favored and proudest son of our Long Emperor, the future successor of our Li Chen Dynasty, I was expecting him to make a ruthless show of popularity in this Dynasty Competition, but as a result, he died after only his first day here."

Those few people from the Li Chen Dynasty all had bitter faces.

After Tang Zichen walked out of the inn, Lu Yuxi asked worriedly, "Tang Shao, will you cause any trouble by kicking yourself to death like this?"

"Trouble?Oh, who knows."

: "Brother Chen isn't afraid of trouble, I think the one who is afraid of trouble should be their Li Chen Dynasty."

Mu Qianji asked, "Zichen, every one of the nine immortal cultivation royal dynasties has at least one sixth stage of transmigration, are you sure you're not afraid?"

"Thousand Extremes, I'm now at the Third Stage of Tribulation, and the Twelve Sword Formation in my hand is equivalent to a pseudo-immortal weapon, a mere Sixth Stage of Tribulation, I guess, isn't enough for me to play with.Even if I really can't win against a Transmigration Sixth Stage, I still have so many Heavenly Scrolls on me, wouldn't it be a waste if I don't use them."

"Then according to you .

You're even able to walk across the Six Seas?"Tang Huan was pleasantly surprised.

"If the Six Seas doesn't have a Seventh Stage of Tribulation and the strongest is only a Sixth Stage of Tribulation, even if I can't walk horizontally, then I can at least walk diagonally."

"Speechless, what's the difference between walking horizontally and diagonally."Everyone laughed very speechlessly, Tang Zichen was so strong that he came to participate in the Dynasty Competition, everyone felt full of anticipation.

Although Mo Yuyan didn't say a word, she felt the greatest emotion, a few years ago, when she met Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was still being chased by the Shura Clan's Wangpi, in the blink of an eye, it was only a few years, Tang Zichen could fight against the sixth stage of Tribulation, Tang Zichen was truly the most genius person she had ever seen.Mo Yuyan thought of her father, I have to say that her father provoked Tang Zichen, he was really looking for his own death, to put it bluntly, called death is not enough, too ignorant of himself.Originally her father could have followed Tang Zichen to glory together, but as a result, it was all his own doing.

Thinking of this, Mo Yuyan's knot for Tang Zichen was untied a lot more, perhaps, can't really blame Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stayed at another inn in Hu Ying Ridge.

One by one, people from other immortal cultivation dynasties gradually came.

However, when the other Immortal Royal Dynasties arrived, they soon heard the news that Tang Zichen, of the Mo Dynasty, had killed Li Chen Yao of the Li Chen Dynasty.

Tang Zichen's name might not have been heard by many, but Li Chenyao was known to many.

Li Chenyao was a genius known for a long time.

Everyone was filled with incredulity when they learned that Li Chenyao had been killed.

"This time it's going to be the end, that Tang Zichen is afraid that he's going to kill the entire Mo Dynasty."

"Yeah, where did this Tang Zichen come from to kill Li Chenyao."

Every inn in Hu Yingling Ridge was talking about this matter, and it spread very quickly.

At this moment, at an inn, a certain hall was filled with people, but there was not a single sound, everyone held their breath, not daring to attract any attention.

An old man with a twisted face stood at the front of the hall.

Everyone was looking at this old man, who was at the sixth stage of tribulation, and his expression was extremely terrifying.

"Who is it, who killed my son."A few seconds later, that old man shrieked in anger.

That's right, this old man was the eldest emperor of the Li Chen dynasty, named Li Chen Kuo, at the sixth stage of the Transmigration.

It had been more than four hundred years since Li Chen Alone had stepped into the sixth stage of Tribulation, and even more years since he had participated in the Dynasty Brawl.

When Li Chenlong had just arrived at Hu Ying Ridge, his son, Li Chenyao, and a few other Half Immortals, arrived at Hu Ying Ridge one step ahead of him, but what he never expected was that when Li Chenlong arrived at Hu Ying Ridge, he got a sad news, his son, Li Chenyao, who arrived one step ahead of him, died.

"Who is it."Li Chenlong let out a sad and angry yell.

At that moment, a few Half Immortals of the Li Chen Imperial Dynasty who were at the scene panicked and walked out.

"Back, back to the Long Emperor, it's someone from the Mo Dynasty, he said that his name is Tang Zichen.Today at noon, not long after we arrived at that inn, that Tang Zichen came with a group of beautiful women, and when he learned that they were from the Mo Dynasty, His Highness the Prince he made a mockery of it, but I didn't expect that Tang Zichen was very strong, also at the third stage of tribulation, and directly spiked His Highness the Prince.Moreover, he also, if our Li Chen Dynasty has any dissatisfaction with the prince's death, we can always find him to settle the score."


"Tang Zichen, he's looking for death."Li Chen alone yelled in anger.But, as angry as he was, his son was already dead, and death couldn't come back to life.

"Ahhhh."Li Chen lonely let out a monstrous rage.

This matter, he would definitely create a demon, imagine, when he stepped into the next realm to cross over, how could he not create a demon, when that time, not only his son would die, even he could be struck by lightning, unless he could see past it, but he didn't have that big of a belly.Tang Zichen had killed not only his son, but also himself ah, so it was impossible to describe how deep this hatred was.

And right now, Tang Zichen was eating hotpot with his buddies in a forest on the outskirts of Hu Ying Ridge.

Eating hot pot this idea was thought up by Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen directly get a pot on the fire, and then there are countless game in the mountain, everyone just as if they were out for a spring trip, together, swish hot pot to eat.Tang Zichen didn't seem to worry at all, at the moment in the city of Hu Yingling Ridge, Tang Zichen's name has been on fire, and even more so there is an angry sixth stage of tribulation, trying to bite his teeth to overpower him.

Late that night, Tang Zichen and the others finished their hotpot before returning to the Inn of Hu Yingling.

Tomorrow, the Dynasty Brawl Meeting would officially begin.

The presiding party of the Dynasty Competition was the Lord of Hu Ying Ridge, and although the Lord of Hu Ying Ridge was also a half-immortal, he didn't belong to any dynasty, so he wouldn't take sides with anyone.

Of course, no one dared to cause trouble in Hu Yingling Ridge, as the lord of Hu Yingling Ridge was also a strong man of the sixth stage of tribulation.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen and the others woke up, ate breakfast, and headed straight to the scene of the Brawl.

Many, many people had already come to the site of the Brawl, and although the participants of the Brawl were the Nine Great Immortal Dynasties, many Immortal Families of the Six Seas as well as free loose cultivators would also take the opportunity to come and watch.Because the Dynasty Brawl had a rule that anyone could challenge the Nine Great Dynasties, so, over time, the Brawl would become an opportunity for those Immortal Families as well as free and casual cultivators to make a name for themselves. One second to remember to read the book

"Everyone, the fifty-yearly Dynasty Competition has officially begun."An old man of the sixth stage of Tribulation stood in mid-air, overlooking the countless immortal cultivators, then shouted.

"The Dynasty Brawl will only be about winning and losing, regardless of age, means, or method."

"The Dynasty Brawl is divided into two sections in total, the Mahayana section and the Half Immortal section.Starting from the first stage of the Mahayana stage and fighting until the ninth stage of the Mahayana stage, this period will last a total of ten days."

"Now, I would like to invite the nine great immortal dynasties, all those who wish to participate in the first stage of the Mahayana stage, to enter the battling stage, and then immediately begin the competition, there are no rules, no restrictions, until evening, the last person still standing is the winner of the first stage of the Mahayana stage.This victor belongs to whichever dynasty then gets a point."


Saying that, many men, women and children of the first stage of the Mahayana stage rushed out, there was a stage in the middle, not too big, not too small, just enough to accommodate everyone, anyone who was forced to leave the stage, or died in the formation, was considered to have lost.Of course, if one knew that they had no chance of winning, they would immediately leave the area of the stage automatically, thus saving their flesh and lives.

This group of men, women, and children of the first stage of the Mahayana stage didn't care about the rules, they would fight whenever they saw someone, and there was a whole day anyway, enough time for everyone to distinguish themselves.

All around.

The viewers, if they are not interested, automatically close their eyes and practice, if they are interested, then watch.

Tang Zichen and the others were not interested.

Mu Qianji said, "If I had known earlier, we would have brought a group of Mo Dynasty's Mahayana First Stage as well, making it so that there's no one on our side to participate now."

Tang Zichen said, "It'll be more than ten days until I show up, damn, I'm so tired of waiting."

"Uh, Zichen, what are you doing?"Mu Qianji was busy asking.

Tang Zichen stood up and said, "I, Tang Zichen, don't follow the routine, they arranged to conduct the brawl like this, but I, Tang Zichen, prefer not to follow theirs.The first stage of the Mahayana stage fights for a day, the second stage fights for a day, and the third stage fights for another day, what the hell, let people still sleep."

"Uh, what does this have to do with sleep."Tang Huan asked speechlessly.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I say it has something to do with it."

"Okay, you win."Tang Jia rolled his eyes in speechlessness.

"Zichen, since you've come to participate in the competition, just obey Hu Yingling's arrangements well, anyway, it's only ten days after the Mahayana competition, and after that it's the second day of the Half Immortal part, and you're at the second stage of the Tribulation, and it's only the second day of the Half Immortal part."Mu Qianji advised.

"I don't have the heart to follow anyone else's arrangements, I'm going to appear early."After saying that, Tang Zichen flew out, while shouting, "Stop."

At this moment, everyone was startled, many of them were in a nervous and excited mood watching the first stage of the Mahayana Stage Immortal fight, but suddenly there was a stop.

Everyone looked towards the lord of the Hu Ying Ridge and subconsciously thought that it was the lord who had shouted stop, because the lord was the host.

However, the lord also looked confused at the moment, who the hell was shouting stop, but dared to mess up in his Hu Yingling Ridge, since ancient times, no dynasty dared to mess up in Hu Yingling Ridge, Hu Yingling Ridge was a neutral power in the six seas, equivalent to the United Nations, and was sheltered by every dynasty, besides, the lord was not weak.

"Stop, all of you."Tang Zichen shouted and flew out of the crowd.

Finally, everyone saw who the person who shouted stop was.

It was a graceful and handsome man, and a half-immortal of the second stage of robbery.

"How does a Second Stage Tribulation Half Immortal have the nerve to openly shout stop, isn't he afraid of causing public outrage?"

At this moment, in the crowd in the other direction, an old man suddenly trembled when he saw Tang Zichen: "Ah, it's him."This old man was the same Second Stage of Tribulation who was at the scene when Tang Zichen killed Li Chenyao earlier.

That Transmigration Second Order immediately went to report to their Li Chen Dynasty's Eldest Emperor, and to be honest, the Li Chen Dynasty's Eldest Emperor had wanted to kill Tang Zichen yesterday, but there were too many spectators coming to Hu Ying Ridge to find Tang Zichen, and it seemed as if Tang Zichen was hiding on purpose.(In fact, Tang Zichen went to the countryside to eat hotpot last night.)

The lord of the Hu Yingling Ridge, seeing that the competition had only just begun, was shouted at to stop, and he suddenly looked very ugly, which was deliberately provoking their authority of the Hu Yingling Ridge.

The lord suddenly flew out and said angrily, "Which dynasty are you from, why are you hindering the Scramble Meeting."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm from the Mo Dynasty, I really don't have the patience to wait any longer, so I'm going to make an early appearance."


"Don Zichen?It's you."The lord was startled, although he didn't know Tang Zichen either, but he naturally knew about the incident of Li Chenyao being killed yesterday, and the person who killed Li Chenyao was called Tang Zichen, that's why the lord said it was you at this moment.

Tang Zichen smiled, "So the lords of Hu Ying Ridge know me, it seems that I, Tang someone, still have some fame."Tang Zichen smiled proudly.

The lord said in his heart, "Fame is nothing, it's not just that I heard about killing Li Chenyao yesterday.

The lord said, "Tang Zichen, I don't care who you are, today is the day of the Nine Dynasties Competition, if you dare to make trouble, then don't blame me for not giving you any face."The lord's face turned cold.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "My lord, I really want to say to you, you deserve to give me face too?"

"Don Zichen, you."The lord was furious.

The crowd was also shocked when they heard Tang Zichen's words, never expecting Tang Zichen to say such words.

"Tang Zichen, you're looking for death."The lord's face was cold and murderous.

Tang Zichen said, "If you want to find a fight, you can have it at any time."

"Fuck you old mother."The lord was so angry at Tang Zichen's tone that he wanted to kill.

The lord was about to do it when a yell came from the distance, "Tang Zichen, you're going to suffer." The first website

Everyone was immediately drawn to the yell from afar and looked into the air in the distance, only to see the eldest emperor of the Li Chen dynasty, Li Chen Kuo, flying over with an angry face.

"Li Chen Lone?"The lord was stunned, but he reacted in the next second, Tang Zichen had killed his son, Li Chenyao.

Tang Zichen looked at the person flying in the distance and arrived at the front in a few blinks.

Li Chenyao raged, "Tang Zichen, you killed my son, you."Li Chenchen's loneliness seemed to be so angry that he couldn't speak.

Tang Zichen said: "So the person I killed yesterday was your son, I told you yesterday that if you Li Chen Imperial Dynasty has a problem with my actions, you can always find me to settle the score."

"Today, I'll have you shredded into a million pieces."Li Chen lonely yelled.

Tang Zichen said: "There's no harm, I, Tang Zichen, love to break into pieces, you two might as well form a partnership and do it together, it will also save me the time of having to fight twice."

Everyone at the scene was shocked to hear Tang Zichen's words, a Second Stage of Tribulation, facing two Sixth Stage of Tribulation, not panicking at all, and so arrogant.

Li Chenlong and the lord looked at each other, both of them seriously showed incomparable anger, Tang Zichen let them go together, obviously making them both feel despised.

The lord said, "Against you, one thought is enough for me."

Saying that, the lord moved his mind and suddenly a black dot flashed in Tang Zichen's eyes, the black dot was too fast.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen had been prepared, and the moment the black dot appeared, Tang Zichen's Twelve Sword Formation was in operation.

Both the lord and Li Chen alone were surrounded by Tang Zichen's sword formation.

Entering Tang Zichen's Twelve Sword Formation, all of a sudden, Tang Zichen's momentum increased, seemingly not needing to be weaker at all than the Lords and Li Chenxuo, and, completely unable to see Tang Zichen's figure, could only see Tang Zichen's shadow.

"Ah, what's going on?"

"Are we trapped in some kind of formation?"

"Swoosh."Just at this moment, Li Chen lonely suddenly felt that something passed through his chest.

Li Chenlong touched his chest and discovered that a bowl-sized hole in his chest and blood was flowing out of that blood hole of his like crazy.

"Ah."Li Chen Lone.

Foolishly, he had no idea when something had pierced his body.

Likewise, the lord felt something through his chest, a touch, a handful of blood.

"Are you convinced or not."At that moment, the voice of Don Zichen was heard, and the two men looked up, but Don Zichen's shadow was standing above them.It was as if they could only see the shadow of the sun shining, but they couldn't see where the person was standing.This was the fourth set of Tang Zichen's Twelve Sword Formation, 'Invisible.'

Both Li Chen alone and the lord felt creeped out.

Of course, this was the feeling of being in Tang Zichen's Twelve Sword Formations, and as an onlooker, they could naturally see where Tang Zichen was.Only those who were in it would feel as if they were in a vast and incomparable desert, not knowing which direction to go, and only hearing his voice but not seeing his person.

The lord yelled, "Tang Zichen, what kind of scheme are you playing, you have the guts to come forward."

"Ridiculous, I've been right by your side all along, in that case, eat my sword again so that you can know if I've been by your side all along."

"Swoosh."The lord didn't see the shadow at all and looked down to see another hole in his stomach.

"Ah."The lord panicked and used his spiritual energy to repair his body.

Tang Zichen said, "Li Chen lonely, what about you?Any more thoughts on me killing your son?"


In the next second, another blood hole appeared on Li Chenlong's body.

What Tang Zichen said: "Hu Ying Ridge Master, Li Chen lonely, you are no match for me, I could have just exploded your skulls at this moment, if you still have any self-awareness, you better make your attitude clear right away, otherwise, there will only be death."

"Tang Zichen, what kind of magic weapon did you use, why don't you dare to fight me face to face."The lord bellowed unwillingly.

"I've always been face to face with you, it's just that you're wrapped in my sword formation and you can't see me."

"Ah, the sword formation."Li Chenlong and the lord were both shocked.

Sword formation was an ancient era technique long lost, which was the use of swords to form a sword formation, which was exactly the effect of one plus one equals ten.If the sword was still a high-grade sword, then the sword formation formed would be even stronger.In the ancient times, those who could use sword formations were almost invincible in the same class, as they had a constant companion formation while fighting.

However, hadn't the sword formation been lost long ago?

Why does Don Tzu-Chen have a sword battle?

Li Chenchen Solitary and the lord's faces were white.

No wonder Tang Zichen was so crazy, he didn't care in the slightest even if he killed Li Chenchen's son, and no wonder Tang Zichen was able to defeat them with just the second stage of the robbery, it was the sword formation.

"Tang Zichen, how could you have a sword formation, the sword formation has long been lost."The lord said with a face of reluctance.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Now I'm the one asking you, obey me or not, if you don't, I can give you another sword."


"Obey or not?"

The lord was very upset, or maybe, he couldn't pull off convincing, after all, with so many people watching, it would be too humiliating for him to lower his head to convince the lord of the Hu Ying Ridge, where was his pressure.

"Looks like you're not convinced."After saying that, Tang Zichen's mind moved and one of his swords quickly flew past.

"Ah."One of the lord's legs was sliced off like a carrot.

The lord let out a muffled cry.

"Lords, if you can't pull a face to convince, then it's your life that's lost.I'll give you three seconds, one, two."


At the moment, the lord was clearly outraged to the extreme, but helpless to the extreme.


"Obey."As soon as Tang Zichen shouted three, the lord subconsciously shouted obey.

Tang Zichen said, "Lower your head,,, don't shout so loud, I can't hear you."

The lord bit his teeth and lowered his head helplessly, "Obey."

"Very well.Then, Li Chen lonely, how about you?Do you have any more thoughts about me killing your son?"

"You."Li Chenkou was filled with rage right now, he wanted to kill Tang Zichen to take revenge, but as a result, Tang Zichen was a man with a sword formation, and he was no match for him only at the second stage of robbery.Although neither Li Chenxiu nor the Lords were the strongest in the Six Seas, since even they were no match, the strongest one in the Six Seas might not be much stronger than Tang Zichen.

"Ah."In the next second, Li Chenlong also lost a leg.

"Li Chen alone, answer me, do you still dare to have an idea?"

Li Chen lonely teeth: "I dare not."

"Louder." Remember the URL

"Don't dare."Li Chenlong shouted through clenched teeth, he and the lord, both of them, clearly hated it, but there was nothing they could do about it.

"Very well, then, today's score is settled."After saying that, Tang Zichen withdrew the sword formation, the lord and Li Chenlong, only then did they see that Tang Zichen was standing not far in front of them.

They were arrogant and full of murderous anger before, but now they were like two defeated roosters.

Everyone at the scene was shocked that Tang Zichen, who had suddenly appeared, had beaten both Hu Ying Ridge Master and Li Chenkong so thoroughly.

Tang Zichen also announced to everyone at the scene, "Listen everyone, the Mo Dynasty, from today onwards, is officially dissolved, the Tang Ji Gate, is officially listed, I, Tang someone, will be the opening ancestor of the Tang Ji Gate.Of course, if you want to enter my Tangji Gate, you must pass a heavy examination.Those immortals who are fortunate enough to become my successor in the future will be able to learn my sword formation techniques.Alright, Dynasty Competition, you guys continue."Tang Zichen turned around and flew away.

The scene was abuzz with discussion.

Everyone had just seen Tang Zichen's sword formation, learning the sword formation could completely defeat the strong with the weak, it was a lost secret art from the ancient times, just now everyone was wondering how to get Tang Zichen's sword formation secret art, but now, a path was in front of them.

Many of the many loose cultivators at the scene, as well as the sons and daughters of many great families, were secretly shaking their fists, thinking that they must find a way to enter the Tang Ji Gate and obtain Tang Zichen's Sword Formation Technique.Of course, most of these people were not sincere, they were self-conscious of their noble status, they definitely couldn't pull themselves up to worship Tang Zichen as their master, they were simply mixing into the Tang Extreme Gate and then getting the Sword Formation Technique, for such people, Tang Zichen wouldn't even let them touch the door of the Tang Extreme Gate.

Tang Zichen left the scene of the tournament, Tang Zichen had already defeated the two strong men of the sixth stage, there was no need to continue to participate in the tournament, to do so would be to pretend to be a competitor as well as self-depreciating.

Tang Zichen returned to the inn, as did Mu Qianji and the others.

"Zichen, are you officially ready to establish your power?"


"Why is it called the Tangible Gate?"

"Tang is taken from my surname, pole, which means extreme.I want this sect, to reach the extreme, to reach the pinnacle, not only in strength, but also in future legacy.


"Well, the name is quite profound, I'm sure that this sect of yours will be as you wish."

Tang Zichen suddenly sighed.

"Uh, why are you sighing?"Mu Qianji was busy asking.

"Qianji, you do not know that this is not the first time I have established a sect, today I am here to establish the Tang Ji Gate, did you know that hundreds of years ago, I established a sect called the 'Endless Gate' in the mortal realm."

"Uh, the Endless Gate?"

"Yes, speaking of which, it was really founded by the same person, the Tang Chi Gate and the Endless Gate, both have names that are similar in meaning.

Tang Huan asked, "What about the Endless Gate that you founded in the Mortal Realm now?"

"I don't know, maybe it perished.Maybe it still exists, who knows, today I set up another Tangible Gate, and for a moment, it made me think back to when I was young.At that time, I was surrounded by a group of people as well, and we established the Endless Gate.And today, I set up the Tang Chi Gate, and there was a group of people around me as well.It's just that the group of people around me at the beginning is no longer the same group of people around me today.Other than the little fire that has Yan Xingyi."

Tang Zichen was deeply touched within.

Yan Xinyi sighed, "Things are not what they used to be, it's really the endless vicissitudes, this time down, you can go to the Endless Gate to take a look, after all, back then, the Endless Gate was your heart's blood.Maybe the Endless Door still exists today, after all, when you founded the Endless Door back then, you left behind a set of Endless Techniques, and with the Jiang Hu environment at that time, your Endless Techniques far surpassed the other Jiang Hu sects."

"I hope so."

"Then, if there's nothing else, let's go back."

"Fine, there's still a lot to deal with when we go back, but surprisingly we're building the Tang Chi Gate on the foundation of the Mo Clan Dynasty, so the Tang Clan will have to have their clansmen move away.Of course, out of respect for the Mo Clan, you can lower the requirements for Tang Clan clansmen to enter the Tang Chi Gate."

Tang Zichen and the others returned to the Mo Clan Dynasty.

After returning, Tang Zichen officially sorted them out, and all those useless waste of the Mo Clan were cleared out of the palace area, but they could be allowed to live within three circles, which could be considered as giving them some privileges.For the Mo clan members with more potential, Tang Zichen let them join Tang Ji Gate and become Tang Ji Gate's fourth class disciples.

Tang Zichen set up several status levels of the Tang Ji Gate from top to bottom, including the Gate Master Tang Zichen, the Vice Gate Master Mu Qianji, and everyone else, then the Gate Master's successor, the Vice Gate Master's successor, the First Class Disciple, the Second Class Disciple, the Third Class Disciple, and the Fourth Class Disciple.

The fourth class disciple was the lowest status.

Usually, unless they were specially recruited, they would always start as a fourth class disciple.

The only people who had the opportunity to learn Tang Zichen's sword formation techniques were the disciple master's successors.

In other words, Tang Zichen's disciples, the rest of them, did not have the opportunity to learn the sword formation technique.

The Tang Ji Gate, was thus officially born, and within half a month, all the cultivators of the entire Six Seas knew that a new Tang Ji Gate had been established at the original address of the Mo Dynasty.

This Tang Ji Gate seemed to be very strong, and its master, Tang Zichen, used a sword formation to defeat Li Chen lonely and Hu Yingling Lord.

Every day, many immortal cultivators came to the Tang Ji Gate for assessment and wanted to enter the Tang Ji Gate.

However, the ones who could pass the assessment and were favored by Tang Ji Gate were extremely rare.

As for those who became Tang Zichen's successors, there were even fewer.


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