The King of Kungfu in school 1831-1840


Chapter 1831

"When you cross the threshold, your mind expands countless times, and even a little bit of unusual thoughts are likely to lead to failure.Zichen, you keep saying that you've put it down, but in fact, you haven't."Mu Qianji said.

"Really? Where have I not put it down, what does it take to show that I've put it down?"Tang Zichen was unconvinced.

Mu Qianji hesitated and said, "Do you really want me to give you an example?"

"You tell me, I'd like to see where I haven't put it down."

"Good, Zichen, do you remember before when I told you to marry Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi?What did you say to me then?You said that you didn't want to be surrounded by hordes of them again, so sorry for your wives in the mortal realm, and that's a very typical example of not putting it down."

"Ah."Tang Zichen's body trembled.

Mu Qianji was on point, Tang Zichen did avoid this issue every time, Tang Zichen vowed to never find another woman when he reached the spirit world, his heart would forever be reserved for those hairy wives of the mortal world.

This, was an obsession, if Tang Zichen really let go of it, he would not force himself, but let his heart be.

Tang Zichen's heart obviously likes to see beautiful women and still have feelings, but he has to force himself to guard those people in his heart.

The night when Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan became a Daoist couple, Tang Zichen couldn't sleep in the middle of the night, standing in front of the window and looking out, repenting inside to the women in his heart.

This matter, Mo Yuyan all know. The first website

Tang Zichen had nothing to say.

"Zichen, am I right?If you really let go, you won't think about not being able to wrong them, but do whatever your heart desires.One time, I saw you show a look of admiration for Lv Yuxi's slim body, you obviously wanted to have a woman as beautiful as Lv Yuxi, but you had to tell yourself that you didn't want to at all.So now, when it comes to the tribulation, all your demons erupt out."

On one side, Lu Yuxi lowered her head and bit her lips, as if she was sneaking a smile, she was very happy to hear Mu Qianji say this, and in her heart, she seemed to be saying, Tang Shao, so you did this to me behind my back and pretended to be uninterested in me.

Everyone was silent for a while, they all looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't know what to say, got up and walked away.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, I actually felt from the beginning that you hadn't let go of the mortal realm yet, at that time I was a little worried that you would have a demon when you reached the transmigration stage.The reason why I repeatedly advised you to marry Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin and the others in the past was not because I was so generous, on the one hand I wanted to test if you had let go of your heart, on the other hand I also didn't want you to have regrets and end up brewing a heart demon."

Tang Zichen didn't look back and said, "Thank you.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, whenever you do what's in your heart, your demons will be completely unraveled.I know you're a mercurial person, but listen to me, forget, the past is gone, grasp the present and the future."

"I'm thinking about it some more."Don walked away and was alone in the chamber.

It was a very difficult decision.

Ten days flew by in a flash.

Unfortunately, after spending ten days, Tang Zichen still hadn't completely figured it out.

Perhaps, Tang Zichen still needed some more time to heal his heart.

Ten days later, a guard came to look for Tang Zichen.

"Senior Tang, His Majesty the Long Emperor has asked you to take a trip."

Tang Zichen didn't have a good mood, "What are you looking for me for?"

Tang Zichen was a bit irritated inside, he was having demons himself, he was in a bad mood, this

Mo Qing came to interfere again, fire, Tang Zichen really wanted to pinch him, regardless of what kind of Mo Yuyan's father he was.

That guard said, "Senior Tang, His Eternal Majesty doesn't look too good, don't ask, hurry over."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm still not in a good mood, you can go, I'll go over when I'm free."

Tang Zichen didn't go over right away, but sat down and practiced his twelve sword formations.

After crossing the thunderstorm, Tang Zichen hadn't yet gone to practice his twelve sword formations, before when he hadn't crossed the thunderstorm, Tang Zichen was able to practice his first set of sword formations, but now that he had crossed a thunderstorm, his strength had increased a lot.

Tang Zichen gave it a try, and sure enough, he was able to practice the second set of the Twelve Sword Formation.

The second set was much more powerful.

Previously, Tang Zichen could almost spike the fourth stage of Tribulation, but now, Tang Zichen was confident that he could spike the fifth stage of Tribulation, of course, provided that the opponent did not have a pseudo-immortal weapon.If the opponent had a pseudo-immortal weapon, Tang Zichen might not even be a match for the Second Stage of Tribulation, after all, Tang Zichen's Twelve Sword Formation was only equivalent to the power of a pseudo-immortal weapon.

After Tang Zichen finished his rehearsal, more than an hour had passed.

Only then did Tang Zichen get up and head to Mo Qing's palace.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Mo Qing, I hope you don't force me, otherwise, I won't be polite, this isn't the time to be in the mortal world and still talk about favors, in the cruel world of immortal cultivation, there are no favors at all, I'll kill anyone who makes me unhappy, I already have a demon, I don't want to add another one."

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at Mo Qing's palace.

Mo Qing sat in the palace with a black face, he had been waiting for an hour for Tang Zichen to arrive late.

"Uncle Qing, you're looking for me."

Mo Qing asked with a black face, "I asked you to invite you, and you're only here now?"

Tang Zichen said, "Something's delayed."

"Tang Zichen, I see that you don't even care about me as your father-in-law."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I don't even have myself in my sights right now.Alright, say what's on your mind."

"Tang Zichen, how are you considering the matter I asked you to consider ten days ago?"

Tang Zichen played dumb and asked, "What is it?"

"You, surprisingly, didn't take my words to heart."

"Uncle Qing, I remember, you mean, the Gathering Spirit Formation, right?"

"Yes, I've given you my daughter as a doormat, and I haven't asked you for a penny of the retainer, have I."


"So, I've been generous enough, haven't I, and now I'm letting you use your Spirit Gathering Formation in advance, so it's considered a retainer."Mo Qing was rude.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm sorry, I don't want to."

"Since you don't want to, then, from today onwards, Yuyan and you will officially dissolve the dao couple relationship, and please also leave the Mo Dynasty.Yuyan will become a member of some big power in the Seven Seas in the future, and each will have nothing to do with the other in the future."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Do you think, you're the long emperor, you're in charge of everything?"

"What, are you going to rebel against me?"

"If you're bent on finding a fight, I haven't tried."

"Tang Zichen, you dare."

"Mo Qing, for the sake of Mo Yuyan, I won't do anything to you, don't say I won't give you a chance, if you can hold on to my hand for ten seconds without losing, I'll do it for you."


"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, are you going to use those scrolls of yours on me?You think you're relying on scrolls, and that's what you're really good at?"

"Don't worry, I will never use the scrolls."

"That's what you said, if you don't use the scrolls, you're weak as ants before me."

"Then go ahead and try."Tang Zichen waved his hand, he really had to teach Mo Qing a lesson, what a leaning on the old.

Mo Qing flipped his hand and struck with a sword, his mouth also said, "Then I'll teach you a lesson, you ungrateful white wolf."

Tang Zichen's heart was on fire, he actually said he was ungrateful, really damn fire, the world has never seen such an unreasonable person.

Some people, once their lust for profit has become so great, they really become scary.

Tang Zichen's twelve sword formations came out.


"Boom."Tang Zichen just made a casual cut, and Mo Qing flew away straight away.

"Ah."Mo Qing also let out a scream and his entire body was zapped into the sky. Remember the website

Tang Zichen stomped his feet and shot into the sky.

Tang Zichen grabbed Mo Qing and landed on the ground in an instant.

Mo Qing was unsteady on his feet and fell to the ground, at the moment, he was completely dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, Mo Qing, up until now, it hasn't even been ten seconds, let alone ten seconds of support in my hands, you're defeated."

"Ah, so that would be the case, you've only just stepped into the first step of the robbery."Mo Qing was befuddled.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't ask if it's possible, just ask if you're convinced."

"Tang Zichen, I'm your father-in-law, what do you want to do to me?"

"In the immortal world, father-in-law is nothing, whoever has a hard fist is grandpa.I've already given you enough face, if it were anyone else, I'm afraid I would have already chopped you to death."Tang Zichen said rudely.

However, Mo Qing couldn't refute anything, he couldn't say that he didn't respect his elders, and in this murderous world, such words as respecting elders were too ridiculous.

"Mo Qing, if you dare to mention that Spirit Gathering Formation in front of me again in the future, I'll never be polite."

"Hmph, I don't think I've overdone it, and my request is reasonable."

"Pah."Tang Zichen couldn't hold back and slapped it, after slapping it, Tang Zichen also regretted it a bit too impulsively.

"You, how dare you hit me."

Since he hit, Tang Zichen could only admit it, Tang Zichen snorted, "If it were someone else, it would be death, Mo Qing, don't challenge my patience."

"Count you cruel, I'll talk to my daughter about this."


Tang Zichen flew back to the palace.

Everyone immediately came up and asked, "Did you have a fight with Mo Qing?"

Tang Zichen nodded, half of the palace had collapsed from that beheading just now, it must have been seen long ago, only the average person couldn't see the shadow.

And right now, in another part of the palace, Song Complaint was in deep thought.

"Tang Zichen actually fought with Mo Qing just now, what kind of signal is that?"

Song Blame was wondering if it was time to stand in line.

"Am I on Tang Zichen's team, or Mo Qing's?"

After hesitating for a bit, Song Complaint decisively chose to side with Tang Zichen's team, so Song Complaint immediately went to find Tang Zichen.

At Tang Zichen's house, Tang Zichen had just finished telling the story of the fight with Mo Qing.

Yan Xinyi said, "You shouldn't have slapped that, how can you explain to Mo Qing."

Tang Zichen said, "No need to explain, I formed a daoist couple with Mo Yuyan because she was Wei Cherry in her previous life, not because she was Mo Yuyan.If she's really angry with me because of this, then I'll let

She chooses, if she wants to be Wei Sakura or Mo Yuyan, if she wants to be Mo Yuyan, then dissolve the relationship."


Tang Zichen said, "I've suddenly figured out that I can do whatever I want, I'll get whatever woman I like, I don't have to be bound by any invisible constraints anymore, and I don't have to feel sorry for anyone."

After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately looked at Lu Yuxi.

"Ah, Tang Shao, why are you looking at me like that."Lv Yuxi's body trembled.

Tang Zichen walked up to Lv Yuxi, held Lv Yuxi at the waist and said, "Blossoms can be bent, don't wait for empty branches, Lv Yuxi, how can a great youth be wasted like this."

Lv Yu Xi blushed and said, "Tang Shao, what are you doing, let go of me."

"Hahaha, what are you afraid of, are you afraid of being laughed at?"

"Don, the court is wide open."

"Everyone understands."Tang Zichen carried Lu Yuxi into the room.

The rest of the people were stunned.

Mu Qianji sighed and said, "As long as he can unravel his demons, whatever is good."

Tang Zichen hugged Lu Yuxi and caressed the graceful and touching softness of Lu Yuxi's graceful body.

"Tang Shao."Lv Yuxi was blushing with shame.

"Yu Xi, actually, you're really sexy."

"Tang Shao."Lu Yuxi called out again with a voice daddy, making her body soft to the ears.

"Oh, Yu Xi, although I've never dared to touch you and only want to fantasize about you occasionally, I'm afraid that if you really got naked by another man, I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to accept it, and I'm afraid that it would become a demon within me.In fact, I have let down many people in my life, in the mortal world, I really missed many girls because of some of my stubbornness, for example, Wen Qi, Xu Yan, Chang Sun Hongyan, Wei Sakura, Cheng Xiao Ju, and so on, some of them I can't remember the names."

"Uh, Tang Shao, who are they all?"

"Oh, you don't know, forget it, why am I telling you this."

"Tang, are you regretting it?"

"Yes. If I were to turn back time, I wouldn't want to miss out on any woman who liked me and was ever nice to me."

"Then why did you miss out in the first place?"

"Because of some stubborn thoughts I have, because I don't always want to be sorry for anyone, always, too many personal reasons.If I miss you today, I think I'll regret today someday in the future."

"Tang Shao, I like you too."Lu Yuxi said incessantly with excitement.

"Oh, I know."Tang Zichen slowly peeled off Lu Yuxi's clothes, and Lu Yuxi didn't put up any resistance, full of anticipation, wondering what the man-woman thing was like that she had been fantasizing about.

Just at this moment, shouts came from outside, "Zichen, Song Grievance is asking for an audience."

Tang Zichen was depressed, he and Lu Yuxi were about to do something, but he came to see him.

"Tell him to wait."

"That's not good."

"I've taken off all my clothes, you guys watch."


Mu Qianji had to say to Song Complaint in the living room, "Tang Zichen is busy, you wait for a while ah, he should be finished soon."

"Nothing nothing nothing, let him be busy first."

"C'mon, serve tea."

At that moment, another Half Immortal came at the door, it was Liu Bing.There were only three Half Immortals in the Mo Dynasty, Mo Qing, Song Resentment and Liu Bing, and now, both Song Resentment and Liu Bing had come to see Tang Zichen, and they didn't know what it was because of.

"Uh, Resentment Sky, you're here too."

"Haha, you're here too."The two of them looked at each other with a look of mutual understanding.

They both saw the fight between Tang Zichen and Mo Qing, and then, decided to take sides.


A few hours later, Tang Zichen walked out of the room, refreshed for a moment, then came to the living room where Song Complaint and Liu Bing were waiting for Tang Zichen.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."Tang Zichen walked in.

Song Complaint and Liu Bing stood up in a panic and paid their respects, "Greetings to His Majesty the Long Emperor."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "Do you guys know what you're talking about?"

"Greetings to His Majesty the Long Emperor."The two of them clearly paid their respects once again.

Tang Zichen gazed at them, but despite their rudeness, Tang Zichen wasn't really angry, though Tang Zichen didn't have any desire to be the long emperor.

"Alright, I'm not the long king, so don't say that again."

Song Complaint said, "Brother Tang, in our hearts, you are the new long emperor of the Mo Dynasty."

Liu Bing was busy saying, "What Mo's Dynasty, it's the Tang Dynasty."

"Yes, yes, the Tang Dynasty."Song Complaint was busy changing his mouth.

Tang Zichen smiled, "You guys misunderstood me, I have no ambition to seek to usurp the throne." One second to remember to read the book

"Brother Tang, we all saw the scene where you fought with Mo Qing, and although we don't know why you fought, we all saw that there was no discord between you and Mo Qing as the outside world thought."

"Yes, it's true that you don't get along, but I haven't thought of plotting to usurp the throne either."


"Why should I turn into a Tang Dynasty any more, the people who live in the palace are all surnamed Mo, not Tang."

"But in the future, slowly, you will also have more and more offspring ah, and then your offspring will be able to live in the palace for a long time, the place where the aura is strongest."

"Offspring, huh."Tang Zichen shook his head, Tang Zichen really didn't want to reproduce his children and grandchildren in the spirit world, in the mortal world, he had already had a full house of children and grandchildren once, what was the point of doing it again.

"Don't call me Chang Huang from now on, Mo Qing and I aren't as discordant as you think, you mustn't get the wrong idea."

"Yes, Brother Tang, then we'll go back first."

Song Complaint and Liu Bing had to leave, not expecting that they got the meaning wrong, fortunately Tang Zichen wasn't unhappy.

For the next half month, apart from cultivation, Tang Zichen was warm and cozy with Lv Yuxi, and Lv Yuxi enjoyed the nourishment of Tang Zichen's rain.

Lv Yu Xi was a little embarrassed.

"Tang Shao, you've been looking for me for the past few days, will Sister Qianji be angry ah, and Mo Yuyan.Also, since you've even that me, what about Tang Huan?And what about Light Water, Xia Xiaoxin and the others?"Lu Yuxi asked in a small voice, although she also wanted Tang Zichen to find her every time, she was a bit embarrassed.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, Tang Huan, Xiaoxin, Light Water, none of them can escape."

"Then when will you be with them?"

"Hahaha, why do I have to eat all the good stuff at once."

"Oh, I see."

Tang Zichen didn't know if he would be a bit winded by suddenly releasing his heart, but this way, he was indeed living a quick life without constraints.

"Senior Tang, His Eternal Majesty has asked you to take a trip."Another few days later, a guard came to inform.

Tang Zichen muttered, did Mo Qing's skin itch again, trying to persuade Tang Zichen to use the Spirit Gathering Formation again?

I hadn't seen Mo Qing since the last time I beat him up, and it was time to go see him.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at Mo Qing's palace.

When Tang Zichen walked into the palace, Tang Zichen wanted to call him Uncle Qing, but after the unpleasantness that happened last time, Tang Zichen couldn't call him anymore.

Tang Zichen clearly didn't want to be polite to him inside, so Tang Zichen followed his heart and said directly and rudely, "Mo Qing, what are you looking for me?"

Mo Qing was startled for a moment, then said somewhat unhappily, "Even if you didn't call me Father before, you would at least call me Uncle Qing, but now it's good that you don't even call me Uncle Qing anymore, you just call me Mo Qing."

Tang Zichen said, "You don't deserve for me to call you that."

"If that's the case, then why are you still staying here, you can leave the Mo Dynasty forever."

Tang Zichen said, "If I leave the Mo Dynasty, with you being able to hold on to this place?"

"Although you're stronger than me, outsiders don't know that you think it's your might that shakes the four corners of the world?"

"Cut the crap, what do you want from me?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I called you here, naturally I have something to do.Do you remember what I told you last time, the Mi Clan of Immortalism that originally submitted to us, they had a letter sent to me.Their letter said that their family is having a clan celebration in a few days, and they want to invite me to a wedding banquet."

Tang Zichen said, "Then you'll go and drink it, do you want me to help you prepare the gift money."

"Hmph, do you think it's really as simple as drinking the wedding banquet?I've already gotten a secret letter, and that patriarch of the Mi Clan's Immortal Clan has already cultivated to the fifth stage of Tribulation, and has already survived five thunderstorms.They've already tried to force me into the palace, and this time, they deliberately called me there and then controlled me, so I can't go."

"So, you want me to go?"

"Shouldn't you go?Unless you want to pledge allegiance to the Mi Clan Immortal Clan."

"Alright, I'll go, leave this matter to me, I, Tang, haven't put it in the eyes of a mere Mi Clan Immortal Family."Tang Zichen said and turned around to walk away.

Mo Qing looked at Tang Zichen's back, he was unhappy but helpless, since he had been beaten up last time, he no longer dared to think about Tang Zichen's Spirit Gathering Formation.Now that Mo Qing thought about it, it felt like he was too impulsive before, and also, Mo Qing learned that Tang Zichen hadn't visited his daughter for more than a month, Mo Qing was a little afraid that Tang Zichen would just take his place.However, he couldn't lower his head to apologize to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked out of Mo Qing's palace gate and suddenly stopped.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Strange, the aura of the palace where Mo Qing lives is much stronger than where I live, ah, also inside the palace, how come there is still a difference?"

Tang Zichen went back and called Song Complaint Sky.

"Song Complaint, is the aura of the palace where Mo Qing lives stronger than where we live?"

Song Complaint nodded, "Of course ah, there's no doubt about it ah, the entire Mo Dynasty, with the palace as the center, the further out, the thinner the aura.However, when you are in the center of the palace, the aura is different, and the center where Mo Qing lives, the aura is even more dense.The room where Mo Qing lived, the position where the bed was set up, right in the middle of the bed, was the core point of the aura, and the concentration of the aura was 950 times higher than the rest of the palace, the so-called Nine Fifths, that's what it meant.Only the Long King can enjoy this kind of nine-five treatment."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows wrinkled, before Tang Zichen thought that the aura was the same throughout the entire range of the palace, but he didn't expect that the aura of Mo Qing's palace was even more concentrated, and what he didn't expect was that Mo Qing's bed was even made 950 times more.


Just imagine, sleeping on this 950 times aura bed every day, over a long period of time, how powerful the benefits will be.

Song Complaint said, "Brother Tang, so you didn't know, I thought you knew, that's why I thought last time that you might want to take your place, Liu Bing and I both recognize you as the Long Emperor."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, not knowing what he was thinking.

Song Complaint continued, "Brother Tang, you can actually take your place.In the entire Sea of Sixfold, there are only nine Nine-Five Beds, and these nine Nine-Five Beds are in the bedrooms of the nine Immortal Emperor Royalty."

Tang Zichen nodded, "You go back first, I have my own plans."

"Brother Tang, no matter what you decide, I'll follow your wishes."


Song Complaint left, and Tang Zichen fell into contemplation.

"Damn, should I just take Mo Qing's bed or not... 950 times Spiritual Qi ah, it's really a waste to give it to Mo Qing, if I give it to me, I'll definitely cultivate faster in the long run.Moreover, I often let Qianjie, Lu Yuxi and the others sleep in my bed, so they can also benefit from it."

"But, after all, Mo Qing is Mo Yuyan's father."

Tang Zichen bit his teeth, fuck it.Since his heart wished to dry, then don't suppress his heart. First URL

Tang Zichen didn't go to Mo Qing right away, but went to the Mi Clan Immortal Family first, he had to get rid of the Mi Clan Immortal Family first and no one revolted before Tang Zichen could live at ease in Mo's Imperial City.

The next day, Tang Zichen departed for the Mi Clan's Immortal Clan.

At this moment, in a certain secret room of the Mi Clan Immortal Family, a Half Immortal powerhouse and a dozen or so Mahayana stage powerhouses were secretly talking about something.

"Patriarch, do you think that Mo Qing will come?"

That old man at the fifth stage of the tribulation snorted, "If he doesn't come, then he's looking down on us, and since he's looking down on us, then we have a reason to look for Mo Qing.If Mo Qing comes, then we'll negotiate with him directly, we Mi Clan Cultivation Clan don't want to be crushed by other clans, so we just want Mo Qing to agree that the palace be divided in half for our Mi Clan to cultivate, and also, his Nine-Five bed."

"Mmhmm, that 9-5 bed, the concentration of aura is thousands of times more than ours here, even if it's the same palace, it's 950 times more.If we give it to our clan leader, it's guaranteed to be cultivated faster than Mo Qing, our clan leader is now cultivating to the fifth stage of tribulation in the absence of spiritual energy."

"The long emperors do it in turns, this year to our family."

On the third day, Tang Zichen arrived at the Mi Clan Immortal Clan.

As expected, the Mi Clan Immortal Family Clan was having some kind of festival, as if it was an event to commemorate one of their family's ancestors, similar to a grand festival.

"Who are you?"A great ninth stage man saw Tang Zichen and asked.

Tang Zichen said, "My name is Tang Zichen, you probably haven't seen me before, I'm a Half Immortal of the Mo Dynasty, Long Emperor Mo Qing sent me to participate in some clan celebration of your family."

"It's you, we are obviously inviting the Long Emperor of Moqing, why are you here?"

"Our Long Emperor doesn't have the time to attend such a clan celebration of a cultivation family, so he sent me here, what, I'm at least here on behalf of the Long Emperor, and you just let me stand at the door and talk?"

Tang Zichen was brought to a receiving room by a servant.

However, no Mi Clan half-immortal came to entertain him, and the Mi Clan cultivation family family's family's that fifth stage of robbery half-immortal did not show up


At this moment, in another place.

"Reporting to the patriarch, someone from the Mo Dynasty is here."

"Is it Mo Qing who's here?"

"Mo Qing has sent a half-immortal named Tang Zichen."

"What? Mo Qing didn't come personally?"

"No, that person called Tang Zichen said that Mo Qing is very busy and doesn't have time to join a Xiu Xian family."

"Mo Qing is really looking for death, I didn't want to usurp the throne, he's forcing me.What about that Tang Zichen?"

"I had my servant take him to the parlor first, Chief, what now?Our Mi Clan Immortal Clan, within the territory ruled by the Mo Clan, is one of the big families, and you're now cultivating to the fifth stage of the Tribulation, and that Mo Qing is actually saying that he doesn't have time to attend the clan celebration of such a small family as ours, that's too much to take us seriously ah."

That tribulation fifth stage old man of the Mi Clan's cultivation family was also filled with anger.

"Let's go and meet that Tang Zichen first, I'd like to ask if what he said represents Mo Qing's words."

Tang Zichen waited in the receiving room for half a day, and finally a fifth stage of the Tribulation Half Immortal came.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "I'm sure this senior is that sole and fifth stage of the Mi Clan's immortal cultivation family, the Mi Feng patriarch."

"Hmph, you're Mo Qing's son-in-law?"


"I've heard of you, I heard that you once saved Mo Yuyan, and Mo Qing pledged Mo Yuyan to you.Moreover, you were also involved in the subsequent demise of the Yao Clan Dynasty."

"Since you know that I was also involved, then you should know how the Yao Clan dynasty fell."Tang Zichen said with narrowed eyes.

Mi Feng snorted, "The Yao Clan dynasty fell because of their Yao Clan's internal strife, working with you inside and out."

Tang Zichen smirked in his heart, the real reason was that Tang Zichen had trapped those half-immortals of the Yao Clan with the scrolls, not their Yao Clan's internal fighting.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not in the mood to talk to you about irrelevant matters, I'm only asking you, this time, invite me to your clan celebration, bring out anything delicious and fun."

Mi Feng's face chilled and said, "Tang Zichen, you may not have understood the situation clearly, I am inviting Mo Qing to come to our clan celebration."

"I'm representing Mo Qing right now."

"Tang Zichen, I want you to answer me honestly now, why didn't Mo Qing come in person?Is it looking down on our Mii Xiuxian Family?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's not that you look down on it, but you don't have the time to look at it, you are just a small, subservient to the Mo Dynasty's Immortal Clan, how can you have your superiors personally come to your clan celebration.To put it bluntly, your clan celebration is a small fart in front of our Mo Clan Dynasty."

"You're bold."A few Mahayana Stage Immortals next to him shouted at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled, "I, Tang Someone, haven't had a turn to yell at you little sparrows, I at least came here on behalf of the Long Emperor, you as subjects, you don't entertain me properly, and you even act like you're on trial, are you rebelling?"

Mi Feng said coldly, "Tang Zichen, even if we rebel, so what?I, Mi Feng, am already at the fifth stage of the tribulation, while your eldest emperor, Mo Qing, is only at the fourth stage of the tribulation, and as the leader of the imperial family, he is not as strong as me, the head of a small family, may I ask what is Mo Qing's ability to rule this area?"


Tang Zichen said, "In that case, you can do whatever you want."

"Patriarch, kill him, I think he's upset."A Mahayana stage man pointed at Tang Zichen and said.

"Yes, Clan Chief, he was sent by Mo Qing, his tone is so arrogant, it must have been Mo Qing that made him so arrogant, anyway, we already wanted to have a showdown, the reason for this extra move is just because we're afraid that the other cultivation families will also revolt and cause us trouble."

Mi Feng snorted, "This Tang Zichen, he's just a small person, what's the point of killing him, why don't you let him bring me a message back.Tang Zichen, listen to me, you go back and tell Mo Qing that if he honestly accepts my negotiation terms, then he can continue to be his First Emperor.My condition is that the palace of the Mo Dynasty is divided in half to be used as a cultivation cave for our Mi's Immortal Family members.Secondly, Mo Qing's Nine-Five bed is given up to me and he moves to the other corners of the palace.This way, I can let him continue to be the long king in plain sight, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude.Alright, you can get out."

Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

This Mi Feng, some of his ideas were similar to Tang Zichen's, and Tang Zichen had thought about sleeping on that Nineveh bed.

Tang Zichen said, "Mi Feng, don't be delusional, it's impossible for the Long Emperor to agree to your conditions."

"If you don't agree, then I'll let his Moji perish."

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, the one who will perish first is your Mi Clan."

"You're looking for death."Mi Fengton slapped and killed.

Tang Zichen was already prepared. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen came this time with the purpose of figuring out the intentions of the Mi Clan, if they really wanted to usurp the throne, then Tang Zichen would kill the half-immortal of their family.

Tang Zichen rushed into the sky.

"Boom."The roof toppled over.

Mi Feng didn't take Tang Zichen seriously at all, and with Tang Zichen's first stage of tribulation, he could stab him to death with one finger.

So, Mi Feng really did poke Tang Zichen with one finger, and if he didn't expect it, Tang Zichen would explode his body with a single finger in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen clearly felt the power of Mi Feng's finger more than anything else, and Tang Zichen sensed that it carried an air of certain death.After all, Tang Zichen was at the first stage of the Tribulation, and there was a natural weakness in his realm, before Tang Zichen could counterattack, any of Mi Feng's moves would be able to put him to death.

Tang Zichen did not hesitate, his twelve sword formations had already moved with his mind, and the moment his twelve ancient flying swords appeared above him, Tang Zichen's momentum changed dramatically.

Of course, Tang Zichen's momentum didn't come from itself, but from those twelve flying swords.

"Ah."Feeling the powerful momentum of those twelve flying swords, Mi Feng was startled, but he didn't stop his attacks and poked a finger straight at Tang Zichen.

"Second set of twelve sword formations, one slash of the slanting sun."Between Tang Zichen's twelve flying swords suddenly, they cooperated with each other, forming a small magnetic field, or formation.

A flash of light and a flash of light.

"Chi."Mi Feng's finger was slashed off by Tang Zichen's sword, like a slanting sun.

"Ah."Mi Feng, who thought he could kill Tang Zichen with a single finger poke, was dumbfounded at this moment.

"Two slashes of the slanting sun."At the moment Mi Feng was dumbfounded, Tang Zichen slashed down with another sword, electrifying.

In the next second, half of Mi Feng's body, from his left shoulder to his right waist, was cut down by Tang

Tzu-Chen slashed down diagonally.

Mi Fengton wanted to flee, although his body was cut in half, his head wasn't dead, it wouldn't hurt his infant, although Mi Fengton couldn't figure out why Tang Zichen's sword was so strong, he wasn't even in the mood to think about it, it was important to save his life.Having already reached the transmigration stage, he would never want his flesh body to be destroyed, although he could take away his flesh body, it wasn't original and was many times more dangerous for transmigration.

"Hmph, trying to escape."Tang Zichen revealed a contemptuous snort.

"Slash the sun again."Tang Zichen cut up from behind with a sword, this sword, and it wasn't called a sword, it was one of the two flying swords that crossed over.


The power was multiplied, and in the next second, Mi Feng's body was cut into several pieces, and his YuanYing escaped in time.

Mi Feng's infant yelled, "Don't come over, or I'll self-destruct."

Mi Feng's eyes looked at Tang Zichen in fear.

At this moment, all of the Mi Clan's Immortal Clan on the ground were dumbfounded, their proud patriarch, a half-immortal who had reached the fifth stage of Tribulation, had been beaten by Tang Zichen in two or three moves to the point where his flesh was destroyed and he needed to self-destruct his infant to threaten.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Explode, you explode for me to see."

"Don't you force me, I'll really explode."Mi Feng's infant yelled.

Because it had reached the Tribulation Stage, Mi Feng's Yuan Yin no longer looked like an infant, but an illusory shadow with a golden glow and the appearance of a child of about six or seven years old.Initially, the infant looked like a baby, and as he grew stronger, the infant grew larger and larger, and after reaching the tribulation stage, the infant had reached the appearance of a six or seven year old child.

Tang Zichen's mind moved, and the twelve flying swords above his head spun once again.

"Don't, don't."Mi Feng yelled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "If you want to explode, don't talk so much, if you don't dare to explode, just say so, don't threaten me with what you don't dare to do."

"Pounce."Mi Feng's infant kneeled down and cried, "Tang Zichen, Senior Tang, Grandpa Tang, please spare me, sob."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Didn't you just scream to self-destruct."

"Oooh, Grandpa Tang, I don't dare to explode, I don't dare to explode."

"What a waste, now you're even shouting grandpa at me, where's the arrogance just now, didn't you want to usurp the throne and sleep in the bed of the Ninth Five, you're worthy of this wimp now?"

"Oooh, Grandpa Tang, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, I shouldn't have been evil to the Long Emperor, I'm sorry to the ancestors of the Mo Dynasty for cultivating my family, I'm sorry to the Long Emperor, oooh."Mi Feng looked as if he had come to a great realization and slapped himself.

Tang Zichen put away the Twelve Sword Formation and said, "Whether you die or not has nothing to do with me, this time, for the sake of your good attitude in admitting your mistakes, I'll spare you."

"Thank you, thank you Grandpa Tang for sparing my life."Mi Feng couldn't care less about the gazes of so many clansmen on the ground, after all, compared to life, everything was just clouds.

Tang Zichen said, "It's late today, tomorrow, come with me to Mo's Imperial City and personally make amends to the Long Emperor, if the Long Emperor doesn't spare you, then you're on your own."

"Yes, Grandpa Tang, I hope that Grandpa Tang will help me put in more beautiful words in front of His Majesty."Mi Feng cried out.

"You can fend for yourself if you don't speak beautifully.Alright, I've been here for so long, I haven't even had a mouthful of tea, so why don't you hurry up and order me to go down and treat me well tonight."Tang Zichen ordered.

"Yes yes yes."


That night, Tang Zichen was treated as the most precious guest of the Mi's immortal family.

Not only were mountains of delicacies prepared, but ten beautiful women were also prepared.

In a large hall, hundreds of delicacies were served, and all the strongest people of the Mi Clan's immortal cultivation family, above the Mahayana stage, took turns toasting.

Tang Zichen drank very freely.

"Pah."At that moment, a man of the ninth stage of the Mahayana stage clapped his hands, then ten women covered in light veils walked in at the entrance respectively.

That man said, "Senior Tang, a small gesture, not a token of respect, I hope you will smile."

Tang Zichen asked knowingly, "What for?"

"Oh, Senior Tang, you're rich and strong, so I'm sure you'll be able to take them easily.These ten beauties, every single one of them are our carefully selected beauties, and every single one of them is a good family, I hope Senior Tang doesn't mind."

"Women?I don't want it."Tang Zichen refused.

"Uh, Fellow Daoist Tang, these are all absolutely good, we prepared them for you with great care, so don't waste our painstaking efforts."Mi Feng also said.

Tang Zichen said, "Do you look at me like I'm lacking in women?" One second to remember to read the book

"Senior Tang, if you really don't want these carefully selected good families, wouldn't it be a waste of money."The man at the ninth stage of the Mahayana stage said.

"Why would it be cheap?"

"Senior Tang, since these ten good families have already been found, if you don't want them, they'll be taken away by the rest of my family one you and me at a time in minutes."

Tang Zichen felt a bit of a pity, originally prepared for Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen didn't want them, some of the strongest members of the Mi's cultivation family, they must have taken them away, cheap for nothing.

Mi Feng said to the ten good families, "You guys go wait in Senior Tang's guest room first, whether he wants it or not, you all must stay by his side tonight, no one is allowed to take you away."

"Yes, patriarch."Those ten good families exited the main hall.

Mi Feng said, "Fellow Daoist Tang, I've asked them to wait in your room, so that even if you don't use them, you won't cheapen the other strong members of my family for nothing."

"Come on, what's the point of being so polite, really."Tang Zichen said after taking a sip of wine.

"Oh, it should be, it should be.It's getting late, so we won't bother you to rest then."Mi Feng made a wink, and the dozen or so Mahayana stage powerhouses on the scene withdrew.

Tang Zichen went to the next door guest room.

The ten good families, covered in light veils, stood in a row in Tang Zichen's room, and although they didn't know their faces yet, their figures were already revealed, and they were all graceful and beautiful.

Tang Zichen was depressed, making him so corrupt.

Tang Zichen said, "Remove all of your light veils."

"Yes."Ten good families removed their light veils, and suddenly, ten beautiful faces were revealed.

Although these ten beautiful postures could not reach Tang Zichen's opinion, they were not as stunning as Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, and the others, but they were already in the upper echelon.

It seemed that the Mi's cultivation family had really put in a lot of effort to entertain Tang Zichen, and hadn't just found a few prostitutes with no sincerity.

The ten good families looked at Tang Zichen without blinking, as if they were ready to do Tang Zichen's bidding.

Tang Zichen turned his head away, not looking at them, Tang Zichen was afraid he couldn't control himself, Tang Zichen waved his hand and said, "You all go down,

I don't need it."

"Senior Tang, why?"One of the good ladies asked.

"There's not that much why, just let you guys go down."

"Is Senior Tang not a real man?"I don't know which one of the straightforward girls said it.

Tang Zichen turned back with a flash of anger, "Who just said that?Step forward."

One of the women, her face pale with fear, took a step forward.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You're saying I'm not a real man?"

"Senior Tang's life is forgiven, I was just talking out of my mouth."The woman knelt down.

Tang Zichen said, "What's your name?"

"Hu Yunli."

This Hu Yunli, around seventeen or eighteen years old, was also an Immortal, but at a very low realm, only at the Heart Shine stage.

"Get up, don't suspect a man in the future."

"Thank you Senior Tang, I just heard that men are lustful, I don't mean anything else."

"You guys can go down now."Tang Zichen waved his hand, in fact, Tang Zichen was still a bit tempted inside, after all, when ten superior beauties, lined up in sexy dresses, were left to your choice, normal men would react a bit.

However, the ten beauties didn't leave, but knelt down.

"What are you doing?"

"Pray for Senior Tang's approval, we were chosen to serve you here, not for free, the Mi's Immortal Family said that if I serve you well, they will give us rich Immortal resources, and if you kick us out, then we will lose those resources.We're all from the bottom tier of immortal cultivation families, and we need these resources badly."

"So, you guys are going to have to force me."Tang Zichen cursed under his breath, "Fuck, making it sound like I can't afford to play."

Tang Zichen's insides couldn't help but ask, "Why on earth did I refuse?Because I'm not good at it?Or is it because I have no desire?Or is it because I'm an honest man?"

Tang Zichen roared inside, "Fuck the honest people."

Tang Zichen was suddenly open-minded, and with a wave of his hand, he shouted, "All of you, come here."

The ten good families were delighted and scrambled to their feet, heading towards Tang Zichen.

This night, it was unknown whether Tang Zichen had actually used the ten beauties or not, it was his private life for the time being.

The next day, Tang Zichen pressed Mi Feng, personally went to Mo's Imperial City, Mi Feng has changed a physical body, he was incomparably depressed, trying to usurp the throne failed, but instead destroyed the physical body, in the future, if another robbery, don't even know if he will fail, and be struck by lightning, the soul flew away.

Although the robbery now entered another dimension, the danger did not diminish at all, if the robbery failed, although the flesh body was not destroyed, the soul flew apart.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, you must put in a few beautiful words for me ah, the ten beauties from last night were okay, this is the most beautiful ten I could find, and all of them are still incredibly pure, you can see my sincerity."Mi Feng said to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen nodded, regarding the treatment of Tang Zichen yesterday, it was indeed thought out, it wasn't just a random arrangement.

"Don't worry, I will."Tang Zichen said, yesterday Tang Zichen said that he had made his own mistakes and was not beautiful, but today he said that he was assured, it seems that he was really eating people's mouths and taking their soft hands.

Mi Fengdao said, "Tang Daoist, what if Mo Qing just won't forgive me?Will you do it again and kill me?"


"If I say spare, he will spare, although Mo Qing is the Long Emperor, I am the one who speaks for the Mo Dynasty now."Tang Zichen.

Mi Feng was happy inside, so it seemed that there was no danger in his trip to the Moji Imperial City.It seemed that it was indeed worth it to spend so much effort to entertain Tang Zichen yesterday.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, what did you think of those ten good families last night?"

"It's okay."

"If you think it's okay, should I have it sent home to you?"

"No need."

"Oh, Senior Tang, then I'll help you stay in my family, and in case you think of them again in the future, send someone to tell me and I'll send them here immediately."

"What a redundancy."Tang Zichen said in his heart, the future had already been played with by many people from their family.

"Fellow Daoist Tang Zichen, those ten good families are all national beauties, if I don't keep them for you, they might be brought to the room tonight by the rest of my family ah, they're just waiting for you to use them up and let them have a taste."

Tang Zichen was speechless, but Tang Zichen also felt a moment of sadness for the women of this era, some of the ones with poor posture were fine, if the ones with good posture, there was no telling how many men would be possessing them.

The ten beauties from the good family last night, Tang Zichen also did not know what their future fate would be. The first website

A day later, back in Mo's Imperial City.

Tang Zichen brought Mi Feng with him to Mo Qing's palace.

"Paying homage to His Majesty the Long Emperor."Mi Feng's heart seemed to be quite unhappy as he bowed after seeing Mo Qing.

"Yo, you are?Mifune?"Mo Qing was startled as Mi Feng changed his flesh body and his appearance was naturally different.

"Exactly my servant."

Mo Qing looked at Tang Zichen and said in his heart, Tang Zichen was indeed powerful, he had only been gone for a few days and had captured Mi Feng back, moreover, Mi Feng's flesh body had been destroyed, the person who destroyed his flesh body was definitely Tang Zichen.

Thinking of this, Mo Qing also developed a slight fear of Tang Zichen, remembering that he even hit Tang Zichen's Spirit Gathering Formation before, and now he couldn't help but be a little afraid.

Mo Qing snorted to Mi Feng, "Mi Feng, I heard that you want to rebel."

"No such thing, if you don't believe me, ask Tang Daoist."

Mo Qing didn't want to hear it at all and said to Tang Zichen, "Zichen, it's a disaster to keep such people, kill them."

Tang Zichen did not speak.

"Tzichen, kill him."Mo Qing ordered, and his voice rose a few points.

Only then did Tang Zichen say, "Although it's true that Mi Feng wants to rebel, it's also true that he's stronger than you, and it's only natural for him to want to rebel.Now that he has a good attitude of admitting his mistakes, I intend to let him go."

Mo Qing held a fire in his heart and said, "Tang Zichen, the Long Emperor is me."Tang Zichen's last words, that he intended to let Mi Feng go, made Mo Qing almost storm off, making it sound like Tang Zichen was the boss.

Now Tang Zichen to Mo Qing more and more unpleasant to look at, self-confessed after the previous incident, how the relationship can not be repaired, besides, Tang Zichen is also ready to take away his nine-five bed, simply not polite.

Tang Zichen said, "Although the longest emperor of the Mo Dynasty is you, it's my word that counts."

"Tang Zichen, could it be that you also want to rebel?"Mo Qing was furious.

"Oh, I don't want to rebel, the Mo Dynasty is still yours, but I also want to make a condition, I've heard that your Nine-Five bed has 950 times the aura of other places."

Mo Qing's body trembled, he didn't expect that Tang Zichen would also hit on his 9-5 bed seat


"Tang Zichen, don't forget your identity, you dare to hit on my Nine-Five bed ."Mo Qing shouted, roaring his face and neck.

Tang Zichen said to Mi Feng, "You can leave now."

"Yes, His Majesty the Long Emperor."Mi Feng bowed to Tang Zichen and then quickly walked away.

Tang Zichen almost didn't die of anger, it seemed like Mi Feng was deliberately poking at the fire by being angry at Mo Qing and even calling Tang Zichen Long Huang in front of Mo Qing.

Mo Qing was really trembling with anger.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't listen to his nonsense, I don't want to be a long emperor."

"If you don't want to be a long emperor, why do you want to take my nine-five bed."Mo Qing asked through clenched teeth.

Tang Zichen laughed, "The Nine-Five bed is so full of aura and is of great benefit to my cultivation, so why wouldn't I want it.There's no reason for me to let you have it, if it was before, I probably wouldn't have taken it from you, but you've disappointed me, so don't blame me either.Since you dared to hit on my Spirit Gathering Formation, then why shouldn't I hit on your Nine-Five bed.Mo Qing, my request is not excessive, you move to another place, this will be my room from now on, you will still be the Long King, I won't fight with you, at the same time, I will also try to maintain the rule of the Mo Dynasty.Alright, what I've said is clear enough, you should move out now."

Mo Qing said coldly, "Tang Zichen, you wait, I'll tell my daughter about this."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed softly.

Mo Qing was helpless and walked away furiously.

Tang Zichen walked to the back hall and saw the Nine Fifths bed, Tang Zichen lay down on it, and sure enough, the aura of this bed was nearly a thousand times thicker than that of the outside world.

No wonder the Nine Immortal Dynasties were able to rule for over a hundred thousand years, with such a dense bed, how could other immortals compete with them.

Tang Zichen thus cultivated for three months on this bed of Nine Fifths.

During these three months, Tang Zichen didn't leave half a step.

After three months, Tang Zichen seemed to have touched the threshold of the Second Stage of Tribulation.

"Haha, Second Stage of Tribulation, it seems like I won't take too long to break through up there."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, every day he cultivated at 950 times his aura, with Tang Zichen's aura absorption speed, it would be strange if he didn't break through.

Tang Zichen walked out of the palace, in these three months, no one had come in, except for some palace maids who cleaned and such.

Tang Zichen returned to the home he had been in.

"Zichen, you're back."Mu Qianji smiled, it had been three months, and everyone already knew that Tang Zichen had taken away the Ninth Five's bed.

"Qianji, all of you come with me tonight, I didn't snatch the Nine-Five bed for myself, I did it for all of you."Tang Zichen said.

"But there's only one bed space, can it accommodate so many people?"

"Everyone sits on the bed, a little squeeze is definitely accommodating."

"Oh, ninety-five beds, the aura really is 950 times that of other places."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "I can tell you for sure, yes."

"Wow, if that's the case, then wouldn't it be too much of an advantage to be the long king."

"Why else would so many immortal cultivation families want to be a long emperor one day?It's not for this particular location.The aura of the palace range is already thicker than anywhere else, and the place where the emperor sleeps is 950 times stronger, and by 950 times here, I mean 950 times the palace range, and if it's two circles and three circles and four circles away, it's probably thousands of times stronger."



"Where's Moira?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Yuyan she seems to have been in a bad mood for the last few months and rarely speaks, it must have something to do with you."

Tang Zichen said, "It should be Mo Qing who said something to her, I'll go find her."

Tang Zichen found Mo Yuyan, who was dazed by herself.


"Tzichen, what are you doing here."

"What are you thinking alone."

"No, nothing."

"Did your father come to see you."

"Oh."Mo Yan smiled, obviously he had. Remember the URL

"Whispering, you don't blame me."


"You must have known about taking away your father's bed."

"Mm."Mo Yuyan nodded, and the entire Mo Clan knew about it.

"Will you hate me."

"Yuyan wouldn't dare."

"What dare you, actually, if your father was honest, I wouldn't have hit him, who let your father hit my Spirit Gathering Formation before, since he can hit my Spirit Gathering Formation, it's not too much for me to hit his Nine-Five bed, right?"

"I understand, after all, we're immortal cultivators, and we all want to be stronger."

"It's good that you understand, by the way, where does your father live now?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen my father in two months either, and I heard that my father ran away."

"Uh, run away?What the hell."Tang Zichen was speechless, but Tang Zichen suddenly had a bad feeling inside.

What if Mo Qing revealed the news about his Spirit Gathering Formation?Then, not to mention that Tang Zichen would be hunted by the entire Six Seas of Immortality, even the strongest of the Seven Seas would come.

"Did your father reveal any information about where he went?"


Tang Zichen patted Mo Qing's shoulder and said, "Don't worry, he should be fine."

Right now, Mo Qing was in another immortal cultivation dynasty, one of the most powerful in the Six Seas, called the Sang Dynasty.

The Sang Dynasty was the strongest of the nine immortal cultivation dynasties, there were as many as 18 people who had reached the half-immortal level, although 18 half-immortals, compared to the five major powers of the Seven Seas, were not nearly as powerful as the nine major dynasties of the Six Seas.Among the eighteen Half Immortals of the Sang Dynasty, the most powerful Long Emperor had already reached the Sixth Order of Tribulation.There were also as many as four who had reached the fifth stage of Tribulation.

Therefore, the Sang Dynasty was really strong.

The more Mo Qing thought about it after Tang Zichen took away the Nine Fifths bed, the angrier he became, so he came straight to the strongest imperial dynasty.

Mo Qing knew Tang Zichen's background, knew that Tang Zichen had many scrolls, pills, and even the legendary Spirit Gathering Formation, so Mo Qing bit the bullet and came to the Sang Dynasty, he wanted to make a deal with the Sang Dynasty.

Mo Qing waited for a long time, and finally an old man of the fifth stage of Tribulation came to see him.

"You are Mo Qing of the Mo Clan Dynasty?"

"Back to Senior Sang Jing, it's me."

"Mo Qing, our Sang Dynasty, and your Mo Dynasty are far apart, the journey will take seven or eight days, why have you come to us?Moreover, you even threatened to look for our First Emperor, you're too uninteresting, if it wasn't for the fact that you're also the First Emperor of a dynasty, I would have been rude to you, alright, what is it that you want to find our First Emperor?"

"Senior Sang Jing, this matter is not trivial, I must see your Long Emperor before I can say anything."

"We, the Sang Hong Hua Long Emperor, have no time for you, if you don't say anything, get out of here immediately."

"Senior Brother Sang Jing,

, you believe me, the news I bring is definitely worthy of Senior Sang Hong Hua coming out."

"Since you've insisted on it so repeatedly, I'll help you pass it on, and if it ends up being a trivial matter, then, don't blame me for being rude."


That fifth stage of the tribulation called Sang Jing immediately went to invite their eldest emperor, Sang Honghua.

Mo Qing's eyes chilled, and inwardly said, "Tang Zichen, you stole my bed, you deserve to die, if I tell Sang Honghua and the others your secret, I'll see how you die."

Mo Qing waited for a short time, a strong man of the sixth stage of robbery came, the previous one of the fifth stage of robbery, Sang Jing, didn't come again, there was only Mo Qing and Sang Hong Hua in the house.

"Mo Qing, you're looking for me?"

"Pay your respects to Senior Sang Honghua."

"Fart out."That sixth stage of Tribulation, Sang Honghua, was impatient.

Mo Qing said, "Senior Sang Hong Hua, I want to report to you about a person, that person, he possesses many treasures."Mo Qing gave out all the secrets that Tang Zichen possessed on his body, one by one.

Sang Honghua was shocked, never expecting that a small Mo Dynasty would have a person whose entire body was covered in treasures.

"Mo Qing, are you sure you're not lying to me?"

"If I lie to you, I'll strike five thunderbolts from heaven."

"But you're the First Emperor of the Mo Dynasty, and that Tang Zichen is your daughter's daoist lover, why would you betray him?"

"Ever since he took my nine-to-five bed, I've made a clean break with this white-eyed wolf.The reason I'm telling you this secret is because I want you to go kill this white-eyed wolf."Mo Qing gritted his teeth.

Sang Honghua asked, "If that's the case, then I'll trust you once, go, go to the Mo Dynasty right away."

Mo Qing busily said, "Senior Sang Honghua, are you sure you don't want to call more people?"

"This matter is extraordinary, the less people know about it, the better, Mo Qing, have you told anyone else besides me about this matter?"

"Senior don't worry, I'll only tell you one person."Mo Qing was busy.

"That's good, this matter must never be known by a second person, even if it's the other half-immortals of my Sang Dynasty."Sang Honghua said that he planned to rob Tang Zichen and take it all for himself.

Mo Qing nodded, "I won't tell anyone."

Sang Honghua smiled, "But I don't believe you."

"Senior Sang Honghua, I swear."

"There's no need to swear, I only believe in dead people."

"Ah, dead people, what do you mean."

"Mo Qing, thank you very much for telling me this news, I should have rewarded you heavily, but this must not be known by anyone else, so to be on the safe side, I'll have to shut you up forever."

"Ah, Senior Sang Honghua, you can't be a human."

"Be a man?Hehe, it's a pity that you're still a half-immortal of the fourth stage of robbery, who in the cultivation world is still particular about being human, okay, I'll send you on your way."


Mo Qing's head was pinched, unable to struggle or move.

"Bang."Mo Qing's head, as well as his infant, simultaneously dissolved into nothing, leaving only a headless corpse.

Sang Honghua didn't feel guilty at all, instead he smiled, "Whether this is true or not, I must personally go to the Mo Dynasty and find that Tang Zichen to find out more about it."

Saying so, Sang Honghua immediately flew up and disappeared into the distant sky.

And at this moment, in a certain inn in the Sang Clan's Imperial City, Mo Qing's face chilled and scolded, "Good you Sang Hong Hua, I was kind enough to tell you such a significant piece of news, but you're afraid that others will also know and kill me.Fortunately, I, Mo Qing, was already prepared and used a secret method to control a puppet double, using the fact that you had never seen me before.However, my goal has been achieved, Tang Zichen, you'll wait for Sang Hong Hua to come to your door."


In the Mo Dynasty, that night, Tang Zichen brought Mu Qianji, Lu Yuxi, and Mo Yuyan to the Nine Fifths bed and began to cultivate here.

The next day, Mu Qianji and the others all felt that this night's cultivation was more rewarding than the previous month's.

Tang Zichen felt the threshold of the Second Stage of Tribulation for the second time this one night.

"Great, if this continues, I'm afraid that I won't need a few years to reach the second stage of Tribulation."Tang Zichen said happily.

"Zichen, in just over half a year, the Entrance Meeting of the Seven Seas will begin, at that time, you will find the opportunity to travel to the Seven Seas to cultivate, the aura of the Seven Seas is thousands of times that of the First to Six Seas combined, although it can't be compared to the Spirit Gathering Formation, it's still stronger than ten Ninety-Five Beds."

"Well, I'll definitely return to the Seven Seas, but I'm afraid it would be too dazzling for me to attend the Entrance Meeting with my current status.I don't know if there are any who have crossed the first stage to attend the Entrance Meeting."Tang Zichen said.

Mo Yuyan said, "Don't worry, there are those who have crossed the first stage to participate in every initiation meeting, the last initiation meeting was attended by both of our Mo Dynasty's Half Immortals, Liu Bing Song Complaint."

"Since that's the case, it's good, but with my age of twenty years old, reaching the first stage of Tribulation, out, it's too sensational, it seems that I have to hide a little deeper and make myself look more normal in age."

Tang Zichen had gone through a deep disguise and concealment, the first time others scanned his body, they came up with an age of around 600 years old.

Reaching the first stage of Tribulation at 600 years old was not considered unorthodox, but it was still a super genius.Compare that to Liu Bing and Song Complaint, who were also at the First Stage of Tribulation, they were both around a thousand years old.

Seven or eight days later, an uninvited guest arrived at Mo's Imperial City. One second to remember to read the book

The uninvited guest who had arrived at Mo's Imperial City without making any noise or even alerting anyone, suddenly appeared in Tang Zichen's palace.

"You are."Tang Zichen was shocked, a strong man of the sixth stage of Tribulation suddenly appeared, Tang Zichen didn't sense it in the slightest because the difference in realm was too far, if this strong man of the sixth stage of Tribulation engaged in a sneak attack, Tang Zichen would surely die, even if Tang Zichen had a powerful scroll, it would be too late to use it.

"Oh, you're Tang Zichen, aren't you."

"Exactly."Tang Zichen had better be ready to counterattack at any time, Tang Zichen only needed a single thought to unleash a Heavenly Scroll and trap this old man of the sixth stage of Tribulation.

"Tang Zichen, I've heard that your entire body is full of treasures."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he snorted, "Senior is overthinking, how can my entire body be full of treasure."

"Tang Zichen, don't beat around the bush with me, if you made something out of nothing, your father-in-law Mo Qing wouldn't have specially come to my place and told me your secret."

"Ah."Tang Zichen's body trembled, not expecting that it was Mo Qing.

Sang Hong Hua saw Tang Zichen's reaction so strong, he was happy inside, Mo Qing really didn't lie to him.

Sang Honghua quietly laid down a boundary to prevent the yellow bird from being caught fishing.

"I don't understand, what exactly did Mo Qing tell you."

"Tang Zichen, don't tell me that Mo Qing went to great lengths to frame you, take out all the scrolls and pills you have on you, I can spare your life."Sang Honghua said this.

He himself didn't believe it, even Mo Qing he had killed, how could he spare Tang Zichen's life, if this matter spread to the Seven Seas, he, Sang Honghua, would have to be killed by the strongest of the Seven Seas as well.

Tang Zichen sneered, "You're coaxing a child."

"So, you don't deny it, Mo Qing said you have treasures on you, it's true."Sang Honghua asked with a smile, he didn't seem to be worried at all that Tang Zichen would run.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, I have a lot of treasures on me, since Mo Qing went to find you, I'm sure he told you that I have the Spirit Gathering Formation on me, and besides that, I have the Heavenly Scrolls."

"Ah."Sang Honghua's face changed, Mo Qing didn't say that Tang Zichen had the Heavenly Scrolls on him, just that Tang Zichen had many scrolls on him, the most precious one was the Spirit Gathering Formation, and then there were many, many immortal cultivation pills.Sang Honghua's heart was furious, Mo Qing actually didn't tell him the details and left out some important information.

Of course, perhaps Mo Qing had deliberately chosen some not to say, for fear that if he did, Sang Honghua wouldn't dare to come to Tang Zichen.

But, now that Sang Honghua was all here, he had to do it.

Sang Hong Hua snorted, "Mo Qing didn't tell me that you have the Heavenly Scroll, I think you are stalling for time or scaring me."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "It seems that Mo Qing didn't tell you the whole story, in that case, I'm sure that there's one thing that Mo Qing didn't tell you.The four Half Immortals of the previous Yao Clan Dynasty, the strongest one is called Yaobang, he is also at the sixth stage of Tribulation, and it is widely rumored that the four Half Immortals of their Yao Clan were framed for death by someone within them."

Sang Honghua said, "Isn't that right?"

"I can tell you for sure, no, I killed it."

"Hahaha, what a big joke, just you?"

"To be precise, with my Heavenly Scroll, on that day, when the four strong men of the Yao Clan came, I used the Heavenly Scroll to trap the three Yao Clan Half Immortals that they came to.The duration of the Heavenly Scroll could be as long as three months, and for such a long time, as long as they kept attacking them and they couldn't absorb the aura, they would surely die.Later, the other half-immortals of the Yew Clan arrived, and in the end, under my threat, a fifth stage of Yew Clan called Zhuzhou, had no choice but to seize the Yew Clan dynasty and turn it into the Zhu Clan dynasty, that's why everyone thought that they were having internal problems, but didn't know that it was my cause from the beginning to the end."

"Haha, that's a nice story, a legendary thing like the Scroll of Heaven, you would have?"Sang Honghua said with a sneer, but inside, he was not completely unbelieving.

Tang Zichen said, "I even have the Spirit Gathering Formation, not to mention the Heavenly Scrolls.Moreover, you are now trapped by the Scroll of Heavenly Wisdom, but unfortunately, you haven't felt it at all.If you don't believe me, try attacking me."

"Ah."Sang Honghua was startled and immediately struck at Tang Zichen with a palm.

"Bang."An invisible array of protection blocked his palm.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Sang Honghua's face changed dramatically and immediately tried to absorb the aura, but unfortunately, he couldn't.

At this moment, Sang Honghua finally believed that he had been trapped by the legendary Heavenly Scroll.

"How did this happen."Sang Honghua's entire body was confused.

Tang Zichen said, "Sang Honghua, now, what awaits you is only death."


Sang Honghua quickly came back to her senses and gritted her teeth, "Tang Zichen, don't be proud of yourself, I have just laid a boundary long ago, with my sixth stage of tribulation, my boundary, you won't be able to break it to death, my boundary is connected to my life, unless I die, otherwise, you are just as trapped."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows jumped, and sure enough, Tang Zichen was surrounded by a small boundary.

"Bang."Tang Zichen chopped hard, and the boundary firmly surrounded him.

Boundaries were not the same as formation, they could only be effective against weaker people, but once the weaker person was surrounded, the other party would not be able to break through no matter what.On the other hand, as long as the strength of the formation was reached, even stronger ones would still be effective.Therefore, the boundary was able to be formed by almost every cultivator above the out-of-body stage, but it was very chicken-hearted, and the weaker person could have been spiked, so why would he need a boundary to surround him, so the boundary had always been used only to block some sound from spreading out.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Sang Honghua let out a loud laugh.

Now, both of them were trapped, one trapped by the formation and the other surrounded by the boundary.

"Tang Zichen, now, we're even for now, your Heavenly Formation has a duration of three months, while my boundary will remain as long as I'm not dead.After the three months, the Heavenly Wonders Formation Scroll will expire, but at that time, you will still be trapped within my boundary.Your death date will be then as well."Sang Honghua said with gloomy eyes.

Tang Zichen this time, I don't know if it was carelessness or the will of God, but it didn't go as smoothly as the last time he killed Yaobang.

Just like this, three days passed.

In these three days, both Tang Zichen and Sang Honghua could only stare at each other dryly.

Tang Zichen tried his Twelve Sword Formation, but unfortunately, it wasn't able to cut through Sang Honghua's boundary, unless, Tang Zichen's Twelve Sword Formation was practiced to the fourth set. The first website

But to practice to the fourth set, Tang Zichen's realm would have to be at least at the second or even third stage of Tribulation.

"Tang Zichen, I'll see if it's you or me who's in a hurry."Sang Honghua, who was a dozen meters away in front of Tang Zichen, snorted proudly.

At that moment, Mu Qianji came in from outside.

"Zichen, ah."As soon as Mu Qianji entered the main hall, he saw the situation inside the main hall.

"What's going on here?Who is he?"Mu Qianji was busy asking.

Sang Honghua looked at Mu Qianji and smiled, "I didn't expect that the Mo Dynasty would have such a watery female Daoist friend.Let's just say, after I get rid of the Heavenly Formation, I'll let the old man have a taste of this female Daoist friend."

Tang Zichen raged, "Sang Honghua, you shut up, you dare to desecrate my woman."

"Yo, so it's your woman, then I'll have to taste it all the more."Sang Honghua licked her lips and said.

Mu Qianji was busy asking, "Zichen, what's going on?"

"Qianjie, you go and get Liu Bing, Song Complaint and the others."


Not long after, Liu Bing, Song Complaint Sky and the others came.

They were very surprised to see a Transmigration Sixth Stage trapped by Tang Zichen's Heavenly Scrolls, and even more surprised that Tang Zichen was also surrounded by Sang Honghua's boundary before activating the Heavenly Scrolls, trapping each other.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Liu Bing, Song Complaint, you attack him immediately and keep attacking until he dies."

Liu Bing asked, "Could he not be Sang Hong Hua of the Sang Dynasty?"

"That's him, attack quickly."

Sang Honghua snorted, "You two little bastards, how dare you try to attack?My Sang Dynasty is the strongest dynasty in the Six Seas, with over a dozen Half Immortals existing.

If you guys don't want to die, get out of my way."

Tang Zichen said, "Liu Bing, Song Complaint, don't be threatened by him, hurry."

Sang Honghua scornfully said, "Tang Zichen, don't struggle, do you think, with the two of them, you can really hurt me?"Not to mention three months, even if it's five months, they may not be able to exhaust the spiritual energy of my attack."

Liu Bing and Song Complaint, however, were very conflicted at the moment.

Should they help Tang Zichen, or not?

They didn't know who would be alive by the end of the two of them, and if they chose the wrong person to help, it would be doom and gloom.

"Liu Bing, Song Complaint, didn't you declare your allegiance to me?Still not doing it?"Tang Zichen shouted.

While Liu Bing and Song Complaint were hesitating, a voice came out, "Whoever dares to move try."

A man flew in.

Tang Zichen saw the flying man and was furious, "Mo Qing, you fucking shade me, thanks to me trusting you so much before and telling you all the secrets I have on me, I didn't expect."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, you will also have today."Mo Qing sneered.

Sang Honghua looked confused, wasn't Mo Qing killed by him?How come this guy is also Mo Qing?

Mo Qing looked at Sang Hong Hua and snorted, "Sang Hong Hua, you're curious, how come I'm also called Mo Qing."

"Who are you?Why did you pretend to be Mo Qing?I clearly killed Mo Qing."Sang Honghua said.

"Hahaha, Sang Hong Hua, you haven't seen the real Mo Qing, I'm the real Mo Qing, the one you saw is just my shape-shifting double using my secret method.The shape-shifting double, I can manipulate his mind, and he still has any of my momentum, except for his appearance can't turn into my past, any of his other characteristics are mine.And you haven't seen me, you can't see through it at all.The one you killed was nothing more than my shadow-changing double."

Sang Honghua depressedly said, "Mo Qing, I didn't expect you to be so shady."

Mo Qing raged, "Sang Hong Hua, the shady one is you, I kindly and kindly told you Tang Zichen's secret, and you killed me."

Tang Zichen seemed to understand a lot as he listened to their conversation.

Tang Zichen said in his heart: what retribution.Unfortunately, Mo Qing wasn't easy to deal with and wasn't really killed.

Now, Mo Qing and Sang Hong Hua were also red hot.

Sang Honghua scolded Mo Qing for using him and not telling him about Tang Zichen's real situation, possessing the Scroll of Heaven and having trapped Yaobang to death.

And Mo Qing also scolded Sang Hong Hua, good intentions as a donkey's liver and lungs.

Tang Zichen and the others, however, could only be spectators until they both had enough cursing.

Sang Honghua threatened, "Mo Qing, when I get rid of the Sky Formation, I'll follow your surname if I don't tear you apart."

Mo Qing was also filled with anger and said, "Sang Honghua, do you think I will let you or get rid of the Sky Formation?If I, plus Liu Bing, and Song Complaining Tian attack you together, can we wear you out in three months?"

Sang Honghua's face turned pale, "You dare not."

Mo Qing gritted his teeth, "Why wouldn't I dare, you were afraid that people would know about the treasures on Tang Zichen's body, you sneaked here, I'm afraid that no one but you and I would know that you came here, do you think that someone from your family would come to save you?No, they don't even know how you died."

Sang Hong Hua snorted, "Mo Qing, don't forget, you betrayed Tang Zichen, and now Tang Zichen is trapped by my boundary, if you kill me, my boundary will break, and then Tang Zichen will be free.Will Tang Zichen let you go?"


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