The King of Kungfu in school 1901-1910


Chapter 1901

"Ah, I, I don't know ah."

"Your Extreme South Continent is only those few people with so-called pseudo-immortal weapons who have some fighting ability, and the Extreme South Continent is a barren land that we abandoned, otherwise, this is not a place for you low-level humans to come to."

"Oh, are we humans that bad?"

"Don't always you humans humans, there are many classifications of humans, and you, are the lowest level, the lower the level, the more terrifying the reproduction.When we dragons come out of a random retreat, you guys have gone from a few, breeding to a litter, so you guys are not recognized by real humans, and if you are allowed to breed, it's too terrifying."


Tang Zichen was speechless, Tang Zichen was upset inside, but this dragon clan leader was at least kindly persuaded despite his difficult words.

"Alright, I can allow you to live in our Dragon Clan, I'll send someone to investigate who lost the dragon child."

"Okay, thank you, Clan Leader."

"Take them to live there."

"Yes, Clan Leader."

A dragon girl said to Tang Zichen and the others, "Please follow me." Remember the URL


Tang Zichen didn't want to live and leave this place, but in order to find Sebastian's origins, he had to begrudge himself first.

Tang Zichen was taken to a humble stone house next to the Dragon Valley.

"You guys can stay here for now, if you need anything, please feel free to say so."That Dragon Maiden said with a wink at Tang Zichen.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, I'll be leaving then."

After that dragon girl left, she said, "Brother Chen, I'm very upset, how can they talk about humans like that."

"There's nothing to be angry about, we're all just standing from a different race's point of view, maybe in their dragon race's eyes, we humans, we're really low class."

"How lowly."

"Oh, why bother with what others think.What I want to say even more now is that we humans, in the Seven Seas are so stateless, according to what the dragon clan leader said, the Seven Seas Na Nuo Elephant Nose, Pusara, Fu Ruthless, Yong Xiong, they don't even dare to step half a step into another continent, they only dare to stay in the Extreme South Continent."

Little Fire hummed, "No wonder their few families, all right, always run to the Six Heavy Sea, so there's no place to go in the Seven Heavy Sea.Brother Chen, what should we do then?After that we'll return to the Far South Continent?"

"Look again, my current strength isn't strong enough to face those Saint Beast powerhouses that hate humans.The strength of the dragon clan leader just now could have killed me in seconds, and if the other holy beast races are as strong, then it would be dangerous once we run into them."

"Then let's return to the Extreme South Continent first.".

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, it's now very certain that there is also your Qilin Clan here, you can head to the Qilin Clan ah."

"Forget it, I'm just an evolved Fire Demon Beast, I don't have any face in the Qilin Clan."

The purple pupil on the other side was busy saying, "Uncle Fire is right, the way the dragon clan leader looked at me just now made me feel so cold, I'm still a Jiao snake evolved in his eyes no matter what.We ourselves call ourselves Jiao dragons, while they call us Jiao snakes, alas."

Tang Zichen said comfortingly, "Violet Pupil, it doesn't matter that they look down on you, you don't intend to follow them anyway

Living together."

Zi Dong snorted, "I won't live with them, I'd rather go back to Tang Ji Gate to be comfortable."

Little Fire smiled, "It's not bad to be with Little White at Tang Chi Gate in the future."

Little White beside him looked surprised and said, "Why with me ah?"

Violet Hitomi was blushing all over.

Little Fire said, "Little White, don't you think Purple Hitomi is handsome?"

"Is Uncle Violet Hitomi handsome?I don't think so."Sebastian even shook his head.

"Speechless, Sebastian, you're almost grown up, you can try to find male dragon friends, I think Purple Hitomi is good, I've watched this young man grow up.".

Dao: "Little fire brother, don't joke around, purple pupil looks older and uglier than you."Little White was very direct.

Little Fire and Purple Pupil were both depressed for a while, Purple Pupil didn't expect that he was this image in Little White's eyes.

Little Fire was depressed that he was also ugly in Little White's eyes.

Tang Zichen piled up his face and said, "Little White, don't be rude, and also, call Violet Pupil brother, not Violet Pupil uncle."

Little White was puzzled, "But, shouldn't Uncle Violet Pupil be called Uncle when he has a beard?"

"What does a bearded face have to do with uncle?"

"I see you humans, uncles, uncles, all in this image.Grandfather, great-grandfather, all of you have white beards.Purple pupil with a black beard, isn't he called uncle?"

"Khan, you didn't even get what an uncle is."Tang Zichen was speechless, no wonder Xiaobai kept calling Purple Pupil uncle, it was because Purple Pupil looked old and was considered an uncle by Xiaobai.

: "Brother Zichen, Brother Little Fire, I like humans, I'll be looking for a boyfriend in the future, and I want to find a human who is as handsome and powerful as Brother Zichen."

Tang Zichen wiped his cold sweat: "Little White, how could you think like that, you're a dragon, how could a dragon like a human, besides, a dragon and a human?I don't know what you're thinking."

Little Fire laughed and said to Tang Zichen, "Brother Chen, I have a bold idea."

Tang Zichen glared, "Don't follow the nonsense."

"Hahaha."Little Fire harrumphed.

Violet Pupil on the other side was a little lost, but he understood that Little White definitely didn't like him, but it was just that Little White liked human men, which he couldn't understand.Like, for example, asking Purple Pupil to find a human girlfriend, Purple Pupil couldn't imagine what kind of scenario that would be.To put it nicely, it was humans and dragons, to put it mildly, nevermind.

Little White snorted, "No matter what you think of me, I like human men anyway, I'm not interested in dragon men at all, hmm, I'm going out for a walk first."Little White walked away unconcerned.

Little Fire smiled heedlessly, "Brother Minister, don't you have any bold ideas?"

"Little Fire, what are you trying to bullshit again."

"Brother Chen, it's actually not that unrealistic for Little White to want to find a human man, ah.Think about it, there's no difference between a human woman and a human woman at all when Xiaobai disillusioned into human form, right?"

"Then why don't you go find a human girlfriend, there's no difference between a human man and a human man when you're disillusioned into human form."Tang Zichen said.

"This, it's a matter of orientation, I can't have feelings for human women deep inside ah, but if Sebastian really has feelings for human men, it's perfectly feasible ah, besides, the dragon tribe still thinks that humans are high up."


Three days later.

"Several of you, our clan leader invites you over."A dragon maiden came to invite Tang Zichen and Little Fire and the others.

Little White was busy saying, "Is it my origins that I've found out?"

"I don't know about that, I'll know when I go there."

Tang Zichen and the others immediately went to the Valley of the Dragons.

When they arrived at the dragon clan's great hall, the clan leader was already waiting in the great hall, and besides the clan leader, there were dozens of dragons in the great hall, but of course, they all disguised themselves as humans, and the human form was the most suitable for anything.Previously, the clan leader said that Tang Zichen and the rest of them, the humans of the Extreme South Continent, were very annoying, but they were transforming into humans, which was not a contradiction, because there were many varieties of humans, such as the Half Immortals, and even the Heavenly Immortals, all of which belonged to the human race, but they were a more advanced variety of humans.In the eyes of the dragons and other holy beasts, the humans of the Extreme South Continent were the lowest kind of humans, and they hated the lowest kind of humans as well.

As Tang Zichen and the others walked in, there were clearly several powerful beings in the main hall, and they were no less powerful than the clan leader, especially one of them, the older-looking one, the old dragon man.

After Tang Zichen and the others entered the main hall, that old dragon man with a pale appearance had his eyes staring straight at Sebastian.

Tang Zichen seemed to already have an answer in his heart.

Tang Zichen said, "Greetings to all the Dragon Seniors, as well as the Dragon Daoists."

A middle-aged dragon man said, "You lowly humans are not qualified to pay your respects to us." One second to remember to read the book

The patriarch glared at the draconian who spoke, "It's not your turn to speak here yet, they may be humans from the Extreme South Continent, but they are our guests at the moment."

"Yes, Clan Leader."That middle-aged dragon man frantically lowered his head and apologized.

The dragon clan chief said to Tang Zichen, "Fellow Daoist Tang, I invited you here because after three days of snooping, we've already made a preliminary investigation into the origins of the little white dragon, but it hasn't been verified yet, so please cooperate with us to verify it."

"Of course."

The patriarch said, "We suspect that Little White is the granddaughter of our dragon clan's old patriarch, Prisoner Weakness.Originally, no one knew about this matter, as very few people even knew about Xiaobai's birth.About a dozen years ago, our old patriarch and his son and daughter-in-law, were traveling abroad, and on their way, they encountered the Underworld Clan of the Seven Seas, and our Dragon Clan and the Underworld Clan are world enemies, so a battle ensued.At that time, our old clan leader's daughter-in-law, was already pregnant, but she was not yet in labor, she was still a few years away from giving birth.After the battle, the old clan leader's son, daughter-in-law, all unfortunately died.While cleaning up the battlefield, the old chief found that the child in his daughter-in-law's belly was missing.At that time, they thought that it must have been taken away by someone from the Underworld Clan breaking open the stomach.However, a few days ago, you suddenly brought the little white dragon here, so we have a bold idea."

"Oh, this bold idea is, could Little White be the child that was in the old clan leader's belly back then.Our bold guess is that could it be that during the battle, the old ancestor's son and daughter-in-law knew that he was going to die, and the old patriarch was too busy dealing with the other Underworld clans to have time to care, so in desperation, the old patriarch's son and daughter-in-law, took matters into their own hands, broke open their bellies, took out the child inside, and then, with all their strength, broke through the void and sent the child to the One Heavy Sea.This explains why Little White would appear in the One Heavy Sea, because under normal circumstances, it is impossible for us dragons to appear in a place below the Six Heavy Sea, let alone in the lowest level of the One Heavy Sea.The old clan leader's daughter-in-law's power is limited, so he broke the void and could only teleport to the One Heavy Sea, because the One Heavy Sea has the thinnest space."


sp; Tang Zichen smiled, "This idea is indeed bold."

"Oh, we are not making an unfounded guess, after all, it is hard to explain Sebastian's appearance in the One Heavy Sea, and only this guess can explain it clearly.Of course, whether it's true or not, we must also pass verification, and today the old clan leader, as well as the old clan leader's son, is here.Of course, the old clan leader's son is also my big brother."

Everyone looked at that older, paler old dragon.

That old dragon had a lot more strength in him, and he was definitely stronger than the clan leader.

The old clan leader stood up and walked over to Little White, looking at her carefully, from the looks of it, Little White did look somewhat similar to her mother.

The old clan leader pressed his hand on the top of Little White's head, and suddenly, Little White's eyes turned white and her body trembled.

A moment later, the old clan leader let go of Little White, and Little White returned to normal.

"Old Clan Chief, how is it?"The patriarch was busy asking.

The old patriarch left behind dragon tears and sobbed, "It's really my granddaughter, woo-hoo."

"Ah."The patriarch shuddered deeply, before it was a guess, but I didn't expect that the guess was right, so it really was, back then, Little White's parents, at the time of death, broke open their bellies and sent Little White to the One Heavy Sea.

Although Xiaobai was not yet full term and was born prematurely, he was only a few years shy, so he could survive.After Little White was sent to the One Heavy Sea, it even fell into Xia Xiaoxin's hands, and then into Tang Zichen's hands after that.

The patriarch was busy to: "Xiaobai, this is your grandfather, prisoner weakness, not yet pay your respects."

"Me."Xiaobai's eyes were red.

"Oooh."The old patriarch looked at Xiaobai, as if seeing his son and daughter-in-law, he was sad.

Tang Zichen said, "Little White, meet your grandfather quickly."

"Grandpa."Little White's eyes were red as he called out.

"My good granddaughter."The old patriarch hugged Little White at once.

Everyone in the palace was moved to look at their grandparents.

For a long time, the patriarch smiled and said, "Old patriarch, congratulations, you found your granddaughter."

This granddaughter was originally unaware that she still existed, otherwise, she would have already gone looking for her.

The old patriarch said happily, "Thank you, thank you all, and you."The old patriarch looked at Tang Zichen.

"You're welcome."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

"What's your name?"The old patriarch asked.

Little White was busy, "Grandfather, he's called Brother Zichen."

Tang Zichen replied, "Back to senior, my name is Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, you'll be my friend from now on."

"Uh, oh, I dare not."

The patriarch announced to everyone in public, "Everyone, I hereby announce that from today onwards, Xiao Bai is the princess of our Dragon Clan."

"Princess, princess, princess."The dragons in the hall rallied their arms and shouted a few times to show their welcome to Little White.

Little Fire was busy saying, "Little White, congratulations, you've finally returned home."

Little White seemed to have thought of something and busily said, "Don't you guys want me to come home with you?"


"You've gone home, and from now on, your home is here, but of course, if you miss us, you can always come to the extreme southern continent to find us." ..

"Me."Little White looked very complicated, and seemed to be very reluctant.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Bai, it's okay, you should be at home now, get together with your grandfather more."

"Then you guys must be me sometime."

"Of course, you can also go back to Tang Ji Gate."


Tang Zichen said, "Patriarch, now that Sebastian has found his family, there's nothing more for us to do, so we'll leave first."

"Must we be in such a hurry?It's already past noon today, so why don't you rest for another day and leave early tomorrow morning.Tonight the old patriarch has found his granddaughter and our Dragon Clan will hold a feast, won't you attend?"

"This, well, we're happy that Sebastian found his grandfather, and we had to attend to help Sebastian celebrate,"Don Zichen said.

"Okay, please be here on time tonight."

"Okay." First URL

Tang Zichen, Little Fire, and Purple Hitomi had temporarily left the clan leader's palace, while Little White was with his grandfather.

In the future, Sebastian would definitely not live with Tang Zichen and the others for a long time, and Tang Zichen was quite upset inside.

Little Fire said, "We should be happy for Little White, there's no way out for him to follow us, and now that he's in the Dragon Clan and has such a high status, he definitely won't be wronged."

"Oh, that's true."

Tang Zichen looked at Violet Pupil, who didn't seem happy.

"Violet Hitomi, what are you thinking about?"Don Zimmer asked.

"No, I'm also happy for Little White."

Tang Zichen patted Zi Hitomi's shoulder and said, "Zi Hitomi, you should also think about it, with today's identity of Little White, it's really impossible for him to be your daughter-in-law."

"Don't, don't, I really don't have this thought, even if I did, that was before, ever since I knew that Little White liked human men, I don't dare to think about it."Purple Hitomi was busy explaining.

"Oh, after all, Little White is still young, immature and immature, besides, she grew up in a human pile again since she was young, so you can't take it seriously when she says something like she likes humans.When she gets used to it in the dragon race, she'll know what she needs."

: "Purple Pupil, if you really like Little White, you have to work hard to cultivate and become an extinct strong dragon, so that you can hold a beauty."

But Purple Pupil shook her head and sighed, "But I evolved from an augmented serpent, and I started a long way behind these natural dragons, and it's almost hopeless to surpass them.It's not that I'm frustrated, but I must face reality."

Tang Zichen said, "You can't force anything, just go with your heart, don't put too much mental pressure on yourself, if the pressure can't be turned into motivation, it will affect your cultivation instead."

"Mm, good."

That night, Tang Zichen, Little Flame, and Purple Pupil, the three of them went to the Dragon Clan Hall to attend the feast.

What Tang Zichen didn't expect was that the Dragon Clan ate the same food as humans, but also cooked food, fruits and vegetables, and wine, and also with pouring tea chopsticks.(Note: refer to the Dragon Palace of the Eastern Sea in Journey to the West).

If he wasn't sure that this was a dragon race, Tang Zichen would have thought this was some kind of palace hall when he looked at the room full of human-looking dragons.

"Brother Zichen, Brother Little Fire, Brother Purple Hitomi, you're here, come in."Sebastian saw

Tang Zichen and the others came and ran out in a panic.

Little White was now re-dressed, wearing clothes full of dragon characteristics, and suddenly, his entire image was different, and he was many times more beautiful than before.

"Wow, Little White, now even I think you're pretty ah.".

"Little fire brother, I'm already pretty ah."Little White said with a flick of her skirt and a pose.

Not far away, many men of the Dragon Clan stared at Little White, who was not only the protagonist of the feast, but also attracted everyone's attention in the limelight.

Tang Zichen quickly took his seat, and the clan leader invited Tang Zichen to his upper seat, but some dragons still looked at Tang Zichen with their old eyes, and it was hard for them to change their attitude towards the humans of the extreme southern continent at the moment.

During the feast, songs and dances were sung and danced, and the beautiful women of the dragon clan entered the main hall to celebrate the old clan leader finding his granddaughter.

Tang Zichen learned from a Dragon Clan man that the old clan leader was a strong man about to ascend, fortunately, he had found his granddaughter now, if he had been a few decades, or a hundred years late, the old clan leader might have left.

The wine of the Dragon Clan was very good, and Tang Zichen drank much, much more, and only returned to their guest room late that night.

When Tang Zichen walked into his guest room, he saw a Dragon Clan woman sitting on the bed.

Tang Zichen rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't mistaken, it was a dragon woman, but this dragon woman was ordinary looking, her realm was low, and her posture was heaven and earth compared to Xiaobai.

Tang Zichen was at a loss for words and asked, "You are?"

"Hello, the old patriarch asked me to come and serve you as a token of his gratitude."That dragon woman said.

Tang Zichen was startled, not understanding a bit.

"Let me help you with your clothes."That dragon woman said.

"Wait, what do you mean by serving?"

"Uh, no, you're uninvolved?Don't know that one yet?"

"No, I just don't understand, you're a dragon, I'm a human, between us?Are you sure?"Tang Zichen frowned and said.

That dragon woman said, "After I transformed into human form, I'm no different from you ah, what's there to be uncertain about."

"Oh."Tang Zichen's eyes looked strangely at that dragon woman.

The dragon woman seemed to be a bit angry and said, "Listen, if it wasn't for the old clan leader's orders, I wouldn't have served the lowest level of humans like you in the Extreme South Continent.You, the lowest level of humans, are not worthy of licking feet with our Dragon Clan.However, our old clan leader went so far as to lower the dignity of the dragon clan in order to show his gratitude to you that he asked me to serve you."

"Oh, how arrogant, so it would still be an honor and a tall order for me if I could day dragon."

"It already is, you are the lowest of humans, not even worthy of it.The old patriarch commanded me only to show his gratitude to you."

"Hahahaha:" laughed Tang Zichen, let's forget about the human and the dragon, is it really possible, but with this posture, unless Tang Zichen hadn't seen a woman in ten thousand years.

"You go, thank the old patriarch for me, I appreciate his kindness."Tang Zichen waved his hand.

However, the dragon woman felt as if she was humiliated and said angrily, "What do you mean, are you humiliating me?"

"Are you sick, what did I humiliate you for?It's not that you're saying that I'm high, but if that's the case, why are you lowering your status if you're not leaving."


"Hmph, that's true, but as the lowest ranking human, you are not qualified to refuse me, only I refuse, not you."

Tang Zichen sneered, "If I'm not mistaken, you must be the lowest status in the dragon race, specializing in serving others, right?"

That dragon woman's face shook, indeed, she was the lowest in the dragon clan, otherwise she wouldn't have been sent out to do such a thing.

The dragon woman snorted, "No how, even though I'm the lowest in the dragon race, compared to the humans in your Extreme South Continent, I'm incomparably noble, an existence you can't look up to."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to bother with her and snorted, "You can get out now."

"If you dare to refuse me, believe me if I just go out and shout, there will be countless dragons coming to kill you."

"Then go out and shout, no matter how you shout, I'm not interested in you, if you don't get out, don't blame me for being rude."

"You wait."That dragon woman panicked and ran away.

Tang Zichen cursed, "Psycho."

Little Fire walked in from the doorway.

"Brother Chen, what happened?You're not going to drunkenly flirt with a dragon woman, by golly, you're too bold to do that, even though Sebastian is a dragon princess.The Dragon Clan is already high and mighty, and looks down on the humans of the Extreme South Continent." Remember the URL

"What nonsense, it's a psychotic dragon woman who wanted to serve me, and I refused, and she was actually annoyed that I actually wanted to curse, owed that what."

"Uh, Minister, you're so charming?"

"It was sent by the old patriarch, to show his gratitude to me."

"Why don't you play a little, then, Minister?No fun for nothing, and you're just as well to try and see if you really can and dragon."


"Hahaha."Little Fire laughed and walked away.

After Little Fire left, Tang Zichen suddenly had some regrets, it wasn't that Tang Zichen wanted that, but, Tang Zichen didn't need it, why couldn't he give her to Purple Hitomi?

Purple Hitomi was just a few guest rooms away, so it could have been given to Purple Hitomi.

But regrets were no longer useful.

That Dragon woman returned to the Old Clan Chief to report back, saying that Tang Zichen didn't need her.

The old patriarch didn't say anything, just smiled, wondering if it was Tang Zichen who was too ugly for her.It wasn't that the old clan chief didn't send him a beautiful dragon lady, but considering the impact, he couldn't, after all, in the eyes of all dragons, Tang Zichen and the others had a very low status, and if he sent a beautiful lady to him, he would definitely be gossiped about.

The next day, Tang Zichen woke up early in the morning.

"Little Fire, Purple Hitomi, it's almost time."


The three of them walked out of the room and went to say goodbye to Sebastian first.

"Brother Zichen, are you guys going back so soon?"Sebastian was full of resignation.

"Yes. It's been a few days since I've lived in the Dragon Clan."

"Alright then."

"Little White, remember, we'll go back first then."

Tang Zichen signaled to Little Fire and flew off.

Little White watched tearfully as Tang Zichen and the others went away, impulsively wanting to follow them several times.

Tang Zichen quickly left the Dragon Clan's territory.

"Brother Chen, are we going back to Tang Chi Gate now?"Little Fire asked.

Tang Zichen knew that Little Fire really wanted to go to the Unicorn.


Tzu-Chen said, "Little Fire, you want to go to the Qilin Clan, in that case, I'll accompany you."

"No no no, I don't mean that.Brother Chen, these past few days in the Dragon Clan, we have also gained some understanding of the other continents of the Seven Seas, and even farther north, there are many races living here, not only the Dragon Clan, but also the Qilin Clan, and what's more, the Underworld Clan, and many other races, all of these races, are at the level of holy beasts, higher level species than humans, they have high vision and look down on humans very much.At any rate, Violet Pupil and I are the Qilin and Dragon races, to put it bluntly, if we go out in the Seven Seas, we're at least a bit more distinguished than you.Brother Chen, in fact, I want to ask you if you and Purple Pupil can return to Tang Dynasty Gate first.I want to make my way by myself, and I can't keep following your ass."

"That won't do."Tang Zichen firmly opposed.

"Brother Chen, I'm begging you, let me make my way alone, don't worry, I, Little Fire, am not a jobber, and you know my strength as well.I have inherited memories, even if I was born a unicorn, I may not be more powerful than me."

"Little Flame, are you sure you don't want me to accompany you?"

"I need to walk alone too, Minister, I can't keep following you, besides, if I find the Qilin Clan, at least I'll be safer, unlike you, what if the Qilin Clan is bad for you, so I want to be alone."Little Fire was already very clear.

Naturally, Tang Zichen was not going to force it any further.

"In that case, be careful, I'll wait for you to return."

"Mmhmm, don't worry, I'll be careful."

Tang Zichen patted Little Fire's shoulder.

"Brother Chen, I'll leave first then."

"Go ahead, make your way into the world, and look forward to your return."

"Good."Little Fire nodded, then flew off in the opposite direction of Tang Ji Gate.

Tang Zichen and Violet Pupil were left in the sky.

Tang Zichen said, "Violet Hitomi, do you need to make a break for it by yourself?"


"A man should go out in the world."

Purple Pupil said, "Uncle Minister, it's actually more like I'm going to the Dragon Clan."

"Uh, didn't you just come out of the Dragon Clan?"

"Minister, although the Dragon Clan doesn't treat me well, I want to fit in with them."

"That's right, I was negligent, I should have followed up and asked Sebastian to give you a hand to help you settle down in the Dragon Clan, with Sebastian's status, it should have been a breeze."

"Minister, I want to rely on myself, even though I am a Jiao snake evolved, I believe that I am no worse than those born dragons."

"Purple Hitomi, if you want to do something, just go ahead and do it."

"Thank you, Uncle Minister, then I'm returning to the Dragon Clan."

"Do you want me to send you back, follow up with a shout?"

"No, no really."

"Well, then, be careful and send a message back in the future if you're settled in the Dragon."


Tang Zichen watched as the purple pupil returned along the road back to the Dragon Clan.

Tang Zichen sighed, four people came out on this trip, and as a result, he was the only one who went back.Moreover, they might all have new homes in the future, Little Fire would definitely return to the Qilin Clan in the future, and Purple Pupil would definitely settle down in the Dragon Clan, too.

Tang Zichen was a bit wandering inside, sighed, then turned around and flew away.

The status of humans in the Extreme South Continent was so low, in case of provoking other races outside, it might bring a disaster to the entire Extreme South Continent, it was better to return to Tang Ji Gate first, cultivate well, bring up the realm, and in the future reach the seventh or even the eighth stage of tribulation, and then come back to act.


Tang Zichen returned to Tang Chi Gate.

"Hey, where are the others?Sebastian, Violet Eyes, Little Fire?"

When everyone saw Tang Zichen return alone, they thought, something had happened to them all.

"Don't worry, we came to the Dragon Clan, where we found Sebastian's family, Sebastian is already with her family.Purple Hitomi also chose to stay with the Dragon Clan, he wanted to fit in, and as for Little Fire, he went to find his clan, and the Seven Seas has the Qilin Clan."

"Then why didn't you go along."

"Little Flame wanted to make his way alone, and seeing how determined he is, I couldn't say anything.By the way, in the future, any of you should never leave the Extreme South Continent on your own."

"Leaving the Extreme South Continent this time made me understand the truth that our humans in the Extreme South Continent are so lowly.Do you know how the other races of the Seven Seas view us?In their eyes, we humans in the extreme south continent are like cockroaches to us humans, annoying and wanting to stomp on them when we see them, but no matter how much we stomp on them, there will always be so many more around every corner because cockroaches are so fertile."

"Ah, are we humans that bad?Those dragons are nothing, we humans still have immortals, can it be that the dragons don't even look down on immortals anymore."

"Immortals are immortals and we are us, although we are all humans, in the eyes of those holy beasts, we are just different varieties of the same race.Alright, I'm not going to talk to you, I'm going to cultivate, this time leaving the Extreme South Continent, I have a little bit of insight."

Tang Zichen immediately went to cultivate.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen cultivated for half a year. A second to remember to read the book

Half a year later, Tang Zichen opened his eyes, and although he had a little bit of comprehension, he was still a hundred and eighty thousand miles away from breaking through to the Sixth Stage of Tribulation.Reaching the current realm was too difficult to move forward, and it had only been a short time since Tang Zichen had broken through to the Fifth Stage of Tribulation, so there was no great hurry.

"I wonder how Little Fire is doing now, is Sebastian still used to living in the Dragon Clan?Has the purple pupil integrated into the dragon?"Tang Zichen muttered to himself.

When Tang Zichen walked out of the cultivation room, he would be able to see Little Fire every time he walked out of the cultivation room in the future, but now, he couldn't see it.

"Zichen, you've finished your cultivation."

"Well, has there been any news in the past half year?"Don Zimmer asked.


Tang Zichen nodded, in half a year, nothing had changed at all in the Immortal World, a thousand years in the Immortal World could not see any changes.

Tang Zichen suddenly saw an acquaintance, flying through the sky.

"Hmm, Black Eagle?"

Tang Zichen hadn't seen him in a long time, not since bringing him up from the Mortal Realm.

Black Hawk was the ancestor of the robots in the Mortal Realm.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Blackhawk, come to me."

Blackhawk, who had flown far away, heard Tang Zichen's voice, which seemed as if it had extreme penetrating power, which frustrated Blackhawk for a long time because he couldn't explain it scientifically.To be precise, the mortal technology he had mastered was too small in front of the cultivator's great powers.

Black Eagle quickly flew in front of Tang Zichen.

"Paying homage to Senior Tang."Blackhawk bowed.

"Black Hawk, it's been a long time since I've seen you."

"Yes, Senior Tang, it's been nine years, three months and eleven days."Blackhawk said, Blackhawk was a robot, and the days and such were well counted.


"How about that, any luck now?How's the research on technology in the spirit world going?"Tang Zichen asked with a smile.

"Senior Tang, I'm disappointed in you."Black Eagle lowered his head in loss.

"How so?I've seen the technology of your robots in the mortal realm, why is it so bad when it comes to the spirit realm."

"Senior Tang, I've been working hard on it for the past nine years, but unfortunately, the progress has been very limited, to reach the level of an immortal, I think there might still need to be three trillion years of development."

"What? Three trillion years?Blackhawk, do you know what you're talking about, after three trillion years, your body is decaying."

"This is my most conservative estimate, our robot technology, to reach the level of the Immortals, will require generation after generation of robots, constantly going forward and backward in research and development.The technology of our mortal world is too weak and weak to be solved in front of the immortal practitioner's prowess.Immortalization is inherently another, more ancient technology, one that is human-centered and more in line with the world.Perhaps, countless years ago, our kind of technology also existed, but, with time, it has been eliminated.I suspect that we robots, too, will become obsolete sooner or later."

Blackhawk seemed particularly frustrated.

"Blackhawk, why be frustrated, whether it will be eliminated or not, just prove it with facts."

"Senior Tang, you don't understand, our limitations are too great, creating our limited development, in the mortal world, we can be majestic, but in the immortal world, we really are."

"Alright, let's work on it first, you can go ahead and get busy."

"Good."The Black Eagle flew away.

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, Black Hawk was a robot, it wouldn't be frustrated for no reason or by emotions, it must have some data to support the frustrated conclusion.

It was right to say that the technology of robots was too limited.

Of course, if in the future, say three trillion years from now, the technology of the robots really surpassed that of the immortal cultivators, then it would not be a great calamity for the immortal cultivators yet.If it really developed like this, and the immortal cultivator worked hard to achieve a calamity, but a robot's random cannon was equivalent to the power of a thunderstorm, then the immortal cultivator would definitely become extinct.And Immortal cultivators were human-oriented, the complete opposite of robots, which would also surely make humans extinct, all kinds of beast cultivation extinct, all kinds of holy beasts, dragons, all the races of the Immortal cultivation system, would all become extinct.The entire world had turned into a mechanical age, and all the fleshly species would be gone.

But this possibility was very low, because robots were too limited to develop to this extent.

Inside, Tang Zichen definitely didn't want this to happen in the future, and it was probably a good thing that the robots were stagnant now.

"Thousand Extremes, I'm going to go to the Six Seas."Tang Zichen said.

"Go to the Six Seas for what?"

"I don't know, just take a casual walk, go check out those branches of the Six Seas Tang Ji Gate, and by the way, take a walk to the Sea of Death."

"The Sea of Death doesn't have bimbo ferocious beasts."

"Oh, you won't believe me when I say it, but when I get angry, that bimbo beast is even afraid of me."

"How could that be."

"So, I want to find out more about it, now that my cultivation has also entered a bottleneck and it's hard to move forward, I have to find more inspiration from other directions.My instincts tell me that going to Bimbo will help me."

"Well, you'll have to be careful then."

"Of course."


Tang Zichen soon arrived at the Six Seas.

Tang Zichen first descended to the First Division of Tang Ji Gate, where the Mo Dynasty was once located.

The minister of the First Division was the former lord of the Hu Ying Ridge.

"Greeting the Gate Master."Seeing Tang Zichen descend, the First Minister panicked and brought a few Half Immortals to pay his respects.

"There's no need to be polite, I just came down to check on the situation of the Tang Ji Gate."Tang Zichen said.

"Gate Master rest assured, your subordinates don't dare to be slack in the slightest."

Tang Zichen said, "Speaking of which, I haven't come down for more than eight years, the Tang Ji Gate of the Six Seas, after eight years of development, how is it now."

"Back to the Gate Master, now our entire Tang Ji Gate of the Six Seas is very hot, everyone is full of passion for cultivation, everyone who joins the Tang Ji Gate is very excited as long as they think that they can go to the headquarters of the Seven Seas in the future."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "You can rest assured of that, anyone who has worked hard and succeeded in cultivation can go to the headquarters, the aura of the Seven Seas is even stronger than the aura of the Nine Five Beds here."

The First Minister said, "Truth be told, the nine divisions of our Tang Chi Gate are about to hold a youth cultivation competition.We told those participants that those who make it to the top ten will have the opportunity to travel to the headquarters, and we were just about to apply to you."

Tang Zichen said, "I approve, this time, the top ten participants of the Nine Divisions Young Immortal Cultivators Competition, enter the headquarters." First website

"Thank you for the Gate Master's support, so all of us Six Seas Immortals will be even more active."

"Oh, that's good."

The First Minister said, "Gate Master, you have no idea, because of Tang Ji Gate, the entire Six Seas Immortals are now full of fighting spirit, it's all thanks to Gate Master, I used to think that you destroyed the Nine Great Immortal Dynasties, thinking that you are a bit selfish, but now, in return, the entire Six Seas Immortals are prosperous."

"Alright, don't compliment me, this Young Immortal Cultivation Competition, has it started yet?"

"Reporting back to the Gate Master, it will officially begin tomorrow, and the venue for the event is exactly our Tang Chi Gate's First Division.The participants from the other eight divisions will be arriving soon."


"It's just that, Gate Master, could you give a speech during the opening ceremony, so that when everyone sees you, they will be more motivated."

Tang Zichen's original purpose was mainly to travel to the Sea of Death.However, since it was such a coincidence to run into the nine divisions holding a competition, Tang Zichen certainly had to fully support it.

"Of course."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen had plenty of time anyway, so it didn't matter if he was a day and a half late heading to the Sea of Death.

Tang Zichen then stayed in the first section.

That afternoon, the ministers of the other eight divisions brought a group of young geniuses with them.

When they learned that Tang Zichen was here, they immediately came to pay their respects to Tang Zichen.

"Pay your respects to the Gate Master."

"Seeing the Gate Master, I didn't expect that the Gate Master would come in person for this competition."

Tang Zichen looked at the group of acquaintances in front of him, Bird Peng Jun, You Chang Hu, Gao Yang Sending Jun, Zhu Zhou, Sang Hong Ye, Li Chen Alone, and eight others.

"You guys have worked hard these past few years, managing the Tang Chi Gate."

"It should be."

Tang Zichen said, "Tang Ji Gate will not forget your efforts."

"Gate Master is polite."

"Alright, go prepare for the tournament, and leave me alone."



nbsp; After paying their respects to Tang Zichen, the ministers of several divisions left.

The next day, the tournament began.

During the opening ceremony, Tang Zichen descended from the sky, all the disciples were extremely excited to see Tang Zichen, and many of the women even cried with excitement.

Tang Zichen was still in mid-air, and was somewhat speechless when he saw those excited crying women.

However, this also spoke from the other side, over the past few years, Tang Zichen's image had been infinitely exaggerated by Tang Ji Gate, in layman's terms, he had been brainwashed, and Tang Zichen had become the spirit of the entire Tang Ji Gate, which was why he was crying out of control at the moment when he saw Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stood above the ring and said to everyone, "Disciples, today is the start of the competition, this is the first Youth Cultivation Competition, I expect all disciples to work hard, anyone who enters the top ten, I will personally bring them to the headquarters."

"Wow."Everyone was excited, what an honor it was for the Disciple Master to personally take him to the headquarters.

For a moment, all the participants clenched their fists, this was their family's time to shine, if whoever could finish in the top ten, then their family would definitely be able to make a name for themselves in the Six Seas.

The participants on the scene were youths from thousands of families in the Six Seas, all under a hundred years of age.

"Alright, I won't say any more unnecessary words, let's see your efforts next, I'll wait for you all."After saying that, Tang Zichen flew away first.

Tang Zichen returned to the palace, the other matters of the competition, of course Tang Zichen didn't need to be in charge, Tang Zichen only needed to know the results.

The youth competition was fifteen days long, so it didn't end so soon.

Tang Zichen didn't have his business for these fifteen days, so Tang Zichen immediately headed to the Sea of Death.

Half a day later, Tang Zichen arrived at the depths of the Sea of Death.

"Plunge."Tang Zichen rushed straight into the sea floor.

"Beamon, suck me into that sealed space of yours."Tang Zichen shouted from the bottom of the sea.

Beamon seemed to hesitate for a moment, and finally, helplessly sucked Tang Zichen into his sealed space.

"You, why are you here again."Bimun grunted a question, as if he didn't welcome Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "I came when I wanted to."

"Hmph, do you think this is your home."

"When I say this is my home is my home, even, when I say you are my servant, I am my servant."Tang Zichen said with courage, but actually Tang Zichen was a little scared when he said that.

"Hmph, I don't want to talk to you, just go away."

"Wait, I don't want to leave yet, I want to continue cultivating here."

"You think that this place will allow you to break through two realms again, like last time?Don't even think about it, there's no more insight here for you to absorb."

"Bimbo, this time, I need to know why you're afraid of me."

"Afraid of you?Well, you're overthinking it, I'm not afraid of you."

"Alright, I didn't come here to raise hell with you this time.My brother has gone off on his own, I'm bored on my own, and I can't move an inch in my sect's cultivation, so I came here to find some inspiration.I'm curious to know now, about you and the fact that you once said that you knew me in a previous life."

"Well, in your past life, you were a demon, I don't want to talk about it."

Tang Zichen said rudely, "Say it."

"Don't say it."

"I'll give you one last chance, say it."


"Ahhh, don't make me, I don't want to talk about it."

"Beaumont, I must have hurt you in a past life, didn't I."Don Zimmer asked.

There was no sound in the air.

Tang Zichen said, "What grudges did you have in your past life, let's talk about it today, come on, no matter what, I'll say sorry to you first."

The air was silent for a long time before he said, "I don't need your apology."

"Oh, it seems, I guessed right, in that case, I'll apologize to you all the more, I want you to forget your hatred, no matter what I did to you in my previous life, to me, the previous me is dead.I'm dead, and you still don't forgive me?"

For a long time, the voice in the air sighed, "And yes, you're a bastard who's already dead, what does the current you have to do with your previous life, I shouldn't hold a grudge against you."

"That's right, so how about we call each other brothers from now on."


"What?Is it strange that my brothers aren't just all human."

"Well, if you could treat me this way in your past life, how could I be so angry and unhappy." Remember the URL

"Uh, so it's still my problem that you're sealed in here."


"I'd like to know what I've done to you to keep you sealed for so long."

Beamon snorted, "You didn't do it to me to be sealed here."

"To be more specific, let's start with what I was in my previous life."

"In your previous life, you were, the son of the Zhou Clan in the Earth Immortal Realm, Upper Fey Yan Continent, the Cloud Gong Immortal Kingdom.Your Zhou Clan was very powerful in the Yunluo Immortal Country, and was one of the largest warlords in the Yunluo Immortal Country.I, on the other hand, am a small Bimbo of one of the Bimbo tribes in your Zhou Clan's feudal land.Once, you came to the feudal land, when you were still young, and saw me, and from then on, my nightmare began, and you forced me to sacrifice my soul and become your attendant.Unfortunately, you didn't take me as an attendant, you used me like a dog.I'm at least a prince of the Bimun clan, yet you treat me like this.It's a pity that you Zhou Clan is so powerful, we Bimun Clan have to rely on you to survive in your territory, and we can only let you bully us.In your previous life, you were a bastard, relying on the strength of your family, raping, killing, setting fires, doing nothing evil, you made the entire Yunluo Immortal Kingdom hate you, if it wasn't for the strength of your parents and relatives, with the way you are, you would have been killed if you took just one step out of your house."

Tang Zichen sweated, "You lied to me, am I such a person?Is rape really the kind of thing that I did in a past life?"

"What's the point of me lying to you, more than just doing it, it's outrageous, I'm your follower, I've seen anything bad you've done.For example, when you saw a slightly better-looking woman on the street, you ordered some of your dogs to spread out a bed, pull up a cloth curtain, and defile it in public.You've done this no less than twenty times, the entire Yunluo Immortal King City, all the lower class women with superior posture and no family background, have almost been defiled by you.You've become known throughout the Immortal Kingdom as a vicious young man.Do you think that people like you have the life to take a step out of your home if you don't have a family background."

"Speechless, I'm anything but."Tang Zichen wiped his cold sweat, feeling like he was talking about someone else, Tang Zichen couldn't believe that he was such a person in his previous life.

Tang Zichen suddenly recalled his previous life in

The original Yao Dynasty, illuminated a well, and the well could reflect his former life, Tang Zichen saw that he was handsome in his former life.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "In my previous life, wasn't I handsome?"

"It was okay, but because of what you are, you're uselessly handsome."

"And then how did I die?"

"One day, retribution finally came. A young man from the Wilderness Virgin Kingdom of Yunluo came to our country, and the young man had a beautiful maid with him.When you saw her on the street, you became lustful, and immediately instructed your dogs to spread the sheets and prepare to defile her.But unexpectedly, the man was no one for you to mess with, and the youth, castrated you in the street, and your manhood was eaten by his mount.You collapsed in a pool of blood and screamed, but unfortunately, your dog's legs had already been killed, and you tore the heavens and the earth apart, and no one came to your rescue, even the immortal pearl you carried with you suddenly couldn't function.In the end, you were trampled to death by that young gentleman, and your death was so unbearable that your family didn't dare to say another word after they found out.Fortunately, on that day, I was a little far away from you and was not implicated by you, but my soul was offered to you, and when you died, I also suffered.Therefore, I could only Yuan Shen out of my body, disappear into the spatial rift, and finally drift in this spirit world.My soul was imprisoned forever, and I could only exert very low strength, so I was sealed here by a quasi-immortal of the Half Immortal Clan of the Seven Seas."

Tang Zichen was very depressed to hear that he had been played to death like this in his previous life, castrated in the street, his lifeblood eaten by a mount, and finally stomped to death.

God, Tang Zichen really didn't believe it, there was no reason for Beamon to lie to him.

However, at this moment Tang Zichen finally understood why Bimun was afraid of Tang Zichen, because he was an attendant of Tang Zichen's former life, his soul was dedicated to Tang Zichen's former life, he had fear of Tang Zichen from the depths of his soul, and Tang Zichen had treated him like a dog in his former life, so there must be no less torture.

That's why, as soon as Beamon saw Tang Zichen, he recognized who Tang Zichen's previous life was.

After all, the soul was dedicated to Tang Zichen's previous life, even if Tang Zichen was reborn, he should still be able to distinguish it, the soul structure and all, it shouldn't have changed, the change was just a complete erasure of the memory, it was like restoring the factory settings.

"Hahaha, that's hilarious, I, Tang Zhen, would end up like this?"The Don laughed out loud, but the Don wasn't the least bit uncomfortable inside, after all, to him now it was like listening to a stranger's story.

"I know it's none of your business right now, I shouldn't have told you, you're the one who made me say it."

Don Zimmer said, "I don't blame you, and anyway, thank you, Brother Beamon."

"No need to thank me."

"By the way, you were sealed by the Spirit People's parahumans?"

"Yes, I was sealed, but the one who sealed me was not a human here, but a parahuman of the Half Immortal Clan.In this space and time, the status between you humans and the Half Immortal Clan is far too far apart."

"Well, I understand that, those half-immortal clans are even feared by those holy beast races of the dragon clan, not to mention us, the lowest level of humans."

"Alright, there's nothing else I have to tell you."Bimon said.

Tang Zichen nodded, and Tang Zichen didn't ask more questions about the Immortal Realm, such as what Upper Feyama Continent, what Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, what Earth Immortal Realm, or what Zhou Clan warlords from Tang Zichen's previous life, all of these had nothing to do with Tang Zichen now, and it wouldn't be too late to learn more about them later if he had the chance to travel to the Immortal Realm.


Don asked finally, "That, Brother Beamon, is there really nothing I can do to help you?"

"No, you're so weak, you're the only one who wants to help me."

"Oh, also, in that case, I'll really go."

Bimun was filled with inner struggles, but there was actually one thing that Tang Zichen could do to help him, and that was, to help him out of his current predicament.Bimun was due to the death of his former master, and his soul had already been sacrificed to his former master, he should have been buried with him, but he escaped death only when he broke away from his original time and space, but the disaster didn't end there, even here his soul was imprisoned.If his soul could break free from the confinement, then he could break free from the seal here.

However, in order to break free of the soul's confinement, the former owner must be resurrected.

It was impossible for the former owner to be resurrected, but the former owner was reborn in a later life, so if Bimun continued to offer his soul to Tang Zichen, then Bimun would likely be able to get rid of it as a result.

However, Beamon was torn, he didn't want to sacrifice his soul to anyone else, he didn't want to be Tang Zichen's servant anymore, Tang Zichen had tortured him enough in his previous life.

At this time, Tang Zichen said, "Right, Bimun, that breath you gave me and Little Fire last time was quite powerful, that, Fang inconvenient, give a few more bites."

Bimun was depressed, Tang Zichen was too brazen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I think, in case I need it, I'm now in the Seven Seas, I don't dare to go anywhere else but the Extreme South Continent, ah.It's not that I'm afraid of dying, but I'm afraid of getting involved, after all, my relatives are having a hard time settling down in the Seven Seas, the Seven Seas is already the best place, if I destroy this place, I'll really have to return to the Six Seas."

"Alright, alright, I really owe you from my previous life."Beamon scolded. One second to remember to read the book

"Hehe, I owe you, don't worry, once I'm able to help you in the future, I'll help you get rid of the seal here."

"I don't want you to help me.Hmph, how much breath do you want from me?"Beamon asked.

Don smiled, "Well, how much breath are you willing to give me at most."

"What an insatiable person, you are the same as your previous life, some aspects really haven't changed."

"Khan, it really hurts me when you say that, I've been such a good person in my life."

"Don't bullshit me, I can't possibly have a good impression of you, you'd better feel free to say how much you want."

Tang Zichen thought for a moment, Tang Zichen would need quite a bit of Qi if he wanted to move around the rest of the Seven Seas.

"Ten thousand mouths?"Don Zichen asked probingly.

"You want me dead, you can say ten thousand dollars."Beamon growled.

"Hey, let's make up an auspicious number then, 9999, which represents the longevity of the sky."

"Is there a difference between 9,999 and ten thousand?Roll."

"Go ahead, then."

"Five hundred at the most."

Tang Zichen could only nod his head, "Alright then, five hundred is five hundred."

In the ten days that followed, Bimun gave Tang Zichen five hundred breaths of air.

In order to give the five hundred breaths, Bimun also spent ten days, and after ten days, when the five hundred breaths were given, Bimun himself almost broke his breath.

"I've been so benevolent to you, harming me like this, I actually still, I don't know what evil I've done."

Tang Zichen hehely smiled, "Don't be depressed, thank you, Brother Bimun, I was my brother in a past life, and I'm still my brother in this life."


Don't get carried away, the five hundred breaths I give you won't allow you to be invincible in the Sea of Seven Heavens."

"How strong can the five hundred breaths you give me allow me to defeat in the Seven Seas?"

"At the eighth stage of tribulation, every breath of mine can kill him, provided it hits the target.At the ninth stage of tribulation, ten breaths can seriously injure him, but not kill him.A parahuman can only guarantee that he won't be killed by a single blow and has time to escape, that's all.So, if you run into a parahuman, you better run far away."

"Oh, I see, that's enough."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

Bimon instantly sent Tang Zichen out of the sealed space.

Tang Zichen appeared on the surface of the sea.

Tang Zichen sighed, "I thought that there would be help in the realm when I came here, but it turned out that it wasn't help in the realm, but it seems that it's really hard to improve in the realm.I don't even know when I'll be able to step into the sixth stage of Tribulation, and now that I'm at the fifth stage of Tribulation, I'm not many steps away from the ninth stage of Tribulation, but how come it feels like there's still as far away as the sky."

Tang Zichen gathered his thoughts and soon returned to the First Division of the Tang Chi Gate.

The Tang Ji Gate's Youth Competition was still going on, but it was already at the end, with only the last few days left.

Although Tang Zichen hadn't shown up, he had watched in secret for a while.

After more than ten days of competition, the results were already going to be released.

This year's Young Immortal Cultivator Competition, the most dazzling one was a woman.This woman, ten days ago, had no fame, and ten days later, she was already worshipped by everyone.

Tang Zichen suddenly remembered that in the Yew Dynasty, there was a well that could irradiate a person's past life.

Tang Zichen was ready to go to that well again to explore the truth.

Tang Zichen disguised himself and went to the former Yew Clan Dynasty, which was now, of course, the second division of Tang Ji Gate.

That well was still visited by many people every day.

Tang Zichen walked to the well for the second time, and suddenly, a strange face was illuminated in the well.

"Is this what I looked like in my previous life, huh."Tang Zichen said as he looked at himself in the well.

A man next to him heard Tang Zichen's narcissistic laughter and snorted, "There really are fools who believe in such tricks."

Tang Zichen didn't bother with the man because the man was too weak and small, so neither knew how high the sky was or how strong Tang Zichen was.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "This well, I don't know why it's so magical, but others think it's some kind of trick, but I've confirmed that it's not a trick.Could this well be a fake immortal artifact?Could it even be an immortal artifact?"

Tang Zichen was shocked, pseudo-immortal weapons were already very powerful here, if they were immortal weapons, wouldn't they be scared to death.

Tang Zichen hesitated for a moment and jumped into the well.

"Plunge."There was a splash of water.

Tang Zichen felt that he jumped into the well without any abnormality, it was really a well.

The person who was irradiating the well immediately cursed Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen jumped into the well, so naturally he couldn't irradiate it.

Tang Zichen ignored it, hesitated for a moment, and then sank down to the bottom of the well.

It sank about five meters to the bottom.

At the bottom of the well, there wasn't anything other than some mud.

Tang Zichen was unwilling, and even used his hands to dig up the mud at the bottom of the well, as a result, Tang Zichen muddied the entire well, and there was still nothing.


It was nothing more than a perfectly normal well, and in the end, Tang Zichen had to come to this conclusion.

Tang Zichen had to return to the ground.

Because of his reluctance, Tang Zichen did not leave for the time being, but stayed at the restaurant next to that well.

Tang Zichen asked the owner of the restaurant about that well.

Tang Zichen learned that that well had existed for an unknown number of years, and once upon a time, there were many people who thought there was some kind of treasure in the well, so they jumped into the well and dug, even digging for tens of kilometers around the entire well, and as a result, there was nothing.

After that, no one imagined it anymore.

Tang Zichen was speechless, Tang Zichen had merely jumped into the well to retrieve the mud, and was far from the man who had excavated the entire well for dozens of kilometers around.

Tang Zichen laughed a little to himself.

However, Tang Zichen was still unhappy, because Tang Zichen knew that the appearance irradiated in the well was really a past life.Others might not be able to verify if it was true or not, so they might give up on it, but Tang Zichen couldn't just give up.

Even if there were no treasures, Tang Zichen had to find out what the principle was.

Tang Zichen stayed at the inn for a day, thinking one night. First URL

But nothing came to mind.

The next morning, Tang Zichen came to the well, the water of which was already clear, clear within a few hours after it had been muddied by Tang Zichen yesterday.

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and jumped into the well again.

Although Tang Zichen knew that he might be fruitless once again.

This time, after sinking into the bottom of the well, Tang Zichen did not retrieve the mud from the bottom of the well, Tang Zichen quietly looked at the bottom of the well.

However, after looking for half a day and not seeing any doorway, Tang Zichen swore that this really was a perfectly normal well.

Although Tang Zichen didn't see any doorway, he still insisted on staying at the bottom of the well.

As such, Tang Zichen stayed at the bottom of the well for a day.

Unfortunately, staying a day didn't change the fact that it was a normal well.

"Fuck."Tang Zichen cracked a curse, and then prepared to give up.Thinking about it, this well had existed for so long, if it really had any treasures, it would have been discovered long ago, where was Tang Zichen's turn to discover it now.

Just as Tang Zichen turned around to leave, he suddenly stalled.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at the sliver of spring water that emerged from the stone crack at the bottom of the well.

"Since there's no problem with the well, could it be the water?"Don is a bit more clever.

Yeah, is it the water?

Tang Zichen immediately swept his spiritual sense to see where the spring water of the well came from.

After some scanning by Tang Zichen, he didn't find anything special, the spring water of this well came out from very deep underground, and there were several springs converging at the bottom of the ground.

Tang Zichen held the attitude of trying, immediately burrowed into the soil at the bottom of the well, Tang Zichen followed the trace of a very small underground spring, regardless of the source of the spring back to the road.

Tang Zichen must find the source of the well, the average person would not even think of whether it was water.

After half a day, Tang Zichen himself didn't know how deep into the ground he had gone.

The spring was small, even as small as taking a leak, but, having gone so deep into the ground, it hadn't even broken off.

"There must be something wrong."Tang Zichen inwardly said.

Tang Zichen continued to go deeper.

Just like this, deeper and deeper, to the point where

It was the next morning.

Tang Zichen had gone deeper into the ground for a day and a night, and although he was slow to find the mainstream of the spring, the distance was not short after going deeper for a day and a night.

Tang Zichen was unconvinced and continued.

However, the amount of water in the spring was already as small as a runny nose, and it was seeping into the soil, so if one didn't identify and look for it very carefully, one couldn't tell which direction the source was in.

After another day, Tang Zichen continued several kilometers deeper into the ground, and by this time, Tang Zichen was completely unable to find the source, because, up to this point, the soil had been unable to dry up, and it was difficult to rely on human perception to find the water stains.

Just as Tang Zichen was thinking about whether or not to go to the robot Black Hawk for help, Black Hawk definitely had an advantage in this area.

Just then, Tang Zichen suddenly saw that there was a mirror in front of him, it was buried in the dirt, if you didn't look at it carefully, it was almost taken as a stone.

Tang Zichen immediately went up to the mirror, Tang Zichen saw that a few drops of water would occasionally come out of the surface of this mirror, not that the mirror itself would come out of water, but because the soil was damp, the mirror was prone to produce water drops.

These drops of water, generated by the mirror, seemed to have magic power, and immediately penetrated deep into the soil, and over time, the drops of water would fuse with other moisture in the soil, and finally, slowly converge with other underground water until they emerged from the well on the ground.

Thus, that well could irradiate the appearance of its former life.

Only after Tang Zichen finished his observation did he carefully pick up that mirror.

Tang Zichen immediately looked at the mirror and found that the Tang Zichen in the mirror was the same as the one irradiated in the well before.

Tang Zichen seemed to understand that the well on the ground was able to irradiate his previous life because of this mirror.

"Haha, finally I've been able to find out the reason."

Tang Zichen immediately returned to the ground with that mirror.

At this moment, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that many of the people who came here in mourning had wanted to irradiate the legendary magical well, but as a result, once they did, the person reflected up from the water was still themselves, which meant that the well, couldn't irradiate their past lives.

"Cut, lying to death, there's no such thing as a past life, this isn't the same as me now."Those who had come for the first time couldn't help but curse.

But. The person who had come before was stunned.

"What's going on, why is it useless?I've been here before, never the less."

The matter spread in an instant.

After all, this well was famous.

Anyone who heard that this well couldn't irradiate its former life immediately rushed over to see what it was all about.

And right now, Tang Zichen was at an inn not far from this well.

Tang Zichen carefully wiped that mirror clean.

After wiping it clean, Tang Zichen tried to refine this mirror.

But as a result, Tang Zichen was unable to refine it at all.

Although Tang Zichen couldn't see what kind of treasure the mirror was, Tang Zichen felt that it was definitely more powerful than a pseudo-immortal weapon.

Tang Zichen tried to drop a drop of blood on it.

As a result, there was no reaction.

"It's damn strange."

Tang Zichen was unwilling to go anywhere in that inn, and carefully studied the research.

Unconsciously, Tang Zichen had been studying it for two days and two nights, and although there were no results, Tang Zichen still continued to study it.

And right now, this place was already crowded with people, as all of them came running after hearing about the anomaly in that well.


Of course, some people were curious because they were curious, but many more were guessing that there was an abnormality in the well and that some kind of treasure was about to be born.

In just two days, there were countless people who came here.

But Tang Zichen didn't leave, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of being known, not even if Tang Zichen walked out with the mirror in public, because no one in the Six Seas could threaten Tang Zichen, let alone snatch the mirror from Tang Zichen's hands.

At this moment, in the Seven Seas, the Extreme South Continent, the Nuo Clan.

"Report on the ancestor."

"What is it."

"Something big."The patriarch of the Nuo Clan said with a serious look.

"Uh, what's the big event?"

"Old Ancestor, about the Six Seas, there is a magical well that can irradiate another person's appearance, the locals say that it was a past life, this, you know."

"Nonsense, I also went to explore it back then, and it turned out to be nothing more than an ordinary well, just why it was able to irradiate a different person, I don't know the reason."

"Old Ancestor, just got the news, that well, suddenly failed, two mornings ago, everyone irradiating that well, no longer reflecting the faces of strangers, irradiating what kind of people." Remember the URL

"What's going on?"Nor Elephant Nose's brow furrowed, his intuition telling him that there was something strange, if the well had been like that, there would have been no problem, but if it suddenly failed, there must be something wrong.It most likely signaled that some treasure was about to be born.

"Old Ancestor, no one knows what's going on."

"Go, immediately gather all the Half Immortals of the family at the stage of Tribulation and follow me down to the Six Seas.Be sure to thoroughly figure out the reason before the other families, and leave no possibility untouched."


Similarly, at this moment in the Pu Clan.

"Old Ancestor, quickly, something big is happening."

The Pu Clan's patriarch reported immediately after learning the news from the people below.

Since the various families of the Extreme South Continent were all in the Seven Seas, the timing of the information they received was similar.

In the Fu Clan and the Yong Clan, all of them had people reporting to their ancestors, Fu Ruthless and Yong Xiong.

They had likewise sensed a hint of information about the heavy treasure and gathered their teams as quickly as possible to head to the Six Heavy Sea.

As for the Tang Chi Gate, instead, because it had just been established, the intelligence information from all sides was still incomplete, and no one even knew about it.

Tang Zichen was studying the mirror, but, suddenly, it felt as if there was little aura in the air, as if it was suffocating.

With a sweep of Tang Zichen's spiritual sense, he instantly knew why, but it turned out that the entire imperial city was intercepted by a protective shield.

Tang Zichen snorted, "It seems that those families of the Seven Seas have gotten the news and have come down to look for treasures."

Tang Zichen snorted coldly.

If it was before, Tang Zichen might have really had to run away, Tang Zichen had defeated Fu Wu Ruthless, but the two strongest ones, Nuo Elephant Nose and Pusara, Tang Zichen was still unable to beat them, and if they joined forces, Tang Zichen was even less of a match, and if Tang Zichen offended them, Tang Ji Gate might have to perish.

But that was before, and now it was no longer the same.

Tang Zichen had obtained 500 breaths from Bimon, and Bimon had said that a casual breath could kill the Eighth Order of Tribulation, and the Eighth Order of Tribulation referred to here was not an ordinary Eighth Order of Tribulation, but the Eighth Order of Tribulation that possessed pseudo-immortal weapons, as well as the Eighth Order of Tribulation of the Seven Seas Sacred Beast Race.

Of course, the prerequisite was that Tang Zichen had to hit it, just like the last time he killed Yidingkang.


br /> However, the last time Tang Zichen and Little Fire teamed up to kill Idincon, it was very difficult, that's because last time Tang Zichen didn't have Black Water Pearl protection and only had two breaths of air.But now, Tang Zichen is protected by the Black Water Pearl and has 500 breaths of energy, so it's easy to kill them.

After Tang Zichen put away the mirror, he immediately rushed out.

Tang Zichen discovered that the person who surrounded the imperial court was the ancestor of the Yong Clan of the Extreme South Continent, Yong Xiong.

Yong Xiong was the first to get the news, so Yong Xiong was the first to lead the family's half-immortals and arrived here, blockading the entire imperial city inside and outside at once, not allowing anyone to go out.

"Quickly, we must find out the reason for that former well abnormality before the other families arrive, and if there is a treasure, we must obtain it before they arrive."In the sky, the Yong Clan Ancestor ordered their family's half-immortal.

The Yong Clan's ancestor was a bit emotional, he didn't expect that their Yong Clan would be the first to come down, if there was really a treasure for him to obtain, then their Yong Clan would have to turn over a new leaf and rise.

Since Yi Dingkang had died, Tang Zichen had defeated him again, so Yong Xiong was currently the lowest ranked and weakest in the Extreme South Continent of the Seven Seas.

Yong Xiong prayed inwardly, "I hope the heavens, let me obtain a supreme treasure this time, so that my strength will be greatly enhanced, and then, the first thing I'll do is to go and defeat Tang Zichen and blow up his Tang Ji Gate, sweeping away the face I lost on my birthday before.Then, I'll go and blow up Nuo Elephant Nose and make him kneel down and lick my shoes."

Just as Yong Xiong was fantasizing about getting some supreme treasure and blowing up Tang Zichen and Novus Elephant Nose, a voice suddenly came from his ear, "Hey."

Yong Xiong came back to his senses, and sometime later, Tang Zichen appeared beside him.

"Ah, Tang, Tang Zichen, you, when did you arrive, how did you get the news so quickly."Yong Xiong was depressed, he thought that Tang Zichen had also gotten news to come down from the Seven Heavy Sea.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Yongxiong, you're pretty fast, you're the first one to arrive, right?"

"Alright, Tang Zichen, I've already checked the place, there's nothing unusual, I'm just about to call it quits and go back, do you want to go back together?I want to buy you a drink."Yong Xiong said, attempting to trick Tang Zichen and then make Tang Zichen think that there really wasn't anything.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Yong Xiong, don't be ridiculous, you think I just came down from the Seven Seas."

"Don't you?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've been here for five or six days."

"Ah, so, that well?"

"Yong Xiong, knowing too much won't do you any good, forget about it, go back and say there's nothing unusual here."Tang Zichen smiled mysteriously, looking at Tang Zichen's smug look, I knew that surely Tang Zichen had something to gain.

Yong Xiong was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, seeing is believing."

With a glare, Tang Zichen aimed at Yong Xiong's bottom and said, "I've seen your bottom, is it that I have a share in your bottom, then can I cut it off ah."

"You."Yong Xiong's old face was furious, he actually made fun of his old brother.

"Tang Zichen, I'm really not joking with you, the other three families, will soon get the news, and then, if I speak out about you, they will definitely come looking for you, so why don't the two of us work together now.In the future, our two families can also have a long-term alliance, what do you think?"Yong Xiong said.

Tang Zichen said with a roll of his eyes, "Just you?Also worthy?Fuck, that's the worst I've ever been hacked."


"Alright, I'm not going to bullshit with you, I'm leaving first, my Tang Ji Gate branch just held the Young Immortal Cultivator Competition, I still have to go see the results."

After saying that, Tang Zichen flew away, not worrying in the slightest about whether or not Yong Xiong would tell the other three families.


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