The King of Kungfu in school 1781-1790


Chapter 1781

Right now, Tang Zichen was flying at a rapid pace.

"Hurry up, wait until he catches up."

"I'm already at my fastest speed, and I don't know how long this acceleration scroll can be used."

"Alas, it's all we can do now, let's run forward as fast as we can."

Mu Qianji said, "Don't run forward, run to the side, right now we are much ahead of Wang Pi for now, if we run to the side, we might still be able to make it in time."

"Also, let's run to the side, run for a while and then fork off, and so on and so forth, only then will we be most able to avoid Wang Pi."

Thus, Tang Zichen immediately forked off and ran to the side.

The rest could only rely on luck, Tang Zichen used the boundary to the side, Wang Pi was more difficult to find Tang Zichen's traces for a while, and according to normal thinking, he must have continued to rush forward.

In this way, Tang Zichen had a chance of survival.

A few minutes later, Wang Pi chased after Tang Zichen to the spot where he had just gone to the side.

As expected, Wang Pi chased after the spot and completely lost all traces of Tang Zichen, Wang Pi scanned the scene and found that Tang Zichen wasn't hiding there, so Wang Pi continued to chase forward. Remember the URL

And at this moment, Tang Zichen had already flown a long distance to the side, and then, Tang Zichen continued to fly back to the side, so that he forked off every time he flew, so that even if Wang Pi caught up when he first went to the side, he would gradually lose Tang Zichen's direction behind him.

In a blink of an eye, half a day passed.

"Haha, without catching up, we've managed to evade opening Wang Pi's trail."Tang Zichen laughed.

"How can you be sure that Wang Pi didn't catch up to us?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I've been flying sideways every few minutes, and now I don't even know where I'm flying to, I don't believe that Wang Pi can still catch up to me after being circled dozens of times, and it's been half a day, if Wang Pi's direction hadn't been off, he would have caught up to us by now."

Mu Qianji also laughed, "Yes, we're safe, but where are we now?We don't even know our bearings anymore."

Light Water said, "Now it's best for us to hide in place and come out when we've passed the absolute safety period.Otherwise, if we continue to fly around now, what if we run into Wang Pi?"

"Light Water's suggestion is good, Zichen, let's hide at the bottom of the sea first, we'll dig a deep pit and hide in it for ten days and half a month, by then it should be safe, and Wang Pi definitely won't have the patience to look around for us blindly."


Tang Zichen rushed into the bottom of the sea, then threw out the steel rope giant to dig a hole in the sea floor, and kept digging very, very deep for safety's sake.

"It's always safe now, it's over 100,000 meters from the ground, I'm afraid, even if Wang Pi passes by at the surface, the spirit stones may not be able to scan this place."Tang Zichen said.

"Then we'll hide here and go out again in half a month."

Tang Zichen sighed, "This rubbish king skin has messed up my plans, and I don't know if I'll still have my share of the new relics that will be born in a few months."

Mu Qianji consoled, "This kind of relic, even the Seven Heavy Seas big brother came here personally, the Seven Heavy Seas big brother, not even Wang Pi is a match, let's forget about it.Although the relics are precious, life is equally precious, in case, some other strong man discovers the Immortal Qi in your body, wouldn't it be even more finished."

Tang Huan and the others all nodded, advising Tang Zichen to give up on it

The Sea of Death's newly born relic.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "This isn't quite my style ah, to think that back in the mortal realm, when I was still in high school at Baiyun High School, I was known as the campus desperate mad god, as well as the number one villain, but now, I have to hide from an enemy, and I don't dare not go under the sea for half a month, alas."

Mu Qianji was speechless: "What time is this, and you're still picking up that old story.That Wang Pi is a half-immortal, the immortal energy you have in your body has almost no advantage over a half-immortal, unlike before, the strongest people you encounter are all still spirits."

Tang Zichen bobbed his head, feeling that from now on, Tang Zichen would really have to start officially cultivating on his own.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly felt a scurry of immortal energy within his body.

"Hm?Why is the fairy energy in my body scurrying?Could it be that King Pi is coming after us?"

"Ah."Mu Qianji and the others were all shocked, if that was the case, then wouldn't that be a sure death in a jar.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes and said, "Don't talk, let me be quiet and still."

After a while, Tang Zichen opened his eyes and said, "I feel that it's not Wang Pi chasing after us, but rather, we are very close to the Nine Daoist Demons' spirit stone cave."

"What?The Spiritual Stone Cave of the Nine Daoist Demons?"Everyone was shocked.

"Follow me."Tang Zichen immediately drove the Steel Cable Giant and dug into the depths of the ocean floor.

Digging and digging, after digging for about tens of thousands of meters.

Suddenly, intense aura came up from the deeper seabed.

"Quick, keep digging."

After digging for another hour or so, suddenly, the ground collapsed.

"Boom," Tang Zichen and the others fell into a huge pit, an underground pit that was buried at least 150,000 meters deep under the sea.

"Zichen, look quickly."Mu Qianji shouted, his eyes looked towards the front of the pit, only to see a snow-white jade mansion in front of him, the mansion was small, just over three hundred square meters.

There was a door sign hanging outside of the residence, which read 'Nine Dao Royal Residence'.

"Heavens, it really is the Nine Daoist Demon King's cave residence."Tang Zichen and the others sighed incredulously as they looked at this white as jade mansion.

"Zichen, we've been too lucky, just fleeing and fleeing without direction in order to avoid the chase, and as a result, we escaped to the Nine Daoist Demon King's cave residence."Mu Qianji said.

"Yeah, we're too lucky, no, it's Master's luck, we're all getting his blessing."Yan Xin Yi smiled.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "It's not that I'm too lucky, but, rather, in the underworld, the Nine Daoist Demons are guiding."

"Uh," everyone was startled, it seemed to make some sense.

Tang Zichen looked at the entire mansion built of spirit stones and smiled, "Everyone, today, refine to your heart's content, it's as far as you can go, in the future, there will be no more spirit stones to refine, and even if there were, it's unlikely that spirit stones will be able to raise the realm."

"Charge."Tang Zichen shouted and was the first to dash towards that spirit stone cave in front of him, with Mu Qianji and the others following closely behind.

"Bang."Tang Zichen just happened to reach the gate, suddenly an invisible restriction appeared, Tang Zichen was dizzy from the collision and his person was bounced several dozen meters away.

"Everyone be careful, there's a ban on protection."

"Bang."Tang Zichen's voice had just fallen, the others had also been unable to collect themselves and crashed headlong into it.


"Why is there a ban?"

"Nonsense, there must be a ban, this is at least the spirit stone cave house of the world's strongest man from tens of millions of years ago, I just didn't expect that the ban would be preserved until now."

Mu Qianji said, "The basis of the ban is spirit stones, there are still so many spirit stones, of course the ban won't disappear, it's just that this ban consumes spirit stone cave dwellings, and it's been consumed for tens of millions of years."

"Now we have to find a way to break the restriction first, we won't know until we go in and see it."

Tang Zichen offered his heavenly flying sword and used the Shura Eighteen Blades to cut down for a while.

"Boom."There was a huge rebound and Tang Zichen was bounced off, moreover, Tang Zichen's arm went numb and his fingers popped out blood.

"Oh my god, this restriction is too strong, it can't be broken."Tang Zichen said.

"Then what should we do, if we can't break it, won't we just have to watch."

"I'll try again."

Tang Zichen put away his flying sword and pressed his hand on the restriction, his entire body's immortal energy seeping into the restriction.

"Bang."Suddenly, the restriction seemed to sense something and let out a thumping sound. One second to remember to read the book

"Alright, the ban is broken."

"So easy."

"After all, it's the Nine Daoist Demon King's Immortal Qi, and this is also the Nine Daoist Demon King's Spiritual Stone Cave, so there's some kind of mutual sensation, right?"

Tang Zichen was the first to enter the Spirit Stone Cave Residence.

It was true that many of the spirit stones in the Spirit Stone Cave Residence had been consumed by the ban, there were still many furniture made from spirit stones in it, and now those furniture were also missing, however, there were still many spirit stones throughout the cave residence.

These spirit stones were all seventh-grade and eighth-grade spirit stones.

The total number was so large that Tang Zichen couldn't count it, especially the seventh grade spirit stones, almost eighty percent of them were seventh grade, and twenty out of the remaining hundred percent were eighth grade.

Tang Zichen and the others had already broken through to the Distraction Stage, all the seventh grade spirit stones, Tang Zichen and the others were basically useless, only the eighth grade spirit stones could still be used for them to refine one last time.

Tang Zichen walked into a hall in the spirit stone cave, there was a portrait of a man hanging in the hall.

"He can't be the Nine Dao Demon King himself, can he?"Tang Huan looked at the portrait and said.

Tang Zichen said, "Ten times out of ten, I didn't expect the Nine Daoist Demon King to look like this, huh?"

Tang Zichen went up and took off the Nine Daoist Demon King's portrait, and suddenly discovered that there was a small storage compartment behind the portrait, and inside the storage compartment, there were still many things.

"Hey, there's still stuff."

Everyone gathered around, and at the top of the storage compartment was a letter.

The letter was yellow, but it wasn't rotten, Tang Zichen picked it up, and it was really heavy with years of sediment.

The letter read, "If you are reading this letter, it means that you have obtained the relics I left behind, congratulations to you.I can't take these things with me, so I'll leave them to those who are fortunate enough to have them. In my life, I have killed countless people and done a lot of bad things, so I hope that those who get my legacy will learn to be a good person.I'm not going to talk about the spiritual stones, but in addition to the spiritual stones, I also left behind 190 scrolls, each of which has a corresponding function on it, to be used at will.The strongest of these scrolls can deal with the Sixth Stage of Tribulation.

It was to deal with, killing was unkillable, but it was enough to be used to keep the other party alive and besieged.In addition to that, eleven heavenly-grade magic weapons and eighteen boxes of various pills, these pills are all very high-grade, and at worst, they are for use by divisive stage powerhouses.Alright, fortunate man, I hope you get these relics and can use them well, I have felt the call to ascend, I'm leaving this realm soon, I hope that when you read this letter, I'm still mixing well in the Immortal Realm."

Tang Zichen finished reading in one breath.

Mu Qianji and the others sighed.

Perhaps, when the Nine Dao Demon King left this letter back then, he would never have thought that by the time his relics were acquired, he himself would have already been killed, leaving behind only a bit of his remaining soul.

Tang Zichen immediately began to count those treasures.

"Eight scrolls of Heavenly Formation Scrolls, this Heavenly Formation Scroll can trap the sixth stage of Tribulation."

"Nine scrolls of the Gilded Light Immortal Mask, this Gilded Light Immortal Mask is a restraint, the strongest of which can resist the Sixth Stage of Tribulation.That's why among the relics, the Heavenly Formation Scroll and the Gilded Light Immortal Mask are the most expensive."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and put away the seventeen most precious scrolls.

"There are also the Green Wolf Scrolls and the Ten Thousand Violet Scrolls, these are the strongest to deal with the Fifth Stage of Tribulation.Twenty-eight scrolls in total."

"There's also the Heavenly Roc Acceleration Scroll, the Ten Thousand Miles Tracking Scroll, a total of sixteen scrolls.This Heavenly Roc Acceleration Scroll and the Ten Thousand Mile Tracking Scroll are both fast, and it says that ordinary Tribulation Sixth Stage may not even be able to catch up.This one is also extremely precious."

"Unfortunately, it only adds up to sixteen scrolls, it's a bit too little."

"Mo is too little, it's better than nothing."

Lu Yuxi asked, "These scrolls are so strong, how on earth did they get made?"

"All of them were sacrificed by some half-immortal masters, according to what they are good at, each scroll was incomparably difficult to form, just like an ordinary sword, sacrificing it to become a heavenly flying sword or above, the difficulty and time required can be imagined."Tang Zichen said with a sigh, Tang Zichen had also sacrificed magic treasures before, he had spent a lot of energy and time to sacrifice flying swords from primary to advanced when he possessed Immortal Qi, not to mention those ordinary people.Therefore, these scrolls were very precious and could only be used once.

Continuing the inventory.

"Spirit Gathering Formation Scroll, the function of this Spirit Gathering Formation Scroll is that it can gather all the spirit stones in the surrounding area, and the speed of cultivation will increase exponentially, the Spirit Gathering Formation Scroll has no time limit, once it is opened, as long as there is a sufficient supply of spirit stones, it can exist indefinitely.The amount of spirit stones consumed by the Spirit Gathering Formation every day was one hundred seventh grade spirit stones.Spirit Gathering Formation Scrolls, two."

Tang Zichen said, "These two Spirit Gathering Formations, I have to build him in the Seventh Sea, otherwise it would be a real waste of natural resources."

"The rest of the scrolls are about to deal with the Thunder Tribulation first to fourth stage."

"Let's count the pills again."

"200 pills of the Returning Spirit Pill and 311 pills of the Jade Hedge Pill."

"Wait, is there an introduction, what's a Rejuvenation Pill?What is Yu Ji Dan?I've been cultivating all this way up here, relying solely on refining spirit stones, and have never used anything else at all, so I'm completely unaware of it."

"Rejuvenation Pill, taking one of these pills will allow our spirit to briefly enter a thought space where we only have complete self, this is very beneficial for cultivation, and is more than ten times stronger than ordinary cultivation."

"Yu Ji Pill, this pill can quickly repair the infant, leaving the infant in its most youthful state, however, it is only effective for ten years."


Tang Zichen busily said, "This pill is suitable for those aged Yuan babies, Light Water, you can try taking it."

"Thank you, Tang Shao."

"Thank you for what, try it."

Light Water took one pill, and after a few minutes, Light Water released her YuanYing, and everyone suddenly saw that the YuanYing that was previously the appearance of a pale old woman had now turned into the appearance of a young woman.Of course, this young woman's appearance was not Light Water's, but Blue Fox Lily's appearance when she was young.

Tang Zichen said, "So this is what Blue Fox Lily looked like when she was young, Light Water, how does it feel?"

Light Water was busy saying, "It feels much more energetic, and the YuanYing returns to its youthfulness."

"Well, when the YuanYing is young, it's naturally smoother to cultivate, it's really a blessing for elderly immortals."

"What else?"

"And."Mu Qianji blushed, not daring to say any more.

"What else?Say it."

"Spring Power Boundless Pill."Mu Qianji rolled his eyes. First URL

"Uh, what's spring power?"Don Zichen was busy asking.

"Don't pretend."

The few women beside her were embarrassed.

Tang Zichen knew what a Spring Power Boundless Pill was by looking at Mu Qianji's reaction, so he must have eaten Spring Power Boundless.

This Nine Dao Demon King even had this kind of dan.

Mu Qianji wanted to just skip this dan, but she suddenly realized that the introduction said that the Spring Power Boundless Pill wasn't just for flirting.

"Wait, the introduction on this Spring Power Boundless Pill says that if you take the Spring Power Boundless Pill, you can stack cultivation with a dual cultivation partner, the specific method of use is to find a person of the opposite sex with the same realm, take this pill together, and then proceed, proceed that, you can stack cultivation, and the effect of cultivation increases exponentially."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I told you, the Nine Dao Demon King wouldn't be so bored, treating the aphrodisiac as a treasure, it turns out that it's also an aid to cultivation."

It was the same with that Rejuvenation Pill just now, although the method was different, the effect was similar.

In short, throughout the ages, countless immortal cultivators had come up with all sorts of methods to aid in cultivation, and in the end, there were these pills.

It must be that these pills were the outstanding ones among the countless pills, which was why they were collected by the Nine Dao Demon King.

It was a pity that Tang Zichen had also studied alchemy in the beginning, but later on, Tang Zichen gradually became deserted.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen was going to be deserted, but it was already difficult to find materials in this Spiritual World, the materials needed for alchemy were extremely precious geniuses and treasures, what else could one refine if the materials couldn't be found.

Because of this, the 18 boxes of pills of the Nine Daoist Demon King were precious, because the materials to train these pills were already hard to find, just like the seventh and eighth grade spirit stones that were about to become extinct.

Tang Zichen didn't continue to count them, too many were not good to count.

"These pills can be a good aid to our cultivation in the future, after this time, it will be difficult to find spirit stones to refine and we won't be able to find any higher grade spirit stones, so we'll have to rely on our own cultivation.I was worried about what to do in the future when we have to cultivate on our own, but now that we have these pills to assist us, I'm not so worried."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji said, "That's true, but assistance is only assistance after all, in the end, it still takes a lot of hard work to do it, and these pills, when it comes to how much they are, they'll actually be consumed very quickly."


"So, make sure to save your money, especially those high-grade scrolls."

Tang Zichen focused his attention on the eleven Heaven-grade magic artifacts.

"There are only eleven celestial-grade magic artifacts and no pseudo-immortal artifacts, what a pity, it's reasonable to say that you can't, the Nine Daoist Demon King was at least an awesome figure back then, how can he not have a pseudo-immortal artifact."

Yan Xin Yi said, "Perhaps, just like Wang Xuluo, the pseudo-immortal artifacts used by the Nine Dao Demon King back then were snatched away by others after he ascended."

At this time, Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Wait, there are instructions on these eleven heavenly artifacts."

"Uh, read it out quickly."

"These eleven celestial artifacts are all flying swords of various forms, but they are not just flying swords, to be precise, they are a set of sword formations, these eleven flying swords can form a set of sword formations, which are as powerful as a pseudo-immortal artifact.It is a set of sword formations that I once obtained from an ancient relic and have now used in the spirit world for thousands of years, and it has also allowed me to gradually become stronger in the spirit world, and in the end, it is as strong as those who hold pseudo-immortal weapons, and even surpasses them."

"Ah."Tang Zichen's body trembled, not expecting that the eleven magic weapons were not separate, but connected together to form a sword formation, and after forming the sword formation, it would be as powerful as a pseudo-immortal artifact.

"Great, then I'll have hope in the future, otherwise, it would be really hard to gain a foothold in the Seven Seas and become a big player.Nine Dao Demon King, you really left me a good weapon."Tang Zichen was pleased.

Mu Qianji said, "Don't rejoice too early, just as good as those pseudo-immortal weapons, it doesn't say crush those pseudo-immortal weapons.If your realm is lower than humans, and the other party possesses pseudo-immortal weapons and you possess a sword formation, you're definitely not as good as either."

"Although it's closely related to my own realm, it at least gives me a weapon that can compete with pseudo-immortal artifacts ah.Otherwise, at the same realm, if I use an ordinary flying sword and people use pseudo-immortal weapons, I won't be abused to death."

Tang Zichen picked up the eleven flying swords one by one.

Tang Huan asked, "Did it say how to use it ah?Since it's a sword battle, there's always a sword duel, right."


Tang Zichen smiled, "The first step is to refine it and turn it into my magic treasure, then we can think about the rest."Saying that, Tang Zichen immediately began to refine it.

In less than half an hour, Tang Zichen refined the eleven flying swords.

However, Tang Zichen was now a bit burdened by too many magic weapons on his body, so Tang Zichen disarmed the Steel Cable Giant and other magic weapons, leaving only these eleven flying swords.

"I'll give you all of these, I have these eleven flying swords, it's enough."Tang Zichen said the manacles disarmed from his body pushed them to them.

Then, Tang Zichen's mind moved and the eleven flying swords immediately floated up.

Horizontal, vertical, straight, skimming, cutting, cracking, and closing.

With Tang Zichen's thoughts, the eleven flying swords neatly and uniformly did all kinds of attacking movements, and looked like a dancing effect.

Tang Zichen said, "I already know this set of sword duel, hidden inside the eleven swords, I'll know when I refine them.The sword formation formed by these eleven flying swords is called the Exorcist Sword Formation."

"Execution Sword Formation?Wow, what a domineering name."

"Oh, the name is nothing more than a former life, next, I'm going to practice some of the Exalted Sword Formation.There are always eleven moves of this Exorcism Sword Formation, and eleven moves are difficult to practice, the more powerful the move, the greater the demand on the realm.I can't, seemingly, practice a single move right now."


"Ah, wouldn't that be a waste."

Tang Zichen smiled, "What's the waste, sooner or later we can practice.Alright, put away these scrolls and pills and whatnot, first we have to start refining the spirit stones, let's see what realm we can improve to by refining the eighth grade spirit stones here."

After that, Tang Zichen began to refine the eighth grade spirit stones.

Two hours later, Tang Zichen's realm had been rising from the first rank of Divide and Go.

Divide God Second Step, Third Step, Fourth Step, Fifth Step, Sixth Step, Seventh Step, Eighth Step, and Ninth Step.

By the time he reached the ninth step of Divide, the rate of rise slowed down.

Tang Zichen was a bit anxious, could it be that he could only ascend to the ninth step of the Dao Divided God?Can't get to the first step of the Mahayana stage?

Tang Zichen's goal was to break through to the first stage of the Mahayana stage.

Finally, at the end of three hours, Tang Zichen had ascended to the first stage of the Mahayana stage.

"Phew."Tang Zichen breathed a sigh of relief.

In just a few months, Tang Zichen had soared from the second stage of the combined body to the first stage of the Mahayana stage. Remember the website

After the Mahayana stage, you can't rely on spirit stones to refine it, because this spirit world doesn't have such high grade spirit stones anymore.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I've reached the first stage of the Mahayana stage, after today, it also means that in the future, all the way up to Ascension, we need to cultivate ourselves, if anyone doesn't have this chance, they will hopelessly ascend.There's not much to say, start one by one, it'll probably take a few days to help you all finish ascending."

"It's hard work."

"Oh, what's the fleshy talk, start."

For three days afterwards, Tang Zichen was basically helping the five of them refine the eighth grade spirit stones, fortunately, the eighth grade spirit stones had enough storage to refine a few of them.

Three days later, Qianji, Tang Huan, Yu Xi, and Xin Yi were all at the first rank of the Mahayana stage, and of course, Light Water was also at the first rank of the Mahayana stage.

All of them, they were all at the first stage of the Mahayana stage.

The Mahayana stage was already considered very strong, the penultimate realm in the cultivation of immortality.

After the Mahayana stage, it was the tribulation, and only one tribulation meant becoming a half-immortal.

"Phew."Tang Zichen stretched his back and finally finished.

"Thank you, Tang Shao."

"Thank you."

Everyone said thank you to Tang Zichen, this great kindness was really unrewarded.

"Don't be so meaty, I can't stand it."Tang Zichen was speechless for a while.

"This is all I can do to help you guys, from the first stage of the Mahayana stage, to crossing the robbery, and then to ascension, you all need to cultivate yourselves, of course, I'm the same.However, we have some of the Nine Dao Demon King's pills, so it should be easier for us to cultivate in the future than the average person.I believe that within three hundred years, five hundred years at most, we will definitely be able to enter the Half Immortal and even soar, are you all confident?"

"There."Although it was said that there was, except for Mu Qianji, who was more confident inside, the rest of them were not very confident, especially Light Water, who was the least confident.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the spirit stone cave, the eighth grade spirit stones had been refined by them a lot, however, there were still some stocks left.

"These remaining eighth grade spirit stones are still enough for how many people to ascend to the Mahayana stage?"Mu Qianji asked.

"Five at most, I think."

"That's not bad, there's still five more Mahayana stages to create."

Tang Zichen said, "The remaining seventh grade spirit stones are more than enough, these seventh grade spirit stones are enough to create fifty divisions.In the future, we'll speed up whoever we like to look at to become a distraction."

"That can't be wasted like this, we can use these seventh-grade spirit stones to use the Spirit Gathering Pearl."

"Uh, right, I almost forgot, in the future, when our Spirit Gathering Pearl is built, it will also need to come, these seventh grade spirit stones can't be wasted indiscriminately either.Alright, we're almost done here, let's put these spirit stones away and then we can leave here."

"What if we run into Wang Pi?"Tang Huan was busy.

Tang Zichen snorted contemptuously, "Although I can't kill him, do you think I'll be afraid of him if I run into him again?Believe it or not I'll throw out a scroll to trap him in a minute?"

"Yes, we're not afraid of him anymore, but we don't have that many scrolls to waste, so we should save them.You need to hurry up now and practice your sword formation, and when you're done with it and you've reached the first stage of tribulation, I think it's possible that you won't be afraid of Wang Pi."

"Why does it feel like dealing with a king skin is still so far away."

"People are half-immortals."

Tang Zichen stored all the spirit stones in his spatial ring, then they passed the hole they had just made, all the way back to the sea.

As Tang Zichen's mind moved, eleven swords came out in unison and flew in a circle around Tang Zichen's circumference, as Tang Zichen's fingers drew a circle.

"Tzichen, don't be naughty."Mu Qianji shouted.

"Uh, how am I being naughty."

"You don't just randomly show off these swords, see, and take them away in a second."

"Haha, do you think those scrolls of mine are just for show."

"Those scrolls, the strongest you can do is only deal with the sixth stage of tribulation, and that doesn't include strong people with pseudo-immortal weapons, don't regret being taken away."

"Alright, can't I just put them away."Tang Zichen put away the eleven flying swords.

At this moment, a voice came from behind him, "Where else are you running to?"

Tang Zichen snapped back and found Wang Pi standing not far behind them.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, not even knowing when Wang Pi was standing behind them, it seemed that Tang Zichen was still far away from the Half Immortal since he had ascended to the Mahayana stage.

"Tang Zichen, run, keep running, if I let you run this time, I'll write the two words Wang Pi backwards."Wang Pi emitted a mighty pressure all over his body.

Tang Zichen found that all of them, at once, couldn't move, as if they were frozen in mid-air.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Wang Pi, you'll regret it."

"Regret?Hmph, ridiculous, but Tang Zichen, I'm now glad that I let you go half a day ago, otherwise, how would you have acquired a new treasure, if I'm not mistaken, you were just at the bottom of the sea, you should have found a treasure of some kind.Hand over those eleven flying swords just now."Wang Pi's face was cold, but of course, he was also happy inside.

Tang Zichen said, "Wang Pi, Wang Pi, if it was before, I really would have no resistance whatsoever, but it's different now."After saying that, Tang Zichen's mind moved and a scroll appeared.

"Bang."The scroll instantly opened, and in a flash, it enveloped a radius of several thousand meters.

It was a formation scroll with the name Heavenly Dragon Formation Scroll, and this Heavenly Dragon Formation Scroll, the strongest of which could trap the Fourth Stage of Tribulation, was just enough to trap Wang Pi.

"Ah."Wang Pi's face turned pale and said in shock, "Ninth-grade formation?This, how is this possible."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Wang Pi, this is just one of the scrolls I got, do you want to try and see if you can break this scroll."


"Right, this formation scroll, the duration is, two months."

"Ah, two months."Wang Pi's face was dumbfounded, wouldn't this mean that he would be trapped for two months.

"Hahaha, Wang Pi, enjoy your stay here for two months."After saying that, Tang Zichen desperately left.

It couldn't be helped, these scrolls of Tang Zichen could only trap these half-immortals, otherwise, Tang Zichen really wanted to kill him.

Wang Pi tried to chase after him.

"Bang."The invisible formation stopped him, and he seemed like a fly that had been locked up and was banging around.

"Ahhhh."Wang Pi let out a roar of displeasure and anger, not only could he not get the treasures on Tang Zichen, he would be trapped here for two months.


Tang Zichen stepped on his flying sword and quickly flew through the skies of the Sea of Death.

After flying for a day or so, Tang Zichen suddenly saw a familiar ship on the surface of the sea.

"Hey guys, look, that ship on the sea, is it the one that helped me before?There was a woman in white on the ship, and he gave me a speed-up scroll."

"Forget about it, just go down and see."

Don blinked and dashed off, landing on the deck.

"What people."A few Mahayana stage powerhouses rushed out immediately.

Tang Zichen said, "Excuse me, I just wanted to see if this ship of yours, is it the one I met before, do you have a beautiful woman in white here?"

In the next second, a woman in green stepped out of the cabin and said, "It's you."

"Uh."When Tang Zichen saw that green-clothed woman, he suddenly remembered that this green-clothed woman was the white clothed woman from before.

"Hello, I didn't expect to finally find you, my name is Tang Zichen, thanks to your help the day before yesterday, I was able to get rid of that strong man behind me who was hunting for me."Tang Zichen said gratefully.

That green-clothed beauty said, "You're welcome, I'm just raising my hand." One second to remember to read the book

A Mahayana powerhouse was busy saying, "The come out, raise your hand?You're giving him an acceleration scroll, though, and it's a cherished scroll, simply."

"Alright, nosy."The green-clothed woman reprimanded for a while.

Tang Zichen certainly knew that that acceleration scroll must be precious.

Tang Zichen blinked and took out an almost precious scroll and said, "This is my compensation for you."

"Ah, you have it too."The green-clothed woman and those few Mahayana stage powerhouses were shocked, after all, this kind of scroll was not something that ordinary people could take out, less so a big family.

"Oh, never mind how I have it, anyway, thank you for saving me.By the way, I haven't asked for the girl's name yet."

"Young lady Mo Yuyan, from the Six Seas Mo Cultivation Dynasty."

"Uh, from the Six Seas, I thought, you're so generous, you're from the Seven Seas."Tang Zichen laughed.

"Oh, the total of the Seven Heavy Seas is just five big families, they all control a pseudo-immortal artifact, otherwise they wouldn't be able to dominate the Seven Heavy Seas for a long time."Mo Yuyan said with a smile.

Tang Zichen looked at Mo Yuyan, he always felt that her smile was a bit like someone he remembered, but he couldn't think of who it was at the moment, moreover, Tang Zichen felt that Mo Yuyan had a special affinity with him, it was a strange feeling.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, if you're not in a hurry, why don't you sit down on my ship and have a cup of tea or something to eat.To be honest, I have some doubts that I would like to ask you."Mo Yuyan requested.

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded his head and agreed.

Tang Huan, a few people in the back, deliberately said to Mu Qianji, "Look at him, once he sees a beautiful woman, he says yes to everything, you say him a bit too."

Mu Qianji was speechless: "I can't care."

Tang Zichen entered the cabin and sat down in a luxurious cabin, and Mo Yuyan ordered her servant to bring tea.

Mo Yuyan asked, "Fellow Daoist Tang, I see that you are quite young in appearance, dare I ask how old are you this year?"

"Truth be told, I'm only a few years old."

"So young."

"Miss Whispering, how about you?"

"I'm not even thirty."

"Uh, you're also young, it's incredible that you've reached the Combination Stage at such a young age."Tang Zi.

The minister exclaimed, Tang Zichen thought that he was the only one in the world who could cultivate to this extent at such a young age.

Mo Yuyan was embarrassed, "Daoist Tang is joking, in fact, I have this Combination Stage realm today, it's not the result of my own step by step cultivation at all, truth be told, it's the result of a close relative of mine, he's a half-immortal level powerhouse, he went out of his way to consume his own cultivation to help me refine the spirit stones a little bit."

"Eh."Tang Zichen didn't think that there were people who could be like this, however, half-immortal level powerhouses, they also had half-immortal qi in their bodies, although it wasn't as pure as the immortal qi in Tang Zichen's body, but it was still in the category of immortal qi, so naturally, they could also be people to speed up the refining of spirit stones.If there really are half-immortal powerhouses who are willing to work hard and spend their cultivation to help others, they can indeed do it."

Mo Yuyan said, "Fellow Daoist Tang, you are also so young, and your realm surpasses mine, I thought that, like me, you also cultivated up with the help of a half-immortal powerhouse."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Truth be told, although I didn't cultivate with the help of a strong Half Immortal, I'm similar to you, relying on a large amount of spirit stones to cultivate."

"It seems that Fellow Daoist Tang's family is also illustrious, let me guess, you must be, from the five super families of the Seven Seas, right?"Mo Yuyan guessed.

"Haha, you guessed wrong, actually, I don't have a family at all, I currently don't even have a house in the Six Seas, let alone that place in the Seven Seas."

"Ah, how come, then how could you practice so fast and you took out the acceleration scrolls in passing."

"Uh, well, actually I just got it not long ago, I got it from a certain relic in the Sea of Death."

"No wonder, Daoist Tang is also too lucky."

"Haha, not bad.By the way, just now Yuyan, what do you have to ask me?"


"You might as well be straightforward."

"Daoist Tang, I just wanted to ask you if we've met before."

"Uh, I don't think so, but I have a strange affection for Miss Whispering, for some reason."

"Ah, you do too."Mo Yuyan was shocked and busy standing up.

"Uh, could it be, Miss Yuyan has an affectionate feeling towards me as well?"

"Uh-huh."Mo Yan was busy nodding.

"Haha."Tang Zichen laughed.

Mo Yuyan blushed and asked, "Did we, like, know each other in a past life?"

Tang Zichen said, "Miss Yuyan is too superstitious, even though people have past lives, it's impossible for them to remember their past lives."

"Then why do we feel affection for each other?"

"Hehehe."A smug laugh from Don.

"What are you laughing at."

"Miss Yuyan seriously doesn't know?"

"I don't know."

"Then forgive Tang for being presumptuous, but this is usually because, the two parties meeting each other fall inexplicably close at first sight."

"Ah, you mean, I fell in love with you at first sight."Mo Yuyan was startled.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I think it should be, but I can only apologize to Yuyan, I already have a Daoist partner."

"Hmph, what are you refusing so quickly for, I haven't admitted whether I really fell in love with you at first sight."Mo Yuyan rolled her eyes, Tang Zichen was too direct, too shameless.

"Haha, that's good."

Mo Yuyan blushed and asked, "In that case, did you also fall in love with me at first sight?"


"Well, I don't think so, you saved me first, so I'm fond of you."

"Hmph, you're shameless."Mo Yuyan glared.

"Haha, anyways, thank you for saving me the day before yesterday, alright, see you later, I should be leaving."

Mo Yuyan also didn't stay Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen said that she fell in love with him at first sight while saying that he only had good feelings for her, this made Mo Yuyan feel that Tang Zichen was very thick-skinned, however, although Mo Yuyan felt that Tang Zichen was shameless, but, she couldn't hate it.

Tang Zichen came to the deck and flew away quickly with Mo Qianyan and others.

After flying for a day and a night, he saw a huge city in front of him.

"Let's stop and rest our feet."

"Good, you scratch that, we've been running around the Sea of Death for so long, it's time for a good rest on land, and we haven't even properly understood what the Six Seas are like since we arrived."Mu Qianji nodded his head in agreement.

Tang Huan said, "And ah, let's not forget to go back to the One Heavy Sea and find my father."

"Of course, but we'll have to wait a year for those things."

Tang Zichen landed on the ground and walked down a street where people were coming and going. First URL

On this street, there were many immortal cultivators, as well as many low-level immortal cultivators, these low-level immortal cultivators had a hard time hanging out in this kind of place, almost reduced to the rhythm of ordinary people.

"Why are there so many low-level immortal cultivators ah, before we were in the Five Seas, it felt like the Mahayana ones were having trouble coming up."

"Anywhere there are people at the bottom, these low-level immortal cultivators, they must have been here for generations, and in the end, they were almost reduced to ordinary people here."

Saying that, Tang Zichen walked into a restaurant.

"Boss, order food."

"Okay Le."

The owner walked up, and the owner was a Spiritual Harmony Stage immortal cultivator.

In the First Sea, the Spiritual Harmony Stage was at the level of the Feiyun Sect's Master and Vice Master, but in the Six Seas, he only ran a restaurant.Therefore, if there was no difference, there was also a huge difference.

"Senior, what would you like to eat."

"Show me the menu."


Tang Zichen took the menu, and there were many dishes on the menu, with prices marked on the back.

Deep Sea Purple Conch, ten pieces of third grade spirit stones for a plate.

Heart of the Heavenly Bird, five pieces of fourth-grade spirit stones a serving.

Steamed White Swallow, six pieces of third-grade spirit stones for a pot.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "This place is even using spirit stones directly as currency, and it seems like the price isn't cheap, no wonder Spiritual Harmony Stage Immortals are working as restaurant owners."

Tang Zichen said, "Give me one of the most expensive mountain and sea delicacies you have here."

Tang Zichen didn't have anything else, spirit stones were definitely not less than the average person, even, Tang Zichen's spirit stone storage could be ranked in the Sixth Sea, if he didn't refine so many eighth grade spirit stones before, he would even be somewhat competitive in the Seventh Sea.

"Alright Le, guest, but I must warn you first, if we were to have a serving of the most expensive ones we have here, I'm afraid it would end up costing you a fifth grade spirit stone, are you sure?It's not like the average person can afford to eat."The shopkeeper asked in confirmation.

"Do I look like I can't afford to eat it?


"Oh, customer, don't think of eating a tyrannical meal ah, we are the people of the Mo Dynasty, if you eat a tyrannical meal, the Mo Dynasty will definitely not stop, but the Mo Dynasty absolutely embraces us as its people, just like we love the Mo Dynasty."The shopkeeper warned.

"Don't talk so much nonsense, hurry up and serve the food."

The shopkeeper farted away, looking like he was worried that Tang Zichen couldn't afford to eat.

Lu Yu Xi said, "Are we in the Mo Dynasty now?What kind of geographical pattern is the Sixfold Sea."

"I'll find out if I go and ask around."

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen returned and said, "In total, there are nine strongest Immortal Powers in the Sea of Six Heavens, and these nine strongest Immortal Powers are the Nine Great Immortal Imperial Dynasties.These nine Great Immortal Imperial Cities rule the Six Seas, dividing the resistance of the Six Seas.Within the territory of these nine great immortal imperial dynasties, there were many more great immortal cultivation families, as well as countless low-level immortal cultivators, and other personnel.However, these nine immortal dynasties were in turn ruled by the five super immortal cultivation families that were even stronger in the Seven Seas.The place we're in now is within the territory of the Mo's Immortal Cultivation Dynasty.By the way, that green-clothed woman we met today at the sea, Mo Yuyan, she's from the Mo Dynasty, if I'm not mistaken, her status in the Mo Dynasty of Immortality is not low, seeing how she's protected by so many Mahayana Stage powerhouses, she must be a princess of the Mo Dynasty of Immortality."

"Uh, Mo Yuyan is a princess of the Six Seas ah."

"Oh, I guessed."

At that moment, all kinds of rich dishes came up.

"Let's eat."

Tang Zichen and the others began to gobble, the dishes here were delicious and very enjoyable to eat, and they all had some sort of spiritual effect.

After they ate, Tang Zichen and the others walked out of the street again, and had wanted to book a hotel room.

However, Tang Zichen felt that the future time spent in the Six Seas would be very long, estimated to be several hundred years, so staying in an inn for a long time was not an option, so they could simply open up a cave here.

"Where are we going to open up a cave residence?"Tang Huan asked, "They've been around the perimeter for a long time.

Tang Zichen said, "Of course it has to be in the place with the densest aura density."

Mu Qianji said, "There's no need to look for it, there are nine places where the density of aura of the Six Seas is the densest, and these nine places are the capitals of the Nine Great Immortal Cultivation Royal Dynasties.Outside of the capitals of the nine great immortal cultivation dynasties, there are many places with slightly lower concentrations, but they have all been occupied by some big families and have become the headquarters of those great immortal cultivation families.Therefore, it's impossible for us to still find places with a high concentration of aura in the Six Seas."

"That's right, so I've decided that we'll buy a residence in the capital of the Mo Clan Dynasty.In the capital of the Mo Dynasty, the closer it is to the center of the palace, the higher the concentration of aura, so we'll buy a residence as close to the palace as possible."

Mu Qianji said, "If I'm guessing correctly, the closer to the center of the palace, every residence is occupied by some strong person, such as a Mahayana or something like that.If a street counts as a circle, the mansions we can still buy are already twenty circles away."

"Twenty circles, that's a very ordinary aura."

Tang Zichen said, "I don't believe that I have spirit stones, but I'm still afraid that I won't be able to buy a residence near the center, so let's go and ask around where we can buy a residence."

After asking around, in order to buy a residence, one had to go to the Mo's Cave Management Pavilion.

The Mo's Cave Management Pavilion was at the entrance to the palace.

Tang Zichen smoothly arrived at the Mo's Cave Management Pavilion.


Tang Zichen found that there were really quite a few immortal cultivators who came to purchase the cave, and there was a sizable queue at the entrance.

Tang Zichen didn't want to queue up, and walked straight in, inside the management cabinet, many things like a sandbox, the entire architectural terrain of the imperial city were vividly displayed.

The staff of the Cave Management Pavilion said toe-to-toe, "There are no longer any cave houses for sale within thirty circles, those behind should not look into the area before thirty circles, it's futile to look."

It was Tang Zichen who was talking about, as Tang Zichen's eyes were focused on the mansions near the center of the palace.

Mu Qianji asked, "If you purchase a residence at the thirty circle, approximately how many spirit stones would you need?"

"Thirty circles of cave houses, different sizes, one large set of 100 6th grade spirit stones, one small set of 1 6th grade spirit stone."

"Ah, so expensive."The eyebrows of the other buyers standing beside Mu Qianji furrowed.

Sixth grade spirit stones were a small price to Tang Zichen.

However, this scene, how was it somewhat deja vu.

It seemed that it wasn't so easy to hang out in the imperial dynasty's national capital, but although the sixth grade spirit stone was small to Tang Zichen, the vast majority of immortal cultivators might not be able to gather a sixth grade spirit stone in their lifetime.It wasn't so easy to own a cave house of one's own in the imperial capital.

Although it was easy to afford, Tang Zichen could easily afford it, but where was Tang Zichen willing to live outside the thirty circles. Remember the website

Tang Zichen asked, "May I ask, within five circles, approximately how many spirit stones are in a set for the cave?"

The staff member managing the cabinet snorted, "Within five laps?You're thinking too much, those who can own mansions within the five circles, none of them are strong above the Mahayana stage, and a cave house in this location is not something that can be measured by spirit stones."

Tang Zichen smiled, "If I had enough money, what lot of cave mansions could I buy?"

"I'm sorry, it's gone within thirty circles, and even if it was, we don't have the right to sell it."

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, what kind of person is Mo Yuyan from the Mo Dynasty?"

"Ah, how dare you call the eldest princess by her first name."

"Uh, eldest princess, huh, sure enough.Alright, I know your eldest princess, give me a set of caves in three circles."Tang Zichen said.

"Senior, if you continue to mess around here, I can call someone."The Management Pavilion staff said rudely.

"I really know Mo Yuyan."

The Management Pavilion's staff took out a jade slip and shouted into it, "Imperial Guards, come here, someone is causing a disturbance."

In less than half a minute, two divisive stage powerhouses came.

"Who's messing with the place?Really tired of living, and not looking at what this place is."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Me, I'm messing around here."

Two Divide Stage powerhouses immediately came up and found out that Tang Zichen was a Mahayana Stage powerhouse, their faces changed.

"Who are you and why are you messing around here?"

Don Tzu-Chen said, "I want to purchase a cave house here, and I require it to be within three circles, please, is that disruption?"


"And is it too much to ask that I know your eldest princess, Miss Mo Yuyan, to ask to purchase a cave house within three circles?"Tang Zichen said.

"Senior, let's talk somewhere else, you're a Mahayana stage powerhouse, it's an honor for you to come and settle in our Mo Dynasty, this is only a place for lower level cultivators to buy cave houses, you shouldn't be here ah."The two Separation Stage guards said respectfully.

"That's more like it."

Tang Zichen was invited to another place.

"Senior, wait a moment, I've already reported your matter, I'm sure it won't take long for someone to come."

Sure enough, no.

Not long after, about ten minutes later, a strong man of the eighth stage of the Mahayana stage came.

Tang Zichen busily stood up to greet him.

"Meet senior."

"You are Tang Zichen?Want to settle in our Moji Dynasty?"


"You've cultivated to the Mahayana stage at such a young age, it's only logical that your background is not simple, why did you come to settle in our place, and also, you said you know our eldest princess?"

"Yeah.Don't ask so many whys, in short, I might have to stay in the Six Heavy Sea for a few hundred years, I want to find a place where I can get my aura to cultivate, just ask if I can purchase a cave house here within the three circles, if not, I'll find another place, the rest of the eight Immortal cultivation dynasties in the Six Heavy Sea are able to meet the conditions."

"Oh, Fellow Daoist Tang, you're welcome to come to us, but it's true that there's no cave house within the three circles."

Tang Zichen smiled, "When will your eldest princess return, and when can I meet her?"

"You know our eldest princess isn't here?"

"Truth be told, it was on the ocean that I ran into her, thus I met her, and it's because of her that I came to settle here."

That strong man of the eighth stage of the Mahayana stage said, "I'm not hiding anything from you, I just got the news that our eldest princess has disappeared on the ocean."

"Uh, are you kidding me, disappeared?"

"Yes, I can't reach you, there will be a new relic coming out of the Sea of Death recently, and the ocean is more chaotic in that area.By the way, if you did meet our eldest princess at the sea, then can you give us some help."

"Of course I can, it's just, how come I can't get in touch with her properly, two days ago, I met her at sea."

"Fellow Daoist Tang, can you come with me to meet Senior Elder Emperor."

"Who is Elder Elder Emperor?"

"He is the father of the eldest princess, the eldest emperor of the Moji dynasty.If it's possible, we would also like to ask for your assistance in finding the missing eldest princess."

"Of course."

Tang Zichen had to follow that man into the palace.

Originally, he had come to buy a cave house, but it turned out that he had come to help.

Entering a palace hall, a group of people were in the main hall, studying a huge map.

"Senior Long Huang, I have a clue."

"Hurry in."A powerful man of the Transmigration Stage shouted, and Tang Zichen, standing at the entrance of the palace, felt a huge presence.

The man at the eighth stage of the Mahayana stage said to Tang Zichen, "Fellow Daoist, go in and talk nicely, the Princess is the youngest and most favored daughter of Senior Long Huang, if you really help Senior Long Huang recover his daughter, it shouldn't be difficult for you to achieve what you want to possess the cave within the three circles."

"Uh, I'm not looking for a cave house, I'm also a friend of Mo Yuyan."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked into the main hall.

Mo Yuyan had helped Tang Zichen in times of distress, how could Tang Zichen not lend a hand to save him, except that Tang Zichen was only at the first stage of the Mahayana stage, in the Mo Dynasty, it shouldn't be Tang Zichen's turn to do anything yet, there were a whole bunch of stronger ones waiting to lend a hand.

"Greetings to the Long Emperor."

"Hiruzen, you are?"That old man looked at Tang Zichen and asked.

Tang Zichen said, "My name is Tang Zichen, I just came to the Mo Dynasty, I originally wanted to purchase a cave here, but I unexpectedly learned that the eldest princess went missing at sea, so I came to assist.To tell you the truth, I had two encounters with the Princess at sea, and I met her for the last time the afternoon before yesterday.I hope, I can help you."

"Quickly, where did you last see her?"The long emperor anxiously grabbed Tang Zichen's shoulder.

Tang Zichen looked at the map, and in fact Tang Zichen didn't know at which point on the map to position himself at the moment.


"Come on, didn't you say you saw my little girl the day before yesterday?"The long emperor urged.

Tang Zichen stroked his chin, looking at the map with locked brows.

"Say it."

Tang Zichen said helplessly, "Truth be told, I'm really not familiar with the Six Seas at all, I don't even know which location I met the eldest princess at, so I can't point it out on the map.But while I can't point it out on the map, I can return along the road, and if I return along the road, I should still be able to find the place where I last met the Princess and I."

"Well then what are you waiting for, let's go."


Immediately, the eldest emperor himself led the team, plus three strong tribulation practitioners and more than twenty Mahayana, and set off from the capital of the Mo Dynasty, with Tang Zichen leading the way at the front, of course.

However, for fear of making people jealous, so Tang Zichen took out an ordinary flying sword, which was just top-grade and inferior, and didn't dare to take out a heavenly flying sword, just in case someone would stare at it with jealousy.

The Long Emperor saw Tang Zichen's slow speed and said, "That, Tang Zichen, you come up to my flying sword."

"Yes."Tang Zichen, pleased with the news, put away his own flying sword and jumped onto the Long Emperor's flying sword.

"Which way?" One second to remember to read the book

"Keep going this way for a while, and I'll tell you if you fork off somewhere."

Flying slowly like this, after half a day, Tang Zichen said, "Stop, let me think about which way to go now, I remember I had forked off a few times in the middle of the road."

Unfortunately, the sea was vast and there was no reference, even though Tang Zichen was a Mahayana and had a strong sense of direction, it was difficult to remember right away in a short time.

Tang Zichen observed for about ten minutes before determining the direction.

Finally, after flying for more than a day, Tang Zichen shouted, "Stop."

"What now."

"Your majesty, we've arrived, and the last time I ran into the Princess was at this place."

An old man at the back of the first stage of the tribulation was busy flying up and said, "Long Emperor, this is the Caspian Sea, the Caspian Sea is half a sea journey further north, and it is the territory of the Yao Clan Dynasty."

"This girl, didn't she say she came out to take a walk, why did she come so far."

"She can't be blamed, you also know that the eldest princess rarely leaves the capital, she is forced by her grandfather to refine spirit stones every day, she has long wanted to leave the capital and come out for a walk."

"Alright, stop it, let's quickly split up and look for any clues in the area, and converge here in an hour."


Everyone scattered in all directions, trying their best to look for clues.

Of course, Tang Zichen was no exception.

Tang Zichen helping wasn't following orders, he wasn't a member of the Mo Dynasty yet, but merely helping.

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air, recalling the details of the time.

Tang Zichen's mouth muttered, "At that time, Mo's ship, the direction of travel was to."

Tang Zichen carefully recalled for a few minutes, then said with certainty, "North."

"In other words, after I bid farewell to Mo Yuyan that day, she continued to travel north."

Tang Zichen flew in the direction of the north.

Unfortunately, after flying for half an hour, there was no trace of her.


nbsp;Tang Zichen had to return.

On the way back, Tang Zichen saw a broken plank of wood on the sea.

"Wood chips?Is this the wood of the Murrayan vessel?"Tang Zichen took the plank with him.

Tang Zichen returned to his original spot, and an hour had almost passed, and the people who had previously scattered to look for traces returned to gather at a distance.

"Did everyone find any traces?"

"No, we searched in all directions separately, and there isn't a single pernicious cultivator within this radius of thousands of kilometers."

At this moment, Tang Zichen flew in from afar.

Tang Zichen said, "Your Majesty the Long Emperor, I found a wooden plank on the surface of the sea ten thousand miles away."

"A wooden plank?"

One of the robbery third stage strongmen asked, "There was only a total of one hour, yet you took half an hour to fly to ten thousand miles away, this surnamed Tang, you're acting suspiciously."

Being told by this strong man of the third stage of Tribulation, everyone immediately felt that Tang Zichen was indeed suspicious, well, Tang Zichen, why would you spend half an hour flying to ten thousand miles away and happen to find another board.

Tang Zichen not only sneered, "I help with good intentions, but everyone is blaming it on me."

That strong man of the third stage of Tribulation snapped loudly, "Surnamed Tang, say, did you harm the eldest princess, is the eldest princess's disappearance related to you."

Tang Zichen was very upset, he was really looking for nothing.

The long emperor said to that strong man at the third stage of the tribulation, "Brother Ma Force, don't make things difficult for Brother Tang, I believe it's unlikely that he had anything to do with the disappearance of the First Princess."

It turned out that the strong man at the third stage of the Tribulation was called Ma Compulsion, that name, that's awesome.

Ma Force said, "Brother Chang Huang, his behavior is indeed very suspicious."

Long Huang said to Tang Zichen, "Fellow Daoist Tang, since Senior Brother Ma Compulsion questioned your behavior, explain, everyone is looking for clues in a radius of several thousand kilometers, only you spent half an hour flying out ten thousand miles away."

Tang Zichen snorted, "It can be explained, the reason I flew out ten thousand miles away is because I carefully recalled the direction of the Princess's ship that day, and I found out that her direction of travel was north, so I just flew straight north, because you said that after an hour of aggregation, I only dared to fly north for half an hour.Unfortunately, I flew north for half an hour and didn't find any trace of her, so I was ready to return, and then, when I saw a wooden plank floating on the sea, I wondered if it was the one from the ship that the eldest princess rowed on, so I took it back.Alright, I'm done explaining, I'm not a member of the Moji Dynasty anyway, I'm just helping out, and now, that's all I can do for this favor."Tang Zichen threw down the board and walked straight away.

The Long Emperor was busy saying, "Fellow Daoist Tang Zichen, I apologize to you for Ma Force's actions, well, this matter had nothing to do with you in the first place, so go back first, I'll summon you again when I'm done with this."

Tang Zichen had already flown far away.

That horse compulsion said, "Big brother Long Huang, why be so polite to a Mahayana first stage, look at him being so high and mighty, he just walked away, do you still have your eyes on you, Long Huang."

The Long Emperor looked at Ma Force and said somewhat helplessly, "Ma Force, you have indeed misunderstood people, alright, it is possible that the Long Princess has gone north, Tang Zichen has given us a good clue, now let's go north immediately."

Ma Force was busy saying, "Big Brother Long Huang, half a day further north is the territory of the Yao Clan Dynasty ah, what if it causes a conflict?"

"Hmph, I want to find my daughter, I don't care what the conflict is."After saying that, the Long King flew directly north.


The group of people flew up as well, only the horse forced to stall a little before following.

Tang Zichen spent more than a day returning to the Mo Clan Dynasty.

At an inn in the Mo Clan Dynasty, Tang Zichen found Mu Qianji and the others.

"You're back, it's taken you almost three days to get here and back.By the way, did you find Mo Yuyan?"


"Then why didn't you continue to help."

"I wanted to continue helping, but I got angry back, and a strong man of the third stage of martial robbery, called Ma Force, suspected me of having something to do with Mo Yan's disappearance, and that psycho, for some reason, seemed to look at me as if he was very upset."

"Uh, looking at you very unhappy?That means he has a ghost in his heart."

Tang Zichen was startled, "What ghost?"

Mu Qianji said, "You personally took them there, you must have found some clues, and then, that what's-his-name had a ghost in his heart, so he was upset with you."

Tang Zichen thought about it carefully, it was a bit possible, Tang Zichen found a wooden plank at that time, doubting whether it was the plank of the Princess's vessel, and Tang Zichen also provided a clue to the Princess's direction to the north.The one called Ma Force, nine times out of ten, didn't like to see the result, but Tang Zichen provided it, so he was disgusted with Tang Zichen. First URL

Although it was just a guess, it was not impossible.

"Hmph, if that's the case, then Mo Yuyan's disappearance must have something to do with Ma Beng, I told you, this Ma Beng with such a silly name is definitely not a good person."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Oh, whether it's a good guy or not, it has nothing to do with the name.However, it's good for you to come back, anyway, you can't help much if you continue to follow to find Mo Yuyan, why don't you come back and think about checking out the relationship between this Horse Force and the Mo Dynasty and learn more about the inner workings of the Mo Dynasty."

"Well, check, definitely check."

"But, what if that Horse Force comes back and makes a move on us?If he really had something to do with Mo Yuyan's disappearance, he'll definitely do something to us when he returns."

"Yeah, our best option right now is to leave the Mo Dynasty and stay away from whatever internal struggle is going on here.We just want to find a place to build a cave to cultivate anyway, the remaining eight imperial dynasties can satisfy us."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I won't leave, Mo Yuyan no matter what, she saved us at our life and death moment, otherwise we would have all died long ago at the hands of that trash Wang Pi, I must find out the mystery of Mo Yuyan's disappearance.If Mo Yuyan dies, I will definitely take revenge for her."Tang Zichen said firmly.

Mo Qianji said, "Yes, I support you."

"We also support you, in short, we'll support you in whatever you do."

Tang Zichen said, "No need, staying here is bound to have some risks, although I want to repay Mo Qianye's kindness, it doesn't mean that I want you guys to get involved with the risks as well."

"What arrangements do you have in mind, you can just say it."Mu Qianji said.

"Qianji, until the mystery of Mo Yuyan's disappearance is thoroughly investigated, you take the few of them with you and keep your distance from me, but of course, you can choose to leave this place."

"Okay, I'll listen to you, but you must be careful yourself.We won't leave the Mo Dynasty, we're here too, but we keep our distance from you, and we'll only contact you in secret, so go ahead and do whatever you want."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Then let's go thirty circles away first and buy two cave houses that aren't too far apart from each other,

And we can always keep an eye on each other."


Tang Zichen didn't make any more appearances and sent Mu Qianji to the Cave Management Pavilion to directly purchase two mansions, both of which were thirty circles away from each other, not very far apart from each other, separated by a river.

Tang Zichen lived in one, and the rest of them lived in the other.

Mu Qianji led Tang Huan and the others into the mansion where they lived, and said, "Sisters, no more opposite, Tang Zichen has a sense of propriety in what he does, since we choose to keep a certain distance from him, don't think so much about what he's doing, and practice our own, we'll start cultivating officially from today, in order not to cause more trouble, I'll teach each and every one of you first!Disguise.Beautiful women are always easy to attract attention, it's safer to be ugly."

Yan Xinyi said, "Qianjie, he's your dual monastic partner, are you really not worried at all?Let him do what?"

Mu Qianji smiled, "Xingyi, Tang Zichen is more than a hundred times more powerful than me, if we have to worry, it's him who worries about us ah, we can't do anything but worry blindly, we might as well practice well and save him the distraction."

"Also, let's practice well then, we should really leave him for a while, so we can practice on our own, we can't rely on him for everything anymore."

"Alright, let's start learning the Easel Technique."

Mu Qianji formally taught the disguise technique to them.

And Tang Zichen was currently sitting in the cave on the other side of the river.

Tang Zichen was thinking about how to understand the internal problems of the Mo Dynasty clearly.

Tang Zichen went to the street and found a crowded inn to pry into the Mo Dynasty, but he didn't have much luck.

However, Tang Zichen found out that this Mo Dynasty had an underground auction house, the underground auction house often had many strong people in it, these strong people would only be more likely if they wanted to pry into some of the internal matters of the dynasty.

Thus, Tang Zichen arrived at an underground auction house.

"Hello, Senior, please come in."The gatekeeper of the auction house was very enthusiastic and invited Tang Zichen in.

Tang Zichen asked, "Is there everything here?"

"Back to Senior, we can't guarantee what this auction side has put out for sale, but I can guarantee that what's not even available here, is even more impossible to find anywhere else.Senior, what do you want?I'll keep an eye on it for you, and the next time there's something like this, I'll send someone to your house to inform you to come to the auction."

Tang Zichen said, "I would like to get a piece of information, please, who knows the most about the internal matters of the Mo Dynasty, such as the situation of the enmity of those strong men of the Mo Dynasty who have gone through the tribulation stage.I am willing to bid a seventh grade spirit stone for this information."

"Ah, such a high price, hehe, Senior, let me recommend someone for you."


"He's a guard of the Mo Dynasty, Lone Guardian East, although he's only at the distraction stage, he's been working as a guard at the core of the Mo Dynasty for years, he should understand some of the internal grudges of the Mo Dynasty after all."

"Alright, you can get him here."

Not long after, in a small private room, a Distraction Stage came.

"Pay your respects to senior."That Divide Stage guard bowed, he looked to be mostly older than Tang Zichen.


"Senior don't be polite, whatever senior wants to know is fine with me."

"Good, I want to know something about the real situation of the Mo Dynasty that outsiders don't know much about."


"Yes, then I'll start with what everyone knows.The Mo Dynasty, one of the nine great immortal cultivation dynasties of the Sixfold Sea, has been around for hundreds of thousands of years.In the entire Sea of Sixfold, among the nine great immortal cultivation dynasties, the Mo Dynasty is the worst."

"Uh, Mo's is the worst?"Tang Zichen this did not know.

"Yes, the nine great immortal cultivation dynasties, Mo is the weakest, and there are currently about six registered strong tribulation practitioners of the Mo Dynasty."

"What? So few."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Uh, indeed there are few after all."

"As far as I know, the five super families of the Seven Seas are almost all eighty or ninety half-immortals, or even hundreds."

"Yes, but that's the Seven Heavy Seas, and this is the Six Heavy Seas.The Sevenfold Sea is only for those five super strengths that control pseudo-immortal weapons to be able to cultivate there, ordinary people, can't even go there.Let's forget about the Seven Heavy Sea, let's just say that our Nine Great Immortal Cultivation Dynasty of the Six Heavy Sea, Mo's now has six half-immortal powerhouses, and the other eight, the penultimate ones all have nine half-immortals."

"It seems that Mo's is indeed quite weak."

That guard said, "That's not the worst of it."

"What else is there?"

"And most seriously, four of these six half-immortal powerhouses of the Mo Clan are not of their own surname, that is, of the Mo Clan, and four of them are outside the surname.In the other eight imperial dynasties, at least half of the strongest people with their own surnames are transmigratory." Remember the URL

"Oh, wouldn't that make it even weaker, wouldn't that make it impossible to keep the throne of Moji."

"That is in fact true, but of course, there's something else I'm not sure about, I don't know if you want to know."


"The Mo Clan now announces to the public that it is six half-immortals, two of which have their own surname.However, I've heard that, in fact, there's only one Half Immortal class in the Mo Clan today, not two."

"What? There aren't even two?"

"Senior, I've only heard ah, this news is almost impossible for outsiders to hear.It turns out that the Mo Clan has two strong people with their own surname who have crossed over, namely Senior Mo Green and Senior Mo Qing."

Tang Zichen asked, "Can you say it more figuratively?How about this, with Mo Yan as the standard, who are Mo Green and Mo Qing, respectively?"

"Senior Mo Green is Mo Yuyan's grandfather, and Mo Qing is Mo Yuyan's father, the current Long Emperor."

"Hmm."That made Tang Zichen understand.

"Why do you think that there's only one native name of Mo's now, Watanuki?"

"Oh, first of all, Mo Yuyan's grandfather, he seems to have existed for a long time, not knowing how many thousands of years.In recent decades, Mo Yuyan's grandfather, he has gone to the extent of depleting his own cultivation to help Mo Yuyan refine spirit stones so that Mo Yuyan can grow quickly, there must be some frustration in this.So, I'm guessing that Mo Green might not have much time left.In addition, in the last three years, Mo Green has barely shown his face and, passed the throne to his son, Mo Qing, who is Mo Yuyan's father.So, now, within the Mo Dynasty, there were people who suspected that Mo was dying and couldn't hold on.However, there is no solid evidence to prove that Mo Green is already dead, so no one dares to guess this kind of news."

Tang Zichen asked, "What kind of strength is Mo Green?"

"Senior Murky Green is at the sixth stage of Tribulation, the strongest person in the entire Mo Dynasty.Below Elder Mo Green is a man named Ma Diao, who is at the fifth level of tribulation.Below Ma Diao, is the current Long Emperor, Mo Qing, who is at the fourth rank of the tribulation.Then the fourth ranked one was Ma Compulsion, who was Ma Diao's son.After that, there were two first-order tribulation, Liu Bing and Song Complaint Heaven.The above six people are the six strong half-immortals of the Mo Dynasty."


sp; Tang Zichen said, "So, the Ma family accounts for two ah."

"Yes, Ma Diao and Ma Force, they are father and son, crossing the fifth and third stage."

Tang Zichen asked, "How much do you know about Ma Diao?"

"I don't know much about this, I'm a palace guard, after all, I'm less in contact with Horse Force, but I personally think that Horse Force and his son, shouldn't be so loyal, after all, when people reach this level, it's unlikely that they would be willing to willingly submit to someone else's management."

Tang Zichen said, "Mo Green is at the sixth stage of Tribulation, the strongest, if he really can't make it and dies, then wouldn't it be, the strongest person in the Mo Dynasty is Ma Diao."


"Oh, somewhat interesting, then Ma Diao, wouldn't it be like turning over the heavens."

"Senior, I can't comment on your words, after all, the consequences of this matter are serious, and Mo Green may not be dead.No one knows about this, and the Mo Clan doesn't dare to be known."

"Of course it doesn't dare to be known."Tang Zichen was thoughtful, now all the signs indicated that Mo Yuyan's disappearance wasn't unrelated to the Ma family at all.

If Mo Green really died, the Mo Dynasty, the Ma family would definitely be thinking of becoming the Ma Dynasty.

Tang Zichen asked again, "I've heard that the Nine Great Immortal Royal Dynasties are all ruled by the Seven Seas."

"Yes, our Mo Clan Dynasty is mainly loyal to the Seven Seas Pu Clan, the family that is the controller of the Pseudo Immortal Artifact 'Divided Puppet', also known as the Puppet Family."Lone Weidong said.

"Well, alright, here's your payment."Tang Zichen gave him a seventh grade spirit stone.

"Thank you, Senior."

"There's no need to be polite, remember, don't talk nonsense about this matter."

"Don't worry, I don't dare to say anything nonsense, if this is nonsense, I might lose my life."

Tang Zichen left the auction site and returned to his cave.

To be honest, Tang Zichen didn't know how to help Mo Yuyan, after all, Tang Zichen was currently only a first stage of the Mahayana stage, his future realm would all depend on his own cultivation, it was impossible for him to soar fast, otherwise, Tang Zichen would soar to the first stage of the Tribulation, then, he could help the Mo Dynasty Jedi.With Tang Zichen's level of bullishness, the first tier of Transmigration, he might be able to defeat the third, fourth, or even fifth tier of Transmigration, after all, Tang Zichen had the martial skill of Shura's eighteen knives to beat.Plus, Tang Zichen had eleven sword formations, which was really strong.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen was only at the first stage of the Greatest Multiplication.Tang Zichen couldn't practice a single martial skill from the Eleven Sword Formation right now.

Of course, although Tang Zichen was at the first stage of Mahayana, it was still relatively easy to kill a fourth and fifth stage of Mahayana.Regardless of whether he used the Shura Eighteen Blades or his Spirit Locking Circle, he was able to do it.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Now I can only wait for news, I hope Mo Yuyan isn't dead so I don't have to take revenge for her and I have more time to do my own thing."

With that, Tang Zichen temporarily settled down in his cave, no matter what, cultivate first.

Tang Zichen took a Rejuvenation Pill.

The Rejuvenation Pill would allow Tang Zichen to enter a kind of space of self, and entering this space of self would help Tang Zichen to speed up his cultivation.However, no matter how much faster it was, it was only slow relative to others in terms of refining spirit stones.Moreover, the Rejuvenation Pill Tang Zichen only had 200 grains, and Mu Qianji took and put in 50 grains.

At this moment, on the other side of the river in Tang Zichen's cave, Mu Qianji and the others were also cultivating, they were now cultivating the disguise technique, Tang Huan and the others were learning quite smoothly, their realms were not low, and learning the mortal disguise technique was not so difficult.


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