The King of Kungfu in school 1771-1780


Chapter 1771

"Uh, so."Tang Zichen laughed.

"In the Seven Seas, once someone ascends to the Immortal Realm, many people go to watch, and many people from Batangas also say they go to bid farewell, but they aren't really that enthusiastic about going to bid farewell, and also want to see if that person who ascended will see a pseudo-immortal artifact the moment they enter the gap in space-time and throw it out out of the goodness of their hearts.Although the probability is very, very small, it's not entirely unlikely, as there have been multiple instances of it occurring throughout the ages, so we only have a few pseudo-immortal artifacts in the Spirit World at the moment."

"Where are they?"

"Nonsense, of course it's in the hands of those big brothers of the Seven Seas.Truth be told, back then, before our ancestor Wang Shura had even ascended, he had also acquired a pseudo-immortal artifact, but unfortunately, he was robbed after he ascended."

"In that case, that Jedi Sea Valley, would there be a pseudo-immortal artifact?"

"It's not impossible, but the possibility is almost close to zero."

"Thank you, Senior Wang, for your hospitality."

"There's no need to be polite, we still have something to trouble you with."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, whenever you need my help to open the treasure door, just say so."

"How about tomorrow, then?"

"Absolutely." First published at

"Well then, come here tomorrow and we'll go open the treasure together."Wang Pi said excitedly.


Tang Zichen and the others returned to their residence.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I hope the Jedi Sea Valley, has pseudo-immortal artifacts ah."

"Even if it does have pseudo-immortal artifacts, it's not necessarily your turn to rob it, haven't you heard that the bigwigs of the Seven Seas will send people down this time, maybe even come down themselves."Tang Huan said.

"You don't understand this, if the Jedi Sea Valley really has pseudo-immortal artifacts, then I dare say that I definitely have the best hope of acquiring them?"Don said confidently.

"Why ?"

"Think about it, the Jedi Sea Valley is full of formations trapped and in danger everywhere, even the strongest of the Thunder Tribulation wouldn't dare to be careless, and I have my Immortal Qi to protect me, what formations are useless in front of my Immortal Qi, I will break them without fail."Tang Zichen said with a heated smile.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, don't be too confident ah, have you forgotten, in the Blue Fox Family of the Five Seas, that time when you exploded the Heavenly Flying Sword, the Blue Fox Family more than a dozen Mahayana chased after you, you tried to break their family's shield, the result was unsuccessful, and was besieged, if it wasn't for that Blue Fox Laobo to seize you, you nowadays, cough cough."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen was struck with a depressed face.

"Haha, Zichen, I'm not hitting you, I'm just telling you that even if you have immortal energy, you can't do anything, you didn't break the Blue Fox family's shield that time."

"Alright, let's take it one step at a time then, besides, there may not be a pseudo-immortal weapon."

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen arrived at the ancient palace, where Wang Pi was already waiting there.

"Brother Tang, you're here, let's eat breakfast first."

"No need, let's go now, an immortal cultivator is not a mortal, how can he still have not less than three meals a day."

"That's good, then we'll go straight to open the treasure."

Tang Zichen and Wang Pi, the two of them, headed to the treasure location, Tang Huan and the others, of course it was inconvenient to go, Wang Pi was not invited nor was it good to follow voluntarily.

Underneath the big water bubble of the Shura Clan, there was a passage, this passage led to the deeper sea floor, after a few minutes, they arrived at the deeper sea floor, a white stone appeared in front of them.

"This is the treasure left behind by our ancestor, King Shura, Brother Tang, it's going to be hard for you."

"How should I fight

Open?"Tang Zichen asked.

"You try using the Shura Eighteen Knives and cut it down in one slash, our ancestor's message didn't say how to open it either."

"Fine, then you back up a bit."

Wang Pi smiled slightly and didn't back up.

This stone also didn't know what kind of material it was made of, Tang Zichen Shura's eighteen knives cut it, and as a result, it bounced off like cotton, which meant that the more power you used, the bigger the rebound would be.

"Hey, what happened, why did it bounce?"

"Yes, no matter how much force you use, it will pop open, but our ancestor's message said that the Shura Eighteen Knives can be opened by hitting it, so try again and find the technique."


Tang Zichen tried over and over again, it wasn't so easy to succeed once, but with each try, Tang Zichen would find a little bit of feeling, it was like learning to ride a bicycle, after you find the feeling, you won't fall down.

After trying dozens of times, Tang Zichen finally cleaved the white boulder with a single slash.

"Bang."The boulder split in two.

Wang Pi quickly used his spiritual power to hold open the seawater, creating a vacuum space to prevent the seawater from entering inside the boulder.

Wang Pi hurriedly walked into the gap in the boulder.

But Tang Zichen was in no hurry, after all, it would definitely not be good if he ran in excitedly, Tang Zichen stroked the boulder and said inwardly, "This stone, is a treasure ah, this stone, if it is made into armor, it will definitely be a very good armor, there is a chance, I want to take some with me and create some armor."

Only then did Tang Zichen slowly walk in, and sure enough, there were dozens of flying swords inside the boulder, including three heavenly-grade flying swords.

In addition to the flying swords, there were many other magic weapons, and of course, there were also boxes of pills.

There were so many pills in crates, it was terrifying.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked towards a corner again and found a large pile of spirit stones.

Tang Zichen's heart choked as he internally blurted out, "Seventh grade spirit stones?"

That's right, that big pile was all seventh grade spirit stones.

Tang Zichen looked to the other corners again, but unfortunately, there weren't any more spirit stones.Tang Zichen originally wanted to see if there were any eighth grade spirit stones, but there weren't. It seemed that eighth grade spirit stones were very rare, and even if there were, they were probably used up by Wang Xueluo back then.This pile of seventh grade spirit stones was still collected by the strongest ruler of the spirit world millions of years ago, an ordinary person would definitely not be able to collect so many seventh grade spirit stones.

Tang Zichen's eyes were focused on the seventh grade spirit stones, and no other pills, elixirs, magic tools, or scrolls would be able to attract Tang Zichen's attention.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Wang Pi let out an excited laugh.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Congratulations senior, you have finally opened the family treasure."

"Brother Tang, I have to thank you for this."

"You're welcome."

"Tell me, how do you want me to repay you."

"This, how can I say this."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

"Don't be embarrassed, you've practiced the Shura Eighteen Blades, and you're considered half of our ancestor's disciple, so opening the treasure will naturally be without your share."


"Go ahead."

Tang Zichen gazed at the pile of spirit stones.

Wang Pi smiled, "Could it be that you only want the spirit stones?You should know that the seventh-grade spirit stone, although precious, is mainly for those below the conjunction stage, because those in the conjunction stage can only be enhanced by refining the seventh-grade spirit stone, and those in the distraction stage must have refined the eighth-grade spirit stone to have an enhancement effect.


"Brother Tang, although you are now at the Merging Stage, the Merging Stage is easier to cultivate compared to the Divide Stage, so why don't you take this opportunity now to take some pills and elixirs that are suitable for the Divide Stage, or even the Mahayana Stage?Instead, isn't it a bit of a wasted opportunity to focus on the seventh grade spirit stones?"

Wang Pi was right, Tang Zichen had to look far enough to only take things that were suitable for the closing stage.

Unfortunately, how could Wang Pi know that Tang Zichen needed only spirit stones.

"Senior, pills suitable for the Separation Stage and even the Mahayana Stage, spirit medicines, these are even more precious, so I won't take them.If Senior is really willing to share some, why don't you grant me some seventh grade spirit stones."

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, you're too polite."Wang Pi was touched, thinking to himself that Tang Zichen was really a good man, other people would love to take better ones.

Wang Pi was in a good mood, since Tang Zichen was so polite, he couldn't be stingy, and waved his big hand, "In that case, you can take half of this pile of seventh grade spirit stones."

"Ah, really?"

"Of course, but I'd like to remind you that although the seventh grade spirit stone is precious, it's only suitable for Body Closing Stage Immortals, and once you go beyond the Body Closing Stage in the future, this seventh grade spirit stone will be chicken ribs.Are you really sure?"


"Okay then, you're welcome to take half of it yourself."

"Okay Le." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen quickly took half of it.

Half was also enough, and these seventh grade spirit stones, which were obviously not divided, should have just been dug out from somewhere, one whole piece at a time, back then, the aura would be more sufficient.

"Thank you, Senior."Tang Zichen said with a smile.

Half of the seventh grade spirit stones that Tang Zichen took away was enough to elevate even Mu Qianji, Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, and Yan Xingyi to the Divide Stage.There was even enough left over, and perhaps, Tang Zichen could cultivate a few more Distraction Stages.

However, once Tang Zichen reached the Distraction Stage, the seventh grade spirit stone would be useless, what was needed was an eighth grade spirit stone, and how rare the eighth grade spirit stone was, it wasn't even in Wang Shura's treasure, Tang Zichen really didn't know where he could find another eighth grade spirit stone in the future.Tang Zichen could only hope that the future Nine Daoist Demon King's spirit stone cave had any spirit stones of eighth grade or higher.

Wang Pi put everything in the treasure into his storage bag.

"Haha, let's go."Wang Pi said.


Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Anyone who kills Wang Pi at this moment will be rich."

However, killing a strong Four Thunderer was no small feat.

Soon, Tang Zichen returned to the Shura Clan's home base.

"Brother Tang, make yourself at home, I won't entertain you."Wang Pi smiled, he was definitely in a hurry to sort out the treasure, where would he have the time to gossip with Tang Zichen.

"No need to be polite, you're busy, I'm also going to find those friends of mine."

"Good, if you need anything, just tell me.By the way, from what I heard yesterday, you guys also want to go to the Jedi Sea Valley in six months?"

"Of course, since you're here and have heard the news, why not go along for the ride."

"Then you'll stay with us, and I'll come with you then and have a care."

"Thank you, Senior."

"You're welcome, make yourself at home."

Wang Pi left in a panic, and Tang Zichen returned to their residence.

Lu Yuxi and Tang Huan were chasing and playing on the lawn.

"Zichen, you're back."Mu Qianji was the first to see Tang Zichen and came up in a panic.


Everyone gathered around.

Asking, "Have you opened King Solo's treasure?"


"Can you tell me what happened?What treasures are there?"Everyone was curious to pursue the matter.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know the specifics, I only saw that there were three heavenly flying swords, in addition, there were several boxes of pills, I don't know what kind of pills they were, but they must all be extremely precious.There are also seventh grade spirit stones piled up in a corner, in short, a lot of stuff."

"Then, did Senior Wang Pi share something with you?"

"There, that pile of seventh-grade spirit stones, split half of it for me."

"Ah, really."

"Yes, now, we can refine it properly, and I'd like to congratulate all of you on the fact that you're about to be gloriously promoted to the distinction stage."

"Uh, there's that much?"

"Alright, enough gossip, I'll go refine it first, then I'll help you guys."

Tang Zichen entered the room and went.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen's back for a moment of excitement.

Mu Qianji sighed and said, "Nowadays, we can't get back that striving spirit we once had, we're all focused on the spirit stones instead of thinking about how to cultivate."

"Haha, it would be foolish not to take such a good shortcut, why should we struggle to think about cultivating on our own when we can obviously rely on spirit stones to do so."Tang Huan said.

Mu Qianji laughed, "We can only say that we're all thanks to Tang Zichen's blessing, otherwise, we wouldn't know which corner nook we're hanging around in right now."


Tang Zichen took out a whole piece, about the size of a cow, and then began to refine it.

In less than half an hour, Tang Zichen finished refining it.

Tang Zichen's realm soared straight up.

From the second stage of the Merging Stage, it soared to the first stage of the Divide Stage.

"Yay, finally the Divide Stage."

Tang Zichen had gone through a lot of hardships over the past year or so in order to achieve this Divide Divinity Stage.

"Alright, I've finished refining, whoever's next, come in yourself."

Mu Qianji entered the house second.

About an hour later, Mu Qianji soared straight up to the first stage of the Distraction Stage

Tang Huan was third, Yan Xinyi was third, and Lu Yuxi was fifth.

Just like that, by the afternoon, everyone had ascended to the first stage of the Separation Stage.

Except for Light Water, who was at the first stage of Mahayana because she had fused with Blue Fox Lily's infant, she was at the first stage of Mahayana, but she hadn't fully fused and controlled it yet, otherwise she was much stronger than Tang Zichen and the others.

"Congratulations guys."Light Water congratulated, what she saw today, Light Water was also incredible, they used to say how hard it was to cultivate, but seeing them soar like this, how it felt like it was hard.

Tang Zichen said, "Light Water, I'll ask Senior Wang Pi later to see if there are any pills in that treasure of his that will help you fuse with your infant and thoroughly blend the soul of the Blue Fox Lily."

"Thank you, Tang Shao."Light Water was delighted, if there was, that would be great, otherwise, Light Water would probably need at least eighty or ninety years, or even a hundred years, before he could bring out the strength of the Blue Fox Lily and become a true first stage of the Mahayana stage.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said, "This trip to the Sea of Death, we finally didn't come in vain, we're all at the First Order of Separation.Moreover, I still have some of my Seventh Grade Spirit Stones left over, so I can still speed into a few more divisions when I have the chance in the future."

Mu Qianji said, "You can consider saving some for Xia Xiaoxin, she is the mother of the Little White Dragon after all."

"For the sake of her taking care of the Little White Dragon for me, the next time you see her, give her this opportunity, hahaha.Who else do you guys have to recommend?I can probably recreate about five more distractions."


Tang Huan said, "If I find my father, can I make my father a distraction as well?"

"Of course, Uncle Tang is also my family."Tang Zichen smiled, it was just that Tang Jingtian was nowhere to be found, whether he was dead or not, but let's hope he was still alive.When we have time, we really need to look for him properly.

Mu Qianji said, "Since there are still so many slots, I don't know about that master of mine."

Tang Zichen snorted, "The old witch of the Thousand Waters Sect?Thousand Extremes, thanks to you, you have the good sense to say that she took you away from me and caused me to suffer for you in the mortal realm, how could I still help her."

"But her starting point at that time was for my own good, moreover, back then you were deeply trapped in the Valley of Ghosts and in an infinite illusion, it was her self-inflicted cultivation that awakened you, although at that time it was me who took the Eliminating Pill in exchange, but she could have not had to make any exchange with me, forcing me to take the Eliminating Pill would not have taken much effort."Mu Qianji said with a softened heart.

Tang Zichen didn't say any more and sighed, according to what Mu Qianji said, it seemed to make a bit of sense, back then in the mortal realm, without that old witch helping to awaken him, Tang Zichen really didn't know if there was a tomorrow.

"Zichen, let's just wipe out the grudges from the past, if we stood in her shoes back then, you would definitely have taken me away instead."

"Alright, Thousand Jedi, this matter is granted."

"I'll thank you for her."

"Who else?"Tang Zichen looked at Lv Yu Xi.

Lv Yuxi whispered, "Can I recommend it too?" One second to remember to read the book

"Of course, there are still three places left, Lu Yu Xi, your parents will count them for you."

"Uh, thanks Tang Shao."Lu Yuxi gratefully knelt down.

"Alright, there's no need to be so polite, there's still one last quota to keep for now, come back later when you meet the right one."

In the blink of an eye, two months passed.

One day two months later, a red cloud suddenly floated on a certain part of the Sea of Death, and everyone was shocked when they saw this sight.

It meant that a new relic that was about to be born was at the bottom of the sea corresponding to that red cloud, and the red cloud appeared auspiciously, which seemed to be a sign that there was a heavy treasure.

This matter spread out to the entire Six Seas and Seven Seas as quickly as possible.

All of the strongmen and big men of the Seven Seas, hearing this news, immediately came here personally.

The appearance of auspiciousness indicated that the new relic that was about to be born had an exceptional treasure, what exceptional treasure, everyone doubted if there was a pseudo-immortal grade magic tool.

A pseudo-immortal-grade magic weapon, what exciting news this was, the entire spirit world would probably fight over this pseudo-immortal-grade magic weapon.

On this day, the Shura Clan's Wang Pi also summoned Tang Zichen there urgently.

Tang Zichen rushed to the Shura Hall.

"Senior Wang Pi, why are you looking for me so urgently."

"Brother Tang, for the past two months, I've been organizing the treasures left behind by my ancestors, so please forgive me for my poor hospitality."

"Senior is courteous, it's us who are intruding."

"Brother Tang, I've asked you here today to tell you something, a red cloud has appeared on the surface of the sea corresponding to the Jedi Sea Valley, this is a symbol of auspiciousness."

"Uh."Tang Zichen didn't know about this, he had been in Haiti and hadn't gone to the sea.


bsp; "Senior, that means that the location of the upcoming relics is really in the Jedi Sea Valley?"

"Yes, but more than that, the appearance of red clouds is a sign of a heavy treasure, and few such signs have appeared in the past or present."

"Ah, what heavy treasure?"

"It's possible that pseudo-immortal artifacts exist."

"Ah."Tang Zichen's heart trembled, pseudo-immortal artifacts.

"Senior, that's impossible, aren't pseudo-immortal artifacts very rare?Even in the Seven Heavy Seas, not many families possess them."

"Yes, there are only five of them in the Sea of Seven Heavens, and these five pseudo-immortal weapons are called the Death Blade, Black Water Pearl, Flame Blade, Split Puppet, and Sky Eagle.Today, the family that controlled these five pseudo-immortal artifacts, they were the strongest family in the Seven Seas.Controlling the distribution of benefits throughout the spirit world, if another pseudo-immortal artifact appeared, a new power pattern was likely to emerge.Furthermore, if this pseudo-immortal artifact is acquired by a family that already possesses one, it is likely to cause extinction to the other families."

"This is serious."

"So, this time, I'm afraid that all the bigwigs of the Seven Seas will be on the move, especially the five super powers that already possess the pseudo-immortal artifact."

"Uh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, what business is it of his.

Wang Pi looked as if he was very excited and said again, "These five powers of the Seven Seas that possess pseudo-immortal artifacts, we all uniformly call them the Death God Family, the Black Water Family, the Flame Family, the Puppet Family, and the Sky Family.These five super powers of theirs are called by the names of the pseudo-immortal artifacts they possess.The family names of their five super powers were Fu, Yi, Nuo, Pu, and Yong.

"Yi?"Tang Zichen asked, "Senior, then do you know a what's his name, the Five Thunder War God Ino?"

"Of course I know, he's the Blackwater Family's five times thunderstorm powerhouse, why are you suddenly asking this."

"Oh, truth be told, a while ago, when I first arrived at the Sea of Death, I killed his own grandson, a purple-haired man, and the nephew of a purple-haired man."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."Wang Pi was shocked that Tang Zichen had killed someone from a superpower with a pseudo-immortal weapon.

"Brother Tang, you're looking for death, is there anyone else who knows about this?"

"Well, of course I did, there were nine other people at the time besides us."

"You're screwed, if this matter is traced, really, you'll go to heaven and earth, there's nowhere to escape, there's only one death, I'm not trying to scare you, that family surnamed Yi, but it's a superpower that possesses the pseudo-immortal weapon 'Black Water Pearl', do you know what a Black Water Pearl is?It was simply an unimaginable existence, and in front of the pseudo-immortal weapon, any of it was superfluous."Wang Pi looked frightened.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "If the heavens give me another chance, I'll still kill."

"You, alas, as things stand now, hopefully they won't trace it back to you who killed it.These five super powers of the Seven Seas are almost the rulers of the entire spirit world.When our Shura clan's ancestor was still alive, the 'Death Saber' among the five pseudo-immortal weapons was in our ancestor's hands, and our ancestor used the Death Saber, along with the Shura Eighteen Blades Martial Skill, to sweep through the entire Spiritual Realm."

Tang Zichen asked, "Then why didn't Old Ancestor Wang Shura take away the other four pseudo-immortal artifacts together back then?"

"Oh, it's not that easy, although our ancestor's strength surpasses the other four pseudo-immortal artifact possessors, he's only able to defeat them, not kill them yet.In any case, whoever is able to possess a pseudo-immortal artifact can definitely become one of the big names in the spirit world."


"The current five big men of the Seven Seas are not equal in strength, they are also strong and weak, the strongest is the Flame Blade owner, the next is the Split Puppet owner, the Death Blade owner, the Sky Eagle owner, and the last is the Black Water Pearl owner, the Yi family whose clan surname you have killed."

"The Blackwater family is the weakest."

"Weakest is only relative to the other four pseudo-immortal artifact possessors, but to an ordinary power, that's already incredibly powerful.Moreover, the Black Water Pearl holder is the weakest, it's just that their generation of holders are even less likely to make use of it, it doesn't mean that the Black Water Pearl, a pseudo-immortal artifact, is the weakest, it's just that the one using him is even worse."

"Oh, Senior, if a pseudo-immortal artifact really appears this time when the new relic is born, it would really disrupt the power pattern of the Spirit World."

"Yes, it definitely will, the Sea of Death, it's going to start bustling soon."Wang Pi's eyes sighed in a meaningful way.

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior, you called me here to popularize with me the information about those big names in the Seven Seas?"

"Uh, of course not, let's not lie, this time the new relics are released, not only the spiritual bigwigs have to compete, we, the Shura clan, also have to compete.Brother Tang, you're actually not bad, you possess a heavenly flying sword, right."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was startled.

"Oh, Brother Tang, no one has any secrets in front of the strongest of the Thunder Tribulation.I don't just know that you have a heavenly flying sword, I also know that you have a Mahayana third stage infant in your brain, and that your true realm is only the Merging Stage."

"Ah, you can actually see everything."Tang Zichen said in his heart, he wouldn't know about the possession of immortal energy in his body, would he?

"Oh, that's what I told you, there are no secrets in front of the strongest of the thunderstorm, one glance will see through it." First URL


"Brother Tang, you were able to cultivate at such a young age, although I don't know how you did it, or what secret method you used, but I know that you are a very promising person.I wonder if you could help me, if a pseudo-immortal artifact is really born, to help me seize it."

Tang Zichen smiled inwardly, Tang Zichen wouldn't seize it himself if he had the chance.

"Brother Tang, you must be thinking that you'll seize it yourself.Actually, it's not that I'm scaring you, but if you really were to seize a pseudo-immortal artifact, then it would be your death sentence.You should know the value of this pseudo-immortal artifact, too many people have exterminated you for this."

Tang Zichen said, "Am I unable to guard the pseudo-immortal artifact myself?"

"Brother Tang, it's not that I'm looking down on you, as long as you haven't reached the Tribulation Stage, you won't be able to guard the Pseudo Immortal Weapon.Think about it, back then, when our ancestor Wang Xiu Luo, he possessed a pseudo-immortal weapon, the Death God Saber, along with the Eighteen Blades of Xiu Luo, and with his realm at four thunderbolts, he became the strongest.All I can tell you is that if you haven't reached the Tribulation Stage, which means you've passed through a single thunderstorm, then no matter what means you possess, you're not an opponent, do you know why?"

"Uh, I don't know."Tang Zichen shook his head, could it be that even though he had immortal energy protection, he wasn't an opponent?

"Because, as long as he has survived one thunderstorm, his physical body is a half-immortal physique, and the more times he survives a thunderstorm, the stronger his half-immortal physique becomes.When he has survived nine thunderstorms, he completely becomes an Immortal Physique, which means that he is already at the Immortal level, and that is how powerful he is."


sp; Tang Zichen's body shook as if he understood.

It was just like back then, when Tang Zichen was in the mortal realm, after he reached the Return to Ancestry, his physical body, dehumanized, was no longer a physical mortal and turned into a spirit body.After turning into a spirit body, Tang Zichen, in the mortal world, was almost an immortal body that mortals simply couldn't kill.

Similarly, after surviving a thunderstorm, his body had turned into a half-immortal physique.

Therefore, even if Tang Zichen possessed Immortal Qi to protect his body, it would be of no use, because no matter how much Immortal Qi he possessed, his physical body was still a spirit body, and it wasn't a hair's breadth away from a half-immortal who had stepped into the Immortal realm.

Wang Pi smiled, "Brother Tang, there's another thing you don't know, pseudo-immortal artifacts, not anyone can drive them, they have to be driven by a half-immortal physique transmutation stage powerhouse."

Tang Zichen smiled, this was not taken seriously, if Tang Zichen really possessed a pseudo-immortal weapon, Tang Zichen would be able to drive it using the immortal energy in his body, he would definitely be able to drive it, but the immortal energy in Tang Zichen's body was limited, if he drove the pseudo-immortal weapon, it would be constantly depleted and eventually gone.

"Brother Tang, go back and think about it, you practiced our ancestor's Shura Eighteen Blades, at any rate, you're half of our Shura clan."

"Okay, I'll go back and think about it."


Tang Zichen returned to his residence.

Tang Zichen was a bit apprehensive inside, because Wang Pi's words made Tang Zichen know something he didn't know before, that the strongest person in the Tribulation Stage (also known as the Thunder Tribulation) was half an immortal, which was a huge difference in level.

"Zichen, what did senior Wang Pi want with you?"When Mu Qianji saw Tang Zichen's heavy face, he was busy coming up.

Tang Zichen said Wang Pi's words to Mu Qianji and the others as well, in a way to spread the unknown information to them as well.

"Ah, a strong thunderstorm is equivalent to a half-immortal?"

"Yes, this means that those thunder tribulation powerhouses not only have immortal qi in their bodies, but also half-immortal power, so it's useless for me to have immortal qi in front of the thunder tribulation powerhouses."

Tang Huan said, "Since the lightning tribulation powerhouses also have immortal energy in their bodies, wouldn't it mean that they can also quickly refine spirit stones?"

"Yes, but, they've already reached the tribulation stage, so there's no need to refine them, and the highest grade spirit stone is only eighth grade, and also, tribulation isn't something you can cultivate by yourself, but by crossing the sky, heaven."

"Then you're going to help Senior Wang Pi and seize the pseudo-immortal weapon?"

Tang Zichen said, "Now it seems that it has to be, although I have immortal energy in my body, I can also drive pseudo-immortal weapons, but my immortal energy, after all, is not generated autonomously in my body, and driving pseudo-immortal weapons, will only be used once less, and I won't even be able to use it a few times, the immortal energy in my body will be exhausted."

"Then let's find a big tree to enjoy the shade, Senior Wang Pi is not a bad person, let's stand on his side."

Tang Zichen said, "But in the future, once I become a half-immortal myself, I don't have a pseudo-immortal weapon ah, if I don't have a pseudo-immortal weapon, I won't be able to become a big brother in the spirit world, let alone dominate the spirit world."

"Then we don't understand, let's take one step at a time, in short, never do anything that you can't control yet."

At this moment, in the Seven Seas, the five great families, were all holding a meeting.


"This time in the Sea of Death, there is a high possibility that a pseudo-immortal artifact will be born, we, the Yi Family, must do our best to obtain it.The pseudo-immortal artifact that our Yi Family controls is the Black Water Pearl, and Mu Qianji is the weakest of the five pseudo-immortal artifacts, if we acquire another pseudo-immortal artifact, then it is very likely that we will become the strongest power in the Seven Seas."

"Yes."On the meeting room, more than eighty strong Thunder Robbers nodded their heads at the same time, Thunder Robbers were also Half Immortals, and the Yi family already had more than eighty Half Immortals.It might be unbelievable to everyone, but there was no need to question it, because they were in the Seven Seas, the densest place in the entire Spiritual Realm where the aura of the Seven Seas was the densest, and the aura of the Seven Seas was a hundred times that of the First to Six Seas combined, which showed how dense the aura of the Seven Seas was, in addition, because the Seven Seas was closest to the Immortal Realm, there was often immortal qi leaking down through the gaps in space, and this kind of immortal cultivation resources was simply no one else's.

Try as I might, in a place like this, a family with more than eighty half-immortals that have transmigrated isn't much at all.

"In addition, our family, Egan, the grandson of the Five Thunderbolt War God Ino, he went to the Sea of Death two years ago first, but unfortunately, two months ago, the light of life representing him in the family ancestral hall suddenly went out, which means he's already dead.This trip to the Sea of Death is also incidentally going to investigate the cause of his death, and send a prophet along to help find the real culprit."

"Hmph, if I find out who killed my grandson, I'll exterminate his entire clan."An old man's gaze was cold, and this old man was Enoch, the grandfather of that purple-haired man, a strong half-immortal who had survived five robberies.

Similarly, the other four other super powers of the Seven Seas were also holding a meeting at the moment, regarding this new relic.

Of course, everyone was only speculating that there were pseudo-immortal artifacts being born, but no one knew if they were real or not.

Right now, on one of the seas in the Sea of Death.

A huge ship was traveling on the surface of the sea.

A young man was standing on the deck.

"Duke, we're at the Sea of Death." Remember the URL

"Why haven't I seen the precious people in my life yet?"That young man said impatiently that he was holding a portrait of a woman who looked very similar to Yan Xin Yi in his hand.

"Duke, there's no need to be anxious, I think that since Senior Yun Zhe has shown you the way, it must be right.By the way, gongzi, just now the family jade slip got the news that a few days ago, a red cloud appeared over the Sea of Death, and the family said that in the new relics that came out this time, there are likely to be pseudo-immortal artifacts, so in a few months, the family will also have strong people coming here."

"I'm not interested in that, I just want to find the noble person in my life right now and I want to marry her.I think that if I marry my noble, my destiny might change from here on out, and I can become a robbery strongman in the future."The young man said anxiously.

"Duke, let's look around here again."

Right now, at the bottom of this sea, it was the base camp of the Shura clan.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji and the others had been playing on the grass for a while, feeling nothing interesting.

"Zichen, why don't we go to the surface of the sea and get some air, get some real sunlight, we've been living here for over two months now and it's a bit stuffy."Mu Qianji suggested.

"Yeah, yeah, I've been wanting to go to the surface of the sea for a breath of fresh air for a long time."Tang Huan clapped his hands.

Lu Yuxi also blinked her eyes and said, "We can go to the sea and take a flat boat, isn't that very comfortable?"

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "Not afraid of the crocodile eating you ah, canoeing in the Sea of Death, thanks to you to think of it, alright, let's go to the surface of the sea for some air."

Saying that, Tang Zichen was the first to rush to the surface of the sea.

Since there were still almost three months until the relic was born, it was a bit boring to wait.

After everyone arrived at the sea surface, Tang Zichen made his flying sword bigger, and everyone sat on it, laying in the sun, and chatting idly.


nbsp; "Zichen, can we still find eighth grade spirit stones?"Lying on the flying sword, Mu Qianji asked.

"I don't know, the eighth grade spirit stone is already the highest grade, this world, I really don't know if there is any more.Now, I have the extravagant hope that in the future, the spirit stone cave of the Nine Daoist Demons will be able to find an eighth grade spirit stone, allowing us to soar to the Mahayana stage."

Tang Huan said, "Even if we soar to the Mahayana stage, we're only at the first stage of the Mahayana stage, woah, do we have to rely on our own cultivation after that until we cross the tribulation stage?"

"Alright, taking one step at a time is one step at a time, it's normal to have to cultivate on your own."(Immortal realm: merging, separation, Mahayana, transmigration (i.e., half-immortal))

Just at this moment, a large ship drove in the distance.

"Tang Shao, someone is coming."Lu Yuxi said.

Tang Zichen said without looking, "Come on, let's bask in our sun, who we take a look at, I'll gouge his eyes."

"Oh."No one got up and continued as if nothing had happened.

At this moment, on this large ship, a young man stood on the deck and saw some men floating on the sea in the distance.

"Quick, the ship is sailing over."The youth ordered.


On this ship, in addition to that youth and the strongest mercenary personnel of the Six Seas, there were at least seven or eight other Mahayana Stage powerhouses.

These Mahayana stage powerhouses were bodyguards who followed that youth, showing that that youth's status was extraordinary.

Soon, the ship approached.

Just in time, Yan Xin Yi lifted her head to look over.

"Ah!"That youth saw Yan Xin Yi and his entire body stayed there, the two of them looked at each other, and that youth said with trembling lips, "My nobleman, my nobleman is really here."

The seven or eight Mahayana stage powerhouses standing on the deck were also shocked when they saw Yan Xin Yi, they said inwardly, "Senior Yun Zhe's prophecy, it's actually true."

Originally, they didn't believe it, but now that they saw Yan Xingyi, who looked so much like the portrait, they couldn't help but believe it.

Of course, at the moment, Yan Xin Yi was frowning, and Yan Xin Yi said inwardly, "That person is sick, why are you looking at me like that?"

Yan Xinyi disliked the way the youth was looking at her right now, making it seem as if he had been looking for Yan Xinyi for a long time, when in fact Yan Xinyi didn't know him at all.

"Xinyi, what kind of person."Mu Qianji also raised his head, and suddenly saw that youth on the bow deck, tearfully looking at Yan Xinyi.

"Uh, Xinyi, you know him?"

"A psychopath, where do I know him."Yan Xin Yi huffed.

"Then why is he looking at you and weeping?It's like I finally found you."

"How should I know, anyway I don't know."

Tang Huan suddenly said, "Xin Yi, could it be that your mortal realm husband, reincarnated, knew you in a past life?"

"How could it be."Yan Xin Yi denied in one breath, seemingly repulsed inside.

When Tang Zichen heard this, he also raised his head to look.

Sure enough, an unrecognizable psychopath looked over at the bow of the ship, teary-eyed.

Tang Zichen said, "He can't be the reincarnation of my master."

"Why?"Tang Huan was puzzled.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Looking at his age, he's at least a hundred years old, one year in the spirit world, ten years in the mortal world, in exchange, it's one thousand years.A thousand years ago, my master's master was all still spawn."

"Vulgar."Mu Qianji gave Tang Zichen a blank look.


The large ship was slowly approaching.

It was only when the large ship was only a hundred meters away from them that Tang Zichen felt that there were eight Mahayana stages on that large ship, and the strongest of them had reached the sixth stage of Mahayana.

"Ah."Tang Zichen's body trembled, Mahayana Sixth Stage?

"What's wrong?"

"On that large ship, there were eight Mahayana stages, one Mahayana six-stage and two Mahayana five-stage."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji and the others also trembled.

"How could there be so many Mahayana Stage powerhouses?"

"I don't know."

"So what now?"

"Don't be nervous yet, although they are so many Mahayana, they obviously can't drive flying swords, while I can."

Tang Huan was busy saying, "What do you mean, brother?Using your dog collar to trap them?" One second to remember to read the book

"Ugh."Tang Zichen rolled his eyes.

However, what Tang Huan said was quite reasonable.

"I don't know if I can set it right, it's so many Mahayana after all."

"Let's see what they want to do first."Mu Qianji said.

The big ship slowly approached.

Finally the big ship was only a dozen meters away from Tang Zichen and the others.

The young man on the deck was busy shouting, "My nobleman, I have finally found you."

Tang Zichen said, "Excuse me, who are you?And who is your nobleman?"

The young man didn't even look at Tang Zichen, as if Tang Zichen was low class in his eyes and not worthy of talking to him at all, his eyes were always on Yan Xin Yi.

Tang Zichen was a little annoyed at being ignored.

That young man said to Yan Xinyi, "Your Excellency, what is your name?"

Yan Xin Yi snorted in disgust, "Who is your nobleman."

"Oh, nobleman, do you know that I came to the Sea of Death specifically for you."That young man smiled.

"Do I know you?"Yan Xingyi said.

"I don't know."

"If you don't know him, why did you say that you came all the way here just for me."

The youth said, "A half-immortal prophet in my family said that my nobleman is in the Sea of Death, and he also drew an image of me, so you can see if the head looks like you."The youth's picture was propped open for Yan Xin Yi to see.

It did look like it, but it was only very similar, not exactly the same.

"You're even more beautiful than I imagined, nobleman, my family's prophet said that you will become my wife."

"I pooh."Yan Xin Yi was disgusted.

Tang Zichen was already upset, wanting to pick up his teacher's wife, at least to please Tang Zichen, but he was good enough to ignore Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said loudly, "Who the hell are you, or I'll be rude."

Only then did that young man look at Tang Zichen with his mouth agape, "Who I am doesn't need to be explained to your inferior."

"Haha, how arrogant, you want to pick up my friend, and you're talking to me in such a tone."

"You are an ant-like existence in my eyes, your destiny is destined to be my woman, it has nothing to do with your existence, and I don't need to please you even more, because, if you say another word, you will become an unjust ghost under me."Although the youth looked at Yan Xin Yi with a gaze full of tenderness, he looked at Tang Zichen and the others, but his eyes were high.

Tang Huan said, "Brother, lasso him to death, I dislike this man very much .

Even if he really is the reincarnation of your master, I don't like it."

"Hmph, he's not worthy."Tang Zichen snorted, this person was older than Tang Zichen, how could he be the reincarnation of his master, and the realm was even higher than Tang Zichen, turning a gross world.

At this time, a Mahayana stage strong man standing beside the youth angrily scolded, "Bold, when you see our Death God Family Prince, don't kneel down or you will be sentenced to death on the spot."

"Prince of the Death God Family?Sorry, never heard of it."Lu Yuxi's head rose and said arrogantly, Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

"Hmph, calling you guys insects, you're still not convinced, you don't even know the Death God Family, what is it if it's not an insect.Listen carefully, we are from the Seven Seas, the Death God Family."

Tang Zichen had already understood, no wonder he was so high and mighty, so he was from the Seven Seas, the Death God Family, the family with the surname Fu from the Seven Seas, they controlled the Death God Blade, a pseudo-immortal weapon.

However, this was the Sea of Death, as long as it wasn't a Half Immortal, there was no way to drive a flying sword here, Tang Zichen was afraid of him.

Tang Zichen said, "What is the Death God Family, here, I'm in charge."

That young man was a bit impatient, "Finish this man, the rest of the women, except for my noble, you can dispose of them as you wish, they are all quite beautiful, it's a pity to kill the strange directly."

"Thank you, Gongshi."Those few Mahayana stage powerhouses looked at Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Mu Qianji and Light Water, smiling hehehe and licking their lips, they were blessed tonight.

Tang Zichen immediately drove his flying sword and retreated to hundreds of meters away, the reason why he retreated to hundreds of meters away was because this was the safe distance.

At the same time, a man at the third stage of the Mahayana stage ran towards Tang Zichen, because he couldn't drive the flying sword, he directly body-ruled the air and tread water.Therefore, the speed was not as fast.

Flying with an imperial sword is the same as the meaning of a car relative to an ordinary person.

Tang Zichen immediately moved his mind and shot up in a circle at a very fast speed.

After Tang Zichen's realm had increased to the first stage of divination, he used this locking circle again, and the overall strength of the locking circle rose a little.

However, it didn't rise too much, after all, Tang Zichen drove the Spirit Locking Circle, relying on the Immortal Qi in his body, the Immortal Qi hadn't changed, his own realm had increased a bit, so there were only some minor changes.

That man at the third stage of the Mahayana stage was trapped by Tang Zichen's neck in a single glance.

"Ah."That Mahayana Third Stage man was stupid.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to argue with him, the locking circle contracted fiercely and killed him in the blink of an eye.

The people on the large ship were shocked when they saw this scene.

"How can this be, a third stage of the Mahayana stage was killed by a first stage of the Divide, this is impossible."That youth roared.

At that moment, someone recognized him and said, "Duke, he's using what seems to be a spirit locking circle."

"Spirit Locking Circle?Isn't this the magic weapon Enoch gave his own grandson?"

"Yes, and I don't know how it got in his hands."

"One of you go up there and kill him."That youth roared.

However, the group of Mahayana around him didn't immediately rush up, after all, Tang Zichen had killed a Mahayana Third Stage in a single glance, and no one knew how powerful Tang Zichen's Spirit Locking Circle could be.There was no doubt that the Spirit Locking Circle was more than a few dozen times more powerful in Tang Zichen's hands than in that grandson Eno's.

"Go on."That youth shouted the order.

In desperation, one of the men of the fifth stage of multiplication said, "I'll do it, damn it, I don't believe he can lock me."After saying that, that man of the fifth stage of multiplication killed Tang Zichen, of course, he also took out a magic treasure, it was a whip, and that whip, driven by him, wrapped around Tang Zichen with the force of a blink of an eye, fast.


Just because you couldn't drive a flying sword didn't mean you couldn't use other magic weapons, otherwise, the purple-haired man's locking circle from before wouldn't be able to drive it either.

That Mahayana Stage 5 man's whip magic weapon was very swift.

Tang Zichen didn't expect this and subconsciously ignored the other man's magic weapon.

In desperation, Tang Zichen threw the Spirit Locking Circle while dodging the other man's whip.

However, it so lost its accuracy.

"Swoosh."Sure enough, Tang Zichen's Spirit Locking Ring was grabbed by that Great Fifth Stage in no time.

"Hmph, trying to trap me."

Of course, Tang Zichen made a few leaps in the sky, and that whip chased after Tang Zichen like a spirit snake, its speed no slower than Tang Zichen's flying sword.

"Zichen, hurry up, the whip is about to wrap around.I didn't expect that although he can't drive the flying sword, their whip magic can still drive it."

"I was careless, my locking circle can drive it, and so can other people's magic treasures, it's just that the flying sword can't drive it."

A few seconds later, Tang Zichen was several thousand meters away. The first website

The other party's whip finally slowed down its pursuit because of the long distance.

At this time, Tang Zichen had a stroke of genius.

"This whip is good, I might as well spell it out and see if I can refine it instantly."

Tang Zichen immediately allowed the whip to wrap around him.

In the distance, a group of people on the large ship laughed as they saw Tang Zichen finally get entangled in the Thousand Miles Rope.

That youth snorted, "Just now, he killed the third stage of the Mahayana stage, and thought how powerful he was, look, now that Ma Jun has caught him with the Thousand Mile Rope."

The Mahayana fifth stage man standing beside the youth was Ma Jun, the owner of the Thousand Mile Rope.This Thousand Mile Rope wasn't a Heaven-grade magic treasure, just a top-grade superior magic treasure.

With a thought, Ma Jun swiftly retrieved the Thousand Mile Rope, and the Thousand Mile Rope dragged Tang Zichen back from a thousand miles away.

At this moment, however, Tang Zichen was struggling to refine that Thousand Mile Rope.

Tang Zichen was also nervous, if he didn't succeed, if he couldn't refine the Thousand Mile Rope and untie it when he was a hundred meters away from them, then he would have to account for today.

Fortunately, the Thousand Mile Rope was dragging Tang Zichen back to about three hundred meters in front of the big ship when Tang Zichen refined that Thousand Mile Rope.

In an instant, that Thousand Mile Rope turned into Tang Zichen's magic weapon.

Tang Zichen's mind moved and the Thousand Mile Rope automatically unraveled.

"Ah."At this moment, the horse army on the large ship was silly.

"What's wrong?Horse army."

"My kilo rope, I've lost contact."


"Hahaha, hahaha, that's a good whip."A few hundred meters away, there was the sound of Tang Zichen's laughter, he was holding a rope in his hand, Tang Zichen's heart, the rope was wrapped around his wrist, the color was still red, like the red rope a girl put on her wrist.

"How did this happen."The people on the big ship were dumbfounded.

That horse army was ashamed and angry at being robbed of the Thousand Li Rope, it was too humiliating, the other party was only a distracted first stage, yet he robbed him of a great fifth stage magic treasure.

What kind of monster was this.

However, he no longer had a mind to think about what kind of monster, he really couldn't hang around in the Spirit World if he didn't get his magic treasure back today.

"I'll kill you."In the next second, the horse army rushed into the sky, murderously rushing towards Tang Zichen.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth popped open and he slowly raised his hand.


sp; "Shura Eighteen Blades."


Tang Zichen cut down with a single slash.

This slash, the sky and the earth cracked, the entire sea rolled up hundreds of meters high, and a huge ravine on the surface of the sea stretched for tens of thousands of meters.

"Ah."That horse soldier screamed, not even having time to detach his infant body, he was instantly cut down.

Tang Zichen himself was shocked, his Shura Eighteen Blades were, surprisingly, able to behead a fifth stage Mahayana powerhouse in one fell swoop.

Heavens, Tang Zichen thought that he wasn't even that strong, he could only rely on the Spirit Locking Circle.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen's power in displaying the Shura Eighteen Blades was not inferior to the Spirit Locking Circle in the slightest.Even the Spirit Locking Circle might not be able to snare him in a single slash.Tang Zichen was somewhat dumbfounded and unbelievable? He had never performed it on the surface of the sea before, only on the bottom of the sea, so he wasn't sure of the power.

In fact, the Shura Eighteen Blades matched with Tang Zichen's Heavenly Superior Rank and Immortal Qi urge, so the power of Tang Zichen's sword was by no means inferior to any Mahayana Fifth Stage, and even, the Mahayana Sixth Stage might not be able to block it.

Otherwise, why would Senior Wang Pi of the Shura Clan want Tang Zichen to help him seize the pseudo-immortal weapon.

What Tang Zichen didn't know was that right now, at the bottom of the sea, a person's spiritual sense was scanning the surface of the sea.

Seeing Tang Zichen kill the fifth stage of the Mahayana with a single slash, he smiled slightly, and it was Senior Wang Pi.

"Worthy of being the Shura Eighteen Blades created by my Shura clan's ancestor, of course, this Tang Zichen is also truly on a mission against the heavens, otherwise he wouldn't be able to exert such a powerful force."Wang Pi said inwardly.

On the surface of the sea, the large ship was also destroyed and turned into a pile of wood chips, and the group of people who were on the ship before were now only standing on the surface of the sea.

That youth's face was furious and fearful at the same time.

He really didn't expect that a Gryphon that was so bland and unimpressive that he had no interest in looking at him would be so powerful.

Tang Zichen stood in the air and said softly, "Who else is there?"

Although it wasn't a loud voice, it reached everyone's ears as if it was thunder that shook their bodies.

"You."That youth from the Death God Family was angry and furious.

Tang Zichen looked at that youth and said, "Kid, if no one can defeat me today, then you will die, I advise you to prepare yourself mentally."

"Go on, give it to me."That youth shouted the order.

However, there was no one to go on, the horse army had just been killed with a single slash, who else dared to go on.

"Duke, it's not appropriate for us to fight at the moment."

"Yes, gongzi, this person has an extraordinary history, he's so strong even though he's only at the first stage of the Divine Separation realm."

"Also, the martial skill he just performed is definitely Wang Shura's famous technique from back then, Shura Eighteen Blades."

"Ah, Shura Eighteen Blades, he's a member of the Shura clan?"

Several people who hadn't yet seen the Shura Eighteen Blades were all shocked at the moment.

Millions of years ago, the Shura clan was also one of the big names in the spirit world ah, and back then, what Wang Shura controlled was the same pseudo-immortal blade of death that the Fu family controlled today.

Tang Zichen's voice came out again, "Who else is there?If there aren't any more, then I'll have to slaughter them."

Of course Tang Zichen wouldn't let them go, after all, they were from the Seven Seas Death God Family, they would definitely have to kill them all, in case the Death God Family knew about it.

They, the Death God Family, must be many Half Immortal level Tribulation strongmen, any one of them would be able to kill Tang Zichen.

No matter how strong Tang Zichen was, he could only turn into scraps against the Half Immortals.


That young man roared, "I'm a male from the Death God Family, you dare to try to touch me."

"Hmph, ridiculous, what time is it, and the Death God Family."

"If you dare to touch me, my family won't let you go."

Tang Zichen raged, "You just tried to kill me, do I expect your family to let me go?You're too ridiculous."Tang Zichen was really angry, just now this son of a bitch was so high and mighty that he had people kill Tang Zichen and those beauties were rewarded to a few Mahayana around him, but now he actually said it was something his family wouldn't let go.

"Hmph, you better think carefully whether you want to touch me or not, if I die, it means that the light of my life will be extinguished and my family will know about it.Also, in three months, a new relic will be born here, and then all the strongest people in my family will come, including that super strong man in my family who controls the Deathblade.Not to mention you, even your entire Shura clan will be buried with you.The Sea of Death, unable to drive a flying sword, that's just for ordinary cultivators, it's not restrictive at all for a strong half-immortal level."

"Hahaha, it seems you're really afraid of death, otherwise why would you threaten so much with me, if you're so afraid of death, then all the more reason to die."

"I definitely won't die, the prophet of my family didn't tell me that my life was in danger when I came here, definitely not."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Do you think that some trash prophet of your family can foretell me?Bah."

Saying it, Tang Zichen raised the flying sword in his hand.

Tang Zichen could freely use the flying sword while others could not, but fortunately, Tang Zichen had an Immortal Qi powered flying sword, otherwise, it probably wouldn't have been so easy to kill the Mahayana.

"Go on."That youth shouted. Remember the website

The remaining six Mahayana stages, including one of the six Mahayana stages, immediately rushed towards Tang Zichen, and now, they could only fight Tang Zichen.

Suddenly, everyone was unable to move, and the group of rushing Mahayana bodies stalled in mid-air.

"Eh?"Tang Zichen's brow furrowed, why were they frozen in mid-air.

A human figure, slowly sticking out of the sea level, was Wang Pi.

"Ah, Senior Wang Pi, this."

Wang Pi smiled, "Brother Tang, kill them, I've made them immobile, you can cut them all off with one slash, you can't leave them alive today."


Tang Zichen's heart was shocked, Wang Pi was so strong, he just froze those six Mahayana in mid-air.

Tang Zichen's forehead couldn't help but sweat a little, this is the strength of a strong half-immortal?If it was, Tang Zichen had thought about seizing the pseudo-immortal artifacts after the new relics were released, but now it seemed a bit ridiculous.Tang Zichen was instantly frozen in mid-air, how else could he seize it.

That youth shouted, "Senior, I'm from the Death God Family, you can't kill me."

Wang Pi grunted, "What I'm killing is precisely your Death God Family, back then, after our family's ancestor, Wang Xueluo, ascended, it was your Fu Family that snatched our Death God Sword, you say, I'll spare you?Tang Zichen, kill all."


Tang Zichen slashed down, and the entire sea surface rolled up like a tsunami, and everyone was reduced to pieces.

Wang Pi smiled in satisfaction.

"Brother Tang, you have played your Shura Eighteen Blades very well, but unfortunately, you are not a robbery powerhouse, otherwise, it would be more than a thousand times more powerful than you are now, or even ten thousand times more powerful."Wang

Pi said.

"Ah, Senior Wang Pi, you're exaggerating, ten thousand times?"Tang Zichen felt that the sea was like a tsunami when he slashed it now, this was powerful enough.

Wang Pi smiled, "Brother Tang, I'm not hiding anything from you, back then, when our ancestor performed the Shura Eighteen Knives, right from here, with one slash, the entire Sea of Death was split in half, you should know how long the entire Sea of Death is."

"What? The entire Sea of Death was split in half?"Tang Zichen was shocked, how long was the entire Sea of Death?This was from here all the way to the city where Tang Zichen had set out a few months ago, what kind of concept was this, if that was the case, then Tang Zichen's current power was really less than one ten thousandth of someone else's.

"Oh, Brother Tang, I have no reason to lie to you.Back then, when our ancestor was this powerful, he was just able to fight against those powerful people with pseudo-immortal weapons in the Seven Seas.So, you should be able to imagine how powerful those strong men with pseudo-immortal artifacts were.With a single punch, they can blast half the ocean's water into the sky."

"What."Tang Zichen was scared to death.

"Oh, I can also tell you that the person who blew half of the ocean's water up into the sky with one punch is the same strong man who currently possesses the Death Blade, and these people you just killed are from the Death Family, their surname is Fu."

"I'll go, then wouldn't I have offended someone so strong."Tang Zichen knew that he could really be described as an ant now compared to a strong man of this level, not to mention anything else, Tang Zichen's punch on the surface of the sea would only curl up thousands of meters of waves, not a single bit worse compared to someone half of the ocean blowing up into the sky.

Wang Pi said, "Brother Tang, three months later, if there really is a pseudo-immortal artifact that comes out, then the five strong people who currently possess pseudo-immortal artifacts, including the one I just mentioned, will definitely come down as well."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "Aren't you going to be able to snatch it from them as well, senior?"

"Of course not, I don't have a pseudo-immortal weapon, I'm not an opponent, to be frank, I'm just trying to take a chance, after all, there are times when strength isn't always available.You've now practiced the Shura Eighteen Blades, and, for some reason, you seem to possess a powerful power within you, which can definitely help me out."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was shocked that Wang Pi knew that Tang Zichen possessed other powers within his body.

"Brother Tang, actually, as soon as I saw you, I knew that you possessed a power in your body that normal people don't have, I've thought about it for so many days and I've guessed some of it, but I just don't believe it a bit.In your body, do you possess immortal power?By all accounts, it's impossible, we, the strongest of us who have gone through the Tribulation, are only half-immortals and only have half-immortal power, how can you have immortal power."

Tang Zichen didn't hide it anymore and said, "I don't have any immortal power, it's just some immortal energy."

"No wonder you can cultivate so fast, Immortal Qi, what a precious resource, in the Seven Seas, there are often times some Immortal Qi leaking down through the gaps in space, for these Immortal Qi, those strong people, often fought to the death, it shows how precious Immortal Qi is.Brother Tang, it's best not to be known that you have immortal qi in your body, otherwise, you will definitely be skinned and the immortal qi in your body will be taken out, I'm not being alarmist."

"Thank you, Senior for informing me."Tang Zichen sighed, there were no more secrets in front of a strong Half Immortal.

"As long as you don't go overboard and don't draw out your immortal qi, it's hard to see that you have immortal qi in your body, I'm just guessing, so I just asked casually, I didn't expect it to be true."Wang Pi said.

Tang Zichen's heart thudded, "Wang Pi guessed it?Intentionally condescending?"

Tang Zichen couldn't help but feel more than a little wary inside.


"Alright, clean up the battlefield and hurry back to the bottom of the sea, don't be discovered, or else my Shura clan will be destroyed along with it."Wang Pi said to Tang Zichen.


Wang Pi instantly disappeared into the sea surface.

Tang Zichen quickly removed the traces from the sea surface.

Mu Qianji flew to Tang Zichen's side and looked at Tang Zichen with some concern.


"I know what you want to ask."Tang Zichen interrupted Mu Qianji to continue, using his eyes to signal her not to say anything yet.

Tang Zichen drove the flying sword, carrying all of Tang Huan and a few others on it, then flew off into the distance.

Tang Zichen stopped only when he was tens of thousands of meters away from the Shura Clan's main camp.

"Tang Shao, why did you have to go so far?"Lu Yuxi asked.

"Must be afraid of that Wang Pi eavesdropping."Tang Huan said. One second to remember to read the book

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, people's hearts are separated, no one can guarantee that that Wang Pi will do anything to you ah.You have Immortal Qi in your body, this Immortal Qi is so rare in the Seven Seas, it's something that all the big shots fight over, what if Wang Pi he also has ill intentions towards you?"

Yan Xinyi also nodded, "Yes, Master, fear not ten thousand, just in case, I think it's better for us not to go back to the waters of the Shura clan, lest we be poisoned."

Tang Zichen frowned, "What if he's not like that?"

"If not, why would he set you up?Now he has determined that you have immortal energy in your body."

Tang Zichen said depressedly, "I'm also to blame for being too kind-hearted, I thought he had seen through all my secrets, so I didn't bother hiding it, so I just said it."

"It's not your fault, people have the heart to trap you."

"So what now, to go back or not?"

Everyone was looking at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was also a bit hesitant, there was always a feeling that that place of the Shura clan was a bit of a wolf's den, if Wang Pi really had malicious intentions, Tang Zichen would not be able to escape no matter what once he went back.If people didn't have malice at all, Tang Zichen defending against them would definitely affect the relationship, maybe, all the original no malice had turned malice.

"What to do is good?"

Mu Qianji said, "In that case, we might as well do an experiment."

"What kind of experiment?"

"If Wang Pi has malicious intentions, he will definitely find out that we haven't returned to their Shura Sea, and he will definitely come out to pursue us for a while."

Tang Zichen said, "When he pursues, how can we still escape?Don't forget, he's a strong half-immortal and can also drive a flying sword.His speed will only spike me."

"You silly, if he comes after us, we'll just pretend to be here hunting for treasure well, don't let him think we're leaving, the initiative is still in our hands when we haven't torn off our faces yet.Well, if we really want to do this experiment, we'll have to start it right away, or it might be too late."

"Okay, let's try it then."

Mu Qianji said, "You make a boundary with your Immortal Qi now, then we'll enter the sea floor."


With a stroke of his hand, Tang Zichen instantly made a boundary, and they hid in it, then entered the sea floor.

Not long after, a strong man flew in from the distant sky, that strong man was still frowning, and in his heart, he said, "Where did he go all of a sudden?"

This person was none other than Wang Pi.

As he flew, Wang Pi used his Spiritual Sense to scan and would soon scan the sea floor where Tang Zichen was.

And Tang Zichen was now aware that Wang Pi was coming after him.

Tang Zichen immediately cancelled the boundary.

Tang Zichen's boundary had immortal energy within it, so

Wang Pi was unable to sense it from a great distance, so that's why he pursued it.

After Tang Zichen cancelled the boundary, Wang Pi sensed it right away.

Wang Pi hesitated in the sky and secretly said, "Tang Zichen just drew a boundary, why?Could it be that he suspects that I'm going to hurt him?But if you suspect it, why don't you just run, his boundary has an immortal component and I can't fully sense it, he could have just walked right away ah?"

Wang Pi's gaze shifted for a while, as if he was torn inside as well.

After all, Tang Zichen had a connection with their Tai Ancestor and had helped him open the old ancestor's treasure.However, the Immortal Qi on Tang Zichen's body was so alluring, and most importantly, it was very pure.

In the end, Wang Pi said inwardly, "If Tang Zichen has already sensed something, then I must make a decision, I had hoped that he would help me snatch the fake immortal weapon together."

At this moment, Tang Zichen floated out from the sea surface.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Yay, you lost."

Mu Qianji and the others also floated out and said to Tang Zichen, "You cheated."

"Che, who's cheating."

"You just clearly used the boundary on purpose so that we couldn't find it, you're cheating."

Tang Zichen and a few girls were frolicking on the sea.

In the sky, Wang Pi's eyebrows raised, "What's the situation?"

Tang Zichen looked up and deliberately acted as if he had just seen it, busy saying, "Hey, Senior Wang Pi, what are you doing here."

"Uh, I, I just happened to pass by here, what are you guys doing?"

"Haha, I was just playing hide-and-seek with a few of them."

Tang Huan shouted again, "You cheated, it doesn't count, start over."

Cooperating really well, making it seem as if, just now, they were really playing a game of hide and seek.

King Pi in the sky couldn't help but believe it, or maybe it was easier to believe because he wanted it to be that way inside.

"Then you guys play, right, go back early, don't play too long."Wangpi instructed.


Wang Pi nodded his head and flew away.

After Wang Pi flew away, Tang Zichen continued to pretend to play the game, just in case Wang Pi was still watching nearby.

After playing for over an hour before they stopped acting, Wang Pi must have left, he was never interested in spying for as long as an hour.

"Phew, man, boring as hell."Mu Qianyi sighed.

Tang Huan and Lu Yuxi said, "I feel fine, this game is good, I didn't always play hide and seek when I was a kid."

"Tang Shao, would Wang Pi believe it?I don't suppose he's spying anymore now, is he?"

Tang Zichen said, "There shouldn't be any more."

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, now it has been confirmed by us that Wang Pi does indeed have ill intentions towards us."

Tang Zichen was furious, "This son of a bitch, he even called me brother before and said something about half of the Shura clan."

"There's no use scolding him, after all, we're not related."

"Alright, things have come to this, we can only return to the mainland first."Tang Zichen said.

"What about the new relics that will be born in three months?"

"When we get back to the continent, I'll change my face with Thousandfold, and then we'll wait for the opportunity to act."


After that, Tang Zichen quickly drove his flying sword and left in a hurry.

However, half a day later, Tang Zichen had a bad feeling that someone was coming after him.

"I feel that someone is coming after me, what should I do?"Don Zichen said.


"Then hide."

"I can't hide, my boundary can only temporarily keep the other party from sensing our traces, but once he reaches a certain range, his spiritual sense can scan our location in a second."Tang Zichen shook his head.

Boundaries were only possible after reaching the Merging Stage, and to put it bluntly, it was an invisible shield that isolated the outside world.

"If we get caught up this time, then Wang Pi will definitely know that we're running away from him, and he'll never let us escape."Mu Qianji said.

"We can only fight our way out."Tang Zichen quickly rushed forward.

However, no matter how fast Tang Zichen was, he couldn't compare to Wang Pi who was chasing after him.

After about half an hour or less, finally, Wang Pi came chasing after him.

Wang Pi saw Tang Zichen's figure in front of him and heaved a snort, "It's true that you're guarding against me, since that's the case, why should I hold back, I was originally torn as to whether or not I should strip out the immortal energy in your body for my use, and was still suffering from the condemnation of my conscience, but now that you've escaped, since you've torn your face, why should I be torn."Wang Pi's face was cold.

The human heart is really separated from the belly.

But it was understandable, after all, at a half-immortal realm like Wang Pi who had crossed over, it was hard to find anything suitable for them to cultivate in this spirit world, and immortal energy was something that people at their level considered the most precious.

"Hurry up, he's coming after us." Premiere URL

"Fuck, why is he so fast."Tang Zichen accelerated with all his might, but, with the speed of Wang Pi behind him, it still seemed a bit slow, and by the time he completely caught up, it would probably take less than two minutes.

"Tang Zichen, I am a Half Immortal, do you think you can escape?"Behind Wang Pi snorted.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Wang Pi, I'm at least half a disciple of your ancestor, what do you mean by chasing me."

"Practicing the Shura Eighteen Blades is half a disciple?You're ridiculous, this is just a set of words to bring us closer together.Tang Zichen, you've disappointed me so much, I was expecting you to help me out a little when the new relics were born, but you ran away."

"Ridiculous, you're about to make a move on me and I'm still not running?It's you that disappoints me, I was so wrong about you, I thought you were a nice guy."

"Good man?Are there good people in the fairy world?The good guys died out a long time ago, only common cause, no selfless good guys.If you hadn't run away and helped me properly when the new relic was born, I could have left it alone if you had behaved well, but instead you ran away."

"Well, I'd be a fool not to run, but you've already made a mockery of me, do I have to stay and behave well?Is my life or death on your mind?The conscience of people like you can't be relied on."

"Hahaha, unfortunately, you still can't escape, let me guess, do I need twenty breaths to catch up with you, or thirty?"Not far behind him, there was a disdainful sneer.

At that moment, Tang Huan said, "There are boats on the sea in front of us."

Tang Zichen looked back, and Wang Pi was already very close to him.

Tang Zichen had no choice but to dash towards that big boat in front of him, and there was no place to escape anyway.

Tang Zichen rushed to that large ship with a clatter.

"What man?"More than a dozen Mahayana stage powerhouses were busy flying out.

Tang Zichen sighed, the Mahayana stage couldn't stop Wang Pi at all, I'm afraid Tang Zichen was going to get someone else involved.

Tang Zichen this was not intentional, it was like a person who fell into the water, in a rush, grabbing whatever he saw, even if it pulled others into the water.

Wang Pi caught up with them in the blink of an eye.

"Tang Zichen, keep running, there's nowhere to run, huh, you think a broken boat can save the

Got you?Don't count on it, the strongest on this ship is only a seventh stage of the Mahayana stage."Wang Pi snorted contemptuously, he had used his spiritual sense to scan it long ago.

Tang Zichen sighed deeply, a Half Immortal was so terrifyingly strong.

At that moment, a woman walked out of the cabin, the woman was dressed in clean white clothes, a man dressed in men's clothes, her skin was white and beautiful, very aristocratic.Moreover, she didn't look very old, but she had already reached the first stage of the combined body.

"Who are you guys?"That white-clothed beauty asked.

The King Pi in the sky snorted, "This matter has nothing to do with you, if you don't want to die, immediately get away."

The white-clothed woman said, "You're a transmigration stage?"

"Looks like I'm going to exterminate you all today."Wang Pi said.

The woman in white looked at Tang Zichen and said, "He's after you?"

"Yeah, sorry, I really have nowhere to run to, I got you into trouble."Tang Zichen said.

The woman in white took out a scroll and said, "Try this before you run."

Without thinking, Tang Zichen opened the scroll and then drove the flying sword into the distance again.

Sure enough, after opening the scroll, Tang Zichen's speed was more than a few dozen times faster.

"Wow, it's the scroll of acceleration, it's too fast, this must have been created by a half-immortal master."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

At the rear, Wang Pi was furious and looked at the white-clothed woman and said, "You're looking for death."

The white-clothed woman snorted, "Obviously, you leaned on the strong and overpowered the weak, just now, that person brought a few beautiful women with him, if I'm not wrong, you definitely want to steal someone's woman."

"Go to hell."Wang Pi slapped down with anger.

"Bang."Just as Wang Pi slapped his palm, an invisible shield blocked all his attacks, it turned out that the ship was already protected, and the protection was so strong that even Wang Pi couldn't break it.

"Ah, a celestial flying boat."Wang Pi was shocked, this large ship's protection was very strong, because, this ship itself was a magic treasure, and it was of the upper celestial grade, such a strong flying boat, coupled with the formation protection, was difficult to break.

Wang Pi didn't have the heart to kill the people on this ship again, and went after Tang Zichen first.

Tang Zichen had already flown far away, after all, that acceleration scroll was very strong, Tang Zichen was considered to have met a noble person, that woman just now must have come from a big source, and that acceleration scroll must be very precious.

On that ship just now, a Mahayana old man said, "Miss, non-relative, why bestow such a strong acceleration scroll on him, this kind of scroll, you also only have three scrolls ah, is a critical moment to save your life."

"Yes, Miss, why?"

The woman in white said, "In fact just now I don't know why I gave him that acceleration scroll."

"How is that possible."

"Really, when that man just rushed towards me, I felt as if I had, like, an unexplainable feeling inside.If people really do have past lives, I really doubt that he and I knew each other in a past life, or, I owe him something in a past life, so I don't even know what's wrong with me just now, subconsciously trying to help him."

"Miss, give it all away, and you're not making excuses like that."

"I'm not making excuses, it's true, in a trance, it's as if I really knew him in a previous life, and inside I really want to help him."

A few people Mahayana stage powerhouses beside the white-clothed woman, a moment of speechlessness, even if the person really had a past life, it must have been clearly demarcated from the previous life, where can you still be reminded of any.

The white-clothed woman said inwardly, "I hope that you, will be able to escape, and also, we will be able to meet again."


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