The King of Kungfu in school 1761-1770

Chapter 1761

"We've crossed the Strait of the Dead."Lu Yuxi shouted, very excited.

Tang Zichen gave her a blank look, "It's as if we went through nine lives through the Straits of the Dead."

"Hehehe, if it wasn't for you Tang Shao, if we wanted to cross the Straits of the Dead, of course we would have to die for nine lives.It's all because Tang Shao is so powerful that we were able to cross the Straits of the Dead so easily."Lu Yuxi flattered, Tang Zichen laughed loudly, a thousand penetrations and no horse's ass.

"Alright, let's continue on and try to reach the Sea of Death within a day."Tang Zichen said.

"Mmhmm, we can drive our flying swords, we can definitely reach it in a day."

Tang Zichen's flying sword accelerated and shot away with a blazing "swoosh".On the surface of the sea, a mercenary group's ship, which was slowly moving forward, they saw the flying swords passing by in the sky, and the entire mercenary group on board was stupid.

"What is this?Didn't I say you can't fly with a flying sword?Why can they?I'm not convinced."The group of mercenaries on the ship felt doubtful of life, really wondering if anyone could hang in this world.

"Maybe it's blinkered."The mercenaries on that boat wiped their eyes to comfort themselves, after all, no one could drive a flying sword over this Sea of Death since ancient times, no one could be an exception.

A day later, Tang Zichen arrived at the Sea of Death.

"Here it is, this is the Sea of Death."

Tang Zichen said as he looked at the boundless sea. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"How do you know this is the Sea of Death?"Tang Huan asked because the feeling was no different from before.

Tang Zichen said, "The dead air in the air is much stronger than it has been all this way, haven't you felt it?"

"No."Several people shook their heads.

"Well, it's probably because you guys are standing on a flying sword that I am, and my flying sword has immortal energy on it, dispelling all the dead qi."Saying that, Tang Zichen immediately withdrew the dead qi from his flying sword.

Suddenly, overwhelming deadly qi spread over.

"Ah."Mu Qianji and the others felt it all at once.

At the same time, Tang Zichen and the others immediately fell from their flying swords, and the flying swords lost their drive as well, unable to gain a foothold in midair.

"Wow!"Everyone fell into the sea.

It seems that the reason for not being able to drive the flying swords is related to the deadly air in this sea.

Light Water asked, "Tang Shao, since we've reached the Sea of Death, where are we going to find the treasure?"

Don chuckled, "At the bottom of the ocean, obviously."


Mu Qianji also said, "If I'm not mistaken, this sea, in the ancient times, wasn't an ocean, but land, only now it's turned into an ocean.I'm sure the treasures of the Sea of Death are buried under the ocean."

"That's right, let's enter the sea now."After saying that, Tang Zichen once again offered up his flying sword and used his Immortal Qi to disperse the dead air in the air, then brought five beautiful women with him and rushed straight into the sea floor.

Sure enough, once they reached the seafloor figure, the first thing they saw was the ruins of a city buried by seawater, and they could also see broken wells, the carved pillars, and grand boulders that seemed to speak of the past prosperity.

"Where is the treasure?Don't see it?"Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen gave her a blank look, "If you're allowed to see the treasure so easily, it's not treasure, it's trash."

Tang Zichen closed

Up eyes.

"What are you doing?"

"Shh, don't bother me, I'm feeling it, see if I can find some intuition,"Don Zichen said.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"How about it, did you feel where the Nine Daoist Demon King's spirit stone treasure is?"Mu Qianji asked.

"No, but it must be somewhere in this Sea of Death, but it's just that this place is supposed to be very secretive, so it's hard to find.We I'm going to spend a lifetime looking for it here."Tang Zichen said.

"Speechless, let's start looking then."

Tang Zichen took out the map, which was drawn by a certain mercenary group that Tang Zichen had exchanged for it using a flying sword before he had even set out.

Tang Zichen pointed at the broken well in front of him and said, "This place should be the Bai Ziyang ruins."

Mu Qianji said, "In the Sea of Death, the two most famous places that almost everyone who has ever been to the Sea of Death has visited are the Bai Ziyang Ruins, and the Lu Gong Gong Cave."

"Yes, according to the map, this should be the White Ziyang Ruins."

Lv Yu Xi asked, "That, who is Bai Ziyang?"

"Bai Ziyang was an ancient era, a super strong man who finally ascended to the Immortal Realm, and I heard that before he ascended, he killed everyone in the place he once ruled, and from then on, no one knew where the place he once ruled was.Until millions of years later, it was inadvertently discovered, and from then on, more and more people came to this place, and then, it became what it is now.In the past, the Bai Ziyang ruins should have been well-preserved, but now, they've all been torn apart."Tang Zichen said looking at the ruins in front of him.

"Then let's go up there and rummage through it too, see if we can find some treasures.I've heard that even if the ruins like Bai Ziyang and Lu Gong were tumbled over, there are often still people who can turn over some valuable things."Light Water said, of course, what Light Water knew was from the Blue Fox Lily's memories.

However, Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "There's no need to waste time, this kind of ruins that almost everyone knows about, no matter how much they are turned over, they won't be able to turn over anything precious.So, it would be better to go find the ruins that no one has ever found.We came here with only one purpose, to find the cave where the Nine Dao Demon King used to live."


Tang Zichen and the others continued onward, passing through Bai Ziyang's ruins.

A few days later, Tang Zichen and the others came to another cave that was deep under the sea.

"Here, it should be the cave of Lu Gong Gong, as indicated on the map."

"Us?"Yan Xinyi inquired.

Tang Zichen thought for a moment, since they were here, let's see, although their goal was to find the ruins of the Nine Daoist Demon King, it was questionable whether they could find them, so there was no need to miss the other ruins.

"Let's go in and have a look."

Tang Zichen entered the Lugong Cave Palace.

However, when Tang Zichen entered the Lu Gong Gong Cave Palace, he found that several groups of people were also inside, rummaging around.

When they saw someone coming, the people who were tossing around inside all looked at Tang Zichen and saw that there were two Mahayana stages among them, so they didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen and the others also began to look around inside Lu Gong's cave.

Just then, they suddenly heard someone in front of them shouting, "Uncle Purple, come over here and cut open this boulder to see if there's anything inside."

A man with purple hair immediately walked up.


Hearing this, the remaining groups of people who were searching also gathered around.

Tang Zichen was looking impatiently, so of course he went up to take a look.

It turned out that there was a huge stone over there, round, which should have been used for decoration back then, and at the moment, this round stone had long been covered with moss under the soaking seawater.

For a moment, no one would really think that there was any treasure hidden inside this stone.

The purple-haired man walked up and struck the stone with a fierce palm, but unfortunately, the stone was so hard that it was impossible to split it.

The purple-haired man took out his flying sword and found that he couldn't use it at all.

"No, I can't drive the flying sword, I can't cut through the stone at all."That purple-haired man said.

The rest of the few onlookers went up to try, but as a result, no one was able to cut through the stone.

Mu Qian absolute Tang Zichen said, "Zichen, stop onlookers, hurry up and find us, that stone look is just a decorative item, how can it hide treasures inside, the former Lu Gong, is it full of food."

Tang Zichen said, "Although that's true, but I also want to try, can I cut open that stone."

"After saying that, Tang Zichen offered his flying sword and cut it down. First URL


The stone broke open.

After it broke open, Tang Zichen was shocked, it was hollow, like a ball, inside the ball, there was a box, the box looked noble, I don't know what was inside the box, it looked like it contained some kind of pills.

Tang Zichen didn't even want to think about it, he immediately rushed up and snatched that box away, if he was one step slower, he would have been snatched away.No matter what was inside, even if it contained a ball of dung, this was the time to snatch it first.

At this moment, the voice of that purple-haired man could be heard in his ears, "Bring it over?"

Tang Zichen gave a sneer, "It's mine, why should I take it to you."

"That's up to you to decide, if you still want her life, then bring it over."

Tang Zichen turned back, only to see Mu Qianji being grabbed by that purple-haired man.

Tang Zichen's heart was furious, so damned despicable.This purple-haired man, who was at the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage, was no match for Tang Zichen, not to mention that Tang Zichen's true realm was only at the combined stage, even if he was really at the third stage of the Mahayana stage, he would not be able to defeat him.Now that Mu Qianji was caught by him, he was even more of a rat.

"Fellow Daoist, please be reasonable, this stone, you can't cut it yourself, it was me who cut it, what do you mean you want me to take it to you now."

That purple-haired man gave a sneer, "No meaning, if my nephew hadn't reminded me to cut open this stone, you wouldn't have come to cut open it, and naturally this box wouldn't have been discovered by you.So, this thing, in the end, is something that we discovered together."

"Even if we discovered it together, there's no reason for you to take it for yourself."

"Don't bullshit me, I'm only asking you, do you still want this woman's life, and if you do, then give me that box?"The purple-haired man said viciously.

The younger man standing beside the purple-haired man was also busy saying, "That's right, if you don't give the box a my Uncle Purple, be careful I'll rape and kill this woman, then rape and kill again."

"You're looking for death."Tang Zichen's eyes looked angrily at the purple-haired man's nephew.

The purple-haired man's nephew snorted, "Give it or not?No I want rape, this beauty is so beautiful, I've been coming to the Sea of Death for two years, and I really want a woman."

Tang Zichen clenched both fists.

That purple-haired man's hand grabbed the top of Mu Qianji's head, Mu Qianji a combined first stage, in his hands is really too weak, the key is that Tang Zichen himself is only combined second stage, if not for the blue fox Laobo's infant, to back up the false scene, it is likely that people would not even talk to him one more word of long-windedness.

At this time, Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother Zichen, give it to him quickly, Thousands of lives are at stake, besides, we still don't know what's inside the box, in case a

What about Ben's worthlessness."

Tang Zichen was very angry inside, but Tang Zichen had no choice, if he didn't hold Mu Qianji's life in his hands, Tang Zichen would have just sacrificed his flying sword and walked away, they wouldn't have been able to catch up with them.

Tang Zichen didn't hesitate and threw the box to the purple-haired man.

The purple-haired man was proud of himself and said, "Don't flatter yourself, even you are worthy of stealing from me."

That purple-haired man was the most powerful of all the people searching for the treasure at the scene.

"Chichi, are you alright?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"I'm fine, it's just a pity, and I don't know what kind of treasure is in that box."

Tang Zichen said, "Your life is the greatest treasure, what else is more precious than your life."

Mu Qianji nodded his head slightly.

At this time, the purple-haired man's nephew heard and laughed, "What else is more precious than your life, tsk tsk, this love speech, I think what you are precious is not her person, but her bottom, a woman, no matter how beautiful she is, it is only for sleeping, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said angrily, "You better not seek death."

That purple-haired man's nephew, was a diverted first stage, if Tang Zichen hit him with all his might, forget it, there was no way to kill him, he could only make him very wretched, he couldn't kill the diverted yet.

Tang Zichen felt very depressed, couldn't kill the purple-haired man, couldn't even kill the purple-haired man's nephew.

The purple-haired man's nephew said, "Kid, it's you who don't look for death, don't you know that my purple uncle is at the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage?How dare you, a third stage Mahayana stage, be so arrogant?Do you believe I'll let Uncle Purple slash you?"

Tang Zichen was so enraged that he was about to sacrifice his flying sword.

Mu Qianji was busy stopping him, "Zichen, don't be angered by him, we're here to search for something, no."

At that moment, the purple-haired man's nephew said again, "Searching for something?Hmph, even if you find anything, it's my Uncle Zi's, unless it's something my Uncle Zi doesn't want, but anything you find, you have to give it to my Uncle Zi."

Tang Zichen said, "You're really fucking tired of living."Tang Zichen was about to do it when that purple-haired man swooshed over, stood a few meters in front of Tang Zichen, and said, "Do it, do it and show me.Believe it or not, I'll make you regret being born."

Tang Zichen said, "You don't fucking think that you're invincible because you're at the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage."

"That's right, at least in front of you, I can pinch you to death.Now I order you to help me find the treasure."That purple-haired man ordered to Tang Zichen.

"Who do you think you are, you said you want me to help you search for treasures and I'm going to help you?"

"Hahaha, yes, I told you to help me find it, so help me find it, if you don't believe me, ask some of the other people on the scene who came looking for the treasure, are they helping me find it?"

Tang Zichen looked to the other groups of people at the scene, and sure enough, their faces were a bit unnatural, and it was obvious that the others didn't know what had been done to them by this purple-haired man and were forced to help him find them.Before the hall thought that the several groups of people here, everyone was looking for each other, but it turned out not.

At this moment, the purple-haired man took out a circle, and threw it at Tang Zichen, Tang Huan, Mu Qianji, Lu Yuxi, and Qing Shui, and the circle was placed around their necks in the blink of an eye.

Mu Qianji and the others immediately tried to break free, but, no matter what, they couldn't get rid of the ring around their necks.

The purple-haired man snorted, "Now, you are all my dogs, immediately help me find the treasure, otherwise, you know, if you don't believe me, you try to get your infants off."

Tang Zichen tugged hard on the loop around his neck and found that he couldn't pull it off.

Tang Zichen was horrified, this circle, and I don't know what kind of treasure it was, so powerful, Tang Zichen was careless for a moment, otherwise he wouldn't have been caught in the circle.

That purple-haired man's nephew came up and laughed, "Just now you were so arrogant, now you've all become my purple uncle's search dogs.You should also feel fortunate to be able to be trapped by a heaven-grade magic treasure, ordinary people, they really don't have that honor to be trapped by a heaven-grade magic treasure."


Mu Qianji and the others were astonished, what they had around their necks was actually a heaven-grade magic treasure, no wonder it was so powerful.

The purple-haired man shouted, "What are you guys waiting for, don't start searching."

"You're too despicable."Lu Yu Xi was furious, not only did he put a ring around their necks, but he also called them dogs and told them to search for treasures, he simply didn't treat them like human beings.

The purple-haired man's nephew said: "This pretty lady, you look very angry, but unfortunately, you have become my uncle's dogs, puppies, why don't you hurry up and get to work.Whoever does a good job, I'll have a reward for you tonight, master."The purple-haired man's nephew's eyes blinked ambiguously.

Lu Yuxi was startled, "What do you mean?A reward?"

The purple haired man's nephew smiled hehehe, "You'll see tonight, five such beautiful little bitches, nice, I like them, I'll reward them all again tonight."

It was already self-evident what he was going to do tonight.

Tang Zichen looked at the man and didn't let out any anger, not that Tang Zichen wasn't angry, but Tang Zichen smirked in his heart.

Although Tang Zichen had just been trapped in a trap, it didn't mean that Tang Zichen had been surrendered.

A mere celestial artifact, no matter how many traps were set, it was just something to give to Tang Zichen.

The purple-haired man and his nephew, snorted and turned around to search for the treasure, they weren't afraid of Tang Zichen's few escapees, because, no one could escape, otherwise, his spirit locking circle wouldn't be so strong. Remember the website

Tang Zichen's face was cold, and he was in a rather depressed mood, not expecting to encounter this kind of thing when he had only just entered Lu Gong's ruins.They were already too strong to beat, but I didn't expect them to have such a strong Heavenly Grade magic weapon.Although Tang Zichen also had one, however, Tang Zichen's Heavenly Grade magic treasure was a sword that had no power of its own, while the other party's Spirit Locking Circle was a magic treasure that possessed its own power.So, in a way, Tang Zichen's Heavenly Grade Flying Sword was a little less practical.

"Zichen, what should we do?We can't take down the circle anyhow, and I just tried to get the infant out of my body and found that it's like the infant is locked."Mu Qianji walked up to Tang Zichen.

Tang Huan and the others also gathered around.

Tang Zichen consoled, "Don't be nervous, it's just a heavenly artifact, give me some time, I guarantee I can refine it, and then, this heavenly artifact will become mine."

"Great, but, that purple-haired man is at the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage after all."

"Which so what, once this celestial artifact becomes mine, then I have the confidence to lasso that purple-haired man, and then, he will be my dog."Tang Zichen's gaze chilled.

"Are you sure?"

"Although the purple-haired man is at the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage, the power I use to drive the magic tool is immortal energy, not aura, not to mention the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage, even if he is at the fifth stage of the Mahayana stage, I'm afraid I'll be able to circle him.Alright, let's stop talking about it for now, let's start pretending to look for treasures now, I'll refine them in secret, it might take a little time, it's more difficult to refine this Heavenly Grade magic tool."

"How long will it take?"Tang Huan asked.

"I think it will take several hours, and I have to be unaware of it, so I can't let that purple-haired man find out beforehand, or else my work will be ruined."

Lu Yuxi said, "Just as long as you succeed before it gets dark, otherwise."Lv Yuxi and the others were chilled, if Tang Zichen couldn't get rid of the circle, then Tang Huan and the other beauties didn't know how they would be abused by that purple-haired man's nephew in the future.

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold as he said, "When I refine this circle, I'll make him be a dog that eats fly and kneels before me to lick his shoes."

Several people immediately stopped talking and began to pretend that they were searching for treasures, while Tang Zichen earnestly refined the circle around his neck, although this circle had a high name, Spirit Locking Circle, but it looked like a dog's ring.

Tang Zichen slowly discovered that there was actually only one dog collar, not a good number of pieces, because the dog collar could be separated, so it turned into a dog collar that everyone could wear.This dog collar, in total, could be divided into fifteen pieces to trap fifteen people.

And now, apart from Tang Zichen's six people, the others who were also trapped, there were nine people, and among those other nine people, three of them were at the Mahayana stage, which were at the first, second, and third stages, and the rest were at the Splitting stage.

Tang Zichen slowly refined them, time passing by little by little.

Tang Zichen was very careful not to let the purple-haired man find out, or else he would just kill Tang Zichen before the dog collar was refined.

An hour later, that purple-haired man's nephew, perhaps tired of looking, came over towards Tang Zichen.

Waving at Tang Zichen, he said, "Dog, come here and give your master a back rub."

Tang Zichen was furious.

The purple-haired male nephew said loudly, "Hear that, dog, let you give your master a back pounding."

Tang Zichen said, "Kid, don't look for death."

"Yo yo, puppy dog has quite a temper, it seems that you really don't understand your situation.Fine, I'll give you two choices today, first, come over and give your master a back pounding, and second, go to hell."

Light Water saw that Tang Zichen looked as if he couldn't hold back his outburst, and was busy walking up, "Let me help you with your back pounding."

Tang Zichen now had to concentrate on refining the dog collar, so he couldn't be distracted or disturbed, nor could he ruin the situation on impulse, so Light Water came up in time.

The purple-haired man's nephew was suddenly distracted and smiled hehehe, "That's my good bitch, come on, bitch, help me whack my back and rub my shoulders."


Light Water went up to him to give him a back rub, although reluctantly, but now must be hidden first.

Mu Qianji walked up to Tang Zichen and was busy holding Tang Zichen's hand, indicating that Tang Zichen couldn't be impulsive for now.

Tang Zichen's eyes showed murderous intent and endured for the time being.In short, the greater Tang Zichen's anger, the worse their end would be once Tang Zichen refined the dog collar.

Finally, the difficult few hours passed.

That purple-haired man was too focused on finding treasures, so he didn't notice that his dog collar was being refined a little bit.

"It's done."Suddenly, Tang Zichen's face was happy, he had refined the dog collar and turned it into his magic tool, and Tang Zichen could clearly feel that the dog collar was around everyone's neck.

Tang Zichen's thoughts, the dog collar on his neck, as well as the dog collar on Mu Qianji's neck unraveled, and at the same time, the two dog collars swooshed and went towards that purple-haired man and his nephew with the force of a wink.

"Ah."In the next second, the purple-haired man's nephew was the first to be trapped, and the moment he was trapped, his entire body was silly, touching his neck and confirming again and again that this was really his uncle's spirit locking ring.

"How did this?Why is Uncle Purple's spirit locking ring around my neck?"The purple-haired man was stupid.


The other, the purple-haired man, however, didn't have it so easy, and as the locking circle was about to be applied, he flipped over and grabbed the circle with his hand.

"Ah."The purple-haired man was dumbfounded, and he realized that the loop that his hand was grabbing was his spirit locking loop.

"What, what's going on here?"The purple-haired man was startled there.

Tang Zichen was now quickly offering his Heavenly Flying Sword and carrying several people, including Mu Qianji, Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Light Water, and Yan Xingyi, onto the flying sword, otherwise, if it was too late, they might be killed.Because the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage was too strong, they probably wouldn't even have time to react.

However, Tang Zichen could drive a flying sword while others couldn't, this was Tang Zichen's advantage, Tang Zichen's speed and flexibility in driving a flying sword was not comparable to that Mahayana fourth stage, so as long as he stood on the flying sword, Tang Zichen was confident that he wouldn't be killed by him.

"How did this happen?"The purple-haired man suddenly shot his gaze towards Tang Zichen and the others, who were already driving their flying swords and standing in mid-air.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Isn't it obvious?Your dog collar is now my dog collar, and by the way, I've made your nephew, my dog, too."

"You."The purple-haired man was shaking all over, not sure if he was angry or mad.

The purple-haired man's nephew ran to him in a panic, shouting, "Uncle Purple, what's going on, why is your spirit locking ring locked onto my neck."

When the purple-haired man saw the dog collar on his nephew's neck, he felt that hatred.

In mid-air Tang Zichen snorted, "My little dog, you don't seem to have reacted yet ah, let me help you react, your purple-haired uncle, his dog collar, was refined by me and became my magic weapon, and you, also became my first little doggie, have you reacted now?" One second to remember to read the book

"Ah, how does that, how does that work?"The purple-haired man's nephew was stunned there.

The purple-haired man's teeth were clenched in anger, Tang Zichen had just actually called him a purple-haired dog, oh my god, if this spread out, how would he still be able to hang around.The grandson of the Five Thunder War God was actually being called a purple-haired dog.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a sardonic laughter with endless anger, Tang Zichen would return all the previous humiliations to them tenfold, and in the end, have them die miserably.

The purple-haired man snapped out of his shock and incredulity and roared, "Kid, I don't care what method you used to take my Spirit Locking Ring, but I urge you to return it to me immediately, right now, otherwise, I want you to die."

Tang Zichen snorted in disdain, "Purple-haired dog, you don't seem to have gotten the reality right yet, do you really think you are capable of wanting me dead?Now is the time I want you dead."

The purple-haired man's eyes were blood red, and it was the first time he had ever been bullied since he had grown up.

The purple-haired man's nephew also roared, "Do you hear me?Return the spirit locking circle to my uncle, otherwise you're finished, this spirit locking circle, do you think anyone deserves to have it?"

Tang Zichen pointed at the purple-haired male nephew and said, "You're going to die soon, and you're still beeping here, but I'm not going to let you die so comfortably, and since you're my dog, you should naturally taste your master's shit, and I guarantee you'll taste your master's shit in front of your purple-haired uncle."

"Yah yah."The purple-haired man's nephew was trembling with anger.

At that moment, the purple-haired man struck, killing Tang Zichen with a slap.Since he couldn't drive the flying sword, he could only use his hands.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen drove the flying sword and dodged behind him with a swoosh, his palm didn't do any damage at all.


"Why? Why can you drive a flying sword?"It was only then that the purple-haired dog noticed that Tang Zichen could actually drive a flying sword.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I can even silently take your magic weapon and turn it into mine, what's a mere driving of a flying sword.Today I'll let you know how miserable it is to offend me."

"Hmph, you think you can drive a flying sword and kill me?At most, you just have a little more self-preservation."After saying that, the purple-haired man rushed up again, but unfortunately, he couldn't hit Tang Zichen with each attack, and Tang Zichen didn't receive any damage with the flexibility of his flying sword.

The purple-haired dog's nephew, however, was shouting, "Uncle, kill him ah, you must kill him."

Mu Qianji said, "That person is disgusting, until now he hasn't even seen the situation clearly."

Tang Huan said, "The purple-haired dog's nephew probably thought that his uncle hadn't been trapped in the dog collar, so he couldn't be alright.As long as his uncle wasn't trapped in the dog collar, Tang Zichen couldn't do anything to him."

Lu Yu Xi said regretfully, "Unfortunately, the purple-haired dog wasn't trapped together just now."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't pity, I'll get him in the trap sooner or later, just wait and see."

Saying that, Tang Zichen threw his hand, and the dog collar went towards the purple-haired man, swoosh, fast.

Unfortunately, that purple-haired man was, after all, at the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage, and even if he was fast enough, just as soon as he was about to set it, his hand grabbed the circle.

After the purple-haired man grabbed the circle, he immediately wanted to refine it, but unfortunately, his refining speed wasn't as terrifying as Tang Zichen's, and before he began to refine it, Tang Zichen's mind moved, and the circle he was holding in his hand turned into a stream of air, and then returned to Tang Zichen's hand.

After returning to Tang Zichen's hand, Tang Zichen continued to set.

Just like the game of rag doll in the park, Tang Zichen couldn't catch it twice or three times.

So, Tang Zichen persevered, set and set, ten times, twenty times, thirty times.

Every time he was about to catch it, he caught it.

The purple-haired man did not have any extra energy to attack Tang Zichen, and spent all his energy on catching the trap, not daring to be caught.

So, the two of them trapped each other like this for over an hour, and the spectators beside them were tired of watching.

"Can you get caught in the trap or not."

"You guys aren't tired I'm tired of watching."

Tang Zichen was also quite depressed, he had been set for more than an hour, at least several thousand times, but unfortunately they were all caught and didn't hit.

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, he didn't believe it, he couldn't get it right all the time, as long as that purple-haired man's hand shook once, Tang Zichen would definitely get it right.

At this moment, the purple-haired man was the most frustrated, his hand was getting sore, he didn't dare to relax a bit, if he relaxed a bit, he would be trapped.

Just at this moment, Mu Qianji pointed at the purple-haired man's back and shouted, "Be careful, there's someone behind him."

That purple-haired man, his appearance was delayed.

"Wow."Finally, Tang Zichen trapped it.

"Hahaha, the trap is hit."Tang Zichen laughed.

Still, Mu Qianji was smart enough to suddenly trick him into having someone behind him, the purple-haired man only needed a stunned look, and Tang Zichen was able to trap him, and he was indeed trapped.


"You."The purple-haired man touched the ring around his neck and became furious.

Tang Zichen pointed at him and said, "You've been tricked, where's anyone behind you, hahaha."

"Yay, the purple-haired dog is finally trapped."Tang Huan also cheered loudly.

At this moment, the purple-haired man's nephew was sitting on the ground on his butt.Originally, he wasn't worried, as long as his uncle wasn't trapped, he would be fine, the locking circle had a distance limit, as long as the refusal to leave exceeded a certain range, the locking circle would automatically disappear.His uncle took him away from a certain range of Tang Zichen, and the circle would be gone.

But now that his uncle was also caught in the trap, it wouldn't be so easy to leave.

The purple-haired man said with a gloomy face, "Kid, I don't care who you are, I'll tell you right now, I'm Seven Heavy Seas, the grandson of the Five Thunder War God Ino, you immediately let go of the spirit locking circle around my neck, otherwise, you will regret it for the rest of your life."

Yo yo, no wonder he possesses a heavenly magic weapon and is so arrogant and defiant, so he's someone from the Seven Seas.Unfortunately, grandpa I won't eat this, not only will I not let go today, I will also kill you."

"Hmph, do you think you can kill me just by lassoing me with the Spirit Locking Circle?You think too highly of yourself."

Tang Zichen said, "Unfortunately, you don't know that the power of the spirit locking circle in my hands is more than ten times more powerful than in yours, if you don't believe me, you just watch."After saying that, Tang Zichen's mind moved, and the locking spirit circle suddenly began to shrink, imagine what it felt like when the circle around your neck was desperately shrinking.

"Ahhh."The purple-haired man grabbed his neck in pain, feeling like his neck was going to be strangled.

Tang Zichen said, "I can strangle your neck in a minute, I think you already know his power."After saying that, Tang Zichen relaxed the circle, and the purple-haired man took a big breath. The first website

Tang Zichen continued, "Because your infant can't get out of your body at all, so after strangling your neck, the dog collar is naturally placed around your infant's neck, so there's no escape for you as you go up to heaven and earth."

"You, you."The purple-haired man pointed at Tang Zichen in exasperation, not expecting that his spirit locking ring was really more than ten times more powerful than in his hands, he had believed that Tang Zichen could break his neck.

"What exactly do you want?"The purple-haired man asked through gritted teeth.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'll do whatever I want."

Tang Zichen beckoned to a man not far away and said, "Come over here."

"Senior, what is it?"The man was busy walking up to the man who had also been circled by the purple-haired man before.

"Can you take a shit?"

"Ah, will ah."

"Pull immediately."


"Don't you want revenge?Have you forgotten what the purple-haired dog and his nephew did to you before?They come from the Seven Seas, perhaps with a noble status, they look at us like we're dogs, this kind of people, do you think just killing them is enough to vent your anger?"

A group of people not far away shouted, "Yes, let him have it, this kind of person said we were his dogs before, now let's show him what a real dog is."

"Yeah, pull yah, pull it to him."

The purple-haired man's face changed dramatically, his nephew's face was even more livid, never expecting that this group of people who were simply despised before would do this right now.

"Hehe, I'll pull it then."The man immediately went to the side, as for how he pulled, I won't describe the process here.


nbsp;A few minutes later, the man came out with a makeshift stone basin.

Everyone immediately covered their noses.

Tang Zichen heart said in, is this ten years without pulling?That much?

Tang Zichen said to the man, "This brother, you're at the ninth stage of the Separation Stage, so please do me a favor and shove all your hatred at the nephew of the purple-haired dog."

"Hehe, fine, I'll be happy to do so."That man of the ninth stage of divination smiled, carrying that stone basin, and walked towards the purple-haired dog's nephew with an evil smile on his face.

"No, don't, don't come over here."The purple-haired dog's nephew shrieked in fear.

The man who was at the ninth stage of the divide said, "Kid, weren't you arrogant before, calling us your dogs every day with your mouth open, now retribution has come."

The purple-haired dog's nephew shouted, "Uncle Purple, save me."

The purple-haired man roared, "Who dares to touch my nephew."

Tang Zichen said, "I dare, he dares, everyone dares.That Daoist friend, don't bother with the purple-haired dog, do your business."

"Good, then I'll leave it to my brother to keep an eye on the purple-haired dog ah."That man at the ninth stage of the Divide said.

"Of course."

The Divided God ninth rank man walked up to the purple-haired dog's nephew and smiled, "Kid, squat down, you have to behave like a dog to be a dog."

The purple-haired man's nephew raged, "If you dare to try to touch me, my family won't let you go."

"Hmph, it's now, and you're still threatening me."Saying that, the ninth stage of that divide pushed the purple-haired man's nephew down, and several people beside him came up to help, all of them very happy to help.

"Uncle Purple, save me."

The purple-haired man wanted to rush up to save his nephew.

At that moment, Tang Zichen had a thought.

"Ah."The circle on the purple-haired man's neck began to shrink, and the purple-haired man was suddenly unable to take care of himself, the circle strangled his neck, and once his head was broken, the circle would be set on his infant, so the fragile infant would be even more vulnerable.

It was only after ten minutes that the purple-haired man's nephew was released, and all the objects in the stone basin just now were now gone and had entered the purple-haired man's nephew's belly.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Everyone laughed out loud, finally letting these two high and mighty men receive some lessons.

At this moment, a man of the third stage of the Mahayana stage said to Tang Zichen, "Fellow Daoist, just punishing his nephew doesn't seem to relieve his hatred, so why don't we let this purple-haired dog be punished as well?"

"This purple-haired dog, after all, is a fourth stage of the Mahayana stage, wouldn't it be a bit difficult?"Tang Zichen said.

The man at the third stage of the Mahayana stage said reluctantly, "Fellow Daoist, you control that spirit locking circle and leave the rest to us, I'm sure we can let him be treated like his nephew."

"Since everyone is asking for this, how can I not fulfill it.Then, who's going to provide the 'dog food'."


"Me."Two people raised their hands at the same time.

"Good, then I'll leave it to the two Daoists."

The two men quickly each brought out a large pot of 'dog food', Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Have these two not pulled for twenty years, even more than the one just now.The stone basin they used to hold the 'dog food' was dug temporarily, and with their strength, getting a stone to dig a small basin was simple.


"Here comes the dog food."One of the men who was carrying the dog food hehehe.

That purple-haired man's hair was now standing upright, and his face was impossibly angry and frightened.

The purple-haired man's nephew could only look at his uncle sympathetically at the moment.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, dog food, on."

After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately took control of the Spirit Locking Circle, while the rest of the people, went up to help feed the dog food, in this situation, even though that purple-haired man was at the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage, he didn't withdraw.

However, feeding the purple-haired man dog food was much more laborious than feeding his nephew, but after spending more than half an hour, he was able to finish feeding two-thirds of the dog food.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Stop, don't feed it, it's almost done."

"Fellow Daoist, why are you taking pity?"That man of the third stage of the Mahayana stage said.

Tang Zichen said, "I take pity?It's not going to work, I mean, there's a third left, keep giving it to his nephew.You can't be thick, his nephew just didn't seem to have that much dog food."


Saying that, those people immediately took the rest of the dog food and headed towards the purple-haired man's nephew. Remember the URL

"Ah."The purple-haired male nephew turned green and thought he was done, but there was a second time.

"No, uncle, save me."

However, the purple-haired man didn't move at all, even he himself had eaten a large amount of dog food, so what did he care about the nephew.

The purple-haired man's eyes stared viciously at Tang Zichen, as if to say, "Kid, as long as I'm still alive, you will surely die."

Soon, the purple-haired man's nephew also ate the rest of the dog food.

Everyone burst out laughing.

Tang Zichen said, "Purple-haired Dog, and Purple-haired Puppy, now that you've had your fill, it's time to hit the road."

"Hit the road?What do you mean?"The purple-haired dog's nephew was startled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't you want to go on your way after you've had enough?Idiot."

Tang Zichen's mind moved, and suddenly, the purple-haired male nephew's locking circle began to shrink.

"Clack."In the next second, his neck was strangled, and then the spirit locking circle locked his infant again.

"Uncle Purple, save."

"Bang."Another time, the purple-haired man's nephew's infant was strangled as well.

The purple-haired man was trembling all over.

Tang Zichen said, "Next, it's your turn, purple-haired dog."

The purple-haired man was now panicked and shouted, "Don't kill me."

However, the ring around his neck had opened and contracted.

"Don't kill me, I have a treasure message."The purple-haired man struggled to say a few words, attempting to plead with the last of his strength.

Tang Zichen stopped and asked, "Give me a reason not to kill, if you really still have value, I can consider not killing."

The purple-haired man panicked, "I have information about the treasure, I have information about the real treasure."

"What treasure?"Tang Zichen asked.

The purple-haired man hadn't spoken yet, and the man at the third stage of the Mahayana stage snorted, "The real treasure news you're talking about is that a super treasure will be born here half a year later."

"Ah, you, how do you know."The purple-haired man was startled, and thought that only he knew.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, this information Tang Zichen did not know.

The man at the third stage of the Mahayana stage snorted, "We, all of us, are here for the treasure that will be born in half a year, and you thought you were the only one who knew this information?It's not enough to resist life if that's all you've got."


nbsp; Tang Zichen asked, "Six months later, what treasures will be released?Who said that?"

The man at the third stage of the Mahayana stage said, "This news, decades ago, some powerful people began to project that half a year later, a relic that has never been born will appear in the Sea of Death.Therefore, after half a year, the place should be very crowded, except that no one knows what relic will be born after half a year."

That purple-haired man was busy saying, "I know, I know what the relic that will be born half a year from now is.Legend has it that in the ancient era, there was the strongest Demon King, called the Nine Daoist Demon King, and the Nine Daoist Demon King he used spirit stones to create a super cave, and the relic that came out half a year later was most likely this."After saying that, the purple-haired man was relieved, he believed that this news should be able to keep him alive.

Tang Zichen was startled, he didn't expect that there was someone other than him who knew the information about the Nine Daoist Demon King's spirit stone cave, but it was normal because Tang Zichen had also read about it from a book.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Alright, purple-haired dog, you don't have any value, the Nine Dao Devil King's Cave House you're talking about is just a guess, it's of no use, you can go die."

"No, I have value."

"Worthless."Tang Zichen's mind moved, and the locking circle began to shrink.

The purple-haired man hissed, "Six months later, my family will definitely send someone to come here, so wait here."

"Ka-ching."Tang Zichen's Spirit Locking Circle snapped his neck.

Then, the infant was also strangled to death by Tang Zichen's locking spirit ring.

So far, the purple-haired man and his nephew, both died.

Tang Zichen was relieved that he had finally gotten his revenge.

This time, although he had suffered some humiliation, Tang Zichen had gained a heavenly magic weapon, the Spirit Locking Ring, with this Spirit Locking Ring, Tang Zichen was at least sure of dealing with the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage, of course, provided that he could trap them.

Previously, Tang Zichen's strength was still at the Merging Stage, but now, Tang Zichen had the Spirit Locking Ring, and it was instantly different, even though he was still at the second stage of the Merging Stage, his killing power had reached the fourth stage of the Multiplication Stage.

Tang Zichen took the purple-haired man's storage ring, as for the purple-haired man's nephew's storage ring, Tang Zichen didn't take it, but let the one at the scene, who was at the third stage of the Mahayana stage, at least give him something, after all, he was also the second strongest person at the scene.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Fellow Daoist, farewell, we won't wait here."The man at the third stage of the Mahayana stage said.

Tang Zichen asked, "I have yet to ask your name."

"My name is Wu Ying, I came to the Sea of Death this time to run to the new relic that will be born half a year later, I didn't expect to run into a purple-haired dog and be controlled by him, thanks to Daoist friend's rescue, I was able to be saved."That Mahayana Third Stage man said gratefully.

"You're welcome, dare to ask Fellow Daoist Wu Ying, which location is the new relic that will be born in half a year?"

"The details are unknown, I think we will know in half a year, after half a year there will definitely be many strong people coming, so whoever has the chance to obtain the newly born relic is also fate."

"Thank you Daoist Wu Ying for informing me, by the way, my name is Tang Zichen."

"Fellow Daoist Tang Zichen, farewell."

That Wu Ying, left with three of his people.

The other two groups of people, also took their people to bid farewell to Tang Zichen separately, they were all grateful to Tang Zichen for being able to rescue them this time.

After they left, only Tang Zichen and a few others remained in Lu Gong's cave.

Mu Qianji said, "They have searched here for months, they definitely didn't find anything, so they left, do we still have to continue searching for Lu Gong's cave house?Why don't we go first, too, in case the purple-haired dogs?"

"The purple-haired dog's people didn't come so soon, and as long as I don't take out the spirit locking circle, there's no telling who killed his family when they come."Tang Zichen said.


Tang Huan was busy saying, "Brother Zichen, quickly open that box and see what kind of treasure it is."

Tang Zichen just remembered, that box hadn't been opened yet, and he didn't know what kind of pills were inside, hidden in a rock, so it probably wouldn't be something very bad.

Tang Zichen immediately opened that box and saw that there was a pill inside.

"Could it have expired?"

"No, this elixir will never expire, but the effect will slowly fade over time.Seeing that the pill is well protected, the effect should still be good, but, I don't know if this is an upper pill."Tang Zichen said.

"It also didn't leave a manual."Tang Huan said.

Everyone was speechless for a while.

"What about this pills now?Eat or not?"

"Of course you eat it, it's not poison anyway, that one, Thousand Jedi, you eat it."Tang Zichen handed the pills to Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji was furious: "Give it to them."Tang Zichen gave it to his daughter-in-law to her face, the other girls will definitely want to be better to their daughters-in-law in their hearts, how can Mu Qianji be nice.

"Are you afraid?And who eats it?"Don Zichen asked. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Everyone shook their heads.

"Since it's not good to give it to anyone, I'll just eat it myself, besides, I don't know what kind of medicine it is yet, in case there's a risk you guys might not be able to press it."

"That's right, it's best if you eat it yourself."Light Water said.

Tang Zichen immediately sent the pills into his mouth.

Then, he waited for the pills to slowly melt in his mouth.

After about ten minutes, Tang Zichen felt his whole body heat up.

"Fuck, why is my whole body hot."Tang Zichen was depressed.

"Is it that the pills are starting to work?"Tang Huan and the others looked at Tang Zichen expectantly.

In fact, there was still the second half of the sentence that Tang Zichen hadn't said, not only was his whole body hot, Tang Zichen felt that somewhere was also a bit about to brace up, if Tang Zichen hadn't suppressed it, it would have made a fool of himself.

"Ah."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Zichen, don't scare me."Mu Qianji said with a nervous face.

Tang Zichen said, "You all go out for a while."

"Why do we have to go out?"A few people, instead of going out, came up even closer.

Tang Zichen smelled their unique feminine scent in his nose, and couldn't control himself, bracing himself somewhere.

"Ah."Tang Huan was the first to notice, and turned around with a sudden blush.

"Ah."The rest of the people also immediately noticed and turned their faces, except for Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji was a little embarrassed, "How did this happen?What's this potion."

"I don't know, so far, I only feel hot all over my body, a wave that's going to take all of you, all of you, you have to get out."

Tang Huan Lu Yuxi several straight stomped their feet, not expecting it to be this kind of pills.

Mu Qianji said, "All of you go outside for a moment."

"Oh."A few girls looked at each other with ambiguous eyes and hurriedly left, leaving only Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen immediately couldn't take it anymore and pounced on Mu Qianji.


"Don't say anything, I wouldn't be like this if I could control myself, this pills, heck it's an aphrodisiac."Tang Zichen cursed in frustration, of course Mu Qianji would not push Tang Zichen away.

Outside a wall, Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Yan Xingyi, and Light Water were four women, their faces red, and their ears were constantly filled with discordant sounds.

After almost several hours, they were all impatient with the wait and were about to collapse.

"Alright, you can all come in now."Finally came Tang Zichen's voice.

"Hey guys, you're playing."Tang Huan walked in and said.

Mu Qianji turned around with a blushing face, it was so embarrassing.

Tang Zichen said, "I've now discovered that this pill, maybe it's not an aphrodisiac, there are other uses, for example, to assist in stepping into the Divide stage or something like that, but since I haven't reached that level yet, it's a waste to give it to me, it's going to be best for those who are about to step into the Divide stage."

"What a pity."

"Alright, let's go."

Tang Zichen and the others walked out of Lu Gong Gong's cave.

"Where are we going now, the treasure that will be born in half a year, is it the Nine Daoist Demons' spirit stone cave residence?"

"I don't know, maybe, maybe not, I don't think it's the most likely."Tang Zichen shook his head and said.

"The ocean is vast, how are we going to find the Nine Daoist Demons' spirit stone cave?"

Everyone was confused.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes and said, "To find the spirit stone cave, it's hard to rely on a blind cat to find a dead mouse, but I think I'll have to rely on my intuition."

"Then which way does your intuition go?"

Don Zichen said, "I think it's towards, this way."

"Are you sure?"

"Only based on my first instinct,"Don Zichen said.

Everyone didn't pay attention and could only go in the direction of Tang Zichen's first instinct.

After about two days and two nights of traveling through the ocean floor, suddenly, the color of the ocean floor began to turn black.

"How did the seawater turn black."

Tang Zichen said, "It's the spirits of the dead, the spirits of the dead here, just like the spirits of the dead we had on Ironclad Island, are converging here."

Mu Qianji was busy asking, "No, the spirits on Iron Clothes Island were collected by them using special spirit cards, but the spirits here, since they're also black, how are they collected?Is it possible to store the undead here?"

Tang Zichen scanned the entire seabed.

In fact, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that almost no one came to this place anymore, and anyone who came here would only die.

And Tang Zichen had the protection of immortal energy, that's why he came here like a nobody.

Tang Zichen observed the terrain on the bottom of the sea and said, "This should be the deepest part of the Sea of Death, the concentration of undead here is far greater than that great hall in the captivity of Ironclad Island, so if anyone else came here, they would definitely die, even if they were a strong person at the tribulation stage."

"So, no one has ever come here before."

"Yes, the Nine Dao Demon King's treasure must be hidden in a place where no one has ever dared to come.So, my intuition should be right."

"Then what now?How do you go?"

"Of course we continue to go deeper."

Tang Zichen and the others immediately continued to go deeper and deeper, the deeper they went, the darker the color of the seawater became, and in the end, it was indescribably black.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen had Immortal Qi, and everything black within a few meters of him didn't dare to approach.

However, as such, the visual range of Tang Zichen's and his group's eyes was only a few meters, and it was hard to even distinguish the direction, let alone find something.

"Wow."Just at this moment, a loud noise came from the front.

"What is it?"Tang Zichen was startled, the voice was too palpable.

"I thought no one was here at all?"

"Just because no one is coming doesn't mean no creatures survive, maybe there are powerful creatures here that aren't afraid of the undead."



Just then, Tang Zichen felt a rumbling around him, noting that it was as if many people were coming.

Unfortunately, their visual range was only a few meters, and they were completely unaware of what was happening.

"I feel like we're surrounded."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen said, "It looks like something has surrounded us, but unfortunately, the black smoke from too many undead has covered our eyes, so we can't see anything more than a few meters away."

"Oh God, we're not going to end up like this, are we?"Lu Yu Xi was depressed.

This place, the deepest part of the Sea of Death, called the Desperate Domain, was estimated to be tens of thousands of meters, even hundreds of thousands of meters deep under the sea, God knows what was here.

Tang Zichen took out his celestial flying sword, fortunately there was no black smoke of the undead within a few meters of Tang Zichen, otherwise all power would be swallowed up and Tang Zichen's flying sword wouldn't be able to perform any feats.

"Shuroudi."Tang Zichen was stunned.

Tang Zichen originally wanted to perform the twelfth slash of Shura, but as he was about to do so, he suddenly realized that he could comprehend the thirteenth slash of Shura, and even the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth slashes, in short, Tang Zichen could comprehend all eighteen slashes of Shura in this instant.

"Ah, what's going on?"Tang Zichen was shocked, he reasonably couldn't, his realm hadn't improved, so it was impossible for him to comprehend so much at once.Then, there was only one possibility, a problem with the environment.

"Zichen, what's wrong?Quickly, perform your Shura Blade Technique, or we'll be in trouble when we're surrounded."Mu Qianji was busy. The first website

"No, I can now perform the Eighteenth Blade of Shura, and I suddenly came to the realization that the environment here is such that I can have an epiphany."


Tang Zichen no longer wondered why the environment here could allow him to comprehend the Shura Eighteen Blades, it was not at all clear where the enemy was at the moment, so he could only send out the Cultivation Eighteen Blades immediately.

The flying sword in Tang Zichen's hand, struck above his head, as if opening up the heavens and the earth, the entire surface of the water, was split by his sword.At this moment, a trench suddenly parted on the surface of the sea tens of thousands of meters or even hundreds of thousands of meters deep, this was the slash that Tang Zichen had struck at the bottom of the sea tens of thousands of meters deep.

"Boom."All the black smoke in the surroundings scattered, not sure if they felt that power or what.

Shura Blade Technique, why was it called Shura?Shura represented hell, and here, with countless undead surrounding it, it was almost like hell.

Tang Zichen suddenly understood why he could instantly comprehend the Eighteen Blades of Shura here, and it turned out that this was the place where the Shura Blade Method was founded.

If he wasn't mistaken, back then, Wang Shura, who created the Shura Eighteen Blades, had created the Shura Eighteen Blades right here.

There was even a possibility that Wang Xiu Luo was from here.

Tang Huan happily said, "Brother, all the black spirits of the dead have scattered, look, the sea around us, there is no more black smoke."

Everyone was excited and happy.

"Tang Shao, that slash you just made was too powerful."Light Water said with eyes full of admiration.

Tang Zichen looked at the seawater around him, there was finally no more black smoke, Tang Zichen could see very far.Of course, the bottom of the sea this deep must be incredibly dark for ordinary people, but Tang Zichen and the others were not ordinary people, as long as there was no undead black smoke covering them, they could see very far.

A few minutes later, in all directions

Many, many unknown creatures were surrounding them.

Just now they felt surrounded, it must have been these creatures that surrounded them, and now they could finally see them clearly.

It was a group of things with completely transparent bodies, their appearance was exactly the same as humans, only, their bodies were transparent, yes, it was as if they were bodies made of glass, you could see their backs from their fronts and chests, provided that they were not wearing any clothes.

At that moment, a transparent person came up, and Tang Zichen could feel that this transparent person was very, very strong, and had the feeling that the sky was falling.

Tang Zichen said, "Oh no, this is a super strong person, I'm afraid it's beyond the Mahayana stage."

"A super Mahayana?That would be a strong man?Your Shura Eighteen Knives?"

"Can't."Tang Zichen knew what Mu Qianzhi wanted to ask, although Tang Zichen had displayed the Shura Eighteen Blades, but after all, Tang Zichen was only a Combination Stage, how could he kill such a strong one.

Now, it could only be left to fate.

That transparent person line came up and examined Tang Zichen and the others for a while, then emitted a mental fluctuation and asked with a mental fluctuation, "Who was the one who just performed the Shura Blade Technique?"

Tang Zichen was busy responding, "It's me."

"How do you know the Shura Blade Technique?"

"Uh, is that weird?"

"The Shura Blade Technique was created by our Shura Clan millions of years ago by an ancestor named Wang Shura, back then, with this Shura Blade Technique, our ancestor swept through the spirit world, and eventually became the supreme strongman of the Seven Seas, ruling over the entire spirit world, at that time, it was also the time when our Shura Clan was at its strongest.Unfortunately, after our ancestor's ascension, no one else in his descendants practiced it, and our Shura clan began to fall out of favor, and in the end, we could only return to the deep sea once again.However, although we don't walk on the ground anymore, we, the Shura Clan, are still the overlords of the seabed, and the entire Sea of Death is our territory.Although there are many people strong enough to crush me, after death, our Shura clan has no fear of the undead, while outsiders who come in will be devoured by the undead for all their power, so as long as we are here, we are invincible.However, today I was shown an incredible scene."

"Uh, what unbelievable."

That transparent man looked at Tang Zichen and said, "You are the ones who can be fearless of the undead, even those undead have to avoid you, and what's more, you even performed the Shura Eighteen Blades."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I never thought that the Shura Eighteen Blades that I practiced were created by your ancestors, what a fate.It seems that my intuition guided me here, not some Nine Dao Demon King, but the Shura Saber."Tang Zichen had some regrets, thinking that it was the intuition of the Nine Daoist Demons that guided me, but it turned out to be the Shura Blade Law, and this was the hometown of the founding ancestor of the Shura Blade Law.

However, there were no regrets, as Tang Zichen had practiced the Eighteen Blades of Shura as soon as he arrived here.

Since Wang Shura could sweep through the spirit world with this blade method back then, Tang Zichen could as long as his realm went up.

That transparent strong man said, "Yes, you were able to come here, it seems that this was guided by our ancestor."


"You don't know, our ancestor is not dead, but has ascended, although he has ascended for millions of years, he is definitely still alive, you came here, it must have been guided by him."

Tang Zichen's pores opened, could it be that Wang Shura, who was in the Immortal Realm, had really guided him to come here?

I go.


Tang Zichen laughed, "Honored, honored, I didn't know if I was friend or foe just now, I'm sorry for injuring your people."

"It's okay, there were undead protecting just now, it was mainly the undead that were hurt, our people were not harmed.My friend, my name is Wang Pi, I am a descendant of Old King Shura, what is your name?"

"Senior Tang Zichen, this is my Daoist lover Mu Qianji, and a few of my friends, Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Light Water, and Yan Xingyi."

Wang Pi said, "Welcome everyone to our Shura Clan, please follow me."

"Where to?"Tang Huan was busy asking.

"Don't be nervous, since we are friends, we won't hurt you ourselves, aren't you going to visit our place when you come to the Shura clan?"

"Of course."

Tang Zichen smiled and followed.

After following that Wang Pi through the seabed for a few minutes, suddenly, there was a light ahead.A huge 'water bubble' appeared in front, and inside the bubble, it was bright as day, and around this bubble, there were thousands of small bubbles.

Wang Pi said, "This is our territory, didn't you think, you thought that we are creatures that live at the bottom of the sea, like fish, right?"

"Ugh." Remember the URL

"But you're wrong, we're also humans, just a little more special."After saying that, Wang Pi directly entered the water bubble.

Tang Zichen followed suit and found that inside the water bubble, there was no seawater, it was as if it was on the ground, there were mountains, water and people.

"Wow, it's amazing, tens of thousands of meters of ocean depth hides so many water blisters, there is no seawater in the blisters, there is also air and sunlight, hey, how does the sunlight shine in?"Tang Zichen looked up at the top of the blister, but unfortunately, he couldn't see the sky, but he could feel the sun shining.

Wang Pi said, "Of course the sunlight is refracted in from the surface of the sea, and is inhaled here through the seawater layer by layer, so it's daytime outside, and it's also daytime here."

Tang Zichen was now surprised again to discover that Wang Pi, who was just a transparent person, was no longer transparent at the moment.

"Senior, your body?"

"Oh, it's only now that we're in our normal bodies, and it's a racial ability for us to turn our bodies transparent just outside to adapt to the ocean floor and to avoid being harmed by the undead.We can survive on the surface, and we can breathe in the sea.You, on the other hand, cannot breathe in the sea."

"Yes, we keep our breath closed, but if we were not immortals, where would we have been able to keep our breath closed for so long."

"Welcome to the homeland of our ancestor, King Shura."That Wang Pi extended his hand and said.

"Haha, you're welcome."

"You have come a long way, you must stay and rest for a few days, and, we have something to ask for."

"Uh, okay, okay."

Tang Zichen and the others entered a magnificent palace, this palace looked very old.

Wang Pi said, "This palace was built when our Old Shura Ancestor was still alive."

"Wow, it's not bad to gaze upon the old ancestor's palace."Tang Zichen was complimentary for a while, in fact it was true, after all, it was really incredible that someone so far away from him could see what he had passed down, besides, Tang Zichen had practiced someone else's Shura Blade Technique, so he was considered half a master.

Entering the main hall, Wang Pi ordered people to serve tea, as well as fruits of all colors.

However, the fruits here were strange.

"No need to be polite, any food here is something you haven't eaten or seen before.There is also this tea, which is only found in the deep sea, this kind of sea tea has a growth time of over a thousand years, if it was on the ground, this would be at least a kind of genius land treasure, everyone take it as it is, but there are many here."

Tang Zichen took a sip of the tea, it felt really good.

"Mmm, it's delicious."

Tang Zichen asked, "Ex

Senior, your Shura clan, how many of you are there?"

"Not much, a few hundred million or so."

"Uh, that's quite a few."

"Compared to the humans on the ground, that's pretty small, at our peak, when our Shura ancestor ruled the spirit world, the population was in the tens of billions."

"So ah, it's indeed a lot less.So what is your situation now?I'm referring to the cultivation aspect."

"Generally, not bad, mainly because there are few immortal cultivators at the top.For example, those who have reached the tribulation stage, there's only one of me at the moment, and I'm a Four-Layered Tribulation.Those who have reached the Mahayana stage are less than twenty."Wang Pi said.

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't have any idea if it was difficult to cultivate to the tribulation stage.

Tang Zichen asked again, "Senior, there had been a legend on the ground that after practicing the Shura Eighteen Blades to great success, you can open a treasure, is it true or false?"

Wang Pi smiled, "It's true."

"Ah."Tang Zichen thought that it was definitely a bubble, if there was really a treasure, wouldn't people's descendants of the Shura clan have already used it up.

Wang Pi said, "Since you've come to this point, I'll be straightforward.I've just told you that I have one thing to ask for, and that is, you've practiced the Eighteen Blades of Shura, and you can already help us open the treasure."


"Truth be told, before our Shura ancestor ascended, he left behind a treasure that was originally meant to inspire his descendants to work hard to cultivate this blade, so he hid his life's harvest within the treasure, and whoever can practice to great success in the future in the Shura clan, this treasure will be his.However, no one from our Shura clan has ever practiced to great success again, perhaps, our ancestor also never expected this result back then, otherwise he definitely wouldn't have put all his collection within the treasure."

"I see, this treasure was given to the offspring by your ancestor, right."

"Yes, we are ashamed of our ancestors, no one has always practiced to great success, and the treasure has never been opened.Now, someone has finally trained our ancestor's blade to a great success."Wang Pi said excitedly.

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed a little awkwardly.

Paralyzed, Tang Zichen had worked so hard to practice to great success and ended up being a graft for others, the treasure wasn't prepared for him, it was prepared for someone's offspring.

However, to even plead for Tang Zichen's help to open the treasure, then, there must be some benefits for Tang Zichen, otherwise who would do it.

"Let's leave that aside for now, I'll have someone settle you down first, and we'll treat you to a sumptuous feast in the evening."

"Good deal."



"Take these noble guests and arrange for them to live in the best waters."

"Yes, Old Ancestor."

Tang Zichen and the others, followed that servant out of the main hall to the outside of a huge water bubble, which had countless small bubbles outside of it.

Tang Zichen and the others were brought into a small water bubble, which had a radius of almost 100 meters, and when they entered it, the air was very good, and the bubble seemed to have a special function to absorb seawater oxygen.

In this small bubble, there was also a beautiful house built, as well as a small stream, with large trees and grass in front of and behind the house.

"Wow, it's beautiful, it's beautiful."

"I'll never get tired of living here for the rest of my life."

Tang Huan Lu Yuxi and the other girls fell in love with this place right away.

"A few seniors, this is the best sea, you guys can rest here, I'll come back in the evening to invite you to the banquet."

"Good, you're busy."

That servant left, Tang Zichen and the others ran on the grass, although grass wasn't rare, but it was different when there was sunlight, air, and grass at the bottom of the sea tens of thousands of meters.


Tang Zichen and the others played on the grass for a while before entering the house.

"Originally, we came here to look for the Nine Dao Demon King's treasure, but it turned out to be Wang Shura's treasure, and it doesn't seem like we have any part in it."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen was also a bit helpless.

Tang Huan said, "After opening the treasure, the Shura clan will definitely share some of it with us, right?"

"No matter how much it can be divided, how much can we share.This treasure of Wang Shura is considered to be nothing to hope for, and now I can only count on the Nine Daoist Demon King's spirit stone cave, which is what I'm most looking forward to."

Mu Qianji nodded, "I guess Wang Shura's treasure is not much in terms of spirit stones, it's mainly some pills, magic tools and the like.What we need most is not pills and magic tools, but spirit stones, so the Nine Daoist Demons' treasure is the most suitable for us."

"Alright, let's take a break and go to the banquet tonight."

Tang Huan Lu Yuxi and the others went back to their respective rooms.

Tang Zichen lay on his bed, breathing in the air, he hadn't breathed the air for a long time since he entered the Sea of Death.

Mu Qianji lay beside Tang Zichen.

"I should have known better, bring the little white dragon."Tang Zichen suddenly said. A second to remember to read the book

"Uh, why bring it, wouldn't it be better if you give it to Xia Xiaoxin to raise, you bring it, in case there is a mistake how good, the little white dragon is still so small, it could easily die."

"Haha, just a casual sentiment, it should be almost a year since I saw the little white dragon, I don't know when I will have the chance to return to the Four Seas again."

"Not so fast at the moment, we have to wait until the next year, when the Rainbow Bridge opens, and once we go down, it won't be so easy to come up."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I don't think so, that dog circle of mine has even killed the fourth stage of the Mahayana stage, and the eight major immortal cultivation families in the Five Seas, the strongest are only about the third stage of the Mahayana stage."

"That's true, but you're only at the Combination Stage after all, and your locking circle may not be able to trap a strong person at the Mahayana Stage.The purple-haired man you were able to lasso before, that was because in the Sea of Death, the other party couldn't drive a flying sword, while you could, and you were greatly inferior in terms of flexibility.If you were in a normal place, the Mahayana would have destroyed you in a single glance."

"Haha, also."Tang Zichen was promptly reminded by Mu Qianji that it wasn't that Tang Zichen really had the ability to do this anymore that time, but that environmental factors accounted for a large part of it.

So, if it was in a normal place, the first stage of the Mahayana stage Tang Zichen might not even be able to trap it.

"Hopefully, this time when I open Wang Shura's treasure, I'll have a chance to improve some, preferably to the Separation Stage."Tang Zichen said full of desire, he needed strength too much right now, otherwise, he couldn't go back to the Four Seas if he wanted to, and none of the eight Great Immortal Families could deal with it.

"I hope so, by the way, in half a year, isn't there a new relic that will be born in the Sea of Death, perhaps this new relic will be born, and we'll be able to harvest something.Of course, the premise is to get the Shura Clan to help, they Shura Clan is in the Sea of Death all year round, and they are the undersea overlords of the Sea of Death, I think, the Shura Clan is very much in charge."Mu Qianji said.

"Huh, right, haha, I'll talk to Wang Pi during the dinner."

In the evening, Tang Zichen and the others were invited to that ancient palace, which was now prepared with countless delicacies.

"Wow."Tang Huan couldn't take her eyes off of it as soon as she walked into the main hall, she was a foodie, back when she was in the Flying Cloud Sect, Tang Huan had often gone down to eat

All kinds of food.

"Haha, Senior Wang, you're too polite, you've prepared such a sumptuous meal, and it's all unprecedented."Tang Zichen gave a loud laugh, and Wang Pi greeted him with a respectful hand, "Brother Tang, please take a seat."

Wang Pi was very polite, after all, he was asking for Tang Zichen.

"Not polite not polite."

Tang Zichen and the others took their seats and began to enjoy the wine and food, they hadn't eaten anything so delicious for a long time.

Only when the banquet reached its end did Tang Zichen say, "Senior Wang, I don't know if you've heard a prophecy that in half a year, a new relic will be born in the Sea of Death."

Wang Pi smiled, "Of course, we, the Shura clan, are the overlords of the Sea of Death, but this new relic that has been born is not so easy to obtain."

"How so."

"If I'm not mistaken, the location of this newly born relic is in the Jedi Sea Valley."

"Uh, the Jedi Sea Valley?Is it a dangerous place?"

"Yes, the Jedi Sea Valley is a place that even our Shura clan wouldn't dare to step into."


"The Jedi Sea Valley, in the ancient times, was the cave residence of some formidable person, so think about it, entering this place is definitely a killing machine, with all kinds of formations trapped in it.Now that the main relics of the Jedi Sea Valley haven't even been released yet, that place is full of killing opportunities, and when they're all really released, the killing opportunities will be even greater.However, the risks and rewards go hand in hand.If the relics of the Jedi Sea Valley are really released, I think there are definitely quite a few treasures in there."

Tang Huan asked, "Senior, which is better, the Jedi Sea Valley or your Shura King's Treasure?"

Wang Pi said without hesitation, "It must be the Jedi Sea Valley."

"Uh, why?"

"Because, this Jedi Sea Valley already existed when our Old Ancestor King Shura was still in the Spirit World."

"Impossible, millions of years ago, when your Old Ancestor King Shura was so powerful, why didn't he go to the Jedi Sea Valley to dig for treasures?"Mu Qianji was confused.

"You think our ancestor didn't want to back then ah, it was that Jedi Sea Valley that was too murderous, and our ancestor wasn't completely sure about it.After that, our ancestor also rose up and settled in the Seven Seas, so he didn't go into this Jedi Sea Valley anymore.Another reason is that the Jedi Sea Valley was once inhabited by a friend of our oldest ancestor of the Shura clan, and out of respect, our Wang Shura ancestor has never explored it."

"But now, the treasure of the Jedi Sea Valley is going to be born."

"Yes, if I'm not wrong, in half a year, the Sea of Death should be very crowded, and many big names from the Seven Seas will definitely send people here.I've heard that the ruins of the Jedi Sea Valley contain many heavenly-grade magic treasures, and there might even be pseudo-immortal artifacts."

"Ah, pseudo-immortal artifacts."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Yes, but the probability is not high, after all, this level of magic artifacts are not something that can be sacrificed by immortal cultivators, they must be found in the space-time gap."

"A space-time gap?What is it."

"The gap in space-time is the gap that leads straight to the Immortal Realm after shattering the void.In order to enter the gap in space-time, you must enter the gap the moment the door to space-time opens when you ascend, then in that same moment, you happen to see the pseudo-immortal artifact in the gap, then you must also throw that pseudo-immortal artifact out in that same moment, so that there is a pseudo-immortal artifact here.So many coincidences with one moment, do you think it's easy?"


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