The King of Kungfu in school 1751-1760


Chapter 1751

"Oh, this is the dragon born dragon and phoenix born phoenix, big brother Immortal, there's nothing wrong, I'll go back first."

Blue Fox Immortal was busy saying, "Sister Lily, what's the hurry, do you want my brother my place to drink a few cups."

"Immortal Big Brother, no go, I still have to go back to cultivate and try to recover my strength as soon as possible."

"Sister Lily, it's not that bad of a time."

"Thanks for the invitation Immortal Big Brother, next time."Light Water was very eager to get rid of it.

Blue Fox Immortal was a little depressed when he saw that Lily was very determined.

If it was before, he definitely wouldn't have invited it again and again like this, but now that Blue Fox Lily had changed into such a beautiful body, it wasn't strange that he had any thoughts ah, after all, Immortals were also men and would have desires when they saw a beautiful woman.

"Immortal brother, then we're leaving."


"Immortal big brother, is there anything else?"

Blue Fox Immortal looked at Tang Huan and smiled, "Truth be told, I'm lacking a service there, I think this girl is quite suitable, how about you let her go back with me, don't worry, since she's a relative of the original owner of your body, I naturally won't slack off.I guess, Sister Lily won't refuse brother me here ." Remember the website

Tang Zichen's eyes were annoyed, the Seer was really capable of doing anything.Looking at Blue Fox Immortal's eyes so sure, he knew that he felt that Blue Fox Lily had no reason to reject him, an outsider, there was no need to offend him, right?

As for what would happen if Blue Fox Immortal brought Tang Huan back, one could tell with one's feet.

Light Water looked at Tang Zichen and saw the anger in Tang Zichen's eyes.

Light Water immediately refused, "Sorry, big brother Immortal."

Blue Fox Immortal was furious, "Sister Lily, you're going a bit too far.It's just an outsider, besides, if you go to my place, can't I help her?In fact, going to my place, I can only help her more."

Light Water remained resolute and said, "Immortal Brother, I'm so sorry, you can't touch any of them."

"Lily, you disappoint me so much, are you sure you want to anger me?"

Light Water immediately felt a tremendous pressure, and the Blue Fox Immortal had already exerted his authority over her.

"Immortal Brother, unless you step over my corpse, I will never allow it."

"You, well, Lily, if you don't give me a reason, I'll just take one away, and there's nothing you can do about it."Blue Fox Immortal raged.

"Immortal Brother, they are the good sisters of the original owner of this body of mine, do you think I will allow it?"

"Hmph, what good sisters, you're just taking away someone's body, it's not like you've inherited her identity, they're just outsiders to you."

"Immortal brother, in short, I will never allow it."

"Then it's not up to you."After saying that, Tang Huan disappeared in place and was swept away by that Blue Fox Immortal, and the Blue Fox Immortal disappeared in an instant, so fast that Tang Zichen and the others were unable to react.

"Tang Huan."Tang Zichen shouted.

Light Water immediately looked towards Tang Zichen and asked for help, "Tang Shao, I'm sorry, I tried my best, what should we do now?"

Even the Mahayana stage didn't know what to do, let alone Tang Zichen, the Mahayana stage was no way out.

Tang Zichen said, "You follow up immediately and fight to the death to not let Tang Huan be defiled.I'll immediately go find the Spiritual Ke Heavenly King, that Spiritual Ke Heavenly King, who has a better relationship with Blue Fox Lily, if he comes forward, he might be able to save Tang Huan back.Of course, if the Blue Fox is determined to leave Tang Huan behind without dying, then, forget it, let's go first."


p; "Good."Light Water immediately went after Blue Fox Immortal.

Tang Zichen said to the frightened-looking Lu Yuxi and Yan Xinyi, "You guys go to this address and look for Mu Qianji."


Tang Zichen told them Mu Qianji's address, and then he went on a fiery quest to find the Spiritual Ke Heavenly King.

"Son of a bitch."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, had he known he would run into that Blue Fox Immortal, he wouldn't have gone out today to bring the three of them in.

At this moment, at a certain palace, a shadow flew in, it was the Blue Fox Immortal with Tang Huan.

"Ah."Tang Huan was still screaming.

Blue Fox Immortal released Tang Huan and smiled, "Little beauty, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you, you just need to serve me well and serve me happily, there might even be benefits.I think you should know that I'm one of the Heavenly Kings of the Blue Fox Family, second stage of the Mahayana stage, in exchange for an ordinary woman, it's really a dream come true."

Tang Huan cried out, "I don't want it, I don't want it."

Blue Fox Immortal looked unhappy and said, "Little beauty, I hope you don't seek death, so ungrateful, there is only one result, death, understand?"

"Senior, please let me go, I'm really not suitable for you."Tang Huan pleaded.

"Don't worry, you're suitable for me, and you're also in the Merging Stage, right, how old are you?Is this body your real body?You show me your infant."

"I don't."

"Ungrateful."Blue Fox immortalized and pulled Tang Huan over, pressing his hand on the top of her head, laughing, "I didn't expect that this body of yours is your real body, you didn't take it from me, hahaha, I like it, little beauty, now I've changed my mind, you be my immortal daoist partner."

"I don't want it, whoever wants to be your daoist partner, I'd rather die than not."

"Little beauty, you seem to be very stubborn, this Heavenly King is a Mahayana, is he still not good enough for you?If you continue to be stubborn, beware of making this Heavenly King lose patience, and then you will only die."

"Sooooo."Tang Huan cried out, very helpless, the Mahayana stage was so strong that Tang Zichen couldn't save her.

Combination stage, Distraction stage, Mahayana stage, the difference was too far, one stage was one heaven and earth, even the Distraction stage, Combination stage was not a match, no matter if you possessed any magic weapon, not to mention, Mahayana stage was two great domains away from Combination stage, it was a complete comparison between a human and an ant.

Just at this moment, another silhouette flew in, it was Light Water.

Light Water shouted, "Blue Fox Immortal, if you dare to touch my people, I'm not done with you."

Blue Fox Immortal saw that Blue Fox Lily had actually chased here for an outsider of the Merging Stage, and became furious, "Lily, don't seek death."

"Hmph, even if you're looking for death, I won't let you touch my people."

"Blue Fox Lily, don't you think I really don't dare to lay hands on you?"Blue Fox Immortal filled with a roar of anger.

"Blue Fox Immortal, don't you dare force me."

"Good one to force you, you really don't know how to be ungrateful, then don't blame me for even doing you together."After saying that, the furious Blue Fox Immortal, with a swoosh, rushed towards Light Water, Light Water barely had any resistance, and was strangled and hung up by Blue Fox Immortal.

"Blue Fox Lily, do you believe that I can pinch you to death with a single thought?"

"I'm also the Sky King of the Blue Fox Family, how dare you."

"Blue Fox Lily, do you think you're proud now that you've taken away a beautiful body?Do you believe I'll destroy your flesh right now?I can completely kill your flesh body, your infant can only reclaim other bodies, at that time, I you lose the beauty of this flesh body, I'll see how proud you are."Saying that, the blue fox did not die to crush the appearance of Light Water's flesh body.


At this moment, Tang Zichen arrived at the residence of the Spiritual Ke Heavenly King.

"Spiritual Ke Celestial King."

"Spiritual Ke Heavenly King, are you there?"

Don shouted several times with no response.

"Fuck, where's the man?Where did he die at a critical moment."Tang Zichen was fuming, he had expected the Spiritual Ke Heavenly King to help Blue Fox Lily, but everyone was nowhere to be seen.

A maid said, "The Spiritual Ke Heavenly King isn't here, he went out of town."

"Grass, why did he go out of town."Tang Zichen didn't look good.

"He's gone to look for that who."

Tang Zichen was startled, the Spiritual Ke Heavenly King had gone to look for him.

It seemed that, expecting him to come to just Tang Huan, Tang Huan was afraid that he was pregnant.

"It's better to ask for help than to ask for help, it's the only way to go now."Tang Zichen immediately took out his heavenly magic weapon and ruthlessly cut over the Blue Fox Family. One second to remember to read the book

"Boom."There was a loud bang, the ground was cut out of a large hole, and many buildings fell down.

All of the strong Heavenly Kings of the Blue Fox Family were sensing it right now.

Including the Blue Fox Immortal.

"Ah, the momentum of a Heaven-ranked magic weapon?"The Blue Fox Immortal, who was choking the Light Water and calling for her flesh to be killed, sensed the momentum of the Celestial Grade magic weapon and immediately threw away the Light Water in his hands, rushing out into the sky without any hesitation.

No matter how beautiful a beautiful woman was, she couldn't be more attractive than a Heaven Grade magic tool, so how could the Blue Fox Immortal have the heart to think about the beautiful woman.

Light Water was finally saved, and Tang Huan was not violated.

"Tang Huan, let's go quickly."Light Water was busy saying to Tang Huan.

"What's happening?"Tang Huan was puzzled.

Light Waterway: "It must be Tang Shao, he was over the Blue Fox Family, he deliberately sent out the Qi of a Heavenly Grade magic weapon out to attract away the Blue Fox Immortal."

"Ah, isn't that dangerous, the previous eight major immortal cultivation families have tracked him down for more than half a year, how could he be inside the Blue Fox Family just."

"Tang Shao must have risked himself to save us, hopefully he can escape from the Blue Fox Family.Just now Blue Fox didn't die to chase after him, I'm sure the other Mahayana Heavenly Kings of the Blue Fox Family have gone after him."

"I'm to blame."Tang Huan looked self-condemned, if it wasn't to save her, why would Tang Zichen need to risk his life.

"Don't blame yourself, now let's immediately leave here first, Tang Shaoji should be fine."

At this moment, Tang Zichen rushed towards the Blue Fox Family's city gate at fire speed, the reason why he didn't choose the sky was because there was a formation protection above the sky, Tang Zichen didn't have the confidence to break through that protection in one go.

However, when Tang Zichen was about to reach the city gates, he found that two Mahayana Heavenly Kings were waiting at the city gates.

It was as if Tang Zichen had been caught in a jar.

"Fuck."Tang Zichen cursed, his Spiritual Sense swept around and found at least eight or nine Mahayana Heavenly Kings approaching in all directions.

Tang Zichen had nowhere to run.

This time, Tang Zichen was indeed very risky, but he had no choice, he had to do this in order to attract that Blue Fox Immortal out.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about it much and rushed into the sky.

Tang Zichen could only hope that his heavenly magic weapon would break the protective formation in the sky.

"Shura Twelve Blades."Tang Zichen shouted and slashed at the protective shield in the sky.

"Boom."The sky darkened and at the same time, the entire ground of the Blue Fox Clan trembled, as if the protective formation had been subjected to a huge impact, causing the entire city to shake.

Unfortunately, the protective formation was too tough, and Tang Zichen couldn't break it with one slash.

Tang Zichen continued with his second slash.

"Boom."The entire city continued to shake.

The mountain shook up.

However, the protective formation still hadn't broken.

Tang Zichen, however, was running out of time.

He was surrounded by at least ten Mahayana Stage powerhouses surrounding him.

Tang Zichen also stopped bombarding the protective formation, as there was no point.

One of the old men looked at Tang Zichen and snorted, "Go on, go on."

Tang Zichen said, "Do I continue you, old devil."

"Hmph, death is near, you know?"The other old man said.

Tang Zichen seemed like someone who had been forced into a corner.

Although it was true that Tang Zichen couldn't escape, Tang Zichen didn't panic, and calmness was the only way to survive.

That strongest old man said, "You're the one from half a year ago, the one who had the eight great immortal families tracked down, right?"

"Hmph, knowingly asking about the heavenly artifact in my hand, you're blind and can't see it."Tang Zichen trailed off.

"Raubo, don't talk nonsense with him, snatch his heavenly magic weapon and kill him, this matter must not be known by the other seven major immortal cultivation families, otherwise, they will definitely come to snatch the heavenly magic weapon."Blue Fox Immortal said.

"No, it can't be killed yet, the martial skill he just performed is most likely the Shura Eighteen Blades, which is related to a treasure."That strongest old man said.

"Hey, kid, was what you just performed the Shura Eighteenth Blade?"Blue Fox asked immortally.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Asking knowingly."

"Haha, it really is the Shura Eighteen Blades."

A group of Heavenly Kings rejoiced, they felt lucky.

"Kid, hand over the secret method of the Shura Eighteen Blades."One of the Heavenly Kings said.

Tang Zichen said, "It's in my brain, come and dig it out if you have the guts to do so."

"Kid, you have no way out, I advise you to cooperate honestly, otherwise, you will only die."

Tang Zichen said, "Speak as if I have no way out now."

"Hmph, you've been caught by us, what chance of life do you have, you can live if you want to live or die if you want to die."Blue Fox said immortally.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Come on, kill me and never know the secret method of Shura's eighteen knives."

At that moment, that strongest Heavenly King called Laobo snorted, "There's no need to worry, I have a way."

"Laobo, what's your way to force him to reveal the secret method?"

That old man snorted, "My lifespan is less than a hundred years, but it's almost hopeless for me to go further, so it's worth a try no matter which way I look at it."

"Laupo, what do you mean?"

"I will give up my own flesh and seize him, and when I have seized him, it will not be difficult to acquire his memories, and at that time, the Eighteenth Blade of Shura will be at my fingertips."

"Huh, that is indeed a good idea."

Tang Zichen smirked in his heart, to seize him, what a great wish.

However, this time, Tang Zichen willingly let him seize him.

Tang Zichen would let him know what it meant to surrender.

At that moment, that old man immediately YuanYing rushed towards Tang Zichen and drilled directly into Tang Zichen's brain.

Come on, Tang Zichen welcomed him.

In the next second, that old man snatched Tang Zichen away.

Of course, on the surface, it looked like he had snatched it away, but was that really the case in reality?

Only Tang Zichen and that Laupo himself knew.

As soon as Laobo's infant entered Tang Zichen's brain, he felt his infant sink, as if he had been locked up, and not only could he not control Tang Zichen's body, he couldn't even withdraw his own infant.


"Ah, how did that happen?"In Tang Zichen's brain, that old man's infant was silly.

At that moment, there came Tang Zichen's voice, "Old ghost, you've done this to yourself."

"You, what are you no one?Why can't I control your body even though I've taken you?And I haven't been able to retreat, why?"

"Hahaha, and you want to retreat, you're so pretty, you know what it's like to have no return, that is.Old man, you're stuck in my brain forever."


Tang Zichen allowed the old ghost's infant to hiss.

Of course, their communication in the brain could not be heard by outsiders.

A group of heavenly kings in the outside world were busy asking, "How's it going, Lauper?"

Tang Zichen certainly couldn't be known by everyone at the moment that Laupo hadn't succeeded in seizing it.

Tang Zichen nodded his head and said, "The seizure was successful."

"Yay, great." The first website


The group of Heavenly Kings high-fived, and Laobo, who was in his brain, his infant sensing the outside world, burst into tears.Furious, he said, "Kid, why are you impersonating me?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Silly old man, how do I get out of this without impersonating you, for now, I'll just borrow your identity for a while."

"You son of a bitch, let me go, I promise, I'll put the past behind me and let you go."

"Don't make me use foul language."


Tang Zichen no longer cared about that old devil's infant, and said to the dozen or so Heavenly Kings in the outside world, "Everyone, go back first, don't cause a stir in the entire family, or else it will be easy to spread this out.I'm going back now to sacrifice that brat's infant to obtain information about his memories."

"Laobo, it shouldn't take long, right?You'll have to tell us the secret method of the Shura Eighteen Blades then ah."

"Of course, but not so fast, this kid is a bit powerful, I'm afraid it will be difficult to fuse his infant in a short time.Don't worry, I'll definitely share the secret method of the Shura Eighteenth Blade with you all, after all, I have no reason to hide it privately."


Tang Zichen immediately flew away, and the dozen or so Heavenly Kings also returned to their respective homes happily, only, everyone was a bit gluttonous as they looked at the Heavenly Weapon, but unfortunately, Laobo was the strongest, and he was the one who gave up his flesh to seize it, so he deserved to hold that Heavenly Weapon.

Tang Zichen also flew to a luxurious palace, this was that old ghost's cave, Tang Zichen obtained information about that old man from his memories, his name was Blue Fox Laobo, he only had less than a hundred years left to live, and was currently at the third stage of the Mahayana stage.It was impossible for him to reach even stronger in this life, that is, he was just waiting for his life to end, if he could obtain Wang Shura's treasure, he might have a slight chance to go even further.Therefore, he did not hesitate to seize Tang Zichen.

However, the person who was very depressed at the moment was Tang Zichen.

"What should I do?Did I just refine his infant, or?Not refining his infant?"

If one directly refined Laobo's infant, then it would be equivalent to Tang Zichen giving up his own infant and exchanging it for someone else's.

Tang Zichen a twenty year old infant in exchange for an old infant who only had less than a hundred years of life left, this was not a good deal, although Tang Zichen could temporarily gain the strength of the third stage of the Mahayana stage, but he lost himself.Tang Zichen's infant's appearance was no longer exactly the same as his original body, but an old ghost.

"No, I would never be stupid like this."Tang Zichen immediately shook his head, not going to refine Laobo

of the infant, he would rather go find the treasure and slowly become stronger than this kind of result.

For the time being, Tang Zichen could use Laobo's identity, with no crisis in the Blue Fox Family, wait for the Rainbow Bridge to open, then go directly to the Six Seas and pinch Laobo's infant.

At night, Tang Zichen went to Light Water's cave, but unfortunately, Light Water wasn't there.

Tang Zichen went back to the peasant woman's house where Mu Qianji was.

Sure enough, Tang Huan, Light Water, Lu Yuxi, and Yan Xinyi were all there.

"Zichen, you're finally back?By the way, are you Don Zichen, or the old ghost who took you from me?"Mu Qianji reacted with some caution.

During the day, the scene of Tang Zichen being seized in the sky was seen by Mu Qianji and the others.

However, Light Water told him not to worry.

Tang Zichen was speechless and deliberately said, "I'm an old ghost."

"Ah."Mu Qianji and the other girls were shocked, it really was an old ghost, oh my god, Tang Zichen was dead?

When Tang Zichen saw their panicked looks, he stopped joking and said, "Alright, I'm Tang Zichen."

"Tang Shao, are you really alright?We all saw that old devil seize you during the day."

"Well, seizing me was the dumbest thing to do, and now I've got that old ghost's infant trapped in my brain.The other Sky Kings of the Blue Fox family think I'm Lauper, so we're safe now."

Everyone was relieved, during the day, when they saw Tang Zichen trapped, they all cried in fear, thinking that this time it was really over.

Light Water was busy saying, "Congratulations, congratulations Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "What's there to be happy about?"

"Tang Shao, you were able to help me fuse Blue Fox Lily's infant before, so you yourself can definitely fuse Blue Fox Lauper's infant, and as long as you fuse it, you'll immediately be a strong third stage of the Mahayana stage.That Blue Fox Laupo's lifelong cultivation has become yours."

Tang Huan also said happily, "Mmhmm, great, it's so addictive, that old ghost, all his life's hard work, he's making a dowry for you."

Lu Yuxi and Yan Xinyi also clapped happily.

Only with a deep frown on his brow, Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, you should never fuse that person's infant, it's not even worth it."

"Ah, why?"Light Water and the others were all puzzled as they looked at Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Qianji is right, how could I possibly fuse someone else's Yuan Infant.It's silly of me, Tang Zichen, who is so young and has an infinite future, to exchange an old infant with a lifespan of less than 100 years."

"Ugh."Other than Mu Qianji, the rest of the girls were stunned there, they hadn't thought about it.

"Tang Shao, then you don't plan to fuse, what are your plans?"Light Water asked.

Tang Zichen said, "In a few months, the Rainbow Bridge will open, and then we'll go straight to the Six Seas.When we reach the Six Seas, I'll kill Laobo's infant, and this matter will be over."

Tang Huan and the others nodded, only Mu Qianji did not nod

Mu Qianji said, "It's too bad to kill Laobo's infant, Zichen, you might as well take it to someone who needs it.Just find someone with a very weak strength and fuse it to him, as a good deed."

"Huh, yeah."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Then who would it be good to give it to?"

"Whatever, but Laubo's infant has a life span of less than a hundred years, so if someone else fuses it, won't that be a long life span too?"


"That's for sure, infants are what souls evolve into, and when the soul is gone, the body becomes a corpse."

"A lifespan of less than a hundred years, this, is indeed quite troublesome."

At this moment, Light Water didn't look very good.

Tang Zichen knew right away that Light Water's lifespan was also the lifespan of the Blue Fox Lily she had fused with.

Tang Zichen said, "Light Water, Blue Fox Lily her infant life span, she still has about 180 years left, so you also have 180 years to live."

"Well, it doesn't matter, I was just a person who hadn't set foot on the path of immortal cultivation yet, if I was mediocre all my life, I would only have 300 to 400 years of life left and I wouldn't know if I'd be killed, but now even though I only have 180 years of life left, I can at least live an exciting life."Light Water said.

Tang Zichen patted her on the shoulder.

In short, there was give and take.

Mu Qianji said, "If Light Water can become an Immortal within 180 years, then there is no impact at all."

"Become an immortal within 180 years?How is it possible, my qualifications are foolish, it's simply impossible."Light Water shook her head straight, though she also wanted to.

Mu Qianji smiled, "On your own, of course it's impossible, now it's up to our Young Master Tang to fulfill you." Remember the website

"Ah, that can help too?"

"Of course, the premise is that we can find Wang Shura's treasure, as well as the Nine Daoist Demons' treasure."

Tang Zichen said, "Light Water, I can't guarantee it one hundred percent, but as long as there's a chance, I'll definitely help you.Alright, now all of us, let's all go to your residence and wait for the Rainbow Bridge to open in a few months."

"Then what if the Blue Fox doesn't die and comes looking for me?"Light Water asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, I'm here, my current identity is but a Blue Fox Laupo."

That night, Tang Zichen took Mu Qianji and the others and stayed directly at Blue Fox Lily's cave, Tang Zichen took a bath and then hugged Mu Qianji and went to sleep.

The next morning, Tang Zichen and Light Water and the others, were dining in the main hall when a loud shout came from outside, "Lily, come out."

Tang Zichen immediately heard that it was Blue Fox Immortal.

Yesterday, Blue Fox Immortal caught Tang Huan and tried to nail Tang Huan, after which Tang Zichen sacrificed a heavenly magic weapon and Tang Huan and Light Water escaped.

Today, it was over and Blue Fox Immortal thought of Tang Huan again, how could he let it go like that.

Therefore, early this morning, Blue Fox Immortal came here personally and vowed that he would not only take Tang Huan away today, but also Yan Xingyi and Lu Yuxi.

"Lily, come out and give me an explanation, otherwise, I'll force my way in."Outside Blue Fox Immortal shouted.

Light Water's face changed and looked to Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Shao, it's Blue Fox Immortal, what should we do?He didn't succeed in taking Tang Huan that yesterday, and he definitely won't stop today."

Tang Zichen said, "This son of a bitch, he's really tired of living."

"Zichen, you can't kill him without fusing Laobo's infant, and if he wants to kill us, we won't have the power to resist at all."Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen, if he had known that, it would have been better not to come here to Light Water and just hide in the peasant woman's house until the day the Rainbow Bridge opened.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, although I don't have the strength of the Mahayana stage, I at least have the third stage of the Mahayana stage on me, so the momentum is still there, besides, the blue fox doesn't know the truth even if he doesn't die, would he dare to resist me?See how I'll deal with you today."

"Zichen, no matter what, don't provoke him, or you'll be exposed if you do."

"I know, Light Water, go open the door."

Light Water opened the door, Blue Fox Immortal was standing outside.

"Light Water, we are all the Heavenly King of the family, I hope you don't let our relationship get so unpleasant, hand over that little beauty from yesterday and I can leave what happened yesterday alone."The Blue Fox doesn't die open

The door said.

Tang Zichen deliberately hugged Tang Huan and walked out the door.

"Ah."Blue Fox Immortal saw Tang Zichen walk out with his arm around Tang Huan, he was shocked, his whole body was dumbfounded, the little beauty he wanted was actually being hugged by the strongest man in the family, what was this, what was this situation.

Blue Fox was immortalized there, how could he not expect this situation.

Tang Zichen hugged Tang Huan and said, "Immortal brother, the little beauty you're talking about, but this one?"

"Rau, Rauppo, what, what's going on, what are you doing here?"Blue Fox Immortal trembled in shock.

Tang Zichen said, "Immortal, I heard that you want to rob this little beauty by force?Didn't Light Water tell you yesterday who she was to me?"

"Laupo, Light Water didn't say ah, you guys."

"Hmph, kneel down for me."Tang Zichen ordered, though, the real Lauper couldn't do such a thing, but Tang Zichen was about to make him kneel.

"Laupo, you're crazy."The blue fox was startled.

"Laupo, on the count of three, if you don't kneel, I will kill you."

"Brother Laupo, you."


"Laupo, how can you."



"Three."After saying that, Tang Zichen took out his heavenly-grade magic tool and looked like he was going to do it.

"Pounce."The Blue Fox Immortal immediately knelt down and looked at Tang Zichen with a face full of disobedience.

Tang Zichen walked up.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the Blue Fox Immortal's face.

"Laupo, I'm not convinced, I don't even know what she has to do with you."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped again.

"Laupo, you."

"Slap."Another slap.

Blue Fox Immortal clenched his fists very tightly, but didn't dare to do anything, because he knew that he was no match for Laupo.

Tang Zichen huffed, "Immortal, if you dare to think of them again, I'll kill you."

"Don't dare."

"Get out."

"Yes."Blue Fox Immortal looked at Light Water with resentment, he thought that it must have been Blue Fox Lily's failure to tell him that caused him to offend Laobo.

Light Water snorted, "Deserved it."

"Lily, you remember."Blue Fox Immortal bit his teeth and flew away, Tang Zichen slapped him a few times, but he didn't dare to do anything but take his anger out on Blue Fox Lily.Unfortunately, how did he know that both Blue Fox Lily and Blue Fox Laobo were no longer the original owners.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, he's gone, so I'm sure he doesn't dare to come.This time is a bargain for him, I will definitely kill him in the future when I have the chance."


Tang Zichen and the others, settled down in the Blue Fox Family just like that.

None of them had any trouble after that.

In the blink of an eye, a few months were quickly approaching.

The day when the Rainbow Bridge would open would soon arrive as well.

The Blue Fox Family, every year, half a month before the Rainbow Bridge opened, would hold a meeting to discuss the matter of going to the Six Seas, for example, which 100 people would be able to go on the Rainbow Bridge.

Therefore, every year at this time, the Blue Fox Family would have a competition.

Of course, this was none of Tang Zichen's business, Tang Zichen was now posing as Blue Fox Laobo, so the most Tang Zichen could do was to go and preside over the meeting and finally make a final decision on which people could go on the Rainbow Bridge.As the 'strongest' of the family, Tang Zichen was naturally at liberty to arrange a few of his close ones, so it wasn't even called a matter anymore for Tang Huan and the others to go on the Rainbow Bridge.


Half a month later, the Rainbow Bridge was officially opened.

On that day, a colored shadow in the sky, whether seen from afar or up close, was a rainbow.

The rainbow slowly stretched down from the sky, and when it reached mid-air, it forked out eight separate dao.

The eight dao stretched to the eight Immortal Families.

The rainbow that extended to the Blue Fox Family landed right in the middle of the Blue Fox Family, right in front of Tang Zichen and the others.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, ascend the rainbow bridge one by one, in order."


Tang Zichen, as the 'number one strongest person' of the Blue Fox Family, was naturally the first to ascend, followed by Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Yan Xingyi, Mu Qianji, Light Water, and others behind Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's feet stepped on the rainbow, which looked like a transparent fog, but when he really stepped on it, it felt so solid.

Tang Zichen followed the rainbow bridge and slowly walked towards the sky.

Above the white clouds in the sky, there was a city like the lip of the sea, and if it wasn't for the rainbow bridge, there was no way to reach there. One second to remember to read the book

Likewise, the other seven major immortal cultivation families also ascended the Rainbow Bridge.

Soon, Tang Zichen stood on the clouds, stepping onto the clouds, and in the next second, Tang Zichen felt the scenery behind him change, and the buildings around him became real, no longer illusory.

Tang Zichen knew that he had finally arrived at the Six Seas.

"Wow, this is the Six Seas, we've finally arrived at the Six Seas."The crowd cheered.

When everyone got up to the Rainbow Bridge, the Rainbow Bridge disappeared.

Tang Zichen said to the people who came up from the Blue Fox Family, "Everyone, you are free to move around, the aura of the Six Seas is stronger, you can find any place to cultivate, if you want to return to the Five Seas, you must come here in a year's time when the Rainbow Bridge opens again."

After saying that, Tang Zichen left with Tang Huan and the others.

Those clansmen of the Blue Fox Clan still wanted to say something, but Tang Zichen was already gone.

They said in their hearts that Laobo was too irresponsible, leaving everyone out just like that.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen wasn't the real Blue Fox Laupo, he wasn't obligated to settle down and take care of those clansmen.

Immediately after Don Zichen leaves, he returns to his original appearance (which wasn't his true appearance when Don Zichen was taken from him before)

"Alright, I'm Tang Zichen now, I'm no longer Blue Fox Lauper, let's start a new life.Next, we're going to find the treasure of the Nine Demons in the Six Seas, my intuition tells me that the Nine Demons' treasure is going south, to a very, very large one."Tang Zichen said.


"Today, we'll stay at the Six Heavy Seas, and tomorrow, when we're ready to leave, we'll also need to familiarize ourselves with the Six Heavy Seas so that our next journey will be unaffected."

That night, Tang Zichen and the others stayed at an inn in the Sea of Six Heavy Seas.

Although the Six Heavy Sea also had many immortal cultivation families, but unlike the Five Heavy Sea, there was no division of territory here, everyone could go anywhere, so there were many restaurants and inns here, and the streets were very lively, very similar to these places like the Four Heavy Sea and the Three Heavy Sea, the only difference was that the aura here was far denser than the Five Heavy Sea.<

br />

Before the Five Seas held the eight rainbow bridges, the Immortals of the Five Seas, they fought like hell for the 100 seats on the bridges, and every year, many people died for this.Later, the Eight Great Immortal Families held the eight rainbow bridges, and from then on, being able to come to the Sea of Sixfold became the patent of the Eight Great Immortal Families.

Tang Zichen sat in the room, he was surrounded by five women, and these five women, one was more beautiful than the other.

Tang Zichen was somewhat speechless.

He was a man, leading a group of beautiful women, and those who didn't know would really think more.

However, Tang Zichen really wasn't in the mood to call any friends in the spirit world, much less brothers, because, the spirit world was destined to be a passing phase for him.

Tang Zichen pointed at the map on the table and said, "The place we're going to, should be here."

"The Sea of Death?"Mu Qianji's eyebrows furrowed, the place on the map that Tang Zichen was pointing at was a place called the Sea of Death.

"My intuition tells me that the treasure of the Nine Daoist Demons is the Sea of Death."

Mu Qianji said, "However, the map marks that the Sea of Death is a place that no immortal would dare to step into, and it's also marked with a red line."

Tang Zichen said, "Not only that, I've also made inquiries, to get to the Sea of Death, we must cross the Strait of the Dead, and from what people here say, we'll be dead before we even get close to the Sea of Death."

"What then?Still going?"Light Water asked.

"Oh, why don't you go."Tang Zichen smiled.

"The Strait of the Dead, I heard that there are endless spirits there, all the spirits of the Six Seas that have died abnormally will converge there, it's simply like the netherworld."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "No effort is no gain, besides, the Sea of Death, it's not that anyone who goes there will definitely die, it's just that the probability of death exceeds sixty or even seventy percent, no matter how strong the immortal cultivator is, no matter how strong they are, so this place is defined as the Sea of Death, it doesn't mean that anyone who goes there will definitely die.However, the mortality rate in the Immortal World was so high that few people dared to go there, including the strongest.However, some outlaws, or those with experience, dared to go.Otherwise, where else would the current auction of the Six Seas Workshop City's high spiritual medicines, and even ancient magic weapons and other treasures come from.They were all those people who risked their lives to get them from the Sea of Death.Moreover, the Sea of Death doesn't only have the treasures of the Nine Daoist Demons, but also many other ancient treasures."

"Where did you find out about it?"

Tang Zichen said, "I went out to buy a map this afternoon and asked people about it.Those who risked their lives to go to the Sea of Death, firstly, to collect spiritual medicines, and secondly, to see if they could find some magic treasures from the ancient relics.Nowadays, the most famous and known relics of the Sea of Death by outsiders were, the Lu Gong Gong Cave and the Bai Ziyang Relic.These two places would be visited by almost everyone who traveled to the Sea of Death to see if they could still pick up the pieces.Even after being searched for tens of thousands of years, people often find good things in these two places.However."

"But what?"

Tang Zichen said, "However, any place with heavy treasures mostly has strong beasts, or some inexplicable, dark creatures that no one even knows what they are, so going to the relics of these ancient strongmen, also life, bad life, and perhaps death."

"What about us?"Mu Qianji looked at Tang Huan and the others with some concern, they were weaker, was it necessary to go together.


Don Zichen said, "They must come with us."


Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, in fact, this afternoon, Tang Zichen secretly projected that this time, two of the six of them would die, Tang Zichen was still unable to project who would die, but the one with the highest probability in Tang Zichen's projection was Light Water, followed by Yan Xingyi.

Therefore, in the afternoon, Tang Zichen planned to have the four of them not go to the Sea of Death together, just Tang Zichen and Mu Qianyi.

However, if they didn't go together, the further projection was even worse than going together, all of them would die, and they would die miserably.

Therefore, Tang Zichen was determined to take them together, even though the consequences of going together, two of them might die.

"Phew."Tang Zichen looked at Yan Xin Yi and Light Water, hoping that they wouldn't die.

Extrapolation was, to be frank, a sixth sense, finished accurate, but able to react to certain possibilities, and, extrapolation was very mentally draining.

Tang Zichen projected in the afternoon, and as a result, it would take him at least half a month to recover to his peak.

Therefore, Tang Zichen now didn't know if he should wait until he recovered to his peak or if he should leave tomorrow.

The next day, Tang Zichen still decided to depart, after all, going to after death wasn't something that could be reached in three to five days, but would take at least five months, which was long enough for Tang Zichen to recover. The first website

The six of Tang Zichen came to a port, ready to buy a boat.Since it was impossible to rely on flying swords to fly to the Sea of Death, Tang Zichen didn't know why not, everyone, no matter how powerful, had to use a boat, so Tang Zichen could only buy a boat.

Tang Zichen used a flying sword in exchange and quickly bought a boat.

"Go, set off."

Tang Zichen personally sailed the boat, as no one wanted to go to the Sea of Death with them.

Not long after Tang Zichen's ship left, another large ship set off from the port, heading in the same direction as Tang Zichen's, also the Sea of Death.

The difference was that theirs was a large ship, and there were many strong people on board.

"Prince, from here to the Sea of Death, in about four months, we will reach the Strait of the Dead, the journey before the Strait of the Dead is not dangerous, only the Strait of the Dead is very dangerous, however, we have the most experienced mercenary group to help us, we can definitely cross the Strait of the Dead safely."On the deck of this large ship, an old man at the Mahayana stage said to a young man who was about at the Distraction stage, it seemed that the identity of that young man at the Distraction stage was not simple, as he was able to enlist the help of the most experienced mercenary group.

That young gentleman asked, "What mercenary group?"

"Death Scythe, this is the strongest mercenary group in the entire Six Seas, and their leader is known as Death.Between five hundred years, they have come and gone from the Sea of Death ten times.Now many important magic tools, magic treasures, elixirs, and formation scrolls of the Six Heavy Sea were obtained by their mercenary group in the Sea of Death.Prince, this time there is the Death Scythe Mercenary Corps traveling with us, I believe it is very safe, you will definitely find the noble star in your life."

Saying that, that young man opened a portrait, on the portrait was a woman, that woman had a national appearance, if you look carefully, this person, looked very similar to Yan Xin Yi.

That young gentleman looked at the portrait and said, "I hope so, if that old devil Yun Zhe deceives me, I will definitely not spare him."

"Duke, Yun Zhe is a strong lightning tribulation master, he specializes in formation, he is the strongest formation master in the entire spirit world, his mind is no longer

It's a general description, so his projection ability will definitely not be false, since he said that if you travel to this place, you will definitely be able to find the noble star in your life."

At this moment, Tang Zichen's ship was gradually flying forward.

For the first three months, there wasn't any danger.

After three months, it was gradually running into some people.

"Zichen, according to the direction on the map, we'll reach the Strait of the Dead in about a month."Mu Qianji said.

"Well, the Strait of the Dead, it's finally here, and I don't know what's so scary here."

"Yeah, I feel my heartbeat speeding up a bit even before we get there, hopefully this time, there won't be any casualties among us."

Tang Zichen said, "Even the most powerful mercenary group in the Six Seas can't be completely harmless."

"Ah."Mu Qianji looked a little nervous.

Just then, more than a dozen large ships suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking Tang Zichen and the others' way.

"There's a situation."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as the dozen large ships gradually approached and surrounded Tang Zichen's ship.

Tang Zichen's Spiritual Sense had already scanned, and the dozen or so large ships that surrounded him contained two Mahayana stages, dozens of Separation stages, and countless even lower level Immortal cultivators.

Tang Zichen flew straight up, and Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Zichen, don't be impulsive, we're very weak right now, and your true strength can't even kill the Separation Stage."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded, however, Tang Zichen had Blue Fox Laobo's infant on him, so Tang Zichen was a Mahayana Stage from the outside, so as long as he didn't do anything, others wouldn't know that he was actually a Merging Stage.

Tang Zichen flew onto the other party's large ship and headed straight for the two Mahayana stage powerhouses on the other party's large ship.

"Why are you stopping my ship?"Tang Zichen emitted anger in person with the two Mahayana stages on the other side.

Those two Mahayana stages on the other side were at the third and second stages of the Mahayana stage respectively.

"Hehe, this fellow Daoist, we are from the Ironclad Island, the Ironclad Clan, and the place you are passing through right now happens to be the sea of my Ironclad Clan.I'm sure you're the one heading to the Sea of Death, and you must be going to the Sea of Death for the first time."

"So what if I am?"

"It's no wonder that anyone who travels to the Sea of Death regularly, or has experience with it, would take a detour to pass through."

"So, I can't pass through here?"

"Yes, this is the waters of the Iron Clan, for countless years, no outsider has been allowed to enter our waters, and I won't lie to you, underneath this sea, there are countless ancestors of my Iron Clan buried, do you think anyone can pass over the heads of our ancestors?"That Mahayana third stage man was furious.

Tang Zichen said, "What if I have to go through?"

"Hahaha, let's try then."

The situation became tense, as if the next moment would be the one to do it.

However, Tang Zichen knew full well that he only had the momentum of the third stage of the Mahayana stage in vain, and did not have the true strength of the Mahayana stage.

There were dozens of Separation Stage in this group of Iron Clan people, and it was likely that any one of them could finish them off.

Tang Zichen and the rest of them were already a bit too weak to make their way through the Six Seas.


Five Heavy Seas Tang Zichen and the others were already barely there.

Not to mention that the Mahayana stage was full of people, at least in the Sixfold Sea, the combined body stage and the distraction stage were full of people.

Tang Zichen was only a combined second stage, while Tang Huan Mu Qianji and the others, who were even more combined first stage, were among the weakest group of people who were running full ground in the Six Heavy Seas.

Of course, it wasn't that the Six Heavy Sea didn't have even weaker ones like the Infant stage, but there were just a lot of Combined and Distinct stages relatively speaking.

Moreover, to be able to settle in the Six Heavy Sea, this strength was by no means ordinary, otherwise, it would be impossible to become a power in the Six Heavy Sea.

The place where Tang Zichen and the others were at the moment was the Sixfold Sea, the territory of the Iron Clad Clan.

Tang Zichen confronted the two Iron Clad Clans for a while, neither side fought, after all, the other side thought that Tang Zichen was also at the third stage of the Mahayana stage.

Tang Zichen said, "So what do you want now?"

"Anyone who disturbs our Ironclad ancestors must go to our Ironclad Island, make amends to our Ironclad ancestors, and receive forgiveness before they can move on."

"What if they don't?"

"Hmph, Six Seas, no one has dared to say no yet." Remember the URL


"Boy, are you seriously going against us?"The situation turned grim once again.

At this time, Mu Qianji flew up and said, "What does it mean to go and make amends to your ancestors?"

"It's nothing meaningful, it's just a matter of offering incense to our ancestors to gain forgiveness, after all, you did disturb the spirits of our ancestors' dead."

At this time, Light Water also flew up.

Light Water was also a Grand Multiplication Stage, although it was the first stage, however, Light Water had no deterrent effect on these two Iron Clan Grand Multiplication Stage, because the first stage was no match at all when compared to the second stage, and to reach this level, even in the same level, the strength of different people was vastly different.Moreover, Light Water was relying on the fusion of Blue Fox Lily's infant, Light Water, to put it bluntly, had an empty realm, with little real fighting power, and was far, far inferior to those who had truly cultivated to the Mahayana stage on their own.

Otherwise, Tang Zichen could have given Light Water the use of the Heavenly Dharma first, which would also enhance their group strength.

But unfortunately, Light Water couldn't refine a Heavenly Grade magic weapon at all, so how could he talk about driving a Heavenly Grade magic weapon.

Mu Qianji exchanged glances with Tang Zichen and said, "Alright then, let's go."

"That's the right thing to do, go with our ship."

Tang Zichen endured his anger, but he had no choice, he had to bow his head under the roof.

Tang Zichen returned to his ship and their ship was towed, following the Iron Clan's ship.

At this moment, hundreds of miles away, a large ship was sailing in the same direction, but when that large ship reached a certain distance, it immediately turned its bow and went around in another direction.

When that young gentleman standing on the deck saw this, he was busy asking, "Why is the direction of travel off?"

"Duke, you have no idea, continue on, it's the Iron Clan's sea."

"The Iron Clan?"

"Yes, the Iron Clan's seas cannot be approached easily.Although one must pass through the Iron Clan's waters to get to the Sea of Death, anyone who passes through must take a detour, or else they will be wiped out before they reach the Straits of Death."

"Even the strongest mercenary group of the Six Seas, the Death Scythe, doesn't dare to force its way through the Iron Clan's waters?"

"Of course, the Death Scythe is powerful, but it's simply not enough in front of the Iron Clan.So, let's not get into too much trouble, in any case, as long as the Death Scythe Mercenaries bring us to our destination."

"Hmph, the Iron Clad Clan, could it be that they are the legendary ones that can summon undead spirits'

The Iron Clan?"

"Yes, it's only a month's boat ride from here to the Straits of the Dead, which can be said to be very close, and the Iron Clan holds the secret method of summoning the spirits of the dead, so they are very powerful."

"What if someone strayed into the Iron Clan's waters?"The young gentleman asked.

"Oh, there is only one way, death, and the Iron Clan will not spare anyone who dares to violate their waters."

Tang Zichen sat on his boat, looking depressed.

"Zichen, don't be depressed, it's because we came in a hurry, we didn't plan the route properly and didn't ask around, we should have found an experienced one to poke around, so we could have taken a detour before."Mu Qianji said.

"What Iron Clan, it's clearly a bunch of pirates."

"And what can we do, although we have two Mahayana on board, but, both of them can only be used to scare people, you don't have to say, light water well, it's simply unbearable.We can only go to the Iron Clan and offer a pillar of incense to their ancestors."

"What if it's not as simple as going to the pillar of incense?"

"I don't think so, not so much as to fool us, and besides, we're just misfits, so don't be so pessimistic."

"I hope so, otherwise, I will never forgive them."Tang Zichen closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

Although, it was difficult for Tang Zichen to move forward, whether it was cultivating magic tools or raising his cultivation, he had reached a bottleneck and couldn't bring it up anymore, as other people had spent almost seven hundred, eight hundred, or even a thousand years cultivating to this realm.Right now, if one relied on one's own cultivation, Tang Zichen truly felt what it meant to be unable to move an inch.

Therefore, Tang Zichen prayed that he must find the Nine Daoist Demon King's treasure and find his spirit stone cave, or he would be weak and burst.

Soon, the boat stopped.

"Alright, ahead is our Ironclad Island, please follow us to the island immediately, and don't say a word while you're on the island, or else don't blame us for disturbing our ancestors."That Iron Clan's Mahayana third stage powerhouse said.

Tang Zichen and the others, walked out of the cabin.

However, Tang Zichen had the foresight to change the faces of Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, and Yan Xinyi before they even arrived at Ironclad Island, dressing them up ugly first.Beautiful women in this world will always arouse some people's desires, it's better to be on the safe side.Of course, Mu Qianji and Qing Shui, had just shown their faces, so they had no choice but to not dress up for now.

The six of them, Tang Zichen, stepped onto the Iron Clan's island.

At that moment, Tang Huan said, "Why is the entire island so quiet?"

"Boom."At that moment, a roar suddenly appeared in the air, as if something invisible was rushing over.

"Watch out."With a shock, Tang Zichen pulled Tang Huan away and struck out with a palm at the same time.

Tang Zichen felt that he had hit something invisible.

Tang Huan was frightened, the entire Iron Clad Island felt strange, even though it was daytime, it was here in an eerie atmosphere.

The man at the front of the third stage of the Mahayana stage came over, with anger, the whisper was: "Already told you not to speak, you don't listen, hmmm, if you don't want to die, keep talking."

Tang Zichen did not say anything, Mu Qianji sent a message to Tang Zichen: "What is it?"

Don said, "It's the undead."

"Ah, how do you know?Are there really undead in the world?"

"There, I met it in the mortal realm, when I was deep in a vision of the undead, and it was your master who awakened me."

"Uh."The more Mu Qianji remembered.

That was the Ghost Valley of the Mortal Realm back then, I didn't expect that there were so many undead on the Iron Clan island, and the undead here were clearly much stronger, in no way could they be compared to the Ghost Valley of the Mortal Realm.


Soon, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the center of Iron Clad Island, inside a huge palace.

"You guys follow me in."

Tang Zichen's few people walked into the palace.

A gale was blowing, and roars could be faintly heard.

Tang Zichen kept his guard up at all times, as Tang Zichen's intuition told him that these Ironclad Islanders did not have good intentions at all.

After entering the front of the main hall, Tang Zichen saw rows and rows of spirit cards, less than hundreds of thousands of them.

"Ah."Tang Zichen felt very shocked.

Just then, Tang Zichen noticed a detail, there was no incense burner in front of this entire row of spirit cards, and without an incense burner, how could there be talk of incense?

Sure enough, the strong man at the third stage of the Mahayana stage who was walking in front said to the air, "Seer spirits, the sacrifice is here, enjoy it."

"Roar."The entire palace let out a loud bang.

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "Sacrifice?You brought us here as a sacrifice?" One second to remember to read the book

That Mahayana third stage man laughed, "That's right, you idiot, you don't really think you've come to burn any incense.It's useless, you've offended our Tie Clan's sea, you must be made to be sacrifices, you had it coming, you could have taken a detour."

After saying that, the entire palace, suddenly darkened, just now, although it was eerie, at least there was light, but now, it was out of reach.

Tang Zichen saw countless black shadows, appearing from the rows of spirit cards, like smoke for a moment, and from time to time, an illusory face could be seen, incomparably terrifying.

"Ah."Tang Huan Lu Yuxi had screamed in fright.

The entire palace was dark and no one could be seen.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Everyone hold hands and walk step by step to the door."

Tang Zichen quickly pulled on Mu Qianji's hand, and Mu Qianji also pulled on Yan Xinyi, just like that, one by one.

Just when Tang Zichen thought that everyone was holding hands, suddenly, a loud shout came from not far away, "You guys, where are you guys, I can't see where your hands are."The one who spoke was Light Water.

Light Water was unable to pull everyone's hands.

At that moment, Tang Huan shouted, "It hurts on my body."

Tang Zichen also felt it, as if there were countless ants biting.

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, and he took out his Heavenly Grade magic weapon.

Shura Twelve Knives.

Tang Zichen cut down with a very good slash.

However, without the slightest effect, the black smoke that filled the sky instantly wiped out all of Tang Zichen's attacks.

"Ah, none of the attacks of the Heavenly Ranking Dharma Weapon have any effect."

Just as Tang Zichen was horrified, he suddenly felt that countless hands snatched away the heavenly-grade magic weapon in his hands, and Tang Zichen's hands were empty.

"My celestial artifact has been snatched."

"Oooh, why is this happening, what are these black fogs."Lu Yuxi said in a wailing voice.

"It's a ghost, Ironclad Island is able to keep ghosts in captivity for some unknown reason.If I'm not mistaken, these countless ghosts can devour all attacks, and the Shura Twelve Blades I just used were not enough to devour, and couldn't turn over a single wave.No wonder Ironclad Island is so powerful, no matter how strong the enemy is, if you come to Ironclad Island, you have to die."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji and the others' faces all changed, captive raising ghosts and devouring all attacks, this was too strong.

Tang Zichen also guessed that

The captive ghosts of Ironclad Island could only exist in this special palace, and even have to exist in this special island, otherwise, the ghosts that were able to devour all attacks would have been able to dominate the Six Seas long ago.

At this time, a loud laugh came from the roof: "Hahaha, the many, I, Ironclad Island, am able to dominate this sea, precisely relying on these ghosts."

Tang Zichen could hear that the laughter on the roof was the same man of the third stage of the Mahayana stage who had brought them here before, and he didn't even leave.

Yan Xin Yi cursed, "You're despicable and shameless, what do you want?"

"Of course it's a sacrifice, don't worry, it's not that fast, wait another thirty to fifty minutes and you'll become a wisp of that countless black smoke, meanwhile, I'll help you all set up a spirit plate."

"What did you say?Is it all this countless black smoke?"

"That's right, these countless ghosts were accumulated bit by bit over tens of thousands of years by the ancestors of my Ironclad Island, who were once all living people, just like you, who entered this great hall and then became one of them."


Tang Zichen was also horrified, Tang Zichen had just thought that those spirit cards were their ancestors, but now he realized that they weren't at all, they got a spirit card after every living person they killed, so more and more.

The voice on the roof laughed and said, "Enjoy yourselves, hahaha."After saying that, the voice on the roof flew away.

Tang Zichen leapt and tried to rush out of the roof.

However, the ghost like smoke swallowed all attacks.Tang Zichen leapt, and the power his legs gave out was swallowed up in no time, so no matter how much Tang Zichen stirred his legs, it was of no use at all.

"What to do, all the power from my stirrups will be swallowed up."

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Let's grope our way to the door, step by step."

Tang Zichen tried to lift his leg, but found that he couldn't even do it.

"There's no way out, we can't leave this place, do we really have to become one of these countless ghosts?"Yan Xin Yi sighed.

Tang Zichen snorted, "It's impossible."

Tang Zichen wasn't nervous at all, the reason he hadn't done anything to exterminate these ghosts yet was because he wanted to experience what they were capable of.

A white light appeared on Tang Zichen's hand.

It was from the immortal energy within Tang Zichen's body.

All the black smoke near Tang Zichen immediately retreated in fear.

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, no matter how powerful these ghosts were, they would only be scum when they came across Tang Zichen's immortal Qi.

The white light in Tang Zichen's hand was like a candle in the pitch blackness, lighting up the surrounding area of several meters, Tang Huan Yan Xinyi Lu Yuxi Mu Qianjie four people, tightly surrounded Tang Zichen's side.

"Wow, they don't dare to come closer, as long as they don't, they can't devour all the power."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go find Thousand Water."

Lu Yuxi immediately shouted, "Thousand Shui, where are you?"

"I'm here, I can't see you guys, where are you guys, I'm so itchy all over."Thousand Shui was ten meters away, making a painful sound.

Lu Yuxi said, "Didn't Thousand Water see the white light on Tang Shao's hand?"

"It can't be seen, as long as there's a ghost wrapped around her, we can't see it, let's go, let's head towards that place of hers."

Within a few seconds, Tang Zichen walked up to Light Water, and suddenly, the faint black smoke around Light Water immediately scattered and fled.


"Tang Shao."Light Water looked at Tang Zichen excitedly, the feeling of despair just now as long as she understood.

"Alright, it's fine, now we can head straight to the front door."Tang Zichen said.

Although he couldn't see the light at the gate, Tang Zichen remembered the location, if he kept walking out in that direction, he would reach the gate.

The people of the Iron Clan were afraid that they wouldn't believe to death that Tang Zichen and the others actually had something that defeated the ghosts.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, I don't think we can walk out right now."


"In case there are strong people from the Iron Clad Clan who see it from outside, they will definitely hunt us down, so we might as well wait until they think, we've become ghosts and they relax their vigilance, then we'll leave."

Tang Zichen thought about it and said, "Fine, I would have hated to exterminate Ironclad Island, but unfortunately with my strength at the moment, I can't exterminate it yet."

"Then we'll wait until it's dark, then we'll leave."

Mu Qianji asked, "I don't know why these ghosts, why they can only aggregate in this palace, they won't disperse, ghosts must aggregate in large numbers to be effective, once they disperse, they are ineffective."

"Yeah, if you can have a magic weapon that can hold the ghosts, then you can carry these ghosts with you, what a powerful magic weapon."Tang Zichen smiled. First URL

Light Water said, "I searched from Blue Fox Lily's memories and learned that in the ancient times, there was indeed such a magic weapon called the Soul Recruiting Banner, and this Soul Recruiting Banner would be able to infinitely contain ghosts."

"Recruiting spirit streamer?"Tang Zichen also immediately searched for Blue Fox Lily's memories, and sure enough, there was such a magic weapon in the ancient era, but unfortunately, it had been lost long ago.

If there was still the Soul Recruiting Banner, then it would be able to take away all the ghosts here, and how powerful it would be to devour all the opponent's attacks in a battle.Of course, the strength of the Soul Recruiting Banner was also closely related to the number of ghosts it held.However, as far as Blue Fox Lily's memory knew, the Soul Recruiting Hundred was a magic weapon that belonged to a demonic monk, because the person who refined it was an extremely evil person who killed countless people.

After about an hour, the black smoke in the palace began to gradually recede, and a wisp of black smoke returned to the piece of token inside.

Finally, when all the black smoke returned inside the token, the entire palace became bright again.

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Oh no, I didn't expect that in an hour or so, these ghosts would return to the tokens, the strong men of the Iron Clan will definitely return, when they come back and see that we are still alive, wouldn't it be."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, but instead focused his eyes on the numerous spirit tokens.

Tang Zichen said, "These spirit cards are by no means ordinary spirit cards, if I'm not wrong, these spirit cards are spirit cards that can store ghosts."

"Ah, spirit cards that can store ghosts?Wouldn't that be the same as waving a soul?"

"It's different, the Spirit Recruiting Banner can receive countless ghosts, and this spirit tag, I guess it can only receive one soul each, otherwise why would the Iron Clan need to get so many spirit tags."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "People of the Iron Clan, you brought me here, since I'm still alive, I'm not going to be rude."

After saying that, Tang Zichen rushed up and took away all of the rows of spirit cards and put them into his storage ring.

"Zichen, what are you doing?"Mu Qianji was shocked.

"Nonsense, of course, I'm taking away all these spirit cards, although I can't profit

Use it, but I can make the Iron Clan suffer heavy losses and gouge out the very foundation they're based on, and that's the price."Tang Zichen laughed loudly.

If the Iron Clan knew, it would really explode with anger, they, the Iron Clan, were able to become the overlord of this sea by virtue of these ghosts ah, even if even the most powerful cultivators came, these ghosts could still devour their attacks, so the Iron Clan stood for tens of thousands of years without falling.And now, Tang Zichen took away all the spirit cards, that's still true.

Tang Huan clapped his hands and said, "Great, they should be taken away, so that they don't have a single ghost, I'll see how they can still be arrogant."

Tang Zichen was fast, collecting them in rows and clamoring.

However, with so many spirit cards, hundreds of thousands or even millions of them, it would take a while to collect them all.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen was very fast at collecting cards, and with a wave of his hand, thousands of spirit cards were in his storage ring.

"Zichen, does your storage ring have this much space?"Mu Qianji asked.

"Don't worry, I've already upgraded my storage ring, it's no problem to fit the entire palace, not to mention these spirit cards."

And at this moment, on a certain loft on Ironclad Island.

Three old men were drinking tea, their eyes looking towards the palace in the distance, and one of them, a fifth stage Mahayana stage old man, said, "The Hall of the Prior Soul has become brighter, those spirits of the dead have returned to the plaque."

"There's no hurry, wait until you finish drinking this pot of tea, then go back and take a look, since ancient times, no one has been able to live through the sacrifice, those people just now, I'm afraid they've all turned into a wisp of black smoke now."

"Are you sure that those people just now don't have any backstage?Or what's the origin?"

"Don't worry, but anyone with a bit of history won't be unaware of the power of our Iron Clan and won't force their way into our waters."

"Hehe, then they deserve to die."

At this moment, Tang Zichen had already taken away half of the spirit cards.

"Damn, my hands are sore."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji also came up to help, but unfortunately, Mu Qianji's spatial ring didn't have a large capacity, and it was full after collecting seventy or eighty thousand spirit cards.

As time passed little by little, half an hour passed.

"Haha, finished."Tang Zichen smiled.

"So what now?How do you go?"Everyone was frightened, after all, taking away the lifeblood of the Iron Clan ah.

Tang Zichen looked at the ground and said, "Drill away."

"Uh, that seems like a good idea."

With a flip of Tang Zichen's hand, an iron chain appeared, the chain did not turn into a chain man, but instead turned into a tool similar to a specialized hole digger as Tang Zichen's heart desired.

"Drill for me."

Like a spiral fan, the earth-drilling iron chain drilled into the ground in a flash, and Tang Zichen and the others quickly left.

Soon, Tang Zichen and the others drilled down to the bottom of the sea and entered the seawater.

Tang Zichen said, "Quick, try to see if you can use the flying sword at the bottom of the sea."

Unfortunately, for some reason, couldn't use the flying swords, couldn't drive them.

The reason why they chose to take the boat before was because they couldn't use the flying sword, and they didn't know what power was limiting it.

Tang Zichen immediately tried to put his Immortal Qi, around the flying sword, to see if it could drive the flying sword with Immortal Qi.

"Huh, it worked."


Yes, Tang Zichen's flying sword could be driven immediately after using Immortal Qi Winding.

"Haha, what a balm, it can be used anywhere."Tang Zichen laughed, the Nine Daoist Demon King's Immortal Qi was truly divine, it could be used against anything.

Tang Zichen raised his flying sword up and said, "All come up to my flying sword, then, let's move forward without delay."

"What if the strong Iron Clan comes after us?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Catching up, then let's watch them chase, I'm sure they can't drive the flying sword, so they won't be able to catch up to us, hahaha."

Tang Zichen felt so relaxed, he had a feeling of playing and torturing his opponent, he was afraid of being caught up, but now he wasn't worried at all.

At this moment, on Ironclad Island, the three old men were laughingly flying to that place called the Hall of Preceding Souls.

They thought that Tang Zichen's and their ghosts were definitely messing around in the main hall, so they took a few spirit cards they had made earlier and were going to use them to contain Tang Zichen's and their spirits.

However, their smiling faces were gone when they took the step into the threshold of the main hall.

Then, the three of them, the three old men, quickly rushed inside the main hall until they reached the front of a row of shelves that housed the spirit cards, only then were they convinced that it was gone.

All the spirit cards were gone. Remember the URL




The three old men, almost at the same time, let out a hissing roar that almost overturned the entire Ironclad Island.

"How could this happen?"

"Where are all these advance soul cards?"

"Heavens, none of the ancestral soul cards that my Iron Clan ancestors accumulated bit by bit through the generations are left."

They were dumbfounded.

It wasn't until several seconds later that they came to their senses.

"Quick, find."

Just then, an old man actually saw a pile of dirt in the corner of the main hall, not really looking at it seriously just now, when Tang Zichen drilled the ground, he purposely looked for a corner that was least noticeable.

Three old men ran up, a passageway that led straight to the ground.

"Chase."The strongest old man, let out a hysterical roar, his face held red, it was obvious that he was angry and scared, because it was too important.

At this time, Tang Zichen's few people were slowly moving forward on the ocean floor.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Fuckin' eggs, why haven't they caught up with us yet."

"Speechless, are you intent on angering them."Mu Qianji laughed.

"Nonsense, I'm going to piss them off, I'm going to make them watch."

At this moment, three old men from the rear came after them.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Haha, they're here, they've finally caught up."

Tang Zichen deliberately lowered his speed and waited for them to catch up, it wasn't long before they caught up to him.

"Stop."That strongest old man yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "What are you guys chasing after us for?Can I help you?"

"I ask you, where is our Prior Soul card?Where did it go?"That strongest old man asked.

Tang Zichen took out one of the Seer Soul Plaques from his storage ring and asked, "Do you mean this one?"

"Ah."The three old men were shocked, but they were really in Tang Zichen's hands.

"Did you, did you take all of our Prior Soul Cards?"The three old men asked after him, Tang Zichen made him fly his sword at a speed that was just a little faster than them to drive.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Yes, but I don't mind returning some of these many Seer Soul Cards to you."Saying that, Tang Zichen poured out a few thousand pieces at once.

The spirit cards that were poured out were immediately useless, and the undead inside scattered all at once, these

The undead must be in a special place to keep from scattering.

"Stop, stop."The three old men who were chasing shouted in distress, telling Tang Zichen not to pour out.

However, Tang Zichen continued to pour.

Soon, tens of thousands of spirit cards were poured out, and the tens of thousands of quick spirit cards were immediately nullified, and the undead inside dissipated and turned into air.

"Stop pouring them out, I beg you."The three old men pleaded.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm returning some of these to you, I really don't know how to be nice."

"These Seer Spirit Cards can only be aggregated in the Seer Spirit Hall, how much you pour out, it will all disperse."

"Really? Oh, so."

"Quick, give them back to us."

"It's so fake to think about something that's already in my hands and still want to return to yours."

"Oooooh, please, these ancestral soul cards were accumulated little by little by our ancestors of all generations, ah, please."One of the old men pleaded.

"Hmph, begging me, when I wanted to turn me into one of the spirit cards before, why didn't I think of this now.I'm sorry to inform you officially that you, the Iron Clan, will have no spirit cards from now on."


"If you want a spirit medallion, catch up to me."Tang Zichen snorted.

"You, why can you drive a flying sword?There's no reason, this is the Water of Death, no one can drive a flying sword, not even in the sky, let alone in the sea."

"How can my skills be something you guys can imagine, Alright, Grandpa Tang I'm not in the mood to talk to you anymore, goodbye."

Saying that, Tang Zichen drove his flying sword to accelerate.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's figure disappeared in a flash.

"No."The three old men let out heartbreaking roars.

Tang Zichen quickly rushed out of the sea, his flying sword traveling in the sky.

The direction was towards the Straits of the Dead.

Because of using the flying sword, the speed was fast, far from being as slow as taking a boat.

It was believed that it wouldn't take half a day to reach the Strait of the Dead, and after crossing the Strait of the Dead, it would soon be time to reach the Sea of Death.

Lu Yuxi said, "Tang Shao, everyone can't use flying swords to travel, while we can, our advantage is too obvious."

"Yeah, when we'll be in the Sea of Death, we probably won't be in any danger."

"It's just good to follow Tang Shao around."Light Water smiled and flattered.

Tang Zichen smiled pleasantly.

Tang Zichen took the opportunity to project Yan Xin Yi and Light Water's risk this time again.

Tang Zichen was horrified to discover that Yan Xingyi and Light Water were not in any crisis.

"Yay, broken, I've broken their life and death crisis, it seems that the crisis that was projected before is the one that should be on Ironclad Island."

Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

The flight was less than three hours, and it was still slow.

Suddenly, there was a burst of smoke, but it was white.

Faintly, Tang Zichen saw the outline of a strait in front of him.

"Everyone be careful, if I'm not mistaken, the Strait of the Dead is here."

"Ah, so fast."

"We're driving flying swords, of course we're fast.However, there's no need to be careful, the Strait of the Dead is just that, other people might have to be careful, but we can go straight."

Since Tang Zichen's flying sword was wrapped with immortal energy, the white smoke that entered the Strait of the Dead scattered and fled, as if they were afraid of Tang Zichen's flying sword.


Soon, at the speed of the flying sword, in less than half a minute, it crossed the Strait of the Dead, and a moment of clarity in front of it, the sky and the calendar.


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