The King of Kungfu in school 1791-1800


Chapter 1791

Five days later, Tang Zichen was cultivating in his cave when there was a knock on the door outside.

Tang Zichen was busy opening the door.

"Senior, there's news."The guard standing at the door said to Tang Zichen.

"Mo Yuyan is back?"Tang Zichen panicked and asked.

This guard at the door was the same guard that Tang Zichen had spent a seventh grade spirit stone to purchase news from at the auction a few days before, Tang Zichen had told him when he left the auction a few days ago to come and report to him as soon as he had news about Mo Yuyan.

After waiting for five days, we finally got some news.

Lone Wei Dong said, "Senior, the First Princess didn't come back, it's His Majesty the First Emperor and Senior Ma Forcing and others who have returned."

"They spied on Mo Yuyan?"

Lone Guardian Dong: "Yes, they've gotten the news about Mo Yuyan, but the news hasn't been fully confirmed yet."

"What happened to Mo Yuyan, where is the person, say."

"According to the news I heard this morning, Mo Yuyan was at the border of the sea between the Mo Dynasty and the Yao Dynasty, she was met by a prince of the human Yao Dynasty, and that prince of the Yao Dynasty captured Mo Yuyan, and at the same time, killed all of Mo Yuyan's followers and destroyed Mo Yuyan's ship." A second to remember to read the book

"The prince of the Yew Dynasty?"Tang Zichen was startled, before Tang Zichen was sure that Mo Yuyan was rowing her boat in the direction of the north, and north was the sea of the Yao Clan Dynasty.Unexpectedly, it turned out to be related to the Yao Clan Dynasty."

Lone Weidong said, "We, the Moji Dynasty, do not have a good relationship with the Yao Clan Dynasty, or we can say that the relationship is very stale.The reason why the prince of the Yao Clan dynasty dared to capture Mo Yuyan must have thought that the Mo Clan dynasty was going to end, and that Mo Yuyan was beautiful, so he wouldn't play for nothing."

"He dared."Tang Zichen was furious.

"However, this news is from the mouth of a fisherman, so it's yet to be determined whether or not she was really captured by the prince of the Yao Clan's dynasty.It is said that His Majesty the Chang Emperor personally went to the capital of the Yew Dynasty and demanded that they hand over the Princess, but of course they would not admit it and denied it outright.So, the matter is at an impasse."

"Hmph, the Yao Clan Dynasty."Tang Zichen's gaze chilled.

"Right now, His Majesty, the eldest emperor, is holding a meeting to discuss the matter.When I came out, the meeting hadn't started yet, so I can't report to you on the contents of the meeting for now."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, so I'll go back first, and I'll report back to you if there's any new information."

"Good."Tang Zichen was not polite anymore.

This lonely Wei Dong, he was so pleasing to Tang Zichen, firstly, Tang Zichen gave him a seventh grade spirit stone that day, it was very generous, secondly, he could see that Tang Zichen was a big man, so why not serve a big man, why not.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows were locked as he said inwardly, "I wonder if something will have happened to Mo Yuyan by now, already tainted by a certain prince of the Yao Clan's dynasty.Alas, she saved my life in the first place, and I didn't repay her kindness other than returning an equivalent scroll to him.If she really was defiled and killed by a prince of the Yew Clan Dynasty, I swear that I will avenge her."

At this moment, in the Mo Clan's Imperial Palace.

Long Emperor Mo Qing, as well as the second strongest member of the Mo Dynasty, Ma Diao, the fourth strongest member of the Mo Dynasty, Ma Force, and the fifth and sixth two strongest members of the first stage of Tribulation

The person Liu Bing and Song Complaint, five people, were sitting in the conference room.

Of course, there was a circle of Mahayana's beside them.

However, in this kind of meeting, the Mahayana's were only the foils, and the Half Immortals were the dominant ones.

His Eternal Majesty said to everyone, "Everyone, according to a fisherman's news, my daughter was most likely captured by Yew's Imperial Dynasty at the junction of the seas, and also, Yew's Imperial Dynasty killed all the attendants who were on the ship and destroyed the vessel, he thought that he was doing a seamless job, but unbeknownst to me, a fisherman who was operating in the deep sea knew about it.However, I ventured into the capital of the Yew's dynasty for this, and I demanded that they hand over my daughter, but they flatly denied it, saying that there was no such thing.Now I don't know if my daughter is alive or dead.The reason I'm calling this meeting today is to hear your opinions.Uncle Ma, you speak first."Mo Qing looked at that second strongest person of the fifth stage of tribulation, Ma Diao.

Ma Diao was the second strongest person and was of the same generation as Mo Qing's father, Mo Green, so Mo Qing called him Uncle Ma.

Ma carved frowned and said, "Nephew Mo Qing, after such a big incident, why don't you invite your father out, your father is the number one strongest person in our Mo Dynasty."

Ma Diao's son Ma Force was busy saying, "Yes, big brother Changhuang, Mo Yuyan is your father's most favored granddaughter ah, before even at the risk of losing her own cultivation to help her cultivate, now Mo Yuyan has been captured, Uncle Mo Green has no reason not to come out ah, you only called my father out for a meeting, but not your father, what's going on here.For those who don't know, they thought that Uncle Mo Green, isn't he already passed away."

Long Huang's face was ugly, this Ma Diao and his son, seemed to be intentionally making things difficult.

Ma carved immediately pretended to reprimand, "Ma forced, don't talk nonsense, ramming Uncle Murquoise only you are asking."

"I'm just worried about Uncle Murquoise."Ma pushed said with a flick of his mouth.

The long emperor was busy saying, "Thank you Ma Force brotherly relations, my father is fine, but he just can't pull away, his cultivation is at a critical moment, and I can't disturb him, so I can only bother Uncle Ma Diao, and all the other brothers.Now my daughter's life and death are unknown, so let's all tell me what to do."

Ma Diao said, "Nephew Mo Qing, Mo Yuyan is your daughter, tell me yourself what you want to do."

"It's very tricky now, the Yao Clan dynasty is deadly refusing to admit that one of their princes has captured my daughter."The long emperor said in a difficult manner.

"Since they won't admit it, we can't force them to admit it, now that the Yao Clan Dynasty, is more powerful than our Mo Clan, and your father, Mo Green, is at a critical moment, we can't mess with them ah."

"Are we just going to let my daughter be captured by them and leave her alone?"Changhuang was anxious.

Ma forced to say, "Big brother Changhuang, Mo Yuyan was captured by a certain prince of the Yao Dynasty, it's been a few days, if they are determined to do what your daughter wants, then your daughter would have already been what ah by now, what can you do if you get her back."

"You're insolent."The long emperor roared in anger, unable to hold back because Ma Force was very disrespectful.

Ma Force was very upset at being yelled at and left his mouth darkly.

Ma Diao laughed, "Mo Qing nephew, why get angry, what can you do, if you want to blame, blame your daughter, you really don't know the sky, you don't stay in the national capital properly, you have to go out.If the Yao Clan dynasty keeps refusing to acknowledge it, we really have no choice, we can't kill her, besides, you've already been there once, and didn't you also end up not bringing her back."


Mo Qing said apologetically, "Uncle Ma Diao, after all, I'm only a fourth stage of Tribulation, and I've just taken over the position of Long Emperor for a few years, so I don't have much prestige in the Six Seas, so I need to trouble you to help me run to the Yao Clan Dynasty.I think, with your reputation, the Yao Clan Dynasty will definitely not dare to disrespect you, nephew begs you."

Ma Diao said, "Nephew Mo Qing, aren't you making things difficult for me, I've also been at a critical moment in my cultivation recently, I can't be distracted.I'm sure you can understand my difficulty, just as you understand your father."


"Alright, nephew Mo Qing, I still have to go practice."

"Uncle Ma Diao, what about my daughter?"

"Sorry, there's no way I'm going to let myself wade into danger because of a woman, unless, your father is the one who invited me, no way."After saying that, Ma Diao directly walked away, not giving any face at all.

Ma forced a smile, "Big brother Changhuang, I also have to leave beforehand, you guys have a good meeting."

Mo Qing just snorted lightly, if Ma Diao didn't help, there would be no chance of Mo Yuyan coming back.

"What if I leave first, Long Huang brother?"Liu Bing and Song Complaining Tian both looked at Mo Qing and asked.

Mo Qing said, "Issue an order down, whoever can help me bring back my daughter, I'll make him my son-in-law."

"Ah, such a child's play." The first website


"We're going to release the information.Your Majesty can rest assured that there will definitely be some big families and powers, and some of them will be willing to find a way in order to bond with you, thus."

At this time, Tang Zichen was flying the skies, and the direction Tang Zichen was flying was the direction of the Yao Clan Dynasty.

"Mo Yuyan, whether you're in the Yao Clan Dynasty or not, I, Tang Zichen, will go to find you, and if you die, I'll avenge your death, and if you're still alive, I'll definitely bring you home.This is considered returning the favor of saving your life."Tang Zichen swore inside as he flew.

And at this moment, in the imperial capital of the Mo Dynasty, the Mo Clan promulgated a message to all the families and powers: anyone who brought the eldest princess back to the imperial capital would be crowned as his son-in-law.

Only, after this message was promulgated, instead of many people going to save the eldest princess as it was meant to be, it was secretly, quietly reduced to a joke.

For example, in a restaurant's private room, there were people discussing in secret.

"It seems that Mo really has run out of steam."

"Indeed, an emperor ruling the imperial dynasty is incapable of rescuing his daughter himself, so how can he expect others?"

"Mo's probably won't last long, incompetent to this extent, and still registering a son-in-law, it's ridiculous, if it's really as rumored that the eldest princess was captured by the prince of the Yao Clan dynasty, then it would have been played to death long ago, a played to death princess, unless she's from the bottom, but any strong man with some status wouldn't want such a woman."

"The Mo Dynasty, after ruling for over a hundred thousand years, is finally going to fall in this generation ah, now it's just a matter of determining the life and death of Mo Green, if anyone can determine that Mo Green is dead, then the Mo Dynasty, instantly disintegrates."

"I don't know if there was really a fool who went to save Mo Yuyan for that son-in-law position after Mo Qing issued the imperial decree."

"How could there be such a fool, not to mention, the one who is capable of going to save the eldest princess is by no means a grifter like me, it must be someone from some powerful big immortal cultivation clans.And those big immortal cultivation families, they wouldn't go to help a dynasty that's about to collapse."

At this time, in one of the mansions in the circle of Mo's Imperial Palace.

"Hahaha, that idiot Mo Qing actually wants you to help him get his daughter back, what a fool."That third stage of Martial Robbery horse pusher laughed loudly.


bsp; next to the horse carving a glare: "Xiao peng, don't be so loud, now no one knows whether or not Mo green is still alive, in case he is still alive, you mock his son like this, it's finished."

"What's the egg to play, that old ghost is dead nine times out of ten, if he's not dead, why play disappearing, all signs show he's dead."

"It's still uncertain, no one knows for sure, better be careful with what you say, in case he really isn't dead and is really preparing to hit the next realm, the seventh stage of tribulation, that's by no means ordinary."

"Uh, father, if he really isn't dead and is striking the seventh stage of the Tribulation, then if he succeeds in striking it, wouldn't he be finished with us."Ma Force was startled, still a bit frightened by his father's words.

"No one can guarantee anything, so be careful what you say in the future."

"Then if it's true, would you refuse Mo Qing's request?"

"No, even if Mo Green is really still alive, I'm still the second strongest, Mo was already the weakest of the nine Immortal Dynasties, would he still kill me, besides, it's true that I can't go wading into danger because of a woman of the Merging Stage."

Tang Zichen was flying rapidly over the ocean.

About three days later, Tang Zichen finally arrived at the Yao Clan Dynasty.

Of course, Tang Zichen entered the Yao Clan Imperial Capital in a low-key manner and did not attract any attention.

Once Tang Zichen entered the Yao Clan Imperial Capital, he felt that the layout was similar to the Mo Clan Imperial Capital, similar in nature, also with the palace as the center and then radiating around, forming a circle with the streets as the boundary.

Tang Zichen was new to the city, definitely unfamiliar, and it was difficult to find Mo Yuyan.

Therefore, Tang Zichen couldn't take the usual route.

Tang Zichen asked a passerby about it, "Hello, is there an auction house here?"

"The auction house?Of course there is."

"How do I get there?"

"Just go straight this way and you'll see it, a very large auction house that has everything you need."

Tang Zichen found the auction house of the Yao Clan Dynasty.

Tang Zichen's purpose was simple, money could make the devil move, if you were willing to spend spirit stones to go down, you weren't afraid of not being able to find out about it.

"Hello, Senior, how can I help you?"Two beauties greeted at the entrance of the auction house.

Tang Zichen said, "Help me find your director."

"Please follow me."

Tang Zichen was taken to an office place.

A man of the fifth stage of the Mahayana stage was sitting in the room.

"He is our person in charge, but of course, not the highest person in charge, you can tell him anything you want."


The welcoming beauty closed the door and left.

The man at the fifth stage of multiplication looked at Tang Zichen, "Who are you?What do you want from me?"

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen threw his hand, and a circle appeared out of thin air in his hand.

"Swoosh."With lightning speed, Tang Zichen trapped the person in charge of the fifth stage of the Great Multiplication first.

"You."That person in charge was furious.

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "If you struggle again, you're dead."

"Fuck, who the hell are you?Why did you make a move against me."That person in charge was furious, and of course, he was confused as to how Tang Zichen, a first stage of the Mahayana stage, could have restrained him with a single strike.However, Tang Zichen also had a sneak attack in there.


Don asked, "What's it called?"

"Why should I answer you, I advise you to unlock me immediately, or else."

Tang Zichen's mind began to shrink as the locking circle began to contract, and he wouldn't honestly cooperate until he was given some pain.

"Ah."That person in charge screamed.

"Can you cooperate now?Otherwise you're dead, and you're not the only one in charge anyway, so I can go find someone else in charge."Tang Zichen said coldly.

"I'll cooperate, I'll cooperate."That person in charge said painfully.

"That's right, if you knew that, why did you have to suffer this pain."

"My name is Bai Xiaohui, I'm one of the people in charge of this auction house."

"Bai Xiaohui, since you're the person in charge of the auction house, I'm sure you're well aware of some of the things that have happened recently regarding the Yew Dynasty."

"I wonder which events you're referring to?"

"A few days ago, wasn't there a long king of the Mo Dynasty, who came here." Remember the URL

"Uh, well, it's, like, he said that our Yewyangtian prince, he captured his daughter."

"Yewyangtian?"Tang Zichen's eyes chilled, since His Majesty the Long Emperor said so, then it must be, Tang Zichen vowed to let this Yaoyang Tian die without a burial place.

Tang Zichen asked, "So, did Yaoyang Tian really capture Mo Yuyan?"

That Bai Xiaohui snorted, "So you're here to find Mo Yuyan, you're from the Mo Dynasty."

"Pah."Tang Zichen flashed over with a slap and said, "Now I'm the one asking you, if you interrupt again, I want you to die, say, did Yaoyang Tian capture Mo Yuyan."

"I don't know."Bai Xiaohui stared at Tang Zichen with hatred.

"You don't know?"

"I really don't know, I'm not familiar with Yew Yang Tian, besides, that day, your long emperor came personally, since Yew Yang Tian refused to admit it to death, it means that this matter won't be easily known, it must have been done extremely secretly.Unless it's someone beside Yaoyang Tian, who knows."

Tang Zichen said, "Do you know why I chose you?Because this is the auction house, a place where almost all immortal cultivators have come before, this is the relay station for information.Bai Xiaohui, I need to know now, who is very close to Yaoyang Tian, don't tell me you don't know, that person will definitely come here as well, even, Yaoyang Tian could have come to this auction house often."

Bai Xiaohui snorted, "That's right, Prince Yaoyang Tian does come here often, he's a regular visitor to our auction house."

"I want to find a close retainer of Yew Yang Tian, I'll give you half an hour, if you don't see anyone after half an hour, you'll die.You can now start getting the people below you to look for him."

"You really are a demon."After saying that, Bai Xiaohui took out a jade slip and shouted, "Come over to my cave."

Soon after, two old men from the Divide Stage walked in.

"Senior Bai, what are your orders?"The two old men who walked in asked.

Bai Xiaohui said reluctantly, "Is Rugan X coming to the auction tonight?"

"Yes, Senior Bai."

"When he arrives, you tell Rugan X to come to my place first."


"It's fine, you guys go out."

After the two men left, Bai Xiaohui said, "Lu Gan X is a red man beside Prince Yaoyang Tian, he must know if Yaoyang Tian has captured Mo Yuyan.Lu Gan X often comes to our place, sometimes in place of the Yaoyang Heavenly Prince, and sometimes he auctions them himself.Tonight he will come."

"Very well."Tang Zichen nodded.

"Can I let go of the ring around my neck now?"

Tang Zichen huffed, "I haven't even seen anyone yet and you want me to release them?Do you think I'm an idiot?I'm not letting you go until I see Rugan Ten, and you're not leaving here."

"Don't you dare make me."


; "I'll make you do what, how dare you bet your own little life?"

"Fine, you win."Bai Xiaohui gritted his teeth, it was clear that he was the strong one, Tang Zichen was weaker than him, and as a result he was threatened.

After waiting for a few hours, it was finally dark.

As soon as it was dark, someone knocked on the door outside.

"Come in."

A man pushed his way in, his face full of flattering smiles.

"Boss Bai, what are you looking for me for, is there something good specifically reserved for me."That obsequious man walked in with a hehehe smile, he was Lu Gan X, the red man beside the Yew Yang Heavenly Prince.

"Phew."Tang Zichen threw his hand again, trapping the man who came in.

"Ah, sh, what the heck."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'll let you experience what's what."Said the locking circle began to contract.

"Ah."That Rugan Ten struggled desperately, his eyes viciously looking at Bai Xiaohui as he raged, "Bai Xiaohui, how dare you set me up."

Bai Xiaohui was depressed, "I also have it around my neck."

"Ah."Lu Gan X really did see Bai Xiaohui's neck as well.

Tang Zichen said, "Lu Gan X, now I ask you to answer, or else, die, do you hear me?"


"Well then, let's begin.Are you not the red man beside Yew Yang Tian?"


"Did Yaoyang Tian capture the Mo Clan's Imperial Princess Mo Yuyan?"

"There is."

Tang Zichen's heart was furious, and there really was.

"Where is Mo Yan now?"Don's heart was bleeding when he asked this, maybe for nothing, but he was definitely being played badly.

"I don't know."

"What, you don't know either?"


"You don't know, or you don't tell, if you don't tell, you'll die."

"I really don't know, that day we went out to the sea, we ran into Mo Yuyan, saw that she was very beautiful, our prince wanted to play with her, then he killed all her followers and brought Mo Yuyan back alone.After bringing her back to the prince's residence, I don't know where she went, if I'm not wrong, she should be locked up in a dungeon or somewhere else.No one has seen her since then, and the prince has instructed us to treat this as if it didn't happen."

"Hoo, son of a bitch."Tang Zichen clenched his teeth fiercely.

It seemed that it was necessary for Tang Zichen to sneak a trip into Prince Yaoyang Tian's mansion.

It wasn't difficult for Tang Zichen to do so, Tang Zichen only needed to disguise himself as Lu Gan X to enter, and as long as others didn't seriously look at his infant or run into a half-immortal powerhouse, he would usually not be discovered.

Tang Zichen's mind moved, and the spirit locking circle that lassoed Bai Xiaohui and Rugan X began to shrink rapidly.


"Ah, you're lying, you said you'd let me go."

Tang Zichen sneered, "You believe what I say, huh."


The two struggled desperately, but they couldn't struggle, Tang Zichen's Spirit Locking Circle, which directly locked the infant, couldn't be helped by anyone, no matter how powerful, unless they were half-immortal.

Soon, Bai Xiaohui was killed by Tang Zichen, and Rugan X was dying, Tang Zichen immediately disguised himself as Rugan X, and obtained information about Rugan X's memories, then killed Rugan X and destroyed his body, Tang Zichen walked out of the room.

Everyone thought he was Rugan X. No one knew he was Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen learned from Rugan X's memories that he was ordered by Yew Yang Tian to come tonight to auction a magic weapon called the Black Dragon Whip, a top-grade superior magic weapon that could be auctioned off if the price was right.However, Tang Zichen apparently had no intention of auctioning it and went directly to Yaoyang Tian's residence.


Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at Yew Yang Tian's mansion.

"Meet Senior Lu."When they arrived at the gate, the few guards guarding the gate even greeted Tang Zichen, respectfully calling him Senior Lu.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Is Prince Yew Yangtian here?"


Tang Zichen swaggered into Yewyangtian's mansion to go unimpeded.

Tang Zichen searched Rugan X's memories and learned that in the backyard of Yew Yang Tian, there was a hidden underground chamber, a place that no one was allowed to approach.

Tang Zichen guessed that if Mo Yuyan was still alive, she must be held in this secret room.

Tang Zichen headed straight for Yaoyang Tian's backyard.

"Stop."At the gate of the backyard, ten Divide Stage powerhouses intercepted Tang Zichen at once.

"I'm looking for Yaoyang Tian."

"Insolence, this is the restricted area of the prince's house, what are you, daring to trespass and calling the prince by his name."One of the men of the ninth stage of divination was furious. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen smiled, what's the point of talking so much nonsense with these trash, Tang Zichen flipped his hand and a circle appeared in his palm.

"Swoosh."The locking circle threw out and split into ten as it was thrown into the air, trapping the ten Divide Stage guards.

"Die."Tang Zichen only said one word, and the ten Distraction Stage guards were trapped dead.

"Ah, you, you're not Rugan Ten."The last one died, struggling to say those words, but unfortunately, it was too late.

After Tang Zichen killed those guards, he went straight to the backyard and found the entrance to the backyard's secret room.

At this moment, in the underground secret room.

Yao Yang Tian sat on a chair and laughed, "Mo Yuyan, I'll see how long you can hold out, I think in a few hours, or even a few more minutes, you'll be at my mercy, hahaha."

"Yaoyang Tian, you are despicable and shameless, I advise you to let me go immediately."

"Let you go?I won't let go of the meat that's in my hands."

"My grandfather won't let you go."Mo Yuyan threatened weakly.

"Your grandfather?I pooh-pooh, your grandfather, Dark Green, is probably already dead."

"No way, my grandfather isn't dead."

"Silly woman, I've been waiting for you for so many days, and if I don't fuck you all day and night, I'll take your last name."Yao Yang Tian said.

Mo Yuyan was in despair, she really couldn't hold on any longer.

After Mo Yuyan was caught here, she activated a secret scroll, that secret scroll was a protective array, this protective array was not very large, it was just able to protect her to a three meter radius around her body.

Originally, Yaoyang Tian wanted to defile Mo Yuyan, but unfortunately, this protective scroll of Mo Yuyan was too strong and Yaoyang Tian couldn't break it.

However, Yaoyang Tian was not in a hurry because he knew that Mo Yuyan's protective scroll would definitely fail slowly.

Sure enough, in less than half a month, Mo Yuyan's protective scroll was going to fail.

If nothing else, it would expire in a few hours, or even minutes.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Yao Yang Tian looked at the incomparably anxious Mo Yuyan and laughed, the more anxious Mo Yuyan was, the more conquered he felt.

Mo Yuyan was anxious inside, "Why haven't my father and the others tracked them down here yet, why haven't they come to save me yet, if they don't come to save me, I'll really be tainted by this beast."

Yao Yang Tian seemed to have seen Mo Yuyan's pain and said, "Mo Yuyan, don't wait, no one will come to save you, real

By the way, your father came here about ten days ago, but unfortunately, I flatly denied that I didn't arrest you, and your father had no choice but to slink away.Now that your Mo Dynasty, is about to collapse, you will soon be reduced to a plaything under me."


"Believe it or not, in addition I can tell you one more thing, your father wanted to ask Ma Diao to come out and save you, but unfortunately, Ma Diao refused, your Mo Dynasty will soon become the Ma Family's dynasty, hahaha.By the way, your father ended up having to impotently issue an imperial decree saying that whoever can save you will marry you to him.Unfortunately, no one came to rescue you at all, because no one was willing to be the prince's son-in-law of an imperial dynasty that was about to collapse and become a laughing stock, hahaha."

"Ah."Mo Yuyan was dumbfounded, Mo Yuyan who had been living in sweetness didn't know that the dynasty had so many hidden dangers.

Just at this moment, the protective scroll beside Mo Yuyan's side suddenly dimmed in color.

Yao Yang Tian immediately stood up from his chair, one hand reaching to his pants waistband, looking like he was about to take off his pants, while laughing, "Mo Yuyan, your protective shield finally can't take it anymore, I've been fucking waiting for this moment for half a month, now, let's see how I'm going to fuck you up."

"No, don't come over."Mo Yuyan cried out, at the same time, the protective shield around her completely dimmed, the protective scroll that had held up for almost half a month, finally failed.

"Hahaha."Yao Yang Tian let out a chilling cheap laugh.

"Don't come over."Mo Yuyan cried out and ducked into the corner.

Yao Yang Tian was a strong man at the seventh stage of the Divide Stage, and Mo Yuyan, a Combination Stage, was no match at all.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was standing on the stairs, which extended down from the entrance of the ground-level chamber.

Tang Zichen threw his hand.

In the blink of an eye, the Spirit Locking Ring was around Yao Yang Tian's neck.

"Eh?"Yao Yang Tian was startled, and he suddenly noticed that a circle instantly appeared around his neck.

"What is it?"Yao Yang Tian was busy touching the spirit locking ring, trying to take it off.

At that moment, there came Tang Zichen's voice: "Don't waste your energy, this is specially made for dogs, dogs can't take it off no matter what."

The crying Mo Yuyan immediately looked towards the place where the voice came from, and immediately saw Tang Zichen slowly walking down the steps, each step so elegant.

"Fellow Daoist Tang."Mo Yuyan's voice trembled with excitement, never expecting that Tang Zichen would appear in front of her when it made her despair.

Yao Yang Tian immediately looked back, only to see a stranger.

Tang Zichen had just disguised himself back to his true face when he came down.

"Who are you?Why are you allowed to enter my prince's house."Yao Yang Tian yelled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I am the one who is about to take your life."

"You dare."

Tang Zichen scowled, "Whether I dare or not, just ask the dog collar around your neck, it has the most say."

"What, the dog collar?By the way, you just dared to insult me as a dog."

Tang Zichen said, "I didn't just insult you as a dog, your father, your mother, your whole family, all of them are dogs."

"You you you."Yao Yang weather trembled all over, never receiving such anger before.

"Who the hell are you?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Since you're so curious, I'll let you be a dog that dies with a clear conscience, my name is Tang Zichen, Mo Yuyan is my friend, I'm here to save her."

"Ah, you, you're here for wanting to marry her?Specially to save her?"


"Idiot, why did I have to tell you so clearly."After saying that, Tang Zichen's mind moved and the locking circle contracted.

"Ah."Yao Yang Tian yelled in pain, but unfortunately, he couldn't struggle, after all, he was only a Distraction Stage, while Tang Zichen was at the first stage of the Mahayana Stage.

Mo Yuyan was busy saying, "Don't kill yet, Daoist Tang."

"Uh, why?"

Mo Yan was busy saying, "He has the Light of Life Sense on him, if he dies, the palace a few blocks away from us will find out, and a strong man will rush over within a breath."

"Uh, it's still you who's thoughtful.So what if we don't kill now?"

Mo Yan said, "Use him to escape from here and kill him when the time is right."

"What a trouble."Tang Zichen really wanted to just kill him, but this was the imperial capital of the Yao Clan after all, and the half-immortal powerhouses would come in the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen could not be careless.

Tang Zichen's mind moved, and the Locking Spirit Circle stunned Yew Yang Tian.

"Mo Yuyan, are you alright?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Oooooh."Mo Yuyan cried and jumped on Tang Zichen. The first website

"Oh, don't cry, it's all right, you can trust me, I'll bring you home safely."

"Don Daoist, you came just in time, if you don't come, I'm going to be defiled."

"Well, I know all about it, you're lucky that your grandfather loves you and gave you so many defense scrolls, otherwise it would have been really dangerous."Don Zichen said.

"But what's the point, my grandfather doesn't even know if he's dead or alive, and now everyone is saying that our Mo Dynasty is going to be finished."

"Will it be finished, let time tell, why worry so much."

"Anyway, thank you, Daoist Tang, don't worry, no matter what arrangements my father has, I will definitely follow his arrangements."Mo Yuyan said as she watched Tang Zichen blush.

"Uh, what do you mean."

"Didn't Yao Yang Tian just say that my father issued an imperial decree that whoever can rescue me will marry me to him?Didn't you risk your life to save me because of my father's royal decree?Since you were willing to risk your life to come here in order to marry me, I can't either."

"No, no, no, Princess, you misunderstand me, your father hadn't issued this royal decree when I did, in fact, I only just learned about it after I heard Yewyang Tian say it."

"Ah, you're not this to save me ah."Mo Yan was disappointed, she would have preferred it to be this.

"No, before, on the Sea of Death, I was being chased and killed, you gave me a scroll that allowed me and Daoist Couple and others to escape, now that you are in trouble, I should have come to save you."

"But I only gave you a scroll then, and nothing to give, while you came to rescue me, but you risked death."

"Oh, no matter what, it was a life-saving act.Alright, Eldest Princess, let's just think about how to get out of this tiger's mouth."

"Oh."Mo Yuyan's mood that was excited just now suddenly turned a little less than happy, if Tang Zichen was trying to be a son-in-law to save her, this kind of story is only beautiful.

Mo Yuyan said, "We can't go out yet, we'll be found out in a minute, right, how did you get in here?It's reasonable to say that strangers can't possibly enter the inner perimeter of the palace, but this is a zone that's more than a circle."

Tang Zichen immediately disguised himself and said, "Do you recognize who I am?"

"Ah, you."

"That's right, I came in here by disguising myself as this Rugan Ten."

"No wonder you could enter here so easily, Daoist Tang, you may not know that within a circle of the Yew Dynasty, the skies are monitored by sky birds, once a strange face is spotted, the sky birds will sound an alarm, then the guards will be alerted, in short, anyone with an unknown origin will be discovered and then caught in the blink of an eye.But how do you have the magical ability to change?As far as I know, even half-immortal level powerhouses don't have the Change Avatar ah.Only when you become an immortal, you will be able to use this divine ability, ten changes, twenty changes, thirty-six changes, seventy-two changes, all kinds of divine abilities."

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "You think I'm the Monkey King ah, and seventy-two transformations, I'm just a disguise artist shrinking my bones, I can't change, let alone turn into insects, fish, birds and beasts, I'll only disguise into different people."

"Will you teach me?"Mo Yuyan pleaded.

"It's hard to teach you, to teach you I must first spread some basics like internal power and internal strength.However, I decided to teach you so that we can leave easily."

Tang Zichen spent the next day teaching the disguise technique to Mo Yuyan, although she couldn't be as powerful as Tang Zichen, she could barely change the shape of one or two people's faces.

"Alright, I'm going out now to grab one of the prince's maidservants, then you disguise yourself as her, after that we'll start leaving."


A few minutes later, Tang Zichen grabbed a maid and came in.

It took Mo Yuyan half an hour, and with Tang Zichen's help, she finally changed into that maid's appearance.

"Alright, we can go now."

"What about Yaoyang Tian?If we don't kill him, wouldn't it be too cheap, if we kill him, it will immediately be known and we won't be able to leave."Mo Yuyan asked pointing at the Yew Yang Tian on the ground.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I won't let him live, the magic weapon around his neck is called the Spirit Locking Circle, I can control it within a ten kilometer radius.Let's leave Yao Yang Tian here, when we leave the prince's palace, when we are eight or nine kilometers away, I will control the spirit locking circle to trap him to death.At that time, even if the people from the Yew Dynasty arrive, it's useless, we'll already be going ten kilometers away."

"Wow, your magic treasure is really powerful."

"I'll write a few words on the wall first."

Tang Zichen cut some blood on Yao Yang Tian's hand and wrote on the wall, "Yao Clan dynasty, shitty dynasty, kill one of your princes today as a warning, if you dare to be rampant again, castrate all the old dogs of Yao Clan."

"Wow, Daoist Tang, will this anger them ah, in case they do something to our Moji."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I didn't sign who did it."

"But they will definitely guess that it's someone from the Mo Dynasty ah, after all, I was imprisoned here and I escaped."

Tang Zichen said, "You're silly, before your father came here to ask for someone, they flatly denied that you weren't here, since they themselves said that you weren't here, who would dare to say that it was someone from the Mo Dynasty did it.Alright, we can go now."

Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan, slowly walked out of the underground chamber, Tang Zichen incidentally took the maid that he had just captured out as well, and threw her into a random corner outside, she would awaken on her own.

The guards that were guarding the entrance to the backyard before had already been destroyed by Tang Zichen, and their bodies were in Tang Zichen's storage ring.


"Pay your respects to Senior Lu."

"Paying homage to Senior."

Tang Zichen walked on the prince's mansion and ran into some servants he knew, paying homage to Tang Zichen, who was still walking as Lu Gan X now.

Soon, they walked out of the prince's mansion.

"Fellow Tang Daoist, we must leave quickly and head to the more people the better."Mo Yuyan said.

"Head to the street, there must be a lot of people.When we get to the crowded place, we'll first enter an inn and re-disguise ourselves as someone else, then I'll control the Spirit Locking Circle and kill Yew Yang Tian."


Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at a street eight or nine kilometers away, and at this moment, this place was the junction of the first circle and the second circle.

Tang Zichen entered an inn.

Tang Zichen sensed the Spirit Locking Circle and could still sense it.

Tang Zichen's standing mind, the spirit locking circle began to harvest, but, such a long distance, controlling the spirit locking circle is very difficult, fortunately, Yao Yang genius distraction stage, Tang Zichen no matter how hard it is, he can kill him. Remember the website


At this moment, in Yew Yang Tian's underground chamber, the fainting Yew Yang Tian suddenly woke up with pain.

"Ah."Yao Yang Tian let out a painful scream, and the locking spirit ring on his neck tightened more and more.

Yao Yang Tian wanted to escape out of the chamber for help, but the steps of the chamber were very long and it was impossible for him to escape.

"Bang."A moment later, Yao Yang Tian's neck was pinned off, however, the infant was still trapped.

In less than half a breath, Yaoyang Tian's infant was also trapped to death.

After the trap died, Tang Zichen's mind moved and that spirit locking circle disappeared, and in the next second, returned to Tang Zichen's hands eight or nine kilometers away.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled and put the spirit locking ring into his storage ring.

At this time, at the palace, a row of Life Lights were lit up, and suddenly, one of them went out.

The guards on duty were shocked, and at a glance, the light of life that went out was that of the Yewyang Heavenly Prince.

"The Dazzling Sun Celestial Prince is dead."The guard on duty was greatly alarmed and immediately picked up a jade slip to inform.

"Report, the Light of Life of the Dazzling Sun Celestial Prince is extinguished."

This news, at once, sent shockwaves through the bodies of several tribulation stage powerhouses, and the few tribulation stage powerhouses who were in the depths of the palace, immediately took out a jade slip to hear it, their faces changed, and rushed up into the sky, heading straight to the residence of the Yewyang Heavenly Prince.

In just half a breath, those few half-immortal tribulation powerhouses arrived in Yew Yang Tian's residence.

"Where is Prince Yew Yangtian?"

"Back to senior, the prince is in the underground chamber."

Those half-immortal powerhouses rushed into the underground chamber, and all of a sudden saw Yao Yang Tian's corpse there, and there was a line of blood on the wall: the Yao Clan dynasty, the dog shit dynasty, kill you a prince today as a warning, and if you dare to be rampant again, castrate all the old dogs of the Yao Clan.

"Ah."Those few half-immortal powerhouses trembled with anger as they looked at the few blood words on the wall.

"Rampant to the extreme."One of them, a strong man of the fifth stage of Tribulation, shuddered and yelled.

"Your Majesty the Long Emperor, never hold your breath."A person beside him consoled.

"You told me to hold my breath?How do you keep me from getting angry when the prince of my clan inexplicably dies here and leaves such smooth words on the wall without us knowing anything about it?"That strong man who was at the fifth stage of tribulation gritted his teeth, he was the longest king of the Yao Dynasty, beside him, there were a few other strong men who were also Yao's tribulation, their positions, respectively, were sub-kings.

Those few this emperors were also trembling with anger right now, after all, they were also surnamed Yao, and the Yao Clan old dog that the walls said included them.

"Give me a chase immediately, the murderer must have just left, chase."


sp; "Yes."

Suddenly, the entire imperial capital of the Yao Clan Dynasty was in a state of turmoil, and countless immortal cultivators were out in force.

Right now, in the inn, Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan had already changed their disguises and turned into a very ordinary person, someone that even Tang Zichen himself had never seen before.

"Now let's go."

Tang Zichen walked down the street, walking wherever there were many people, gradually moving away from the center of the dynasty.

Soon, Tang Zichen and the others came to thirty circles away, and the more outer circles, the more people there were.

However, the entire imperial city was now cordoned off.

"Looks like we won't be able to get out, since that's the case, we'll have to be patient and stay here for ten days and half a month, and then we'll leave whenever the blockade is lifted."Tang Zichen said.

"And what if they never lift the blockade?"

"No, this is the imperial capital after all, with such a large population, the Yew Dynasty can't keep it locked up.Let's go, find an inn to stay in, no matter how much they search, they can't search for anything anyway, we're just two very ordinary immortal cultivators now, there are millions of ordinary immortal cultivators like us here, hahaha."

Tang Zichen found an inn on one of the thirty circles of the street and stayed directly at the inn.

The powerful people in the sky were flying around like mosquitoes, it seemed that the Yao Clan Dynasty was really angry and had made such a big commotion, but it wasn't surprising, after all, a prince was killed right under their noses.

"Yuyan, let's go eat, you've been here for half a month, pay attention, relax your mind."


Tang Zichen arrived at the inn's restaurant as if nothing had happened, many people cultivating immortals were dining and communicating in groups, seemingly all talking about the same thing.

"The Yao Clan Dynasty is really angry."

"Yeah, it's right under our noses, I heard that the killer even left a message in that secret room, the Yew Clan's eldest emperor and a few second emperors saw it with their own eyes, and they were so angry they almost spat blood."

"I don't know what kind of word the killer left behind."

"No one dares to reveal that."

"Fortunately, the one who died was Yao Yang Tian, but if the one who died was Yao You Tian, then the Yao Clan, the royal family, would have to be even more furious."

"Yes, Yaoyoutian is but the Yao Clan, the current most important prince to cultivate, and the Yao Clan has pressed heavy treasures on him."

"Well, Yao Youtian, is by far the most likely to grow into the strongest person of the Yao Clan's Royal Clan at the Tribulation Stage.The Yao clan has spent a lot of money to cultivate Yao Youtian, trying to arrange Yao Youtian to cultivate in the Seven Seas.If Yao Youtian were to be killed, it would definitely be extraordinary."

Tang Zichen was eating, and the people at the table next to him were talking endlessly.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he said in his heart, "Yao Youtian, Yao Youtian, talking endlessly about Yao Youtian, damn it, are you guys reminding me to go and kill Yao Youtian?Do you know that the murderer who killed Yao Youtian is sitting right next door to you, and you're yowling endlessly like this, how can I, the murderer, be embarrassed."

Mo Yuyan asked, "Brother, what are you thinking about?"This was the name they had agreed to call each other, pretending to be brother and sister.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's nothing, just eat, and go back to your room afterwards."


Tang Zichen's heart, however, wanted to be in, "Should I kill Yao Youtian or not?I don't know what level Yew Youtian is, can I take out him, and if I can, can I find a chance to do so."

"If I do take out Yao Youtian, the Yao Clan will really be angry, and I don't know if they'll be angry enough to make trouble with the Mo Dynasty."

"Even if they don't get angry, in the future, they will only need to find out who took out Yao Youtian and Yao Yangtian if they find out who brought Mo Yuyan home."Tang Zichen kept pondering, weighing the pros and cons of doing it or not.


"Shall we?"

"What for?"

"Fuck, when did I, Tang Zichen, become such a hesitant, wolf-fearing, tiger-fearing person."

"Fuck, fuck him."Tang Zichen slammed the table and shouted out.

The entire restaurant's people looked over at Tang Zichen, what kind of nerves is this product having?

Mo Yan was busy saying, "Brother, what are you doing?"

"Oh."Tang Zichen chuckled and quickly signaled for Mo Yuyan to leave.

It was good that everyone didn't pay attention to Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan.

Returning to the room, Mo Yuyan was busy asking, "What did you suddenly shout just now, what do you want?"

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, wait for me here for a few days, I'm going on a little errand."

"Uh, what kind of errand are you going on?Can't I do it with you?" One second to remember to read the book

Don shook his head, "I can't, this thing I'm going to do is very big."

"You're not going to tell me?"

"I'm afraid that through the wall, I can only remind you of the man everyone was just talking about in the restaurant, and I want to fuck him."

"Ah."Mo Yuyan was smart enough to instantly guess who Tang Zichen wanted to fuck, it was Yao Youtian, the genius that the Yao Dynasty focused on cultivating, and the genius that had the best hope of stepping into the Half Immortal level in the next few years.

"Brother, you."

"How about, shocked for this idea of mine, just now in the restaurant, since everyone is talking about this person, how can I not have any indication that you are going to stop me?"

"No, I was thinking, it's too dangerous."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Please don't worry about me, you've seen what I can do."

"Then what if the Yew Dynasty really gets angry?"Mo Yuyan said worriedly.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, now the Mo Dynasty is really going to collapse and become the Ma Dynasty, so the impact is not that great, instead it will be a bit more for Ma Diao and his sons."

"Alright, then be careful, I'll wait for you to return."

"Of course."

Tang Zichen took a lunch break and then quietly left the inn.

Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to leave the imperial capital of the Yao Dynasty for a short time anyway, so he might as well go and exterminate Yao Youtian.

Half a day later.

At the Imperial Palace of the Mo Clan Dynasty.

"Report, just got the information."

"Quickly tell me, is there someone willing to rescue my daughter?"Mo Yuyan's father was busy asking, it had been a few days since he issued that imperial decree, but unfortunately, not only did no one rush to save his daughter, but he was reduced to a joke in the community, scolding him for his incompetence and saying that Mo's reign was coming to an end.

As the long emperor, Mo Qing was very depressed when he heard such comments from everyone.

That underling said happily, "Your Long Emperor, it's not that someone is trying to save the Princess, but they have already done so.Just now, our intelligence officers sent back news from the Yao Clan Dynasty that the Princess has been saved, and the person who saved the Princess has also killed the Yao Yang Heavenly Prince."

"Ah."The eldest emperor looked shocked while shouting inwardly, no one hated that Yew Yang Tian more than him, and right now, the man had been killed.

"Hahaha, hahaha, good, good kill.Quickly tell me, who went to do this thing, it's surprisingly so speedy, when he comes back, I will definitely reuse him, I will recruit him as my son-in-law."Mo Qing said excitedly.

"This, Your Long Emperor, that person did not register for the record."


bsp; "It doesn't matter, we'll know when he comes back."

"Your majesty the Long Emperor, now that the Yew Dynasty has closed their imperial capital and tracked down the murderer, they may not be able to come back so easily."


"Now we can only wait for the news and pray that that hero returns smoothly."

Not only was His Majesty the Long Emperor informed of the news, everyone in the Imperial Capital of the Mo Dynasty also began to spread the word about it, before everyone scoffed and thought that no fool would go through with it, but right now, everyone was speechless.

Tang Zichen was standing outside a prince's mansion.

Of course, Tang Zichen was appearing as a maid at the moment.

This maid, the maid in Prince Yaotian's mansion, was a low-level immortal cultivator, only at the Qi Practicing stage.

Tang Zichen entered the mansion.

According to that girl's memory information, she went straight to Prince Yaoyoutian's cultivation chamber.

Tang Zichen easily entered Yaotian's cultivation chamber, at the moment, Yaotian was cultivating hard, he was the hope of the entire Yaotian dynasty, he couldn't let everyone down, Yaotian was currently at the Divide Stage, and he was less than a hundred years old, so he was very hopeful.

After Tang Zichen walked into the secret room, when Yao Youtian saw Tang Zichen, he scolded angrily, "Cheap maid, who let you in."

Tang Zichen threw his hand, and in the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen's spirit locking ring set him up.

Tang Zichen said, "Yao Youtian, don't blame me for being cruel, we all belong to different camps, I'm here to send you on your way."

Yao Youtian was startled, "You're not a maid in my house, you're here to kill me."


"Hmph, who do you think you are, that you can kill me if you want to?Do you know that I'm a prince that the Yew Dynasty focuses on cultivating, and I have too many protective scrolls on me, you can't even get within three steps of me, so how can you talk about killing me."

"Haha."Tang Zichen laughed, Tang Zichen's spirit locking ring was already in place, and he still wasn't tender enough to kill him?It was fortunate that Tang Zichen had just put it on him without greeting him first, or else he might not really be able to put it on after having him activate his defense scroll.

"Even if you do kill me, do you think you can escape?Once the light of my life was extinguished, within a few breaths, the strongest members of my clan rushed over."

Tang Zichen sneered, "If it's really as awesome as you say, then may I ask, how did Yew Yang Tian die?Don't tell me you didn't know he was dead."

"Ah, did you kill Yewyang Tian?"Yao Youtian's body was startled, Tang Zichen's words left him speechless, yeah, if he was really so awesome, then why didn't he catch him when he killed Yao Yang Tian.

"Of course."

Yao Youtian finally realized that it was bad and wanted to shout for help.

But, it was too late.

As soon as Tang Zichen's mind moved, the Spirit Locking Circle controlled him unable to speak.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I won't kill you right away, but it's about the same as dying now for you, because I'll knock you out, and then after I escape from your mansion, I'll control the Spirit Locking Circle to kill you, at that time, no matter how strong your Yew Dynasty is, it's useless for you to come here and not know who killed you."

"You shall not die in peace."

Tang Zichen snorted, and in the next second, Yao Youtian was unconscious.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Yao Youtian, the path of immortal cultivation, either you become a stepping stone for other people or someone else becomes a stepping stone for you, so, sorry gosh, don't meet me again in your next life."

Tang Zichen immediately left Prince Yaotian's mansion and arrived at a street seven or eight kilometers away.


As Tang Zichen walked down the street where people were coming and going, his mind moved to control the Locking Spirit Circle.


In less than half a second, Yew Youtian died.

In one of the palace's life-giving halls, Prince Yaotian's lights went out.

"Ah."The guard on duty turned pale, looking at the light of life that went out couldn't believe it, at the moment, he was still tracking down the murderer who killed Yaoyoutian, but he didn't expect that Yaoyoutian would die again, and most importantly, Yaoyoutian's status wasn't something that Yaoyoutian could compare to ah.

That guard didn't have time to think about it and immediately picked up a jade slip to report.

Almost in the next second, all the Half Immortals received this jade message.



In several places in the Yew Dynasty, several Half Immortal powerhouses, almost simultaneously shouted out, their faces livid, and rushed up into the sky, heading straight for Yew Youtian's residence.

And Tang Zichen was now bouncing down the street, and at the moment, he was changing into another very ordinary person. The first website

Killing Yao Youtian was almost undetectable, and no one knew that Tang Zichen had done it.

By midnight, Tang Zichen returned to that inn in the 30th circle.

Mo Yuyan had been worried about Tang Zichen and waited in Tang Zichen's room until now.

Tang Zichen jumped in through the window and saw Mo Yuyan.

"Hey, why are you in my room, why aren't you going to sleep."

"You're finally back, you've been worrying me to death."Mo Yuyan was busy jumping up, but as soon as she jumped up, she realized that she seemed to be overdoing it a bit.

"Oh, I'm fine, go to bed, if you don't go back to your room to sleep, I'm going to leave you behind, I don't mind someone giving me some pleasure at night."

"You wish."Mo Yuyan blushed and glared at Tang since.


"Dead."Tang Zichen knew what she wanted to ask and answered directly."

"Wow, you're amazing."

"I'm going to bed, do you want to sleep together?"Don asked with a smile.

"Who wants to sleep with you, huh."Mo Yuyan ran away with a red face.

Mo Yuyan had obviously showered and come to Tang Zichen's room to wait, so the loose clothes that Mo Yuyan was wearing looked so sexy that Tang Zichen really wanted to fish her over to sleep with her.

The next day, when Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan woke up, the entire Royal City of the Yao Clan Dynasty exploded.

Because, everyone heard the news that last night at nightfall, Prince Yaotian had been killed.

The inn where Tang Zichen was staying was in complete chaos, and even, all the guests felt a little scared.

Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan, however, ate and drank as usual, as if it had nothing to do with them at all.

Mo Yuyan said, "Once Yao Youtian dies, the sealing of the city might take even longer again."

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how long it takes to seal the city, we have plenty of time to wait anyway, we have the guts to seal the city for the rest of our lives."

"That's all there is to it."

At that moment, someone at the table next to Tang Zichen's was talking, "You were a cat in your previous life?Seriously?"

"What's the lie, I went to the former well the other day to take pictures, I found the face I reflected up, not a person, but a cat."

Don was startled, what were the people at the next table talking about?

Tang Zichen busily turned his head and asked, "Two Daoists, what do you mean by that?What former well?"


One of them said: "Fellow Daoist, you may not know, in the five circles there is a gnarled tree, underneath that gnarled tree, there is a well, rumor has it, if you go to the well and take a photo, you can see your past life from the well.Of course, there's a fee, a first class spirit stone will allow you to take a picture once, some people say that this is a scam, I don't know who deliberately made the jianghu trick to cheat money, if you want to believe it, go and take a picture, if you don't believe it, don't go, in short, you can take it as entertainment."

"Ah, there's still this."Tang Zichen felt surprised.

Someone from another table said to Tang Zichen, "This fellow Daoist, don't go wasting spirit stones, it's a lie.Although it's true that you can take a picture of a different person at the wellhead, everyone knows that it must be a trick, otherwise, what evidence is there to prove that the person who took a picture is the same as he was in his previous life?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Yes, but it's quite interesting, I'm going to have some fun."

"Then you can only take it as entertainment, seriously you'll lose."

Tang Zichen stopped talking to them.

Mo Yuyan said, "You really have to go shine ah, this kind of jianghu trickery, but it's biased towards those lowly immortal cultivators, you're so strong still go."

"It's said as entertainment, don't you want to know, what you were like in your previous life?"

"Go, it's not even certain if people really have past lives."

After breakfast, Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan went out, and while shopping, they walked towards the gnarled tree in the Fivefold Sea, which was so tall that they could see it from thirty circles away.

Soon, they reached the ground floor of that gnarled tree, and sure enough there was a well underneath the tree.

There was an old man sitting by the well and a sign standing next to it: "Shine a first-class spirit stone once according to your previous life."

It looked a lot like a toilet door to collect money.

However, it is also true that quite a few people with a curious heart to take a photo, and after taking a photo who did not take it seriously, laughing, or ridiculing each other, and then happily walked away.

Even though they knew it was fake, many people still played this kind of game.

Tang Zichen handed up two first-class spirit stones and said, "The two of us, each take a photo once."


Tang Zichen came first.

Tang Zichen walked up to the well and stuck his head in to take a shine.

Huh, a strange scene really happened, a strange face appeared inside the well.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, and at the same time, the stranger in the well was also shocked, his expression was in sync with Tang Zichen's, but the face was different.

The stranger in the well looked completely different from the current Tang Zichen, completely different, but also very handsome.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "I was quite handsome in my previous life too."Of course, Tang Zichen didn't take it seriously, but also as just entertainment.

At this time, Mo Yuyan also came up, stuck her head into the well, and at the same time said, "Brother, let me see what you looked like in your previous life, wow, it really is completely different from you now, hey, it's quite handsome."Mo Yuyan laughed, feeling that this game was fun, no wonder so many people were willing to spend money to take a picture even though they knew it was fake.

However, Tang Zichen was now stunned, Tang Zichen looked at the well irradiated, Mo Yuyan's appearance, Tang Zichen's entire body stayed there.

"Oh my god, this isn't real."Tang Zichen was dumbfounded, dumbfounded looking at the reflection of Mo Yuyan in the well.

Mo Yuyan also looked at herself in the well and laughed, "I saw my past life, hahaha, that's amazing, is this real?Did I really look like this in a past life?Wow, what fun.Brother, look at my previous life, it's so pretty, hahaha."

Mo Yuyan was so happy, before she felt cheated of a first class spirit stone, but now, it felt like the first class spirit stone was quite worth the money spent, although it was a fake trick, but happy.


Tang Zichen was stupefied for a long time as he looked at Mo Yuyan in the well.Previously, Tang Zichen also suspected that this was a fake trick, but when he saw the appearance of Mo Yuyan's past life in the well, Tang Zichen believed that it was true.

Tang Zichen raised his head and looked at the smiling Mo Yuyan, inwardly saying, "Is Mo Yuyan's past life really her?Gosh, if it's true, this is too incredible.The first time Mo Yuyan saw me before, she said that she had a special feeling for me."

When Mo Yuyan saw that Tang Zichen had been looking at her, she was busy stopping her smile and asked, "Brother, what's wrong with you?"


"Haha, you're not taking this seriously, are you?"Mo Yuyan burst out laughing happily.

After laughing, Mo Yuyan consoled, "Brother, didn't the people at the inn say before that it's good to entertain, but if you're serious you'll lose."

"Oh, yes, you lose if you're serious, but I'd rather believe it's true."Tang Zichen said as he looked at Mo Yuyan with a somewhat stunned gaze.

Tang Zichen looked at Mo Yuyan and felt Mo Yuyan's face change for a while, turning into another face, a face that Tang Zichen would never forget.

Tang Zichen's eyes flashed across that valiant figure from a number of years ago.

It was in a primitive forest, she said, I liked you, then leaped, the next second, a kitchen knife split her in half.

Tang Zichen will never forget that scene to the end of her life, she leapt to save everyone, to save Tang Zichen leap of courage. Remember the website

Tang Zichen would never forget the words she said when she leapt to her death, that she had liked Tang Zichen.

But unfortunately, she could only become a memory of Tang Zichen, unable to continue on with him, becoming a regret.

"Brother, what are you thinking about?"


Mo Yuyan shouted several times before Tang Zichen came back to his senses

"Ah, no, it's nothing."

"Brother, you're weird, you've been dazed since you just saw your former self, and you've told me not to take it seriously, and you lose when you do."

"Oh, you're right, don't take it seriously."

"Brother, let's go back, this is five circles of Yew's Imperial City, it doesn't feel very safe, it's better to go back to thirty circles away after all."

"You row, you can go wherever you say."Tang Zichen said gently, but of course, Tang Zichen had somehow become gentle.

"Ugh."Mo Yuyan felt a bit strange, all of a sudden the tone was so gentle, did she do something wrong?

"Brother, are you really okay?"

"Nothing, what can I do."

"But I get the feeling that you've gotten softer."

"Khan, was I mean to you before?"

"Uh, that's true, well, I was overthinking it, let's go back."

Tang Zichen returned to the Thirty Circles Inn, it was also noon, Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan went to the inn's restaurant to eat.

"Brother, you've been back all this way, your spirit is not always right."

"No."Tang Zichen shook his head, looking at Mo Yuyan, in terms of appearance alone, it was impossible to overlap completely with her former life, it was a completely different person.Perhaps, the previous life was originally a completely unrelated person.

Tang Zichen asked, "Sister, have you ever thought about what if that past life well was real?"

"No. So what if it's real, so what if it's fake."

"And right."

"What about you, brother, if you ask me that?Do you think the way your well is shining is from your previous life?"

"Ah, I... I hadn't even thought about it ah."Tang Zichen realized that he hadn't considered his former appearance at all.

"Brother, your former

The world looks handsome too, maybe, you were a sentimental prince in your previous life."

"Oh, who knows, who cares what kind of a prince he was, he has nothing to do with me now,"Tang Zichen said.

"Hehe, that's, so stop thinking about it and eat."

"Hmph, eat."

After eating, Tang Zichen and Mo Yuyan returned to their room, Tang Zichen took the initiative to come to Mo Yuyan's room, before Tang Zichen didn't take the initiative to go to the room where she slept, perhaps because of the way he saw her in her previous life, Tang Zichen couldn't help but add in his feelings for her former life.

This added in still, I guess for Tang Huan, the feelings weren't even that deep, after all, this was a woman who had died for him.

"Brother, why are you looking at me like that?You don't have any special thoughts about me, do you?"Mo Yuyan looked at Tang Zichen and asked, remembering that Tang Zichen had said before that he wanted to sleep with her, and couldn't help but think about it more.

"Oh, you're so imaginative.Alright, sister, I have a big gift for you."

"Uh, what big gift?"

"You sit down."


Mo Yuyan sat down.

Tang Zichen took out some Seventh Grade Spirit Stones.

"Ah, so many Seventh Grade Spirit Stones."

Tang Zichen said, "Brother, you?"

"Sister, don't say anything, you go into a state of refining spirit stones, and we'll talk about it when it's over."




Tang Zichen began to help Mo Yuyan refine the spirit stones.

Tang Zichen didn't take out as many spirit stones as he needed in one go, for fear that the spirit stones would be too thick to attract attention.

Tang Zichen was filled with sourness, all he could see was that valiant figure, Tang Zichen said bitterly inside, "Wei Sakura, in my previous life, I couldn't help you, in this life, I can finally help you."

Although Tang Zichen couldn't be sure if this was true or not, but Tang Zichen couldn't care less, let's pretend that Mo Yuyan was really the reincarnation of Wei Sakura.

In her previous life, she was Princess Wei Sakura of the Liuli Kingdom, in this life, she reincarnated to become the eldest princess of the Moji Dynasty, she was a princess in both lifetimes, and she also reincarnated to the spirit world, it seems that good people really do have good rewards, and she still has an honorable status after her reincarnation.

Previously, Tang Zichen heard the people at the inn say that he was a cat in his previous life, Tang Zichen believed that those wicked people, presumably, reincarnated as an animal.

A whole day passed.

Mo Yuyan went from the Combination Stage, directly soaring to the first stage of the Mahayana Stage.

"Ah, gosh."Mo Yuyan's entire body was dumbfounded as she felt the change in herself and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Brother."Mo Yuyan's mouth knotted as she called out to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "This is the great gift I gave you."

Mo Yuyan shed tears and said gratefully, "Brother, for me to meet you this year is definitely a blessing that I have cultivated in my previous life."

Tang Zichen was startled, "A blessing cultivated in a past life?"

"Mmhmm, if it wasn't for the blessings I had cultivated in my previous life, how could I have met you, maybe I would have been defiled by the Yew Yang Heaven, let alone still now."Mo Yuyan couldn't describe her feelings at this moment.

Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen's heart was also bitter.

In a previous life, Wei Sakura had died for Tang Zichen, so was it really a blessing to meet again in this life?Could it be that it's all in the hand of God?Everything that seems random in this world is, in fact, connected by cause and effect?

Tang Zichen didn't understand, Tang Zichen only knew that he would never let the reincarnation of Wei Sakura suffer a little bit of harm again, and the regrets of the former Wei Sakura, he would definitely make up for in this life.


Tang Zichen looked to the sky, the sky was filled with guards, searching for the suspected murderer.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows suddenly moved, busy saying, "Yuyan, I found a way to leave, haha, I blame it on my stupidity, I didn't think of this method before."

"What method?It's not like the city is sealed and no one can leave."

Tang Zichen looked to the sky and said, "With so many guards sent by the Yew Dynasty in the sky, searching everywhere for suspected murderers, why can't we pose as guards?It wouldn't be easy to leave the Yew Dynasty if we posed as guards."

"Huh, yeah, but."

"Alright, feel free to wait for my orders tonight, I'll grab a male and two female guards and we'll disguise ourselves as them."


At this moment, in the Moji Dynasty.

"Reporting to His Majesty the Long Emperor, the latest news, the Yao Youtian prince of the Yao Clan Imperial Dynasty has also been killed."A servant came in to report.

"What? Yao Youtian is dead, he was the Yao Clan's most promising next genius to step into the robbery."

"Yes, from the news coming back from the Yao Clan Dynasty, the person who killed Yao Youtian should be the same person as the one who killed Yao Yangtian." One second to remember to read the book

"What's the reaction of the Yew Dynasty now?"

"Your Majesty the Long Emperor, the Yew Dynasty is very angry and has decided that it was our people who did it, and I heard that several strong half-immortals from the Yew Dynasty are coming to us to hand over the murderer."

"But, but how am I supposed to know who the murderer is."

"Your majesty, the person who went to rescue the princess is the one they identified as the murderer, anyway, your majesty should think about how to deal with it, the strong men of the Yew Clan Dynasty should be arriving soon."

Just at this moment, another report came from outside, "Report, Your Majesty, the three robbery strongmen of the Yao Clan Dynasty are here."

Mo Qing's face changed, and right now, he could already feel that in the distant sky, three powerful impositions were rapidly approaching.

In almost a dozen seconds, those three powerful qi arrived in the sky above the Mo Dynasty.

"Mo Green, come out."One of the Half Immortals yelled.

This yell was heard by the entire Mo Clan Dynasty, and everyone looked to the sky.

It seemed that the Yao Clan was really furious, and the killing of their most talented prince made them reckless.

Mo Qing didn't hesitate and directly flew out, meanwhile, in other directions, Ma Diao and Ma Force, as well as two other strong men of the first stage of the Tribulation, also flew out.

In the sky, a confrontation was formed.

On the side of the Mo Clan Dynasty, the strongest was Ma Diao, who was at the fifth stage of Tribulation, then Mo Qing, who was at the fourth stage of Tribulation, then Ma Force, who was at the third stage of Tribulation, and the last two were Liu Bing and Song Complaint, who were at the first stage of Tribulation.

On the Yao Dynasty's side, the strongest was an old man, who was at the sixth stage of Tribulation, and the remaining two, both at the fifth stage of Tribulation.

It could be said that this side of the Yao Clan Dynasty completely crushed the Mo Clan Dynasty.

The horse sculptor worshipped in fear, "Greeting senior Yew Bang, as well as fellow Daoists Yao Ai and Zhu Zhou."

Mo Qing and the others also panicked to pay their respects.

That Yaobang who was at the sixth stage of the Tribulation said with a face full of anger, "Don't talk nonsense to me, hand over the people."

The elder emperor of the Mo Clan was busy saying, "Senior Yaobang, who is the person you are talking about?"


; "Mo Qing, are you still going round in circles with me?Hand over the murderer who killed the two princes of my clan."Yao Bang roared, this roar was like a lion's roar, the entire Mo Dynasty's cups and porcelain bowls on the ground were shattered, and the lowest level immortal cultivators of the Qi Refining stage were directly roared by this roar, their eyes and noses and ears bleeding, and then fell to the ground and died.

It could be said that after this great roar, the capital city of the Mo Dynasty, at least tens of thousands of the lowest level immortal cultivators died.

Mo Qing felt Yaobang's anger and trembled in his heart, he couldn't help but look at the ground, the people of the capital city started to mess up, so many died at once, so everyone was scared, if the strong half immortals in the sky had a battle, then it wasn't the tens of thousands of bottom level immortals that died just now, but most of the immortals were affected.

"Hand it over or not?The murderer who killed our clan's two princes must be the one you sent to rescue Mo Yuyan."One of them, a fifth stage robbery powerhouse named Yao Ai, said.

Ma Diao was busy looking at Mo Qing and loudly scolded, "Mo Qing, you still handed over the murderer, you want to get everyone killed ah."

Mo Qing was a little angry, it was such a time, but Ma Diao was still trapping himself, Ma Diao knew, didn't even know who went to save the eldest princess, but he even said so to her face.

"Uncle Ma Diao, I just issued an imperial decree, I don't even know who the murderer is, and now my daughter hasn't come back yet, besides, are they admitting in disguise that the one who captured my daughter before was Yaoyang Tian?"

A Half Immortal of the Yao Clan snorted, "Yes, the one who grabbed Mo Qing before was Yao Yang Tian, look so what, now your daughter isn't dead, we have two dead princes."

Mo Qing said in anger, "You guys are too unreasonable, it was obviously your princes who captured my daughter in the first place, and now you're still looking for her."

"Cut the crap and hand over the murderer."

"Sorry, I don't know who the murderer is."Mo Qing snorted heavily.

That sixth stage of the other party, Yaobang, bit his teeth and said, "Mo Qing, don't look for death."

"What?If I don't hand it over, you'll kill me?Then do it, even if you kill me, I don't know who it is, besides, my father isn't dead, you'll regret it if you dare to attack me."Mo Qing threatened.Now he could only use his father's reputation as a threat, but he didn't know if his father, Mo Green, was dead or not.

"You."When one of the Yao's was about to shoot Mo Qing to death, he was stopped by that Yao Bang, "And wait, let him go first."

"But he won't give up the murderer."

Yao Bang's gaze was cold as he said, "Perhaps, he really doesn't know who the murderer is at the moment, but once his daughter returns in the next day, I want him to arrest the murderer himself, otherwise, he'll never spare them then.Mo Qing, do you hear me?"

"Hmph."Mo Qing just grunted, not saying anything.

Yao Bang gave a threatening look and flew away.

After the three Yao Dynasty Half Immortals flew away, all of them were relieved, especially the people on the ground, feeling a mountain on top of them shift away.

The horse carved looked at Mo Qing and said, "Mo Qing, this is what you've caused, if your daughter hadn't run amok and been taken away, would this have happened today?Fortunately, they have shown mercy today, otherwise this place would have been a river of blood today."

Mo Qing Dao: "Uncle Ma Diao, I never thought that you were such a person, just now you didn't help defend against the foreign enemies even if you didn't help, but you actually pushed the fire on me for your own safety.At this moment, you're actually saying such things, should I just ignore it because my daughter was captured?It's ridiculous that they, the Yew Dynasty, have had their own prince arrested and killed and still dare to come to the door and question him."


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