The King of Kungfu in school 1711-1720


Chapter 1711

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji's brows furrowed, they hadn't stepped out of the room for two days, so they didn't understand what was happening.

Tang Zichen turned his head and asked, "This fellow Daoist, what did you just say?To scare Don Zichen?"

"Uh, you don't know, it's spread all over the Four Seas."

"If I knew, I'd still be asking you, so tell me quickly."

"The day before yesterday, someone from the Yu Clan suddenly spread the news that their family's old ancestor and second ancestor, were coming back."

Tang Zichen said, "Aren't their family's old ancestor and second ancestor always in the family?"

"Who told you that their family's ancestor and second ancestor are in the Four Seas, they've already gone to the Five Seas."

"Uh, going to the Five Seas?Isn't it said that only those who have reached the Merging Stage can enter the Fivefold Sea?"Mu Qianji was busy.

"Yeah, the Yu Clan's Old Ancestor and Second Ancestor have already reached the Merging Stage, so they've all gone to the Five Heavy Seas.Otherwise, the Yu Clan wouldn't be in charge of the Third Ancestor right now."

Tang Zichen snorted slightly, Yu's throwing out this news at this time, it seemed that he was indeed trying to scare Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen wasn't a scared graduate, how could he be scared by them. First URL

However, the Yu Clan had two strong individuals who transcended the Exaltation Stage, which Tang Zichen hadn't thought of, but it seemed that the Yu Clan wasn't as easy to deal with as he thought.

Originally, Tang Zichen had wanted to go and negotiate with the Yu Clan today.

The person at the next table said, "In our entire Four Seas, there are almost fifteen families that have people who reached the Merging Stage and then entered the Five Seas.However, after they reached the Combination Stage, they all entered the Five Heavy Seas to go, so currently, in the entire Four Heavy Seas, there is no Combination Stage, and the strongest are only at the ninth stage of Exaltation."

Another person said, "I don't know what Tang Zichen's strongest strength is, and whether he can defeat Yu's Third Ancestor, otherwise, if Tang Zichen isn't afraid to scare, then Yu's will be in real danger."

"Tang Zichen wouldn't dare to provoke Yu, after all, people have two Merging Stage Ancestors in the Five Heavy Seas, if Tang Zichen is sensible, he should make peace with Yu."

Just then, a man walked in at the door and said, "Gentlemen, I am a child of the Yu Clan, our family ancestor has sent word to negotiate with Tang Zichen in person, five days from now, at the Hong Banquet House.I hope you all will help spread the word and pass this news to Tang Zichen's ears, thank you all."

After saying that, the man went to the next inn, as he couldn't find Tang Zichen, and had to use this method to inform Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji returned to the room.

"Zichen, what to do now, no wonder Yu's Third Ancestor dared to be so arrogant, and no wonder no one dared to mess up Yu's auction house, but it turns out that Yu's ancestor and Second Ancestor are strong in the Combination Stage.This would be a bit of a slap in the face if we didn't dare to take any action against the clan.If word gets out, everyone will laugh at us."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I'm not afraid of the Combination Stage at all, as long as I have enough sixth grade spirit stones, the Combination Stage is nothing."

"But we have to break through to the Combination Stage, the amount of spirit stones, it's impossible to measure."

"How unmeasurable, give me another 3,900 sixth-grade spirit stones and I'll be able to ascend to the first stage of the combined body."

Mu Qianji rolled his eyes, "Three thousand nine hundred pieces, you have the nerve to say it.Three thousand nine hundred sixth grade spirit stones, what kind of concept is this, I'm afraid that all the families in the entire Four Seas have scoured the entire sea, and they may not be able to raise it."

/> Tang Zichen said, "Then let's scour the entire Four Heavy Seas once, didn't that person just say that in the hall?The Four Heavy Sea doesn't have any Combination Stage people in it, and the strongest is only at the ninth stage of Exaltation.So, I need to improve my strength as soon as possible, until I can defeat the ninth stage of the out-of-body stage, by then, the entire Four Heavy Sea will be trampled under my feet, and I'll have scavenged the entire Four Heavy Sea for all the sixth grade spirit stones, I think it should be enough to allow me to step into the Combination Stage, even if I can't, it's not far off.Although there are 15 families in the Four Heavy Seas, and there are strong people in the Five Heavy Seas, as long as they don't come out, then I'm the one in charge here.And once I reach the Merging Stage, hmm, then I may not be afraid."

"Good, I support you, it's too difficult to obtain sixth grade spirit stones, relying on individuals, it's only possible if you scour the entire Four Seas."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and smiled, "Right, one does not kill for one's self, as long as I can achieve my goal, it's fine, besides, I have no intention of killing, just scavenging.Hahaha."

Five days later, Tang Zichen arrived at the Hong Banquet House.

Today, the entire Four Seas knew about the negotiations between Tang Zichen and the Yu Clan.

Therefore, when Tang Zichen arrived at the Hong Banquet House, he found that it was full of customers.

Tang Zichen let out a curse, "I didn't expect people in the Spiritual Realm to be so fond of spectating, but I'm afraid that all these customers are there to watch."

"You must be Tang Zichen, all the ancestors of the Yu Clan, you've been waiting on the third floor."As soon as he entered the Hong Banquet House, the shop owner welcomed him, obviously recognizing Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked up to the third floor step by step.

In the hall on the third floor, there were no other customers, only a table placed right in the middle, and at the moment, a few of the Yu Clan's Knack Stage ancestors were sitting there, waiting for Tang Zichen.

"Yoho, they're all here."Tang Zichen smiled.

A few of the Yu Clan's ancestors immediately looked at Tang Zichen.

Yu's Third Ancestor said, "Tang Zichen, sit down, today, we should negotiate."

"Yeah, I was just about to negotiate with you guys as well."Tang Zichen said, that was why Tang Zichen was here, except, their terms of negotiation were definitely different.

Tang Zichen sat down opposite Yu Clan's Third Ancestor.

Yu's Third Ancestor said, "Tang Zichen, let's start negotiating.Previously, your cousin, Liu Fan, came to our auction site to auction off a middle-grade superior flying sword, right."


"After that, we followed the rules, and also broke the rules, and gave him a 19 percent share, right."


"Then, your cousin Liu Fan, who was very ambitious, wasn't satisfied and thought that we found all sorts of unwarranted names to screw him over, right."

"Right.Alright, now it's my turn to say that you have pitted my cousin and seriously disgraced my Tang, so I'm going to negotiate with you now, and if we don't get it done today, I'm afraid there's going to be bloodshed here."Tang Zichen said.

"Hmph, blood will be shed, it's your blood that will be shed."One of Yu's out-of-the-box fifth stage ancestors snorted, Tang Zichen said that blood would be shed as if he was threatening them, making them very upset.

Tang Zichen laughed, pointed at that ancestor and said, "Right, if we can't talk later, first shed your blood."

"Tang Zichen, you."That old ancestor of the 5th stage out of the tricks stared, his body was still shaking with anger, Tang Zichen's tone really didn't have the feeling of putting Yu in his eyes, didn't he, didn't he hear the news that Yu's old ancestor, the second ancestor, was coming back?


Yu's Third Ancestor said, "Tang Zichen, I am inviting you out today to have a good talk, after all, the grudge between us and you really needs to be made clear, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to everyone."

Tang Zichen said, "It's rare that you guys have this heart, good, if it can be peaceful, I don't want war either, tell me, how do you want to settle the grudges with me?"

"It's simple, we didn't trap your cousin before, but your cousin was just imagining things.So, we implore you to invite your cousin out and tell us face to face where we have pitted him."

Tang Zichen said angrily, "You fucking asked me out to say this to me?You didn't screw my cousin?Is that what I need from you guys?"

"Tang Zichen, please show some respect, I'm at least the Third Ancestor of the Yu Clan."Yu Clan's Third Ancestor said in anger.

"Hahaha, look at the shape of my mouth, Fart Ancestor."

"You."The Yu Clan's several ancestors were furious, not expecting Tang Zichen to put Yu Clan so little in his eyes.

"Tang Zichen, don't you know that our Yu Clan ancestors and the Second Ancestor, they are in the combined stage, went to the Five Seas and are coming back soon."One of Yu's ancestors said, he was afraid that Tang Zichen hadn't heard about it yet, so he reminded him.

Tang Zichen sneered, "This is just a scare, if they really come back and let them come here, I promise not to break their legs."

"Tang Zichen, please show some respect to our Yu ancestor."

"Look at my mouth shape, fart ancestor." Remember the URL

"You you you."Yu's group of ancestors were furious with Tang Zichen.

The Third Ancestor, in particular, had the appearance of being unable to help but fight.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys asked me out to tell me that you didn't pit my cousin's spirit stone, right?Well then, I'll tell you what I mean as well.What I mean is, to make peace with you, then compensate me five times how many sixth grade spirit stones you screwed me with, you screwed me with 47 sixth grade spirit stones, five times that is 235."

"You're dreaming, what a foolish dream, you're crazy for wanting spirit stones."Yu Clan's Third Ancestor scoffed, while flaming, he had asked Tang Zichen to negotiate today, originally thinking that Tang Zichen must have learned that his clan's ancestor would be back soon and was jealous of the clan, then wanted to settle without a dime to scare Tang Zichen off.But who knows, Tang Zichen is not afraid of scare in the slightest, and scolded them fart ancestor, really angry with them.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't be in a hurry to state your position, I haven't finished yet, in addition to compensating me with 235 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones, you must also execute the person in charge of the auction house.Alright, I won't make any more demands, just two."

The ancestors of the Yu Clan who were seated across the room looked extremely ugly.

Tang Zichen snorted disdainfully, "Don't force me, or else the Ning family will be the end of you."

"Tang Zichen, it's you who's forcing me."

"What? You want to fight?Do you believe that I can behead one of them out of the trance before you say the next word?"Tang Zichen said.

Yu's Third Ancestor gritted his teeth, "Don't you dare try anything."

"Puff."As soon as Yu Clan's Third Ancestor's words fell, that third stage out of the box ancestor of their family was cut down in one fell swoop, without even taking off his infant body.

"You."Yu Clan's Third Ancestor's body trembled, not expecting Tang Zichen to actually do what he said he would do, and do it right under his nose while he couldn't prevent it in the slightest.

This was mainly because, Tang Zichen could use all of his mind n with one mind, so when he was talking to Yu's Third Ancestor, he was ready to kill the old ancestor who was at the third stage of the out-of-body stage with a single move.

"Yu Battle."The remaining few Yu Clan ancestors stood up and looked at an ancestor who had suddenly died tragically, simply without any expectation.

This just-dead third stage out-of-consciousness ancestor was called Yu Zhan.

Yu's Third Ancestor's eyes were blood red as he looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Did you see that?

?If you want to force me, I can continue to kill the few remaining ancestors right under your nose."

"Tang Zichen, I'll exterminate you."Yu's Third Ancestor Ton offered his magic weapon, a tiger-headed mask.

I saw Yu's Third Ancestor put the tiger head mask on his face, and suddenly, his mask glowed blue.

"Roar."A powerful, tiger head with a face as big as a mountain bit down on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen trembled, this was a powerful eighth stage out of the box.

Tang Zichen immediately sacrificed his flying sword, a strong man of the eighth stage of Exaltation, Tang Zichen did not dare to take the enemy lightly.

"Celestial Luo Earth."

"Celestial Furnace Mirror."

"Steel Cable Giant."

Tang Zichen's mind moved, and the three magic weapons killed Yu's Third Ancestor at the same time.

"Boom."The entire Hongyan Building turned into shards shooting everywhere.

"Ah."Many of the guests at the scene immediately scattered and fled in all directions to avoid being calamitized.

The one who had just shattered the Hong Banquet Building with a single punch was Tang Zichen's Steel Cable Giant.

Tang Zichen's three magic weapons were fighting with Yu's Three Ancestors, and it was hard to tell them apart.

Tang Zichen's single-minded n-use, his body went directly to kill those ancestors of Yu's.

"Ah, Third Ancestor save me."



Tang Zichen killed the three Yu's ancestors at once, but unfortunately, the three Yu's ancestors were entangled in Tang Zichen's three magic weapons and couldn't be saved.

Soon, the surrounding sky was filled with people, all of whom never expected such a massive fight to occur during the negotiations.

Tang Zichen also shocked everyone once again, because in addition to controlling the three magic weapons to entangle with Yu's Third Ancestor, the original body could also go and kill others, which was simply 4 in 1.

If it were anyone else, it would be four people fighting, Tang Zichen's mental strength was really too strong.

Just like this, after a tea time, the Yu Clan's ancestors were left with only three and four ancestors, and five ancestors.

Because the Fourth and Fifth Ancestors were stronger and had reached the seventh stage of the sixth stage of Exaltation, it was difficult for Tang Zichen to kill them, and in the end, Tang Zichen alone was equal to the three of them.

Just as Tang Zichen was about to engage in a great prolonged battle with them, Yu's Third Ancestor stopped and shouted, "Retreat first."Then, the Third Ancestor of Yu's ignored the Fourth Ancestor and the Fifth Ancestor and immediately fled into the distance, panting as if he was extremely depleted, if he continued to fight, he would suffer a loss, he couldn't care less now, it was fundamental that he save his own life first.

Tang Zichen snorted, "No more spiritual energy?Then don't think about leaving."

Since it had come to this, Tang Zichen could simply kill them all, but if he didn't, he was already at odds with Yu's anyway.

Tang Zichen sacrificed his flying sword and immediately chased after them towards the Third Ancestor of the Yu Clan.

Behind, Yu's Fourth and Fifth Ancestors, didn't follow, looking at the seven or eight dead ancestors, and the Hongyan Building that had turned into ruins, seemingly unable to regain consciousness, incredulous as to why it had become like this all of a sudden.The family, only three out-of-body ancestors were left, and, three of them had escaped and were being chased by Tang Zichen unrelentingly.

Inside their hearts, they seemed to be regretting that if they had known this, why didn't they just compensate Tang Zichen that is, now that so many ancestors had died, no amount of spirit stones could compensate them back.

"Ahhhh."Yu's fourth and fifth ancestors, in full view of the onlookers, let out a roar.

As for Tang Zichen, who was now chasing after Yu's Third Ancestor as he disappeared into the sky, Tang Zichen's spiritual energy was almost infinite and incessant, so how could Yu's Third Ancestor consume more than Tang Zichen, once he ran out of spiritual energy, Tang Zichen had the absolute upper hand.


"Hugh, don't run away."

"Tang Zichen, you pervert."

"Hmph, it's no use getting angry, Hugh will have to flee."

"Tang Zichen, do you really want to drive them to extinction?"

"Ridiculous, you chose the path yourself, and you're still blaming me."

"Tang Zichen, you've already killed so many of my Yu's ancestors, what more do you really want."

"I don't want anything, I just want to kill you again."

"Tang Zichen, you can't do that."

"Hahaha, since it's already started, it can't end like this."Tang Zichen said mercilessly.

Tang Zichen chased after Yu's third ancestor while talking to him.

Tang Zichen's spiritual energy was always at its peak while Yu's Third Ancestor was constantly depleted, and Yu's Third Ancestor was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. One second to remember to read the book

Soon, Tang Zichen was about to catch up with Yu's third ancestor.

"Watch the sword."

As Tang Zichen entered the optimal attack range, Tang Zichen Tian Luo killed it.

Yu's Third Ancestor, who was busy running away, could not resist and was instantly hit.

"Ah."Yu Clan's Third Ancestor screamed as his flesh was suddenly cut into pieces.

Yu's Third Ancestor's infant immediately detached, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen was not able to control Yu's Third Ancestor's infant this time.

"Don't come over, or I'll self-destruct."Yu's Third Ancestor threatened.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What if I had to come over?"

"Tang Zichen, no matter how strong you are, your flesh can't possibly resist my infant's self-destruct, I advise you not to seek death, at worst, I'll die with you."The Yu Clan's Third Ancestor's YuanYing threatened.

"To die with you, ridiculous to die with you."

"Do you have to force me to do this?"

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, in that case, I'll let you go."Tang Zichen immediately flew back and prepared to walk away.

The Yu Clan's Third Ancestor's infant was relieved when he saw that Tang Zichen had indeed retreated.

However, it was when he was relieved that a flying sword behind him cut his YuanYing in half.

"Ah."Yu's Third Ancestor was stupid.

Tang Zichen turned back and grunted, "Stupid, you don't know that I have several magic weapons, and that my control over them is thousands of meters away."

Ordinary people's, once they were more than a few hundred meters away from a magic weapon, their control over it was greatly weakened, but Tang Zichen was different, he could still control the magic weapon even if he was thousands of meters away from it.Tang Zichen had just pretended to leave, then left behind a flying sword and circled behind Yu's Third Ancestor's infant to take his life while he wasn't paying attention.

Tang Zichen put away Yu's Third Ancestor's storage ring.

Tang Zichen roughly scanned the storage ring to see if there were any spirit stones.

There were actually over two hundred sixth grade spirit stones inside.

"Yay, sixth-grade spirit stones, this time I can upgrade to the fifth or even sixth stage of Exaltation."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, once he upgraded to the sixth stage of Exaltation, then Tang Zichen would be able to trample the entire Four Seas under his feet, scouring the entire Four Seas for Spirit Stones and reaching the Merging Stage as quickly as possible.

Tang Zichen quickly returned to the original spot.

There were still many people in the original place, but the fourth and fifth ancestors of the Yu Clan that he hadn't been able to kill just yet were nowhere to be found at the moment.

"Where are the other two?"Don Zimmer asked the onlookers.

"They've already run away."

"Hmph, count them as fast runners."Since they ran away, Tang Zichen wouldn't go after them, only those who didn't have confidence in themselves would go after them, because Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of them seeking revenge on him in the future.

Tang Zichen said to the crowd of onlookers, "Alright, don't be an onlooker, do what you have to do."The onlookers immediately dispersed, seemingly terrified of Tang Zichen because Tang Zichen had killed all of Ning's and Yu's out-of-body ancestors one after the other, feeling like Tang Zichen was a demon that sent shivers down their spines.In fact, the feeling of these melon eaters was quite accurate, Tang Zichen was indeed about to become the devil head of the Four Seas, Tang Zichen was going to raid the Four Seas and would surely become the devil head of everyone.

Tang Zichen returned to the inn.

Mu Qianji had already returned to the inn one step ahead of him.

Tang Zichen took out all the storage rings.

"Qianji, take an inventory of how much loot there is."

"Good."Mu Qianji immediately started counting.

"Zichen, there are a total of 290 sixth-grade spirit stones and two middle-grade upper-grade magic weapons."

"Well, so, I already have eight middle-grade superior magic weapons now, good, hahaha.I'm going to sell five of them."

Tang Zichen prepared to use the 290 sixth grade spirit stones to refine them.

"Thousands of them, I'll raise you first."

"No need, you refine it yourself first, only when you're stronger will I have a chance."

"Just as well."Tang Zichen did not excuse himself and immediately began refining the spirit stones.

Tang Zichen's realm, from the fourth stage of Exaltation, slowly, soared up to the seventh stage of Exaltation.

However, after soaring to the seventh stage of Exaltation, Tang Zichen's sixth grade spirit stone still had more than 90 pieces left, and including the bit left over from before, there were still almost a hundred pieces left over.

"Thousands of points, I've already risen to the seventh stage of Exaltation, and this hundred or so points is just enough to give you the ability to ascend to the fourth stage of Exaltation."

"What about you?"

"This hundred or so pieces is not enough for me to upgrade to the eighth stage of Exaltation again, I'm refining it now for nothing, I have to upgrade to the eighth stage of Exaltation again, I have to refine another 200 pieces at once to do it."


"Don't but, refine it."

With the help of Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji quickly upgraded from the first stage of Exaltation, to the fourth stage of Exaltation.

After the upgrade, Mu Qianji felt the momentum of her realm and sighed deeply, In the Four Seas, other Immortals, from the first stage of Exaltation, to the fourth stage of Exaltation, might not be able to reach it in a lifetime, or it might take three or four hundred years, or even longer.And she, it had only been how long.Mu Qianji even felt that it was very unfair, why was she able to be so speedy.

But how could the world be fair.

"Lamenting again isn't it."With a roll of his eyes, Tang Zichen instantly guessed what Mu Qianji was lamenting, Tang Zichen said, "Everyone else wants to cultivate and upgrade fast, no one has ever been like you, who thinks it's too fast."

"Oh, Zichen, I'm just afraid, we're cultivating and upgrading so fast, it's hard for others to raise a step in a hundred years, and we're four or five steps all of a sudden, this, this makes me feel a bit scared and insecure."

"Khan, what are you afraid of?"

"I'm afraid, we're so fast, nothing will happen in the future, right?Like, God said we cheated and knocked us back to our original form or something."

"You're really overthinking it, there's a reason why we're so fast, and it can't always be this fast, now we have to upgrade to the combined stage, with our individual abilities, we can't gather up the sixth class spirit stones anymore, when we reach the combined stage, our unit of consumption will be the seventh class spirit stones, at that time, it's probably hard for the whole world to gather up the seventh class spirit stones, and we have nothing to upgrade."


"Yeah, after we've upgraded our habits, what are we going to do once we run out of spirit stones to refine."

"What else can we do, we'll cultivate on our own."

"But, we're so used to upgrading quickly that when we really want to cultivate on our own, when we haven't progressed for decades or centuries, I'm afraid we won't be able to get our minds right, we simply don't have the patience."

"So, we have to tell ourselves now that we must be patient once there are no more spirit stones, it's all under our control, not absolute, alright, don't think about it so much.Let's go, let's go spread the news about the auction of the flying swords, these five mid-grade superior flying swords of mine, I think that many families will want them."

"Ugh."Mu Qianji said in his heart, what a great way to take from the people and sell to the people.

After that, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji came to the inn and spread a message out.

The message read, "In ten days, Tang Zichen will be auctioning off five intermediate and superior magic weapons at the Yu's Auction House, anyone who needs them is invited to come and auction them off."

After this message was put out, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji went to close the door.

Tang Zichen continued to sacrifice his magic artifacts, he had been sacrificing his magic artifacts for so long, but unfortunately, he hadn't been able to sacrifice the high grade artifacts to go.

It felt difficult.

And so, in a blink of an eye, ten days had passed. The first website

Early this morning, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji arrived at the Yu Clan Auction House.

Of course, because the Yu Clan's Exaltation Stage only had the two that escaped left, the Yu Auction House had become an empty shell, and the staff inside had been disbanded.As for the Yu Clan, since there was no longer an out-of-body stage in town, it was swallowed by some other families.The Yu Clan existed in name only, and the children of the Yu Clan were instantly reduced to the untouchables of the Four Seas.Of course, if they still had geniuses rising in the future, they could still return to the pinnacle.Therefore, the sons and daughters of the Yu Clan all secretly vowed to cultivate hard, revitalize the family, and seek revenge on Tang Zichen in the future.Therefore, the genius sons and daughters of the Yu Clan hid themselves for fear of being killed by Tang Zichen for safety reasons, not allowing him to find them.

Unfortunately, they had really underestimated Tang Zichen, who had no intention of killing the geniuses of the Yu Clan, let alone eradicating the Yu Clan from the face of the earth.

Tang Zichen was truly disdainful.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Yu Clan Auction House and waited for a short time, more and more people came.

After ten days, the entire Four Seas family heard that Tang Zichen was going to rank the intermediate superior flying swords, although everyone knew that these intermediate superior flying swords were robbed by Tang Zichen, but it didn't affect the sales, after all, those people were already dead.

Soon, the auction hall was packed with people.

"Everyone, no more nonsense, let's start the auction of the first intermediate superior magic weapon now, pay with one hand and deliver with the other, as you all know, these magic weapons were snatched by me, the original owners are dead, so you can shoot without any fear."

"Below, the first magic weapon to be auctioned is the magic weapon of the second ancestor of the Ziyang Family, Purple Shadow, the starting price is 50 sixth grade spirit stones."Tang Zichen took out the first magic artifact and said.

At the scene, the people from the Ziyang Family were very upset when they saw that flying sword, but they didn't dare to trouble Tang Zichen because even the Yu Clan had been destroyed, if they looked for Tang Zichen, it would be a death sentence.

As soon as Tang Zichen brought out this magic weapon, the ancestor of the Ziyang family said, "Tang Zichen, this magic weapon is my second brother's."

Tang Zichen looked at the Ziyang ancestor and smiled, "So what if it is, you have the guts to come over and grab it."

"You."The ancestor of the Ziyang family was furious, watching Tang Zichen auction his second brother's

A magic weapon, but there was nothing to be done about it, and there was no apology at all from the other side, even if it was a nice, condoling word.

"Start shooting."

"60 pieces."

"One hundred."

"130." at this time, Old Ancestor Ziyang shouted.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that Old Ancestor Ziyang would actually participate in the auction, it was originally their family's, but unfortunately, they were unable to snatch it back and had no choice but to shoot it back.



At this moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "Alright, this magic weapon, stop the auction, Old Ancestor Ziyang, this magic weapon, it was originally your family's, since that's the case, I won't hack you, how about this, 135 sixth grade spirit stones, give it back to you."

Old Ancestor Ziyang originally wanted to shout 150, he must buy his second brother's magic weapon back, but since Tang Zichen gave it to him cheaply, of course he wanted it.

"Hmph."Old Ancestor Ziyang grunted and took 135 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones and went up to exchange the magic weapon with Tang Zichen, although Tang Zichen gave it to him cheaply, but he didn't appreciate it because it was originally his second brother's ah, killing his second brother not to mention, but also taking away 135 spirit stones from him.

"The following is the auction of the second magic artifact.This magic weapon is the flying sword of the previous Ning Clan's ancestor Ning Fang, start the auction."







After the price went out to 145, no one shouted upwards, because, this magic weapon, was Ning Fang's previous one, a flying sword of inferior quality.If it was the one that Ning Fang had bought for 180 sixth grade spirit stones, it would be worth fighting for, in fact, many people had come today for that flying sword, the one that had been auctioned off once before by Tang Zichen and bought by Ning Fang.

"Here's the third magic weapon, it's from Yu's Third Ancestor."

In the end, it was bought for 140 Sixth Grade Spirit Stones.

"Below is the fourth magic weapon, also the magic weapon of the Third Ancestor of the Yu Clan."

This one, in turn, was bought for 146 Sixth Grade Spiritual Stones.

"The last magic weapon, this one, was previously bought by Ning Fang, from my cousin Liu Fan, after Ning Fang bought this magic weapon, he directly discarded his own original use of it, and used this one instead.I'm sure you all can see that the quality of this flying sword is more than a notch higher."Tang Zichen took out the last flying sword, this flying sword, which Tang Zichen had previously stolen from the Ning family's old eight, was then sacrificed by Tang Zichen to the upper intermediate grade and rebuilt in appearance.Therefore, the high quality was self-evident.

When Tang Zichen took out this flying sword, everyone's eyes were blazing, most of the people who had come today were here for this flying sword, and they had seen the quality of this flying sword when Ning Fang used it before.

Tang Zichen said, "This flying sword, let's just start the auction from 180."

"I'll bid 200."




After waiting for several minutes, no one added any more, because it was really expensive, and although this flying sword was of high quality, without spirit stones nothing was imagined.More than two hundred and six grades of spirit stones, is the entire family, decades of harvest ah, even forty or fifty years to save up, today to auction the flying sword, most of the people have poured out their family fortune.


Tang Zichen said, "Is there a higher one?Flying swords of such high quality will be hard to find in the future."

"230." an old man of the ninth stage of Exaltation said with a bite.

"230 once, 230 twice."

"240." another old man of the ninth out-of-body stage shouted.

It seemed that the real big brother started shouting, everyone could see the quality of this flying sword, and the Four Seas couldn't touch one of such high quality for thousands of years.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Everyone, if whoever bids on this flying sword, I can additionally send a big gift package."

"What big gift package?"Everyone's eyes lit up.

Tang Zichen said, "I can be friends with him, and I can do something for his family for free."

"Ah."The crowd was shocked.

Although many of the families of the Four Seas were bad-mouthing Tang Zichen behind his back, abusing him like nothing else.However, if one could really be friends with Tang Zichen, then one could forget about any knuckles.

"I'll pay 250." Remember the URL

"I'll give 260."


In order to be able to be friends with Tang Zichen, all those who hesitated before shot out, everyone could see that Tang Zichen was extraordinary, making such a friend was worth it.

In the end, the price was out to 320 Sixth Grade Spirit Stones.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Congratulations to this old senior, what is your name?"

"My name is Song Jinshu."

"The Four Seas Song family?"

"Yes, our Song family, a combined family of four seas, our family, has seven seniors who have reached the combined stage, however, they have all entered the five seas.By the way, our Song family, we also have one of the most talented juniors, named Song Yaoyao, who is the number one ranked genius in the Heavenly Fragrance Hall."That old man who was at the ninth stage of out of the box said proudly.

At that moment, whoever grunted, "Bullshit ranking number one, the top three of the Heavenly Fragrance Hall right now are all that person called Windy Tianya, okay?"

Tang Zichen thudded, if not, Tang Zichen almost forgot about this, before that, Tang Zichen had gone to the Heavenly Fragrance Hall and as a Windy Sky, he had kicked the top three ranked in the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, Song Yaoyao, Yun Haitian, and Shithead, unconscious.Of course, Tang Zichen didn't know that after he left, the Heavenly Fragrance Hall had actually carved his name into the top three.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but laugh, "The Temple of Heavenly Fragrance really carved my name on it."

Tang Zichen was just saying it subconsciously.

However, it only occurred to Tang Zichen after he finished speaking that he had gone to the Heavenly Fragrance Hall that time as an impostor.

Sure enough, everyone there looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

"Tang Zichen, what did you just say?The Master of the Heavenly Fragrance Palace really carved your name on it?What do you mean?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Mistake of words."

"Tang Zichen, that person called Feng Tianya, that can't be you, right?I'll tell you how come the entire Four Seas couldn't find Wind Skyya."

Another person said, "Yeah, before the great name of Feng Tianya swept across the Four Seas, almost the entire Four Seas were searching for Feng Tianya, which family would want to miss out on such a genius.However, even after looking for death, they didn't find Feng Tianya, even many of them sent people to the One, Two, Three Heavy Seas to look for him, and they still didn't find him."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

Tang Zichen laughed, It's fine, it won't be against the law to say it.

Tang Zichen said, "Since it's all spoken out by mistake, I won't hide it, yes, I was the one who went to the Heavenly Fragrance Hall that day and casually kicked Song Yaoyao and Yun Haitian, as well as what's left of the shit.Feng Tianya is just a name I casually said."

"Ah."Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at Tang Zichen, never expecting that the Feng Tianya who made everyone want to rally a while ago was Tang Zichen.No wonder he could casually knock out the top three ranked geniuses with a single kick.


bsp; At this moment, a man from the Mitty Family was busy saying, "Senior Tang Zichen, the person ranked third before the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, he's not called Shitty Hull Lang oh, he's called Mitty Hull Lang."

Tang Zichen said, "I said he's a Shitty Shellman, he's a Shitty Shellman."

"Ugh."The man from the Mitty family was embarrassed.

Tang Zichen didn't have a good feeling about the shitty shell man, saying he was shitty shell man was shitty shell man, correcting shit.

"Alright, Song Jinshu, you can come up and collect your flying sword."


That Song Jinshu walked up and exchanged 320 sixth grade spirit stones for that flying sword of Tang Zichen's.

The flying sword definitely wasn't worth that much, but it was almost worth it with Tang Zichen's favor.

Song Jinshu took the flying sword and sighed inwardly, the next forty or fifty years would be spent living in poverty, as it would take at least forty years to save up this many sixth grade spirit stones again.

Tang Zichen finished the auction and announced, "Everyone can disperse."

At this time, Song Jinshu busily said, "Brother Tang, I don't know if it's such an honor to invite you for a meal tonight."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Of course you can, I said that whoever auctioned the last flying sword is friends with me Tang Zichen, since we are friends, why can't we have a meal together."

"That's fine, I respectfully await your arrival."

The rest of them looked at Song Jinshu with envy.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left.

Tang Zichen was filled with excitement.

"Quick, count how many spirit stones have been harvested in total?"

"There's no need to count it, 886 sixth grade spirit stones."

"Yay, great."

"Zichen, how much can you upgrade to with 886 sixth grade spirit stones?"

"It will probably allow me to upgrade to the ninth stage of Exaltation.However, after upgrading to the ninth stage of Exaltation, there are still 280 sixth-grade spirit stones left, so I'll give you all the rest."

"Ah, it's only upgraded to the ninth stage of Exaltation."

"Or else what."

"Then what if you want the next realm closing stage?How much more do you need?"

"At least another 3,000 sixth grade spirit stones need to be refined at once."

"That much."

"It can't be helped, from the first stage of Exaltation to the ninth stage, it doesn't cost as many spirit stones as the ninth stage to the next realm.To go from the ninth step out of the tricks to the next realm to the first step, it costs about three times as many spirit stones as all the previous ones combined.Therefore, the entire Four Seas may not be able to scrape up 3,000 sixth-grade spirit stones."Tang Zichen was helpless.(Referring to the previous table)

"There's nothing we can do but try."

"Alright, let's start refining."

Next, Tang Zichen spent a few minutes refining about 600 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones, and Tang Zichen's realm rose from the seventh stage of Exaltation, to the ninth stage of Exaltation in an instant.

There were still about 280 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones left, and Tang Zichen took them to Mu Qianji to use.Mu Qianzhi upgraded to the sixth stage of Exaltation, and when he finished, there were still 130 sixth grade spirit stones left.Since he couldn't upgrade to the seventh level, he saved it for now, and when he got it all together next time, he would refine it all at once.Because refining the full amount at once wouldn't be a waste.

"Alright, I'll be at the ninth level of Exaltation, you'll be at the sixth level of Exaltation, and we can walk across the entire Four Seas."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji laughed wordlessly, it was so easy to follow Tang Zichen, easily upgrading, if he kept on like this, it wouldn't take many years to become an immortal ah.

Unfortunately, it was getting harder and harder to find spirit stones back there, so in the end, they would have to rely on their own ability to cultivate to the top.However, although the spirit stones were hard to find in the future and the realm couldn't be upgraded so fast, however, Tang Zichen had Immortal Qi, which was a big advantage in terms of cultivating magic tools, so in the future, even though the upgrade wasn't so fast, Tang Zichen still wouldn't be bullied.


That night, Tang Zichen came to the Four Seas Song family alone, and since he had promised to come as a guest, he had to do it.

Mu Qianji didn't come along, and she didn't seem interested.

"Brother Tang, please come in."

"Brother Song, you're welcome."Tang Zichen gave a slight nod to the Song Clan's eighth ancestor, Song Jinshu.

It was just that Song Jinshu wasn't very happy to see Tang Zichen address him as Brother Song.

Tang Zichen sat down in the Song family hall, which was now already prepared with sumptuous food and wine, and several Song family ancestors were already waiting.

"Please sit down."Song Jinshu respectfully arched his hand.

Tang Zichen sat down unceremoniously, and only after Tang Zichen sat down did Song Jinshu and several other Song family ancestors take their seats.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at those Song family ancestors, none of them knew each other, Song Jinshu panicked and introduced, "Brother Tang, these are all my Song family ancestors, I'm the eighth ancestor of the Song family, this is the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth ancestor of the Song family."

"Oh."In his heart, Tang Zichen didn't really like eating with a bunch of people he didn't know, so he might as well call out Song Yaoyao, who he had met once.

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Isn't Song Yaoyao here?Why don't you ask her out to dinner with you." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Here, she's probably not available, and besides, it's not the right place for her to be on this occasion, so a few of us Song ancestors will share dinner with you."

"Oh, whatever."

Tang Zichen finished a somewhat spoilery meal and then said, "Alright, I'm done eating, so I'll leave first."

"Ah, so fast."Song Jinshu was a bit dumbfounded, Tang Zichen really just came to have a meal ah, at least exchange feelings ah.

"Bye bye."Tang Zichen waved his hand and walked away.

A few Song family ancestors, sitting there silly, thought that they would mingle with Tang Zichen until midnight, but as it turned out, people really just came to have a meal.

One of the Song family ancestors said, "What a loss, we spent so many extra spirit stones, and thought we were really friends with him, but as a result, this is it, ah, it's a loss that we even prepared so much wine and were going to have a good time."

"Alas, don't complain, after all, he's not familiar with us, how could he really drink until midnight like a friend."

Although the Song family's several ancestors were quite complaining, there was nothing they could do about it.

Tang Zichen was walking outside when he met a woman with a graceful figure.

"Haha, Song Yaoyao."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, the woman he met face to face was the same Song Yaoyao, the number one ranked genius who had kicked her unconscious in the Heavenly Fragrance Hall.

"You are?"Song Yaoyao looked at Tang Zichen somehow, because the last time at the Heavenly Fragrance Palace, Tang Zichen had changed his face and appeared under the name of Feng Tianya, so she couldn't recognize Tang Zichen at the moment, however, Tang Zichen's handsomeness made Song Yaoyao's heart beat a little faster.

"Song Yaoyao, I'm a guest in your home, alright, I'll leave first."Tang Zichen didn't stay long and turned around and left, although Song Yaoyao was a bit of a posture, it wasn't to the point where Tang Zichen was interested.

Tang Zichen returned to the inn.

"Back so soon?"Mu Qianji was startled.

"Otherwise, I'm just going to Song's house for dinner."

"I thought that you were going to drink until midnight."

"Drinking my ass, there's no atmosphere at all with a few unseen ancestors of the Song family."


"So when do we start scouring the Four Seas?"Mu Qianji asked.


"I don't know about that, after all, it's a bad start to doing bad things and oppressing the entire Four Heavy Seas."

"You have to step into the Merging Stage as fast as possible, it is necessary to scour the entire Four Seas for the sixth grade spirit stones."

"Let's wait a little longer, I don't know where Tang Huan, and my aunt, Lu Yuxi and the others have gone to train nowadays, it's been a year in the blink of an eye."

"If you miss them, you might as well go find them, anyway, you're now, all across the Four Seas, going to the One, Two, Three Seas, it's even more of a tiger entering the sheep pen."

"That's exactly what I'm planning, I'll leave tomorrow and go find them, I still have 130 sixth grade spirit stones left on me, I'm perfectly capable of raising them all to the Exaltation stage."

"Heavens, they're probably only at most at the heart illumination stage right now, and they've suddenly surged up to the exit stage, tsk tsk, what kind of good deeds did they do in their last life to be able to run into you in this life."Mu Qianji sighed for a while.

Indeed, they were so wildly soaring, what a heavenly thing to do.

"Haha, aren't you coming along?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I won't go with you, you go on your own, I'm practicing my martial skills in the Four Seas, I'm rising to the realm too fast, it's necessary to spend more time settling myself, otherwise I'm afraid the fighting aspect won't be able to keep up with the realm."

"That's fine."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The next day, Tang Zichen left the Four Seas and came to the First Sea.

Unfortunately, there was a vast sea of people, and Tang Zichen didn't know where to look for Tang Huan and the others.

Tang Zichen stepped on the flying sword and unknowingly returned to the original Feiyun Sect, but unfortunately, the Feiyun Sect had turned into a ruin and no one was left except for the lonely souls and ghosts.

Tang Zichen came back to Tianbao City.

The formerly prosperous Tianbao City has turned into a ghost town, empty of people.

Therefore, it was difficult for Tang Zichen to find Tang Huan and the others.Who knew if Tang Huan and the others had ever returned.

Helplessly, Tang Zichen had no choice but to wait in Tianbao City.

Perhaps, Tang Huan and the others would return someday, of course, only if Tang Huan and the others didn't know that Tian Bao City was gone and hadn't returned yet.

Tang Zichen was standing alone on the walls of Tianbao City, the setting sun's rays stretched his figure.

There was no second person in the entire Tianbao City, except for Tang Zichen, and there was a sad air in the air, after all, this place had just been slaughtered a few months ago, and the stench of decay could still be smelled everywhere.

As Tang Zichen sat in the lonely city, he had the feeling of being isolated after the end of the world.

"Alas, I'm waiting here, can I really wait for them?Where the hell did they go for training, not even knowing that the Flying Cloud Sect's Heavenly Jewel City had been destroyed?By all rights, they should have returned."

"If they really came back, knowing that Heavenly Jewel City and Flying Cloud Sect are gone, they would definitely leave, it might not make much sense for me to wait here, so why don't, go to Zhu Bai City and wait, after all, if they want to find me, they will definitely go to Zhu Bai City first."

Thinking nothing of it, Tang Zichen immediately went to Zhubai City.

By the time Tang Zichen arrived at Zhu Bai City, it was already dark, Tang Zichen went straight to the city tower of Zhu Bai City.

"Stop."A few guards on the city tower shouted.

Tang Zichen said, "From today onwards, I'm the only one allowed to come up on this city tower, and also, help me get a plaque to hang outside the city wall with a few big words on it, 'Tang Zichen is here'."

Those guards grunted, "Who are you, get down immediately."

"Pah."Tang Zichen waved his hand and those guards all flew down to the city tower.


"Ah."Those guards were shocked, they were strong men of the eighth and ninth stages of Spiritual Harmony.

Tang Zichen slowly descended from the city tower and said, "Who are you led by?"

"Lord of Jubal City."One of the guards said touching his fiery face.

"Zhubai City even has a city lord, huh?"For the first time, Tang Zichen only knew that there were the three strongest families in Zhubai City before.

"The City Master is rotated among the three great families, and this year, the City Master happens to be the Lan family's turn."

"Alright, I'm not interested in knowing what the City Lord is, remember, follow what I just said."


"You can also go back and report to your city lord and have him come out to meet me, get out."Tang Zichen waved his hand again, and those guards just blew away.

With that, Tang Zichen hung a large plaque on the city wall, clearly stating that Tang Zichen was here, and if Tang Huan and the others came to Zhubai City, they would definitely see these words, and when they did, they would find them.

Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, more than half a year had passed.

One evening half a year later, three girls, plus two boys, came from the distance, towards Zhu Bai City. The debut website

Tang Huan hung his head in despair.

"Do you think we can really find Tang Zichen in Jubal City?"

"Now we can only go to Jubal City."

"The Flying Cloud Sect has been destroyed, and even the Heavenly Jewel City is gone, will Master be alright with her?"Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was a bit worried.

In fact, they were all very worried that Tang Zichen had died as well.

One of those two boys was busy comforting Yan Xinyi and said, "Xinyi, don't worry, I'm sure your master will be fine."

Yan Xinyi didn't say anything, this boy was something they had encountered over the past year or so, when they were out training, and they had all experienced many dangers together, and now they were also considered life and death friends.With the deeper their interactions, the deeper their feelings became, and in the end, that boy, Liu Qingfeng, seemed to have fallen in love with Yan Xinyi, taking care of her in every way, only, it hadn't reached the stage of confession yet.

The other boy also said, "Maybe, Senior Tang is waiting for you in Zhu Bai City.Don't worry, if it doesn't work, come back to the Triple Sea with me, my family is one of the strongest families in the Triple Sea."There was a look of pride in Zheng Boy's speech.

The five of them approached towards Zhu Bai City in a hurry.

Soon, they arrived at Zhu Bai City.

From afar, they could see a few words written on the walls of Zhubai City: "Tang Zichen is here."

"Ah."Yan Xin Yi and the other three were startled.

"So obvious?No way, to be able to scribble on the city wall, unless my brother his strength, is very strong, otherwise, the strongest man in Jubal City, would let him write big words on the city wall with no image like that?"

"Quick, go up and take a look."

With five people standing below the city wall, Lu Yuxi shouted, "Tang Shao."

At this moment, the person sitting on the city tower, who still had a bit of dust on his body, suddenly opened his eyes.

Tang Zichen's figure moved and stood on the city wall, and looking down, it was really the three Tang Huan, and of course, there were two boys.

"It really is the younger brother."Tang Huan was delighted, it had been over a year and a half since the last time they parted.

Tang Zichen landed from the city wall and smiled, "Finally!

There you are, where have you been?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Brother."Tang Huan immediately jumped into Tang Zichen's embrace.

"Oh, Huanhuan."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, perhaps because it had been too long since she had called her sister, Tang Zichen suddenly couldn't call her Huanhuan anymore and it didn't go down well.

Tang Huanhuan's heart thudded, but inside, she was happy.

"Tang Shao, it's finally time to see you."Lv Yuxi's eyes were wet and her voice was excited.

Tang Zichen's eyes lit up as he looked at Lu Yuxi, Lu Yuxi had also changed a lot, a year and a half ago, she was still slightly young, but now, she was so plump and mature.

"Lv Yuxi, not bad, you've grown up a lot."

"Tang Shao, I'm almost seventeen years old."Lu Yuxi blushed slightly.

"Master."Yan Xinyi also called out with eyes full of excitement.

"Master."Tang Zichen originally wanted to get out Shini, but, the words were on his lips, but he didn't call out, at this moment, Shini's appearance was still a young girl, but, it was much more mature than in the beginning, Shini was almost fourteen years old, and at this moment, she was already beginning to look like the first beauty in the Jianghu.

Tang Zichen was filled with emotions, Tang Zichen was an adult at the moment, while Yan Xingyi had turned into an underage girl.

"Hello, you must be Senior Tang."At this moment, a man standing behind Yan Xin Yi called out.

Tang Zichen looked towards that man, who was about twenty years old, and his realm had reached the Spiritual Unity stage.

Tang Zichen could tell from his standing posture that this man had some special feelings for Yan Xin Yi.

Tang Zichen suddenly had a bad impression of him, although Yan Xinyi's mind was an adult, her appearance was just that of a little girl, but she was able to do it to little girls.

Of course, Tang Zichen didn't know whether or not his teacher's wife liked him as well, so he didn't say anything and just asked: "Who are you?"

"Back to Senior Tang, Senior Liu Qingfeng, this is my clan brother, Liu Baiqiang."That man's hand led to the eighteen or nineteen year old man next to him and said.


Lu Yu Xi was busy saying, "Tang Shao, they are the ones we met when we were training, now we are all good friends."

"Alright, let's go upstairs."Tang Zichen's hand brought everyone up to the city floor.

The five of them were tremendously shaken inside when they saw how powerful Tang Zichen was, and after not seeing him for over a year, they all kind of couldn't believe that this was the kid from the Flying Cloud Sect.

After all, Tang Zichen had changed too much, firstly, his body had grown up as if he was a man in his twenties, and secondly, his aura was as if he was very powerful and strong.

"Brother, how have you changed so much now?"Tang Huan asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I took the Giant Fruit, alright, let's not dwell on that, tell us, where exactly have you guys been practicing for over a year, you don't even know that the Flying Cloud Sect was destroyed."

"Tang Shao, ever since you and Miss Mu left the Flying Cloud Sect a year and a half ago, we felt that the Flying Cloud Sect wasn't interesting at all, then you told us that we had to learn to be independent, so we decided to go to the Desolate Beast Forest, then after that, we went to the Sky Wolf Valley, the Starry Sky Forest, and some other cities, so we spared a long distance, and when we returned to the Flying Cloud Sect, theOne year and three months have already passed.Three months ago, when we returned to the Flying Cloud Sect, we found that it had been reduced to ruins.Then we returned to the Heavenly Jewel City and found that it was also strewn with corpses.We thought that you were dead too.So, we had to come to Jubal City to look for you."


Tang Huan's eyes were red.

Tang Zichen said, "Huanhuan, the Tang family was destroyed, but I don't think your father is dead, except, I don't know where he's hiding."

"Brother, what's all this about?"Tang Huan asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm to blame for all of this."

Tang Zichen told them the whole story.


They realized that it was all because of Tang Zichen.

"Alright, it's over, so let's not think about it too much.We'll take you back to the Four Seas now."Tang Zichen said.

At that moment, the man called Liu Qingfeng was busy saying, "Senior Tang, are you taking them away so soon?"

Liu Qingfeng was a bit anxious, he hadn't even properly confessed to Yan Xinyi ah.

Tang Zichen looked towards Liu Qingfeng and said, "Do you have anything else?" Remember the URL

"Me, me."Liu Qingfeng looked at Yan Xin Yi several times in succession.

Tang Zichen said, "You don't like her, do you?"

As expected, Liu Qingfeng immediately turned his head, held Yan Xinyi's hand and said, "Xinyi, do you know me?I like you, I really like you, I've wanted to say this for a long time."

Yan Xin Yi pulled out Liu Qingfeng's hand in a panic and looked somewhat depressed.

Although Yan Xinyi was a little girl on the outside, she was already an adult on the inside, and she had a husband in the mortal realm, so how could she like Liu Qingfeng, a young man in his twenties, who was indeed a little kid in her eyes.

"Qingfeng, don't be like that."

"Xinyi, I really love you, and now that your master is taking you away, I'm afraid I won't have the chance to see you again.That's right, you might be surprised how I like you, it's your maturity and wisdom that attracted me, although you are young, you are more mature than both Tang Huan and Yu Xi, so I'm in love with you."Liu Qingfeng said in a passionate manner.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, no wonder he had the face to make a move on a little girl, so it was the maturity of his teacher's wife that made him involuntarily ignore her appearance and treat her as an adult.

"Qingfeng, we're good friends, we'll meet again."

"No, Xinyi, I."Liu Qingfeng felt that if he didn't seize the opportunity right now, he definitely wouldn't have any more interactions with Yan Xinyi, because he had just seen that Yan Xinyi's master, Tang Zichen, had eyes full of superiority and didn't even look at him, so he felt that if he didn't confess and let Yan Xinyi stay for him, he wouldn't have a chance.

Yan Xin Yi still wanted to say something else, at this time, Tang Zichen pre-empted him and said, "Liu Qingfeng, don't dwell on it, you don't deserve her, if I were you, instead of dwelling on a woman here who doesn't deserve her, I'd bless her that she can find a man worthy of him in the future, understand?"

"Me."Liu Qingfeng was very unhappy inside and said, "Senior Tang, you're not Xinyi, how do you know that she doesn't have any feelings for me."

"Yo, you don't seem to be convinced yet.Hehe, don't say whether she has feelings for you or not, even if she does, one word from me can make her have no feelings for you, understand?"

"Well, are you going to stick it to me?What's wrong with me."Liu Qingfeng was unconvinced and actually started to resent Tang Zichen, thinking that your apprentice can restrict people's love.

The clan brother beside Liu Qingfeng, Liu Baiqiang said, "Senior Tang, our Liu family, we are one of the largest families in the Triple Sea, you are a bit too much to say."

"What, your Liu family is in the Triple Sea what?"Tang Zichen doubted if he had heard wrong.

"Hmph, my Liu family, is also one of the largest families in the Triple Sea, say something you don't like to hear, Senior Tang, you'll be at the YuanYing stage if you die, not afraid to tell you that

, in my Liu family, we have a handful of YuanYing stage, and there are also quite a few at the Exodus stage, and my Liu family, we also have strong Exodus stage people."Liu Baiqiang said.

Tang Zichen looked at these two frogs at the bottom of the well and wanted to laugh a little, but he didn't want to.

A frog at the bottom of the well is a frog at the bottom of the well ah, and they said that Tang Zichen was at the infant stage.

Was Tang Zichen going to tell them that Tang Zichen could walk across the Four Seas?

Or, have they never heard of it, the reputation of the Don?

It was also true that they had gone on a training trip for more than a year, where had they heard about the big event that happened in the One Heavy Sea this year.

"I'm not bothering to talk to you guys, Xinyi, you can say it yourself, do you like this Liu Qingfeng, if you like him, I can agree to you guys being together."Tang Zichen said as he looked at Yan Xinyi.

"Master, you can't be serious, how could I like him."Yan Xinyi was no longer polite, after all, she had already meant it so clearly, Liu Qingfeng still wanted to pester her, so she had to ruthlessly refuse.

"Liu Qingfeng, I'm sorry, I only treat you as a friend, thank you for taking care of me."Yan Xinyi refused.

Liu Qingfeng's face was livid.

Liu Qingfeng's clan brother Liu Baiqiang snorted, "Brother, forget it, you're the first genius of the Triple Sea, he may not be worthy of you yet."

After saying that, Liu Baiqiang added, "Yan Xinyi, you'll regret it, you might not know that Qingfeng's grandfather, is a strong man at the Exaltation stage."

"Uh."Yan Xinyi shuddered, even Tang Huan and Lu Yuxi were a bit surprised, they hadn't expected that Liu Qingfeng's grandfather was a strong man at the Out-of-Body stage.

Liu Baiqiang saw Tang Huan and Lu Yuxi's looks and snorted, "Do you know why we didn't tell you earlier that Qingfeng's grandfather was an Exaltation stage strongman?That's because, Qingfeng said that he wanted to attract you by virtue of his charm, and not because of his grandfather."

Tang Zichen burst out laughing, "I'm a little confused, what does 'trying to attract you by virtue of his charm, and not because of his grandfather' mean?"

"Hmph, don't pretend, if you knew that Qingfeng's grandfather was at the out-of-the-loop stage, I'm afraid you would have approved of your apprentice being with Qingfeng.You'd be happy if you had an out-of-the-loop stage person to guide you, I've just reminded you that my family, even out-of-the-loop stage, but unfortunately you don't cherish it, and now you've lost your chance in vain.With his grandfather's doting on Qingfeng, having his grandfather mentor and guide you is a sure thing.Pity, pity, there's no use regretting it now."

Liu Qingfeng was busy saying, "Alright, Bai Qiang, stop it."

Right now, Tang Zichen really wanted to shoot his grandfather to death, Nima, a frog at the bottom of a well, thinking how awesome the Exaltation Stage was, and still showing off in front of Tang Zichen, unbeknownst to him, Tang Zichen didn't even know how many Exaltation Stages he had shot to death.

Lu Yu Xi said inwardly, "Out of the tricks stage, my father is also out of the tricks stage, alas, alas."

None of them knew what realm Tang Zichen was in today, they all subconsciously believed that Tang Zichen was at most multiple infants and even at the Spiritual Harmony stage, after all, no one believed that Tang Zichen would be able to soar to the Exaltation stage in a year or so.

"Brother, let's go, back to the Triple Sea, there are more beauties to fall back on."

However, Liu Qingfeng said, "Xinyi, can you give me another chance?You come back to my family with me, and I'm sure you'll change your impression of me when you go to my family, okay?"

Yan Xin Yi refused, "No need."

At that moment, Tang Zichen said, "Why not?I've never been to the Triple Sea anyway, so what's the harm in going there once, so why not visit his family."

"Ah."Yan Xin Yi was startled, Tang Huan and Lu Yu Xi both looked at Tang Zichen in confusion, did Tang Zichen really hear that his grandfather was out of the box?

"Hmph."That Liu Baiqiang a burst of contempt, at the same time the heart is very proud, an out of the box stage, not attracted to death you, just said not worthy, now own face it.


"Brother, as long as you work hard, you can also become an Exaltation, there's no need to go to Liu Qingfeng's family and let them laugh at you."Tang Huan was busy advising.

Tang Zichen said, "What do you know, just follow me well."After saying that, Tang Zichen said to Liu Qingfeng, "Lead the way, I'll follow you to the Triple Sea."

"Good."Liu Qingfeng was overjoyed, although Liu Qingfeng also quite despised people like Tang Zichen inside, as long as he could have a chance with Yan Xinyi, who cares about him.

Liu Baiqiang's gaze was filled with contempt as he looked at Tang Zichen, then puffed out his chest with his head held high and proud.

Yan Xinyi wanted to say something else, but she didn't say anything else, perhaps, Tang Zichen really needed the guidance of an Exaltation stage strong man at the moment, if that was the case, she was willing to fulfill Tang Zichen.

"Follow me."Liu Qingfeng led the way to the Teleportation Hall of the First Sea, then stuffed in spirit stones to start the teleportation device, only, Liu Qingfeng spent so many fourth class spirit stones, his heart incomparably ached.

Soon, they arrived at the Triple Sea.

"This is our Triple Sea, but you don't have the identity of the Triple Sea, so I need to get you a temporary license, so wait for me here."Liu Qingfeng immediately went out to get a temporary card first.

Soon, everyone walked out of the triple sea's teleportation hall.

Tang Zichen looked at the huge city of the Triple Sea, it was similar to the Four Seas, but the aura wasn't as thick as the Four Seas.

"My family is not far away, let's go."Liu Qingfeng's eyes looked at Yan Xinyi and said excitedly. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "When you arrive at your family, first call your grandfather out to meet him."

Although Liu Qingfeng was disgusted, he nodded his head for the sake of Yan Xingyi, "Of course, Senior Tang Zichen, please follow me."

Soon, it arrived at Liu Qingfeng's family.

Liu Qingfeng said full of pride, "This is my family, feel free ah, you guys wait here for a while, I'll go ask my grandfather to come out."

Saying that, Liu Qingfeng immediately went to look for his grandfather.

The four Tang Zichen were waiting in a hall.

Tang Huan, Yan Xin Yi, and Lu Yu Xi were all restless and very eager to leave.

"Tang Shao, I actually don't understand you a bit, you used to be such a lawless and berserk person in my impression, why are you now willing to do anything to get acquainted with an out-of-body stage."

Tang Zichen interrupted Lu Yuxi and said, "Just don't bother, just think of it as a trip, after all, you've never been to the Triple Sea."

"Ugh."Lu Yuxi sighed, Tang Shao had changed, he no longer had the same berserk demeanor that he used to have, bending over for the five dou mee.

Liu Qingfeng came to a large courtyard.

"Grandpa, I'm back."

"Qingfeng, you're back, what have you gained from this trip out for over a year."

"Grandpa, of course there is something to gain, but grandpa, I have something to beg you now."

"Uh, begging me as soon as you're back, tell me, what is it."

"Grandpa, I met a girl when I was training outside, I liked her a lot, but she didn't like me and her master said I wasn't good enough for her.Then, Liu Baiqiang told me about having an out-of-body grandfather, Yu's, and that girl's master suddenly changed his attitude towards me, and I invited them to come to our family, and he even agreed without even thinking about it!

And as soon as you arrived at the Triple Sea, you asked to pay you a visit."

"Hmph, I really despise such people."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather snorted.

"Yes, grandpa, I also despise such people, but, I like his disciple, so I have no choice but to bring him along.Grandpa, can you do me this favor, go out and see those friends of mine."

"It's really insulting to my status to have me meet such people."

"Grandpa, just do it for me, I liked that girl's master before and he actually said I wasn't good enough for her, I'm very upset."

"You actually said you were not worthy of his disciple, and now you're licking your face, let's go, go take a look."

Liu Qingfeng happily took his grandfather with him and headed to that hall just now.

The four of them, Tang Zichen, were sitting quietly in the hall, no one spoke, because Lu Yuxi, Tang Huan and the others all thought that Tang Zichen had become mercenary and had no personality of his own, so the atmosphere was a bit awkward for a while.

Not long after, Liu Qingfeng and an old man walked in from the doorway.

Liu Qingfeng said with an excited face, "Everyone, sorry for the poor hospitality, I've made you wait for a long time, my grandfather is already here."

Tang Zichen and the girls immediately looked towards the old man who walked in.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, I thought how much of a bull, but it turned out to be just a second stage of Exaltation.The second stage of Exaltation was as weak as an ant in the eyes of Tang Zichen, a person of the ninth stage of Exaltation, Tang Zichen reckoned that one finger could press him to death.

Liu Qingfeng busily introduced, "Grandpa, this is Yan Xinyi, this is Lu Yuxi, and this is Tang Huan, the three of them have been practicing with us for over a year, and we are all good friends.This, by the way, is Yan Xinyi's master, called, called Tang, Senior Tang."Liu Qingfeng had wanted to introduce Tang Zichen, but, suddenly, he couldn't remember Tang Zichen's name, he only knew that his surname was Tang.

Liu Qingfeng's grandfather, who was now unblinkingly looking at Tang Zichen, was confused inside, "This person looks familiar, I feel like I've seen him somewhere."

"Grandfather, grandfather, grandfather?"Liu Qingfeng shouted several times, but his grandfather hadn't reacted yet.

It wasn't that Liu Qingfeng's grandfather was going to be dazed, but he felt that Tang Zichen looked familiar, and he had an intuition within him that it was someone he couldn't afford to offend and had seen before.

Just a few seconds later, Liu Qingfeng's grandfather remembered.

"Ah."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather's face changed, he remembered, it was a very hot character during this period of time, his name was Tang Zichen, he was the person who had exterminated two big families in the Four Seas, the Four Seas naturally spread to the Three Seas, Liu Qingfeng had seen Tang Zichen's portrait before, it was the portrait released when the Ning family of the Four Seas was hunting Tang Zichen, many inns in the Three Seas had it.

Liu Qingfeng's grandfather was a bit incredulous that the legendary figure would appear in his home.

At that moment, Liu Baiqiang walked in from the doorway and said to Tang Zichen, "Hey, Senior Tang, what, are you scared silly?This is Qingfeng's grandfather, an out-of-body stage powerhouse, don't you want to pay him a visit?Don't worship yet."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, a hint of disdain in his eyes.

Liu Baiqiang saw that Tang Zichen hadn't hurriedly kneeled down to pay his respects and said toe-to-toe, "Senior Tang, are you really scared silly?When you see my family ancestor, kneel down quickly."

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "I'll give you three seconds to kneel before me and beg for mercy, or else, perish."

Liu Baiqiang said loudly, "Surnamed Tang, you don't."


"Pounce."Liu Baiqiang hadn't finished his sentence when Liu Qingfeng's grandfather pounced on his knees.

"Ah, grandpa, what are you doing?"

"Old ancestor."Liu Baiqiang was also shocked to see Grandpa Liu Qingfeng kneel down.

Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, and Yan Xinyi all looked at Tang Zichen in bewilderment.

Only Liu Qingfeng's grandfather kneeled down and said, "I don't know how much Senior Tang is driving over the top, but I hope Senior Tang will be kind enough to spare our Liu family."

"Bang bang."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather repeatedly kowtowed several times.

"Grandfather, you."

"Kneel down."


"Kneel down."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather shouted, his voice devoid of any emotion, as if he was in danger.Because Liu Qingfeng's grandfather was well aware that Tang Zichen had exterminated two families in the Four Seas, not to mention the Three Seas, and if he wasn't careful today, the family would be gone.

Liu Qingfeng saw his grandfather's face so terrifying and panicked for the first time in history, so he also panicked and kneeled down. The first website

Liu Qingfeng's grandfather looked at Liu Baiqiang and shouted, "Liu Baiqiang, why don't you kneel down and kowtow to Senior Tang."

"Grandfather, I am."

"If you don't kneel down, I'll shoot you to death."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather yelled.

"Ah."Liu Baiqiang was dumbfounded when he saw how fierce the old ancestor looked, the old ancestor used to be nice to him, then as fierce as he was now, he threatened to shoot him to death.

Liu Qingfeng's grandfather immediately raised his palm.

"Don't, I'll kneel."Liu Baiqiang panicked and kneeled down, inwardly blurting out, the old ancestor was really crazy.

Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Yan Xin Yi, all looked confused at the moment, what kind of person was Tang Zichen, who had only said one word since the beginning, and scared someone like a great enemy of an out-of-the-box family owner?

At this moment, all three of them had changed their previous thoughts, just now they were complaining that Tang Zichen wasn't as berserk as he used to be, and even less spirited.However, now that they saw Grandpa Liu Qingfeng, who was trembling on his knees, they realized that they were wrong, Tang Zichen was still the same Tang Zichen that had once been in the Feiyun Sect.

Tang Zichen slowly lifted the cup of tea that the maid had just served and slowly drank it again, then put it down and said, "What's your name?"

Grandpa Liu Qingfeng replied nervously, "Back to Senior Tang, the younger generation is called Liu Last Chong."

Tang Zichen said, "Liu Last Chong, Liu Qingfeng is your grandson?"


"What do you think about your grandson trying to chase my apprentice?"

"Forgive senior to open grace, my grandson he has eyes but no pearls, does not know the high ground, vainly wishing to fly up the branch and turn into a phoenix, offended the orderly, really."

"Hmph, you think, a sentence of offended is useful."

Grandpa Liu Qingfeng cold sweat, whispered, "What does Senior Tang have to ask for, please express it, don't scourge my family ah."

"Fine, I can not scourge your family, you just need to shoot Liu Baiqiang, Liu Qingfeng, and the two of them to death on the spot."

"Ah."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather's body trembled.

Liu Qingfeng and Liu Baiqiang were both silly.



"Shut up."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather shouted, as if he was making a decision.

Tang Zichen said, "Kill, do you want me to give you a time limit?"

"Senior Tang, did I really kill them both, and you?"

"Yes. I'll leave your family alone."

"Good."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather bit his teeth, looked at Liu Qingfeng and Liu Baiqiang and said, "Qingfeng, Baiqiang, for the sake of the family, I have to do this, I hope you understand."

"Grandpa, why."Liu Qingfeng shouted, his grandfather who loved him so much was going to kill him, what kind of person was Tang Zichen.

Liu Baiqiang cried, "Grandfather, I'm not convinced, Tang Zichen who the hell is he, why are you so afraid of him, he's only a YuanYing stage ah."

Liu Qingfeng's grandfather ridiculously said, "YuanYing stage, thanks to you to say it, Senior Tang, in the Four Seas have all already exterminated two families, the Ning family, Yu's, in the Four Seas.You two useless people, you actually provoked Senior Tang to mess with me, you, deserve to die."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather's eyes were incomparably complex.

"What? The family of the Four Seas."Liu Baiqiang and Liu Qingfeng were dumbfounded, how could this be possible, if it was true, then their triple sea's Liu family could indeed be exterminated with a lift of the hand.

Tang Huan Lu Yuxi Yan Xinyi, all three of them were shocked, Tang Zichen had exterminated two families in the Four Seas, oh my god.

Liu Qingfeng's grandfather was about to shoot Liu Qingfeng and Liu Baiqiang to death when Tang Zichen said, "Alright, let's count them lucky this time and spare them once."

"Ah."Liu Qingfeng's grandfather was overjoyed and said in a panic, "You guys still aren't kneeling down, thanking Senior Tang for not killing them."

"Thank Senior Tang for the grace of not killing."Liu Qingfeng and Liu Baiqiang panicked and knelt down.

Tang Zichen walked out of the hall without looking back.

Tang Huan's three men immediately followed until Tang Zichen and the others were far away, then they dared to raise their heads and sit on the floor.

"Brother, you."

"Tang Shao."


"Alright, I know you guys have a lot you want to ask me, let's ask again when we return to the Four Seas, right, Lv Yuxi, this time when we return to the Four Seas, your parents will be saved.Now that your Lv family is in front of me, Tang Zichen, I'm afraid you won't dare to let out a fart."

"Thank you, Tang Shao."Lv Yuxi said excitedly.

I never thought that Tang Zichen would be able to rescue her parents and relatives so quickly and trample her entire family underfoot.

Tang Zichen left the Triple Sea and returned to the Four Seas, just now in the Triple Sea, but just to give Liu Qingfeng and the others a scare, he did want to kill them, but they had been practicing with Tang Huan and the others for a year, after all, they were considered friends, so in the end, he spared their lives.

"Brother, what kind of strength do you have now?You really exterminated the two families of the Four Seas?"Tang Huan asked.

"In short, the Four Seas, you can also walk across the sea."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."Lv Yuxi and the others were shocked, even they could walk horizontally in the Four Seas, how strong would that be?Lv Yuxi was from the Four Seas Lv family, so she knew better what the concept of being able to walk horizontally in the Four Seas was.

"Tang Shao, I worship you too much."Lv Yuxi's eyes blazed as she looked at Tang Zichen, so handsome and powerful, Lv Yuxi swore that she would never find someone as perfect as Tang Zichen in this world.

Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly.

Soon, we arrived at the Four Seas.

"I'll take you guys to meet Mu Qianji first, then go to the Lv family."

"Mm."Lv Yuxi nodded busily.

Tang Zichen arrived at the inn and knocked on the door.

Soon after, a dusty Mu Qianji opened the door.

"Zichen, you're finally back."Mu Qianji said when he saw Tang Zichen, then smiled at Tang Huan and the others, "You've finally come, I guess Tang Zichen had a hard time finding you."

"We only met with Tang half a day ago as well."


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