The King of Kungfu in school 1721-1730


Chapter 1721

Tang Zichen took a shower, then he and the five of them, Mu Qianji, Tang Huan, Lv Yuxi, and Yan Xingyi, had a full meal at the inn.

After the full meal, Tang Zichen said to Lv Yuxi, "Yuxi, you can take me to your family now."

"Just the two of us are going?"

"Yes, they stay at the inn, and when you finish your business and resume your status as the eldest miss of the Lu family, it won't be too late for them to come back to your family as guests."

"Mmhmm."Lv Yuxi nodded excitedly, she had waited for this day for a long time, she could finally return to her family and become a Miss of the Lv family.

Tang Zichen and Lv Yuxi walked out of the inn and took a beast carriage, heading straight to the Lv family, Tang Zichen didn't need to rush, just go slowly in the beast carriage.

Tang Zichen's hands were trembling with excitement when he saw Lv Yu Xi sitting in the beast carriage.

Tang Zichen asked, "Yu Xi, did you really want to see your parents."

"Mm."Lv Yuxi cried and nodded her head, when she left the family back then, she was only 14 years old, in fact, Lv Yuxi was also a strong girl.

If she hadn't run into Tang Zichen, it wouldn't have been so quick or even difficult for Lv Yuxi to return to the Lv family in her lifetime.

"Tang Shao, thank you."Lv Yuxi said wiping her tears. Remember the website

"Oh, silly boy, it's fate that you're able to meet me, it's just a hand up for me.Besides, I have an even bigger gift for you yet."

"Ah, a bigger gift for me?What?"

"Just as well, let's give you the big gift first."After saying that, Tang Zichen flipped his hand and a few sixth grade spirit stones appeared in his palm.

"Sixth grade spirit stones?"Lu Yuxi was startled.

"Never seen it?"

"That's not true, my father used to have a few sixth grade spirit stones, but sixth grade spirit stones are too precious and my father only let me look at them a few times."

Tang Zichen said, "These sixth grade spirit stones are all yours, I'll help you refine them."

"Ah."Lu Yuxi felt incredulous, originally with Lu Yuxi's realm, it would have been impossible for her to refine the sixth grade spirit stones to death, only with Tang Zichen's help, she could refine them.

Sixth-grade spirit stones were usually only refined by those who were strong at the Exaltation stage, and they were extremely slow, only being able to refine a sixth-grade spirit stone for more than half a year.

With Tang Zichen's help, in less than ten minutes, Lu Yuxi had refined five sixth grade spirit stones.

"Wow."Lv Yuxi was amazed, too fast, even her father, back then it would take more than half a year to refine a sixth grade spirit stone, and it was not even possible to refine it under the out-of-body stage.

"Don't be surprised, there's something even more surprising, feel your realm carefully."Tang Zichen said.

Lu Yuxi discovered that her realm, was soaring wildly.

Yes, it was truly soaring, unknowingly, it had already soared to Spiritual Healing, and the speed hadn't stopped.


"Don't talk, wait, if nothing else, you'll soon become a strong person of the first stage of Exaltation."

"What, first stage out of the tricks, I, my father is only at the first stage out of the tricks."Lv Yu Xi was shocked.

A few minutes later, Lu Yuxi really underwent a fish leap change and became a strong person of the first stage of Exaltation.

"Heavens, I'm a first stage out of the tricks."Lu Yuxi was filled with incredulity, so much so that her entire body was stunned.

She wasn't even 17 years old yet, reaching the first stage of Exaltation, since ancient times, even since there had been immortal cultivators, there hadn't been anyone who had reached the Exaltation stage so quickly, right?

Lu Yuxi even wondered if this was true.

"There's nothing to be surprised about, and don't be proud, because you're not the youngest Exaltation Stage."Tang Zichen said.

"Uh, there are younger ones than me?If you don't count."

"Of course, I'll upgrade Tang Huan and Yan Xinyi later on as well."

"Uh, in that case, Xinyi's only 14 years old or less and she's out of the bag



Soon, the beast carriage arrived at the Lu family's gate.

Lv Yu Xi looked at the Lv family gate and was incomparably excited, she was finally back again.

Tang Zichen said, "Go up and kick the gate open."

"Ah, does it have to be like this?"

"Yes, how else can you express your anger."

"But in my Lü family, there are all strong people of the ninth stage of Exaltation, and there are also several ancestors who have reached the Combination Stage and entered the Five Seas, we haven't reached the point where we dare to be rude in the Lü family ah."Lv Yuxi said.

Tang Zichen said, "Trust me, go ahead and vent your anger."


Lv Yu Xi walked up and kicked.

"Boom."The gate was blown open.

"Who dares to cause trouble in the Lv family."

Not long after, a few people from the Lv Family flew out.

"Ah, Lv Yuxi."A group of people were taken aback when they saw Lv Yuxi standing at the gate.

"Lu Yuxi, you still dare to come back."A Spiritual Healing Stage man snorted.

Lu Yuxi said, "Lu Zhu, I will definitely settle the score with you for that year."

"With you."The man called Lv Zhu was disdainful, seemingly unaware of Lv Yu Xi's momentum.

Tang Zichen said, "Yu Xi, don't be polite, if you have a grudge, just go up and shoot it straight, you're already at the first stage of Exaltation now, the Lü family can shoot it all below the Exaltation stage."


"There's no point in being softhearted, as long as you think that what he once did, is enough to warrant a death sentence."

"Good."Lu Yuxi's gaze chilled and a wink rushed up.

"Bang."Lv Yu Xi slapped that Lv Zhu with a single slap.

At that moment, not far away, an old man of the sixth stage out of the box saw the entire process of Lv Yu Xi fearing the death of Lv Zhu and was filled with rage.However, he didn't act because he saw Tang Zichen.

That old man raged, "Lv Yu Xi, you dare to kill your fellow clan members."

"Me."Killing a fellow clan member was a very heavy crime, and Lu Yuxi was shocked.

Tang Zichen walked up, looked at that old man who was at the sixth stage of out of the box, smiled and said, "Fellow Daoist, killing a fellow clan is nothing, maybe you will be the next one to kill."

"Tang Zichen, what do you mean?"That old man looked at Tang Zichen and raged.

Tang Zichen asked, "Lu Yuxi, who is he?Was there a grudge against you back then?"

Lu Yu Xi nodded, "His name is Lu Chang, he's the one who harmed my parents, and everything that happened to me is because of him.His son, who had a conflict with my father, helped his son frame my father."

"So, this is a big enemy."

"Mm."Lu Yuxi nodded.

Tang Zichen smiled, "In that case, I'll help you slaughter him."

"Okay, thank you Tang Shao."Lv Yu Xi nodded his head.

That Lv Chang raged, "Tang Zichen, you dare."Lv Chang was furious that he dared to make a spectacle of himself in his Lv family.

Tang Zichen said, "What?You don't think I can kill you?Hehe, when I killed Ning Fang, and Yu's Third Ancestor before, you were also on the scene, right, your strength, bracing yourself for death is on the same level as Ning Fang, killing you, it's nothing."

Lu Chang was livid, when Tang Zichen killed Ning Fang and the others before, he was indeed on the scene, but he didn't expect that people who were thought to have no interaction with each other would come to kill him today.

Just as Tang Zichen was about to strike, an old man on a distant roof flew in Xu and said, "Fellow Daoist Tang, can you give me a face and show mercy."

Tang Zichen's eyes saw that it was an eighth stage out of the box, and Tang Zichen said, "Who are you, you are worthy of me giving you face?"


"You."The old man who flew in was furious, he had been polite, but Tang Zichen was furious for not taking him seriously like that.Of course, they all thought that Tang Zichen's current strength was still the same strength he had when he killed Ning Fang and the others, after all, it had only been a short time.

"Tang Zichen, don't you think that just because you killed a few people from the Ning and Yu Clans, you dare to act lawlessly in my Lu Clan."The old man who flew here said loudly.

Tang Zichen asked Lu Yuxi, "Who is he?"

"He's the Sixth Ancestor of the Lu family."

"Sixth Ancestor?So, there are five more that haven't come out?"

"No, the first four, they've all entered the Five Seas."Lu Yuxi said.

"Oh, in that case, there's nothing to be afraid of."

"Looking for death."The old man, who was at the eighth stage out of his tricks, saw that Tang Zichen seemed like he didn't even care about him, and he killed Tang Zichen with a sudden rage.

"Hmph, it's you who's looking for death, since you're so disinterested, then don't blame me."Tang Zichen was also rude, originally, Tang Zichen didn't want to kill him, he just wanted to kill that sixth stage out of the box Lv Chang, that person was the one who framed Lv Yuxi's parents, but this old devil ran out to die, then don't blame Tang Zichen.

That old man, who was at the eighth stage out of the tricks, immediately sacrificed his flying sword, but he hadn't even performed any moves yet, Tang Zichen had already slapped him on the top of his head.

"Ah." One second to remember to read the book

"Bang."That old man's head, burst open.

Tang Zichen grabbed his infant.

"How did this happen."That old man's infant was dumbfounded, although Tang Zichen had killed Ning Fang and Yu's Third Ancestor before, the strongest of them, Yu's Third Ancestor, was only at the seventh stage out of the box, and Tang Zichen had been almost evenly matched with Yu's Third Ancestor, so this old man at the eighth stage out of the box thought that he could definitely shoot Tang Zichen to death, but as it turned out, he was no match at all.

"How can this be, no, no."The old man's infant struggled against Tang Zichen's hands, shrieking desperately.

It was as if Tang Zichen was grasping a fish that had just been pulled out of the water, and that fish kept bouncing and struggling.

Tang Zichen grunted, "You tug, keep tugging."

"Tang Zichen, what's going on, why are you so strong, why is this, you were clearly evenly matched in strength with Yu's Third Ancestor before."That old man's infant said unwillingly.

"Don't you know that everything in the world is changing?Do you think my strength will always sink in unchanged."

"But, but it's only been a few days."

"Alright, no time for your nonsense, let's send you on your way."

"Wait."Tang Zichen was about to crush that infant when another old man flew in.

The infant in Tang Zichen's hand panicked and shouted, "Fifth Brother, save me."

That old ancestor who was shouting Fifth Brother flew up and said, "Brother Tang Zichen, I don't know where the Sixth Ancestor of my family, this is where you have offended, you have to crush his infant."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Do you still need a reason to kill, the weak are fish and flesh, isn't this world all like that.Moreover, I didn't want to kill him, but he wanted to stop me from killing Lv Chang."

"Lv Chang?Why did you kill Lu Chang, the one I'm talking about?"That Fifth Ancestor asked.

Tang Zichen said to Lu Yu Xi, "Yu Xi, tell him why."

"Mm."Lu Yuxi immediately told him how Lu Chang had framed his parents in the first place, causing them to become family traitors.


p; After saying that, Lv Yu Xi also knelt down and pleaded, "I still hope that the Fifth Ancestor will clear my parents' name and release them as soon as possible."

Tang Zichen thought that the matter was almost settled, Tang Zichen was holding onto the Sixth Ancestor's infant, and that Fifth Ancestor would have to vindicate Lv Yu Xi's parents no matter what.

However, that Fifth Ancestor of the Lv Family said, "Lv Yu Xi, so it was you who brought back today's incident."That Fifth Ancestor's tone seemed to blame Lv Yu Xi for drawing Tang Zichen into the family, resulting in the destruction of the flesh of the family's Six Ancestors.

Lv Yu Xi was grieving, "Fifth Ancestor, it was Lv Chang who framed my parents in the first place, causing my parents to still be held in the family's Heavenly Prison, I just want justice."

The Fifth Ancestor of the Lu Family snorted, "If you want justice, you can come to me, or you can go to any of the ancestors, we will naturally vindicate your parents.But you shouldn't have brought an outsider back, resulting in the destruction of our Lu Family's Fifth Ancestor's flesh, do you know how severe the situation is now in the Four Seas, and how much damage the destruction of the Lu Family's Fifth Ancestor's flesh has brought to our family?Now, because of your parents' little incident, which caused such a serious loss to the family, you are now committing a crime that is even bigger than your parents, do you know that?Releasing your parents is just a matter of words, while the destruction of the flesh of the five ancestors of the Lü family is a matter of a lifetime."

Lu Yuxi was speechless, and Lu Yuxi had no idea that Tang Zichen would destroy the flesh of the Lu family's five ancestors.

Maybe so, to cause the family to destroy the flesh of an eighth stage out of the box ancestor, this was indeed a great loss.

Just then, Tang Zichen said, "What flesh body was destroyed, how could it be so simple, you should say 'causing the death of the Lu family's sixth ancestor' like this."

"Tang Zichen, you."

"Don't you ah me."Tang Zichen trailed off.

At that moment, the Five Ancestors of the Lu Family suddenly noticed that the infant of the Sixth Ancestor of the Lu Family, which had just been in Tang Zichen's hands, was now missing.

"Eh?Where's my Lu Family's Sixth Ancestor's infant?"That Fifth Ancestor was busy asking.

Tang Zichen said, "Didn't I just say that it was the death of the Six Ancestors of the Lu family, not the destruction of his flesh, the matter is far more serious than the destruction of his flesh."

"You."The Fifth Ancestor of the Lv Family was furious, and Tang Zichen actually had an indifferent attitude.Tang Zichen had just killed the Sixth Ancestor's infant while the Lu Family's Fifth Ancestor was speaking.The Five Ancestors of the Lu Family had thought that Tang Zichen would not dare, he had already destroyed the Sixth Ancestor's flesh and would never dare to kill his infant again, but he never expected ah never expected.

"You, you."The Lu Family's Fifth Ancestor was trembling with anger.

The Lu family, currently the strongest within the family, was the Lu family's five ancestors, one to four ancestors, all stepped into the merging stage and went into the five seas.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, didn't look at all like he didn't care about the Lu Family's Five Ancestors who were at the ninth stage of Exaltation.

"Tang Shao, how did you kill the Six Ancestors of my family."Lu Yuxi looked terrified, Tang Zichen was going to make a big deal out of this.

"I'm sorry, I just slipped my hand and accidentally killed him."

"Speechless."Lu Yuxi looked depressed, slipping of the hand was actually a reason to kill a YuanYing.

"Tang Zichen, you forced me to do this."The Fifth Ancestor of the Lu Family, offered up a magic tool, something like a bracelet.

The Fifth Ancestor of the Lu Family's hand ring magic tool was thrown towards Tang Zichen like throwing a circle.

The bracelet suddenly seemed as if it was possessed and applied to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted.

Also at the ninth stage of Exaltation, Tang Zichen could have killed him in seconds.

"Dang."With a loud sound, Tang Zichen's flying sword cut down on the bracelet.


"Poof."The Lu Family's Five Ancestors spewed out a mouthful of blood wildly, receiving a tremendous amount of backlash.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped him on the head.

The Fifth Ancestor of the Lu Family immediately detached his infant body.

In the next second, Tang Zichen grabbed the Lu Family's Fifth Ancestor's infant and grunted, "This is what happens to you if you don't know what's going on.If you talk nicely, I can leave untouched any of your unrelated people in the Lv family, but unfortunately, ah, the path is chosen by you."

"Tang Zichen, don't don't."When the Fifth Ancestor of the Lu Family saw that Tang Zichen was going to crush his infant, he was busy begging for mercy, just now he was still very tough and was still feeling the loss of his family, but now he had lost all his temper.

"Don't what?"

"Don't pin me down, Tang Zichen, if you have something to say, don't be impulsive."The Five Ancestors of the Lu Family completely changed their tone.

"Heh, didn't you want to settle a score with me just now?Are you still complaining about the family's great loss?"

"Tang Zichen, what good would it do you to kill me, please be kind."

"If I had known that earlier, why would I have just now."

"Me."The five ancestors of the Lu family were depressed to death. First URL

"Tang Zichen, as long as you let me go, I'll agree to anything you say."

Tang Zichen said, "Okay then, I'm asking you, Lu Yuxi's parents were framed by Lu Chang, do you care about this?"

"Don't worry, I promise to personally investigate this matter, if it's true, I'll definitely kill Lu Chang, no, even if it's not true, I'll kill Lu Chang to avenge Lu Yu Xi's parents."

"If you were so sensible just now, then nothing will happen, not only will your physical body not be destroyed, I won't even strangle that Sixth Ancestor's infant just now, do you understand?"

"I, alas."The Fifth Ancestor of the Lu Family was depressed inside, how could he have known that Tang Zichen was so powerful, otherwise, of course he would have known better.

Tang Zichen let the Lu Family's Fifth Ancestor's infant go, after all, he had admitted his mistake and had no other hatred, so he let it go.

"Thank you for not killing me."

"Alright, I'll give you an hour to seize the shed, after an hour, come back and deal with the matter of Lv Yu Xi's parents."

"Yes."The Five Ancestors of the Lv Family's infant flew away in a panic, losing their physical bodies for nothing, it was really depressing.

"Tang Shao, thank you."Lv Yu Xi said gratefully.

"Alright, who's with who between us, let's go."

Tang Zichen and Lu Yuxi, amidst the gazes of many many Lu family members, entered the Lu family.

The scene where Tang Zichen had just smashed the flesh of the Lu Family's five ancestors was seen by many, including many weaker Lu Family ancestors, and none of them dared to say anything.

Tang Zichen sat down in the Lv Family's main hall and immediately a maid came up to serve tea, as if she didn't dare to offend, and didn't know if any of the ancestors had explained it.

"Yu Xi, where are your parents detained?I see you're restless, so why don't you go and rescue your parents first."

"Mmhmm, my parents are being held in the Family Heavenly Prison, but, the Heavenly Prison doesn't have a magic key, so I can't even enter."

"Let's go, lead the way."

Tang Zichen and Lu Yuxi arrived at the underground of the Lu family.

Sure enough, there was a sky dungeon under the ground, seemingly sealed by some powerful restriction.

"Tang Shao, you must have the family's magic key to open it."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, slapping his palm on the restriction, the immortal energy in his hand emerged, as if it was like sulfuric acid, corroding the entire restriction.

"Bang."The entire restraint made a loud sound and the Heavenly Prison trembled.

"Alright, the restriction is destroyed, there will be no more of this."

"Ah."Lu Yuxi was shocked, Tang Zichen had actually corrupted Lu

The family's prohibition was destroyed, originally this thing, could also defend against external enemies, if the family had any serious disasters in the future, they could hide in the Heavenly Prison, ordinary people couldn't break the prohibition.Now it was good that it was destroyed by Tang Zichen, in other words, Tang Zichen really did damage.

Entering the Heavenly Prison, he saw two people being held there, they were Lu Yu Xi's parents.

"Father, mother."Lv Yu Xi shouted excitedly.

"Yu Xi?You."Lu Yuxi's parents were a bit surprised, because Lu Yuxi was significantly much, much older compared to what they remembered, a big girl, when they were first imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison before, they were still a little girl.

"Father, mother."Lv Yuxi threw herself into her parents' embrace and the three of them cried together as a family.

Tang Zichen stood silently to the side, seemingly somewhat touched, after all, back then, Tang Zichen also had daughters.Now that he saw their family of three, he couldn't help but think of himself, his family was no longer on earth, and he was left alone to continue his pursuit of the Immortal Dao.

"Yu Xi, let Mother take a good look at you, you've grown up so much."

"Mother, oooh."Lu Yuxi hugged her mother, if, she was all as tall as her mother.

Lv Yuxi's father was also surprised and excited to see Lv Yuxi, back when they were imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison, Lv Yuxi was still a little girl less than ten years old, now, all of them were as tall as her mother, it was a bit unbelievable.

"Yu Xi, a tremor just now in the Heavenly Prison, what's going on?Opening the ban won't cause tremors ah, by the way, how did you get down here."Lv Yu Xi's father was busy asking.

Lv Yu Xi said, "It's Tang Shao, he destroyed the restriction and came to save you."

"Ah, destroyed the restraining system?How is this possible, even if it's the Merging Stage, it may not be able to destroy the ban ah, unless it's a very powerful Merging Stage."

"I don't know about that either, Tang Shao is very powerful, right, this is Tang Shao."Lu Yuxi panicked and introduced Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled at Lu Yuxi's parents, "Hello, I'm Tang Zichen, congratulations, the family has been reunited."


"Alright, the air in the sky dungeon is bad, let's go up to the ground and talk."After Tang Zichen said that, he went to the ground first, and returned to the main hall.

When he returned to the main hall again, the five ancestors of the Lu family had also seized back.

"Fellow Daoist Tang."

"Yo, seize the shed back."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Oh, that, I can go and release Lv Yu Xi's parents first."The Fifth Ancestor of the Lv Family said.

"It's not necessary."

"Ah, why?"

"I've already gone to the Heavenly Prison and rescued them."

"Fellow Daoist Tang, what are you joking about, the ban on our Heavenly Prison, even the Combination Stage."

Just then, Lu Yuxi and her parents walked in.

"Ah."The Five Ancestors of the Lu Family were shocked when they saw Lu Yuxi's parents.

"This, how is this possible."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I destroyed the Heavenly Prison's restrictions."

"What? That was the defense base of our Lü family for generations."

"Oh, it won't be there in the future."Tang Zichen waved his hand while the five ancestors of the Lü family were incomparably distressed.

Tang Zichen said to Lu Yuxi, "Yuxi, reunite with your parents, I'll go back to the inn first."

"Well, thank you Tang, I'll invite you to the Lv family some other day."

"Of course, I'll leave first then."Tang Zichen turned around and left the Lv family.

The Fifth Ancestor of the Lv Family watched Tang Zichen leave with a depressed face, Tang Zichen had ruined too many things in their Lv Family this time, and yet he was helpless and had to force a smile to thank him for his unkilling grace.


Tang Zichen returned to the inn.

"You're back so soon, have Lu Yu Xi's parents been rescued?"Tang Huan and the others were busy asking.

"Of course.Alright, next, it's time for me to give you guys the great gift I've prepared."

Tang Zichen took out some sixth grade spirit stones and spent a few tens of minutes to raise Tang Huan and Yan Xin Yi's realm, to the Exaltation stage.

"Wow, that's incredible."

"Thank you, brother."

"Thank you, Master."Tang Huan and Yan Xinyi were busy thanking each other, they both felt that it really couldn't have been better to meet Tang Zichen in this life.

"Don't be silly, you guys should quickly go to the closed door and digest."


After Tang Huan and Yan Xinyi left, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were left, they looked at each other, then, Tang Zichen pounced on them, Mu Qianji also welcomed them, their lips touched each other, after all, they had been apart for more than half a year, a long goodbye was better than a new marriage.

After it was over, Mu Qianji snuggled into Tang Zichen's bosom. Remember the URL

"Zichen, I thought you've been searching for them, but I didn't expect that you've only been waiting in the One Heavy Sea for half a year, why didn't you come back for a trip even though you were waiting there?"

"What? You miss me."

"Don't be ridiculous, you're not coming back for half a year, are you scared."

"Uh, scared of what?"

"Search the Four Seas and become the enemy of the entire Four Seas."

Tang Zichen did not speak.

"You're running away, but actually, you don't want to be the enemy of the entire Four Seas, do you?"

"That's right, I'm escaping."

"But how do you do bad things, how do you raid all the sixth grade spirit stones in the Four Seas, and how do you ascend to the Merging Stage.You've now offended a lot of families that have strong Hope-stages, such as Yu's."Mu Qianji asked.

Tang Zichen said, "It's not just Yu's, there's also the Lu family, today when I went to the Lu family, I killed the six ancestors of the Lu family and destroyed the flesh of the five ancestors of the Lu family, the Lu family had four ancestors that went into the five heavy seas."

"So, you don't have a choice, once a certain family's Merging Stage ancestor comes back, we'll be dead for sure.Right now, you shouldn't be able to defeat the Combined Body Stage."

"I can't beat it, no matter how strong I am, I'm only at the Exalt Stage, and the Combined Stage, it's the distance between heaven and earth."

"I'm really afraid now, what if tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or just these few days, a certain family's Combined Stage ancestor comes back."

"It seems that I have to become the enemy of the entire Four Seas."Tang Zichen sighed.

Tang Zichen didn't care anymore, let's do it.

Mu Qianji said, "There are now more than sixty families of all sizes in the entire Four Seas."

"Uh, that many."


"Then how am I going to scour all the families in the Four Seas?"

"Zichen, if you search and people hide it and don't give it to you, it's also equal to useless ah.So, I suggest you, why don't you take advantage of the midnight hour, go one family at a time, find the strongest person in each family and force them to hand over all the sixth grade spirit stones, that way, before you alert the other families, the other families won't prevent it and it will be easier to succeed."

"Okay, I understand, then let's start from tonight."

"Then you be careful."

That night, Tang Zichen first came to the largest family in the Four Seas, the Mo Family, which had a total of thirteen ancestors that had reached the Merging Stage.If they hadn't all gone into the Five Heavy Seas, where would Tang Zichen be arrogant.


p; Tang Zichen stood over the Mo family and instantly sensed the location of the strongest person in the Mo family.

Tang Zichen didn't look for anyone else, only the strongest, because only the strongest could have all the family's property hidden on them.

"Bang."Tang Zichen entered a house.

"Ah, who are you."The old man who was cultivating in the house was shocked, but he didn't even sense anyone coming.Of course, Tang Zichen had changed his face, so no one he didn't know who it was.

Tang Zichen made his move in an instant, not giving the other party a chance to react, Tang Zichen pinned the other party's head in one fell swoop.

The strongest member of the Mo Family let out a cold sweat in shock, the visitor was so strong, it didn't feel like he was an opponent at all.

"Senior be merciful, I don't know you, why are you like this."

Tang Zichen said, "I only seek wealth, not life, if you can satisfy my wealth, I can spare your life."

"Senior, please speak."Because little lives were being pinched, the strongest person in the Mo Family didn't dare to speak up, saving his life was the most important thing now, and money was all outside of his body.

Tang Zichen said, "I need five hundred sixth grade spirit stones, if you give them to me, I'll spare you."

"What?Five hundred sixth-grade spirit stones?"The strongest person in the Mo family was shocked, the reason why Tang Zichen said 500 was to maximize the other party's ability to take out all of their possessions.

"What? You won't give it to me?"

"Senior, my Mo family only has at most 300 sixth grade spirit stones in savings ah, where do you want me to get them."

"Hmph, the Mo Family is the strongest family, I don't believe in it."

"Senior, if I have half a lie, I shall not die."

Tang Zichen believed that this Mo Family's strongest man was definitely not hiding.

"In that case, give me 300 sixth grade spirit stones and I'll spare your life."

"Yes."The strongest person of the Mo Family suffered a physical pain, but inside, he felt anger that he dared to rob their Mo Family.

Tang Zichen said, "In case you play tricks, I'll first destroy your flesh so that your infant can't resist."

"Ah, don't ah Senior."The strongest member of the Mo Clan shouted in panic, a little angry just now, but now that he was about to destroy his flesh body, he threw that anger away again.

"Hmph, how do I know you won't play tricks on me."

"Senior, any more spirit stones are already outside of my life, ah, how would I joke with my own little life."

"If that's the case, then immediately give me three hundred sixth grade spirit stones."

"Fine fine."

It just so happened that all the Mo Family's so spirit stones were stored on the strongest person, and that person poured out all the sixth grade spirit stones from the spatial ring on the spot.

Tang Zichen's eyes scanned it, about three hundred pieces.

Tang Zichen immediately put them into his ring, then leapt and escaped through the window.

"Phew."The strongest member of the Mo Family was relieved, but then felt anger, the family had lost so many spirit stones, how to explain this.

Tang Zichen then proceeded to the next family.

Tang Zichen had to ransack all the families within one night, so that other families wouldn't learn the news and then hide the spirit stones.

Tang Zichen's second family to go to was the Pill Family.

It wasn't because the Pill Family was second most powerful, but because, the Pill Family was near the Mo Family, so that it would be able to loot the entire Four Seas as fast as possible.

Ten minutes later.

"Ah, Senior spare my life."The strongest member of the Pill Family, an old man of the eighth stage of Exaltation, trembled his beard and begged for mercy.


"I only want money, not life, if you satisfy my desire for property, I can spare you."

"As much as senior wants, as long as you can take it, I will give it to you."The strongest member of the Pill Family said in horror.

"I need 500 Sixth Grade Spirit Stones."

"Ah."The strongest member of the Pill Family almost didn't curse his mother when he heard, 500 pieces was too much to say, there was no family in the entire Four Seas that could take it out.

"Give it or die."

"Senior, you're making it too difficult for me, where does my family have so many spirit stones."

"I only have one sentence, give or take?"Tang Zichen's voice chilled.

"Ooh, Senior, I really can't take it out ah, my family, to the death, can only raise 200 sixth grade spirit stones ah."

"Looks like you're not honest, then go to hell."Tang Zichen gestured to squeeze him to death.

"Senior wait, I, I remembered, I can still take out thirty more sixth grade spirit stones, woohoo, this is already my limit."

"Take it out to me." One second to remember to read the book

"In, in my family's warehouse, the keys to the warehouse are in each of the four ancestors, and you must have all four keys to open it."

"Never mind the keys, take me to the warehouse."


"Go or go."


Not long after, arriving at the underground warehouse, it was indeed locked by a restriction, not every family kept their warehouse in the strongest ring.

Tang Zichen destroyed the warehouse's ban with a single punch.

"Ah, my family's ban."Tang Zichen slapped the old man and knocked him out, then took all the spirit stones and disappeared.

Tang Zichen then proceeded to the nearest nearby family and used the same method to rob that family of all their savings.

Just like that, one after another.

Until dawn, Tang Zichen didn't stop for a moment.

By the time the sun rose the next day, Tang Zichen was left with only one last family left to rob.

The last family was the Song family.

By the way, the last time Tang Zichen had come to the Song family for a meal, but now, he was coming to rob the Song family, and at first, he even threatened to be a friend of the Song family.

Tang Zichen entered the cultivation room of the strongest person in the Song family.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's one move to control the enemy, his peers were simply no match, no doubt about it.

"Senior spare your life."The Song Family's ancestor hadn't even reacted, and his little life was pinched.

"I only seek wealth, not life, if you satisfy my wealth, I can spare your little life."

"Senior, please say, how much do you want."

"Five hundred sixth grade spirit stones."


"Give or die."

"Senior, I really can't take it, I bought Tang Zichen's flying sword some time ago and have spent all my family savings.By the way, I'm very familiar with Tang Zichen, you should know Tang Zichen, right?"The strongest person in the Song family.

"Don't bullshit me."

"I'm really familiar with Tang Zichen, I won't lie to you, the first genius of my family, Song Yaoyao, she's Tang Zichen's secret lover, can you let me off the hook for Tang Zichen's sake, or else, Tang Zichen will definitely not stop."

"You're still pulling a rascal with me, you're really looking for death."

"Oooh, Senior, I really can't take it out ah, I can only take out eight sixth grade spirit stones at most.By the way, if you really want spirit stones, you rob Tang Zichen, he definitely has a lot, he auctioned off five magic weapons last time."


sp; "Yo, didn't you just say that Tang Zichen is your who?"

"Senior, I really can't take it out, you can see what you can do, it's really no good, where can you auction off my flying sword."

"Son of a bitch, take out the eight sixth grade spirit stones."

"Yes yes yes."

Tang Zichen took the eight pieces of sixth grade spirit stones and left.

"Hehe, hard work all night, finish up."

Tang Zichen immediately escaped.

Then he changed back to his original appearance while on the street, and then swaggered back to the inn.

This one night's harvest, Tang Zichen himself wasn't sure, he only knew that he robbed and robbed, in one night, he robbed more than sixty families, and, except for a few families like the Song family, who couldn't take a few pieces, the vast majority of the remaining families, all had more or less two or three hundred pieces of sixth grade spirit stones in their savings, which was their entire family, decades of savings, and just like that, they were robbed overnight.

Of course, each family didn't know that the other families were also robbed, and thought that only their family was robbed, so after each family was robbed, they urgently held a meeting of their ancestors.

So, this one night, almost all the families were holding a meeting.

"You really don't know who it is?"

"I don't know, don't spread this out beforehand, if the other families know that our family was robbed, it will definitely affect our family's reputation and even be ridiculed."

After each family held an emergency meeting, they chose to keep it quiet, it had to not be a glorious affair.

However, paper couldn't keep fire after all, and it was estimated that in less than two days, all the families of the Four Seas would find out that not only their families had been robbed, but the entire Four Seas had been robbed ah.

Tang Zichen returned to the inn, Mu Qianji hadn't slept all night, Mu Qianji also wanted to go with Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen felt it was unnecessary and got in the way instead.

"Zichen, you're finally back."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen cracked his lips and smiled proudly.

"How was the harvest?"Mu Qianji asked.

Tang Zichen said, "In one night, I've ransacked all the families, and I think the entire Four Seas, almost ninety percent of the sixth grade spirit stones, are with me."

"Ah."Mu Qianji was shocked.

"However, this is not the time to verify this, so many spirit stones are concentrated in my place, once they are taken out, they will definitely emit a dense aura that will definitely invite people to come, let's find an empty place and count the loot properly.If it's possible, even you can upgrade to the Combination Stage together."

"Wow."Mu Qianji was filled with anticipation.

Tang Zichen instructed Tang Huan and Yan Xinyi to stay at the inn and not wander off, and then Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left, arriving at a deep mountain forest.

In a cave, Tang Zichen poured out all the spirit stones.

"Boy, so many."A large pile, so many indeed that the air was emitting strong columns of aura, very conspicuous.

"Quickly count them."


The two of them immediately began to count the loot, no, it should be stolen money.

In the end, after counting, there was a total of 15,183 spirit stones.

"My god, how could there be so many, before I was worried that even if I scoured the entire Four Seas, I might not be able to gather four thousand sixth grade spirit stones, but as it turns out, there are more than ten thousand more than we expected."Mu Qianji was horrified.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't say you, I'm also amazed, I've looted a total of 63 families, and I roughly calculated when I looted them, and each family's savings were between 210 and 300 sixth grade spirit stones, so this 15,183 sixth grade spirit stones, on average, each family has almost looted 241 sixth grade spirit stones."


"Thinking about it this way, it's reasonable, each family, on average, has 241 sixth grade spirit stones in savings, it's considered a normal range."

"Hehe, Thousand Extremes, with so many spirit stones, not to mention me upgrading to the Merging Stage, even you, Tang Huan, Yan Xingyi, and Lu Yuxi can do it.And there's still some surplus."

"Tsk tsk."Mu Qianji had to marvel at the luck of Tang Huan, Yan Xingyi, and Lu Yuxi, it was really too good, they were really the happiest to meet Tang Zichen in this life, including her, of course.If it wasn't for Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji would probably still be in the Spiritual Harmony stage, and definitely wouldn't have formed a yuanying yet.

"Qianji, let's not say anything, let's start upgrading."

"Hehe."Mu Qianji looked very embarrassed.

Tang Zichen immediately began to refine the spirit stones.

In less than ten minutes, Tang Zichen had refined about three thousand sixth grade spirit stones.

Tang Zichen's realm, from the ninth stage of Exaltation, reached the first stage of Merge.

"Thousand Extremes, it's your turn."

Half an hour later, Tang Zichen helped Mu Qianji refine three thousand plus hundreds of sixth grade spirit stones, and Mu Qianji soared straight up to the first stage of the combined body.

"Wow." First URL

Tang Zichen put the rest away, after he and Mu Qianji finished refining, there were still more than 8,000 sixth grade spirit stones left, going back to give them to Tang Huan, Yan Xingyi, and Lu Yuxi.

"Zichen, there's only 8,681 sixth grade spirit stones left, is that enough for the three of them to ascend to the first stage of the combined body?"Mu Qianji asked with some concern.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Seems like it's not enough, I thought it was enough.The three of them, all three of them are at the first stage of Exaltation, and in order to ascend to the first stage of Merging, I'm afraid they need at least 4,000 sixth grade spirit stones, and the three of them add up to 12,000."

"So, there's still a shortfall of three thousand pieces."

"Let's look back and see if the Fourfold Sea can continue to scavenge a bit out."

"Scavenging should be able to scavenge a bit more, after all, each family, the second strongest, the third strongest, they have a few to a dozen sixth grade spirit stones on them anyways, it's possible for all the families to scavenge again and gather more than three thousand, but, it's too difficult."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Even if the difficulty is too great, we still have to try, tonight, the two of us, let's go scavenge again."

"Ah, go again?Me with you?"

"Of course, you're now at the first stage of the combined body, and I'm also at the first stage of the combined body, so who else is your opponent in the entire Four Seas."

Mu Qianji gave Tang Zichen a glance and said, "You're not my opponent even for the difficulty?"

"Uh, I said other than me."

At this time, at a certain inn in the Four Seas Capital.

Lu Yuxi came to look for Tang Huan and Yan Xinyi.

"Tang Huan, Xinyi, are you guys here?"

"Here, Yu Xi, you're here, congratulations on restoring your identity as the eldest miss of the Lu family."Tang Huan said busily opening the door.

"Thank you, I was going to invite you to my house today, but."

"But what?"

"But now a big event has happened in the family, and the whole family is in a bad mood, so it's better not to go for now, I hope you guys understand ah."

"Yu Xi, what big thing has happened to your family?"

Lu Yuxi sighed and said, "Truth be told, last night, a strong man came to my family and hijacked the strongest person in my family, then looted all the sixth grade spirit stones he had on him."

"Ah, robbery, that's too abominable."

"That's right, who's so wretched, playing robberies in this era."Tang Huan cursed.

At this time, Tang Zichen's voice came from the door, "Who are you guys talking about."

"Brother, just now Yu Xi said that her family has been looted."


p; "Oh, yeah."


"Well, since this isn't a good time to visit Lui's house, we'll go another time."


That night, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji once again went out in separate directions.

Tang Zichen once again went to the strongest family in the Four Seas, the Mo Family.

Of course, this time, Tang Zichen was not looking for the strongest, but the second strongest.

"Robbery, hand over all the spirit stones you have on you."

"Ooh, Senior, you're the one who looted my Mo Family last night, right?"

"Yes, it's me."

"Senior, my family has been ransacked by you."

"I know, but I don't believe that you, as the second strongest member of the Mo family, would even have a single sixth-grade spirit stone."


"Take it out, or die."

In the end, Tang Zichen grabbed 23 sixth-grade spirit stones.

Tang Zichen smiled, he just said well, as the second strongest member of the family, it was impossible for him to not have a few sixth grade spirit stones.

After ransacking the second strongest, Tang Zichen didn't leave right away and proceeded to ransack the third and fourth strongest members of the Mo family, striving to keep every single sixth grade spirit stone intact.

Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of being discovered anyway, and robbed them almost openly.

When Tang Zichen robbed the fourth strongest member of the Mo Family, the first strongest member of the Mo Family, the second strongest member, and others, had already arrived on the news.

Tang Zichen robbed the fourth strongest man almost right under their noses.

"Robbing, take out all the sixth grade spirit stones you have on you."

"Woo."The fourth strongest member of the Mo family looked at the first strongest member of the family who had arrived.

The first strongest member of the Mo family was busy saying, "Senior, last night, all my possessions on my body have been looted by you, and you still don't know enough to rob the rest of my family's ancestors tonight, the only few sixth grade spirit stones left on my body, senior, you're like this."

"What nonsense."

"Bang."Tang Zichen knocked out the fourth strongest member of the Mo Family with a slap and forcefully stole his storage ring.

"Wait, Senior, just take the sixth grade spirit stones and leave the ring behind, okay?"The first strongest member of the Mo family said in distress.

"If you knew that earlier, why didn't you honestly take out the spirit stones, save me from taking the ring and losing even more, I only rob spirit stones, I don't take magic tools or anything like that."Tang Zichen took out a few sixth grade spirit stones, then threw the ring to the fourth strongest Mo family member who fainted on the ground.

Then, Tang Zichen continued on to the next house.

Like this, they kept robbing and robbing until dawn, but there were still more than twenty left to finish.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji both robbed separately, but they also couldn't finish the robbery in one night.

What to do.

So, with no other choice, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji could only continue robbing in broad daylight.

By the end of the day, it was almost as if they were robbed under the watchful eyes of a large group of clansmen.

Finally, all the clans were finished robbing.

Tang Zichen immediately retreated, then changed back to his true appearance in a deserted place.

Mu Qianji also returned to the inn.

"Thousand Jie, how was the harvest?"

"It's not much, each family adds up to a dozen or twenty sixth grade spirit stones, so it looks like there really aren't any."

"Hehe, the entire Four Seas of Sixth Grade Spirit Stones are really scavenged this time."Tang Zichen smiled.

"We can't help it, and don't blame us, immortal cultivators can't be saints, we all think for ourselves first."


"Well, there's no need to feel guilty, it's just a robbery, alright, statistic, how many more robberies have been made in total this one night."

After a moment of calculation, the stats came out.

This one night, a total of another 3,200 sixth grade spirit stones had been looted.

"Haha, finally we've gathered over 3,000 pieces."Tang Zichen gave a loud laugh.

Originally working so hard to gather another three thousand or so, then let Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, and Yan Xinyi also step into the first stage of the combined body, worked hard all night to loot the second to fourth, and even fifth and sixth strongest members of each family, the total number of people looted, as many as 250, finally, made it up.

So far, the entire Four Seas, there really was no inventory left, they were all empty.

"Let's go, since we've had enough, let's stop waiting and go find Tang Huan and the others."Mu Qianji said.


Tang Zichen arrived at Tang Huan and Yan Xinyi's room and pushed the door in.

"Ah."Came a scream.

"Uh. Sorry."Tang Zichen exited in a panic, while at the same time, Tang Zichen was repenting inside. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen was too excited and didn't even knock on the door, but he didn't expect that Yan Xin Yi was changing her clothes.

"Guilty conscience, I didn't mean to."Tang Zichen felt guilty, perhaps because, after all, Yan Xin Yi was his teacher's wife in the mortal world, although nowadays, with the passage of time, the traces of his teacher's wife were getting fainter and fainter, some times, Tang Zichen almost forgot that she used to be his teacher's wife.

Mu Qianji gave Tang Zichen a blank glance, "What's the hurry, did you see anything?"

"I swear, I didn't see anything, after all, my teacher's wife had her back to me and was in the corner, I barely got a glance at her changing her clothes, I didn't see anything substantial."Don swore.

"Alright, don't blame yourself so much, it's not your fault, besides, we've been together for a long time, some misunderstandings are inevitable."

Not long after, Tang Huan opened them.

"I'm sorry, Shisha."Tang Zichen walked in and said.

Yan Xinyi was a little embarrassed and said, "It's fine, Master."

"From now on, call me Feng'er, don't mess up your identity."

"I can't call it that."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was startled, what did Shisun mean.

Yan Xinyi said, "I really can't call out, you are now an existence that I can't reach high enough, an existence that I still need to cling to, you are such a strong and powerful person, how can I possibly do that if I'm allowed to take you as my disciple, so I really can't call out."

Tang Zichen smiled shallowly, "It's okay, I'll always be Master's apprentice, even if I'm stronger, I'm still."

"But that's what you think, but I stand in front of you and look incomparably weak, I, huh, forget it."Yan Xinyi sighed, as she seemed to recall some past events or something inside, and was not in a very happy mood.

Although Yan Xin Yi knew that Tang Zichen would always respect her, but she couldn't think of herself, higher than Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen was now her dependency, and Tang Zichen was incomparably powerful, the kind of unintentionally revealed momentum, if it was an outsider, would tremble in fear.Where would he dare to be his teacher's wife, an outsider might not understand this feeling.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, forget all the unhappiness, I'll tell you a happy thing now."

"What is it, brother."Tang Huan was busy, although Tang Huan was bold enough to call her brother, but she also had great courage within her to do so, in fact, she was a bit afraid that Tang Zichen would be unhappy or something like that every time she finished calling her brother, fortunately, Tang Zichen wasn't unhappy even once.

"Oh, you should have heard that all of the Lu family's sixth grade spirit stones were robbed, yes, I did it."Tang Zichen said.


"Ah."Tang Zichen had just finished speaking when a person at the door shouted in surprise, it was the newly arrived Lv Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi still came to look for Tang Huan and Yan Xinyi today, the three of them, now turned into BFFs, the best of sisters.

"Tang, Tang Shao, what did you say?"Lu Yuxi looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Oh, Yu Xi, you're here, that's right, your family's sixth grade spirit stone was robbed by me."

"Oh my god, this."Lu Yuxi was dumbfounded, it was Tang Zichen who did it.

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "To be precise, all the sixth grade spirit stones of the entire Four Seas, sixty-three families, were all done by us, but of course, it was mainly done by Tang Zichen."

"Uh, sixty-three families?Wasn't it only my Lu family that was robbed?"Lu Yu Xi was busy.

"Of course not, it's the entire Four Seas, 63 families."

"Oh my god, you guys."

Tang Huan and the three of them were shocked.

Tang Zichen said, "I robbed so many spirit stones with the purpose of refining and promoting, so now both me and Thousand Extremities have become a combined first stage.However, the amount of spirit stones robbed greatly exceeded our expectations, and there were even more.So, last night, we continued to loot again, trying to loot every single piece, so we finally got it all together.The three of you, you can also be promoted to the first stage of the combined body, Tang Huan, Yu Xi, and Shisun, congratulations."

"Ugh."The three of you all looked terrified.

"Oh, you three, come with me, we'll refine in a cave."

After saying that, Tang Zichen gently lifted his hand and an invisible force pulled the three of you, Tang Huan Lu Yu Xi Yan Xin Yi, to that cave yesterday.

Tang Zichen poured out spirit stones.

"Wow, so many."

"Start refining, you three, who's first?"

The three of them all felt a bit disbelieving.

Tang Zichen looked at Yan Xin Yi and said, "Shiniang, you go first."

The teacher's wife was a bit unnatural and said, "Master, it's better not to call me teacher's wife, I'm already uncomfortable and awkward."

"Alas, Yan Xinyi, you go first."Tang Zichen said helplessly.


More than half an hour later, Yan Xinyi soared from the first stage of Exaltation to the first stage of Merging.

Then, the second Tang Huan, soared up to the first stage of the combined body.

Lastly, Lu Yuxi soared to the first stage of the combined body.

After helping the three of them finish refining, Tang Zichen was also a bit tired, after all, it also took a lot of energy.

"Congratulations, Mu Qianji and I are now at the same level as you."Tang Zichen smiled and said.

Lu Yuxi said, "Even though we're at the same level, the way we look at you is even higher than before, it feels like you're the sky we'll never be able to touch."

"Mmhmm, yes."Tang Huan was also busy nodding.

Tang Zichen just laughed.

"Let's go back."

Yan Xinyi said, "Then can we enter the Five Seas as well?"

"Of course, you can enter at any time, but there's no need to rush yet, you guys are continuously elevated after all, adapt to it for a while and then look for an opportunity, me and Chichi too."

"Mmhmm, thank you, Master."

"You're welcome."Tang Zichen gave a slight nod to his teacher's wife, sighing deeply inside, this little girl in front of him, Tang Zichen couldn't reunite her with the mortal realm more and more inside.It always felt like a past life in general, drifting apart until they were no longer each other's original.


Half a month passed in the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen and the others, all of them were in seclusion until half a month later, when everyone's realm was almost stable.

Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji, Yan Xinyi, Lu Yuxi, Tang Huan, and the five of them were all in the Merging Stage.

"Let's go, let's go have a meal, then if there's nothing else, we'll prepare to enter the Five Seas, there's no point in staying in the Four Seas anymore."Tang Zichen said.

Arriving at the inn's restaurant, Tang Zichen ordered a large table of sumptuous dishes to celebrate everyone's promotion to the Merging Stage.

Of course, in the inn, the other patrons were all talking about the incident about half a month ago, when the entire Four Heavy Seas, all the families were robbed.

This matter could definitely go down in the history books, even ten thousand years later, it was expected that someone would still know about it, after all, the entire Four Seas where all the families were robbed and all the sixth grade spirit stones were scavenged almost to extinction, there was no one before or after.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, no one knew that the robbers were eating right here.

At that moment, one person walked in at the door and said, "Latest news, the Mo Family's Merging Stage Ancestor, has just returned from the Five Heavy Seas."

"What? Really or not?"

"Lying to you guys as puppies, just half a quarter of an hour ago, someone from the Teleportation Hall to the Five Seas came out, and when I looked, it was an ancestor of the Mo Family named Murdie who had returned.I guess, at this moment, I'm sure that Murdie has already arrived home."

"Wow, what a timely return, the Mo Family will definitely tell Murdie about this.Mo Di will definitely not ignore it, and Mo Di can also help bring letters to the Five Heavy Seas to inform the other families' Merging Stage Ancestors of the Five Heavy Seas, and then the other families' Merging Stage Ancestors will also return." One second to remember to read the book

"Wow, so many Merging Stage ancestors are back, the Fourfold Sea is going to be lively."

The atmosphere at the inn was high, Tang Zichen frowned slightly.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't worried, all five of Tang Zichen's people were now in the first stage of the combined body, and, Tang Zichen's magic weapon would soon be sacrificed to a high-grade magic weapon.

At this moment, in the Murdie family.

"Greeting Old Ancestor Mo Di, you've finally returned."

"What's going on?Why is it that when I returned from the Teleportation Hall on the first floor, everyone who saw me had a strange look in their eyes?Did something happen to the Four Seas?"

"Old Ancestor Murdie, something big has happened in the Four Seas."

"Big event?What's the big deal?"

"Alas, just half a month ago, an unknown strong man, whose realm is the ninth stage of Exaltation and whose strength seconds all of his peers, went to the sixty-three families of the Four Seas one by one in one night, instantly made his move, hijacked the strongest person in each family, and then forced everyone to exchange all of their sixth grade spirit stones for their lives.As you know, the strongest person in each family is in charge of all the family's savings.So, the entire Fourfold Sea was robbed, and that's not all, the next night, that person came back and robbed the second third and fourth strongest person of each family, he was going to scavenge all the sixth grade spirit stones ah.In the end, it was really as he wished, all the families in the entire Four Seas, barely a single sixth grade spirit stone was left, they were all robbed."

"Surprisingly there is such a thing, even if that person is strong, he can't be so lawless, there aren't a few cultivators of the ninth stage of the Fourfold Sea who are out of their tricks, right, can't they even fight together?"

"Murdie Ancestor, that son of a bitch, he came at night and went one family at a time, we didn't know at first, that he robbed all the families, each family thought, only them.And in order not to affect the family prestige, each family blocked the news.After a few days, all the families

The clan only found out that it had all been robbed, thanks to everyone deliberately hiding it, and as a result, alas."

"Who was so bold?How dare you openly provoke the entire Four Seas."

"Don't know that person."

"How is it possible that you don't know him, there are only a few dozen families in the Four Heavy Seas, and I believe that everyone is aware of the ones who can reach the ninth stage of Exaltation.The person who robbed everyone is at the ninth stage of Exaltation, have you never seen that before?"

"I really haven't seen it, and I can assure you that it's never from the sixty-three families, I suspect it's from the Five Heavy Seas."

"Came out of the Five Seas?"Mo Di's gaze gazed, this was highly unlikely.

Murdie shook his head, "It shouldn't be out of the Five Seas."

"Why are you so sure?"

"Strength to reach the ninth stage of Exaltation, to be able to kill you guys in seconds, that means this person is very talented and strong, then, it's impossible to come to the Four Seas to rob, with such a strong strength, it's not difficult for him to get spirit stones in the Five Seas, so why bother coming here to rob, even if you want to rob, you can still rob in the Five Seas."

"Could it be, then, that the Combination Stage of the Five Seas came out to rob?"

"It's even more unlikely that a sixth grade spirit stone is almost useless to cultivators above the Combined Body Stage.It's almost impossible to find any seventh-grade spirit stones in the Sea of Five, seventh-grade spirit stones are already becoming extinct, and sixth-grade spirit stones are useless to those above the Combination Stage, so strong people above the Combination Stage don't need spirit stones at all in the Sea of Five anymore."

"Ah, so ah, then I don't understand."

At that moment, that Merging Stage ancestor of the Mo family, Mo Di, was shocked, "There are Merging Stage powerhouses approaching."

"What? Are the Combined Body Stage ancestors from other families also back?"

"No, I'm the only one who came back, in the Five Seas, all of us in the Four Seas are together, and we look out for each other, I know very well that I'm the only one who came back.In the Four Seas, I don't know when, but there is a combined stage again."After saying that, Murdie swooshed and stood on the roof.

Sure enough, in the distant sky, five people flew in, and the leader, was Tang Zichen.

In one fell swoop, Tang Zichen flew over Murdie.

Tang Zichen looked at Mo Di, and Mo Di also looked at Tang Zichen.

Only, Tang Zichen's eyes were filled with fearlessness while Murdie looked at Tang Zichen with vigilance.

I don't know why, also at the combined first stage, Tang Zichen gave the impression that he was much too strong, and there were five combined first stages.What was even more unbelievable was that all five of them were so young, and one of them still looked like a little girl, what the hell was this.To be able to become a Combined Body First Order at such a young age, this talent had exceeded Murdie's knowledge.

"Who are you guys?"Murdie asked vigilantly.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Old man, don't be nervous, we're not bad people."

The more Tang Zichen said that, the more wary Mo Di became, usually the bad guys said they weren't bad guys.

Tang Zichen asked, "You are the ancestor of the Mo family who came back from the Five Seas, right."


"Then what's your name?"

"Murdie, who are you again?"

"Oh, I'm Tang Zichen, and the three of them are called Mu Qianji, Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, and Yan Xingyi."Tang Zichen introduced.


"Why are you, why are you all so young?Are you guys taking away rebirth?"It is not impossible to take away the possibility of rebirth, however, whether or not to take away the rebirth can be identified by simply taking off the infant's body, and looking at the infant's appearance, whether or not it is consistent with the body's appearance, if it is consistent, it means that it is not taking away the rebirth.If it is, then it is not a rebirth. If it is inconsistent, then it is definitely a rebirth.Because the appearance of the infant is exactly the same as his original body.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Youth is not a sin."


"Alright, Murdie, I came over to find you to ask you about what you need to pay attention to when entering the Five Heavy Seas."Tang Zichen said.

"What? You asked me about the Five Heavy Seas?Did you not come from a place within the Five Seas?"

"Of course not, truth be told, I'm sort of from the One Heavy Sea."

"How can that be, the One Heavy Sea has the Merging Stage."

"Oh, out of the five of us, except for Lu Yuxi, we all came from the One Heavy Sea.Murdie, if you can bullshit, just try not to bullshit, okay?Let's get down to business, tell me, how about the five seas, we're about to enter the five seas."

"That's, well, please come in, sit down and talk."Mo Di invited.

Tang Zichen and the five of them sat down in the Mo Family's hall.

At that moment, the strongest person of the Mo Family handed over tea and asked at the same time, "Senior Tang Zichen, is it really you?The one who exterminated the Fang and Ning families before was really the same person?" First web site

"Of course."

"But only before you."

"Can't I just come up here and practice."

"This, okay."

Mo Di asked, "Brother Tang, dare I ask, half a month ago, was it you who robbed all the sixth grade spirit stones in the Four Seas?"

Not wanting to intentionally deceive, Don Zixin said truthfully, "Yes, it's me."

"Oh my god, it really was you, how could you."

"I needed a large amount of sixth grade spirit stones, so I robbed.Of course, it's sort of what I borrowed, I'll return it twice as much on the other day, and I promise, within five years.By the way, is there a lot of sixth grade spirit stones in the Five Heavy Sea?If it's that scarce too, it'll be returned in ten years."

Murdie said, "At least more than here."

"Okay then, then return it in five years, or even three."

Lu Yuxi was busy asking, "Five Heavy Sea Seventh Grade Spirit Stones more?"

Mo Di rolled her white eyes and said, "Seventh grade spirit stones are also extremely rare in the entire Immortal World, and it's almost impossible to see a fifth sea seventh grade spirit stone.Seventh-grade spirit stones are almost extinct."

"How can this be."

"For hundreds of millions of years in the Immortal World, countless immortals have uncovered and refined, and any more spirit stones will slowly dry up, and when there are no more spirit stones, this world will be reduced to an ordinary world, with no more immortal cultivators.This world, too, will be reduced to a ruined world, and will sink to the bottom of the universe."

Tang Zichen's body was startled, and he couldn't help but think of the Mortal Realm.

Could it be that the Mortal Realm wasn't like this countless billions of years ago, and was also a world rich in aura resources, only to run out of aura resources and become a ruined world that would sink to the bottom of the universe.

Lu Yuxi sighed and then looked at Tang Zichen, as if telling Tang Zichen that he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to refine and upgrade so quickly in the future.

Tang Zichen was helpless, since the seventh grade spirit stones were going to be depleted, the eighth grade spirit stones, must be extinct.

In the future, Tang Zichen's cultivation would really have to rely on himself, it was really cruel for someone who had soared to the Combination Stage in just a few years.

> "What about the others?What's the Five Seas like?How much do you know about the Six Seas."Tang Zichen asked.

"Five Heavy Seas, Six Heavy Seas, and Seven Heavy Seas, these three places are only separated by an interface, which means that they are connected, like steps, and one is higher than the other.So, when you reach the five heavy seas, you can look up and see the six heavy seas, and when you stand in the six heavy seas, you can also look up and see the seven heavy seas."

"Uh, what kind of landscape is this."Yan Xin Yi felt like her brain couldn't make it up.

"Oh, you'll know when you go there.By the way, the Fivefold Sea, is ruled by the Sixfold Sea, while the Sixfold Sea is ruled by the Sevenfold Sea.Alright, there's nothing I can say, in short, in the Five Seas, the aura is at least a hundred times thicker than here, so there are many strong people in the Five Seas, but it's not often that you reach the Combination Stage as young as you are."

"Oh? There aren't any forces to be aware of?"

"No, when you get to the Sea of Five Heavens, just find any place to build a cave and start cultivating.There are eight families in the Sea of Five Heavens, as long as you don't heat up the eight families, you'll be fine, the eight families in the Sea of Five Heavens are the strongest immortal cultivation forces."

"Alright then, let's do it."

Tang Zichen got up and prepared to head to the Five Heavy Seas.

Mo Di was busy saying, "Brother Tang, why wait for me to come along, I'll take you to our hometown, all of our Merging Stage ancestors from the Four Seas are in the same place in the Five Seas, and we can all take care of each other."

"That's fine."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

So, Tang Zichen waited for half a day, then entered the Sea of Five Heavens together with Murdie.

Soon, they entered the Five Heavy Seas, and once they entered the Five Heavy Seas, the aura was completely different, indeed it was more than a hundred times thicker than the Four Heavy Seas.

"Brother Tang, this is the Fivefold Sea, you are now looking up at the clouds in the sky."

Tang Zichen looked up into the sky, there was a white cloud floating in the sky, on top of the white cloud, there were many looming buildings and trees palaces and so on, it was really not easy to notice if you didn't look carefully, because the buildings and trees on top of that white cloud were very obscure.

"See, the looming, seemingly non-existent buildings above the white clouds are the Six Seas.Because it is separated by a layer of interface, so it looks like something is there, and also, the clouds will be deep in the sky, hiding a different world in general, magical, there, it is the place where all the five seas of immortal cultivators to me."

Tang Huan was busy saying, "Then what does it take to get up there?"

"Difficult, the Six Seas can come down easily, while we have difficulty going up."

Tang Zichen said, "Do we drive to fly up and still can't get up there?That cloud isn't very far in the sky, either."

"Oh, you still haven't understood my words ah, if you don't believe me, fly up there and try."

Tang Zichen said, "I'll give it a try."

Saying that, Tang Zichen drove his flying sword with a swoosh, straight into the sky.

Soon, Tang Zichen flew up to the clouds in the sky.

Only when he reached the clouds did he find that it was just a cloud of fog, where there was no city or building, what he just saw seemed to be as illusory as a sea city lip building.

Tang Zichen came down from the clouds.

"How about it, brother Tang, have you reached the Six Seas?"Murdie asked laughingly.

"What's going on?We are on the ground, and we can plainly see cities and buildings, looming over the clouds, but when we get to the clouds, it's just a fog, nothing."

"So the six seas are not just a place we can go if we want to, we can see them, but we can't go there.Those who stand in the six seas, however, can look at us from above, and we are like ants on the ground."


"What will it take to get up there?"

"There are only eight passageways to get to the Six Heavy Seas, which means there is the Rainbow Bridge, and only through the Rainbow Bridge can you actually get to the Six Heavy Seas.Unfortunately, the Rainbow Bridge is controlled by the Eight Great Immortal Families of the Five Seas, so ordinary people can't go there.The eight great immortal cultivation families control the rainbow bridge, so the children of their eight great families will be able to travel to the Six Seas frequently to cultivate, so they are getting stronger and stronger, and will always be able to control the rainbow bridge."

"Eight Great Immortal Families, damn it, how come there's a snake in the ground everywhere."Tang Zichen scolded.

"The Eight Great Immortal Families, inherited for millions of years, the strongest person in their family has already reached the Mahayana stage."

"Great Multiplication Stage?Is it strong?"Yan Xinyi asked.

Mo Di said, "Those who are able to reach the Mahayana stage are none other than peerless geniuses, and all of them require true talent to cultivate.We are now at the first stage of the combined body, and it is already incredibly difficult for us to reach the second stage of the combined body, not to mention the next domain, the diverting stage.The further next realm of the divisive stage is the Mahayana, and after the Mahayana reaches the ninth stage again, we only need to survive nine thunderbolts to ascend straight to the Immortal Realm.Unfortunately, it's too far away from us."

"Directly ascending to the Immortal Realm."For some reason, Tang Zichen and the others all seemed to feel a rush of blood and passion inside, from having lived through the legends of immortals, not knowing what it would be like to become an immortal themselves.

"Alright, let's forget about the ethereal stuff for now, let's go, I'll take you to the Horse Head Valley."Murdie said.

"What's Horseheads Valley."

"We'll know when we get there."

Saying that, the few people flew with their imperial swords, and before long, they arrived at a valley shaped like a horse's head, entered the valley and found that there were only a few dozen stone houses in the valley, which was very desolate. Remember the URL

"This is the Horse Head Valley, it can also be called Horse Head Village, this Horse Head Village is now the cultivation base for all the immortal cultivators that come in from our Four Seas."

"Oh, why do you want to live in this valley, I remember not far ahead, there's a pretty big city ah, isn't it good to live in the city?"Tang Zichen asked.

"You don't understand this, the immortal cultivators here don't like to mix, they all like to carve out territories, the city you just saw, that's the territory of the Hetu family, outsiders aren't allowed to set foot in it except for those from the Hetu family, once they do, it means provoking them, and they will definitely be executed by them.Of course, this Horse Head Valley, now also belongs to our territory, if an outsider steps into it, it will also be a provocation, and all of us Four Seas inbound Immortals will rise up to resist."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm afraid that no one will come to take this small mountain valley."

"Oh, that's true.However, although no one will come to rob it, this place has an inch of land, and even a small mountain ditch has a master.For example, not far behind our Horse Head Valley, there is a large freshwater lake, and that lake is the territory of a beast cultivator in the lake called Eight Purpose."

"Beast cultivators can even occupy territory."

"Of course, that freshwater lake in front of us, Eight Eyes, its body is an eight-eyed flood snake, it's already a combined seventh stage beast cultivator, the immortal cultivators that come in from our four seas haven't been this powerful yet, don't ever mess with him."


Said Tang Zichen, entering the Horse Head Village, this Horse Head Village was very quiet, so quiet that no one could be seen, but Tang Zichen could feel that there were many people hiding in the dark, everyone was quietly cultivating.

Tang Zichen looked at the humble stone houses in Ma Tau Village, feeling so desolate, Tang Zichen really wanted to go live in a bigger city, but unfortunately, the cities here were all formed by some big family gathering to live in crowds!

The, is not a city where outsiders can be allowed to come in and live together.To put it bluntly, a city is a power.

"Murdie, why did you come back so quickly, by the way, who did you bring with you?"An old man flew out from his stone room.

"Wan Jin, let me introduce you, these five monks who came in from our Four Seas."

"Ah, how is that possible, so young?"

"Yeah, that's how young you are, go call everyone out, you've got new friends."


Soon, all the Merging Stage ancestors in the Horse Head Village, no matter which family of the Four Seas, they all ran out, Tang Zichen counted them, there weren't many, 49 in total.Among them, the strongest one was only at the fourth stage of the combined body, and the weakest one, of course, was at the first stage of the combined body.

The strongest Combined Body Fourth Tier, there was only one, a short old man.

At the combined third stage, there were two, also old men.

For the combined second stage, there were twelve, still an old man.

The rest, all of them were of the combined first stage, and of course, still old men.

It could be said that they were all a bunch of old ghosts, only five of them, Tang Zichen, were young people.

Tang Zichen looked at a group of old people and almost thought he had arrived at a nursing home.

"Hello guys, are you really from the Four Seas?"The old man who was in the fourth stage of the combined body came up and asked, this man was probably the leader of everyone, and everyone was expected to be protected by him, he was the strongest after all.

"Of course, why else would I come here, I guess this would be the worst place to live, and still have stone houses."

"Oh, yes, in the entire Five Seas, we are living at the bottom of the hierarchy, but it doesn't matter, no matter where we live, we can cultivate."The old man who was at the fourth stage of the combined body said.

Tang Huan said, "There's no place to take a bath."

"There's a small stream in the valley, if you really want to take a bath, you can go to the stream to wash, but immortal cultivators don't bother with small things, like us, we usually don't take baths anymore, at least I haven't taken a bath for decades."

Tang Huan covered her nose, making it impossible for her not to bathe.

Tang Zichen said, "My name is Tang Zichen, let me introduce them, they are Lu Yuxi, Tang Huan, Yan Xinyi, and Mu Qianji."

"Welcome, I'm Bai Wuyoung."That old man of the combined fourth stage introduced himself.

Then, Bai Wuyoung also briefly introduced the other forty or so old men.

Bai Wu Bo said, "Tang Zichen, let me arrange the cave for you first."


Bai Wuyoung led Tang Zichen to a few connected stone houses and said, "These stone houses, the people who used to live in them have all died, but now they're empty, so you can pick any of them."

Yan Xinyi asked, "Why did the people who used to live there die?"

"On the path of immortal cultivation, death is the most normal thing, and it's normal to be killed occasionally out."


"You guys settle down first, I'll give you a lift at night, I'll have Murdie shoot a few golden deer and roast a whole deer at night."


That night, Horseheads held a bonfire and roasted a total of eight golden deer, which were delicious.Unfortunately, there was no wine.


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