The King of Kungfu in school 1701-1710


Chapter 1701

Just as Tang Zichen was eating, a man walked in at the entrance of the inn, the same watchdog named Yu Xing who was guarding the door at the auction.

"Master inside please."The inn's second servant immediately greeted him respectfully.

Yu Xing sat down in the other corner with his back to Tang Zichen.

Mu Qianji was busy reminding, "Zichen, the auction house watchdog is here, he shouldn't have found us here."

"Well, I see, whether he found us here or not, his time to die has come."

"You're going to kill him?"

"What else? It's been a few more days of keeping the bastard alive, I thought we were going to have a day off today, it's time, so send him on his way early when you're done eating."

"Good, I'd love to kill him too."

After dinner, that Yu Xing walked out of the inn.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji immediately followed him.

Not long after leaving the house, they passed a small alley. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen rounded the other end of the alley and blocked Yu Xing.

"Yoho, isn't this that Liu Fan?"Yu Xing was startled when he saw Tang Zichen, then gave a cold laugh, while a hint of greed appeared as he stared at Tang Zichen.

Yu Xing was thinking that Liu Fan had so many spirit stones on him, why not kill him and steal his storage ring.

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "Watchdog, don't be a janitor, ah."

"Who are you calling a watchdog?"Yu Xing shouted, he was at the eighth stage of the YuanYing Clan and his grandfather was the third ancestor of the Yu Clan, but he was being scolded as a watchdog.

"Alright, I'm not in the mood to spend more time with people like you, you're not worthy."

"Liu Fan, you're looking for death."Yu Xing's gaze was cold and murderous.

Tang Zichen snorted in disdain, "You're calling me Liu Fan?Are you sure my true identity is Liu Fan?"

"Uh, what are you?"

"Look carefully, I'm Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen instantly changed back to his original form.

"Maybe you haven't seen me before, but that's okay, I'm stopping you at the moment, my purpose is to kill you.Watchdog, you were very arrogant at the auction house before, now, it's time to send you on your way."Tang Zichen's gaze was without mercy.

"You, you're Tang Zichen?How is that possible, isn't Tang Zichen your cousin?"

"Hahaha, I'm just hiding my identity, alright, Yu Xing, let's go on our way."

Yu Xing snorted, "So what if you're a Tang Zichen, I'm a hallowed Yuan Ying 8."Before finishing his sentence, Yu Xing suddenly found that his skull was smashed, as if a hand, which reached directly into his brain, grabbed his YuanYing out.

In just a second, Yu Xing's infant was pulled out alive by Tang Zichen.

"Ah!"Yu Xing seemed foolish as he watched his infant being grabbed, his corpse's head shattered and falling to the ground.

"This, how is this possible."Yu Xing's Yuan Infant said dumbly.

Tang Zichen had one hand holding onto the Yuan Infant, and that hand was still bloody.

Tang Zichen said, "Are you trying to say that you're an infant of the eighth stage."

"Tang Zichen, spare your life."Yu Xing's YuanYing immediately changed his attitude, after all, he hadn't even finished a sentence, and people were just pulling his YuanYing out of his brain, this strength wasn't on the same level at all.No wonder it was rumored that Tang Zichen had killed two Ning family ancestors, he was really this powerful.

"Spare your life?You think I'll spare your dog's life?"

"Tang Zichen, spare my life, you adults don't remember the faults, spare me, I was more than offended before, please spare me."Yu Xing's infant cried and pleaded.

"Where's the arrogance from before, it really makes me look down on you

."Tang Zichen tsked.

"Tang Zichen, I was wrong."

At that moment, Mu Qianji reminded, "Zichen, don't talk nonsense with him, feel to pinch his infant."

Yu Xing cried out as soon as he heard, "Don't kill my infant, Senior Tang, I'm begging you."

"Death to you."Tang Zichen showed no mercy.

Yu Xing paused and shouted, "Tang Zichen, you have to think carefully if you really want to kill me."

"What? Begging for mercy doesn't work changing to threats, okay, tell me, what do you want to threaten me with."Tang Zichen, who was about to squeeze Yu Xing to death, stopped his hand.

Yu Xing said, "Tang Zichen, my grandfather is the third ancestor of the Yu Clan."

"Then what?Is that it?"

"Ah, you're not afraid of Yu's three ancestors either?He's a strong man of the seventh stage of Exaltation."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "A mere seventh stage out of the box, he dares to be rampant in front of me.You Yu's Auction House dared to pit my spirit stones and threatened me with death afterwards, do you think, your grandfather can still live for a long time?"

"What do you mean?You want to kill my grandfather too?"

"Hmph, wait well on the Yellow Spring Road, your grandfather won't take long, I'll send him down."

After saying that, Tang Zichen squeezed Yu Xing's infant in one fell swoop, and Yu Xing's infant dissipated into a cloud of smoke.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji walked away as if nothing had happened.

Since they decided to rest for the day, they would rest well.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go, let's go find Xia Xiaoxin."

"You go ahead, I won't go."Mu Qianji said, Mu Qianji didn't know Xia Xiaoxin, so naturally, he didn't really want to go, so he might as well walk around on his own.

"Fine, be careful then."

Tang Zichen walked off alone.

Tang Zichen asked a passerby on the street, "Hello, do you know how to get to the Fourfold Sea Xia's house?"

"The summer house?What are you doing in the summer house, that's not an ordinary person's place."

"Looking for my classmate."

"What's your classmate's name?"

"Xia Xiaoxin."

"Haha, I knew you were going to find Xia Xiaoxin."

"Uh, how did you know that I was going to find Xia Xiaoxin?"

"Don't pretend, Xia Xiaoxin is a famous beauty embryo in the Four Seas, and will definitely be the number one beauty in the future, there are plenty of people who want to go and make friends with Xia Xiaoxin and liaise with her in advance."

"Alright, just tell me how to get to the Xia family."

"Go ahead, you can find it by just asking around, but if you're really going to find Xia Xiaoxin, you should forget it.Xia Xiaoxin already has a marriage."

"Uh, there's a marriage?"

"You don't know, you don't know and you still want to pick her up, her fiancé, one of the six combined families of the Four Seas, the Mitty family's genius young master, Mitty Shellcroft."

"Mitty Shellcroft?Who named this?Step forward and I promise not to laugh at him."Tang Zichen rolled his eyes.

With Tang Zichen's current realm, no matter what kind of shit-crusted man stepped forward, it wasn't enough for him to look at, and this Mitty Sheller, Tang Zichen didn't even have the desire to remember his name.

"Senior, you don't want to talk about the Mitty Sheller behind his back, if he knew, you wouldn't know how miserable you'd be."

"Alright, don't bullshit with me, I'm going to go find Xia Xiaoxin."

Tang Zichen walked forward.

At that moment, that passerby shouted, "Hey, Senior, if you really want to see Xia Xiaoxin, why don't you go to the Four Seas Heavenly Fragrance Hall, maybe you can meet Xia Xiaoxin there."


Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Keeping walking forward, Tang Zichen did find the head office of the Xia family.

"Stop."The janitor of the Xia family's main residence stopped the way.

Tang Zichen said, "Help me pass on Xia Ming, I want to see him."

"How dare you, is Xia Ming a name you can just call?"

This two janitors also had a reason for the eighth or ninth stage of the realm, so Tang Zichen didn't want any more nonsense and took out a token and said, "Do you know about this token?Yunde's."

"So you're a member of the Yun family, why didn't you say so earlier, please follow me."

Tang Zichen was led by the guards all the way to a certain quiet courtyard.

"This is where Xia Ming lives, he's inside at the moment, go in yourself."

Tang Zichen walked in.

Xia Ming was indeed in a room refining spirit stones. The first website

"Ahem."Tang Zichen coughed.

Xia Ming opened his eyes in a panic, as he hadn't even sensed when someone had arrived at the door of the room.

"You, ah, Tang, Tang Shao."Xia Ming was startled, he didn't expect Tang Zichen to suddenly appear and he didn't even feel it, but he was relieved when he thought that Tang Zichen had killed both of the Ning family's two out-of-body stages, so he was relieved, people had even killed out-of-body stages, what was he, he was only at the ninth stage of the YuanYing stage, he hadn't even reached the out-of-body stage yet.

"Xia Ming, long time no see."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

"Tang, Tang Shao, how did you grow up?"Xia Ming asked.

"Yes, I took the Giant Fruit, so I grew up early."

"Congratulations, Tang Shao."

"Alright, it's just growing up, so what's there to congratulate."

"Tang Shao, I heard that you killed the Ning family's two out-of-body stages, right?"

"Of course, what kind of old eight and nine of the Ning family, right, huh?"

"Tang Shao, you're really capable."

"No need to compliment me, by the way, where's Xia Xiaoxin?I'm here to catch up with her."

"Xiao Xin she's not at home, she's in the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, how about I send someone to get her back?"

"No need, what is the Temple of Heavenly Fragrance?"

"The Heavenly Fragrance Hall is a place that specializes in cultivating geniuses under the age of 30. Almost the entire Four Seas, geniuses under the age of 30 have registered at the Heavenly Fragrance Hall.Xiaoxin has been going to the Heavenly Fragrance Hall since she returned from the Flying Cloud Sect."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and suddenly said, "Xia Ming, why didn't you tell me about it before leaving the Flying Cloud Sect?"

"Don't forgive, I."

"Are you looking down on me?Take Xia Xiaoxin with you and leave without saying goodbye here."

"Tang Shao misunderstood, I."

"Alright, I'm leaving, don't say I came."

"Oh.Tang Shao be careful, the Ning family is hunting you down, even the Ning family's ancestor Ning Fang went there personally."

Tang Zichen trailed off and didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen left the Xia family and changed his face to another face, becoming a youth of about 20 years old.

Then, Tang Zichen went straight to the Heavenly Fragrance Hall.

Tang Zichen's real body was almost 14 years old, but after taking the Giant Fruit, Tang Zichen instantly turned into a big boy of about 20 years old.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, and it was truly a magnificent place.

Tang Zichen saw that at the top of the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, in the most obvious place, there was a stone tablet with a row of names engraved on it, and there were many people from the Four Seas who had come to pay their respects to that

The stone tablet, it seemed, was a very revered thing.

"What is this thing?"Tang Zichen pointed at the stele and asked a person next to him.

The man next to him said with an idiot's look, "Aren't you here to gaze upon the Supreme Monument?"

"The Supreme Tablet?This tablet is called the Supreme Tablet?Could it be that this stele is some kind of magic tool that has made you people come here specifically to admire it."Tang Zichen said.

"You really don't know or you don't know ah, what we came to worship is not this stone tablet, but the name on the stone tablet."

"Uh, what's so surprising about the name."Tang Zichen looked at the names on the stone tablet.

In the first column, Tang Zichen suddenly saw a familiar name, 'Mithi Sheller'

"Uh, Mitty Shellers?It's not."Tang Zichen recalled the passerby who had told him that Xia Xiaoxin had a fiancé, called Mitty Shells.

Tang Zichen continued to look behind the monolith again, and at the end of the monolith, Tang Zichen saw a familiar name 'Xia Xiaoxin' again.

Yes, it was precisely Xia Xiaoxin.

"Why is Xia Xiaoxin's name on there too?"Tang Zichen said.

The person beside him who was viewing the stone tablet said, "Nonsense, the top thirty geniuses of the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, of course their names are on it, every single one of the thirty people on this stone tablet can definitely step into the Exaltation Stage in the future, and even, the ones ranked at the top are very likely to step into the Merging Stage.You say, should we, the little pouncers, come to worship and worship."

Tang Zichen deliberately looked like he was worshipping and said, "Wow, the Exodus stage, how awesome, it's really scaring the baby to death."

"Nonsense, in the entire Four Seas, there aren't many that can reach the Exodus stage, every big family in the Four Seas, can only reach the Exodus stage within 20, and the strongest family is only within 30.As for the Combination Stage, it was even less to mention that there were no more than 10 in the entire Four Seas.And at this moment on the Supreme Monument, the top ranked ones, such as Song Yaoyao, Yun Haitian, and Mitty Shells, are all very likely to reach the Combination Stage in the future."

"Wow, I'm scared my little heart is going to jump out, I'd better stop reading."Tang Zichen immediately walked away, but in his heart he was very disdainful, except that the passerby who had just gazed at it, also thought that Tang Zichen was really frightened that his little heart was going to jump out, so he couldn't help but curse, "What an unseen earthling."

Tang Zichen wanted to enter the Temple of Heavenly Fragrance and find Xia Xiaoxin for fun.

I heard that Xia Xiaoxin had grown up a bit more now and had taken on the appearance of a young girl, Tang Zichen also wanted to see her.Of course, Tang Zichen only wanted to see it.

"What for?The Supreme Monument is over there, if you want to pay homage to it, please go over there, this is the main gate of the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, no idlers are allowed to approach."Tang Zichen was just about to enter the Heavenly Fragrance Hall when he was stopped by someone.

"Ugh."He actually thought of Tang Zichen as coming to pay homage to the Supreme Monument.

What a sister who really worshipped, Tang Zichen still needed to worship?

"I am conducting a search,"Don Zichen said.

"Looking for someone, do you think this is a place for anyone to go in?Do you know who's practicing inside?"The security guard who stopped Tang Zichen said.

"I know, a bunch of people under 30 years old, well."

"Hmph, a group of people who are cultivating inside are the strongest people in the future Four Seas, and you say you're going in?Hurry up and go."

"I'm really here to find someone, I'm looking for Xia.

"Go, this is not the place for you to be, don't disturb the future strong man's peace."

Tang Zichen asked, "So, you're definitely not letting me in?"

"Nonsense, no one is allowed in except geniuses."

"I won't lie to you, I'm 21 years old and at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, I don't know if I'm considered a genius or not.I think Xia Xiaoxin can be ranked in the top thirty, there's no reason why I can't."


"What, you're only 21?"

"Do I look old?"

"If you really want to get in, you can apply for admission to the hall, and when you're sure you're a genius, you'll be able to enter the main hall and practice with the other geniuses."The security guard said.

"Fuck, is it so much trouble, isn't it any simpler?You go tell Xia I'm going to challenge her."Tang Zichen was impatient.

Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to be long-winded here.

"You want to challenge Xia Xiaoxin?"

"Hurry up and go, what?Not enough?Then I'll challenge the geniuses of the entire Heavenly Fragrance Hall, is that okay?Can we go inform?"

"You don't have to mess around here, if you really want to challenge anyone, you can go to the side of the main hall and bang on the drums, there are 30 drums over there, each drum represents one of the top 30 geniuses.If you want to challenge Xia Xiaoxin, then go and bang Xia Xia Xiaoxin's drum."

Tang Zichen went directly to the side of the Heavenly Fragrance Hall and indeed saw 30 drums.

Each drum had a marker name underneath it, and anyone who wanted to challenge anyone could bang the corresponding drum, not only those outside, but even those who didn't enter the top 30 of the Heavenly Fragrance Hall could also bang it, thus taking their place.

Tang Zichen thought about it, walked in front of Xia Xiaoxin's drum and punched it up. Remember the URL

"Bang."The drum rang.

At this moment, in the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, a group of people were cultivating in the main hall, when a sandbag fell from the roof, and the spot where it fell was the spot where Xia Xiaoxin was sitting.

"Ah!"Xia Xiaoxin was shocked, someone challenged her, the others in the main hall also looked over.

At the front of the main hall, a man of about 26 years old came up in a panic and said, "Xin, someone is challenging you, let's go, I'll go with you."This person was precisely Xia Xiaoxin's family's fiancé who had betrothed her, Mitty Shells.

It was also Xia Xiaoxin's first time being challenged by someone, as she had just recently entered the list.

Above the palace, an old man said, "Xia Xiaoxin, go out and fight, if you lose, leave this palace and go to the next level."

"Yes, Palace Master."Xia Xiaoxin was busy flying down the main hall, the rest of the people also followed to see who challenged Xia Xiaoxin, and if Xia Xiaoxin could win back the position.

The Heavenly Fragrance Hall had a total of 7 layers, each layer represented a different meaning.The seventh floor, the most glorious place and the most suitable place for cultivation, here, there were only 30 positions.

Tang Zichen waited by the bell and drum for a short time before he saw Xia Xiaoxin leap out from the high wall.

Tang Zichen was about to call out Xia Xiaoxin's name, but it suddenly occurred to him that Xia Xiaoxin would definitely not recognize Tang Zichen's appearance at the moment, but it wasn't like Tang Zichen was revealing his true body right now, as he hadn't yet practiced the Ninth Blade of Shura.

"Who are you?Are you challenging me?"Xia Xiaoxin asked after landing on the ground.

Tang Zichen looked at Xia Xiaoxin, compared to when she was in the Flying Cloud Sect before, she had indeed grown a little taller and her chest had also risen a little higher, it really looked like she was getting more and more girlish.

"Not bad."Tang Zichen looked at Xia Xiaoxin with a nod of his head, looking like he was admiring her beauty.

"What did I ask you?"Xia Xiaoxin knitted her brows.

Tang Zichen said, "I say it's not bad, no wonder you were rated as the most beautiful beauty by the people of the Four Seas, hehehehe."Tang Zichen stroked his chin, his eyes still looking at Xia Xiaoxin's entire body.

At this time, another group of people followed out, and one of them, a man of about 26 years old, said angrily, "Hey, who are you, you eye

Where's the eye looking?"

Tang Zichen simply ignored that man, to Xia: "Xia Xiaoxin, my name is Feng Tianya, come on, fight me."

The 26-year-old man saw Tang Zichen ignore him and bellowed, "Feng Tianya, are you fucking tired of living, I'm talking to you?"

Tang Zichen looked at the man and grunted, "Who are you?Why am I talking to you."

"Fuck you, my name is Mitty Sheller, I'm Xia Xiaoxin's fiancé, what do you think?"The Mittycrustacean roared.

"Uh, so you're the Mitty Shell Gryphon."Tang Zichen shook his head straight as he looked at the Mitty Shell Guru, thinking what a bullish genius he was, but it turned out that he was just a weakling of the eighth stage of Spiritual Harmony, and it looked like he was older than Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Xia Xiaoxin, I heard that you have a fiancé, but I didn't expect it to be this kind of goods, you have poor taste, you like this kind of goods too?"

Xia Xiaoxin was a little anxious, "What are you talking nonsense, this is the family booking, I."

Xia Xiaoxin was also quite depressed inside, in fact she hated that shithead to death.

Xia Xiaoxin couldn't help but think of a person that was in the Flying Cloud Sect.

That person was lawless in the Flying Cloud Sect, but Xia Xiaoxin couldn't forget it.

That's right, that person was the same Tang Zichen that Xia Xiaoxin had been a bit smitten with when she was in the Flying Cloud Sect.

At first, she was only a little smitten, but now, the more she didn't see him, the more she found that it wasn't just smitten.

Xia Xiaoxin was unhappy, and she really wanted to return to the Flying Cloud Sect to see Tang Zichen once more.

Recently, Xia Xiaoxin had also heard that Tang Zichen had confronted the Ning Family of the Four Seas and killed two of the Ning Family's out-of-body stages, although Xia Xia Xiaoxin didn't know how Tang Zichen had done it, she was impressed.Worthy of her impression of the lawless Tang Zichen, when both her grandfather and grandfather Yunde had to kneel down, at that time, she felt that Tang Zichen was simply nobody, but now that Tang Zichen had even killed the out-of-body stage, Xia Xiaoxin's impression of Tang Zichen was even more unknowable.

Unfortunately, there was no possibility of her and Tang Zichen because she didn't deserve it, and Tang Zichen didn't like her at all, and she was also arranged to marry by her family.

All of all, there could only be a sigh of relief, I didn't expect that the elder would have so many troubles.

Tang Zichen saw Xia Xiaoxin's dazed appearance, busy saying, "Hey, what are you dazed about, won't you accept my challenge?Still, thinking about which man, hahaha."

"Don't talk nonsense."Xia Xiaoxin glared and blushed slightly, not expecting that she was really right, she did just lose her mind thinking about Tang Zichen.

The man called Mitty Shells bellowed, "I'm her fiancé, all she thinks about is me every day, if you dare to say anything nonsense, I'll be careful I'll kill you."

The other party didn't seem to have noticed Tang Zichen's realm, otherwise, they wouldn't have thought that Tang Zichen could duel with Xia Xiaoxin, subconsciously thinking that Tang Zichen had chosen to challenge Xia Xiaoxin because he was in the same realm as Xia Xiaoxin.

At this moment, an old man appeared, this old man looked so strong that Tang Zichen trembled a little.

Seeing such a strong old man appear, Tang Zichen couldn't help but squint his eyes.

That old man said, "You're at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The others were shocked, Tang Zichen was actually at the fifth step of Spiritual Harmony, Xia Xiaoxin also frowned, "Why are you challenging me at the fifth step of Spiritual Harmony, I'm only at the fifth step of Heart."Xia Xiaoxin rolled her eyes.


"Because I want to see you, that's why I'm challenging you."Tang Zichen threw a wink at Xia Xiaoxin.

"You."Xia Xiaoxin frowned when she saw Tang Zichen throwing fawning eyes at her.

And that Mitty Sheller, even more so, was going to be furious.

"Feng Tianya, how dare you flirt with my fiancé in front of my face."The Mitty Shellcracker shouted.

At that moment, that very powerful old man said, "Alright, stop arguing, Feng Tianya, your realm is already at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, and the object of your challenge is only at the fifth stage of Heart Shining, so you don't meet the rules of the Heavenly Fragrance Hall's challenge.You now have two choices, the first, leave, the second, change to an opponent who is at the same realm as you.All the geniuses of our Heavenly Fragrance Hall are at your disposal to choose."

Tang Zichen pointed at the Mitty Shell Guru and said, "Then it's him."

The crowd was shocked, he was at the eighth stage of Spiritual Harmony.

When he saw Tang Zichen wanted to challenge him, he said angrily, "Feng Tianya, are you sure?Don't blame me for bullying the weak."

That very strong old man said, "Feng Tianya, are you sure you're serious?Mithi Shellcroft is already at the eighth stage of Spiritual Harmony, the third ranked genius of the Four Seas, are you sure you're not crazy?"That very strong old man seemed to be a little angry.

Tang Zichen snorted somewhat impatiently, "I'll challenge him with one hand, come on, don't have no fun, shithead, do it."

"Fuck you, who do you call a shit sheller."Mitty Shellman growled, Tang Zichen felt very disrespectful, didn't Tang Zichen know that everyone else could only worship his name on the Supreme Monument? One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen became angry and rushed straight up.

"Good coming."Rather than being more pleased to see Tang Zichen do it, the Mitty Shellers immediately greeted him.

"Bang."In the next second, the Mitty Shellcracker was punched by Tang Zichen and crashed into a wall with a bang, and most importantly, the Mitty Shellcracker fainted to death.

"Ah."A group of onlookers were shocked, a Spiritual Healing 5th stage, but a punch dried up a Spiritual Healing 8th stage, who exactly was the third ranked young genius of the Heavenly Fragrance Hall now?This result was too unbelievable.

That very strong old man was also shocked, and his body trembled.

"Feng Tianya, how could you, how could you, just like that, one punch, knock him out, this, this is impossible, Mithishellan he is the third ranked young genius of the Four Seas, he's from the Four Seas Combined Family.How could you."That old man looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, since you're already here, let's challenge your Heavenly Fragrance Hall, the number one ranked Song Yaoyao, and the number two ranked Yun Haitian along with you.Who is Song Yaoyao and who is Yun Haitian?"

A man and a woman stepped forward, both of them were at the ninth stage of Spiritual Harmony.

Tang Zichen said, "Gentlemen, do you mind if I bully you a bit?If you don't mind, I'll knock you out, and if you do, I'll leave."

That Song Yaoyao snorted, "Let go of the horse."

"Bang!"In the next second, Tang Zichen knocked out Song Yaoyao with one punch.

Then, looking at the second ranked Yun Haitian, Tang Zichen asked, "You're a member of the Yun family, right."


"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked over and knocked him out.

The people around looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, it was simply impossible to describe it as ungodly.

Tang Zichen looked at the old man and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude, let's leave it at that, Xia Xiaoxin I also see

Up, goodbye."

After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and left.

"Wait."That old man shouted.

"What is it."

Feng Tianya, I'm observing your body, are you really not yet 30 years old."

"Does it matter?"

"It's important, if it's true, then you are worthy of the title, the number one genius youth of the four seas.You can join our Heavenly Fragrance Hall, you can cultivate in our Heavenly Fragrance Hall, the seventh floor, the best spot is reserved for you."That old man said somewhat excitedly.

"Hahaha, thank you senior for your kindness, unfortunately, I'm not interested, farewell."Tang Zichen's body moved and walked away like a string of shadows.

That old man sighed and said, "Looks like I was wrong, true geniuses are not interested in coming to the Heavenly Fragrance Hall, phew!"After saying that, the old man looked at the unconscious Mitty Shells, Song Yaoyao and Yun Hai Tian.These three strongest geniuses, their names were looked up to, but when they were compared to Windy Sky, they were suddenly disappointing.

"Palace Master, they are still unconscious, should we wake them up?"One person asked.

That old man said, "On the Supreme Monument, the names of the three names, Mitty Shells, Song Yao Yao, and Yun Hai Tian Tian, are changed to Wind Sky."

"Ah, three names to be on the Wind Sky?"


Soon, the top three ranked names on the Supreme Monument outside the Heavenly Fragrance Hall all became Feng Tianya.And, the note on the back was not yet noted: wind Tianya, mysterious genius, early twenties in age, realm spirit healing fifth stage, taking the top three with the strength to spike the Mity Shell Lang, Song Yao Yao Yun Hai Tian.

Tang Zichen quickly returned to the inn.

Tang Zichen only took it as a trip to relax, never expecting that he would casually play in the Heavenly Fragrance Hall and make a big name for himself, and by the evening, the three words Feng Tianya were known by almost some of the strongest people in the entire Four Seas Family.

Everyone was shocked as to who this Feng Tianya was and why he was so mysterious, but such a genius, just in his early twenties and only at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, he could defeat the top three ranked genius youths in seconds.

For a moment, Feng Tianya became the focus of public opinion among the great families of the Four Seas.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, had already calmed down once again and practiced the Ninth Blade of Shura.

In the blink of an eye, nearly half a month had passed again.

Finally, Tang Zichen's Shura Ninth Blade had been practiced.

At one place, the Shura Ninth Blade was like heaven and earth, and there was nowhere to escape.

Tang Zichen smiled, with the ninth blade of Shura, Tang Zichen was absolutely confident that he could kill the fifth and sixth stage of the knack.

Even if it was at the seventh stage of the Exaltation, Tang Zichen might not be without a fight.

The eighth stage of Exaltation might be a bit more difficult.

Tang Zichen remembered that Ning Fang, the ancestor of the Ning family, was an out-of-the-box seventh rank, and Tang Zichen was about to embark on an operation to destroy the Ning family, so it was inevitable that he would have to fight him next, and although Tang Zichen was confident, he wasn't a hundred percent sure.

Of course, if Tang Zichen's magic weapon could be sacrificed to the high-grade inferior, then, not to mention the seventh stage of Exaltation, even the ninth stage of Exaltation could be killed with a single sword.But unfortunately, a magic weapon would have to be sacrificed to the high grade, I'm afraid it wouldn't be so fast.

"Zichen, looking at your face, are you practiced with the Shura Ninth Blade?"Mu Qianji asked.

"Yes, practice makes perfect, Thousand Jedi, we can start executing the Ning family, it's impossible to spare the Ning family from killing so many commoners."


"Well, then, let's start tomorrow, do you have any plans?"

Tang Zichen said, "No plan, go straight to the Ning family, then, anyone in the Ning family above the Spiritual Harmony stage, kill them on sight.Those below the Spiritual Harmony stage, forget it, don't kill them.The Ning Family has perished without even the Spiritual Harmony Stage anyway."


"You're in charge of killing those below the fifth stage of the YuanYing stage, I'll be in charge of killing those above the fifth stage of the YuanYing stage, don't let any of them escape."

"There will definitely be a lot of them escaping then, it's impossible to fight them all, unless we use a formation to trap the Ning residence."

"Formation, unfortunately I don't know formation, if I had many talismans, I might be able to do it, but the materials to trap a YuanYing stage talisman are hard to find, so it's hard to practice at all.It's just a matter of how many I can kill then."

The next morning, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji immediately set off.

Soon, they arrived at the Ning Family.

"Kill!"Tang Zichen shouted and charged into the Ning family, killing those above the Spiritual Harmony Stage when he saw them.

"Wow!"Tang Zichen's Steel Cable Giant was instantly unleashed and then went on a killing spree against the Ning family, while Tang Zichen's flying sword swept away, killing dozens and hundreds of people in the blink of an eye.

It was simply too divinely fast for an Immortal to slaughter the weaker ones, and the flying swords were like reapers, which was why 300,000 civilians in Tianbao City had been killed so easily before. The first website

"Ah, help."

"Someone's messing with us, run away."


In an instant, the cries shook the heavens.

Tang Zichen had no sympathy as the strongest of the Ning family had exterminated hundreds of thousands of civilians, and although some of the weakest of the Ning family were innocent, they were part of the Ning family and had to pay for those hundreds of thousands of heads.

At this moment, somewhere in the Ning Family.

"Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor, it's bad, someone is killing people in the Ning Family."

The two Ning Family Exaltation Stage powerhouses who were cultivating in a secret room immediately rushed out.

"Who is it?Who dares to go on a killing spree in my Ning Clan."Those two out-of-body stage powerhouses were furious.

The Ning family was an eight-out-of-the-know family, there were a total of eight out-of-the-know families, two were killed by Tang Zichen, then the third, fourth, and fifth went after Tang Zichen, and the strongest ancestor, Ning Fang, also went, so there were only two out-of-the-know families sitting in the family, the second and sixth oldest.

The Ning family's second oldest, was at the sixth stage of Exaltation, and that sixth oldest, was at the third stage of Exaltation.

Tang Zichen had killed thousands of Immortal cultivators of the Ning family in just a single moment, at an appallingly fast pace.

Tang Zichen's Steel Cable Giant was responsible for the ground, his Flying Sword for the sky, and the faster one escaped, the sooner one died.

Mu Qianji was not slow either, her Burial Moon Sword swelled to a width of more than ten meters, and with a single sweep of her sword, hundreds of bodies landed on the ground.

Although it looked like Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were like devils at the moment, don't feel cruel, neither Tang Zichen nor Mu Qianji were holy mother whores.The Ning Family had to pay for hundreds of thousands of desperate lives.

At this moment, two Exaltation Stages flew in, and those two Exaltation Stages turned green when they saw the countless dead and injured clansmen on the ground.

"Heavens!"They had never seen so many clansmen die.

"Stop, stop for me."That second Ning Clan member shouted, his face livid.

Tang Zichen said to Mu Qianji, "Qianji, you continue, I'll deal with it."

"Mm."Mu Qianji didn't stop, he continued.And Tang Zichen met up to block the two out of the

In front of the Trick Stage powerhouse.

Tang Zichen snorted, "The two of you, just in time."

"Stop, you, you."At that moment, the two Trick Stage recognized that this was the same Tang Zichen they were chasing.

"You're Tang Zichen?Didn't the strongest members of our family go after you?I thought you were hiding.Why is it here?"

Tang Zichen coldly snorted, "With those few people from your Ning Family, you even presume to put me to death, ridiculous.Today, I've finished dealing with the matter at hand, it's time to come and exterminate your Ning Family."

"What? Exterminate my Ning family."That old man who was at the sixth stage out of the box swept his eyes across the ground, and moreover, Mu Qianji's flying sword was still like a reaper.

"Stop, you have to stop."The Ning family's second oldest shouted angrily at Mu Qianji, but, Mu Qianji completely ignored her, and she continued to do her thing.

At that moment, the Ning family's second oldest had the sixth oldest, "Old Sixth, quickly, go kill that woman."

"Yes."That sixth old man rushed towards Mu Qianji in an attempt to kill him.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm still standing here, do you think you're capable of stopping me?"

"Phew!"With a slight slash of Tang Zichen's flying sword, the Ning Family's Old Six, who was at the third stage of out-of-body, couldn't even get out of his body.

"What, Old Sixth!"The Ning family's second oldest family was dumbfounded, and in the blink of an eye, the sixth oldest was gone.This was an Exaltation Stage ah, an Exaltation Stage strong man was incomparably precious to any family in the Four Seas.

Tang Zichen said, "Old man, you think I'm joking, today, your Ning family, will be destroyed by me.By the way, I heard that the other four out-of-body stages of your Ning family, including Ning Fang, have gone to the One Heavy Sea to look for me right, it doesn't matter, after I exterminate your family, they will soon get the news and come back, and when they come back, I'll cut him down and not eat him.Now, it's your turn."After saying that, Tang Zichen struck out with his sword, and in between, Tang Zichen's flying sword emitted a radiant light, each of which locked the Ning family's second son in place.

"What? This is."The Ning family's second was dumbfounded, seeing that yes, he didn't have time to think, each ray of light killed him, the speed was so fast that it was almost impossible to dodge.

This was Tang Zichen's ninth blade of Shura, Heavenly Luo Earth.

Ning's second oldest hurriedly took off his infant body.

"Boom!"In the next second, his body turned into a bloody mist.

However, Ning's second infant came out of his body in time, but Tang Zichen had expected it, and in the next second, another of Tang Zichen's flying swords decapitated his infant from behind.

"Ah, no!"The Ning Family's second infant even made a sound at the final moment of death.

Tang Zichen snorted, "How weak, but unfortunately, you won't have the chance to see the Ning family destroyed."

After saying that, Tang Zichen took away the Ning family's second oldest's storage ring.

Once again, he joined the killing game.

A group of YuanYing powerhouses shouted, "Tang Zichen, you can't do this, sob."

This group of YuanYing powerhouses, they had seen both of the family's ancestors die, so they were desperate and could only roar so much.They watched their clan members die one by one, and they couldn't help but shout in grief.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Can you sister."In the next second, a sword shadow flashed.

"Ah."The group of YuanYing powerhouses were all killed.

In front of Tang Zichen, a strong man of the fourth stage of Exaltation, killing a YuanYing was as simple as stepping on ants.

Just like that, killing and killing, in less than ten minutes, most of the cultivators in the Ning Clan, which covered a radius of several dozen miles, were killed.


The original plan was to only kill above the Spiritual Harmony Stage, but when it came to the actual killing, there was no time to distinguish between them, Tang Zichen couldn't specifically pick above the Spiritual Harmony Stage bar.

For ten minutes, the Ning residence, which was several dozen miles in radius, was already bloodied to the sky.

"Phew!It's over, the Ning family is gone.Although some escaped, but some of the fish that escaped, ignore it, they were able to escape, that means they should not die, I can give them a chance to live."

Mu Qianji also said, "Three hundred thousand souls, rest in peace!The family that killed your enemies is now extinct as well."

Tang Zichen left a line of blood on the scene: "Tang Zichen, here to kill."

"Thousand Extremes, it's almost time to go before too many onlookers come."

"Well, where are we going now?"

"Nonsense, of course back to the inn, the Ning family still has some that went after us that haven't returned yet.I'm sure they'll get the news soon and will definitely come back, and then we'll come out and kill them.At this point, the Ning family's business is over, and then after that, it's time to deal with the Yu family's problems.How dare the Yu Clan pit us against the Spirit Stones, they wait for me."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji immediately left the Ning family.

Not long after Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left, many people around the Four Seas arrived.

Because they smelled the strong smell of blood, once they rushed to see, everyone was shocked, and they were even more surprised when they saw the words Tang Zichen left behind. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen, exterminating the Ning Family.

This news was like a thunderstorm, rapidly spreading throughout the Four Seas.

In the Four Seas Yu Clan.

"Report, report to the Third Ancestor!"

"What is it?"

"The Ning family was exterminated."

"What? Who exterminated it?"

"Don Zichen?"

"Eh?How is that possible, although Ning Fang has gone after Tang Zichen, the Ning family at least has a second ranked out-of-the-loop fifth rank sitting in town.How could Tang Zichen have destroyed the Ning Family."

"Third Ancestor, it's a thousand times true, even the Ning Family's second oldest died, let alone the Ning Family's sixth oldest."


"Third Ancestor, what about our family now, we pitted Tang Zichen's cousin before and received a warning letter from Tang Zichen, but we."

"Hmph, I don't believe that I Yu's he dares to move."Sanzu yelled, but even though he was yelling, he didn't have full confidence inside.

Tang Zichen returned to the inn and took a bath with Mu Qianji to clear his body of the smell of blood.

Of course, during the bath, Tang Zichen saw Mu Qianji's graceful body, and Tang Zichen was in a moment of passion, shooting passionately with Mu Qianji for a few hours in the tub.

"Zichen, now shall we wait at the inn for the rest of the Ning family to return?"

"Right, let's wait at the inn for a few days, and sacrifice my flying sword along the way."

"Good!However, after killing so many people today, I'm feeling a little scared."

"It's fine, I'll get used to it.Besides, we're just avenging those 300,000 dead souls, although some holy mother whores might think that if we want to take revenge, we can go good on the murderer, there's no need for the entire Ning family to be buried with us ah.But unfortunately, it's impossible to quell the souls of the wronged by just one dead murderer."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, did not speak again.

And right now, the entire Four Seas had turned over.

Almost everyone was stunned when they heard the news.

The Ning family had been destroyed, oh my god, the entire Ning family, which also had a population of fifty to sixty thousand people, had been wiped out just like that.Of course, the thousands of people who had escaped were not enough to form a scale, and only once the Ning family's few ancestors who had gone after Tang Zichen were dead, the Ning

The home was completely gone.

Tang Zichen's name had spread throughout the streets overnight.

However, no one knew where Tang Zichen had disappeared to after destroying the Ning family.

At the moment, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were at the inn, in an easy state of disguise.

Half a day later.

In One Heavy Sea Zhubai City.

"Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor, woohoo."A few fleeing Ning Clan children, crying out, ran towards Ning Fang and a few other out-of-body stages.

"Uh, Ning Li, why did you run here?"Ning's fourth oldest said.

"Ooooh, not good."

"What are you doing, wailing."Ning Fang huffed, as he had been unable to find any trace of Tang Zichen, so Ning Fang was a bit annoyed.

This Tang Zichen, where the hell did he run off to, why is he so good at hiding.

The woman called Ning Li cried, "Old Ancestor, you should return to your family and take a look, our family, it's gone."

"What do you mean?"

"Whoops, just less than half a day ago, Tang Zichen appeared in our Ning family, he and a woman, wiped out our Ning family, tens of thousands of people in our Ning family, only thousands of people escaped."

"Oh my god, that's impossible."

"Woohoo, it's true, now the entire Four Seas knows, just you guys still don't know, woohoo."

"Ah, where's the penis?Where did he go?When I left, didn't I tell him to keep the family in check?"Ning Fang yelled.

"Second Ancestor he, he's been killed, that Tang Zichen, I don't know why he's so powerful, Second Ancestor is no match at all, woohoo."


Everyone looked at Ning Fang.

"Old Ancestor, what should we do now?"

"Nonsense, go back to the Four Seas immediately, thanks to the fact that we've been looking for him in the First Sea, and he's already gone to the Four Seas, ahhh!"Ning Fang ran furiously towards the teleportation hall.

It wasn't long before Ning Fang returned to the Four Seas.

After they returned to the Four Seas, they immediately ran to the family.

"Ah!"Seeing the family's corpses strewn across the field, those four out-of-body ancestors of the Ning family, Ning Fang, Old Third, Fourth, and Fifth, were all dumbfounded.

Before they had even seen that moment with their own eyes, they all still didn't quite believe it was real.But at this moment, they had to believe it.

"How could this happen!"

"Ahhhh!"Ning Fang let out an angry roar.

At this point, since the tragedy had just happened half a day ago, the entire Ning family was surrounded by me.

When everyone saw Ning Fang return, they all looked at him silently, and no one spoke.

Even that third ancestor of the Yu Clan was on the scene at the moment.

Ning Fang looked at the crowd, only to feel a monstrous anger in his heart.

Ning Fang shouted, "Tang Zichen, you come out."

However, Tang Zichen did not appear.

Ning Fang shouted three more times, "Tang Zichen, you come out, you come out, you come out."

Tang Zichen was in the inn, humming, "I didn't expect Ning Fang to return so quickly, I thought, it'll take days."

"Zichen, are you going out now?This isn't the time to go out ah, the Ning Clan was just destroyed, and right now in the sky above the Ning Clan, countless people are watching, and there are many out-of-body stage powerhouses among them."

"Hahaha, do you think I would be afraid of people watching?Thousand and one, don't show up after me, after all, you're not quite sure how to face it, save what happens and let me go out alone to finish the last bit of closure."


Everyone immediately looked to where the sound was coming from, only to see Tang Zichen flying out of the crowd.

"Ah."Many people let out a cry of surprise at the sight of Tang Zichen, almost none had seen Tang Zichen in person, however, many had seen a portrait of him.

Ning Fang, the ancestor of the Ning Family, looked at Tang Zichen, his gaze bursting with infinite rage.

"Tang, Zichen."Ning Fang bellowed word for word.

"Your grandfather is here."Tang Zichen said.

"You're the one who exterminated my family?"Another man at the fourth stage out of the tricks gnashed his teeth.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Exactly, it's no pity that all of you Ning Family members died.Although the vast majority of the Ning family is innocent, unfortunately, it was you who killed them, so they were killed indirectly by you.You wouldn't be unaware of the fact that 300,000 civilians were killed by your people in One Heavy Sea Heavenly Jewel City before, simply because you couldn't catch me."

"How can a Gryphon of the One Heavy Sea be on par with my clan."One of the Ning family ancestors hissed.

Tang Zichen's face turned cold as he snorted, "You are still stubborn and have yet to reflect on your mistakes, it seems that there really is nothing wrong with exterminating your Ning Clan."

"Tang Zichen, if I, Ning Fang, don't kill you today, I vow not to be human."

Tang Zichen snorted disdainfully, "You overestimate yourself, in fact I've been waiting for you to return.Since you've decided to exterminate the Ning family, you think you guys can avoid it?Come on, Ning Fang, do it." One second to remember to read the book

Afterwards, Tang Zichen offered the Heavenly Furnace Mirror with his left hand and the Flying Sword with his right, ready to perform the Ninth Blade of Shura.

The surrounding crowd of onlookers retreated from the scene to avoid being scourged.

However, the scene of Tang Zichen's single-mindedness, holding a magic weapon in each of his left and right hands, was truly admirable to the countless onlookers.

Ning Fang also offered up his Intermediate Superior Flying Sword at the first opportunity.

Moreover, it was the same Intermediate Superior Flying Sword that Tang Zichen had auctioned off earlier.

Tang Zichen's brow furrowed, and he was startled that Ning Fang was using the flying sword that Tang Zichen had auctioned off.

The reason why Ning Fang was using the flying sword that Tang Zichen had auctioned off was because the quality of that flying sword was far better than the one he had used himself before.After Ning Fang got it, he casually cultivated it for a few days, and surprisingly found that the spiritual compatibility with him exceeded the one he had been using before, so Ning Fang used this new flying sword, and also, his strength increased after using the new flying sword, which was why Ning Fang was so confident that he would be able to kill Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen almost didn't laugh out loud after seeing Ning Fang's flying sword.

Tang Zichen was a sinister person, when he auctioned that flying sword before, he didn't completely erase his spirit mark, because Tang Zichen wanted to bring back the sold flying sword if he still needed it in the future, so Tang Zichen left a little spirit mark on that flying sword there.

Right now, as soon as Ning Fang took out that mid-grade superior flying sword, Tang Zichen's spirit mark was connected, because Tang Zichen's flying sword was washed using Immortal Qi, so it was of very high quality, and no one else could detect the spirit mark that Tang Zichen had purposely left on it.

"Tang Zichen, today, I'll see how you die under my flying sword."Ning Fang held a flying sword in his hand and said with a confident gaze.

The crowd of onlookers, especially those who were about as strong as Ning Fang at the Out-of-Touch stage, were shocked when they saw the flying sword in Ning Fang's hand, "That flying sword in Ning Fang's hand, could it be that he bought it at the auction last time?Gosh, I didn't realize the quality was so high."


nbsp; "Heavens, after Ning Fang offered his flying sword, his Qi rose and what more than one level, the flying sword he got in that auction, how could it be of such high quality."In the crowd, an old man's face changed, before this old man and Ning Fang were about the same strength, but now, this old man felt afraid that he was not as good as Ning Fang.

In short, everyone in the crowd was surprised upon seeing Ning Fang's flying sword.

Ning Fang snorted inwardly, he was really glad that last time at the auction, he ended up acquiring this flying sword, before he was heartbroken and spent an extra ten sixth grade spirit stones to buy it, after finding out that the quality was so high, he felt that it was worth spending an extra twenty sixth grade spirit stones.

Tang Zichen's mouth was slightly raised, his spirit was already at the level of semi-controlling that flying sword.

Right now, Tang Zichen only needed to fight a casual battle with Ning Fang, and Tang Zichen would be able to semi-control Ning Fang's flying sword, causing him to not only be unable to attack himself, but also unable to defend himself.

"Die."Ning Fang shouted, then, instantly launching his sword, the flying sword in his hand instantly swelling to tens of meters in length, like a dragon that stalked the sky.

"Wow.Sun and Moon divine Light."As soon as Ning Fang made his move, it was his strongest martial skill.

Tang Zichen, of course, did not hesitate, the Heavenly Furnace Mirror in his left hand, and the flying sword in his right hand, killed down at the same time.

Shura's ninth blade, the Heavenly Loft, and countless rainbow-like sword energies swept down, sealing off almost all of Ning Fang's angles.

The surrounding crowd's faces changed as they saw such a powerful martial skill.

In the crowd, a pale old man, who was startled within himself, secretly said, "I once read an ancient book that described the Shura Eighteenth Blade that was lost a million years ago, it seems like there is a similar record that is also so powerful, don't tell me that the martial skill this young man is displaying is the Shura Eighteenth Blade that was lost a million years ago?"

When Ning Fang saw how powerful Tang Zichen's martial skills were, his face trembled, but at the moment, it was too late.

Tang Zichen's Heavenly Luo Earth Sword Qi struck Ning Fang's entire body in one fell swoop.

Ning Fang's Sun and Moon Training, however, inexplicably changed direction when it was about to kill Tang Zichen."Swoosh."The sound was actually heading towards Ning Fang to kill the three Ning family ancestors behind him.

"Ah."Ning Fang was dumbfounded, not knowing why the target of his flying sword attack had changed in an instant.

And everything, it was already too late.

"Puff."The three Trick Stage ancestors behind Ning Fang hadn't even expected to be cut down in one fell swoop, and they didn't even have time to shed their infants.

"No."Ning Fang's eyes widened and he shrieked.

At this moment, the sky above had already fallen.

"Bang."Ning Fang's flesh turned into a dance of blood, his corpse dead beyond recognition.

However, Ning Fang was worthy of being a powerful seventh stage Exaltation, and the infant had escaped in time.

However, before Ning Fang could react, a tiny silver shot into his infant, and then a large pair grabbed his infant, precisely Tang Zichen.

Everything happened so fast that many people on the scene, aside from some of the out-of-body stage powerhouses, didn't even see the battle clearly before they saw Tang Zichen grab Ning Fang's infant, while the three out-of-body stage ancestors behind Ning Fang were inexplicably dead.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen grabbed Ning Fang's infant and gave a long laugh.

"No, this, how is this possible."Ning Fang's infant infant's dumbfounded state didn't seem to have gotten over the shock that he had personally killed what were three family ancestors.


Tang Zichen said, "Ning Fang, now that you, Ning Family, no longer have an out-of-body stage, and the last out-of-body stage you, I also caught the infant, what are your last words?"

"What the hell is going on, Don Zichen?Why did my flying sword suddenly change targets?Why?"

"You want to know why?"

"Yes, or I'll die in peace."

"Hahahaha, unfortunately, I just hope you die with a grimace, so get on your way."

"No, wait."Ning Fang's infant yelled.

Everyone saw how a person struggled before they died.

"What other last words do you have?Are you sorry you messed with me?Unfortunately, regrets are useless, the consequences are so severe for anyone who messes with me.The Four Seas has messed with my family, and it's not just your Ning family."After Tang Zichen said this, an old man in the crowd's face trembled, this man, the third ancestor of the Yu Clan .

Of course, he wasn't the only one at the scene, the rest of the people also thumped in their hearts, saying inwardly, "Tang Zichen said this, could it be an allusion to the previous, Yu's Auction House that pitted Tang Zichen?Many people know about this matter, Tang Zichen's cousin Liu Fan was screwed by Yu's auction house, for which Tang Zichen sent a warning letter to Yu's, but not only did Yu's not return it, he also said that he would let Tang Zichen die without a burial place."

"Yu's is going to be finished, Tang Zichen said that any family that offends him will end up like the Ning family."

The crowd was talking for a while, pointing directly at the Yu Clan, and there were also Yu Clan onlookers on the scene, many of the Yu Clan were now a bit scared. The first website

Ning Fang's infant begged, "Tang Zichen, can you spare my life."

"Spare your life?If a man wants to die, the heavens will not forgive."After saying that, Tang Zichen was going to crush the infant.

"Wait, Tang Zichen, I'll tell you one thing."Ning Fang's YuanYing hurriedly shouted, his fear of death nature showing, and all family feuds were forgotten.

"Say."Tang Zichen really stopped, and Tang Zichen wanted to know what he wanted to tell him.

"Tang Zichen, the Second Ancestor of the Four Seas Ziyang Family said that you're trash, and that he wants to kill you and steal your flying sword."Ning Fang's infant pulled his former best friend down before he died.

Hearing Ning Fang's words, everyone at the scene was shocked, because, everyone knew that the Ziyang Family's Second Ancestor, Purple Shadow, and Ning Fang were good friends, and they hadn't died often cultivating, drinking tea, and chatting together.

However, before dying, Ning Fang, in an attempt to survive, had told Tang Zichen what they had said in private chat, in an attempt to divert hatred and gain Tang Zichen's favor.

Everyone trembled at Ning Fang's actions, as expected, there were no true life and death relationships in the immortal world, and at critical moments, where was their own lives precious.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, thinking that Ning Fang wanted to tell him some important treasure clue or something like that, but it was such meaningless words.

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is the second ancestor of the Ziyang Family?Why did he call me a piece of trash?Why do you want to steal my flying sword?"

Ning Fang's infant was busy saying, "The Purple Sun Family's Second Ancestor Purple Shadow, I used to be quite close to him, and when he talked to me, he said that you're trash and so on and so forth."

At this moment, in the crowd, the Purple Sun Family's Second Ancestor, Purple Shadow, was also there.

Purple Shadow's face was blue, damn, thanks to him being friends with Ning Fang before, he didn't expect that he would try to pull him down, he had seen what a dangerous human heart is!

It was evil.He had indeed said bad things about Tang Zichen before, but that was because he was good friends with Ning Fang and helped him speak.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Ning Fang, you think, I'll bypass you if you stall for time?It's just so you can live a few more seconds."

"No, Tang Zichen, please spare me.By the way, Purple Shadow is also there, you can call him out and see if I'm telling the truth."

Tang Zichen swept around and said, "Who called Purple Shadow?Please step forward."

An old man stepped forward, his face full of anger.

Tang Zichen asked, "Ning Fang said that you cursed me behind my back, is that true?"

Purple Shadow disliked the tone of Tang Zichen's high-minded questioning, though he wasn't necessarily an opponent.

"Right."Purple Shadow said with a nod.

"You even admitted it, I didn't want to pursue the matter, who doesn't have many people to scold behind their backs, as long as it's not to their face it doesn't matter, but you even admitted it, so if I don't take some action, wouldn't I be very sorry for myself."

Purple Shadow snorted, "Tang Zichen, my Ziyang family is not so easy to bully."

"Which so what, the Ning family said so before."

"Hmph."Purple Shadow was filled with anger, both at Tang Zichen and at Ning Fang.

"Ning Fang, not wanting to live for yourself, you dragged me into this, thanks to the fact that we're still friends too."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I don't have time to listen to your nonsense, Purple Shadow is it, please apologize to me immediately, I can forget about it and pretend that I didn't know that you cursed me behind my back."This was Tang Zichen's greatest forgiveness.

That Purple Shadow, at any rate, was the second ancestor of a Nine Out Family, how could he pull off an apology to Tang Zichen in full view of the public.

Purple Shadow snorted, "I can't possibly apologize to you."

Purple Shadow felt so depressed, so depressed, it had nothing to do with him, but he was forced to get into trouble and was betrayed by a friend.As for scolding Tang Zichen behind his back, heck, who hadn't been scolded behind his back, as long as it wasn't to his face, the abuse behind his back wasn't really meant to mess with the other party.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Purple Shadow, I miss that you only scolded me behind my back, so I'm not going to pursue it, just making you apologize, you don't even apologize, it's not like you think that I'm too easy to bully Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen was also a bit depressed, he really didn't want to bother about this kind of thing, but since he knew about it, he definitely had to make the other party apologize so that Tang Zichen would be able to save face.

But he? actually had a very hard attitude, and Tang Zichen hadn't wanted to make an extra incident and was forced to make an extra incident.

Perhaps, this was Ning Fang's conspiracy.

Now that Ning Fang's plot had succeeded, Tang Zichen and Purple Shadow were indeed involved, and Tang Zichen had ignored him for the time being.

Ning Fang only hoped that, in the end, Tang Zichen would shift the conflict onto Purple Shadow and then spare him for that reason, he could only gamble.

Purple Shadow couldn't pull off a face-saving move and was determined not to apologize to Tang Zichen, otherwise, his Ziyang family would lose all its face.

And for the sake of his face, Tang Zichen must also make him apologize symbolically and leave it at that.

"Ziyang, don't force me."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold.

"Tang Zichen, not everyone is afraid of you, I did scold you behind your back, but where so what, I didn't scold you to your face."Purple Shadow said angrily, apologizing for even cursing him behind his back, it was too bullying.


Tang Zichen said, "If I didn't know about this, then of course it's just a matter of time, but now that I know you're cursing me behind my back and threatening to kill me and steal my magic weapon, huh, do you fucking think that I'm going to pretend that I don't know?I'm just asking you to apologize now. Am I out of line?Everyone here to comment on the situation."

There was a lot of discussion, everyone felt suffocated for Purple Shadow and angry at Ning Fang's despicable and shamelessness.

At that moment, Ning Fang said, "Purple Shadow, I'm sorry, I'm just telling the truth, you did curse Tang Zichen behind his back and were very disdainful of him, guess what powerful magic weapon Tang Zichen had on him, and you also said that if you were to see Tang Zichen, you would definitely kill him to see what powerful magic weapon he had that could kill our Ning Family's out-of-body stage powerhouse.You said this yourself, if I have a false word, I shall not die."

"Ning Fang, you shut up, you despicable and shameless villain, it's a pity that I was friends with you before and regarded you as a friend, but I never thought that you would say what we said in private in order to survive and please Tang Zichen, you."Purple Shadow yelled.

Ning Fang was busy saying, "Fellow Daoist Tang Zichen, you heard him, he admitted it himself, this is what he said to me in private."

Tang Zichen was also laughing and crying, Tang Zichen was going to immediately crush Ning Fang, but now that Ning Fang had managed to divert some of his hatred, Tang Zichen's heart wasn't as strong as before to kill Ning Fang.

What a cunning plan, to divert Tang Zichen's hatred, to please Tang Zichen and gain a glimmer of hope.

Tang Zichen was now in a dilemma, Purple Shadow wouldn't apologize to him, what the hell was he supposed to do, he was determined not to apologize, that was not giving Tang Zichen face, and by killing Purple Shadow, Tang Zichen didn't want to create one more incident for no reason.

"Purple Shadow, I really don't have that much time to spend with you blindly, are you going to apologize or not?"

"No way."Purple Shadow shouted.

"Grass you, you're also looking for death."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, Tang Zichen had been merciful enough, a mere apology, but he wouldn't even do it.Death, death was his only relief. Remember the URL

That purple shadow seemed to have seen that Tang Zichen wanted to attack him and immediately offered his flying sword, ready to meet the enemy.

Tang Zichen saw that he actually wanted to make a move and became even more fiery.

"You're fucking looking for death."Tang Zichen's mind moved, and with a clatter, a huge steel rope giant appeared in front of him.

"Roar."The Steel Cable Giant fiercely punched at the purple shadow and killed it.

"Buzz."The enormous power seemed to pull the air.

"Ah."Purple Shadow's face changed, not expecting that Tang Zichen still had one magic weapon, and the surrounding crowd of onlookers did not expect that Tang Zichen had three magic weapons.

From the looks of it, Tang Zichen's three magic artifacts were all of the upper intermediate grade.

Surprised, one person actually had three intermediate superior grade magic weapons, and the gradual quality was all this high.

No, not just three, it was five, because Ning Fang's mid-grade superior flying sword was in Tang Zichen's hands just now, and in addition, one of Ning Fang's own from before was definitely going to be in Tang Zichen's hands as well.

Damn, five Intermediate Superior Flying Swords for one person forever, that's an amount comparable to a family.

It was only after everyone thought like this that they felt that it was really a wrong decision for Purple Shadow not to apologize.

Purple Shadow had fought back, and his flying sword was also a mid-grade superior, but, not of high quality.

"Boom."A fist smashed down and collided with his flying sword, and Purple Shadow took several steps backwards, before Purple Shadow could stabilize his body.

"Wow."A heavenly sword qi swept over.

"Ah."Purple Shadow hurriedly offered up his sword again.

However, as soon as Purple Shadow hurriedly offered up his flying sword, an extremely strong green light shot up behind him.

"Ah."Purple Shadow felt a heart-rending pain in his back, this pain didn't matter, the Celestial Clatter smashed his flesh, and Purple Shadow's YuanYing took off in time.

Unfortunately, as soon as Purple Shadow's infant was off his body, a burst shot into his infant, controlling his infant so that he couldn't self-destruct.

This was Tang Zichen's unique ability, even if others imitated Tang Zichen, they couldn't control others to self-destruct.

In a moment, Tang Zichen grasped Purple Shadow's infant in his hands.

The crowd was sobbing, and in a single moment, Ning Fang and Purple Shadow's infants were both caught in his hands.

"Ahhhh."Violet Shadow's infant roared in anger, he had been just an onlooker, but now it was good that his flesh was dead and his infant had been caught.The thought of this made him gnash his teeth in hatred, of course, Purple Shadow had completely underestimated Tang Zichen's strength, it was really too strong, one person had so many magic weapons and could use them all in one mind n, what kind of pervert was this.

Tang Zichen grabbed Purple Shadow's infant and said, "Cursed me behind my back, I asked you to apologize, but you're tough with me, hmm, are you still tough now."

"Tang Zichen, I apologize."The Purple Shadow's YuanYing was busy, after all, his little life was in someone's hands, he had to be soft, and couldn't care less about losing face.

"Hahaha, what kind of person do you think I am, Tang Zichen, now that I'm holding onto the YuanYing, you're just pretending to apologize?Early in the day, why just now."

"Me."Purple Shadow was depressed.

"What do you want then, Don Zichen?"Purple Shadow asked.

"Since you're looking for your own death, then don't blame me."Tang Zichen said.

"You really want to kill me?No, it's not fair."

"Anything I, Tang Zichen, do is always fair, I just gave you the chance, you're the one who got yourself killed."

"Ahhh, Ning Fang, I hate you."Violet Shadow shrieked, but of course, the infant's voice was limited and shrieking was not very loud.

Ning Fang sighed, he hadn't expected that Purple Shadow was so vulnerable, and thought that by pulling Purple Shadow down, he could fight Tang Zichen for a long time, and it would be best if he could kill him.

But he didn't expect that it was no match at all.

Tang Zichen grunted and squeezed his hand.

"Ah."Violet Shadow's infant was suddenly crushed to death by Tang Zichen, then dissipated into the air.

Ning Fang saw the Purple Shadow die, and his infant trembled violently.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Ning Fang, do you think I can let you off the hook just because you shrugged off this little bit of cleverness?No, that's good, hit the road."

"No."Ning Fang shouted, and then, he was mercilessly pinned down by Tang Zichen.

Just like that, Ning Fang's efforts to survive failed, but he managed to get his best friend killed, making friends most fearful of running into such people.When nothing happened, they were friendly, but when something happened, friends were used to cushion their backs and betray them.

Tang Zichen took away Purple Shadow's storage ring, but of course, Ning Fang's storage ring wasn't spared either.

It was just that the storage rings of the three out-of-body ancestors of the Ning family must have been taken away because they had just been too late to collect them and fell to the ground.Tang Zichen had no regrets, and presumably those three Ning family ancestors' rings didn't have anything good in them either.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the crowd and left a message, "Having settled the Ning family, it's time for the next family to offend me."After saying that, Tang Zichen rushed into the crowd and entered the ground streets and alleys, losing sight of them all at once.

However, the words Tang Zichen left behind caused a certain family on the scene to tighten their chrysanthemums.


In the crowd of onlookers at the scene, the Yu family's third ancestor was very upset inside when he heard Tang Zichen's words, although Tang Zichen didn't directly state it, but it was already obvious that it was their Yu family, as if they were being warned in public, the Yu family's third ancestor looked very embarrassed, but Tang Zichen's strength had to make him consider it carefully.

Without thinking much about it, the Third Ancestor of the Yu Clan immediately left the scene and rushed back to the family to convene a meeting with all the ancestors of the family to discuss the matter.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, returned to his room at the inn, and since Tang Zichen had disguised himself again when he landed in an uninhabited alleyway, no one knew that Tang Zichen was in this inn.

Mu Qianji was waiting for Tang Zichen at the inn now.

"You're back."

"Qianji, you didn't go to the scene to see?Why are you back so soon?"

"There, I just got back too, so get a drink of water."

"Mm."Tang Zichen sipped his water and said, "Now that Ning's matter is settled, the Yu Clan is next."

"Zichen, how do you plan to take action against the Yu Clan?Also like the Ning family?"

"That's not so serious, but Yu's pitched me a spirit stone, and there's no way this matter can be stopped.So, I'm going to ask Yu out to negotiate."

"Negotiate?What are your terms?" One second to remember to read the book

"Yu's Auction House screwed me out of 47 spirit stones, so I'm not asking for much, compensating me five times as much, that's 235 sixth grade spirit stones."

"Uh, will they agree?"

"If you don't agree, then don't blame me for being rude, and also, I have a total of six mid-grade superior magic weapons on hand now, I'm going to auction off three of them, so that I can gather another sum of spirit stones and refine them, I think it shouldn't be hard to upgrade to the Exalt 5th or 6th stage, and when that happens, if Yu dared to bounce around, I'll let them die a horrible death."

"Mm."Mu Qianji nodded, although some of Tang Zichen's methods might be quite ruthless, Tang Zichen usually gave people a chance before he was ruthless, like killing that strong man called Purple Shadow today.

"Right, Zichen, you killed the Purple Shadow Family's Second Ancestor Purple Shadow today, the Ziyang Family definitely won't let up on this."

"So what if it won't stop, if you have the strength, then come kill me, if you don't have the strength, then fart less."

Mu Qian would never ask any more questions.

Tang Zichen was going to rest for two days and then start negotiating with the Yu Clan again.

And right now, the Yu Clan.

Several out-of-body stage powerhouses were sitting around.

"Everyone, I'm sure you've seen Tang Zichen's strength today, we chose to offend him before, now it's good, he's bound to retaliate, we underestimated his strength, if he exterminates our family, what should we do?"Yu's Fourth Ancestor said, sounding a bit like he was complaining about the Third Ancestor.

Ning's Third Ancestor snorted and did not speak.

"We might as well return the spirit stones that the auction house screwed his cousin with earlier."An out-of-body old man said.

"I'm afraid that Tang Zichen isn't such an easy person to talk to."

"What should we do then, Third Ancestor, speak up."

Yu's Third Ancestor snorted, "Don't compare our Yu Clan, to the Ning Clan, our Yu Clan, was able to open an auction house for ten thousand years, do you think we are relying on luck?Returning Don Zixon?Hmph, first ask our Yu Clan's ancestor and second ancestor if they'll agree."The third ancestor of the Yu Clan, still had a very brutal attitude.

A moment of silence from the crowd.

Indeed, the Yu Clan and the Ning Clan, were not comparable, as the Ning Clan was only an eight-out family, while the Yu Clan, they were a combined family, that is, their family's ancestors and second ancestor, were strong individuals who had reached the combined stage.

A Yu Clan ancestor said, "Even though our family's ancestor and second ancestor are strong men of the combined body stage, they have entered the five seas and haven't come home in over thirty years, and most importantly, if Tang Zichen wants to exterminate our Yu Clan, we can't notify our ancestor and second ancestor ah."

"Yeah, can't notify, even if our family's Old Ancestor and Second Ancestor are in the combined stage, it's still the same as not having one ah."

That's right, the Yu Clan, their biggest reliance behind them was Old Ancestor and Second Ancestor, Old Ancestor and Second Ancestor were strong men who had transcended the Exaltation Stage and reached the Merging Stage.What level was the combined body stage, it was an existence that was completely unimaginable at the Exaltation stage, even if even the strongest Exaltation 9th stage, 10,000 of them combined, would not be a match for a combined body 1st stage.

Because, it was the difference between heaven and earth.

It was just a pity that the Yu Clan's ancestor and second ancestor, after they reached the Combined Body Stage, they entered the Sea of Five Heavens.

Not everyone could enter the Sea of Five Heavens, and they had to have reached the Merging Stage before they could enter the Sea of Five Heavens through the Four Heavens Teleportation Array.If Yu Clan's ancestor and second ancestor didn't come back of their own accord, it would be impossible to know what had happened to the family.

In the hall, everyone looked at the Yu Clan's Third Ancestor.

"Third Ancestor, what should we do now, you decide whether to return the spirit stone to Tang Zichen's cousin, or continue to ignore him."

Yu Clan's Third Ancestor said, "You send someone to spread the news that our Yu Clan's ancestor and Second Ancestor will be returning soon.I think Tang Zichen will definitely pee out of his pants when he hears this news, and even if Tang Zichen is powerful, he'll only be scum in front of a strong man of the Merging Stage."

"Then what?"

"And then, in a few days, when Don Zichen gets the news, we'll call Don Zichen in and negotiate with him in person."

"We negotiate with him about what?"

"We'll talk about it then, go spread the news."

Yu's several ancestors sighed and could only listen to the Third Ancestor's advice, sending people to spread the false news, hoping that the news would scare Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was at the inn, sacrificing his flying sword for two days and two nights.

"Whew, almost, Thousand Extremes, let's go eat."

"Good."Mu Qianji opened his eyes and said.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji arrived at the hall of the inn.

There were still many people in the hall of the inn, some drinking tea, some chatting, some eating.

Tang Zichen casually sat down at a table and then ordered a table of food.

They basically only ate once every few days, or even half a month now, but of course, they didn't eat to fill their stomachs, just to satisfy their appetites.

As soon as Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji sat down, they heard many people in the inn's lobby discussing.

"Real or fake ah?The Yu Clan's ancestor and second ancestor are coming back?"

"Who knows if it's true or not, maybe it's to scare Tang Zichen, didn't that Tang Zichen say before that after solving the Ning family, it's the next family to offend him.I think that the Yu Clan is throwing out this news at this time, nine times out of ten it's to scare Tang Zichen."

"I think so."

The eyes of the melon eaters were shining, and the Yu Clan threw out fake news and was instantly guessed by the melon eaters.


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