The King of Kungfu in school 1691-1700

Chapter 1691

After killing two in succession, the remaining two fled far away from another direction, and Tang Zichen didn't bother to chase after them.

However, that wasn't the end of it, because Tang Zichen remembered that there were three others who had just gone to the inn for dinner and packed up by the way.

So, Tang Zichen returned to the Silk Bamboo Mansion and killed those three when they returned from packing.

Tang Zichen stood on the rooftop of the Silk Bamboo Mansion and quietly waited for those three to return.

After waiting for almost half an hour, finally, the three Ning family members who had gone to pack returned, each of them carrying large cowhide bags in their hands.

"Dinner's ready."The three of them shouted at the front door before they entered, then rushed in with their bags.

"Ah."Once inside the inner room, the smell of blood hit them, and then at a second look, there were broken bodies all over the ground.

"Ah, what's going on?We're just going to pack it up, why."

"Look, the body that's split in half, it's like, it's Uncle Nine."

"Oh my god, it's really Uncle Nine, how did this happen."The three of them turned white, and the food packed back in their hands fell to the ground.

At that moment, the voice of Tang Zichen came from the roof, "I did it, before you die, I tell you, I am Tang Zichen." Remember the URL

Afterwards, a huge fist blasted down from above their heads.

"Boom."The three Ning family members who went to pack were blown to slag by Tang Zichen's chain man.

Tang Zichen clapped his hands and called it a day.

So far, Tang Zichen himself had forgotten how many Ning family members he had killed in total.

Tang Zichen offered up his flying sword and headed straight for Tianbao City, but Tang Zichen had just arrived at a familiar figure.

"Mm, that's Thousand Extremities."Tang Zichen was startled, yes, at this moment, an old woman was walking in at the entrance of Zhu Bai City, Tang Zichen could be sure that this old woman was dressed as Mu Qianjie.

Tang Zichen rushed down at once.


"Zichen."That old woman called out.

"Thousand Jie, you're back, you worried me to death, I was almost about to set off for Tian Bao City to look for you."Tang Zichen said anxiously.

"Hush, go back to being polite first, it's not appropriate here."Mu Qianji was busy making eyes at him.

"Uh, why is this place inappropriate, let's go back to the inn first?"

"Be careful through the walls, the Ning Family is in Zhubai City, there are definitely many people lurking, and there are definitely strong people at the Exalt stage."Mu Qianji whispered, while being wary of the surroundings.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Thousands of people, there's no need to be nervous, now we can say it out loud, out loud."

"Why, no one from the Ning family is in Zhubai City?"

"Thousand Jie, I've already killed everyone in the Ning family in Zhubai City, including one out of the first stage, but in the end, two YuanYing ninth stage ones escaped, I guess those two, went to TianBao City to look for Ning BaoJun, not surprisingly, Ning BaoJun's side is just as miserable."

"Ah, you, your chain man, you succeeded in the sacrifice?"

"Yes, my chain man completely spiked that Ning family's out-of-body stage powerhouse."

"Gosh, thanks to me being cautious about entering the city, so you've already killed the Ning family.

"Yes, Thousand Extremities, why did you only come back now, what happened?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Alas, last time in Tianbao City, after you left, Jun Ning Bao took it out on the innocent civilians in Tianbao City.I took the opportunity to escape, but I didn't expect that I would be noticed by that YuanYing strong man beside Jun Ning Bao, after which he chased me, and then I escaped all the way with great difficulty and was lucky enough to escape back."


Just fine, I'm sure you've been in a lot of danger these past few days."

"Well, but it all survived."Mu Qianji jumped into Tang Zichen's embrace, but it was just a little strange for people on the street to see an old woman jumping into a young man.

Tang Zichen took Mu Qianji and returned to the inn first, so that Mu Qianji could have a good rest, she must have been exhausted these past few days.

And now, the two people who escaped, saw that Tang Zichen didn't chase after them, and that's when they stopped.

"Soooo, Ninth Uncle is dead, more than twenty brothers and sisters are dead, what should we do."One of them cried out.

"Don't cry, what's the use of crying, let's hurry now to find Uncle Eight and tell him the news, so that he can go back to Zhu Bai City and kill Tang Zichen."

"Mmhmm, let's hurry to Tian Bao City."

Just then, they saw two people flying in front of them, one of which was Ning Baojun.

"Ah, it's eighth uncle."

"Eighth uncle, eighth uncle."

Ning Baojun's brows furrowed and he flew up.

"Ning Gang, Ning Lan, what are you two doing out here if you're not staying in Zhu Bai City."Ning Baojun said with a bad face.

"Oooh, eighth uncle."The woman called Ning Lan cried out.

"What are you crying for."

"Uncle Eight, it's not that we're not staying well in Zhubai City, it's, it's because, everyone we had in Zhubai City, except for the two of us, all of them are dead, even Ninth Uncle is dead, sooooo."

"What."Upon hearing that, Ning Baojun shouted, on his side, only he and a YuanYing ninth stage were left, two of them were still alive, I didn't expect that only two of the more than twenty Ning family members who were guarding in Zhubai City were still alive.


"How, Old Ninth He?"Ning Baojun's face was pale, the death of an Exaltation Stage for the family was a huge deal.After all, the entire Ning family was only eight out-of-body stages.

"Soooo, Ninth Uncle he, died without even taking off his infant body."

"Why would he?"

"Eighth Uncle, that Tang Zichen suddenly came to the Silk Bamboo House and killed the only two of us left."

"But, but Lao Jiu he's out of the box, how could he."

"Eighth Uncle, Tang Zichen somehow possesses a magic weapon that is exactly the same as the Heavenly Rope and far more powerful, Ninth Uncle he is no match for it."

"It's over, the family has lost an Exalt, it's over."Ning Baojun's eyes were dull and his face was extremely ugly, the death of an Exaltation Stage, this would be a joke if it was transmitted back to the family.

At this moment, the two YuanYing powerhouses who had just escaped from Zhu Bai City were busy asking, "Eighth Uncle, how did two of you come back?Where are the others?You guys also took nearly twenty people out at the time ah."

At the news, Ning Baojun's face went white again.

"They... They're all dead, and we only have two of them left."The only man alive behind Ning Baojun, the ninth stage of the YuanYing, said.

"What? You, you're only two of you left alive as well?Oh my god, our family has come out with a total of 40 people to hunt Tang Zichen, and only four of us are left alive?"The two people who escaped from Jubal City were completely dumbfounded, they thought that Uncle Eight's side was definitely intact, but they didn't expect that there were only two left as well.

"Ahhhh."Ning Baojun roared angrily towards the sky.

Yes, this time, a total of 40 people had come out to chase Tang Zichen, and Ning Baojun and another out-of-body, each with a team, and if, only four were still alive, the rest, all had died at Tang Zichen's hands.

This matter, has not yet been transmitted back to the family of the Four Seas, I really don't know, what kind of waves the family will make when it is transmitted back to the family.


"So, Tang Zichen he's in Jubal City at the moment?"Ning Baojun's face chilled and he let out a cry of anger that could no longer be contained.

The fact that Tang Zichen had killed so many Ning family members in Zhubai City already proved that Tang Zichen was in Zhubai City right now.Thanks to Ning Baojun, he thought that Tang Zichen would never dare to return to Zhubai City, because Zhubai City was the most dangerous place, and Tang Zichen would be sent to his death as soon as he returned, so Ning Baojun had spent the past few days looking for Tang Zichen in other places.As a result, Tang Zichen, however, simply believed that Zhubai City was the most dangerous place, and this feeling of self-righteousness and beating his own face made Ning Baojun very angry, no longer able to control the anger within, never wanted to kill as much as today.

"Yes, Ninth Uncle, Tang Zichen is in Zhubai City at the moment."

"If I don't find him and kill him this time, I'm not worthy of being a member of the Ning family."Ning Baojun said through clenched teeth.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were resting in the inn room, Tang Zichen had no idea that Ning Baojun had returned to Zhubai City and was looking around for him, this time, Ning Baojun didn't shout in the sky, but secretly searched for him, this way, Tang Zichen couldn't prevent it beforehand, once he found Tang Zichen, he could just get Tang Zichen killed, no matter how fast Tang Zichen escaped, it would be useless.

Three days later, Mu Qianji also Tang Zichen were all rested.

"Zichen, it's time for us to enter the Four Seas, it's almost time to auction."Early in the morning, Mu Qianji said.

"Good, then it's almost time to enter the Four Seas."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were about to leave the inn when they suddenly saw that Ning Baojun was searching the inn.

"Hmm, Ning Baojun?Why is he here?"Tang Zichen's brow furrowed.

"Zichen, let's go through the back door." A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, "Just in time, I also want to try my chain man, now can I rip him alive.Thousand Jedi, you disguise yourself and go far away."

"Alright."Mu Qianji immediately went to the far distance.

Only then did Tang Zichen shout towards Ning Baojun who was not far away, "Hey, Ning Baojun, are you looking for me?"

"Ah, Tang Zichen."Ning Baojun's body trembled when he saw Tang Zichen, he didn't expect that Tang Zichen had discovered him in advance again, so that he wouldn't be able to catch up again if he sacrificed his flying sword to escape.

"Tang Zichen, you killed more than twenty members of my Ning Clan in Zhubai City, don't leave if you have the guts."Ning Baojun growled.

Tang Zichen sneered, "You're so distressed when I kill more than twenty of your family's clansmen, then you're so distressed when you kill three hundred thousand civilians in Tian Bao City?"Tang Zichen really couldn't understand this kind of people, as if his family's life was precious, and everyone else was a cheap life.

"Tang Zichen, don't talk too much, if you have the guts, don't run away."

Tang Zichen laughed disdainfully, "Don't worry, Ning Baojun, I won't run away, it's really time to make an end between us, I don't want to destroy the inn, after all, the inn is the property of the common people, if you dare to come, come to the empty place next to it."After saying that, Tang Zichen very inn, came over a nearby open pond and stood there waiting.

Ning Baojun followed without even thinking about it, and the two of them confronted each other over the pond.

Not long after, many people around them came up.

Many people recognized that one of them was Tang Zichen, while the other, who had a terrifying aura about him, was definitely an out-of-body powerhouse of the Four Seas Ning Clan, although many didn't recognize him, but they could also guess that he was definitely an out-of-body powerhouse of the Four Seas Ning Clan.

"Wow, that really

Is it the Tang Zichen who beat up Lanyi earlier?Oh my god, now he actually dares to confront the Four Heavy Sea's Exaltation Stage, it looks like a battle is inevitable."

"Tsk tsk, Tang Zichen has really turned our three views upside down, he looks completely less imposing than that Exaltation Stage senior ah, what kind of base does he use to fuck with the Exaltation Stage?"

"Tang Zichen, worthy of being the man of my dreams."A man with a bearded face and obsessive eyes said as he looked at Tang Zichen.Fortunately, Tang Zichen didn't see him as a sissy, or else he would have to vomit in disgust.

Mu Qianji was also in the crowd, silently watching Tang Zichen over the pond.

People, more and more, all of a sudden the entire area around the pond, up and down, was filled with people.

"Tang Zichen, you really won't run?"Ning Baojun was wary of Tang Zichen, every time Tang Zichen had fled before, he didn't even escape this time, which made Ning Baojun a bit unpredictable!

"I said, between us, it's time to make an end, I've been running away before and I can't run away anymore, come on, Ning Baojun, today, it's either you die or I live."Tang Zichen offered up his flying sword while extending his right hand, the black chain wrapped around Tang Zichen's wrist began to slowly expand.

"Wow."In the next second, that black chain expanded into a fifteen to sixteen meter tall steel cable giant.

As Tang Zichen's mind moved, the steel cable giant also followed the gorilla's example and thumped a few punches on his chest, like a steel cable version of King Kong.

"Wow."The onlookers saw such a cool magic weapon and worshipped with satisfaction.

Ning Baojun was a little surprised to see Tang Zichen's chain man, which had doubled in size, no wonder it could kill that first-stage out-of-the-box nine-year-old of his family.

"Drink."In the next second, the Steel Cable Giant punched fiercely, smashing into Ning Baojun, while at the same time, Tang Zichen's Celestial Furnace Mirror, Shura Blade Technique, and the three pronged attack.

This also meant that Tang Zichen's single-mindedness and triple-use was not really possible for anyone else, and even if he could, I'm afraid that his spiritual energy wouldn't be able to support the consumption of the three magic tools.It was the same as electric wires, a switch socket, plugged into three power water heaters, induction cookers, and air conditioners, it was estimated that the socket's wires would burn out.

Ning Baojun subconsciously wanted to offer his flying sword, but only then did he realize that he no longer had a magic weapon.

"Ah."Ning Baojun only felt that his body was locked in an invisible pressure, as if he couldn't avoid it no matter which direction he dodged in.

It was as powerful as a thousand pounds, as fast as lightning.

Ning Baojun's body subconsciously detached from his infant body.

"Bang."Ning Baojun's body was smashed by the Steel Cable Giant's fist, as if it were an exploded watermelon.

Ning Baojun's infant, however, had just detached its body, but in the next blink of an eye, Tang Zichen's Shura Blade slashed down.It was as if, Tang Zichen's Shura Seventh Blade was specifically aimed at Ning Baojun's infant, as if he had anticipated that Ning Baojun's infant would detach from his body.

Just like that, within a second, Ning Baojun's body and infant were cut down by the Chain Man and the Flying Sword, respectively.

The crowd of onlookers at the pond felt incredulous, their eyes looking at Tang Zichen in mid-air.

"Tang Zichen actually killed the Exaltation Stage."

"Is this a dream?"

At the scene, there were a good number of One Heavy Hailan Family Immortals, they all felt a chill down their backs at the moment when they saw Tang Zichen kill Ning Baojun, before they were fortunate to have reconciled with Tang Zichen in time, otherwise, the consequences were unpredictable.


After Tang Zichen beheaded Ning Baojun, he immediately took away Ning Baojun's storage ring and disappeared.

Tang Zichen arrived at the One Heavy Sea Teleportation Formation, and Mu Qianzhi soon arrived.

"Qianji, we can now enter the Four Seas."

"Mm."Mu Qianji didn't ask Tang Zichen about the beheading of Ning Baojun anymore, after all, she was also there to see it.

Tang Zichen was destined to leave a thousand years of fame in the First Sea, after all, it was almost impossible for anyone to kill an Exaltation Stage powerhouse in the First Sea.

Not long after, Tang Zichen arrived at the Teleportation Hall of the Four Heavy Seas.

Tang Zichen used Yun De's identity token and swiped it, then walked out of the main hall and gave Mu Qianji a temporary card at the entrance of the main hall.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji stayed temporarily at an inn in the Four Seas.

In the inn room, Tang Zichen took out all the magic tools and storage rings he had harvested this time.

After some inventory, Mu Qianji tallied up the results.

"A total of 33 primary lower grade magic artifacts, 2 primary upper grade magic artifacts, and 2 intermediate lower grade magic artifacts were seized.Among them, the middle lower grade magic weapon, Chain Man, has been sacrificed by you as a middle upper grade, and the other middle lower grade flying sword of Ning Baojun has also been sacrificed by you as a middle upper grade."Tang Zichen nodded, it was the exact flying sword that was to be auctioned off. The first website

"Where are the spirit stones?"Tang Zichen asked.

"In total, over 300 fifth grade spirit stones were seized, and over 30,000 fourth grade spirit stones.In addition, there were also some spirit grasses, spirit talismans, jade slips, and a few bundles of formation scrolls, but they were all relatively low-grade, and these items should be able to be auctioned off for a few hundred or a thousand fifth-grade spirit stones as well."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Other than those two mid-grade magic tools, the rest are just fluff."

"Oh, it's good to have them, hairy rain is also rain, these fifth grade spirit stones are very little for us, but for even weaker, they are incomparably precious."

Tang Zichen nodded, "I'm still looking forward to the auction of that middle-grade superior flying sword, hopefully there will be more sixth-grade spirit stones to auction."

Mu Qianji nodded silently as well.

"Let's go, let's go have a meal and then go to the auction site and ask when our flying sword can be auctioned."


Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji arrived at the inn's restaurant, preparing to have a meal, of course, they had already changed their faces, this was for unnecessary trouble, the disguise was exactly the same as the last 'Cousin Tang Zichen'.

As Tang Zichen was eating, he heard the people at the inn discussing about Yi Chonghai, Tang Zichen's beheading of Ning Baojun.

Tang Zichen was secretly surprised, not expecting that in less than half a day's time, this matter had spread back to the Four Heavy Seas.

Since so many people were talking about it at the restaurant, that meant that the Ning Family had also gotten the news.

Right now, in the Ning Family, a certain large hall.

Right now, at the entrance of this great hall, there was a group of Ning Family sons and daughters surrounded inside and outside three layers.

Inside the great hall, the other six other out-of-body stage powerhouses of the Ning Family, as well as many YuanYing level powerhouses, were all sitting quietly in the great hall.

None of them were the first to speak.

The entire palace, the atmosphere seemed extremely tense.

In the end, the strongest person in the Ning family, an old man of the seventh stage of the Exaltation, spoke, this old man looked very old, at least eight to nine hundred years old, the lifespan of an immortal cultivator was around a thousand years, but the number of those who could truly live to a thousand years was by no means large, because before you were old, you could become another

Human stepping stones that died.In such a cruel world of immortal cultivation, not many people could live to a ripe old age, and those who could must have strength, or connections, and a background.

That old man of the seventh stage out of the box said with an angry face, "I'm sure everyone already knows that One Heavy Sea, a man named Tang Zichen, killed an entire 36 members of our family."

"Old Ancestor."In the main hall, all the YuanYing and above, as well as those few out-of-body stage powerhouses, their eyes filled with anger, looked at their ancestor.

"This person, killing so many of our Ning Clan's strongmen, must not be spared."That old man of the seventh stage of the out-of-body stage said.

"Old ancestor, but since he was able to kill Ning Baojun, it means that he is not weak, our family, the ones stronger than Ning Baojun, including you, are only five."

"Phew."That old ghost exhaled deeply and said, "Third, fourth, fifth, you three, immediately go to the One Heavy Sea, make sure to find Tang Zichen, when you find him, send someone to inform me, I will come together to kill Tang Zichen."

"Yes, Old Ancestor."

"Old Ancestor, why don't you come with us?"

"In a few days, at Yu's auction house, there will be a middle-grade upper-grade magic weapon auctioned off, and I want to take it down.As you know, in our family, there are only seven intermediate lower grade magic artifacts; there is even only one intermediate upper grade magic artifact.And the seven intermediate lower grade magic artifacts, now two of them were taken away by that Tang Zichen, so we must take that auctioned magic artifact intermediate upper grade magic artifact, our family has lost two out of the box, if we can take this intermediate upper grade magic artifact, we can also make up for our family's loss beforehand."

"Damn it, Ning Baojun's Intermediate Lower Grade Flying Sword, as well as the Ning and the Heavenly Sockets, were all taken away by that trash Tang Zichen."Everyone in the main hall was very distressed.

In the entire Ning family, there was only one intermediate upper grade magic weapon that only the old ancestor had.

There were originally seven middle-grade lower-grade magic weapons, but now only five remained.

Someone was auctioning off a middle-ranked upper-ranked magic weapon, no wonder Old Ancestor wanted to stay, indeed, taking that middle-ranked upper-ranked magic weapon was more important than going to kill Tang Zichen.

"How could someone rank a middle-grade superior magic weapon."One person said.

"Perhaps a fool, in the Four Seas, no matter which family, there are never too many intermediate grade magic weapons, and yet there are people who take them to auction."

The old ancestor drank, "Alright, now that our family is in great mourning, you should reflect on this instead of discussing which fool sold off the intermediate grade magic artifacts."

"Yes, Old Ancestor."

"The others disperse, Old Three and Four, you stay behind."

Everyone left the main hall, leaving only three out of the box, the sixth out of the box stage, and the fifth stage.

That old man of the seventh stage of the Exaltation said, "You guys, this time, go to the One Heavy Sea, you must be careful, that Tang Zichen can kill Old Eight and Old Nine, he must have some means."

"Yes, Old Ancestor, don't worry, we definitely will."

"Right, our Ning family can't afford to be tossed around anymore."

"Alright, you guys go, don't make a sound, go in silence."

"Yes."Those three Exaltation Stages immediately left the Ning Family and prepared to head to the One Heavy Sea to find Tang Zichen.

But where did they know that Tang Zichen had already arrived at the Four Seas, and what they didn't know even more was that which fool they were talking about who was selling mid-grade magic tools was Tang Zichen.

What was even less known was that the intermediate superior magic weapon Tang Zichen was selling was the same intermediate inferior magic weapon that had been sacrificed to Ning Baojun.


Tang Zichen arrived at Yu's auction site.

"What for, is this a place where anyone can enter?"Tang Zichen had just arrived at Yu's Auction House, and before he even walked through the gate, he was driven out by a security guard looking man, who was probably at the eighth stage of the YuanYing stage.

Tang Zichen asked, "I'm looking for Yu Mo, is Yu Mo here?"

"Yu Mo isn't here, what do you have to say to me."A janitor grunted in a toe-curling manner, seeing that Tang Zichen was only a Spiritual Healing Fifth Stage, and very much looked down on him.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen had to hide himself to the fifth rank of Spiritual Harmony, but the last time Tang Zichen appeared as his cousin Liu Fan, that was the realm.

"Yu Mo, then find your responsible person, I want to see him."

"I'm talking to you, you didn't hear me did you?Talk to me about something."That security guard roared.

Tang Zichen really didn't bother to get angry with this kind of watchdog, although Tang Zichen could destroy him in one go, but this kind of watchdog wasn't worthy of Tang Zichen's hand.

Tang Zichen said, "Okay, remember my name, I'm Liu Fan, tell your manager that I've been here."After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Mu Qianji was depressed, "I didn't expect there to be such a snobbish person, we were going to call the auction house, we could have arranged the auction earlier, I didn't expect, alas, what should we do now."

"It doesn't matter, after the person in charge of their auction house knows that I've been pissed off, they will definitely take the initiative to invite me there.If I'm right, they don't auction off more than a few mid-grade superior flying swords at their auction venue." Remember the URL

That security guard snorted, "Liu Fan, even if you're Liu God, it's useless, don't you look at this place, is it for someone like you from the Spiritual Harmony Stage to come here?"

Tang Zichen returned to the inn.

In that auction room, not long after, the person in charge came out.

"Who was just outside?"

"Senior, it's a guy named Liu Fan, who's only at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony, and he opened his mouth to call you out, this kind of person really owes a beating, so I drove him away."

"Pah."The head of the auction house slapped dry.

"What did you say?Liu Fan?Did you get rid of him?"

"Senior, what are you?"

"Do you know how many families are waiting for this Liu Fan to appear in the Four Seas?And you've driven him away?"

"Ah, Senior, how is this possible, that Liu Fan is just a weakling of the Spiritual Harmony Stage, which family of the Four Seas is waiting for him to appear?"

"Slap."Another slap.

"Go and invite him back here right now."

"But, but I don't know where he's gone, he didn't say where he went."

"Bastard, I'll deal with you later, go and get Yu Mo."


Not long after, Yu Mo was called by that security guard, from home, Yu Mo saw that person in charge, busy calling out, "Uncle Jin."

"Yu Mo, Liu Fan has just arrived."

"Ah, where, great, finally he has come, I was really afraid that he would return and not be willing to auction."

"But, this unsightly one drove people away, and now we don't know where he went, do you know where he'll be?Hurry up and invite him back."

"Ah."Yu Mo looked at the security guard, who was a foreign relative of the family who had come to help work at the auction.

"Ugh, okay, I'll go look for him."

Yu Mo arrived at the inn where he had arranged for Tang Zichen to stay last time, and upon asking around, Tang Zichen was indeed staying here.


p; "Liu Fan, haha, I've finally found you."Yu Mo was happy to see Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Did senior Yu Mo look for me for something?"

"Uh, Liu Fan, just now at the auction, that guard was more than offended, please bear with me, and I apologize to you.You've come on this trip to arrange the auction, so let's hurry up and arrange it without further delay."Yu Mo said.

"Your people have offended me today, so I want a nineteen percent, otherwise, I won't sell it."

"Ah, a nineteen percent?The rule of our auction house is, twenty-eight percent, and it never changes."

"It's your people who have offended me, and I'm very upset, but if you don't agree, then I won't sell.If you feel offended, you can go and skin the watchdog."Tang Zichen said in a non-negotiable tone.


"Senior Yu Mo, my words have been placed here, you guys can see for yourselves, otherwise, this auction is cancelled.I believe you don't have the right to decide either, so you might as well go back and talk to your person in charge."

"Alright, then I'll go back and talk to the person in charge."Yu Mo was a little depressed, Tang Zichen was obviously just making excuses, but what could he do, what could Tang Zichen do if he really didn't sell.Although their auction house wasn't easy to mess with, but Liu Fan's cousin was Tang Zichen ah.

Yu Mo hurried back to report.

Tang Zichen snorted and drank his tea.

Of course Tang Zichen wasn't because of that gatekeeper, this was just an excuse, before Tang Zichen thought that twenty-eight percent was too black, just take this opportunity to reduce a little, whether it was successful or not, the auction house would deal with that gatekeeper properly.Although Tang Zichen didn't care to do anything to him, he also didn't want him to be intact.

"Zichen, would it upset the auction house if you ask this, after all, we made a deal with them before."Mu Qianji said.

"It was their people who drove me away."Tang Zichen said.

"They must have been able to see that it was an excuse."

"So what if it's an excuse, it was their people who drove me away in the first place, there's nothing wrong with that, alright, I have my own deal, anyway, twenty-eight percent is too black, up to nineteen."

"But we're in dire need of spirit stones."

"They need to earn spirit stones too."

"Then what if, they don't agree to a nineteen split?Even when they get angry?"

"Thousands of Jedi, don't forget that my current identity is Tang Zichen's cousin.Who Tang Zichen is, I guess many families in the Four Seas have heard of him, especially those in the upper middle class."

"Then what if they don't give Tang Zichen face?Or maybe they just don't take Don Zixon seriously at all?"

"Uh, not so much, I'm not that intimidating ah, that means that I, Tang Zichen, still need to work hard, I haven't made it to the point where I sneeze and the entire Four Seas will catch a cold, hahaha."

Yu Mo panicked and returned to the auction room.

"How was it?Is Liu Fan here?"The person in charge of the auction venue was busy asking.

Because Tang Zichen was auctioning off a mid-grade superior artifact, after this news spread out, many families in the Four Seas expressed that they wanted it, so the auction house was already being urged by many powerful people to arrange an auction quickly.If it was now informed that it would not be auctioned, those families and strongmen who wanted it would definitely be very disappointed with the Clan Auction House.

"Uncle Jin, I found Liu Fan, he's angry at our guards for driving him away, he said he won't sell it, if we're willing to split it ninety percent, he's willing to keep coming back for the auction."

"What? A nineteen percent?We've been auctioning off 28 percent for 10,000 years, and he says 19 percent?"

"But if he doesn't, he won't auction it off."


"What did you say?If he doesn't agree to a 19 percent cut, he won't sell?"

"Yes, that's what that Liu Fan said."

"Hmph, this Liu Fan, he's too dismissive of my Yu's auction house."

"Uncle Jin, the key now is how to get him to bring it out for auction."

"Let's pretend to promise him first, and I won't be the one to decide how much of the share it should be when the time comes."

"Ah, you mean, lie to him first?"

"Or what, do you really promise him?It's not bad to give him spirit stones for a one-sea man."

"Uncle Jin, that Liu Fan, but he's Tang Zichen's cousin, I told you before.Tang Zichen is the one who recently became very hot and famous in the Four Heavy Seas and killed 36 people in the Ning family, if we lie to Liu Fan, what if he tells Tang Zichen?"Yu Mo asked with some concern.

"What is Tang Zichen, do you want to be threatened by that Liu Fan because you are afraid of Tang Zichen?"

"Actually, Uncle Jin, if we punish Zhuo Xing severely and then apologize to Tang Zichen, then Tang Zichen won't have an excuse to necessarily lower his share."

"Zhuo Xing is our family, the grandson of the third ancestor, how dare you touch him?Don't say that he offended Liu Fan, even if he killed Liu Fan, where would it matter, who would dare to offend the Three Old Ancestors?Although Tang Zichen has caused the Ning family to lose a lot of money, it's not to the point where everyone is afraid of it.Let's just do it, go trick Tang Zichen, and auction it off first." One second to remember to read the book


Tang Zichen was sitting in the inn room, and not long after Yu Mo came again.

"Senior Yu Mo, how's the talk with your head?"

"Oh, Liu Fan, our director said that he agreed to a nineteen percent split."

"Uh, so smooth."Tang Zichen was a bit skeptical, and thought it would be a long argument, but it went so smoothly.


"What's the point of lying to you, Liu Fan, in that case, let's arrange an auction tomorrow."

"Tomorrow, ah."Tang Zichen pondered for a moment, always feeling a bit unreliable.

"Liu Fan, we're such a big auction house.Wouldn't it still lie to you:"

"Okay, then, tomorrow."Tang Zichen readily agreed.

"Then the formal auction will be tomorrow evening, please arrive at the auction site by tomorrow evening."


After Yu Mo left, Mu Qianji said, "How did such a dark auction house agree to this painfully, Zichen, do you think it's true?"

"I don't know, heck, we don't know the buyer, or we'd go straight to the buyer and save ourselves from being screwed.Now we can only choose to believe."

"What if the auction is over tomorrow and they don't acknowledge it?"

"They know I'm Tang Zichen's cousin and they still dare to play tricks on me, so don't blame me for being rude."Tang Zichen secretly shook his fist and said.

The next evening, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji arrived at the auction house early in the morning, and when they arrived at the auction house, Tang Zichen immediately saw the guard who was the gatekeeper yesterday.

"Hm?How come this janitor is still here, the auction house didn't even deal with him."Tang Zichen couldn't quite figure it out, at this moment, this janitor's face was still very horizontal, and he didn't look like he was being chastised in the slightest.

The auction house didn't even punish him in the slightest.

Tang Zichen felt very unhappy all of a sudden, the fact that the auction house had not punished him was the feeling that it did not take Tang Zichen seriously at all.

"Phew, I thought that this janitor must have been auctioned off

The field pulled out a layer of skin, and he turned out to be nothing, thanks to me, I didn't even bother to take a shot at him yesterday, I'm really beating my own face."

"Forget it, Zichen, the auction will be held tonight, since they agreed to a nineteen percent split, this matter is even, mind their door."Mu Qianji said.

"Let's go."Tang Zichen walked up to the gate of the auction site, that janitor saw Tang Zichen coming and said, "Yo yo, our big seller, Liu Fan, is here."

Tang Zichen said, "What, you want to get rid of me again today?"

"Hahaha, don't worry, you still have to send money to our auction house, how would I drive you away, but you, you're not very strong, but you have a temper.Yesterday drove you away, but you actually asked for a nineteenth share, it's the first time I've ever seen you dare to be wild in our auction house."That janitor said smilingly, as if he didn't feel the least bit sorry for driving Tang Zichen away yesterday.

"If you continue this tone, I won't enter this gate today."Mu Qianji said.

"Yo yo, this beauty has quite a temper too, alright, hurry in, I'm not in the mood to fight with you guys here."After saying that, the janitor walked away, his face still very proud.

"Zichen, forget it, go in first."

Tang Zichen really didn't want to go in to the auction, but, Tang Zichen needed spirit stones, so, he still went into the auction room, and later, Tang Zichen would get that janitor killed.

Tang Zichen was placed in a VIP room.

"You two, take a break here, the person in charge will be here soon."

After waiting for a short time, a man of the third stage of Exaltation came.

"Hello, I'm the chief person in charge of this auction house, go call Yu Jin, you can call me Uncle Jin."The man said.

Tang Zichen smirked in his heart, calling you Uncle Jin, who are you, but Tang Zichen just snorted in his heart and didn't say anything.

"Hello, I'm Liu Fan."

"Liu Fan, the auction will start soon, you bring out the flying sword that is about to be auctioned to verify it."

Tang Zichen said, "There's no rush yet, you guys promised me yesterday, a ninety percent split?"

"Don't worry."The man called Yu Jin was busy saying.

Since he was so sure, Tang Zichen didn't nag and took out that middle-grade superior flying sword.

"Well, it is indeed a mid-grade superior flying sword, so you guys sit here for a while, I'll take the flying sword to auction."Saying that, that Yu Jin took the flying sword.

"Wait, just take the flying sword straight away like that?"

"Yeah, how else would it be auctioned, surely the item must be put on the auction table for all buyers to confirm its authenticity and be auctioned only after seeing it with their eyes, you wouldn't have even seen the auction house."

"Alright, I'll ask you to take the flying sword to the auction site."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, you pull the curtains of this VIP room, and then you can see the auction site."

Mu Qianji pulled open the curtains of the VIP room, and sure enough there was the auction site outside.

"Now rest assured."After saying that, Yu Jin took the flying sword and left.

A moment later, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji saw Yu Jin walk into the auction room with the flying sword through the window of the VIP room, and then placed the flying sword on the platform above the auction room.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, waited in the VIP room for the auction.

The number of people in the auction room was increasing, and eventually, the auction room as filled up.

Tonight, there was an auction of intermediate superior magic weapons, so many people came to watch, so not everyone wanted to buy them.


"Alright, today's auction has officially begun, the first item to be auctioned tonight is a pill, this pill is called the Uncommon Pill, it was obtained by a mercenary group from an ancient relic, according to history books, those who take the Uncommon Pill can quickly step into the Exaltation Stage, it is the best pill for an impact Exaltation Stage cultivator, the starting price is 5 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones."In the auction hall, the auction had officially started.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji sat in the VIP room and watched, it was estimated that there was more than Tang Zichen's flying sword being auctioned off tonight, so Tang Zichen could only wait patiently, if he wasn't wrong, Tang Zichen's flying sword was the grand finale.

And so, auctioning one item at a time, about an hour and a half had passed.

"Everyone, tonight's auction is finally at its highest point, that is, tonight's grand finale item, a medium-grade superior magic weapon, everyone please look this way."The host of the auction, pulled open a black cloth on the stage while mouthily saying, "Everyone, please look this way."

As soon as the black cloth was pulled away, only a middle-grade superior flying sword was placed there, it was the same flying sword that Tang Zichen had.

"Wow, it really is a mid-grade superior flying sword."

"Tsk tsk."

The entire auction hall, everyone stirred, tonight's finale item came out.

The host said, "Everyone, you all see it clearly, then, let's start the auction, the starting price for this Intermediate Superior Grade magic weapon is 50 pieces of Sixth Grade Spirit Stones."

"55 pieces."

"80 pieces." First URL

"100 pieces."

In the auction hall, many people immediately started shouting prices.

"120 pieces."

"121 pieces."

"140 pieces."At that moment, an old man shouted, and everyone looked towards that person, but it was the Ning family's ancestor, Ning Fang.

"Ning Fang isn't going to kill Tang Zichen, and he's still in the mood to come here and grab the flying sword."The crowd was talking.

That Ning family ancestor paid no attention to the crowd's discussion, although it was important to go kill Tang Zichen, it was even more important to take this intermediate superior magic weapon.

"150 pieces."At this time, another person shouted.

The price had reached the point where fewer people were shouting, after all, not everyone could easily take out more than 100 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones.

"155 pieces."Ning Fang, the Ning family's ancestor, shouted again.

"160 pieces."Another person shouted, and everyone looked towards this person, but it was Lv Zhu, an Exaltation Stage powerhouse of the Lv family.

The Ning Family Old Ancestor shouted again, "170 pieces."

At this moment, the Ning Family Old Ancestor was already a bit anxious, after all, the price shouted to 170, their Ning Family, could only take out 180 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones, if they couldn't take more than 180 pieces, then they would have to miss out.

At this moment, the strong man from the Lu family snorted, looked at Ning Fang and said, "Ning Fang, do you have to steal from me?"

"Lv Zhu, isn't that what the auction house is like, if you really don't have any spirit stones, why fight with me."The Ning Family Ancestor said, feeling a little upset, that Lv Zhu, who was just an Exaltation Stage of the Lv Family, and he was the Ning Family Ancestor, spoke to him in a threatening tone.

If Lv Yuxi was here, she could definitely recognize that Lv Zhu, who was part of the group that framed her father.

Lv Zhu said, "Ning Fang, you, an ancestor of the Six Exodus Family, even dare to steal from me?"

"Hmph, I'll offer 180 sixth-grade spirit stones."The Ning family ancestor was upset and raised ten Spirit Stones to his face.

With an angry look on his face, Lu Zhu said, "We'll see."After saying that, that Lv Zhu walked away.

The host shouted, "Is there any higher than 180?"

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"180 once."

At this moment, in the VIP room, Tang Zichen was depressed, "Only 180 sixth-class spirit stones were auctioned off?Holy shit, didn't we say 200 or so before?"

Mu Qianji also had some regrets.

"180 twice."

"180 three times."

"Congratulations to Senior Ning Fang, for obtaining this Intermediate Superior Flying Sword."The host shouted.

Ning Fang didn't look good, he could have auctioned it off at 170, but, having been irritated by that Lu Zhu, no one shouted at him to raise it to 180 himself, losing 10 sixth-grade spirit stones for nothing.

"Senior Ning Fang, go pay your spirit stones, and after you pay, you can take this middle-grade superior magic weapon with you."

Ning Fang snorted and went to pay the spirit stones.

In the VIP room, Tang Zichen wasn't in a beautiful mood.

"180 sixth-grade spirit stones, after deducting 10% to the auction house, only 162 sixth-grade spirit stones are left."Tang Zichen said depressedly.

Mu Qianji consoled, "Previously, it was a twenty-eight percent split, even if the auction goes to 200 pieces, twenty-eight percent, it's only 160 pieces, now although 180 pieces, but nineteen percent, there's still 162 pieces after the split, so don't be depressed, just treat it as a twenty-eight percent split."

"All right."Tang Zichen could only comfort himself.

The auction hall soon ran out of people, and everyone went back after the auction.

That Ning family ancestor, who had paid 180 sixth-class spirit stones, also left.

Not long after, an employee came to inform Tang Zichen, "Gentlemen, the auction has ended, you can go to the settlement office to collect your spirit stones."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji immediately went to the settlement office.

A female staff member at the settlement office handed Tang Zichen a slip and said, "You can look at it to see if there are any mistakes, and if there are no mistakes, sign a name and you can collect your spirit stones."

Tang Zichen took the slip, and it read: total auction price is 180 pieces of sixth-class spirit stones; after deducting ten percent of the auction site's share, 162 pieces are left; after deducting three.5 percent of the auction site's deposit, 156 pieces are left; after deducting eight.5 percent of the basic tax rate, 140 pieces are left; after deducting five percent of the post-sale retention fee, 131 pieces are left; after deducting three.8 percent of the market float rate, 124 pieces are left; after deducting basic operating expenses4.8 percent, 115 pieces left.In the end, the total amount due is 115 pieces of Sixth Grade Spirit Stones."

Tang Zichen looked at the list, this fee, that fee.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were both dumbfounded.

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Are you guys making a mistake."

"Hello, don't worry, we are strictly calculating according to the rules of the auction house, we will never count you an extra piece, our auction house is very strict in its management, you can rest assured, if there is no mistake, please sign, and then you can settle the spirit stone due to you."

Mu Qianji said, "Didn't we say before that it would be a ninety percent split?"

"Yes, now it's a nineteenth split, and we've been responsible for specifically explaining that we changed the original twenty-eight split to a nineteenth split.If you're really lucky, if you follow the twenty-eight split, you'll end up getting a lot less spirit stones again."

"What is this auction house margin?"

"Hello, this is the basic amount our auction house charges for securing your items, and you can rest assured that our auction deposits are strictly standard and we will never overcharge you."

"And what is this basic rate?"

"Hello, everyone who is auctioned off is required to pay a certain amount of tax, and the percentage of tax paid is strictly in accordance with the regulations issued by the Four Seas Head Office, and we have to pay this tax to the Four Seas Head Office afterwards as well."


"What about this post-sale demurrage, market float, basic operating expenses?"

"Hello, the post-sale retention deposit is to ensure a guarantee of safety to the customer, this deposit is refundable, usually after ten years, if the buyer confirms that the item you auctioned is flawless and does not have any false ingredients or internal damage, you just need to keep the bills, you can all come and return it."

"The market float rate, because every auction item, is not priced strictly according to the official standard, there is a certain float rate, in order to ensure the fairness of the buyer, the market float rate needs to be borne by the seller.If, after ten years, the value of the auctioned item has not decreased greatly, this part of the float is refundable to the seller.If the float is significant, then the float will be refunded to the buyer.You can rest assured that the float is not collected by our auction house."

"And the basic operating expenses, this is because, our auction house staff, before the auction starts, must advertise everywhere, this is an activity that must be operated, and in the process of operation, our auction house has also advanced many expenses in advance, and this operating expense must also be borne by the seller.In short, we, the auction house, directly charge the seller's fees, i.e. profits, only a share of the costs."

Tang Zichen's forehead was all black lines.

This staff member, was very polite, as if every single fee item had a very fucking justifiable reason, and they were all strictly according to the standard.

Mu Qianji slapped the list down and said, "If there are so many fees, then why didn't you say so earlier?That's too much of a difference, we were expecting to get 162 sixth grade spirit stones, but now it's only 115."

"Hello, because our auction house directly collects the seller's fees, only a share of the fees, the rest of the fees are not obtained by our seller, moreover, the stranded gold, the market floating rate, are all refundable, please keep the bills, after ten years, if there are no problems, you can come back and return."

Don growled, "I'll fuck your refund."

This is all fucking excuses, what can be refunded, after ten years, you might find a reason to say that you can't return it.

"Hello, our auction house inheritance of tens of thousands of years, very formal, please don't worry about this, after ten years, as long as there is no problem, you can come and return it.You two, are you sure there are no problems?If it's confirmed, you can collect your spirit stones after signing the papers." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't bother with me so much, in a word, give me 162 sixth grade spirit stones, if you really want to pay any more ghost gold, you guys go pay yourselves."

"Sir, please don't embarrass us, okay?We also work according to the rules of the auction house, it's useless for you to make things difficult for us, we are just the most junior clerks of the auction house."

Tang Zichen glared at the woman, who was a very weak, enlightened stage servant.

"Find the person in charge of you."Tang Zichen said.

"Okay, please wait a moment, I'll go call."The woman was quite crisp and immediately went to call for someone.

Mu Qianji said, "This is too dark, why didn't you say that there were so many fees before, but now when you settle up, there are so many fees.It's decent on the surface, but who knows if it's true or not."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I thought that this phenomenon only existed in the mortal world, but I didn't expect that the spirit world also existed, in any case, I would never suffer this loss."

Soon after, the woman returned.

"Where is your person in charge?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hello, Senior, since it's getting late, our person in charge has already left and we're closing up shop, so why don't you collect your spirit stone first and come back tomorrow when our person in charge arrives?"

"Fuck, I don't believe it."Tang Zichen immediately went to find the person in charge.

Unfortunately, the auction house did have lights turned off everywhere and most of the employees were packing up for the end of their shift, but as for the person in charge of the auction house, he was nowhere to be seen.

"Fuck, where did he run off to."Tang Zichen roared


"Hello, Senior, it's almost ten o'clock at the moment, and as soon as our manager finished the auction, he instructed us to change the twenty-eight percent to nineteen percent, and then he left ."

"Yes?Wasn't it you he specifically told you to add so many black fees to me?"Tang Zichen said angrily.

"Senior, how is that possible, we are all strict."

"Alright, give me one more word of strict and I'll kill you."Tang Zichen couldn't stand hearing the word strict, these two words were really the biggest joke.

Mu Qianji was depressed, "Now that the auction house is closing, the person in charge has disappeared, and even Yu Mo can't be found, what are we going to do?"

That staff member said, "Senior, then how about, you guys go back today and come back tomorrow to collect the spirit stones when the person in charge comes?"

Mu Qianji said, "That's impossible, this is our spirit stone, why should we leave it with you first."

"Then you guys can collect it first, if there is anything you don't understand, come back tomorrow to find us in charge, okay?"

Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen met each other, and in the end, they decided to collect the 115 sixth grade spirit stones first, no matter how many there were, it was better to take them first.Moreover, after taking it away, Tang Zichen would be able to refine and upgrade it tonight, so that it would be even stronger tomorrow.

"It's fine, let's collect it first."

"Okay, please sign."

Tang Zichen said, "I won't sign it."

"Then I'm sorry, we can't give you spirit stones if you don't sign."

"Looking for death?"Tang Zichen took away the spirit stones prepared on the counter in one go.

That staff member was helpless as well.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll be back tomorrow, this isn't over, don't think I'm so easy to trap, I won't believe this of you."

"Senior, you're very welcome to come back tomorrow."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen snorted and turned to walk away.

The two of them didn't speak all the way, clearly angry.

If the auction house had pitched Tang Zichen openly and honestly, then Tang Zichen could have gotten mad on the spot and demolished the auction house.However, the auction house was smart enough to make so many messy fees, and there were two that were refundable, making it look like a serious fee.

Back in the inn room, Tang Zichen took out 115 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones.

One piece of sixth grade was equal to 1000 pieces of fifth grade, and these 115 pieces of sixth grade were 115,000 pieces of fifth grade spirit stones.

115,000 fifth grade spirit stones would be completely enough to raise Tang Zichen to the first stage of Exaltation, and it would take about 4,000 fifth grade spirit stones, or 4 sixth grade spirit stones.

However, at the Exaltation stage, the spirit stones needed would not be in fifth grade units, but in sixth grade units.

The spirit stones and realm advancement reference was as follows.

20 n-tier spirit stones, refining can raise it to the second stage of the M realm.

50 n-stone spirit stones, refining can be raised to the third level of the M realm.

100 n-stone spirit stones, refining can be raised to the fourth level of the M realm.

150 n-stone spirit stones, refining can raise it to the fifth level of the M Realm.

250 n-stone spirit stones, refining can raise it to the sixth level of the M Realm.

400 n-stone spirit stones, refining can be raised to the seventh level of the M Realm.

600 n-stone spirit stones, refining can be raised to the eighth step of the M realm.

1000 n-stone spirit stones, refining can raise it to the ninth step of the M realm.

4000 n-stone spirit stones (or 4 n+1-stone spirit stones), refining can raise them to the first step of the M+1 realm.


"Zichen, you can refine these 115 sixth-grade spirit stones first."Mu Qianji said.

"There's no need to rush, plan well.These 115 sixth grade spirit stones, now you only need to take out four pieces for you to refine, and you will be able to ascend to the first stage of Exaltation.I'll let you ascend to the First Stage of Exaltation first, but four pieces is not much anyway."

Mu Qianji didn't refuse, Tang Zichen helped Mu Qianji refine it, and after ten minutes, Mu Qianji finished refining it.

Mu Qianji's realm soared from the third stage of YuanYing to the first stage of Exaltation.

After rising to the first stage of Exaltation, the momentum on Mu Qianji's body also changed greatly.

"Alright, the remaining 111 pieces, you can refine all of them, and you don't know how much you can raise it to."

"We'll know when we refine them."Tang Zichen first held the four sixth grade spirit stones in his hand and refined them in a minute.

Tang Zichen's realm soared from the third stage of the YuanYing to the first stage of the Exaltation.

Tang Zichen continued to refine 16 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones, and his realm rose to the second stage of Exaltation.

He continued to refine another 34 sixth grade spirit stones, and his realm rose to the third stage of Exaltation.

At this point, Tang Zichen still had 51 spirit stones left. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen continued to refine 49 pieces of sixth-grade spirit stones, and his realm rose to the fourth stage of Exaltation.

In the end, there were still two pieces of sixth grade spirit stones left.

Two sixth-grade spirit stones were no longer of much use.

This was because in order to continue to ascend to the fifth stage of Exaltation, there had to be at least 50 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones.

Tang Zichen put away the remaining two sixth-grade spirit stones and said, "Keep them for defense."

"Zichen, how do you feel now that you've reached the fourth stage of Exaltation?"Mu Qianji was busy asking, Mu Qianji out of the first stage, the momentum and Tang Zichen one heaven and one earth, the difference was too great.

After Tang Zichen had risen to the fourth stage of Exaltation, his aura had changed a lot compared to when he was at the third stage of YuanYing, as if he was a different person, even Mu Qianji felt like he didn't dare to offend Tang Zichen when he stood in front of him.

"Not bad, I feel strong."

"Wow, I even feel like your momentum has suddenly changed, like you're not even the same person as just now.So what's your strongest strength right now?"

"I don't know yet, now that I've reached the fourth stage of Exaltation, I'll try to see if I can sacrifice my flying sword, if I can sacrifice it to the advanced lower class, then, hehe."Tang Zichen smiled, indeed, if I could sacrifice it to the advanced lower class, it would simply be no one else.

The entire Four Seas, at least Tang Zichen didn't have to be afraid of anyone, Tang Zichen got a little excited thinking about it.

"Mmhmm."Mu Qianji was also looking forward to the feeling of being pitched by the auction house tonight, it felt very unpleasant, in fact, she and Tang Zichen both knew that the various fees charged by the auction house were deliberately targeted, otherwise, the fees were so black, no one would do business with them at all.

Tang Zichen said, "But I'm afraid it will take a lot of time for me to sacrifice to a high-grade magic weapon, no matter, let's sacrifice first and see, one day I can sacrifice to a high-grade magic weapon to go, when that time, all those who have offended me will be finished in one hit."

Tang Zichen began to sacrifice the magic weapon, Mu Qianji was also working hard to cultivate, the realm had improved, but they were such a quick success, there must still be a lot that needed to be improved simultaneously, such as martial skills, the application of the magic weapon and so on.

The next day, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji came to the auction house early in the morning to find the person in charge of the auction house and ask for an explanation.

However, Tang Zichen was now in the identity of Liu Fan, so naturally, Tang Zichen could not reveal his fourth stage of Exaltation and still be at the fifth stage of Spiritual Harmony.

Tang Zichen arrived at the auction house and was stopped by that gatekeeper before he even entered the gate.

"Stand."That gatekeeper had an arrogant look on his face.

"Out of the way, I want to go in and find your person in charge."Tang Zichen said in a deep voice.

That gatekeeper grunted, "Sorry, idle people are not allowed to enter."

"Idlers?Are you calling me an idler?"

"Did, did you auction something again today?Your flying sword has been auctioned off, so what is it if it's not an idler."That gatekeeper gave a cold snort.

Tang Zichen's anger was extreme, but Tang Zichen endured it first, because, Tang Zichen just damn well wanted to see how far they could gripe.

This gatekeeper, if Tang Zichen wanted to do something, one finger was enough.

Mu Qianji said, "We haven't settled our accounts from yesterday, we need to go in."

"I'm sorry, the settlement center of the auction house said that you guys already took the spirit stones away last night, which means that you've made sure that the bill is correct, so the auction house has no accounts to settle with you, so why don't you get out?"

Tang Zichen's eyes were cold and a little out of control, wanting to make an early move.

Just at that moment, Yu Mo came.

"Yu Mo."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Ah, Tang, Tang Zichen."Yu Mo was a bit flustered.

"Yu Mo, about what happened yesterday, do you know?"Don Zichen asked.

"Yesterday, sh, what was it?"

"Deliberately trapping me, I was supposed to be given 162 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones, but instead I was given 115 pieces."

"This, I don't know ah."Yu Mo also said inwardly, "Oh my god, Uncle Jin is too dark, so how can Tang Zichen stop."

"Yu Mo, take me to the person in charge."


"Take me there, I'm sure it'll do you good."

"Ugh, okay."

Yu Mo led Tang Zichen into the auction room.

At that moment, that gatekeeper was busy saying, "Yu Mo, the person in charge has explained that idle people are not allowed to enter."

"Uh, this."Yu Mo looked at Tang Zichen and said in his heart, "Could it be that Uncle Jin has specifically explained that Liu Fan is not allowed to enter again?Then if I take Tang Zichen in now, wouldn't that make Uncle Jin unhappy."

Yu Mo looked at Tang Zichen with some difficulty and said, "Liu Fan, this, I'm also embarrassed ah, after all, I'm the person in charge of the One Heavy Sea Auction, I'm not in charge here."

Tang Zichen snorted, "So, you're not going to take me in?"


"Yu Mo, you better think it through, or I promise you'll regret not taking me in today later."

"This."Yu Mo knew that Tang Zichen was referring to, his cousin Tang Zichen.

"Alright, I'll take you in."Only then did Yu Mo take Tang Zichen in.

Tang Zichen went straight to a certain room, similar to the office of the person in charge.

This person in charge was called Yu Jin, and he was a strong man of the second stage of Exaltation.

Unfortunately, yesterday, he was still a strong man in Tang Zichen's eyes, but today, Tang Zichen could slap him to death.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen was preoccupied with courtesy, so he didn't kick the door, but knocked instead.

Soon after, the door opened.

"Uh, how did you get in here."Yu Jin was a little surprised to see Tang Zichen come in, he had instructed the janitor not to allow Tang Zichen in.

Tang Zichen huffed, "Yu Jin, you won't forget what you pitted me against yesterday."

Yu Jin said, "Liu Fan, you're thinking too much, I'm such a big auction house, and I'm still going to trap you?Did you get the clearances from the settlement office yesterday and every cost explained to you in detail, and you've seen that it's okay and it's been settled."


"Hmph, settlement, I'll settle your sister, I'm here today, I don't want to talk nonsense with you, give me the 47 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones that I deserve from the ones you pitted me against."

Tang Zichen thought to himself, "If I recover the 47 spirit stones that were trapped, plus the 2 left over from last night, there will be 49, then Tang Zichen will be able to hit the 5th Step of Exaltation, although there is still one short of one, but the difference of one can easily be made up."

The Fifth Step of Exaltation and the Fourth Step of Exaltation, but there was a world of difference!

Of course, the key was whether or not Yu Jin was willing to take out the ones that pitted him against the others.

In short, 47 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones were enough for Tang Zichen to take a butcher's knife to the entire Yu family.

If it were any other family in the Four Seas, 47 sixth grade spirit stones would take at least 20 years to save up before taking them out.Previously, the Ning family ancestor used 180 sixth grade spirit stones to purchase away Tang Zichen's flying sword, which seemed like an easy task, but the 180 sixth grade spirit stones he took out cost his family nearly a hundred years of savings.

It could be seen how deeply Tang Zichen had been screwed.

It was a pity that Yu Jin saw Tang Zichen's whims and still wanted those 47 sixth grade spirit stones back.

Yu Jin sneered, "Get lost."


"Liu Fan, don't be so greedy, you're a spirit healing 5th stage, what do you need so many spirit stones for, do you know that more than a hundred 6th grade spirit stones, the families of the four seas have to save up for decades?I've given you so many spirit stones, it should be enough." First URL

"Yu Jin, I'm only asking you, will you give it back to me yet?"

"There's nothing to pay back, it's already settled with you clearly."

"Yu Jin, you should know that my cousin is Tang Zichen, aren't you afraid that I'll tell my cousin about this?"Tang Zichen said.

That Yu Jin grunted, "Tell me if you like."

"Bang."Yu Jin slammed the door shut in one go.

Tang Zichen let out a sneer.

Okay, don't blame Tang Zichen for not giving them a chance.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left the auction site.

Two days later, Tang Zichen wrote a letter and had the inn boy deliver it to the auction site.

In Yu Jin's office, Yu Jin opened the letter and it read, "Yu's auction house, you dare to trap my cousin Liu Fan, I'm warning you now, within three days, return the 47 spirit stones that trapped my cousin to him honestly, otherwise, I, Tang Zichen, will definitely pursue the matter, Tang Zichen book."

Yu Jin saw Tang Zichen's letter and snorted in his heart, "You really take yourself seriously."

However, the Tang family did have quite a reputation in the Four Seas recently, so Yu Jin didn't dare to make a decision and was going to take the letter back to the family and let the family executives decide.

At the inn.

Mu Qianji said, "That letter from Tang Zichen, is it really valid?If they were really afraid of Tang Zichen, they wouldn't have dared to utter you before."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm giving them one last chance to see if they give it back using Tang Zichen's name, if they really don't give it back and aren't even afraid to offend Tang Zichen, then I really can't be blamed, I'm bound to start killing for the clan."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, 47 sixth grade spirit stones, the number was considered huge, it was worth it to move the sword for such a large amount of spirit stones.So, Tang Zichen gave them one last chance.If they saw Tang Zichen's handwritten letter and returned it honestly, then Tang Zichen could forget about it, after all, Tang Zichen didn't want to have another enemy.

That afternoon, in one of the Yu Clan's main halls, a dozen or so Exaltation Stage powerhouses were sitting in the main hall.

Yu Jin put a

The envelope was handed to an old man of the eighth stage of the out of the box.

"Third Ancestor, this is Tang Zichen's personal letter, what should we do now?Previously, Tang Zichen's cousin Liu Fan's side of the flying sword, did auction off 180 pieces of sixth grade spirit stones, but, he's a Spiritual Healing fifth stage, and giving it to him would be a waste, so we withheld some more.I didn't expect Liu Fan to be unrelenting and insist that we pay him back, and we won't, but he told Tang Zichen that he received a personal letter from the self-proclaimed Tang Zichen this morning.I didn't dare to make a rash decision, after all, that Tang Zichen, does have some skills, and he killed two out-of-body stages in the Ning family."

That old man looked at the letter and asked, "How much was withheld from him?"

"Originally it was twenty-eight percent, but that day your grandson didn't know him and drove him away, Liu Fan was so angry that he didn't sell it, and in order to coax him to continue auctioning the flying sword, he agreed to the nineteen percent he proposed, so if you go by that, it's 47 pieces that were withheld, and if you go by twenty-eight percent, it's 31 pieces that were withheld from him.Of course, the spirit stones that were deducted have now been sent to the family warehouse."

Yu's Third Ancestor snorted, "Once it's in our family's warehouse, how can it be moved further out?"

"What about Don's tribute?"

"Wow."The Third Ancestor of the Yu Clan tore up Tang Zichen's letter of respect and snorted, "He's not even able to protect himself, he's still threatening us, giving that Liu Fan over a hundred sixth grade spirit stones is generous enough, he's still shameless, he's really not greedy enough, there's no need to bother with him.Send someone to tell that Tang Zichen, and tell him that our Yu Clan isn't so easy to provoke, and if he continues to pester us, don't blame my Yu Clan for being rude."

"Yes, Third Ancestor."

Yu Jin returned to the auction room and immediately called Yu Mo over.

"Yu Mo, you know where Liu Fan lives, right."


"You go tell Liu Fan to stop pestering him, this matter will end like this, otherwise, I'll make him eat his heart out, also, tell Liu Fan to tell Tang Zichen, being he? arrogant, if he dares to provoke our Yu Clan, our clan will let him die without a burial place."

"Ah, you really want to say that?"Yu Mo's heart trembled, wouldn't this be a complete enemy with Tang Zichen.

"This is what the family's third ancestor said, not my decision."


Yu Mo had to go find Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were still at the same inn.

Tang Zichen had been sacrificing his flying sword every day, striving to bring it to high grade as soon as possible.

However, it seemed that it wasn't so easy now, and I'm afraid it would be difficult to sacrifice it to high grade in a short period of time.

"Knock knock, Liu Fan, are you there?"Yu Mo's voice came from outside the door.

Mu Qianji opened his eyes and said in his heart, "Could it be that the auction house received a letter of respect from Tang Zichen and they sent back the withheld spirit stones so quickly?"

Tang Zichen also thought that he was sending spirit stones and was busy going to open the door.

"Haha, Yu Mo, finally you've come, it's to deliver the spirit stone, right?"Tang Zichen chuckled, it seemed that his Tang Zichen's threat was still somewhat useful, it was not, and the spirit stone was sent back in the afternoon.As such, Tang Zichen would not hold a grudge against the Yu Clan.

"Oh, Liu Fan, you guys are still in the Four Seas ah."

"Of course, if you're not in the Four Seas then where are you."

"I thought it was almost time for you guys to go back to the First Sea, and your temporary residence cards, they're about to expire."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, never mind when I'm going back to the One Heavy Sea, bring it out."


"Uh, what?"

"Spirit Stones, aren't you here to return my Spirit Stones?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, if he wasn't here to return it, there was no need for Yu Mo to appear here.

"This."Yu Mo's body trembled, somewhat afraid to speak, "Liu Fan, it's like this, the head of the auction house told me to come and find you and bring you a few words."

"You're not here to return my spirit stones?"Tang Zichen was furious.

"No, Uncle Jin asked me to relay to you, that, you should stop pestering him, or else he, he will make you suffer for it.And, let you also tell Tang Zichen not to mess with our family, or else, our family will let Tang Zichen, die without a burial."

"Uh."Tang Zichen wondered if he had heard correctly, just not returning his spirit stones, but actually warning him.

At this moment, instead of getting angry, Tang Zichen was calm.

Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh.

It was just a matter of time, although Tang Zichen had repeatedly given them the opportunity, repeatedly not wanting to have another enemy, but others didn't think so, not being afraid of him as an enemy, since that was the case, what did Tang Zichen have to fear.

"Yu Mo, this is what Yu Jin said?"

"It's, well, I'm just here to deliver a message, I'm leaving first, you guys should also go back to the One Heavy Sea early, don't toss it again, really, it's good for you."After saying that, Yu Mo busily left. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen's face was frosty as he watched Yu Mo leave.

Mu Qianji held Tang Zichen's hand and said, "Zichen, don't get angry, this result is expected anyway."

"Don't worry, I won't be angry with myself, since they've decided to make an enemy of me, then don't blame me for being rude.I really want to send them a message from the Yu Clan, NO make NO die."

"You're going to deal with Yu now?"

"No, take it one step at a time, the Ning family hasn't even been destroyed yet, there's no time to find Yu.After I've dealt with the Ning family, I'll come back to settle the score with Yu."Tang Zichen said with a firm gaze, Tang Zichen said that he would never let it go.

The Ning family had killed so many innocent people, so the Ning family had to be destroyed, otherwise how could they live up to the 300,000 innocent civilians that had died.

"Then when will we deal with the Ning Family?"Mu Qianji asked.

"I'll first take my Shura Blade Technique and practice it for a few days, so it's just a few days, and then, I'll officially open fire on the Ning family."

"Mm."Mu Qianji nodded, and she would do it together then, after all, Mu Qianji wasn't weak now, and with her Intermediate Superior Flying Sword Burial Moon Sword, which was at least out of the second and third stage, she had the power to fight.

As such, Tang Zichen, continued to cultivate the flying sword at the inn while practicing the Shura Blade Technique in his mind.

Previously, Tang Zichen's Shura Blade Technique had reached the seventh blade, and now Tang Zichen was practicing the eighth blade.

Tang Zichen spent half a day practicing the eighth slash.

Tang Zichen felt that he could still practice the ninth blade, so Tang Zichen continued to practice the ninth blade.

The ninth blade was called the Heavenly Lofty Blade, and once it was practiced, it was very peerless.

With another mid-grade superior flying sword, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen could slash the fifth stage of the Exaltation in one slash and the sixth stage of the Exaltation in two slashes.

The Ning family's ancestor, Ning Fang, was only at the sixth stage of Exaltation, and it would not be difficult for Tang Zichen to slash him.

Therefore, Tang Zichen was really not far away from destroying the Ning family, only waiting for the ninth blade of Shura to be practiced.

However, practicing the Ninth Blade of Shura wasn't that fast, I'm afraid it would take several days, and Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry anyway.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, I'll go to another inn now."


; "Why?"

"The people in the auction house know we're staying here, and these few days are the crucial time for you to practice the ninth blade of Shura, you can't be disturbed, we'll go to another inn, and in case the Ning family finds out about you being Tang Zichen's cousin, they'll definitely bother you."

"Fine, right now, the most important thing for me is to practice the Ninth Blade of Shura."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji, checked out of the room, then booked a room at another inn before plunging back into the practice of Shura's Ninth Blade.

Yu's Auction House sent someone to the inn the next day to see if Liu Fan was still there.

As a result, when asked at the inn, Liu Fan had already checked out of the room.

When Yu Jin heard that Liu Fan had already checked out, he hummed in his heart, "Thought how tough, I warned him, but he's still good enough to roll back to the One Heavy Sea."

Yu Jin was very proud, he thought that Tang Zichen had checked out, that is, he had left for the One Heavy Sea.

"It seems that Sanzu made the right decision."Yu Jin smiled slightly, this time, Yu Jin was heavily praised by the family for obtaining 47 extra sixth grade spirit stones for the family, and the family took out eight sixth grade spirit stones as a reward.

All this time, the Ning family hadn't given up on hunting Tang Zichen, and the Ning family's third, fourth, and fifth, had been tracking Tang Zichen's whereabouts in the First Sea and other places.

Not only that, the Ning family's ancestor, Ning Fang, immediately went to the One Heavy Sea to help hunt down and kill Tang Zichen after obtaining a middle-grade superior flying sword at the auction.

It could be said that the Ning family's pursuit of Tang Zichen had reached the highest level, and outsiders didn't know that they thought Tang Zichen was in dire straits at the moment, but Tang Zichen was practicing his Shura Saber Technique at the inn like a nobody.

The door of the inn room where Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were staying hadn't been opened for several days, and no one dared to disturb them.

"Zichen, if you want to speed things up, why don't you stop for now, rest for a day, and practice again tomorrow?"A few days later, Mu Qianji suddenly said to Tang Zichen that it wasn't a good idea to stay in his room and practice all the time after all.

"Fine, let's take a day's rest first, without continuing to practice, I think that in three more days, I can refine the ninth blade of Shura."Tang Zichen opened his eyes and said.

"Let's go eat first."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji arrived at the downstairs of the inn and ordered a table of food.

Tang Zichen was just about to move his chopsticks when he heard some of the inn's guests talking about it.

"Have you heard ah, the middle grade superior flying sword that was auctioned off by Yu's auction house a few days ago belonged to Tang Zichen's cousin, named Liu Fan, unfortunately, Yu's auction house saw Liu Fan's weakness and pitched him 47 sixth grade spirit stones.That Liu Fan was not satisfied and threatened to tell Tang Zichen."

"Then what happened?"

"Then Yu's Auction House, for real, received a warning letter from a self-proclaimed Tang Zichen, demanding that the auction house return to Liu Fan."

"Then Yu's Auction House returned it?"

"Hahaha, still a fart, Yu's didn't give that Tang Zichen face at all, moreover, I heard that Yu's Third Ancestor, even warned Liu Fan and Tang Zichen, the next day, that Liu Fan left the Four Seas without a word, hahaha."

"Yu's really good, Tang Zichen has been so popular lately, even the Ning family was killed by him for two out-of-body stages, but he didn't even give Tang Zichen any face."

"Yeah, the most important thing is that Tang Zichen doesn't seem to dare to do anything to the Yu Clan."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen can't even protect himself now, I heard that Ning Fang, the ancestor of the Ning family, has gone after him personally, so how can Tang Zichen dare to do anything about it."

Tang Zichen ate his meal, silently listening to the discussions in the inn, Tang Zichen did not have any mood swings, Tang Zichen would take care of Yu sooner or later anyway.The most important thing right now was to first practice the ninth blade of Shura, Tian Luo Di.


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