The King of Kungfu in school 1551-1560


Chapter 1551

Tang Huan said, "It seems like he's at the seventh step of heart illumination."

"It's only the seventh step of heart illumination, he'll die in my hands sooner or later."Tang Zichen didn't put it in his eyes at all, Tang Zichen was now at the Seventh Order of Enlightenment, which was exactly one major realm away from the Seventh Order of Heart Illumination.With Tang Zichen's ability, this gap, he might catch up in half a year, and even if he didn't, he might be able to spike Tang Hu, and then the entire Tang family would be Tang Zichen's.

Tang Zichen slapped a palm at the corpse on the ground: "Flame Palm."

Suddenly, flames burned Tang Go Liao's corpse to the ground.Of course, the Flame Palm was too low level and suitable for the Body Refining Stage, so if Tang Go Liao wasn't dead yet, it would be impossible to injure him.

Tang Huan just sighed, originally Tang Go Liao was quite a genius, but now he had fallen early.

Tang Zichen asked, "Sister, what is it that you're in such a hurry to find me?"

"Brother, I was about to tell you, but I was frightened by the corpses on the ground.What I want to tell you is, do you remember two months ago, when the quarterly testing of the outer disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect took place, the other two geniuses who stepped into the fourth stage of body refining?"

"Of course I remember.One's name is Yang Rong and the other's name is Lu Yu Xi."Tang Zichen said.Tang Zichen also remembered that the girl named Lu Yuxi, who was only 14 years old, had a marked appearance, and would definitely be a beautiful woman when she grew up.

"Sister, why are you suddenly saying this to me?"Tang Zichen was confused.

"Brother, it's not really a big deal, it's just that I saw just outside, that Yang Rong, when he saw that you had established a power, he also followed your example and established a power as well.That Yang Rong set up a force called 'Tian Rong Alliance', and is recruiting troops from the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect at the moment."

"Uh, imitating me?Why are you imitating me?It's hilarious that I set up a Light Cloud Alliance and he also set up a Sky Glory Alliance." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Huan said, "Brother, last quarter, the three of you were both geniuses who reached the fourth stage of Body Tempering, and now that you've established the Light Cloud Alliance, that Yang Rong naturally doesn't want to fall behind, that Yang Rong, by the way, is pursuing Lv Yu Xi.I think the reason why he set up the Sky Rong Alliance is probably because he doesn't want to be compared to you, so it would be more beneficial for him to pursue Lv Yu Xi."

"Uh, pursuing that 14 year old girl?That Yang Rong still has no shame."Tang Zichen said speechlessly, even at 14 years old, he could get down.

"Brother, what's wrong with being 14, I'm only 16 too, and you're only 12."Tang Huan rolled his eyes.

"Oh, it seems so, nowadays, even little kids know how to talk about love nowadays.Alright, sis, it's none of my business, I'm going to continue refining the talisman."

"Fine, I'm just telling you as a joke."After saying that, Tang Huan exited Tang Zichen's room.

Now that there were enough rooms after moving to the Light Cloud Alliance headquarters, Tang Huan didn't sleep with Tang Zichen anymore.

Tang Zichen looked at Tang Huan's back and sighed, it had been almost two months since he had smelled his sister's fragrance, Tang Zichen wanted to hug his sister to sleep once more.

Unfortunately, as a younger brother, Tang Zichen was not good enough to ask his sister to sleep in the same room as him, before there was only one room that was fine, but now that there were enough rooms, there was no reason to do so.

At this moment, in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, somewhere.

A person shouted, "Everyone walk by, don't miss it, the 'Tian Rong Alliance' formed by the generation genius Yang Rong, has officially started recruiting."

At this moment, a person peripheral disciple came over and asked, "May I ask what allowances are available?"

The man busy said, "Of course there is a stipend, two spirit stones per month, if you can become Yang Rong lao

If you are a big core subordinate, you have five spirit stones per month.Also, our Yang Rong boss said that he will instruct everyone in martial arts.Those who want to join the Tian Rong Alliance, please come to our headquarters tomorrow at noon, for an interview."

"Really?Does your boss Yang Rong have that much money?Tang Zichen has enough money because he sells talismans, but your Yang Rong?"

"Our Boss Yang Rong's family has plenty of money, his father gives him several hundred spirit stones every month, do you think it's enough?"

"Enough, then I will definitely go for an interview tomorrow."

At this moment, somewhere in the Flying Cloud Sect.

A 15 year old boy was chasing after a 14 year old girl.

"Yu Xi, don't go."

"Yang Rong, stop chasing me, I won't like you."The 14 year old girl warned.

"Lu Yuxi, why won't you accept my love?Do I have to rip my heart out and show it to you so you know I mean it?"

"Roll."Lv Yu Xi yelled with a disgusted face.

Yang Rong was furious, "Lv Yu Xi, you don't accept me, is it because of Tang Zichen?Do you love Tang Zichen because he sold talismans and built the Light Cloud Alliance?Lu Yuxi, I'm not afraid to tell you that I'm also building up my own power, called the Tian Rong Alliance.Don't worry, I'll never mix worse than Tang Zichen."

Lv Yu Xi thought of that little kid who was less than her ear's height and trailed off, "I would like a little kid?Ridiculous."

"Then why don't you accept my love?Rainbrook, be my girlfriend."

"Get lost."Lv Yu Xi yelled in disgust.

That Yang Rong said with reluctance, "Lu Yu Xi, I won't give up, I'll let you see how powerful I am, I don't even consider Tang Zichen as an opponent, I'll let you know how bad Tang Zichen is in front of me."

"Hmph."Lv Yuxi walked away without looking back.

Yang Rong looked at Lu Yuxi's figure, although she was only 14 years old, she was already slender and touching, secretly gritting her teeth, "Tang Zichen, aren't you just relying on a few talismans you got from somewhere and sold them in the Flying Cloud Sect for some money, the rest, you are all inferior to me.Lu Yuxi is mine, don't you dare try to steal my woman."

Tang Zichen had no idea that he had somehow become someone else's rival, the point was that that person, in Tang Zichen's eyes, was too low, so low that Tang Zichen was embarrassed to treat him as an opponent.

The next day, Yang Rong's Tian Rong Alliance was established.

Although he hadn't recruited that many members, there were more than thirty.

"Someone, go and ask Tang Zichen out for me."

"Yes, Boss."

"Right, ask Lu Yuxi out as well, I want to teach that little brat Tang Zichen a lesson in front of Lu Yuxi, I'd like to see if Lu Yuxi still likes that little brat."

"Yes, Boss.But, Boss, are you sure you can defeat Tang Zichen?Tang Zichen and you, both are at the fourth stage of Body Tempering ah."

"Hmph, although I don't know how Tang Zichen cultivates so fast, but after all, he's only twelve years old and his body hasn't even grown yet, even if he's also at the fourth stage of Body Tempering, he's no match for me at all, what's more, the martial skill I practiced is a middle stage higher martial skill passed down from my family, while what Tang Zichen practiced is just a beginner's lower martial skill from Tibet, I don't believe that little brat is my opponent.I didn't want to bully a brat, and it's not honorable to win, it's all because Lu Yuxi forced me to."

"Yes, Boss, I'm on my way."


Tang Zichen was in the courtyard, studying the Shura Eighteen Knives with his eyes closed, although Tang Zichen couldn't practice it, Tang Zichen could still study it in his mind from time to time.

At that moment, Tang Huan came in from outside and said, "Brother, that Yang Rong sent someone to invite you over."

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and said, confused, "Yang Rong?Could it be that little kid who became a Body Tempering Fourth Stage with me last quarter?"

Tang Huan chuckled, "You call him a little kid, you're not even more of a kid yourself."

"Uh, what does he want with me?"Tang Zichen was baffled.

"I don't know, he sent someone to ask you to come."

Tang Zichen stood up.

"In that case, I'll go and see what he wants."

"Well, I'll go too."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, just focus on practicing your martial skills, you're at the Sixth Level of Light Opening Realm, yet your martial skills are still so poor, so why don't you hurry up."

"Oh."Tang Huan pursed her lips, so she had to concentrate on practicing her martial skills. First website

Tang Zichen went to Yang Rong's Tian Rong Alliance alone.

Arriving at the entrance of the Tian Rong Alliance, one of his men shouted to the inside, "Tang Zichen is here."

Tang Zichen walked straight into the door and entered inside, only to see more than thirty outer disciples sitting on both sides of the room, and at the top, a fifteen year old boy stood there, his eyes seemingly with a hint of viciousness, looking at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was somewhat baffled when he saw Yang Rong looking at him with a vicious gaze, as if he hadn't offended him.

"Yang Rong, what did you call me here for?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Tang Zichen, don't worry yet, it's not too late until the other one comes."Yang Rong said.

"Whatever, I'd like to see what you want."Tang Zichen grunted and sat down on one side.

Not long after, there was another shout from outside, "Lu Yuxi is here."

A nascent, graceful fourteen-year-old girl walked in, and it was Lv Yuxi.

Tang Zichen saw Lu Yuxi for the second time, and found that she was a little taller than two months ago, and her chest had puffed up a little, and her taste for girls was a little stronger, but at the moment, Lu Yuxi had a frosty face.

Lv Yuxi looked at Tang Zichen before sweeping her gaze towards Yang Rong and hummed, "Yang Rong, what did you invite me here for?"

Yang Rong was busy saying, "Lu Yuxi, I invited Tang Zichen over today, if there's anything, the three of us can settle it face to face."

Tang Zichen said baffled, "Hey, what do I have to settle with you guys face to face?I don't seem to know you guys well."

Yang Rong shouted at Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, shut up, it's not your turn to speak yet."

Tang Zichen was suddenly very upset, what the hell, somehow invited him here, and then before he understood anything, he shouted at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was about to strike and chop Yang Rong to death when he saw Yang Rong say to Lu Yu Xi, "Yu Xi, how about I beat him up in front of you today?"

Lu Yuxi snorted, "Nuts, would I like this little kid, Tang Zichen?Yang Rong, how many times have I told you that the person I like is not this little brat, so please don't bother me, okay?I'm not going to like you, don't think that just because you're stronger than me, you can harass me one after another."

Tang Zi's raised hand stopped, and hearing their conversation, Tang Zi

The minister understands that Yang Rong is the one chasing after Lv Yuxi, but Lv Yuxi doesn't like Yang Rong, so Lv Yuxi tells Yang Rong that she already has a boy she likes.Yang Rong was not convinced, and thought that the guy Lu Yuxi liked was Tang Zichen.Yang Rong called Tang Zichen here today, because he wants to beat up Tang Zichen to his face.

After understanding Yang Rong's purpose of calling Tang Zichen over, Tang Zichen burst out laughing, and at the same time, Tang Zichen was also angry.

At the moment, Yang Rong was only focused on talking to Lv Yuxi and didn't look at Tang Zichen at all.

Yang Rong pressed Lv Yuxi, "Tang Zichen is the most genius existence in our session other than me, who else can you like other than him, you must be afraid of me beating him, that's why you said that."

Lu Yuxi didn't care in the slightest whether Tang Zichen would be beaten or not, she sneered, "Think what you want, you can beat him if you want, it's none of my business."

"Lu Yuxi, I didn't care to bully a little kid, you forced me to do it."

"Yang Rong, what do you want to do yourself, don't try to impose on me at every turn, in short, don't mess with me, or I'm not that easy to mess with.Don't think that you come from some Wannian family, as if you think I'm going to be afraid of you, I just don't care to use my connections on someone of your level."Lu Yuxi seemed to be angry.

Yang Rong was dizzy with anger, perhaps he really wanted to fall in love with Lu Yuxi too much, Yang Rong turned to look at Tang Zichen and took out all his anger on Tang Zichen.

Yang Rong roared, "Tang Zichen, it's all you, I'm going to fix you today."After saying that, Yang Rong leapt up in anger and then slapped down in the air.

"Phew."A strong wind was blowing throughout the house.

Tang Zichen was furious inside, this Yang Rong, who had hit a wall in picking up girls himself, actually took out his anger on Tang Zichen, treating him like a soft tomato.

Tang Zichen met the situation and instantly grabbed Yang Rong's arm when Yang Rong was completely unpredictable.

"Ka-ching."Tang Zichen twisted Yang Rong's arm in an instant.

"Bang."Tang Zichen shot a kick and whistled, Yang Rong flew out of the door.

"Ah."More than thirty of Yang Rong's men in the house were shocked.

Lu Yuxi also turned pale.

Tang Zichen and the two of them, both at the fourth stage of Body Tempering, had thought that Tang Zichen, who was even younger, could categorically not be a match for Yang Rong, after all, Yang Rong's arms were thicker than Tang Zichen's.However, it turned out that Yang Rong was not a match at all, and did not even have the slightest ability to fight back.

"How could this be."Lu Yuxi looked at the short Tang Zichen and said incredulously.

Yang Rong, who flew out of the gate, spewed out several mouthfuls of blood wildly, seemingly even spitting out some pieces of his lungs, showing how heavy Tang Zichen's slap was.

Tang Zichen leapt three times to the gate, Tang Zichen grabbed Yang Rong's hair and dragged him in again.

Tang Zichen said angrily, "Fuck you, what the hell, you lost your own pickup girl, take it out on me.I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.What kind of onion are you, you're also worthy of being a rival to me, Tang someone, I pooh."

"Bang."Tang Zichen smashed another fierce punch into Yang Rong's chest, and Yang Rong's chest caved in, his entire body was in a half-dead state.

"Slap, slap, slap."Tang Zichen swung his palm and slammed it on Yang Rong's face.

In a short while, both sides of Yang Rong's face swelled into a pig's head.

Lu Yuxi panicked, "Tang Zichen, if you keep hitting, he'll die."


Tang Zichen huffed, "Death is how it drops."Tang Zichen glared at Lu Yuxi and said.

"In that case, let's kill him, it's none of my business anyway."Lv Yuxi turned around and walked out.

Tang Zichen hung Yang Rong up and said, "Yang Rong, I'll leave you with your cheap life today, and when you run into me in the future, respectfully call me grandpa, otherwise, I'll take back your cheap life anytime."After saying that, Tang Zichen threw Yang Rong ruthlessly to the ground and quickly turned around and left.

Yang Rong lay weakly on the ground, at the moment, his head was still muddled, he had never thought that a twelve year old kid was so strong, as a fellow at the fourth stage of body refining, he was not a match in the slightest.

Originally, Yang Rong had thought that he was quite strong, as he was far stronger than Lu Yuxi, who was also at the fourth stage of Body Tempering.

"Boss, how are you."A few of his men came up, Yang Rong had just been brutally beaten up and they didn't dare to come up to help, although a few of them were at the fifth stage of Body Tempering, but they didn't dare to offend Tang Zichen.After all, Tang Zichen was the leader of the Light Cloud Alliance, and there were even those at the sixth stage of Body Tempering in the Light Cloud Alliance.

After Tang Zichen walked out of the Sky Rong Alliance, he caught up with Lu Yuxi who was in front of him.

"Hey, Lv Yuxi."Tang Zichen shouted.

Lv Yu Xi stopped and turned back and grunted, "What's the matter?"

Don said, "Did I just let you go?"

"Uh."Lu Yuxi wondered if he had heard it correctly. Remember the URL

"What do you mean?"Lu Yuxi's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen said again, "Did I just let you go?"

"Ha, ridiculous, I'm just going to leave, do I need to ask you?"Lu Yuxi gave a cold laugh.

Tang Zichen said, "Today I was called here by Yang Rong, although it wasn't directly caused by you, but it had something to do with you, and now Yang Rong has been seriously injured by me, and you, thinking that you can stay out of it and pretend that nothing happened, am I just going to let you off?"

Lu Yu Xi was furious, so Tang Zichen was not even letting her go.

"What does this matter have to do with me, you won't even let me go, you're hilarious you."Lu Yuxi said with bated breath.

Tang Zichen said, "I just said that even though you didn't directly cause it, it has something to do with you, don't you have ears."

"Hmph, well, even if it has something to do with me, where so what, how dare you."Lv Yuxi yelled.

Tang Zichen looked at Lu Yuxi for a few seconds and said, "Lu Yuxi, since you are a woman, I won't beat you, but don't expect me to pretend that nothing has happened."

"Yeah? What do you want."Lv Yuxi's gaze was cold.

Tang Zichen took a glance at Lv Yuxi's entire body, this chick's figure was quite positive, in two or three years' time, where else would it be.

Tang Zichen stroked his chin and said, "How about this, I'll take care of you, you name a price."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, are you sure you didn't say the wrong thing?"Lu Yu Xi bit her teeth.

"What? I'm the boss of the Light Cloud Alliance, and I can't even keep you?"Tang Zichen said.

Lu Yuxi was trembling with anger, Tang Zichen didn't say this, it was fine, once said it was even more so, because Tang Zichen took himself too seriously, what Light Cloud Alliance boss, a bunch of rabble, was simply trash in Lu Yuxi's eyes, and actually had the nerve to move out this trash identity to boast of his high status.

"Tang Zichen, say that again."Lv Yu Xi trembled all over.

Both fists clenched.

"I don't have time to bullshit you, I'm just asking you, I'm willing to cover you, will you accept?If you agree, then what has just happened is written off.If you don't agree, then what has just happened will never be forgotten."

"Rascal, if you dare to insult me, I'll kill you."Lu Yu Xi punched Tang Zichen.

Lu Yuxi's punch carried an inexplicable power.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, there must be a secret on Lv Yuxi's body, otherwise how could she strike such a powerful punch, and with the strength of this punch, Lv Yuxi definitely killed Yang Rong in seconds, but why did she hide her strength before and not defeat Yang Rong?

Tang Zichen suddenly grabbed Lu Yuxi's green jade hand and scattered all of Lu Yuxi's attacks, and the hand that Tang Zichen grabbed seemed to be frozen into a popsicle.

"What."Lv Yuxi was shocked inside, "This is impossible, this move of mine is a high-grade superior martial skill, this strike is comparable to the eighth stage of body refining, I didn't dare to use it easily before, so when Yang Rong dueled with me, I didn't even put out my full strength.If I wasn't forced by this little bastard just now, I wouldn't have used this move.However, I didn't expect that such a strong move of mine would be easily defused by Tang Zichen... Oh my god, this move of mine, but I might not even be able to block it at the eighth stage of Body Tempering... This Tang Zichen, he's only at the fourth stage of Body Tempering, and he's only twelve years old, how is it possible."

At this moment, Lu Yuxi was even more shocked inside and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.If Tang Zichen had just surprised her by defeating Yang Rong, then defusing her move now would be more than just a surprise.

"Let go of my hand."Lv Yuxi snorted.

Tang Zichen let go of Lv Yuxi's hand.

Lv Yuxi found that her wrists were all scratched red.

Lv Yuxi huffed, "Tang Zichen, who the hell are you."

"I should be the one to ask you this, that punch you just threw was extremely powerful, not to mention Yang Rong, even ten Yang Rong couldn't stop it.Why are you pretending that you can't beat Yang Rong?What exactly are you?"Tang Zichen asked aloud, Tang Zichen felt that with that move that Lu Yuxi had just made, he knew that Lu Yuxi must be from a big place, and also, Tang Zichen had just heard Lu Yuxi say this to Yang Rong: I just don't care to use my relationship against someone of your level.

This sentence, now that I thought about it, had great meaning.

What kind of bottom line is that Lu Yuxi simply doesn't care to use her relationship against someone of Yang Rong's level?

Lv Yuxi glared at Tang Zichen, from her eyes, she revealed a look that treated others like ants, and warned Tang Zichen, "You'd better ask less about me, otherwise, you'll die without even knowing how you'll die, and I'll only warn you once for the same words."After saying that, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that Lu Yuxi's body emitted a submissive air, Tang Zichen guessed that Lu Yuxi's true identity must be extraordinary, or else she wouldn't be allowed to have such an air, it wasn't an act.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You think I'm afraid of you, I'm not afraid to tell you that my family history is just as big."

Lu Yuxi scowled, "Really? Then why don't you tell me, what kind of family lineage, this world, but all the real big immortal cultivation families, even if I don't know anything about them, I've heard of them."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, what a mouthful.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "If you don't even say it, why should I say it, I want to say it all together."

"I'm not interested in knowing you."Lv Yu Xi turned around and walked away.

"Hey, Lu Yuxi, I'll cover you, think about it, don't worry, I don't need you to do anything, it'll be enough to warm the bed."


Lu Yuxi said furiously, "If you're really not afraid of death, you're close to me."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen touched his head, this Lu Yuxi, making a mystery.What the hell, Tang Zichen recalled the comparison he had pretended to Nong Xiaotian and his son, and said in his heart, "Could it be that Lu Yuxi is also pretending to compare with me?But why does it feel like she's the real deal?"

"It's just a matter of time, it looks like Lu Yuxi can't be messed with, forget it, lest you set her on fire."Tang Zichen had to leave her alone.Originally, Tang Zichen saw that Lv Yuxi was quite pretty, the entire Feiyun Sect was popular for keeping, and Tang Zichen had to follow the trend, although Tang Zichen was only twelve years old and wouldn't do anything, and Tang Zichen wasn't going to do anything, but warming the bed was always fine.

At that moment, Tang Zichen remembered his wife, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and all his friends in the mortal realm, and suddenly felt a pain inside.Suddenly, Tang Zichen wondered how he should live this life, should he fear losing again and then be alone from then on, or should he forget the past and continue to move forward?

Tang Zichen returned home a little disoriented.

"Boss, what's wrong with you?"Tang Miao saw that Tang Zichen didn't look very good and was busy asking with concern.


"Right, Boss, I heard that Lu Yuxi likes you, so that Yang Rong hates you very much."Tang Ming was busy.

"Nothing of the sort."This matter Tang Zichen had just gone to deal with it, it was an oolong, Lu Yuxi didn't even like Tang Zichen, she didn't even agree to keep him, how could she still like him.However, it seemed that Lu Yuxi did have some feelings for a person, and she didn't know who it was.

Tang Ming hehe smiled: "Boss, don't be embarrassed, although you're only 12 years old and don't know how to make love between men and women yet, you can reserve it for now and wait until you grow up in a few years.I've heard that some bosses in the Flying Cloud Sect have at least a few girlfriends.That Lu Yuxi is a beauty, now only fourteen is quite charming, if you don't chase after her now, you'll be chased away by others later, too bad I'm not good enough for her, otherwise I'd want to chase after her, haha."Tang Mifei was now in a very high position, everyone in the Light Cloud Alliance called him Brother Yixie, he had been getting around very freely recently, and he still had five spirit stones to refine every month, so it was a very prosperous situation.

Tang Zichen looked at Tang Unknown and said without scruff, "Spend more time practicing martial skills in the future, don't think about these nonsense." One second to remember to read the book

"Yes, boss, I will."

Tang Zichen walked into his courtyard and Tang unknown followed.

Tang Huan was practicing his martial arts skills in the courtyard.

"Brother, you're back, what did that Yang Rong want with you?"Tang Huan was busy asking.

"Nothing, a little shit."Tang Zichen was a bit moody.

At this time, Tang unknown asked, "Tang Huan, do you think that Boss should find a girlfriend in the Flying Cloud Sect now?"

"What?"Tang Huan suspected that he had heard wrong, should a 12 year old man be looking for a girlfriend?

Tang Miao said, "Tang Huan, I think that Lu Yuxi is quite pretty, it would be nice if she could be the boss's girlfriend."

Tang Huan huffed, "Tang Unknown, do you know what you're talking about?"

"I know, advise the boss to go after his girlfriend, the boss of the Light Cloud Alliance doesn't even have a girlfriend, it's a bit pricey, it's not enough to go out in style."Tang Miao said.

"Tang Miao, my brother is only twelve years old, don't you dare teach him a bad lesson here.At his age, does he know what a girlfriend is?You know what love is?"Tang Huan reprimanded.

"Oh, it's a status symbol, what do you know."Tang Mumai trailed off at Tang Huan, not even sure why Tang Huan was so prevented.

Tang Miao said to Tang Zichen, "Boss, I really hope you go after Lv Yu Xi, Lv Yu Xi is one of your

The prettiest of the disciples in the session, if you enter the inner circle in the future, you might be snatched away by someone else."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and snorted softly.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "There is only one woman in my heart, and she is Mu Qianji."

Tang Zichen sighed deeply, for this person Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen really felt more and more distant.Suddenly, Tang Zichen was almost on the verge of forgetting what Mu Qianji looked like, there was only a vague appearance of her in his mind, Tang Zichen was really afraid that one day, he would forget about Mu Qianji.

"Phew."Tang Zichen closed his eyes and tried to recreate Mu Qianji's appearance in his mind, but it always felt like, the appearance in his mind was becoming more and more unfamiliar.

"Brother, what are you thinking about?"Tang Huan was a little worried.

"Nothing."Tang Zichen was in a moody mood.

Tang Huan sighed, "Brother, I'm not stopping you from finding a girlfriend, in fact, you're so strong now, it's fine if you want a girlfriend, if you really want a girlfriend, I support you to chase after Lu Yuxi."Tang Huan said, inside, for some reason, he felt a little listless.

However, Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No need."


"I'm afraid that once I look for her, I'll really forget about her.Besides, Lu Yuxi is so far from the person I have in mind that I can still consider keeping her, but as a girlfriend, forget it."Tang Zichen said with a sadness in his eyes.

"Brother, why do you suddenly feel strange, who is she you're talking about?"Tang Huan was busy pursuing the question.

"Oh, the one person who lives in my mind, her appearance is becoming more and more blurred in my memory, and I often even forget her existence, I'm afraid that if I do find a girlfriend, I'll really forget."Tang Zichen said fearfully.

"Brother, do you have some kind of story?"

Tang Zichen didn't want to talk about the mortal realm, so he said, "It's just a childhood thing."

"Uh."Tang Huan was a bit speechless, but the childhood thing actually made him look like he was in love.

Tang Zichen went on with his talisman refining, life would eventually go on.

Soon, another month passed.

Feiyun Sect's outer disciples, the time for the second quarter testing had arrived.

On this day, all the second-quarter disciples of the first year were gathered in the square.

The sky was still filled with the same strong man who was in charge of the testing last time.

"Everyone, in the blink of an eye, three months have passed again, and you have spent a full half year in the Flying Cloud Sect.The last time I tested, three of the disciples in the class reached the fourth stage of Body Tempering, and this time, I would like to see more people reach the fourth stage of Body Tempering, or even see someone reach the fifth stage of Body Tempering.However, having only entered the Flying Cloud Sect for half a year, it's unlikely that anyone has reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering, and I don't believe it's true."The strong man in mid-air said, his eyes on the nearly ten thousand one-year disciples on the ground.

"Alright, without further ado, out of the one year disciples, has anyone reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering in this quarterly test?"The strong man in mid-air asked, but he was just asking casually, he didn't think so.

There was much discussion on the ground.

"How is it possible, entering the Flying Cloud Sect for half a year to reach the fifth stage of Body Tempering, it's too fake, our Flying Cloud Sect isn't a first-class sect, where is there such a strong genius."

"Yeah, it's simply a waste of time asking."

Right now, Tang Zichen was hesitating whether or not to hide his realm at the fifth stage of Body Tempering and go out in awe.Tang Zichen already knew that Yang Rong and Lu Yuxi, neither of them had stepped into the fifth stage of Body Tempering, if Tang Zichen stepped out, then Tang Zichen would be the only one to reach the fifth stage of Body Tempering, the most genius of the disciples in the first session, and was bound to shock everyone. 


Tang Zichen bit his teeth, damn it, high profile for once.

So, Tang Zichen quietly raised his hidden realm to the sixth stage of Body Tempering, and then walked out in full view of the public.

"Wow, someone really reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering?It's Don Zichen?"

"Heavens, Tang Zichen has only been in the Flying Cloud Sect for half a year and he's reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering?How is this possible."

The moment Tang Zichen walked out, everyone was shocked, Tang Zichen had actually stepped into the fifth stage of Body Tempering.

At this moment, Yang Rong was filled with jealousy as he looked at Tang Zichen, and that Lu Yuxi was also incredible, saying inwardly, "This little bastard has broken through to the fifth stage of Body Tempering before I even did."

Everyone, looked at Tang Zichen, filled with incredulity, as well as admiration.

Unfortunately, everyone was wrong, what Tang Zichen had just unleashed was not the fifth stage of Body Tempering, but the sixth stage of Body Tempering.

The strong man in the sky didn't pay attention for a while, and somewhat unexpectedly laughed, "I didn't expect that there was really someone who had reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering, you've only entered the Flying Cloud Sect for half a year, you've reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering, powerful, what's your name?"

Tang Zichen said, "Back to senior, my name is Tang Zichen, forgive senior's boldness, there was a mistake in the sentence senior just said."

The strong man in the sky frowned and asked, "What did I just say that was a mistake?" First web site

Tang Zichen said, "Just now, Senior said that he didn't expect that there was really someone who had reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering, which is wrong, I'm standing out right now, not because I've reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering, but because, I've reached the sixth stage of Body Tempering."

"What."The crowd was all shocked when they heard Tang Zichen's words, as if heavenly thunder had exploded in their heads.

"Tang Zichen said that he reached the sixth stage of Body Tempering, not the fifth stage, oh my god, is this true?"

"Impossible, I'm incredulous that he reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering, sixth stage of Body Tempering, how can I believe this."

The entire square exploded.

The strong man in the sky was startled, he was actually a bit far from the ground, and the Body Tempering Stage was too weak for him, whether it was the fifth or sixth stage of Body Tempering, it was as weak as no difference in his eyes, so he didn't notice that Tang Zichen was at the sixth stage of Body Tempering.

The strong man said, "It was my mistake, Tang Zichen, you really are at the sixth stage of the Body Tempering Stage."The strong man in the sky carefully judged the situation and came to a new conclusion.

"Wow, it really is the sixth stage of body refining."


"Tang Zichen is too ungodly."

"Entering the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect for half a year and reaching the sixth stage of Body Tempering, how is this possible, let us live or not."

"Tsk tsk, my idol."

The entire square was stunned.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the crowd and smiled in his heart, although Tang Zichen hid a lot of his realm, he didn't want to act badly, so this time, he unleashed the sixth stage of Body Tempering to have a good time being worshipped, and to be considered a high profile awe-inspiring.

Right now, it was truly awe-inspiring, everyone looked at Tang Zichen's eyes differently, filled with worship.

Of course, there were also people filled with jealousy, for example, the one called Yang Rong was looking at Tang Zichen with jealousy right now.During the last quarterly test, he, Tang Zichen, and Lu Yuxi were all at the fourth stage of Body Tempering, while this quarterly test, Tang Zichen had already reached the sixth stage of Body Tempering, while they, were still at the fourth stage of Body Tempering.

At this moment, Lv Yuxi was also stunned, having just thought that Tang Zichen had reached the fifth stage of Body Tempering, when

She was all a bit surprised, but now that she found out that it was the wrong one, it was the sixth stage of Body Refining, she had been stunned inside.

Lu Yuxi looked at the scenery of Tang Zichen at the moment, and couldn't help but look towards one of the second year disciples, and said in her heart, "Will he, this quarter, surprise everyone?"

The person Lu Yuxi was just looking at was Zhen Wuxiang, a second year disciple.

During the last quarterly test, Zhen Wu Xiang reached the eighth stage of Body Tempering, which made Lu Yu Xi have some good feelings towards Zhen Wu Xiang, plus the fact that Zhen Wu Xiang was quite handsome, Lu Yu Xi's good feelings towards Zhen Wu Xiang were even stronger.So, at this moment, Tang Zichen bursting out with the sixth stage of Body Refining made Lu Yuxi look at Zhen Wu Xiang, she hoped that Zhen Wu Xiang would surprise everyone again, or, surprise her so that she would feel inside that Zhen Wu Xiang was still the most powerful person in the world.

The strong man in the sky said, "Let's cheer for Tang Zichen."

"Pah-pah."Everyone cheered and clapped a few times.

Then Tang Zichen walked back into the group.

The strong man in the sky continued, "Next, the one who reached the fourth stage of Body Refining among the disciples in the first session will step forward."

At this time, Yang Rong was the first one to rush out, and Yang Rong thought to himself, "Finally, it's my turn to be awesome."

However, when Yang Rong looked back, there were actually forty to fifty people following him out.

It was no longer awe-inspiring to have so many people reaching the fourth stage of Body Tempering.

The strong man in the sky didn't even let everyone cheer and let them go back to their teams.

Yang Rong looked depressed and turned his head to look at Tang Zichen, who had played out all the prestige by himself this time.

Next, it was the second disciple's turn to test.

The strong man in the sky said, "Among the second year disciples, during the last quarterly test, did anyone reach the eighth stage of Body Tempering, and this quarterly test, did anyone of the second year disciples reach the ninth stage of Body Tempering?I think there should be no more, after all, I was surprised when someone reached the eighth stage of Body Tempering last quarter."

At that moment, Zhen Wuxiang, one of the second disciples, shouted, "There is."Then, Zhen Wuxiang walked out in full view of the crowd.

The eyes of countless pairs of girls looked at Zhen Wu Xiang, full of little stars, and even Lu Yu Xi looked at Zhen Wu Xiang and felt that he was great.Lu Yu Xi said inwardly, "Zhen Wu Xiang is truly the most genius."

Zhen Wuxiang came out and said, "Senior, because I got a little opportunity, so I didn't just step into the ninth step of body refining, I also stepped into the first step of opening light."Zhen Wuxiang finished with a proud face.

"What."The entire audience was shocked.

Zhen Wuxiang had stepped into the First Order of Open Light?

"Oh my god."

The entire square was shocked, compared to Tang Zichen who had just stepped into the Sixth Step of Body Refining, the shock that Zhen Wuxiang announced that he had stepped into the First Step of Light Opening was much stronger at this moment.

The strong man in the sky also turned slightly pale and smiled, "Zhen Wuxiang, you are worthy of being the most genius among the 20,000 peripheral disciples present."

"Thank you."Zhen Wuxiang shook her hair with a proud face.

"Wow, the hair flinging action is so handsome."

Numerous young girls at the scene looked at Zhen Wu Xiang in fascination.

Zhen Wu Xiang's outward appearance was indeed good, already half as handsome as Tang Zichen's.Of course, referring to when Tang Zichen grew up.

Lu Yuxi was now looking at Zhen Wuxiang, her heartbeat accelerated a bit, before Lu Yuxi was only quite fond of Zhen Wuxiang, she hadn't reached liking, but right now, hearing that Zhen Wuxiang had reached the first stage of opening light, Lu Yuxi's heart suddenly beat, it seemed that her fondness for Zhen Wuxiang had risen a lot.


Lv Yu Xi said inwardly, "I told you that I have a good eye for people, brother Wu Xiang is awesome, just now I was worried that Tang Zichen's popularity would overshadow brother Wu Xiang, now it seems that Tang Zichen's little brat isn't even close, hee hee."Lu Yuxi laughed inwardly, looking at Zhen Wu Xiang in a different light.

The entire square, countless girls, were now fantasizing about Zhen Wu Xiang being the prince of their hearts.

The strong man in the sky said, "Everyone applaud and cheer for Zhen Wu Xiang."


After the applause, the strong man in the sky said, "Zhen Wuxiang, you can go down first."

"Yes, Senior."Zhen Wuxiang walked back to the team, looking over at Tang Zichen as he walked back to the team.

Zhen Wuxiang was torn inside.

Others didn't know, but Zhen Wuxiang knew that he had agreed to be Tang Zichen's little brother four or five months ago.

Now, Zhen Wuxiang was resisting being Tang Zichen's little brother inside.

He was the most genius disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, but he was a junior brother, if everyone knew about this, how could he lose face.

Therefore, Zhen Wuxiang was torn inside. Remember the URL

In the end, Zhen Wuxiang bit her teeth: "Damn it, I'm not going to be Tang Zichen's little brother, the worst-case scenario is that I'll give him back the spirit stone he gave me last time.I am Zhen Wuxiang, a recent talent outbreak, and my future achievements are definitely not small, how can I be a little brother.It's only because I was blinded by Tang Zichen a few months ago and saw that Tang Zichen had trained to the tenth level of the Thunder Fist and defeated my cousin, so I impulsively worshiped him as my big brother.Now that I've reached the first stage of Enlightenment, I can practice the Thunder Fist to the tenth level, which is nothing more than the lowest martial art.Alas, I really hate that I was too short-sighted at that time, and blinded my eyes just like that and worshipped Big Brother indiscriminately."

Inside Zhen Wuxiang's heart, she had decided to never admit that she was Tang Zichen's little brother.

Soon, the testing of the second quarter was completed and everyone disbanded.

After the dissolution, countless young girls immediately flocked to Zhen Wuxiang's front and affectionately called out to brother Wuxiang.

Tang Zichen looked over at Zhen Wuxiang and smiled in his heart, "Looks like I'm very discerning, taking in a little brother and breaking through in strength so quickly."

Tang Zichen headed to Zhen Wuxiang, there had been no news of Zhen Wuxiang for several months, and Zhen Wuxiang did not take the initiative to come to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen sent people to find him, all saying that Zhen Wuxiang had entered the True Beast Forest.

Unfortunately, Zhen Wu Xiang was surrounded by a group of girls, Tang Zichen couldn't talk to her, so Tang Zichen had to give up and send someone to invite her to the Light Cloud Alliance another day.

At that moment, Tang Zichen saw that not far away, Lu Yuxi was gazing at Zhen Wuxiang's side.

Tang Zichen's heart thudded and secretly said, "What's the situation?Lu Yu Xi was staring at Zhen Wu Xiang and there was a hint of a smile on her lips.Could it be that Lu Yuxi was also convinced by Zhen Wu Xiang's genius?Lu Yu Xi likes Zhen Wu Xiang?"

Tang Zichen became clear, he had heard Yang Rong say that Lu Yuxi had a favorite person, but it turned out that it was Zhen Wuxiang.

Tang Zichen didn't know why, his heart was a little upset, before Tang Zichen wanted to take care of her and was rejected by her, but he didn't expect that this Lv Yuxi liked another man.

Tang Zichen felt that his pride was hurt.

Tang Zichen immediately walked up to Lv Yuxi, Lv Yuxi was still looking at Zhen Wuxiang obsessively, not realizing that Tang Zichen had walked up to her.

"Ahem."Tang Zichen coughed.

, Lv Yuxi panicked back to her senses.

When Lv Yuxi saw that it was Tang Zichen, she said in a bad mood, "Tang Zichen, what are you doing."

Tang Zichen said, "Lv Yuxi, why were you looking at Zhen Wuxiang with obsessive eyes just now?"

Lu Yuxi snorted, "What's it to you, little kid."

"Lu Yuxi, don't tell me that you've taken a fancy to Zhen Wuxiang."

"So what if I am."

"Lu Yuxi, what's so good about Zhen Wuxiang, I really don't understand you, I'm the boss of the Light Cloud Alliance, such good conditions to keep you, you even rejected me, and now you still like Zhen Wuxiang, what kind of aesthetic do you have."Tang Zichen said sourly.

Lu Yuxi burst out laughingly, "Tang Zichen, you think you're great just stepping into the sixth stage of body refining?You're only average when compared to Zhen Wuxiang.Little butt, go where it's cool and stay, don't disturb my sister's mood."

"Oh, Lu Yuxi, you just see Zhen Wu Xiang is quite handsome, well, here I'll quietly reveal a little information to you: actually, when I grow up, I'll be twice as handsome as Zhen Wu Xiang at this moment."

"I pooh."

"You don't believe me?Then in a few years when I'm older, you'll know.Right, there's one thing you don't know, right, about Zhen Wuxiang."

Lu Yuxi had no interest in knowing, but when she heard about Zhen Wuxiang, she immediately became interested and was busy saying, "What is it?"

"Actually, Zhen Wu Xiang is also my little brother, Lu Yu Xi, I'm not my woman but I go to be my little brother's woman, I'm so sad for you, hahaha."Tang Zichen walked away with a big laugh.

Where did Lv Yuxi believe it, humming, "Idiot dreaming, you give Zhen Wu Xiang as a little brother, he even thinks you are weak."

The group of young girls surrounding Zhen Wu Xiang finally left, and only then did Lv Yu Xi walked up.

"Hello, Brother Wuxiang."Lv Yu Xi took the initiative to greet them.

Zhen Wu Xiang's eyes lit up when he saw Lu Yu Xi, previously, Zhen Wu Xiang liked Tang Huan, but unfortunately, Tang Huan couldn't chase after him.After that, he heard that there was a beautiful woman in one of the disciples.

Zhen Wuxiang was busy saying, "You're Lu Yuxi?"

"Hey, does Brother Incenseless know me?"

Zhen Wu Xiang smiled, "Of course, I heard that this year's outer one year disciples have a beauty no less than Tang Huan, called Lv Yu Xi, just now I saw how beautiful you are, so I knew you were Lv Yu Xi."

"Thank you for your praise, brother Wu Xiang."Lv Yuxi smiled sweetly inside.

At 14 years old, it was the age of the beginning of love, and Lu Yuxi was no exception, looking at Zhen Wu Xiang tall and handsome, his key talent was strong, and before he even reached the Inner Circle disciple assessment, he had already reached the first stage of opening light, how could he not be tempted.

At this moment, Zhen Wuxiang looked at the charming Lv Yuxi and was secretly delighted, "Could it be that Lv Yuxi is also my admirer?Wow."

Zhen Wuxiang was happy inside as she laughed inwardly, "Tang Huan didn't succeed in his quest before, but now there's a Lu Yuxi, hehe, it's considered that God has eyes to compensate me."

Zhen Wu Xiang was busy saying, "Yu Xi, why don't we take a walk together."

"Sure, I'm just having some questions I want to ask you."

"Okay, I know all about it."Zhen Wu Xiang smiled heedlessly.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi thought that Tang Zichen had just said that Zhen Wu Xiang was also his little brother, and asked, "Right, before I ask you for advice, I want to ask you a personal question."


Zhen Wu Xiang was busy saying, "I know what you wanted to ask me."

"Uh, how do you know what I want to ask you?"

"You're asking me if I have a girlfriend, aren't you.Haha, I don't have a girlfriend yet oh."Zhen Wu Xiang said laughingly.

"Uh."Lu Yuxi was stunned.

"What? You're asking me a question, isn't that it?Okay, I'm sorry, I misunderstood, so ask."Zhen Wuxiang said with an embarrassed face.

Only then did Lu Yuxi asked, "I just ran into Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen said that you are also his little brother, is it true ah."

Zhen Wuxiang's body trembled, he was now most annoyed by this question.

How could Zhen Wu Xiang dare to admit that if he admitted that he had indeed worshipped Tang Zichen as his big brother before, then his image would definitely be diminished in front of Lu Yuxi, and Lu Yuxi might leave him.

Therefore, Zhen Wuxiang pretended to be angry and snorted, "This Tang Zichen, he really owes a lot."

Lu Yuxi smiled, "I told you, how could you be his little brother, although there are many members of his Light Cloud Alliance, they are just a bunch of blood suckers who want his spirit stones, how many of them are sincere."

"Of course, how can I Zhen Wu Xiang be someone else's little brother, don't worry." One second to remember to read the book


Tang Zichen returned to the Light Cloud Alliance, and the more he thought about it, the more upset he became.

"Someone come."Tang Zichen shouted.

Tang Unknown walked in, "Boss, what's the order."

"Go, call Zhen Wu Xiang for me."

"Uh, Zhen Wuxiang?Boss, this is?"

"There's no harm in telling you, in fact, Zhen Wu Xiang is also my youngest brother, and the first one I took in, with qualifications older than all of you, before, for the sake of him being a genius after all, I gave him some face and didn't tell you guys.Alright, don't talk nonsense about this matter yet, go get Zhen Wuxiang for me."

"Okay, I'll go right away."

At a certain martial arts training ground on the outskirts of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Drink."Zhen Wuxiang threw out a punch, then said, "Yu Xi, see, this move should be thrown out like this."

"Mmhmm, thank you Brother Wuxiang for your guidance."Yu Xi Lu said with a busy nod.

Just at this moment, a person came running from afar, it was Tang Mifei.

When he ran close to the front, Tang unknown panted and said, "Zhen Wu Xiang, so you're here, I finally found you, quick, the boss has something to find you."

Zhen Wuxiang's face changed, what, is talking about the girl, actually told him that the boss has to find, this is not the heart to make him lose face in front of Lv Yuxi.

Zhen Wuxiang looked at Lu Yuxi and panicked, "Hey, what are you talking nonsense, what boss?"

Tang Ming muttered in his heart, secretly saying, "What's going on, the boss clearly said that Zhen Wuxiang is also his little brother?Why does Zhen Wuxiang act like she doesn't know the boss, maybe I didn't make it clear."

After Tang didn't straighten out his anger, he said again, "I said, our boss told me to come find you and told you to go to the boss's place right away, the boss has something to tell you to do."

Lu Yu Xi looked at Zhen Wu Xiang in confusion.

Right now Zhen Wu Xiang's really wanted to violently beat Tang unknown.

Zhen Wu Xiang shouted, "Get lost."

"Uh, Zhen Wuxiang, what do you mean?Don't you even listen to the boss's orders?"

"Old you fuck big, I'll waste you if you don't get out of here."Zhen Wuxiang raged.

Tang Unknown ran and said, "Zhen Wu Xiang, you've turned against me, I'll go back and report to the boss, you wait."

After Tang unknown ran, Lu Yu Xi was busy asking, "Brother Wu Xiang, what's going on, that person, just now, is Tang Zichen's subordinate, called Tang unknown, why would he come to you, and he also said that the boss has an invitation."

Zhen Wu Xiang.

Xiang depressed, "Yu Xi, don't listen to his nonsense, what boss, I don't know any boss at all."

Lu Yu Xi nodded, "It must be Tang Zichen who deliberately came to disgust you, Tang Zichen is the person I know best, before that he even said that he would take care of me, disgusting me for a few days."

"What? Tang Zichen said that he wanted to cover you?"Zhen Wuxiang's heart thudded.

"Yeah, why do you think this little brat is so ignorant of himself, a twelve year old brat with no hair yet."At this point, Lu Yuxi suddenly realized that she had said the wrong thing, oh my god, such rude curses came out of her mouth, she was so ashamed that she was almost ashamed of herself.

"Ugh!Mao."Zhen Wuxiang secretly gulped, then her eyes involuntarily looked at a certain place in Zhen Wuxiang's heart and said, "Could it be that Lu Yuxi is fourteen years old."

"Gulp."Zhen Wuxiang secretly gulped again, Zhen Wuxiang but 16 years old, understood everything, with Tang Zichen twelve years old indeed many different, even Lu Yuxi, fourteen years old is also very different from Tang Zichen, this is Lu Yuxi always think that Tang Zichen is nothing but a little kid.

"Alright, Brother Wuxiang, thank you for your guidance."

"It's fine, you're welcome to come back to me later."

"Uh-huh, I'll go back first then."

"I'll walk you."

"No, I'll go back on my own."Lu Yuxi walked away.

Zhen Wu Xiang looked at her back and said in her heart, "This time, I will never miss it, Lu Yu Xi, you wait, you will become my girlfriend in the Flying Cloud Sect, for sure."

However, Zhen Wuxiang thought of Tang Zichen and was depressed, moreover, she had just heard Lu Yuxi say that Tang Zichen wanted to take care of Lu Yuxi.

Zhen Wu Xiang snorted, "Tang Zichen, Lu Yu Xi is so beautiful, you even said that you want to bag her, aren't you recklessly reckless, what do you take Lu Yu Xi for, as one of those female disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect who don't even want a personality."

At this moment, in the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Brother, when you tested in the morning, why did you release the Qi of the sixth stage of Body Refining ah."Tang Huan asked.

"Sister, I now regret not hiding to the seventh stage of Body Refining."

"Uh, brother, you're crazy, why are you suddenly being so high-profile."

"Didn't you see that this quarterly test, the limelight is all out for Zhen Wu Xiang."Tang Zichen said somewhat depressedly.

"Brother, do you also want to be like Zhen Wu Xiang and become the prince charming of all the girls, otherwise why do you care about this?"


"Brother, you're still young now, even if you overshadow Zhen Wu Xiang, people won't treat you as Prince Charming, Prince Pony is more like it, hahaha."Tang Huan covered his mouth and laughed.

Tang Zichen speechlessly rolled his eyes.

Tang Huan comforted, "Alright brother, don't be depressed, no matter what, keep it moderate, don't overdo it, once you overdo it, people will look at you not as worship, but curious.Besides, no matter how much of a fuss Zhen Wu Xiang makes, he's still your little brother."

"Hehe, that's true."

At that moment, someone knocked on the door outside.

"Boss, it's me."Don Unknown's voice sounded outside.

"Sister, go knock on the door, it's Tang unknown, I told him to go get Zhen Wu Xiang, it seems that Zhen Wu Xiang is already here, I'll have to question him as to why he didn't come to pay me a visit after so long.Even if I haven't summoned him, he should come to pay his respects to the boss from time to time."

Tang Huan went out and hit the door, this courtyard, without special permission, only Tang Zichen and Tang Huan could enter freely, the rest of the people had to be confirmed.

Tang unknown ran into the house.

Tang Zichen looked behind Tang unknown and frowned and asked, "Where is Zhen Wu Xiang?"

"Boss, stop it, I'm so angry, that Zhen Wu Xiang is even pretending that she doesn't know any boss."Tang Ming was busy.


Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed lightly and smiled somewhat playfully, "Are you saying that Zhen Wuxiang won't admit to being my little brother?"

"Yeah, boss, are you lying to me.By the way, when I found Zhen Wu Xiang, he was instructing Lu Yu Xi in martial arts,"

"No wonder."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Boss, is Zhen Wu Xiang really your little brother?"

"Nonsense, but now it seems that Zhen Wu Xiang is not going to recognize me as her boss."Tang Zichen's gaze revealed a hint of chill, this Zhen Wu Xiang, it's really interesting, thinking that if she stepped into the first stage of Opening Light, she's a bull.

"Boss, what now?Zhen Wu Xiang doesn't recognize you as the boss, we can't force others ah, besides, Zhen Wu Xiang is at the first level of enlightenment, we can't beat them, we can only let it go."

Tang Zichen snorted, "In my dictionary, there's no such word as forget it."

"Uh, boss, what do you want?Do you still want to force Zhen Wu Xiang to recognize you as the boss?"Tang was puzzled and looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen sneered at me, "Now, even if he kneels in front of me, I don't care if he's my little brother.However, just because I don't care doesn't mean I'll let him off the hook.He worshipped me as a big brother before, and I gave him dozens of spirit stones as a meeting gift, but now, he's only slightly accomplished and turned his back on me, thinking that my spirit stones are so easy to take, hmph."Tang Zichen snorted heavily.

"Boss, what do you mean?"

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "I'll make him regret it, alright, Tang Ming, you go down first and pay attention to Zhen Wuxiang's every move at all times." The first website

"Yes, Boss."

Tang Miao went down, Tang Huan was busy asking, "Brother, count it, after all, that Zhen Wu Xiang is indeed a genius, aren't people saying that to offend a genius is to offend a future strong man."

Tang Zichen disdainfully said, "Future strong man, his little life is in my hands now, what future is there, besides, I will only make Zhen Wu Xiang unable to look up to in the future.He took my benefits before, but now he won't even acknowledge me without even saying hello, do you think I, Tang Zichen, am that easy to bully?"


"Alright, sister, I will solve all the problems myself, you also go down first, the talisman hasn't been refined yet today, I have to start refining the talisman."

Tang Huan retreated and Tang Zichen began to refine the talisman, although Zhen Wuxiang's behavior was hated by Tang Zichen, it was not an important matter, so it was postponed for now.

At this moment, in Zhen Wu Xiang's quarters.

Zhen Wuxiang was waiting anxiously.

The dormitory that Zhen Wu Xiang lived in was also a single room, as he was previously ranked first to become an outer disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Zhen Wuxiang waited for most of the day, but Tang Zichen did not come.

Zhen Wuxiang snorted, "There's no way that Tang Zichen's men haven't reported to Tang Zichen by now, Tang Zichen hasn't come for so long, he must not dare to come to me."

Zhen Wuxiang thought that Tang Zichen didn't even dare to let out a single fart, and became a bit smug and floored.

"Hmph, I thought that after Tang Zichen knew that I didn't recognize him as my big brother, he would immediately kill me in anger, but it's been half a day and not a single fart has been released, hahaha."Zhen Wuxiang laughed out loud.

After laughing, Zhen Wuxiang snorted, "Tang Zichen didn't dare to come and let out a single fart, he must have seen that I've stepped into the First Order of Enlightenment, he's no match for me at all, hmph, Tang Zichen, although I did worship you as my big brother first, but I was a

It's caused by the confusion of the time, I hope you stop here, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude.Also, Lu Yuxi, she's my woman, if you really dare to propose keeping her again, don't blame me for being rude."

It seems that people can change, after Zhen Wuxiang received countless pursuits, her heart started to swell, and now she didn't even care about Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, he would be mistaken, the reason why Tang Zichen hadn't even come by now was not because he didn't dare to fart, but because Tang Zichen didn't take him seriously at all, to Tang Zichen, a Zhen Wu Xiang, this was such a tiny character, to clean up such a tiny character, where was the need for him to raise a crowd.

Tang Zichen finished practicing a thousand talismans by two or three o'clock in the afternoon.

Tang Zichen was also finally able to take a break.

"Someone come."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Boss."After hearing that, Tang Mumai busily ran in, Tang Mumai didn't know that Tang Zichen's talisman was made by him, everyone except Tang Huan thought that Tang Zichen had purchased it from somewhere.

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, what is that Zhen Wuxiang doing today?"

"Boss, I've been having him supervised throughout the day according to your instructions, and according to the report that the scout just gave, Zhen Wu Xiang seems to be a bit proud of himself seeing that you didn't bother him, he thought you didn't dare to go after him."

Tang Zichen snorted in an idiotic tone, "I just haven't taken care of him yet."

"By the way, Boss, the scout also reported that Zhen Wu Xiang has arranged a date with Lu Yu Xi to watch the moon tonight in the bamboo forest at the back of the mountain."

"What? Dated Lv Yuxi to watch the moon?What's there to see in the moon."

"Yes, but we still don't know if Lv Yuxi will say yes."

Tang Zichen felt a sadness in his heart, although Tang Zichen had never thought of chasing after Lu Yuxi as a girlfriend, he had at least thought of keeping her, and if it was possible in the future, turning her into a girlfriend was also possible.Unfortunately, the falling flower was intentional and the flowing water was relentless, if Lu Yuxi really agreed to go see the moon with Zhen Wu Xiang, then Tang Zichen no longer despised her.

"Pay close attention to see if Lu Yuxi has agreed to go with Zhen Wu Xiang to see the moon."

"Yes, Boss."

Tang Zichen felt a hint of regret as he remembered that body of Lv Yuxi's.

But if she was really so cheap that she agreed to go to the bamboo forest to see the moon after only her first day of contact with Zhen Wu Xiang, then there was no need to even feel sorry for her.

In the evening, Tang Ming came to report, "Boss, the latest news from the scouts."


"Lv Yu Xi didn't agree to go to the bamboo forest to see the moon, but Zhen Wu Xiang said that he would wait for her in the bamboo forest all night."

"Isn't Lu Yuxi very infatuated with Zhen Wu Xiang?Why don't you go look at the moon?"

"I don't know about that, but anyway, when Lu Yuxi received a message from Zhen Wuxiang, he flatly refused it.Then Zhen Wuxiang wouldn't give up, so he said he would wait in the bamboo forest for one night."

"Hmph, Zhen Wuxiang."Tang Zichen snorted, the fact that Lu Yuxi hadn't promised Zhen Wuxiang meant that Lu Yuxi hadn't been cheap to that extent.

"Boss, although Lu Yuxi refused to look at the moon, Zhen Wuxiang also said that he would wait for her in the bamboo forest all night, by midnight, would Lu Yuxi be moved and then go to the bamboo forest ah?"

Tang Zichen instructed, "Keep paying attention, if Lu Yuxi hasn't been there all night, that means she still has some salvation."

"Yes, Boss."Tang unknown immediately led the order.


Tang Zichen went to bed early, but unfortunately, Tang Huan didn't share the same room with him anymore, Tang Zichen was quite lonely.

The next morning, Tang Ming came to report, "Boss, according to the latest news from the scouts, last night Zhen Wu Xiang really waited for Lu Yuxi in the bamboo forest all night, until the early morning, Lu Yuxi did not appear, Zhen Wu Xiang looked lost."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Zhen Wuxiang overestimated her charm."

"Boss, have we been paying attention to him but not doing anything?"

"Of course we're going to do it, now where's Jen Wu Xiang?"

"According to the scout's report, Zhen Wuxiang left the bamboo forest and headed to Lv Yuxi's dormitory, by the way, Lv Yuxi's dormitory is not far behind the single room you used to live in, Lv Yuxi also lives in a single room."

"Let's go, it's time to go and clean up Zhen Wuxiang who has gone back on her word today."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked out of the house.

Tang Zichen didn't bring a lot of people with him, he only brought Tang Mifa, not even Tang Huan.

The two of them, Tang Zichen and Tang Unknown, arrived outside of Lu Yuxi's single room and long ago saw Zhen Wuxiang standing at the front door of Lu Yuxi's single room, shouting, "Yuxi, are you there?"


Soon after, Lu Yuxi opened the door and walked out. Remember the URL

Lu Yuxi saw Zhen Wu Xiang covered in dew and asked, "Brother Wu Xiang, why are you covered in dew?"

Zhen Wuxiang was a little disappointed to see that Lu Yuxi actually still didn't know why, but managed to smile, "Yuxi, did you forget?I asked you to look at the moon last night, but you refused, so I had another message sent to you that I would wait for you all night in the bamboo forest.So, I waited for you all night in the bamboo forest and just got back."

"Ah."Lu Yuxi covered her mouth, as if she had forgotten.

"I'm sorry, Brother Wuxiang."

"It's fine, Yu Xi, I have something I want to say to you."

"What kind of words?"

"Yuuki, I might, I'm in love with you."

"Uh, Brother Scentless, I am."

"What, Rainbrook, don't you like me?"


"Yu Xi, I know you like me too, right, let's be together."

At this moment, Tang Zichen was watching from a short distance, but wanted to see if Lu Yuxi would say yes.

However, Tang Zichen guessed that Lu Yuxi wouldn't say yes, after all, she hadn't even gone to look at the moon last night.

"I'm sorry, brother Wuxiang, although I did feel a bit smitten with you when I saw how talented you are, but I just want to be friends with you first, I haven't thought that far ahead.If you don't mind, let's start with being friends."Lu Yuxi said.

Zhen Wu Xiang was holding a fire inside, she was already fuming after waiting all night last night, and this morning her confession was rejected, so Zhen Wu Xiang didn't have control over it and said loudly, "Yu Xi, if you really like me then skip the process and go straight to the result, okay, I don't want to be slow friends with you, I want to just be a girlfriend."

"Uh, Brother Incense, I am."

"You either promise to be a straight girlfriend today, or you won't even be friends."Zhen Wuxiang said with a nest egg.

Lu Yu Xi was disappointed to see Zhen Wu Xiang being such an impatient person and shook her head, "I'm sorry then, although I really want to be friends with you, unfortunately, since you don't want to, then let it be.I'm going to close, I'll be practicing all day today."Lu Yuxi was also not a guest.


In the distance, Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, thinking that Lu Yuxi and Zhen Wu Xiang were about to enter the lovemaking stage, but instead, he saw a scene of them breaking up.

That Zhen Wu Xiang, too, was really tragic, but even more tragedy was still to come, as Tang Zichen hadn't cleaned him up yet.

At this moment, Zhen Wuxiang saw that Lu Yuxi really refused, not even a friend to do to threaten do not care, suddenly, disappointed inside, also annoyed.

Zhen Wuxiang bit her teeth and said, "Lu Yuxi, I'm so disappointed in you, I didn't expect you to be such a courageless person."

Lu Yuxi said somewhat ridiculously, "Zhen Wuxiang, I worshipped you only because I saw that you were gifted, but I didn't expect that you were such a person.I only got acquainted with you yesterday, yet you want to force me to be your girlfriend today, don't you think you're too presumptuous, do you think I'm one of those nymphomaniacs who fall over and jump on you as soon as they meet you?If I were such a person, I would have already been taken care of by that little brat Tang Zichen before, but unfortunately I'm not.Go away, don't bother with me, save your friends who haven't been friends and have turned into enemies."Lu Yuxi looked like she was about to close the door.

Zhen Wu Xiang was held up as Prince Charming by countless young girls yesterday, his confidence had been soaring, but today, he was ruthlessly rejected by a little girl, making him feel humiliated.

Zhen Wu Xiang burst into Lv Yu Xi's house, and held Lv Yu Xi by the waist, and kicked the door shut with a back kick.

"Ah, Zhen Wuxiang, what do you want?"Lu Yuxi's screams could be heard from inside the house.

Not far away, Tang Miao was foolishly saying, "Boss, what's this situation, Zhen Wu Xiang is trying to tyrannize."

Tang Zichen also didn't expect that it would be like this.

If Zhen Wu Xiang knew how to pick up girls and take her time, it wasn't impossible to catch up with Lv Yu Xi in the future, but unfortunately, Zhen Wu Xiang had screwed herself up and ended up being so angry that she even used her strength directly.

In Lv Yuxi's house, Zhen Wuxiang angrily said: "Lv Yuxi, you forced me to do this, I like you so much, I asked you to look at the moon, I waited for you for a whole night in the bamboo forest, but you didn't care about my feelings.When I came to see you this morning, I was holding back a lot of grievances, I thought you would be very apologetic and say sorry to me, but you had nothing.I forcibly confessed to you, and you even refused, I even threatened you with not even being a friend, but you, without even thinking about it, refused.Lu Yuxi, it's all because you forced me."

Lu Yuxi was pressed down on the bed by Zhen Wuxiang, unable to move, Lu Yuxi cried in fright, I never thought that Zhen Wuxiang would become like this, how different was he from Yang Rong, who was chasing her before.

"Zhen Wuxiang, let go of me, what do you want to do to me."

"Lu Yuxi, when the raw rice is cooked, you'll choose to be with me."

"Zhen Wuxiang, I advise you not to do anything."

"Yu Xi, I'm sorry that I have to be like this because I like you too much."

At this moment, outside the main gate.

"Boss, do you want to go in?If we don't go in, Lu Yu Xi will be defiled."Tang Ming said in a moment of flesh pain.

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Why do you look like you're hurting."

"Nonsense, that's a beautiful woman, it's not a pity for you to be spoiled like that."

Tang Zichen said, "It's good to let Lu Yuxi learn a lesson, let's do it after Zhen Wuxiang is done being spoiled."

"Boss, think twice, although you hate Lu Yuxi for being smitten with Zhen Wu Xiang, but, it's just a heartbeat, after all, you didn't agree to go to see the moon, nor did you agree to be Zhen Wu Xiang's girlfriend well.This means that Lu Yuxi, hasn't been so cheap as to be hopelessly untouchable."


Only then did Tang Huan nodded, "In that case, for your sake, I'll save her once, and I'll introduce her to you later."

"What? Introduce her to me?"

"Yeah, I don't want it anyway."

After saying that, Tang Zichen kicked open the door with a bang and walked inside the courtyard.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi had already been dragged to the small cottage in the middle of the courtyard, and the sound of Lu Yuxi's struggling was still heard in the house.

Tang Zichen said to Tang Unknown, "You wait for me outside."

"Ah, don't let me see how you clean up Zhen Wu Xiang."

"What's there to see, it's just a matter of using the immobilization charm and then beating him up, get out."

"Yes, boss."Tang unidentified reluctantly went out.

Tang Zichen didn't let Tang Miao go in because he was afraid that in case Lu Yuxi's clothes had already been torn and was seen that she shouldn't be seen, after all, she was a girl, give her face.

Only then did Tang Zichen kick open the door of the small bungalow. One second to remember to read the book

I saw that Zhen Wu Xiang was pushing Lv Yu Xi down on the bed and was starting to tear Lv Yu Xi's blouse, Lv Yu Xi's blouse had already been torn with several openings, if Tang Zichen came in a step later, Lv Yu Xi's blouse would definitely be torn off, revealing her white skin, and even something unique to women.

"Who."Zhen Wuxiang saw someone coming in, and looked up and shouted.

Lv Yuxi looked towards the entrance with tears on her face and saw that it was Tang Zichen and cried out in panic, "Tang Zichen, save me."

Tang Zichen looked at Lv Yuxi and snorted, "I deserve it."

"Tang Zichen, I."Lv Yuxi didn't know what to say and looked at Tang Zichen with praying eyes, at this time, she could only pray to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Why don't you call me a little kid now."

Zhen Wuxiang let go of Lu Yuxi for the time being and said viciously, "Tang Zichen, you dare to disturb my good fortune."

Lv Yuxi took the opportunity to hide in the corner, tightly covering her clothes that had been torn open a little bit, with a pitiful look on her face.

Tang Zichen looked at Zhen Wu Xiang and sneered, "Zhen Wu Xiang, you think I'm interested in disturbing your good deeds, you're wrong, I'm not here to disturb your good deeds, I'm here to take care of you, you ungrateful son of a bitch.A few months ago, you knelt at my feet and called me big brother, I gave you dozens of spirit stones as a gift, but I never thought that you would be so proud of a little achievement today that you could even forget about big brother."

When Lu Yuxi heard Tang Zichen's words, she was stunned, could it be?Did Yan Wuxiang really worship Tang Zichen as her big brother?

Knowing this result, Zhen Wuxiang's image in Lu Yuxi's image had fallen to the bottom of the valley, thanks to the fact that she had worshipped him before and thought that he was even more powerful than Tang Zichen, but she didn't expect that she had already been cleaned up by Tang Zichen.

Lv Yuxi was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, be careful, although he had worshipped your big brother before, it was before, he is at least at the first stage of Enlightenment now."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Lu Yuxi, do you think I need your concern?Shut your mouth, Zhen Wuxiang, who is at least a first stage open light in your eyes, is just a piece of shit in my eyes."

Zhen Wuxiang sneered, "Tang Zichen, what a madman, well, I'd like to see how you, a Body Tempering Stage, can win over me.With the Heavenly Thunder Fist that you practiced to the tenth level before?What a death wish."

After saying that, Zhen Wuxiang Ton hit Tang Zichen with a palm, Zhen Wuxiang's palm, not knowing what kind of palm it was, was very powerful.

/> But in the next second, it was a shock to both Zhen Wu Xiang and Lu Yu Xi.

It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time before we get to the bottom of the matter," he said.

Tang Zichen's Hall of Enlightened Seventh Stage, an Enlightened First Stage, was simply weak to the point of bursting.

"Ah, how did this happen?"Zhen Wuxiang was horrified, he never expected it to turn out like this, it was as if he was not on the same level at all.

Lu Yuxi was also greatly shocked, she couldn't believe how Tang Zichen's tiny arm was able to exert such a powerful force and clamp Zhen Wuxiang's hand down to death.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted and said, "Zhen Wuxiang, I will let you know the consequences of betraying your trust and deceiving your master."

"Clack."In the next second, Zhen Wuxiang's arm was snapped off by Tang Zichen in one go.

"Ah."Zhen Wuxiang shrieked, while at the same time, Zhen Wuxiang's mouth could not believe it as she shouted, "Why is this happening?Why?I've already stepped into the first stage of Open Light, so why is this still happening."

"Bang."Tang Zichen stepped on Zhen Wuxiang's chest, and the ribs on Zhen Wuxiang's chest broke in unison.

"Zhen Wuxiang, I'll tell you why, because, you were already unmentionable in front of me.Originally, I saw that you're quite an honest person, that's why I took you in as a little brother, but I didn't expect that it's all because you pretended to be.It's just as well, you fucking took my spirit stone and didn't even greet me, you didn't recognize me as your boss, you're looking for death you know?"

Tang Zichen's foot stepped on Zhen Wuxiang's broken ribs in the chest, the pain was so great that Zhen Wuxiang was about to faint.

At this moment, Zhen Wuxiang finally understood that he was wrong, Tang Zichen was able to be a big brother at a young age, it was by no means a coincidence, but Tang Zichen was inherently unpredictable, no one knew his true depths, and it was ridiculous that he thought that Tang Zichen didn't dare to let out a single fart.

Lv Yuxi, who was hiding in the corner, was shocked to see the young Tang Zichen step on the tall Zhen Wuxiang and make her unable to resist, remembering that she had called Tang Zichen a little kid, and so on.

The first thing you need to know is that you can't do anything wrong.Boss, ooooh, I was wrong, please forgive me."

When Lu Yuxi heard Zhen Wuxiang's shrieking plea for forgiveness and desperate cries for boss, she couldn't help but look at Tang Zichen again, it seemed like she didn't recognize Tang Zichen a bit at this moment.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Boss?How about you say "boss" again?Who the fuck is your boss."

"Oooooh, I was wrong, I was really wrong, boss, please forgive me."

Tang Zichen stomped down and said, "Listen carefully, I, Tang Zichen, from now on, don't have a little brother like you, if you dare to call me a boss again, I'll cut out your tongue.Get out."Tang Zichen also didn't go to kill him, a piece of rotten shit, stepping on him also soiled his shoes.

Zhen Wuxiang endured the pain and crawled out of Lu Yuxi's room.

Tang Zichen looked at Lv Yuxi, who was hiding in the corner, and Lv Yuxi's body trembled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm not saving you today, but I just happened to meet you.Also, don't say you know me when you go out in the future, because, I don't want to know you.Originally, I also wanted to cover you, and it's not impossible to turn into a girlfriend in the future, but unfortunately, I'm no longer interested in you now, so all the words I said before are retracted, goodbye."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

"Tang Zichen."Lu Yuxi shouted.

Tang Zichen didn't even turn back.


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