The King of Kungfu in school 1541-1550


Chapter 1541

Tang Unknown glared at the young man and warned, "Whatever their relationship is, don't mess with your tongue, besides, so what if they have that kind of relationship, Tang Zichen is Tang Jingdi's adopted son, do you hear me."

"Yes, yes, Brother Unknown, I'm just talking casually."The fifteen year old boy quickly shut up, not daring to discuss this matter.

Inside the room, Tang Huan was a bit shy, "Brother, in front of the dozen or so Tang sons outside, we're just closing the door like this, this?"

"Sister, what are you afraid of, we should still do what we should do, or else after the Light Cloud Alliance's headquarters is done, everyone won't be wondering the same thing."


The next day, Tang Ming took a dozen or so Tang family members and went out to find a suitable place to build the Light Cloud Alliance's headquarters.

And when Tang Zichen opened the door of the single room, at this moment, a large group of people were still lining up outside.

"It's on sale."

"Quick, Tang Zichen's talisman is on sale."

Seeing Tang Zichen open the door, the people in the queue all perked up, it was painful for them to have to grab it every day, but if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to buy such good quality talismans.One had to know that good quality talismans undoubtedly had a lot more chances of winning when encountering magical beasts, and could even pick up a few more lives.

Those other stores in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect also had talismans that dealt with Red Grade 8, but almost every one of them sold talismans that lasted only a second, or even less than a second.Tang Zichen's talisman, on the other hand, lasted as long as ten seconds (Note: saying 'one minute' before was a bit too exaggerated, so I'll start revising it to 'ten seconds' here).So, people would rather queue here to get such a good amulet. Remember the URL

At this moment, not too far away, two men of the ninth stage of Body Tempering were standing there, looking at the group of people who kept pushing forward in front of Tang Zichen's house.

One of the men at the ninth stage of body refining asked a peripheral disciple, "Hello, there are six or seven stores selling spiritual talismans on the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, and their reputation and quality are guaranteed, why don't you go there to buy them and come here to line up for them?"

The peripheral disciple who was asked grunted, "How many other talismans?I pooh, to hell with it, after using Tang Zichen's talisman, who's going to use some other talisman."

The man at the ninth stage of body refining was a bit angry, then asked with a strong anger, "What's better about Tang Zichen's talisman?"

"That's needless to say, no better, who would line up here all night.Tang Zichen's immobilization talisman, although the price isn't cheap, but the duration can last up to ten seconds, in the True Beast Forest, this is an unknown number of lives that can be exchanged back, whoever uses it knows.Alright, don't disturb me, Tang Zichen's talisman is about to go on sale, so I have to grab one today no matter what."After saying that, that teenager squeezed forward as hard as he could.

The two men at the ninth stage of Body Tempering were very upset, they were the same people from several other talisman stores, they were ordered by their boss to find out why Tang Zichen's talisman was so sought after, and, get one of Tang Zichen's talisman back.

At that moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "Everyone, it's starting to sell, so don't crowd."

However, the more he said don't crowd, the happier everyone crowded.

This scene was just like snatching train tickets during the spring festival.

The two men at the back, at the ninth stage of body refining, were very depressed when they saw Tang Zichen's talisman selling like this.

One of them, a man at the ninth stage of Body Tempering, said, "Let's go, I'm

We squeeze up there too, the boss wants us to bring him one of Tang Zichen's talismans to verify if it's really that magical."After saying that, those two men squeezed forward as well.

Finally, squeezing and squeezing, those two men at the ninth stage of Body Refining squeezed up as well.

"Tang Zichen, give me a talisman."One of the men said.

"Sorry, today's talisman is sold out, please come back tomorrow."Tang Zichen said.

The two men at the ninth stage of Body Refining raged, "Tang Zichen, I don't care if you still have a talisman, please give me one right now."

Tang Zichen yowled, but it was two Body Tempering Ninth Step, Flying Cloud Sect's peripheral disciples, the strongest Zhen Wuxiang was only Body Tempering Eighth Step, which meant that these people were not peripheral disciples at all.In eight or ten cases, they were inner peripheral disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I never thought that my Tang's talisman would be so famous that even the inner circle disciples would come out to line up for it.Unfortunately, I'm a man of principle, and although you are inner circle disciples, you still have to follow the rules and line up to buy it."

The two men at the ninth stage of Body Tempering snorted in disdain, Tang Zichen treated them as if they were coming out from the inner circle to snare the purchase.

"I pooh, with this rotten talisman of yours, you're also worthy of letting me come out to snare it?"One of the men of the ninth stage of body refining said.

Tang Zichen was stunned, so he wasn't out to snare it.

"Oh, you actually said that my talisman is a rotten talisman, then you still shamelessly ask me for it, isn't that like hitting yourself in the face."

"Tang Zichen, don't be arrogant, I'm not afraid to tell you that we are the stewards of the Flying Cloud Sect's periphery, the Blazing Sun Alliance Boutique."

"Uh, so it's those Feiyun Sect's stores that sell talismans, what, you guys aren't selling talismans in your stores, what are you doing here in my place, giving me support ah."Tang Zichen said with a heated smile.

"Tang Zichen, you better be honest, where did you get your talismans from?"

"Why should I have to answer to you, who are you."

"Tang Zichen, don't think you can be arrogant in front of us just because you became the top three disciples of a term, don't forget that we are from the Blazing Sun Alliance, what is the existence of the Blazing Sun Alliance in the inner surroundings of the Feiyun Sect, you, a peripheral disciple, don't even have the qualification to know."One of the men of the ninth stage of Body Refining said.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What Blazing Sun Alliance, what existence you are, it has nothing to do with me, I'm warning you, don't make trouble in my place."

"Tang Zichen, you've cut off the fortunes of so many boutiques, do you know, you're looking for death."

"Yeah? Whoever dares to touch me, I'll wait for him."Tang Zichen said.

The two men at the ninth stage of Body Tempering saw Tang Zichen being so arrogant and were a bit uncertain, they both came today mainly to figure out a few things, first, where did Tang Zichen's talisman come from; second, what was Tang Zichen's backstage.Especially the backstage, if they didn't figure it out, the boss behind them wouldn't know how to make a move.

At this moment, seeing Tang Zichen so arrogant, the two men at the ninth stage of Body Tempering were helpless, Tang Zichen must have a backstage, otherwise how could a one-term peripheral disciple at the fourth stage of Body Tempering dare to be so arrogant, and the source of his talisman was also suspicious.Of course, they didn't believe that the talisman was concocted by Tang Zichen himself.To be able to refine a talisman that lasted for ten seconds, this talisman refining skill must not be low, maybe it was a source brought in by one of the talisman refining elders of the Flying Cloud Sect.In that case, then Tang Zichen would definitely have a backstage.


"Let's go."The two men at the ninth stage of Body Refining didn't dare to act rashly and hummed away.

Tang Zichen also hummed.

At that moment, Tang Huan came out, looked at the two men who were far away and said, "Brother, it seems that our talisman is already attracting attention, and we don't know if it's a blessing or a curse."

"Sister, don't think about that yet, post the announcement from last night, starting from today, the Light Cloud Alliance will be officially listed."Tang Zichen instructed.

"Good."As soon as Tang Huan posted the big announcement, many people gathered around to read it.

Seeing Tang Zichen's announcement that he was going to establish the Light Cloud Alliance, and that the monthly allowance was so rich, they were incomparably excited, and everyone rushed up, shouting, "Brother Zichen, I want to join the Light Cloud Alliance."

"Senior Brother Tang, please let me join the Light Cloud Alliance."

"Brother Zichen, I'm kneeling down to beg you."

This news released by Tang Zichen was simply more sensational than a spirit talisman going on sale.Becoming a core member of the Light Cloud Alliance, five spirit stones per month subsidized ah, even if it was an internal member, there was three spirit stones per month subsidized, such a generous benefit, this group of peripheral disciples wouldn't even fight to the death.Even if you can't join as a core or internal member, it's not bad to be an external member, as you at least have the priority to buy spirit symbols and don't have to line up here every day.

So, no matter what type of member, it was very attractive.

Thousands of people were yelling at Tang Zichen's door to join the Light Cloud Alliance. One second to remember to read the book

This scene was one that Tang Zichen had already predicted.

Tang Zichen's scheduled core members were only 30, 100 internal members, and 500 external members.And the ones who wanted to join were at least several thousand, and there were still many who didn't know the news.

Tang Zichen looked at the scrambling crowd and said, "Everyone, I'm just releasing the news today, we haven't officially started selecting members yet.How about this, today you all go home first, tomorrow at 12 noon, the interviews will officially begin, and anyone who passes the interviews will be able to join the Light Cloud Alliance.Thank you all for your love."

Everyone had to stop shouting, but they didn't leave, even if they didn't interview until tomorrow, they would still have to line up here today, the chances of interviewing first would definitely be greater, and the ones interviewed later would definitely become stricter and stricter, as the number of places kept decreasing.

Tang Zichen closed the door, so many people outside did not leave, Tang Zichen was helpless.

The information that Tang Zichen was going to establish the Light Cloud Alliance was spread half a day later throughout the outer circle of disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect.

This news attracted everyone, and everyone who heard the news immediately came outside of Tang Zichen's house.

By the evening, there were at least eight to nine thousand people waiting there in front of Tang Zichen's house.

Eight or nine thousand people were waiting to join the Light Cloud Alliance, showing Tang Zichen's charm.Of course, the first thing that attracted everyone was the spirit stone allowance and the right of first refusal.

"Brother, there are so many people outside, there are so many people around, will something happen."Tang Huan said worriedly.

Tang Miao smiled, "Tang Huan, so many people outside want to enter the Light Cloud Alliance, this shows that our Zichen brother has charisma, haha, our Light Cloud Alliance will definitely become one of the biggest gangs in the Flying Cloud Sect in the future.I heard Tang Liyun say that the Flying Cloud Sect is surrounded by many gangs, but most of them are just a few people, or a dozen.The big gangs, on the other hand, all have hundreds, or even thousands of people.Our Light Cloud Alliance has such a size before we even enter the inner siege right now, haha."

Tang Zichen was on one side, asking, "Who is Tang Liyun?"

"She's also a child of our Tang family, a few years older than us, she already assessed into the inner circle of the Flying Cloud Sect a few years ago, and she's my sister."Tang Ming was busy responding.

"Oh, then how many people from our Tang family, including those who have already assessed into the Flying Cloud Sect's Inner Circle, how many are there?"


Thirty or so is something,"Don unknown said.

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Just like that, there were more and more people in front of Tang Zichen's house, and by the next morning, there were more than thirteen thousand people around.

Tang Zichen saw so many people and was also a bit afraid of not being able to control it, what if the situation got out of control.

Tang Huan said, "Brother, with so many people, if the Feiyun Clan's inner circle knew, they would think we wanted to rebel."

"Oh, revolt is impossible, although there are so many people, they're all weak, so there's no use.However, it would be bad if we mess up and cause public outrage."

"What then?"

"I really have no choice but to raise the number of external members, to one thousand, anyway, external members, I don't need to take on anything, just give a right of first refusal."

"But then, the one thousand talismans you refine every day can be eliminated within the Light Cloud Alliance."

"It's not that exaggerated, and don't be fooled by the hot sales we've had these past few days.The hot sale these past few days is because many people have bought them, and when another ten days pass, fewer people will have bought them because many people have already bought them, and their ability to afford only one or two per month.We, the outer circle of disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect, have a market of 20,000 to 30,000 talismans at most, and beyond that it's saturated.Alright, without further ado, today's talismans are almost ready to be opened for sale."

After that, Tang Zichen opened the door and sold out today's 1,000 talismans quickly.Then he said, "Everyone, the interview starts at 12 noon, but there are conditions to enter the Light Cloud Alliance.If you don't meet the conditions, don't waste your time lining up here."

"What conditions?"

"One-year disciples must be at least at the third stage of Body Tempering.The second session disciples must be above the fourth stage of Body Tempering."

"Ah, it's so strict, there are simply less than fifty disciples of that first session who are above the third stage of Body Tempering."

"That can't be helped."Tang Zichen said helplessly.

Knowing the conditions of the Light Cloud Alliance, many of those who didn't meet the conditions left silently, and the number of people surrounding the outside was suddenly less, and most of them were second-year disciples.

At 12 noon, Tang Zichen began the interviews, and a total of 600 people were admitted.

Tang Zichen gathered these 600 people together.

"Everyone, congratulations on becoming part of the Light Cloud Alliance, currently, you are all external members of the Light Cloud Alliance, to be fair, you will have a duel, and the top 100 in strength will become internal members of the Light Cloud Alliance."Tang Zichen said.

"What about the core members?"

"The core members must be what I have identified, not relying on selection, in the future if you perform well, strong, talented, and loyal to the Light Cloud Alliance, it is possible for you to become core members, everyone, go for it.Now, 600 of you will hold a simple duel to select the strongest 100 people to be selected as internal members."

Tang Zichen drew a large circle on the ground and had 600 people stand inside the circle, then attacked each other until there were only 100 people left in the circle.

After a few hours of simple PK, Tang Zichen selected the 100 most powerful people, all of whom were second-year disciples and were at the fifth stage of Body Tempering or above.

"Congratulations, you have become internal members of my Light Cloud Alliance, in the future, let's grow the Light Cloud Alliance together.Tomorrow, all the members of the Light Cloud Alliance, come with me to build the Light Cloud Alliance's headquarters, from now on, every member of our Light Cloud Alliance will live together, let outsiders know about our power, what do you say?"

"Good."More than 600 people raised their arms and shouted loudly.

At this point, Tang Zichen's Light Cloud Alliance was officially established, Tang Zichen was the Flying Cloud Sect, the first person who hadn't yet entered the inner siege and had no background to form a force.


"Brother Chen, we've found the address of the Green Cloud Alliance's headquarters."In the afternoon, Tang Ming came to report to Tang Zichen.

"Where is it?"

"Follow me."

Tang Zichen followed Tang Unknown to the site, it was nearby, a nice place.

"Brother Chen, are you satisfied with us establishing the headquarters of the Green Cloud Alliance here?If I'm not satisfied, I've continued to look for a place.

Tang Zichen asked, "If we establish a headquarters here, the Flying Cloud Sect won't interfere, right?"

"Brother Chen, the Flying Cloud Sect wouldn't be so boring, but if you offend someone in the Flying Cloud Sect, it's hard to say."

"Forget it for now, let's build the headquarters here, I'll leave this matter to you."

"Okay, don't worry."Tang Ming nodded energetically.

Tang Zichen didn't toss the headquarters and let others do the work, Tang Zichen's main business was still talisman refining.

At this moment, in the inner surroundings of the Flying Cloud Sect, seven Enlightened Stage men were sitting together. The first website

One of them, a man of the fifth stage of enlightenment, said, "Gentlemen, we are all spirit talisman stores in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, and in the past, we had several conflicts over the sale of talismans, but later we settled them peacefully and sought our fortune together.However, recently, a man named Tang Zichen appeared in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, who obtained the talisman from an unknown source and cut off our money.I've been sending people to investigate who's behind Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, we've found nothing, so I've called you all here today to discuss how we should handle this matter.If Tang Zichen continues to sell talismans like this, then all of our spirit talisman business in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect will be monopolized by that Tang Zichen.I don't think you all would like to see tens of millions of spirit stones disappear every month."

Another man of the Third Order of Enlightenment said, "I've also sent someone to investigate, and I really don't know what that Tang Zichen's origin is.I'm having a bit of a headache, what if he's very big and we kick the iron plate, but if we let this go on, we'll definitely lose our business.Once our business is gone, we won't have a source of spirit stones, then we won't be able to pay our brothers an allowance, and the consequence will be that we'll lose the gang we've built with our own hands."

Several men at the scene at the Enlightenment Stage nodded their heads.

These Enlightened Stage men, they all had a bit of backstage and energy in the Flying Cloud Sect, not only did they have their own power, they also had their own source of spirit stones, but now, their source was being infringed upon.

"What do you all think we should do now?There's no way to find out who's behind Tang Zichen, so do we really just ignore it."

"I think we should send someone to negotiate with Tang Zichen."

"How to negotiate."

"Let's say, we all seek wealth together, limit his monthly talisman sales, he can only sell a maximum of 200 talismans per day, otherwise, we can't make a living at all.His talismans, since so many people are lining up to buy them, are probably really better than ours."

"And what if he doesn't accept negotiations?"

"Then don't blame us, we've been courteous before we've attacked.Even though Tang Zichen has a stronger backstage than us, he himself is only a little bastard of the fourth stage of Body Tempering after all.With so many of us, I don't believe we can't get him yet."Another man of the fourth stage of Enlightenment said.

"So, who's going to negotiate with him?"One asked.

"A little son of a bitch in the district, it's not our turn to personally find him, we'll send someone to notify him

Let him come to us, and we'll negotiate with him together to have a more powerful force."

"Fine, then it depends on whether this little bastard is willing to seek fortune together or not, otherwise don't blame us."

"Originally, the spirit talisman market in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect had already been divided among the seven of us, and it was never going to allow an eighth person to come and get a piece of the pie.If it wasn't for the fact that he seems to have a strong backstage, I would have directly broken his legs, how could I allow him to have a share of the pie."

"And break his legs, I'll just take his life, if he doesn't have a backstage."The man with the fifth rank of open light said.This man at the fifth rank of Open Light was the highest realm among the seven of them.

The next day, Tang Zichen opened the gate.

There were still many people lining up at the main entrance, but there were a lot fewer people than the previous days.

Today, it was estimated that they wouldn't be able to sell 1,000 talismans, because those who had bought them before couldn't afford to buy them this month anymore, and would only have the strength to buy them when they returned from hunting the Demon Core from the True Beast Forest next month.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Everyone, there's no need to crowd, there aren't that many people to buy today, there's something for everyone."

Very quickly, Tang Zichen sold out 900 talismans.

As expected, there weren't 1,000 sold today, after all, that was all the market had.

Tang Zichen was about to close after selling the talismans, when three men of the ninth stage of Body Refining came outside.

"Tang Zichen."One of the men at the ninth stage of Body Tempering shouted.

Tang Zichen looked, one of them had seen him yesterday.

"What is it."

"Tang Zichen, our boss is looking for you to negotiate about how to divide up the spirit talisman business in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, and they are now waiting for you at the Hundred Ghost Alliance store."One of the men of the ninth stage of body refining said.

"They?So, there's more than one boss."

"Nonsense, on the outskirts of our Flying Cloud Sect, the bosses of the seven spirit talisman stores are looking for you to negotiate together, so you better hurry up, otherwise, the consequences are very serious."

"Yeah? How serious."Tang Zichen snorted without a care.

Another man at the ninth stage of Body Refining saw Tang Zichen's uncaring tone and roared, "Tang Zichen, don't you dare make your own death."

"Hahaha, make a death?How about I be your sister."


Tang Zichen was rude, "Go back and tell your boss, I talk about their mother's sentence, the spirit talisman business in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, I, Tang Zichen, have sole possession of it, if you have the ability, use better talismans to take away my business, otherwise, they don't want to earn a single spirit stone.In my place, there's no power in business, product is king, so trash talismans go away."

The three Body Tempering Ninth Stage messenger disciples were furious.

"Scram."Tang Zichen shouted.

The three of them were shocked by Tang Zichen's momentum, a fourth stage of Body Tempering dared to yell at them at the ninth stage of Body Tempering.However, the more they did so, the more they were afraid of Tang Zichen and the more they believed that Tang Zichen had a powerful backstage.Originally, when the three of them saw how arrogant Tang Zichen was, they couldn't help but want to beat Tang Zichen up, but when Tang Zichen yelled at them, they had to hold back no matter how much they couldn't hold back, after all, even their boss had to weigh Tang Zichen's backstage.

"Go, go back and report to the boss."The three Body Tempering Ninth Step, quickly rolled away and went back to file a report.

"Bang."The bang, Tang Zichen closed the door of his single room.


Tang Huan was busy walking to Tang Zichen's side and asked, "Brother, what should we do, this is going to be a big deal.I told you, we made away so much money from the spirit talisman, those people can't just stand by and watch.Those people who are opening Spirit Talisman stores on the periphery, they can be people with a backstage."

Tang Huan looked at Tang Zichen very scared.

If this matter couldn't be peddled, it would be murderous, and there was no law to restrain the spirit world, whoever had the hardest fist was the law.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, don't worry yet, since we dare to make the business so big, we are naturally not afraid of anyone looking for trouble.Sister, have you noticed that they seem to be quite scrupulous towards us as well, if they really weren't scrupulous towards us at all, they would have come and killed us already, what's the point of negotiating."

"They're scrupulous, that's because they mistakenly think that you have a backstage."

"That's right, so the more we have to act like we have a strong backstage."

"But what if they do it to us?"

"Do it?Well, you think I'm scared?Sister, I'm now someone who can refine a second-grade, fifth-grade talisman, and under the open light fifth-grade, I'll go out with one talisman and beat them to a pulp.Alright, don't think too much about it yet, let's go find them and see how they want to negotiate with me."Tang Zichen went out with Tang Huan.

At this moment, on the outskirts of the Flying Cloud Sect, a store called 'Hundred Ghost Alliance Spirit Talisman Store'.

Seven Enlightenment Stage men were sitting in the store waiting, these were the seven bosses who had negotiated together yesterday on how to resolve Tang Zichen's sole domination of the spirit talisman business.

These seven bosses, in the inner surroundings of the Flying Cloud Sect, were not ordinary people, they all had established their own power and had dozens of junior brothers under their hands, and because they had some connections in the inner surroundings of the Flying Cloud Sect, they could mix quite well, ordinary Flying Cloud Sect disciples would not dare to provoke them. Remember the URL

Among their seven bosses, one of them was of the fifth rank of open light, three of the fourth rank of open light, and three of the third rank of open light.

At that moment, the man at the fifth rank of Open Light said, "When that little bastard comes later, slap him a few times first to give him a hard time."

"Of course, it's a must, and I'll kick him some more."

As they were thinking of how to give Tang Zichen a hard time, the three little brothers they had just sent out returned.

"Where's Tang Zichen?"The seven men were busy asking.

"Boss, we went to look for Tang Zichen, but, he's not coming."

"Not coming?"

"Not only did he not come, he also said that he would go to your? negotiation, and he also threatened that from now on, the spirit stone business in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect is all his."

"Fuck, is that really what he said?"The man of the fifth rank of Open Light was furious, he, Nong Lingsheng, was at least a strong man of the fifth rank of Open Light, he had set up the Hundred Ghost Alliance with his own hands, he also had great power in the Flying Cloud Sect, and his dad was also an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, but he was subjected to this kind of anger and didn't take him into account in the slightest.

"This little bastard, don't make me do him."Nong Lingsheng said through clenched teeth.

The other six bosses were also angry, but they were a little less powerful than Nong Lingsheng, so they all set their sights on Nong Lingsheng, and if Nong Lingsheng couldn't even handle Tang Zichen, then they pretty much couldn't handle Tang Zichen either.

"Big brother Nong Lingsheng, what do you think about this?A 12 year old son of a bitch at the fourth stage of body refining, that's a bit too grippy."A boss said.

"Yeah, Nong Lingsheng, your father is a Flying Cloud Sect Elder, we are several

Among individuals, it's you who has the toughest backstage, if even you can't handle that little bastard, then we definitely can't either."

The man with the fifth stage of open light snorted, "Originally, I was still looking at the fact that he has a bit of backstage and settled it peacefully with him, but I didn't expect this little bastard to be so wild, so don't blame me for being rude."Nong Lingsheng, who was at the fifth rank of Open Light, had a cold gaze, so what if Tang Zichen had a big backstage, quietly get him killed and see what he would do.

Just at this moment, a tender voice came from the doorway, "What? You want to get me killed."

When everyone looked at the door, it was Tang Zichen.

A child of the fourth stage of Body Tempering, and the few of them who were in the Light Opening Stage didn't even notice it.

Tang Zichen walked into that shop, looked at the few shocked looking men, then smiled and took off an amulet attached to his chest and said, "I didn't think that this trash amulet of mine was quite powerful, I thought that there was no way for a few trash to notice it."

"Who are you calling trash?"One of the Enlightened Fourth Stage men yelled.

Tang Zichen laughed, "You, you, and you, are trash."

"Tang Zichen."Several of them looked at Tang Zichen with gritted teeth and anger, they didn't expect that Tang Zichen's arrogance was far beyond their imagination, calling them trash as soon as they arrived, and daring to point and curse so openly, could it be that this little bastard really had a big backstage, or else how could he dare to be so arrogant.In addition, Tang Zichen used a silent talisman as soon as he appeared, so that no one would notice Tang Zichen's presence.The so-called silent talisman is a talisman that allows people to be silent, as if entering a deserted realm.Tang Zichen taking out a talisman of at least second grade and fifth rank right off the bat was really a big deal, at least it showed that Tang Zichen definitely had a backstage.

Those six bosses all looked at Nong Lingsheng.Tang Zichen was so arrogant upon his arrival that the six bosses who were a little lower in power were a little scrupulous of Tang Zichen and didn't dare to take the lead, and now they only had hope for Nong Lingsheng.

Nong Lingsheng clenched both fists and said through gritted teeth, "Little bastard, you're looking for death."

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "The one who is looking for death still doesn't know who it is, a mere fifth stage of open light, but he also dares to shout at me, it seems that the tiger doesn't shine, treating me as a sick cat."

"Tang Zichen, go to hell with you."Nong Lingsheng punched at Tang Zichen.

Nong Lingsheng was so fast that Tang Zichen would not have been able to react if he hadn't reached the first stage of Enlightenment, just with the Body Refining Stage.

Tang Zichen was furious when he saw Nong Lingsheng strike at the first word, but Tang Zichen was already prepared for it.

Tang Zichen instantly struck a talisman at Nong Lingsheng.

It was a second-grade, fifth-ranked immobilizing talisman.

Nong Lingsheng hadn't quite punched out yet and was stationary in midair.

A few bosses beside him were shocked, "A freezing talisman, actually freezing Nong Lingsheng."

At this moment, Nong Lingsheng felt as if his entire body was bound by a rope, unable to move.

Tang Zichen said, "My immobilizing talisman can last for ten seconds, after ten seconds, I, another one."

After saying that, Tang Zichen nonchalantly pulled out a stack of talismans from his body, took out one of them, and then pasted another one on Nong Lingsheng.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I have a stack of talismans, I'd like to see how arrogant you can be.I still have a whole bunch of these trash talismans there, I usually use them as toilet paper, hahaha."


Those bosses on the side were really shocked at the news, Tang Zichen took out a stack of talismans not to mention, second grade and fifth grade talismans, although they were able to take out one or two of them, but there was no way that they would be like Tang Zichen, a stack of them, from Tang Zichen's tone, such talismans were used as toilet paper.

As expected, Tang Zichen's backstage was tough, could it be that Tang Zichen was a relative of those talisman refiners of the Flying Cloud Sect?

Tang Zichen nonchalantly took out a knife, then, stabbed at the motionless Nong Lingsheng.

"Puff."Blood continued to flow out from Nong Lingsheng's chest.

Nong Lingsheng looked at Tang Zichen furiously, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Tang Zichen saw that ten seconds were about to pass again and plastered another one on Nong Lingsheng.

Nong Lingsheng looked at the stack of talismans in Tang Zichen's hands with some despair, if this continues, he won't be able to move even if he is played to death.

Tang Zichen placed the bloody knife on Nong Lingsheng's neck and said, "How do you think I'm going to cut your head off?"

"Tang Zichen, don't mess around."Nong Lingsheng's body trembled and said.

Tang Zichen's knife wiped at Nong Lingsheng's neck, and with a clatter, much blood soared out.However, Tang Zichen only made a cut, not cutting off his head.

Watching the blood on his neck flow out like water pouring out, Nong Lingsheng was stunned. One second to remember to read the book

The talisman on Nong Lingsheng's body was about to become obsolete again, and Tang Zichen took out another talisman to stick on.

At that moment, Nong Lingsheng shouted, "Don't stick it, if you stick it again I will run out of blood.Tang Zichen, if I die, my father won't let you go, my father is Elder Nongsun of the Flying Cloud Sect."

Tang Zichen pasted it on again.

"Ahhhh."Nong Lingsheng roared in despair, if he let the blood drain away, he would die, he must now take out the bleeding stopping pills he had on him and take them, but Tang Zichen kept pasting the talisman, he couldn't move.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Nong what Dengchen Elder, do you think I will put it in my eyes?It's childish for a district elder's son to want to fight with me."

Those bosses on the side, hearing Tang Zichen's words, the son of a district elder dared to fight him, they all unconsciously trembled, it seemed that Tang Zichen's background was not small.

Tang Zichen no longer paid any attention to Nong Lingsheng, turned his head to the other bosses and said, "Which one of you still wants to come up here and learn about my Immobilization Talisman?It's fine, I still have a stack here, I won't have enough to go back for more."

Those bosses didn't dare to speak, even Nong Lingsheng, who was at the fifth stage of enlightenment, had his neck slit, let alone them, the district elder's son wasn't even in their eyes, so they might as well forget it.

At this time, the talisman on Nong Lingsheng's body had already failed.

Nong Lingsheng frantically took out a bleeding stopping pill and took it before the blood soaring from his neck stopped flowing.Unfortunately, Nong Lingsheng had already lost too much blood, and his face was now so pale that he didn't have much fighting power left.

Tang Zichen turned his head towards Nong Lingsheng and snorted, "What do you think you'll do if I take another talisman and cut you again?"

Nong Lingsheng's eyes panicked, and he was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, you'd better not do anything, even if you have a bigger backstage, if you kill me, you'll be in trouble."

"Is that so, with that elder father of yours?Is that elder father of yours strong?How many steps of the YuanYing stage, tell me."

Those bosses were shocked when they heard Tang Zichen say YuanYing several steps, moving YuanYing, did he think that YuanYing was running all over the place, the entire Flying Cloud Sect didn't know if there were any YuanYing stage powerhouses.

Tang Zichen laughed.

: "Even if you haven't even reached the YuanYing stage, you still have the nerve to come out and pretend to be drunk."

"Tang Zichen, not even the Master of the Flying Cloud Sect has reached the YuanYing stage, so don't you dare scare me in front of me."Nong Lingsheng snorted quietly, he didn't dare to snort loudly because he was afraid that he would piss Tang Zichen off again.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "A frog at the bottom of a well."

After saying that, Tang Zichen stuffed the talisman in his pocket and said, "Alright, aren't you guys about to negotiate with me, come on, you can negotiate, how you want to negotiate."

Several bosses looked at each other, heck, even Nong Lingsheng is like this, how can you still negotiate.

"You guys won't say is it, then fine, I'll say it, from now on, the spirit talisman business in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, we all, each sell according to our abilities.If your talismans can buy more than me, that's your skill, I will never interfere, if you can't sell them and you dare to do anything behind the scenes, then don't blame me."

After saying that, Tang Zichen snorted, "Bunch of trash."Then, he swaggered away.

A few people were furious, but they didn't dare to do anything about it.

It was only after Tang Zichen left that one of the open light fourth stage bosses raged, "See, too arrogant, not putting us in their eyes at all.Nong Lingsheng, your father is a Flying Cloud Sect elder, are you just going to swallow this anger?"

Nong Lingsheng glared at the man and snorted, "Tang Zichen was here just now, why don't you dare to fart a single fart, now that he's gone, what the fuck are you farting in front of me."

"Ew."That open light fourth stage boss blushed and was speechless, the rest of the bosses wanted to say something as well, but they all shut their mouths.

In short, they were all depressed, having greatly underestimated Tang Zichen's backstage, now it seemed that Tang Zichen's backstage was most likely not in the Flying Cloud Sect, was Tang Zichen from some powerful Immortal cultivation family?

Thinking about this, Nong Lingsheng was a little scared, his father was just an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, in front of a powerful immortal family, that would really be a death sentence.

However, Nong Lingsheng was confused, before his men investigated, Tang Zichen was from a weak family in Tianbao City ah.

As things turned out, Nong Lingsheng didn't believe to death that Tang Zichen was merely a child of the Tang family in Tian Bao City.

On the way back, Tang Huan was both happy and scared.

"Brother ah, this is really a big bluff.They all think that we have a big backstage, but we have nothing ah, if one day it's revealed, we really don't know how we'll die, even our Tang family could be destroyed ah."Tang Huan said worriedly.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Sister, how was brother's performance just now, was it scary, hahaha."

"Brother, sister is not joking with you."

"Alright, sister, let's talk about it later."

"Brother, just now you were able to shake that open light fifth stage boss because of your talisman, it was just enough to deal with him, if he finds another stronger one, or even brings his father here, then what do we do?"Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen said, "So, my talisman refining ability needs to be raised again."

"However, no matter how much you raise it, it can't be raised to the point where it can rival the Feiyun Sect Elder."

"Sister, the enhancement I'm talking about isn't necessarily an enhancement in grade, it can also be an enhancement in duration ah, if I can raise the duration of the talisman to 20 seconds, then even a fool would know that my talisman was made by a super talisman refiner ah.If I can take out a talisman of such a high grade, even a Feiyun Sect Elder would have to weigh it ah."


"Let's hope so."Tang Huan sighed.

They returned to the dormitory and had just opened the door to their room when a white shadow under the bed shot towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen caught it and smiled, "Little white, stop it."

"Daddy."A milky voice entered Tang Zichen's ears.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, and so was Tang Huan, who had just entered the door.

Tang Huan covered his mouth and stole a laugh, "Words and called you daddy, hahaha."

Tang Zichen was a little embarrassed, this little white dragon, actually thought of him as his father.

Previously, this little white dragon, he was just born and still couldn't speak, now after being raised by Tang Zichen for a few months, the little white dragon was becoming more and more intelligent, today he even said the words father and father for the first time, but unfortunately made Tang Zichen very embarrassed.

Tang Zichen to: "Little Bai, you'd better call me big brother."

Little White Dragon looked at Tang Zichen in bewilderment, Little White Dragon's current IQ was probably not even the IQ of a one and a half year old baby, and he couldn't understand what he was saying to him.

"Forget it, I'll tell you later." First URL

"Hahaha."Tang Huan laughed to death.

Tang Zichen saw that Tang Huan was gloating and laughing, immediately to: "Xiao Bai, she's your mother, call her mother."

Tang Huan was busy shyly saying, "No, I don't want to be his mother-in-law."

However, the little white dragon didn't call, but looked at Tang Huan and chirped and shook his head.

"Uh, the little white dragon doesn't recognize you as his mother, what's going on?"Tang Zichen was a little puzzled.

In fact, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that after Little White Dragon was born, the first female he came into contact with, he would think it was his mother, and the first male he came into contact with, he would think it was his father.Tang Zichen was the first male that the little white dragon came into contact with, so he was subconsciously thought to be the father by the little white dragon, and as for the mother, she must have been the little girl who was about the same age as Tang Zichen before.

Tang Huan pouted in frustration.

Tang Zichen put the little white dragon on the ground and said, "Go play by yourself, no running around, I'm going to start refining the talisman."

Tang Zichen continued to refine the talisman.

"Brush brush brush."Tang Zichen was refining talismans so fast that by two or three o'clock in the afternoon, Tang Zichen had finished refining 1,000 talismans.

"OK, today's mission is finished."Tang Zichen stretched his back.

Tang Zichen took out a bag of spirit stones from his storage bag.

"Last time when I opened the first stage of light, I sucked up 4,000 first class spirit stones, but unfortunately I couldn't advance to the second stage of light.Now in the past few days, I've earned nearly 7,000 first-class spirit stones, so I'll take out another 2,000 spirit stones and refine them to see if I can step into the second stage of Enlightenment."After thinking about it, Tang Zichen took out 2,000 first-grade spirit stones, and then finished refining them in two minutes.

A few seconds later, the realm on Tang Zichen's body was suddenly raised to the second stage of open light.

Tang Zichen smiled and secretly said, "In order to step into the First Order of Open Light, you need at least 6,000 First Class Spirit Stones, which is 6 Second Class Spirit Stones, and now I only have 5,000 left, and I have to set aside the cost to raise Tang Huan when I earn 6,000 next time."

Tang Zichen was also much stronger after entering the second stage of Kai Guang, with his current second stage of Kai Guang, along with his Immortal Qi, I'm afraid he could spike the fifth stage of Kai Guang.If he were to open Life Blood Hidden again and display the Shura First Blade, he would probably be able to defeat the seventh stage of Open Light.

Moreover, Tang Zichen also had talismans as aids, so it could be said that even in the inner siege of the Flying Cloud Sect, those core disciples wouldn't be able to beat him by much.

At this moment, in the Flying Clouds'

Inside the clan's inner circle, in a certain residence, Nong Ling Sheng entered the door with a pale face.

At this moment, a voice came from inside the house, "Sheng'er."

Nong Lingsheng looked up sharply and walked into the house, only to see a middle-aged looking man sitting in the hall.

Nong Lingsheng busily said, "Dad, you're out of the closed door."

"Well, this time dad closed in for half a year to refine that fourth grade spirit stone."

"Father, you've stepped into the second stage of Spiritual Harmony?"Nong Lingsheng was busy asking.

"Hahaha, yes, Father has stepped into the second stage of Spiritual Harmony."The man in the hall laughed.

"Congratulations dad, congratulations dad, step up to the next level."Nong Lingsheng panicked and congratulated.

Just then, the man suddenly asked, "Sheng'er, why do you look so ugly?"

"Ah, dad, no, it's fine."Nong Lingsheng turned his head in panic, he didn't dare to be told by his father, if he messed with the powerful Xiantian family, it would be the end.

"Sheng'er, give dad an honest answer, why are you so pale?By the way, how's your spirit talisman business in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect doing now?"


"Say."The man roared, he was out of the gate today and had stepped into the second stage of Spiritual Harmony, it was the time of his life when he was in the mood, seeing his son seemingly wronged, he was furious, he vowed not to let his son suffer any bullying.

"Father, I, I almost died."

"Who dared to touch you?"

"Dad, don't be angry, that person we can't afford to offend, although I'm not sure, but I think he must be from a powerful immortal family."Nong Lingsheng said.

The middle-aged man snorted, "Give me the details of what happened."

"Yes, father."

Nong Lingsheng told his father everything about Tang Zichen.

After saying that, his father's face was ugly, his own son had been cut by the neck, it was intolerable.

"Dad, that Tang Zichen, who can take out so many talismans of such high quality, must have a big origin.Moreover, I heard his tone, those talismans of his are used to wipe his ass."

The middle-aged man snorted heavily, "Sheng'er, are you sure that after you investigated, you found out that that Tang Zichen is from the Tang Family of Tianbao City?"

"This is real."

"A scion of a third-rate small family daring to pass himself off as someone from some great immortal family, ridiculous, the fact that he can take out so many talismans doesn't mean anything.In any case, I, Nong Xiao Tian, don't believe it, let's go, take me to find him, I'd like to see if he's really from some big immortal cultivation family, if he thinks he can pass himself off as just a few second-grade talismans, he's too ignorant."

"Uh."Nong Lingsheng felt justified by his father's words.

Although Tang Zichen had taken out a stack of them, they were all just second-grade talismans, and as for the rest, apart from Tang Zichen's own bragging, nothing of substance was seen.

Nong Lingsheng was on fire when he thought that Tang Zichen might really be a fake.Nong Lingsheng gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, how dare you lie to me, see how I will kill you."

Nong Lingsheng immediately took his father with him and went to the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect to settle the score with Tang Zichen.

Nong Lingsheng's father, called Nong Xiaotian, an elder of the Flying Cloud Sect, was currently strong and had just stepped into the second stage of Spiritual Harmony.(Body Tempering, Open Light, Heart Illumination, Spiritual Healing, Infant)

Right now, Tang Zichen was in his dormitory, researching the refining of talismans to see how he could raise the grade of the talismans a bit more, and the current grade of the talismans Tang Zichen was refining was second grade and fifth grade.


Just at that moment, Tang Huan rushed in.

"Brother, it's not good."

"What's bad."

"Brother, I saw Nong Ling Sheng coming, he'll be here soon."

"This son of a bitch still dares to come."

"Brother, Nong Lingsheng didn't come alone, the person who came with him also has a strong temperament, looking at his appearance, he quite resembles his father.His father is a Flying Cloud Sect Elder, what should we do?I told you, Nong Lingsheng will definitely bring his father here."

Tang Zichen was stunned.

"What should we do, brother?"

"It has come to this, and we can only face it calmly, sister, you go to the back of the house, I'll deal with it, I'm afraid you're not calm enough to be seen through at a glance."


"Go quickly." Remember the URL

Tang Huan had to go to the back of the house first and pretend to practice his martial arts skills behind the house.

At that moment, two silhouettes flashed into the flat ground inside Tang Zichen's single room.

"Tang Zichen, you come out."Nong Lingsheng shouted.

With his hands behind his back, Tang Zichen slowly walked out, his face still looked arrogant and calm, and at first glance, it was impossible to tell if Tang Zichen was truly brave or just pretending, Tang Zichen had lived in the mortal realm for hundreds of years after all, and this point of mind was still stable enough.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Nong Lingsheng, could it be that you still want to come for death?I spared you last time, don't think that I really don't dare to kill you, I'm just too lazy to do it to someone as low as you."

Nong Lingsheng sneered, "Tang Zichen, you're still pretending, keep pretending."

Tang Zichen's heart did thud, did Nong Lingsheng discover something?That he's pretending?

However, Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Nong Lingsheng, I'll pretend to be your mother."

The middle-aged man standing next to Nong Lingsheng's gaze chilled and said, "You are Tang Zichen?How dare you talk to my son like that, you're looking for death."

Tang Zichen looked indifferently at Nong Xiaotian, and said with a flare of his mouth, "I guess you must be Nong Lingsheng's elder father, your son is really ignorant, a mere waste of a second stage of Spiritual Harmony, he also dares to shout in front of me, looking at your unstable realm, I guess this second stage of Spiritual Harmony has just been promoted."

Nong Lingsheng yelled, "You dare to curse my father."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I don't just curse your father, I also curse your mother, how dare you."

"You."Nong Lingsheng angrily wanted to do something, but then his father shouted at him, "Sheng'er, don't do anything yet."

"Dad, didn't you say that he was an impostor?Why can't we do it?"

Nong Xiaotian frowned and looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "How do you know I'm at the second stage of Spiritual Harmony?And you know that I've just ascended."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I've seen a lot of Spiritual Healing Stage Immortals like you, and I can judge them by a casual comparison, and you damn well still think you can pretend to be powerful in front of me?"

Nong Xiaotian was, at the moment, a bit moved inside, Tang Zichen a fourth stage of Body Tempering was able to see his realm and that it was unstable, this could only be explained by the fact that Tang Zichen had come into contact with many, many Spiritual Harmony Stage Immortal cultivators and then based on their momentum, it backfired on Nong Xiaotian.What did it mean that a child of the fourth stage of Body Tempering was able to come into contact with so many Spiritual Harmony Periods?It was already obvious.

"Could it be that this Tang Zichen really comes from a powerful Xiantian family?"Nong Xiaotian's heart was secretly proud.

Tang Zichen was secretly proud of himself, "I used my Immortal Perception to know your realm right away, I deliberately said I've seen many

Spiritual Healing Stage Judgment, hahaha, now, I'll give you one more fierce material."

Tang Zichen quietly released some of his realm, and Tang Zichen let out a little bit of the Second Stage of Opening Light.

That Nong Xiaotian looked at his father and said, "Dad, do it, since this son of a bitch is an impostor, then don't be polite."

Just as Nong Xiaotian was wondering if Tang Zichen was from a big immortal family or not, suddenly, Nong Xiaotian sensed that Tang Zichen seemed to have some realm momentum hidden on his body.

Nong Xiaotian's eyebrows furrowed, and with a sudden and careful feeling, he discovered that Tang Zichen was actually at the second stage of Opening Light.

"Ah, you, you're of the second stage of Open Light?You're not at the fourth stage of body refining."Nong Xiaotian said in shock.

Tang Zichen coldly snorted, "What's it to you how many steps I am."

"You're only twelve years old and you've reached the Second Order of Enlightenment, gosh, that's incredible."Nong Xiaotian was shocked, at this moment, Nong Xiaotian basically believed that Tang Zichen really was the son of a big immortal family.Other than that, Tang Zichen's ability to hide his realm to the point where even he almost didn't see it was extraordinary.

There was no more doubt in Nong Xiaotian's heart, or he didn't dare to doubt anymore, try to ask, how could someone who wasn't from a big immortal family be so powerful, he would really be a fool if he doubted anymore.

Nong Xiaotian was glad that he hadn't rushed into action just now.

At this moment, in Tang Zichen's room, a white shadow shot out, the white shadow that landed on Tang Zichen's shoulder was the little white dragon.

"Zzzz."The little white dragon grimaced at Nong Tsung-tsung, seemingly protecting Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen touched the little white dragon's, and in his heart, hehehe, this little white dragon, actually knew to come out to protect him, really didn't raise him for nothing.

However, Nong Xiaotian, who was in front of Tang Zichen, was shocked when he saw the little white dragon.

Nong Xiaotian was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, my son is ignorant and much offended, I hope you will be generous and forgive him for his ignorance."

Tang Zichen's heart also thumped, why did Nong Xiaotian's attitude suddenly change after seeing the little white dragon, could it be that this little white dragon was very important?

Tang Zichen snorted, "I can't possibly forgive you, so if you have the guts to kill me now, or else, just wait for death."

"Ah."Nong Xiaotian's body trembled.

Nong Lingsheng snorted, "Tang Zichen, you're still pretending."

"Pah."Nong Xiaotian turned back and slapped his son.

"Dad."Nong Lingsheng was blindsided by his father.

Tang Zichen looked on with cold eyes.

Nong Xiaotian was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, please forgive us, I promise, we won't dare to trouble you again."

Tang Zichen disdainfully said, "Trouble me?Now it's me who won't let you go."

Nong Xiaotian was a little upset, "Tang Zichen, we have apologized, what do you want to do to us."

Tang Zichen said, "You and your son, only one of you can live, your choice."

"What."Nong Xiaotian was shocked, Tang Zichen actually said such words, although Tang Zichen came from a big immortal family, but at the moment, Tang Zichen was just an ant in his eyes.

"Tang Zichen, don't go too far, you're only at the second stage of Light Opening, while I'm at the second stage of Spiritual Harmony, so what if your power behind the scenes is strong, distant water can't put out a nearby fire."Nong Xiaotian threatened.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Good one, distant water can't put out a nearby fire, do you think, someone as noble as me would not have a few strong people to protect in secret?Do you believe I'll just blow a whistle and immediately roll out a YuanYing stage?"


"What."Nong Xiao Tian's body trembled and looked around in panic.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't look, with your realm, you think you found it?Self-defeating."

Nong Xiaotian half-heartedly wondered if there was really a Yuanying stage powerhouse secretly protecting him?

If it was true, then it was really over, and killing him was just a blink of an eye.

In short, whether Nong Xiaotian believed it or not, he didn't dare to mess with Tang Zichen.

Nong Xiaotian clenched his teeth and pulled his son to kneel down with him.

"Dad."Nong Lingsheng looked incredulously at his father, pulling him along and kneeling down to a child.Could it be that Tang Zichen was really as awesome as he said he was?All secretly protected by the infant stage?

Tang Zichen hadn't expected that Nong Xiaotian would kneel down, he was a strong man of the second stage of Spiritual Harmony.

However, Tang Zichen's face remained unmoving.

Nong Xiaotian pleaded, "Tang Zichen, I'm sorry, we kneeled down to you and begged you to spare us.

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "You even kneel to me." One second to remember to read the book

"I'm sorry, we were wrong."

"Hahaha, Nong Tsung-tsung, okay, since you're so sincere in your repentance, I'll spare you this time."

"Thank you, thank you."Nong Xiaotian and his son nodded their heads in succession.

"Don't tell anyone what happened to me."Tang Zichen warned.

"Yes, yes, definitely not, we don't know anything about you."Nong Xiaotian said, though he didn't know why Tang Zichen was hiding his realm, why he didn't tell everyone that he came from a powerful immortal family, and why he came to a place like the Flying Cloud Sect to cultivate.

"Get lost."Tang Zichen roared without looking and turned around and walked into the house, as if he didn't take these two seriously at all.

Nong Xiaotian, like a great amnesty, immediately pulled his son and disappeared into Tang Zichen's single room.

After Nong Xiaotian and his son left, Tang Huan came out from behind the house.

"Brother."Tang Huan's eyes were filled with incredulity as she looked at Tang Zichen, just now she was worried about how this calamity was going to pass, but she didn't expect that not only did it pass, but Nong Xiaotian and his son were also kneeling down and begging Tang Zichen for forgiveness.

"Sister, why are you looking at me like that."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Brother, sister adores you so much."Tang Huan said running up to Tang Zichen, picking him up and giving him a big kiss on the cheek.

"Sister, you kissed me on my face drooling."

"Hahaha."Only then did Tang Huan put Tang Zichen down, and indeed kissed Tang Zichen on the face.

"Brother, it's so hard to believe that even the Flying Cloud Sect elder doesn't dare to doubt you and kneel down to you to beg for forgiveness."

"Sister, now that Nong Xiao Tian and his son are convinced of me, we can invite them if we need them in the future.Of course, it must be kept appropriate, lest I be torn apart, after all, I don't have anything advanced on me."

"Hmmm, but how I feel, it's dangerous."

"Don't think too much about it yet, keep busy with our own."

Nong Xiaotian and his son soon returned to the inner siege of the Flying Cloud Sect.


"Alas, Sheng'er, I'm sorry, but instead of being able to save your face, Dad lost even more face."Nong Xiaotian said apologetically.

"Father, it's fine, that Tang Zichen, does he really come from a big place?"

"It won't be false, he saw my realm at a glance, if he hadn't seen too many Spiritual Integration stages, he wouldn't have been able to do it, also, he reached the second stage of Enlightenment at only twelve years old, and after hiding to the fourth stage of Body Tempering, he almost even hid it from me, to be able to do that, if it wasn't from a big Immortal family, I wouldn't believe it to death!

.And that little white dragon of his."

"Dad, what happened to that little white dragon?"

"Sheng'er, in our Flying Cloud Sect, only the old patriarch owns a dragon, although I don't know if he is related to the old patriarch, but dragons are noble and powerful creatures, ordinary people are not qualified to obtain them.In short, that Tang Zichen's true origins are too strong, not to mention us, I'm afraid even the Sovereign can't be offended."

"But, why is he so low key?Don't dare let anyone know?And he's hiding his realm, pretending to be so weak."

"I don't know about that, maybe his family sent him here on some secret mission, or maybe, he doesn't want to be that high-profile, after all, if he makes his identity public, he'll definitely cause a stir in the Flying Cloud Sect."


"Sheng'er, don't ever mess with him again, and also, don't churn your tongue outside, lest you get into trouble."

"Good, but, I lost my talisman business in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, and although he said that everyone competes fairly, the talismans he put out for sale are of high quality, and the talismans I brought from my uncle can't even compare to him.Even if Uncle could make talismans of such high quality, there's no way he could make as many as he did.The talismans I sold were all refined by those disciples of my uncle, alas."

Nong Xiaotian sighed, "Forget it, it's better than having no life.By the way, tomorrow, you personally send some spirit stones to Tang Zichen, and tell him that we made amends to him."

"What? Dad, Tang Zichen has let my business go down the drain, and you still want to send him spirit stones to make amends."

Nong Xiaotian said, "Sheng'er, you don't understand this, although we can't reach high enough for him, but if we send him spirit stones to make amends, at least let him have a better impression of us, and gradually, in the future, change his opinion of us, maybe, in the future, maybe we can really reach high enough, even if we can't, we won't lose anything ah.Do as you're told."

"Yes, father, then how many spirit stones will you take to make amends to him?"

Nong Xiao Tian thought for a moment and said, "If it's too little, he definitely won't care, after all, he comes from such a big family, there's no shortage of spirit stones, and he's probably just playing around by selling talismans."

"Then what does father mean?"

"Take a piece of three spirit stones to make amends to him."

"What? A piece of three spirit stones."

"It's fine, go ahead."Nong Xiao Tian was heartbroken, originally this piece of three quality spirit stone was going to be a birthday gift for his son, but now he could only take it out to make amends to Tang Zichen.

The next day, Tang Zichen was refining the talisman, when there was a knock on the door from outside.

Tang Huan opened the door and was stunned when he saw it was Nong Lingsheng.

However, Nong Lingsheng was busy bending down, "Hello hello, may I ask, is Tang Zichen here?I'm looking for him for something."

"What are you doing here again?"Tang Huan was wary of the question.

Nong Lingsheng busily said, "Don't misunderstand, I'm not here to disturb you, my father asked me to send spirit stones to compensate for Tang Zichen's sin."

"Oh, go in."

Nong Lingsheng walked in the door and saw Tang Zichen standing at the entrance of the room, he had a dragon standing on his shoulder, a very powerful look.

"Big brother Tang Zichen, this is what my father asked me to send."Nong Lingsheng busily took out a spirit stone and said.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What the hell?"

"It's a three quality spirit stone, my father said that it's to compensate you for your sin, thank you for being an adult."

Tang Zichen was horrified inside, "My goodness, three spirit stones, oh my."

However, Tang Zichen snorted on his lips, "Three pint of spirit stones even, I really admire your father."

"Uh, this, huh."Nong Lingsheng was embarrassed, yeah, three spirit stones were not enough to look at in front of others, but, who made them so poor.


"Alright, although there are very few spirit stones, but since you have this heart, I'll reluctantly accept it."Tang Zichen took the piece of third-grade spirit stone and said.

"Thank you, Brother Tang, I'll go back if there's nothing else."

Tang Zichen waved his hand.

Nong Lingsheng left happily.

Tang Huan closed the door and said in surprise, "Brother, it's really a three quality spirit stone?"

"Haha, I can tell by the color that it's a third-grade spirit stone."Tang Zichen was also pleasantly surprised inside.

"A third-grade spirit stone, wouldn't it be equal to 1,000 second-grade spirit stones."

"Well, it's equal to 1,000 second-grade spirit stones.Sister, let's refine it now, we don't know what realm it will allow us to upgrade to."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, refine it right away?"

"Of course, try to refine this as much as you can and don't leave it on your body, moreover, the higher our strength is after refining, the stronger our ability to defend ourselves, there's no point in leaving it on our body, the purpose of earning spirit stones from selling talismans is to refine it, isn't it, now that we have 1,000 second grade spirit stones, why not refine it."Tang Zichen said excitedly.

"Mmhmm, refine." First URL

Tang Zichen took the piece of three grade spirit stone and split it evenly into two halves, giving half to Tang Huan and half to himself.

In just a minute, half of the three spirit stones were refined by Tang Zichen, about equal to 500 second-grade spirit stones ah.If it wasn't for Nong Xiaotian's gift, Tang Zichen would have had to rely on selling talismans for at least a year to earn 500 Second Grade Spirit Stones.

A few seconds later, Tang Zichen's realm began to soar.

Third stage of opening light.

Fourth Order of Enlightening Light.

Fifth Order of Enlightening Light.

Opening Light Sixth Order.

Seventh Order of Enlightenment.

Tang Zichen soared all the way from the second step of opening light to the seventh step of opening light.

"I'm going."Tang Zichen shouted out in pain, this time, it was the most he had ever soared, rising five realms.

"Wow, brother, how much are you now?"Tang Huan was busy asking.

"Seventh Order of Enlightenment."

"Wow, that's too fast, brother, you're really awesome, three more realms up and you'll be able to enter the heart illumination stage.My father is only at the first step of heart illumination ah, you are only a throw away from my father."Tang Huan was horrified.

"Uh, is Fifth Uncle only at the first stage of Heart Illumination?"Tang Zichen seemed to have forgotten.

"Well, my father cultivated for more than two hundred years before he reached the first stage of Heart Illumination, and you're now at the seventh stage of Enlightenment, only three steps away from that realm of my father."

"Huh."Tang Zichen was told by Tang Huan that he was somehow almost catching up to Tang Jingtian.Tang Jingtian had been cultivating for over two hundred years, while Tang Zichen had only been cultivating for a few months, so it seemed that the Immortal Qi given to Tang Zichen by the Nine Dao Demon King was indeed a bull's-eye.

"Sister, let's leave it at that, I'll help you refine your half."


Tang Huan also began to refine it.

Ten minutes later, Tang Huan also finished refining all of it, and Tang Huan also began to soar.

Second stage of Opening Light.

Third Order of Opening Light.

Opening Light Fourth Order.

Fifth Order of Opening Light.

Sixth Order of Enlightenment.

Tang Huan soared directly from the First Order of Opening Light to the Sixth Order of Opening Light.

"Sister, congratulations on stepping into the Sixth Order of Opening Light."

"Wow, that's too fast."Tang Huan incredibly felt the momentum in his body.



p; "Brother, thank you."Tang Huan said with a ghostly look in his eyes at Tang Zichen.

"Sister, why are you here again, every time I help you refine, you look at me like this."

"But, Sister really has nothing to repay."

"It's not like I want you to repay me for anything, alright, alright."

"Well, brother, with our age, reaching the sixth or seventh stage of opening light, if this is known, I'm afraid the entire Flying Cloud Sect will turn over."

"So, we must hide it well, and the peerless will not be sinned against."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Huan nodded his head.

Tang Zichen continued to hide his realm at the fourth stage of Body Tempering, while Tang Huan also hid it at the fifth stage of Body Tempering.

Tang Zichen didn't want to hide it so much, but there was really no other way, others had only been cultivating for a hundred and two hundred years to reach this realm, while Tang Zichen had less than half a year, everyone would be jealous, and if people knew, not to mention the YuanYing stage, I'm afraid that even more powerful immortal cultivators would come looking for Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen would turn out to be, the world is so big, but there's no place to stay.Rather than that, it was better to keep a low profile and hide it first, and when the strength was really strong enough to not fear anyone anymore, then do whatever you want.

Next, after Tang Zichen's realm improved, his talisman refining level also rose.

Tang Zichen's talisman refining level rose directly from second-grade and fifth-grade to second-grade and ninth-grade.

It could be said that there shouldn't be many people who were rivals to Tang Zichen under the Heart Illumination Stage.

It was unthinkable that someone so powerful could still be hidden among the outer disciples.

A few days later, Tang Zichen's Light Cloud Alliance headquarters was also constructed, all using wood, and although it was built roughly, it was barely habitable.

Tang Zichen announced that over 600 people from the Light Cloud Alliance were all living in the headquarters.

Tang Zichen's room, at the very core of the headquarters, was not allowed to enter Tang Zichen's residence except for Tang Zichen and Tang Huan, and even if they wanted to go in, they had to get permission.

Although Tang Zichen had stepped into the Seventh Stage of Enlightenment, he wasn't proud and complacent, continuing to refine and sell talismans.

After all, Tang Zichen had to continue to become stronger, so the business could not be left alone.

The spirit talisman business in the periphery of the Feiyun Sect, although the remaining seven specialty stores were still open, their sales had shrunk by ninety percent, and almost all of them had been taken care of by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen could sell about 900 talismans a day, and he could make 40,000 spirit stones in pure profit, or 40 second-class spirit stones every month.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen's consumption of spirit stones after advancing to the seventh stage of Enlightenment was no longer described by 'blocks', but by several hundred blocks.Therefore, earning 40 pieces of second-class spirit stones every month would hardly have a significant effect on Tang Zichen's continued advancement, and he could only rely on time to slowly accumulate them.The good news was that earning 40 pieces of second grade spirit stones every month was nearly 500 pieces of second grade spirit stones in a year, so a year's accumulation would be enough for Tang Zichen to continue to improve a bit more.

In the blink of an eye, another two months passed.

Two months was almost a negligible amount of time for immortal cultivators.

"Boss, someone is looking for you."One day after two months, a subordinate reported to Tang Zichen.

"Uh, who's looking for me?"

"Don went liao, he said he was your big brother."

"Uh, Tang Go Liao."Tang Zichen was stunned, but if he didn't mention it, Tang Zichen would have forgotten about the man.

"Let him in."

Not long after, a man of the second stage of Enlightenment walked in, it was Tang Go Liao, the eldest son of the Tang family's owner, Tang Hu Lai, and Tang Go Bing's younger brother, who had been killed by Tang Zichen during the outer disciple assessment.

"Tang Go Liao, long time no see, what are you doing here looking for me?"Tang Zichen asked indifferently.

Tang Zichen had no affection for either of the Tang Hu Lai family.


That Tang Go Liao saw Tang Zichen, yowled and laughed, "Tang Zichen, not bad, it's not even half a year since you entered the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, but you've stepped into the fourth stage of Body Tempering, and you've established some kind of Light Cloud Alliance, a bit impressive."Tang Go Liao said this with his mouth, but his heart was upset, when Tang Zichen came to the Flying Cloud Sect, his father had written a letter asking him and his brother to get rid of Tang Zichen.Unfortunately, because of this, his brother's whereabouts were still unknown, and the more Tang Zichen lived, the better.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Tang Go Liao, whether I'm mixed up or not, it's none of your gripe business."

"What did you say?"Tang Go Liao's eyebrows furrowed, and he looked like he was about to get angry.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Tang Go Liao, whether I'm mixed up or not, it's none of your gripe business, have you made it clear enough?"

Tang Go Liao became angry and said, "Tang Zichen, you fucking better show me some respect, no matter what, I'm your big brother."

"Big your sister's brother."Tang Zichen said.

"Fuck, a sentence?Don't think that just because you have some achievements now, you don't even care about me anymore.In the Flying Cloud Sect, you're a fourth stage body refiner, I don't bother to take care of you, even if I go back to my family, I won't blink an eye."Tang Go Liao said furiously, he didn't expect that Tang Zichen, who hadn't seen him for a few months, would take him so lightly.

Originally, Tang Go Liao came to Tang Zichen today because he heard that Tang Zichen had made a lot of spirit stones and wanted to get some from Tang Zichen, but he didn't expect that Tang Zichen would treat him this way even before he said anything.

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "Tang Go Liao, my time is precious, if you're fine, get out of here immediately."

Tang Go Liao paused, suppressing his anger first and said, "Tang Zichen, I heard that you're selling talismans in the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, your business is quite good, you've earned a lot of spirit stones, right?I've been lacking spirit stones lately, so give me a little bit of spirit stone, not much, give me a twenty-three thousand first-class spirit stone."

Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh, and said why did Tang Go Liao suddenly come out to look for him, but it turned out that he was out looking for spirit stones. Remember the URL

What a laugh.

Tang Zichen ridiculously said, "Tang Go Liao, who do you think you are?I need to give you the spirit stone?"

Tang Go Liao said, "Tang Zichen, you are advised not to forget your roots, you are the son of our Tang family, now that you have become rich in the Flying Cloud Sect, it's only right to take care of the children of our family.Secondly, my father is the head of the Tang family, and I am now the only one in the Tang family who has become a core disciple in the Flying Cloud Sect, I am the pride of our family, and the entire family should be proud of me.So, even if I don't have to tell you, you yourself should take the initiative to send me some spirit stones, understand?"

"Don't understand."

"Okay, Tang Zichen, if you give me spirit stones, I can promise you that I will protect you after you enter the inner siege of the Flying Cloud Sect, you are now at the outer edge of the Flying Cloud Sect, although you can still mix well, but this is because there are no big figures at all at the outer edge, if you go to the inner siege of the Flying Cloud Sect, you will know how powerful it is, you can't mix at all with you, if you have me to take care of you, you will definitely mix better.Of course, I have a condition, how about you provide me with 20,000 first class spirit stones every month?"

Tang Zichen's eyes showed killing intent.

"Tang Go Liao, you're looking for death."

"Tang Zichen, the one who is looking for death is you, if I kill you now, who dares to do anything?With your fifth uncle, Tang Jingtian?"

Tang Zichen asked angrily, "So, you're threatening me?"

"Tang Zichen, if you are really stubborn and don't know who your family members are, then I will have no choice but to act in the place of the head of the family, my father is the head of the family, the head of the family has any rights in the Flying Cloud Sect, I

It can act as a substitute for the family lord and punish any Tang Clan children."Tang Go Liao said with a smug look on his face, he would force even Tang Zichen to hand over the spirit stone today.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, after this laugh, Tang Go Liao was already a dead man in Tang Zichen's mind, such a trash with no self-awareness, go to hell.

"Tang Zichen, what are you laughing at, hurry up and take out the spirit stone."Tang Go Liao said.

"Tang Go Liao, before you die, I'll send you a message, if you die yourself, no one can stop you."Tang Zichen said full of murderous anger.

Tang Go Liao was stunned, "Die?Who killed me?You?Or is it your Light Cloud Alliance forces?You think you can take me on just because you have a bunch of kids under you?You're too naive."

"It's useless to talk too much, you can see for yourself."After saying that, Tang Zichen unleashed the seventh stage of the Open Light realm.

Tang Go Liao instantly felt an unmatched oppressive force from Tang Zichen's body.

"Ah, you, you."Tang Go Liao stepped back in fear, unable to figure out what was going on.

"Tang Go Liao, was it really luck that I was able to do business on the outskirts of the Flying Cloud Sect?Do you want to know what I am now?That's right, I'm now at the seventh stage of opening light."

"That, that's impossible, you're only twelve years old, that's impossible."

"Frog at the bottom of the well, and also, your brother didn't disappear, but he was killed by me, when he was in the Desolate Beast Forest, your brother tried to kill me, but unfortunately, your brother's strength at the seventh stage of body refining wasn't enough for me, he was killed by me in one slash, and after that he was eaten by a group of beasts, hahaha."

"What? My brother him."

"Yes, your brother was eaten by a demonic beast, and now he has already been transformed into demonic beast shit and pulled onto some ground, and has been given nutrients by a tree again, or rolled into a ball and pushed away by the shit.You can look in the Wild Beast Forest and see if there are any more balls of dung that your brother's corpse has converted into that you can pick up and give home to your father."

"No, that's not possible."

"Hahaha, Tang Go Liao, you could have indeed gone to find out if there are any balls of dung from your brother, but unfortunately, you had to come to my place to die, in that case, I'll send you on your way."

Tang Go Liao turned around and tried to run.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped the top of Tang Go Liao's head.

With Tang Go Liao's strength of the second stage of Open Light, he was no match.

With one slap, Tang Zichen split Tang Go Liao's skull.

Tang Zichen looked at the corpse on the ground and grunted, then spat, "I pooh."

At that moment, Tang Huan just happened to walk in from outside.

"Brother."Tang Huan only shouted out one word before he was frightened by the corpse on the ground.

"Ah, this is."

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, this is Tang Go Liao."

"What? Tang Go Liao, the eldest son of the family head, you, how did you kill him."Tang Huan's face was shocked.

"So what if I killed him, this trash, actually dared to ask me for a spirit stone, I didn't give it, and even threatened me to use my rights as a substitute family master, I really don't know how to write the word death.So, I'll just exterminate him."

"Brother, but what if Tang Hu comes to find out?"

"If you know it, then you know it, Tang Hu Lai is just Tang Hu Lai.By the way, what strength did Tang Hu come with?"


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