The King of Kungfu in school 1561-1571


Chapter 1561

Tang Zichen started refining talismans when he returned to the Light Cloud Alliance.

The daily work could not be left behind, and it was tiring enough to think about it, but every day he had to refine talismans for about five hours.

At two or three in the afternoon, Tang Zichen finished refining 1,000 talismans.

Just as he was about to take a break, there was a report from Tang Ming outside the door, "Boss, Lu Yuxi came to see you and was stopped by us outside the gate of Light Cloud Alliance, should we let her in?"

Don Zimmer erupted.

"No need, I don't want to see her,"Don Zichen said.

"Okay, then I'll tell her to fuck off."Don unknown said.

Tang Zichen said, "Just let her go, there's no need to yell at people, she doesn't owe me anything after all."


Time rushed by, in the blink of an eye, another three months had passed.

Feiyun Sect's outer disciples, the third quarterly test of the year had begun. The first website

"Everyone please assemble at the outer plaza for quarterly testing."Early in the morning, a voice in the sky shouted.

Tang Zichen scrambled up and walked out of the room, Tang Huan was already up.

"Brother, you shouldn't have to make a fool of yourself this time for the quarterly test, right?You're already at the sixth stage of Body Tempering in everyone's eyes now, and it would be a bit of an exaggeration if you were to progress any further.That's why I suggest you maintain the sixth stage of Body Tempering."Tang Huan said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sister, this time, I want to do something fierce."

"What do you mean?A fierce one?"

"Yes, this time, I want to hide my realm at the eighth stage of Body Tempering for this test."

"What? You, younger brother, don't be overly high-profile ah, people who are second-year disciples and can reach the eighth stage of Body Tempering are already awesome, you're only a first-year disciple and you've reached the eighth stage of Body Tempering, this is too high-profile."Tang Huan was busy advising.

"Hahaha, that's why I said a fierce well."

"You."Tang Huan was speechless as he looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, you've also kept a low profile for so long, it's time to move up a bit, now among your second disciples, the strongest Zhen Wuxiang has opened up the first stage, those who are inferior to Zhen Wuxiang are already at the eighth stage of Body Tempering, and you, you're still at the fifth stage of Body Tempering."

Tang Huan said, "I don't want to stand out, anyway, I just need to make sure that I can pass the Inner Circle disciple assessment."

Tang Huan remained at the fifth stage of Body Tempering, simply keeping a low profile.

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Right, sister, when are you guys going to do the Inner Circle disciple assessment?"

"The assessment will be in two months, and when I pass the assessment, I'll be able to enter the inner circle of the Flying Cloud Sect and become an official disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect."Tang Huan said with great anticipation.

An outer circumference disciple was not considered a true disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, as one didn't even enter the gate of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Tang Zichen said, "You've entered the inner perimeter, and it's no fun for me to be on the outer perimeter by myself, so I wonder if I can join you in the assessment and enter the inner perimeter."

"You can, as long as you have the strength, you don't have to wait for two years, and those who are ranked very high can even enter the inner perimeter without an assessment.You're now the top ranked disciple in a term, you can totally enter straight away."


"Of course, I've been in the outer perimeter of the Flying Cloud Sect for almost two years now."

"Good, we'll enter the inner perimeter of the Flying Cloud Sect together then."

"Mmhmm, let's stop talking for now, let's hurry up and gather at the square."


nbsp; Tang Zichen and Tang Huan immediately rushed to the outer square.

When they arrived, almost all of them were here.

Many people looked at Tang Zichen, the last quarterly test, Tang Zichen burst into the sixth stage of Body Refining, and they didn't know if Tang Zichen had improved this time.

However, most people believed that it was impossible for Tang Zichen to improve this quarterly test, because the more he cultivated, the harder it was, and of course, even though they didn't believe that Tang Zichen would improve again this time, they were still looking at Tang Zichen with great anticipation.

"Tang Zichen."As Tang Zichen stood in the line, a girl in the row of girls on the left called out to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen turned his head and saw that it was Lu Yuxi.

"What for."Tang Zichen said in a bad mood.

Lu Yuxi asked enthusiastically, "Tang Zichen, long time no see, how are you doing."

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "Very good."

Lv Yuxi was a little sad to see Tang Zichen's cold tone towards her, since that time when she was almost defiled by Zhen Wuxiang and Tang Zichen saved her, Lv Yuxi hadn't seen Tang Zichen again.

Although Tang Zichen was cold to her, Lu Yuxi still smiled and said, "Tang Zichen, it's been almost three months, you've grown a little taller oh."

"Yes?!"Tang Zichen said indifferently and didn't look at Lv Yu Xi.

Lv Yuxi turned back lost.

At this time, the strong man in the sky shouted, "Gentlemen, the third quarterly test this year has begun, it will be almost a year since you entered the periphery of the Feiyun Sect.In two months, the second year disciples will be formally tested, and if you don't pass the test, you will have to leave the periphery of the Flying Cloud Sect, and you will never have the chance to enter the Flying Cloud Sect in your lifetime."

Hearing this, the second session disciples were all nervous.

"Below, we will start testing from the first year disciples, last time when we tested, the first year disciple, Tang Zichen, stepped into the sixth stage of body refining, this time, I don't think Tang Zichen has improved any further, after all, the further you go, the harder it is."After saying that, everyone's eyes focused on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked out at once.

At this moment, the strong men in the sky seemed to sense the momentum in Tang Zichen's body and looked shocked.

Tang Zichen said in front of everyone, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Senior, but this test has not only raised me, but I have raised it by two levels.I'm now at the eighth stage of Body Tempering."

"What."Upon hearing this, the entire square was shocked, Tang Zichen was only a first year disciple and had reached the eighth stage of Body Tempering, people who were second year disciples who could reach the eighth stage of Body Tempering were already geniuses.

The strong man in the sky laughed after the shock, "Tang Zichen, it seems that I underestimated you."

"Thank you."

At this moment, the strong man in the sky's brows furrowed lightly, his gaze sizing up Tang Zichen as if he was a penetrating Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stepping into the eighth stage of body refining at such a young age already made him feel unusual, which meant that Tang Zichen was either a peerless genius, or had some kind of treasure, such as a very awesome pill or something, or a very advanced body refining technique.

The strong man in the sky secretly said inside, "I'll have to inquire about it some other time."

"Alright, let's cheer for Tang Zichen."

"Pah, pah, pah."Everyone applauded for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had reached the eighth stage of Body Tempering, and apart from a small number of people, the vast majority of people didn't dare to be jealous anymore, because when someone was too far away from his level, jealousy would turn into worship.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi in the team looked at Tang Zichen with eyes full of sadness.


Lu Yuxi said with remorse within her heart, "Why was I so insensitive before, why, if I had known that Tang Zichen was so good, I would have never disliked him as a child, I would have agreed to his every request.Tang Zichen is such a genius, his future achievements are absolutely extraordinary, he might be able to help me take revenge, help me return to the family, and get back everything that belongs to me.Unfortunately, I was short-sighted and missed out on someone with such potential."

The more Lu Yuxi looked at Tang Zichen, the more she wanted to slap herself.

Thinking back on that Zhen Wuxiang, compared to Tang Zichen, she was a stinker in the trash.

"Pah."Lu Yuxi remembered Tang Zichen's coldness towards her now, and slapped herself with a moment of remorse, her eyes seemingly containing tears.

What was missed but could never be turned back.

Actually, Lu Yuxi wasn't so snobbish, but she was helpless, before she admired Zhen Wuxiang, she was optimistic about his future, whether he could become strong, whether he could help him take revenge and help her return to the family.

"Next, among the disciples in the first session, did anyone reach the seventh stage of Body Refining?"

No one stepped out.

The strong man's in the sky asked again, "Then has anyone reached the sixth stage of body refining?"

At this moment, two people stood out.

They were Yang Rong and Lu Yuxi respectively. Remember the URL

It was just that Yang Rong's face was ugly at the moment, he had thought that it was impossible for Tang Zichen to improve this test, so he was even with Tang Zichen.As a result, Tang Zichen had even stepped into the eighth stage of Body Tempering, and most importantly, even Lu Yuxi had stepped into the sixth stage of Body Tempering, so he was even with him.

"Not bad, there are actually two that have reached the sixth stage of Body Tempering, although they are inferior to Tang Zichen, but it's not bad."The strong man in the sky boasted.

"Below, it's the test of the second year disciples, last quarter, the second year disciple, Zhen Wu Xiang, he stepped into the first stage of Enlightenment and shook the whole field, this time, does Zhen Wu Xiang still have an improvement?"

Zhen Wuxiang walked out like a defeated lion in a fight.

For the past few months, Zhen Wuxiang hadn't improved at all because, he was nursing his injuries every day and was beaten heavily by Tang Zichen.

"Zhen Wuxiang, you have to keep up the good work."The strong man in the sky instructed.

Finally, the strong man in the sky shouted, "Two months from now, it will be the day when the second year disciples will assess their inner surroundings status, please prepare all second year disciples.In addition, any of the first term disciples who have reached the sixth stage of Body Tempering or above can be assessed in advance, and even, those who are particularly outstanding can enter the Feiyun Sect's inner siege straight away.Tang Zichen, for example, can go straight into the inner circle of the Flying Cloud Sect.Alright, disband."

Everyone disbanded and left.

Numerous young girls surrounded Tang Zichen.

"Boss Tang, are you still short of female servants around you?"

"Minister Boss, my massage is especially powerful oh, it can promote development."

"Minister Boss, can I beg for a package with this posture?"

"Tzu-Chen, look at my legs, how many years can I play with them?"A 16 year old girl lifted her sexy thighs and said.

A group of young girls, hardly treating Tang Zichen as a child anymore, made every effort to charm Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was speechless.

At that moment, Tang Huan came up.

The women all shut up because, when Tang Huan came up, they looked so ugly by comparison.The woman who thought she was sexy just now, after seeing Tang Huan's body, silently put down the skirt that was lifted up.


sp; "Brother, we're going back."

"Oh, good."Tang Zichen nodded, and the group of young girls saw that they hadn't provoked success and lost their mouths.

All of this was seen by Lv Yuxi who was not far away.

Lv Yuxi bit her teeth and said in her heart, "Tang Zichen is such a genius, maybe he can really help me get back into the family in the future, I must try again."

After saying that, Lu Yuxi walked up with a smile on his face.

"Brother Chen."Lv Yuxi greeted warmly.

Tang Zichen was impatient, "Lv Yuxi, what are you doing again."

"Brother Chen, can I, can I have a chat with you?"

Tang Zichen took a look at Lu Yuxi and saw that she had plumped up a bit more and was getting sexier and sexier, but of course, that wasn't the point, the point was that Tang Zichen wanted to see what she wanted to do.

"Okay, let's talk, sister, you can go back first."Tang Zichen turned his head to instruct Tang Huan.

"Oh."Tang Huan pursed her lips, she was a little depressed inside, inside she didn't seem to like Tang Zichen talking to other girls very much.Tang Huan smiled bitterly, how could she think like that, Tang Zichen was her brother ah.

"Alright, Lu Yuxi, what do you want to talk to me about, can we start talking now?"Tang Zichen said.

Lu Yuxi bit her teeth and said, "Brother Chen, it was all because I had eyes before."

"I don't want to hear such nonsense."

"Brother Chen, I am."

"Say what you have to say, don't swallow."

"Brother Chen, I want to beg for a package."Lu Yuxi blushed and lowered her head and said.

"What? Begging for a package?I didn't hear you wrong."Tang Zichen felt amused, and at the same time, Lu Yuxi's image in Tang Zichen's heart dropped by three points.

"Hahaha, Lu Yuxi, Lu Yuxi, you're too cheap, originally I thought that you refused my adoption and Zhen Wuxiang's confession, thinking that you're quite a proud girl, but today I burst out of the eighth stage of body refining and you're begging for adoption.If one day, someone more genius than me suddenly pops up, are you just begging him to get laid."

"No, it's not like that."Lu Yuxi panicked and shook her head.

"Hmph."Tang Zichen snorted and walked straight forward.

Lv Yuxi cried, "Tang Zichen, I just want to return to the family, am I wrong?My talent is not outstanding, relying on me alone is almost impossible, I don't even know how long I can live, I just want to meet some geniuses to help me get revenge in the future, did I do wrong."

Tang Zichen stopped, Tang Zichen couldn't stand to see a woman cry, heck, it was hard to walk away anymore.

"Cry cry cry, cry your sister ah, say what can not be said properly.I thought you saw my talent is strong, you want to fall back on it, I did not know your reason.What did you just say, what do you mean."

Lu Yuxi wiped her tears and said, "You asked me before what my identity was, I can tell you now that I am from the Lu Clan of the Four Seas, but unfortunately, my parents weren't favored and were framed by the rest of the family, losing my cultivation and being imprisoned in the family Heavenly Prison.My talent was only very average in the family, and I was also driven out of the family.However, I was unwilling that my parents were framed by a traitor, and I must return to the family to seek revenge on those who framed my parents.However, I couldn't live in the Four Seas, because those who framed my parents, they suppressed me at every turn, I could only leave far away, to the One Sea, and joined the Flying Cloud Sect.I originally wanted to meet some geniuses who could help me in the future, before I wasn't attracted by Zhen Wuxiang's talent, if I hadn't met my death, how could he be worthy of me."


Tang Zichen said, "So, if you hadn't been in distress, I wouldn't have been worthy of you."

"No, no, no, you're much more genius than Zhen Wuxiang, in our family, although there are those who reached the eight or nine steps of body refining at the age of eleven or twelve, but the number is not large, even in our family, you belong to the genius type, how could you not be worthy of me.I blame me for being blind before, I'm sorry.Tang Zichen, I really regret my rudeness to you before."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Want me to be your free hitman?Is that possible?What do I have to do with what happened to you in the family, do I have to pity you, there are too many pitiful people in the world, besides, you are not the most pitiful, at least you are still alive."

"Tang Zichen."Lu Yuxi looked at Tang Zichen in prayer.

Tang Zichen snorted in frustration, "Alright, alright, let's do this first, you will follow me and be my maid first, if you behave well, I might consider helping you take revenge in the future."

"Fine, as long as you can help me take revenge and save my parents, this body of mine is at your disposal."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Who wants your body.Alright, come with me."

"Yes."Lv Yuxi wiped her tears and smiled happily.

Tang Zichen brought Lv Yuxi back to the Light Cloud Alliance.

"Brother, why did you bring her here?"Tang Huan was busy asking, as if she wasn't very welcoming.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, Lu Yuxi will be my personal maid from now on." One second to remember to read the book

"What?You, you bagged her?"

"Oh, if you have to say something so ugly as bagging, then bag it."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly.

Tang Zichen wasn't very willing, but when he saw that Lu Yuxi was crying, he reluctantly brought her back, so if he could really help her in the future, then help her.

"Boss."Tang unknown shouted from outside.

"Come in."

"Boss, there's an Inner Siege disciple here to see you."

"Uh, an inner siege disciple looking for me?"


Tang Zichen was confused, what inner circle disciple came to him, was it Nong Lingsheng?

Tang Zichen walked to the front door, only to see a man around twenty years old standing there, except that he wasn't Nong Lingsheng.

"Who are you?Why come to me?"Tang Zichen asked.

"You must be Tang Zichen, my name is Niu Dabao, and I have come to invite you to his mansion for a chat on the orders of Mentor Zhu Changsheng."The man said.

Tang Zichen was confused, "Who is Pig Intestine Sheng?"I thought to myself, that's a strange enough name.

"Zhu Changsheng is a tutor of the Flying Cloud Sect, by the way, when your outer disciples were quarterly testing this morning, that strong man standing in mid-air was Zhu Changsheng's master."

"Uh, was it Pig Intestine Sang who was looking for me, or was it Pig Intestine Sang's fucking mentor who was looking for me?You're making my head spin."Tang Zichen was speechless.

"Tang Zichen, how dare you be rude to the pig intestine birth tutor."The man called Niu Dabao was furious.

This Niu Dabao's realm was the first stage of Enlightenment, and he was only twenty years old, Tang Zichen despised him inside, and he actually dared to yell at Tang Zichen.

This kind of level minion, Tang Zichen didn't bother to take care of him, and directly said, "Whether it's Pig Intestine Sheng inviting me, or Pig Intestine Sheng his master inviting me, I'm not going, so get lost."Tang Zichen waved his hand.


sp; That Niu Dabao was furious, grabbed Tang Zichen's clothes and said, "Tang Zichen, please treat Mentor Zhu Changsheng with respect, Mentor Zhu Changsheng invited you to go, it's your honor, it's for the sake of your outstanding talent, don't you fucking give a damn."

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "Let go of your claws."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, I'm here on the orders of Mentor Zhu Changsheng to find you, whether you go or not, you have to come with me."Niu Dabao said forcefully.

Just at this moment, Tang Mumai came running to report, "Boss, Zhen Wu Xiang is here to see you."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, at this time, what was Zhen Wu Xiang doing here?Wasn't the beating he took a few months ago bad enough?

Said Zhen Wuxiang had come in, Zhen Wuxiang saw that someone was pulling Tang Zichen's clothes, and didn't say anything, immediately knelt down to Tang Zichen and shouted, "Brother Chen, I was wrong."

Tang Zichen was furious at the moment and was thinking of how to deal with this Niu Dabao, but then Zhen Wuxiang came in and interrupted.Tang Zichen originally wanted to blow Zhen Wu Xiang out, but he suddenly had a bright idea and said to Zhen Wu Xiang, "Zhen Wu Xiang, I'll give you a mission, and also treat it as a test, if you pass the test, I can consider forgiving you and still have the chance to join the Light Cloud Alliance."

"Eh."Zhen Wuxiang was overjoyed.

Tang Zichen said, "See, this guy who is pulling my clothes right now, his name is Niu Dabao, he's an Inner Circle disciple.You give him a good beating, at least worse than the one I gave you a few months ago, and if you beat him to my satisfaction, then you'll be considered to have passed the test."

"Ah."Zhen Wuxiang was shocked, he didn't expect Tang Zichen to give him such a test, in fact, Zhen Wuxiang came today only to apologize to Tang Zichen and didn't expect to be forgiven, but he didn't expect Tang Zichen to give him this opportunity and the possibility of joining the Light Cloud Alliance.How could Zhen Wuxiang not cherish this opportunity.

"What are you waiting for?Don't want the opportunity?"

"Yes, boss."Zhen Wuxiang shouted in high spirits, and looked at that Niu Dabao with a fierce glance at once.Tang Zichen had said that he would beat him until he was even more serious than Tang Zichen had beaten him before, so right now Zhen Wuxiang looked at Niu Dabao as if she saw the enemy who had beaten him.

"I fuck you."Zhen Wuxiang shouted and suddenly smashed her fist at Niu Dabao.

Niu Dabao took a few steps back and said furiously, "What are you doing."

Tang Zichen said, "Zhen Wuxiang, you have half an hour, after half an hour I will come out to check."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked into the Light Cloud Alliance without looking back.

And at the door, Zhen Wuxiang risked her life to fight with that Niu Dabao blood.

Niu Dabao was also really depressed, he only came to call Tang Zichen on the orders of Mentor Zhu Changsheng, and was inexplicably entangled with a where madman who was completely lifeless to attack him.

"Grass you, I'm not going to be polite if you come up here again."Niu Dabao shouted angrily at Zhen Wuxiang.

"Boom."How could Zhen Wuxiang listen to his warning, Zhen Wuxiang only knew that he would only consider forgiving Niu Dabao if he beat him worse than he had before, and was still mad as hell to get Tang Zichen's forgiveness.

For a while, at the entrance of the Light Cloud Alliance, the two men were fighting as if two bulls were wrestling, causing many people to watch.

That Bull Dabao, after all, was an Inner Circle disciple and was twenty years old, and had also learned stronger martial skills in the Flying Cloud Sect, while Zhen Wuxiang was only an outer circle disciple, and although she was at the same level as Bull Dabao, she was a little weaker than Bull Dabao.However, Zhen Wuxiang took her life to fight with her opponent, so, for a while, the two fought with each other, hugging and rolling on the ground from time to time, causing the onlookers to marvel.


"Brother, why is that Zhu Chang Sheng mentor looking for you?"Returning to the house, Tang Huan asked.

"I don't know, Zhu Changsheng is the disciple of the strong man who gave us the quarterly test in the morning, if I'm not wrong, it should be the strong man who ordered Zhu Changsheng to find me in the morning."

"Ah, could it be that you were too high-profile in the morning when you revealed your Body Tempering Eighth Stage realm, and that strong man in the morning thought you had something extraordinary to see if you were a true genius, or if you had some kind of treasure to help you?"

"I think so."Tang Zichen said with a cold gaze, if he dared to hit on him, then blame Tang Zichen for being immortal with him.

"Brother ah, what did I say, I told you not to be so high profile, now it's done, someone will notice you right away."

"Sister don't worry, after all, there are many more geniuses than me, today that Lu Yuxi has said that their Four Seas family, quite a few of them reached the eight or nine stages of body refining at the age of eleven or twelve, so I'm just equivalent to this level now."

"Right, why is it so noisy outside."Tang Huan's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen said, "It must be Zhen Wuxiang and that Niu Dabao in a bloodbath."

"Who is Niu Dabao?"

"Zhu Changsheng sent someone to find me, but unfortunately, he was too rude, and it just so happened that Zhen Wuxiang also came to find me, so I'll give Zhen Wuxiang a test."

"Speechless."Tang Huan greeted Tang Zichen with a glance and immediately went to the gate, only to see that a large circle of people had gathered around the gate, as if watching a bullfight, with two people in the middle tumbling and tearing at each other. The first website

Zhen Wu Xiang's martial skills were on the weak side, so he could only get up close and personal with that Niu Dabao in a physical fight. Although Niu Dabao's martial skills were stronger, he wasn't much stronger, and he was unable to do anything about Zhen Wu Xiang's barbaric attacking style, hugging and biting, and in the end, he could only fight fist to fist in a bloody fight.

The two of them sparred really not too fiercely.

"Ah."Suddenly, Niu Dabao shrieked in pain, and Zhen Wuxiang actually bit his ear.

"Pain pain pain."Niu Dabao shouted desperately for pain, but Zhen Wuxiang just wouldn't let go.

"Hiss."Zhen Wuxiang tore with her mouth.

"Ah."Niu Dabao's ear was bitten off by Zhen Wu Xiang, and blood sprayed all over Zhen Wu Xiang's face.

Tang Huan was a bit unbearable to watch, it was too bloody physical, the younger brother was also really, what kind of test was given to Zhen Wu Xiang for good reason, it was good that Zhen Wu Xiang was not playing with others to get Tang Zichen's forgiveness.

In this way, Zhen Wu Xiang and Niu Dabao wrestled together for a full half hour.

Half an hour later, Tang Zichen walked out of the front door and saw Zhen Wu Xiang and Niu Dabao both rolling on the ground, the two of them deadly tangled together, the strength gap between the two sides is not very big, the fight until now, it must have turned into the most primitive fight.

There were bloodstains on the ground, and moreover, Tang Zichen also saw two bitten off ears on the ground.

"Uh, whose ears."When Tang Zichen looked, both of Niu Dabao's ears were gone.

However, Zhen Wuxiang was also miserable, her body was covered in blood, her eyes were swollen and she couldn't see her eyeballs, and her nose was completely crooked to one side.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Zhen Wuxiang, that's enough."

Tang Zichen didn't expect that Zhen Wuxiang would fight so hard, and this beat up Niu Dabao, Tang Zichen was quite relieved to see if he still dared to be arrogant in front of Tang Zichen.

Zhen Wuxiang heard Tang Zichen's voice, which released Niu Dabao, but also has no strength, rolled to the side.

Niu Dabao screamed in pain on the ground, blood flowing all over his body.

Tang Zichen walked up, not caring if Niu Dabao couldn't stand the pain or not, and kicked him directly.

Stepping on Oxbow's chest.

"Ah."Sure enough, Niu Dabao shrieked, just now Niu Dabao's ribs were crushed by Zhen Wuxiang with her forehead, and now he was stomped on again by Tang Zichen, suddenly, Niu Dabao was going to pass out from the pain.

Tang Zichen was so ruthless, not to mention that he was only twelve years old, but he didn't blink when he bullied people.

Tang Zichen stepped on Niu Dabao's chest and said, "Niu Dabao, you're an inner circle disciple, you dare to be arrogant in front of me, and in front of my Light Cloud Alliance, you don't weigh yourself either."

"Tang Zichen, you wait."Niu Dabao said with a mouth full of blood.

"Waiting?Do you mean to tell me that the pig shit born, no, the pig gut born will avenge you?"

Niu Dabao gritted his teeth and said, "My boss, won't let you go."

"Yoho, I heard it right, you also have a boss, tell me what kind of goods your boss is."Tang Zichen smiled playfully.

"Our Cang Ying Alliance, is a top three hundred ranked gang of the Flying Cloud Sect, you wait for me, you're a peripheral trash gang."Niu Dabao gritted his teeth and said.

"Bang."Tang Zichen stomped with his foot.

"Ah."Niu Dabao shrieked and passed out from the pain.

"Boss, he's passed out."Tang Miao said.

Tang Zichen said, "Go to the Flying Cloud Sect's Spirit Talisman Store and get two Inner Circle disciples over here."


Not long after, Tang Mumai found two Inner Circle disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect, except that they were only at the eighth stage of Body Tempering.

"Servant brother."

"Brother Servant."After those two inner circle disciples came, they were busy nodding to Tang Zichen.They were employees of the Spirit Talisman Store, sent by their boss to sell talismans on the periphery, and now all the spirit talisman business was taken away by Tang Zichen, but their boss didn't dare to say anything, which showed that their boss didn't dare to mess with Tang Zichen either, so they all bent their waists very low when they saw him.

Tang Zichen asked, "Do you know this person on the ground?"

The two men shook their heads and said, "I don't know them, there are too many disciples in the Flying Cloud Sect's inner circle."

"So, have you heard of the Coyote Alliance?"

"What, Coyote Alliance?Is this man from the Crested Eagle Alliance?"

"What, is the Coyote Alliance strong?"Tang Zichen asked.

"The Cang Ying Alliance is the Flying Cloud Sect, a gang ranked in the top three hundred."

"Is the top three hundred very strong?"Tang Zichen asked.

One of the inner siege disciples said, "The inner siege of the Flying Cloud Sect is full of small gangs, the various large and small gangs combined, there are at least thousands of them, and the fact that the Cang Ying Alliance was able to enter the top thirty shows that their bosses are at least at the Fourth Order of Enlightenment."

"Damn it, I thought it was some great and powerful faction, but it turns out that the bosses are only at the fourth stage of Enlightenment, I feel like I'm being insulted, I'm a heart that can't handle this kind of insult anymore."Tang Zichen said furiously.

"Ah."The two inner circle disciples were stunned, just this much was called an insult?Still can't handle it?

Tang Zichen said, "You two, carry this Niu Dabao back to the inner siege of the Flying Cloud Sect, and also, help me go get that Nong Lingsheng."

"Yes, Brother Chen."

Those two inner siege disciples carried the bull Dabao away.

Tang Zichen was unable to enter the inner siege, so he let them fight their way in.

Those two people carried Niu Dabao into the inner enclosure, and one of them said, "Where is the headquarters of the Cang Ying Alliance?"


"I don't know, even if we knew, we couldn't carry it to the Coyote Alliance ah, what if their boss thinks we fought it."

"What then?Should we just throw this cow pooper around?"

"Why don't we carry Niu Dabao to the Feiyun Sect's Transmutation Building and then have the Transmutation Master help shout for the Coyote Alliance to pick him up."

"Alright, that's the only way."

The two of them carried Niu Dabao to a place called the Transmutation House.

Underneath the floor of this summoning building, there was a golden plant that was somewhat similar to a petunia that was magnified a hundred times, spreading from the ground to the roof of the building.

Miraculously, as long as one shouted at that trumpet-like flower, the sound could immediately spread out and could be heard throughout the inner surroundings of the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Transmitter, do me a favor, this man is called Niu Dabao, he's from the Cang Ying Alliance, he's being beaten to death right now, help call out to the Cang Ying Alliance and hurry over to pick him up."

"Beaten up by who?"

"By a power on the outer perimeter of the Flying Cloud Sect called the Light Cloud Alliance, their eldest is called Tang Zichen."

Not long after, in the inner perimeter of the Flying Cloud Sect, a voice sounded in the air, "Hey, hey, Cang Ying Alliance, listen up, please send someone to the Transmutation House immediately, your member, Niu Dabao, has been severely injured by the oldest elder of the outer disciple gang, Light Cloud Alliance, Tang Zichen.Notice say it again." Remember the URL

At this moment, in every corner of the Flying Cloud Sect, this transmission was heard.

Originally, it wasn't a big deal, a very common thing, after all, the Flying Cloud Sect fight was too normal, and it wasn't a big figure fight.

However, the strange thing was that the person who had injured Niu Dabao was a force formed by the outer disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Everyone suspected that they had misheard, a peripheral disciple, even if he was capable of forming a power, it would be a trash power, how could he beat up someone from the top three hundred power ranked in the inner circle and seriously injure him.

"It must be a mistake."

"I think so too, when will the outer disciples of the Flying Cloud Sect also be able to turn over the sky, this is simply a joke."

The people who heard this were just talking about it, not really looking into it much.

And right now, somewhere in the Flying Cloud Sect, more than a dozen people were gathering together to cultivate, when voices rang out in the air.

"Hm?Bull Dabbler is hurt?How was that possible, hadn't Dabao been sent on an errand by Mentor Zhu Chang Sheng?Why the sudden beating?"More than a dozen people stood up and gazed at one of the black-clothed men of the Fourth Order of Open Light.

That black-clothed man's sword eyebrows were raised and his gaze was cold.

"Go, go and see what's going on."

"Yes, boss."

That black-clothed, cold-faced man immediately went to the Transmutation Building and indeed found that it was Niu Dabao.

"Ah, it really is Dabao, Dabao has actually been seriously injured."The black-clothed man was suddenly furious.

"Who is it, who is it, was it really a peripheral disciple who did it?"

The man from the Transmutation House said, "Two disciples just sent them here, they said that the outer disciples built a force called the Light Cloud Alliance, which was fought by the leader of the Light Cloud Alliance."

Tang Zichen was refining a talisman.

"Bang."Suddenly, the door to Tang Zichen's courtyard flew in and almost smashed Tang Zichen to death.

However, when Tang Zichen took a look, it wasn't just the door that flew in, there was also a person, it was Tang Mifari.

Tang unknown was outside, was kicked away and then the door

They also came crashing in together, blasting in with the door panels.

"Boss, I can't stop them."Tang unknown, who flew to Tang Zichen's feet, said with blood in his mouth, then his head tilted and he fell unconscious.

"Ah."Tang Huan let out a scream.

Tang Zichen looked up, more than a dozen people came in from outside, the one leading them, wearing black clothes, gave a cruel feeling on his face.

"Brother."Tang Huan was busy being afraid and grabbed Tang Zichen's arm.

Tang Zichen whispered, "What's there to be afraid of, the strongest one is only at the fourth stage of enlightenment, and you're at the sixth stage."

"Uh."Tang Huan was stunned, right oh, I almost forgot, she's all open light sixth step, Tang Zichen is even more open light seventh step, where is the need to be afraid of this group of people, for a moment, Tang Huan forgot the true realm, thinking that he was really a body refining fifth step.

"It's just that, brother, wouldn't that expose the strength."Tang Huan.

"If you really have no choice but to expose it,"Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen would never begrudge himself for fear of exposing his strength.

At that moment, the man in black on the other side asked indifferently, "Who is the Light Cloud Alliance boss?"

Tang Zichen took a step forward and said, "I am the boss of the Light Cloud Alliance, what, I guess you must be the boss of some Cang Pig Alliance."

A member of the other side said angrily, "You dare to insult our Coyote Alliance."

"Oh, right, it's not Cang Pig Alliance, it's Cang Fly Alliance, just a few flies, but you dare to come to my Light Cloud Alliance and act rude."Tang Zichen snorted.

More than a dozen people on the other side wondered if they had misheard, a twelve year old they were the Coyote Alliance, with such an arrogant tone, arrogant to a heinous degree.

"Boss, this kid's fucking not scared out of his mind by us, right?How dare you say such words to us."One of the men said to the man in black.

"Boss, I really don't know who gave a Body Tempering Eighth Stage outer disciple the courage to do that."The other one was also busy saying.

Tang Zichen snorted, "If you come today, you won't get out in one piece."

"How arrogant, boss, I can't stand it anymore."One of the Enlightened Second Stage men shouted, then before getting the order to do anything, he took the lead and charged up to Tang Zichen.

"Little brat, I'll waste you."That Second Order of Enlightened Light impulsive man chopped down with a palm.

"Shoo."Tang Zichen sent out a talisman at once, and that Open Light Second Order Impulsive Man was frozen in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen instantly took out his knife and without even a moment to think, slaughtered into that impulsive man's abdomen.

"Wow."Blood blazed out from the impulsive man's abdomen.

"Ah, Hei Qiang."More than a dozen people in the back shouted, they never expected that as soon as Black Qiang did it, he would be immobilized by the immobilization charm, and then in the blink of an eye, half of his belly was slaughtered by that slash.

Several people rushed up in a panic and tore off the talisman from Black Qiang's body, while giving him treatment to stop the bleeding.

The man in black raged, "Little kid, you dare to hurt my brother."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Hurt your brother?No, I'm going to hurt all of you, and tie up all of you, and hang you on the roof of the Flying Cloud Sect's inner enclosure, so that all the Flying Cloud Sect's inner enclosure disciples will tremble at the sight of me."

"Looking for death."Saying that, that black-clothed boss took an arrow step, displaying his martial skills and holding two short swords to charge at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't fight them directly, so as not to expose his realm and add unnecessary trouble, so he used talismans when he could.


"Phew."Tang Zichen put an Extreme Speed Talisman on himself, the Extreme Speed Talisman would allow him to speed up his speed.Only that this Extreme Speed Charm was fake, after all, Tang Zichen could completely rely on his strength, so why waste another charm, only to make the other party think that he was just relying on the charm.

"Wow."That black-clothed man's attack fell flat in a flash.

"How did this happen."The black-clothed man was busy turning his head, only to see Tang Zichen standing behind him.

"You."At that moment, the man in black saw a talisman attached to Tang Zichen's body.

"Hmph, so you are relying on the talisman to become so fast, I thought you were really that strong to escape my strike."That black-clothed boss sneered, his voice carrying a kind of contempt.He didn't even know that Tang Zichen's was a fake talisman, people just didn't want to expose their strength to play with you.

Tang Zichen didn't mind his contempt and said, "No matter what I'm relying on, it's enough to be able to take care of you."

"Idiot's dream, if talismans could turn a weak person into a strong one, then this world would already be a master talisman, I'd like to see how many seconds your talisman lasts."

Tang Zichen said and pasted another fake talisman on himself.

Then, Tang Zichen swiftly rushed towards the man in black.

"Pah."Tang Zichen pasted a freeze talisman on the black-clothed man's body, which was real.

"You can't even move now."After saying that, Tang Zichen picked up the knife at once. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Puff."Without blinking an eye, a knife pierced the black-clothed man's chest.

"Ah."The black-clothed man felt cold all over, never expecting a peripheral disciple to possess such a strong talisman.

"Boss."The rest of them rushed up, shouting incredulously, even their boss had fallen.

"How could this happen, he's just a little kid, why is this happening."The rest of the group of people all seemed unable to figure it out, as if they thought that the power of a peripheral disciple could be completely crushed, but it turned out that even their boss had fallen down.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys are still left, I'll give you guys a choice, first, take the initiative to come up and let me stab each of you, second, I'll take the initiative to stab you, of course, if you take the initiative to come up and let me stab you, I can let you guys choose where to stab, otherwise, I'll be the one to choose where to stab you."

The rest of the group of people looked at Tang Zichen furiously.

One of them shouted, "Brothers, this brat himself doesn't have much strength, he just relies on a few talismans, let's not be afraid of him, listen to me, let's charge up together, even if he has the strongest talismans, he can't use them on so many of us at the same time."

"Good."Everyone nodded, now they no longer dared to treat Tang Zichen as a peripheral disciple, after all, even their boss had fallen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You guys are too naive, do you see what kind of talisman I am?This is the Speed Charm. Even your boss can't see my shadow. How many of you?And go together, ridiculous."

"Everyone don't be frightened by his words, go ahead."After saying that, the remaining group of people, simultaneously jumped at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's body moved and they pounced, at the same time, Tang Zichen slaughtered into one of them again.

"Ah."The slaughtered one fell down with a scream, Tang Zichen stabbed him directly in the abdomen, an open gap in the abdomen, in this situation, he must have lost his fighting power, or even his intestines would have flowed out.

"Ah, White Ghost."The remaining people shouted.

Tang Zichen said, "See, is this what you guys are talking about together?result

It's the same thing, so if you guys are wise, you'll do what I say and choose.Well, I don't have time for your long-windedness, so you can stab yourselves and then you can take the injured man and get lost."

The rest of them all looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys are still too young to fight me."

Just then, one of Tang Zichen's men came in and reported, "Boss, Nong Lingsheng is here."

"Let him in."Tang Zichen said.


The people of the Cang Ying Alliance were stunned when they heard that Nong Lingsheng was here.

Nong Lingsheng's Hundred Ghost Alliance, that was ranked in the top 200 ah, of course, the reason why Nong Lingsheng's power was ranked in the top 200 was mainly because he had an elder father.

So, at this moment, when they heard that Nong Lingsheng had come, they were all a bit confused, could it be that Nong Lingsheng had also come to trouble this kid.

"Haha, definitely, boss, don't worry, Nong Lingsheng is also here, Nong Lingsheng's Hundred Ghosts Alliance is ranked in the top two hundred in the Flying Cloud Sect, it's much stronger than our Cang Ying Alliance, and Nong Lingsheng's father is an elder, even if he kills Tang Zichen, his father can cover him."A man from the Cang Ying Alliance said happily.

Tang Zichen gave a sneer, what a good one to kill him all covered.

At this time, Nong Lingsheng came in and was stunned to see so much blood in the courtyard, and several had fallen.

Nong Lingsheng obviously didn't expect so many people to be here.

At this time, the black-clothed boss of the Cang Ying Alliance endured the pain and said, "Nong Lingsheng, quickly, help clean him up, this kid thinks he has a few high grade talismans and is very arrogant.Help me with this favor today, count me Yu Leiying persuade you to do a favor, he will repay it in the future."

Nong Lingsheng quickly understood what was going on, after all, he had just been under siege in the Flying Cloud Sect, he had also heard a transmission from the Sound Transmission House that the Cang Ying Alliance's Niu Dabao had been beaten by Tang Zichen.

Nong Lingsheng burst out laughing and turned his head to look at Cang Ying Alliance boss Yu Leiying, who was lying on the ground, and said, "You, Yu Leiying, are nothing in my eyes.I pooh-pooh, Yu Lei Ying, how dare you disturb my brother, this isn't over."

Yu Lei Ying was stunned, seemingly not reacting, and the rest of the Cang Ying Alliance were also stunned there.

At that moment, only Nong Lingsheng walked up to Tang Zichen, bent his waist to ninety degrees, and called out respectfully, "Brother Chen, I'm late, I've frightened you."

"What? He he he."Everyone in the Coyote Alliance was dumbfounded, unable to believe what they were seeing before their eyes, a boss who was in the inner circle of the Flying Cloud Sect, ranked in the top two hundred in power, and had an elder backstage, actually called out to a twelve year old boy respectfully, and completed his waist to ninety degrees.

Yu Leiying was completely dumbfounded at the moment.

Tang Zichen faintly nodded his head.

When Nong Lingsheng saw Tang Zichen's less than pleasant appearance, he thought that he was complaining that he was late, and then he walked towards Yu Leiying and roared, "Fuck you, how dare you mess with my brother, you don't want to mix."

"Bang."Nong Lingsheng was even more ruthless, kicking at Yu Leiying's wound.

"Ah."Yu Leiying let out a hissing roar.

"Big brother."The few remaining members of the Cang Ying Alliance watched as their big brother was beaten by Nong Lingsheng, but they didn't dare to go up to rescue him, after all, Nong Lingsheng was too much for them to provoke.

"Bang bang."Nong Lingsheng kicked one by one.

Tang Huan was soft and busy shouting, "Hey, don't kick him to death."

Nong Lingsheng turned his head and smiled at Tang Huan and said, "It's fine, sister-in-law, if you kick him to death, my father will cover him."


Tang Huan said with a glare, "Who's your sister-in-law."

"Hehehe."Nong Lingsheng smiled hehehe, and said in his heart, "Little sample, still shy, don't think I don't know that you are a sister on the surface, but secretly you are brother Chen's woman, brother Chen is not a real Tang family member, it's strange that you are not a sister-in-law."

Nong Lingsheng kicked Yu Leiying continuously again.

Tang Zichen sat down on a lounge chair, then with a wave of his hand, Lu Yuxi at the entrance of the courtyard was busy sending a pot of tea and gave Tang Zichen a shoulder squeeze and a back pounding.

A good while later, the crowd saw that Yu Leiying was really going to be killed by Nong Lingsheng.

Several people from the Cang Ying Alliance panicked and kneeled down to Tang Zichen, kowtowing and pleading, "Boss Tang, please let our boss go, let Nong Lingsheng stop, if we continue to fight, our boss will really die."

Tang Zichen said indifferently; "If your boss dies, will it have any effect on my life?"

"Oooh."A few of the people from the Coyote Alliance cried out that they didn't.

"That's right, why should I save your boss if his death or death has no effect on me?"

"Oooh, then what do you want before you're willing to let Nong Lingsheng stop."

Tang Zichen said again faintly, "Unless, your Cang Ying Alliance declares its allegiance to my Light Cloud Alliance." First URL

"Declare your allegiance."

"Yes. Otherwise, your deaths and lives have nothing to do with me."Tang Zichen's words had been made very clear.

"But, but we don't have the right to make decisions."

Tang Zichen still said indifferently, "Then let your boss go to hell, it's fine, Nong Lingsheng dares to do something ruthless, that means his father can really cover it."

At this time, one of the Cang Ying Alliance shouted, "Yes, allegiance, we declare allegiance, please, let Nong Lingsheng stop, if you don't, our boss will be half-crippled even if he lives."

"Yes, yes, allegiance, several of us have unanimously decided to pledge allegiance to your Light Cloud Alliance, never betray."The other few were busy nodding as well, while looking anxiously in the direction of their boss.

Tang Zichen said nonchalantly, "Fine, since I've declared my allegiance to me, I have a reason to save your boss, but if you go back on your word afterwards, you know the consequences, I'll make you disappear from this world."

"Never go back on your word, always pledge allegiance, please, just make Nong Lingsheng stop."Those few people cried out.

Only then did Tang Zichen shouted, "Nong Lingsheng, Nong Lingsheng."

Only after shouting Nong Lingsheng several times did he stop.

"Brother Chen, what is it."

"Come on, stop fighting."

"Why? Don't worry, I'll take it if it's killed."

"They've already declared their allegiance to me on behalf of Yu Lei Ying, so stop it."

"Yes yes yes."Only then did Nong Lingsheng stop.

Unfortunately, Yu Lei Ying had already been beaten to a pulp.

The few members of the Cang Ying Alliance scrambled up, stopping the bleeding and performing simple rescues on their boss.

People in the spirit world were more vigorous, and as long as they were resuscitated in time, they usually wouldn't die.

Nong Lingsheng walked up to Tang Zichen and asked, "Brother Chen, what did you tell people to call me before."

"It's fine, right, I want to ask, do you know Yang Qian?"


; "Uh, Yang Submarine?Brother Chen, do you know Yang Qian?"

"I don't know."

"Then why are you asking him?"

Tang Zichen said with a flat face, "I want to kill him."

"Ah, no way."Nong Lingsheng was shocked, when had Yang Qian offended Tang Zichen?

"Quickly, answer me who Yang Qian is."

"Brother Chen, Yang Qian is a genius core disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, he has a master, called Elder She Jun, Yang Qian is almost the most genius disciple of Elder She Jun.Also, Yang Qian has established a power called the Submerged Dragon Alliance, his Submerged Dragon Alliance is ranked among the top one hundred of all the powers of the Flying Cloud Sect.Yang Qian himself, he was already at the seventh stage of Enlightened Light, and most importantly, Yang Qian was not even thirty years old yet.Not even thirty years old and reaching the seventh stage of Open Light, this is a talent that is very forward in our First Sea."

"Alright, I see, Elder Shejun's disciple, what a coincidence."

"Uh, Brother Minister, you know Elder She Jun?"

How could Tang Zichen not know him, Elder Shejun was also from Tianbao City, when Tang Zichen first came to the Feiyun Sect, that Elder Shejun wanted to find a passing disciple, it was originally a choice between Tang Zichen and that person called Leye Eyes.In the end, Elder She Monarch chose Leye Eyes, which was just fine, he was free to choose whoever he liked, but that Elder She Monarch was still going to say that the reason why he didn't choose Tang Zichen was because he detected that Tang Zichen was just a person who had some achievements when he was young and would become mediocre in the future, a person with no future.This pissed Tang Zichen off, so he said that he was short-sighted and a frog in a well, and then Tang Zichen became a joke on the outskirts of the Feiyun Sect, and Tang Zichen remembered Elder Shejun for it.

Tang Zichen clenched both fists and secretly said, "Elder She Jun, you will die at my hands one day, now, your disciple Yang Qian, who attempted to keep my sister, has committed a capital crime, I will send him on his way first."

That's right, the person who had previously attempted to keep Tang Huan and said that he would come back for Tang Huan after he officially stepped into the inner siege of the Flying Cloud Sect, was Yang Qian.

Now, there were only less than two months left before the Flying Cloud Sect's inner circle assessment, and when that time came, when Tang Huan assessed to enter the inner circle, Yang Qian would definitely come to find Tang Huan again to talk about the encumbrance.And at that time, it would be Yang Qian's death.

"Alright, Nong Lingsheng, you go back first, I'll call you if I have something."

"Okay, then I'll go back first."

Nong Lingsheng left first.

At this moment, in Tang Zichen's courtyard, the few people from the Cang Ying Alliance were still helping to bandage the wounds of a few injured people, and were using thread to seal the wounds.

Although they hadn't said a word just now, they had heard the conversation between Tang Zichen and Nong Lingsheng.Tang Zichen said that he wanted to kill Yang Qian, and those few members of the Cang Ying Alliance were all secretly speechless, saying that they deserved to be trampled by Tang Zichen.What level was Yang Qian, their Cang Ying Alliance wasn't even a level of power ah, not to mention Yang Qian had the most favored master, in terms of Yang Qian alone, he was a genius who had reached the seventh stage of Enlightenment before the age of thirty, Yang Qian's Subterranean Dragon Alliance was also ranked in the top one hundred.A peripheral disciple forming the Light Cloud Alliance, his breath was really big.

Tang Zichen shouted to those few members of the Cang Ying Alliance, "Are you finished?"

"Brother Chen, it's almost over, there's one more brother whose wounds will be stitched up."

Tang Zichen said, "Before you go, don't forget to flush the blood out of my yard."

"Yes."Those people were busy nodding, looking at the bloodstains on the ground, these bloodstains were shed by their brothers, but they still had to rinse off the blood before leaving, there was really no more suffocating thing in history than this, a brother bleeding and having to help someone clean up the bloodstains before leaving.


"By the way, you're the ones who kicked down the gate to the courtyard and have to install it back,"Don Zichen added.


After saying that, Tang Zichen walked into his room and slammed the door shut with a bang.

Lu Yuxi silently exited Tang Zichen's courtyard, her house was by the entrance of the courtyard, a small room, usually without Tang Zichen's command, Lu Yuxi could not enter the courtyard privately, let alone enter Tang Zichen's room privately.

After tending to the wounds of a few brothers, a few people from the Cang Ying Alliance worked together, putting the courtyard gate on and cleaning it some more before shouting, "Brother Chen, then we'll take a few brothers back to recover."

Tang Zichen's voice came from the room, "Go."

Only then did the people from the Coyote Alliance leave.

When they left the Light Cloud Alliance and returned to the inner enclosure of the Flying Cloud Sect, several of them suddenly started cursing, "Little bastard."

"I fuck his ancestors."

"That's too bullying."

"Alright, let's stop talking, we have ears through the walls, if Tang Zichen hears us, maybe we'll be in trouble again." Remember the URL

"But how can we swallow this, beating us up like this and asking us to pledge allegiance to him, ahhh."

"Which so what, if we hadn't declared our allegiance, the boss might have been killed by Nong Lingsheng.That Tang Zichen, although his own strength is very low, the fact that he was able to command Nong Lingsheng shows that he is very powerful, how can we afford to offend him."

"Ugh."Several people held their breath and sighed helplessly.

In Tang Zichen's room, Tang Huan walked in.

"Brother, you really want to kill Yang Qian ah."Tang Huan asked with a burst of worry.

"Of course, how can I, Tang Zichen, not keep my word, Yang Qian I'm sure to kill him, but he dares to take care of my sister, I really don't know how to write the word death."

"But he hasn't kept her after all."Tang Huan was afraid that Tang Zichen would stir up something big, so he advised Tang Zichen to treat it calmly, people just want to cover up, after all, they haven't paid action yet.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, in my dictionary, enemies are not only those who mess with me, but also those who want to mess with me, but haven't started acting yet.That Yang Qian, although he hasn't acted yet, he already wants to, so he's already my enemy.We must not be merciful to our enemies."

"But, Yang Qian has a master, it's Elder She Jun, Yang Qian is still Elder She Jun's most valued disciple ah, people have an elder background ah, what should we do."

Tang Zichen said with a show of hands, "Then let's kill together, what's the contradiction, do you think I will let Elder She Jun go?"

"Ah."Tang Huan felt that his brother's tone was so wild.

"Alright, sister, you quickly go busy with your work, I still have to refine the talisman, in two months' time it will be the Inner Circle Examination, at that time, Yang Qian will definitely come looking for you, I have to make some preparations in advance."

Tang Huan was helpless.

In the blink of an eye, two months passed, the Flying Cloud Sect Inner Circle Disciple Assessment, tomorrow would be here.

For the past few months, Tang Zichen had been selling talismans every day, and with several months of accumulation, Tang Zichen had earned close to three hundred second-class spirit stones.

The day before the assessment, Tang Huan came to Tang Zichen's room to reconcile the accounts.

"This 289 pieces of second grade spirit stones is my income for the past five months."Tang Huan took out a pile of Spirit Stones and said.

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Brother, tomorrow is the day of the assessment, you refine these spirit stones first and see if you can raise them by another rank, as long as you can raise them by one rank, you'll be a little safer in the Flying Cloud Sect."This was Tang Huan's purpose, because Tang Zichen wanted to kill Yang Qian, so he was worried about Tang Zichen's safety, so he was anxious for Tang Zichen to refine them.

Tang Zichen said, "It's still less than three hundred second-grade spirit stones, and even if I refine it, it's probably not much of an improvement, after all, the later we get, the greater the consumption of spirit stones.It seems that I can't keep relying on refining spirit stones, and I'll have to go to the True Beast Forest to practice and improve my cultivation when I have the chance."

Tang Huan nodded, but then said, "If you have spirit stones, use them as much as you can, after all, practicing is gambling with your life, while refining spirit stones is zero risk."

"Hahaha, sister, being afraid of death is not my style, alright, then I'll refine these 289 second grade spirit stones first."


Tang Zichen finished refining it in just over a minute.

Months of hard work, gone in a minute, it was really quite heartbreaking to watch, this 289 pieces of second grade spirit stones, earned over five months ah.

A few seconds later, Tang Zichen's realm improved, the seventh stage of opening light, entering the eighth stage of opening light.

"Look, it took almost three hundred second grade spirit stones to refine to raise to the Eighth Order of Enlightened Light, and five months of hard work just to raise this order."Tang Zichen sighed.

"Brother, you can't say that, after all, we are raising it with zero risk, besides, the seventh to the eighth step of Enlightened Light, if it were anyone else, we wouldn't know how long it would take.That Yang Qian, almost thirty years old, has only opened the seventh step of light, wouldn't he have to hit a wall compared to you."

"Oh, in short, I'm not satisfied."

"Speechless to you."Tang Huan gave Tang Zichen a loving glance.

"Alright, sister, you should go back to rest first and prepare for tomorrow's assessment."

Tang Huan thought about it and said, "Or, I won't go back tonight, brother, it's been a long time since sister slept with you."

"Ah."Tang Zichen had a heartbeat.

"Alright, brother, go to sleep."Tang Huan pretended not to think about anything and started to undress, eventually leaving only his pajamas.

"Brother, what are you waiting for."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was so happy inside, although he couldn't do anything, it was so blissful to be able to sleep in his sister's arms again.

By the way, Tang Zichen would be 13 years old in a month, Tang Zichen had finally grown up in the spirit world.

Over the past year, what Tang Zichen actually didn't even know was that he had somehow grown taller, and of course, there were some minor changes in his body.By this time next year at almost 14, perhaps the changes would be more obvious, and at that time, Tang Zichen would really no longer be able to sleep with his sister, because at that time, it was already beginning to look like a little adult.

Since Tang Zichen was almost 13, then Tang Huan was also almost 17 as well, and 17 was a flower-like age, so Tang Huan had changed quite a bit over the past year.


"Brother, what are you laughing at?"

"Sister, I feel like you've changed quite a bit, too."


"Yeah, it's been almost a year since we entered the Flying Cloud Sect, and it's been almost a year since we met you, plus we haven't slept with you in the past few months, so that's why we felt the change in you."

"What change in me?"

"Not telling you."

"Say, not telling sister is angry."




"Hahaha, my sister's boobs are bigger than when I first met you."

"Ah."Tang Huan blushed and said angrily, "Stinker, you dare to tease your sister."

"You're the one who wanted me to say it."

"You still say it."Tang Huan was shy, in fact, she didn't feel it herself, but inside, Tang Huan said, "Could it be, what brother said is true, I really, really got a lot bigger?"Despite being shy, Tang Huan was still quite happy inside, after all, every girl wanted this.

Early the next morning, a voice sounded in the sky, "Please, all disciples, go to the outer square of the Flying Cloud Sect and gather for the inner surroundings disciple assessment."

Tang Zichen was busy climbing out of bed, Tang Huan was already up and had left Tang Zichen's room.

After washing up, Tang Zichen headed to the outer plaza of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Today, it was the day of the Inner Periphery Disciple Assessment, so it was a rather significant day.

In addition to the elders in charge of the assessment, there were also some elders of the Flying Cloud Sect, Tang Zichen saw that Nong Lingsheng's father, Nong Xiaotian, was also among them, and of course, in addition to that, there was Elder Shejun, who was even among them. One second to remember to read the book

In total, there were even dozens of elders on the scene.

Tang Zichen was a bit confused and asked, "Sister, why are so many elders present at the Inner Circle disciple assessment?"

"Because these elders, all of them are interested in recruiting disciples, so they came to the site today to see if they can meet one they like and then accept them as disciples.Elders also need to solidify their position, so if they receive talented disciples, it will help them to solidify their position in the Flying Cloud Sect in the future.Moreover, there are many disciples, and they will have a high status in the world in the future."

"So, so these elders are all here to receive disciples, that Elder Shejun too."

"Of course."

Tang Zichen said, "Eleven months ago, when I first joined the Flying Cloud Sect, Elder Shejun said that I had no future, that I was only successful when I was young, and that I would be mediocre later.Hmph, today I'm going to take revenge and hit him in the face."

"Brother, what do you want again?"

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, what do you think will happen if I raise my realm to the First Order of Enlightenment during the assessment later on?"

"What? You're going to raise your realm again, and it's straight to the First Order of Enlightenment, it's only been a little over two months since the last quarterly test, you're going to get attention, the last quarterly test, that what's-his-name Elder Zhu's master, paid attention to you, maybe people are still paying attention to you right now."

"Sister, no matter, anyway, today, I'm going to give that stinking face of Elder Shejun a good beating, I'm going to make him lose face in front of so many elders."

After saying that, Tang Zichen found a place where no one was around, and then performed the Bone Reduction Technique to raise his body.

Tang Zichen found that he had raised it to 165, remembering that when he first entered the Flying Cloud Sect, he could only raise it to 160, it seemed that Tang Zichen had grown taller in the past year5.

Tang Zichen then used his disguise technique to completely change his face.

Today, Tang Zichen was going to humiliate Elder Shejun severely.

Tang Zichen finished getting everything done and returned to Tang Huan's side.

"You are?"Tang Huan looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

"Sister, it's me."

"Ah, brother."



Why are you like this again?It's completely unreadable."Tang Huan was shocked, but there was nothing surprising, because Tang Zichen had assumed the identity of a Wind Lightning Cloud in the past.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister, from now on, you can call me Wind Light Cloud for the time being, after all, when I first entered the Flying Cloud Sect, I appeared as Wind Light Cloud, and now after such a long time, it's time to appear again when it's time for the assessment."

Half an hour later.

"Everyone, please stand around the square, don't make loud noises, keep quiet, the Inner Circle disciple assessment will begin soon."An assessment elder shouted loudly, this assessment elder, not the elder from the previous quarterly testing, this assessment elder's strength, it seemed, would be stronger.

Not long after, the inner circle disciple assessment officially began.

"Below, the Inner Circle Disciple Assessment, officially begins.Below, I will explain some of the ways of the assessment, the assessment is divided into two parts, the first part is scored according to your realms.As follows: five points at the fifth stage of body refining; ten points at the sixth stage of body refining; twenty points at the seventh stage of body refining; thirty points at the eighth stage of body refining; forty points at the ninth stage of body refining; and one hundred points at the first stage of light opening."

"The above is the first part of the score, and the second part, is your talent assessment.Many of you may not know what talent assessment is, the so-called talent assessment is to use a high-grade sensing stone and press your hand on it, the brighter the color, the higher the sensing stone judges your talent."After saying that, that assessment elder took out a black stone that was a meter long and wide, and placed that black stone in the middle of the square.

"Alright, Inner Circle disciple assessment, let's officially begin, now, please line up all second year disciples and come up one by one to test your realms and score your realms.Of course, you have no realm points for those below the fifth stage of Body Tempering, so it's up to you to see if you have any points on your talent assessment.However, since your talent is so great, you definitely won't even reach the fifth stage of Body Tempering, so you can basically give up."

Many of the second year disciples below the fifth stage of Body Tempering had chosen to give up.

Tang Zichen pretended to be a light breeze and was at the very end of the line.The first to go up for testing was Zhen Wuxiang.

"Zhen Wuxiang, first stage of Opening Light, 100 points."The examiner shouted.

"Wow."Many people were envious, according to the past rules, more than 15 points would be enough to pass the test, and the first part was enough for a level like Zhen Wuxiang's.

Right now, on the stands in front of the square, a group of elders were sitting there watching, hearing that Zhen Wuxiang had reached the first stage of Opening Light, such a genius, all the elders looked like they wanted to snatch him up, in short, the more genius he was, the more they snatched him up.

"Xu Kailian, twenty points of the seventh stage of Body Tempering."

"Yu Bird, Body Refining Eighth Order, thirty points."

"Liu Hua, ninth step of Body Tempering, forty points."

"Liang Youxiang, fifth step of Body Tempering, five points."

"Tang Huan, seventh step of Body Tempering, twenty ten points."

Just like that, one by one, they quickly went up.

A few hours later, it was Tang Zichen's turn.

Tang Zichen was the last one.


"Wind lightly."

"Give me your hand."The examining elder said.

Tang Zichen stretched out his hand.

"Ah, you've reached the First Order of Open Light."That appraisal elder was busy.

"Yes."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Then, the assistant beside the assessment elder shouted, "Wind Lightning, First Stage of Open Light, 100 points."

Hearing this, suddenly, all the elders on the stands, immediately stood up.


"Another open light first stage appears, haha, I'll take this one."

"Hmph, think of it, this one I stage, that She Jun elder said resolutely.

"She Jun, you already have a good disciple Yang Qian, why fight for it anymore."

She Jun left his mouth, although Yang Qian was currently the most talented disciple beside Elder She Jun, but Yang Qian was only at the ninth stage of body refining when he was assessed back then, and was much inferior to the two first stages of opening light detected today.So, of course, Elder Shejun wanted to accept a better one.

Elder She Jun vowed within himself, "The two First Order of Enlightenment detected today, Zhen Wu Xiang and Wind Lightning, I must grab one."

The other dozens of elders, with the same inner thoughts as Elder She Jun, wanted to snatch one.

Unfortunately, Elder She Jun didn't know that the one called Wind Lightning was the one he had assessed a year ago as only young and successful and must grow up to be mediocre, Tang Zichen had faked it specifically to hit him in the face.

"Next, the most important one will be carried out, and that is the Sensation Stone Assessment of Talent.While the realm you have just reached can also reflect talent, it is the Sensation Stone that is more capable of determining talent, and I will be scoring you based on how bright you are when you press the Sensation Stone.In that order, one by one, come up quickly."

Zhen Wuxiang was the first to go up.

Everyone looked at Zhen Wuxiang, including the dozens of elders on the stands.

Zhen Wuxiang was also a little nervous as she measured the Sensation Stone for the first time. The first website

Zhen Wuxiang pressed her hand on the sensory stone.

The induction stone lit up and glowed.

The assessment elder next to it immediately gave out the score: 70

"Zhen Wuxiang, talent assessment 70 points."

Hearing 70, the elders in the stands had a discussion.

"70 points, not bad, talent sensing stone, under normal circumstances, reaching 30 points is considered a pass, 70 points, very good.It seems that in the past few years, in every Inner Circle disciple assessment, the highest talent score was only 60."

"Indeed, 70 points, that's really impressive.I don't know how many points the talent assessment has for the other one, Wind Lightning of the First Order of Enlightenment."

Although everyone was talking about it, they were mutually exclusive, as they would inevitably be robbing each other later.

"Xu Kai Lian, 40."

"Remnant Bird, 45."

"Liu Hua, 50"

"Liang is sick, 10

"Tang Huan, 50,"

Tang Huan was shocked when she saw his talent assessment score, she had received fifty points, she really didn't believe that she could get such a high score.

On the stands, a few elders said inwardly, "That Tang Huan isn't bad either, he can also be considered as a disciple."

One by one, they took their turns, and a few hours later, it was Tang Zichen's turn again.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen nervously, just now Tang Zichen's realm assessment measured the first stage of open light, the entire second term disciples, only two first stages of open light ah.

"Will Wind Lightning's talent score be higher than Zhen Wuxiang?"

"This Wind Lightning is too low-key, he usually doesn't see anyone at all, he doesn't even come for quarterly testing.The only time I saw him was around a year ago when he defeated Yu Bird and Liu Hua and told the two of them not to chase after Tang Huan, after that there was no news of Wind Lightning."

Tang Zichen walked up and looked at the black stone, thinking to himself, "Is there really such a magical stone?

Tang Zichen's hand pressed on it at once.

The stone began to light up, only, it didn't light up fast enough.

r />

At that moment, Tang Zichen immediately poured a little bit of his body's Immortal Qi onto that black sensor stone, just a little bit.

In the next second, the entire audience was stunned.

Seeing that black sensory stone, it was as bright as a large light bulb, although this wasn't considered very, very bright, but it was already decades away from being seen in the Flying Cloud Sect.

"Ah."Suddenly, all the elders in the stands stood up.

"Wow, it's so bright."

"Tsk tsk, the talent sensing stone actually assessed Wind Lightning's talent at such a high level."

"Our Flying Cloud Sect won't be able to produce a genius with such high brightness for decades."

Everyone was discussing.

Actually, Tang Zichen had just poured in just a little bit of immortal energy, if he poured in more, it would definitely be brighter, and even emit other colors of light, if it emitted other colors of light, then the talent was another step up, but However, geniuses of this level were hard to see in the First Sea.

The reason Tang Zichen didn't pour in too much Immortal Qi was just that he didn't want to be too dazzling, for the Flying Cloud Sect, just that brightness would be enough.Otherwise, if Tang Zichen put out his full strength, I'm afraid this sensing stone wouldn't even be enough for him to measure, after all, immortal qi was no joke.

The assessment elder was busy comparing the reference table and said, "190 points."

The assistant beside him shouted excitedly, "Wind Lightning, 190 points."

"Wow."Hearing this, the entire room wowed.

In the past, every time, the highest score was only around 60 points, and those who reached 70 points like Zhen Wuxiang were less, but Tang Zichen's 190 points really shocked everyone.

At this moment, on the stands, all the elders went crazy and said in shock, "190 points, this talent, the entire Flying Cloud Sect, it's hard to see one in thirty years.Currently, other than those few top elders, it seems like there aren't many elders who can measure this brightness anymore."

"This Wind Lightning, I must take him as my disciple."At this moment, Elder Shejun secretly swore inside.

Even if he were to rob it today, he would have to snatch away Wind Lightning.

"Alright, today's assessment is officially over, anyone with a total score of more than 15 points means that they have successfully entered the inner circle of the Flying Cloud Sect and become a formal disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect."The assessment elder said loudly.

Before the assessment elder's words were finished, dozens of elders in the stands flew over.

All of them ran straight to Tang Zichen.

Among them, that She Jun elder ran the fastest.

Elder She Jun ran up to Tang Zichen and was the first to shout, "Wind Lightning, how about being my disciple?"

Nong Lingsheng's father Nong Xiaotian also followed, Nong Xiaotian was about to shout to be his disciple when Tang Zichen spoke up, Tang Zichen's gaze filled with disdain snorted at Elder Shejun: "Be your disciple?Do you deserve it?"

"Uh."Elder Shejun was stunned, and the other dozens of elders who hadn't spoken yet were also stunned on the spot.

Everyone didn't expect Tang Zichen to suddenly say this, which made those who hadn't spoken yet feel like they couldn't say anything, because Tang Zichen said that Elder She Jun was worthy?That didn't mean that the other elders weren't worthy either, because the other elders weren't more senior than Elder Shejun.They were all junior elders of the Flying Cloud Sect.

Elder Shejun had been the first to rush down to accept Tang Zichen with excitement and thrill, but as a result, Tang Zichen said you are worthy?It was as if a pot of cold water had suddenly poured over him from head to toe.

Even the assessment elders, who were a bit shocked at the moment, said in their hearts, "This Wind Lightning is too ungrateful, although his high score of 190 is indeed high, it's not so high as to be outrageous.Besides, no matter how high the score is, if it's this arrogant, then no one will like it."


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