The King of Kungfu in school 1462-1470


Chapter 1462

At that moment, Tang Zichen saw a black crack appear in the point of space his fist had struck, except that when Tang Zichen's fist touched the black crack, it was a bit painful, as if it was going to tear his body apart.

If Tang Zichen exerted his full strength, he could definitely make the black crack open even wider, enough for one person to pass through.

Tang Zichen only needed to pass through that black crack to travel to the spirit world.

This was stepping through the void.

That shattered space, the black gap that was exposed, was actually, in more scientific terms, a black hole.

By going through the black hole, one could leave this space-time.

And black holes are real, as early as a few hundred years ago in this world, scientists have confirmed the existence of black holes.

So, stepping through the void is not a very mysterious thing, but it really can be so, it's just a matter of who can do it.

When you enter a black hole, anything will be devoured, but but when the flesh reaches a certain strength, for example, when the flesh becomes a spirit body, then it is enough to resist the devouring power of the black hole, and you can pass through it without dying.That was why mortals couldn't step through the void, and even if they stepped out of it, they would be devoured.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and said under his breath, "Demon King, don't worry, I will find your Yuan Shen, help you rebuild your Yuan Shen, and help you resurrect, I hope that this thread of your Immortal Qi will really help me in my future cultivation path."

Tang Zichen put his fist away. First URL

Although Tang Zichen was confident at the moment that he could shatter the void enough to leave, Tang Zichen had no intention of leaving right away.

Since he had come to this world, he definitely needed to stay for a few days and then think about whether or not to bury his relatives, bury them in his hometown, deal with the aftermath, and also return to the Great Martial Empire to settle down the descendants of the Shang Clan before it was time for him to step into the void and leave this time and space completely.

Tang Zichen flew up, and not long after Tang Zichen left the Martial Island, a huge armor flew in from afar in the sky.

Inside that armor, a man walked out.

"General Chen Ma, your father-in-law, has been blown to bits."

The man, who was called General Chen Ma, saw a villa in Peach Blossom Source that had been blown into ruins and shouted angrily, "Who is it, who is it, investigate it out."

Below, a group of experts were busy saying, "Yes, we are accessing the sky surveillance system, we will definitely find that man, don't worry."

"I'll skin him."The man hissed.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at the Yanhuang Empire.

"Little Black, is there somewhere you want to go too?"Tang Zichen asked, as Tang Zichen had long felt that Little Black seemed to have a heavy heart.

"Brother Chen, to tell you the truth, I do have places I want to go."

Tang Zichen said, "If I remember correctly, when we left this world back then, you seemed to have made a python sister's belly bigger."

"Ugh."Little Blackie lowered his head in shame.

"Oh, go on Little Blackie, you left irresponsibly back then, and now that you're back, you should indeed look for it, maybe it's still alive, and then maybe, the child you had with that python sister inherited the genes from your black jiao."

"Thank you Brother Chen, then I'm leaving, where will I find you when I'm done?"

Tang Zichen said, "Look for me in this Yanhuang Empire."

"Good."Little Black flew away, and Tang Zichen immediately guessed that Little Black wanted to go to find the already pregnant Python sister who was not responsible for leaving behind back then.

After Little Black left, Tang Zichen said to the celestial vehicle's intelligent system, "Go to Tiannan Province, Linjiang City."


Half an hour later, Tang Zichen arrived at Linjiang City.

I don't know if Linjiang City could still find some deceased people after that.

Li Xuan'er's descendants must be gone, because Li Xuan'er's parents died back then, or because of Tang Zichen.

Although Linjiang City had changed beyond recognition, that Linjiang River would never change.

Tang Zichen still remembers the time when he was wanted by the police as a one-time loser, and then one night afterwards, he and Xu Mei Qian fought on the river.

It seemed like it was just yesterday.

Tang Zichen stood by the river and smiled at the rippling river surface.

This was a rare smile for Tang Zichen since his relatives had left, otherwise normally, Tang Zichen wouldn't have smiled at all, as there was nothing worth smiling about.

Tang Zichen said under his breath, "Mei Qian, see this river?Back then, when you arrested me, we had a battle right here.It was a happy time, and sometimes I wish I could go back to that time, so badly to touch your face again and hear you speak."

Unfortunately, it was no longer possible.

Tang Zichen felt in front of him, Xu Mei Qian was standing in her police uniform, Tang Zichen couldn't help but touch it, but it was empty.

Inside Tang Zichen's heart, a moment of desolation.

Tang Zichen was alone, at that river back then, sat for a long time, gazing at the river somewhere dazed.

Only after a long time did Tang Zichen get up and leave.

Tang Zichen walked and walked along a street that was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

After walking for over an hour, Tang Zichen stopped.

"This place used to be Xiang'er's family villa, Uncle Liu, Liu Chen Ming, I haven't pronounced that name in a long time, how are you."Tang Zichen felt that he saw Liu Chenming's face in front of him, it felt like that face of Liu Chenming, it suddenly became so strange.

Tang Zichen saw again, beside Liu Chen Ming, standing next to Liu Xiangyun, Liu Xiangyun took Liu Chen Ming's arm and waved at Tang Zichen, waving and waving, their bodies began to go away, smaller and smaller.

"Don't go."Tang Zichen pounced on them, but he pounced in the air.

"Xiang'er, you've finally returned to your hometown."Tang Zichen sat on the ground and muttered to himself.

Tang Zichen stood up and wandered around the place for a while before leaving.Tang Zichen closed his eyes and walked and walked by feel, walking for a long time before stopping.

Despite this journey, Tang Zichen walked with his eyes closed, but he didn't run into anyone, as if Tang Zichen didn't need his eyes anymore to walk.

Tang Zichen stood at an intersection with a tall building in front of him, and between the tall buildings, many colorful celestial cranes were moving around.

However, in Tang Zichen's eyes, what he saw was not this scene, but a large area of brick and concrete bungalows, tattered and shabby.

However, Tang Zichen felt that this ramshackle patch of homes was much prettier than these high-rise buildings today.

"Xuan'er, you're home too, have you seen your old home, it's all turned into high-rise buildings, it's no longer a slum."

Tang Zichen stood at the intersection for a long time again.

When it was over, Tang Zichen closed his eyes again and walked along the streets, in Tang Zichen's mind, he was not walking along the current streets, but the streets of Linjiang City more than two hundred years ago.

Finally, Tang Zichen stopped at a place.

Baiyun Middle School.


Fortunately, it was still the same Baiyun Middle School, but with a different building.

Tang Zichen looked at the four big characters in front of the school, Baiyun Middle School, these four big characters, but it was still the same kind of strokes as before, really did not expect.

Tang Zichen walked into the Baiyun Middle School, of course, the teaching building was gone, but the playground, but there are still, but also rebuilt, perhaps have been rebuilt countless times.

Tang Zichen walked on the playground, everything was so solid, as if the once number one evil youngster, back again.

In front of Tang Zichen's eyes, it was as if a large group of people had appeared, a large group of people running towards Tang Zichen, and their mouths seemed to be shouting, "Tang Zichen, why the fuck are you back."

This group of people included Wang Qiang, Zhao Ritian, Liao Gayuan, Wei Ming, Jin Hu, Xu Yan, Liang Ying, and others."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly and said, "Yes, I came back to take a look."

However, at this moment, an untimely voice came from Tang Zichen's ear, "Where's the idiot."

This ear-piercing voice suddenly snuffed out all of Tang Zichen's memories, and the group of people who had just come running towards Tang Zichen suddenly disappeared.

Tang Zichen looked to his side with a sudden fury, only to see a young man with yellow dyed hair and a cigarette in his mouth, he didn't know what kind of cigarette it was, it looked quite advanced, and he was accompanied by a follower.

That yellow-haired youth saw Tang Zichen looking at him angrily, and came over and tried to slap Tang Zichen. Remember the URL

However, in the next second his hand was grabbed by Tang Zichen.

The yellow-haired young man was a little surprised that a little kid was able to grab his hand.

"Grizzly hair, let go of me immediately?"The yellow-haired young man raged.

That sidekick also said, "Do you hear me, if you don't let go, Kun will definitely cut off your hand, the hand of the second bully of Baiyun High School, is it something you can touch?"

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold and he didn't bother to say a word.

"Clack."With a casual tug, that yellow-haired young man's arm was ripped off from his shoulder by Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Pillars of blood sprayed from the yellow hair's broken shoulder, that yellow hair shrieked in pain, seemingly unable to believe it, and that follower was also dumbfounded, unable to react.

Tang Zichen threw that arm to the ground and went back up to the yellow hair's face, kicking it up.

"Crack."The yellow hair's neck made a crisp sound, then his entire head went back, as if his head was even hanging off his back, no doubt broken by Tang Zichen's kick, and he died in one fell swoop.

"Ah."That follower was scared of that flowery face, but he was pretty good at it, and didn't go weak in fear, but pulled his legs out and ran.

"Trying to run?"Tang Zichen's gaze was cold as he snorted, he didn't seem to let that follower go at all.

Tang Zichen rushed up with an arrow step and hit that follower from the back with a punch.

"Bang."That follower's heart suddenly jumped out of his front chest, his entire body seemed to be hit by a sniper rifle, and he flew forward several meters before falling to the ground, while the person, was already dead.

Tang Zichen's gaze went to a few more people next to him.

There were originally a few boys who were teasing girls next to them, and these boys who were teasing girls were none other than a bully from Baiyun High School.The yellow hair that he had just killed was the second bully of Baiyun Middle School.

The one bully who was teasing the girls, suddenly saw the two bullies who were killed, scared silly, and now suddenly saw Tang Zichen's gaze shooting towards them, and suddenly kneeled down without a word, looking at Tang Zichen, teeth chattering, frightened, unable to even say the words to beg for mercy.

Indeed, just now, Tang Zichen was so fierce.

The scene of the spicy killing of the second bully and his sidekick was enough to scare the White Cloud High School, where the normally fearful one bully, peed his pants.

"Hmph."Tang Zichen looked at the one bully who kneeled down without a sound, grunted, turned around and flew away.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen took pity on this one bully's dog's life, but this one bully, who really hadn't messed with Tang Zichen just now, was just teasing the girl.

Tang Zichen left Baiyun Middle School and also left Linjiang City.

Linjiang City had already changed beyond recognition, except for the Linjiang River that was still there, no traces of the year could be found at all, and there was no point in staying much longer.

The next place to visit was to meet the descendants of Xu Mei Qian's family.

Tang Zichen took out Zhang Ying's business card and read out Zhang Ying's phone number once?

"Hello."At that moment, Zhang Ying's voice came from the air.

"It's me, Tang Zichen."

"Oh, brother Tang, are you done?"


"Well then, come see me at my family, and Skywheel will bring you here."


Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at Zhang Ying's family.

As the speed of today's car was too fast, it really was as if the entire world had turned into a village.

"Brother Tang, come in, this is my family."

"Mm."Tang Zichen walked into Zhang Ying's home.

Although Tang Zichen was only twelve years old, his eyes and gaze didn't look like a child at all, so Zhang Ying had somehow come to see him as an adult.

"Brother Tang, sit down and have some tea."Zhang Ying shouted, "Mi, serve tea to the guest."

"Okay."At that moment, a robot came out.

Tang Zichen looked at the robot curiously.

Zhang Ying smiled, "This isn't an armoured warrior, it's just an ordinary robot la, serving us humans."

"Oh.That, Zhang Ying, you said you know someone from an ancient warrior family?"

"Yes, Xu Qing'er."

"Can you bring me acquaintance as well?I'm going to think about her family."


"Okay, thanks."

Tang Zichen knew that this Xu Qing'er was a descendant of Xu Mei Qian's family.

Just then, a news item suddenly played on the TV in the living room: "The call for the removal of the Tang Zichen statue in Times Square by the new forces in Wangjing City is getting louder and louder, and many representatives of the new forces have formed a team to take to the streets and demand the government to remove the Tang Zichen statue.However, the Ancient Martial Families have expressed strong dissatisfaction with this, Tang Zichen was a very famous Ancient Martial Predecessor over two hundred years ago and had extraordinary influence in the Ancient Martial Family power."

Tang Zichen's brow furrowed, and on the television, Tang Zichen saw his statue, a statue that was over two hundred meters tall.

Zhang Ying said, "These new forces are really becoming more and more excessive, they even want to tear down the statue of the most prominent representative of the Ancient Martial Family, Tang Zichen."

The television screen switched to a reporter interviewing a representative of the new forces and asked, "May I ask why the request to remove Tang Zichen's statue?"

The representative of that new power said, "Times are progressing, it's the age of armor, the age of technology, there's no need to set up such a huge statue of an ancient martial figure in the center of Wangjing City, Times Square, besides, the age of ancient martial arts is over, an obsolete figure should have been in a museum long ago along with planes, cars, and cell phones."


The reporter interviewed another person.

Another person raised a middle finger to the camera and said, "Tang Zichen, he's weak, it's fortunate that he didn't grow up in the current era, otherwise, our armor, would have beaten him to a pulp."

The screen switched back to that reporter, and that reporter said, "Ladies and gentlemen, for the follow-up coverage of the events surrounding the statue in Wangjing City's Times Square, please remain locked to our general channel."

The news ended and moved on to the next news.

Tang Zichen asked, "Is the new force the group that infinitely pushes the armor?"

Zhang Ying said, "Yes, nowadays, the world can be divided into two kinds of people, the new forces and the ancient forces, the new forces have high technology and advocate armoured warriors, and they are already dominant in the whole world, while the ancient forces are those ancient martial families.Let's put it this way, the new powers represent progress and the ancient martial powers represent backwardness, they seem to contradict each other in many places."

"Hmph, what a bunch of ignorant people."Tang Zichen was furious.

Zhang Ying smiled, "Brother Tang, it seems that you are also a member of the Ancient Martial Forces."

Just at this moment, Zhang Ying's phone suddenly rang.


"It's not good, Missy, Wang Mao is here again, and he's bringing a Jaeger with him." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh, I got it, I'll be right out."

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Ying looked very depressed.

"What's going on?"Tang Zichen asked.

Zhang Ying said, "That, brother Tang, I'm sorry, I have something to do."

"Tell me directly, what's wrong?"

"Uh, well, there's a guy named Wang Mao who keeps harassing me, he wants me to be his second wife.But it's useless for me to refuse, his family is richer than me, his family already has two SSS-class MechWarriors, and my family, it's just a small business."

"Hmph, take me out."Tang Zichen said.

"Brother Tang, don't ever, I'll find my own way to delay it, I've already informed Xu Qing'er, her family is an ancient martial family, it's still not difficult to deal with a family of Wang Mao's level, you stay right here, I'll be right back."

After saying that, Zhang Ying ran away.

Tang Zichen immediately followed him out.

At the gate of Zhang Ying's family, a man, standing on an armor that was about ten stories tall, looked at a group of people at the gate and said, "Is Zhang Ying still not coming out?I don't blame you for continuing to blow your doors, as you can see, I'm an SSS-ranked MechWarrior, my family has another one, don't you know my family's strength?Your little family can't even afford a first generation MechWarrior, what qualifications do you have to be cross with me, is it hard to make Zhang Ying my second wife?"

At that moment, Zhang Ying came out and said angrily, "Wang Mao, don't go too far."

"Yoho, come out, I thought you were really hiding."

"Wang Mao, I've already informed my friend Xu Qing'er, be careful, she's already trained to innate perfection, she's still more than enough to deal with you."

"Hahaha, Xu Qing'er, you mean that Ancient Martial Family's Xu Qing'er?I pooh-pooh, let her come over and try, I promise my MechWarrior won't beat her to a pulp, and an Innate Great Perfection, I pooh-pooh, don't you know that 6s MechWarriors nowadays can fuck up the Unity Realm Great Perfection with a single punch?It's the age of armor, martial arts, outdated, hahaha."

Just then, an icy voice came out, "Yeah."


nbsp; "Who, who's talking?"Wang Mao yelled.

"Me."An icy voice came again.

Only then did everyone see Tang Zichen, but it was a twelve year old boy.

"Yo, a little kid."Wang Mao gave a cold laugh.

Zhang Ying was busy saying, "Brother Tang, I didn't tell you to stay still, go back."

Tang Zichen branching away from Zhang Ying, looking at the man standing on the shoulder of the ten-story tall Mecha Warrior, he said, "This robot, is it yours?"

"Little kid, I'm an armor, not a robot, so be careful what you say."

"Well, let me, Tang, see if the armor is really powerful in today's era."

"Which one doesn't know the sky's the limit."Just at this moment, Wang Mao felt a fist flying towards him, he couldn't dodge it.

"Bang."Wang Mao fell off the armoured warrior's shoulder and grimaced in pain.

Tang Zichen stepped on Wang Mao's head, and Wang Mao was unable to stand up.

"You, you, get your dog's foot off me."Wang Mao said furiously.

Tang Zichen said coldly, "There's a way to heaven and you won't go, but there's no door to hell to throw."

"You heck, have the guts to let me go, what skill is a sneak attack, wait until I get into my armor and operate it, then fight me."Wang Mao said.

The armor wouldn't fight by itself, someone had to be inside to operate it, and it also required a high degree of flexibility to operate the armor, so not everyone could operate the armor either, the higher the level of the armor, the higher the requirements for the operator.Therefore, in this world, those who could fly armor in the new powers were worshipped by countless people as if they were heroes, or strong men.Of course, armor was also very expensive, and ordinary families couldn't afford it.

Wang Mao thought that Tang Zichen would definitely let him go and fight with his armor.

However, he thought too highly of himself.

"Bang."At that moment, Tang Zichen snorted indifferently and stepped on Wang Mao's head with a forceful thud, directly exploding Wang Mao's head like a watermelon.

Tang Zichen was not at all interested in this kind of armor of his, and to want him to duel with this kind of armor was simply an insult to Tang Zichen's martial arts skills.


Not far away, Zhang Ying and the others were all stunned.

Tang Zichen had actually killed Wang Mao directly, oh my god.

"Brother Tang, you, how did you kill him?"Zhang Ying came up in panic.

At that moment, an old man also came up and asked, "Zhang Ying, who is he?Why is your martial arts skill so high at such a young age?"

"Uh, martial arts?"Zhang Ying just remembered, right, but Brother Tang had just performed martial arts and looked good, otherwise how could he blow Wang Mao off a ten-story high armor in one go and stomp his head off.

"Right, Brother Tang, how do you know martial arts?"Zhang Ying looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

How was it that Tang Zichen felt so sarcastic when he heard Zhang Ying's words?He, Tang Zichen, had returned to his ancestors and was still asking how he knew martial arts.

Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to answer such a silly question and said, "What big thing will happen if I step on this Wang Mao."

The old man beside him said bitterly, "Why wouldn't something big happen, it's going to be a big deal, my grandson yo, who the hell are you, you've caused me big trouble yo."


Tang Zichen glared at the old man and said, "No one here is your grandson, if you keep saying that, you're going to be in trouble."

"Ugh!"That old man was frightened when he saw such a fierce look in Tang Zichen's eyes, and didn't dare to speak again.

Tang Zichen said, "Which one of you, take me to Wang Mao's family, Wang Mao was trampled to death by me, I will settle this matter and will not cause any trouble to your family, please show me the way."

"Uh, this."

"Lead the way."Tang Zichen's voice raised eight points, and suddenly, that old man didn't dare to jabber anymore and immediately ordered someone to take Tang Zichen to Wang Mao's family.

Zhang Ying also suddenly felt that Tang Zichen's gaze was harsh and fierce.

At this moment, it was in Wang Mao's family.

"Report, it's bad, Wang Mao is dead."

"What did you say?"An old man was furious.

"Young Master Wang Mao is dead, our family's armor 'Red Eye' was just taken out by Wang Mao, and the armor even sent the video back, and Wang Mao was stomped on."

"No, that's impossible."That old man's body trembled, Wang Mao was a very talented person in their family to operate the armor, and when they bought back a more advanced armor in the future, they were counting on him to operate it, but he was stomped on and his head exploded. The first website

"Who is it?Who killed Wang Mo?"

"Report Clan Chief, Wang Mao was chasing our fellow city's Zhang Ying, but that Zhang Ying didn't like Young Master Wang Mao, Young Master Wang Mao went again today, but he was killed by an ancient martial artist that the Zhang family didn't know where to find, Wang Mao was careless and wasn't in the operation room, causing the armor to be killed without even starting.Patriarch, this is a video sent back by the armor Red Eye."

That old man's teeth were chattering with anger after watching the video, and he yelled, "Immediately go and get everyone here, and bring out all the armor, I want to trample down the Zhang family."

"Yes."Not long after, everyone from the Wang Mao family came, and after watching that video, everyone was trembling with anger.

"Let's go, trample down the Zhang family."

Outside the Wang Mao Family Hall, there were rows of armor, the most powerful of which was an SSS class armor, and then the remaining were over a hundred SSS class armor.

At this time, Tang Zichen had already arrived at the Wang Mao Family.

When Tang Zichen saw that the people of the Wang Mao Family had gotten the news and were about to depart, Tang Zichen snorted, "No need to be so troublesome, I'm here."

The people from the Wang Mao Family hadn't even had time to enter the armor before Tang Zichen came.

"That's him, he's the one who killed Wang Mao."A man shouted.

"Quick, enter the armor and exterminate this ancient warrior."

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air, looking down on the group of armor with disdain.

Tang Zichen didn't take the initiative to attack, lest they say sneak attack again, so he let them enter the armor.

At that moment, that strongest SSS armor activated, and suddenly, the huge fist of that SSS armor, smashed into Tang Zichen.

The corners of Tang Zichen's mouth rose in contempt, these frogs at the bottom of the well had never seen what a powerful martial artist was like, and they were presumptuously claiming that martial arts were in decline, what a laugh.

Then Tang Zichen let them see what the strength of a true martial artist was.

At this moment, that SSS class armor had almost punched in front of Tang Zichen.

Just when everyone thought that Tang Zichen was about to be blown to pieces by that huge steel fist, Tang Zichen moved.

Only a cold light flashed on Tang Zichen's hand, and a sword was pulled out, cutting down on that huge, ten-story tall armor.


bsp; The armor stalled in mid-air for a moment.

About a few seconds later, with a rumble, the ten-story tall armor was split in half by Tang Zichen's sword.

"Ah!"Everyone on the ground was so stupid that their jaws fell to the ground.

A ten-story tall armor, ah, all using super alloy materials, and yet, it was split in half by a sword?

Could it get any more dramatic?But in fact, it was such an exaggeration.

Compared to such a powerful man, what was armor?

At this moment, the SSS-class armor that was split in half, crashed to the ground with a rumble, turning into two piles of scrap metal.

Moreover, even the warrior who was piloting the SSS-class armor was also split in half, and at the moment, his corpse was split in half, falling down along with the armor.Tang Zichen struck down with a sword from the head of the armor, accurately, and even the warrior operating the armor inside was split together.

Not far away, Zhang Ying, who was following in the sky with his crane, was also stunned, unable to believe this scene, a younger brother Tang, who looked only twelve years old, actually split the Wang Mao family's proud SSS level armor in half with a single sword.

Tang Zichen looked at the group of armor on the ground and said nothing, and then he swung down with another sword, and the sword in Tang Zichen's hand seemed to transform into countless sword shadows, each of which accurately slashed at a single armor.


In the blink of an eye, all of the armor, whether it was S-grade or SS-grade, split into two halves, and even the warriors sitting inside the armor and operating it were mercilessly split into two halves.

At the entrance of the hall, that old man from the Wang Mao family was trembling as he looked at the armor scrap metal and the corpses of the family's armor warriors all over the floor.

In the distant sky, Zhang Ying, who was sitting on the flying car, was also dumbfounded, and brother Tang showed no mercy, killing the man and his armor together.

Tang Zichen looked at the old man and said, "You were the one who gave the order to trample down the Zhang family?"

"I, I, I."The old man I couldn't say anything for a long time.

"Swoosh."At that moment, a white light flashed, and in the next moment, this old man's body separated and fell into a pool of blood.

Tang Zichen was ruthless and merciless in his actions, so don't think that the old man would be spared.

Tang Zichen didn't know why, since his relatives had left, the killing heart within Tang Zichen had become heavier.

In the past, Tang Zichen would have felt that life was precious, but since the death of his loved ones, Tang Zichen felt that there was nothing precious about life, no matter how precious it was, there was still a day of greatness, but it was just the difference between dying late and dying early.Since sooner or later you have to die, then kill, kill, kill, whoever he is, consider it an early deadline.

Isn't it?

Tang Zichen's relatives have to die, why shouldn't others?

Perhaps it was this that had deeply stimulated Tang Zichen, so his killing heart had become heavier.

Of course, it could also be said that Tang Zichen was a wounded wolf, and a wounded wolf was always more ferocious.

In the distant sky, Zhang Ying looked at Tang Zichen creepily.

She wanted to scream, but she was a little afraid to do so, Tang Zichen looked at Zhang Shadow and said, "Thank you for taking care of me, goodbye."

After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and flew away, just by flying with his physical body, he was extremely fast, simply not an ordinary ancient martial powerhouse.

Zhang Ying was dumbfounded as he looked at Tang Zichen, who had disappeared into the sky, unable to speak for a long time.

At that moment, Zhang Ying's phone rang, and at a glance, it was Xu Qing'er calling.


"Hey, Ching-er."

"Zhang Ying, how's it going now?Is Wang Mo still pestering you?Don't worry, I'll be right over."The voice on the phone said.

"Qing'er, Wang Mao is dead."

"What?What's going on?"

"Not only Wang Mao died, even the Wang Mao family, there were countless casualties, didn't I tell you that the Wang Mao family had an SSS class armor?It's also turned into scrap metal now, forget it, it's impossible to describe it with words, I'd better send you the video."

Zhang Ying sent the video taken by the flying car surveillance to Xu Qing'er.

Not long after, Xu Qing'er called again and asked, "Zhang Ying, who is that kid?"

"I don't know, he said his name was Tang Zichen, and it seems that his knowledge of our world is still stuck in the past two hundred years."

"Oh my god, a single slash that splits an SSS-class armor in half, is that still a human?"

"I don't know, I'm already too shocked to know what to say."

"Zhang Ying, you said his name was Tang Zichen?" Remember the URL


"So could he be a descendant of that Don in history?"

"I don't know, this kid is a mystery anyway, but he represents the Ancient Martial Power, which is good for us, now that the new power is so arrogant, infinitely worshipping armor and devaluing martial arts so low, I really want to see how the new power will react when they find out about such a powerful Ancient Martial Power expert."

"Well, I also want to see how the new power reacts, to see how their SSS-class armor feels when it's split in half by a true ancient martial arts expert."

"Hehehe, there's no way to hide what happened today, in half a day, I'm afraid the entire world will see the news and the sky video."

"Zhang Ying, where is that child now?"

"I don't know, he just left after killing many people from the Wang Mao family, I don't dare to follow him."

"It's fine, he will definitely show up again, now let's see if there's anything on the news, I'll be right over."


About half an hour later, the whole world was alarmed by an event.

Almost the entire world, saw in the sky the video of Tang Zichen splitting the SSS class armor in half with a single slash.

The entire world's network was discussing this matter.

This matter was literally like a world war had broken out.

"Oh my god, this is absolutely impossible, this video is definitely fake."

"Whoever made such a fake video to defile my sublime armor wishes to be arrested.It must have been someone from the Ancient Martial Forces, definitely."

The Ancient Martial Forces, however, saw this video, but their emotions were completely opposite.

"Haha, this time let those new powers, the fools who worship armor, see what a true ancient martial arts expert is like, let them still dare to think that martial arts is backward."

"That kid, who the hell is he?Haven't you noticed that he is extremely similar in appearance to our hero, Tang Zichen?Could it be that this child is a descendant of Tang Zichen?"

"Haha, good, our ancient martial arts are finally going to impress the world again, I just don't know when this kid will appear again."

At this moment, on Martial Island.

"General Chen Ma, the sky surveillance video has been repaired by us."

That General Chen Ma yelled, "Who is it, who killed my father-in-law?"


bsp; "General, it would be better if you went to see the video yourself, when we saw that video, we couldn't quite believe it."

General Chen Ma gritted his teeth and said, "I don't care who he is, if I, Chen Ma, don't cut him down to size, I won't be worthy of being a top 100 ssss general of the Yan Huang Empire."

"Er."Those technicians didn't say anything, as if they were doubting in their hearts if General Chen Ma really had that ability.

The technicians immediately turned on that video, and a virtual screen appeared in the air on the scene, and in the virtual screen, a child of about twelve years old was seen arriving at the entrance of the villa of Peach Blossom Source, and then killing the security guard at the entrance, those security guards, who could all be in the middle of the Innate Realm ah, were actually so defenseless.Although the Ancient Martial Forces were very contradictory with the New Forces, some of the unproductive Ancient Martial Forces were willing to be the lackeys of the New Forces Mecha Warriors, and these few security guards who were killed by Tang Zichen were the ones who had no ambition in the Ancient Martial Forces.

After that, Tang Zichen slapped General Chen Ma's father-in-law to death, and finally flew into the air, facing the villa, and blasted it into ruins with another slap, the effect of this slap could be compared to a SSS class armor, but this man was relying on martial arts ah.

When General Chen Ma saw this, his face went pale.

Just at this moment, General Chen Ma received a phone call.

At first glance, it was a call from a superior.

"Hello, Marshal Hu."

The person on the phone hurriedly said, "Chen Ma, where are you?"

"Marshal Hu, I'm on Martial Island, my father-in-law was murdered, I'm here to deal with the aftermath, what do you need?"

"Hurry back, by the way, didn't you see the news today?"

"Uh, what's the news?I'm in a bad mood today, so I'm not in the mood to watch the news."

"After that, return to Lookout for a meeting right away."

"Yes, Marshal."

General Chen Ma immediately rushed back to Wangjing City in the sky car, while turning on the news on the sky car.

The news was overwhelmingly reporting this incident that happened an hour ago.

"Ah, it's him."When General Chen Ma saw the teenager in the video, he was completely stunned.

Back in Wangjing City, the top brass of the Yan Huang Empire were meeting.

"We must find that teenager, and this time, we must kill him in public, otherwise, this will cause us endless trouble."

"How are we going to kill him then?"

"Send two SSSS level Mecha Warriors to challenge him first and see how strong this person is.This happened in our Yan Huang Empire, all the empires in the world are watching us, so we have to move fast."

"What if two SSSS ranked Mecha Warriors still can't defeat that person?"

"Although we will be sending two 5s level MechWarriors, it doesn't mean that we only have two 5s level MechWarriors present.We, the Yan Huang Empire, have a total of over five hundred 5s level MechWarriors, we will have at least over fifty 5s level MechWarriors on hand at all times, in addition, we will also send a 6s level MechWarrior on the scene.Now, who among you is willing to automatically apply to face that ancient martial expert?"


"I do."


Many people at the scene raised their hands, all expressing their willingness to go and face Tang Zichen.

"Good, General Chen Ma, I heard that your father-in-law was killed in Wulin Island, the person who killed your father-in-law is the same ancient martial arts expert who destroyed the Jinling Wang Family, now I'm giving you a chance to take revenge, are you willing to go to meet him?"

"I will, I'll tear him apart."General Chen Ma said with a bite.


"Okay, one Chen Ma, and one more, Lan Yang, you go ahead."

"Yes, Marshal."

Just like that, the Yanhuang Empire responded swiftly to this Tang Zichen matter, within an hour.

Chen Ma, the top 100 ranked 5s ranked Mecha Warrior of the Yan Huang Empire, and Lan Yang, the also top 100 ranked 5s ranked Mecha Warrior, would face Tang Zichen.However, they didn't know the name Tang Zichen, so they used the 'Code Name Jinling Kid' instead of calling him, and sent this news out to the world quickly.

At this moment, Xu Qing'er had already arrived at Zhang Ying's house.

Unfortunately, no one currently knew where Tang Zichen was.

"Qing'er, will he call you again?"Xu Qing'er said anxiously.

"It should, he told me before that he wanted me to introduce you to him, I have a feeling that he seems quite interested in your Xu family, is he really related to the historical Tang Zichen in some way?Are they really descendants of Tang Zichen?Why else would they look so much alike, I just noticed this after the news brought it out for comparison.Qing'er, an ancestor of your family, Xu Mei Qian married Tang Zichen, ah, could this child be the offspring of Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian?"

"Zhang Ying, don't talk nonsense yet, now we can only wait for him to call you and take the initiative to contact you."

Just at this moment, the TV that had been on in the living room suddenly interrupted the news, "Dear viewers, just a few minutes ago, Wangjing City has responded to what happened in the Jinling Wang Family as follows, firstly, designating what happened in the Jinling Wang Family as the 'Jinling Tragedy' and positioning that ancient martial arts expert'Codename Jinling Kid'.Secondly, Wangjing City would send Chen Ma and Lan Yang, two top 100 ranked 5s ranked Mecha Warriors, to face and exterminate the Jinling Kid.However, since there was currently no sign of the Jinling Kid, Wangjing City had given the Jinling Kid five days, during which Chen Ma and Lan Yang, would be waiting for him at the Repulse Bay of the Purple Sea.If the Jinling Kid doesn't show up voluntarily within five days, Wangjing City will do whatever it takes to use the Cosmic Sky to search for him.The interrupt news broadcast is over."

Zhang Ying and Xu Qing'er were shocked. One second to remember to read the book

"The new force has even sent two 5s-class armors, Chen Ma and Lan Yang, to deal with Brother Tang."

"Will brother Tang be in danger?This is a 5s ranked armor, and it's a top 100 ranked warrior."

"I hope brother Tang he'll be fine, it's not easy for such a powerful ancient warrior to appear, but don't break down ah."

Right now, Tang Zichen was walking on a street, except that Tang Zichen had changed his face, it wasn't that Tang Zichen was afraid of people looking for trouble, but he still had his own business to finish.

The place Tang Zichen came to at the moment was the city where the Han Wang family was located over two hundred years ago, which was Xiao Meng's family.

Tang Zichen was sitting on the sky car, which had many of his relatives in it, and Tang Zichen would take them, one by one, back to his hometown to see.

"Hello, is the Han Wang family still around today?"Tang Zichen asked a passerby who was also a martial arts practitioner, Tang Zichen could tell that he was a late innate.

"Where's the little brat, get lost."That passerby glared at Tang Zichen.

"Bang" Tang Zichen slapped that passerby to death.

Daring to be arrogant in front of Tang Zichen, really looking for death.Tang Zichen grunted and walked away, looking for other people to ask questions.

In the end, Tang Zichen got a result, the Han Wang family, disbanded a hundred years ago, and the family's children scattered.

Tang Zichen could only have no choice but to do so, the address of the original Xiaomeng family was also long gone.

Just like that.

One by one, Tang Zichen went to take a look at each place, regardless of whether their families had perished or not.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed, except for Xu Mei Qian's family, the rest of his family and friends' families, Tang Zichen had already gone to take a look at them all, they were all gone.

"Finally, it's time to visit Xu Mei Qian's family, and after that, I'll almost leave.After I've decided again and again, I'd better bring them back to the Great Martial Empire for burial.Here, their hometowns are all completely gone, and if they are buried here, I'm afraid they won't even have anyone to sweep their graves in the future.And by bringing them back to the Great Martial Empire, at least they will all have countless descendants to pay their respects, besides, with my Shang Hong's popularity in the Great Martial Empire, my Shang Clan won't necessarily fall in the last ten thousand years."

This was Tang Zichen's final decision, originally he had thought about whether or not he should bury them in his hometown, but now it seemed completely unnecessary, bringing them to finish their regrets and come for a visit would be enough.

Tang Zichen said to the celestial cart, "Take me back to Zhang Ying's house."

"Okay, expect to arrive in half an hour."

Half an hour later, Tang Zichen arrived at Zhang Ying's home.

"Brother Tang."Zhang Ying saw Tang Zichen and ran out from the hall in excitement.

The person who ran out with Zhang Ying also had a strange woman.

Tang Zichen said, "Zhang Ying, I'm back from my business, you said before that you know someone from the Ancient Martial Family Xu?When will you take me there."

Zhang Ying was busy, "Brother Tang, my best friend, Xu Qing'er, she's right here, she's from the Xu family."Zhang Ying introduced the woman beside him to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at the strange woman beside Zhang Ying, she was average looking but heroic.

That Xu Qing'er looked at Tang Zichen excitedly and said, "Brother Tang."

Tang Zichen, however, said, "Xu Qing'er, you can call me Tang Tai Sheng Ancestor, I believe I won't take advantage of you."

"Ew."Xu Qing'er was stunned, then she called out, "Senior Xu Qing'er, meet the Saint Ancestor."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Both Zhang Ying and Xu Qing'er were speechless for a while, Tang Zichen clearly had a face of twelve years old, but he looked like an old man.

Tang Zichen walked into the living room, sat down, looked at Xu Qing'er and said, "Worthy of being a descendant of the Xu family, all of them are very heroic."

The reason Tang Zichen said that was because Xu Mei Qian, as well as the original Xu Yan, were all such heroic girls, so seeing Xu Qing'er, Tang Zichen was convinced that she must be a descendant of the Xu family.

Xu Qing'er said, "Tang Tai Sheng Ancestor, you, know the ancestors of my Xu family?"

"Of course, or do you think anyone can call me a holy ancestor?"

"Erm, Holy Ancestor, forgive junior's boldness, can I ask you a few questions."

"Yes, you may ask."

"Are you a descendant of our ancestors, Xu Mei Qian and Tang Zichen?"


"Ah, then why do you want me to call you Holy Ancestor?"

"Because, I am Tang Zichen, and Xu Mei Qian is my wife."

"What? You're Tang Zichen?"Suddenly, Zhang Ying and Xu Qing'er were shocked and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"This, how is this possible?It's stated in our family genealogy that our ancestor was already over thirty years old when he left with Tang Zichen, and even if he's still alive now, that's almost three hundred years old, but you, you're clearly a twelve year old boy."


Tang Zichen said, "You know the martial arts as well as a frog in a well knows the sky, so I am not surprised that you question it."

"I would also like to ask the Holy Ancestor to teach you,"Zhang Ying said.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, your current understanding of the martial dao is the realm of unity, right?"

"I've heard that the Unity Realm is followed by the Ancestor Realm, right?"

"That's right, after the Unity Realm, the Ancestor, after the Ancestor is the Ascension, after the Ascension is the Return to the Void, and after the Return to the Void is the Return to the Ancestor.I am now the Returning Ancestor."

"What kind of existence is a Returning Ancestor?"

"Reaching the Return to Ancestor will make me young again, before I reached the Return to Ancestor, I was a 259 year old pale old man, you guys are looking at me as a 12 year old teenager, this is me becoming young again.Alright, I'll leave the specifics aside, before I leave this world, I will open a pulpit to the world, I heard that in this world, martial arts have fallen behind, no matter what, I will help the ancient martial artists of this world to regain their confidence."

At this time, Zhang Ying was busy saying, "Saint Ancestor, the last time you were in Wang Mao's family, the whole world now knows about it."

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, "So what if the whole world knows."

"Er, Saint Ancestor, the whole world hasn't how, but the new power of the Yan Huang Empire Wangjing City, sent out an announcement to the whole world three days ago, they sent two 5s ranked Mecha Warriors to challenge you and put you to death, because they couldn't find you, so they gave you five days, these five days they will be waiting for you in the shallow water bay of the Purple Sea.If you don't show up after five days, you'll initiate a cosmic level day to search."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Just in time, I was just about to go find them, to teach the armor of this world a hard lesson, to twist the values of everyone in this world around and get back on the right path of martial arts.Let's go, take me to the Purple Sea Repulse Bay." First URL

"Er."Zhang Ying and Xu Qing'er were both shocked at how disdainful Tang Zichen's tone was, they were previously worried about whether Tang Zichen would be able to deal with a 5S class armor.

"Saint Ancestor, the people they sent out are 5s class armor, 5s class armor is as tall as a 25-story building, are you really okay?"

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "I'll let you lead the way, so you'll lead the way, so don't give me any long-windedness, okay?"

"Yes, Saint Ancestor."

Zhang Ying and Xu Qing'er were speechless, it seemed that their worries were truly unnecessary.

At this moment, in the Purple Sea's shallow water bay, countless people and countless celestial vehicles were parked in midair.

Among them, two 25-storey tall armors were standing quietly on the sea surface.

Inside these two 5s class armor, the two warriors, Chen Ma and Lan Yang, had already been waiting for the flowers.

"Damn, it's been three days, is he coming or not."Chen Ma, who was waiting inside the armor's operation room at all times, couldn't help but burst into rage.

Countless people were bursting at the scene, but of course, the people from the ancient martial forces at the scene were secretly anxious.

Underneath the seabed of this shallow sea, there were more than fifty armors that were also Class 5s, as well as a Class 6s armor, in case they were needed.

A 6s-grade armor was absolutely extraordinary in the Yanhuang Empire, as there were only a dozen or so 6s-grade armors in the entire Yanhuang Empire.

On the far side of the Repulse Bay, a marshal who looked to be of high status was watching with binoculars.

"Code name Jinling Kid, does he not want to come here anymore?"That marshal put down his binoculars and said.


You wait, there are still two days left, after two days, if he doesn't show up, launch a cosmic level sky to search, a mosquito can find it, just at a higher price.However, Marshal, you'd better go far, you're one of the indispensable top leaders of the Empire, you can't afford to lose anything."

"It's not too late to go farther when your Jinling brat arrives, besides, I have the Star Flyer, I can't catch up with him even if I give him ten times the power."That marshal looked like he was very disdainful.

Just at this moment, the audience in Repulse Bay suddenly stirred.

It turned out that Tang Zichen was here.

Yes, Tang Zichen was standing on the roof of the sky car, no matter how fast the sky car flew, Tang Zichen stood like a pine, not moving a muscle.

Tang Zichen looked distantly at the two incomparably large armor standing on the sea level, the corners of his mouth slightly hummed.

At this time, the marshal with the binoculars just now, while evacuating to a distant point, said into a microphone, "Jinling Kid, you've finally come, I've been waiting for you for a few days."The words rang through the air of Repulse Bay, and no one knew where they had come from.

However, Tang Zichen could instantly tell that this voice was emitted from dozens of kilometers away.Tang Zichen knew right away that this person must be the biggest leader on the scene today.

As the saying goes, catching the thief first, Tang Zichen's body moved, disappearing into place, and in the next second, appearing dozens of kilometers away, Tang Zichen stood on top of a celestial vehicle, which was that leader's celestial vehicle.

At this moment, however, that marshal was still unaware that Tang Zichen was above him, and he lost Tang Zichen's figure from the Sky Cart's surveillance video.

"Huh?Where are the people?Jinling boy, where have you been?Could it be that you saw two 5s class armors and ran away in fear?"

Everyone was also talking at the site of the Asak Bay, as Tang Zichen disappeared too fast.

Just then, the canopy suddenly ripped apart, and a hand reached in, grabbed the Marshal's head, and whizzed away.

"Ah, help."That marshal yelled, and the next moment, he was caught in the shallow bay.

Everyone finally saw Tang Zichen's figure again, but everyone was shocked when they saw that Tang Zichen was holding the Marshal in his hands.

The marshal that Tang Zichen was holding in his hands was the head of one of the controlling families of the Yan Huang Empire, the Mo Clan.

Tang Zichen grabbed the marshal and said, "I don't know how high a position you have in the Yan Huang Empire, but I want to cut you off as the head before I do it."

"Don't, don't kill me."That marshal begged for mercy in fear, while shouting, "Mecha warrior, don't save me yet."

But at that moment, Tang Zichen's hand pushed, and with a bang, he squeezed that marshal's head off.

"Ah."The countless people at the scene, as well as the countless people around the world who were watching the sky video, were dumbstruck.

And Chen Ma and Lan Yang immediately operated their armor and rushed towards Tang Zichen, attempting to blow up Tang Zichen.

As Tang Zichen drew his blade, only a blade whistle could be heard, and then "Swoosh!"A sweep of a white light cut across the two armor.

"Boom", the two armor that attempted to come up, only just lifted their feet, they were cut off at the waist and fell into the sea.

At the same time, the two warriors operating inside the armor, Chen Ma and Lan Yang, were also cut off together, as Tang Zichen calculated to cut off the men and the armor together.

At this moment, it seemed like the whole world was quiet, no matter if it was the network or the scene, they were all dumbfounded at Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen swept a glance at everyone at the scene and said, "Do you want to continue hiding the armor hidden at the bottom of the sea?I will give you three breaths to escape, and after three breaths, I will completely decapitate you."


Suddenly, many armor emerged from under the sea, scattering and fleeing, although they did not receive the order to retreat from their superiors, but at this time, where was the superior's business, fleeing for one's life was important, and the drawing of Chen Ma and Lan Yang's miserable death just now was still clear in front of them.



After saying that, Tang Zichen bounced into the sky, stood on the sky, and cut down with a fierce sword at the earth, Tang Zichen's sword suddenly turned into the sky, and in the blink of an eye, all the escaping armor, no matter if they were 5s or 6s, they all turned into pieces.

"Boom."Countless fragments scattered over the sea.

Tang Zichen seemed to be effortless.

And everyone at the scene sucked in a breath of cold air, no longer knowing what to say.

At this moment, everyone had finally truly seen the power of martial arts, and those who had previously revered the armor, they realized at this moment how much of a frog in a well they were.No matter how powerful the armor was, compared to a true ancient martial arts expert, it was completely like hitting a stone with an egg.

However, although Tang Zichen was infinitely powerful at the moment, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that an even greater crisis was coming his way. Remember the URL

At this moment, at a command center in Wangjing City.

"Lord Wan Xiang, what should we do?"Everyone turned their attention to the highest controller of the Yanhuang Empire, called Lord Wan Xiang.

"Hoo, this man is simply appallingly strong, but although he is invincible against armor, he may not be able to carry our strongest military weapons."

"Ah, Lord Wanxiang, you mean?Launching super-energy missiles?"Everyone in the command center was shocked.

"Otherwise, a super-energy missile is a hundred times more powerful than an atomic bomb, and its launch speed is even closer to two hundred times, I don't believe that he, a human, can resist a super-energy missile attack.Prepare to launch."

"But, there are still so many innocent people in that Purple Sea Repulse Bay."

"All those people must have been tortured by the power of the Jinling Kid, and even if they live, they will definitely be on the path of martial arts in the future, sneering at technological civilization, and the entire society will fall backward again."

"We get it."

"Three, two, one, prepare to launch."

"Swoosh."A super-nuke, the most powerful in this world, was launched.

Of course, this super-nuclear weapon was called a super-energy missile, unlike atomic bombs, which would have intense nuclear radiation, and the place where it was dropped would not grow an inch of grass for decades, but the super-energy missile would not cause secondary damage to the badlands, which meant that there were no radioactive consequences.

Tang Zichen stood in the sky above the Purple Sea.

At that moment, among the tens of thousands of people on the scene, I don't know who got the inside scoop in time and shouted, "Run, the super-energy missile is coming."

"Ah, super-energy missiles."

Everyone was stunned, the Yan Huang Empire had really gone to great lengths to deal with Tang Zichen, super energy missiles, even this most powerful super nuclear weapon dared to use, this was almost like completely leveling the entire Purple Sea, it was too ruthless.

Everyone desperately wanted to run.

However, there were also people who didn't run, because they knew that they couldn't run in front of this kind of weapon, no matter how fast the celestial vehicle was, it couldn't outrun the super-energy missile.

Sure enough, before everyone could run for long, they felt a fiery red fire coming from the distant sky.

That was the super-energy missile.

Everyone was desperate at this moment.


bsp; The armor was powerful, but it was simply as good as paper in front of this weapon.

The target of that super-energy missile was Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was furious when he saw that missile flying in.

However, the missile was too fast and was already in front of Tang Zichen.

Originally, Tang Zichen wanted to break the void and let the missile enter the void, so that no matter how strong the missile was, it would be bullshit in front of the black hole.

However, it was too late to break the void.

In desperation, Tang Zichen changed his moves at once.

Tang Zichen violently kicked the super-energy missile, and after the super-energy missile was kicked by Tang Zichen, it suddenly changed direction and shot straight towards the sky.

At the control center.

"Quick, detonate."

"No good, can't detonate, lost control, that missile has been kicked into space."

By the time the control center was able to regain control of the missile, it had already been kicked into space.

And it exploded in space with a bang.

All the people of the Purple Sea looked up and could see a violent spark of flame, opening on space.

Everyone broke out in a cold sweat.

God, what a brush with death, if it wasn't for Tang Zichen, who kicked the super missile into space at a critical moment, countless people in the Purple Sea would have had to die today.

But then again, Tang Zichen, a human, was actually able to kick a super-nuclear weapon, which was more than 100 times the size of an atomic bomb, into space with a single kick, this Tang Zichen was too awesome.

At this moment, everyone literally looked at Tang Zichen as a god and knelt down.

However, it didn't end there.

At the control center.

"Five super-energy missiles, preparations complete."

"Three, two, one."


The first super-energy missile had just been kicked into space by Tang Zichen, followed by another five super-energy missiles, launched at the same time.

This time, it was five at the same time, and the power was not ordinary.

Tang Zichen was on fire, but this wasn't the time to be on fire yet, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of these missiles, his body wasn't a mortal body, but a spiritual body, these missiles couldn't hurt Tang Zichen at all.However, countless humans in the area were about to be buried with him, although Tang Zichen did not cherish the lives of others, it did not mean that he would accept countless people dying because of him, leaving him with a blood debt.

However, the five super missiles had already reached the front.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed up, as fast as he could.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang."Five consecutive kicks, the five missiles were kicked into space by Tang Zichen just like before.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang."The five missiles exploded outside the sky almost at the same time, the dull sound almost made everyone feel like the sky was falling down, even though space was far away, but such a blazing explosion felt like it was overhead.

"Phew."Everyone exhaled deeply and wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads, which was now all over their bodies, the soles of their feet, and their backs.

It was only when everyone looked out of space, back in the direction where Tang Zichen was, that they realized that Tang Zichen had disappeared.

"Eh?Where is he?"

"Where is it?"

At this moment, not only did the people at the scene not know where Tang Zichen had gone, even the people at the control center had lost track of Tang Zichen.


Almost immediately after, Tang Zichen arrived at Wangjing City's control center.

Wangjing City's control center was on a building that was several hundred stories tall.

Tang Zichen stood on top of the building.

"I'm here, isn't the sky very developed?Why didn't you find me?"Don Zichen said.

Sure enough, Heaven had spotted Tang Zichen on the screen in one of the control rooms of this building, everyone saw him on top of their building.

"How is it possible that he, isn't he in the Purple Sea?Why are you here all of a sudden?"

All the scientific researchers were shocked, unable to imagine how Tang Zichen did it, it was simply no faster than launching a super missile, no, faster than a super missile.

Actually, the problem was simple, Tang Zichen was beyond mortal, he could break this space with one punch, so he was simply invincible and superhuman in this space, of course, his invincible superhuman status was only in this mortal realm, it was like a whale, in a small river, a casual flick of his tail could break the river's flow, but in the sea, it was impossible.

At the control center, everyone was stunned for several seconds before someone said, "Run, this demon is crazy."

Suddenly, everyone wanted to run and said that Tang Zichen was the devil, I really didn't know who the devil was.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Run?Do you think you can run?" One second to remember to read the book

After saying that, Tang Zichen punched the roof from a building hundreds of meters high.

"Wow."Suddenly, the entire building, starting from the highest floor, collapsed down floor by floor.

The entire Wangjing City was blinded by the dust that was raised, as if the entire Wangjing City had turned into a city of fog.

Of course, everyone in that Wangjing City's control center was buried in the ruins.

It took more than half an hour for the dust to disperse.

Of course, by this time, countless celestial chariots had already flown into the skies around Wangjing City, watching over Wangjing City, and the vast majority of these people were returning from the Purple Sea, after all, half an hour was enough for them to come here from the Purple Sea.

When the dust mist dispersed, everyone saw Tang Zichen standing at the highest building of Wangjing City, gazing at the bottom of this highest building, as if he was remembering a piece of the palace that was here back then.

"Phew!"Tang Zichen exhaled deeply.

It's over, it's all over, Tang Zichen has destroyed the foundation of the new power of the Yan Huang Empire, the new power of the entire world, the technology they revere, will fade away with all of this, in the future, Tang Zichen believes that the world will still slowly return to the world of martial dao.

Because only martial dao could truly go against the world, and could tread through the void.

Technology, forget it, Tang Zichen wasn't sure what would happen after technology had advanced countless times again, at least Tang Zichen hoped that this world, would return to the martial dao.

Tang Zichen looked at everyone watching in Wangjing City and said, "Everyone, you all want to know who I really am, and now is the time to unlock my identity, in fact, I am the Tang Zichen of a few hundred years ago."


Everyone was shocked.

Tang Zichen's voice was scattered throughout Wangjing City and beyond, and the people surrounding Wangjing City, of course, couldn't have looked at Tang Zichen with their own eyes, after all, Wangjing City was so big, they were watching Tang Zichen standing inside Wangjing City through the celestial video on the celestial car.

And they heard Tang Zichen.

The voice, however, was not heard from the sky video, but from the real Tang Zichen, which showed how strong Tang Zichen was.

"You're all wondering why I'm Tang Zichen, well, after three days, I will open the altar and set up a seat to talk about some of my experiences and knowledge of martial dao, I hope that this speech will give you a whole new understanding of martial dao.After three days, I hope that everyone in the world will come here to listen to my lecture, right here in Wangjing City, thank you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen disappeared.

There were two reasons why it would be three days later, firstly, in these three days Tang Zichen went to find Little Black and prepared to go back; secondly, so that people from all over the world would have enough time to come.

Tang Zichen appeared at a canyon.

"Little Blackie."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Er, Chenchen."Little Blackie's voice came from the depths of the canyon, and a few seconds later, Little Blackie appeared in front of Tang Zichen.

"What's the point of calling Tang Zichen when you don't even have this much skill, Little Blackie, have you found your late friend?"

"Still asking around, actually, I've only just arrived here."

"To what extent have you found it now?I'll help you search together."

"Thank you Chen, I returned to the Crow Cave where Peanut lived before these days, and after asking around, I heard that Peanut gave birth to a monster behind her, and then left with that monster.If I'm not mistaken, Little Peanut's child, whose genes must have been inherited from me, is a black jiao.Then I asked around all the way and found the place, because a python said he had seen what looked like a black auger following a python around here.Oh, right, the python I asked around also said that it had tried to pursue Little Flower, but Little Flower rejected it."

"Little Flower is that python sister of yours?"

"Uh, yes."

"Then I'll help you find it."

After saying that, Tang Zichen's gaze shot to a certain spot and blasted the mountain, cracking it open.

A python thought there was an enemy and fled in panic.

Tang Zichen stopped in front of that python at once.

The python was about two to three hundred years old, and with Tang Zichen's ability, he was able to easily find out what it was.But Little Blackie, however, was not so easy to find the python hidden in the mountain, and it was more difficult to find out.

Little Black said, "I've circled this mountain without finding a python, but I didn't think that Chen would find one in one go."

At that moment, the python looked at Tang Zichen in despair, as if it was begging for mercy.

This giant python only possessed low-level intelligence.

Tang Zichen emitted spiritual fluctuations and asked, "I'm asking you, have you seen any creature that looks similar to this black jiao beside me?If you answer me honestly, I won't hurt you, and if you have any expiration date, I will slaughter you."

The python looked at Black for a moment and said, "Warrior, I can't be sure."

"Why can't you be sure?If you have it, you have it, and if you don't, you don't."

"Down , I heard my father say that once this mountain came with a foreign mountain python and a strange child, and that the strange child was small, but of great strength.However, I never saw it with my own eyes.Later, I heard that it left the place because it was too small."

"Well, you can go now."

"Thank you, warrior for not killing me."The python scampered away.

Blackie said, "How was the question, Minister?"


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