Dish Best Served Cold 441-445


Chapter 441


"The wife of the head of the Xu family was beaten up?"

"Old Master Xu Wenqing was forced to kneel?"

"Even the Xue family's own brother, the head of the family, had his leg broken?"

"The fiancées are all taken."

"What the fuck?"

"Who's so awesome?!"

"Even the Yanjing gentry dare to mess with it?"

"And offend two at once?"

"Could it be that he's the son of the King of Heaven?"

For a time, the city was filled with terror.

All the great families in Yanjing were trembling.

Many people were speculating about the other party's background.

But after learning that the other party was merely a young man from a small third-tier city in Jiangdong, the entire city of Yanjing, the various dignitaries, once again trembled.


"Just a turd from a small, third-tier town, is he crazy?"

"Have you eaten bear's heart and dared to provoke the Xu and Xue families?"

"I thought it was still the descendants of some red gentry, but after making a lot of noise, the feeling is just a turtle."

"It's said that they are also making a lot of noise, tomorrow in the Wolong Hotel set up a wine banquet, let the Xu and Xue families to move all the people who can move here, frontal hard anal?"

"I'll go, really fake it!"


"Has this guy been kicked in the head by a donkey?"

"Isn't this a death wish?"

"And to-morrow, we'll see how he plays?"

Within Yanjing City, there was a lot of noise.

Among the countless family powers, it was as if they were talking about a joke, talking about the scene that happened at today's birthday banquet.

The Xu and Xue families, however, were not as idle as the outsiders.

"Dad, you'll be back soon, right?"

"That woman, Xu Lei, colluded with outsiders and not only injured her mother, but also broke her grandfather's leg."

"He's still lying in the orthopedic hospital?"

In the middle of the Xu family, Xu Meifeng, with a snotty nose and tears, was on the phone with her father.

Adding to the jealousy of today's events.

"Where's Master Torture?"

"Go and ask Master Torturer."

"Didn't I instruct you when I was leaving that once something happens, you should go and ask for Master Torturer's help."

"The Xing family has received so many favors from my Xu family, they will never sit idly by."

A middle-aged man's indignant and condensed voice came from the phone.

But Xu Meifeng still had red eyebrows and miserable words, "Dad, we went to hire."

"But who would have thought that Xing family is a white-eyed, ungrateful wolf,"

"Especially that torture river, not only did he not help us, but he also called my family stupid, wanting to die don't get him involved?"


Hearing this, the man on the other end of the phone's face swirled and darkened, "That Torture River, when you really say that?"

"It seems that our Xu family gave them so much face before that the Xing family doesn't even know what their last name is?"

"Mei Feng, don't worry, I'll handle this matter."

"Tonight, without any surprises, your third uncle will return to the family.Tomorrow, your third uncle will preside over the situation."

"In addition, I will call the Xue family later."

"Master Xue's son also had his leg broken, I don't believe that they Xue family can sit still."

"In this matter, as long as the owner of the Xue family steps in, even if we Xu family just watches, that bastard will die without a burial place."

Soon, the call was disconnected.

Yanjing, the Xue family.

When Xue Minghua was carried in, the Xue family was holding a family meeting.

"Minghua, what's wrong with you?"

"Didn't you go to celebrate Miss Xu's birthday?"

"How did it come to this?"

Seeing the blood all over Xue Minghua's legs, everyone in the Xue family was shocked.

The head of the Xue family, Xue Wisdom, was even more trembling and got up in a hurry to run towards Xue Minghua.

"Brother, take revenge."

"You must help your brother take revenge!"

"If I don't kill him, it will be hard to dispel the hatred in my heart."

"Brother, you must cut him into pieces~"

Xue Minghua grabbed his brother Xue Wise's hand and shouted resentfully and viciously, tears almost in the corners of his eyes.

"Minghua, don't get excited yet."

"Speak well, what's going on."

"Don't worry, if you tell me clearly, my brother will definitely get the announcement back for you!"

Seeing his brother like this, Xue Wisdom felt both pity and anger in his heart.

The two of them brothers, their mother died early when they were young, and their father was away doing business all year round.It could be said that the two brothers had grown up together since they were dependent on each other.

Brotherly love, naturally, was all that was left unsaid.

Now that his own brother's legs were broken, one could imagine the anger and heartache in Xue Wisdom's heart.

"Brother, it's a brat named Ye Fan."

"He relies on the fact that he has some strength and is still a trainer, and he more than forcefully stole my fiancée Xu Lei.He also kicked my legs off when I stepped in to discourage him with a good voice."


"Ye Fan?A punk kid from a third-tier small town?"

"And he's got a lot of nerve?"

"Minghua, didn't you tell him that you are a member of the Xue family, your brother is Xue Wise, your father is Xue Renyang, your second uncle is the head of the National Security Bureau, and your third uncle is the head of the military?"Listening to his brother's narrative, Xue Wise's eyebrows grew icy cold, but there was endless anger contained within his lowly words.

However, Xue Minghua shook his head, "It's useless, brother.He even kicked Master Xu on the ground and made him kneel down and beg for mercy.He even spouted off nonsense, saying that our Xue family is even worse than a dog in his eyes.He also threatened to wait for us at the Wolong Hotel tomorrow and let them call out to anyone they want~"


Xue Minghua was still speaking, yet Xue Wise was so angry that he smashed one of the teacups in front of the table, all of them on the floor.

"What an arrogant little child!"

"Let's just move people around and wait in the Wolverine Hotel?"

"He's quite a mouthful!!!"

Xue Wise was incomparably furious, and his old face was so sunken that it was close to dripping water.

However, soon, Xue Wise's emotions stabilized.

He once again regained his usual calm face, but who knew what kind of thunderstorm stirred in Xue Wise's heart beneath that calm exterior!

Anyone familiar with Xue Wise knew that he was, like, really angry.

"Brother, am I going to become an invalid?"

"I'm not happy, I'm really not happy."

"You must kill him, so that he doesn't have a good death~"

At this time, Xue Minghua was still roaring unwillingly, adding fuel to his brother's wail.

Xue Minghua nodded his head.

"Minghua, you rest assured and recover."

"This revenge, brother will help you avenge!"

"Tomorrow, I will take his corpse and throw it in front of you."

Xue Wise said in a deep voice, Sen's words, but they stirred endlessly throughout the hall.

Then, Xue Wise ordered to his men, "Ming Xin, you, now, immediately call your second uncle and tell him to send ten good men over."

"Also, tomorrow, those special forces born bodyguards in our family, bring them along as well."

"Brother, are we really going to go tomorrow?"At this time, behind Xue Wise, but someone was worried.

"What else?People have let their words out, if our Xue family doesn't respond, wouldn't that be laughed at by the entire Yanjing City!"

"Since some people want to seek death, we, the Xue Family, should fulfill him."


"A turtle from a third-tier city, how dare you hurt my brother and insult my Xue family?"

"This time, if we don't let him pay the lesson of blood, will we not let my Xue family, become the laughingstock of Yanjing City?!!!"

Xue Wise clenched his palms, and his low words were all cold and murderous.

"But brother, before you do it, are you going to ask the old master for instructions first."

"After all, the old master had specifically instructed us to keep a low profile for the Xue family during this time.No matter what happens, the word "patience" should take precedence, and we must never be impulsive or reckless."

Xue Mingxin continued to advise.

The old man he was talking about was naturally the father of both Xue Minghua and Xue Wisdom.

Nowadays, the head of the Xue family was Xue Wise though.

But for some major matters, it was the old man, Xue Ren Yang, who was really patting the head of the house.

During this period of time, the Xue family had encountered many things, and many of their industries had been sniped and targeted by hostile forces.

The outside world only knows about the Xue family's prosperity, but they don't know about the predicament that the Xue family is facing right now.

Of course, the world was even more unaware that beneath the seemingly calm surface of Yanjing City, there were already stirring winds and clouds!

"Yes, my lord."

"Nowadays, the dark currents of Yanjing City are surging, and in such a situation, it is time to respond to changes with no change."

"It's never wise to make a big move at this time!"

Many people were advising Xue Wise, hoping that he would think twice before acting.

However, Xue Wise waved his hand and shouted in a deep voice, "Other things can be endured, but this matter, I cannot endure!We, the Xu family, cannot tolerate it either!"

"Not to mention that my Xue family's admired daughter-in-law was robbed, even my Xue Wise's own brother had his legs broken."

"What is this?"

"This is undoubtedly slapping the face of my Xu family!"

"If this matter is still tolerated, how will my Xue family be able to establish itself in Yanjing in the future?"


Someone behind him wanted to persuade further, but was directly interrupted by Xue Wise in a stern voice.

"I have already made up my mind on this matter, you do not need to persuade me anymore!"

"As for the old man's place, there's no need to report it.When I return tomorrow, I will report to the old master."

"Don't worry, I know it by heart and won't let the situation get out of control."

Xue Wisdom directly clapped his hands on the decision.

With the head of the family already saying so, the others naturally didn't try to persuade him any further, but the worry in their hearts was always lingering.

At this time, Xue Wise's phone suddenly rang.

It was from the Xu family, and Xue Wise took a glance at it, then answered it.

"Mr. Xue, you should know all about what happened at Little Daughter's birthday banquet today, right?"A middle-aged man's low, heavy voice came from the phone.

This speaker was, naturally, the current head of the Xu family, Xu Lei's second uncle, Xu Fengliang.

"Mm."Xue Wise nodded his head.

"I wonder how the Xue Family will respond tomorrow?The Xue family is the head of the three new noblemen of Yanjing, but the entire Yanjing people are looking at you and me?If this matter is not treated properly, I am afraid that my Xue and Xu families will completely become the joke of Yanjing City."Xu Fengliang's voice continued to be heard.

Xue Wise returned, "Mr. Xu, you don't have to worry about this.I'll have my own strategies for tomorrow's matter."

"That's good."When Xu Fengliang heard this, his tone softened considerably and continued, "General Manager Xue, now that I'm not in Yanjing, I'm afraid I'll have to bother you more about tomorrow's matter.Hopefully, you'll also be able to save my niece, Little Lei, from that madman."

"You can only worry about that.Although Miss Xu Lei hasn't married into the Xue family yet, she's still considered half of my Xue family.Now that Miss Xu Lei has been kidnapped, it's also because of our Xue Family's lack of protection.I guarantee that tomorrow, I will bring Miss Xu, safely and securely back, and never delay the wedding next month."Xue Wisdom was very confident.

Now that his own brother's legs were broken, whether or not he could recover was still a matter of opinion.Therefore, naturally, Xue Wise had to appease the Xu family now, lest they repent of marrying Xu Lei and unwillingly remarry her to his brother.


"Then, I wish Xue success tomorrow, the horse has arrived!"

"When I return, you and I will sit together again and drink Ming Hua and Xiaolei's wedding wine."

Xu Fengliang laughed cheerfully and Xue Wise also smiled and promised to meet up and drink together when Xu Fengliang returned.

After the phone call was hung up, Xue Wise sent Xue Minghua to the hospital for treatment, and also began to operate all the relationships to prepare for tomorrow's trip to the Wolong Hotel.

But after Xue Wise accompanied his own brother Xue Minghua to the hospital, the worry in the heart of Xue Wise's cousin, Xue Mingxin, as well as the other top executives of the Xue family went, but it grew stronger and stronger.

"The family master has even used the family's inner guards, it looks like tomorrow is the real deal ah?"

All big families, in addition to the security guards outside who are paid several thousand dollars a month to watch the door, will certainly raise a group of family members with real skills to go out to do business and travel to banquets, all of which will act as personal bodyguards responsible for personal safety.

Among the Xue family, there was naturally no exception.

Moreover, because the Xue family had some connections in the military, the people they hired were all special soldiers who had a great reputation in the military, with an annual salary of millions.

Destroying gold and breaking jade, splitting rocks and wood, it was no problem!

Now that Xue Wise had to use all of these people, it also showed how much importance he attached to the matter of his own brother's broken leg.

"Brother Wise and Brother Minghua and the others have a deep brotherly love.It's no surprise that the family head is so angry."Xue Mingxin shook his head and said.

"What about Mingxin, what about the old man's side, is it true that he's keeping it a secret for now?"

Xue Mingxin thought about it and finally nodded, "Let's keep it a secret for now.If we tell it, I guess the old man will definitely still let it endure.However, before that, let's investigate, what is the origin of this Ye Fan?"

"This son is so arrogant that he dares to confront the Xu family and the Xue family with one person, and it is said that even that Taiji family, the Xing family, has been trampled by him."

"Is it really a big background?Or is it just youthful arrogance?"

"This has to be looked into."

Xue Mingxin had to be worried.

Their Xue family wasn't afraid that this Ye Fan was capable, but what they were afraid of was that behind Ye Fan, there was a monstrous background!

After all, in the Xue family's view, no matter how great Ye Fan was at it himself, he was only a single person after all, so naturally he couldn't make too big waves.

But if Ye Fan really had a monstrous background behind him, then they, the Xue family, would have to be scrupulous.

A few hours later, the main hall of the Xue family.

After Xue Mingxin and the others looked at the information gathered in front of them, about Ye Fan, they laughed.

"So he's just a bumbling kid from the countryside?Or a useless son-in-law?"

"Looks like we're all overthinking it."

"I thought it would be a dragon, but it turned out to be a turtle."

In the hall, the Xue family all sneered and laughed.

The worries and scruples from before were undoubtedly gone at this moment.

"But it's also really interesting."

"A country bumpkin, a nesting, superfluous son-in-law, who also dares to go to Yanjing alone?"

"And you dare to counteract my Yanjing's worldly giants with one person?"

"I don't know, where on earth did he get the strength~"


The Xue family hall was filled with inexplicable sneers.

That kind of disdain, that kind of disdain that was as if looking at a joke, but it was so thick.

After all, the difference in perception before and after was too great.

Before this, Xue Mingxin and the others had thought that this Ye Fan, dared to force his way into the Xu family alone and provoke Yanjing's worldly gentry.

With this kind of courage and boldness, even if he didn't have a monstrous background, then he should, at the very least, be a small rich second generation with the back of a wealthy family in Yunzhou.

However, who would have thought that after messing with him for half a day, he turned out to be a hick, or a superfluous son-in-law who backstabbed the door.

"This guy, I guess he's a fool."

"Such an unbearable origin, and he dares to be so arrogant?"

"Either that, or he was overwhelmed by beauty."

"Back then, Wu Sangui, rushed into a rage.Perhaps, this country bumpkin, likewise?"

In the hall, the Xue family was laughing at each other, and the words were full of mockery and disdain.

After identifying Ye Fan's identity, the Xue family naturally had no more fears and fully supported the Xue family head, Xue Wise, in the preparations they made for tomorrow.

While all the big families in Yanjing were looking forward to tomorrow's Wolong Wine Banquet, the Li family villa in the outskirts of Yanjing was brightly lit.

In a fairly spacious bedroom, a gentle girl was sitting in front of the window, her small hand resting on her pretty face as she looked out at the silent night sky in a daze.

In her hand, the phone screen is still on.

On top of it is a dialog box of WeChat, only the cursor flickering between, that line of writing, but so obvious.

"Mr. Chu, I'm sorry, but as an apology, I'd like to invite you for another meal."

However, this sentence, Li Xiaohong had been typing out for a long time, but was slow to have the courage to, send it out.

Last time, because of her invitation, she had caused Mr. Chu to be humiliated along with herself.

This time, Li Xiaohong was really embarrassed to invite Ye Fan for dinner again.

However, Li Xiaohong was afraid that if she didn't seize this opportunity, then after Mr. Chu left Yanjing and returned to Yunzhou, she would have even less chance to apologize to Ye Fan.

Of course, the apology was just an excuse for Li Xiaohong.

In fact, she just wanted to see Ye Fan.

Li Xiaohong didn't know why, but ever since the first time she met Ye Fan, that thin figure was deeply engraved into Li Xiaohong's mind.

So much so, Li Xiaohong was looking forward to meeting Ye Fan again almost all the time.

Sometimes, it was as if there was an inexplicable force pushing the two people.

It was really just like what Li Xiaohong was expecting, she and Ye Fan, inadvertently, actually met again.

It was at the foot of Mount Tai in the beginning, and later in the cabin of the plane heading to Yanjing.

"Is this fate?"

Numerous nights, Li Xiaohong lay in bed, also often had that kind of beautiful and sweet fantasy.

This time and again, the more Li Xiaohong wondered if Mr. Chu was really the person she was destined to meet.

Otherwise, why else would it be him every time they bumped into each other unexpectedly.

"Xiaohong, what's on your mind?"

"You should be happy to be in Yanjing with dad, why do I see that you are always moping."

"You're not still mad at dad because of, what happened the other night, are you?"

While Li Xiaohong was lost in thought, Li Lubin pushed open the door and walked in.

Li Xiaohong immediately wiped away the tears in the corners of her eyes and turned her head away.For their own father's greetings, simply ignore.

After a long time, also only returned a sentence: "I'm fine."

When Li Lubin saw this, he sighed, "Hey, you silly girl.Dad was also afraid that you'd be cheated, and that's why he drove your friend away."

"It's not that I despise country people, your father is also from a country background, but he lied to you that he was a big shot, do you think I can keep him home for dinner with this kind of person?And can I trust you to go out with him?"

Li Lubin seemed to have seen the message that hadn't been sent out on Li Xiaohong's phone, and was filled with frustration, advising his own daughter.

He didn't expect that his own daughter, actually cared so much about that jerk.

However, hearing his own father's disparagement of Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong was like a fried kitten as she whirled around and argued, "Dad, I told you, Mr. Chu he never lied to me that he was a big shot.I saw all that with my own eyes."

"I saw with my own eyes, many people worshipped him with respect, many suits called him Mr. Chu."

"Xiaohong, the world is a dangerous place, and seeing is not always believing.What if those people, the actors he hired, were deliberately acting to show you?A man about your age, still from the countryside, think for yourself, how much more productive can he be?"

Li Lubin still shook his head to persuade him, clearly convinced that his daughter must have been fooled by someone else.

"Dad, why don't you believe me?I'm not an idiot, whether it's an act or not, how could I not see it."Li Xiaohong was almost crying with anger at her own father, one eyebrow was red.

She didn't know why, she didn't believe her own father no matter what she said.

"Fine, fine, I believe, I believe it's always okay."

"It's Dad's fault, it's all his bad."

"I shouldn't have kicked your friend out and gotten you down."

"Look at it this way, we'll invite your friend to dinner again tomorrow and dad will apologize to him in person."

"That's always okay, right?"

"So you should always stop being annoyed with Dad, right?"

Li Lubin eventually compromised.

These years, he ultimately owed his daughter too much.

Now, since his own daughter liked that young man so much, Li Lu Bin also really couldn't bear to break up ruthlessly and do that stick-and-bang thing.

"Really, dad?"

"That's a deal, I'll tell Mr. Chu right now."

Hearing that her father was going to personally apologize to Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong was undoubtedly overjoyed and extraordinarily happy.

He even sent a WeChat to Ye Fan, asking where he was and inviting him for another meal.

However, Li Xiaohong did not notice in the slightest that behind her at this time, Li Lubin was dark and sad.

"Xiaohong, because of my origin, your mother has suffered so much with me, and in the end, it didn't end well.So I really hope that in the future, you can find a boy from a rich family, not like your father, a country boy."

Li Lubin sighed in a low voice in his heart.

However, these words of his, in the end, he still did not say them.

After a long time, Li Lubin seemed to accept this reality as if he was accepting it and sighed long and hard.

"Hey, just~"

"Country people are just country people, as long as Xiaohong likes it, that's enough.In the future, support him more."

Then, Li Lu Bin also left, telling Li Xiaohong to rest earlier.

Li Xiaohong, however, was extremely excited, lying on her bed, looking at her phone with great anticipation, waiting for Ye Fan's response.


"This bastard didn't even give me a phone call after arriving in Yanjing."

Yunzhou City, Willow Garden District.

Qiu Mu Orange was wrapped in a blanket, drinking hot water while sulking alone.

"Mu Orange, have you taken your medicine?"

"You're a dead girl, and you're not letting on at this age."

"You weren't sick when that wimp was here.He just left the front foot and you're sick here, you're deliberately torturing our old couple, aren't you?"

Outside the room, there was Han Li's scolding voice.

Yes, Autumn Mu Orange was sick.

And it happened to be the day after Ye Fan left.

However, it wasn't a serious illness, just the most common cold.

However, the dizzy feeling of weakness, and the blocked feeling of nasal congestion to see, undoubtedly made Qiu Mu Orange extremely uncomfortable.

"You dead girl, why aren't you drinking the medicine yet?"

"It's getting cold?"

In the middle of the conversation, Han Li had walked in through the door.

After seeing the table still full of medicinal soup, she was suddenly furious.

"Don't drink it yet!"

"Had to have your mother feed you, didn't you?"

"What I'm grabbing for you here is the most expensive Chinese medicine."

"Not only does it cure colds, but it also heals the body and strengthens the immune system."

Han Li then brought the medicine that night to Qiu Mu Orange.

However, after Qiu Mu Orange took a sip, she then spat it out.

"Bitter, mom!"

"It's too bitter."

"I won't drink it, the medicine is too bitter~" qiu Mu Orange shook her head repeatedly, making painful shapes.

Han Li was even more angry, "Good medicine is bitter, where the medicine is not bitter.You drink it quickly!"

However, no matter how much Han Li tried to persuade her, Qiu Mu Orange just wouldn't drink.

In the end, she was so angry that Han Li put down the medicine and twisted away.

"Angry at me, you dead girl."

"You love to drink it or not."

"It's really hard to serve!"

"Now you get on the phone to that wimp and tell him to get his ass back here and serve you."

"We're old enough to take care of ourselves, and we're still here to serve you?"

Han Li cursed, and then left with a heart full of anger.

Qiu Mu orange was the only one left in the bedroom.

Looking at her mother, who had so ruthlessly abandoned her, Qiu Mu Orange felt sadness in her heart.

As expected, when a woman grows up, what she can rely on the most is no longer her parents, but her own man.

"But this damned Ye Fan, he didn't even call me for so long."

"Your wife is dying of illness, you know?"

Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was livid with anger and was full of resentment towards Ye Fan.

Repeatedly wanted to pick up the phone and take the initiative to call Ye Fan, but in the end, she couldn't wipe her face.

She is the beautiful CEO of Mufan Real Estate, does she want to call someone for comfort?

"Hmph, I'd like to see when this Ye Fan will remember me as his wife!"

However, just when Qiu Mu Orange was filled with resentment, Ye Fan's phone call, finally came.

After Qiu Mu Orange saw it, there was actually an inexplicable joy in her heart.

However, in order to express her anger, Qiu Mu Orange went so far as to directly hang up.

On the other end of the phone, in the hotel, Ye Fan was stunned, and immediately had a bad feeling in his heart.

This mother fucker, he only called now, his wife won't be angry with him, right?

Thinking of this, Ye Fan became even more nervous.

Hurry up the phone and call again.

After calling several times in a row, only then did Qiu Mu Orange answer the phone.

"Wife, you're finally answering the phone."

"Hmph, so you still remember that you have a wife, I thought you forgot that you were married after you left."Qiu Mu Orange's indignant voice came from the phone.

Ye Fanton smiled bitterly and explained, "How could that be?I, Ye Fan, always remember that I am a married man."

"But wife, why are you speaking so nasally?"

"You're not going to catch a cold, are you?"

At this point, Evan slapped his thigh.


"It cooled down last night in Yunzhou, I forgot to tell you to cover up with a blanket."

"You dead woman, you must have stirred the blanket again at night and caught yourself a cold."

"Look, can you do without your husband here?"

"Hurry up and take your medicine.If you can't, go get an injection.Don't be afraid of the pain~"


Ye Fan's worried and urgent voice swirled over from the phone.

At that moment, Qiu Mu Orange actually unconsciously, curled up the corners of her mouth, and a touch of inexplicable warmth and laughter then surfaced on her stunningly beautiful face.

Hearing these words from Ye Fan, for some reason, Qiu Mu Orange only felt that her original dizzy state of mind was also suddenly much better.

"Alright, cut the crap.What did you do this day when you went to Yanjing?"

"Have you seen Mr. Xu?"

"And CEO Xu's fiancé, what does he really look like?"

"Remember to send me a picture."

"I'm really curious, what kind of outstanding and excellent man is it that can conquer a woman like Xu?"

On the phone, a voice full of curiosity and anticipation came from Qiu Mu Orange.

Obviously, Autumn Mucheng Orange really wanted to know what kind of man Xu Lei was going to marry.

After all, Xu Lei's initial reputation in Yunzhou, and even Jiangdong, was too loud.

"Xu is the goddess of our Jiangdong."

"The person married by the goddess of Jiangdong must also be a party baron."

"Starting a family and raising a husband and children, in the future, General Manager Xu's life will definitely be very happy and enviable, right~"

Qiu Mu Orange couldn't help but speculate.

Ye Fan's mood, however, was then lowered.

Faced with Qiu Mu Orange's curious words, Ye Fan only whispered back, "Hopefully, so."

Ye Fan did not tell Qiu Mu Orange what had happened today.

What's more, he didn't tell her that the person Xu Lei was actually going to marry wasn't even a kingpin who trembled the party, nor was he an outstanding and excellent man, but just a lascivious waste of a man .

The goddess of Jiangdong, had not found her own happiness at all.

Her so-called wedding banquet was nothing more than a victim of the family's interests.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan suddenly felt even more sympathy for this girl that he had met when he was young.

It only felt that fate was really unfair to her.

Not only did it take away her parents, but now even her marriage was just a desperate grave.

However, when Ye Fan was talking on the phone with Qiu Mu Orange in the living room, Ye Fan didn't notice Xu Lei, who had already walked out of the bedroom.

Ye Fan was on speakerphone, and what Qiu Mu Orange said, she heard it all.

In the end, Xu Lei did not disturb them, but a person back to the bedroom, close the door, and then he leaned against the door to sit down silently, tears unconsciously, they flowed down.

The playmates from childhood together, one became the goddess of Yunzhou, the other became the baron of Jiangdong, how much like the hero and heroine in the novel, but unfortunately, fate still let them, after all, completely missed.

No one could understand the regret and sadness in Xu Lei's heart at this time.

How she wished that the man she married was really like what Qiu Mu Orange said, an outstanding and excellent man, the man she liked and hoped for.

How wonderful it would be to have,~


However, it was a pity that these thoughts of Xu Lei's were just extravagant hopes after all.

She envied Qiu Mu Orange, envied her for being able to find her own to lean on, to find the man who was enough for her to rely on for her entire life.

The tears were only like rain.

Who would have thought that the mistake she made with Ye Fan back then would become a regret that she would never be able to make up for in her entire life.



"Are you asleep?"

Just as Xu Lei lost her tears, Ye Fan's softly asking voice suddenly came from outside the room.

Xu Lei straightened her mood and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes with her hands, trying not to let Ye Fan see that she had just shed tears.

She was a proud woman, even in front of Ye Fan, she didn't want to reveal her vulnerable side and make Ye Fan worry.

"No, brother Xiaofan."

Xu Lei opened the door and laughed softly.

But no matter how well she concealed it, how could it escape Ye Fan's eyes.

"Xiaolei, what's wrong with you?"

"Is everything okay?"

Ye Fan asked worriedly, his words filled with care and compassion.

Xu Lei's age was even a little younger than him.

She was originally a fragrant young woman, but now she had endured hardships that she shouldn't have endured at her age.All these years, Ye Fan felt that Xu Lei's life must have been very bad, right?

"No, Brother Fanny."

"I'm fine."

"It's just that when I heard you on the phone with Miss Autumn, I suddenly missed my parents a bit."

"When you're sick and helpless, Fanny knows how good it feels to have family?"

Yes, it's only when it's cold that you can really appreciate how warm a blanket is?

It was only after the public rebellion that I realized how happy it was to be sheltered by my parents.

"Before, when I was alone in Jiangdong, although I had no relatives, at least I still had parents at home, and I went back to see them every year and every festival."

"When I got frustrated, or was lonely, I could talk to my parents and their parents and complain, and when I was sick, there was someone to greet and care for me."

"But now that mom and dad are no longer there, and now that the Xu family can't go back, I suddenly feel that the whole world is left to myself."

"Brother Xiaofan, have you ever heard of a saying?"

"Where parents are, there is still a place to go.When they are gone, there is only a way back."

"Our parents were a solid wall between us and death.Now that the wall is gone, we will, too, face death head-on."

In the room, the dim light, slowly swayed.

Falling on the body of the woman in front of her, it only sprinkled a haze of gloom.

Long skirt matting the floor, Xu Lei's eyebrows slightly red, standing by the window, while saying, while looking out of the window godlessly, the smile on her lips, but contained endless loss and sorrow.

In the eyes of outsiders, she is the goddess of Jiangdong, the daughter of the Xu family, she is bright and shining, she is dignified and majestic.

However, who knows what kind of sorrow and grief lies behind one's bright and shining face.

Just like the current Xu Lei, her parents died early, the family is ruthless, once she thought she could rely on brother Fan for the rest of her life, but has also started a family, and has become her people to rely on.

Even though, Ye Fan is still able to accompany her now.

However, she is very clear that Ye Fan will eventually leave, and will eventually have to return to Yunzhou.

Sometimes thinking about it, Xu Lei didn't know why, when this life was walking, she was left alone.

Seeing that, Xu Lei's mood, the more depressed she became.

That pair of beautiful eyes also became more and more dull.

It was as if the stunningly beautiful snow lotus on the Heavenly Mountain was slowly withering away.

It was dimmed in brilliance and had lost its capaciousness.

Was this still the beautiful CEO of the original Red Flag Group?

Is this still the famous Jiangdong goddess who competed with Li Er?

The girl in front of her only seemed like a broken girl who had lost confidence in her future.

Thinking about it, no matter how strong Xu Lei acted outside, but in the end, she was just a weak woman after all.

When Qiu Mu Orange was wronged outside, when she came home, at least she would have Ye Fan to comfort her and her parents to talk to.

But what about Xu Lei, she had nothing?

His parents died young, and his only friend was Evan.But has also started a family and has become someone else's man.

He no longer belonged only to himself, no longer just her little brother Fan.

Xu Lei didn't want to disturb Ye Fan's life.

Therefore, no matter how many things she had done before, no matter how much pain she felt, she could only bury it in her heart by herself.

After all, the human capacity to bear is limited.

Those negative emotions, but can not be told, can not vent, will eventually be like Xu Lei now, almost despair.

There's no more will to fight for the future, for life.

Just like a dying old lady, dead and hazy, with no trace of the vitality of a flower girl.

However, just as Xu Lei's will became more and more depressed, suddenly, the melodious sound of the zither sounded in her ears.

The qin music was delicate and melodious.

It was like a clear spring in the mountains, or a warm breeze in the valley.

It's so refreshing and intoxicating!

Not only did it take away all the gloom in the heart, but even the sorrow and loss from before was now, all swept away.

Until the end of the music, but the aftertaste was still there, making one's memory endless.

It was only after a long time that Xu Lei Fang came back to her senses from the melodious sound of the song.

"Brother Xiaofan, the only thing that hasn't changed in all these years is this melodious harmonica sound."

Xu Lei looked at Ye Fan, but she was smiling.

In the past, when they were in the Chu family, Xu Lei and the others used to sit by the river and listen to Ye Fan's harmonica.

At that time, when they heard the sound of Ye Fan's qin, any tiredness and boredom in the day would be swept away.

Looking at the woman in front of him, Ye Fan did not respond to her words, but put down the harmonica and looked at her, "Little Lei, no matter what the future holds, I hope you remember that you still have me."

"If your aunt and uncle are no longer here, then I am the way you came and I am the way you return!"

"Remember the promise I made to you back then?"

"When I'm strong, I'll protect you for the rest of your life!"

"Even if in the future you marry and teach each other, and truly find your own happiness and home.This promise from brother Xiaofan is still there!"

"Angie's my sister, and you even more so."

"What about the parents not being there?"

"How about Uncle Ruthless?"

"So what if the family is unrighteous?"

"Even if you betray your family, then I'll be your only family!"

"As for tomorrow, you have even less need to worry."

"Believe me, what you don't want to do, what you don't want to marry, no one can force you."

"I, Chu Tian Fan's sister, cannot tolerate a little bullying!"


The words were majestic and hurled.

In the entire room, they resounded.

The straight shocked Xu Lei, terrified.

The pair of eyebrows looking at Ye Fan, but inexplicable light.

At that time Xu Lei will be startled, beautiful eyes red, but instant tears.

The ear, all is Ye Fan's reverberation.



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