Dish Best Served Cold 446-450


Chapter 446

The night was late.

Ye Fan didn't bother anymore and let Xu Lei rest early.

At the entrance of the room, looking at the thin back that Ye Fan left, Xu Lei's heart, but there were ten thousand emotions brewing.

"Brother Xiaofan, you said that you hope that I will soon meet the person I like and find my life's destination, may I marry and teach my children, and be happy for the rest of my life."

"But, how would you know that after meeting you, how would Rei'er still like, other people?"

"Once upon a time the ocean was not a cloud, except for Mount Wu!"

"Brother Fan, you are the water of the ocean in Lei'er's heart, and the clouds of Mount Wu in Lei'er's heart~"

The night was silent and the lights swayed.

Xu Lei just stood there like that, silently watching the direction Ye Fan left, and there was an inexplicable determination in those eyes.

The night passed quickly.

The next day, when the first rays of morning light dawned, Ye Fan went out early to exercise.

This was Ye Fan's long-standing habit.

It was recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book that morning exercise was an extremely cost effective cultivation.

It had the effect of cultivating the body as well as the mind.

Not only could it strengthen the body, it could also sharpen the mind and will.

All these years, Ye Fan had been actively practicing it according to what the book said.

When he returned to the hotel, Ye Fan was ready to take his phone to check the time, which is when he noticed a WeChat message.


"Did Xiaohong send this?"

When Ye Fan looked at the time, it was around nine o'clock last night, when he had just finished a phone call with Qiu Mu Orange, and he hadn't looked at his phone much after that.

That's why I missed this message.

But fortunately it wasn't anything urgent, it was just to eat and apologize.

"Xiaohong, I'm at the Wolong Hotel right now, I have some things to do."

"I'm afraid the dinner thing will have to wait for later."

"As for the apology, it's even more unnecessary.I've already forgotten about the incident that day."

After Ye Fan returned the message, he also went to eat breakfast with Xu Lei.

"Brother Xiaofan, are we really not going back to Yunzhou?"

"Just now, Wen Jing told me that last night's incident where we made a fuss about the Xu family banquet has spread throughout the Yanjing City circle."

"The Xue family in particular is extremely angry."

"It's not just them, there are other powerful families that are friends with the Xue and Xu families, and I'm afraid that they will also come over today."

"Wen Jing told us to leave Yanjing quickly, if we don't leave, we won't be able to leave."

Xu Lei was obviously still worried about today's incident, she didn't care about her own safety, after all, she was the second miss of the Xu family, those people didn't dare to do anything to her, the worst result would be to bring her back to the Xu family again and force her to marry.

But Ye Fan was different, if Ye Fan fell into the hands of the Xue family, her life would probably be in danger.

However, in the face of Xu Lei's discouragement, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly, "Lei'er, why do you need to worry?"

"I told you, now your little brother Fan, even if he doesn't rely on the Chu family, that's not something that just anyone can mess with."

"Later, whatever happens.You just sit and watch."

Ye Fan said in a light-hearted manner, as if what was about to happen next was just some sparse and ordinary little thing to him.

But God knows what kind of ripples yesterday's events had created in Yanjing.

At this moment, there was no telling how many family forces were heading here again.

It was as if storm clouds were gathering and undercurrents were surging.

A storm was slowly brewing.

Today's Wolong Hotel, has become the center of the storm.

So much so, that several nearby traffic arteries were restricted, and all the idle people were detoured.Only some of Yanjing's powerful and famous families would be let in.

"I go, what's going on today?"

"What's with the traffic restriction on this good thing?"

"I didn't hear of any leaders coming to inspect,"

At this time, Li Lubin and Li Xiaohong, father and daughter, just drove in from the front intersection, and soon arrived outside the Wolong Hotel.

However, this way to drive over, but let Li Lubin feel extraordinarily puzzled.

This Wolong Hotel around, how can good reason, is restricted to traffic?

"If it wasn't for your father I had some connections in Yanjing, this time, I'm afraid we would have been stopped outside and made to go around, right?"

Li Lubin walked down from the car, but while walking, he was bragging to his daughter.

"But Xiaohong, that Mr. Chu you're talking about, is he really in this Wolong Hotel?"

"He can afford this hotel?"

At this time, looking at the magnificent hotel in front of him, Li Lubin could not help but ask suspiciously.

Li Xiaohong was also a bit uncertain.

After all, in Li Xiaohong's opinion, even if Ye Fan had some reputation in Jiangdong, it was expected that no one would know him when he reached Yanjing.

Just now, the intersection was restricted, and if it wasn't for the fact that her father knew some contacts, even they wouldn't have been able to get here, I'm afraid.

Therefore, Li Xiaohong had to be a little skeptical.

Would Ye Fan really stay at the Wolverine Hotel?

In between Li Xiaohong and Li Lubin talking, at this time, in the hotel lobby, Ye Fan and Xu Lei, both of them, were sitting peacefully.

Xu Lei was filled with worry, her hands almost overflowed with cold sweat.

But Ye Fan was calm and relaxed, sitting steadily in the middle tent, drinking tea very calmly.

After drinking it, Ye Fan frowned for a while.

"What kind of tea is this, so bad?"

"It's just that I'd better go get mine."

"Xiaolei, wait for me here for a while, I'll go back to my room and bring the tea I brought over."

"I'm used to drinking tea from our Yunzhou, and this sudden change is really hard to adapt to."

In between the words, Ye Fan then got up and turned around to go upstairs to get the tea leaves.

Soon, Ye Fan returned to the hall and very skillfully steeped a pot of tea.

First, he poured a cup for Xu Lei and then poured it for himself.


"Xiaohong, is the one who was pouring tea for someone there that your friend?"

At this time, in front of the hotel, Li Lubin pointed forward and asked to his daughter.

When Li Xiaohong looked at it, she smiled: "Dad, really."

"Let's go over quickly."

After seeing Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong was very happy and ran over.

While Li Lu Bin was behind, he couldn't help but secretly shake his head.

"I told you, how did this country boy get into this Wolong Hotel, so he was in his boss's good graces."

Seeing the way Ye Fan was serving tea and pouring water for Xu Lei just now, it was obvious that he thought of Ye Fan as Xu Lei's chauffeur, assistant or something like that.

"Hey, I don't know where Xiaohong sees this brat."

"Not to mention being from the countryside, but still doing this job of serving tea and water to people."

"Simply useless~"

Li Lu Bin shook his head for a while, his heart undoubtedly had an even worse impression of Ye Fan.

However, for the sake of his own daughter, even if Li Lu Bin disliked this Ye Fan, he had no choice but to follow Li Xiaohong with a straight face as well.



"Xiaohong, what are you guys doing here?"

Seeing Li Xiaohong, Ye Fan was undoubtedly slightly shocked.

In the morning, Ye Fan remembered that he had already rejected their invitation, but he did not expect that Li Xiaohong and the others had taken the initiative to come over.

"Mr. Chu, dad and I are here to apologize to you."

"I'm sorry, I wanted to invite Mr. Chu to our home last time, but as a result, it was all messed up by me~"

"I was afraid that if Mr. Chu went back to Yunzhou again, I wouldn't have the chance to apologize to you, so I took the liberty of coming over."

"Mr. Chu, you don't mind, do you?"

In front of Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong lowered her head as she secretly looked at Ye Fan and spoke cautiously.

Xu Lei saw the situation and knew that it was Ye Fan's friend who had come, so she also got up and evaded, sitting not far beside her, not disturbing Li Xiaohong's conversation with them, and at the same time giving up her seat to Li Xiaohong and her father and daughter.

Hearing Li Xiaohong's timid voice, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly, "Why would I mind?"

"If you're all here, then go sit down."

"Uncle Li, you can also take a seat."

Ye Fan smiled, and then invited Li Xiaohong and her father and daughter to take their seats.

Then, one by one, Ye Fan poured a cup of tea for both Li Xiaohong and Li Lubin.

After seeing this, Li Lubin said in a deep voice, "Very skilled movements, it seems that the work of serving tea and pouring water has not been spared, right?"


Ye Fan frowned then, a little confused, wondering what Li Lubin meant by that.

"Dad, what are you talking nonsense about?Have you forgotten what you promised me before you came?"Li Xiaohong turned her head, but she was a bit grumbling.

Li Lubin smiled lightly: "Xiaohong, I'm just joking with Mr. Chu."

Ye Fan also smiled back: "Uncle Li, and Xiaohong, you don't have to call me Mr. Chu in the future, just call me Xiaofan.Otherwise, it'll seem rusty."

"That's fine, then I'll call you Xiaofan."Li Lubin did happily respond, and after a glance at Xu Lei who was not far to the side, he continued to ask, "That guy over there, he should be a not-so-small leader, right?"

However, before Ye Fan could reply, Li Xiaohong was the one who then proudly replied, "Dad, she is the General Manager Xu that I told you about before.It's the richest man in our Yunzhou, who single-handedly founded the Red Flag Group and is in charge of a hundred billion dollar enterprise, the Red Flag Bank where I used to work, the director is also General Manager Xu."

When Li Lubin heard this, the disdain in the corner of his mouth became even more intense.

As expected!

"Looks like you've found a good boss, Little Fan."

"However, one has to be hard on oneself."

"A person, even if they have a good boss and a big platform, if they don't have any real skills themselves and only have some flowery frame of serving tea and sucking up to people, it's useless."

Li Lubin laughed coldly, but it was a laugh that seemed to have a thorn in it.

Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed once again, putting down his teacup and asking in a deep voice: "Mr. Li, what do you mean by this?"

"Since you've asked here, I'll just cut to the chase with you and be straightforward."Li Lubin's appearance also sank, and he spoke to Ye Fan very seriously.

"To be honest, from the beginning, I wasn't very happy with you."

"If it wasn't for Xiaohong who has been putting in a good word for you, I wouldn't have taken the time out of my busy schedule to come here today to meet you."

"Dad, what are you talking nonsense about?"Hearing this, Li Xiaohong, who was anxious at the side, was busy interrupting her father's words.

She had thought that her father had really promised himself to come and apologize to Ye Fan.

But now it seems that she was wrong after all.

Those words of her father just now were somewhat hurtful even to her own ears, not to mention Ye Fan.

As expected, Li Xiaohong had seen the gradually cold face of Ye Fan.The smile and friendliness from before was also gone.

"Xiaohong, you shut up!"

"This is a conversation between us men, you either sit there and listen quietly, or go out and wait."

Li Lu Bin snapped with authority, scaring Li Xiaohong to the point where she no longer dared to speak.

Then, Li Lu Bin continued to look at Ye Fan, followed by the words that were previously interrupted by Li Xiaohong, saying: "But Xiaohong is my daughter after all, even if I'm no longer uncomfortable with you, her opinion, her thoughts, I have to listen."

"How about this, I'll give you five years to prove yourself to me."

"For the first three years, I'll send you to study abroad and learn your skills outside."

"If you're successful in your studies, I'll make you the lobby manager of my hotel when you come back."

"As long as you can make something out of my hotel in the remaining two years, prove to me that you are a talent."

"So that I can not care about your origin, and marry my daughter, Xiaohong, to you."

"Don't worry, all your expenses in foreign countries for the first three years will be borne by me and will not add to your burden."

"If you're willing, I've already bought you a plane ticket, so go home today, pack your things and prepare some."

"Then within two days tomorrow, come to Yanjing to meet me."

"At that time, I will arrange for you to leave the country myself."

Li Lu Bin said in a deep voice.

That low tone of voice, however, carried a kind of high authority and arrogance.

After saying that, Li Lubin placed an airline ticket on the table, then got up and left.

He didn't even wait for Ye Fan to answer whether he wanted to.

There was no need to wait!

In his opinion, it was impossible for Ye Fan to refuse.

He wasn't in a position to refuse either!

He was a humble disciple from the countryside, and sending him abroad for further study for free was already a great opportunity.

What's more, after he came back from studying abroad, he gave him the stage to show off his skills and directly let him be the lobby manager of his own hotel.

Moreover, if he made achievements, he also betrothed his daughter to him.

This kind of heavenly chance, I'm afraid this Ye Fan would not even dream of it.

But Li Lubin had no choice, who made his own daughter fall for him?

In order for Li Xiaohong to have a good home, Li Lubin could only go out of his way to try and train Ye Fan to be someone worthy of his daughter, right?

"Mr. Li, please stay."

However, at this moment, there was Ye Fan's low, slow voice from behind him.

When Li Lubin heard it, he shook his head.

He turned his back to Ye Fan, waved his hand, and indifferently returned.

"If you're calling out to me at this time because you want to be grateful to me and say something like thanking me and respecting me, that's unnecessary."

"I don't like to hear such vain things."

"I am a man of practicality."

"If you are truly grateful to me, then cherish this opportunity I have given you.Five years from now, prove yourself to me with real results."

"But if you are rotten to the core, then please feel free to stay away from my daughter."

"I don't want my daughter, who will marry someone who is a loser!"

Li Lubin's words were low and indifferent, and within his indifferent tone was all arrogance and majesty from on high.

It was as if, what a great favor he had given to Ye Fan.

"Mr. Li, I think, you're overthinking."

"I'm not trying to thank you, I just want you, to take away your ticket."

"Thank you for your kindness."

"But I, Ye Fan, don't need to prove myself to anyone."

"Even if I needed to, that person, is not you!"

"A district restaurant owner doesn't have the qualifications yet."

Ye Fan's cold voice quietly came out.

Li Lubin was then flabbergasted in place.


The footsteps forward came to a halt.

Li Lubin was just as startled in place, his old face going blue and white.

He had thought that Ye Fan had called him to stop in order to be grateful to him.

But he didn't expect that what he waited for would be Ye Fan's rejection.

It was as if a slap was smacked in the face by Ye Fan.

These words of Ye Fan undoubtedly made Li Lu Bin extremely embarrassed and unable to get off the stage.

Undoubtedly, it also made the words that Li Lubin had said before, completely become a joke.

At this moment, the Li Lu Bin was extremely angry.

However, he didn't immediately explode, but suppressed the anger that filled his heart and turned his head to glare at Ye Fan behind him, his words gloomy: "Young man, do you know, what those words you just said, represent?"

"For Xiao Hong's sake, I'll give you one more chance to reorganize your language."

"This time, think carefully and speak well!"

Li Lubin's eyebrows were sunken, and his pair of cold eyes looked at Ye Fan like this.

His words were undoubtedly a way of finding a step for himself.

After all, being contradicted by a junior, in public like this, Li Lubin naturally felt shameless.

Of course, if this Ye Fan gave him an apology and softened up on this, Li Lu Bin could also consider it, and he would forget about what he just said and continue to give him that favor.

"Mr. Chu, please, don't..."

Li Xiaohong also knew that her father seemed to be really angry, she was afraid of intensifying the conflict between her father and Ye Fan even more, so she could only look at Ye Fan with expectation.

Hopefully, Ye Fan, could say something nice and stop being tit-for-tat with her father, again.

However, Li Xiaohong was disappointed in the end.

Li Lubin was not Ye Fan's father-in-law, so Ye Fan naturally wouldn't spoil him.

Faced with Li Lubin's words that were full of threats, Ye Fan was rude: "Mr. Li, I said, take back your so-called favors and alms, I don't need them."

"No matter how many times you ask me, I still say the same thing."

"I, Ye Fan, don't need to prove myself to anyone."

"Even if I need to, that person, is not you!"

"A district restaurant owner doesn't have the qualifications yet."

Ye Fan's words were icy cold, only as if golden stones were thrown to the ground.

Li Lubin's old face was livid, immediately furious: "Good you arrogant brat!"

"It's just so much breath!"

"And that I'm not qualified?"

"You're a country boy, a nobody, where do you get the courage to defy me?!"

"Simply ignorant and foolish!"

"You're a foolish madman, and you want to marry my daughter, in your dreams?"

"Even if I were to marry my daughter to a dog, I would never marry an ignorant fool like you!"

"Good or bad, shame-giving thing~"

Li Lubin was furious.

At this time, his entire body was simply going mad.

I put aside my own prejudices and kindly bestowed favors on this Ye Fan.

It was just as well that he didn't appreciate it, but he dared to speak out and offend him?

A country bumpkin from nowhere. Where did he get the courage?

However, how did Li Lubin know that what he had just said was indeed a great opportunity, a great favor for ordinary people, ordinary people would probably be really grateful to Li Lubin.

But unfortunately, the person standing in front of him at this time was Ye Fan!

These words were kindness to ordinary people, but when they fell into Ye Fan's ears, they were undoubtedly contempt and insult.

But having said that, there was naturally no need for Li Lubin to stay here anymore.

"Xiaohong, come back with me!"

"In the future, if you dare to associate with such fools again, don't blame me for breaking your legs."

"Being nothing more than a trash who serves tea to people and mentions smelly shoes himself, he has an amazingly big mouth."

"Surely there's a reason why people are poor."

"Arrogant and ignorant!"

"This kind of crap can't even be helped to the wall."

"You dead girl, you're also blind to see this kind of bastard stuff?"

Li Lubin cursed angrily, while ignoring Li Xiaohong's already reddened eyebrows and eyes, he pulled his own daughter's hand and walked out.

However, who would have thought that at this moment, the hotel's door, burst open.

Immediately afterwards, a young man, permed texture, wearing a suit, with a group of people immediately barged in.

The dozens of bodyguard men were like a tidal wave, blackly surging into the hotel.

"On my orders, guard all entrances and exits of the hotel."

"In the next few hours, this Wolverine Hotel will only allow entry and no exit!"

"Not even a single fly is allowed to be released to me."

The hot-haired youth had his hands in his pockets, full of majesty, but the voice of the ice-cold words was quietly sounding in the hotel.

For a moment, the hall was filled with panic.

The patrons who were originally dining in the hotel, their faces were even more instantly terrified and pale.

I don't even know what's going on.

"Young Master Wei, what are you doing here?"

"Earlier said ah, I also make to you good wine and good food as well as beautiful girls are all prepared."

After hearing the commotion, the hotel manager also came out in a hurry.When he saw the visitor, although he was terrified, his face was also piled with a respectful smile.

This hotel's head steward, naturally, knew the permed youth in front of him.

His name was Wei Wuji, and like his name, he acted domineering and fearlessly in his normal life.

Along with the Xue family's Xue Minghua, and the Xu family's three grand dukes, they were known as the three young men of Yanjing!

Although these three were notorious in Yanjing, the family behind them was very powerful, so many people in Yanjing were extremely afraid of them and did not dare to provoke them at all.

The current supervisor of the Wolong Hotel naturally didn't dare to offend them and greeted them with a good-natured voice.

However, this side of the chief executive was still laughing with him, who would have thought that Wei Wuji would directly kick him.It directly kicked that head manager over again.

"Fuck me!"

"Don't be so damned close to this young master here!"

"Honestly, is there a turtle from Jiangdong, named Ye Fan, staying at your hotel?"

"Tell him to get out and die!"

Wei Wuji roared in anger.

For a while, the patrons all over the place were naturally even more terrified.

They all looked around to look for that person called Ye Fan.

Li Lubin, who was about to leave, was happy when he heard.

"Let's go, Xiaohong, let's find a seat."

"Next, I'm afraid there will be fun to watch."

Li Lubin smiled gloomily, then like watching a good show, he pulled his daughter to find a safe place to sit down.

These people were obviously here for Ye Fan.

Just now, when Ye Fan offended him, Li Lubin was worried about having anger in his heart.

Now it's good, someone is helping him to vent his anger.

Li Lu Bin wanted to see how this Ye Fan would play next.

"Dad, is Mr. Chu going to be in danger?"Looking at the appearance of Wei Wuji and the others, but Li Xiaohong was so frightened that her pretty face was pale and full of worry.

However, Li Lu Bin sneered: "How?He's a big man, and just now he was acting like he defied the world, and even I can't even see it, but this little matter is not something that can be solved in minutes for a big man like him?"

Li Lubin smiled coldly, and the words were full of ridicule and disdain.


Isn't he proud?

Isn't he awesome?

Just now, he was still acting like he was the best in the world.

Now that trouble came to his door, Li Lu Bin wanted to see how this Ye Fan would survive this.

For Wei Wuji, one of the three young men of Yanjing, Li Lubin did know him.

It could even be said that the relationship was good.

After all, Li Lubin was in the hotel business, and this line of work really couldn't be done without some connections.

Wei Wuji was a famous young man in Yanjing, and had the Wei family behind him.

This kind of person, naturally, Li Lubin had already befriended him.

Because of this, Li Lu Bin also knew that this Wei Wuji was by no means a simple character.

Although Wei Wuji himself wasn't capable of much, the family behind him had a lot of power and connections in Yanjing City, but it was very powerful.

Ye Fan didn't know how to mess with him, so there would probably be a big buzz.

Just as Li Lubin was in a state of mind of watching the show with a sneer, at this time in the hotel, a group of patrons have undoubtedly completely panicked, pale between the faces, but have been looking around to find, who is this Ye Fan that Wei Wuji is talking about.

"Who the hell is Ye Fan?"

"Please, come forward quickly?"

"My wife's about to give birth and I have to hurry back?"


"That's right, who the hell is this?"

"You've caused trouble, and you're hiding from yourself, but you're making us go down with you."

Many of the guests were already unhappy, cursing.

This inexplicably got caught up in a storm, and the crowd was naturally indignant.

Wei Wuji and the others didn't dare to mess with them, and now they only had to take their anger out on that person called Ye Fan.

In the hotel lobby, there was a lot of noise and clamor.

The various entrances had been surrounded by people, and that one big man in a suit, with his hands behind his back, stood there with cold eyes, and his fierce appearance only made people feel fear and panic.

However, Wei Wuji's previous harsh words had been released a long time ago, and still no one came forward throughout the hotel.

The crowd's displeasure and anger was undoubtedly even greater.

Some people even already suspected that the person called Ye Fan, wouldn't he have already run away when he was in a bad situation, right?

If that's the case, then pity them, these innocent people, to be implicated.

However, not far away, while everyone was worried and anxious, Li Lubin's faintly ridiculing voice quietly sounded: "Mr. Ye Fan, what's wrong with you?"

"Didn't you look dignified and overbearing when you faced me just now?"

"Now what's going on here?"

"Why wimp out?"

"Why are you afraid to say yes when people call out to you?"

"Could it be that you, the big man, are afraid?"

"But it's not a good idea for you to just cower there and drink tea, so hurry up and step out to solve it."

"You can afford to spend it, but the dozens of us can't afford to spend it with you."

"Everyone's still waiting to go home?"

Li Lubin was sitting not far away, looking at Ye Fan with disdain, but he was smiling faintly.

That cold smile was full of ridicule.

"Dad, what are you doing?"

"You're not hurting my friend?"

Hearing that her father had indirectly identified Ye Fan to the crowd, Li Xiaohong immediately became terrified, her red eyes full of anxiety and anger at her father.

"You girl, you're still speaking to this fool to this day."

"You're really larded up!"

"If I don't tell him, we'll be the ones who get hurt then."

"This jerk isn't related to us, so why should we keep it a secret from him?"

Li Lubin was furious and whispered a rebuke to his daughter.

And at this time, the crowd had undoubtedly recognized Ye Fan as well.

For a time, many people's eyes brushed their eyes and looked over in the direction of Li Lubin's previous direction.

There was an elegant man sitting quietly.

When everyone was panicking, he was like a nobody, looking calm, drinking tea there comfortably.

"So he's Ye Fan?!"

"Dressed like that, and so young.Just him, would he be a big man?"

"Could it be that the second son of a noble family is out to play the tiger?"

Many people looked at the plainly dressed Ye Fan in front of them, but they were surprised.

Obviously, they were all curious about what Li Lu Bin had just said.

Li Lu Bin continued to say back at this time: "Isn't that right?"

"People Mr. Ye Fan, who comes from a countryside gentry, has several acres of good land and a villa adjacent to the field."

"People eat pure green grain from their own production."

"The good ones are still the excellent clear spring water from inside a hundred year old well."

"This is the usual status of a landowner, isn't he a big man?"

Li Lu Bin sneered.

The others were stunned.

A country gentry?

Villa Rindan?

It's just a farmhouse, isn't it?

"Shit!It feels like a countryside peasant worker."

"A peasant, but he's quite capable of getting into trouble?"

After understanding the meaning of Li Lubin's words, the crowd of guests exploded and looked at Ye Fan with even more disdain and disgust, accusing him.

"We're in a hurry here, but he's good, and he's still here cozy drinking tea?"

"What a damn good pretender!"


"Doesn't look like he's very old, but he's quite capable of causing trouble."

"If you're capable of causing trouble then go out and bear it."

"Hiding out here for tea while getting us into trouble?"



"And you have the nerve to sit here?"

"Don't get out and apologize to Young Master Wei, do you really want to get us killed?"

Some people cursed angrily, some rebuked.

For a time, the entire hotel's patrons were all verbally and angrily cursing at Ye Fan.

After all, people were all selfish.

Although the crowd knew that if Ye Fan this walked over, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to come back.

However, so what?

Who can he blame for his own offense?

I've messed with a big shot without knowing what I'm doing, do I want them to get involved too?

Thus, the crowd of patrons present all let Ye Fan out.

"Young man, listen to a word of advice from us."

"It's not a good idea for you to hide here."

"Since you've offended someone, go over there and put in a nice word for Young Master Wei."

"Maybe, if Young Master Wei is in a good mood, he'll forgive you."


"That's right, it's of no use just sitting here and being afraid?"

"What did you do early?"

"Don't you know how much you're capable of?"

"A country bumpkin, and you mess with Young Master Wei?"

"Get over there and apologize!"


The crowd was all persuaded by you and me.

There was no lack of some hot-tempered people who directly spoke ill of Ye Fan and told him to get out.

The only people present were Xu Lei and Li Xiaohong, their pretty faces containing worry.

Xu Lei clutched her palm, her beautiful eyes watching with worry.

Li Xiaohong, however, was weeping and begging to her father, hoping that Li Lubin would intercede to help Ye Fan.

"So many people, they'll kill Mr. Chu."

"Dad, I know you know Young Master Wei, please, help Mr. Chu."


During the Taishan Martial Arts Competition, although Li Xiaohong had seen that Ye Fan had killed Wu He Rong alone.

But at that time, what Ye Fan was facing was just one person after all.

Although Li Xiaohong didn't know anything about such things as fighting, she also knew that it was hard to beat four hands with two fists.

Now that Wei Wuji had brought so many people over, in Li Xiaohong's opinion, no matter how powerful Ye Fan was, there was no way that he could beat so many people by himself.

What's more, Wei Wuji was behind the Wei family, and although it was not as good as the Xu family, the Xue family and other worldly giants, it was definitely a few levels higher than the Li family in Yunzhou.

Now that Wei Wuji was going to deal with Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong was naturally worried about Ye Fan's safety.

"Save him?"

"Why should I save him?"

"Xiao Hong, your friend's heart is higher than the sky."

"It's not like you didn't hear what he just said."

"He doesn't even look down on your father, saying that I'm not qualified and can't get into his eyes."

"If he's so awesome, then take care of it yourself."

"Where do you need us?"

"Besides, this brat doesn't know any better, he's shameless, so why should we care if he lives or dies?"

Li Lu Bin was obviously still angry at Ye Fan because of what had just happened.

Therefore, no matter how much Li Xiaohong begged him, Li Lubin always ignored it, just didn't care.

In the end, Li Xiaohong had no choice, and looked at Ye Fan in front of her with a worried face, blaming herself and feeling guilty.

She had always felt that they were the ones who harmed Ye Fan.

If her own father hadn't identified Ye Fan, Ye Fan's situation would not have been so dangerous and unbearable.

In the end, after Li Xiaohong felt guilty, her shell teeth bit her red lips, and she was actually going to walk directly towards Ye Fan's direction.

"Xiaohong, are you crazy?What are you going to do?"When Li Lubin saw this, he became anxious and asked anxiously.

However, Li Xiaohong had red eyes and roared in anger: "You leave me alone."

"It's my father who harmed my friend, if you don't help him, I'll go and help you forgive him."

Where did Li Xiaohong listen to the advice, she forcefully shook off Li Lu Bin's arm, looking like she was really ready to go and stand with Ye Fan.


"Can't really argue with you."

"Just think of it as the last time our family will help him."

"But Xiaohong, you have to promise me that if I help him through this disaster today, you may not have any dealings with him in the future."

"Otherwise, if you kneel before me and beg me today, I will never do anything to save you!"

Li Lubin looked stern and spoke in a deep voice to Li Xiaohong.

The low and deep words were filled with unquestionable majesty.

At that moment, Li Xiaohong held back her tears, her red eyes, and nodded heavily at her father: "Okay, I promise you."

No one knew how much Li Xiaohong's heart stung as she said this.

She didn't expect that the initial heartbeat of her life would have to end in this way before it even began.

However, as long as she could help him, she was willing to pay any price.

Even if she would never see Ye Fan again in this life, she still hoped that he would be fine and would not be harmed in any way.

Zhang Eileen once said that if you love someone, you will be humble to the dust, and then flowers will bloom.

Perhaps, Li Xiaohong is like that.

She didn't ask for anything in return, she only wanted to, silently make that person good.

"Good, Xiaohong, remember the promise you made to me today!"

Li Lu Bin returned a good word, then got up and walked towards the front.

At this time, Ye Fan was still sitting there, and the surrounding rebuke, to him, it was as if he did not hear it.

Throughout, Ye Fan was sitting like that, quietly drinking tea, his clear and beautiful face without joy or sadness.

"A country bumpkin, how pretentious can you really be?"

"You're dying, and you're still acting calm here!"

"Why don't you get your ass over there?"

"I'll give you three seconds, and if you don't get your ass over here, I'll have my men carry you over with a broken leg!"

This appearance of Ye Fan not only made the surrounding patrons angry, but also infuriated Wei Wuji.

He, along with Xue Minghua and the others, had been traversing Yanjing for so many years, but this was the first time that he saw someone like this, who was so arrogant in front of him?

At this time, Wei Wuji was just on the verge of going berserk.

The cold, low voice began to quietly echo throughout the hall.







Wei Wuji didn't expect that Ye Fan was still indifferent to what he had said, and in great anger, Wei Wuji directly kicked over the table and chairs in front of him and gave an order.

"Someone, give me a good beating~"

"Young Master Wei, appease your anger, appease your anger~" however, just as Wei Wuji was about to strike, the respectful laughter of Li Lu Bin behind him came over.


"So it's Mr. Lee, huh?"

"I didn't expect you to be here."

"Perfect, when I teach my brat a lesson, call out to Hope and we'll have dinner together."

"By the way I haven't seen Yuan Yuan for many days."

Seeing that it was Li Lubin, Wei Wuji's face then eased up a bit, and a few smiles emerged on his appearance.

Wei Wuji and Li Lu Bin had known each other for a long time, this Li Lu Bin would do business, every time Wei Wuji brought his friends to their hotel for dinner, Li Lu Bin would give him a full face.

Therefore, Wei Wuji to this Li Lu Bin, no doubt extremely good feelings.

Plus, Li Lu Bin's daughter Li Yuan was also extremely beautiful, Wei Wuji had already hit on Li Yuan, and now that he had met Li Yuan's father, of course Wei Wuji had to give him some face.


"Dinner is easy to say."

"Our Li Hotel, all the time but reserved for Young Master Wei?"

"But Young Master Wei, I've come over this time with an unpleasant request."

"This Ye Fan, is the son of my friend's family."

"Although I don't know where he has offended you, I hope Young Master Wei, give me a little bit of thin air and let him go this time, right?"

Li Lu Bin smiled obsequiously.

But Wei Wuji frowned: "Oh, your friend's son?"

"Yes, Young Master Wei.This friend of mine and I have been friends for years, and I can't ignore his son, right?"

In between the words, Li Lubin glared at the side of Ye Fan again and said sternly, "Bastard, still have the face to drink tea there?"

"How dare you mess with Young Master Wei?"

"Don't come over and thank Young Master Wei yet."

"If it weren't for Young Master Wei's generosity, do you think you'd still be able to get out alive tonight?"

Wei Wuji's side hadn't replied yet, but Li Lu Bin had already asked Ye Fan to come over to thank Wei Wuji.

Just fishing for a countryman, Li Lu Bin didn't think that Wei Wuji wouldn't even give him this face.

"Mr. Li, don't be in a hurry to let him come over to thank you."However, at this time, Wei Wuji reached out his hand to stop him.

"Eh?"Li Lubin was stunned and frowned, "What does Young Master Wei mean by this, could it be that he won't even give me face at this point?"

Wei Wuji smiled lightly, "Mr. Li, don't be anxious yet either."

"With our friendship, if the person he offends is me, I can naturally spare him."

"A country bumpkin is just a country bumpkin, I don't care about this kind of person, it's all a matter of giving face to Mr. Li."

"But unfortunately, I can spare him, but some people can't."

"General Manager Li, for the sake of our many years of friendship, I'd like to remind you that in the end, you shouldn't get involved in this Ye Fan matter.And your friend from your hometown, let's cut ties in the future."

"Otherwise, not only will you not be able to save him, but even your family will probably be exposed to the wilderness and be implicated to death!"


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