The King of Kungfu in school 1471-1480


Chapter 1471

"Blackie, it's true that your python sister was here once, but, your offspring inherited your genes, so this little mountain was no longer enough for him, and then your little flower sister took him away."

"So, where would that go?"

Tang Zichen said with a slight pop to his lips, "I think I already know where they're going, Blackie, I'm sure you were with your python sister, did you ever tell her where you came from or anything like that?"

"Uh, yes, I said I'm from the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."

"Then, your python sister, probably went to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, it's a long way, but she will definitely go there in order to find you, and only a place like the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts is suitable for your offspring to stay.Let's go, let's go to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."

"En En."

Tang Zichen and Little Blackie, immediately headed to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.

Because Little Black was slow, it took a day to reach the Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

Tang Zichen and Little Black landed at a certain spot in the Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

Back here again, Tang Zichen's heart was sour, this place was a place of painful memories for Tang Zichen, his brothers, Yi Tianxing and his wife, as well as Wei Sakura, died here back then, and Wei Sakura still died to save them back then.

"Hoo, big brother Tianxing, Wei Sakura, long time no see, please forgive me for only coming to see you now, it's been over two hundred years, I hope all is well down there."Tang Zichen said with a deep sigh. The first website

"I'm sorry for your loss, Minister."

"It's fine, it's been hundreds of years, alright, let's ask around."

Tang Zidon grabbed a huge tiger that was hiding and running not far away.

"Don't kill me."The huge tiger emitted mental waves in fear.

Tang Zichen asked, "Have you ever seen, a creature like him?"

The huge tiger was stunned and said, "Isn't he, isn't he it Beast King Senior?"

"Senior Beast King?"

"Yeah, he's the Beast King senior, he just hasn't been on the road for a long time, and I saw him once when I was a kid."

"Alright, I get it, where does the Beast King live?"

"Live in the Valley of Ice Springs, and go all the way from here to the Valley of Ice Springs."

"You can go now."Tang Zichen let the giant tiger go.

Tang Zichen to, "Blackie, I think, has found your son, or daughter."

"Where is it, Chenchen?"

"Ice Spring Valley, your son or daughter, long ago already dominated the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, in this area, all beasts are afraid of him."

"It's not the same as me, I was also the overlord of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest in the beginning ah, I was the beast king here, even the strongest Unity Realm Great Perfection in this world didn't dare to provoke me.".

"That's right, now your son, who has become the second you from back then, I think he is just as lonely as you are."

"Brother Chen, quickly, let's go to the Ice Spring Valley."

Tang Zichen and Blackie, arrived at the Ice Spring Valley in a moment.

"Who dares to seek death here."When Tang Zichen and Little Black arrived outside the Ice Spring Valley, there was a huge roar, it was a real roar, not a spiritually fluctuating message.

Human words, this was real.

The black jiao is the same species level as humans.

It seems that a black jiao and python hybrid can still give birth to a black jiao.

A moment later, a black jiao that was even larger than Little Black appeared before Tang Zichen's eyes.

Without saying a word, that black jiao pounced on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stomped him on the ground, allowing him to struggle, but he couldn't get away.Because he had been dominating here for years, Little Black's son had gotten used to being domineering, but didn't expect a ruthless character to come today.

: "Brother Chen, gently gently, don't hurt him."

Tang Zichen said: "The beast has not yet been transformed, he should be given some color, otherwise how to make him willingly acknowledge you as his father, Mo still want you to use your strength to conquer him?"

Little Black nodded his head, the beast was still intact, it was true, but it was impossible for Little Black to use his strength to conquer his son, and Little Black felt that this son of his seemed to have extraordinary strength, as he was even bigger than him.Little Black had several sons in the Great Martial Empire, all of them were not as good as Little Black, but he didn't expect that this hybrid of Little Black's was instead even more powerful.

"Let go of me, I know I was wrong."

"Ew, you're actually so spiritual."Tang Zichen was confused.

: "I'm sure you must be the Jinling Kid Senior who made the human world tremble a few days ago."

Tang Zichen let go of Little Black's son and said, "It seems that my efforts to tame your beastly nature were entirely redundant."

"Junior pays homage to Senior Tang, I didn't know Senior would come to my place, much to my displeasure."Little Black's son was busy.

Little Black also looked at his son somewhat incredulously, not expecting his son to be completely unexpected.

"What's your name?It seems that even though you are nestled in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, you know quite a bit about the world."

"Junior's name is Purple Pupil, as I was born with a pair of purple eyes, so my mother named me Purple Pupil.Today's world, not compared to a hundred years ago, today's world, armor is rampant, in these decades, the Ten Thousand Beast Forest has always had human armor coming to develop, making the entire Ten Thousand Beast Forest beast discontent, beast grievances everywhere, originally I was prepared to fight that human armor to the death, but, I am alone after all, although I once fought a human 6s class armor unbeaten, but those armor are too powerful and numerous, IThere was really nothing that could be done.Unexpectedly, a few days ago, the armor stationed in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts retreated.I didn't know until I asked around, but it turns out that a very powerful ancient martial arts expert has appeared in the Yanhuang Empire, known to everyone as the Jinling Kid."

"I see, I didn't expect that humans would now dare to come and exploit the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."Tang Zichen sighed for a while, back then, the Ten Thousand Beast Forest was a forbidden place for humans, ten strong people who came in, at least half of them died before they got out alive.

Tang Zichen said, "Purple Pupil, do you know, this Black Jiao in front of you who is just like you, who is he?"

The purple pupil looked at the road, "I don't know."

"He's your father and my brother."

"Sorry, Senior, my father is long gone."The purple pupil seemed to still possess a grudge, perhaps he already knew it was his father.

"Oh, it seems that you are full of resentment towards your father, I'm sure you didn't have a good childhood."

Zi Hitomi didn't say anything, incomparably pained and torn inside, his insides were filled with hatred on one side and longing on the other.Since his childhood, he had followed his python mother everywhere to find his father, but unfortunately he had never found him, inside him, finding his father had become his human vividness, he longed to find him, but inside he hated him, why did he abandon them.


This kind of family problem, Tang Zichen couldn't solve it, after all, it was indeed Little Blackie who had abandoned them mother and son back then.

Little Blackie was now crying and called out, "Son."

"Sorry, I'm not your son."Zi Pupil said, glaring fiercely at Little Black, who seemed to be completely beneath Zi Pupil's momentum.

Tang Zichen could tell that Little Black's son was probably extraordinary, because right now, Tang Zichen could feel that Purple Pupil was very powerful, not at all on the same level as Little Black.And Purple Pupil's intelligence, very high, Tang Zichen thought that he was still beastly, but it turned out that he was already psychic.

Tang Zichen asked, "Violet Pupil, is your mother a python?"

"Back to senior, yes, my mother is indeed a python, if I'm not mistaken, back then, my mother was just something that a certain jiao played with in order to vent his desires and hopes.When I was currently still pregnant, he abandoned her and left, and from then on my mother was alone with me, making her home in all four seas, and finally floated halfway across the world to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts before settling down here."

Little Black was feeling guilty on the side.

"Where is your mother today?"Don Zichen asked.

"My mother has already left."

"Purple Hitomi, you can be excused for resenting your father who abandoned you, and you can't blame your father, back then your father and your mother, they really didn't match, Little Black just made a mistake that all humans make.I'm sure you can't find any of your own kind here, and you must have mated with a python as well."Tang Zichen said.

Purple Pupil was busy saying, "Senior is wrong, I am still a virgin jiao." Remember the website

"Uh, virgin auguries?"Don was shocked.

"Yes, I have never touched any female python to this day, because I will not make the same mistake my father did.Since I was a child, I was determined to leave this world and evolve into a dragon, how would I put my experience on such a thing, even if I were to marry, I would still marry a dragon.Moreover, senior discontent, I'm already not far from this step."

The little black beside him was shocked, "You, you're not far from becoming a dragon?How is that possible."

"Hmph."The purple pupil just scowled across at Little Black, seeming to snicker at his question.

Tang Zichen: "Perhaps, he is indeed not far from becoming a true dragon."

"Ah."Little Black was really stunned, their Black Jiao Clan, the legendary move to turn into a dragon could be possible on his son, but his son, who was a crossbreed with a python, it was really never expected.

Tang Zichen was also deeply touched, it was really in line with the saying, but all the amazing people in the world, all an extraordinary origin, as if, the heroes of the world, mostly dog slaughtering generation.

"Son, good job.".

Zi Pupil snorted lightly.

Zi Pupil was now also over two hundred years old, still virgin jiao, he was able to endure loneliness, it seemed that his heart was indeed extraordinary, very jiao could do it.

"Alright, Zi Pupil, whether you recognize your father or not, he is your father, you have inherited his genes from him.Your father had no choice but to leave you behind back then, because we happened to be going to another parallel world at the time, he couldn't possibly stay behind for a python.After that, we went to the other world and we never found our way back, until now.He's been feeling guilty all these years, and when he came to this world, he went to find out about you, and I hope you'll forgive your father, for my sake."

"Me."The purple pupil was so torn that he actually hated it inside, but he was happy about it.

"Oh, I know your inner

Thoughts, there's no rush yet, you come with us now, you father and son get along well in these few days, and then you can consider whether to acknowledge it in a few years."

"Yes, Senior Jinling Kid."

"My name is Tang Zichen, Jinling Kid is the code name someone gave me.With my friendship with Blackie, you can call me Uncle Minister."

"Yes, Uncle Minister."

"Alright, Little Blackie, Purple Hitomi, let's go."

Tang Zichen flew up and stood in the sky, Little Black and Violet Pupil, looked at each other with relative awkwardness, then Violet Pupil flew into the sky first and let out a huge roar before leaving the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.

And the beasts in the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, hearing this roar, raised their heads, as if they knew what this roar meant, and a trace of love appeared in their eyes.

This roar of Purple Pupil was telling the beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest that he was leaving here from now on, goodbye.

Purple Hitomi had not been very savage during his time as Beast King here, instead protecting a peaceful area until the time when the human armor was coming to exploit it.

Soaring through the skies, Black asked, "Minister, are we going back to the Dawu Empire now?"

"No, I have one last thing to do tomorrow, and I won't return to the Great Martial Empire until I've done my last thing."

"What is it?"

"Tomorrow, I'm going to open a lecture to spread the knowledge of martial dao to people all over the world, so that their understanding of martial dao will no longer be one-sided, and I hope that in the future, this world will see more strong people emerge, and even the existence of Stepping Void."

"Brother Chen is truly painstaking."

"I can only do one last thing for this world, just one last thing."

At this moment, in Wangjing City, although the three-day period hadn't yet arrived, it was already crowded, and the sky was densely packed with thousands of kilometers in all directions, with celestial chariots coming from all over the world.

Tang Zichen soon arrived at the Yanhuang Empire.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Xu Family.

Although the Xu Family was no longer the same place and had moved its address, it still retained its ancient architecture, and, at the entrance of the Xu Family, there was a statue set up, and on the statue, was Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian holding hands together.

Tang Zichen looked at this statue and smiled slightly, a sweetness inside, this carving, quite realistic, this is, after the sweetness, Tang Zichen could not help but have a sour taste inside.

"Pay your respects to the Holy Ancestor."At this time, the Xu family's patriarch, led by many, many family members, came out to pay their respects.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone get up, there's no need to be polite."

"Sacred Ancestor's great presence, our Xu Family, is more than honored."The head of the Xu family cried out.

Tang Zichen said, "You are still able to remember me and Mei Qian, enough for me to make a trip, looking at this statue, it really is like yesterday, good, good."

"Er, Holy Ancestor, please come inside for tea."

"Lead the way."

"Yes, Holy Ancestor."The Xu family patriarch was very happy that Tang Zichen had agreed to enter the Xu house for tea.

The matter of Tang Zichen's arrival to the Xu family had already been discovered by the Sky Monitor, and in the blink of an eye, the entire world knew about it.

Tang Zichen not only drank tea in the Xu family, he also stayed in the Xu family for a night, and when the whole world found out, it was even more remarkable.


The Xu family, this time is considered to be completely famous, and the fact that people used to be skeptical about an ancestor of the Xu family marrying Tang Zichen, believing that the Xu family was speculating, is now finally confirmed.

The reason Tang Zichen went to the Xu family to stay overnight was also to see Xu Mei Qian's face, virtually helping her family offspring.

In the future, at least for hundreds of years, no power in this world would dare to mess with the Xu family.

The next day, Tang Zichen arrived at Wangjing City early in the morning.

Today, Tang Zichen would be here, opening a super speech that did not exist in the ancient or modern world.

The number of people who had come to listen to the speech, by preliminary count, was at least over 20 billion.

This was because, with Wangjing City as the center, a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers was filled with densely packed celestial vehicles, so it was evident how many people there were.

Everyone was worried that with so many people, except for those closest to Wangjing City who could hear Tang Zichen's voice in person, the rest of them would have to rely on sky surveillance.

However, they were obviously wrong.

The reason why Tang Zichen wanted to give such a massive speech was to let everyone, hear his real voice, rather than transmitting it through the network, otherwise, wouldn't Tang Zichen directly come to a 'network live' is more aspect.Listening to a real person's real voice speech, and watching it on a network video, this is a world of difference.

Tang Zichen stood in the sky above Wangjing City, overlooking the countless celestial vehicles beneath his feet. A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, the speech has officially begun."

"Previously, everyone wondered how I could be Tang Zichen, how Tang Zichen turned into a young boy who looks like he's only about twelve years old, and it all started with the opening of the realm of martial arts.In this world, many people know about the realm of unity, but very few people know that after the realm of unity is the realm of the grandmaster.A grandmaster, what is a grandmaster, is a martial artist who has formed a school of his own and reached the level of opening a sect, so to speak, any strong person who has stepped into the realm of a grandmaster, he is capable of opening a sect."

Tang Zichen spoke vividly and powerfully in the sky, first explaining the realms of martial arts from beginning to end, then recounting his own legendary experiences over the years, then explaining his understanding and perception of each martial arts realm one by one in order to help everyone in the world.

Everyone on the scene, knowing all the realms of martial dao, realized what a powerful person Tang Zichen was, a peak martial dao powerhouse who had reached the pinnacle of returning ancestors and had transcended the realm of mortals.

Everyone cast a yearning look, as everyone wished that they, instead of dying of old age, would return to their youth, beyond mortals.

Now all of them looked back and thought about how powerful the armor was, how powerful the missiles were, and what could they do, they worshipped the power of the armor, but now they thought it was a joke.

It is only when you are strong that you are always strong, and the strength of the armor is only the progress of the entire era, but not the progress of the individual.

As such, everyone finally understood after listening to Tang Zichen's lecture, as if they had found their goals in life, they wanted to gradually advance on the path of martial arts, just like Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's lecture lasted for a whole day, until late at night, when Tang Zichen was ready to end it, as it was indeed almost done.

"Everyone, this lecture is completely over."

> "Ah, it's over, ah."Many people were a bit reluctant, and really wanted to listen to it forever.

"Oh, it's been a whole day, and that's the end of it.It's time for me to return to the other world, this should be the last time I come here, even if I descend to this world again in the future, I don't know how many years it will be, at least everyone here is afraid that if you haven't stepped into the void, you won't be here anymore.Everyone, this time I'm glad that you've come to listen to my lecture, I hope that you, in the future, work hard to develop the martial arts and study more in this area.In this world, the strongest martial dao is only at the unity realm, and this cannot be blamed on the world, because there is no world that has strong people in the beginning.Only with the efforts of one generation to the next, the martial artists of the entire world will progress more and more, and in the end, there will be the Ancestor realm, and then the Ancestor realm will become more and more, and then progress after that, with the peak realm, layer by layer, gradually progressing, and the future progress of the entire world's martial dao will require you to drill down from one generation to the next."

Everyone nodded involuntarily, this was just like technology, progressing from one era to the next, this was the progress of the entire human race.Only, technology and martial dao, after all, the direction was different, technology developed as a whole, but martial dao was itself.

Tang Zichen finally said, "Everyone, disperse, goodbye."

After saying that, Tang Zichen disappeared.

However, the people at the scene did not immediately disperse, still looking at the sky where Tang Zichen had stood before, as if Tang Zichen was still there, everyone was still reminiscing, unable to let go of this speech.

There was no unbroken continuation of the sky, until the next day dawned, only then did all the people love to disperse.

After that, the world's martial arts, how to proceed, will still be on the path of developing technology, Tang Zichen can not manage so much, he has worked hard for this, perhaps each world has its own path.Maybe in the future, the world's technology would continue to develop and also become comparable to the martial dao, and it would be possible to constantly modify the human genes to make them less and less flawed, thus achieving a longer life span.For example, the current 'cancer' and other diseases of the human race were all defects in the human genes, just like a computer with system vulnerabilities would definitely have problems, in the future, if technology was really so advanced, it could modify such defective human genes, and living for hundreds of years would definitely not be a problem, or even through technological means, shattering the void would not necessarily be a problem!.

In short, although Tang Zichen advocated the path of martial arts, he was also filled with unimaginable emotions about the technological future of this world.

At this time, at dawn, Tang Zichen, Little Black, Violet Pupil, and the three of them appeared in the Moonless Empire, on top of the deep pit that crossed the passage.

This trip to make up for their regrettable homeland would finally come to an end today.

Tang Zichen stroked the 'loved ones' and said, "Dear partners, we will soon leave our homeland and return to the other world, this homeland trip, although it is completely different from what we expected, but, it is also full of rewards, at least, we have seen the new face of our homeland now."

"Blackie, Hitomi, let's go."

"Okay, Minister."

"Well, Uncle Minister."

Tang Zichen led the way and rushed into the pit.

Little Black and Violet Pupil followed closely behind, their two fathers and sons, after these two days of slow contact, seemed to be less repulsive than they were at the beginning, their relationship was much better, and of course, Tang Zichen was also instrumental in repairing their father-son relationship.


Soon, Tang Zichen emerged from the lake in the other world.

Tang Zichen had returned to this one world.

Little Black and Purple Hitomi also emerged right after him.

"Brother Chen, do we have to go somewhere else now?"Little Black asked.

"No, go straight back to the Great Martial Empire, take care of the aftermath in the Great Martial Empire, then, I'll also choose a day to step into the void."

"Good, Minister, everyone in this world still doesn't know that you've stepped back into your ancestors and turned young again."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed if anything, then flew away.

Little Black looked at Tang Zichen and sighed, Tang Zichen seemed to have changed completely, now Tang Zichen barely smiled anymore, his face was thick with melancholy, and every time he 'huh', he felt very barely alive.

Zi Hitomi asked, "Was Uncle Minister this serious before?"

"No, he used to be a fiercely jovial, relaxed and easy-going person."

"Then why have you become so serious and scowling now?" First web site

"Alas, that reckoned to begin over a hundred years ago, a hundred years ago his relatives great limit, and afterwards he woke up in a deep sleep, and his whole person was changed, not smiling, serious, and all of a different heart than before.I still hope that he can completely look away and live happily like before."

In the Great Martial Empire, the current royal family was still the Bai Clan.

Only, the Bai clan was now also trembling with fear, sitting uncomfortably on the imperial family's seat.

Ever since the last time Shang Hong woke up, the Bai Clan was in a very delicate state, but Shang Hong didn't say anything after he woke up last time and left the palace in less than half a day, and no one knew where he went.Before leaving, he only spoke to Shang Yang once.

Now, in the entire Great Martial Empire, the hottest character was, of course, Shang Hong.

Everyone knew that Shang Hong was already over 260 years old, so old, even if he woke up, he didn't know how long he could still live.

Now that he had even disappeared for several years, everyone was even more talking about it.

Right now in one of the palaces of the palace.

"Grandpa, what is this Shang Hong's situation?Whether he is dead or alive, there is not a prospective letter, messing with our hearts, we sit in the royal family position also have a hard time feeling at ease."

"Hoo, I don't know, a few years ago he woke up and left in a hurry, only Shang Yang talked to him once, I've also talked to Shang Yang a few times in the past few years, but Shang Yang just won't say where Shang Hong has gone."

The two people speaking in the main hall were the current strongest member of the Bai Clan, the current Emperor of the Great Martial Empire, and the other was his grandson.

"Grandpa, Shang Yang won't say, it's probably because Shang Hong is really going to die, otherwise why wouldn't Shang Yang say, he just doesn't want everyone to know that their Saint Ancestor didn't wake up long enough to live, so that everyone won't know if he's alive or dead, so they'll keep suspicions in their hearts, and then keep their Shang clan status well."

"Alas, it's not impossible, after all, Shang Hong, he's not young, no matter how strong he is, he can't resist the years."

At this moment, in the Shang clan.

Shang Yang walked out of the practice room.

"Hoo, grandpa, where the hell have you been?It's been years, why don't you come back?If you don't show up again...

, and people really thought you died of old age.Before you left, you spoke to me alone, and everyone hounded me about where you were going, but I really didn't know, but no one believed it, they all thought I wouldn't tell.Alas, the more I don't say, the more people think that I don't dare to say anything, just so that they can't be sure of your life or death and keep the Shang clan intact."

At this moment, in the sky, a huge fire beast flew, and on the back of the fire beast stood an old man, this old man was about 160 years old.

When Shang Yang saw that old man in the sky, his eyebrows furrowed as he said, "Kuan Lian Yi, it's him again, he's coming three times, he's really annoying."

In the next moment, in the Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire, many of the powerful people of the Returning Void Realm flew up into the sky.

Shang Yang also immediately flew up.

All the Returned Void powerhouses of the Great Martial Empire stood opposite that old man called Kuan Lian Yi, and everyone looked at Kuan Lian Yi with great vigilance.

Kuan Lian Yi, the strongest person in the Great Martial Empire, and of course, the most famous genius in the entire world over the past hundred years, currently he had stepped into the third stage of Returned Void, the only one in the entire world.

He was about the same age as Tang Zichen's granddaughter, Shang Yang, but not at all on the same level as each other, and almost everyone in this world had heard of Kuan Lian Yi over these past hundred years.

It was just that Tang Zichen happened to be in a state of slumber for more than a hundred years, so Tang Zichen definitely didn't know that during his slumber for more than a hundred years, a younger generation in this world that was almost on par with him.

"Senior Kuan Lian Yi, what do you want to teach me when you come to my Great Martial Empire."Bai Lian, the strongest member of the Bai Clan, asked.

That Broad Lanyard snorted, "Don't ask knowingly."

Then, the broad Lian Yi looked at Shang Yang and asked, "Shang Yang, where is your grandfather, this is the eighth time I've asked you, I've come to ask you for the third time, a Returning Void stage, three times and five times, yet you refuse to tell me the truth, if you continue like this, I can only think that you look down on me."

Shang Yang was busy saying, "Senior Kuan Lian Yi, how dare I look down on you."

"If you're not looking down on me, then why don't you tell me where Shang Hong went, I'm looking for him for something real, how many times have I come here in these years, every time you don't tell me, I didn't get angry, I put up with it because I gave senior Shang Hong face.But, this is the eighth time I've come to ask you, and you're still not going to tell me?"

The other Returned Void powerhouses of the Great Martial Empire didn't say anything, in fact, Kuan Lian Yi spoke their minds, they also wanted to know where Shang Hong was going, whether he was dead or alive, to give everyone a quasi-letter.

Therefore, everyone held a tacit approval of the fact that Kuan Lian Yi was forcing Shang Yang to ask him at this moment.

"Senior Kuan Lian Yi, it's not that I'm not telling you, but, I also don't know where my grandfather has gone."Shang Yang was depressed.

"That's enough."Kuan Lian Yi suddenly roared, something he hadn't roared before, after all, Tang Zichen was so strong, he wouldn't dare, but after three or five times, his patience was worn out, and he thought Shang Hong must not be able to make it, or else Shang Yang wouldn't not tell the truth.


"Shang Yang, you'll have to tell me if you don't tell me today, so don't blame me for being rude."Kuan Lian Yi said loudly.

"I, Senior Kuan Lian Yi, I really, don't know."

"I've been hearing this for years, and you still want to bluff me with it, don't you?"

"Senior, why don't you believe me when I tell the truth?"


"Well, Shang Hong is your grandfather, you woke up and left within half a day, would you not know where he went?Shang Yang, don't blame me for disrespecting your grandfather, I must find him, you must tell me, otherwise, I will only do it to your family."Kuan Lian Yi said.

Shang Yang was furious inside and snorted, "Senior Kuan Lian Yi, now that my grandfather still doesn't know if he died of old age, you dare to threaten me here."

"Hahaha, you heard him, he finally told the truth.You refused to tell everyone where your grandfather went, so I'm sure you want to use your grandfather's invisible might to add weight to your family.If everyone knows at this moment that your grandfather has died of old age, then your Shang clan, there's nothing to fear, if everyone can't be sure of your grandfather's life or death, everyone will be scrupulous, right?This is best known by asking the Bai Clan, the current imperial family of your Great Martial Empire, and I'm sure the Bai Clan, sitting on the seat of the Great Martial Empire, is sitting on pins and needles."

Everyone took a look at the strongest member of the Bai Clan.

Shang Yang said, "You're lying, I'm not because of this, but I really don't know where my grandfather went, I also want to know how many years he has left to live and if he has died of old age, what don't you guys believe me."

Kuan Lian Yi said, "Shang Yang, I'll give you an hour to think about where your grandfather has gone, if you still don't tell me after an hour, I'll just assume that your grandfather is no longer alive, I'll take action against your family, this is what you forced me to do, I've been sincere enough, I've personally visited you eight times in my hall, Returning to Void Third Stage."

"You."Shang Yang was furious.

A few other Returned Void powerhouses from the Great Martial Empire were busy advising, "Shang Yang, just say it, is it so hard to let everyone know a quasi-letter."

"That's right, now everyone is making everyone unhappy as they don't dare to offend your Shang clan."

Kuan Lian Yi said, "Shang Yang, remember, you only have one hour."

Shang Yang was incomparably depressed, not expecting this to be a disaster as well. Remember the URL

Grandpa, grandpa, what's wrong with you.

Just then, everyone's ears suddenly heard a child's voice coming from nowhere: "Why not an hour."

"Who?Who's talking?Whose kids aren't in charge?"Kuan Lian Yi shouted.

In the next moment, a twelve-year-old boy with a cold face appeared in front of everyone's eyes, his face and figure, and even his voice, were clearly a child, but his eyes gave him a maturity that was clearly incompatible with his age.

He, was the returned ancestor Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen had returned to the Great Martial Empire.

However, no one in the Great Martial Empire knew him at the moment, after all, he was only a twelve year old boy now.

"Who are you?"Kuan Lian Yi looked at Tang Zichen in a burst of anger, he didn't know what this child's origin was at the moment, but no matter how much he was, he was still just a child and didn't put it in his eyes at all.

Shang Yang, as well as the other Returned Void powerhouses of the Great Martial Empire, all looked at Tang Zichen as if they were familiar, but they didn't know who it was, and none of the ones here right now had probably seen Tang Zichen's appearance when he was young, let alone when he was a child.

Tang Zichen looked at Kuan Lian Yi, and saw that this person was a Returning Void Stage 3, and he looked quite young, around 160, a little surprised, he didn't expect another Returning Void Stage 3 to appear in the hundred years of his slumber.

Tang Zichen asked, "What's your name?"

Kuan Lian Yi's face was drawn, a child from nowhere was looking at him with a superior tone and eyes.


bsp; "You're fucking looking for death."Kuan Lian Yi yelled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'll only ask you twice, if you don't answer again, die immediately."Tang Zichen's body suddenly emitted a peerless murderous aura.

Kuan Lian Yi was about to get angry and kill this child, but, suddenly feeling the killing aura on Tang Zichen's body, he was shocked, someone who could make him all feel death enveloping him, how powerful was he, he was the strongest Returned Void Stage 3 in this world, of course, before Tang Zichen woke up.

Several of the Great Martial Empire's Returned Void powerhouses at the scene also felt that death envelope, and all of them were suddenly cold, their hairs standing cold.

Kuan Lian Yi was busy saying, "I, my name is Kuan Lian Yi, I am the emperor of the Great Seal Empire, and the only Returned Void Third Stage in this world."

Tang Zichen asked again coldly, "What are you doing here?Why do you want to take action against the Shang clan?"

"I, I'm here to find Senior Shang Hong."

"Looking for me?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

When everyone heard Tang Zichen's words, they were shocked, what did Shang Hong mean when he said 'looking for me'?Could it be that this 12 year old boy, he was Shang Hong?

"Ah."Kuan Lian Yi looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement.

Shang Yang was busy being incredulous, "You, you're my grandfather?"

"Yang Yang, Grandpa is only out for a few years, so don't you know me."

"Ah, you, you're really my grandfather?This, how is this possible."Shang Yang was dumbfounded, seemingly finding it hard to believe that this child was his grandfather, how old he was when he woke up, everyone had seen it.

The other few other Returned Void powerhouses of the Great Martial Empire were just as unbelievable.

Tang Zichen didn't care about Shang Yang, he looked towards Kuan Lian Yi and asked, "What do you want from me?"

"Shang, Senior Shang Hong, I, I am here to ask you for advice."

"Ridiculous, coming to consult me with such an attitude and still wanting to take action against my family, you're really sincere."

"No, it's not like that."Kuan Lian Yi panicked and explained, "Senior Shang Hong, I've already come eight times, it's, it's your granddaughter Shang Yang she didn't tell me, I, I was forced to do so."

However, Tang Zichen didn't listen to his explanation at all, raising his eyes without any mercy, he said, "Heaven has a path you don't take, hell has no door to throw."

Kuan Lian Yi was suddenly terrified and shouted, "Senior Shang Hong, it's really not like that, listen to my explanation ah, I really am not."

"If explanations are useful, there aren't that many grudges in this world again."

"Ah."Kuan Lian Yi was scared out of his wits, Shang Hong didn't even listen to the explanation, he must be killing him.

Kuan Lian Yi immediately shouted, "Senior Shang Hong, have you forgotten about Blue Run Water?When he was the third stage of Return to Void, he could even cultivate you and then serve as his opponent, but now that you're alone and high, can't you cultivate me and make me your only opponent in the future?"

"It's not necessary."

"Why?"Kuan Lian Yi seemed to be despairing.

"Because, after I deal with the aftermath, I will step into the void and leave this mortal realm, but you, you will never see this image again."After saying that, Tang Zichen raised his palm, and in between, a peerless death covered Kuan Lian Yi.

"No."Kuan Lian Yi finally shrieked in displeasure, his corpse turned into pieces by Tang Zichen's palm.

Several of the Great Martial Empire's Returned Void powerhouses beside him were trembling in fear.


Tang Zichen looked to those Great Martial Empire's Returned Void beside him and asked, "Why are you looking at me and trembling?Is it possible that you have bullied my family while I was away?"

"No no, Saint Ancestor misunderstood, we just."

"Alright, no need to explain, release a message out immediately, in three days, I will open a lecture in the Imperial City to tell everyone the secrets about the Martial Dao."

"Yes, Holy Ancestor."Those few Returned Void panicked and left.

Only Tang Zichen and Shang Yang remained in the sky.


"Yang Yang, you must want to ask me why I've turned into a child."


"Grandpa I've stepped into the Returning Ancestor Realm, my body is young again, and I'm no longer a physical mortal, my body has become a spirit body, and I've been able to shatter the void, so I'll come back this time, deal with the family's aftermath, and then I'll step into the void and leave."

"Ah, grandfather."Shang Yang looked shocked, and seemed to have trouble accepting so much information at the moment.

Three days later, Tang Zichen held a lecture in the Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire, informing everyone of the information about the martial dao after returning to the Void, preventing the world from being ignorant of the future martial dao, and at the same time, Tang Zichen also taught how to return to the ancestors and other experiences, so that those who came after him could more easily attain the return with the guidance of his experience. A second to remember to read the book

This one lecture by Tang Zichen also lasted for a whole day, the entire imperial city was packed with people, although the transportation here wasn't so developed and people from faraway places couldn't rush here, but the content of Tang Zichen's lecture today would definitely spread throughout the world in less than half a year.Moreover, Tang Zichen had ordered people to be on the scene and burn down the content of his narration with a stone tablet for future generations to observe and learn from.

"Alright, today's lecture is over, let's disperse."Tang Zichen said.

"Senior Shang Hong, when are you going to step into the void?"One asked.

"The day after tomorrow."Tang Zichen said.

"Senior Shang Hong, can we be there to see you off when you step into the void?"

"Sure. Appreciate it."

"Uh-huh."Everyone nodded excitedly.

After Tang Zichen finished his lecture, he gathered all the families of the Great Martial Empire again and said, "I'm leaving this world the day after tomorrow, as long as you haven't gotten news of my death for a day, then my Shang clan will remain a royal family, do you all understand?"

"Yes, Saint Ancestor Shang Hong."All the families were fine with it, even if Tang Zichen had ascended, no one dared to take the position of the Shang Clan's royal family.

Three days later, Tang Zichen would be preparing to step into the void.

The entire Great Martial Empire Imperial City was packed with countless people who had come to bid Tang Zichen farewell.

Tang Zichen was the first mortal in this world to step into the void.

Tang Zichen looked down at the dense crowd below and said, "Everyone, Shang is leaving now."

"Grandfather."Suddenly, an old woman cried out, it was Tang Zichen's granddaughter, Shang Yang.

"Yangyang, work hard, and my Shang's so sons and grandsons, for generations to come, be sure to be diligent and earnest, work hard, not to be arrogant and domineering, and not to waste your days."

"Yes, Holy Ancestor."All the descendants of the Shang Clan at the scene shouted in unison.

Tang Zichen finally looked towards the direction of the imperial mausoleum and said under his breath, "My brothers and sisters, division

Father, wife and children, I'm leaving."

After saying that, Tang Zichen gathered power in his hands and ruthlessly slashed towards the void.

"Boom."The tremendous power suddenly caused a slight crack to appear in space, revealing a black void.

Tang Zichen continued to slash with his palm, and the crack cracked even more, revealing a one-person tall void out.

The void looked pitch black and very scary, but the void healed at an extremely fast rate, Tang Zichen had no time to procrastinate, he had to enter the black hole as fast as possible.

Tang Zichen finally looked at the dense crowd below and said, "Thank you all for coming to see me off, Shang Mou will step into the void and leave, goodbye."After saying that, Tang Zichen stepped into that black hole of emptiness.

Immediately afterwards, the crack-like cracks rejoined in an instant, Tang Zichen had left this space-time, and there was no longer any sign of him.

Everyone looked at the air where the crack had just appeared, no trace of it could be seen at the moment, and the crowd was despondent for a long time, not knowing the geometry of Shang Hong's departure.

Shang Yang, Tang Zichen's grandson, cried, "Grandpa, I wish you a safe journey."

After Tang Zichen entered the void, he felt a darkness, he couldn't see anything at all, even the fingers near his eyes couldn't see, the most important thing wasn't this, but Tang Zichen felt an infinite force in the void tearing at his body, if he wasn't a spirit body, he would have already turned into nothing.

Tang Zichen let his body drift in the void, not long after, Tang Zichen felt a sudden point of light in front of him, Tang Zichen's body drifted towards that point of light, and finally, suddenly, Tang Zichen's body felt a great attraction, as if the toilet flushed, and was flushed out of that point of light, then, Tang Zichen's eyes brightened up.

Tang Zichen discovered that he was standing in a large hall, this large hall was very, very tall, Tang Zichen was standing in this large hall as if he was an ant.

What Tang Zichen didn't know was that the moment he stepped into the void to arrive at this great hall, an object like a lightning rod above this great hall glowed with a milky white light.

Everyone around this great hall immediately looked at the 'lightning rod' on the roof of this great hall.

"Hey, why is that roof pillar glowing?"

"Strange yeah, I've lived here for hundreds of years and I haven't seen that temple pillar glowing."

The people who saw it around them were talking about it, but no one knew anything about it.

After all, no mortal from the lower realms had ever stepped up to the void, and the pillar on the roof of this palace was glowing for the first time.

Tang Zichen walked out of the palace and stood at the entrance of the palace, only to see in sight, a huge, classical, sacred ancient city.

"Where is this place?Is this the spirit world?"

Tang Zichen felt a little out of place for a moment, as if he had come to a place where he was unfamiliar with life.

At this moment, in the southeastern direction of this ancient city, within a certain huge family, a middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the holy temple, when he saw the pillar on the roof of the holy temple glowing, his heart was shocked: "The ancient heavenly book said that but a mortal who stepped into the spirit world, will enter the holy temple to baptize, and the temporal pillar of the holy temple will also glow.However, throughout the ages, no mortal has been able to go against the heavens and step into the void, but today, the temple's space-time pillar suddenly glowed with light, could it be?There really are mortals stepping into the void."

Saying that, that middle-aged man, he rushed towards the temple.


Once he arrived at the temple, the middle-aged man saw a young man of about 12 years old standing groggily at the entrance to the temple.

It was precisely Tang Zichen.

That middle-aged man looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "Tang Zichen, back then I was just talking casually, I didn't hold any hope for you at all, but I didn't expect that two hundred years later, you really stepped into the void.Tang Zichen, I'm glad to see you and welcome you to the Spirit Realm."

Tang Zichen looked at the middle-aged man and asked, "You are?"

"It's not surprising that you've forgotten me, after all, one year in the spirit world and ten years in the mortal world has been more than two hundred years for you, but for me, it's only twenty years."

"Ah, you're that mysterious man from the Ocean Vortex?The one who gave me a stone that had your spirit mark?"Tang Zichen said in shock.

"It's me."

Tang Zichen immediately paid his respects, "Junior, pay your respects to senior."

"Tang Zichen, no need to be polite, follow me."

After saying that, the middle-aged man raised Tang Zichen and leapt away.

Tang Zichen clearly felt that the space here was nothing like the mortal realm, if the space of the mortal realm was a piece of paper, then the space of the spirit realm was a piece of steel. The first website

Therefore, in the spirit world, Tang Zichen's power was simply unable to tear through space.

That middle-aged man, brought Tang Zichen to a family's courtyard.

"Tang Zichen, you're welcome."

"That, senior, I'm new here, can you explain this place to me?I just heard you say that the mortal realm is ten years old and the spiritual realm is only one year old, what do you mean?"

"Meaning, you've spent ten years in the mortal realm and only one year in the spirit realm, but of course, that's no longer the point, the point is that you've now turned mortal into spirit, your body has started over, you're just a twelve year old boy now, and no matter how old you lived in the mortal realm, you're not the physical age you are now."

"Oh, and you are?"

"My real name is Tang Jingtian, and your surname is also Tang in the lower realm, it seems we are really somewhat destined for each other.How about this, you're new to the spirit world, you have no roots, you're unfamiliar with life, and we share the same surname, if you don't mind, how about I take you as my righteous son?"

"Ah, take him as my righteous son?This."It was hard for Tang Zichen to accept it inside, because he already had a full house of children and grandchildren, and in the Lower Realm, he was an invincible existence, worshipped by everyone, how could he be someone else's righteous son."

That Tang Jingtian smiled and said, "I already understand what you mean, I understand, then how about this, it's not too much to call me a fifth uncle, although you have already lived for a long time in the lower realm, but my age if I switch to the proportion of time in the lower realm, I'm already 2000 years old, it's reasonable for you to call it as an uncle."

"Fifth Uncle."Tang Zichen called out.

"Oh, then I'll take you as my nephew, and externally I'll advertise that you're the illegitimate son of my older brother who died early back then, so if my family asks, it's a good idea to give them an explanation, so I don't have to make it so clear and invite trouble.After all, you are the first person to step down into the Void, if anyone in the outside world knew about it, even if it was because of curiosity, many people would definitely come looking for you."

"Thank you, Fifth Uncle."

Just like that, Tang Zichen had a body in the spirit world and was no longer a black family.<

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Tang Zichen asked, "Uncle Fifth, can you tell me where this place is?What kind of place is the spirit world?"

Tang Jingtian smiled, "Actually, the spirit world isn't as good as you think."

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"Zichen, perhaps you think that if you finally stepped into the Void and came to the Spirit Realm after enduring a thousand difficulties, then the Spirit Realm must be a place as if it were a fairyland, right?"

"Isn't it?"

"No, the cruelty of the spirit world is far more miserable than your mortal world.Do you know why I used to go so far as to lose my cultivation and enter the mortal realm?"Tang Jingtian asked.

"Didn't you say that it was to find that treasure of some sort?"

"That's not one of the reasons, the other reason is that I wanted to leave this place and go to a quiet place where there was no fighting, so I went to the extent of depleting my cultivation, tearing through space and going to the lower realm.Unexpectedly, when I got to the lower realm, I sensed a strong spiritual message, so I went to that great sea and stayed there for hundreds of years, but unfortunately, I was not fortunate enough to get it.After that, I met you there."

"Oh, countless, the mortal realm is also a bitter battle, but you just don't know about it."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Jingtian smiled, "I lived in the Mortal Realm for two or three hundred years, and the years I lived there were older than your age, how could I not know.It just seems to me that it was nothing more than a child playing house.Alright, let's not talk about that, in short, when you come to the spirit world, you have to prepare for the worst, it's not what you think it is, here you have a far longer lifespan than mortals, but it's much crueler, and anything will happen in order to cultivate immortality.Without strength, you are at the mercy of others, even brothers and sisters, even fathers and sons, can turn against each other in the face of benefits, you understand."

"I know, I've never thought that the Spirit World is a suitable place to retire."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen's goal wasn't the Spiritual Realm either, but to enter the higher Immortal Realm in the future, to help the Nine Daoist Demons find the Primordial Spirit and rebuild their true bodies, the Spiritual Realm was just a stepping stone for Tang Zichen.

"Well, it is indeed rare for you to be so mindful, it seems that everything you experienced in the mortal world is very helpful, at least you won't be affected by this aspect in the future."


"Alright, I'll tell you now, the place we're in now is the One Heavy Sea (pronounced chong, same as 'worm') of the Spiritual Realm."

"The One Heavy Sea?"

"The sea is not the same as the sea in your mortal world, and the one-fold sea is just a general term for a geographical area.There are a total of seven seas in the Spiritual Realm; the First Sea is where the lowest people and immortal cultivators live; the Second Sea is where the higher level immortal cultivators and influential people in the Spiritual Realm live; the Third Sea is where the higher level immortal cultivators and big names in the Spiritual Realm live; and so on, the First Sea is better than the First Sea, and the people living in the Seven Seas are extremely powerful people and immortal cultivation families, and with our level, we can't even enter.Of course, the One Heavy Sea is the place with the most vast geographical scope, more than eighty percent of the entire Spiritual Realm, live in the One Heavy Sea."

"Hmm, I see, so your power in the Spiritual Realm is just average."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Jingtian smiled, "Sorry to disappoint you, I'm in your impression, I'm an incomparably powerful person, but that's also what time and place, just like you, in the Mortal Realm, you were the first to step on the Void, incomparably powerful.But in the Spiritual Realm, you're just a little kid who hasn't started on the path of immortality."


"Fifth Uncle, don't misunderstand, even if your power in the Spiritual Realm is only average, it's still incredibly powerful for the current me.By the way, what do I have to do to start cultivating immortality?"Tang Zichen asked.

Although Tang Zichen had entered the Dao with martial arts and eventually returned to his ancestors to tread the Void, what he used to cultivate was after all the Martial Dao of mortals, but now that he had become a spirit man, he could already cultivate a higher level of the Dao, the Immortal Dao.

The Martial Dao and the Immortal Dao were naturally worlds apart, things that were no longer comparable.

Tang Jingtian smiled, "There's no need to rush, you're only 12 years old, you've only just begun everything, you still have a long, long time to live, and if your cultivation is deeper in the later stages, your lifespan can continue to increase."

Tang Zichen asked, "Fifth Uncle, then how old are you now?"

"Didn't I just say that my age conversion to the mortal realm is only two thousand years old, so my lifespan in the spirit realm is only two hundred years."

"Oh, so what's the path to immortality in the spirit realm?Is there a realm?"

"Of course I have."

"I still hope that Fifth Uncle will tell you."

Tang Jingtian laughed wordlessly, "You kid, you're really in a hurry."

Tang Zichen was a little uncomfortable seeing Tang Jingtian address him as a child, but Tang Zichen had to get used to it, he had been in the mortal realm for over two hundred years and in the spirit realm for just over twenty.Tang Jingtian was over two hundred years old, fully eight or nine times older than Tang Zichen, in front of Tang Jingtian, what was Tang Zichen if he wasn't a child. Remember the website

Tang Jingtian said, "Zichen, although I'm happy to see you so attentive, you shouldn't be too eager for instant success, but I'll tell you now, the first step in cultivating immortality is to refine the body."

"Body refining?"

"Yes, it's like a metal mineral that must be refined by a thousand hammers to remove impurities before it turns into something useful like iron, copper, and so on, otherwise it's just a useless mineral.Your current body is like a mineral that has just been excavated."

"I see."

"So, your first step, first refining your body, when you make your body, and train it into a heavenly mineral, then you will be eligible for the second step.Body refining is divided into nine steps, which are the first, second, third, fourth, and all the way up to the ninth step.Each step is difficult as hell, so if you really want to cultivate Immortality, be prepared."

"Body refining, well, I'm already prepared."

"I'll give you a body refining dictum now, so you'll be refining your body every day from now on.Normally, if you can reach the first stage of Body Tempering before the age of fifteen, it's considered good, and if you reach the seventh or eighth stage of Body Tempering before the age of twenty, it's genius."

"Well, thank you Fifth Uncle."

Tang Jingtian took out a secret book and opened it, inside the secret book was a line of text that shone with gold.

"Zichen, this body refining secret book, called 'Tang's Body Refining Secret' was created by an ancestor of my Tang family, although it's not a very profound body refining secret, but it's suitable for you to use now, you're only 12 years old after all, you can't handle the too profound body refining secret yet, so this low level one is practicing first."

"Thank you, Fifth Uncle."Tang Zichen didn't say anything and took the secret book.

Tang Jingtian smiled and said, "Alright, don't look at the secret yet, go, I'll take you around my family and let the rest of my family know of your existence."


Tang Zichen followed Tang Jingtian out of the house and through a few alleys to a main hall.

Walking into the main hall, he immediately saw several equally middle-aged men sitting in the main hall.

Those men saw Tang Jingtian bring in a small child and asked, "Jingtian, who are you bringing behind you?This is the family's important land, and you're completely disregarding it, bringing in an outsider child, are you trying to defile the souls of your ancestors?"

Tang Jingtian said, "It's just as well, you're all here, let me introduce you, this is my big brother's surviving son, Tang Zichen, I've brought him back to the family today, I expect you all to take care of him in the future."

"Your big brother, Tang Jingdi?"


"Well, you have the nerve to bring his surviving child back into the family."

"Oh, my brother, no matter what he's done, his child is innocent,"Tang Jingtian said, saying this with a hint of anger in his eyes, as well as sadness, perhaps his disgust for this spirit world was also related to his brother's death.

Tang Jingtian didn't have much nonsense and said to Tang Zichen, "Zichen, let's go first."

"Yes, Fifth Uncle."

Tang Zichen followed Tang Jingtian and left.

Tang Zichen asked, "Fifth Uncle, who were those people just now?It looks like you guys don't have a good relationship."

"They're all from my Tang family."

"If you're from the same clan, then why?"

"Oh, you don't understand, that's the cruelty I told you before, for the sake of profit, it's hard to really have feelings if you're not really a close relative.Our Tang family, one of the four major immortal cultivation families in Tianbao City, outside, we have to compete with several other big families, and inside the family, we have to compete with our own family in secret, I've really had enough of this kind of open and secret competition."Tang Jingtian said.

"Why do you have to compete?"

Tang Jingtian gave Tang Zichen a glance and said, "For the sake of profit, since we are immortal cultivators, naturally everyone's goal is positive.But the path of immortal cultivation, how difficult it is, if we sit at home every day, or rely entirely on ourselves, this is completely impassable.Therefore, every immortal cultivator needed a large amount of spirit medicines, spirit pills, magic treasures, secret methods, as well as a large amount of spirit stones, and so on and so forth.These things, instead of being all over the street, are very rare, and the rarer they are, the more rare they are, and that's why there's a struggle for profit.For example, last month, our Tang family harvested a total of over thirty second-grade spirit stones.Half of these thirty second-grade spirit stones fell into the hands of the family owner.I, on the other hand, only got one, alas."

"Second-grade spirit stones?Is that precious?"Tang Zichen asked.

"This isn't nonsense, immortal cultivation doesn't use spirit stones, do you think you can get up there by sucking a few grains of aura from your body?"

"Yes, it seems that spirit stones are indeed extraordinary precious."Tang Zichen recalled that he had also obtained a few spirit grasses when he was in the Mortal Realm and asked, "What about spirit grasses?"

"Spiritual grasses are just as precious as spirit stones, and they're hard to harvest, and it's really getting harder and harder to find ones that are over a thousand years old.This world, which has existed for I don't know how long, spirit grasses and spirit stones are things that regenerate very slowly and are picked up before they grow, so they're becoming more and more depleted."

"What about spirit pills?"

"An elixir is an elixir that some alchemists, using the subtle relationships between different spiritual herbs, then refine.This kind of refined elixir has different effects depending on the utility of different materials.For example, the Entering Body Pill, this is an elixir that can help newcomers who have just stepped onto the path of immortal cultivation to achieve the first stage of body refining faster.It's a pity that I don't have a Body Entering Pill on me, otherwise I could give it to you and you would be able to step into the first stage of Body Refining faster."


"It's fine."

Tang Jingtian said, "Zichen, I'm really sorry for you, I wasn't able to bring you anything, so let's say, when we go back, I'll give you two first-class spirit stones to help you step into the path of immortality, and it's also a little gift for our meeting."

"Oh, Fifth Uncle is polite."Tang Zichen smiled and didn't refuse, although Tang Zichen also knew that spirit stones were precious, and perhaps Tang Jingtian had bled a little by giving Tang Zichen two first class spirit stones, but since he was willing to give them, naturally he had weighed them himself, so why would Tang Zichen be polite?

"Let's go, now I'll take you to the family's accounts room, your current identity is my brother's surviving son, naturally you are also a member of the Tang family, according to the old rules, with your current age, you can receive one Micro Spiritual Pill every month."Tang Jingtian said and took Tang Zichen to a certain place in the Tang family.

"What is a Micro Spiritual Pill?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Oh, the Micro Spirit Pill is the spirit pills that are given to family youths between the ages of 12 and 15 to help them refine their bodies and step into the first stage of body refining faster.Of course, the Micro Spirit Pill is among the worst spirit pills, and is countless times worse than the Entering Body Pill I just mentioned.However, even if the Micro Spirit Pill is very bad, it can't be overwhelmed by the number of people, so the inventory of Micro Spirit Pills in the Tang Family is not very large, and currently, people in the Tang Family's age group can receive one pill per month."


Soon, Tang Zichen and Tang Jingtian arrived at the Tang Family's accounts room.

"Pay your respects to the Ninth Elder."A steward of the bookkeeper was busy greeting.

Tang Jingtian said, "This is my elder brother's surviving son, I just brought him home today, his name is Tang Zichen, he is twelve years old this year, according to the old family rules, he can receive one Micro Spirit Pill every month, go and get one out."

"Uh."That steward looked to the bookkeeper behind him. One second to remember to read the book

That bookkeeper said with embarrassment, "Ninth Elder, I'm really sorry, but I don't dare to open the warehouse without the family master's authorization ah.Besides, during the last family meeting, the family master specifically explained that Micro Spirit Pills are currently in short supply, and not a single one can be wasted, so..."

Tang Jing Tian's face was furious, "What?Even my family's ninth elder can't take a single microspirit pill, is my status in the family that low?"

"Ninth Elder, we're also in a difficult situation, why don't you go and speak to the family master, then I'll get the family master's permission and I can give it to you."

Tang Jingtian said, "I've already spoken to the family master, I just said that at the family hall."


Tang Jing Tian was furious, he was the ninth elder of the family, coming to ask for a Micro Spirit Pill, and these bookkeepers actually acted as if they were in a difficult situation, saying that they had to ask the family master before they could do so.

Tang Zichen also had cold eyes, but Tang Zichen didn't get angry, after all, he had only just arrived here, Tang Zichen just felt cold and stuffy for Tang Jingtian.

Tang Zichen also recognized that Tang Jingtian was really not mixing well in the Tang family.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Fifth Uncle, forget it, why hurt the family harmony over this microspirit pellet, let's go."

Tang Jingtian looked at Tang Zichen and was very apologetic and also felt guilty because he had brought Tang Zichen back to the Tang family and couldn't even give Tang Zichen a single Micro Spiritual Pill.

Tang Zichen and Tang Jingtian went out of the accounts room.

What Tang Zichen didn't know was that after they left, those stewards in the accounts room laughed, "This Ninth Elder, really takes himself seriously!


"That's right, the family master just sent someone to instruct that if the Ninth Elder brings someone to claim the Micro Spirit Pill, don't give it to him, how could we possibly give it to him."

"Just now I was really afraid that he would just rob it."The other steward said.

"Would he dare?If he had the ability to rob, he wouldn't be the ninth elder and could be the head of the family."

On the way back, Tang Jingtian said, "I'm really sorry, I promised to take you to get the Micro Spirit Pill, but it turned out."

"Oh, Fifth Uncle, it's fine, it's just the Micro Spiritual Pill, without it, can't I refine my body?"

"Ugh, to be honest, it's really hard to refine your body without the Microspirit Pill, unless you're willing to spend eight to ten years."

"Uh, so."Tang Zichen heard Tang Jingtian say that before he felt that this Micro Spiritual Pill wasn't an optional thing ah.

"The path of immortal cultivation is difficult to take without the help of these spirit pills and stones.For example, at the first stage of Body Refining, others take the Micro Spirit Pill and are successful in two or three years, while those who don't take it are at least ten or eight years, or even twenty years, the difference isn't just a star.And now, you are in need of this, although I said before that I would give you two first-grade spirit stones, but, with your current physique, you simply can't refine it yet, it's equal to useless."Tang Jing Tian was torn.

"It's fine fine."Tang Zichen was busy consoling.

Tang Zichen asked, "Fifth Uncle, why are you staying here when this family is treating you like this?"

Tang Jingtian said with a sigh, "In this spirit world, it's not that easy to mix really, any immortal, no family, no backing power, others will not scruple you, open and aboveboard all dare to kill.On the contrary, if there is a strong family to rely on, it will be easy to survive.In this Heavenly Jewel City, our Tang family is at least one of the four great immortal cultivation families, ordinary people don't dare to provoke it, if I leave this family, it's hard to say, so no matter what, leaving the family isn't a good idea.Moreover, I have a part in this family, so why should I leave?Rather than leaving, wouldn't it be better to work hard, become stronger, raise your status in the family, or even become the head of the family.We can't leave the family because of the suppression of our fellow clan members, it's a coward's act, and we'll be laughed at instead."

"Fifth Uncle, I understand, then let's work hard to become stronger, raise our deterrence in the family, and even replace the current head of the family, when that happens, the resources of the Tang family can also be used for us."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Jingtian smiled, "You're right to think that way, except, it's not that easy.The current head of the family, he is already much stronger than me now, plus he is now in control of the family resources again, he will become more and more powerful, and the family resources he holds will be given to his son again, in such a cycle, it's really hard to climb up.Unless, the sky falls and suddenly explodes, it's just an empty dream."

"Fifth Uncle, don't worry, there will be a chance."

"Oh, Zichen, sorry to make you laugh, instead of letting you comfort me, I'm really living a terrible life."Tang Jingtian bitterly said.

"Fifth Uncle is thinking too much."

"Come on, I'll take you to meet someone."


"Our Tang Clan's second-grade Pill Master, I think he'll have a Microspirit Pill on him after all."

"Uh, are you familiar with him?"Don Zimmer asked.

"This."Tang Jingtian looked embarrassed, it was obvious that he was not familiar with this Pill Master at all.


"It's fine, Zichen, let's go first, say something nice to him, maybe he'll give me this face, how will we know if we don't try."

"Fifth Uncle, it's better not to go, I don't want to see you pull down your face for me, you're the Ninth Elder of the Tang Family, if the Ninth Elder has to go begging for a Pill Master, then people will look down on you even more and dare not give you face."

"Zichen, face can't be a meal, forget such things as face in the future.That Pill Master, even though he was hired by our family, but at least he is a second grade Pill Master, his status is very noble, and he won't humiliate me."

After saying that, Tang Jing Tian directly walked forward.

Soon, he arrived at a secluded spot in the Tang family, and before he even entered the door, Tang Zichen could smell a burst of medicinal fragrance.

Walking into the courtyard, Tang Zichen saw a man, holding a pill furnace in his hand, refining pills, and that man was also holding a woman dressed as a girl in his arms on one side, very free and happy.

This man was the Pill Master hired by the Tang family, and the Micro Spirit Pill was made by him, but of course, the materials were equipped by the Tang family itself.

"Pill Master Song."Tang Jingtian busily called out after entering the courtyard.

"Yo, isn't this the Tang Family's Ninth Elder, hehe, what brings you to my place."That Song Dan Master spoke while hugging that girl, his palms had all gone inside the girl's clothes, scratching that girl seemed to be soft all over and her face was red.

Tang Jing Tian was a little displeased, Song Dan Master saw him coming, but he was actually playing with that girl while playing with her, which was too disrespectful.

"Oh, Master Song Dan, I would like to ask you for a Micro Spiritual Pill, I wonder what you would like?"Tang Jingtian said. First URL

"Hahaha, Ninth Elder is really funny, you're the Ninth Elder of the Tang Family, if you want the Micro Spirit Pill you don't go to the accounts room to collect it, how come you come to me to collect it, I'm not the accounts room steward, what use is it for you to look for me.You don't think I've been hiding it every month?I, however, have turned over all the pills I've refined to your Tang family every month."

"Oh, Master Song Dan, a mere Micro Spiritual Pill, I'm sure you still have some, can you give me some face and grant me one?"

Master Song Dan smiled, "Well, I do have one, so let's make a deal, I heard that you have a popular daughter with a national beauty, I wonder if you can let me sleep."

"Buzz."Suddenly, Tang Jingtian rushed out and strangled Master Song Dan's neck and hung himself.

"Song Dangshi, please give me some respect, if you dare to insult my daughter again, I'll kill you."

But Song Dangshi laughed, "Ninth Elder, why get angry, Song was just joking."

"You better never give me a joke like that, or else."Tang Jingtian's gaze was cold.

Song Danshi snorted, "Ninth Elder, you were the one who first came to ask me for the Microspirit Pill, I didn't give it to you and you're still angry at me, if you dare to do it, go ahead and kill me, I'm a re-hired Pill Master from your Tang Family, if you're not afraid of being blamed by all the elders of the Tang Family, go ahead and do it.It's not that I'm being sarcastic, as of now, you know very well which is less important, your role to the Tang Family or my role to the Tang Family."

"You."Tang Jingtian's face was cold.

Tang Zichen said, "Fifth Uncle, why should we be afraid of threats from such a youngster, just kill him."

With Tang Zichen's personality, this Song Dangshi would have just killed him, chopped off his head and thrown him out to feed the dogs.

However, when Tang Zichen said that, Tang Jingtian calmed down instead and threw Song Dangshi to the ground, not killing him.

Tang Jingtian didn't.

It could be killed because Song Dancers was right, currently, Song Dancers was far more useful to the Tang family than Tang Jing Tian, if he killed Song Dancers, those elders in the Tang family who already had a bad relationship with Tang Jing Tian would take advantage of the situation and would definitely have a bad time in the future in the Tang family, perhaps losing their positions as elders.Whether it was for his own sake, his daughter's sake, or even for Tang Zichen's sake, he had to endure and maintain his status as a Tang patriarch.

"Zichen, let's go."Tang Jingtian turned around and walked out of the courtyard.

That Song Dancers eyes looked at Tang Zichen with a vicious look and said, "Words, I heard you, you wait."

Tang Zichen had just asked Tang Jingtian to kill Song Dangshi, a curfew, and this sentence made Song Dangshi remember Tang Zichen, and he would definitely take revenge on Tang Zichen if he had the chance in the future.

Tang Zichen just raised the corner of his mouth and snorted with disdain, "Idiot."After saying that, Tang Zichen also walked away, as if Tang Zichen was not scrupulous at all about this Song Dancers.

"You."Song Dan Master was trembling with anger, he was at least a Second Grade Dan Master, but he was abused by a child like this.

"You just wait."Song Dan Master said with a twist of muscle on his face.

Tang Jingtian exhaled and returned to his own residence.

"Fifth Uncle, there's no need to be so frustrated."Tang Zichen said comfortingly.

Tang Zichen, a newcomer to stepping into the void, was instead just as steady-minded as Tang Jingtian.

"I'm sorry, I made you laugh."

"Oh, it's fine, I'm the one who made Fifth Uncle lose face for me, but it doesn't matter, that Song Dancers just now, he's just a small person, just think of a way to kill him in the future."

"Killing him, how can it be so easy, he is a Dane Master status, and hired by the family for a heavy amount of money, even though he is only a second grade Dane Master, his energy is not small, otherwise why would he be so arrogant in front of me."

Tang Zichen no longer said anything, but Tang Zichen didn't consider this Song Dan Master as an opponent in his heart.

Tang Zichen asked, "I just heard Song Dangshi say that you have a daughter, Fifth Uncle, but I thought Fifth Uncle was lonely and deserted here."

Tang Jingtian smiled, "Yes, I have a daughter, she just turned sixteen this year."

"Then where is she?"Tang Zichen asked in confusion.

"Oh, it's already sixteen years old, of course she can't still stay at home, I've already sent her to the Flying Cloud Sect."

"Flying Cloud Sect?What is this place?"

"The Flying Cloud Sect is a very famous immortal cultivation sect in the One Heavy Sea, but anyone with a bit of talent will go for an examination to become a disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, and if they can become a core disciple, that's even more of an honor for any family.I hope that Huan'er, one day, can become a core disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, and I won't allow anyone to bully him."Tang Jing Tian said with a chilly face, it seemed that he extremely loved his daughter.

"Fifth Uncle, I also want to go to the Flying Cloud Sect."Tang Zichen said.

"Zichen, you're only twelve years old, there's no hurry, you only need to reach the first stage of Body Tempering before you're fifteen, then you'll be eligible for the examination, but the first stage of Body Tempering may not have a good chance, it's better to reach the second stage of Body Tempering, and the chances of the examination to enter the Flying Cloud Sect will be greater."

"Then if I reach the first stage of Body Tempering this year, or next year, can I go for the assessment, or do I have to wait until I'm fifteen?"

"That's not true, there are also geniuses at the age of thirteen or fourteen who reach the first stage of Body Tempering and then assess to enter the Immortal Sect, but it's very rare, most of them are from those big families, or have huge Immortal resources.We don't have much resources, it's almost impossible."


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