King of Kungfu in school 1451-1460


Chapter 1451

Tang Zichen's body suddenly trembled, and the ash that had coagulated into clumps on his body scattered in all directions.

"Ah."Outside the main hall, several young men and women who were burning incense suddenly screamed in fright and threw the incense in their hands as if they had seen a ghost.

When they looked up towards the entrance of the main hall, they were all foolish when they saw an old man with white hair and a white beard, slowly walking out, and the original clay Bodhisattva that was sitting inside the hall was gone.

"Shang's, Saint, Saint Ancestor."Those young men involuntarily knelt down.

Tang Zichen looked at the incense burner placed at the entrance, how come he ran to a temple, Tang Zichen clearly remembered he was in a large hall of the palace.

When Tang Zichen reached the entrance, he looked into the distance and realized that there was no other place for him, it was still the same palace, but, I don't know how long it had been, it had been diffused into a temple, and everyone worshipped him as a Bodhisattva.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, only then did he look at the young people who were trembling on their knees and asked, "What year is this evening?"

"Back, back to the Holy Ancestor, today is the Great Martial Calendar, three three and a half years."

"Great Martial Calendar, three thirty-five, so, it's been a hundred years."

"Back, back to the Holy Ancestor, you, from what my grandparents said, when they were young, you sat here, so it has indeed been over a hundred years to this day."

"A hundred years."Tang Zichen's heart contracted sharply, Tang Zichen seemed to remember a bit less than a hundred years ago, he didn't know how he entered the retreat, Tang Zichen only remembered that all his brothers and sisters, friends, and several of his wives, all passed away at the phase level between those years, Tang Zichen was so grief-stricken that he couldn't wake himself up all day, muddled through, and then, knew nothing more." Remember the website

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the main hall, unmoving and meditating for a long time, unaware that the entire entrance of the main hall was already filled with people kneeling.

The others from the Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire, hearing that Shang's Holy Ancestor was not dead and had woken up, came in a panic and saw Tang Zichen standing at the door meditating, no one dared to disturb him, and only knelt in front of the door in silence.

By the time Tang Zichen regained consciousness, there was a large group of strong men kneeling in front of the door, protecting the Great Martial Empire and all the vice-national clans returning to the Void.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply again, looking at the large group of people kneeling in front of him, none of them were familiar, all of them were unfamiliar faces, the people he knew in the beginning, all of them were gone, Tang Zichen was like from the last century, to this century.

There was no need to ask anymore, since it was a hundred years later, the rest of Tang Zichen's wives, Qin Ren, Wen Xia, Yin Hua, and even Yao Lan, were all gone.

Those sons and daughters of Tang Zichen were all gone as well.

The palace is still the palace, the palace is still the palace, but the people no longer have the original people, as the saying goes, the scenery is still the same, things are different, a wake up has been a hundred years apart.

Tang Zichen silently shed a tear.

When he thought of the scene a hundred years ago when his children and grandchildren circled the hall and his concubines were happy, Tang Zichen still felt a heartache in his heart even though a hundred years had passed.

Everyone outside the palace door knelt in silence and didn't dare to speak, perhaps they wouldn't understand what Tang Zichen was feeling at the moment, because Tang Zichen was the oldest person to live in this world since records began, Tang Zichen himself may not know exactly how old, but most of the scene knew that Tang Zichen was exactly 259 years old as of today.Tang Zichen's time spent sitting in the great hall also

Exactly 108 years.

When Tang Zichen was about 147 years old, all his brothers and Liu Xiangyun's wives left him, and from that year on, Tang Zichen lived a muddled life for a total of almost four years, and then Tang Zichen was never able to get out of that shadow and went into deep meditation on his own, and then up to this day, a full 108 years.Tang Zichen also happens to be 259 years old.

Although Tang Zichen was still close to stepping into the Ancestral Returning Realm, Tang Zichen hadn't stepped into it yet after all, so Tang Zichen was still a pale old man at the moment, his skin had dried up, his hair, his beard, all white, and he couldn't see his youthful appearance at all.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't worried because he would soon be able to step into the Returning Ancestor, his intuition told him that once he stepped into the Returning Ancestor, he would be young again, as if he had been reborn, becoming a young boy once again, what was it to be old again now.Moreover, the young lad who was once again young again was the same as the seventeen or eighteen year old boy he was now, and although he looked just as young in appearance, Tang Zichen was fundamentally different from them.

"Pay your respects to the Holy Ancestor."The large group of people kneeling at the entrance, seeing Tang Zichen finally move, were busy bowing deeply.

Tang Zichen said, "No need to be polite, may I ask if any of you are members of my Shang clan?"

At this moment, an old woman on the scene busily stood up and called out, "Grandfather."

This old woman was a Returned Void Phase One.

"You are?"Tang Zichen felt very familiar, this old woman was a child, he had definitely seen her before, only, it was a child, now she was very old, her face naturally became unrecognizable.

That old woman cried, "Grandpa, I'm Shang Yang ah."

"Ah, Shang Yang?Yang Yang?"Tang Zichen was shocked, if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, it was hard to believe that the old woman in front of him was his granddaughter Shang Yang, who was just a little girl at first.

Shang Yang was Shang Jisheng's daughter.

"Grandpa, woo-hoo."Shang Yang ran forward in a panic, kneeling at Tang Zichen's feet and crying.

"Yangyang, get up and talk."

"Grandpa, you've finally woken up, I didn't think you really weren't dead."

"Oh, Yangyang, Grandpa didn't expect to see you again, I'm sure there's not much left in my grandchildren's generation that can be seen again today."Tang Zichen sighed.

Shang Yang nodded his head and cried, "Of those in my generation, those who are older than me today are no longer, leaving only a few born to Grandmother Wenxia and Grandmother Yin Hua."

Tang Zichen nodded, then said to the kneeling crowd, "Everyone, disperse."

"Yes, Holy Ancestor."

Tang Zichen and Shang Yang, entered the main hall, and everyone outside dispersed.

"Grandfather, what's your situation now?When you were a child, you started training in seclusion and you've already reached the Void Returning Realm, what about now?"

"Oh, Yang Yang, Grandpa I have now stepped into the 9th stage of Return to Void."

"Returning to the ninth stage of Void?"Shang Yang looked incredulous, in this world, the second stage of homing void can dominate an empire, the third stage of homing void the entire world has not seen one for hundreds of years, the fourth stage of homing void is even more of a legend, and the fifth stage of homing void is not even a legend.Therefore, Tang Zichen, the Returned Void Stage 9, was already a very terrifying existence.

"Shang Yang, you're almost 160 years old now, aren't you?"


"Yes, grandpa, I am currently the only one of the Shang clan to return to the void."

"Well, Yang Yang, tell grandpa what happened in the last hundred years, when did your grandmothers, when did they all leave."Tang Zichen asked.

"Well, since 108 years ago, after grandpa closed the door on his own, everyone in the family expected you to wake up one day, but unfortunately, you never did, after fifty years, everyone had no hope, they thought you were dead, so this place, gradually became your mausoleum, then the descendants of the Shang Clan set up an incense burner here, and came to burn incense every day, and then the Bai ClanThe clan became a royal family, and this place still exists or the same, we'll come to pay our respects to you whenever we can."

"Well, when did my Shang clan, when did it start to decline?Other than you, who else has stepped into the void?"

"Grandpa, actually, it's only been less than three years since I stepped into the Returned Void, and before I stepped into the Returned Void, our family, the Shang Clan, had a window of almost six years or so, during which our family did not return to the Void.Above me, the last Returning Void was Grandmother Yao Lan, but unfortunately, Grandmother Yao Lan left nine years ago.Before Grandmother Yao Lan, there were three Returned Void, Grandmother Wen Xia and Grandmother Yin Hua, as well as one of your sons Shang You."

"Eh?Shang-woo?How is this possible."Tang Zichen was a little disbelieving, Shang You was Tang Zichen's son born with Xiaomeng, his talent used to be absolutely average, but he didn't expect that he would end up stepping into the first stage of Return to Void.

It was a pity that he was now also big time gone.

"Yes, Uncle Shang You's one year big limit before Grandmother Yao Lan."

"So, if I had woken up ten years earlier, I would have been able to see them again."


Tang Zichen was dazed for a while, seemingly in regret. One second to remember to read the book

If he had woken up ten years earlier, he would have at least been able to see Yao Lan, but unfortunately, the will of the heavens had played tricks on him.

Shang Yang asked, "Grandpa, what are your plans next?"

Tang Zichen said, "Next, Grandpa has an important thing to do."

"Grandpa, what is there to command us to do."

"No need, alright, Yang Yang, you go back first, I'll come back again when I finish this matter."


The next important thing Tang Zichen had to do was to fulfill one of his wives' last wishes.

Although Tang Zichen muddled through those years, Tang Zichen still remembered that when Shangguan Rou died, she said that she wanted to return to her hometown so badly.

Not only Shangguan Zou, but also Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian and the others, their biggest regret before they died was that they couldn't go back home again.

Therefore, Tang Zichen wanted to fulfill their last wishes and bring them with him, back to the other world.

"I don't know how Little Fire and Little Black are doing now."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Tang Zichen flew out of the palace and headed straight to the Royal Mausoleum.

"Brother Chen."At that moment, in the distant sky, a black shadow flew over, it was Little Blackie.

"Little Blackie."

"Brother Minister, I finally see you again."Little Black's tears were flowing out.

Little Blackie had a longer lifespan than humans, so he was still alive today.

"Little Blackie, me too, it's so good to see you, finally there's an old friend."Tang Zichen touched.

"Chenchen."Little Blackie burst into tears.

Tang Zichen asked, "Little Blackie, you know that

How and where is Dao Little Fire?"

Little Fire's lifespan, Tang Zichen doesn't need to worry, this guy has at least 400 or 500 years of life expectancy, he can't die.

"Brother Chen, since everyone thought you died, Little Fire and I were both sad, after that, he sensed the memory, the message of his ancestral heritage left behind, he is going to search for his ancestral heritage, if he finds his ancestral heritage, he will evolve and become a higher species, equivalent to our black jiao, evolving into a dragon like existence, I really envy Little Fire."

Tang Zichen said, "I hope Little Fire succeeds in finding his ancestral heritage and evolves into, huh, I don't know what species Little Fire will be after he evolves."

: "Brother Chen, it's a Qilin, if Little Fire succeeds in evolving, he will become a Qilin, a creature as great as a dragon."

"A unicorn, huh, good.How about you, how are you now?"Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen could feel it, Little Black seemed to be starting to reach his old age.

"Brother Chen, the lifespan of my Black Jiao clan is longer than humans, but there is a limit, I'm afraid I won't live much longer, I'm already older than you, but now even you are almost 260 years old, huh?"

"Little Black, is there any possibility of you evolving into a dragon?"

"Brother Chen, you're joking, I'm a galaxy away from the dragon, that's a galaxy away, throughout the ages, although there are legends of a dragon turning into a jiao, but that's a legend after all, really where can there be such a thing."..

To think that back then, when Tang Zichen and Little Blackie had just met, Little Blackie was still very naive and arrogant, calling himself a dragon at every turn, and calling Tang Zichen a humble human, now, Little Blackie was no longer the young black jiao back then, and had to recognize reality, wanting to evolve into a dragon, that was an incomparably distant dream.

It was like, mortals, wanting to reach the return of their ancestors and become a more advanced human, so distant and unrealistic.

Of course, Tang Zichen was already only one step away.

Tang Zichen patted Blackie as a gesture of comfort.

"Brother Chen, how long can you live now?"Xiao Hei asked, although Tang Zichen woke up, but now Tang Zichen is indeed pale as can be, so everyone will wonder when the big limit will be.

Tang Zichen smiled, "We human martial arts practitioners, when we practice to the point of returning to the void, after passing the nine stages, we enter the Ancestor Returning Realm, when we reach the Ancestor Returning Realm, we can return to our youth, and most likely our bodies are no longer mortal, and I, now that I am only a little bit away from the Ancestor Returning Realm, I am 100% confident that I will step into the Ancestor Returning Realm."

"Ah, brother minister, congratulations."Little Black was busy expressing his joy, so much so that even if Brother Minister was old now, he didn't have to worry about dying, he would soon be able to return to his ancestors.

"Brother Minister, your body is no longer mortal after you return to your ancestors, wouldn't this be equivalent to evolution, it's equivalent to our black jiao class, evolving into a dragon?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "It should be."

"Wow, Brother Chen, you're a bull."Little Black looked adoring, this was the equivalent of their Black Jiao tribe, an existence that could evolve to a dragon, could it not be worshiped.

However, after worshipping, Little Black was a bit empty inside, because after Tang Zichen returned to his ancestors, he would welcome his new life, and he, still, would have to die an honest and great death, everyone was simply not on the same level anymore.

"Brother Chen, where are you going?"Blackie asked.

"I'm going to finish something my wives are sorry about."


"The wives I brought from the other world, their greatest regret in this life is that they were not able to go back there before they die, and I must fulfill that last wish for them and take them back there with me, so I will then have to find the passage back to the other world."


"Minister, by the way, this is my wish, I too am from another world, though I have no kind in the other world.Brother Chen, let me accompany you, perhaps this is the last time I will travel with you in this life."

Tang Zichen thought about it and nodded, "Okay, then we, brothers, will set out once again, I will now go and take out my wives' ashes and take them with me on the road."

"Well, I'll also go back there and tell my sons."

Tang Zichen arrived at the Royal Cemetery and first came to Xu Mei Qian's grave.

Tang Zichen looked at Xu Mei Qian's tombstone and felt listless inside, as if it was a world away, various feelings that only he himself could understand.

Tang Zichen looked at the tombstone and said, "Mei Qian, it's been more than a hundred years since we parted, how are you?Until you died, you were thinking about your loved ones on the other side of the world, and today, I can finally drop everything and go with you without worrying about life expectancy.Mei Qian, I'm taking you home."

Tang Zichen took out Xu Mei Qian's ashes.

Then, Tang Zichen came back to Liu Xiangyun's grave and smiled bitterly, "Xiang'er, how have you been living down there for the past hundred years, I know that before you died, your biggest worry was that I wouldn't be able to bear the loss of you.Oh, don't worry now, I've succeeded, I'm only a little bit away from returning to my ancestors, your biggest regret, let's finish it together today."

Tang Zichen also took out Liu Xiangyun's ashes and put them together with Xu Mei Qian.

Tang Zichen then took out the ashes of Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun, everyone's ashes.

Of course, the ashes of those old friends, Tang Zichen also did not forget. The first website

All of them, their biggest regret was going home.

Soon, Blackie flew to the cemetery.

Tang Zichen tied the ashes of all the brothers, and the wives, to his back, then jumped on, "Mei Qian, Xiangyun, Xuan'er, Xue Yun, Zoe, Xiao Meng, Yu'er, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yi Jian, let's go."

Little Black immediately flew off into the distance.

Back then, Tang Zichen and a group of them had made their way through the world together, coming from another world to this one, and now, they were finally setting off once again.

This time, they would definitely return to their homeland.

In the Imperial City, many powerful people watched Tang Zichen go away and disappear deep into the sky, they didn't know what Tang Zichen was going to do.

It was only after Tang Zichen left that everyone felt the invisible pressure in the air disappear.

Then the discussion raged.

"Shang Hong Holy Ancestor, I don't know what he's going to do, and whether he'll be able to come back."

"Yeah, he's already two hundred and sixty years old, and although he woke up, he must not be able to live much longer at such an old age."

"It shouldn't be long to live."

Yes, everyone didn't know Tang Zichen in that much detail, seeing Tang Zichen so old, no one believed that he could still live for a long time, Tang Zichen didn't explain the situation, no one knew that after the 9th stage of Return to Void was a return to the ancestors, and what characteristics did the return have.

Tang Zichen sat on Little Black's back.

This time, all the original partners were all together, only Little Fire was left.

Of course, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, and brothers, Tang Zichen did not take them with him, after all, they were originally from this world, and had no regrets before they died, they all went very openly.

"Brother Chen, how are we supposed to find that passage ah?"Little Black asked.

Tang Zichen said, "The more dangerous the place is, the more likely it is that there are passages hidden.Now that I think about it, Ghost Valley, it's very possible that



"Yes. Unfortunately, I didn't think of it in the first place, but even if I had thought of it in the first place, it wouldn't have been possible, because even I almost died there."

"Then aren't you afraid to go now?"

"Oh, fear not."Tang Zichen said without hesitation.

The journey was dusty, and a few months later, he arrived at the Ghost Valley of the Great Precious Empire.

The Great Precious Empire naturally had no acquaintances, and the entire world, all the scenery remained the same, only the people had changed one crop after another.

After arriving at the Valley of Ghosts, Tang Zichen looked at the foggy and hazy Valley of Ghosts and said, "Little Fire, wait for me outside first, I'll go in first to explore the situation, if there is a passage, you can come back in, if there is no passage, then we'll go to the next place to look for it."


Tang Zichen flew into the Valley of Ghosts.

Ghost Valley wasn't big, the fog was hazy, but Tang Zichen knew that it wasn't a fog, it was a grievance.

It was because Tang Zichen had come in contact with this place that Tang Zichen believed that there were actually spirits in this world, so Tang Zichen brought his partners back to his hometown, their spirits must have known about it.

Tang Zichen stood in the Valley of Ghosts, it's strange to say that the illusion here now could no longer affect Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen searched for half a day in the Valley of Ghosts, but unfortunately, there was no sign of any passage.

"It seems that I was overthinking, the passage isn't in the Ghost Valley."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly.

However, it wasn't possible to find the passage so easily, this Ghost Valley was just the first place they looked for.

After flying out of the Ghost Valley, Tang Zichen said, "Little Blackie, let's go, the Ghost Valley doesn't have any traces of a passage."

"Brother Chen, it's okay, we'll look for it again, we'll definitely find a passage."

"Let's go, now go to the next empire and find out if there are any dangerous places."

A few months later, Tang Zichen arrived at another empire, called the Zi Yuan Empire.

Tang Zichen first entered a restaurant and stayed there, after all, it had been almost a year of running around.

And Little Black stayed in the sky, because he was too big, which was not as good as Little Fire.

"Guest, what would you like to eat?"A second youngster asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Whatever, it's good to fill your stomach."

"Okay Le, wait a moment then."

Ever since Tang Zichen entered the restaurant, many people in the restaurant looked at Tang Zichen and pointed at him.

"You're out to eat even at this old age."

"Yeah, it must be a hundred and fifty years old."

"Maybe he's dying and came out to eat a meal before he dies, or he won't be able to eat later."

Tang Zichen listened to all the discussion, but Tang Zichen only smiled slightly, not caring about the discussions of these lower class ordinary people, moreover, Tang Zichen gathered his whole body and looked like an ordinary old man, and a very old one at that.

When Xiao Er brought the food up, Tang Zichen asked, "Zi Yuan Empire, has there been any danger lately?"

"A dangerous place?How dangerous do you mean?"

"As dangerous as it can be."

"Does the valley of ten thousand feet count?This place is a bottomless cliff and no one knows how deep."

"Thanks."Tang Zichen nodded to the Valley of Ten Thousand Feet, and Tang Zichen would go check it out.


Tang Zichen rested at the inn before setting off, asking around all the way to the Valley of Ten Thousand Feet.

After months of traveling, Tang Zichen and Little Black finally arrived at the Valley of Ten Thousand Feet.

Ten Thousand zhang valley was a ten thousand zhang cliff, saying that it was ten thousand zhang, but no one actually knew how many zhang because this cliff was too deep and too deep.

"Brother Chen, could this be the passage?"

"I don't know, we'll only know if we jump."

"What if it's not?Since the locals say that this place has not returned alive even if the strong jumped off, it must not be an ordinary and dangerous place."

Tang Zichen frowned, but his pale face couldn't tell much difference between a frown and no frown.

In fact, Tang Zichen was also wondering, if this place, really wasn't a passage, then what was the local people saying, that many strong people jumped down and didn't see back, what was going on?

"Blackie, just to be on the safe side, wait for me on the cliff and I'll go down alone."


"Little Blackie, listen to me, although I'm now at the 9th stage of Return to Void, I may not be able to come up, in case I'm really so unlucky that I can't come up, I'll have to ask you to take my partners back to the Great Martial Empire." Remember the URL

"Brother Chen, don't say it's so tragic okay, it's a little scary, you're the 9th stage of Return to the Void, I don't believe there are places in this world that even you can't handle."

"It's hard to say, alright, I'm going down then."

After saying that, Tang Zichen jumped off the cliff.

Why exactly, this place couldn't even come up if a strong person jumped off, Tang Zichen wanted to find out, or maybe, this really was a passage.

Tang Zichen's body was falling rapidly, and the wind was blowing in his ears.

However, although Tang Zichen was falling very fast, the speed of everything was completely under his control, he could freeze his body at any time if he wanted to, if it were anyone else, even a strong person of stage one or two of Return to Void, he might not be able to do it, but Tang Zichen returned to the ninth stage of Void, but he was easily able to do it.

A few hours later, Tang Zichen has fallen at least tens of thousands of meters, but, still deep and bottomless, and also the fog, around more and more hazy, and the bottom of the cliff, that is completely hidden in the fog, can not be seen at all.The unknown is the most fearful, Tang Zichen can not figure out the state of the bottom of the cliff, also dare not relax vigilance.

The fog was already so thick that you couldn't see your fingers.

Tang Zichen stopped, seemingly hesitating whether to continue to fall or not, after all, he had been falling for more than half a day, his purpose was to find a passage, not to explore, and if he was sure that it was not a passage, then there was no need to continue.

However, after hesitating for a moment, Tang Zichen continued to fall, forget it, since he had already fallen so deep, why not continue.

With that, Tang Zichen continued to fall in the dense fog that was out of reach.

"Swoosh."Just at this moment, a shadow suddenly shot out from the cliff rock wall, it was as fast as lightning, even a Returning Void Stage 1 powerhouse might not be able to dodge it.

However, Tang Zichen was no ordinary person, he was a Returning Void Stage 9. When the thing shot out at him, Tang Zichen quickly reached out his hand, faster than it was, and grabbed it in one go.

When Tang Zichen looked at it, it was a flower, pink, somewhat like a petunia after being magnified ten times.

"A flower?"Confused by the flowers grasped in his hands, Tang Zichen

Break that flower open, and inside the stamen, there were teeth.

"Eh?Man-eating flowers?"Tang Zichen was even more shocked.

No wonder the locals said that even if a strong man came down, he wouldn't see up there, in this fog that couldn't be reached, a flower this powerful would bite out, even a strong man of the first stage of Return to Void would have to be eaten.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Such a powerful man-eating flower, it must not be an ordinary flower, it must be a spirit grass, I never thought that I would catch another spirit grass."

Tang Zichen plucked the man-eating flower with a sudden force.

Tang Zichen put the man-eating flower away and continued to fall, hoping there were more man-eating flowers.

However, Tang Zichen also knew that this possibility was very low, the probability of more than two spirit grasses appearing in one place was very small.

Everything in the world had a spirit, even plants, it was able to evolve just like humans.This spirit grass, presumably countless years ago, was a kind of genius land treasure, then his ancestor had a spirit, then the genes became 'spirit', so the children and grandchildren of this spirit grass were all spirit grasses.

This kind of example is very simple: a dragon begets a dragon, a phoenix begets a phoenix, and a rat begets a son who can make a hole.The son born of a dragon would naturally not turn into a snake and would still be a dragon.

Tang Zichen continued to fall for a short time, and finally, he reached the valley bottom of the cliff.

Tang Zichen landed at the bottom of the valley, which was a large rock.

And it wasn't very large, about a few thousand square feet.

"Nothing?Is that it?"Tang Zichen was speechless.

Tang Zichen searched carefully at the bottom of the valley to make sure there were none before he was ready to leave.

However, Tang Zichen suddenly discovered that just as he was trying to make an effort to fly upwards, he felt an invisible pressure in the air against you, pressing down on him and forbidding him to go up.

"Strange?Why is there an invisible pressure on me not to get on?"

At this moment, Tang Zichen felt a sense of crisis coming from the direction of his head.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen drew his sword at once.

"What is it?I've reached the 9th stage of Return to Void and I can still feel this kind of threat, this must be a strong person, could it be that there are some powerful creatures surviving beneath this ten thousand foot cliff?That oppressive force just now was from it too?"

"Whew!"Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, the feeling that was like the sky falling down was even stronger, Tang Zichen really didn't expect that in this world, he had reached the 9th stage of Return to Void, but there would still be an existence that made him feel terrifying.

Fortunately, he didn't come here when Tang Zichen was weak in the past, or else he would have come here when he was weak in the past, then he would surely be like the locals who said that there was no return.

Just at this moment, a huge head stuck down from above.

Tang Zichen gazed at it, it was a terrifying creature that looked very evil, like an earthworm, writhing one section at a time, and at the very end, a mouth full of fangs, and, only the mouth, no other eyes nose or anything else.

The ugly creature made a sound that said, "Put my sister down."

"Your sister?"Tang Zichen was a little confused, but immediately remembered, its sister wouldn't be this man-eating flower on Tang Zichen, right?

Tang Zichen snorted, "What kind of species are you, this ugly creature, that can make me feel threatened, I thought that there was no longer anything in this world that made me afraid."


"You lowly human, put my sister down, do you hear me?"

"Come get it yourself if you can."

"Boom."The ugly creature came crashing up to Tang Zichen, and the cliff was blown out with a loud bang.

Tang Zichen killed it with his sword.

"Pfft."Tang Zichen's sword slashed at the ugly insect, who was so huge that he couldn't play at the bottom of this tiny cliff.

"Hmph, it turns out that it only has a bang of momentum, but no special skills."Tang Zichen disdained the ugly earthworm, which was hacked into two pieces by him in the blink of an eye.

However, before Tang Zichen finished speaking, the large earthworm that he had just hacked into two pieces suddenly transformed into countless tiny little earthworms, each of which burrowed into Tang Zichen's body.

"Swoosh swoosh."Tang Zichen could only struggle to kill to keep the tiny earthworms from burrowing into his body, or he was absolutely finished.

However, there were small earthworms all over the sky, no matter how hard they were killed, cutting off one and turning it into two, cutting off two and turning it into four, cutting off more and more and getting thinner and thinner, to the point where every little earthworm was as thin as an embroidery needle, but their speed didn't slow down at all.As soon as Tang Zichen stopped, he would be covered by the tiny earthworms everywhere and then be gnawed away by the ugly fangs.

"Oh no, I can't believe I'm stuck here, what should I do?The more I kill, and the finer it gets, when it's finer than an embroidery needle, my hit rate will be even lower, and if this continues, I'll only have one death."

Just when Tang Zichen was so helpless that he didn't know what to say, he suddenly remembered that he had a spirit grass on him. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen wielded his sword to keep the small earthworms that roamed the sky from getting close to him, while eating the spirit grass tightly in his mouth.

After eating the spirit grass, the cells in Tang Zichen's body seemed to suddenly come to life, crazily absorbing the surrounding heaven and earth's spiritual energy, while at the same time, Tang Zichen's head was also much more flexible and clear.

It seemed that this man-eating flower, his vintage wasn't low, and the grade of the spirit grass naturally had a grade as well.

Tang Zichen's brain was also racing as he dealt with those small earthworm monsters.

Unconsciously, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that he, the last barrier preventing him from stepping into the Returning Ancestor, had broken through.

"It's through, it's through, I'm going to step into the Ancestor Returning Realm."Tang Zichen's heart was overjoyed.

In the next moment, Tang Zichen felt a sudden relaxation in his entire body, as if the heavens and earth had opened up.

Tang Zichen felt that there was suddenly an inexplicable power in his body.

This power could be emitted through the muscles of the entire body.

Tang Zichen suddenly used his sword to send out that power.

"Boom" a loud sound, the small earthworm monsters that were roaming around the area were reduced to nothing under that power of Tang Zichen's.

Quiet, the entire valley floor was quiet, the countless small earthworm monsters that had just been there were all destroyed.

"What kind of power is this?"Tang Zichen was astonished.

However, before Tang Zichen could be surprised, he suddenly noticed that the skin on his hand was gradually becoming fuller.

"Return to ancestry?Am I going to start returning to my ancestors?"

Tang Zichen immediately sat down on the floor, closed his eyes, and let his spiritual consciousness, follow the flow of the meridians throughout his body.

Tang Zichen felt that there was an additional blue warm current in his meridians at the moment, and it was this blue warm current that gave Tang Zichen the inexplicable strength he had just had.

Tang Zichen's body was also returning to his ancestors bit by bit.

First of all, Tang Zichen's white hair was turning from white to black, one by one, and then his beard was also slowly

The turned black.

Tang Zichen's appearance, from 260 years old, returned to 200 years old all of a sudden.

As if, as if time was turning backwards, it kept returning, returning, returning.

180 years old.

160 years old.

140 years old.

120 years old.

80 years old.

50 years old.

30 years old.

20 years old.

19 years old.

18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 years old.

Finally, upon returning to the appearance of 12 years old, the body stops returning to its ancestors and stays that way.

Tang Zichen had just been a 260 year old vicarious old man, and all of a sudden, he had become a 12 year old teenager.

This scene, if not witnessed with his own eyes, no one would really believe that there was such a miraculous thing in this world.

Tang Zichen looked at his two hands filled with youth and said incredulously, "This is returning to the ancestral realm, returning to youth."

The clothes that Tang Zichen had been wearing before were now no longer wearable, as if a child was wearing adult clothes, with long pant legs and sleeves.

When Tang Zichen returned to the age of twelve, he was only about one and a half meters tall, whereas before he had been at least one and a half meters tall.

At the current age of twelve, Tang Zichen was still in the stage of growth and development, and puberty had only begun.

With that senile old man from before, it was truly the same as two people.

In fact, after returning to his ancestors, he was originally a newborn.

Moreover, although he was now a twelve year old teenager, but with an ordinary twelve year old teenager, it was completely the difference between heaven and earth, the difference between a dragon and a snake.

Tang Zichen exhaled a deep breath, his face, although young, had a maturity that was not equal to his appearance, no matter what, his spiritual age was 260 years old, this point would not change.

Tang Zichen leapt, the inexplicable power in his body exerted a force, it was like a rocket that pushed him from the bottom of the valley tens of thousands of meters deep, directly to the top of the cliff, this speed and power, it was really high.When he was falling before, he was still falling for most of the day, but now it was good that he was pushing right up to the top of the cliff.

Little Black was still waiting for Tang Zichen at the top of the cliff, and seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.

"Little Blackie."Tang Zichen called out.

Little Blackie looked at Tang Zichen and grunted, "Where's the kid who came here to play, is this the place you came here to play, don't go home yet."

Tang Zichen said speechlessly, "Little Blackie, don't you even recognize me?"

"Ah."Little Blackie suddenly realized something, Tang Zichen had told him before that after reaching the Ancestor Returning Realm, his body regained its youth.

"Cen, Cen, it's, it's you?"Blackie's body trembled and stayed there, looking at Tang Zichen, such a young boy, with an incredible feeling.

"Yes, it's me."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen was also happy to have returned to his ancestors, but he wasn't laughing with joy.

"Oh my god, Chen, you, how did you turn into a little kid."

"I'm wondering too, just now at the bottom of the valley, I ran into a powerful monster, chopped it into two and turned into two, the more I killed, the more I killed, and in the end it was all over the sky, fortunately I got a spirit herb and took it in time, then I broke through the last barrier and stepped into the Returning Ancestor realm, and then I returned to my ancestors.All the way from 260 years old, back to when I was about 12 years old."

"Hehe, Minister, so this is what you looked like when you were 12 years old."


"When I was 12, I did look like this, but it's a heaven and earth difference from me now, I feel like I could collapse this mountain with one punch."

"Brother Chen, is it possible that after you step into the Returning Ancestor, you will immediately be able to step into the void?"

"Uh, stepping into the void?"

"Yeah, you said you could shatter this mountain with one punch, but isn't that power enough to shatter even the void and leave this space."

"I'll try."Tang Zichen punched fiercely into the air.

The air in front of Tang Zichen was as if an atomic bomb had exploded there, and the space trembled and muffled, an indescribable feeling of suffocation.

However, the space did not explode.

"It seems that I'm still unable to break the void, but it's normal, I've only just stepped into the Returning Ancestor, so I guess it will be some time before I have the power to break the void."

"Brother Chen, congratulations."Little Blackie even sent his congratulations, while a burst of envy, returning to youth, this was probably the envy of everyone in the world, Little Blackie also wanted to return to his teenage years, but unfortunately, this was just a delusion, he had to accept his fate and die of old age in a few more years.

"Little Blackie, this is the little bit of spirit grass that was just left, take it, it may not make you much stronger, but it will be somewhat useful."

"Thank you, brother minister." First URL

Little Black unceremoniously ate the spirit grass, then closed up for an hour, fully absorbing it.

"Brother Chen, it's worthy of Spirit Grass, I'm much, much stronger now, although I'm still far away from your level, but at least I can live for another ten years."

"Well, that's good, let's go, let's continue to set out and find the passage."

"Hehe, good."

Tang Zichen returned to a nearby city to find a suitable outfit first.

Tang Zichen was helpless and went to the children's clothing store.

However, the clothes in the children's clothing shop were all worn by children, all kinds of flowers and greenery, with Tang Zichen's mental age, how could he like them.

"Boss, isn't there anything a little more suitable for adults?"Tang Zichen asked the shopkeeper.

That shopkeeper looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "Kid, are you buying it for yourself or for your parents?"

Tang Zichen was really speechless, who little boy still didn't know.

In the end, Tang Zichen had no choice but to pick a lavender jacquard fabric dress, after changing into it, Tang Zichen's entire body was much more handsome, or much more adorable, after all, he was still a little boy, he couldn't be described as handsome yet.

Tang Zichen left the children's clothing shop and continued to poke around this empire, whether there were any suspected passageways.

And so Tang Zichen searched and searched all the way for two years, but he still hadn't found any passageways.

"Brother Chen, we've searched four or five more places in the past two years, and we haven't found any, how long will it take to find it."

Tang Zichen said, "I don't understand either, let's find it slowly, didn't we just find out, there is a lake from us now, that lake is deep and bottomless, maybe this time, the passage ran to the bottom of the lake, let's go to this lake now."

"Good.By the way, Minister, you have already returned to your ancestors for two years, before that you returned to your ancestors to about 12 years old, why do you look now, you are still 12 years old, by all means, after two years, you should be 14 years old ah.".

Tang Zichen smiled, "I don't understand this point either, in these two years, I've hardly changed, I'm still 12 years old

appearance.Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm no longer mortal, but two years is not going to change anything for my body, it's only going to change significantly for the mortal body."

"So, Minister, your lifespan will also far surpass that of a mortal, as you can see from such a slow growth rate."

"Well, it should be."

"Wow, this is really great, if I also have the chance to evolve into a dragon, it will definitely be just as violent as you are now."

Tang Zichen and Blackie, soon arrived at a huge lake.

From what the locals said, this lake was so deep.

So this place, was a place where a suspected passage existed.

"Little Blackie, wait for me here as usual, I'll come out and inform you after I've confirmed that this place is really a passage."


Tang Zichen immediately jumped into the lake and then rushed to the bottom of the lake, soon Tang Zichen was several thousand meters deep into the bottom of the lake.

Although the pressure was great with such deep water, this pressure was really insignificant with Tang Zichen's cultivation.

However, after going this deep, there was no more light, and it was pitch black all around, the deeper you swam, the more pitch black it became.

Just then, Tang Zichen felt an attraction, which was very faint.

Tang Zichen was ecstatic inside, finally, he felt that attraction of the passage once again.

"Great, I've finally found the passage."

Tang Zichen immediately returned to the surface of the lake.

"Brother Chen, you've come out so quickly, is there no passage?"

"Blackie, get ready, enter the bottom of the lake, I didn't expect that the passage really shifted to this, this deep, bottomless lake is the passage, it's really hidden, ordinary people really won't know."

"Wow, finally found it, great."

Tang Zichen and Little Black rushed into the bottom of the lake together, after entering thousands of meters deep, he felt an attraction.

Tang Zichen didn't put up any resistance, allowing the attraction to attract him, the attraction grew stronger and stronger, and in the end, with a fierce suction, Tang Zichen and Little Black entered another multi-dimensional space, this multi-dimensional space, everything looked distorted and deformed, and in this multi-dimensional space, Tang Zichen still saw the same scenes he had seen before, there were many graves, and these graves looked like very big people.

After passing through this large number of graves, suddenly the body loosened up and the attraction disappeared, then Tang Zichen found that they were in a deep, dark underground.

Tang Zichen and Blackie immediately flew towards the floor of the deep pit, and soon, they were very much on the ground.

"Haha, Brother Chen, this must be another world, after more than two hundred years, we're finally back."..

Tang Zichen stroked the ashes of that Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun and the others, and said tenderly, "Mei Qian, Xiangyun, Xuan'er, did you see, we're finally home."

"Brother Chen."Little Blackie saw that Tang Zichen looked sad and lost his smile.

"Little Blackie, I'm fine, let's go, let's make sure we know where we are first, after all, we haven't been back for over two hundred years, it must have changed a lot, after all, this is a technological world, two hundred years, it's already changed drastically."


Tang Zichen and Blackie flew in the sky, heading to the nearest city of an empire.


Soon Tang Zichen arrived at a human city.

"May I ask where this place is?"When Tang Zichen was on the street, he saw a pretty girl and was busy asking.

The pretty girl looked at Tang Zichen and said, "This is the Lunar Unfallen Empire."

"The Moon Never Falling Empire, such a coincidence."Tang Zichen was a bit surprised, having come here back then, but at that time, Tang Zichen's intelligence had deteriorated and Mu Qianji had brought him here to steal a world wonder treasure.

Of course, in today's perspective, that World Wonder Treasure was really lowly enough, a genius earth treasure that was only 10,000 years old, but it did give Tang Zichen a new life at the time.

"Then let me ask, is there a plane to the Yanhuang Empire?"Tang Zichen asked.

That pretty girl looked at Tang Zichen with baffled eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"What are you doing all the way out here with a kid?And, what did you just say?Aircraft?"

"Yeah, doesn't the moon have a flight to the Inferno Empire?"

"Hahaha, you're laughing at me, you want to fly, go to the museum." Remember the URL

"What do you mean."

"It's hilarious that you're still flying in an airplane when such a backward mode of transportation has been gone for two hundred years, okay?"

"Uh, so how am I going to get to the Yellow Empire?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Alright, little brother, I see your looks, it's quite imaginary with the Yan Huang Empire, I'm sure you're also from the Yan Huang Empire, how about this, I just happen to be going back to the Yan Huang Empire, you can come with me."

"Uh, you're also from the Yan Huang Empire?"

"Yes, my family has business in Moonbeam and I'm here on business."That pretty girl said.

Tang Zichen sighed and said, "I didn't expect that business would be so far away nowadays."

Tang Zichen thought back to back then, no matter how big the business was, it couldn't be done so far away, because the Yanhuang Empire was already big enough, and the Moon Never Falling Empire was quite far away from the Yanhuang Empire.

That pretty girl looked at Tang Zichen in confusion, "Little brother, why do you always sound like an adult and have backward thinking, what do you mean by business made it this far away?Don't you know that the world is a village now."

Tang Zichen looked up at the pretty woman and said, "My name is Tang Zichen, call me by my first name from now on."

"Haha, Tang Zichen?Why your name is like a famous person in the history of the Yellow Empire, your parents really know how to give you a name."

"Uh, a historical celebrity?"Tang Zichen frowned.

The pretty girl said, "Aren't you from the Yan Huang Empire?Those in the Yan Huang Empire who have taken history classes generally know that over two hundred and thirty years ago, there was a martial arts practitioner named Tang Zichen, who vaulted across the entire world, and was the only person in the entire world since records have been kept who surpassed the Unity Realm.Alright, I'll pretend you never went to school."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed bitterly, the historical celebrity this pretty girl was talking about was him, right?

It was just that this pretty girl was afraid that she wouldn't believe to death that the historical celebrity she was talking about was the teenager in front of her who looked like he was only twelve years old.

"Brother Tang, my name is Zhang Ying, just call me by my first name."

"Zhang Ying?The Yan Huang Empire, the Zhang Clan?"

"Hey, you know my family ah."

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know, I saw your surname Zhang, so I'm just saying."

"Oh, brother Tang, let's go then, we should get going."

That pretty girl took out a remote control like a car key from a pretty bag, pressed it, and the next second, the sky

Suddenly a round goofy thing flew down, somewhat similar to a spaceship, but significantly more high-tech than a spaceship.

That round goofy thing opened a hatch.

"Brother Tang, I see you're so small, you can't jump up yet, let me carry you up."After saying that, that Zhang Ying hugged Tang Zichen, leaped and jumped into that hatch.

Tang Zichen was speechless.

"What kind of transport is this?"Don Zichen asked.

"Uh, no, don't even know about the sky car."

"A sky car, huh."

What a developed era, I'm sure something as backward as a car has gone into a museum.

"Is this sky car fast?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Of course, it only takes ten hours to travel to the Yan Huang Empire from here."

"That fast."

"Yeah, so you really made me laugh when you said airplanes, making it sound like you're someone who traveled from over two hundred years ago.Not to mention airplanes, even the second generation of travel tools after airplanes, flying ships, have been obsolete for over a hundred years."

"Even flying ships have been phased out."Tang Zichen was shocked.

Just at this moment, Zhang Ying pressed a button somewhere, and suddenly, the previously sealed celestial carriage suddenly all opened, as if, the entire celestial carriage became transparent, and could see the sky outside, as if Tang Zichen was sitting in the sky.

"This is?"

"Uh, do you mind if I turn on the transparency system?"Chang Ying asked.

"Transparent system?"

"Yeah, turn on the transparency system and you can view the view outside when all the surfaces become transparent except the ground."


Just at this moment, Little Black flew over.

Zhang Ying was shocked and said in shock, "What's that?"

Tang Zichen stepped out of the hatch of the Sky Cart.

"Brother Chen, have you found out how to get to the Yanhuang Empire?"Little Black asked, before Tang Zichen went to ask around and asked Little Black to wait in the sky.

Tang Zichen frowned, Little Black was really a bit difficult to handle.

"Little Black, there happens to be someone from the Yanhuang Empire who is also going back to the Yanhuang Empire, I'll just drop by his car, but you, I don't know if you can still hover over the sky car like before, I'll ask the owner."

Tang Zichen returned to the hatch and said to that Zhang Ying, "Sorry for startling you, that big python-like creature outside, it's a black jiao, it's my friend."

"Oh my god, the legendary black jiao?You guys, where the hell did you come from?"

"Oh, never mind where we're from, just pretend we're from the deep forest, now I'll have my brother hover over your sky chariot and slowly fly back to the kind of Yan Huang Empire, what do you think?If that doesn't work, then we'll choose another way to get back, so don't bother."

The pretty girl hesitated and said, "But I don't know if this will work, so let's try it, I'm not in a hurry anyway."


Of course Tang Zichen knew it would work, even more backward flying ships used to work, not to mention the current celestial vehicle.

Little Black hovered on top of the celestial cart and then flew away, only slowing down much, much faster.

Zhang Ying said, "At this speed, I'm afraid it will take two days to return to the Yanhuang Empire."

"Uh, I'm really sorry."Tang Zichen apologized.

"Oh, it's fine, maybe it's fate, brother Tang, it seems that you have a very difficult origin, living with the legendary Black Jiao."Zhang Ying was eager to ask Tang Zichen where exactly he came from.


Tang Zichen directly said, "Fine, by the way, Zhang Ying, can you tell me about how the Yan Huang Empire is doing today?"

"You're such a strange person, you're obviously only a teenager, forget it, I'll just assume that you really came from an isolated place.Then tell me what you know about the Yanhuang Empire, what is it like, let me see, your knowledge of the Yanhuang Empire is still stuck in what era."

Tang Zichen said, "The last thing I know about the Yanhuang Empire, there was a Wangjing City, which was the center of the Yanhuang Empire, and there was a court that ruled the entire country, and the court was full of powerful people.Then, the Yan Yu clan is temporarily a royal family, and the entire Yan Huang Empire has many families, and those families are in charge of one, or half, or a third of the houses."

Zhang Ying smiled, "Brother Tang, it seems that your understanding of the Yanhuang Empire is still stuck in two hundred years ago ah.Did your ancestors, in that era, move to the deep woods and never asked about the rivers and lakes again ah, otherwise why would they stay in that era, no wonder you were talking about airplanes before, now that I think about it, airplanes are indeed something from that era."

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't say anything, after all, there was no need to explain so clearly and it was not explained clearly.

Zhang Ying said, "Brother Tang, today's Yanhuang Empire is no longer the place you perceive it to be, the Yanhuang Empire today is no longer the same, the court has long been overthrown, not to mention there is no royal family anymore."

"Is there no more, has Wangjing City turned into a modern city as well?"

"Of course, Wangjing City is the nation's capital, very developed, I heard that Wangjing City used to be all red walls and green tiles, very quaint, but now there are no such buildings anymore, it's all tall buildings Daxia, Wangjing City has one of the top ten tallest buildings in the world, do you know how tall it is, 1300 floors, and I heard that this 1300 floor building was built on the site of the former imperial palaceon."

"Oh."Tang Zichen looked a little lost inside.

After all, Tang Zichen had been an emperor there for a few years as well, but now it had been demolished and a 1300-storey high building had been built.This world, it seemed, could no longer find any traces of the life they had lived back then, so Tang Zichen felt a faint sense of loss inside.Perhaps, this world, other than some historical records about him, there was nothing left.

Tang Zichen originally came to this world with a nostalgic mood to see the place where they and everyone had once lived, who knew that after coming here, he found that there were no traces of the original place and it was covered in the dust of history. A second to remember to read the book

Zhang Ying said, "And ah, it's no longer a martial way nowadays, it's not the same as back then."

"What do you mean?"

"Brother Tang, in the era you perceive, the family with strong martial skills was powerful, right?"

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Isn't it now?"

"Of course not, this is the era where quantum technology has reached its peak, and martial arts have fallen out of favor.Robots have replaced many of the jobs that humans do, and there is also an extremely powerful killing robot called the 'Mecha Warrior', the Mecha Warrior is stronger than you can imagine."

Tang Zichen frowned, "Are Mecha Warriors even more powerful than a martial artist at the peak of the Unity Realm?"

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, your thinking is really too outdated, a martial artist at the peak of the Unity Realm, no matter how powerful, then

It's also a physical body, Mecha Warriors, that's made of super alloy materials, every Mecha Warrior, the height is usually more than 30 stories tall, incomparably huge, no matter how powerful the martial arts are, it's not a Mecha Warrior's opponent ah.A while ago, there was a news story abroad about a certain country, a newly developed 6s class armor warrior, who blew up an ancient martial artist who had reached the Unity Realm Great Perfection with a single punch."

"Uh, Ancient Martial Arts?"

"Well, nowadays, in this era, it's not that there are no people practicing martial arts, there are still many practicing martial arts, mainly they are all ancient martial arts families, these ancient martial arts families have been inherited for thousands of years, they can't abandon martial arts, so they became ancient martial arts families.Such ancient martial families existed all over the world, but the ancient martial families were now just families, and it would be delusional to think of dominating the empire again like back then, so the martial arts had fallen away.Today, even the Ancient Martial Families, there are fewer and fewer people who can train to the Unity Realm, I heard that more than two hundred years ago, in Yanhuang Empire Wangjing City, there were too many strong people in the Unity Realm, and even more powerful, that person called Tang Zichen, beyond the Unity Realm.And now, the ancient martial arts are in decline, and the Unity Realm is becoming less and less.As I just said, some advanced empire-developed 6s-class armor warriors can blow up the Unity Realm with a single punch, so who has the motivation to practice martial arts."

Zhang Ying sipped his water and continued, "In today's era, whichever power controls the cutting-edge technology will dominate.Instead of which family is the strongest, they dominate."

"Oh."Tang Zichen nodded dumbly.

This world had really changed and he didn't even recognize it anymore.

Was this the hometown where Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou and the others, to the point of death, regretted not being able to come back for a glance?

Zhang Ying smiled, "Brother Tang, a friend of mine is from the Ancient Martial Family, I see that you know quite a bit about ancient martial arts, otherwise, I'll introduce that friend to you."


"That friend of mine is called Xu Qing'er, their family, used to be glorious, I heard Qing'er say that their Xu family, for more than two hundred years, had an ancestor who married the strongest man in the world at that time, Tang Zichen, I don't know if it's true or not, it's not written in the history books."

"Uh, the Xu family?"

"Yes, Xu Jia, Brother Tang, you are also called Tang Zichen, could it be that your ancestor was also a fan of Tang Zichen back then?Is that why you were given the same name?Oh, just kidding."

"It's fine."Inside, Tang Zichen said, "Mei Qian, do you hear me?Your family, so far."

"By the way, brother Don, in addition to MechWarriors, there are also Biochemical Warriors oh."

"Biochemical warriors?"

"Yeah, now that technology is so advanced, there are very many biological potions, and there are some people who are willing to inject biochemical potions to become powerful monsters in order to be strong, let me show you a video."Saying that, Zhang Ying clicked on a video.

In the video, a giant with a height of five meters, with soaring muscles all over his body, his fists were bigger than an ordinary person's head, and his skin was green.

"See, this is the person injected with the biochemical potion, the power is so great that ordinary martial arts practitioners, no matter how strong they are, may not be able to beat this kind of biochemical warrior, and in order to become this kind of biochemical warrior, you only need to inject the potion, it doesn't require much effort.It's like ancient martial warriors, from childhood, dying to train and train and train before they have a chance to become strong."


Tang Zichen said, "There is no shortcut to being strong, this kind of relying on injecting potions is not destined for the long term."

Zhang Ying said, "Wrong, this kind of injection of biochemical potions does not have a shorter lifespan than normal people, and it is easier to reach the goal.In ancient martial words, how hard would it be to reach the unity realm."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed, what a change of times.

"Alright, let's stop talking about it, let's watch a movie."

Saying that, Zhang Ying operated in the void and a movie opened up.

Tang Zichen felt as if he had suddenly crossed into a different world.

"Ah?What's going on?"Tang Zichen was shocked.

Zhang Ying puffed out a laugh and said, "Brother Tang, don't worry, we're still in the sky car, but our vision, we've entered the movie scene, that's why we feel like we've run away somewhere."

"Vision into the scene?Didn't movies used to be one screen and then a movie screen played out on it?Also, there's a three-dimensional effect if you put on a pair of glasses."

"Haha, brother Don, the kind of movie you're talking about, that's old-fashioned la, watching it with one screen, I go, I don't feel like I'm there at all, okay?Even that 3D movie with glasses you mentioned, it's only slightly more three-dimensional, it's not at all comparable to the immersive feeling we get when we visually enter a movie scene now, it's not even from the same era."

"Oh." First URL

Tang Zichen also understood that times had changed, and that watching movies was straight into the scene.

Tang Zichen stopped talking and the movie started to play.

About two days later, Tang Zichen arrived at the Yanhuang Empire.

"Brother Tang, here we are."

"Oh, thanks."Tang Zichen stepped out of the celestial cart and looked down at the city below, and sure enough, it had completely changed, looking at the current architecture, and thinking about the prosperous modern city that was in Tang Zichen's impression back then, it was like, forget it, there was no way to describe it.

Tang Zichen couldn't see what it looked like back then at all, it didn't feel like returning to his hometown at all, it was like coming to a whole new world.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen let out a deep sigh and said, "Guys, did you all see that?Our hometown bears no resemblance to what I remember."

Zhang Ying flew out and asked, "Brother Tang, this is the city where my family is located down here, do you want me to go sit at home."

"No, thank you for driving me all the way."

"You're welcome, by the way, where are you going?"

"I, I don't know."Yeah, Tang Zichen had been lost and didn't know where to go, there was no place for him here anymore, everything had become a legend.

Zhang Ying handed Tang Zichen a business card and said, "Call me if you need anything."

"But I don't have a cell phone?"

"What?Cell phones?Gosh, it's the old antique stuff again, oh, no need for a cell phone now, here's my business card, it's got my number on it, you just read the number once and I'll hear you speak.Cell phones, that's hundreds of years old, they use sky talk now, no need for a cell phone, just mouth it, the sky is always there."

"Oh, that's fine, thanks."

"I'm leaving now then, I have to report back to the family, when you find me, I'll take you to meet my friend from that ancient martial arts family, Xu Qing'er."


"By the way, for

For your ease of travel, I'll lend you my skycar."

"Uh, no, thanks."

Tang Zichen stood in the sky, with Blackie on his back, very confused.

At that moment, the celestial chariot sent Zhang Ying to the ground and then flew into the sky.

Tang Zichen had said no thanks, and she was still so polite.

"Brother Chenchen, where are we going now?Ugh, it feels like this isn't even the world we were hanging out in."..

Tang Zichen said, "It doesn't matter, anyway, our goal is to bring our former partners back to our hometown, and now that we've returned, whether it's changed a lot or not, it's still our hometown, so at least we've made up for their regrets."

"Then we have to go somewhere now."

"First, let's go to Martial Forest Island, it's not far from the Yanhuang Empire, I think there should still be traces of what happened back then, I want to go to the Martial Forest Academy."


Tang Zichen got on the celestial cart and said to the celestial cart, "Go to the Martial Forest Island."


The celestial cart's intelligent system immediately agreed, and the celestial cart headed straight for Martialwood Island.

It was so quick to get to the Martial Island in one go.

Tang Zichen stepped out of the celestial cart and looked down at Martial Island.

A frown creased his brow, where the Martial Forest Academy once existed, it had turned into a high-rise.

"Do I fuck him."Tang Zichen had some anger, he thought there was still a place worth remembering, but as a result, it had also turned into a tall building.

"Brother Chen, it looks like the Martial Arts Academy is gone?".

"Alas, I should have thought of that before Zhang Ying said that now that the martial arts are in decline, how can a place like the Martial Arts Academy for training still exist ."

"What then?"

"Let's go to the Peach Blossom Source."

Tang Zichen came back to the Peach Blossom Source of Martial Island.

Although there were no high-rise buildings in Peach Blossom Source, the original address of Peach Blossom Source had turned into a modern villa, as if a very important person had taken up residence here, after all, it was such a nice environment.

Tang Zichen landed on the ground, a few security guards at the entrance of the villa saw Tang Zichen and shouted, "Hey, where's the kid, go go go go."

Tang Zichen said angrily, "Who told you to live here?"

After Tang Zichen left, even though it was occupied by someone else, it still maintained its original appearance and was not destroyed.

Now, out of nowhere, a bastard appeared and made Tang Zichen's Peach Blossom Garden look completely different.

Therefore, Tang Zichen held a surge of anger within him, as if someone had taken advantage of his absence and demolished his home.

Of course, Tang Zichen's thoughts like this were wrong though, and there was no rule here that forever and ever would be his, but who made them powerful, he was whatever he said he was.

"Yoo-hoo, where's the little brat who let us live here?Do you know who lives here?"Those security guards snickered.

Tang Zichen looked at the faceless Peach Blossom Source and said, "I don't care who occupies my place, immediately restore it to its original state, or else, kill without pardon."In Tang Zichen's gaze, a cold light flashed.

"Hahahaha, little brat, go home and eat your mother's milk."


Tang Zichen's eyes were hidden with killing intent.

"Let me tell you, little fart, the person living inside is the father-in-law of General Chen Ma of the Yan Huang Empire, do you know who General Chen Ma is?That's the Yan Huang Empire."

"Boom!"That security guard hadn't finished his sentence, Tang Zichen blasted out with a punch and that security guard was suddenly killed by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't care who he was, anyone who made him unhappy would have to die.

"Ah."The other few security guards were shocked, it turned out to be no ordinary child, but an ancient martial arts practitioner.

One of the security guards shouted, "Someone, there are ancient martial artists coming to harass us."

"Bang."That security guard was blown to death by another punch before he could finish his sentence.


In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen blasted several security guards to death.

Then, he walked into the villa.

A pale old man with white hair came out and said angrily, "Who are you?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen raged, "I don't care who you are, destroy my place like this, give me death."

"Hmph, where's the wild child that dares to act rude here, do you know who my son-in-law is?"

"So what if you know, so what if you don't, your son-in-law is just a mole in my eyes."

"Ridiculous, what an arrogant and ignorant little fart."

"Boom."That old man hadn't finished speaking, his head suddenly cracked, and his body clattered to the back, spoiling a wall.

At this time, a few bodyguards flew out, these bodyguards were all innate, now in this era, martial arts practitioners were reduced to other people's bodyguards, it was also really sad.

Tang Zichen killed all of them.

"Phew."Tang Zichen was only slightly relieved after he had killed everyone.

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air and threw a punch down.

"Boom."Smashing a villa of thousands of square meters into pieces with a single punch, this strength, fortunately no outsiders saw it, or else it would really scare me to death.

Of course, those thirty-storey high Mecha Warriors could do it as well.

Tang Zichen couldn't find any more traces of his original journey in this Utopia and left disappointed.

Tang Zichen headed to the Dungeon of Martial Island.

He was about to check out the underground city, it hadn't been demolished and built into a villa.

However, as soon as Tang Zichen arrived at the entrance to the Dungeon, the first thing he saw was a pavilion with 'Ticket Booth' written on it.

"Eh?"Tang Zichen was stunned, a ticket booth?What do you mean?

Tang Zichen didn't know until he looked again that the underground city, which had been developed as a tourist attraction, looked like it was still a AAAA attraction.

"Phew."Tang Zichen felt a surge of anger, who the hell turned the Dungeon into a scenic spot.

However, right now, this Dungeon Scenic Area, many people came to visit, and most of them came in private cars, and there were many private sky cars approaching in the sky.Perhaps now that everyone's standard of living was higher and the speed of the skycars was faster, coming to Martial Island no longer had to be as strenuous as before, so after it became convenient to come and go whenever you wanted, there were more people coming to visit.

"Hmph."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away, and he didn't kill these tourists who came to visit the island.

Tang Zichen stood in the sky, looking at the bustling Martial Island, no more traces of the place he once lived here could be found.

"Brother Chen, you need to get over it."


nbsp; "I'm fine, it's fine."

Just as Tang Zichen was about to leave Martial Island, Tang Zichen suddenly remembered something.

When he was at that place in the ocean vortex, he entered a dark, endless space, after which Tang Zichen walked out through a glass door, and then he arrived at the novice village of Martialwood Island, where he was in the corn field killing locusts in the novice village, Tang Zichen imagined that he, himself, had acquired a treasure of some sort.

Tang Zichen suddenly remembered that incident at the moment.

"Novice village, cornfield?When I first entered that big, endless room and then came to the Novice Village, I wonder if it was a kind of guide that led me to this place."

"Just as well, since I've personally come here today, why don't we go to the Novice Village and have a look , whether it's a guide or not, there's no harm in going to have a look, let's hope that the cornfield, hasn't been destroyed."

Tang Zichen immediately arrived at Martial Island's Novice Village.

When he arrived at the entrance of the village, Tang Zichen saw that inside the novice village, there were rows of villas.

"Phew."Tang Zichen had a bit of an intolerable feeling that the Novice Village, which was so beautiful back then, was simply a place like a paradise on earth, but now it had turned into a resort.

However, Tang Zichen endured it for now, Tang Zichen entered this resort and walked towards the direction of the impressionable cornfield.

However, fortunately, Tang Zichen soon saw a large banyan tree, underneath this large banyan tree, there was also a well.

When Tang Zichen saw the banyan tree and the well, he seemed to instantly recall the past, and after searching in Wulin Island, he finally saw a surviving object.

Tang Zichen remembered the well underneath the banyan tree, when he entered the Martial Arts Academy, he entered the well to kill the Devil Snake living in the well during the freshman competition.I'm afraid that the well is now long gone, and since this place has become a resort, the magic snake in the well must have been cleared.

Tang Zichen continued to walk forward, and behind this resort, Tang Zichen finally saw a vast cornfield.

At this time, Tang Zichen came face to face with a tour group wearing uniform costumes, each of them also held a flag in their hands, a guide led them, while introducing them, "Can you see, over there in front is a mysterious cornfield, back when the Wulin Resort was developed, the developers originally wanted to dig that cornfield into a sightseeing lake, but I didn't expect that theThe cornfield was just dug one day, and the next morning it was back to its original shape.No matter how much damage is done, the next day this cornfield will be back to its original form."

"Wow, that's amazing."

"Later, countless scientists have come here to try to figure out the mystery of this cornfield, but unfortunately, nothing has come of it."

Tang Zichen came to the edge of the cornfield.

At that moment, Tang Zichen seemed to feel a call within himself, as if there was something that was calling to him.

"Hm?This cornfield seems to be calling me?Could it be that I was right and that illusion of the previous ocean vortex was a guide?Did you really direct me here?"

Tang Zichen looked outward with joy, the strong man he encountered in the ocean whirlpool back then, he said he was looking for a treasure, but unfortunately he was not destined to get it.

Was Tang Zichen destined to get it?Did you guide Tang Zichen here in the first place?It was just that Don Zichen didn't understand it at first.

Tang Zichen walked into the cornfield at once.

Countless locusts swarmed towards Tang Zichen.

Suddenly, one of the locusts shone as if it was different from the other locusts.

Tang Zichen immediately reached out his hand and gently squeezed that locust.

This scene was almost identical to the illusion he had in the ocean vortex.


It was truly a guide that guided Tang Zichen to this place.

At this moment, a voice sounded in Tang Zichen's head.

"You've finally come, I've been waiting for you for a long time, if you don't come, I really won't be able to hold on."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was taken aback.

"Who's speaking in my ear?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Don't ask so many questions, I won't hurt you anyway."The voice in my ear said.

"What do you mean?Who the hell is that."

"Well, before I died, people called me the Devil King of the Nine Paths, but you can call me the Devil King."

"Devil King of the Nine Paths?Why does that sound familiar?"

"Familiar?This is impossible, how could you, a small mortal, know about me, I'm only a trace of a remnant soul now, it's a miracle that I've survived until now without perishing, fortunately you've finally come today, otherwise I would have perished, the illusion of rescuing my primordial spirit would have been completely shattered."

At this time, Tang Zichen suddenly remembered that once he was in the passage he was traveling through, there were many graves at that space-time junction, and those graves looked very powerful, as if they were buried with gods or demons.Once, Tang Zichen faintly saw the words on the tombstones of a few graves, and one of them had 'The Tomb of the Nine Demons' written on the tombstone, besides the Nine Demons, Tang Zichen also saw the tomb of some kind of Morning Glory Emperor, the tomb of the Western Sovereign. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Hey, talk to me."The voice in Tang Zichen's head urged.

Tang Zichen was busy, "Demon King, I've seen the Tomb of the Nine Demon Kings at a spatial junction, is this you?"

"What spatial junction point, I don't understand what you're talking about."

"There are many, many graves in that place, too many to count, besides you, I also saw the tomb of the Morning Glory Emperor, the tomb of the Western Sovereign."

"What."It was only then that the voice in Tang Zichen's head was shocked, Tang Zichen had said Morning Glory Emperor, Western Sovereign in succession, and that was absolutely unusual.

"Senior, do you remember now?"

"Could it be that even I'm up in the Tomb of Time and Space?Hoo, it's really sad, hahaha, hahaha."The voice in Tang Zichen's head laughed tragically, as if it was a sad thing that his name had entered the tomb of time and space.

"Demon King, what do you mean?Why so much laughter?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hahahaha, I even went up to the Tomb of Time, do you really think too highly of me?"

"Devil, what does that tell you?Why so shocked?"

"Well, it's not clear to you, it's not something you're supposed to know, and you're not even close to knowing such things."


"What's the name, kid?"

"Tang Zichen."

"Good, Tang Zichen, now I'll choose you, I hope you won't disappoint me."

"Demon King, I don't understand what you want, could it be that you want to take away me?"

"Hmph, boy, you also think too highly of yourself, I, the Nine Daoist Demon King, have already cultivated to the level of a demon, can I look up to you with this broken body?Besides, I only have a wisp of my soul left, if I had the ability to take over, what would I need you for, I'm not going to take over a body and finish what I started on my own."

"Now you're asking me to help.

You work?What is it?"

"Tang Zichen, I'll make this short and sweet, for a wisp of my soul will soon be scattered.I am the Demon King of the Immortal Realm, I was victimized by a traitor, my primordial spirit was locked up, my wife, my daughter, were all raped and murdered, the hatred within me, the reluctance within me, allowed me to escape a wisp of my remaining soul.A strand of my remaining soul escaped to the mortal realm, I have waited tens of thousands of years, and only now have I waited for you to appear, fortunately you appeared just in time, if you had been a year or six months late, I'm afraid this strand of my remaining soul would have been scattered, this is truly the will of God.I need you to help me now, of course, you definitely don't have the ability to do that yet, when you enter the Immortal Realm in the future, you can ask around about my Nine Dao Demon King, find my Primordial Spirit, and help me rebuild it, so that I can be resurrected, thank you, please."

"Uh, let me help you reshape your Yuan Shen?Who sealed your Yuan Shen by?"Don Zichen asked.

"Telling you now might harm you, because you're still too weak, and if you know that person's name, even they might find you, so I'd rather not tell you more details, lest my enemies find you.When you step into the Immortal Realm in the future, you will naturally be able to find out, and I, the Nine Dao Demon King, have a little bit of power in the Immortal Realm, so I'm not without a reputation."

"Fine, I can help you, but what makes you think that it's possible for me to help you?I am now a mortal, and I don't even know what world I will go to after stepping on the Void."

"You don't need to be frustrated, believe in yourself, you will go to the spirit world after stepping on the Void, and your body is now a spirit body, no longer a physical mortal.In a moment, I will take this wisp of my remaining soul and turn it into a trace of immortal power that will be integrated into your body, although the immortal energy that my remaining soul can turn into is incomparably meager, I think that it will definitely be helpful to you and can help you cultivate in the spirit world in the future.This is also considered a deal for us to make with each other, how about it?"

"Fairy energy?Is it advanced?"

"At least in the spirit world, this is the equivalent of a high-grade, immortal breath that only immortals have, after this wisp of my soul is transformed into immortal breath, it's up to you how you can use it, how you can use it."

"Okay, I promise you, if I can enter the Immortal Realm, I will definitely help you with this."

"Thank you, you didn't make me wait for tens of thousands of years in vain."

"What do you mean?Am I the only one you've found in these tens of thousands of years who fits your criteria?"

"Yes, of course, but mostly also because I'm too weak right now, with only a faint remnant of my soul, so I can only fit into his body if I find someone whose soul structure matches mine very well, and you, you're the only one I can find whose soul structure matches mine very well."

"Alright, I understand."

"Then please, I won't waste any more time, the more time I waste, the less immortal energy my remaining soul will turn into."

"Then hurry up, don't waste time."


After saying that, the strand of residual soul in Tang Zichen's body transformed into a golden stream of air that flowed through Tang Zichen's meridians.

Only, this golden stream of air was very small.

However, despite being very small, it increased Tang Zichen's strength a lot.

Previously, after Tang Zichen stepped into the Returning Ancestor, the space trembled with a punch, but it hadn't reached the level of shattering the void.

But now, Tang Zichen felt a hundred percent sure that he could shatter the void with a single punch.

Tang Zichen immediately gave it a try.

"Bang."Tang Zichen just lightly swung his fist and punched out at the air.


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