Dish Best Served Cold 436-440


Chapter 436

The Xu family hall was dead silent and full of horror.

Only the miserable screams of that Xu family's old man could not stop echoing.

Looking at Xu Wenqing kneeling on the ground with a face full of misery, the hall full of guests, nearly all of them were stunned.

All of them, trembled and lost their voices.

Wang Lao was even more numb.

That was Xu Wenqing.

Xu Fengliang's father, the current head of the Xu family, was the most senior person in the entire Xu family.

But now, it was such a highly respected figure who was directly forced to kneel by Ye Fan!

How dare he?How dare he?

Isn't he really not afraid of the Xu family's revenge?

Between the endless horror, many people even opened their mouths wide and couldn't stop pumping cold air.

Many people only felt that Ye Fan had pierced the sky this time.

"The Xu family's old man was beaten to his knees."

"I'm afraid this is a big deal~"

The Xu family was one of the four great families of Yanjing.

Even though they were declining nowadays, their power and strength in Yanjing was by no means comparable to someone from a small place like Ye Fan.

At the moment when Xu Lei was forced to kneel, many people had almost seen the miserable end of Ye Fan in the future.

At such a scene, Xu Lei's face was similarly pale.After the endless trembling, but slowly shook her head and sighed long and hard.

She knew that from the moment Ye Fan forced his third grandfather to kneel.The conflict between Ye Fan and the Xu family was afraid that it would never be reconciled again.And she, Xu Lei, would undoubtedly follow Ye Fan and completely stand against the Xu family.

"It's just that brother Xiaofan has offended the Xu family for me.In the future, even if I face the Xu family's great revenge, I'll go with brother Xiaofan and carry it together."

"No matter how strong the storm is, we'll walk through it together."

Xu Lei looked at Ye Fan, and her heart, which had been tangled, calmed down after she had made up her mind.Those watery beautiful eyes, however, were glittering with an inexplicable yet determined light.

When everything had been irreversible, this brave girl in front of her was determined to stand with Ye Fan.

With him by her side, she wasn't afraid of anything.

When all the guests were trembling in disbelief, in front, Xu Meifeng and her daughter were both red-eyed and incredulous.

Especially when they saw that Ye Fan kicked Xu Wenqing to the ground, their eyes were nearly the size of bronze bells as they stared at each other.

"You...How dare you?"

"How dare you attack the old man?!!!"

Xu Meifeng was undoubtedly trembling mad as well.

She had thought that even if Ye Fan was bold, he would never dare to strike her grandfather.

After all, his grandfather was the highest ranking old man in the Xu family, and even the old father of the Xu family's master, and Ye Fan dared to fight even such a highly respected person?

But now, looking at the scene in front of her, Xu Meifeng realized that she was wrong.

And it was a big mistake!

To think about it, this young man in front of him even dared to beat up the mistress of the Xu family, an old man who had retired from the scene, what was he afraid of?

Presumably, the only one in the entire Xu family who could shock him was his own father, Xu Fengliang, right?

However, even with fear in her heart, Xu Meifeng was still putting harsh words at Ye Fan.

"You turtle, you hurt my mother and insulted my grandfather."

"Just you wait, you're finished."

"When my father returns, even if you flee to the ends of the earth, my Yanjing Xu family will never let you pair of dogs go!"

Xu Meifeng roared harshly.

But Ye Fan sneered, "Yes?"

"Since that's all that's been said, I, Ye Fan, have nothing more to say to you?"

"You...What do you want?"Looking at Ye Fan's cold face, Xu Meifeng was scared to death then.

She suddenly regretted a bit, she shouldn't have provoked him with words again.

Looking at the look of Ye Fan now, he was ready to take action against her, too.

At this time, however, Xu Meifeng's mother saw the situation, but she pulled Xu Meifeng and pushed her towards the door as she shouted in fear.

"Meifeng, go, quickly...Quickly go."

"Go to Xing's house and invite Master Torture!"

"Master Torture is a Taiji successor, only he, can bring down this bastard~"

"Quickly, please, Master Torturer~"

One side of Xu Meifeng's mother's face had been drawn crooked by Ye Fan, now trembling with her red lips, and in an extremely hoarse voice, she couldn't stop speaking to Xu Meifeng.

The Criminal Master they were talking about was naturally the second grandfather of the Criminal Master.

The Xing family was a national martial arts family, and Criminal Heaven's second grandfather was even a well-known Taiji successor.

The Xing family's Taiji martial arts school was opened by the second grandfather of the criminal, with branches all over China.

This kind of martial arts master is naturally an extremely powerful existence in the eyes of the public.

The Xu family has been friends with the Xing family for generations, now, the Xu family suffered a great disaster, and the Xu family's owner was out of town, now Xu Meifeng's mother's first thought was naturally to invite Grandmaster Criminal to help them teach Ye Fan a lesson.

"Meifeng, there's no need to go."

"My second grandfather is already on his way."

"In a few minutes, he'll be here."

"Bastard, my grandfather is a Tai Chi master, a master of the national arts."

"A bull can shoot a bull."

"When he arrives, you'll be waiting to die!"

At an unknown time, the Torturer who had just been kicked over by Ye Fan had climbed up and was laughing viciously at Ye Fan with a swollen face.

It was just that at this time, the way Torturer was laughing was even worse than crying.

Ye Fan's face was expressionless, only coldly returned, "Just a flower frame, and you dare to call yourself a grandmaster?"

"Shut up!"

"You turtle, how dare you insult my second grandfather?"

"My second grandfather, from a Tai Chi family."

"Standing at the age of three, boxing at the age of six!"

"At the age of ten, you can use the national martial art, the Taiji Sword!"

"At the age of thirteen, I inherited my grandfather's mantle and succeeded him as the successor to Taiji!"

"The lord of the Xu family treats him as a guest, and the head of a city also respects him as a guest."

"You're a country bumpkin, lowly and despicable, with no name, and you dare to defy my second grandfather?"

Hearing Ye Fan's words, Tormentor was only as if he was a cat that had been stepped on his tail.

A body full of angry words, eyes filled with ice cold.

With each sentence, he took a step forward, and the words of anger were even more as if they were thrown down like a golden stone on the ground.

Criminal Tian had grown up listening to his second grandfather's deeds, and in Criminal Tian's heart, it was almost like an idol and a person of faith.

Now Ye Fan had even said that his second grandfather was a playboy, so how could he hold back?

However, in the face of Tormentor's anger, Ye Fan's appearance remained flat and sneered, "You talk quite a bit, but so what?"

"Would you believe that in front of me, your proud second grandfather, respects me like a ghost!"


"I'll fuck you, right?"

"And respect you as a ghost?"

"I think you've been reading too many fantasy novels,"

"It's idiotic in general!"

When he heard Ye Fan's words, at that time, Criminal Sky's face turned black.

Looking at Ye Fan, only as if he was looking at a fool?

The others shook their heads at the sight of it.

"It's really a newborn calf, isn't it?"

"After all, he's still from a small place and has no idea how deep the waters of Yanjing are."

"After today, he's afraid that he'll learn a bitter lesson."

Many people lamented incessantly, Ye Fan's impression in the hearts of the crowd was undoubtedly greatly diminished.

Even Wang Lao, who had previously admired Ye Fan, sighed.

It was only felt that Ye Fan was too arrogant and boastful, not to mention that he was not self-effacing, but he was also recklessly showing off his abilities.

This kind of person, even if he had some talent, it would be difficult for him to become a great tool.

Xu Lei on the other side was even more anxious after hearing this.

She knew that Ye Fan was good at saving face, and that's why he would say such a big thing.

But face, it wasn't earned like this.

"Brother Fan, that Master Criminal is a master of national arts, it really isn't something we can deal with?"

"Let's get out of here while we can."

"A good man doesn't eat the immediate loss, even if we escape, I won't laugh at you."

Xu Lei's anxious eyes were red, and her bitter voice repeatedly advised.

Lin Wenjing also ran over at this time, urging Ye Fan to hurry up and take Xu Lei away.

However, in the face of the two girls advising each other, Ye Fan remained indifferent, always standing there with a calm look, not having any intention of escaping at all.

When Lin Wenjing saw this, she was furious.

She didn't expect Ye Fan to be so arrogant and vain and conceited.

Lin Wenjing had thought that the little brother Fan, who was in Xu's heart, should be a big and capable person, that's why she went to Yunzhou and invited Ye Fan here, hoping that Ye Fan could save Xu Lei from the deep water.

But who would have thought that this Ye Fan is just a stunner.

He rushed into the Xu family by himself with reckless vigor.

Now well, I guess it's not only that Xu Lei can't be rescued, but I'm afraid that it will make Xu Lei's situation even more embarrassing.

"Had I known, I wouldn't have let this Ye Fan come."

Lin Wenjing felt a burst of self-reproach and remorse.

Knock knock~.

However, it was at this time that the sound of low footsteps came from outside the hall.

Immediately afterwards, the crowd could only hear, a majestic indignant voice, which then came out from outside the hall.

"Which unsighted thing is it that dares to touch my Xing family's sons and grandsons?"

"It seems that someone from Zheng has been away from Yanjing for too long, so much so that some of the eyeless bastards that he's let in have no regard for my Xing family?"

In the midst of the majestic rage, only an old man, dressed in a long gray robe, temples white, hale and hearty.Between the dragon and tiger walk, but in the entire hall, all brought a stiff and cold wind.

Obviously, just from the appearance, the old man in front of him must also be a martial arts master who had been immersed in the national arts for many years.

Although, with the development of the times, traditional martial arts had long since declined.

However, national martial arts martial arts was the essence of Huaxia's culture and had never died out, only becoming more and more niche.

"Here it comes!"

"Master Torture is here."

"It looks like that young man can't leave even if he wants to."

After seeing the old man in front of them arrive, many people suddenly shook their heads and said, looking at Ye Fan with pity in their eyes.

Xu Lei even closed her eyes, her heart desperate.

She knew that this time, she and Ye Fan, she was afraid that no one would be able to leave.

Now that Ye Fan had made such a big trouble, not only did he injure Torture, but he also moved so many people in the Xu family, even the old man of the Xu family was forced to kneel down by Ye Fan.

Xu Lei no longer dared to imagine what kind of revenge Ye Fan would have to face next, what kind of revenge was the Xu family and Xing family?

After seeing Master Xing arrive, Xu Meifeng was as if she had found a patron, and her original fear of Ye Fan dissipated, now laughing fiercely.


"Master Torture is here."

"You're finished, you turd!"

Between caracals, Xu Meifeng hurried forward to meet him.

Torture himself staggered and ran over, crying all sorts of tears at the old man in front of him.

"Second grandfather, you've finally arrived."

"If you don't come, your grandson will be killed."

"Second grandpa, you must teach him a hard lesson and help your grandson take out this evil anger ah."

Crying as he cried out, Criminal Tian said viciously.

The old man was both heartbroken and angry when he saw this appearance of Criminal Tian.

"Little Tian, don't worry, grandpa will help you out with this anger."

The old man then looked around the room full of guests and shouted angrily, "Who is it?"

"Who is it?"

"Who hurt my grandson?"

"Stand out for me!"


The old man's middle-powered voice echoed endlessly in this hall.

Many of the people present turned slightly pale, and those who were close to him subconsciously took a few steps back.

Looks like, I'm afraid I'm going to see blood today.

Many people were suddenly more sympathetic to Ye Fan.

But there was no one else to blame, Ye Fan was the only one to blame.

"Grandpa, it's him."

"It's this turtle!"

"Not only did he injure his grandson, he even forced the Xu Family Master to kneel."

"Simply lawless, you must teach him a hard lesson!"

Torture was busy stepping forward at this time to help his grandfather identify Ye Fan.

"Mm.Little Tian, you just watch later."

"See grandpa, how to break his dog's legs!"The old man drank furiously, while turning his head to whirl around and look in the direction that Torture had pointed out.

However, it didn't matter if he didn't look, the old man's body was immediately rattled as he looked.

As if he had been struck by lightning, his old face smacked and his eyes then widened.

He looked at Ye Fan and lost his voice and trembled, "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?"

"Grandpa, don't mind what Mr. Chu and Mr. Wang ah, don't just stand there, you quickly go over and break his dog's legs."Criminal Tian was on the other side but couldn't wait, he hurriedly urged.

However, as soon as Criminal Tian finished saying this, the old man smacked him with a slap.

At that time, Zheng Tian was confused, because of the grievance, tears were flowing, looking at his second grandfather, crying, "Second grandfather, what are you doing?"

"Shut your doggy mouth!"

"You want to get me killed, motherfucker?"

The old man, with an iron blue face, cleaved his head at Torture for a while and cursed.

And then he quickly piled up a smile and walked towards Ye Fan's direction, smiling respectfully, "Mr. Chu, why have you come to Yanjing?"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier, anyway, we are considered acquaintances, so that I can host a banquet for Mr. Chu."

"Heh, so Master Criminal River still recognizes me, huh?I thought that your nobleman was forgetful and didn't remember me, the little man from Jiangdong."

"But I haven't seen you for a few days, but Master Torture River's might is growing, and it's all about to break my dog's legs?"Looking at the old man in front of him, Ye Fan smiled coldly, but the chill in his words was so distinct.

At that time, the Criminal River was about to pee, full of cold sweat, and even laughed in fear, "Mr. Chu, misunderstanding, it's all misunderstanding ah."

"Mr. Chu's divine might is overwhelming, under Mount Tai, you're just lending me ten guts, I wouldn't dare to break your dog's legs ah?"

"No, no, no...It's not a dog leg, it's...It's a human leg."

Criminal River was clearly terrified, so terrified that he couldn't even speak properly.


Ye Fan's skill, he had seen it before.

When he was in Li Er's house, the scene where Ye Fan's grass, wood, bamboo and stone became a sword, piercing flowers and picking leaves to injure people, Criminal River probably would never forget it himself in this life.

Ye Fan's prodigious skill on that day had undoubtedly completely shaken Penal River.

What's more, a few months ago, at the Taishan Martial Meeting, at that time, Li Er also invited Penal River to fight on behalf of Jiang Dong.

However, that Wu He Rong was too strong, and the military instructor Meng Baichuan didn't even walk a single move under him.

At that time, Criminal River was so scared that he just drove away and didn't even go out to fight.

This impromptu escape, as a deserter, Criminal River undoubtedly also had no face to hang out in Jiangdong, and he returned to Yanjing that night.

The Taiji Martial Hall in Yunzhou was nothing more than a branch opened by their Xing family, and Zhenghe's home base was undoubtedly still in Yanjing.

However, after returning to Yanjing, Criminal River was also keeping an eye on the news from Jiangdong.

For the matter of Ye Fan's saving grace and killing Wu He Rong in a single move at the battle of Taishan, the Criminal River naturally heard about it long ago.

It was for this reason that the Criminal River's awe for Ye Fan had undoubtedly grown stronger.

This was a divine man~.

Although Huthe was arrogant, he definitely had a name for self-knowledge.

He knew very well that the hundreds of mouths of their Xing family, combined, probably wouldn't be a match for Ye Fan.

This kind of character, it was better not to provoke if you could.

Otherwise, one day, he wouldn't even know how he would die.

Now, because of his grandson, he almost provoked this ruthless character in front of him, so one could imagine how terrified he was now.

Fortunately, he recognized himself in time, otherwise, Criminal River reckoned that the current himself was not much better than that Wu He Rong, right?

At this point, facing Ye Fan's previous cold and unpleasant voice, Criminal River was undoubtedly already sweating with fear.

Hastily bringing up his grandson, Teng Tian, "Bastard, what kind of person do you dare to provoke?"

"Why don't you apologize to Mr. Chu yet?"

Sentinel wasn't a fool, seeing his second grandfather being so fearful of this Ye Fan, he knew to himself that this time he was afraid that he had really kicked the iron plate.

There was no more of his previous arrogance, and he slumped his head, like a wilting bitter gourd, and apologized to Ye Fan repeatedly with a bitter face.

But at this time, looking at that to Ye Fan unable to apologize to the grandfather and grandson, full of guests but a stunned.

Only to feel unimaginable?

What the hell is going on here?

Isn't this torturer here to give his grandson a hard time?

Why is this leading the way to apologize to Ye Fan instead?

Could it be that this Ye Fan and Zheng He know each other?

"Little...Miss, Mr. Xiaofan he, too, has a friendship with the Xing family?"Lin Wenjing was startled and startled, and asked Xu Lei idiotically.

Xu Lei's beautiful eyes trembled and also shook her head in confusion, "Maybe?"

About the Taishan Martial Association, Xu Lei only knew that Ye Fan had lived up to the expectations and defeated Wu He Rong, successfully becoming the Lord of Jiangdong, but he didn't know the details.

What's more, he didn't know that Criminal River was actually involved in it.

After all, Xu Lei was already so busy because of the family matter, where was she to bother about this.

She had always felt that that Wu He Rong's strength was probably not strong, otherwise, Ye Fan was so young, how could he defeat him so easily.

Therefore, Xu Lei had always thought that Wu He Rong was simply unable to compare with a reputable national art master like Criminal River.

However, Xu Lei didn't know that Criminal River's fame was great, but it was all just a false reputation.His kung fu which was a little bit of showmanship was nothing more than a showcase to the likes of Ye Fan and Wu He Rong.

Now that she saw that Criminal River was so respectful to Ye Fan, Xu Lei was of course surprised.

She, by now, finally understood why Ye Fan had just said that the Criminal River respected him like a ghost in front of him!

Previously, Xu Lei and Lin Wenjing thought that it was all just some wild words of Ye Fan, but now it seemed that it was by no means false words.

While the crowd was trembling, Xu Meifeng and her mother, however, were unable to calm down.

They simply couldn't believe that Grandmaster Torturer, who they considered to be someone they relied on, was now so respectful in front of Ye Fan?

"Master Torturer, what are you doing?"

"Are you out of your mind?"

"He's just a turtle from a small place, how can he be worthy of such treatment?"

"All these years, your Xing family has received many favors from my Xu family, right?"

"Now, it's the right time to use you."

"This turtle hurt my mother and insulted my Xu family, I now order you as the eldest daughter of the Xu family to immediately break this bastard's dog's legs!"

"Don't worry, no matter what the consequences are, our Xu Family, will bear them all."

Until now, Xu Meifeng was still roaring in anger.

Hearing this, at that time, Criminal River's face turned black and scolded angrily.

"I said where did my grandson Xiaotian get the guts to offend Mr. Chu, but it turns out that he was compelled by your mother and son."

"Do you really think that we Xing family members are all fools?"

"You're not on it yourselves, but you're using us as a gun?"

"Your Xu family is a high family, we can't control who you want to mess with, nor can we afford to."

"But our Xing family is a small family and small business, I only hope, you seek death, don't harm us!"

Faced with Xu Meifeng's words, however, the Criminal River did not give any face at all, and left with a cold snort when he left with the Criminal River.

It seemed that the Criminal River was not going to get involved in the matter between Ye Fan and the Xu family.

After all, these two forces, their Xing family, could not afford to offend.

It was only wise to stay out of the matter and be wise.


Seeing that Criminal River didn't care about their Xu Family and turned his head and walked away, Xu Meifeng was undoubtedly dying of anger and roared angrily at the direction of Criminal River's departure, "Good you Criminal River, don't you regret it!"

"What the hell is a master of the national arts, I think he's just a punk, wimp~"

"Even a turtle is afraid of not daring to deal with it."

The words of Huanhe's previous words were undoubtedly like a slap on the face of the Xu Clan, causing the Xu Clan to lose face.

Xu Meifeng's vicious voice couldn't stop echoing.

However, no one paid attention to it.

After the torture river left, Ye Fan no longer lingered here, taking Xu Lei with him, he immediately headed out.

This time, naturally, no one dared to stop him anymore.

"Ye Fan is it?"

However, just as Ye Fan and Xu Lei were about to leave the hall, a contemptuous laughter was quietly heard from the crowd.

The crowd only saw a man with a pale face and a lean physique, walk out.

It was, indeed, Xu Lei's fiancé, Xue Minghua.

After a long period of silence, the man in front of him finally stepped forward.

"Kid, you should think carefully."

"Once you take Miss Xu away from the Xu family, will you be able to bear the consequences?"

"When the time comes, you won't only offend the Xu family, but also my Yanjing Xue family!"

"You should know what kind of energy the Xue and Xu families have in Yanjing, right?"

"Especially my Xue family, those who have offended us have not had a good end so far."

"If you anger us, not only you, but even your mother, your wife, and your family, I'm afraid they will also be affected by you."

"You shouldn't want to see that they suffer because of you, right?"

Xue Minghua smiled faintly, and his words were filled with contempt.The cold laughter was like the icy winds of the valley, quietly echoing throughout the hall.


Suddenly, Ye Fan's original forward steps came to a halt.

So much so that Xu Lei, who was following behind Ye Fan, almost bumped into Ye Fan.

And when Xue Minghua saw the situation, he thought that Ye Fan was afraid, and the smile on his face became even more unrestrained and intense.

"Kid, now you know the consequences, right?"

"Since you know you can't afford it, then be good and send Miss Xu Er over."

"Then, kowtow and apologize to Aunt Xu, and the old man of the Xu family."

"In that case, I, Xue Minghua, can keep you alive."

Xue Minghua shook his head and smiled, looking at Ye Fan with disdain and contempt.

It was as if, up to this point, Ye Fan had never entered his Xue Minghua's eyes.

Thinking about it, the Xue family, as a new nobleman in Yanjing, held ten thousand strands of wealth, and even such a prestigious family like the Xu family used a method like marriage to get closer to their Xue family.

From this, it could also be seen that the Xue family's power in Yanjing was so great.

As for Ye Fan, he was nothing more than a turtle from a small place, a lonely and unknown person, and Xue Minghua naturally didn't put him in his eyes.

However, who would have thought that just as Xue Minghua was condescending and faintly smiling, everyone only saw Ye Fan at the door, suddenly turning around and stepping towards Xue Minghua's direction.

"You...What do you want?"

"You're a turtle, how dare you hit me?"Sensing the ill will in Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes, Xue Minghua's pupils crinkled, the arrogant smile just now instantly scattered, and the only thing left on his pale face at this time was horror and fear, and a pair of old eyes immediately widened.

However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to Xue Minghua's roar, walking up to Xue Minghua and directly kicked out.

Only a bang sounded.

Tendons and bones shattered, Xue Minghua fell to the ground holding his legs, crying out miserably and moaning in pain.

With one kick, Ye Fan actually directly kicked Xue Minghua's legs off.

The entire hall trembled!

This sudden change only caused the crowd to be filled with horror and panic.

Before this, who would have thought that Ye Fan would be so cruel?

First, he had brutally beaten the wife of the Xu family's master, then forced the Xu family's old man to kneel, and now he had even kicked the Xue family's own brother, Xue Minghua, in the legs.

"What is he thinking?"

"Is he crazy?"

"He doesn't want to live~"

The entire hall of guests watched this scene, all of them turned pale, and their hearts were even more shocked by the waves.

The Xu family and the Xue family, in Yanjing, which one of them was not a heavenly power.

Families with enormous energy like these, even if they killed someone, they would be able to be suppressed through their connections.

But now, the youth from this small place in front of him was offending two at once.

And this situation in front of him, I'm afraid it's an undying feud, right?

However, Ye Fan was oblivious to the reactions of the surrounding crowd.

His condescending, cold gaze looked at Xue Minghua, who was moaning in pain at his feet, just like this.

"You shouldn't, threatening me with them."

What kind of chill was contained in the indifferent voice.

No one saw that at this time, there was nearly killing intent in Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes.

However, Ye Fan was still holding back after all.

"You should be glad that you are a member of the Xue family."

"Otherwise, what you will break today will not be a leg, but a life."

The cold voice was like the devil's low roar.

It carried a bone-chilling coldness, but it swept through this world.

At that instant, everyone present, subconsciously, was in awe.

Many people, looking at Ye Fan's gaze, only had fear.

Was this person in front of them really just, a youth in his early twenties?

That kind of majesty and momentum, even a middle-aged old man over half a hundred years old, I'm afraid, wouldn't have it!

As the words fell, Ye Fan took Xu Lei with him and then left.

At this time, however, Xue Minghua's painful and angry voice still echoed unceasingly, "Son of a bitch, you dare to hit me?"

"I, the Xue Clan, will make sure you don't have a good death~"


The vicious voice of resentment echoed for a long time.

Hearing this, Ye Fan's forward steps stopped once again.

He turned his back to the crowd and smiled coldly, "Yes?"

"In that case, tomorrow Wollongong Hotel."

"Bring all the people you can call, the forces you can move here, and the backgrounds you can bring out."

"When the time comes, I, Ye Fan, will be waiting for you there."

"I'd like to see what your Xue Family and Xu Family can do to make me die a horrible death."

Faint words echoed, and for a moment, the entire hall, but all but, was, Ye Fan's sloshing!


"Bully, huh?"

"Worthy of being the one who made the Xu family's old man kneel down and beg for mercy."

"This guy, could it be that he really has a heavenly background and is a heavenly figure?"

When Ye Fan's words came, the guests present, undoubtedly exploded immediately afterwards.

After so many years, it had been too long since Yanjing had someone so domineering appeared.

Many people, while trembling at Ye Fan's words, were speculating about Ye Fan's identity and background.

After all, a person who could say such words in front of everyone was either a heavenly figure or a heavenly brakeman.

"What f*cking great person?"

"I think it's just a stunner."

"Just because he has a bit of brute strength and knows a bit of kung fu, he doesn't know the sky's the limit."

"It's not surprising that in a society like this, no matter how big the fist is, it can't beat the powerful giants ah."

Someone shook his head and sneered in disdain.

After all, in the eyes of many people, no matter how strong Ye Fan's individual fists were, he was just a lone wolf after all.

Two fists couldn't beat four hands!

How could one person fight against a Yanjing gentry?And how can you fight against a century-old family?

In the end, it would be just a painful price to pay for one's arrogance in the end.

But now, no matter how much the crowd said, it was all just speculation.

"This Ye Fan, whether it is a dragon or a worm, we will naturally see tomorrow!"

"Let's, ah, wait and see."

The hall was filled with guests discussing.

For some reason, they were looking forward to tomorrow's scene in particular.

At this time, however, Ye Fan had already brought Xu Lei with him and left the Xu family villa.

On the road, there was a lot of traffic.

The two of them, Ye Fan and Xu Lei, were just like this along the road, walking slowly.

"Little Lei, I'm sorry."

"Today is your birthday, but I got mixed up in it."Looking at the graceful and magnificent woman beside him, Ye Fan said guiltily.

Xu Lei smiled in amusement, "Brother Xiaofan, don't say that."

"For so many years, today is the happiest and happiest birthday I've ever spent."

"Because I've finally found it, the teenager I've been searching for ten years."

Under the sunlight, Xu Lei a long dress, but facing Ye Fan, she smiled shallowly.

The pair of watery beautiful eyes were filled with inexplicable joy and affection.

Hearing Xu Lei's words that were so inciting, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "Little Lei, to be honest, I was used to seeing your high and cold and majestic appearance in Yunzhou, but now that I'm seeing you like this, I'm really a bit uncomfortable."

"What do you think, if Li Er, Shen Jiuyi and the others saw you like this, what would they think?"


Ye Fan said jokingly.

Even for him, it was hard to imagine that Xu Lei, the famous Yunzhou goddess of Jiangdong, the president of the Red Flag Group who made Li Er even regard her as an enemy of his heart, was now showing such a pretty and beautiful appearance in front of him.

I guess even if Ye Fan told this scene, Li Er and the others would never believe it.

Xu Lei's pretty face was blushing, containing a smile.

She was only secretly angry in her heart.

I thought her little brother Fan still has the nerve to say that when she ate the apple "peeled" by Ye Fan's mouth back then, her image of Xu Lei was already gone, right?

But now that she thought about it, Xu Lei really had some doubts that Ye Fan had intentionally used this method to get on her good side back then.

"Alright, brother Fan, let's not talk about that."

"You won't really be waiting for them at the Wolong Hotel tomorrow, right?"

"The Xu family and the Xue family are both among the most high profile families in Yanjing."

"Just like our Xu family, even though our power is not at its peak today, my second uncle Xu Fengliang has been operating in Yanjing for many years, whether it's black and white or military and political business, he has no small amount of say."

"You injured my second aunt and forced my third grandfather to kneel, you made such a big mess, and the fact that you are able to get out safely today is also entirely because my second and third uncles and the others are not in the family."

"Otherwise, I'm afraid that you and I wouldn't have been able to walk out of the Xu family hall."

"What's more, brother Xiaofan, you hurt Xue Minghua again."

"His own brother, Xue Wisdom, is the head of the Xue family."

"The Xue family has grown rapidly over the years, from being a small family with no name back then, it has risen like a comet in just a few years.Along with the Song family and the Zhao family, they are known as the "New Three Noble" of Yanjing, and compared to the Four Great Families, they have a hidden tendency to rise later."

"Whether it's family wealth or its industries, the new Yanjing nobles like the Xue family have surpassed my Xu family.If it wasn't still a little short of the bottom, even our Xu family would have to bow down to the Xue family."

"Brother Xiaofan, which one of those you offended today has monstrous power behind it?"

"I think, while we're at it, let's hurry back to Yunzhou and not confront them."

Thinking back to what had happened earlier in the Xu family hall, Xu Lei was undoubtedly full of worries.

Before, she was reluctant to tell Ye Fan about these things because she was afraid that Ye Fan would get involved and it would get out of hand.

After all, Ye Fan had already separated from the Chu family, and even though he had some influence in Jiangdong, the land of Jiangdong could not be compared to Yanjing after all.

Yanjing was at the foot of the sky, and even if Ye Fan was the earthly emperor of Jiangdong, noble gentry like the Xu and Xue families would definitely not take him into consideration.

But Xu Lei had never thought that the last thing she wanted to see would happen.

Ye Fan had already made his move, and in these circumstances, the Xu and Xue families would definitely not let Ye Fan off easily.

For now, the wisest move was to hurry back to Jiangdong.

A strong dragon can't overpower a snake in the ground.

With Ye Fan, Xu Lei and the others' prestige and power in Jiangdong, as long as they returned to Jiangdong, even if the Xu and Xue families were powerful, they would definitely be helpless in a short time.

However, faced with Xu Lei's concern, Ye Fan shook his head while laughing lightly and soothingly, "Little Lei, don't worry, it's fine."

"Your little brother Fan, has grown up."

"The current me, even if I don't rely on the Chu family, I still have the power to make these so-called giants, bow down!"

"What's more, I still have important business to attend to in Yanjing.If things aren't done, how will I return to Jiangdong?"

Ye Fan's words were calm and very light-hearted.

It seemed that what happened before didn't stir up any waves in his heart.

Seeing that Ye Fan's mind was already made up, Xu Lei didn't persuade anything anymore.

She knew Ye Fan's temperament, once he decided something, it would be useless for her to persuade him.

All she could do now was to stand firmly behind Ye Fan.

"Brother Fan, even if tomorrow is a sea of hellfire, Lei'er will accompany you and face it together."

Xu Lei's eyebrows were firm, and her pair of beautiful eyes looked at Ye Fan's firm side face like this, and decided in her heart.

And then, together with Ye Fan, Xu Lei stayed in the Wolong Hotel in Yan Jiao.

In the evening, Xu Lei had gone back to her room to rest, but Ye Fan was sitting in the living room, drinking tea while he was on the phone with Han Lao.

"Little Lord, the woods are beautiful and the wind will destroy them.You are, today, a bit impulsive."

"You behaving in such a way, will definitely attract, the attention of certain people."

"At that time, those people, will most likely be unfavorable to you."

"Your situation will undoubtedly be very dangerous."

In the middle of the phone call, came Han Lao's deep and worried voice.

What happened in the Xu family today, even if Ye Fan didn't say anything, but Han Lao, obviously knew all about it.

They had been planning for ten years, and had their eyes and ears almost everywhere around the world.The commotion that Ye Fan made today was so big, how could Elder Han not know about it?

However, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, taking a sip of strong tea and faintly returned, "Dangerous?"

"If I was afraid of danger, this Yanjing, I wouldn't have come."

"I was worrying about those people not coming to me, but if I could draw them out this time, it would save me the trouble."

"The seventy-seven and forty-nine knife wounds on Copper Mountain's body, I'm about to seek them back!"


The cold wind swept in from the gloomy night sky outside.

Wrapped around Ye Fan's icy words, they couldn't stop echoing in the room.

"Have you checked clearly, those who injured Copper Mountain, are they related to the Xu Family, or not?"

After a brief silence, however, Ye Fan gave a whisper and asked in a deep voice.

"Little Lord, about this, we haven't found out yet."

"However, I think that the person we supported in Yanjing should know more details than us."

"That's right, that person has returned to Yanjing.Little Lord, when do you think, you are going to summon him?"Old Man Han asked respectfully.

Ye Fan thought, "It's not too late, I don't want to be delayed too long in Yanjing.Mu Orange's side is still waiting for me to return for the class reunion."

"Just tomorrow, the specific location, have him contact me at that time."

"Okay, Little Lord.I'll let him know.By the way Little Lord, you still remember this person's code name, right?"On the phone, Han's respectful voice came once again.

Ye Fan smiled lightly and said indifferently, "The only hidden chess we planted in Yanjing, his codename, I certainly know."

"Long Yang, right?"

A faint voice echoed, and throughout, the corner of Ye Fan's mouth carried a majestic and arrogant smile.

It was as if that coup monarch would, on the morrow, summon his vassals!

The words trailed off, and Ye Fan raised his cup of tea abruptly, drinking it all in one go!

Outside, there were cold currents surging and winds blowing.

At this time, the matter of someone making a big fuss about the Xu family's birthday banquet had also finally started, fermenting in Yanjing City.


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