Dish Best Served Cold 431-435


Chapter 431

However, how could the torturer get his way?

No matter how hard he tried, but he never snatched that Four Dragon Fang Zun from Ye Fan's hands.


"You're strong enough for a turtle, aren't you?"

"Why don't you let go?"Huan Tian roared in anger.

Xu Meifeng also had her eyebrows furrowed, her pretty face filled with displeasure as she likewise shouted harshly, "The Four Dragons Fang Zun is tailor-made for this Miss."

"Why don't you hand it over to me quickly?"

The steward of the Xu family, also took a step forward and shouted in a low voice, "Still not letting go?!"

"How can you take out something that was given to my lady?"

For a moment, Xu Meifeng and the other Xu family members all scolded Ye Fan with anger.

That icy voice had lost its patience.

It seemed that if Ye Fan didn't let go, their Xu family would send someone to rob them hard.

However, in the face of Xu Meifeng and the others' morose whispers, Ye Fan smiled coldly.

"You're right."

"Since ancient times, dragons and phoenixes are the perfect match."

"This tripod in my hand, though, is a dragon tripod."

"But unfortunately, the phoenix of the Xu family is not you."

"Rather, it's, Xu Lei."

"I didn't come here today to celebrate your birthday."

"Rather, it's to celebrate the birthday of the Xu family's second miss, Xu Lei."

"As for you, you're not worthy yet!"


Miss Seo?

Xu Lei?

Ye Fan's words were like a boulder falling into the sea, but they created a huge wave in this hall.

Many people's looks trembled.

Xu Meifeng's pretty face was even more unsightly.

Her birthday banquet, this person in front of her, but to celebrate someone else's birthday.

What was the meaning of this?

Isn't this a slap in the face to Xu Meifeng?

"Brother Xiaofan."

However, just as the full house was surprised, upstairs, but then an excited and joyful voice came out.

Only Xu Lei, a long dress, but recklessly ran down from upstairs.

And then, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent eyes, the second miss of the Xu family, the Xue family's fiancée, just like this into the bosom of Ye Fan.

She hugged him tightly, letting her tears flow, and snuggled into Ye Fan's bosom like this, smiling tearfully.

No one knew how much heartache and bitterness was contained in that call of Xu Lei.

But fortunately, ten years of searching and waiting had finally blossomed into fruit at this moment.


"What's going on here?"

For a moment, the entire hall trembled.

Xu Meifeng and the others were undoubtedly blinded.

Was this still Xu Lei?

Is this still the second miss of the Xu family?

In the eyes of the crowd, how arrogant and majestic was the second miss of the Xu family?

It is said that ten years ago, one person went to Jiangdong.

A weak woman, yet she relied on her powerful wrist to open up a business empire of her own for the Xu family in the field.

Shouldn't such a noble woman like this Heroine be cool and unassuming?

Shouldn't it be noble and majestic?

Shouldn't it be like the snow lotus on the mountain that day, which can only be viewed from afar but not desecrated?

But now, who would have thought that such an iceberg of a woman, actually disregarding the majesty, disregarding the image to jump into the arms of a man.

This is not the same as the graceful and noble Queen of Jiangdong, this is clearly a spring heart to wait for the boudoir of the young woman.

The entire hall, at this moment a dead silence.

Some people are trembling, some are angry.

Some were even heartbroken.

However, Ye Fan and the two of them didn't pay any attention to the trembling eyes of the surrounding crowd.

At this time, the soft jade was warm and fragrant in his arms, and Ye Fan's nose was filled with the seductive fragrance of the daughter in his arms.

Looking at the beauty in front of him who had been separated for ten years, Ye Fan smiled with pity, "How old are you, and you're still crying?"

"Still think you're a kid?"

Ye Fan smiled as he gently helped Xu Lei wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes.

Then, Ye Fan gave the mouthful of Four Dragon Fang Zun in his hand to Xu Lei.

"Little Lei, I was planning to give you two apples."

"But I was in a hurry on the way here, so I didn't have time to buy them."

"I can only make ends meet with this dragon tripod first."

"It's been ten years, ten years since I celebrated your birthday."

"Don't blame brother Xiaofan."

"Today, with this dragon tripod as a gift, I wish my little sister Lei, a happy birthday and eternal youth."

"May this beautiful little phoenix of yours dance in the nine heavens as soon as possible."

Ye Fan's faint voice echoed throughout the hall for a long time.

Xu Lei was filled with joy, and her graceful and pretty face was filled with unprecedented happiness.

She forcefully embraced that square tripod into her arms, as if, possessing, the entire world.

Listening to Ye Fan's slightly guilty words, Xu Lei smiled wistfully, "Hmph, you know.It's been ten years since we left, and there's no news at all."

"Alright, seeing as you still remember my birthday, I'll forgive you."

"But this Fang Ding, it's not as good as the apple you gave me back then."

Xu Lei said with dissatisfaction, as if she didn't like this Fang Ding too much.

And when they heard Xu Lei's words, the corners of many people around them twitched inwardly.

Especially Wang Lao, who was on the side, was staring straight.

What do you mean it wasn't as good as an apple?

This Four Dragons Fangzun is a national treasure, hundreds of millions of dollars of treasure, is it still no match for a few dollars a pound of apples?

"The youth of today are really a generation down, they can't tell what is a treasure and what is a piece of junk?"

Wang Lao shook his head for a while and lamented.

However, where did they know what the first birthday gift that Ye Fan had given her back then represented to Xu Lei?

Although it was only two small apples, there was so much love and friendship in those apples.

Two small apples, two young children, tightly linked together.

The value of material things is limited.

But the affection within it, even ten Four Dragons Fangzun, was undoubtedly less than that.

Xu Lei felt that she would never eat the apple that Ye Fan had "peeled" for her again in her entire life, right?

"So, today is also Second Miss Xu's birthday."

"I'm really sorry, if I had known that today is also Second Miss's birthday, I would have prepared two gifts."

"But it's just as well, I also have a phoenix jade pendant here, it's a royal treasure from the Qing Dynasty, it can ward off evil spirits and disasters and pray for blessings and shelter, it's something I've treasured for many years.I originally wanted to leave it to my future granddaughter-in-law."

"But today, it's a gift to Second Miss."

"It just happens to be a pair with that Dragon Zun, too."

"One dragon and one phoenix, a perfect match for a heavenly immortal, huh?"


"Again, with this phoenix pendant, I, Wang Kaige, will wish Second Miss, happy birthday."

At this time, but Wang Lao, who was on the side, stepped forward and gave Xu Lei a piece of phoenix-style jade pendant on his body.


The Phoenix Jade Pendant?

"God, did Wang give all this stuff away?"

"Back then, I spent fifty million on it, but he wouldn't even sell it."

Seeing Wang Lao give out the Phoenix Jade Pendant, the guests present were once again shocked.

Xu Meifeng, on the other hand, was even more jealous of the red eyes.


Fifty million?

The tea set Wang Lao just gave her was worth only one million.

But now, Wang lao actually gave Xu Lei a phoenix jade pendant worth ten million dollars.

This pendant alone can be compared to all the congratulatory gifts she received today, right?

After all, there were many guests today, but none of the gifts given were expensive gifts.

Millions of them were top of the line.

Most of them were just something like ten or two hundred thousand.

But now, a single Phoenix Jade Pendant alone was tens of millions.Coupled with that Four Dragons Fangzun, just two items would be enough to spike the gifts Xu Meifeng had received in her entire life.

Thinking of this, Xu Meifeng's jealousy grew even greater.

Based on what?

That damned Xu Lei. Does she deserve it?

It was obvious that she, Xu Meifeng, was the phoenix of the Xu family.

Xu Lei is just a widow whose parents have both died, what can she do?

Xu Meifeng's palms were clenched tightly as her eyes were both red with jealousy and anger.

"Miss, calm down."

"A mere old geezer, he's celebrating Xu Lei's birthday, presumably for that mouthful of Four Dragon Fang Zun."

"This room full of guests, it's just this one old hag who has eyes but no pearls, he can't make any big waves."

"Is everyone else still, ignoring that Xu Lei?"

"There are only two people celebrating Xu Lei's birthday, she won't be able to steal your thunder."The housekeeper at the side, smiled at Xu Meifeng and advised.

When Xu Meifeng heard this, the anger in her heart was only calmed down by three points.

It was also true that the hall full of guests were all here for her Xu Meifeng.

She was the protagonist of the day.

As for Xu Lei, even if the gifts she received were expensive, it was only a district of two people.

Compared to her Xu Meifeng, it was still unbearable!

However, Xu Meifeng's complacency wasn't long in coming.

Only, in the hall, a wealthy tycoon couldn't sit still and actually got up and walked towards Xu Lei as well.

"Second Miss, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"We didn't know, it's your birthday today."

"I have a pocket watch on me, made of pure gold, made in Switzerland."

"It's not as good as Wang's phoenix pendant or this young gentleman's dragon, but it's a token of our city's southern Tang family's appreciation."

"With this watch, I wish Second Miss a happy birthday and an early phoenix dance."

"And please accept it Second Miss."

The man's esteemed voice quietly rang out in the hall.

And Xu Meifeng saw the situation, at that time, her pretty face then white, beautiful eyes trembling, full of surprise.

"Uncle Tang, what are you?"

However, Xu Meifeng's words had just fallen.

Immediately afterwards, another person got up and came out.

Walking towards Xu Lei, he likewise paid respectful homage and offered congratulatory gifts.

"Happy birthday, Second Miss!"

As the second man walks out, the third man, the fourth man~

It was as if a boulder fell into the sea, remembering the monstrous waves, and for a time, the full house of guests who had originally come to celebrate Xu Meifeng's birthday, now also all rose up to pay respectful congratulations to Xu Lei.

"Happy birthday to second miss, phoenix dance~"


"Happy Birthday to Second Miss, Happy Birthday~"


The sounds that rose and fell rang out unceasingly .

It gathered into a stream, impacting the entire world .

Some of them, like Wang Lao, directly took a precious object off their body as a gift, others, then sent people outside to buy it, some even called their families to send it to them, and some even ran directly to Xu Meifeng and brought back the gift given to her in front of her, and gave it to Xu Lei instead.


Looking at the one rich and powerful person who came forward to congratulate her, Xu Meifeng only felt as if she was being smacked on the face one after another.At that time, she was already confused.

The old face reddened, and his eyes were incredulous.

"What are you guys doing?"

"I'm the only one who's a big sister of the Xu family."

"I'm the only one who is the phoenix of the Xu family."

"I'm the future heir of the Xu family?"

"You're all here to celebrate my birthday, so why go worship her?"

Xu Meifeng was nearly insane, shouting hysterically.

However, her little voice was quickly drowned out by the overwhelming sounds of congratulations in front of her, without making any waves at all.

At this time, Xu Meifeng couldn't figure out why the crowd had suddenly gone to celebrate Xu Lei's birthday.

However, where did she know what the crowd was thinking.

Earlier, when Ye Fan gave the Four Dragons Fang Zun to Xu Lei, many people secretly speculated that could it be that this Xu family was going to change?

Will the next head of the family no longer be Xu Meifeng?

After all, many people present knew about the Xu family.

The head of the current generation of the Xu family was supposed to be Xu Lei's father.

It was only after an accident later that it fell into the hands of Xu Meifeng's family.

But in the eyes of the crowd, Xu Lei was the rightful heir of the Xu family.

Now that someone was offering the Four Dragons Fang Zun to Xu Lei, many people naturally began to speculate about the meaning.

After all, if Xu Lei wasn't about to take power, who would give her several hundred million dollars?

Plus, after that, Wang Lao dedicated the phoenix jade pendant and named Xu Lei as the phoenix of the Xu family.

At that moment, the crowd was undoubtedly even more certain that the next heir to the Xu family was going to change!

This was why the crowd was scrambling to celebrate Xu Lei's birthday instead.

However, it was unlikely that these people would have thought that they were actually overthinking it entirely, right?

Ye Fan sent congratulatory gifts because of the old friendship.

Wang Lao was sending congratulatory gifts because he wanted to get to know Xu Lei so that he could buy back the Four Dragons from her in the future.

But no matter what the reason was, it was a fact that all the guests were celebrating Xu Lei's birthday.

At this time, Xu Lei, who was the main character, was undoubtedly terrified.

She thought that this birthday of hers would be deserted and uninhabited.

But who would have thought that in the end, a twist of fate would lead to everyone competing for her birthday.

For a time, Xu Lei was undoubtedly in the limelight, and the scenery was boundless.

She completely became the most dazzling star in the Xu family hall today.

She only felt that happiness came too suddenly.

At this moment, Xu Lei was undoubtedly even more grateful and attached to Ye Fan.

Back then, when she was being bullied, he was the one who saved her.

Now, in the midst of her most gloomy life, it was his little brother Fan again who drove away all the gloom in her life.

He was like a light that illuminated her, her entire life.

"Brother Xiaofan, it's so good to meet you."

In the midst of everyone's bidding congratulations, Xu Lei smiled happily.

But at this time, but no one knew how indignant and grasping Xu Meifeng, who was so much neglected on the side, was in her heart.

She clasped her palms tightly, because of the force, her fingertips almost plunged into flesh and blood.

She had been planning for months for this birthday banquet, and was thinking of making a big splash today, humiliating Xu Lei along the way.

But who would have thought that it would end up like this?

Not only did he not make a fool of himself, but he made Xu Lei whole.How could Xu Lei be the bride for all her efforts?




A variety of emotions, but at this moment filled Xu Meifeng's entire heart.


However, no matter how angry Xu Meifeng was at this point, she could only suppress it in her heart.

After all, she couldn't find a reason to be angry at Xu Lei right now!

"But, Xu Lei, Xu Lei, you won't be arrogant for long."

"In a few days, you'll marry into the Xue family and become the woman of that trash Xue Minghua."

"When that time comes, I'll see if you can still laugh like you're doing now."

Xu Meifeng knew that Xue Minghua was nothing but a womanizer.

And with a tyrannical temperament, it was rumored that Xue Minghua had several ex-girlfriends who had been beaten and scolded by him for years, and many of them were even mentally ill and had been admitted to mental hospitals.

"Xu Lei, aren't you proud?"

"If I can't get you, someone can always take care of you."

At this time, Xu Meifeng was laughing gloomily.

When she thought of Xu Lei's future married life, all of Xu Meifeng's previous displeasure was gone, and instead, she felt smooth and cheerful.

After all, in her opinion, Xu Lei's scenery nowadays was only temporary.

How about being given a few hundred million dollars for the Four Dragons Fang Zun?

So what if I give you the Phoenix Jade Pendant?

A few days later, when she married out of the Xu family, wouldn't these things still be in his hands?

While Xu Meifeng sneered, in the hall, Xu Lei smiled tearfully, as if because she was touched, or because she was happy to see Ye Fan again.

"Little Lei, Secretary Lin has already told me about you."

"They're the ones who forced you to leave Yunzhou, and even more so, they forced you to marry into the Xue family.Now even more so, they have put you under house arrest."

"I'm sorry, it's brother Xiaofan's fault that I didn't care about your sudden departure at first, causing you to suffer so much grievance."

"Now, since I'm here, I won't let you suffer any grievances."

"Now, I'll take you away."

"Follow me, and then return to Yunzhou."

Ye Fan gently helped Xu Lei wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes and said in a deep voice.

Xu Lei, however, shook her head and smiled.

"Brother Xiaofan, it's all nonsense from Wen Jing she said, don't take it seriously."

"No one forced me, I was the one who voluntarily returned to the family in the first place."

"After all, I've been away from the family long enough, it's time for me to come back."

"Moreover, I'm not young anymore, and brother Xiaofan has already started a family, so I naturally can't be left behind.It's also time to find someone to marry."

"Besides, the Xu family didn't put me under house arrest, a woman who is about to marry should have been less visible."

Xu Lei said with a smile in her mouth, but then she smiled as brightly as she could, and that was as guilty as it got.

However, she really didn't want Ye Fan to get involved.

After all, the Xu family and the Xue family, which one wasn't a huge power in Yanjing.

She had operated in Jiangdong for ten years and even established the Red Flag Group, cultivating no small amount of power.

But in the end, facing the pressure of both the Xu and Xue families, she still lost.

No matter what she could do, she was still powerless, so how could she fight against a family with a strong foundation?

Even she was like that, let alone Ye Fan?

Even though Ye Fan had some fame in Jiangdong, he was ultimately too far behind compared to the Yanjing giants.

Ye Fan, who was detached from the Chu family, was undoubtedly unable to fight against the Xu family in Xu Lei's opinion.

Xu Lei, was really afraid that because of herself, Ye Fan would suffer further harm.

"Alright, brother Xiaofan.I'm already happy that you came to see me today."

"You should go home soon."

"All wives come here, but now they come not far to find other women, be careful your wife will make you kneel on the scrub board oh."

"My aunt and uncle are very good to me, you don't need to worry about me."

Xu Lei laughed softly, but no one saw what kind of reluctance and loss was contained in her smile.

She knew very well that once Ye Fan left today, perhaps they, was never to be seen again.

But even so, Xu Lei didn't want to see, her little brother Fan, hurt.

"Xiaolei, do you still want to lie to me?"At this time, however, Ye Fan's appearance had completely sunk.

"If the Xu family is good to you, how could they elevate you and ruthlessly take away the Red Flag Group that you built with your own hands?"

"If they were good to you, how could they have snubbed you and left you alone on your birthday?"

"Don't think that I don't know that when you left Yunzhou, it wasn't just because the Xu family had overridden your business, but also because, they used Qiushui Logistics to force you into it."

"You were afraid that you would implicate me, so you endured the humiliation and returned to your family."

Ye Fan's cold and indignant voice quietly sounded.

And Xu Lei was stunned, her beautiful eyes trembling with shock, "These, you .,...How do you know?"

Xu family forced each other with Qiushui Logistics, Xu Lei didn't even tell Lin Wenjing, she didn't know, how did Ye Fan know about it?

"You don't have to ask me how I know, you just have to tell me, yes or no?"Ye Fan was expressionless and asked in a cold voice.

Xu Lei lowered her head, like a child who had done something wrong, her shell teeth biting into her red lips, she whispered, "Brother Fan, don't worry about these things, I'll take care of them."

"Shut up!"At this time, Ye Fan suddenly snapped in anger.

"Since you called me brother, then you are my Ye Fan's sister!"

"When I was young, I was still able to protect you from bullying.And now, can I stand by and watch you, sheep in the tiger's mouth?"

"Today, whether you say yes or no, I must take you away."

"No one can stop you, including yourself!"

It was as if a golden stone was thrown to the ground.

Ye Fan's domineering words, however, quietly exploded in the hall.

At that moment, Xu Lei was close to tears.

It was as if a ship had stopped at a harbor, or as if duckweed had found its home.

In the split second that Ye Fan's words fell, Xu Lei only felt that no matter how big the storm and setbacks were, she wasn't afraid anymore.

"Heh, jerk."

"You're so big-headed!"

"What the hell are you?"

"My second sister is a member of my Xu family, and now that her wedding date is approaching, she is about to marry again."

"How can you take her away if you want to?"

At this time, Xu Meifeng's cold laughter came from behind her.

After that, she looked at Xu Lei and angrily questioned, "Xu Lei, don't forget, who trained you when you grew up?"

"And don't you forget who helped your family with the funeral when your parents died?"

"And don't you forget how you promised my father in Jiangdong in the first place?"

"The Xu family has worked so hard to cultivate you for many years, do you really want to follow this brat and just walk away, leaving my Xu family disgraced and disgraced.Let my Xu family's hundred years of family culture be destroyed!"

"Let your uncles and aunts, your third grandfather and third grandmother, as well as everyone in the entire Xu family and even your parents in the ninth heaven, all completely become the laughingstock of Yanjing City because of you?"


In the hall, Xu Meifeng's angry voice echoed.

His words were too harsh, moving the Xu family's hundred-year clear name, and even the entire Xu family's face and honor, even Xu Lei's dead parents, all out to pressure Xu Lei.


At that time, Xu Lei's face was pale and her pretty face was drooping.There was pain and torment in her eyes.

Clearly, Xu Lei didn't know what to do either?

On the one hand, it's your own happiness in life, on the other hand, it's the family's face and reputation.

Xu Lei was so caught between the family and his personal life, his heart was torn between pains.

The Xu family was his parents' life's work and career.

This situation was undoubtedly difficult for even Xu Lei herself to choose from.

"Mei Feng, what's going on?"

"From outside I heard the mess inside."

"What the hell is going on?"

At this time, a middle-aged woman wearing gold and silver outside the hall, however, walked in.

Hearing the noise of this full hall, she frowned and asked.

"Hello, Madam Xu."

"Madame Xu, you've come."


After this middle-aged woman in front of them came in, the full hall of guests, greeted respectfully.

Yes, this woman in front of her was the current mistress of the Xu family, the mother of Xu Meifeng.

"Mother, you're just in time."

"Our Xu family's marriage to the Xue family, my second sister he wants to go back on his word."

"And you want to go with this turtle in front of you?"Seeing her mother return, Xu Meifeng spoke even more unscrupulously as if she had a patron.


"She wants to repent her marriage?"

"How dare she?"

When the woman heard this, she was shocked, then looked at Xu Lei who was on the side, and immediately said in anger.

"Xu Lei, you dead ninny, don't be a white-eyed wolf with no conscience."

"For the sake of your marriage to the Xue family, how much has our Xu family paid?"

"We've sent out the invitations and now you want to repent of your marriage?"

"Don't you want the world to see my Xu family as a joke?"

"You're shameless, and we want shame!"

"What's more, you've grown so big and are out there in the limelight, by what?Or is it by our Xu family?"

"Without our Xu family, do you think you can make your enterprise that big in Jiangdong?"

"Without the family to cultivate you, do you think you'd be where you are today?"

"Don't you have any idea how much the family has paid for this in your case?"

"Now is the time for you to repay your family, do you really want to be a white wolf, ungrateful and walk away?"

"Besides, the Xue family is big and powerful, not weaker than our Xu family in the slightest, if you marry over, you'll be the luxurious wife of the Xue family, a dream many people dream of.You're an orphan with no father or mother, how much light have you gotten to have such a good home?"

"It's just as well that you don't know how to be thankful to us, but now you dare to repent of your marriage?"

The woman's words were harsh, pointing at Xu Lei's nose was a splitting burst of anger.

"Aunt, I..."

Xu Lei's pretty face paled even more, and her head bowed even deeper.


Evan listened, and then he was pissed off and laughed.

"What a thankful family."

"Since this marriage, you think it's so good."

"Then why, why don't you marry your daughter to that second young master of the Xue family?"

"Shut up, where is this fool, this lady is lecturing, you have a right to interrupt?"Xu Meifeng's mother was furious when she heard that Ye Fan had even interrupted.

"Where are the security guards?"

"Break his mouth for me and throw him out!"

"Dressed like a turtle, you dare to shout at my Xu family?"

"Today, I'll let you know that there are places that are not for a turtle like you to set foot in!"

In her anger, the middle-aged woman immediately ordered.

"Yes, ma'am."

For a moment, a dozen security guards outside all poured in.One of the leading ones, even more so, had stretched out his hand, looking like he was ready to smite Ye Fan's mouth.

"Auntie, don't~"

Xu Lei was shocked when she saw this.

In her opinion, even if Ye Fan was strong, how would he be able to fight the dozen or so strong men in front of him on his own?

In panic, Xu Lei then called out anxiously, "Brother Fanny, you should run."

"Run?"Evan shook his head and smiled, "Why should I run?"

"Wu He Rongdu is a defeated general under me."

"Zhou Sheng all kneeled down to me and begged for mercy."

"What do I have to fear from these few turkeys and dogs in front of me?"

"It's just that today is Regina's birthday and I didn't want to do anything."

"But nay, you guys are seeking your own death."

"Well then, no wonder I, Ye Fan, disregarded Regina's love!"


Ye Fan's sensible laughing words, but at the moment, exploded.

In the next moment, everyone could see that the skinny young man, who was originally standing proudly on the spot, actually took thirteen steps in a short period of time, and with each step, one Xu family security guard was pulled out like a dog by Ye Fan.

Only a few seconds later, thirteen bodyguards of the Xu family all vomited blood and fell to the ground, groaning.

Amidst the mess, only Ye Fan, was still standing.

His thin body was like a long spear standing up.

The sleeves of his jacket were ringing in the wind.

Morbid gaze, just like this, coldly stared at the frightened and silent woman in front of him.

At that moment, the woman in front of her only felt as if she was being stared at by the devil, her bloated body, but unconsciously began to tremble.

In great fear, the woman's colorful and stern voice roared, "You...What do you want?"

"You bastard, this is the Xu family, I'm the mistress of the Xu family, you turtle, how dare you..."


Before the woman had even finished her words, Ye Fan's slap had already fallen.

With a single slap, half of Xu Meifeng's mother's face was directly crooked by Ye Fan, and her teeth were broken.In the end, under the huge force, the hundreds of pounds body of the mean woman in front of her directly flew up, knocking over countless tables and chairs, and finally landed on the ground with a crash.

Presumably, this woman never expected that she would have wanted to have her mouth smashed, but instead ended up having her own mouth smashed by Ye Fan.


When Xu Meifeng saw this, she shouted in panic and whirled around, anxiously running towards her mother's direction.

"Son of a bitch!"

"You dare to hit my mother, you're finished."

"My Xu family, I'll let you die a horrible death!!!"

Xu Meifeng ran and cursed viciously as she ran, her eyes as red as blood.

At this time, the hall was filled with silence.

All the guests present had been completely dumbfounded.

After all, it had all happened too quickly, only in a flash of lightning.

One second, the Xu family was besieging Ye Fan, but the next second, the thirteen bodyguards of the Xu family as well as the wife of the head of the family were all smashed to pieces by Ye Fan and fell to the ground.

However, just as the crowd was in panic, it was Criminal Sky who was the first to react.

He rushed up to Xu Meifeng and comforted her, "Meifeng, don't worry, I'll help you avenge your aunt's death."

"My second grandfather is the descendant of Taiji, I inherited his mantle, torturing this brat is only like torturing a dog!"

"You'll just have to watch!"Criminal Sky vowed.

After saying that, the torturer rushed towards Ye Fan.

Filled with icy cold eyes, he cursed angrily, "Stinker, I see you don't want to live, Mei Feng's mother, you dare to fight too?"

"Today, if you don't kneel down and apologize, I'll break your dog's legs!"


When the words fell out, there was only a pop.


The figure of a hundred pounds in the criminal sky, then flew up like a useless dog, after smashing the doors and windows, collapsed to the ground.Covering his stomach groaning in pain, but could not even stand up.

He was thinking of taking this opportunity to perform well in front of Xu Meifeng, to save the beauty and win her heart.

However, he had never thought that the person in front of him was so cruel, and he looked like he was also a trainer.

He didn't even say anything just now, and he was directly kicked out by Ye Fan.

Thinking of the way he swore in front of Xu Meifeng before, Criminal Tian blushed, feeling only extraordinarily humiliated.

But even if one lost a fight, one couldn't lose momentum!

Thus, even now, Tormentor endured the pain, still gritting his teeth and roaring at Ye Fan.

"Bastard, how dare you hit me?"

"You're finished."

"My second grandfather is a Taiji heir, and when he arrives, he's bound to break your dog's legs~"

As soon as Torturer finished saying this, Ye Fan smacked him again.

The slap directly drew blood out of Criminalization's mouth.

But the body of Executioner Tian's body flew out several meters away again.

Dead silence~

For a time, the hall was filled with dead silence.

The crowd of guests present, looking at the scene before them, only felt their hearts tremble and drew cold air in a frantic manner.

It was too cruel!

They didn't expect this youth in front of them to be so cruel?

Not only did they kick over thirteen people of the Xu family in a row, but finally even the housewives of the Xu family were incited to fly out, and now even the first son of the Executioner family is kicked out?

Is he out of his mind?

Does he know what he's doing?

It was the Xu and the Criminal families.

Although the Criminal Family was only a second-rate power in Yanjing, this family was a martial family.Everyone in the family was a martial arts practitioner.The reason why the Xing family got rich was because they relied on the martial arts passed down from their ancestors and opened martial arts schools everywhere to teach their students.

What's more, this Xing family is extremely protective of their shortcomings.

When someone injured a side child of the Xing family at first, that person ended up having his leg broken at night and was sent to the hospital.

"Little sir, would you hurry up and leave?"

"Not to mention that the Xu family is one of the four great families of Yanjing, but the Xing family alone is something you can't afford to offend?"

"Before the Xing family arrives now, you should leave quickly."

"If it's any later, you're afraid that you'll be carried out."

Wang Lao seemed to admire Ye Fan and was now even more concerned to advise him.

Xu Lei was similarly pale and pushed Ye Fan incessantly to get him to leave quickly.

"Brother Xiaofan, just listen to me and hurry back to Jiangdong."

"Otherwise, when my third grandfather and the others come over, you won't really be able to leave."

Xu Lei was so anxious that she almost cried out.

She didn't expect that Ye Fan had even beaten Xu Meifeng's mother.

She was the wife of the head of the Xu family, and if Ye Fan didn't leave now, Xu Lei was really worried that Ye Fan wouldn't be able to leave later.

Ye Fan listened, but he sneered.

"Can't get away?"

"If I want to leave, who can stop me, no matter how big this Yanjing is?"

"What a cocky kid!"Right at this moment, a low indignant voice came from outside the hall.

Then, only an old man with somewhat white hair was seen, but his old face still carried an elevated dignity.

"San...Third grandfather?"Upon seeing this person, Xu Lei's pretty face went white and her heart went cold.

The others were even more shocked when they saw the person, their eyes widening.

"This...This is, the old man?"

"Oh my God!"

"Old Master Xu Wenqing is out."

"That young man is afraid he's finished!"

"This is the highest senior figure in the Xu family."

"The Xu family's old father."

"This time, that youngster is afraid that he won't be able to leave if he wants to."

Many people said with a series of emotions, shaking their heads and looking at Ye Fan with pity in their eyes.

Wang Lao also sighed and looked at Ye Fan as if he was told to fend for himself, and then Wang Lao silently retreated a few steps to clear the relationship with Ye Fan.

After all, the Xu family was so powerful that even he was reluctant to offend.

"Grandpa, you've finally come."

"That brat beat my mother, you must teach him a hard lesson ah."

Now that her father wasn't here, the heartbeat of the Xu family was undoubtedly Xu Wenqing, Xu Meifeng's grandfather.

Looking at the mess all over the floor and Xu Meifeng's mother's mouth full of blood, old man Xu Wenqing's appearance went cold.

"These, are you the one who did all this?"

He looked at Ye Fan and asked in a deep voice, his eyes full of ice cold.

Ye Fan, however, ignored his inquiry and instead turned to ask, "You are Little Lei's third grandfather, the highest ranking person in the Xu family today?"

"You're just in time, I was just about to ask you.You should know about your daughter-in-law and granddaughter, forcing Xiaolei to marry into the Xue family, right?"

"Regina is not your own granddaughter, but her grandfather, who is a brother to you, is going to stand by and let them push Regina into the fire?"

However, in the face of Ye Fan's questioning, Xu Wenqing snorted, "Xu Lei is trained by the family, her lifelong matter should be decided by the family, whoever she is allowed to marry, that's who she has to marry, so what's the point of forcing her?"

"What's more, the Xue family is a new nobleman in Yanjing.Without any surprises, it will be the fifth most powerful family in Yanjing in the future.Many people want to marry but can't, and it would be a great honor for Xu Lei to marry into the Xue family, so how can she say that she's jumping into the pit of fire?"

"Instead, you brat, you're here to stir up trouble and smear the Xu family, what exactly are your intentions?"

Xu Wenqing's indignant voice couldn't stop echoing.

And as Ye Fan listened, he burst out laughing, full of ridicule, "Haha~"

"What a new Yanjing noble, what a great honor!"

"I originally thought that this old thing of yours has been through the world, and even if you can't be a man of humane and worldly affairs, you should at least be a reasonable person."

"But now it seems that I was overthinking."

"You old thing, I guess you've gone all live dog on a big old age."


Hearing Ye Fan's words, the whole crowd was shocked.

Old Master Xu Wenqing was even more furious.

"Shut up!"

"Bastard, how dare you insult me?"

"Do you know who you're talking to again?"

"And Xu Lei, you ungrateful dead ninny, my Xu family has trained you for decades, and now this is how you repay us?"

"Bringing a fool like this here to embarrass the Xu family?To embarrass your aunt and uncle?"

"You evil beast of the Xu family, still don't kneel down and thank me for your sins!"Looking at Xu Lei, Xu Wenqing burst out in anger.

"The ones who should kneel down and thank you for your sins are you."Ye Fan shook his head and gave a whisper.


"What do you want?"

Sensing the eeriness in Ye Fan's words, Xu Wenqing was almost subconscious and was in awe.

"Kneel down!"

Ye Fan spoke in a cold voice, his face steeply cold.

"Little Brother Fan, don't~"

Xu Lei was alarmed at the sight of it.

However, it was already too late.

Only a bang was heard as Ye Fan kicked out, directly kicking Xu Wenqing's left leg on top of his knee.

"The person that Little Lei married is tyrannical and lustful, and even has venereal diseases.For you to allow Little Lei to marry this person is tantamount to putting Little Lei to death."

"In order to fight for the family fortune and take sole power, your lineage, plotting against Little Lei, will do anything to kill her, do you think you, should kneel?"

Ye Fan let out a low cry and the sound wave exploded.Then stepping forward, his Qi suddenly soared and kicked out again, and with a bang, Xu Wenqing's right leg fractured, and his other leg also kneeled on the ground immediately.

"Little Lei's parents, bowing to the best of their abilities, have made the Xu Family Center leap into the ranks of the four great families.You, however, do not know how to be grateful, but you have returned the favor and pushed Little Lei to the brink of extinction, do you think you, should kneel?"

Ye Fan's pride was filled with ice cold eyes.

The monstrous rage was only like a thunderbolt.

Under Ye Fan's rage, Xu Wenqing, however, had an eventful old face, his legs crumbled and he fell to his knees.The mournful howls made everyone even more frightened to turn pale.


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