Dish Best Served Cold 426-430


Chapter 426

The Xu family hall.

It was already full of friends and guests.

The Xu family's birthday banquet today was extremely lively.

Business celebrities, political elites, and half of Yan Capital's dignitaries had nearly gathered here.

Before the host of the banquet appeared, the crowd in the hall was also laughing and chatting with each other.

In the middle of the magnificent hall, there was melodious music playing.

Gentlemen with successful careers were laughing and chatting with elegant and beautiful ladies over wine.

A banquet like this in the upper circles, naturally, is also a good time to make connections and expand the circle of friends.

Finally, with a beautiful woman, she walked out of the inner hall.

This heaven and earth, in a moment, quieted down.

Everyone could only see a plump and noble young woman, wearing a long, snow-white dress, climbing onto the high platform just like this, under the attention of thousands of people.

This person was the Xu family's eldest miss, the daughter of the current head of the Yanjing Xu family, Xu Hong, Xu Meifeng!

After Xu Meifeng appeared, she sat at the highest place in the hall.

Today's birthday banquet, she was the protagonist, so she should naturally sit at the most distinguished place.

"Miss, you see, may we begin?"At this time, the butler attached himself to Xu Meifeng's side and asked respectfully.

Xu Meifeng smiled proudly, "Well, you can start."

"Also, don't forget what I told you before, give my second sister a live broadcast."

"Let her see how glamorous her sister's birthday banquet is."

"Let her understand the difference between her and me."

"Also let her know that the current head of the Xu Family is no longer her father.The eldest sister of the Xu family is no longer her either."

"Tell that second sister of mine to just be honest and put herself in her place.As long as she's obedient, the Xu family will let her marry in style on her wedding day."

"Otherwise, don't blame the Xu family for embarrassing her."

Xu Meifeng proudly said, her words filled with mortification and complacency.

To Xu Lei, Xu Meifeng had been displeased with her since she was a child.

Obviously, she, Xu Meifeng, was the eldest daughter of the Xu family, but just because Xu Lei's father was the head of the Xu family, all the limelight of the Xu family's eldest sister was undoubtedly stolen by her, her second sister.

But fortunately, the old heavens opened their eyes and Xu Lei's parents passed away unexpectedly.And her father rose to the throne smoothly, and since then, Xu Meifeng's status naturally rose until she completely stole everything Xu Lei had previously had in the Xu family.

But what made Xu Meifeng extremely unhappy was that that second sister of hers was still arrogant and maverick, and did not submit to her discipline at all.

"Xu Lei, Xu Lei, do you still think that you are still the Xu family's eldest daughter now?"

"Today at this birthday banquet, I'll make you completely understand that you, Xu Lei, have already been trampled underfoot by me, Xu Meifeng!"

Xu Meifeng was full of pride.

Of course she knew that today was also Xu Lei's birthday.

Back then, the Xu family had given birth to two thousand girls on the same day, but Xu Meifeng was born a few hours earlier, so she became an older sister.

But so what if she knew, she was deliberately trying to embarrass Xu Lei by making the Xu family not celebrate her birthday.

Finally, as Xu Meifeng announced the start of the birthday banquet, guests from all parties, also began to offer congratulatory gifts.


"Southern City Tang Family Tang Enlong, presenting a pair of white jade bracelets.Blessings to Miss Xu, happy birthday."


"Chairman of the Long Xiang Group, offering a pair of platinum necklaces, wishing Miss Xu, happy birthday and eternal youth~."


"The northern part of the city, Su Rong, presents ..."


One after another, guests came forward, offering one congratulatory gift after another .

In just a short while, the birthday congratulatory gifts in front of Xu Meifeng had already piled up into a small mountain .

Listening to the honored congratulations from all the guests, Xu Meifeng was undoubtedly proud of herself, feeling only glory.

After all, there weren't many people in the entire Yanjing City who could attract congratulations from all the states and dignitaries with a single birthday banquet like her Xu Meifeng.

At this time, Xu Meifeng was so proud of herself.Her vanity was undoubtedly also greatly satisfied and floating amidst the esteemed blessings of the crowd.

"I'll go, look at Xu Meifeng arrogant like that."

"It really pisses me off~"

"Miss, this Xu Meifeng is deliberately humiliating you!"

"Specially to have a TV brought in to broadcast her birthday party to you."

"That's clearly a deliberate attempt to embarrass you."

"It's really too much."

In the villa's attic, through that LCD screen, seeing Xu Meifeng's smug appearance in spring, listening to the respectful voice of all the guests from all sides coming to pay their respects, Lin Wenjing was close to being exasperated.

Xu Lei's pretty face was also a little pale, who could know the loss in her heart?

Although she had tried to keep herself calm, seeing the huge gap in front of her, Xu Lei's heart would inevitably feel lost.

After all, in this world, which woman didn't want to be valued?Don't want the attention?Don't want to be the brightest on your birthday?

Lost, Xu Lei wanted to turn off the TV.But how could she get away with it?

Xu Meifeng's men were staring right outside, there was no way they would let Xu Lei turn off that live feed.

The Xu family hall.

At this time, it was still bustling with activity.

Among the crowd, only a handsome young man walked out with a smile on his face, full of admiration and blessed Xu Meifeng, "Meifeng, the nine-carat diamond ring is for you."

"I wish you a happy birthday, and I also wish that your future life will be as shiny and dazzling as that diamond ring."

This young man said affectionately, but the adoration for Xu Meifeng in his words was extraordinarily obvious.

"Young Master Torture, thank you, put it there."Xu Meifeng smiled nonchalantly.

Xu Meifeng already knew about the intentions of Criminal Tian.

Although Criminal Tian was good-looking and would be the heir of the Criminal Family in the future.But the Criminal Family was only a second-rate family in Yanjing, inferior even to the Xue Family, let alone compared to one of their four great families, the Xu Family.

"A turtle from a second-rate family who also wants to pick up my mother?"

"Dream on you!"

"The one who is worthy of this young lady should at least be the Xue family's grand son."

Looking at Criminal Tian, Xu Meifeng smiled enthusiastically on her face, but in her heart, she carried a despise.

However, Xu Meifeng didn't intend to tell Criminal Tian her heart, it was quite good to hang on to him like this.

Anyway, someone was booing him on a regular basis, or a free dog's leg, so why not?

"The second son of the Xue family, Xue Minghua, presents a Qing Dynasty jade hairpin.Happy birthday, Miss Xu!"

At this time, another young man came forward.

This man walked vapidly, his face also had a touch of sickly white, and his physique was extraordinarily slim, looking at the aftermath of excessive indulgence.

And when she heard the name of the Xue family, at this point Xu Meifeng's eyebrows lit up.


"Ming Hua, we're all family from now on, what's the point of being polite, if you don't send congratulatory gifts, my sister won't be angry."Xu Meifeng greeted with a smile.

Yes, this Xue Minghua was exactly the fiancé that Xu Lei was going to marry.

The Xue family's heritage in Yanjing was not as good as the four great families.

But it was definitely a top-notch power second to none.

Moreover, the Xue family's development in the past few years was even more so, and if it wasn't for the almost bottom line, it would probably have been ranked as one of the most powerful families in Yanjing long ago.

Now that the Xu family was in decline, it was natural for them to want to establish a relationship with the Xue family, a newcomer to Yanjing.Leaning on the Xue family for support, so as to extend the life of his family for another hundred years.

"By the way, where's your brother, didn't he come?"

At this time, Xu Meifeng asked in confusion as she looked backwards.

Xu Meifeng had been thinking about Xue Minghua's brother for a long time, and the reason why she was trying to facilitate Xu Lei's marriage to Xue Minghua was also to send a favor to the Xue family so that they would remember her Xu Meifeng for good.This would also bring her closer to brother Xue Minghua.

After all, Xue Minghua was a dude who did nothing but work all day long, and goods like him were simply not good enough for Xu Lei.

Now that he's married to Xu Lei, who's both talented and beautiful and ice clear, he's naturally taken a big advantage.


And Xue Minghua's brother was the head of the Xue family, and now that she had sent such a great favor to the Xue family, Xue Minghua's brother would definitely miss her.

I thought that for today's birthday banquet, Xue Minghua's elder brother would personally arrive.Xu Meifeng had never expected that it would be Xue Minghua himself who would come.

Xue Minghua smiled back and said, "No.Originally, my brother was going to personally celebrate Miss Xu's birthday, after all, if Miss Xu hadn't tried to facilitate it, I'm afraid that my marriage to Lei Lei wouldn't have gone so smoothly."

"Our Xue family has been thinking of Miss Xu's good fortune?"

"This hairpin was personally chosen by my brother, bought with a month's salary from my brother, and I was specifically instructed to personally give it to Miss Xu as a birthday gift."

Xue Minghua said flatteringly, but the rest of the people heard, but they were slightly shocked.

A month's salary from the head of the Xue family?

It must be at least a million.

The Xue family is just rich and generous, a birthday gift, but a million luxury gifts?

Many people secretly lamented.

After all, although most of the people present here were billionaires, or even billion or ten billionaires, but it was not false that their families were big, the company's expenses were also big, and many companies were almost always in debt if you counted loans.

Therefore, unless it was a particularly important occasion, they would never have the gumption to take out a few million just to celebrate a woman's birthday.

Other than this gift from the Xue family, the most expensive among the rest of the guests was that young master of the Criminal Family, Criminal Tian, who gave a diamond ring that was worth around 900,000.Nearly spending up half of Criminal Tian's savings.

In order to get the girl, this Criminal Tian had obviously fought hard as well.

But now, compared to the Xue family, he was naturally defeated.

"Did your brother personally pick it?"

"Thank you then, I like it very much."After hearing Xue Minghua's words, Xu Meifeng smiled.Delighted, she immediately invited Xue Minghua to take her seat.

After that, several dignitaries served congratulatory gifts to celebrate Xu Meifeng's birthday.

It lasted for nearly half an hour before all the guests finished their congratulations.

After the guests were seated, Xu Meifeng stood up with boundless pride and majesty in her beautiful eyes, lifted the wine cup in front of the table, and proudly said to the crowd, "My father is not here, so now the Xu family is dominated by me."

"Today, on behalf of the Xu Family, and on behalf of myself, I, Xu Meifeng, express my gratitude to all the guests."

"With this wine, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you!"

Sitting high above, Xu Meifeng's petite body stood proudly.

She held red wine in her hand, feeling the reverent and awe-inspiring gaze of the crowd, under the spotlight, when she tilted her head, the glass of red wine, a drink!


The thunderous applause rose and fell.

"Not only is Eldest Miss Xu talented and beautiful, she is also magnanimous."

"I believe that before long, when the old master retires, this Xu family, will truly be able to serve big miss."

"This cup of wine, we also toast to Eldest Miss~"

Amidst the applause, many people were all complimentary, and the obsequious and reverent voices echoed in the hall.

Looking at the reverent and awe-inspiring crowd below the stage, Xu Meifeng smiled arrogantly, her eyebrows were full of intent.

At this moment, she was only as if, standing at the peak of her life!

However, just as Xu Meifeng was enjoying the scenery, the door to the hall was immediately pushed open.

Only a slim young man, just like this, quietly appeared in the sight of everyone.


"You are?"

Looking at this unexpected man, Xu Meifeng's beautiful eyes wrinkled.

The others were also filled with amazement, looking at the man in front of them.

Looking at the way he was dressed, he didn't look like a rich man at all.

Could it be that he was also a guest invited by the Xu family?

Faced with Xu Meifeng's confusion, the man then looked up and smiled faintly, "Yunzhou, Ye Fan."

"Specially came to celebrate Miss Xu's birthday."

Ye Fan's faint voice, like a breeze, echoed in the hall.

At the split second Ye Fan's voice sounded, in the villa penthouse, a graceful and beautiful woman, but she was instantly stunned.

As if a thunderstorm exploded from her heart, Xu Lei's pair of beautiful eyes, immediately stared.

The joy in the depths of her heart was as if waves of shock had swept over her.

"He...He, really came?"

No one could feel Xu Lei's feelings at this time.

That feeling was like returning to that evening ten years ago once again.

That young man, also at her most desperate moment, was like a knight, descending from the sky.

He was like a beam of light, illuminating his own, most gloomy life!

Villa Hall.

Ye Fan's arrival had undoubtedly created many waves throughout the hall.


"What's that place?"

"A newly formed district in Yanjing?"Xu Meifeng was filled with confusion as she realized she had never even heard of the place Yunzhou.

The other guests were also confused.

"Ye Fan?"

"Does Yanjing have this number?"

"I've never heard of a family surnamed Ye within the big families in Yanjing, ah?"

However, while the crowd was speculating about Ye Fan's identity, a snort of laughter was heard from within the crowd.


"What was the big deal about me then?"

"So you're a hick."

"That Yunzhou, I guess it's a small village~"

The cold laughter sounded, but in a split second the eyes of the crowd brushed over.

Only to see Li Yuan walk out with a smile in her face, and the gaze that she looked at Ye Fan was filled with contempt and disgust.

"Yuan Yuan, stop fooling around."

"Don't come back yet?"

Seeing one of his own little secretaries standing out at this time, the torturer was scared white.

This was Miss Xu's birthday banquet, and this little secretary of his, she also dared to come out and make trouble?

I should have known better than to bring her here.

However, in the face of Criminal's rebuke, Li Yuan smiled proudly, "Mr. Criminal, don't worry, I have a sense of propriety."

Then, Li Yuan stepped forward and said to Xu Meifeng, "Miss Xu, don't be fooled by him."

"This guy, last night, he claimed to be a big shot and came to my house to scrounge for food and drinks.In the end, he was swept out by my father."

"I didn't expect that he'd eaten a bear's heart and come to Miss Xu's birthday party today to dabble in food and drink again."

"Don't look at him pretending to be quite decent, but in fact, this man, is a country bumpkin."

"Just a country bumpkin with no money or power."

"Miss Xu you don't know, last night he came to my house for dinner and didn't have money to buy a gift, so he ended up picking up a piece of broken metal from the trash as a gift."

"I threw it out at the time."


A scrounging hillbilly?

Li Yuan's words were a shock to the crowd.

After all, what occasion was this.

Which one of the people here was not either rich or noble.

A country bumpkin would dare to come to their high class banquet?

"Don't talk nonsense, this lady."

"Where would a country bumpkin have the guts to do that?"

"It would be bad if you wronged someone."At this point, someone questioned.

But Li Yuan was smiling confidently, as if she had it all figured out.

"Unjustly accused or not, just look at the gift from this "big man"."

"Last night, he gave my family a piece of broken metal. I just don't know what kind of "treasure" he's brought for Miss Xu today."

Li Yuan's mocking voice quietly rang out.

In a split second, the gazes of the crowd turned to Ye Fan once again.

Obviously, they also wanted to see what kind of gift this young man in front of them had brought to Miss Xu Family.

Just like this, under the gaze of the crowd, Ye Fan gently took a heavy and ancient object out of the gift bag.

"Ye Fan, give away a four-legged rusty tripod."

"I wish Miss Xu, looks as beautiful as ever!"



"A rusty ding?"

"She's giving this to the future head of the Xu family for her birthday party?"

When Ye Fan brought out the rusty tripod, the room full of guests undoubtedly exploded instantly.

Many people sneered and laughed, looking at Ye Fan as if they were idiots.

Especially Li Yuan herself, who bent over with laughter after seeing that the gift from Ye Fan was still this broken copper and iron.


"You're more than just a turd, brat, you're a gouger, aren't you?"

"I threw out this stupid tripod I sent to my house last night.I thought you'd have to at least send something else today."

"I didn't think you'd give this broken brass away?"


"Even if you buy a vase and say it's an antique, at least it looks better than this broken tripod, right?"

"People cheat, or at least change their ways to cheat."

"You're lucky, a broken ding to death."

"Are you stupid yourself, or do you think we're stupid?"

Li Yuan was simply about to be laughed to death by this fool Ye Fan.

She threw out this broken tripod by Ye Fan last night, but she never expected that Ye Fan would give this broken tripod to the Xu family today when he came to scrounge for food and drinks.

This thing couldn't even fool their family, could it be that this idiot thought he could fool the Xu family?

Sure enough, after seeing the rusty broken tripod in Ye Fan's hand, Xu Meifeng's face on top of the high seat immediately went black.

"Where is this turtle from?"

"What's a doorman for, to put this idiot in there too?"

"Don't throw it out yet!"

Xu Meifeng was so angry that her pretty face was livid, on a great day, mixed in with a countryside loser, this undoubtedly made Xu Meifeng feel somewhat ashamed and only felt like a spoilsport.

"Mei Feng, don't be angry."

"This young master will let him roll."

However, Huan Tian seized this opportunity to please Xu Meifeng and took a step forward, looking coldly at the Ye Fan in front of him.

"Stinky brat, you really have the guts to be a dog?"

"Cheating on food and drink all the way down here?"

"Why don't you kneel down and apologize to Mei Feng?"

Torture cursed angrily, his words filled with disgust and contempt for Ye Fan.

Naturally, like this kind of hick, Criminal Sky didn't care about his dignity and face.He only wanted to perform well at Xu Meifeng now so as to win Xu Meifeng's goodwill.

Faced with the rebuke from Criminal Sky, Ye Fan was expressionless and said back indifferently, "I told you, I'm here to celebrate Miss Xu's birthday."

"Celebrate my ass!"

"You're a country bumpkin, and you dare to talk about celebrating Mei Feng's birthday, do you deserve it?"

"A piece of broken brass found in a garbage dump, and you have the nerve to give it away as a gift?"

"If you're not embarrassed, someone else is!"Torture was unceremonious and directly interrupted Ye Fan's words, snorting with laughter.

"Exactly."Li Yuan also chimed in.

"You yokel, you're also downright dog gutsy."

"How dare you come in and mess up on this occasion?!"

"Is this a place for a turd like you to come?"

"You want to act like a big shot even though you're giving away a broken piece of metal?"

"A really big man should at least give a diamond ring worth nearly a million dollars like our criminal chief, right?"

Li Yuan was belittling Ye Fan, but at the same time, she was bragging about her CEO, Zheng Tian.

Criminal Sky was undoubtedly even more proud, and even took the diamond ring he gave her specifically from the table and put it in front of Ye Fan to open his eyes.


"That's what I call a gift."

"You're a broken ding, compared to the diamond ring I gave Mei Feng, shit is worse than that."Criminal Sky smiled proudly.

However, at this moment, outside the hall, only an old man in a Tang suit walked in.

"Miss Xu, sorry sorry, I, Wang Kaige, am late."

"As a gesture of apology, I would like to present a silver tea set from the Yongzheng era to celebrate Miss Xu's birthday."

Amidst Lang Lang's laughter, that old man then stepped forward and walked in.

Upon seeing this person, the crowd was shocked.

Wang Kaige?

"Wang Kaige of Pan's home?"

"A famous treasure hunter in Warsaw?The professor emeritus from Yankee University?"

"It is said that he participated in many national treasure appraisals, and helped China recover countless artistic losses from many national treasures lost abroad."

"Later, even more so, he donated a bronze head of a zodiac sign in Yuanmingyuan to the state for free."

"For this reason, the mayor of Yanjing has received him and personally thanked him, praising him as a national meritorious minister!"

"My God, what's this kind of mastermind doing here today?"

When they heard Wang Kaige's name, many of the rich and powerful people present were shocked.

Perhaps, Wang Kaige's wealth was not as good as many of the people present.

However, his personal fame in Yan Capital City was undoubtedly unmatched by those present.

After all, Wang Kaige had devoted his life to researching national treasures and serving the country.

A person's achievements and reputation could not be bought with even the slightest amount of money.

For a time, the entire hall rose to their feet and came forward to greet him, respectfully calling him "Old Man Wang".

This is fame!

Old Man Wang was a minister of national merit, and had even been received by the mayor, so such an old man of high moral esteem could naturally afford to receive this respect from everyone.

Even Xu Meifeng, at this time, was flattered, and even got up to welcome her, "Grandpa Wang, I am a junior, how can I afford to celebrate your birthday?"

"You can arrive, Mei Feng is truly flattered ah."

Xu Meifeng smiled incessantly, her heart was undoubtedly beautiful.

Even a grandmaster like Wang Lao had come to give himself a show, so Xu Meifeng naturally felt doubly honored.

At this time, Xu Meifeng saw that Ye Fan was even still standing there and casually said coldly, "Where's the security?Why don't you get rid of this turtle?If you disturb the king, can you afford to disturb him?"

Xu Meifeng said in disgust.

However, when Xu Meifeng angrily drove Ye Fan away, Wang Lao's gaze was undoubtedly then forgotten.

However, it didn't matter if he didn't look, this look, Old Wang's appearance immediately trembled, his pupils crinkled, and then he exclaimed in alarm, "This...This is, a heavy treasure!"

At this time, Wang Lao's eyes were nearly glowing, and he was busy walking towards the direction of Torture.

Torturous Sky was delighted to see this.

He thought that Wang Lao was talking about the diamond ring in his hand and was busy welcoming him, showing off to Wang Lao with the diamond ring in his own hand.


"Wang Lao, do you also see that this diamond ring is extraordinary?"

"I had someone buy this specially from Europe for Mei Feng."

"Every pattern on it, and even the engravings, that's all western European royal craftsmanship."

"A royal production, that must be a rare item."

"The market price is estimated at five million.I was afraid that Mei Feng wouldn't dare to accept it, that's why I deliberately said just a few hundred thousand."

Torture laughed, and in the end, he even blew that diamond ring of his into a few million.

When Xu Meifeng heard this, her beautiful eyes also slightly trembled, "Criminal Sky, really?Then you are really too kind."

However, just as Xu Meifeng was also about to go forward to take a look at the diamond ring that was described as a heavy treasure by even Wang Lao, who would have thought that Wang Kaige was the one who pushed it with a big hand and directly pushed the torturer several meters away.

"What kind of trash is this?"

"And you dare to call yourself a heavy treasure?"

"Get out of my way yet!"


At that time, Torture was confused, and the diamond ring in his hand also snapped and fell to the ground.He himself was even nearly pushed straight down by Wang Kaige, staggering a few steps before he stood firm.

And Xu Meifeng's petite body, which was originally moving forward, also then stagnated, clearly somewhat unable to see the situation clearly: "Old Wang, you...What are you?"

However, at this time, Wang Lao, where did he pay attention to Xu Meifeng's reaction with Torture, he gave a low cry, and after pushing away Torture, he directly arrived in front of Ye Fan.

And then in a tone of great excitement, he said to Ye Fan, "Little friend, this...This tripod, can you let me open my eyes?"

Ye Fan saw the situation and smiled faintly, "It seems that there are still people who know the goods in this Yanjing land."

"If you want to look, just look."

After a laugh, Ye Fan was not stingy, so he gave the square tripod in his hand to Wang Lao.

"Hmph, what's the pretence?"

"A broken copper and iron, could it be that it's really a national treasure?"

"Wang Lao that was just a momentary blur."

"After a while, after taking a closer look, you will naturally know that your broken tripod is actually a worthless piece of trash."Li Yuan said with a grunt, full of contempt.

Of course, she wouldn't believe that the broken junk she had thrown out of her house last night could be some kind of treasure.

However, while Li Yuan mocked, Wang Lao was looking at the square tripod in front of him as if he was looking at a stunning beauty.

In the end, Wang Lao even took out a small wooden hammer from his clothes bag and gently knocked off the dirt and rust on the surface.

After that, Wang Lao even used his own clothes to carefully wipe it with his own clothes before and after.

In the end, a majestic four-legged square tripod appeared in front of everyone like this.

It was as if the sword was unsheathed and the pearl was shining.

After Wang Lao helped this four-legged square tripod wash away all the lead, this ancient tripod, which had been dusty for thousands of years, finally reappeared on earth.

"This...This...This is?"

At this moment, even outsiders who were ignorant of connoisseurship clearly saw that the square tripod in front of them was extraordinary.

As for Wang Lao himself, he had even gone crazy with excitement.

"Important weapon of the country, important weapon of the country ah~"

An excited heart and trembling hands.

Wang Lao's ecstatic and excited voice, but it was like muffled thunder, echoing throughout the hall.

Seeing this appearance of Wang Lao, Xu Meifeng on the side was surprised, "Wang...Old Wang, this broken copper and rotten iron, is it...Is it an important weapon of the country?"

"Shut up!"However, as soon as Xu Meifeng's words fell, Wang Laoton shouted angrily, "How can you insult the country's most important weapon here?"

"During the Republic of China, my father was involved in excavating a number of artifacts.Among them, there was a bronze square tripod called the Four Sheep Square Zun."

"This Four Sheep Square Zun is the largest and most complete Shang Dynasty ritual vessel unearthed in China."

"Some online merchants valued it at 26.6 billion!"

"But how would this group of rat-eyed merchants know that this Four Goat Fang Zun is a priceless treasure that can't be measured by a mere 26.6 billion?"

Wang Lao spoke freely, but the surrounding guests were increasingly shocked.

Torture was even more frightened to the point where his mouth grinned the size of a bowl, and finally lost his voice, "Wang...Old Wang, you are saying that this...This tripod, is...Is worth 26.6 billion...Billion, the Four Goat Fang Zun?"



As soon as he finished saying this, Wang Lao was so angry that he scolded him with an angry reddening of his old face, immediately not daring to speak.

"The Four Sheep Fang Zun is a national treasure, huge in size and weighing nearly a hundred pounds, it has already been displayed in the museum."

"And this square tripod in front of me is no more than the size of a palm, how could it be the Four Sheep Fang Zun?"

Hearing this, Torture, Li Yuan and the others all breathed a sigh of relief.

Especially Li Yuan, her eyes were red when she heard 26.6 billion just now.

She thought that she had missed out on a great opportunity to become a ten billionaire.

But fortunately, it wasn't the Four Sheep Fang Zun in that hillbilly's hands.

Yes, it was said to be the Four Sheep Square Zun, and the square tripod in Ye Fan's hand, with the dragon motif on all sides, didn't match the sheep at all.

However, who would have thought that the crowd had just eased up on this, but Wang Lao made a turn and continued.

"However, the one in front of us, although it is not the Four Sheep Fang Zun, its form, however, is much more noble, the Four Dragons Fang Zun!"


"The Four Dragon Founder?"

"More noble?"

Wang Lao's words were like a boulder dropping into the sea, stirring up a huge wave.The crowd's newly calm mood was once again filled with trepidation.

At this point, Wang Lao shook his head and sighed.

"But unfortunately, this Four Dragons Square Form is too small."

"Bronze artifacts, naturally the larger the size, the more precious they are."

"This Four Dragons Square Tripod, although it is also from the Zhou Shang period, but at that time, it should have only been used as an ornament to decorate a room, that's why the square was made so small."

"And, what's even more unfortunate is that it's the Four Dragons Square Tripod that has a little scar on it, obviously from being bumped."

"This bump, the value of this square tripod must be at least one hundred million less."

"Of course, the monetary loss on top of that is a small matter.The loss in art, however, is immeasurable."

"Little friend, why didn't you preserve such an important weapon of the country and actually let it be bumped?"

Wang Lao sighed for a moment, feeling pity and heartache.

To him, any national treasures and relics, that was a part of Chinese art.But any little damage, he felt doubly heartbroken.

However, the surrounding guests obviously didn't care about what was artistic or not, what they cared more about was still this Fang Zun, how much it was worth.

"Shang Dynasty bronze, it's already extremely rare."

"What's more, the four dragon totems on top of this square Zun add to his dignity."

"Since it's slightly flawed, the starting price of this Four Dragons Square Zun put on the auction is over five hundred million."Wang Lao said in a deep voice based on his years of experience.


"Five hundred million?"

"Or the starting bid?"

Hearing this, the room full of guests were shocked.

One had to know that many of the people here were not worth 500 million, that is to say, this square tripod in front of them could be compared to their lifetime of struggle and hard work?

Many people were so shocked that they drew a breath of cold air.

Li Yuan, on the other hand, was even more confused when she learned that this Fang Zun, which was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, was a whole lot more.

She...What did she do last night?

She threw a half billion dollars worth of national treasure away from her home?

Five hundred million!

That hotel at his home, in the remote delicate body, to sell to the outside world, hold up to death is only 10 or 20 million.

In other words, she last night, will be the equivalent of dozens of their home hotel treasures, to throw out?

For a moment, Li Yuan felt that she was repenting her guts.

Her heart was dripping blood.

That was five hundred million ah.

And it was a fly-by-night, sky-dropping fortune!

I'm afraid that anyone, would be nonchalant.

At that time, Li Yuan ran over excitedly, changing her previous face of contempt and disgust towards Ye Fan, and even smiled obsequiously, "Mr. Chu, tonight, would it be okay if you come to our house for dinner again?"

"You don't have to bring any gifts, just give us this tripod as a gift, just like last night."


For the sake of this 500 million, Li Yuan also fought hard and didn't even want to lose face.

However, looking at Li Yuan's greedy and ugly face in front of her, Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Last night, I brought this Fang Zun and was going to give it to your Li family as a gift to Xiaohong's parents."

"But naive, your family doesn't see it.Your Miss Li even threw out this Four Dragon Fangzun of mine."

"But now, what's wrong with Miss Li?"

"Why the sudden change of heart again?"

"What did you throw out last night, and now why are you actively asking for it?"

Ye Fan smiled faintly, but the words that contained a cold smile were full of playfulness and banter.

"Misunderstanding, Mr. Chu, last night was all a misunderstanding~"

Li Yuan was smiling, and her pretty face with heavy makeup was almost grinning into a flower, flattering and flattering.

However, not waiting for Li Yuan to finish her explanation, but Wang Lao on the side immediately exploded.


"So, you're the one who damaged this important weapon of the country?"

"And thrown out of the house?"

"Bastard, Bastard~"

After hearing Ye Fan's conversation with Li Yuan, Wang Lao, who regarded the national treasure as his life, was undoubtedly furious.

In annoyance, he directly slapped Li Yuan on the ground.


"This tripod, however, is an important weapon of the country."

"The four dragons are square, and it also condenses the luck of the country for a thousand years."

"You fool, how dare you deliberately damage it?"

"Do you know what a crime it is to intentionally damage a national treasure?"

"In serious cases, it is punishable by death!"

Wang Lao was furious and cursed harshly at Li Yuan.

Originally, Wang Lao thought that it was Ye Fan's poor preservation that had damaged the national treasure.

But unexpectedly, it was this woman in front of him who had intentionally damaged it.

Unintentional and intentional, the nature of this unintentional changed instantly.

In the former, Wang Lao was only regretful and sorry.

But with the latter, Wang Lao was furious!

Which of these bronzes from the ancient period is not a priceless treasure?

Once damaged, it can never be repaired.

Even a small bump is painful to Wang Lao.

How could Wang Lao not be angry when he learns that Li Yuan did the damage on purpose?

At that time, Li Yuan was scared out of her wits and her face was white as a sheet.

She didn't expect that the consequences of the "broken metal" she threw last night would be so serious now.

But fortunately, this Fang Zun was a gift from Ye Fan to their family.

What could one do if one's own family's things were bumped, others had no right to pursue it.

Thinking of this, Li Yuan's mood calmed down a lot, then she coldly snorted to Wang Lao, "Wang Lao, although you are a master patriarch of a related industry, don't you think that you are too lenient in your control?"

"This Fangzun was given to our family by Mr. Chu, that belongs to my family."

"My own things, I can drop it and touch it whenever I want, what do you care?"

Li Yuan laughed coldly.

However, as soon as she finished saying that, Xu Meifeng walked forward and slapped Li Yuan's face again.

"Who's stupid bitch is this?"

"And you dare to take something from Miss Ben?"

"You've got the nerve of a dog!"

Xu Meifeng slapped Li Yuan and incited her to the ground, when Li Yuan covered her face and cried.

But in the face of the Xu family's majesty, even if there were a thousand kinds of grievances and anger in her heart, but at the moment, she did not dare to say a word at all.

"Mei Feng appease your anger, it's my fault, I'm not strict in disciplining my subordinates."

"I'll tell her to get lost!"

Li Yuan was his secretary, and now that she had offended Xu Meifeng, the torturer naturally hurried out to clean up the mess.

After apologizing repeatedly to Xu Meifeng, he turned around and scolded Li Yuan: "You bastard, you dare to steal something from Meifeng too?"

"And don't look at your own virtue."

"Want a few hundred million dollars, do you deserve it?"

"Why did I, Torture, take in a fool like you to ruin my plans!"

"Get the hell out of here yet!"

Criminal Weather had to yell at him.

He had wanted to take this opportunity to perform well in front of Xu Meifeng, but now that he was so disturbed by Li Yuan, he didn't pull any good impressions, and probably would make Xu Meifeng's impression of himself even worse.

How could Huan Tian not be angry?

Directly in anger, she scolded Li Yuan away.

At this time, Xu Meifeng also changed her previous disdain and contempt for Ye Fan, her beautiful eyes smiled as she walked towards Ye Fan and said warmly and politely, "Mr. Ye, just now we were compelled by the villain and misunderstood you."

"Now, that villain has been chased away by us, and we have taken out our anger for Mr. Ye."

"As for this Four Dragon Fang Zun, it is really precious."

"But since Mr. Ye has sent it to us, Mei Feng will respectfully and reluctantly accept it."

"I really like this birthday gift from Mr. Ye."

"The Dragon and Phoenix!"

"Such an esteemed Four Dragons Fangzun is indeed a match for my esteemed status."

Xu Meifeng was filled with joy and pride.

The joy was that her own worth had suddenly increased by several hundred million.

The pride was that she, Xu Meifeng, was indeed extremely charming.

So much so that others were willing to take a few hundred million dollars to pay filial respects to her.

Feeling the envious and jealous gazes of those guests around her, Xu Meifeng's heart was not to mention how happy she was.

As she spoke, Xu Meifeng's gaze remained on the tripod.

The greedy look, as if she was afraid that the tripod would run away on its own long legs.

At the same time, Xu Meifeng couldn't wait to go to Ye Fan's hand to receive the Four Dragons Fangzun, which was worth several hundred million.

However, who would have thought that when Xu Meifeng exerted herself, she didn't get it from Ye Fan's hand, but instead grabbed it and almost fell to the ground.


Xu Meifeng frowned for a moment.

I thought to myself that this guy hadn't gone back on his word, right?

Or was it that the person in front of him was really just a turtle who didn't actually know the true value of the square tripod in his hand, and now that he knew, he didn't want to give it away.

How would that work?

How can she let the duck get away from her mouth?

I'll get it if I have to!

Thinking like this, Xu Meifeng went forward again and continued to grab the tripod in Ye Fan's hand.

In the end, all her milk strength was used and her face was red, so she almost robbed it openly, but Ye Fan still didn't have any intention to let go.

"Mr. Ye, what do you mean?"

When Xu Meifeng saw that she couldn't grab it, she looked indignant and asked unhappily.

"That's right, you guy, it's not like you've gone back on your word, right?"

"Don't let go yet and send it up to Mei Feng!"Torture obviously didn't let go of any chance to please Xu Meifeng, and now scolded Ye Fan in a stern voice.

"Where is the reason to take back what you have to give away?"

"This Four Dragons Fang Zun in your hands is also a reckless waste of heavenly treasures."

"Such an esteemed treasure of the country, only a woman like Mei Feng, a woman of great beauty, can match it!"

"Dragons and phoenixes have been a perfect match since ancient times!"

"This Dragon Zun is supposed to be specially made for Mei Feng."

"You turtle, why don't you let go?"

In order to please Xu Meifeng, the torturer could be described as extraordinarily aggressive.

While cursing harshly at Ye Fan, in the end, he even rushed straight up and went up to grab it from Ye Fan.


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