Dish Best Served Cold 421-425


Chapter 421

"Honey, let me explain~"

"It's really not my fault."

"It's out of my control~"

"Besides, you're the one who dropped it on me."

"Besides, it wasn't really touching, and it was through your clothes, wasn't it?"

In the room, Ye Fan was full of sweat, unable to stop explaining.

It was fine that Ye Fan didn't explain, but with this explanation, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly even more furious.Her nose was about to be crooked by Ye Fan, the guy who got together shamelessly.

"Bastard, you still say?"

"You shut up!"

Qiu Mu Orange roared in anger.

Eventually, the storm woke up Han Li and Qiu Lei's husband and wife.

Han Li comes out to ask Qiu Mu Orange what has happened, but how can Qiu Mu Orange say such things?

The only thing that was laid to rest was the shy red face and went back to sleep.

Ye Fan "escaped from death", and only then did he breathe a long sigh of relief, and this moment, his forehead had even been covered with cold sweat.

"Ma De, when the Chu family's hundred people surrounded and killed themselves back then, I wasn't even in such a mess as I am now."After returning to the study, Ye Fan smiled helplessly and bitterly.

He thought to himself, "Wife" is really the most terrifying creature in the world.

The night passed quickly.

The next day, Qiu Mu Orange still had a shadow of what happened last night.When she saw Ye Fan, she simply ignored him, and her beautiful eyes still had a strong "shy anger" and "coldness" in them.

Ye Fan just shook his head and laughed bitterly at this.

But he could also understand, after all, his wife, ice clear and pure, has not even held a man's hand.After that incident last night, it was strange that Qiu Mu Orange wasn't angry.

But Ye Fan wasn't worried, he reckoned that in a few days, Qiu Mu Orange herself would forget about it.

Shortly after Qiu Mu Orange left for work, Ye Fan received a call from Han Lao.

"Little Lord, the tickets are bought."

"Tonight at eight o'clock, Jianghai International Airport, direct flight to Yanjing."

A low, deep voice quietly emerged from the phone.

Ye Fan's face was expressionless, and he only returned one, "Good."

As it would take quite a bit of time on the way to Jianghai, so after receiving a call from Han Lao, Ye Fan then set off.

Half an hour later, Li Er's car was parked outside the Willow Garden neighborhood, and Ye Fan was waiting there early.

"Mr. Chu."

When he saw Ye Fan, Li Er immediately greeted him respectfully.

"Let's go, take me to Jianghai International Airport."

Without any unnecessary nonsense, Ye Fan then got into the car and ran to Jianghai.

On the way, Ye Fan sent a WeChat message to Qiu Mu Orange: "Mu Orange, I'm going to Yanjing, my ticket for tonight.Take care of yourself."

When Qiu Mu Orange saw Ye Fan's message, it was already noon.

She didn't expect Ye Fan to go in such a hurry, so she called over and asked if Ye Fan had brought all his things, and to be safe on the road.

"Also, I might have a class reunion next month, you must accompany me."

"If you can't come back, you know the consequences!"Qiu Mu Orange said angrily.

This stubborn woman, even if she expressed her reluctance towards Ye Fan, it was in such a tactful way.

Ye Fan smiled lightly and only returned one, good word.

"The friendship between Mr. Chu and Madam is truly enviable."

At this time, seeing that Ye Fan had already hung up the phone, but Li Er couldn't help but lament from the side.

Ye Fan didn't reply, just quietly looked out the window.

Wheels sped up, and the trees on both sides of the road, in sight, were pulled into a trail of shadows, sweeping madly towards behind them.


Jianghai International Airport, a plane to Yanjing, but has already taken off.

Yunzhou City, Eastern Suburbs Villa.

Copper Mountain looked out the window of the vast starry sky, in the eyebrows and eyes, there is worry, there is prayer, but also a condensation full of cloth.

Only after a long time, did he let out a sigh.

"That Yanjing City, I'm afraid it will not be peaceful anymore."



"You...You are, Mr. Chu?"

The plane had already taken off.

In the cabin, Ye Fan was taking a nap with his eyes closed.

But at this time, a whisper of surprise came from his ears.

Ye Fan then opened his eyes and saw that not far away, a gentle and beautiful woman was looking at him with a smile in her eyes.


Seeing this woman in front of him, Ye Fan was also slightly shocked.,.

He didn't expect that he would meet someone he knew on the plane.

Yes, the gentle and lovely woman in front of him was the same Li Xiaohong who had a few encounters with Ye Fan.

Ye Fan remembered that the last time he had seen Li Xiaohong was at the Mount Tai martial arts meeting in An Ning County.

At that time, Li Xiaohong's uncle and a rich young man set up a trap for Ye Fan because they coveted Chen Nan.

In the end, of course, they didn't succeed and were so scared that they even kneeled down to Ye Fan and begged for mercy.

Ye Fan didn't expect the world to be so small, but he and Li Xiaohong, they met again.

"Mr. Chu, the last time at the foot of Mount Tai, my uncle and the others targeted you so much, but you not only didn't mind, you also let my uncle and the others go, I really thank you."

At this time, Li Xiaohong had already switched seats with a passenger next to Ye Fan, and did it next to Ye Fan.With a face full of joy, she expressed her gratitude to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan shook his head: "It's just a small thing, why do you need to say thank you."

"Rather you, Xiaohong, compared to the last time I saw you, you're prettier and much more radiant."

Indeed, compared to seeing Li Xiaohong before, the current her had undoubtedly undergone a drastic change.

The physical changes were not obvious, but what was truly obvious was the tremendous change in Li Xiaohong's mental state.

If the previous Li Xiaohong was still an inferior little girl who worked part-time in a restaurant, but now she was truly a positive and confident college student.

Being so praised by Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong's pretty face reddened.

When Ye Fan saw this, he also changed the topic and asked Li Xiaohong what she was doing in Yanjing.

Only after asking did Ye Fan Fang learn that the other day, Li Xiaohong's father had come to see her.

Expressing that he wanted to pick her up to go to Yanjing and continue her studies.

"When I was young, my father went out to work and never came back."

"I always thought that my father had passed away, until a few days ago, I learned that he was still alive.And in Yanjing, he made a lot of money and had his own business."

"He learned that I wasn't living well with my mother, and to make it up to us, he wanted to take us to Yanjing.My mother didn't want to forgive him, so she didn't go, but she told me to go to Dad."

"Mom said that Yanjing has the best university in Huaxia and that I could have a better future after I went there."

"I didn't want to disappoint mom's expectations, so I prepared to go to Yanjing to find dad."

Li Xiaohong slowly narrated.

From her words, Ye Fan couldn't tell if she resented or missed her father.

Perhaps, the reason she went to Yanjing this time was just because, she didn't want to disobey her mother's wishes.

But for some reason, looking at this gentle and filial girl in front of him, Ye Fan only seemed to be looking at, another self.


Hadn't his so-called father come to him, years later, to make up for all that he owed all those years?

Similar encounters, but Ye Fan and Li Xiaohong, but they made different choices.

Li Xiaohong chooses to forgive, while Ye Fan, on the other hand, takes a path of no return!

"Don't you hate him?"

After a long silence, Ye Fan suddenly asked.

Li Xiaohong hesitated for a moment and suddenly shook her head and laughed, saying softly, "I used to hate it, but now, it's nothing to feel."

"After all, everyone has the right to choose their own life."

"What's more, when my father divorced my mother back then, he gave my mother all the properties in the countryside."

"It's not much, but at least, I can tell that Dad has a love for my mother."

"Perhaps, he had a bitter reason for divorcing my mother back then, and was forced to do so."

Li Xiaohong said superficially, this kind girl always tried to guess others with the greatest of good intentions.

Back then, his father, a few years after leaving home, suddenly sent someone to divorce her mother, and then there was no more news.

At that time, Li Xiaohong also felt that her father was a bit heartless, but as she grew up and experienced more and more things, she had a different perspective on many things.

She knew that there were too many things in this world that she could not control.

There were also too many things that were by no means as simple as they seemed on the surface.

Thus, gradually, Li Xiaohong was able to look down on her father's affairs.

Now that her father wanted her to go to Yanjing to continue her studies to study for a PhD and receive a better education, and her mother was in favor of it, Li Xiaohong went to Yanjing to find her own father, as her parents had wished.


"Then Xiaohong, congratulations."

"If you were in a novel, you'd be the main character template ah."

"When you get to Yanjing, you might be able to inherit a billion dollar family fortune and completely take the pinnacle of life, making me too high to climb."

Ye Fan poked fun at the humor.

But no one saw that, at this time, in Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes, that inexplicable emotion.

Back then, did his father have his bitterness for what he had done?

Evan, I don't know!



Jianghai is not far from Yanjing, it's only an hour or two away by plane, and it passes quickly.

After arriving in Yanjing, Ye Fan wanted to say goodbye to Li Xiaohong at this point, but he didn't expect that Li Xiaohong would insist on inviting Ye Fan to his home for a meal before leaving.

"My father runs a hotel."

"After we have dinner, you also happen to stay at the hotel."

"Mr. Chu, you don't have to excuse yourself, it's just a meal, it won't take you too long."

Li Xiaohong said with anticipation.

Seeing the pomp and circumstance, Ye Fan didn't make any excuses and agreed.

At this time, Li Xiaohong's father, Li Lubin, called, saying that there was a traffic jam on the road, and it was expected to take half an hour to arrive, asking her to wait outside the airport for a while now.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, also happened to take advantage of this gap and was going to watch for something to buy near the airport.

After all, this first visit, you can't go empty-handed, right?


"I didn't think I'd run into a good one?"

At this time, Ye Fan was passing by an antique shop, but he was attracted by a rusty bronze tripod inside.


A few minutes later, when Ye Fan appeared in front of Li Xiaohong again, but he was already carrying a gift bag in his hand.

"Xiaohong, there was a traffic jam on the road, dad is late."

At this time, Li Xiaohong's father also happened to arrive.

Only to see a middle-aged man, dressed in a suit, with a friendly smile on his lips, after seeing Li Xiaohong, he was suddenly happy and gave Li Xiaohong a big hug.

"Xiaohong, get in the car.Your Auntie Liping has seated a table for you, and is waiting for you to return and pick up the dust for you."

In between the words, Li Lubin smiled and urged Li Xiaohong to get into the car.

"Dad, this is Mr. Chu, he has helped me a lot in the past, and this time I also want to invite him to come over with us and have a meal with us, do you think it's okay?"Li Xiaohong was now introducing Ye Fan to her father.

"Hmm?Mr. Chu?"Only then did Li Lubin notice the skinny young man at the side, plainly dressed, looking plain and unimpressive, not like a big man in the slightest.

But his own daughter, why did she respectfully call him Mr. Chu?

You know, generally speaking, people who can be called "Mr." are people of high esteem.

Ordinary people really can't afford to be called "sir".

"I guess it's some rich young master who has a low profile in his affairs."

But at the same time, Li Lubin also reckoned that his daughter, I'm afraid, was in love with this Mr. Chu, right?

After all, if it wasn't a very close relationship, how could she bring it home for the first time in Yanjing?

"It would be a blessing for Xiaohong if she could marry into a rich and noble family."

Li Lubin secretly thought to himself, and in the end, naturally, he readily agreed.As he thanked Ye Fan, he warmly invited him to his home as a guest.

Li Lubin's home was a single-family villa in the suburbs of Yanjing.

Although this location was a bit remote, but in the land of Yanjing where every inch of land was precious, to own a single-family villa was enough to make many people envious.

It also showed that Li Xiaohong's father, presumably, was really a small and powerful man in Yanjing.

"Mr. Chu, don't be polite.It's just like your own home here, eat openly, no need to be formal."

At the dinner table, Li Lubin was laughing.

The daughter who had been apart for many years, reunited with him today, Li Lubin was obviously very happy, and drank several cups in a row himself, his old face was a little red.

At this time, sitting next to Li Lubin, is his wife Sun Liping, and his daughter Li Yuan.

After divorcing Li Xiaohong's mother, Li Lubin married Sun Liping, and Li Yuan is the daughter of him and Sun Liping.

However, Sun Liping and her mother were obviously not very welcoming to Li Xiaohong as an unwelcome guest.Especially Li Yuan, who always had a straight face.

After all, to their mother and son, Li Xiaohong was an outsider after all.

"Yuan Yuan, your sister is here, why don't you call out to her?"

"No manners at all?"

At this time, Li Lubin, however, was somewhat blaming Li Yuan.

Li Yuan snorted: "My mother only has this one daughter, how can I have any sister."

"You~" Li Lubin was so angry that his old face was blue and was about to lash out, but he was stopped by Li Xiaohong.

"Dad, it's okay.Yuan Yuan and I aren't too far apart in age, so it doesn't matter if we call each other sisters or not."Li Xiaohong, however, smiled faintly.

"Hmph, hypocritical."Li Yuan snorted lowly, while no longer speaking and bowing her head to eat.

Sun Liping was not as capricious as Li Yuan, she was at least face to face with Li Xiaohong.After a few simple greetings to Li Xiaohong, she looked at Ye Fan at the side with great interest.

In her opinion, Li Xiaohong brought a person of the opposite sex to her door for the first time in Yanjing.

The relationship between the two of them must not be shallow.

Most likely, it was a lovers' relationship.

Sun Li Ping was naturally curious about this possible son-in-law.She would like to see what kind of husband Li Xiaohong, a woman born to a rural woman, had found.

Could it be that she has really hugged the thighs, and the turkey has turned into a phoenix?

Curious, Sun Liping then looked at Ye Fan and asked with a smile.

"Mr. Chu, I heard that you are a big figure in Jiangdong?"

"At your age, to be respected in Jiangdong, I'm afraid that your family, must have an extraordinary background, right?"


"I just don't know, what kind of business does Mr. Chu's family do?"

At the dinner table, Li Lubin's wife, smiling politely at Ye Fan, asked.

But Ye Fan shook his head: "Madam misunderstood.Like Xiaohong, I'm a farmer's son."

"I grew up as an elder in the countryside, bowing to the countryside, where do I have any background?And what's the big deal?"

"If I had to say what my background is, then the land that my mother and I used to cultivate together is my greatest background, right?"

Ye Fan said indifferently.His words were as calm as they could be, and he didn't have any intention of hiding anything, nor did he have any appearance of being difficult to talk about.

When the others asked about Ye Fan's background, Ye Fan never concealed it.There was nothing to hide either.

Now that the Li family asked him, he answered like this.

In the future, even if the Chu family asked him, he would still answer like this!

From the time he was expelled from the Chu family back then, Ye Fan was no longer the son of the Chu family.

He only knew that he was the son of a peasant!

Any time anyone asked him, he would answer like this.

Never, because of his mother's birth, would he feel any inferiority!

Besides, what's wrong with being from the countryside?

So what if you're a child of the cold?

Family background was never a yoke or shackle that limited the size of one's achievements.

Ye Fan never felt that birth was such an important thing.

Just like what Ye Fan said to Zhao Lichun at the beginning.

Even in a poor countryside, there are true dragons lying around.

Even though he was from a humble family, he was still immensely powerful!


"A farmer's son?"

"You're from the country too?"

However, when Sun Liping heard this, her look was immediately stagnant, and the smile that had been all over her face was gone.

Li Yuan, who was on the side, was even happier when she heard this.


"And I thought this country woman was hugging a thigh, but now she's a redneck, too, huh?"

"It's really fish looking for fish, shrimp looking for shrimp ah."

"And yes, how could someone from a rich family be blind to a country woman?"

Li Yuanyuan sneered and laughed, looking at Li Xiaohong, her half-sister, with undoubtedly even more disdain and contempt.

From the very beginning, Li Yuan had despised hillbillies like Li Xiaohong in her heart, and to have a blood relationship with this kind of woman, Li Yuan felt humiliated.

She didn't even want to eat at the same table with such people, feeling dirty!

"Hope, how do you talk?"

"People Mr. Chu is being modest."

"After the real magnates, when they go out that's extremely low-key."

"Just like our richest man in Yanjing, when we met him on the road before, wasn't he also a pair of jeans and a white shirt, wearing a simple and simple outfit?"

"As the saying goes, return to the basics."

"When you've truly mastered great wealth and power, you don't care about things like vanity anymore."

"Mr. Chu, don't you think so?"Li Lubin was still speaking politely.

He didn't believe that his daughter would lie and deceive people, Li Xiaohong said that Ye Fan was a big figure in Jiangdong, so could it still be a lie to him?

Li Yuan still scoffed and laughed, "Dad, this isn't a big deal, it's not just a mouthful."

"Didn't he bring us a gift, why don't you show it to us?"

"At that time, this Mr. Chu in front of me, whether he's a real loser or a fake superior, it's natural to know at a glance!"

"Rich people, no matter how low-key they are, that's also low-key to themselves.This visiting friends and relatives to give gifts, it wouldn't also be low key enough to give a few pieces of junk that you can't get your hands on, would it?"

Li Yuan said coldly, and Li Lu Bin nodded.

What his daughter said was indeed reasonable.Even though some rich people were low-key, they would never be worse in terms of manners.

If this Ye Fan was really like what his own daughter said, that there was a famous and famous big man in Jiangdong, then this gift would naturally not be bad.

"How about it, Mr. Chu, take it out and let us see what kind of gift you, a big man, has given to our family, right?"Li Yuan sat there as if she was watching a good show, watching Ye Fan.

Her mother, Sun Liping, didn't say anything, apparently also wanting to see the truth about this Mr. Chu in front of her.

To Li Yuan's mocking laughter, Ye Fan ignored it.

Instead, he looked at Li Lubin and gave him the gift bag beside him: "Uncle Li, when I first arrived, a little gift is not a token of respect."

In the middle of his speech, Ye Fan placed a four-legged bronze tripod on the table.

This bronze tripod was not large, only the size of an adult's palm.It was just that, perhaps because it had been dusty for too long, it was covered in rust and dust all over it.

Seeing this rusty copper tripod, Li Yuan burst out laughing.


"What do I take for a great gift?"

"So it's just a piece of broken metal."

"I'm afraid you didn't pick it up from the garbage, did you?"

"And you have the nerve to send this kind of stuff out?"

"What a laugh!"

"Dad, what did I say?"

"Where's this guy, you've been duped by that hillbilly daughter of yours."

"That's just a hick."

After seeing the broken tripod in Ye Fan's hand, Li Yuan was close to laughing so hard that she was about to burst into tears.

I thought to myself that this Li Xiaohong and Ye Fan and the two of them are probably idiots, and they still think this is the countryside ah?

A piece of broken metal and you have the nerve to give it as a gift?

Sun Liping's face also darkened then, and she was no longer patient, slapping the table: "Li Lubin, look at the good daughter you've invited!"

"It's not enough to raise one turtle, but now you're inviting another?"

"Our house is not a shelter."

"It's bad enough to take in one country bumpkin, but now two at once?"

"Get them out of here now!"

"Or else, you get out of this house together."

Sun Liping scolded in an angry voice, filled with disgust.

She was already extremely unhappy with Li Lubin for bringing Li Xiaohong over, but now who would have thought that his country daughter would not only come by herself, but also bring her poor boyfriend from the countryside as well.

What did she want?

Come here to eat and drink?

What do you take her house for?Unjust?

Sun Liping was undoubtedly extremely angry, and immediately left the table with her daughter Li Yuan, angry.

For a time, a meal that was originally a good one, suddenly broke up unhappily.Here, only Li Xiaohong and three others were left.

"Dad, I'm sorry to embarrass you, but I really didn't lie to you ah Chu Yun, Mr. Chu he, really is a big man."

"That's enough!"Li Xiaohong still wanted to explain, but Li Lu Bin shouted angrily, scaring Li Xiaohong to lower her head, not daring to say another word.

After saying that, Li Lu Binton looked at Ye Fan, no longer polite and warm, full of displeasure: "I don't care if you are Mr. Chu, or a hick.But I'm warning you now, stay away from my daughter in the future."

"If you ever let me know that you compel to seduce my daughter again, I, Li Lu Bin, will never spare you."

"Also, this is not a shelter for me.Xiaohong is my daughter, I have no choice but to raise her."

"As for you, if you want to scrounge up food and drink, you're looking in the wrong place!"

"I don't want to drive you away, if you still have any self-respect, leave on your own."

Li Lu Bin said in a deep voice, and his icy words were full of anger contained within them.

Apparently, Li Lu Bin also regarded Ye Fan as a liar who compelled her daughter.

A country boy, still deceiving Xiaohong as Mr. Chu, pretending to be a big man posing there?

I almost fooled him, too!

Now of course he was angry.

If it wasn't for his own daughter's face, Li Lubin would have turned his face over and kicked Ye Fan out.


"Dad, why are you like this?"

"Mr. Chu he is a guest invited by my daughter after all, but you..."

Seeing that her own father had even headed out to drive Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong became anxious and said bitterly with her beautiful eyes red.

After all, Ye Fan was the guest she had invited, but now he had suffered such treatment, and no one knew how guilty and ashamed Li Xiaohong was at this time.

"You shut up!"

"You've been lied to and you don't know it?"

"How dare you defend him?"

Li Lubin harshly reprimanded, a few words but nearly will Li Xiaohong to cry.

At this time, Ye Fan is still sitting there, look calm, clear and beautiful face above, let people can not see the slightest bit of emotion.

Only as if a spring of water, let Sun Liping, Li Lubin and others how to ridicule, but always did not in his heart, set off any waves.

"I'm going!"

"You're a thick-skinned redneck, aren't you?"

"My parents have kicked you out and you're still stuck here?"

"Take your shit and get out of here!"

At this time, Li Yuan, who had just left, but came back over, seeing that Ye Fan was still deadly sitting there and not leaving, Li Yuan was undoubtedly even more disgusted and walked over to pick up the four-legged rusty tripod that Ye Fan had given her and threw it straight out towards the door.

"Get out!"Li Yuan growled low.

"Why don't you get out of here?"Sun Liping didn't know when, but she also came over, and with eyes full of disgust, she also lowly roared at Ye Fan.

The only person present was Li Xiaohong with a sad face, full of tears, lowering her head and unable to stop saying sorry to Ye Fan.

At this time, Li Xiaohong was full of self-reproach.

If it wasn't because of her invitation, Ye Fan wouldn't have suffered such an insult.

If it wasn't because of her humble nature, Ye Fan wouldn't have suffered such cold treatment in this family.

However, at this time, Ye Fan was the one who walked forward and gently helped Li Xiaohong wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes, smiling faintly, "Xiaohong, you are not at fault, why do you need to say you are sorry."

"It's them who are at fault, and it's also them who have eyes but no pearls."

"It's just that I'm afraid that I won't be able to continue accompanying you for this meal today."

"I'll make it up to you when I have the chance some other day."

Ye Fan smiled lightly, and after saying that, Ye Fan no longer stopped and turned around.

However, when Ye Fan leaned over to pick up the four-legged rusty tripod, Ye Fan turned his back to Li Lubin and the others and smiled coldly, "If it wasn't for Xiaohong today, you people really wouldn't have the qualifications, to eat at the same table with me."

The cold voice, with an icy chill, but in this hall, swept through.

Under Ye Fan's words, Li Lubin and the others trembled unconsciously.

The feeling was only as if what was standing in front of them at this time was not a countryside person from a poor background, but a majestic and thick huge mountain!

The family couldn't help but feel terrified.

At a certain moment, Li Lubin couldn't help but wonder if this young man in front of him was really an unknown big shot?

At this time, Ye Fan had already left.

Here, there was only the cold wind sweeping, and the echo of Ye Fan's cold and majestic aftermath.

After Ye Fan left, Li Xiaohong, however, had infinite grief in her heart.

Her teary eyes, looking at Li Yuan, looking at Sun Liping, looking at everyone present, her miserable voice then sounded, "Dad, sooner or later, you will understand, what kind of big person are you driving away today?"

"You guys will definitely regret this."

Li Xiaohong tearfully roared, while she then ran into the room in tears.

Li Lu Bin looked embarrassed, and there was no doubt some drumming in his heart at this point.

Could it be that he, Li Lu Bin, had really offended someone big?

"Heh, what the fuck?"

"A piece of broken brass and you picked it up?"

"If this kind of poor person is also a big shot, then I, Li Yuan, would be the queen."

"That's ridiculous."

Li Yuan shook her head and laughed, only to feel as if she had watched a joke.Now that Ye Fan was gone, the farce, undoubtedly, had come to an end.

"Dad, Mom, I'm going to bed first."

"Tomorrow I have to attend a birthday party with our CEO, it's said to be the Xu family's eldest daughter's birthday party, I have to be refreshed."

Li Yuan waved her hand and then went back to her room to rest as well.

However, Li Yuan's mother obviously didn't let Li Lubin off the hook, and still cursed at Li Lubin after returning to her room.


"I've long said that country daughter of yours isn't a thing."

"It's not enough to scrounge up food and drink by herself, but she also brought a wild man along."

"How shameless~"

"What do you need a daughter like her for?"

"No shame in that~"

"Okay, keep your voice down, don't let Xiaohong hear you."Li Lu Bin frowned.

"What?She's so nice to do it, and she's embarrassed to be told, so I won't whisper."




What happened after the Li family, Ye Fan naturally didn't know.

At this time, Ye Fan had already checked into the hotel that Han Lao had booked for him in advance.

"Little Lord, it has been contacted."

"In three days, the Starfire we supported in Yanjing will contact you."

"As for the last few days, he was not in Yanjing."

"Now after learning of your personal visit to Yanjing, he has immediately headed back."

From the phone, came Han's deep voice.

Ye Fan nodded, "Just in time, before that, I have to go to the Xu family."

"Did you look into all the things I asked you to look into about the Xu family before?"

"Mm."Han Lao immediately responded, "Little Lord, I've already sent the information to you."

"The Xu family is not small, at its heyday back then, it was ranked as one of the four most powerful families in Yanjing."

"However, since the Xu family's old man lost his life, the Xu family is now no longer at its peak and is declining."

"But after all, it's a hundred year old family with a strong foundation, and its connections and power in all walks of life are intertwined."

"If the young lord were to deal with the Xu family, he would probably face quite a bit of resistance,"

Han Lao warned worriedly.

Ye Fan remained silent for a long time, standing alone in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window, holding a teacup in his hand, the heat in the cup dense, just like this looking out at the vast starry sky, after a long time, the corners of his mouth lightly opened, smiling proudly.

"The four great giants?A hundred year old family?"

"So what!"

"Even if it's the Tiger's Den Dragon Pond, I, Chu Tianfan, have to go over there and take a walk."

"Bring Little Lei, out of it."

"That silly girl has been looking for me for ten years.Even if I can't give her the happiness she wants, I still have to let her have it, the freedom she deserves."

Ye Fan arrogantly whispered, while lifting the cup of tea and extending his hand to the vast starry sky outside.

Tilting his head, he drank the full cup of turbid tea!

"Since that's the case, I wish the young master, all the best for tomorrow."

"By the way, I understand that tomorrow is also the birthday of Second Miss Xu Lei of the Xu family.If the young master wants to give Miss Xu a huge surprise, he can instead prepare a gift."

At this time, there came another, faint reminder from Old Man Han.

Ye Fan nodded his head and only returned one, good word!


Yanjing, Xu Family.

Before the huge manor, but at this time is full of parked cars.

Yanjing city countless dignitaries, but holding their wives, dressed in full costume, just like this in a group of waiters, led towards the hall.

Today, the Xu family's movement made very large, colorful flowers, red carpets, the courtyard in front of the decorative flower clusters, but will today's Xu manor, decorated extraordinarily bright.

The pedestrians walking by the roadside, have a sideways glance, looking at the scene of the gathering of guests, luxury cars full of ground, eyebrows all reveal the light of envy.

"What's going on with the Xu family?"

"Could it be that Second Miss Xu, is going to be married today?"

"Wasn't it December 12th?"

At this time, the eyes of the pedestrians on the roadside, looking at the Xu family, were filled with doubt.

Many people were discussing.

"I go, don't you know about such a big thing?"

"The Xu family is not putting on this show today for Second Miss Xu."

"Rather, it's for the Xu family's eldest miss, Xu Meifeng."

"Today is the birthday banquet of the Xu family's eldest miss."

"A month ago, the Xu family released news on various media to promote it.The elites and dignitaries from all walks of life were invited to attend the meeting."A lover in the crowd said slowly.


"Just a birthday party, all that big?"

"This car dragon stretches a thousand meters, doesn't it?"

"It's at least half of Yanjing City's dignitaries are here!"

"It's worthy of the Xu family, Yanjing's oldest and most powerful family, it's just different."

Many people were filled with envy and emotion after learning that today was just a birthday banquet for the Xu family's eldest daughter.

Many women were even more yearning in their hearts, thinking that this was life.

A birthday banquet with a row that could compare to a state banquet!

Compared to others, the lives of these ordinary people like them were unbearable.

"But I guess the Xu family is hosting a birthday banquet is just a gimmick, and the main purpose is to choose a son-in-law for the Xu family's eldest daughter, right?"

"Second Miss Xu is getting married, Xu Meifeng, the cousin, is obviously anxious as well."

"But it's a pity that Second Miss Xu, such a nice person, is going to end up marrying that second ancestor of the Xue family?"

"I guess in the future, this second miss of the Xu family is afraid that she'll be trampled under the feet of the eldest miss forever!"

Many people shake their heads at the thought of this.

This search for a man, for a woman, is like a second reincarnation.

If you marry well, the turkey can become a phoenix.

If you don't marry well, I'm afraid you won't be able to hold your head up for the rest of your life.

Outside of the villa, many passersby who were watching the fun were discussing.

It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time before you have a chance to get to know each other," he said.Of course, the most eye-catching among them was the noble woman who looked like a canary, Xu's eldest daughter Xu Meifeng.

However, in the midst of the prosperous scene downstairs, a penthouse in the villa was surprisingly quiet.

It was prosperous outside, but here it was as quiet as autumn.

In the room, there was a stunningly elegant woman sitting quietly in front of the window like this.

The outside sunlight, through the fine shutters, light sprinkling down, shining in her body, but sprinkled a ground haze.

It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

Only as if a forgotten corner, outside flowers with brocade, this side of desolate full of cloth.

"Miss, they are too much."

"Obviously today is also your birthday, but they do not care to ask without saying, but they also grounded you."

"Simply bullying!"Behind him, a bland voice suddenly came out.

Only Lin Wenjing came from outside, but she was full of anger and even complained to Xu Lei.

"Mr. Xu, you don't know how lively it is outside."

"The Tang family in the south of the city, the Su family in the north of the city, even the Tang family in Jinling sent people over to celebrate that Xu Meifeng's birthday."

"You are unaware, that Xu Meifeng is so proud of herself as if she is an imperial princess."

"She doesn't even think about how they got their current glory, it's not even Miss your parents who fought hard to get it."

"But now, not only are they not grateful to Miss your parents, but they have grounded Miss, and now they even want to find anyone to marry her off."

"Paying lip service to your consideration for Miss you, I see ah, they just want to drive you out of the Xu family as soon as possible so that they can take over all of the Xu family's possessions openly and honestly."

The more Lin Wenjing thought about it, the angrier she became, and her pretty face was even redder at this point.

She had been in the Xu family for many years and knew the Xu family very well.

Although the Xu family was known as a hundred year old family, it was really mid-rise when Xu Lei's father was in power.

Later on, Xu Lei's parents passed away unexpectedly, and at that time, Xu Lei was far away in Jiangdong, so the Xu family's industry naturally fell into the hands of Xu Lei's second uncle.

The so-called Xu family's eldest daughter, Xu Meifeng, is naturally the daughter of Xu Lei's second uncle.

But in Lin Wenjing's eyes, the real daughter of the Xu family had always been Xu Lei!


"It's just not good to be without your parents."

"When you are oppressed and bullied in the family, you have to put up with it, but you have no one to rely on."

"Miss, don't be sad either.No one is giving you your birthday, I'll give it to you."

Lin sighed, only feeling extraordinarily sorry for Xu Lei.

Not only was the family business that should have belonged to her robbed, but now even the annual birthday banquet had been robbed by that Xu Meifeng family.

Lin Wenjing didn't dare to imagine how Xu Lei's path should be in the future.

These two princesses of the Xu family were both born on the same day.

Now that they were only given to Xu Meifeng to pass over, but completely ignored Xu Lei, Lin Wenjing certainly felt forked.

In between sighs, but Lin Wenjing placed a birthday cake on the table and helped Xu Lei light the birthday candle.

Xu Lei watched, but lightly smiled, a smile, filled with endless desolation.

"Wenjing, thank you so much."

"These years, it's fortunate to have you with me."

"Every birthday, and only you remember."

"Without you, I guess I, Xu Lei, would have really become that person who was forgotten by the entire world."

Xu Lei said softly, but at this time, she no longer had the majesty and power that she had in Yunzhou, there was only endless desolation and loneliness.

Her parents passed away unexpectedly, the family fortune was occupied by someone, and now even her annual birthday was taken away.

Even if Xu Lei had a strong heart, she would feel heartache and sadness at this time, right?

In a trance, it was as if Xu Lei had seen that night in the Chu family more than ten years ago today.

There was a silly teenager, wearing clothes scratched by a branch, holding two apples stolen from a tree, giving them to her and wishing her a happy birthday.

Xu Lei still remembers, because she doesn't like to eat apple peels, and she doesn't have a knife by her side, the boy helped her to gnaw off the apple peels bit by bit with his teeth.

Later on, in order to thank him, Xu Lei also used her mouth to peel another apple for him.

After peeling the apple, the two of them even switched and ate it.

I was young and ignorant at the time, but now that I think about it, how ambiguous that kind of behavior was at that time?

It was as if she had received countless kisses from him.

That was the first birthday gift Xu Lei had ever received from an outsider.

It was also the first and only gift that the young man, had given her!

It's just that, after all these years, that teenager back then has finally started a family.

I guess he has already forgotten his own birthday, right?

Have you even forgotten the girl who called him Little Brother Fan back then?

Time, after all, changes too many things.

Nowadays, Xu Lei, how much she wants to go back to her childhood.

Back then, beauty was still young.

Back then, heroes were young!


Unknowingly, Xu Lei had actually burst into tears.

The cold crystal, flowing down the stunningly beautiful cheeks, strung into beads and also connected into lines.

It's just like the dull pearl of the night.

Lin Wenjing, who was on the side, only felt her heart was breaking.

She clenched her palms, her shell teeth biting her red lips, she was close to being unable to help but say, what Ye Fan had instructed her to say before.

But Lin Wenjing, in the end, still managed to hold back.

She was afraid, afraid that Ye Fan would not come.

Even more afraid, afraid that Xu Lei would be disappointed.

She didn't dare to give Xu Lei too much misty hope, and the current Xu Lei was afraid that she wouldn't be able to take any more blows.

Therefore, Lin Wenjing didn't tell Xu Lei about her visit to Jiangdong, let alone that Ye Fan was coming.

However, at this time, Lin Wenjing was in her heart, praying over and over again.

"Mr. Ye, you may, you must come~"



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