The King of Kungfu in school 1441-1450


Chapter 1141

In the next second, Tang Zichen's figure shot up into the air and stood a dozen meters across from Lan Runshui.

Tang Zichen said, "Lan Runshui, you are really heartless and unjust, I thought that ten years of companionship was at least a little bit of love."

"Hahaha, Shang Hong, you're thinking too much, ten years of companionship, I'm only here for today's life and death battle, today it's either you kill me or I kill you.Shang Hong, are you ready for this?"

Tang Zichen looked at the ground, a whole street of corpses on a certain imperial city street, and then at Shang Mo who died tragically on the ground directly below, as well as Shang Stubborn who was tearing his heart out and howling, and said, "Indeed, today it's either you or me who dies."

"Good, that's what I want you to say."Lan Runshui shouted.

The truth was that Tang Zichen didn't have much confidence, because Tang Zichen had just stepped into the third stage of Returning Void and his realm hadn't even stabilized, but Lan Runshui was an old Returning Void and had exposed a lot of Tang Zichen's martial skills in the previous ten years, and Lan Runshui knew Tang Zichen's martial skills quite well, while Tang Zichen didn't know his true martial skills.

Therefore, this battle was a battle of life and death for Tang Zichen.

Lan Run Shui took out another scimitar and said, "Shang Hong, it's time for me to show you your Endless Sword Technique and for you to see my Shadowless Scimitar."


Tang Zichen drew his sword.

Shang Jian and the others immediately retreated. The first website

In the sky, Tang Zichen and Lan Runshui both released their endless battle intent, a pressure from the sky pressed down on the entire imperial city, it was as if positive and negative poles formed a gale between Tang Zichen and Lan Runshui, blowing each other's clothes.

"Drink."Lan Runshui shouted and threw the scimitar in his hand at Tang Zichen.

The scimitar became formless, leaving only a plausible shadow.

Tang Zichen had seen the power of his Shadowless Technique, and this was only the beginning.

So Lan Runshui was definitely a genius, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to step into the Third Stage of Returning Void.

Tang Zichen suddenly struck out with his sword.

Like a long rainbow, it was as fast as lightning.

"Ka."Tang Zichen's sword blade grazed Lan Runshui's scimitar and did not hit, let alone knock it down.

"Not good."Sure enough, the next moment Tang Zichen felt a pain in his arm and was cut by Lan Runshui's scimitar.

Lan Run Shui's Shadowless Scimitar was too powerful, truly shadowless, so it was to be expected that one would be at a disadvantage with the first move when one first stepped into the Returning Void Third Stage.

Lan Runshui's scimitar instantly returned to his hand.

"Shang Hong, be careful, the next cut will be your neck."Lan Runshui said with a cold gaze.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, in fact, if Tang Zichen opened Life Blood Hidden, Lan Runshui's Shadowless Technique would be almost ineffective against Tang Zichen.

However, Tang Zichen didn't want to open Life Blood Yin, although Life Blood Yin wasn't considered a part of Tang Zichen's extras, it was just a part of Tang Zichen's strength, and there was no shame in opening it.

It was just that Tang Zichen wanted to have another good taste of Lan Runshui's martial arts, it was rare to have such a powerful enemy, after this battle, Tang Zichen would never have another battle in the future, as no one would ever be his opponent again.

"Buzz."Lan Run Shui's slash flew again, and this time, Lan Run Shui was no longer throwing his scimitar out, but his entire body flew together, his speed was so fast that he was almost shadowless, and yes, Lan Run Shui's shadowless kung fu was also integrated into his body style.


Like death, the scimitar closed in on Tang Zichen's head.

Tang Zichen's Endless Gong was naturally not a blow.

Tang Zichen's body shook a few times, bringing out the sense of space that the Endless Gong incorporated.

This move was not known to Tang Zichen when he was with Lan Runshui ten years before.


br /> Suddenly, Lan Runshui felt Tang Zichen's body, becoming incomparably distant, his machete instantly lost its target, but in the next moment, he felt Tang Zichen was right in front of him, this illusory, near or distant body style, making him baffled.Lan Runshui still knew that Tang Zichen's Endless Technique, the most powerful layer, didn't even let him know, thanks to the fact that he thought his Shadowless Technique could hang on to Tang Zichen's Endless Technique.

"Puff."In the next second, Lan Runshui didn't have time to hesitate and tried to fly back, but a pain came from his chest, and then a pillar of blood blazed out in his chest.

Tang Zichen wanted to end him with a sword, but Lan Runshui's strength was also extraordinary, Tang Zichen didn't even have the ability to kill him with this sword, his sword only entered Lan Runshui's skin for half a minute, and Lan Runshui flew back.

Lan Runshui retreated a few dozen meters away, laughing, and as he laughed, the hole in his chest even spurted out blood.

Tang Zichen didn't have it easy either, his arm had just almost been removed by Lan Runshui's machete, and now his entire arm was stained red.

"Hahaha, good, good, I've been looking forward to a battle like this for decades, to have someone to fight me like this before my big day, I'm willing to die."Lan Runshui laughed madly.

On the ground, Tang Zichen's relatives were all incredibly nervous, seeing that one of Tang Zichen's arms was stained red and very worried.This was because this was a life and death battle, not a cut and thrust.

On the contrary, Tang Zichen wasn't overly worried about himself because Tang Zichen still had Life Blood Hidden as the strongest finale, unless Lan Run Shui also had no known cards.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Lan Run Shui said, "Shang Hong, I originally thought that my battle with you would only be light and easy, but I never thought that you would be able to force me to use my life-preserving technique."

"You actually have the final card."Tang Zichen said without any fluctuation in his face, as if no one else could see Tang Zichen's inner thoughts anymore, as if Tang Zichen was also an old monster who had lived for more than two hundred years, so profound that no one could understand his eyes.

"Right, if you didn't, then you will die today."Lan Runshui said.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, come on, make your final card."

"Shang Hong, my life-preserving technique can instantly increase my power, but the consequences are extremely serious, you may even lose your life, but it doesn't matter, as long as I can have a painful battle today and kill you viciously, no regrets."

"I hope so."

After saying that, Lan Runshui's two eyes turned red, the thinning hair on top of his head stood up, and the skin on Lan Runshui's body turned dark purple, looking like he was possessed.

That's right, Lan Runshui's bottom card for instantly improving his power was being possessed, Tang Zichen thought that he also had a similar technique to Life Blood Hidden, but it turned out not to be.

After entering the demon, Lan Run Shui's entire aura had really increased by an unknown number of times, his demonic aura was enormous, but Tang Zichen that wasn't demonic aura, but black blood aura.

"Boom."Lan Runshui's body exploded into the air and rushed towards Tang Zichen with a clatter, his speed had been so fast that the people on the ground couldn't look at him.

Tang Zichen also instantly opened Life Blood Hidden, a showdown of each other's strongest cards.

Tang Zichen who had opened Life Blood Hidden had also increased his strength by an unknown amount, and Tang Zichen's rainbow-like sword and Lan Runshui's entire body transforming into a sword were like two planets colliding with each other.

"Boom."An invisible wave of air in the sky exploded all around, and no one knew what the next ending would be.

Tang Zichen and Lan Runshui, who were standing back to back, stood motionless in the sky.

The people on the ground were all incredibly nervous, but they didn't move a muscle.

After about ten seconds, Lan Runshui said, "I'm very happy in this battle, Shang Hong, thank you for making me."

Tang Zichen said, "No sending."

After saying that, Lan Run Shui's body suddenly began to crack from his skull, splitting in half with a clatter and falling to the ground.


The people on the ground were all relieved to see Shang Hong kill Lan Run Shui.

The moment Tang Zichen saw Lan Runshui's corpse fall to the ground, he suddenly felt lonely inside, from then on, no one in this world was his opponent anymore, Tang Zichen would walk alone towards the higher path of martial arts, not knowing what realm was behind him, let alone what direction the cultivation would take, it was all up to him to find out, this difficulty, increased by more than a hundred times.

Tang Zichen flew to the ground and looked at Shang Mo, who was already dead.

Shang Crouch was holding Shang Mo's corpse.

Tang Zichen said, "Shang stubborn, grieve."

Shang Crouch nodded silently.

Tang Zichen also ordered his servants to freeze Lan Runshui's corpse and send it back to the Flower Moon Empire, no matter what, Lan Runshui was also a generation strong man, he should be allowed to return to his hometown.

After Tang Zichen dealt with everything, he locked himself in the secret room.

From the moment Lan Runshui died, Tang Zichen felt as if he was detached from the entire world, a sadness that he had no rivals.

Tang Zichen didn't know where to go, didn't know what to do next, and although his goal was clear, he was clueless.Go out and train?But there are no more relics to be found in this world, most places are known places, and no one stronger since then will inch forward.

Time rushed by, and in the blink of an eye, it was 18 years of spring and autumn. Remember the website

Tang Zichen was 110 years old.

Tang Zichen's appearance also looked like he was finally no longer very young, but at least 50 years old for an ordinary person.

At this moment, in a room.

Tang Zichen was sitting in front of the bed, also sitting in front of the bed was Qin Ren, and the other brothers and sisters, and of course, there was Grandmother Yan Xinyi.

A pale old man, leaning against the bed, was Tang Zichen's master, Ding Ru.

The teacher's wife, Yan Xinyi, was sobbing softly.

Ding Ru smiled slightly and held the hand of his teacher's wife, comforting her, "Xin Yi, don't be sad, let alone cry, I hope I'm leaving happy."

"Ding Ru."The teacher's wife held Ding Ru's hand and called out sadly.

In front of the bed, all of Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters stood there quietly, Qin Ren and Ju's eyes were red.

Ding Ru was already over a hundred and forty years old, his time limit was up, and looking at his pale appearance, he was about to die.

Everyone in the entire house was not young, even the youngest, Tang Zichen, had the appearance of a 50 year old among ordinary people, not to mention the others.

The teacher's wife also had white hair, and the hands she held with Ding Ru were all wrinkled, just better compared to her master's withered and fleshless hands.

Tang Zichen was the half-aged look of his brothers and sisters, including Qin Ren.

Youth was gone for good.

Right at this moment, Ding Ru's hand suddenly dropped.

"Ding Ru."The teacher's wife shouted.

Tang Zichen immediately knelt down, a sadness in his heart.

Master Shifu was already gone.

"Ding Ru, sob."The teacher's wife cried out, and Qin Ren and Ah Ju also jumped to the bed and cried out.

Instead, Tang Zichen and a few other men didn't cry, but their eyes were empty.

Tang Zichen took the lead and kowtowed three times to his master's corpse, then said, "Master, have a good journey."

"Master, the disciples will be looking for you in a few decades."Big Brother sobbed.

After that, Tang Zichen buried his master thickly, and life went back to normal, with his wife carrying his master's ashes.

Moving to a mountain outside the imperial city and living alone, Tang Zichen didn't bother, only sending people to check on the situation periodically.

Today, eighteen years later, Tang Zichen had struggled all the way to the Fourth Stage of Return to Void.

It took eighteen years to break through from the third stage of Returned Void zero times to the fourth stage of Returned Void.

But unfortunately, the further one went, the more difficult it would be.

"Grandfather."When Tang Zichen returned to the palace, a fifteen or sixteen year old girl came and shouted upon seeing Tang Zichen.

"Oh, Shang Yun, if you're not practicing martial arts today, why are you free to come to grandpa."Tang Zichen said with a slight smile.

That fifteen or sixteen year old girl said, "My mother is giving me a day off today, so I came to see grandpa, I heard that grandpa's master has left in his prime, grandpa is in mourning."

"It's fine, everyone has to go."Tang Zichen smiled faintly and touched the top of the young girl's head, this young girl looked very similar to Qin Nui, who was exactly Qin Nui's daughter, and Qin Nui was very similar to Tang Zichen, so this young girl was also quite similar to Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen listened to cherish this granddaughter.

Of course, Qin Nui was married to Zhu Jin Yao, not out of marriage, but Zhu Jin Yao into the family, so Shang Yun was his own granddaughter, not his granddaughter.

"Shang Yun, let grandpa see how your martial arts skills are doing."

"Yes, grandpa can guide me oh."

"Of course."

"Grandpa, then I can start practicing."Saying that, the young girl rehearsed in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at her with a kind gaze and finally chuckled and said, "Yun'er has practiced really well."

"Grandpa, don't lie to me, my mother and father are always saying I'm stupid."

"Come, Yun'er, let grandpa guide you through a few moves, but remember them well."


Tang Zichen spot threw a few moves of the martial art Shang Yun had just practiced.

"Grandpa, didn't you say you'd teach me a few strokes?Why are you practicing the same as I am?"

"Don't you notice any difference, Rue?"

"It seems like, it seems like it's much more powerful than what I practiced."Yun Shang said with a touch of her head.

"Then do you want to practice as strong as grandpa?"


"Good. Then watch carefully and see how these moves have to be performed to achieve the strongest effect."

Not long after Tang Zichen had taught Shang Yun to practice, a man came along, and that man had a little girl in his hand, that little girl was about three or four years old.

"Dad, you're teaching Shang Yun again."The man said to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Shang Ji, you haven't gone out for three years, are you going to stay at home forever after marrying a daughter-in-law?"Tang Zichen seemed to be a bit dissatisfied with Shang Ji.

That's right, the man who was leading the three-year-old girl along was Shang Ji.

Shang Ji was 47 years old this year, and his realm was Zongshi Grand Perfection.

Shang Ji's talent has been outstanding since he was a child, making Tang Zichen very satisfied.Unlike Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen reached the Fourth Stage of Return to Void, the entire world had been there, no matter which place he went to, there was no encounter for Tang Zichen.

"Dad, I."

"Alright, leave my granddaughter behind, you can go now."

"Oh."Shang Ji had no choice but to leave his daughter behind, depressed and alone.


Tang Zichen picked up Shang Ji's daughter, kissed her on the cheek, and said with a loving face, "Shang Yang, have you missed grandpa."


"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud and said to Shang Yun, "Yun'er, stop practicing for now, go in and drink some water and talk with grandpa."

"Mm, grandpa."

Tang Zichen carried three-year-old Shang Yang in his arms and walked into the main hall, where he chatted with these two granddaughters.

At that moment, an old woman came in with a plate of snacks.

"Zichen, try my newly invented dim sum."That old woman said.

"Xuan'er, how come the older you get, the more you like to toss these things."Tang Zichen said.

Three-year-old Shang Yang was busy saying, "Grandma Li, I want to eat."

"Good, Grandma Li will feed it to you."Li Xuan'er squatted down and picked up a pastry and said.

Tang Zichen was speechless. One second to remember to read the book

Li Xuan'er said, "Nowadays at this age, cultivation has been inching forward, my son has grown up, even my grandson doesn't need my help to bring him up, what else can I do if I don't find something to do, so, nothing to do but study and research delicious food."

Tang Zichen patted Li Xuan'er's wrinkled old hand and didn't say anything.

Li Xuan'er grabbed a pastry and handed it to Tang Zichen's mouth and said, "You should eat one too."

Tang Zichen grabbed Li Xuan'er's hand and sighed deeply, "These hands, once so tender and white, green and jade fingers, are now withered."

"Come on, what age are they, still green and jade fingers."Li Xuan'er gave Tang Zichen a glance and stuffed the pastry into Tang Zichen's mouth.

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er, and seemed to clearly remember in his mind how youthful and beautiful Li Xuan'er was back then at White Cloud High School, as the Four Great School Flowers.


"Shang Yun."At that moment, a woman's shout came from outside, and shortly after, a woman walked in.

Shang Yun, who was eating a pastry, hid behind a pillar in a panic.

The woman shouted, "Shang Yun, come out and still hide."

Tang Zichen said, "Qin Nui, why are you shouting."

The woman who came in was none other than Qin Nui, presumably looking for her daughter Shang Yun.

"Dad, Shang Yun he really did run to you, she slipped away when I wasn't paying attention."

Tang Zichen looked back towards the pillar and said, "Yun'er, didn't you say that your mother is giving you the day off today?"

Shang Yun came out with her head down, not daring to look at everyone.

Qin Nui was so angry that she wanted to go up and grab her, Tang Zichen said, "Qin Nui, don't be too strict, it's appropriate to give people some freedom."

"Dad ah, people who are already not active, if I don't care about it, then she will really be ruined ah."Qin Nui said.

Tang Zichen chuckled, seeing Qin Nui's appearance at the moment, Tang Zichen couldn't help but remember when Qin Nui was still young, Qin Rei forced Qin Nui to practice martial arts, Qin Nui and Qin Rei, really worthy of being mother and daughter, this education is all exactly the same.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Qin Nui, don't forget, when you yourself were a child, weren't you the same, your mother forced you to practice martial arts and watched you all the time, at that time, weren't you just as rebellious."

"Uh, dad, that's different, no matter how much more obedient I was when I was young, I was still more obedient than Shang Yun is now, right?"

"Hahaha, just ask your mother about that."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"What is there to ask me?"At that moment, another old woman walked in, and it was

Qin Ren.

"Grandmother, my mother wants to force me to practice martial arts, and she won't give me any free time at all."That Shang Yun immediately pounced on Qin Ren, and also looked like she was aggrieved.

Qin Ren said, "Yun'er, it's not that grandmother won't help you, your mother did the right thing, go back with your mother quickly, practice martial arts, don't waste away, it's still so small, if you don't lay a good foundation, what about the future."

"Oh."Shang Yun aggrieved oh, and obediently followed Qin Nui away.

Tang Zichen said to Qin Rei, "Rei'er, when I saw the way she taught Shang Yun today, I thought of the way you taught Qin Nui back then, Qin Nui is really similar to you."

"That's needless to say, Qin Nui is my own child, if she's not like me then who is she like."Qin Ren said with a glance at Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen chatted with Qin Rei for a short while before turning around and walking out of the palace, unknowingly, he came to a palace.

A pale woman, alone and reading a book, was Tang Zichen's mother, Qiao Xue.


Qiao Xue lifted her head and smiled, "Hong'er, why have you come over today."

"Mother, I came over to see you, I just saw the appearance of Qin Nui and Shang Yun's mother and daughter and suddenly missed you.Mother, I was unfaithful, making you so lonely all by yourself."

"Hong'er, what silly words are you saying, your life is still long and your goals are still far away, you have to spend all your time on cultivation, it's hard to waste it on me ah.Now that all my grandchildren have grown up and started families, I'm getting old, I can't play with those Xuan Suns, so why don't I just quietly read a book by myself."

"Mother, you're not old."Tang Zichen sat at his mother's feet and grabbed his mother's arm and said.

"Oh, Hong'er, I heard that your master Ding Ru is gone today."


"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Mother."

Tang Zichen's mother sighed, "By the way, I'm almost ten years older than your master, and I'm afraid that Mother won't live much longer."

"Mother, don't say such things."Tang Zichen said with some difficulty, his relatives were getting older one by one, watching one by one pass away, Tang Zichen was not feeling good inside, although he said that he had already seen through it, but he couldn't not be sad.

Tang Zichen's grandfather Shang Jian, that was the earliest to leave, seven or eight years after that war with Lan Runshui, grandfather Shang Jian went away.

Tang Zichen's mother-in-law was now 155, and the late stage of peak ascension was really not that long away.

My mother patted the back of Tang Zichen's hand and didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen sat on the ground, his head resting on his mother-in-law's lap, like a little child, only, unconsciously, Tang Zichen's eyes were wet.

The young offspring kept growing up, while the oldest loved ones kept passing away.

They all only had a few years to a few decades left to live, but Tang Zichen was the only one who still had at least 150 years to live.

Tang Zichen could no longer imagine how he was going to live when all of his relatives were gone and he was left alone.

"Hong'er, what a relief it would be if your father were to know in the spring that his son was able to reach the Fourth Stage of Return to the Void, which is difficult for anyone to reach even in 10,000 years.Hong'er, you must continue to work hard to reach the Returned Void Stage 5, or even surpass it, to reach heights that no one before you has ever reached, to become the strongest person since the beginning of time."

"Okay, I will definitely try my best, but, I feel so lonely."

"Hong'er, although mother can't accompany you for a few more years, you still have so many sons and grandsons, you won't be lonely."


"No, mother, you don't understand, I haven't done anything for 18 years, I so want to have a good fight with someone, but unfortunately, no one can satisfy me, I kind of understand why, in the beginning, Lan Run Shui was willing to spend ten years to help me, and then fight him.If my child is also going to die, then my child's wish is probably the same, to have a good fight before I die."

"Hong'er, alas, my good boy."Tang Zichen's mother stroked Tang Zichen's hair and sighed deeply.

Tang Zichen was with his mother, accompanying him for three days and three nights, eating with her and sleeping with her, Tang Zichen slept on the ground, the reason why Tang Zichen never left her for a moment for three days and three nights was because, Tang Zichen was about to enter another round of retreat, Tang Zichen was afraid that by the time he was out of the gate again, his mother would be gone.

After three days and three nights.

"Hong'er, go, go do your business, you don't need to stay with your mother anymore."

"Mother, I can't leave you behind."

"Silly child, your path is still long while ours is close, you must learn to give up so that you can move forward."

"Learn to forsake?"Tang Zichen seems to have come to a realization.

Only by learning to give up can we move forward.Yes, Tang Zichen is unable to give up now, if only he could learn to give up, not caring at all, that would be great, with no distractions, he would be able to move forward faster.

However, Tang Zichen couldn't do it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. The first website

As soon as Tang Zichen entered the retreat state, which could be as short as two or three years or as long as seven or eight years, Tang Zichen himself could not control the time, and no one else would bother him.

This time, Tang Zichen went into seclusion for about 13 more years.

After six years, Tang Zichen was 123 years old.

Tang Zichen's realm had gone from zero times in the fourth stage of Return to Void to six times in the fourth stage of Return to Void.

Thirteen years only added six times to Tang Zichen's total.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and found that he was already covered in a layer of dust, he himself didn't know how long he had been sitting in the chamber, because his thoughts were deep into the depths of his brain.

Now for Tang Zichen, normal cultivation was no longer useful, he had to develop the deep layers of his brain for cultivation to be useful.

It was really at a certain level, even the way of cultivation had quietly changed.

Tang Zichen touched his chin, thirteen years of not moving and no one taking care of his beard, it was naturally long, except that Tang Zichen's beard wasn't white yet, it was still a black beard.

The black beard showed that Tang Zichen's body wasn't very old, it was less than 60 years old for an ordinary person.

Tang Zichen stood up and shook the dust off his body, then pushed open the stone door and walked out.

"Taizu is out of the gate."

As soon as Tang Zichen walked out of the stone door and arrived outside the secret room, someone shouted that Taizu was out of the gate.

Soon, many people came from all directions, all of whom were Tang Zichen's family and friends.

The first to come were Qin Nui and Zhu Jin Yao.


"Father."The two of them were busy calling out.

Tang Zichen looked at Qin Nui, who seemed to have changed by many years compared to the last time, Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Qin Nui, how long has it been in the past?"

Qin Nui's husband, Zhu Jin Yao, was busy saying, "Thirteen years."

"Thirteen years."Tang Zichen said, a tear flowing out of the corner of his eye.

"Father, what's wrong with you?"Qin Nui was busy coming up to help Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen asked, "Your grandmother, when did you leave."

"About the third year after you closed the gate."

Tang Zichen cried out in sorrow, "Mother, my son is unfaithful."

Qin Nui cried, "Father, don't be like this, we were all by her side when grandmother's time was up, and we wanted to risk coming to wake you up then, but grandmother wouldn't let anyone disturb you."

Tang Zichen's mind flashed with a picture of his mother's face, from the time when Tang Zichen had just met her, to the time when he ended up accompanying her for three days and three nights, his mother's face went from young and beautiful, to a withered old woman.


bsp; Tang Zichen flew up and headed straight for the Royal Mausoleum.

Tang Zichen only swept a glance, and in no time, he found a tombstone from Noda's Royal Mausoleum, which was her mother's grave.

Tang Zichen flew up and knelt down to that tombstone.

"Mother, Hong'er came to see you, but unfortunately, by the time Hong'er leaves the gate this time, you will have been gone for ten years.Hong'er was unfaithful, unable to compensate you to the end, and also received three worship from Hong'er."

Tang Zichen bowed three times heavily.

"Mother, you can finally stop being so lonely by yourself, and when you go there, father will be by your side forever."

"Mother, have a good journey, my son will listen to you, and will never give up on the path of martial arts until the end."

Tang Zichen returned to the palace hall at this point.

Tang Zichen's relatives were all here.

Tang Zichen remained motionless, his body flying into the palace with great ease.




"Brother Feng."

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen took a look and saw that everyone was still there except for his aunt, as well as Mu and the Flower Fairy who were not there, Tang Zichen said, "Is everyone okay."

"Fine fine."

Tang Zichen asked, "My teacher's wife, how is she now?"

Big brother Xie Yong said, "Don't worry, Shizuo is still living in solitary seclusion on that mountain outside the imperial city."

"That's good."

"Moreover, Shisuniang has already reached the Peak Ascension Great Perfection, Shisuniang has really made us all unexpected, it's a pity that it's too late to exert our strength until we are old."Second Senior Brother said.

"Oh, I'll go and see Shisuniang tomorrow.Where's Muyoung and the Flower Fairy couple?"Don Zimmer asked again.

"Alas, they're long gone."

"When?"Tang Zichen asked somewhat heartbroken that Mu Qianji's parents were also gone.

"In the second and third year after your retreat, respectively, but you don't have to worry, when Mu Qianhao and his wife left, he was accompanied by a group of children and grandchildren, so he didn't go alone."

"Well, that's good."

Liu Yue asked, "Zichen, what realm have you reached this time in the retreat?Anyway, your realm is only numbers to us."

Tang Zichen didn't hold back, "Return to Void Stage 4 six times."

"Six breakthroughs in thirteen years, not bad, Zichen, when are you going to step into the fifth stage of Return to Void?"

"Five phases, huh? I don't know."Tang Zichen shook his head.

Tang Zichen was completely feeling his way across the river, the future was confusing, and the legends in history said that the strongest people had reached the Fifth Stage of Return to Void, but there was no way of knowing if the legend was true or not.As for after the Returning Void Stage 5, there were no more legends, as none of the legends had reached the level.

"Grandpa, I'm Shang Yang, don't you remember me?"At this point, one was about 16 years old.

"Shang Yang?"Tang Zichen looked at this little girl, a little unbelievable, she was 3 years old back then, now she was a 16 year old big girl.

"Yeah, I'm Shang Yang, you even fed me pastries when I was little."

"Oh, Yangyang, you're so big."Tang Zichen smiled happily.

"Grandpa, there's still me."

"There's still me."

A dozen more boys and girls came out, all of them from Tang Zichen's grandchildren's generation, aged between their teens and thirties.

"Good, good, they're all good kids."

At that moment, Song Yu'er said, "Alright, Zichen, just out of the border, sit down and take a break, drink some water before you talk, you haven't eaten or drunk for thirteen years."

Those grandchildren who were only in their teens and twenties were all amazed, grandpa is so strong, he can go 13 years without eating and sleeping, grandpa is already invincible in their minds, because since the day they were born, grandpa is the strongest person in the world.


Tang Zichen nodded, went to wash up, changed into clean clothes, trimmed his long beard, and then had a good sleep.

It was already the next morning when he woke up.

Tang Zichen left the imperial city after waking up and went to a mountain outside the imperial city.

Previously, Tang Zichen's teacher's wife was on her way to this mountain for seclusion, and Tang Zichen came directly to a thatched hut on the mountain.



Tang Zichen called out a few times, but there was no reply from the teacher's wife, Tang Zichen pushed the door into the thatched hut, only to see a note on the thatched hut's table, it looked like the note had been written for some time, with a layer of dust on it.

The note said, "Disciples, no need to come to see the teacher's mother anymore, the teacher's mother has not much time left, take your master away, this life has disciples like you, the teacher's mother is very proud, the teacher's mother wishes you all the best, in the next life there is a fate to do the teacher's and disciples again, this life to say goodbye."

"Shisuniang!"Tang Zichen heavily put down the note, his heart ached with grief, Shisuniang was gone, not knowing where she had taken her master, in short, this life was goodbye.

"Shisuniang, take care."Tang Zichen choked and said, in this life, each other's path of master and disciple is considered to be a perfect end, at this moment, in Tang Zichen's mind, a scene flashed through the picture of the childhood master and aunt raising and teaching their brothers and sisters, it was so beautiful and so sweet.

Tang Zichen returned to the palace with a heavy heart. Remember the website

"Zichen, when did you wake up, did you go visit your teacher's wife?Why didn't you call us."Big Brother was busy.

"There's no need to go any further, Shisame has already left."

"What?Has the teacher's wife left?"

Tang Zichen didn't explain much and handed the note that Shiniang had left for their division brothers to Big Brother.

After reading it, Big Brother cried out in sorrow, and the rest of the brothers and sisters rushed over to read the note of farewell from his wife and cried bitterly as well.

Tang Zichen's group of brothers and sisters were saddened for several days, as his master had died, and now even his wife had said goodbye to him.

Tang Zichen spent the vast majority of his time with his wives after he left the country, because, when the lifelong fate of master and apprentice ended, then, in ten or twenty years, the lifelong fate of husband and wife with them would also end, while they were all still alive now, to be together, not to seek the end of the world, but to cherish every minute and every second.

After that, Tang Zichen wasn't going to spend all of his time in seclusion for the next twenty years, Tang Zichen would spend all of his time with them, as well as his brothers, after hitting the Fifth Stage of Return to Void.

Tang Zichen had at least 130 years left in his life span anyway, and there was still too much time left for him to be alone in the future.

Half a year later, Tang Zichen stood at the entrance to the secret room, his relatives standing at the gate watching him enter the secret room.

"Go in and leave us alone."Liu Xiangyun said with a smile.

Tang Zichen said to everyone, "Trust me, I'll come out when I hit the 5th stage of Return to Void, it won't be too long, then I'll accompany you guys everyday and we'll travel around the world."


Tang Zichen entered the chamber in front of everyone's eyes, and with a bang, the boulders of the chamber fell down, completely blocking the outside world from the chamber.

Tang Zichen sat on the floor, this time Tang Zichen had some inspiration and was ready to hit the Fifth Stage of Returning Void, he believed that it wouldn't take long, once he hit the Fifth Stage of Returning Void

After the period, Tang Zichen would become the strongest and most powerful existence in the history of mankind, and it would no longer be a legend that someone had reached the Fifth Stage of Return to Void.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes and his spirit sank into the deep level of his mind.

After entering the deep level, it felt like falling asleep at night, completely unable to perceive any information from the outside world, just imagine who fell asleep and was still able to perceive the outside world while falling asleep at a deep level.

After reaching the legendary martial arts realm like Tang Zichen, ordinary cultivation was no longer useful, for example, going out for training or whatever, or experiencing life and death, this kind of traditional cultivation was no longer useful, because this kind of traditional cultivation was only stimulating the surface layer of the brain, it was still possible when it was weak, but now this kind of realm was only useful if you entered the deep level of the brain.

Tang Zichen didn't know how long it had been, but he was in the deep layers of his brain as if a computer was running, and in this state, his physical consumption was completely zero, so he didn't need to eat or drink water and wouldn't get tired.(In another world there is a legend of a Dharma Master who sat in a cave with his face to the wall in meditation for nine years, nine years without eating or drinking and without moving, maybe that Dharma Master is the state that Tang Zichen is in now, of course, this is just a legend from another world.)

Finally, after an unknown period of time, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

Tang Zichen had completely stepped into the Fifth Stage of Returning Void.

After stepping into the Returned Void Stage 5, Tang Zichen gave an even more different feeling, as if there was a very divine feeling, the skin on his body emitted an invisible light, an invisible light that was invisible, but one could feel it, and then an involuntary urge to worship rose up within him.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply.

"The legendary Fifth Stage of Return to Void, I've reached it, it really is a completely different experience, every move feels so powerful, as if even the air can be clearly perceived."Tang Zichen smiled, at this moment, although Tang Zichen did not walk out of the secret room, Tang Zichen already felt that outside the secret room, there were two guards guarding there.

This kind of wonderful feeling.

Tang Zichen walked out of the secret room.

The guards outside shouted, "Saint Ancestor is out of the gate, Saint Ancestor is out of the gate."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, stop shouting, if you're out of the gate, you're out of the gate, what are you shouting about."

"Yes, Sacred Ancestor."That guard frantically lowered his head and said, Tang Zichen was almost like a god in his eyes.

Right now, Tang Zichen had sensed that there were many people flying in his direction in all directions.

The last time he had gone out of the gate, he hadn't felt this, but this time when he reached the fifth stage of returning to the Void to go out of the gate, he felt it.

"Phew."Tang Zichen's body moved, and almost in the blink of an eye, he arrived under the eaves of the palace.

Tang Zichen said to the crowd that was flying away from the palace, "There's no need to go over there, I've already returned."

"Ah, Zichen, you, didn't you just leave the gate?"Xu Mei Qian was shocked, as soon as Xu Mei Qian heard Tang Zichen fly towards the back mountain chamber after leaving the gate, but as soon as she flew not far into the air, she heard Tang Zichen say under the eaves of the palace that there was no need to go over, this was too fast.

The crowd returned down and stood under the eaves of the palace.

Tang Zichen looked at the crowd, everyone was much older than before.

And everyone also looked at Tang Zichen, they stood in front of Tang Zichen, they seemed to have a feeling of kneeling down, they didn't know why they felt this way, as if Tang Zichen was emitting a holy radiance all over, like a Bodhisattva.


Tang Zichen asked, "Why is everyone looking at me like that?All silent?"

"Husband, you're giving us a wonderful feeling right now, like we're not on the same level anymore."

"Uh, not on the same level?How could it be, I'm still just a mortal, my body is still just a physical mortal, there's no difference, perhaps, it's because I've reached the Returned Void Fifth Stage, invisibly giving people a sense of majesty."

"Brother Feng, you've stepped into the Returning Void Fifth Stage."Fifth Senior Brother was busy saying.

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Wow, returning to the Void Fifth Stage."Everyone opened their mouths wide, the legendary level that someone had reached ah, this was almost the limit that humans couldn't reach, but, Tang Zichen had reached it.

"No wonder it feels like standing in front of you, all want to kneel down and worship you, so you've reached the legendary Return to Void Stage 5.Zichen, hold a grand celebration, this is a joyous event, you must announce it to the world."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Zichen reached the Fifth Stage of Return to Void, this belonged to the entire world, the entire human race's progress in the path of martial arts, it was far-reaching.

Tang Zichen asked, "This time, how many years have I been in seclusion?"

Big Brother smiled, "Ten years, it's good that you're out, or I wouldn't even be able to see you." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he looked at his big brother, indeed, big brother was full of white hair and was so old that he seemed to have lost all sight of his youthful appearance.

"Big Brother, is your day of reckoning coming up?"

"Yes, Big Senior Brother I'm already 145 years old, I have to go first, but I'm content to see you step into the Void Returning Fifth Stage in my lifetime, my brothers and sisters, I'll still be a senior brother in the next life, hahaha."

Second Senior Brother Hao Zizhu said, "Big Brother, you're not dead yet, can we not talk about it so urgently for a while, what if you hang up tomorrow and don't even make it to the Return to Void Stage 5 celebration of Master Brother Feng."

"Uh, no way, that would be tragic."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen's senior brothers all laughed out loud.

Tang Zichen just sighed.

However, there was no need to be sentimental, being a mortal, one must die, no mortal could be an exception.

Although Tang Zichen had now stepped into the Fifth Stage of Return to Void, he would still die of old age one day, it was just a matter of time.

None of Tang Zichen's senior brothers were fortunate enough to step into a higher realm, so a great age was inevitable.

After that, the entire Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire knew about Tang Zichen's stepping into the Fifth Stage of Return to Void.

On this day, the entire city was filled with firecrackers, and throughout the imperial city, the sound of firecrackers continued.

What a joyous event this was.

"Long live my Emperor."

"Congratulations to the Holy Ancestor for stepping into the Five Stages of Return to Void, becoming the most human ever."

At the imperial palace, all the courtiers of all sizes, whether powerful or weak, whether doing actual work or hanging on to their names, came to the palace unannounced to pay their respects to His Holiness.Tang Zichen also came to make an exception and summoned all those who were present.

"All of you level yourselves."

After the court meeting was over, the Shang royal family announced that the entire Great Martial Empire, all of its people, was reduced for three years, and

And a great amnesty, at the same time, after half a year, a month-long grand celebration was held to celebrate the Shang Clan's Holy Ancestor, Tang Zichen, stepping into the Five Stages of Return to Void.

Of course, the celebration would naturally be engaged by the Shang clan, there was no need for Tang Zichen to do anything, at most, show up during the celebration.

For the next few months, Tang Zichen accompanied his wives daily, after all, the time with them was limited, and every second had to be cherished.

Tang Zichen was 133 years old, and most of them were about the same age, except for Xu Mei Qian who was four years older, then there was Wen Xia who was 23 years younger and 110 years old this year, and finally Yin Hua who was 30 years younger and exactly 103 years old this year.

The first time I saw her, I thought it was a good idea for her to be in the room with me, but I didn't know she was there.

This life of a person, to say short, not short, not long, we all feel, unconsciously, this life is over, the young things, as if still vividly.

When I was young, I always thought that my life was very long, and when I was really old, I found that it was all of a sudden over.

So every old man's greatest admonition to young people is to cherish every day, don't think that a lifetime is long, but actually very fast.

That night, Tang Zichen came to Yin Hua's room.

Although Tang Zichen was 133 years old and looked like an old man, Tang Zichen's body was not as withered and thin as the kind of person who was going to die of old age.

Of Tang Zichen's twelve wives, only Yin Hua is currently considered middle-aged, so Tang Zichen is staying with Yin Hua tonight.

Late at night, Yin Hua lay in Tang Zichen's arms and said, "Husband, I didn't expect that you're over a hundred and thirty years old and you're still so powerful."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed wordlessly and said, "Yin Hua, I've been in seclusion for the past few decades, it's really been hard for you."

"What are you talking about."

"Your best youth is about to pass."

"It's already over, but I think the one you're most sorry for is Yao Lan, right?"

"Yao Lan."

"That concubine, ah, she's only as old as your daughter Qin Nui, she's only seventy this year, and she's not your wife, she's all forgotten in the corner, but she, she's still holding on to you to the death, abiding by her duty, it's really heartbreaking to watch."

"Alas, of course I took her as a concubine, what a mistake, I am old and she is still young."

"Go to her now, my lord, to-night, and do not let her sleep alone, for it is not we who need you most now, but she."



"All right."Tang Zichen nodded and had to climb up the bed, it seemed that Tang Zichen was indeed very sorry to Yao Lan, a woman who had taken her as a concubine since she was nineteen years old, and then now that she was seventy years old, Tang Zichen had been with her a total of less than twenty times, and yet she had kept to her duty, always keeping the name of concubine and never breaking the rules, making Tang Zichen's wives unable to see it.

Right now, in one of the mansions, Yao Lan stood alone in front of the window, looking at the moon in the sky, and smiled bitterly inside, "Eunuch En is out of the gate again."

Unfortunately, but had forgotten that there was another concubine waiting for him.


At the moment when Yao Lan was lonely and about to close the window, suddenly, a person appeared outside the window.

Through the moonlight, Yao Lan saw a person who had haunted her dreams standing outside.

"Ah, En, Grandfather En."Yao Lan busily opened the door and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's so late, why are you still up."

"Eunuch, I am."

"Alright, don't call me Eun-gong anymore, call me Husband, and officially marry you some other day."


"What, don't like it."

"No, my concubine likes it so, so much."Yao Lan couldn't hide her excitement and said.

"It's good if you like it, let's go, it's late at night, let's sleep."

"Us?" First web site

"Or what?Thought I'd come over for what."

"Husband."Yao Lan excitedly jumped into Tang Zichen's arms and Tang Zichen stopped her in her arms and walked into the room.

Yao Lan, who hadn't been blessed by her benefactor for decades, had regained fish and water this night, and had stayed up almost all night this night.

Don't look at Tang Zichen 133, ten young adults can't compare to him, near the early morning, Tang Zichen hugged a sweaty Yao Lan and apologized, "Sorry, I've made you wait all these years."

"Husband, this is my concubine's due, even if Husband has forgotten me, I am still your concubine."

"It will no longer be a concubine, you are my thirteenth wife."


"Alright, it's not too early, let's go out for morning practice and see how your sword skills are."

"Mmhmm."Yao Lan hurriedly climbed up, but her body was a little weak, remembering the ordeal of the night.

Yao Lan was now in her seventies, her martial arts realm had reached the early stages of Peak Deng, although it wasn't outstanding, but it was still passable, the reason why her late outburst wasn't strong was probably related to Tang Zichen, a woman guarding a man and not getting his care, it was strange that her mood wasn't affected.

Tang Zichen and Yao Lan practiced all morning and ended up having a breakfast together.

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After breakfast, Tang Zichen said to Yao Lan, "Let's go, from today onwards, move to my place, I'm not going to close the door for the next twenty or thirty years, I'll stay with you until all of you reach the end of your lives, then, I'll move on."


Tang Zichen returned to his place with Yao Lan, Tang Zichen had all his wives with him.

Xu Mei Qian was watering the flowers in the courtyard and looked up to see Tang Zichen walking in with a beautiful woman, and couldn't help but smile.

"Mei Qian, what are you smiling about?"


Tang Zichen could probably guess that it was probably a bit strange to see Tang Zichen, a half old man, holding a beautiful woman who was still young in appearance, this drawing was a bit strange.

However, although Tang Zichen was half old man in appearance, he was much younger compared to Xu Mei Qian, Xu Mei Qian was a truly pale old woman, in five or six years, her big day would come, and she would undoubtedly be the first one to have her big day.


bsp; "Mei Qian, for the next few days, I'm going to take everyone around the world, is there anywhere you'd like to go?"Tang Zichen asked, "If you don't spend time with them, you won't have a chance later.

Xu Mei Qian shook her head and said, "An old bone, I don't have any desire to travel anymore."

Six months later, the Shang royal family successfully held a celebration for Tang Zichen, and the entire world, countless powerful people came to worship Tang Zichen, the strongest Returning Void Stage 5 in human history.

Not long after the celebration.

Tang Zichen's big brother Xie Yong left.

Tang Zichen ordered a generous burial to be held.

In front of his big senior brother's grave, Tang Zichen sighed, "Big senior brother, have a good journey."

"Big Senior Brother, wait a few more years, we'll all come to accompany you except for Senior Brother Feng."Second Senior Brother Hao Zizhu said.

Tang Zichen said, "Maybe in a hundred decades, I'll come to accompany you as well."

Instead of grieving, everyone joked at Big Brother's grave, as if everyone had put their minds at ease.

Perhaps it was because before Big Brother's death, he also loved to joke, and even at his funeral, the atmosphere was so relaxed.

Tang Zichen had planned to spend the next few decades accompanying all his wives around the world, but unfortunately, none of them wanted to walk around anymore.

The first reason was because they were really old and didn't have that kind of heart.

The second reason was that they all wanted to miss their sons and grandsons, and wanted to see them every day in the last stage of their lives.

Tang Zichen respected their decision.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, seven years had passed.

During these seven years, Tang Zichen's realm did not make any progress because he did not practice a single day and completely forgot about martial arts training.

Xu Mei Qian had finally reached the end of her life.

In a room, a pale, withered old man with a weak breath leaned against the bed.

Tang Zichen sat at the head of the bed, holding Xu Mei Qian's hand tightly.

Because Tang Zichen was much younger, this felt like a grandmother and grandson, and it was completely impossible to tell they were husband and wife.


"Mei Qian, what else do you have to say, say it."Tang Zichen said softly.

"Thank you, for accompanying me through this life."

"It is I who thank you for accompanying me through this life, don't worry, I shouldn't have the chance to transcend mortals, after a hundred years, I will come to accompany you."

"No, I don't want to."Xu Mei Qian said in a tight tone.

"Oh, in this world, there has never been a mortal stepping into the void, the humans of the ancient era, their talents were far more powerful than ours, there was no one at that time, now I, I'm sure, don't have that chance either, I can only take one step at a time."Tang Zichen's eyes were filled with confusion, he also didn't know how far he was from stepping into the Void at the Fifth Stage of Returning to the Void.


"Well, I'm here."

"I'm cold."

"It's fine, I'll hold you."Tang Zichen cradled Xu Mei Qian in his arms.

"Zichen, I miss my parents so much, I didn't get to go back to that world to see them one last time over a hundred years ago, I really miss them."

Tang Zichen said with a sour nose, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I'm the one who brought you to this world, so you never saw your parents and relatives again, I'm sorry."

"No, it's not your fault, it's our choice, but I will soon be able to meet my parents, sister, grandparents, all my family members."


"Mei Qian, I will miss you, forever and ever, my wife, Xu Mei Qian."

"I have no regrets in this life."

At this time, Xu Mei Qian's old, thin, fleshless hands suddenly scattered.

Tang Zichen didn't let go of her, a line of tears dripped down and said, "Forever, forever."

Tang Zichen hugged Xu Mei Qian for a long time, kissed her on the forehead, and said, "Rest well, this life, for me, for the sake of the children, you are also tired, may the next life, we can still meet again, love each other, love each other."

Tang Zichen opened the door of the room.

Outside the room, a group of people were standing there, except for Liu Xiangyun Li Xuan'er and a few others, the rest of them were all children and grandchildren.

Shang Xu was busy asking, "Father, how is my mother?"

Shang Xu is now almost ninety years old, and is no longer the child who was unintelligent, and Shang Xu is also a grandfather.

Shang Xu's son, who gave birth to a son, Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian, both became great grandfather and great grandmother.

Tang Zichen said, "Your mother's time has come, bury your mother thickly." Remember the website

"Ah, Mother."

Shang Xu cried out.

"Grandmother."Shang Xu's children all cried and knelt at the door.

Tang Zichen walked away in silence.

Tang Zichen closed the door to his room and stayed alone.

Reminiscing about the past hundred years was like a dream, quick, but long.

A few days later, Shang Xu thickly buried his mother, Tang Zichen did not appear at the funeral, because he did not go out of the room for several days, and kept himself locked in the room.

Life, old age, sickness and death, it was a human nature that anyone understood, but couldn't really see through when it came to the end.

"Knock knock."There was a knock at the door.

"Come in."

Liu Xiangyun slowly walked in.


"Xiangyun, what are you doing here."

"Are you okay, I thought you had already seen through life and death, I didn't think you still hadn't, you're like this, what will we do in a few years when it's our turn for the big deadline, you're making me feel very relieved."Liu Xiangyun choked out.

Tang Zichen's eyes were lifeless and said, "Don't say the word great limit anymore, please."

"Zichen, your mother told you that you must see through life and death and give up everything before you can truly move forward."

"I don't want to move forward, I just want none of you to leave me.Sometimes, I really hate myself, why did I have to break through to the Fifth Stage of Return to Void, why did I have to live so much longer than you, why didn't I let me also have a big limit at this time, so that we could all happily say goodbye to this life together.And now I'm personally seeing off every wife, friend, elder, teacher and brother who has accompanied me throughout my life."

"Husband, it's you who is too sentimental, if it were anyone else, by the time they were your age, there would have been no conjugal feelings long ago, they would all just be looking out for themselves and only wanting to live a few more years."

"Xiangyun, you go out first, leave me alone."

"Husband, you have to think about it, it's not like Xu Mei Qian died in the middle of her life, nor did she get sick, nor was she killed, it's natural old age, this is a happy event, according to the rules of the other world, the end of life."

"And a joyous event."

"Husband, then have a good quiet life, don't let us worry, or in a few years, we won't be leaving happy either."

Liu Xiangyun left the room.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen hissed at once


This in a kind of helplessness to fate.

Tang Zichen wondered, who in this world, no, this universe, had decreed that people would die when they got old?

"Who is it, who set the rules, who is it."

Tang Zichen roared, "One day, I want this sky, I'll be in charge from now on, I want all the rules of heaven and earth, made by me, ahhh."Tang Zichen let out an angry, unwilling roar.

But, in the next moment, "Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen became ridiculous again, he was just a mortal, and he wanted the rules of heaven and earth to be made by him, Tang Zichen didn't know whether to laugh at himself, or at heaven and earth.

Regardless of whether or not there really were rule makers of heaven and earth in this world.

"Mother, is Father alright."At the door, a woman asked, the woman was Liu Xiangyun's born daughter, Shang Ling, who had just heard Tang Zichen's gossip and was not only worried.

"It's fine, your Aunt Mei Qian Qian has left, your father can't slow down for a while.He is like this, it really makes me worry, in a few years, when we are all gone, what will he do, alas, it makes me so relieved."

"Mother, don't talk nonsense."Shang Ling's eyes were red.

"Ling Ling, let's go, don't bother your father, you should be fine in a few days."

Not only Liu Xiangyun, but also Li Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun, they all felt worried when they saw Tang Zichen staying in his room for several days.

Now that just Xu Mei Qian was gone, Tang Zichen was so sad, if they all left, how much pain would Tang Zichen be in, wouldn't he really go crazy.Thinking of this, they all cried silently, hating why their talent was so low, why they couldn't practice a few more layers of martial arts and live a few more years.

Tang Zichen didn't get better in a few days as everyone had expected.

The pain that Xu Mei Qian's departure caused within Tang Zichen's heart was simply not good enough.

Tang Zichen couldn't face the fact that in a few more years, Xiangyun, Xuan'er, Shangguan Rou, Xue Yun, and what else would they do when their time was up.

Tang Zichen felt that he was going crazy, really going crazy.

So much so, that these days, Tang Zichen often cursed the heavens and the earth.

Unfortunately, in front of heaven and earth, Tang Zichen was nothing more than an insect.

If you want you live, you live, if you want you die, you die.The rules of heaven and earth, anyone must die of old age, as long as the people living between this heaven and earth, no one can make exceptions, what immortal pills are all fart in front of the rules of heaven and earth, everything must be followed.

You can also say, the laws of nature.

Unless, the laws of nature, by your word.If you say let the water flow higher, it will flow higher, if you say it rains without thunder, then it doesn't thunder, if you say spring doesn't sprout, then it doesn't sprout.

Half a month later, Tang Zichen heard that Wang Xing had left, and Tang Zichen, these days, had been so deep in grief that he hadn't even gone to see him off at Wang Xing's deadline.

Tang Zichen felt very sorry for Wang Xing.

Tang Zichen spent another year in this sullen state of mind.

But, what should come, could not be escaped.

One day a year later, early in the morning, Tang Zichen received news.

Liu Yue was dying.

In a blink of an eye, Tang Zichen arrived at Liu Yue's house.

Right now in Liu Yue's room, there was a group of sons and daughters kneeling in front of the bed, all Liu Yue's sons, grandsons and grandsons of Xuan.

A large group, dozens of them, and Liu Yue had already blossomed.

Tang Zichen walked in.

When Liu Yue saw Tang Zichen, she smiled slightly, "Old friend, you're here, thank you for coming to see me off."


Tang Zichen cursed, "Liu Yue, you son of a bitch, where are you going in such a hurry."

"Haha, Zichen, my good brother, in my next life, let's meet again."

"In my next life, I don't want to know you."Tang Zichen said.

"I don't believe that."

"You people, you promised to walk with me down the road, why are you all in such a hurry to leave."

"I'm sorry, it's hard to disobey Heaven's order, the King of Hell wants me to die on the third shift, who dares to keep me until the fifth shift."

"Yama?Is there really a Yama?Well, one day, I'll avenge you by ending him myself."

"Haha, thanks."Liu Yue smiled slightly.

Liu Yue's breathing grew thicker and thicker, like a fish, struggling to breathe on a shore with no water, but, not long after, it suddenly couldn't struggle anymore and completely loosened up.

Liu Yue scattered her hands under Tang Zichen's eyes.

Tang Zichen silently said, "My brother, we will be brothers again in the next life." A second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen returned to the palace with a weary body.

Tang Zichen did not attend Liu Yue's funeral, what was the point of going to the funeral when the people were gone.

Not long after, Tang Zichen's second senior brother, Hao Zizhu, also scattered away.

Then, third senior brother, fourth senior sister, fifth senior brother, Yang Yijian, they all passed away one after another.

Leaving behind a group of their descendants, they were not alone, there were many more descendants to see them off.

Tang Zichen returned from the funeral of the last Yang Yijian, his body and mind incomparably exhausted, his ears seemed to be able to hear the weeping of Yang Yijian's children and grandchildren, as well as the sound of the beating gongs and drums, but that sound, with every sound that entered Tang Zichen's ears, Tang Zichen's heart grew a little colder.

In the past, there were still a few brothers and sisters, friends who drank and chatted together, but now, they were all gone.

Life was like a play, after the play was over, everyone scattered, and life came to an end.

Tang Zichen was alone, sitting in the quiet and silent deep palace hall without a single sound, not knowing how long he had been there, and this loneliness seemed to make the air in the entire palace freeze.

Tang Zichen knew.

It wasn't the worst time to be there.

Because there were still several people that Tang Zichen couldn't face the most that were about to have their big time.

Ever since Xu Mei Qian's grand deadline, Tang Zichen had not dared to face this day, deliberately paralyzing himself to forget, but the more he paralyzed himself, the clearer his heart became.

Tang Zichen sat in the palace for a long, long time, sitting until his body was covered in a layer of dust.

Just one day, a woman came running in anxiously.

"Father, father."

The person who ran in was Shang Ling.

Shang Ling was the first child born to Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen seemed to understand when he saw how frightened Shang Ling was, Tang Zichen had been here until he was covered in a layer of dust and just didn't dare to face it, but no matter how much he didn't dare to face it, it had finally come.

Tang Zichen didn't wait for Shang Bell to speak, the entire person was left with a string of afterimage, disappearing in place, the air raised a line of dust.

A moment later, Tang Zichen arrived at Liu Xiangyun's room.

There was a large group of people in Liu Xiangyun's room.

Tang Zichen's voice was hoarse as he said, "All of you, get out."

That group of children and grandchildren exited the door.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun, and although he could no longer see her appearance when she was young, her appearance when she was young was still engraved in Tang Zichen's heart.


p;Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun, and Liu Xiangyun also looked up at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen choked out, "Why are you doing this to me."

"Husband."Liu Xiangyun extended her hand.

Tang Zichen was busy grabbing Liu Xiangyun's hand.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Husband, don't be like this, I'm so worried when you're like this.Life, old age, sickness and death, this is the natural law, even immortals can't avoid it, Husband, promise me, live well, don't decay for us, okay?"

"I don't want to, I can't do it."Tang Zichen cried, making him act like nothing was wrong, he couldn't do it.

"Husband, I'm begging you, I was worried the last time Mei Qian left, but I didn't expect that you really did, how can you make me go away with peace of mind."

"Ahhhhh."Tang Zichen hissed.

"Husband, promise me."

Perhaps running out of oil, Liu Xiangyun finished her last cry, her body completely running out of energy, ending her life completely.

"Xiang'er, woo-hoo."Tang Zichen hugged Liu Xiangyun tightly in his arms and cried out in grief.

After Liu Xiangyun's death, Tang Zichen sat even more alone for more than ten days.

Just like this, in just a year and a half, all the people who had reached the deadline were gone.

Tang Zichen's heart was already ashen.

There was this group of people who had known each other since they were weak, all the way from the other world, to this one, and after that everyone had blossomed in this world, with children and grandchildren.

In the end, the song ends, and the curtain falls on everything.

They seem to have come to this world, only to meet in a hurry and then scatter.

Now, only Xiao Meng and Song Yuer are left among those who came from the other world.

However, Xiaomeng was also over 140 years old, and although Xiaomeng's realm had reached the late peak of Dengfeng, unfortunately, it had already stopped moving forward.

Song Yu'er, on the other hand, didn't know what was going on, since that mask of hers had been replaced by that strong man, her martial arts realm hadn't progressed much, and the reason she was able to break through to this current state was actually because of that mask, her true talent was actually very low.

However, Song Yu'er had given Tang Zichen three children in her life, and now the oldest grandson, who had just recently married his wife, Song Yu'er had currently just become a grandmother.

In a room, Tang Zichen was incomparably vicarious, as if he had aged tens of years in a few years.

Tang Zichen was no longer interested in practicing martial arts, and was dazed all day, sometimes for ten days, sometimes for several months, until forever a thick layer of dust, many people were afraid that he was not dead.

However, if Tang Zichen continued like this, he was afraid that he would really waste his future.

But Tang Zichen could no longer hear anyone's persuasion.

Letting Qin Ren and the other few wives who were still alive try to persuade him, Tang Zichen was still dumbfounded, and if he wasn't still breathing, people really wondered if he was dead.

One morning in the third year.

Suddenly a servant reported, "Holy Ancestor, there is no breathing."


Everyone rushed to the main hall, and sure enough, Tang Zichen was still sitting there unmoving, but, no longer breathing.

"Sage-grandfather."Qin Renton cried out.

Tang Zichen was dead.

"No, oooh, this is impossible, this is never possible."

Wen Xia and the others cried their livers out, unable to believe that Tang Zichen had just walked away, Tang Zichen had been dazed like this for the past few years, before at least he was still breathing, everyone knew that he had just walked out, but to no avail, today he had no breath and just scattered away.


"Oooooh, Saggy."

"Father."Qin Nui and the others, hugging Tang Zichen's body, cried out.

"Wait."At this moment, a white-bearded old man shouted.

This white-bearded old man was a divine physician, as well as a Returned Void strong man, whose medical skills were above Qin Ren's.

That white-bearded old man came up, examined Tang Zichen, and said, "Don't worry, everyone, Shang Hong Holy Ancestor isn't dead."

"Ah, then why?"

"If the old man isn't wrong, he should be overly sad and never able to come out of the shadow of his wives' departure, so his body autonomously entered deep meditation, that is, the Holy Ancestor is now equivalent to entering an autonomous retreat, that's why there is no heartbeat and all body consumption is zero."

"So that's it, it scared us to death."

"But."That old man wanted to stop talking.

"But what?"

"Yeah?" First web site

"But, I guess it's not really any different than dying."

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't you say you went into lockdown?Why would it be the same as death?In the past, my father had closed the door more than once."

The old man said, "The Saint Ancestor was unable to get out of the shadow of his wife's death, which is why his consciousness autonomously entered the deeper layers of his brain.This means that if he had been unable to get out of the shadow, then he would have never woken up.But the fact that the Holy Ancestor would enter autonomously already means that he can't come out, so isn't that the same as never waking up again."

"No, that's impossible."

The old man said, "Let's hope that the Saint Ancestor can come out of the shadows and wake up completely, now everyone don't cry here, it's useless, why don't everyone go out, no one should disturb the Saint Ancestor until he wakes up."

Everyone walked out of the palace, and the palace was cordoned off, not allowing anyone to enter.

Tang Zichen was this still day after day, year after year, he was covered in dust, layer after layer, and in the end, spiders were caked with layers and layers of dust.

Tang Zichen was like a wax statue in a wax museum.

Although the Shang royal family had people watching outside the main hall every day, no one was allowed to enter and disturb him, let alone go in and clean it or anything like that.

No one knew if Tang Zichen would ever wake up, it only depended on his heart to get out of the shadow of his grief.

Three years.

Five years.

Ten years.

Twenty years.

Thirty years.

Fifty years.

Finally, it seemed that everyone was hopeless.

This great hall where Tang Zichen was located was no longer just a great hall, it was almost equal to Tang Zichen's mausoleum, at the entrance of the great hall, many incense burners were set up, like the ancestral tablets that were enshrined in Tang Zichen's ancestral hall, every day, many, many Shang sons and grandsons were burning incense outside, praying for blessings.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos of Tang Zichen, who has been dead for fifty years, but no one dares to bury him, because although they think he is dead, no one is 100% sure.

Tang Zichen's daughter, Qin Nui, was already over 140 years old in the blink of an eye, turning into a pale old woman.

Tang Zichen's body had been completely covered in dust, so he couldn't see anyone at all, and the dust had solidified, as if he had really turned into a seated mud Bodhisattva.

However, Tang Zichen showed no signs of wanting to wake up.

"Father."At the entrance of the main hall, Qin Nui, who had turned into an old woman, put her hands together and called out a light cry of father, then two lines of hot tears gushed out.

Now the Shang Clan Royal Clan, although it was backed by Tang Zichen's prestige, the situation wasn't good.

Because the Shang Clan royal family, ever since Saint Ancestor Tang Zichen, had

No more special geniuses appeared.

The Shang royal family had ruled for more than two hundred years, and was also beginning to gradually decline.

The original Shang Ji who had high hopes, but in the later stages, was increasingly failing, and so far, had yet to reach peak completion and was still in the later stages of peak ascension.

Another twenty years passed in the blink of an eye.

Other than the thicker layer of dust on Tang Zichen's body and the fact that people were starting to go in and clean the spiders in the main hall, nothing had changed.

Qin Nui also turned her eyes to the big deadline to leave, and when she finally left, Qin Nui looked at her bed and suddenly tearfully called out to her father, as if she saw something, and then peacefully left.

The first time I saw her, I was in the same generation as Qin Nui, and all of them had a big limit.

The children and grandchildren of Liu Yue and the others, that's even more needless to say, even the grandchildren's generation has already reached its big limit.

The entire Shang royal family seemed to have replaced everyone at once, as if they knew fewer and fewer people, all of them younger and younger descendants.

Tang Zichen really had completely turned into the Bodhisattva of the Shang Clan.

Time passed quickly, and another thirty years passed by.

The main hall where Tang Zichen was located had also been repaired several times, except for Tang Zichen's true body that no one dared to touch, the entire hall had a new face and continued to be fragrant and prosperous.

Only, the Shang royal family, had finally reached the end of the road.

The Vice Nation Bai Clan, in which a woman named Bai Lian rose to the top, stepped into the Second Phase of Returning Void, and then, the Shang Clan's royal family was finally reduced to a Vice Nation.

However, the Shang Clan had also been a royal family for nearly two hundred years, which was long enough.

Tang Zichen's youngest Xuan grandson was now over a hundred years old, and the oldest Xuan grandson was over a hundred and thirty years old.

As for Tang Zichen's grandchildren, apart from a few, most of them were already gone.

The palace hall had also turned into the Bai Clan's residence

Inside and outside the Royal City, the children and grandchildren of the Bai Clan turned into masters, and after nearly two hundred years of wheeling and dealing, the Bai Clan finally turned over as masters.

In the Royal Academy, it was also all about the descendants of the Bai Clan acting as if they were above the rest, and the rest of the vice-national clans had to put up with them at every turn.

However, it was the descendants of the Bai Clan who would find trouble with the descendants of the Shang Clan the most.

It was common to hear some of the children of the Bai Clan, sarcastically saying to the Shang Clan, "Your time has passed."

"Your Saint Ancestor, Shang Hong, is already dead, and you're still pretending to compare yourselves with the prestige of your Saint Ancestor back then?"

"Your Shang clan has relied on the prestige of the Holy Ancestor to get away with it for over a hundred years, hasn't that been enough, hahaha!"

However, while the Bai Clan's children were arrogant, no one dared to be rude in that mausoleum where Tang Zichen was, and no matter what, Tang Zichen was someone who had once stepped into the Fifth Stage of Return to Void.

Finally, one morning, outside the main hall, when many people were burning incense and worshipping, that clay Bodhisattva in the main hall, suddenly moved.

Then, at the eyes of the head, the mud that had covered the eyes fell off, and then, a pair of eyes opened.

Yes, Tang Zichen had woken up.

At this moment, Tang Zichen didn't know how much time had passed, but anyway, he felt that it had been a long, long time, as long as a century, because the appearance of this palace was no longer the same as it was back then.

However, although Tang Zichen couldn't perceive how long the outside world had passed, Tang Zichen knew that he had stepped all the way from the Fifth Stage of Returning Void, into the Ninth Stage of Returning Void.

Moreover, Tang Zichen also sensed that after the Return to Void Stage 9, the next realm was the Return to Ancestry, and anyone who reached the Return to Ancestry, no matter how old he was, no matter how pale he was, his body would once again be young again, turning into a young man.

Also, the physique might have completely changed as well, that is, no longer a physical mortal, when he regained his youth, his flesh body, turned into a spiritual body, and finally upgraded from a mortal to a higher level of human.

At the moment, Tang Zichen was only a little bit away from reaching the return to his ancestors.


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