The King of Kungfu in school 1431-1440


Chapter 1431

"Haha, good."Tang Zichen left with a cold smile.

Tang Zichen returned to the family, and tomorrow Tang Zichen would definitely go to Jing's celebration as well.

At this moment, at the Royal Academy.

Qin Nui was bringing Yao Lan with her, introducing the place to Yao Lan.

Tang Zichen asked Yao Lan to go to the Royal Academy with Qin Nui, so Yao Lan reported to the Royal Academy today.

Qin Nui and Yao Lan really did fit in well together.

"This is the Wind Motion Cliff, the highest cliff in the Royal Academy."

"This is Pingchao Lake, there are often strong people stepping on the water and practicing martial arts on the surface."

Just then, they met a few people head-on.

"Yo, isn't this Shang Qin of the Shang Clan?"A boy of about the same age said.

Qin Nui looked at them, then said, "Yao Lan, I'll introduce you to other places." A second to remember to read the book

Qin Nui pulled Yao Lan and wanted to leave, if it was before, these guys would have fought with this kind of sarcastic attitude towards Qin Nui, but now she chose to back off because these boys, all of them were from the Jing Clan, and one of them was also Jing Long's grandson.There was no need to say who Jing Long was anymore, and Qin Nui didn't want to cause trouble for the family.

"Stand there, that Jing Long yelled."

Qin Nui stopped, looked at the group of people and said, "What's the matter?Jing Teng, don't go too far, I just don't want to have a conflict with you."

The one called Jing Teng snorted, "Qin Nui, don't think you dare to be arrogant in front of me just because you're the son of the Shang royal family."

"Please, okay?Now you're the one being arrogant in front of me, I'm not messing with you."

"Qin Nui, do you dare to mess with me?My grandfather is Jing Long, can you mess with him?"

"Hmph, if nothing else, I'm leaving."Qin Nui pulled Yao Lan to leave.

"Wait, Qin Nui, did I let you go?"That Jing Teng was furious.

"Jing Teng, what do you want?Although your Jing Clan is now calling loudly, is our Shang Clan currently still royalty?You better show me some respect, besides, my father is back, don't mess with me."Qin Nui said under her anger.

"Hahaha, your father?Shang Hong?I pooh, in front of my grandfather Jinglong, it's just a worm."

Qin Nui drew her sword, "Jing Teng, you can insult me, please don't insult my father."

"Hahaha, I'm telling the truth, in front of my grandfather, your father is not a punch, is he still a dragon."

"You."Qin Nui was very angry.

Yao Lan on the other side also heard clearly, these boys of the same age in front of them were students of the Jing Clan.

Yao Lan was busy saying, "Qin Nui, don't be impulsive yet."

"Hmph."Qin Nui put down her sword, her heart was very depressed, the family can't do it, the children of the family will be bullied, just Qin Nui also understood this truth, a few years ago when the Shang clan was in the limelight, in the Royal Academy, who dared to be arrogant towards the children of the Shang clan.

That Jing Teng asked, "Qin Nui, who is this person beside you?"

"It's none of your business."

"Who says it's none of my business, I want to chase her."That Jing Teng looked at Yao Lan and licked his lips and said.

Qin Nui was furious: "Jing Teng, don't look for death, she is my father's concubine, how dare you."

"Yo yo, so it's Shang Hong's concubine ah, your father an old cow, actually eating young grass, how shameless."

"Shoo."Qin Nui immediately rushed up and killed that Jing Teng.

"Pah."Unfortunately, Jing Teng was the top ranked expert in the class, and Qin Nui was defeated and subdued by him in no time.

"Qin Nui, if you ever lay a hand on me again, don't blame me for being rude."

"Jing Teng, let go of me."

"Letting go of you is fine, but you have to promise me one condition, be my girlfriend."

"I pooh."Qin Nui spat.

This Jing Teng, the reason why he always made things difficult for Qin Nui was actually because, he had chased Qin Nui before, but unfortunately, Qin Nui had refused, and they were in the same class.Although Qin Nui's talent wasn't outstanding, but her appearance was inherited from her parents, and she was the famous flower of the Royal Academy, how could Jing Teng not like her.Unfortunately, Qin Nui didn't see him as a yes, so Jing Teng started to get upset with Qin Nui.

At this moment, Yao Lan flew up.

"Bang."Yao Lan slapped Jing Teng and rescued Qin Nui, Yao Lan's realm was one level higher than Qin Nui's and her talent was high, Jing Teng was no match.

"Poof."Jing Teng spat out a mouthful of blood.

Jing Teng gritted his teeth and said, "How dare you guys beat me."

Yao Lan snorted, "You, Jing Clan, aren't you royalty yet, don't you also dare to step on the head of a royal child?"

"Okay, you guys wait and see, I'll go get someone."

Jing Teng and his group left.

Qin Nui and Yao Lan were also busy returning to the dormitory, thinking that this matter would just be over.

However, they didn't expect that Jing Teng wasn't going to let it go and went to call his Tang brother Jing Yi over.

Jing Yi was 25 years old and naturally much stronger.

"Bang."Jing Yi kicked open Qin Nui's dormitory door.

"Ah."In Qin Nui's dormitory, one of her roommates was changing clothes and hid under the covers in a panic.

"You, what are you doing."

At this moment, Tang Zichen had just returned from his grandfather's.

Originally, Tang Zichen wanted to visit his great-grandfather, but his great-grandfather was in Quiet Enlightenment, so he didn't bother.

At this moment, a son of the Shang Clan flew in.

"Uncle Shang Hong."

"Uh, you are?"

"I'm Shang Cao's son."

"Oh, so you're Shang Crabby's son, what is it?"

"Uncle Shang Hong, no good, Qin Nui was beaten at the academy."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Qin Ren shouted when she heard, "Who beat up Qin Nui?"

"It's a child of the Jing Clan, there's a man named Jing Teng in the Jing Clan's class, he's against Qin Nui everywhere because he can't pursue her, he used to be fine, but since Jing Long stepped into the Returning Void, Jing Teng has become even more arrogant.This time, even more arrogant, saw Qin Nui with a new roommate beautiful, so he said that he wanted to pursue her, Qin Nui said that person is Shang Hong uncle's concubine, then Jing Teng scold uncle you shameless, and also negotiated with Qin Nui, if he wants him to stop pursuing uncle's concubine, Qin Nui must be his girlfriend.Of course Qin Nui did not want to, and fought with him, after returning to the dormitory, that Jing Teng still did not stop, called his cousin Jing Yi, smashed the door of Qin Nui's dormitory, I quickly came to inform uncle."

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen flew to the Royal Academy.

These children of the Jing Clan hadn't even become royalty yet, but they were getting arrogant and riding on the head of the Shang Clan's children.

Tang Zichen would never let go of that Jing Teng, and Jing Yi today.

Although the Jing Clan, had been in the limelight lately, it was a pity that Tang Zichen didn't put them in his eyes in the slightest.

Right now in, Qin Nui's dormitory.

Qin Nui's face had several slap marks.

The boy called Jing Yi, grabbed Qin Nui's clothes and said, "Shang Qin, your Shang clan is already going to fall, and you still dare to be arrogant?Don't you know that this morning, just this morning, more than ten Shang's people I went to the family, to visit Grandpa Jinglong?What are you arrogant about?"

Qin Nui said angrily, "Let go of your hands, you're the ones being aggressive, I didn't provoke you, you're the ones being arrogant."

"Heh, still arrogant."

"Pah."Qin Nui had another slap mark on her face.

Yao Lan wanted to come up to free herself, but that jing Yi was stronger than Yao Lan, and held Yao Lan in one go, and also attempted to touch Yao Lan's buttocks, Yao Lan struggled away, and did not let him succeed, but was extremely angry. h


Tang Zichen soon arrived at the Royal Academy and landed on the roof opposite the Qin Nui dormitory.

Tang Zichen saw at a glance the two arrogant and incomparably arrogant King's children in Qin Nui's dormitory, moreover, Tang Zichen also saw fingerprints on Qin Nui's face.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen was furious.

Tang Zichen didn't even think about it and cut out with a sword.

"Swoosh."That sword light, chopped straight at the Qin Nui dormitory.

In the next second, the boy called Jing Yi from the Qin Nui dormitory was split in half by that sword light, from head to toe, with a clatter.

Blood shot everywhere, and the entire dormitory was filled with blood, as well as everyone in the dormitory, their faces were shot with a lot of blood.

It took a few seconds before everyone in the dorm reacted and screamed.

A good man screamed at the same time, and the screams echoed throughout the dormitory, and those girls were stunned.

And the man called Jing Teng, he looked at the two pieces of cousins that fell on the floor, he was dumbfounded.

"Tang, Tang, Tang."Jing Teng's body trembled and called out, he wanted to walk up, but the two pieces of cousins, he didn't know which half to go to. First URL

"Buzz!"At that moment, a dark shadow with a fury rushed into the dormitory.

When everyone looked, it was Tang Zichen.



Qin Nui and Yao Lan each called out.

Tang Zichen regretted a bit when he saw Qin Nui looking so scared, if he had known earlier, he didn't have to hide himself temporarily after he came back the day before yesterday, so that Jing wouldn't dare to be arrogant and Qin Nui wouldn't have suffered this fright today.

"Qin Nui, it's fine, no one dares to bully you anymore."After saying that, Tang Zichen gazed at Jing Teng.

That Jing Teng's body was trembling.

However, Jing Teng remembered his grandfather, Jing Long, and still summoned up the courage to say, "Shang Hong, you, you killed my cousin, my grandfather won't let you go."

"Shoo."Tang Zichen didn't even look, his hand struck down with a sword, and in the next second, Jing Teng's head rolled to the ground, and, rolling at Tang Zichen's feet, Tang Zichen raised his foot, "Bang!"One stomped on it.

"Ah."Another scream from the dorm.

So the girls all looked at Tang Zichen, very scared.

Tang Zichen said, "Qin Nui, Yao Lan, go back to the family first."


After killing Jing Teng and Jing Yi, Tang Zichen went home with Qin Nui and Yao Lan.

On the way back, Qin Nui was scared and said, "Father, will it be alright if we kill Jing's two genius children?It's all my fault, Jing's prospects are so big now and I'm still causing trouble."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Don't worry, I'll handle it myself."

At this moment, in the Jing Clan.

Several strong men were chatting, it was Jing Long, who had just stepped into the Returned Void, and the other two strong men of the Jing Clan from the first stage of the Returned Void, as well as some other Dengfeng-level family elders.

At the moment, several of them were in a very good mood, as the Jing Clan would have a bright future in the next few decades.

One of them said, "Recently, our Jing Clan's sons and daughters seem to have swelled a bit outside .

Already, some lecturers from the Royal Academy have come to react, saying that in the past half year, our children and grandchildren of the Jing Clan have been causing more and more trouble at the Royal Academy, Third Brother, should we tell those children and grandchildren to restrain themselves?After all, we Jing Clan aren't royalty yet."An approximately 150 year old Dengfeng Grand Perfection said to Jing Long.

That Jing Long smiled, "There's no need to stop it, everyone can see that our Jing Clan is the next royal family, that's why our Jing Clan's children are getting arrogant, when every family is strong, their children will be superior, why is it that our Jing Clan is strong, but our children have to restrain themselves, huh?"

"But, now the Shang Clan is still a royal family after all ah, that Shang Yao hasn't died yet ah, our Jing Clan's children are having more and more conflicts with the Shang Clan's children."

That Jing Long said, "Shang Clan is relying on Shang Yao to hold on now, Shang Yao doesn't have many years left to live, once he dies, we are bound to be a royal family.The Shang Clan must also understand that, so no matter how much their children are bullied by us, they must still endure, and they must adapt to being downgraded from a royal family to a vice-national family."


At this moment, a man ran in with a pale face and shouted, "It's bad, something big is happening."

"Jing Lan, what's all the panic about?I thought you were a lecturer at the Royal Academy, why did you come back here."An old man asked.

The one who ran back was busy saying, "It's bad, something big happened, Shang Hong killed our two genius children of the Jing Clan, Jing Yi and Jing Teng."

"What."Everyone stood up at once, including that Jing Long.

The muscles on Jing Long's face trembled more than a little, Jing Teng was his own grandson.Just now they were discussing that the children of the Jing Clan had been a bit arrogant recently, should they restrain themselves, Jing Long said no one dared to do anything even if they were arrogant, there was no need to restrain themselves, but the next moment they got the news that two children of the Jing Clan had been killed.

An old man was busy asking, "Why is this happening?Is Shang Hong crazy?Doesn't he know that our family, Jing Long, has stepped into the Void?And it's the youngest to return to the void, who gave him the nerve?"

The one called Jing Lan said, "The cause of the matter was that Jing Teng's pursuit of Shang Qin was rejected, Jing Teng was unhappy inside, looking for Shang Qin trouble everywhere, and today, somehow, there was a conflict, Jing Teng was beaten by the one brought by Shang Qin, Shang Hong's concubine, so Jing Teng called his cousin Jing Yi, and Jing Yi beat Shang Qin and Shang Hong's concubine.When Shang Hong got the news, he rushed to the Royal Academy and barely even hesitated, directly chopped Jing Yi in half, then cut Jing Teng and stomped on his head."

"Shang Hong."Jingteng gritted his teeth, a monstrous rage.

However, the old man beside him was busy saying, "Jing Long, this is not a trivial matter, don't be impulsive yet, a little carelessness will lead to the destruction of our family ah.Now that Shang Yao is still alive after all, what if he is afraid that after his death, we will deal with the Shang clan again and cut our Jing Clan down to the roots now?No matter how genius you are, but you're only at the first stage of Return to Void right now.Alas, I told you, first let us children of the Jing Clan, don't be arrogant, it's not too late for us to be arrogant when we truly become royalty, now it's good."

Jing Long gritted his teeth and said, "I will never let this matter rest, once Shang Yao dies, I will definitely kill Shang Hong's entire family."

An old man said, "Jing Long, these are all later words, now that this has happened, in case Shang's dog is desperate, you must flee the Imperial City first, and then come back after Shang Yao dies."

"Ahhhh!"Jing Long gritted his teeth and roared, incomparably depressed inside, and now it turned out that he had to escape first.

This matter, while spreading back to Jing Clan, also spread to the entire imperial city, all the vice-national clans, as well as the Shang Clan royal family.


Several other vice-national clans, Lian Clan, Bai Clan, and Zhu Clan, were all stunned.

"The Jing Clan was about to rise, and soon the sun was rising, but Shang Hong didn't get on good terms with the Jing Clan, he even went to mess with the Jing Clan and killed two of its genius sons, and one of them was Jing Long's own grandson.This Shang Hong, what should I say, is he too ignorant of himself?"

"How can the Jing Clan spare Shang Hong's entire family, even the entire Shang Clan."

"But, now Shang is still a royal family again, even though Shang is dying, Shang Yao is still alive at any rate, what if Shang Yao is afraid that after his death, Shang will be open to retaliation by Jing and take action against Jing, then wouldn't that mean that the imperial city will start a foul storm again?"

"The Jing Clan is also too tragic, it was about to have a good life, turning over to become a royal family, but now it's down."

"This is also to blame the Jing Clan itself, over the past half year, Jing Long 138 years old stepped into the return to the void, the entire Jing Clan children are arrogant as anything, in the Royal Academy, the Jing Clan children have stepped on the Shang Clan children's heads, so they will find today's calamity, it is also their own death, even if they want to be arrogant, they will wait until the Shang Clan has been completely reduced to a vice national clan, say well."

"That Jing Long is also too proud, ever since he stepped into the Returning Void, his entire body has swelled up as if he stepped into the Returning Void Third Stage, the reason why people don't dare to offend Jing Clan and visit Jing Clan is because they are afraid of their future, not their present. Now it's good to run into someone like Shang Hong who's not afraid of the sky and cause trouble, right?"

"Now it depends on how Shang will choose to handle it."

Right now, at the palace.

"Dad, it's not good, Shang Hong, Shang Hong he even, even killed two genius children of the Jing Clan."Shang Mo hurriedly went to find Shang Yao.

"What?"Shang Yao was shocked. Remember the URL

"Shang Hong is he crazy, Jing Long is so young to step into the Returning Void, not to mention the future, even now, Jing Clan has three Returning Void, when I die at the end of my term, Jing Clan will soon become a royal family, how can Shang Hong he go and offend Jing Clan, it's stupid."

"Father, what should we do now?Jing Clan will never let us go, when you die, we Shang Clan will not know how we will be bullied by Jing Clan, God, this damned Shang Hong, the family is already a broken generation, and he is still so troublesome."

Shang Yao exhaled deeply and said, "At this point, there's no other way out, kill, kill Jing Long, and the other Returning Void powerhouses of Jing Clan, at least make Jing Clan, regress until it's almost like our Shang Clan.However, I'm afraid that Jing Long has already escaped, and once I'm dead, he'll come back."

"Father, no buts, he has definitely escaped."

"Alas, this Shang Hong, what a bad thing, go and get him for me at once."


At this moment, Jing Clan, Jing Long had already fled to the entrance of the Imperial City.

That's right, in case Shang Yao killed him in an open-hearted manner in order to prevent any future trouble, he had to flee first and come back after Shang Yao died.

However, just as Jing Long fled to the entrance of the city and was about to leave the imperial city, Jing Long saw a person standing on the city wall, as if he had been waiting for a long time.

This person, this person was Tang Zichen.

With a sword in his hand, Tang Zichen looked at Jing Long and smiled, "You must be Jing Long, where do you want to go in such a hurry?"

Yes, Tang Zichen is waiting here, he has...

Having waited for a long time.

After sending Qin Nui and Yao Lan home, Tang Zichen came directly to the city gate and waited, originally he wanted to go directly to the Jing Clan, but he was afraid that Jing Long would flee the first time he learned the news, so, just to be on the safe side, he would just wait at the city gate.

Jing Long looked at Tang Zichen and roared, "Shang Hong, you still dare to appear here, I was about to look for you, but you came instead."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Jing Long, you've finally come, I've been waiting for you for a long time.Don't lie so much, saying that you were about to go find me, you clearly want to escape.I killed two of your Jing Clan genius children, including your grandson, ever since I cut down that sword, I knew that your Jing Clan would never let my whole family, or even the whole clan go, so let's fight here today, life or death."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold.

Jing Long sneered, "Shang Hong, just you?You're just stalling for time, waiting for Shang Yao to catch up.But unfortunately, it only takes a blink of an eye to kill you, and after killing you, I still have plenty of time to leave the imperial city.In a few years, once Shang Yao is dead, when I return to the Imperial City, it will be time for your entire family, as well as your Shang clan, to suffer bad luck."

Tang Zichen snorted lightly, "As expected, it seems that we all think the same."

Tang Zichen a sword, then released the realm on his body.

"What?To the void?"Jing Long felt the realm on Tang Zichen's body and was dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen's entry was the realm of the first stage of Returned Void.

"Yes, the first stage of Returned Void, Jing Long, you think you're awesome for stepping into the first stage of Returned Void at 138?Wrong, I, Shang Hong, at 76 years old, stepped into the Returning Void, with my age so young, I can make your Jing Clan, you won't be able to turn over a new leaf for hundreds of years.Originally with your Jing Clan, there was no grudge, unfortunately, your grandson, bullying my daughter, no matter what miserable things will happen to your Jing Clan, go underground and settle the score with your grandson Jing Teng."

"No, this must be a dream, this must be a dream."Jing Long yelled incredulously, the reason he was so proud before was because he was 138 years old stepping into the Returning Void ah, the youngest in history was only 136 years old, he was almost reaching the youngest one, so he was momentarily proud and couldn't be complacent, thinking that he would soon be able to step on everyone, but, suddenly learning that Shang Hong was 76 years old stepping into the Returning Void, his worldview completely collapsed, how in the worldThere might be a return to emptiness so young.

"Do your mother's spring and autumn dreams."After saying that, Tang Zichen slashed with his sword.

"Swoosh."Just like before in the Grand Precious Empire, with Health Jin and Guo Lu, the sword was as brilliant as a rainbow, and the peerless sword Qi was like a galaxy straight down.

Jing Long panicked and raised his sword to meet it.

"Clatter."His sword crumbled in one fell swoop, pushing and breaking.

"Wow."His body felt like it had been scraped by countless blades, and pain spread through every nerve, Jing Long hissed, and in the next second, his clothes had already turned into powder, and, all over his body, he was bloodied and flayed raw.

In the distance, many many people flew in.

There were others flying in all directions as well.

Among them were Shang Yao from the Shang Clan, Tang Zichen's grandfather Shang Jian, and Shang Mo, who had wanted to go to the Jing Clan, but saw it from afar and immediately came here.

Of course, the people flying in all directions were not only the Jing Clan's Return to Void powerhouses, but also the other three vice-national clans' powerhouses.


In no time at all, everyone flew in.

They looked incredulously at Jing Long drenched in blood, as well as Tang Zichen standing in the wind with his sword, and even more incredulously, the momentum coming from Tang Zichen's body was like a stage of returning to the void.

"Shang Hong."Shang Yao called out to Tang Zichen incredulously.

Tang Zichen said, "Grandfather, I'm sorry, Xuan Sun has already killed his grandson, this revenge is over, there's no turning back, I can only behead Jing Long in order to put an end to the aftermath."

Shang Yao's lips stuttered and said, "I, I'm not blaming you, I'm, I'm asking, have you stepped into the first stage of Returning Void?How is that possible?"

Everyone was now looking at Tang Zichen and thinking the same thing, was he really returning to the void?

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, a few months ago, I stepped into the first phase of the Returning Void, I've only been back for three days, and I heard that the Jing Clan, Jing Long 138 years old stepped into the Returning Void, proudly didn't know what his last name was, and the entire children of the Jing Clan followed with arrogance and domineering, even the Shang Clan royal family didn't even care about it anymore, which is just fine, but it came to bully me Shang Hong's daughter."

Shang Yao asked, "Jing Long, he, he was beaten by you like this?"

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at Jing Long and hummed, "Yes, I thought how powerful this 138 year old Returning Void would be, but I didn't expect that he couldn't even catch a single move from me."

Everyone at the scene sucked in a breath of cold air, oh my god, how strong must Tang Zichen be, even Jing Long couldn't catch a single move from him.

At this moment, the two Huixu Stage 1 powerhouses of the Jing Clan that had just flown in had clearly seen the reality, how they dared Shang Hong to call the shots at this moment, they would only perish even faster.They immediately knelt down in mid-air and said, "Senior Shang Hong, my Jing Clan, who has eyes but no pearls, as a vice-state, is actually bullying the royal family, it is really deserving of death, I hope Senior Shang Hong, spare Jing Long and spare the Jing Clan." A second to remember to read the book

At that moment, that Jing Long unwillingly roared, "I don't need it."

Jing's two Returning Void powerhouses had a headache, it's this time, you still don't need it.

Tang Zichen didn't even think about it, but Jing Long said he didn't need it, Tang Zichen snorted, "Even if you need it, I won't bypass you."

Jing Long let out an angry growl, "Shang Hong, you were the one who just attacked first, this time, I won't let you hurt me again, let's see who kills who."

"I don't know what's good for you."Tang Zichen suddenly stabbed with another sword, everyone felt that Tang Zichen's sword, like a golden hoopstick, suddenly became longer, and in the next second, Tang Zichen's sword stabbed into Jing Long's face and then came out from the back of his head.

"Ah."The two strong men of the Jing Clan who were in the first stage of Return to Void, seeing that Jing Long was dead beyond death, cried out in grief, this feeling seemed to fall from heaven to hell.The Jing Clan was supposed to become a royal family soon, but unexpectedly, it turned into nothingness in a matter of moments, and even Jing Long was dead.Of course, that was if Tang Zichen hadn't stepped into the returning void.

Tang Zichen pulled his sword out, and a hole appeared in half of Jing Long's face, surely dead beyond death.

Everyone sighed, one moment everyone was lamenting Jing Long's genius, the next moment, they were seeing Jing Long's death with their own eyes, what a feeling it was.

Tang Zichen looked at the two strong men of the Jing Clan who were in the first stage of Return to Void and said, "You two, please give me a reason not to die, unable to give me a reason not to die, then, I have to apologize.Although I, Shang Hong.

It's completely possible for you, Jing Clan, to not be able to turn back for hundreds of years, but I also don't want to have enemies watching behind my back at all times."

Everyone trembled inside, Shang Hong's words gave a feeling of not being able to breathe, including the other three vice national clans.

Based on Tang Zichen stepping into the Returning Void at the age of 76, it was very likely that he would live for another 200 years or more, so he could indeed be able to make the Jing Clan, as well as the other three vice-national clans, unable to turn the tables for a few hundred years, in other words, Shang would continue to be a royal family for at least two hundred years.How powerful this was, in the history of the Great Martial Empire, no other change of royalty had lasted this long.

Shang Yao was very pleased and excited to see Tang Zichen.

The name Shang Hong was destined to still be mentioned 10,000 years later, as he had seriously broken the record by stepping into the Returned Void at the age of 76.

The two old men of the Jing Clan who were in the first stage of Return to Void laughed bitterly, "Shang Hong, it's done, you can kill if you want, I only beg you, spare my family's sons and daughters, they are innocent."

Tang Zichen said, "It's impossible to spare them."

One of the Jing Clan Returned Void old men was busy panicking and said, "Do you really want to destroy my Jing Clan?Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of our six families were brothers of opposite sexes, and today, you have destroyed the Yuan Clan, and you want to destroy our Jing Clan?Are you doing your ancestors justice by doing this?"

"There's no use mentioning my ancestors to me now, I must take responsibility for future generations."

At this time, Shang Jian said, "Shang Hong, forget it, after all, it was only caused by a small matter, there is no need to expand him.Besides, you've already killed Jing Teng and Jing Yi, even Jing Long was also implicated and killed by you, the rest of the Jing Clan, forget it."

Tang Zichen hesitated, since grandpa had spoken, Tang Zichen couldn't just forget about it.Tang Zichen's inner fire was almost out.

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, today I can leave the rest of the Jing Clan uninvolved for grandpa's sake, but the Jing Clan, in the past six months, anyone who has bullied the children of the Shang Clan, or the children of other families, will be punished heavily, as to how, it's up to you, but you must satisfy me, otherwise it's null and void."

"Good, thank you senior Shang Hong for your magnanimity."The two Jing Clan's Returned Void powerhouses were relieved.Although Jing Long had been killed, they couldn't have any grievances and had to personally punish those in the family who had bullied the children of the Shang Clan.

Tang Zichen put away his sword and said, "Let's disperse then."

Everyone looked at the tragically dead Jing Long, secretly felt sorry for him, and then scattered.

If Jing Long didn't die, although he couldn't be compared to Tang Zichen, his future would definitely be extraordinary, but unfortunately, he was pitied to death by his grandson.Of course, Jing Long himself also had problems, if he wasn't arrogant and let Jing's children restrain themselves, he wouldn't have messed with Tang Zichen and wouldn't have died.

Tang Zichen also flew away with his great-grandfather, grandfather, and Shang Mo.

The only people left at the scene were Jing Clan's two Returned Void powerhouses, and some onlookers from afar.

Jing Clan's two Returned Void looked at the tragically dead Jing Long, unable to speak for a long time, and finally, they carried Jing Long's corpse and flew away.

After Jing's two returned to the family, they immediately ordered to go down and tie up all the arrogant ones who had bullied the children of the Shang Clan in the past six months, and punish them, and after the punishment, scrap their martial arts skills until Tang Zichen was satisfied.


At the palace.

"Hahaha, Shang Hong, you're really unbelievable to Grandpa."

"Yeah, I feel like I'm dreaming right now, you're so young and you've stepped into the Returning Void, tsk tsk."

"Originally I was worried about the family fault line in the future when Shang Jian and Shang Mo die, but now, hahaha, there's no need to worry at all, we haven't even died yet, and you've stepped into the Returning Void."

"Hahaha."Shang Yao, Shang Jian, and Shang Mo, the three old men laughed loudly.

The Shang clan that had been badly sung about and was going to fall, at this moment, they were back on top, even surpassing all previous scenery.

The fact that Tang Zichen had stepped into the Returning Void and killed Jing Long soon spread in the imperial city to the extent that everyone knew about it.

Everyone was incomparably worshipful when they learned of it, it was truly unprecedented and unprecedented.

The Shang Clan, back at the top, no family dared to mess with it.

Of course, Tang Zichen also asked his grandfather to instruct him to go on, and the children of the Shang clan could not arbitrarily bully the children of other vice-national clans.If the children of the Shang clan were just as arrogant and domineering as the children of the Jing clan, then Tang Zichen would be a bit of a punch in the face, after all, he had just killed Jing Long because of this.Besides, what do the children of the Shang clan have to be arrogant, such a genius is not them, it is Tang Zichen, only their own strong, only have the capital to be arrogant, because the family elders are strong and arrogant, this is the dude who has no future.

Three days later, Tang Zichen held a celebration at the Green Rose Villa to celebrate his stepping into the first stage of Return to Void, and countless people came to worship him. The first website

After a month or two, the imperial city gradually calmed down from this incident of Tang Zichen, and everyone continued to do what they should.

Tang Zichen also returned to his normal course of life.

Tang Zichen studied the martial dao every day, it was fine now, after all, there were predecessors who had gone through it, and it would only become incomparably more difficult in the future when he reached the fourth and fifth stage of Return to Void, as there were no predecessors who had reached this level, and the subsequent realm was completely unknown.

Half a year later.

Tang Zichen's great grandfather suddenly summoned Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen immediately came to the palace.

"Great grandfather, what are you looking for me for?"

"Haha, Shang Hong, I know all about what you did in the Great Precious Empire."

"What is it?"

"You defeated the Great Precious Empire's Hygienic Gold and Guo Lu."

"Oh, this matter ah, it's been so long and you only know about it, by the way, who did you hear about it."

Just at this moment, an old man outside said, "Of course it was me."

Tang Zichen turned around, it was the Sovereign of the Great Precious Empire, Yin Zheng.

"Senior Yin Zheng, it's actually you, why have you come to my Great Martial Empire."Tang Zichen said in confusion.

"I came to find your great grandfather to talk about martial dao, after all, we are both at the Returning Void Stage 2, it's rare to find someone of the same level, besides this matter, I have a personal matter to attend to."

"Oh, welcome."Tang Zichen smiled.

Shang Yao pair said, "Brother Yin Zheng, you've washed up, please sit down and have some tea, it's been hard to come from afar."

"Polite, polite."Far came just now Yin Zheng went to wash up.

Tang Zichen looked at Yin Zheng and Grandfather Tai, and said in his heart, "They are the two of them at the Second Stage of Return to Void, when they are sparring, it would definitely be beneficial to me if I am also watching."

Tang Zichen immediately asked, "Grandfather Tai, Senior Yin Zheng, it's rare for the two of you to meet at the same level, so you should definitely have a good sparring session this time."

"Of course."Yin Zheng said.


sp; "Haha, I don't know if I can observe then, if I can observe and see the strongest of the Returned Void Stage 2 cutting, this will be of great benefit to me ah."

Yin Zheng smiled, "Of course you can, it's not just you, I've also brought five Golden Moon Gate's Returned Void Stage 1, when Shang Yao and I are sparring, I'll have them there to watch as well, it will be beneficial for them to step into the Returned Void Stage 2."

Shang Yao also said, "Yes, Shang Hong, you and Shang Jian, as well as Shang Mo, will all be observing together then."

"Yes."Tang Zichen was secretly happy inside.

At this time, Shang Yao asked, "Brother Yin Zheng, what other personal matters did you say that you came to the Great Martial Empire this time, besides meeting me?If I can help, I will definitely help you."

"Hahaha, it's like this, my Xuan granddaughter, her name is Yin Hua, she recently stepped into the early stages of peak ascension."

"Uh, how old is your Xuan granddaughter?"

"Fifty years old."

"Wow, fifty years old reaching the early stages of peak ascension, awesome, if he continues to explode later, he'll be the next Shang Hong."

"Hehe, although the possibility is too low, it's not impossible.I brought Yin Hua to the Great Martial Empire this time, just to find her a husband to match her, after all, she is also fifty, if a woman doesn't find a man at fifty, the best youth of her life will be over."

Shang Yao was busy, "Then do you have a goal?"

"I haven't found any suitable ones yet, Brother Shang Yao, do you have any genius and age-matched recommendations?"

Shang Yao smiled, "Of course there is, I wonder what do you think of my Xuan Sun Shang Hong?He's 76 years old and has stepped into the Void, so he's worthy of your Xuan granddaughter."

"Hahaha, Brother Shang Yao, that won't do."Yin Zheng shook his head and refused.

"Ah, why?"Shang Yao was puzzled.

Tang Zichen was also a little confused inside, why did Yin Zheng refuse?Shit, look down on him?

Yin Zheng said, "Don't be angry, I just want to find someone who is a good match for her, Shang Hong he's too good for my Xuan granddaughter, besides, Shang Hong doesn't want it."

"Who said he doesn't want it."

"He said it himself ah, when I was in the Great Precious Empire, I told him if I wanted to marry Yin Hua to him, and he flatly refused."


"Don't believe me, ask him."

Shang Yao was busy asking, "Shang Hong, are you silly, your wife was already scarce, and now that one so outstanding is in front of you, you still refuse."

"Grandfather Ta, I am."

"Alright, this matter is decided, brother Yin Zheng, marry your Xuan granddaughter to Shang Hong, and pick a day to make this happy event, what do you think?"

"If Shang Hong is okay with it, I'd certainly be happy to."

"Don't worry, it's not his turn to make the decision yet."Shang Yao said to Tang Zichen, "Shang Hong, do you hear me?I'm the one who set you up for this marriage, are you going to refuse?"

Tang Zichen helplessly said, "Thanks to the great grandfather's love, how dare Shang Hong not appreciate it, Shang Hong just marry it."

"Hahaha, good."

Yin Zheng also had a smile on his face and said, "Kid, let's see if you want it this time.

Tang Zichen had indeed never thought of marrying again, but, his great-grandfather set it up, it's not good to refuse, besides, with Yin Hua is also considered to know each other, know the roots, the talent is so strong, and the person is beautiful, also can not find a reason not to.

Yin Zheng said to Tang Zichen, "Shang Hong, Yin Hua is at the Royal Reception Villa, you go there to find her, she should be bored where she is alone."

"Okay, then I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked out of the main hall.


 Tang Zichen arrived at the Royal Reception Center and found Yin Hua.

"Uh, Shang Hong."Yin Hua was somewhat surprised to see Tang Zichen suddenly appear.

"Oh, I heard that you've stepped into the Dengfeng realm, congratulations."

"Thanks."Yin Hua said with a slight blush.

Tang Zichen said, "Your great grandfather has just promised you to me."

"Ah, then, then you agreed?"Yin Hua lowered her head and asked in a low voice.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and turned around to close the door.

"Shang, Shang Hong, what are you doing?"Yinhua was shocked when she closed the door in broad daylight.

The first thing you need to do is to take off your coat and say: "I'm a straightforward person, since I'm ready to marry you, it's my own person.The weather is nice at the moment, and seeing you makes me a little impulsive, so let's just do it first."

"Ah."Tang Zichen went up and said nothing.

Half a day later, Tang Zichen walked out of the room, and Yin Hua also blushed and came out. Remember the URL

The next day, Yin Zheng and Tang Zichen's great-grandfather began to spar, and Tang Zichen, Shang Jian, Shang Mo, and a few others that Yin Zheng had brought with him were there to watch, hoping that it would help them improve.

Yin Zheng and Shang Yao cut and sparred for ten days and nights.

In the end, both of them were exhausted from the fight, and their strengths were almost as good as each other.

Tang Zichen and the others had watched for ten days and nights, but they were also very enjoyable to watch, and they were quite rewarding.

"How was it?What have you all gained in these ten days and nights?"Shang Yao asked.

Shang Mo said, "I've progressed from zero times in the Returned Void Phase I to once."

Shang Jian also said, "Me too, progressed to once, I've only stepped into the Return to Void Phase I for half a year, and now I've reached once, that's a very big gain."

Shang Yao also asked Tang Zichen, "Shang Hong, what have you gained after watching for ten days and nights?Before, you also just stepped into the first phase of Return to the Void, also zero times, now what?At least once, I think?After all, Shang Jian and Shang Mo have both progressed from zero times to once."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly and said, "Thank you Grandfather Tai and Senior Yin Zheng for your efforts these ten days and ten nights, I have felt very much from your sparring."

"Alright, don't talk nonsense so much, just say it, how many times have you returned to the first stage of Void now."

Tang Zichen didn't mince words and said, "Five times."

"What? Say it again."

"Five times."

"Oh my god, someone come quickly."Shang Yao couldn't help but scream, because this was too incredible.

Five times, it hadn't even been a few months since Tang Zichen had stepped into the first stage of Returning Void.

Since ancient times, everyone knew how far away it was for someone from the Returned Void Phase I to step into the Returned Void Phase II.

But Tang Zichen, in just ten days and nights, had stepped into the Returned Void Phase One five times.

At this time, Yin Zheng came over and asked, "Shang Yao, what are you shouting about, heaven what?"

Shang Yao said, "Yin Zheng, in the ten days and nights of our ten days and nights of cutting, Shang Hong has comprehended five times from zero times in the first stage of Return to Void."

"What."Yin Zheng also shouted out.

Tang Zichen laughed heedlessly, "There's nothing to be surprised about, I'm just borrowing your experience and stepping on the shoulders of my predecessors, it's nothing.Moreover, if my goal is just the Return to Void realm, it would be too low."

After that, Tang Zichen and the others ended this observation of cultivation.

Tang Zichen and Yin Hua also held a wedding, and after the wedding, Yin Hua stayed in the Great Martial Empire, and Yin Zheng also

It was time to return to the Great Precious Empire.

Tang Zichen and Yin Hua bid farewell to Yin Zheng together, sending them thousands of miles away.

"Alright, don't send them off, you guys go back."Yin Zheng said.

Tang Zichen said, "Grandfather, let us see you off again, we don't know when we will see you again after today's farewell."

Yin Zheng said, "It's already been so far since we sent the gentleman off for a thousand miles.Yin Hua, you and Shang Hong go home, we're returning to the Great Precious Empire, follow Shang Hong and live a good life from now on.""Grandfather."Yin Hua cried out.

Maybe this goodbye, there was no next side, because Yin Zheng's deadline was just a few years away.

"Yin Hua, why are you crying, alright, Shang Hong, you take her back, we're leaving, goodbye."


Tang Zichen watched as Yin Zheng disappeared into the sky, Yin Hua was crying.

"Yin Hua, don't cry, go home."

Tang Zichen pulled Yin Hua back along the road.

After returning to Great Martial Royal City, Yin Hua was depressed, far away from her family, far away from her hometown, married here, inevitably uncomfortable at first, fortunately there was Wen Xia, an old hometown, a mutual comforting person in times of loneliness.

The company has been in the process of developing a new product, which will be the first of its kind in the world.

Tang Zichen was not going to go out to practice for the time being, because, Grandpa's deadline was not long, if he went out to practice again, maybe by the time he returned, Grandpa would have already left.

Tang Zichen wasn't missing out on these few years.

In the blink of an eye, six years had passed.

During these six years, Tang Zichen had a son each with Wenxia, Yin Hua, and in addition, a daughter with Little Grass.

"Shang Hong, your great grandfather summoned."


Tang Zichen immediately went into the palace.

The day of the great grandfather's deadline was just a year and a half, or even a few months these days.

"Pay your respects to your great-grandfather."

"Shang Hong, sit."

Tang Zichen looked at the great-grandfather, his heart ached inside, compared to six years ago, Shang Yao had aged several times, and the more the big day was approaching, the older he became, the worse he became by the day.

Even Shang Yao's walking was a bit unsteady.

"Grandfather."Tang Zichen's eyes were red as he called out.

"Shang Hong, there's no need to grieve, people will die, I've lived for almost 220 years, I'm already satisfied."Shang Yao said with a slight smile.

Tang Zichen was sullen inside.

"Shang Hong, I would like to choose someone as the passer of the self-limit, who do you think is better?I originally wanted to decide on you, but unfortunately, your talent is powerful, and now that you have stepped into the second stage of Return to Void and your realm is level with mine, you are no longer needed."Shang Yao said.

"Grandfather, why did you choose to limit yourself, it's good to live one more day."Tang Zichen said.

"It doesn't make sense to live for a few more months, in case you die tomorrow, wouldn't you not even have the chance to choose self-limitation.You can recommend someone, now that you've reached the Second Stage of Return to Void, our Shang Clan is no longer afraid of anyone, so anyone is fine."

Tang Zichen thought about it and said, "Then Shang Cao, he's stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, he still has a bright future."

"Good, then it's him, I didn't expect that my self-limiting transmitter would fall on his head after all."Shang Yao smiled, back then before the Shang clan had returned to the Imperial City, this kind of thing had been discussed, when Shang Stubborn and Tang Zichen were secretly competing with each other, but unexpectedly, in the end, it fell on Shang Stubborn's head.It wasn't that Shang Stubborn was lucky, but rather that Tang Zichen was no longer needed, and Tang Zichen himself was the second stage of Return to Void.


Shang Yao hesitated and said, "Then, the day after tomorrow."

"Ah, the day after tomorrow?"

"Yes, the day after tomorrow, I self-limit."

"Grandfather, why the rush."Tang Zichen cried.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to make it through."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything else and hesitated for a long time before saying, "Great Grandfather, then, we'll hold a farewell banquet for you tomorrow."

"No need to be so troublesome, you're the only people I want to see anyway."


On the third day, Tang Zichen arrived at the palace early in the morning.

Shang Cao had also already arrived at the palace.

In Shang Yao's room, Tang Zichen, Shang Jian, Shang Mo, Shang Cuo, and a dozen others were standing there, and Shang Yao was sitting on the bed, looking very weak. A second to remember to read the book

Shang Yao looked at everyone and said, "I'll be leaving soon, after I die, the Shang clan will rely on you."

"Dad, don't worry."Shang Mo said.

Shang Yao looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "Shang Hong, you are one of my proudest and most proudest descendants, with you, Grandpa Tai has no regrets in his life."

"Great Grandpa, have a good journey."Tang Zichen said with red eyes.

"Good."Shang Yao nodded his head.

In the room, everyone's eyes were red, but no one cried.

Shang Yao said to Shang Cuo, "Shang Cuo, come here."

"Yes, grandfather."Shang Crouch sat in front of Shang Yao and turned his back to Shang Yao.

Shang Yao finally looked at everyone in the room and then said, "I'm leaving then."After saying that, Shang Yao lightly slapped Shang Stubborn's head with a palm, and an invisible wave passed into Shang Stubborn's brain, while Shang Yao, however, fell down and closed his eyes forever.





Everyone kneeled down, and with a loud cry, Shang Yao, was gone forever.

After crying for a while, everyone paid homage to Shang Yao's corpse and shouted, "Farewell Holy Ancestor!"

For a long time, Shang Mo said, "Everyone, rise up and proclaim the world, the return of His Holiness to Heaven.Shang Hong, you take over immediately and become the next Emperor of the Great Martial Empire."

Tang Zichen was stunned, Tang Zichen had thought about this issue.

Tang Zichen was now the second stage of Return to Void, the only second stage of Return to Void in the entire Great Martial Empire, and there was no doubt that he would become the new emperor.

However, Tang Zichen's goal was far away, and he didn't have the heart to be an emperor here.

"Grandpa Shang Mo, let's discuss the matter of who will be the emperor."

Shang Jian said, "Shang Hong, you are the strongest now, if not you, then who will be?"

Tang Zichen said, "But I don't have the time to stay in the Great Martial Empire all the time, I'll go around the world again next."

"But it won't affect anything, you being an emperor doesn't require you to do anything, nor does it require you to stay in the Great Martial Empire for a long period of time, it's just a deterrent."

"In that case, then be it."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Three days later, the Shang clan held a grand funeral, burying Shang Yao thickly.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, also ascended the throne in a natural manner, becoming the new emperor of the Great Martial Empire, no one had any objections, after all, Tang Zichen was the second stage of Return to Void, and the second stage was still the youngest one.

Tang Zichen was only 83 years old at this point.

If it were anyone else, 83 years old could reach

To reach the peak was considered good, and Tang Zichen was more than a hundred years ahead of the others.

Tang Zichen's reputation wasn't just famous in the Great Martial Empire, it was already famous all over the world.

In several empires throughout the world, the word Shang Hong had already thundered like a thunderbolt.

After Tang Zichen became the new emperor, Tang Zichen's entire family had moved from the Green Rose Villa, to the palace.

In addition, Tang Zichen brought his friends from another world, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, and a group of brothers and sisters, including the eldest and second eldest brother, and Tang Zichen gave their offspring the 'Shang surname', so that all of their offspring would be surnamed Shang from now on and become part of the imperial family.

The entire Great Martial Empire was ruled by Tang Zichen.

"Zichen, what will you give Liu Yue's son for his wedding tomorrow?"Late at night, Xu Mei Qian asks, Tang Zichen is spending the night at Xu Mei Qian's place tonight.

Tang Zichen is 83 years old, then Xu Mei Qian is naturally 87 years old, already an old couple, Xu Mei Qian is no longer young, after all, their son, Shang Xu, is 27 years old.

"Oh, Liu Yue is going to be a grandfather."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, time passes so fast, Liu Yue's son is married to his wife.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's give his son a mountain village."


The next day, Tang Zichen brought his entire family to attend the wedding of Liu Yue's son to his wife.

The entire city was filled with envy, how high must this person's status be to be able to have Tang Zichen go to the wedding.

"See His Majesty."Many people saw Tang Zichen and hurriedly paid homage.

Tang Zichen smiled, "No need to be polite, flatten yourself."

"Thank you, Sovereign."

Liu Yue came up and laughed, "Tzichen, you are here."

Tang Zichen said, "Liu Yue, congratulations, you're going to be a grandfather."

"Hehehe, this kid in my family, early love, can't help it, made someone's belly big, had to let them get married, besides, the female talent isn't bad, hahaha."

Tang Zichen also laughed and laughed.

At this time, Liu Yue's son came up wearing a big red dress and paid his respects, "Nephew pays his respects to Uncle Zichen."

"Liu Yin, today is your big day, uncle has come to drink your wedding wine, no need to be polite."

"Mm-hmm, Uncle Zichen, please come in."

Tang Zichen smilingly entered the great hall, the other guests in the great hall, all of them bowed down when they saw Tang Zichen.

Over the years, Liu Yue was in the imperial city, naturally, he also met other friends, although not very strong, but many rich and noble people.

Liu Yue's martial arts realm had also reached Zongshi Grand Perfection, but unfortunately, it was too late to advance any further, and it was unlikely that he would be able to step into the peak.

Tang Zichen's friends and relatives, only Xiao Meng, Qin Ren, and Shiniang, only three of them, the rest of them have a low possibility of reaching the peak.What was most surprising to Tang Zichen was that his teacher's wife was already in the middle of the peak, while Xiaomeng and Qin Ren were both in the early stages of the peak, and had only recently stepped into it.

Naturally, Little Grass, Wenxia, Yin Hua, their three geniuses, needless to say, in another hundred years, the possibility of becoming a Returned Void was very high.

There was also Shang Ji, who was already 17 years old, and his talent continued to lead the way, becoming Tang Zichen's most genius son.

Qin Nui, 29 years old, is also already a big girl, Qin Ren recently started to look around to see if there is a suitable good man, has arranged several blind dates for Qin Nui, while Qin Nui does not want to waste her time here, so she is very exclusive.

After drinking the wedding banquet, Tang Zichen returned to the palace.

Tang Zichen was also going to prepare to leave the imperial city again and continue to hit the Return to Void Stage 3.


At that moment, Tang Zichen's big brother Xie Yong came to ask for an audience.

"Senior Brother Feng."

"Big Brother, what is it?"

"Hehe, Brother Wind, you'll have to give me a big credit this time."Xie Yong said laughingly.

"Big Brother, what merit have you made?Tell me about it."

"Brother Feng, I'm sure you heard a few years ago that among the people who escaped from the Yuan Clan, there was a genius named Yuan Zhan, who seems to have become a fish of omission."

"Uh, Yuan Zhan, I've heard about it, it seems like someone reported back there that his body was not found."

"Right, he's gone into hiding."

Tang Zichen asked indifferently, "So what if Yuan Zhan he escaped, he might be able to reach my current state in another hundred years, but so what, Yuan's destined to never turn over."

"Brother Feng, that Yuan Zhan, who was in the Yuan Clan before, but just like you, was one of only four geniuses in their Yuan Zhan Clan's history who stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of sixty.Do you know what his situation is now?"

"Big Brother, so you know what he's like now?" First web site

"Hahaha, Brother Feng, that's why I said give me a big credit.That's right, I know where that Yuan Zhan is, he's now changed his name to Liang Bi, he's 88 years old this year, and he's already a Dengfeng perfectionist."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he hummed, "Liang Bi?And a real name changer, where is he now?"

"Being a lecturer at the Royal Academy is very low key for people,"Xie Yong said.

"Big Brother, how do you know that he is Yuan Zhan?"

"Hahaha, Brother Feng, it's a coincidence, Yuan Zhan has a daughter, named Liang Ying, also in the Royal Academy, currently, is having an affair with my son, that Liang Ying is silly, he told my son the truth, so I know."

"Oh, what a treadmill."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Brother Feng, when are you going to deal with this Yuan War?Although he can't raise any waves at all, he's an enemy after all."

Tang Zichen said, "I'll let someone else handle this matter, take advantage of the fact that that Yuan Zhan is still unaware that he's been exposed, and wipe out all the remaining people of the Yuan Clan in one hit, and end the trouble from then on."

"Good, then I'll go back first, I have to tell my son, don't alert the snakes."

"Well, hard work, big brother."

"What are you talking about, my son also wants to give his surname Shang, that's my business too, I'm leaving, come to my house for tea when you have time."


After Big Brother left, Tang Zichen ordered this matter down.

Although that Yuan Zhan was indeed a genius, stepping into Dengfeng Perfection at only 88 years old, and giving him another hundred years, reaching the second or even third stage of Return to Void was possible, unfortunately, with Tang Zichen, who was stronger than him, he was doomed to not be able to turn over a new leaf.

After staying at home for half a month, Tang Zichen was ready to leave the Imperial City.

Before leaving the imperial city, Tang Zichen went to look for Little Black.

Xiao Hei was the same old person he used to be, ever since he got married, he had been held back by his family and rarely went out with Tang Zichen anymore.

Now it was impossible to go out with Tang Zichen either, because Little Black's speed was far too slow to keep up with Little Fire.

Little Black was destined to be just one of the thousands of black jiao, while Little Fire was a unique exotic among the rare fire beasts, and the future of the two of them would probably be very different.

Tang Zichen continued to take Little Fire with him and left the Great Martial Empire.

This time, Tang Zichen

The one that would be heading to, the Flower Moon Empire.

The reason why Tang Zichen was heading to the Flower Moon Empire was because, the Flower Moon Empire had the strongest person in the world, Return to Void Third Stage, named Lan Runshui.

Tang Zichen went to seek advice from this Lan Runshui, after all, in the entire world, there was only one Returned Void Third Stage.

It took Tang Zichen more than half a year to finally arrive at the Flower Moon Empire.

"It must be Brother Shang Hong."As soon as Tang Zichen arrived at the Flower Moon Empire, he heard an old voice coming from deep within the palace.

Without a doubt, it must be that Lan Run Shui.

"Senior Shang Hong, paying a visit to Senior Lan Runshui, I hope that Senior will come out and guide Senior a bit."Tang Zichen said to the direction of the palace.

"Hahaha, well said."In the next moment, an old man flew out, this old man was also very old, estimated to be over 230 years old.

"Senior Shang Hong, pay your respects to senior."Tang Zichen paid his respects, in this world, to be able to cultivate to the Third Stage of Return to Void was definitely a remarkable person.

"Hahaha, Shang Hong, I've heard of your great name for a long time, today I finally meet you in person, truly worthy of being the most genius ever, reaching the Return to Void Stage 2 at such a young age, I'm sure you won't know what kind of realm you'll be in by the time you reach my age."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm flattered by Senior's boast, I hope so."

"Shang Hong, please."

Tang Zichen was invited into the imperial palace.

The Flower Moon Empire's palace didn't look much different from the Great Martial Empire's palace.

Some of the powerful people of the Flower Moon Empire who were in the first stage of Return to Void heard that Shang Hong had come and came to meet him.

While Tang Zichen was still sitting in the palace, someone came in to report, "Sovereign, there are a lot of Returned Void Stage 1 powerhouses outside, they want to meet Shang Hong."

Lan Run Shui smiled, "Shang Hong, see, although my Flower Moon Empire, is quite far away from the Great Martial Empire, your great name is still spreading throughout my Flower Moon Empire, and hearing that you are here at the moment, they all want to see you.However, whether to see or not, you decide for yourself, I'm sure you came to find me this time to consult with me on some of the Returning Void Third Stage realms, it's normal to not see them, it's a waste of time."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I didn't expect the friends of the Flower Moon Empire to be so enthusiastic, since they think so highly of me, how can I not see them.However, you're right, Senior, I came to find you to ask you for advice about the Returning Void Third Stage realm, I wonder if you can teach me, Senior."

Lan Runshui smiled, "Even if you don't come looking for me, I'll actually come looking for you."


"Because I'm the most powerful person in the world, the only one to return to the third stage of Void, I'm lonely and I want a rival.Without a rival, it's so lonely and scary, but unfortunately, looking at the entire world, there's not a single person who has any hope of stepping into the Returned Void Third Stage.Fortunately, you've excelled, you can definitely step into the Returned Void Third Stage, so I want to find you and help you step into the Returned Void Third Stage, then, we'll have a showdown."


"Shang Hong, do you think I'm joking with you?No, I'm serious, I'm too lonely, I just want to be able to have a big battle with someone of my level, before I die."

"Senior, as you wish, if I step into the Third Stage of Returning Void, then I will fight you."

"Hahaha, good, then, from today onwards, you will live in my Flower Moon Empire until you step into the Returned Void stage three times.The day you step into the Returned Void three times will be the day we duke it out."

"Good!"Tang Zichen hesitated and finally nodded, Tang Zichen hesitated because he didn't know how long it would take.

Tang Zichen's grandfather was already 181 years old, and Tang Zichen had to go back within twenty years, or else his grandfather wouldn't be able to see him.


Tang Zichen lived in the Flower Moon Empire.

Every day, he cut, observed, and comprehended with Lan Runshui, and Lan Runshui did truly want to help Tang Zichen step into the Third Stage of Return to Void.This wasn't selflessness, but rather people who had reached their level were no longer able to think about their thoughts in a normal human way.

Tang Zichen stayed with Lan Runshui every day, Tang Zichen clearly felt Lan Runshui's loneliness, a loneliness that wasn't the loneliness of not having anyone by his side, but the loneliness of being in a high place.

Tang Zichen seemed to foresee his future, and would also live in this endless loneliness.

Tang Zichen stayed in the Flower Moon Empire for ten years.

In these ten years, with Lan Run Shui giving his all, Tang Zichen had indeed gained a great deal.

Tang Zichen went from zero times in the second stage of Return to Void to nine times in the second stage of Return to Void.

Tang Zichen was only one time away from stepping into the third stage of Return to Void.

However, Lan Runshui was no longer good enough.

"Shang Hong, if you don't step into the Returned Void Phase Three, I'm afraid I won't be able to wait for you, the day of my greatness will be either this year or next year."Lan Runshui said as he looked at Tang Zichen, in these ten years, Lan Runshui had aged a lot, and it could be seen that his big day was indeed coming up.

Tang Zichen said, "One year at the most, I will definitely step into the Third Stage of Return to Void." Remember the website

"There's nothing more I can do to help you, there's one last step that's up to you, I'm just asking you now, is there any way you can fight me before I die?If you don't have the confidence, then I'll have to kill you now."

"Of course, but I received a letter from my family yesterday, I have something to rush back to the Great Martial Empire, in half a year from now, you'll come from here to find me in the Great Martial Empire, and then whether or not I step into the Returning Void Third Stage, I'll do as you wish."

"Fine, I will come to find you in half a year, and I will kill you directly whether or not you step into the Returning Void Third Stage in half a year."

"I'll wait for you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen flew away and left the Flower Moon Empire, Lan Runshui looked at the distant Tang Zichen and secretly said, "After half a year, I hope you've really stepped into the Returning Void Third Stage, otherwise, I'll only kill you if I spend ten years helping you and end up not fulfilling my wish."

Tang Zichen had rushed back to the Great Martial Empire this time to receive a family letter, which said that his son, Shang Xu, was getting married.

Tang Zichen had to rush back.

Counting up, Shang Xu was already 39 years old, and by the time Tang Zichen returned home, it would be almost half a year at least.

Tang Zichen was on his way to comprehend the martial dao as he made his way home.

About five months later, Tang Zichen made his way back to the Great Martial Empire and returned to the Imperial City.

Tang Zichen flew straight back to his home in the imperial palace.

"Zichen, you're finally back."Xu Mei Qian came up happily when she saw Tang Zichen.

After not seeing her for ten years, Xu Mei Qian had aged a lot, Xu Mei Qian was already 96 years old, and with Xu Mei Qian's martial realm, she would eventually be able to live to 140 or so, Xu Mei Qian would only have forty years left to live, and her life would finally be at the end.This life, this journey, they had a lot of emotions.

"Mei Qian, you've suffered."Tang Zichen said as he hugged Xu Mei Qian.

"You've suffered too."They smiled at each other.

"I didn't miss Shang Xu's wedding, did I?"Tang Zichen asked.

"No, just waiting for you to come back, the family letter has been sent out for a year, and this year, Qin Nui is also preparing for her big wedding."

"Oh, what a double blessing."Tang Zichen walked into the main hall and had all his relatives called in for a reunion dinner tonight.


bsp;That night, all of Tang Zichen's family members came, large and small, and there were already hundreds of people.

Tang Zichen clearly remembered that back when they came from another continent, there were only forty people in total, now, it had grown to a hundred.

Several of Tang Zichen's brothers were already grandparents.

However, Tang Zichen was about to become a grandfather as well.

Because, the belly of Shang Xu's daughter-in-law was already very big.

"Dad."Shang Xu pulled his wife over to Tang Zichen.

"Shang Xu, matured."Tang Zichen looked at him with eyes full of joy and said, back then Shang Xu and Shang Lei, the most hangry people, often went to the palace to provoke the palace maidens, and also made Xu Mei Qian angry, now in the blink of an eye, to start a family.

"Dad, this is my daughter-in-law, her name is Yu Lan."

The woman called Yu Lan was busy calling out, "Dad."

Tang Zichen nodded with a slight smile and asked, "How many months is the child?"

"Eight months."

"Well, in two months, I'll be a grandfather, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

Shang Xu suddenly knelt down.

"Shang Xu, what are you doing on your knees?"

Shang Xu said, "Dad, I'm sorry, I was very ignorant in the past, I failed to live up to your sustenance, and I made Mom sad by not practicing martial arts properly.And Mom, I'm even more sorry for making you worry about me all these years, please accept my three bows to thank you for your upbringing."Saying that, Shang Xu bowed to Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian, three times respectively.

Xu Mei Qian's eyes were red, but her face was smiling and she said, "Xu'er, what are you doing, get up quickly."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Well, now that you're going to have a family, being able to realize your past mistakes, good, get up, sit back in your seat, the banquet will begin soon."

"Yes, Dad."Shang Xu sat back in his seat with his daughter-in-law.

Tang Zichen looked towards Qin Nui and said, "Qin Nui, I heard that you are also getting married, why don't you see your man?"

Qin Nui shyly said, "He, he didn't come, he hasn't gotten married yet after all."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Qin Ren busy said, "Husband, Qin Nui's husband, his name is Zhu Jin Yao, a genius child of the four vice-national clans of the Great Martial Empire, the Zhu Clan, five years older than Qin Nui, 45 this year, his realm has already reached Zongshi Grand Perfection."

"Mm, very good."Tang Zichen said with a nod.

Qin Nui shyly lowered her head, her lips pursed with a smile, it seemed that Qin Nui also liked that Zhu Jin Yao, although she was shy, she was secretly happy in her heart.

Tang Zichen said to Qin Rei, "Rei'er, this son-in-law, are you satisfied."

Qin Rengyi smiled: "Satisfied."

Tang Zichen said, "You've been scouting for her for all these years, Rei'er, it's been hard for you."

"Husband, what are you talking about."Rei Qin lovingly gave Tang Zichen a glance, a pair of old couples showing their affection in public.

Tang Zichen scanned the entire palace, hundreds of family members.

Among them were naturally Tang Zichen's master and master's wife, as well as Mu Qianji's parents, Mu Free, Flower Fairy, and so on.

Nowadays, Mu Qiyao had also become a grandfather.

Back then, he only had one daughter, Mu Qianji, who disappeared before having a child, and in a flash, when he was a grandfather, right now, Mu Free Yao was feeding his granddaughter, who was about three years old.Tang Zichen looked at their family and smiled slightly, if Mu Qianji also saw it, he would be very pleased, I guess.


There was also Tang Zichen's master and master's wife.

Unfortunately, Shisuniang had never had children, and I don't know if it was Shisuniang's problem or Shisuniang's problem, but they were still two people.It's just that Shiniang's late talent was a bit unexpected, but now, at 118 years old, although she looks like an old woman, her martial arts realm is at the late Dengfeng stage.

As for Master Ding Ru, who was over 120 years old and still a grandmaster grand completion, it seemed that Master did not have the destiny to step into the peak-denying realm.

Therefore, nowadays, Shifu looked like he was a whole lot older than Shifu.

"Phew!"Tang Zichen sighed deeply, his master's day of greatness was also entering the countdown to his greatness in a dozen years.

Lastly, there was Shang Ji, who was 29 years old this year and had already stepped into the late stage of his mastery, Tang Zichen wasn't even as good as him at 29 years old.Of course, also how about his late stage, if he could be so talented even in the late stage, then he would really be a great genius.

The whole family, had a reunion dinner in the lively palace.

The next day, Tang Zichen agreed on Shang Xu's wedding day, which was set for half a month later.

Qin Nui and Zhu Jin Yao's wedding was also booked together, in a month's time.

At this time, in the Flower Moon Empire, Lan Run Shui had already left for the Great Martial Empire.

Before he arrived at the Great Martial Empire, Tang Zichen had not stepped into the Third Stage of Return to Void, and that would mean the death of Tang Zichen. One second to remember to read the book

However, it would take at least five months for him to travel from the Flower Moon Empire to the Great Martial Empire.

Half a month later, Shang Xu held the wedding as scheduled, using a classical wedding ceremony.

"First bow to heaven and earth."

"The second worship the high hall."

"The husband and wife worship each other."

"Send them into the bridal chamber."

"Congratulations to His Majesty, congratulations to His Majesty."All the guests congratulated Tang Zichen.

"Thank you all, please take your seats."

Another half month later, Qin Nui and Zhu Jin Yao got married.

However, Qin Nui chose a modern wedding in another world, Qin Nui was yearning for the romantic modernist style wedding of the other world, thanks to Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, and Li Xuan'er remembering the wedding ceremony of the other world, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to do it.

In the end, Qin Nui held a very modern wedding.

After Shang Xu and Qin Nui's wedding was complete, Tang Zichen also rushed into seclusion.

Lan Run Shui was already on his way to the Great Martial Empire, and Tang Zichen didn't have much time left.

If Tang Zichen didn't step into the Third Stage of Return to Void before he arrived, then Tang Zichen would definitely be killed by him, as he had put in ten years of effort to help Tang Zichen, but in return he didn't get the desire to fight before he died, and would definitely get annoyed and be done with it.

Tang Zichen's isolation was four months, and he hadn't even come out to give birth to a child with Shang Xu's daughter-in-law.

And then, in the Great Martial Imperial City, a loud shout came from the sky, "Shang Hong, I'm coming, come out and suffer death, if you dare to hide, I will slaughter the entire city, you know, I'll do what I say."

At this moment, in the secret room, Tang Zichen, however, was still a little short of stepping into the Third Stage of Return to Void.

Tang Zichen heard Lan Runshui's voice in the sky and snorted in frustration, "Lan Runshui, you're really ruthless enough to turn the other cheek when you say you'll do it."

Tang Zichen tried his best to sprint, quickly stepping into the last layer of the

Return to the Third Phase of Void, or else the Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire will be drained of blood.

After Lan Runshui gave out a shout, the entire Imperial City was terrified, thinking that Tang Zichen had messed with some enemy.

Tang Zichen's grandfather Shang Jian, as well as Shang Mo and other Returned Void powerhouses, flew into the sky.

"Paying homage to senior, senior, are you senior Lan Runshui?"Shang Mo was busy.

"Exactly, I'm asking you, where's Shang Hong?"Lan Runshui asked with a chilly face.

"Senior, why are you looking for Shang Hong ah?Did Shang Hong offend you?If Shang Hong has offended you, I hope Senior will forgive you."

"I'm asking you Shang Hong, but you're talking a lot of nonsense to me, go to hell."Lan Runshui struck out with a palm strike, and suddenly Shang Mo was flattened without resistance, his body falling from the sky.

"Ah."The rest of them saw Shang Mo die in an instant and their bodies trembled with fear.

However, even if Shang Mo wasn't killed by Lan Run Shui, he wouldn't live long and would have a big limit, but unfortunately, he had planned to choose a self-limit and then pass it on to his grandson, Shang Niu, to help Shang Niu step into the Dengfeng Great Perfection, but unfortunately, man's plan wasn't as good as God's plan.

At this moment on the ground.

Shang Niu saw his grandfather's corpse fall from the sky and hissed with red eyes, "Grandpa."

Shang Niu was busy jumping up and picking up his grandfather's body that had fallen to the ground, but unfortunately it was already dead.

"Grandpa!"The first thing you need to do is to get your own personal information, and you'll be able to do that with your own personal information.Now, watching his grandfather die in a tragic way, Shang Cuo is tearing his heart out.

In the sky, Lan Runshui looked at a group of shivering Homecoming Phase 1s in front of him, as if looking at a group of ants.

Lan Runshui asked once again, "Where is Shang Hong?This time no one will answer me again, I'll kill another one."

The group of Returning Void Phase One in front of them were all very depressed, how could they know where Shang Hong was, they only knew that Shang Hong had returned a few months ago to attend his son and daughter's wedding, and hadn't been seen since, perhaps leaving the imperial city.

However, Tang Zichen's grandfather, Shang Jian, knows where Shang Hong is, Shang Hong is in the secret room underneath the imperial palace in solitary confinement.

However, Tang Zichen's grandfather, Shang Jian, wouldn't say anything no matter what, even if he was the next to die.

At this moment, an old man from the first stage of Return to Void said, "Shang Hong came back a few months ago to attend his son and daughter's wedding and hasn't been seen since, I think he should have left the imperial city."

Lan Runshui's pale old eyes chilled, as if the air around him was suddenly frozen, Lan Runshui raised his withered hands and suddenly flicked out a thin machete from his sleeve.

"Shang Hong, this is your choice."

After saying that, Lan Run Shui threw the scimitar in his sleeve to the ground.

"Swoosh."That machete flew into one of the streets of the imperial city, like a reaper, the entire street, in no time, from the street to the end of the street, everyone's head rolled off, cutting wheat was not even this fast.

But just as the machete was reaping to the end of that street, a sudden burst of energy shot up.

"Dang!"That machete was shot to the ground, and the people on that street finally ended their nightmare, looking at the instantly filled heads in pain.

"Hahaha."In the sky, Lan Runshui laughed instead and said, "Shang Hong, you've finally come out, I thought that you failed to step into the Returning Void Third Stage within this year, afraid that I would kill you and hide."


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