Dish Best Served Cold 417-420


Chapter 417

Regarding this eldest grandson of the Qiu family, Suzy had still heard about it from Qiu Mu Orange.

From a young age, he was gifted and outstanding.

That year, he was even the city's top student in the college entrance exam, scoring a perfect score in mathematics, which caused a sensation throughout Yunzhou City.

All along, Master Qiu had regarded him as the future hope of the entire Qiu family, the next head of the Qiu family, the successor of Qiushui Logistics, who had been handpicked by Master Qiu to be the next head of the Qiu family.

It was the future of the Qiu Family, and even more so, the one that Master Qiu valued most, the descendant of the Qiu Family!

Otherwise, back then, Master Qiu wouldn't have spent a lot of money to send Qiu Muqi to study abroad.

If it wasn't for the great changes that the Qiu family has experienced, Master Qiu probably would have let him continue his studies abroad, right?

After Qiu Mu Orange heard about this matter, a touch of inexplicable emotion then appeared on her pretty face.

Apparently, Qiu Mu-Orange had not expected that the old man would even recall him.

The Qiu family's eldest grandson, the son of Qiu Mu Orange's second uncle, Qiu Mu Qi, was not a simple person.

"I hope that after cousin returns, he can lead Qiushui Logistics to the right path."

Although she had resentment towards the Qiu family, Qiu Mu Orange would never wish to see, the Qiu family end up in ruin.

It was good that Autumn Mu Qi was back now, and hopefully the Autumn Family would be able to change the wind that had been brought down by Autumn Mu Ying and the others under his leadership.

"Let's not talk about it.I'm no longer a member of the Autumn Family now."

"What does it have to do with me as to who will be the head of the Autumn Family in the future?"

Thinking of this, Autumn Mucheng Orange shook her head for a moment and laughed lowly as if mocking herself.

And then she looked at Suzy, "Tell me, what is the matter you came to find me?"

"With my understanding of you, it's impossible for you to come to find me and simply come to chat, right."

Being read through by Qiu Mu Orange, Suzy paused to smile and hugged Qiu Mu Orange's arm, smiling, "Mu Orange, it's still you who understands me."

"I do have a matter to look for you today."

"I'm going to, hold a class reunion in the near future."

"It's been so many years since high school graduation, since we parted back then, many people haven't seen each other so far."

"It's time for us, Yunzhou First Middle School Class 22, to have a good get together."

"Mu Orange, you're not allowed not to go this time."

"My face, you have to give it, do you hear me?"

In the past, Suzy had also organized a few small-scale class reunions, but every time Qiu Mu Orange refused with various reasons, this time, Suzy was also afraid that Qiu Mu Orange would refuse, so she made a special trip to come over and personally tell Qiu Mu Orange about this.

When Qiu Mu Orange heard this, she laughed and shook her head, "You guy, you have nothing to do all day, you're either a sorority or a party, can't you save your time to do something meaningful?"

"I'll go, Orange you're not going to listen to this, doesn't it make sense to expand your network?Besides, how am I supposed to marry myself off without expanding my social circle?"Suzy Ton retorted unwillingly.

Qiu Mu Orange was also helpless: "Fine, fine, I support your work, it's always okay if I go this time."

"Go ahead, what time?"

Susie thought, "That's still up in the air.Wait until I get in touch with our old classmates.By the way, this time you don't want to take that wimp husband of yours with you, and I'll be embarrassed not to say that I'm afraid that our sisters' lifelong events will be mixed up with your wimp husband."

Su Xi deliberately instructed.

However, Qiu Mu Orange shook her head, "That's impossible.I would definitely let Ye Fan accompany me to such an occasion."

"If you're really not happy about it, we won't even go just yet."

"You~" Suzy was helpless for a while and finally could only say angrily, "Suit yourself, right?You're not afraid of shame, so you take him."

After saying that, Suzy also left, not even sending Qiu Mu Orange home as she had promised.Obviously, she was angry because Qiu Mu Orange had to bring Ye Fan with her.

Qiu Mu Orange smiled bitterly, and then also called, asking Ye Fan to ride his bike over to pick her up.

However, to Qiu Mu Orange's surprise, no one answered when she called.

At this time.

Yunzhou City, Eastern Suburb Villa.

This villa was the one that Xu Lei had rented for Ye Fan before the Taishan Martial Club.

Xu Lei was a master who wasn't bad with money, when Ye Fan asked her to rent a house for himself, this woman directly rented it to Ye Fan for a year, and it was a single villa.

Therefore, the key to this villa was naturally still in Ye Fan's hands.

Just now, after receiving a phone call, Ye Fan rushed to the eastern suburban villa.

He opened the door, only to see a man in a suit, lying on the sofa.

The sound of heavy panting echoed unceasingly.

On the damaged suit, there was red blood that couldn't help but leave behind.

The original small mountain-like strong body, but there are countless, eventful and terrifying knife marks!

"Young...Young Master~"

Seeing Ye Fan arrive, this man, however, endured severe pain and stood up with gritted teeth, about to salute Ye Fan, but he was stopped by Ye Fan.

"You're injured, lie down first."

"I'll help you see the injury."Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

"Mm."The man mmmed and laid down from the couch.

Ye Fan squatted down and cleaned the man's wounds while but observing his wounds.

Gradually, Ye Fan's appearance became more and more heavy.

In his eyes and brows, there was already an icy coldness, and killing intent!

A total of seventy-seven forty-nine stab wounds!

It's a tough knife!

Each slash was straight to the point.

If it wasn't for the fact that Copper Mountain had practiced horizontal martial arts, his vitality was far beyond that of normal people.Otherwise, this old friend who had accompanied him and guarded him for ten years would, fearfully, not be able to return this time!


Looking at Copper Mountain's body, the shocking injuries, Ye Fan's palm clenched tightly, and then bang, on the ground that it smashed on.

In the villa, on the marble floor, an eventful and terrifying fist mark immediately appeared!

"Young Master, I...I'm fine."

Seeing Ye Fan's face like that, Copper Mountain forced a smile.That dying voice was as weak as it needed to be.

"All right?"

"You're dying, and you're fucking saying it's okay!"

Ye Fan was furious and yelled at the man in front of him.

"Are you stupid?"

"You can't beat them and you're still going at it?"

"Are you looking for death?!"

Faced with Ye Fan's anger, Copper Mountain bowed his head and remained silent.

The two-meter tall man was now trained like a child in front of Ye Fan.

And then, Ye Fan picked up his phone and called Han Lao.

"Little Lord, are you looking for me?"On the other end of the phone, came Han's respectful voice.

"You still have the fucking nerve to call me Little Lord?"

"How did you handle things in Yanjing?"

"Sending people there haphazardly without investigating their opponents?"

"Do you know that Copper Mountain suffered seventy-seven and forty-nine stab wounds and almost died there!"

"I gave you the right, not for you to send someone else to their death."

"If you can't do it, tell me sooner, and roll up and get out of here right away."


When Ye Fan picked up the phone, he chopped his head at Han and cursed, his angry voice echoing unceasingly in the villa.

After Ye Fan finished cursing, only after the phone, did a guilt-ridden whisper come from Han Lao, "Little Lord, I'm sorry, it was my negligence."

"Okay, other words will be said later, buy me a ticket, I'll personally go to Yanjing."

"I'd like to see who the other party is,"

"Even my Chu Tianfan's people dare to touch?"

Ye Fan's words were eerily, indifferent, but they were all, killing intent raging!


Under Ye Fan's Mori, the entire villa, was like an ice cellar.As far as the eye could see, it was all, bone-chillingly cold.

Soon, after helping Copper Mountain with his injuries, Ye Fan also let him recover here at ease.Tomorrow, he would send someone specifically to take care of him.

After dealing with things here, Ye Fan also prepared to leave.

Before leaving, Ye Fan stood at the door, his back to Copper Mountain and also to the phone that hadn't hung up yet.

"I, Chu Tianfan, have no family in this world."

"Other than my mother, Mu Orange, the only people I can trust unconditionally are you guys."

"Old Man Han, Copper Mountain, and Ming Yu and the others, you all have accompanied me for over ten years, family members."

"In my life, what I can't bear to see is my loved ones being humiliated."

"This is the first time, and I hope it will also be the last."

"In the future, I'll do what you're not sure of."

Phantom's words whistled in through the cold wind of the night.

Ye Fan, standing so quietly in that place where brightness and darkness met, no one could see his face clearly.The bright lights swayed, as long as Ye Fan's low words, slowly flowed here.

A moment later, Ye Fan had already left.

Ye Fan's previous words, however, were still echoing in Copper Mountain's ears.

Gradually, this silly big man, actually grinned out.

"Young Master, it is my Copper Mountain's greatest honor in this life, to follow you."

Copper Mountain said in a dark voice.

The old man on the other end of the phone, Han, also had a strange warmth flowing through his heart when he heard the kind of words Ye Fan had just said.

Although Ye Fan was very angry just now!

But Old Man Han knew that how angry Ye Fan had been earlier meant how much he cared about them, those who followed him.

"Silly big man, you're just stealing your joy to meet someone like the young lord, right?"


In the middle of the phone, came Han's calm voice, that was what he said to Copper Mountain.

But as he spoke, Han was himself happy.The cheerful laughter couldn't help but reverberate.



By the time Ye Fan returned home, it was already after eight in the evening.

"You wimp, what are you doing running around all day?"

"Don't you even cook dinner?"

"Do you see what time it is?"

After entering the door, there was a piercing sound of cursing from Han Li's couple.

Since their daughter's career was flourishing, the couple undoubtedly despised Ye Fan more and more, always felt that Ye Fan was not worthy of their daughter, and kept on mumbling for Qiu Mu Orange to divorce him.

But for these, Qiu Mu orange and Ye Fan they have long been used to, for Han Li these words, Ye Fan and the two of them are directly ignored.

If she likes to say, let her say it, they just ignore it.

However, this time when they heard Han Li's unceremonious words, Qiu Mu Orange was a little unhappy: "Mom, can you say less?"

"The guests are here, and you're not afraid of making people laugh?"


"Guests?"When Ye Fan heard this, he was slightly stunned and whirled to look forward.

Sure enough, there was an additional person in front of the dining table.

It was a handsome and capable woman, wearing an extremely formal lady's suit, with light makeup on her pretty face, but her beautiful eyes contained a touch of sadness, and she was now sitting at the dining table, looking at him with some restraint.

"Mr. Ye, hello, I'm Lin Wenjing."

"We've met before, I don't know if you still know me?"Seeing Ye Fan, Lin Wenjing then got up and politely and respectfully greeted off.

Ye Fan thought to himself, "Oh, I remember, you're General Manager Xu's secretary, right?"

"What are you doing here?"

"Didn't Mr. Xu come along?"

"At first, Mu Orange and I were the recipients of a lot of favors from General Manager Xu.You've always wanted to express your gratitude in person?"

Ye Fan also did have some impressions of this Lin Wenjing.

In the past, he had always been Xu Lei's right hand man, and many important occasions, it was Lin Wenjing who accompanied Xu Lei to attend, and could be said to be the closest person to Xu Lei.

Seeing this woman, Ye Fan couldn't help but be slightly surprised.

At first, Xu Lei suddenly left without saying goodbye, and then there was no news after that.Ye Fan had thought that it would be difficult to see each other again in the future, but now that he saw Lin Wenjing, Ye Fan was undoubtedly slightly delighted, just in time to ask her about Xu Lei's current situation.

"You can shut up you!"

"Is it any of your business to talk?"

"Hurry up and serve food in the kitchen?"

"Don't you feel ashamed that people call you Mr. Ye for Mu Orange's sake, but you got into a conversation with them?Do you really think of yourself as the man of the house?"

Seeing Ye Fan chatting with the guest as if he was a family member, Han Li was undoubtedly extremely unhappy.

After all, in her eyes, Ye Fan is just a wimp who eats soft food, now that the guest has arrived, how can this wimp talk?

Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to Han Li's rebuke, taking it all as her farting and still chatting with Lin Wenjing.

"Mr. Ye, I'm afraid that she won't be able to come, Xu Lei."When it came to Xu Lei, the look on Lin Wenjing's pretty face dimmed down.

When Qiu Mu Orange saw this, she was also very confused and worried, "Miss Lin, is something wrong with her, General Manager Xu?"

To Xu Lei, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly grateful as well.

In the beginning, the cooperation between Qiushui Logistics and Red Flag Group was brokered by Xu Lei.

Later, although this cooperation was snatched up by Qiu Mu Ying, Xu Lei had also defended herself many times and gave her a lot of help.

Just like what Ye Fan had said, Qiu Mu Orange had also thought of coming to her door many times to thank her, but unfortunately, Xu Lei was no longer in Yunzhou.Now that she saw Lin Wenjing like this, Qiu Mu Orange was naturally extraordinarily worried.

In response to Qiu Mu Orange's question, Lin Wenjing first nodded and then shook her head: "No...No, General Manager Xu is fine with her."

"I came over this time to invite Mr. Ye, to go to Yanjing and attend General Manager Xu's wedding."

While saying this, Lin Wenjing, however, looked at Ye Fan with a complicated gaze.

In the end, it seemed that she realized that what she had just said was somewhat inappropriate, so she then added, "Of course, there is also Miss Qiu who can go with us."


"Mr. Xu is getting married?"

Naturally, Qiu Mu Orange and the others didn't care about these details, she was more concerned about the fact that Xu Lei was getting married.

"How is that possible?"

"What man in the world, who can conquer a woman as powerful as General Manager Xu?Letting Xu give you his consent?"

Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple also exploded.

It was only unimaginable!

One must know that in Yunzhou City, Xu Lei had always been a queen-level figure.

It was always extraordinarily shocking for such a majestic and powerful woman to suddenly be marrying and teaching her children to each other!

Ye Fan was equally surprised, "Why so sudden?"

"Mm."Lin Wenjing nodded and looked at Ye Fan, but she looked like she wanted to stop talking.

But in the end, Lin Wenjing didn't say anything more and just handed an invitation, to Ye Fan.

The invitation seemed to be hand-written by Xu Lei, and there were only a few lines.

"On the first day of December, the wedding banquet, Mr. Ye Fan, is invited to come and visit."

"Drop the pen, Xu Lei!"



"Is there a mistake?"

"Why was Evan the one invited?"

"He's a wimp, why did he sign his name on the invitation?"

"The head of this family's household is me."

"If you write an invitation, you should also sign my name as Han Li."

"Even if you don't write my name, then it should be my daughter Mu Orange, right?"

"How come it's not the turn of a wimp's head?"

Discovering that on Xu Lei's invitation sticker, it was even written Ye Fan's name, Han Li was undoubtedly furious.

In Han Li's opinion, this was not a simple matter of a name, but a matter of dignity and the right to speak.

Inviting their family to the wedding, yet they singly wrote Ye Fan's own name.

What did this mean, this was undoubtedly treating Ye Fan as the head of this family.

Being represented by a wimp, one could imagine the anger in Han Li's heart?

Lin Wenjing was embarrassed at Han Li's anger, stating that she wasn't sure about the situation and that she was only here to deliver the invitation.

After stating her intentions, Lin Wenjing also left.

"Mr. Ye, will you give me a ride?"

Before leaving, Lin Wenjing could ask Ye Fan to give him a ride.

Ye Fan was stunned and gave Lin Wenjing a glance, so he nodded his head and agreed.

"Is this Miss Lin confused?"

"Mu Orange and I are both here, and we're not allowed to deliver, but that wimp Ye Fan is?"

"I wonder what she thinks?"

Behind him, came Han Li's cursing voice.

Ye Fan, however, had already gone out with Lin Wenjing.

When the two of them reached the Cloud Mist Lake, they only heard a bang, and in the midst of Ye Fan's unexpected gaze, Lin Wenjing actually knelt down to Ye Fan.

"Miss Lin, what are you?"Ye Fan was shocked, and even came forward to assist.

"Mr. Ye, please, save Mr. Xu, please?"

"General Xu doesn't even like that second young master of the Xue family, General Xu was forced into it."

"It was General Xu's family who forced her to marry into the Xue family against her will."

"When I came here, General Xu was already grounded, she was in bad condition, I was really afraid that General Xu would do something stupid in despair."

Lin Wenjing fell to her knees and said miserably, tears had long since blurred her eyes.

Back then, when she was down and out, it was Xu Lei who had taken her in and given her everything she had.

Now that Xu Lei was suffering, Lin Wenjing, as her only friend, and most trusted subordinate, of course she had to help Xu Lei.

Otherwise, there would really only be one person left in this world, Xu Lei.

"I wrote that invitation, and this matter Xu has never allowed me to tell you.She's afraid of disturbing Mr. Ye."

"But Mr. Ye, do you know that for more than a decade, the person that Xu has been missing is you.She's been looking for you, for her brother Fan, for almost ten years ah~" Xu Lei's miserable voice couldn't stop echoing here.

But Ye Fan was instantly shaken, only to feel a thunderbolt in the clear sky, Ye Fan's entire body was flabbergasted there.

There was horror sweeping through his eyes and brows.

"More than ten years?"

"Brother Fanny?"

"Could it be, Xu Lei is, little...Little Lei?"

Ye Fan lost his voice and said.

The memories in his mind, however, instantly brought him back to more than ten years ago.

At that time, Ye Fan and his mother were still living in the cold and huge Chu family.

As the top family in the world, the Chu family had affiliated powers all over the world.

Therefore, every year, the following affiliated powers would send some of their juniors to the Chu Family Academy for further training.

After all, the resources and even the level of education that they possessed were incomparable to the outside world for a top-tier family like the Chu Clan.

At that time, Ye Fan was the son of the Chu family, he hadn't been expelled yet, so naturally, he was also studying in the family academy, but because of his mother, Ye Fan's situation had been bad.

But in this kind of family school, the Chu family naturally had a superiority complex inside, so they often scolded and bullied those students who were sent in from outside to study.

Ye Fan remembered that the first meeting with that little girl was in the school's playground, when she was bullied by a group of Chu family's children.

Ye Fan went straight in at that time and rescued the little girl from the group, he himself was naturally beaten to a bloody pulp.

Later, almost in the same situation, Ye Fan and that little girl called Xiaolei became closer and closer.

It can be said that during those years in the Chu family, apart from Ye Fan's little cousin, the only friend he had was perhaps the girl called Xiaolei.

At that time, the beauty was still young and the hero was still young.

Everything was in its purest form.

However, they didn't get along with each other for long, and soon after, Ye Fan and his mother were thrown out of the house.

After that, although Ye Fan would often think of that little girl, but after all, the two places were separated, and gradually, with the passage of time, Ye Fan almost forgot about it.

I thought that it would be difficult to meet again in the future.

But Ye Fan did not expect that the little girl he had unintentionally saved back then would be missed for more than ten years.

"Back then, after General Manager Xu learned that you were expelled from the family, he also withdrew from the Chu family soon after and returned to his own family."

"And then General Manager Xu exhausted his methods and learned that you were in Jiangdong.Then one person secretly ran out of the Chu family and came to Jiangdong."

"This stay was ten years."

"In these ten years, Mr. Xu has experienced so much."

"The unexpected death of his parents, malicious attacks from business rivals~"


"Later on, Xu gradually gained a foothold in Jiangdong and had her own business."

"But she never forgot to look for you, all the time."

"When she found you, but you had already started a family, and Xu was afraid of interruptions and delayed telling you this."


Lin Jing's words were poignant, speaking to Ye Fan's tears.

After a long time, Ye Fan's undulating heart finally gradually calmed down.

He walked over and gently helped Lin Jing, up, and said in a deep voice, "Get up."

"Go back and tell Little Lei that her brother, Little Fan, will be over to him soon."

"Tell her to wait well at home and don't do anything stupid."

"I, Ye Fan, even though I can't give her everything she wants, I will never allow anyone, to force my sister Little Lei to do anything."

"Back then, I could save her."

"And now, I am more than capable of saving her."

The words were low, but they brought a clear breeze flowing.

The moonlight was silent, but the water of the cloud lake was rippling with three thousand ripples.

Ye Fan's stupefied voice, but on the surface of the lake, it echoed for a long time.

Just like what Ye Fan said to Copper Mountain and Han Lao before, his life, his relatives, really very, very few.

Growing up with his mother, and later having Copper Mountain and Han Lao and others vowing to follow him, these were the few people that Ye Fan was close to.

However, it was also for this reason that Ye Fan treasured these people who were truly good to him.

Copper Mountain was, and now Xu Lei, naturally, was too!

Not only because of the experience she had when she was young, in Yunzhou alone, Xu Lei's help to Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange and their couple was enough for Ye Fan to help out.

What's more, for so many years, the silly girl who saved him when he was young, silently, had given so much for him.

How can one be heartless if one is not a grass or a tree?

"It's just as well, let's settle it all this time when we go to Yanjing, solitary, all together~"


When Ye Fan returned home, Han Li and her husband had already gone to bed.

The two don't have much to do in their day-to-day lives, except for playing mahjong or square dancing, they go to bed early and get up early, and are quite good at keeping themselves healthy.

The living room had already turned off the lights, only Qiu Mu Orange's boudoir still had light swaying in it.

Ye Fan didn't bother her, but turned on the living room's light and prepared to clean up the dishes.

After all, it had always been Ye Fan who was in charge of the household, Qiu Mu Orange was busy at work, and as for Han Li and her husband, that had always been a hands-off charge.Ever since Ye Fan had joined their family, Han Li and her husband never got involved in any household chores.

However, what surprised Ye Fan today was that the dishes had been cleaned up and the table was empty and cleaned up.

Just when Ye Fan was in awe, the cold voice of Qiu Mu Orange, however, had already come out from the room, "Don't look, I've already cleaned up."

The faint voice was so faint that Ye Fan could not hear the slightest emotion.

Ye Fan was suddenly panicked.

I thought to myself that Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't be thinking too much because of Xu Lei's matter, right?

So Ye Fan hurried over, smiled hehehe, and said to Qiu Mu Orange, "Wife, I knew that you still feel sorry for me."

"Knowing that your husband I'm too much of a housewife, so thinking of helping me share."

"Having a wife like that, what more could a husband want?"

Seeing that Ye Fan had started to boast at Qiu Mu Orange again, Qiu Mu Orange gave him a sudden and unpleasant stare: "Don't make a fool of yourself here."

"I'm afraid that if any more customers come and see the dishes unbrushed, they'll be embarrassed!"

Autumn Mu Orange said with a hard mouth, then asked, "Where is Miss Lin, sent away?"

"Well, send away."Ye Fan nodded his head, while looking at Autumn Mu Orange, as if he wanted to say something.

This expression of Ye Fan's, Autumn Mu Orange naturally saw it in his eyes.Nor did Ye Fan wait for Ye Fan to speak, but Qiu Mu Orange first asked, "Are you going to tell me that you are planning to go to Yanjing to attend CEO Xu's wedding."

With his mind being seen out, Ye Fan paused with a somewhat guilty smile, "It's true that my wife still knows me best."

"But Mu Orange, I actually don't want to go."

"After all, we're not very familiar with Xu, we're not relatives, so it's not worth it to go so far to attend her wedding and spend so much money."

"But if Mu Orange you want to go to Yanjing and meet a few more big names, I can still reluctantly accompany you."

Ye Fan smiled hehehe.

But Qiu Mu Orange rolled her eyes and looked at the man in front of her with a face of contempt and sneered, "Okay, stop fooling around with this flowery language."

"Since Mr. Xu has sent the invitation, then you can go."

"Xu is always our nobleman, and has a great debt to both of us.He has a noble status, but still hasn't forgotten us, and has sent the invitation all the way from thousands of miles away, it would indeed be a bit unkind if we don't give face."

"I've packed everything for you, when the time comes, you can go over by yourself.I can't leave this side of the company, so I can only leave you, to bring my blessings to Mr. Xu."

"Also, I've put some money in your wallet as well, and a bank card.When you go out, you have to spend the money you should spend, just don't spend it recklessly."

"It's not easy for your wife to make money."

Qiu Mu Orange said, but while folding clothes on the bed.

When he first came in, Ye Fan thought that Qiu Mu Orange was tidying her clothes.Only now did he notice that Qiu Mu Orange was actually folding his clothes again.

The scene in front of him was exactly like a boudoir woman in the olden days, reluctantly, packing her luggage for her husband who was about to go away.

At the sight of all this, there was truly a, inexplicable warmth in Ye Fan's heart.

It had been three years, the home that was once so cold to Ye Fan, was now finally starting to become, somewhat warm.

"However, something is still missing."

Ghostly, but Ye Fan suddenly said this for no reason.

Thinking that Ye Fan was saying that there was something else to bring, Qiu Mu Orange then asked, "Hmm?What's missing?"

Ye Fan smiled wanly and faintly said, "A few big fat boys are missing, I guess."

Nearly instantly, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face brushed red.

In shame and anger, Qiu Mu Orange immediately got up, picked up a freshly folded shirt, and threw it at Ye Fan, who had a "dirty" smile on his face: "What a difference!"

"You're a shameless piece of shit."

"I'll let you talk nonsense, Miss Ben shot you to death~"

Qiu Mu Orange wasn't an idiot, she certainly heard the meaning of Ye Fan's words.

This bastard, who was clearly flirting with her, was trying to get her to give birth to his child.

For an untouched woman like Qiu Mu Orange, something like having a child was undoubtedly an extremely shameful thing in her eyes.

After all, the crucial step in giving birth to a child was to sleep together ah.

At the thought of sleeping naked with a person of the opposite sex who was completely different from herself, Qiu Mu Orange only felt her pretty face redden as if it was on fire, and her small heart was pounding non-stop.

Obviously, for a woman like Autumn Mu Orange who still had her first kiss, something like having a child was undoubtedly unthinkable.

Now, Qiu Mu Orange could only use her anger to cover up her nervousness and shyness.

After all, Qiu Mu Orange knew very well that sooner or later, she and this man in front of her might actually, one day, come to that point.


"Honey, I'm just saying, I'm not saying I'm going to make a baby with you tonight, do you see how nervous you are?"

"Face is red~"

Ye Fan was thick-skinned, even in the face of Qiu Mu Orange's rebuke, Ye Fan was still licking his face and laughing.

Ye Fan's mockery, undoubtedly made the Qiu Mu Orange even more embarrassed and ashamed, her pretty face blushing like a ripe peach, as if as long as Ye Fan touched it with his hand, there would be juice flowing down.

"Bastard, you still say that!"

"You shut up~"

Autumn Mu Orange became even angrier and took the pillow on the bed to chase after Ye Fan and hit him.

But maybe she ran too fast and tripped over something, Autumn Mu Orange's petite body, just like this, fell down towards Ye Fan's direction.

At this time, Ye Fan was running outside, and this fall of Qiu Mu Orange just held Ye Fan's leg.

Just like this, the couple both fell to the ground.

Ye Fan's buttocks landed on the ground, but Autumn Mu Orange fell into Ye Fan's arms.That pair of stunningly beautiful faces, good death, just pounced on the position below Ye Fan's abdomen.

At that time, Ye Fan looked in awe, and then, immediately underneath him, a tent that never falls on the grasslands rose up.

"Little Chu Yun" fiercely raised his head, and just like this, he hit Qiu Mu Orange's pink nose with a "pop".

Even through the thin trousers, Autumn Mucheng could still feel the burning temperature.

The air, at that moment, froze.

Time, all seemed to have stopped at that moment.

In the next moment, a sharp and shy and angry voice, in a moment, trembled the entire corridor.


"You even~"

"Evan, you bastard!"

"You're screwed!"

"Suffer your death~"

As if she was crazy, Qiu Mu Orange roared furiously as she chased after Ye Fan.

The scarlet pretty face was filled with shame and anger.

A pair of beautiful eyes were filled with "murderous aura".That gaze could not wait to cut off Ye Fan by a thousand cuts.

Qiu Mu Orange only felt that the "shame" of her life, combined together, was not as fierce as the one that came down just now!


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