Dish Best served Cold 411-416


Chapter 411

Without waiting for Wang Qiaoyu's mother and daughter's reply, Ye Fan's gaze lifted once again, this time landing on the side, the old, livid face, Master Qiu.

"Grandfather, you once said that Mu Orange and I were the greatest disgrace to the Qiu family, and also your old man's life, the most failed work."

"But now it seems that I've disappointed your old man."

"I'm so sorry~"

After saying that, Ye Fan smiled cheerfully.Then he no longer paid attention to the Qiu family crowd, took his wife on his arm, met the esteemed gazes of the crowd, and stepped into the sky!

All the people under the stage will step on the feet.

Looking at that as if the stars were holding the moon, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan couple, but Master Qiu was stupefied in place, brain, blank.

He only felt that life had opened a huge joke for him.

In the end, it seemed that Master Qiu could no longer endure the huge emotional ups and downs in his heart, and his body stumbled, but he even directly sat down on the ground.


Qiu Guang saw the situation and rushed forward to assist.

Master Qiu gripped Qiu Guang's hand hard, his body trembling.

In his old eyes, there were remorse and tears flowing.

That miserable voice quietly echoed beneath this side of the world.

"Guang'er, you said that back then, when we drove Mu Orange out of the Qiu family,"

"It's true, do...Doing it wrong?"

The cold wind blew slowly through this world, carrying the coolness of autumn.

Distantly ahead, the clouds and lakes, rippling three thousand ripples.The yellowish fallen leaves, even more so, were swept up by the autumn wind, rustling.

"It looks like this side of the world, it's windy."

Among the crowd, I don't know who it was, but suddenly sighed a ghostly sigh.

Soon, the Qiu family went back ashen-headed amidst the mocking and sneering gazes of the crowd.

This ribbon-cutting celebration of theirs had failed after all, and was completely reduced to a joke.

Before this, the Qiu family had thought to use this opportunity to severely suppress Mu Fan Real Estate, causing Qiu Mu Orange to lose face and fall into disgrace.

At the same time, Master Qiu was also thinking of making the entire Yunzhou City, through this celebration, get to know their Qiu family all over again, and even a few hours ago, Master Qiu was dreaming of glorifying his ancestors and leaping into a first-class family in Yunzhou City.

But who would have thought that fate had played such a big joke on their Qiu family.

Not only did they fail to ruin Qiu Mu orange's reputation, but they also brought disgrace to the entire Qiu family.

Not only did the full house of guests go backwards to congratulate Mu Fan Real Estate, even the hotel they had booked, the venue they had worked so hard to build, the red carpet they had laid, and even the cannon carts and bands they had invited all became Mu Fan Real Estate's dowry.

After today, the Qiu family, the Qiushui Logistics, will probably become the laughing stock of everyone, right?

It was just that, Master Qiu and the rest of the Qiu family still couldn't figure out why so many rich and powerful tycoons came to congratulate Mu Fan real estate, why even powerful and noble families such as Wu Weitao, Wang Donglai, and the Jingzhou Lei family all came to support Qiu Mu Orange.

At this time, Qiu Mu Ying and others recalled the scene where Nan Chen threw his arms around Ye Fan, Lei Ao Ting Wang Yuchen and others paid respectful homage to Ye Fan, near instantly, the Qiu family only felt a thunderbolt explode in their heads, many people but then trembled.

Could it be that the wimp son-in-law who was looked down upon and despised by the entire Qiu family before is the true dragon that the Qiu family has been hiding?

Could it be that that Qiu Mu Orange's husband was the real big shot?

Many people were horrified at the thought of this.

Qiu Mu Ying, in particular, was even more heart-stirring, nearly setting off, monstrous waves!

All along, Qiu Mu Ying had looked down on Qiu Mu Orange just because she was married to a wimp, a country bumpkin.Especially after her own engagement to Chu Wenfei, in front of Qiu Mu Ying Orange, Qiu Mu Ying had always carried a sense of superiority.

But now, if Ye Fan was a hidden true dragon, a truly great man, then the last of Autumn Mu Ying's own pride was undoubtedly trampled by Autumn Mu Orange as well.


"It could never be because of him."

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it."

"That Ye Fan, he's just a hick, a useless turtle."

"He could never be a big man."

"He wouldn't be, and he can't be~"

Qiu Mu Ying's eyes were crimson red, as if she was mad, unable to stop roaring.

However, no one knew how terrified and afraid Qiu Muying's words were at this time, there was simply no, not the slightest bit of underlying strength.

Listening to Qiu Muying's low roar, the rest of the people's did not speak.

Today's Qiu family was only like a frosty eggplant, dejected, where was the slightest hint of arrogance and demeanor from before.

The other side.

Inside the Yulong Hotel, the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate was held grandly.

Guests from all sides, offering congratulatory gifts.

In the end, Wu Weitao even recited a pair of congratulatory couplets he had written himself.

The first couplet: Create great career with ambition and add color to the rivers and mountains

Down couplet:To write a magnificent story of spring, autumn and sun and moon.

When Wu Weitao read out this conjunction, there was thunderous applause from the audience in agreement with the compliment.


"Good union, good union!"

"To have Wu City personally dedicate the congratulatory association, among the thousands of enterprises in the city, Mr. Qiu is still the first one~"

"Congratulations, congratulations!"

"Wishing Mufan Real Estate, a great opening."

"I wish Qiu's career, prosperity~"

The esteemed voices of congratulations gathered into a stream, as if a monstrous river and sea, rolling eastward, impacting the entire world.

In this way, the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate came to an unexpected end.

When the sun was setting and the sun was waning, the hall full of guests had mostly departed.

"Han City, take care of yourself, take care of yourself~"

"Come play often in the future."


"Definitely come visit often!"

"Let me know in advance before you come, so I can buy Mao Jian tea and wait for you to come."

At the entrance of the company, there came the warm laughter of Han Li Qiu Lei and her husband and wife, just how that laughter sounded, all felt a little flattering and stammering.

"Mom, okay, don't shout, people Wu Shi are far away."

Qiu Mu Orange felt a little humiliated, only to feel that his parents stammered too much, right.

"You have to shout even if they're far away.This silly daughter of yours, Wu Shi is personally congratulating us, that's giving us face, of course we have to be enthusiastic."

While the mother and daughter of Qiu Mu Orange were talking, on the other side Ye Fan but also sent Chen Nan and the others away.

"Brother Xiaofan, we're going back.If you have the chance in the future, come to Jianghai and find me ah."Nan Chen sat in the car and waved at Ye Fan, saying goodbye with some reluctance.

"Mm."Ye Fan nodded his head and also waved goodbye to Nan Chen.

As for Lei Aoting and Wang Yuchen, they did not have this treatment.

Ye Fan just nodded at them, not even smiling, let alone waving goodbye.

Lei Ao Ting looked at this very different treatment and felt bad: "Hey~"

"Yu Chen, why don't you say Mr. Chu waved goodbye to us?"

Wang Yuchen shook his head and laughed, "If you're a girl and still look as good as Nan Chen, if you can still get to know Mr. Chu for a few years beforehand, then Mr. Chu will not only wave goodbye to you, you might even be able to marry Mr. Chu."

"Get out of here!"Lei Ao Ting rolled his eyes and scolded without good grace.


After sending away Nan Chen and the others, Ye Fan also returned to the company.

At the entrance of Mu Fan real estate, a clear and graceful silhouette, has been standing there.

The breeze was gentle, blowing up her three thousand green silk, messy as snow!

Seeing the beautiful woman in front of him, Ye Fan stepped forward, when he smiled, "Wife, are you waiting for me?"

However, looking at Ye Fan's bitchy appearance, Qiu Mu Orange was the one who angrily snorted, "Hmph, you still know to come back?"

"I thought that you followed that Miss Chen family back to Jianghai?"

"How nice Miss Chen is, she's stunningly talented, has a great body, and is crucially younger than me."

"And the family is also rich and powerful."

"If I were a man, I would have followed Miss Chen back to Jianghai."

Qiu Mu Orange clearly remembered the scene earlier when Nan Chen jumped into Ye Fan's embrace, and the more she thought about it, the angrier she felt.

There was no telling how many jealousy jars had been spilled in her heart.

When Ye Fan heard this, he slapped his thigh: "Right, wife you're right."

"I'm going to call Miss Chen and ask her to take me back to Jianghai."

"It's fine with my wife anyway."

"After a few decades, when I inherit the Chen family's billion dollar fortune, my wife will come back to you."

In between the words, Ye Fan then picked up the phone.

"Nan Nan ah, where have you been?"

"That you come back over here."

"My wife wants me to come back with you to Jianghai and be your door husband."

"Yes, she's really fine with that."

"My Mu Orange is very reasonable, she's willing to let you have me."

"Good, wait for me at that intersection ahead, right?"

"I'm on my way over."

As Ye Fan spoke on the phone, he walked forward and quickly disappeared into the intersection as soon as he turned a corner.

Seeing that Ye Fan was really gone, Qiu Mu Orange's nose was crooked at the time.


"How dare you leave?"

"Well, you go away and never come back."

"You go be a husband to someone else~"

"Miss Ben doesn't want you anymore~"

Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were red and she shouted angrily.

Before she was just speaking in anger, but she didn't expect that Ye Fan actually went there.

In anger, Qiu Mu Orange seemed to forget that she was wearing high heels and lifted her jade feet to kick the wall directly next to her.

Groaning in pain, her entire body curled up on the floor and covered her reddened jade foot, almost bursting into tears of pain.

Ye Fan, who was hiding on the side, heard the moaning and hurriedly ran over.

Ignoring Autumn Mu Orange's terrified gaze, he pulled her jade foot and placed it in his arms.

"Bastard, let go of me."

"This lady doesn't need you to care~"

"I thought you were leaving?Aren't you going to be a husband to someone else?"

"You go away~"

"I don't need your help."

Qiu Mu Orange's anger remained and a violent struggle ensued.

However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to Qiu Mu Orange's struggle, taking off his high heels as well as his flesh-colored stockings in a couple of strokes, he helped her rub her snow-white and warm jade feet while he was angry.

"You silly ninny, aren't you silly?"

"I'm just teasing you a little bit, but you're still taking it seriously and hurting yourself here?"

"What if a kick breaks?"

"If you don't feel sorry for such pretty jade feet, I will?"

Ye Fan scolded and at the same time very seriously helped Qiu Mu Orange to relax her muscles and blood, gently rubbing her snow-white jade feet.

At first, Qiu Mu Orange struggled reluctantly, but in the end, she realized that it was useless for her to struggle, so she simply gave up and let Ye Fan rub her naked jade feet.

After all these years, it was undoubtedly the first time that Qiu Mu Orange had actually had skin-to-skin contact with the opposite sex, and it was still such a sensitive place.

Nearly instantly, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was already flushed red, clearly a little shy.

In the end, a pair of beautiful eyes, looking at the man in front of them like this, there was an inexplicable warm current that slowly flowed through her heart.

So, is this what it feels like to be cared for?

"Does it still hurt?"

After rubbing for a while, Ye Fan asked softly.

Qiu Mu Orange shyly nodded her head, her eyes somewhat dodging, as if she was too embarrassed to look at Ye Fan.

However, Qiu Mu Orange was a little surprised that Ye Fan's technique still seemed really good, after being rubbed by him for a while, the red and swollen place on the jade foot was not only a little bit painless, it actually had a warm feeling.

"Next time, don't be so silly."

"I was just teasing you, it's not like I really ran off with another woman?"

"As for Nan Nan, I just think of her as a sister."

"When I was a child, I was always bullied at home, but I was the only one with a little cousin who was consistently good to me."

"She's about the same age as Nan Nan, I guess."

"Every time I see Nan-nan, it's like I see her."

"So you, ah, just don't be jealous."

Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, while gently helping Qiu Mu Orange put on her stockings again.

"Hmph, who's jealous?"

"You're not making a fool of yourself!"

Qiu Mu Orange proudly snatched the high heels from Ye Fan's hand and put them on herself, then blushing with a pretty face, she returned to the company without returning.

When Ye Fan saw this, he shook his head and smiled helplessly, "This woman, she really wants to die for her face~"

After smiling bitterly, Ye Fan saw that it was getting late and it was almost time to go back and prepare dinner.

But before leaving, he still had to give a greeting to Qiu Mu Orange.

At this time, Qiu Mu Orange was in the company, giving a lecture to the staff, giving instructions on the work to be done by the company in the future.

Qiu Mu Orange's clear, cold and majestic voice echoed in the company hall.

That cold temperament, that cold majesty, is like a dignified queen that cannot be blasphemed.

However, just halfway through Qiu Mu Orange's lecture, Ye Fan walked in from outside the door.

Upon seeing Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan directly shouted, "Wife, you are busy first, hubby is home to prepare dinner for you."

How kind was that call of wife?

Ye Fan's words were even more full of doting on Qiu Mu Orange.

But then Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face darkened, and her originally cold and majestic voice even more abruptly stopped!

The image of Qiu Mu Orange's high and cold president was undoubtedly destroyed under Ye Fan's words.

As expected, in front of Qiu Mu Orange, there were already quite a few employees who bowed their heads to forcefully hold back their smiles.

At that time, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face turned red, shame and anger in her heart, so angry that she could not wait to shoot Ye Fan to death.

This bastard, he was deliberately here to break up the stage, right?

Can't you see she's in a meeting?

In front of her employees, this asshole is talking out of his ass?

What impudence!

"You fuck off~"

Qiu Mu Orange's nose was all crooked, and he only felt that he was afraid that all of his lifetime fame would be ruined by this bastard Ye Fan.


Qiu Mu Orange's angry voice echoed unceasingly throughout the company hall.

The company's main business is the company's business, and the company's business is the company's business.

The Mu Fan real estate opening celebration was undoubtedly a successful conclusion so far.

After this matter, it is expected that the Qiu family will be a lot more honest.And Mufan Property will also be completely on the right track in the future under the leadership of Qiu Mu Orange.

Ye Fan's heartfelt matter was undoubtedly settled as well.

"Little Lord, you've been too distracted for Miss Qiu during this time."

In the study, Ye Fan sat by the window, sipping tea lightly while leisurely watching the autumn colors of Pinghu outside.

The leaves of the old trees by the roadside had nearly fallen out, and the geese flying south were barely visible.

"By the looks of it, autumn is about to pass."

The tea mist was dense, and Ye Fan ignored the old man's voice from the phone, but cozily enjoyed the rare evening time.

In the distance, the setting sun was setting.

The afterglow of the setting sun, but the shadow of the pedestrians, pulled a long, long.

After a long time, only then did Ye Fan Fang shook his head with a light laugh.

"Yeah, Han, you're right."

"It's true that I've been a bit distracted during this time."

"But it can't be helped, Mu Orange is always my wife, I'm the husband , I can't just ignore her, right?"

"If I have children in the future, I don't want my son to hate his father so much like I do."

Ye Fan lifted the teacup and took a sip while laughing lightly.

Within that shallow laugh, however, was a touch of self-deprecation.

The experience he had when he was young was an eternal pain in Ye Fan's heart, and had profoundly affected his entire life.

In the phone, the deep voice, once again, came out.

"It's really enviable for Miss Qiu to win the love of the young master."

"But Little Lord, Old Slave still hopes that Little Lord will focus on the great cause!"

"Old slave has waited for ten years for the young lord in the Chu family, I really hope, I can see the young lord, the king return soon."

"One day sooner to see, the day of that starfire prairie fire."

Han Lao's deep voice, mixed with the dense fog in that teacup, slowly lingered in the study room.

Ye Fan nodded, "Old Han, don't worry, you won't be made to wait too long in the Chu family."

"Now that Mu Fan real estate is on track, the rest of Mu Orange himself will probably be able to take care of it."

"Now that I'm able to get out of the house, tell me, is there anything I need to deal with in the recent past."

"Could it be that the Chu family's desire to kill me is still alive and they've sent someone over again?"

"That Wu He Rong from last time, he's quite famous in the Western Dark World.In the end, when he died under me, I guess there are some people in the Chu family who will definitely be unable to sit still."

Ye Fan said indifferently, that breezy tone as if he was talking about a sparse and ordinary matter.

But who knows what kind of giant thing in this world is the "Chu family" that Ye Fan is talking about right now?

I'm afraid it was only Ye Fan himself who could say it so plainly.

"That's not true."

"I've used some tactics to block this news for the time being."

"The matter of Wu He Rong's death has yet to be passed on."

"So, within a short period of time, the Chu Family shouldn't make any other moves towards the young master for the time being."

"But with this opening celebration today Little Lord has made so much noise, I guess it will soon attract the attention of certain people in the Chu family, right?"In the phone, a somewhat worried voice came from Han Lao.

Ye Fan, however, glared, "Is this still a big movement?"

"I've already pressed the specifications down a level."

"Otherwise, the ones who came to congratulate today would not be the melon children like Lei Ao Ting and Wang Yuchen, but the old things like Lei Lao San and Chen Ao."

Yes, previously, after learning that Mu Fan Real Estate held an opening ceremony, Li Laosi, Chen Ao and the others immediately prepared gifts with the intention of coming to personally congratulate them.

In the end, it was Ye Fan who personally gave the word that they didn't have to make such a big commotion, and if they really wanted to come to congratulate, they could just send any representative.

That was why, the ones who came were all the younger generation youths like Lei Ao Ting and Li Xueqi, and the real family members didn't arrive.

"But Little Lord, Wu Weitao and the others have gone.This movement is already enough to attract the attention of certain forces."

"You should know that many family powers can be vassals of the Chu family, their eyes in Warsaw."

"If they report this, the Chu Family will probably notice you sooner or later,"Han returned in a deep voice.

"Eye-catchers?"Ye Fan raised his eyebrows and gave a sneer, "In that case, let's pluck these eyeballs and break his claws!"

"You immediately help me find out what other forces are involved with the Chu family in this Jiangdong land, besides that Zhao Wuji who has already been driven out of Jiangdong by me."

"Assemble a list and send it over to me!"

"This Jiangdong is my Ye Fan's own land, I have to pull out the Chu family's claws and teeth from him."

Ye Fan's words were cold, and there was a bit of chill on his face.

His mother, and his wife, but they all lived in Jiangdong Province.

He didn't care about other places, but the Jiangdong land, he had to ensure safety, he couldn't allow, the people he cared about, to be put in danger.

"Well, Little Lord, I will look into this matter.But Zhao Wuji's power's have already been eradicated by the young lord, even if the Chu family still has remnants of power in Jiangdong, they are probably all minor and insignificant players, it's entirely possible for Chen Ao, Li Er and the others to do it."

"The current thing that the young lord needs to pay attention to is the land of Yanjing."

"Eh?"Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed, "What, did something happen to the people we fostered in Yanjing?"

Ye Fan's "Spark" is all over the world, in Yanjing, of course, there are also people that Ye Fan has nurtured.

And it's no less important than Chen Ao of Jiang Hai!

Han Lao nodded, "Mm.Little Lord, over there in Yanjing, there is indeed some situation."

"The people we fostered have sent us a message asking for help."

"Previously, I saw that Little Lord had been busy with Miss Autumn's matter and didn't tell you."

As Ye Fan listened, his appearance grew heavy and he said in a deep voice, "Do you need me to take action?"

"There's no need for that yet, I've already sent Copper Mountain over, he should be able to fix it."Han Lao returned.

Ye Fan nodded, "Mm.Keep an eye on the Yanjing side of things, and report to me as soon as there's a situation."

"You should know how important the Yanjing side is."

"We can't lose this "spark"!"

"Do you understand?"

Ye Fan's words were heavy and very solemn as he said to Han Lao.

Yanjing was the imperial capital of China.

This place seemed to be calm and peaceful, but privately, there was no telling how many forces were secretly wrestling with each other, many of which were huge things like the Chu Family.

Back then, in order for Ye Fan to be able to get the people he was fostering to stand firm in Yanjing, he didn't know how much effort and cost he had spent.It took several years of painstaking management to allow his people to occupy a place in Yanjing.

Now if this "Spark" was lost, the loss would be too great.Even Ye Fan could hardly bear it.

"Little Lord, I know this.Don't worry, I will deal with it properly."

"Well, that's best.If it's not possible, don't force it.When the time comes, I will personally take action."Ye Fan said in a deep voice.


When Qiu Mu Orange came back from work, but Ye Fan had already prepared a meal.

"Mu Orange, why did you get off work so late today?"

At the dinner table, Ye Fan casually asked.

It was reasonable to say that after the opening ceremony today, after the guests were sent away, Qiu Mu Orange would probably have nothing to do.

But Ye Fan still didn't expect that it was after eight o'clock, and only then did Qiu Mu Orange come home.

"A few clients came in the afternoon, wanting to talk about related cooperation with us at Mufan Real Estate."

"So came back a bit late."Qiu Mu Orange replied as she ate her meal.

Hearing this, Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple were delighted at that time.Before waiting for Ye Fan to reply, they smiled.


"Good thing."

"It's only the first day of business and we already have business coming to us.In the future, the big boss that's going to come to talk about cooperation with our family is probably going to be snatching at it like a river, right?"

Han Li, full of excitement, continued, "I've long said that this opening ceremony must be a big one.The bigger this is held, the reputation of Mufan Real Estate will be played out."

"With the reputation, business will naturally come to us on its own."

"In the future, ah, we, the two of us, will just wait to count our money at home, right?"

"But Mu Orange, I haven't asked you yet, what kind of tactics did you use to even invite such a monstrous figure like Wu Shi?"

"Could it be that you're still climbing up with Wu City behind our backs?"

Today's opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate was a big hit for their family.

But after the glamour, Han Li and Qiu Lei's couple had to wonder how on earth their daughter managed to do it.

If Lei Ao Ting, Wang Yuchen and the others came for their daughter's beauty, then what about Wu Weitao and Wang Donglai?

You can't be seeing your own daughter too, right?

Han Li and the others returned home and thought for a long time, but they couldn't figure out what the reason was.Now that Qiu Mu Orange was back, they naturally voiced all the doubts in their hearts.

However, in the face of Han Li and her couple's doubts, Qiu Mu Orange also shook her head, "I don't know."

"I'm with Wu City today, and it's also the first time I've met."


"You don't know Wu City?"Han Li was shocked, she was originally thinking of relying on this relationship with her daughter to beg Wu City to give the couple a Director, Director or some other kind of official pawn.

But now it seemed that this wish of theirs was going to come to nothing again.

"That's odd?"

"If this Wu City isn't after you, or me and your father, could it be that it's after Ye Fan, the wimp?"

When Han Li said this, the family's eyes suddenly brushed onto Ye Fan.

At this time, Ye Fan, as if he didn't hear Han Li and the others talking, he always ate with his head down.From time to time, he also barred his mouth and lamented, "Delicious, this rice is really delicious, Mu Orange, you eat more."

Qiu Mu Orange but rolled her eyes, thinking that this bastard must still be pretending not to hear, and then glared at him: "Don't you change the subject."

"We're asking you something, are all these guests today coming for you?"

It had been many times, Qiu Mu Orange always felt as if there was a hidden side to Ye Fan.

Previously, in Jianghai, at the Han family's birthday banquet, it also attracted all the big names in Jiangdong to pay their respects, and the scene was no worse than today.

Later on, Suzy told him that it was because Ye Fan was acting as a horse for the big people, and those big people deliberately gave Ye Fan just a little gift so that Ye Fan would willingly work for them.

But what about now?

If Ye Fan was really just a stooge who worked for others, would he attract dignitaries like Wu Weitao and Wang Donglai to personally congratulate him and come to visit?

And why was Ye Fan in Han Dongmin's car at the previous Entrepreneurs' annual meeting.

Ye Fan and Han Dongmin, is it really just a simple relationship like owing a favor?

Too many doubts, too much puzzlement, but at this time, it was all enveloped in Qiu Mu Orange's heart.

Those burning eyes, just like this, were staring at the man in front of them.

Ye Fan, exactly, who are you?

In response to Qiu Mu Orange's question, however, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, acting as if he didn't know anything.

"Is it coming at me, how do I know that?"

"You should go ask them."

"You~" Ye Fan's careless and confused attitude made Autumn Mu Orange a little angry.

Autumn Mu Orange was about to continue asking, but Han Li then interrupted her, "Hey, Mu Orange what can you ask this wimp?"

"You don't really think that just because Wu Shi and the others called out to Ye Fan as sir and gave him a congratulatory speech, you think he's a big shot, do you?"

"That guy's got you by the balls."

"If he wasn't your legal husband, do you think anyone would be taking care of him today?"

Han Li looked at Ye Fan, then shook her head and smiled disdainfully.

Anyway, Han Li and Qiu Lei and her husband and wife were deadly serious about not thinking that these big shots today were coming for Ye Fan.

After all, there was no reason for it.

Ye Fan was born in the countryside, with no bright spots all over his body, perhaps his only pride was that he had married a beautiful wife like Qiu Mu Orange.

As for why Lei Ao Ting, Wang Donglai and the others were respectful to Ye Fan, Han Li only thought that it was completely in her daughter's good graces.

Besides, weren't those people also polite and respectful to her and Qiu Lei at that time?Especially Lei Ao Ting, who shouted one aunt at a time, how kind was that?

Although in the end was Lei Ao Ting smacked a slap, but Han Li did not think much about it, only that it was Lei Ao Ting was scared to shiver and accidentally hit.

After all, there were so many policemen pouring in, not to mention Lei Ao Ting, she was so scared that she had to get under the table.

So, it was all very obvious.

The one who was truly capable of doing anything was her daughter, Qiu Mu Orange.

As the saying goes, if one person gets the way, chickens and dogs rise to heaven.

What's more, it was a relative like Ye Fan?

Under this consideration, it was completely reasonable for that full house of guests to be respectful and respectful to Ye Fan.

"He's an incompetent superfluous son-in-law, except for his brute strength, he's probably not as capable as your mother and me?"

"Wu Shi came at him?I prefer to believe that Wu-shi is after me."

"If you ask me, Mu Orange.I reckon that Wu City was impressed by your talent and thought that Mufan Real Estate must have great prospects in the future, that's why Wu City went out of its way to come to congratulate us on Mufan Real Estate."

"Didn't you write the pair of congratulatory letters that Wu City sent?"

"Create ambition to create greatness and add color to the river!"

"This is obviously optimistic about you, is a piece of equipment and hope for you, I hope you can create ambition, create great career!"

"Mu Orange, so you'll have to work hard in the future and never fail to live up to Wu City's high expectations of you."


Han Li was talking endlessly there, one mouthful of my daughter's, which could be described as extraordinarily proud and complacent.

Her own daughter was so promising, I'm afraid that any parent would be like that, right?

But Ye Fan listened from the sidelines, but the corner of his eyes twitched darkly.

I thought to myself, this associative ability of Han Li is really strong!

I guess she could make up a million words for you if you gave her a start, huh?

But this was good, with Han Li's assistance, it would save Ye Fan the trouble of having to explain himself.


Shortly after dinner, Han Li and his wife also went back to their room to rest.

Ye Fan, however, was called to the bedroom by Qiu Mu orange.

There was a faint fragrance lingering in Qiu Mucheng's boudoir.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the person you are looking at.

That look, it seems to hate to see through the man in front of the general.

And when Ye Fan saw this, but he smiled cheaply, "Wife, don't look at me with such eyes?"

"If you want to see through me, you give me that."

"I'll show you naked!"

In between the words, Ye Fan began to unbutton his jacket.

Hearing Ye Fan's shameless words, Qiu Mu Orange was close to being angry at that time: "You shut up!"

"Tell me honestly what happened today, what's going on?"

"Shen Jiuwan of the Shen family, Li Xueqi of the Li family, and the young master of the Lei family in Jingzhou, the prince of the Wang family in Haoshu, why did they come?"

"Even Wu City has arrived!"

"Evan, what have you done?"

Qiu Mu Orange's words were heavy, and in her eyebrows, there was confusion and solemnity.

Although this opening ceremony only lasted for one day, Qiu Mu Orange felt that never in her entire life had she been so thrilled as today.

The ups and downs of life, the joys and sorrows, can be said to have been experienced by Qiu Mu- orange today.

Earlier, he had thought that after Wu Yong's action, their Mu Fan property would be seized and there would be no possibility of turning back.

But who would have thought that the arrival of Wu Weitao would allow her, Qiu Mu Orange, to turn over a new leaf!

I thought today would be her darkest day, but I never thought it would be the day that would make her Qiu Mu Orange and Mu Fan Properties famous!

The things that happened during the day, when I think of it to this day, it makes Autumn Mu Orange's heart surge and it's hard to calm down for a long time.

However, after calming down, there were too many doubts in Qiu Mu Orange's heart.

However, in the face of Qiu Mu Orange's question, Ye Fan was paralyzed with a bitter smile, "What else can I do?"

"I didn't do anything."

"Didn't our mother say that Wu Shi and the others are all after you."

"My wife is talented, bold and courageous, and she's a heroine.In the future, she will be one of the most important people in Yunzhou."

"Isn't it normal for Wu City and the others to do human investment in the snow?"

Ye Fan also followed Han Li's example and boasted at Qiu Mu Orange for a while.

But Qiu Mu Orange wasn't a fool, so she suddenly glared and snorted, "You don't need to fool me with your flowery words here!"

"I know what I'm capable of and how much face I have myself."

"You can fool my mother, you can fool my father, but you can't fool me."

"I asked you after my grandmother's birthday banquet at first, in Jianghai.Now, I'm asking you once again."

"Ye Fan, who the hell are you?!!!"


The low and deep words quietly rang out in the room.

While Autumn Mu Orange was asking the words, it was suddenly windy outside.

The silent wind in the dark night carried the coolness of late autumn and whistled in.

It rustled the pages of the books in front of the table, and also blew the blue silk in front of Qiu Mu orange's forehead, which was as messy as snow.

For a time, the room was silent.

No one spoke, only that night breeze drifted by.

Qiu Mu Orange's face was expressionless, and her beautiful eyes, which were like water, looked at Ye Fan like this.

The deep pupils, however, were rippling with, inexplicable light.

Seeing Qiu Mu Orange so solemnly, the original smile on Ye Fan's face also suddenly dispersed.

In the room, Ye Fan likewise looked at the beauty in front of him, and his clear and beautiful face became particularly solemn at this time.A low and deep voice, in the room, slowly rang out.

"Mu Orange, do you still remember, on the day of Qiu Mu Ying's engagement, by the moat, what I said to you?"


Hearing such solemn words from Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange was stunned.

Time and space changed, the years passed, and it was as if Qiu Mu Orange was seeing, again, the scene from a few months ago.

For so many years, that day was the first time she wept and cried in front of him.It was also the first time that she called him husband.

Qiu Mu Orange only remembered that day's Ye Fan, who told her in a ten-thousand-strong tone.


"I, Ye Fan, guarantee that from now on, no one in this world will ever let you be humiliated again!"


While Qiu Mu Orange was lost in thought, the Ye Fan in front of her, but he had already turned around.

He had his back to her, and the dim light spilled over, falling on that man, but it was a sprinkling of shadows.

"Mu Orange, no matter who I am, all you need to know is that the one thing I always remain the same is my guardianship over you."

"Since I have made a promise to you, then in the future, please believe me that I, Ye Fan, have the ability to never let you suffer any more!"

The faint voice, however, contained a power as strong as that of a mountain.

Qiu Mu Orange was startled, her beautiful eyes just looked at that man's back.

At that moment, Qiu Mu Orange but was close to tears!

Is this what it's like, to be guarded?

Qiu Mu Orange didn't know why, but just listening to his words made her heart, feel a strange sense of stability.

It was as if the world would not be afraid even if it was the end of the world.


Does it matter who exactly Ye Fan is?

She just needed to know that this man, always her husband, would always be out there to protect her when she needed protection the most.

Then, enough is enough!

Qiu Mu Orange didn't pursue Ye Fan after all.

She was a reasonable woman, and she knew very well that even between couples, there were bound to be things that they didn't want the other to know.

If Ye Fan didn't want to talk about it, Qiu Mu Orange would stop asking.

When one day, when Ye Fan wanted to talk, he would naturally tell her.

At this time, Ye Fan had already lifted his feet and slowly walked towards the study.

But Qiu Mu Orange, after losing her mind for a long time, but she picked up her phone, used WeChat, and sent a message to Ye Fan.

"Ye Fan, there are some things that you don't want to talk about, so I won't ask you anymore."

"But I hope that, no matter what the circumstances or reasons are, you won't do anything stupid that will aggravate or cheapen yourself."

"In spite of a life of poverty, I only wish that we were all well."

"In my eyes, wealth and glory are all inferior to you~"


In the study, looking at the few short lines on the phone, Ye Fan's heart warmed and her mouth smiled.

She knew that Qiu Mu Orange was sending these because she was worried about herself, afraid that she would go astray and do something stupid that was illegal.

"But Mu Orange, how would you know that for thousands of years, the rules of this world have been made for the weak."

"When you are strong enough, the entire world will make way for you!"

"At that time, you will have no shackles~"

In front of the window, Ye Fan secretly whispered.What kind of power and dominance was contained within those faint words.

This world was full of Ye Fan's sloshing!

His matter, Ye Fan didn't tell Qiu Mu Orange after all.

For Qiu Mu Orange, the less she knew about him, the better, no doubt.

It wasn't that Ye Fan was trying to hide something from her.

It was just because, there were some paths that he could only take on his own!


After the opening ceremony, Mufan Real Estate is undoubtedly completely on the right track, and all businesses have begun to be carried out one after another.

As for the previous stain of Mufan Real Estate at the annual meeting of entrepreneurs, after Wu Weitao and others came to congratulate them, naturally no one would mention it anymore.

After all, this is a company that even Wu Weitao personally went to support, and now the entire Yunzhou City's rich and famous can't even wait to fawn over it, so how can anyone still mention this?

Moreover, after the opening ceremony on that day, Mufan Real Estate was no different from being famous in the entire Yunzhou business community, completely becoming a star enterprise in Yunzhou City, and even made the local news in Yunzhou at one point.

For a while, many people were discussing that Mufan Real Estate was afraid that there was a powerful background behind it, and that there was likely an extremely fearsome big man standing behind Autumn Mu Orange.

After all, all the big names in the cities of Jiangdong sent people to pay their respects, and even figures like Wu Weitao and Wang Donglai personally contributed congratulatory gifts.If this Mu Fan Real Estate had no background, who would believe it?

It was under these circumstances that the subsequent development of Mufan Real Estate was exceptionally smooth.

With the absence of shackles, Qiu Mu Orange's business talents had undoubtedly been fully developed.

It was as if the fish was like the sea and the birds were rising to the heavens.

Just like this, Mufan Real Estate under the leadership of Qiu Mu Orange was developing and expanding rapidly at a terrifying speed, and its influence and status in the business community of Yunzhou was also increasing day by day.

And while Mufan Real Estate's business is flourishing like a fire, the Qiu family is naturally in a different situation.

Under the thorough investigation of the relevant departments, the various illegal activities of Qiushui Logistics have been thoroughly exposed in the eyes of the world.

Illegal production, tax evasion and even substandard fire safety, all the crimes they planted on Qiu Mu orange at the beginning, have now been most completely embodied in Qiushui Logistics.

The "open and honest" culture that Master Qiu has been talking about for years has undoubtedly become a joke.

The naked reality in front of you is that all of Master Qiu's previous self-confidence has been shattered.

Eventually, Qiu Shui Logistics was fined a huge sum of money and the entire company was shut down for three months, and for a time the Qiu family industry was almost on the verge of bankruptcy.

Qiu Mu Ying and Qiu Guang both ended up in jail because of tax evasion and ineffective supervision.

For a time, the entire Qiu family was on the brink of bankruptcy.The decades-old family business was instantly in danger of crumbling.

Before this, it's unlikely that the Qiu family had ever thought that they had taken great pains to vainly try to strangle Mu Fan's property in its cradle and completely trample down Autumn Mu Orange, but in the end, not only did they fail to get what they wanted, they dug their own graves and pushed the Qiu family into a bottomless abyss.

The three-month suspension and rectification is undoubtedly a huge blow to the Qiu family.

Plus, several of Mu Fan Real Estate's family members, Qiu Muying and Qiu Guang, ended up in jail, which was close to a fatal blow to the Autumn family ah.

However, fortunately, the tax evasion by Qiu Mu Ying and the others was a first offense, and according to today's laws, as long as they paid up in time, they could still be exempted from the punishment.

Therefore, after the East Window incident, Wang Qiaoyu, as well as Qiu Guang's wife, begged bitterly to Master Qiu, hoping that the Master would take the money, make up the taxes, and fish Qiu Guang and the others out.

"You still have the face to beg me?"

"My Qiu Zhenglun's life's foundation was almost destroyed by the hands of you beasts!"

"How many times have I said that we, Autumn Water Logistics, can make less or no money, but we must never do anything illegal."

"But what about you guys?"

"You two scum, satiating your pockets and evading taxes, are to blame for today's outcome!"

"You still have the nerve to beg me for money to ransom those two beasts Qiu Mu Ying and Qiu Guang?"

"Dream on!"

"Don't say that I don't have that much money right now, and even if I did, I wouldn't go to save your two families."

"I, Qiu Zhenglun, have a clean name for the rest of my life, but in the end, I've been completely disgraced by your two families!"

Qiu Zhenglun was so furious that he blushed his old face and cursed angrily, and his entire body was even more trembling with anger.

Before this, Qiu Zhenglun had thought that their Qiu family had been open and honest all their lives, walking upright and not afraid of investigation.

But I didn't expect that the end result would nearly smite Qiu Zhenglun's face.

The entire Qiu family, other people are all right, only the two people he trusted the most, Qiu Guang and Qiu Muying, filled their own pockets, false accounts, not to mention, but also tax evasion, not only harmed themselves, but also implicated the entire company.

"I was really blind to believe you two beasts!"

Qiu Zhenglun's angry voice echoed throughout the old Qiu family house.

Since then, Old Master Qiu fell seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital.

And when Qiu Guang's wife and Wang Qiaoyu's family saw that the old man didn't take any money to save them, they had no choice but to find their own way.

They can't, really, watch Qiu Mu Ying and Qiu Guang both squat in jail.




"Later, I heard that that fourth aunt of yours was reluctant to take the money and tried to get the Chu family to pay to fish for that Autumn Muying, but in the end, people didn't even bother with her."

"In the end, it seems that she sold a house in Autumn Muying's name to make up for that tax."

"As for your uncle's family's situation, it's better.Although they didn't sell their house or car, the decades-old family foundation is probably empty."

"Nowadays, that fourth sister of yours and your uncle have also been released, and are probably recuperating at home now, but I think they're both ashamed to see others anyway."

At this time, it was evening, close to the end of the day, when Qiu Mu Orange had a rare moment of leisure, but her best friend Suzy came to play with her, telling her about the recent situation of the Qiu family.

In the past, if she had known that the family had suffered a disaster, she would have been anxious to find out what happened to the family.

But now, after hearing these accounts from Su Xi, Qiu Mu orange was surprisingly calm.There was no ripple on her pretty face at all.

Perhaps, she was really hurt by the Autumn family, heartbroken.

When there was no more sense of belonging to a place, it would naturally be like Qiu Mu Orange, even if she heard that they had met their doom, she would still be calm.

The only one who gave Autumn Mucheng a hint of concern was perhaps her grandfather, Master Qiu.

After all, when she was a child, among all her granddaughters, she was the one that Old Master Qiu loved the most.

Only later on, compelled by someone, he was partial to the words of a villain.

"Where's my grandfather?"Qiu Mu Orange looked towards Suzy and asked a soft question.

Suzy laughed lightly, "You said Master Qiu, ah, he was seriously ill, but he didn't die and was saved.He's probably recovered and out of the hospital now."

"But Mu Orange, I have to say, I really admire your grandfather, after this catastrophe, your grandfather not only didn't give up, but also ordered that your cousin Qiu Mu Qi be transferred back from abroad."

"It looks like he's preparing to make a comeback by relying on this grandson of his Qiu family!"

"When this cousin of yours comes back, I'm afraid that Mu Orange's life will be hard again, oh."

Susie shook her head and said, looking like she was very worried for Autumn Mu Orange.


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