Dish Best Served Cold 407-410


Chapter 407

"Mr. Autumn, we really are compelled~"

  "It's that Autumn family member, Autumn Mu Ying, who planted false evidence against you, saying that you are morally corrupt, that Mu Fan Real Estate is operating illegally, and encouraging us to take action against you ah~"

  In the company hall, Wang Tian was there crying for mercy, Wu Yong did not say anything, but just wept and slumped his head.However, his silence was undoubtedly a tacit acknowledgement of what Wang Tian had said.

  After all, Chu Wenfei was Wu Yong's childhood friend, and betraying his friend was something Wu Yong still wouldn't do.But Wang Tian didn't have this scruple, if it wasn't for Wu Yong, he wouldn't even know Chu Wenfei.

  Now because they compelled him to make a big trouble, Wang Tian hated Qiu Mu Ying and his couple so much that he wanted to kick them to death.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos.

  At this time, all of the Qiu family's faces were white.

  Especially Qiu Muying, her face was pale and her heart was filled with fear.

  Obviously, they hadn't expected that things would develop to such a state.

  At this time, the eyes of Wu Weitao and the others had undoubtedly landed on the Qiu family.

  "Qiu Mu Ying?"

  "The Fall Family?"

  "Are you guys, by any chance, having a grudge against Mufan Properties?"

  Wu Weitao repeated it in a low voice, then frowned and asked.

  But the cold and unpleasant words were the ones that undoubtedly made Qiu Guang and the others chill.

  "Wu Shi, misunderstanding, these are all misunderstandings ah."As the chairman of Qiushui Logistics, Qiuguang naturally stood out with a hard scalp, covered in cold sweat, laughing incessantly, "Wu Shi, these are really all misunderstandings ah."

  "Our Qiushui Logistics, and Mu Fan Real Estate, that's a family, this Qiu General is even my Qiu Guang's own niece, her father and my own brother."

  "Blood is thicker than water, it's not too late for our two companies to be close?How could there be a vendetta?"

  "Family?"Wu Weitao, however, was slightly shocked and a little surprised by the retort.

  "Yes, Wu City, we are family."Jiang Hong was now busy agreeing, "If you don't believe me, just ask Mu Orange."

  "I even held her and fed her when I was little?"

  "We've all watched her grow up."

  "How could you target her and harm her when it's too late to love her?"

  "Mu Orange, come over here and tell Wu Shi, are you our niece or not, are you our Autumn Family's daughter?"

  Jiang Hong was full of smiles, at this time that voice Mu Orange shouted was so kind.

  The nephew's name was Qiu Guang, and the other members of the Qiu family also changed their disdain and despise for Qiu Mu orange and others, and came forward to get close to each other, pulling ties, and calling out a niece with a mouthful of affection.

  Looking at this Qiu family who changed their faces so quickly, but Qiu Mu Orange laughed, full of self-deprecation: "Niece?"

  "Several uncles and aunts, you've finally remembered now that there's still my niece, Autumn Mu Orange?"

  "I don't know, when you guys kicked me out of the Autumn Family and swept me and Ye Fan out of the house, did you remember this niece of mine?"

  "When you were stealing Ye Fan's emperor green and repeatedly tripping over my Mu Fan property, do you remember this niece of mine?"

  "Even a few minutes ago, when you laughed at me and ridiculed me and ruined my reputation, remember my niece?"

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes were red and she was smiling sadly.

  That series of questions only resounded like a golden stone landing in a full day hall!

  Every word, every sentence, was like a sword that struck straight into the soul of the Qiu Family crowd, but it was deafening!

  For a while, the Qiu family was red and blue.

  These words of Qiu Mu Orange directly asked them to be speechless, unable to say a single word.

  In the end, it was Qiu Guang who explained in a bitter voice, "MuLiang, what happened in the past, it was our fault, we misunderstood you.But we are all a family, what matters, we can solve it ourselves behind closed doors.A family shame must not be spread abroad, right?"

  "Now that Wu Shi is here, you quickly say a few good words to our Qiu family ah."

  At this time, Qiu Guang's posture was very low, and the tone of that speech was even closer to begging.Where was the slightest bit of arrogance and disdain from before when facing the Qiu Mu Orange family.

  After all, now that their Qiu family had encouraged Wu Uso and the others to do something wrong, he was truly afraid that Wu Weitao and the others would be angry and relate to their Qiu family.

  The only way to get through this now was to count on Qiu Mu Orange to put in a good word for them.

  "Let me put in a good word for you guys?"

  "Doesn't your heart ache when you say that, Uncle?"

  "Have you forgotten how you bullied and insulted me before?"

  "A few minutes ago, you even joined forces with an outsider to put my Mufan property to death!"

  "And now you ask me to speak kindly and plead for mercy to a group of executioners who have bullied and harmed me?"

  "I really don't know if it's because you're too stupid, uncle, or you think that I'm stupid, Qiu Mu Orange?"

  Qiu Mu Orange sneered as she listened to the words of Qiu Guang and the others, it was only as if she had heard the world's funniest joke

  She really didn't know how the Qiu family had the face to say these things.

  "Mu Orange, are you really so cruel as to ignore the slightest sentiment?"Hearing Qiu Mu Orange's words, Qiu Guang and the others' faces turned three shades whiter, but miserably asked.

  Qiu Mu Orange sneered, "Uncle, I remember the last time you guys invited Wang Xingduo to dinner and had the security guards kick me and Ye Fan out, you taught me that the shopping mall is like a battlefield, there is not the slightest bit of love to be said."

  "If you can't even figure this out, what kind of business is there, what kind of boss is there?"

  "At first, this was what you said to me, but now, I'm giving this, and then to you!"

  After saying that, Qiu Mu Orange stopped paying attention to Qiu Guang and the others, and turned to Wu Weitao, requesting, "Wu City, Qiushui Logistics maliciously and seriously injured me Mu Fan and planted false evidence, please Wu City, do justice!"

  Wu Weitao nodded, "Good."

  "Don't worry Qiushui, I will give you justice."

  After nodding his head in agreement, Wu Weitao immediately gave Wang Donglai and said, "Donglai, now immediately send someone to Qiushui Logistics to check their fire safety, as well as whether they are involved in any illegal production, business and other criminal activities."

  "In addition, send a tax department into the Qiu family to check if Qiushui Logistics has any tax evasion."

  "Once they are found out, punish them severely!"


  Wu Weitao's words were as if thunder had exploded, and Qiu Guang and the others' faces brushed white.

  Especially Autumn Muyoung, who was panicking at the time and looked trembling with fear.

  One had to know which company, nowadays, was undoubtedly most afraid of the regulatory authorities' strict investigation.

  Even if there was no problem, they would definitely find a problem for you.

  What's more, was Qiushui Logistics really clean?

  Of course not!

  Just in the past few months after Qiu Mu Orange left the Qiu family, Qiu Mu Ying had been unscrupulously making false accounts, using all sorts of dirty tricks to get millions out of the company's accounts.

  As for tax evasion acts, Qiu Mu Ying did not miss a beat.

  This designation is accurate with one investigation!

  At that time, Qiu Muying and other senior leaders of Qiushui Logistics were undoubtedly also all scared and terrified as much as possible.

  They had never expected that they would use this to deal a severe blow to Qiushui Logistics, but instead, they would steal a chicken and lose the rice, putting them in danger!

  In panic, Qiu Mu Ying, Qiu Guang and the others hurriedly looked at the old master, "Old master, don't just look at ah, say something?"

  "You're Mu Orange's grandfather, beg her, she'll definitely listen to you."

  "Let her persuade Wu Shi ah~"


"Yes, grandpa, just persuade third sister."

"Otherwise our Qiu family is really going to fall~"

Qiu Mu Ying had undoubtedly panicked at the moment, and couldn't care less about her face, turning to the old man Qiu and saying evenly.

Faced with the persuasion of the Qiu family's crowd, Master Qiu undoubtedly looked extremely ugly.

Green for a while, white for a while, how embarrassed did he have to look that way.

All this while, Qiu Mu Orange had been treated as a disgrace to their Qiu Family, an existence that everyone in the Qiu Family despised.

At first, Master Qiu even personally spoke up and swept the Qiu Mu Orange family out of the house.

Now, to have him, an old man, bow to an abandoned daughter of the Qiu family?

It's definitely roasting him on a pyre!

How was this going to make Master Qiu pull off that old face?

In the end, in the face of Qiu Guang and the others trying to persuade him, but Master Qiu snorted angrily, "What is there to ask for?"

"If they want to investigate, then let them investigate."

"I, Qiu Zhenglun, have acted openly and honestly all my life, and have never done a single thing to wrong my country or my ancestors."

"I'm not afraid of shadows, so if they want to investigate, let them."

"Isn't it just a little embarrassment and scandal?"

"After they finish their investigation and return our Autumn Family blue and white, there will be even less to be ashamed of?"

"As for the Autumn family going down?What utter nonsense!"

"We didn't do anything illegal, so how could we fall?"

"Trying to make me bow down to an abandoned daughter of the Autumn family because of this?To beg a family of wimps?"

"It's just delusional!"

"I, Qiu Zhenglun, can't afford to embarrass this person."


Old Master Qiu said in a cold voice, a proud voice, full of ice cold eyes.

The eyes even more angrily swept over Qiu Mu Orange.

Finally, with an angry snort, he immediately brushed off his sleeves!

Master Qiu was an extremely prideful man, and in front of so many people, to have him, an elder, bow down to a junior and beg for a humble favor?Moreover, the other party was still Qiu Mu Orange, whom he had previously regarded as the scum of the Qiu family, and that would undoubtedly be harder than killing him.

What's more, Master Qiu had always been certain that they, Qiushui Logistics, were open and aboveboard, walking upright and sitting upright, not afraid of being investigated by others.

Naturally, they were even more fearless, never bowing to the Qiu Mu Orange family even if they offended Wu Weitao.

"What an old stubborn man~"

Seeing Old Master Qiu leave in anger, Jiang Hong, Wang Qiaoyu and the others cursed under their breath.

But as things stood, there was nothing they could do.

They couldn't force the old man to bow and plead with Qiu Mu Orange, could they?

The only way now was undoubtedly to properly dispose of the company's accounts, so that the regulatory authorities couldn't find out about it.

"Qiu Mu Orange, birds and beasts still know the grace of feeding back."

"You're not even as good as an animal!"

"How dare you do the same to your grandfather, your family member?"

"Good, good, good!"

"We'll see, come what may~"

Things were now at this point, and they, Qiushui Logistics, had undoubtedly been completely torn apart from Mufan Real Estate.

Naturally, Qiu Guang and the other Qiu family members were no longer concerned, and relied on their status as elders to scold Qiu Mu Orange for a while.

They then did not stay here any longer and turned around to return to the Yulong Hotel as well.

Despite this change of heart, the Qiu family had no intention of cancelling their ribbon cutting celebration.

After returning to the hotel, they continued with their celebration.

After the Qiu family left, it was undoubtedly much calmer within Mufan Real Estate Company.

The original arrested Qiu Mu Orange and other employees of the company were also immediately released, and Wu Weitao personally apologized and offered his condolences.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and it has been the first to offer the new product.It was undoubtedly a stark contrast to Master Qiu's previous behavior of leaning on the old to betray the old.

It is worthy of being a person who can sit on the head of a city, and this heart and mind alone surpasses countless others.

While the storm on the Mufan real estate side was calming down, the atmosphere in the Yulong Hotel was heavy and depressing, and there was no longer the slightest hint of celebration and joy.

After all, Wu Weitao had already spoken, Qiushui Logistics Manchu would have supervisors stationed on it, could Qiuguang and the others not panic?

You know, if they really found out anything, the ones who would take the blame would definitely be them, the top leaders ah.

"Wenfei, doesn't your father know Wu Shi?"

"You've asked your father to speak to our Qiu family through this connection, ah."After returning to the hotel, the more Qiu Guang thought about it, the more uneasy he felt.

He was the chairman of Qiushui Logistics, and even more so the legal representative, and if something happened, he would be the first one to get in.

"This...This..."Chu Wenfei also slumped his head, not knowing what to say to Qiuguang and the others.

One had to know that from the very beginning, Chu Wenfei's father had never agreed to this marriage.

At that time, Chu Wenfei was thinking of making things quick and strong first, and over time, his own parents would slowly compromise and accept Qiu Mu Ying as his daughter-in-law.

However, who would have thought that Qiu Mu Ying would make a foolish mistake a few days ago and ruin the last bit of goodwill her parents had for her.

In this situation, not to mention asking his own father to plead with the Qiu family, it was possible that his own parents would still recognize him as their son now.

Chu Wenfei was sure that if he made this call, his father would have to scold him to death!

"What words?"

"Wen Fei, there's no need to fight."

"This Niko wants to borrow Wu Shi's hand to suppress our Autumn Family?"

"It's a dream!"

"We have nothing to hide from Autumn Water Logistics, let them investigate."

"If they can't find out anything, they'll naturally retreat."

"We, the Qiu family, are not afraid of shadows."

Master Qiu seemed to be confident, always believing that their company was high-minded, open and aboveboard, and not afraid to investigate.

In this situation, what could Qiu Mu Ying, Qiu Guang and the others say?

Did they even tell Master Qiu about the little things they did in the company?

Then Master Qiu will be so pissed off!

Thus, in the face of Master Qiu's mesmerizing confidence, Qiu Guang and the others could only remain silent.

"Alright, the ribbon cutting celebration continues."

"We should eat and drink."

"Our ribbon-cutting celebration can go on without anyone."

"Ying Ying, you go, call all those guests of our family over.Tell them that the banquet is starting."

Master Qiu didn't want to go on about this topic anymore, so when he returned to the hotel he continued to sit on his taiji chair and waved his hand, asking Qiu Muying to go and call over all of their Qiu family guests.

Previously Wu Weitao's arrival, this full house of guests had passed, and now none of them had returned yet.

In the face of the old master's command, Qiu Mu Ying does not want to go over to lose face, but there is no way, the old master Qiu's order she also does not dare to disobey, scalp is ready to go to Mu Fan real estate shouted people.

But who would have thought that as soon as they reached the door, their guests would return of their own accord.


"Factory Manager Wei, Factory Manager Du, you're back just in time, my grandfather was asking me to go and call you?"

"Our banquet is about to begin, so why don't you hurry up and take your seats?"Qiu Mu Ying and the others greeted with a smile.

However, those guests waved their hands, "Manager Qiu, don't prepare this meal for us, we won't eat here."

"Ah?"Qiu Mu Ying and the other Qiu family members were stunned.

Qiu Guang was even more anxious, "How can we do that?"

"You gave us the Qiu family congratulations, how could we have any reason to ignore your meal."

"Old Wei, you're out of line for being so polite.Don't we, the Autumn Family, still care about this rice money?"


"Today, ah, none of you can leave."

"Now this is a good chance to have a drink, we brothers, we all have to stay drunk!"Qiu Guang smiled enthusiastically.

Master Qiu sat on top of his high seat and also laughed, "Yes, a few bosses, since we've arrived at my Qiu family's venue, we naturally have to entertain."

"Those trivial chores outside, we don't have to bother with them, so as not to be bad."

"As for you guys, just sit down for a nice meal and have a lively time together."

"Don't worry about it, my Autumn Water Logistics ribbon cutting celebration will naturally not treat you badly."

"Good wine and good food, all of them will be enough."

"What needs do you have, you guys can also just mention it."

Master Qiu was so enthusiastic that he put on a hostile appearance.

However, in the face of the Qiu family's enthusiasm, these guests still waved their hands and excused themselves, "Master Qiu, your thoughts are appreciated."

"But we still have things to do, and I'm afraid that this meal will really be impossible."

"So, there's no need for us to have this feast.We'll get together again when there's an opportunity some other day."

"That, Old Master, Old Brother Qiu Guang, we'll take our leave."

After saying that, these guests returned to the Yulong Hotel, and amidst the startled gazes of Master Qiu and the others, they actually took back the congratulatory gifts they had given to the Qiu family before and took them with them.

"You...You are?"Qiu Guang was confused then.

Master Qiu was even more startled full of dismay.

Everyone in the Qiu family, including Qiu Muying and Wang Qiaoyu, were also stunned at this scene.

How could they have never expected that these guests would not only stop eating here, but before they left, they even brought back the congratulatory gifts they had sent before?

What do they mean by that?

Isn't this a deliberate attempt to embarrass the Qiu family?

Master Qiu became angry and got up to ask angrily, "Stop, what are you doing?"

Wang Qiaoyu, Jiang Hong, and the others looked angry as well, "That's right, what do you mean you don't eat and say you don't eat and take everything away?"

"That's our Autumn Family's stuff, and you guys dare to take it?"

"This is ridiculous!"

"How can you give something away and have it back?"

By now, the Qiu family and this room full of guests had undoubtedly been completely torn apart.

It was nothing surprising, they hadn't cared if the Qiu family was angry when they brought back all the congratulatory gifts they had sent out before Factory Manager Wei and the others left.

Hearing the angry voices of the Qiu family, Factory Director Wei and the others sneered, "Returning the Qiu family?"

"Your Qiu family is about to collapse, I'm afraid there will be no more of your Qiu family in Yunzhou."

"Your Qiu family is also a family of fools."

"Having eyes but no pearls, dog's eyes look at people."

"Especially you, Master Qiu, are simply an old fool, driving out the truly capable people from the Qiu Family, but leaving behind a few idiots."

"Even if your Qiu family falls in the future, you'll be the ones to blame."

"As for the congratulatory gift?"

"A family that is going down deserves to receive our congratulations?"

"Don't make a fool of yourself!"

"Old man, take care of yourself, we're taking our leave."

As the saying goes, walls fall down.

Now that the Qiu family had offended a big person, it had even provoked Wu Weitao to become furious.

In the eyes of the crowd, the downfall of the Autumn Family was already inevitable.

Now, the crowd couldn't even shun the Qiu family, so how could they give them back their congratulations?

As for those congratulatory gifts, naturally they all had to be brought back.

Friends in business, that's how it is.

If there is profit, we gather, if there is no profit, we disperse.

The world is bustling with profits!

Sometimes, life is so cruel!

In this way, amidst the livid faces of the Qiu family, all the guests who had originally come to congratulate them were gone in a short while.

What was even more infuriating to the Qiu family was that these guests, who had originally come to congratulate Qiushui, left the Yulong Hotel without any concealment and went directly to Mu Fan's property across the street in front of them.

It was like a loud slap, directly paste on the face of everyone in the Qiu family.

At that time, Qiu Guang, Wang Qiaoyu and the others were undoubtedly furious.

"Son of a bitch~"

"It's all a bunch of sons of bitches,"

"I now finally understand why these people took all the congratulatory gifts when they left."

"It's to prepare to give them Mufan real estate again, ah!"

"What a bunch of animals~"

"How did our Qiu family go blind and befriend such a bunch of downright bastards ah?"


"Get out, all of you!"

"Let's all go lick the stinky feet of Autumn Mu Orange's family of wimps, shall we?"

"A bunch of licking dogs, shameless licking dogs~"


Wang Qiaoyu, Jiang Hong, and the others trembled with rage, gritting their teeth and cursing furiously at the guests who were already far away.

The only thing left in the Noda Hall was the vicious curses of the Qiu family echoing again .

Their Qiushui Logistics ribbon-cutting celebration, which had opened so far, had undoubtedly been completely reduced to a joke!

Not only were they overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the guests, they were overwhelmed by Qiu Mu Orange's company.

Now, what was even more humiliating was that even the guests who had originally given them congratulations for Qiu Shui Logistics had turned around and gone to congratulate Mu Fan Real Estate, not even leaving them a congratulatory gift.

It was as if a slap was smacked on the face of the entire Qiu family.

Master Qiu's face was burning hot and painful!

Qiu Guang, Jiang Hong and the others had turned their old faces red as pig's feet because they felt embarrassed and embarrassed.

How humiliating!

In all their lives, they've never lost someone so big?

It's a disgrace!

"Old Master, now this...This feast, are we going to continue?"At this time, the hotel was empty.All the guests had left, leaving only their Qiu family members alone here embarrassed.

Perhaps because they were too embarrassed, some of the Qiu family members were already unable to stay, and were ready to skip dinner and just go home.

However, Master Qiu was livid, still saying in a cold voice, "Continue!Why don't you continue?!"

"Even if there isn't a single guest, our Autumn Family Celebration will continue."

"This feast, how it should be eaten!"

In Master Qiu's opinion, leaving in a mess at this time would undoubtedly be even worse.

It would be better to insist on finishing the celebration, at least, it would show the world, the unyielding temperament of their Autumn family!

However, who would have thought that just as soon as Master Qiu's words fell, many people outside the hotel walked over laughing and joking.

Among them, the one who walked in front was the owner of the Yulong Hotel.

"That, Old Master Qiu, I'm sorry."

"I'm afraid you'll have to give up this sub."

"The opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate is going to be held at our Yulong Hotel."

"As for you guys, you can simply go home and do the celebration."

"There's not a single guest anyway, where isn't dinner?"

The owner of the Yulong Hotel said coldly, with a hardened tone that had no room for discussion at all.

After saying that, without waiting for Master Qiu to say whether he agreed or not, he directly asked the waiter to throw out all the things belonging to Qiushui Logistics.

"You...You guys..."


Seeing such a scene, everyone in the Qiu family was filled with shock.

Old Master Qiu, on the other hand, was even closer to dying of anger!

That's... that's murder!


"Stop it!"

"No throwing~"


"How could you do that?"

"This hotel is already booked by our Autumn family, so why are you letting us go?"


"You took all the money, but you kicked us out halfway?"

"You're committing fraud!"

"We're going to sue you."

"We're going to sue your hotel for everything it owns~"

While the Yulong Hotel began to clear the field, Qiu Mu Ying, Wang Qiaoyu and the others, however, were shouting angrily at the hotel staff like they were crazy.

"This is our Qiu family's venue."

"Your hotel has been booked by us."

"This place belongs to us now, you have no right to kick us out."

"I order all of you, get out, get out!"

"Don't touch our Autumn family's things~"

Qiu Muying even went forward to pull the hotel's waiters, and Wang Qiaoyu was even more ruthless and directly fought with a waiter.


"How dare you do it, you idiot pussy?"

"I'll fuck off!"

Having been beaten by a shrew, the waiter's temper then came up, and he kicked Wang Qiaoyi over onto the floor.

Grimacing in pain, Wang Qiaoyu lay on the ground and screamed.


"You bastards, how dare you hit my mother?"

"I declare, you are finished, finished!"

"My Autumn Family will make you, have to die a good death~"

Qiu Muying anxiously ran over, supporting Wang Qiaoyu while cursing viciously at the hotel's staff.

The hotel CEO was furious when he saw this, and walked over to slap Qiu Mu Ying's ugly face.

"Endless, right?"

"And let us die a horrible death?"

"Your Autumn family is almost finished, what's the point of letting us die in peace?"

"You've offended the big man, so why don't you guys just get the hell back and figure out how to get through this?"

The Yulong Hotel's CEO was clearly out of patience as well, shouting angrily at Qiu Mu Ying and the others.

"Nice voice for you guys, don't listen!"

"Well, since you're giving me shame, then don't blame me for being rude."

"Security, drive them all out for me."

"As for the money for your package, don't worry, I'll return it all to you later intact."

"That stinking money, we at the Yulong Hotel really don't care about it!"


"You...You dare?"

Hearing this, the Qiu family's crowd was shocked, their old faces terrified.

Qiu Guang even pointed at that hotel old man and threatened in an alarmed voice.


"Do you think I dare?"

The hotel's CEO sneered, and then a dozen security guards surged up, brutally sweeping the Qiu family crowd away like dogs.

"Let go of me!"

"Bastards, let go of me, I'll walk on my own!"

Qiu Muying, Wang Qiaoyu and the others were still shouting, but they had already been thrown under the hotel's stairs.

As for Master Qiu, he was naturally no exception.

He was also rudely racked out of the hotel.

"You...You guys..."


"You guys are bullying me too much~"

Old Master Qiu was so angry that his old face was red and trembling, and he roared in anger.

However, who paid attention?

The current Qiu Family, in the eyes of the public, was already in the sunset.

Having offended a big shot, even if Wu Weitao personally moved to investigate thoroughly, would the Qiu family still be able to see the sun tomorrow?

In just a few minutes, the Yulong Hotel was cleared out and the Qiu family was thrown out, along with all their belongings.

At this time, the Qiu family was undoubtedly completely disgraced.

The surrounding passersby looked at such a scene, but they were discussing and pointing.

"This Qiu family, it looks like it's completely finished~"

"The limelight didn't work out, and I ended up being swept away like a dog in a funeral home."

"I'm afraid this humiliation is a great shame."


"It's ridiculous, this Qiu family even mocked someone's Mu Fan property before."

"Saying that Mufan Real Estate is a small shabby enterprise, saying that others are incompetent and incompetent, and saying that they are humiliating themselves by hosting the opening ceremony, and even sending them a piece of pig's face."

"How about now?"

"The one who humiliated themselves, isn't it their Autumn family themselves?"

"Simply laughable!"


"If you ask me, this being a human, you still can't be too arrogant."

"Otherwise, it'll be retribution just like the current Autumn Family."


"In the future, this Qiushui Logistics, I'm afraid that it will be completely reduced to, the joke of the entire Yunzhou City, right~"


"This Autumn family, what a family of idiotic fools!"


Some sneer, some ridicule.

Some people gloat, some people sigh and lament.

As the saying goes, this is just the way things are on earth, right?

Feeling the ridiculing gazes of the crowd and listening to the mocking laughter.

Qiu Muying, Qiu Guang and the others were no different from having their old faces turn red, feeling only extraordinarily humiliated.

At this moment, it was estimated that the Qiu family would not want to find a crack in the ground and drill into it.

As for Master Qiu, it was even more needless to say.

He was originally extremely good-looking, and now in front of so many people, they were being driven out like dogs, this was undoubtedly like a slap on his old face, a fiery pain that was worse than killing him.

And while the Qiu family's crowd was filled with grief and disgrace, they could only see that in the opposite Mu Fan real estate, Qiu Mu Orange and his wife, but they were surrounded by people.

Like the emperor and empress who had ascended to the throne, they stepped on the brand new red carpet, facing the scorching sun, facing heaven and earth.

Beside him, Wu Weitao accompanied him enthusiastically, and Lei Aoting, Wang Yuchen and the others followed respectfully.

"Mufan Real Estate's president, Qiu Mu Orange, has arrived!"

"Mufan Real Estate CEO's husband, Evan has arrived!"


The childish child's voice of the roll name sounded quietly.

In a split second, the cannons roared and the band sang.

The hotel's CEO even brought a group of employees to personally greet them at the door.

At this time, Ye Fan and his wife were undoubtedly in the limelight, and the scenery was infinite.

Just like a monarch, a ruler is in the world!

Just like this, in the midst of the red and eventful gazes of the Qiu family, stepping on the carpet laid out by their Qiu family and welcoming the band they had hired, he was invited into the Yulong Hotel like a star-studded moon.

And when passing by Wang Qiaoyu Qiu Muying's mother and daughter, Ye Fan's forward steps suddenly stopped.

The clear and beautiful face, with a genial yet calm smile, was so condescending, looking down on the Qiu family crowd in front of him.

The profound gaze swept past Qiu Guang, Qiu Mu Ying, the old man, everyone in the Qiu family, and finally landed on the mother and daughter of Wang Qiao Yu and Qiu Mu Ying.

"Fourth aunt, before I said that today's celebration, even if no one from the Mufan estate comes to congratulate us, I alone can stand up to millions of people!"

"You didn't believe that at first."

"Now, do you believe it?"

Faint laughter, as if a fresh breeze, swept the heavens and earth.

Wang Qiaoyu and the others were immediately flabbergasted in place, full of trepidation, with their heads down, even to see if Ye Fan had the courage.They were stupefied there, but remained silent for a long time.


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