Dish Best Served Cold 401-406


Chapter 401

In the middle of Mufan's property had become a mess.

  A thousand meters away from the traffic intersection, those few traffic police were still there, maintaining order.

  It was just that it had been half an hour, and not a single car had even passed through the intersection here anymore.

  "It looks like the Autumn Family's guests are really finished this time."

  "In that case, Old Zhang ah, it's time for us to hit the road and go home."

  "It's been a tiring day~"

  A few people stretched their legs and then prepared to call it a day and go back to rest.

  However, who would have thought that the moment their voices fell, the sound of several engines roared again from a distance.

  After that, a number of luxury cars were seen arriving from afar.

  The one that hit the lead was an old-fashioned black Audi.

  However, when the crowd saw that car's license plate, the surrounding passersby, were suddenly terrified.

  "Jiang E0001!"

  Is this...What's this?

  A hand in the city of Yunzhou?

  The city clerk's car?

  "I'll fuck it up!"

  "Are all these people here?"

  "What's going on here today?"

  "Is the Autumn Family going to go against the grain?"

  At that time, many people were scared to death, even the traffic policemen who were maintaining the traffic looked tremendously shaken and their pupils crumpled.

  Previously, they had thought that the final climax of today's celebration would have been the arrival of the giants of Jianghai, Jingzhou and other cities to congratulate them.

  But who would have thought that before one wave subsided, another wave would rise?

  In the end, even they, the Lord of Yunzhou, had arrived!



  The people here naturally didn't know anything about what was happening a thousand meters away.

  At this time, inside Mu Fan's property, it was still chaotic.

  Han Li and her husband were shocked and frightened, and were filled with anxiety, almost disoriented.

  In panic, they saw Ye Fan who was still there calmly drinking tea like an idiot, naturally they were extremely angry.

  "What a wimp!"

  "Other people's men shield their wives from the rain, but you're a trash who can't be of any use at all."

  "My Mu Orange has really had bad luck in my life, marrying someone like you!"

  Half of Han Li's old face was still red, it was beaten by Lei Ao Ting.

  Just now she was slapped on the ground, but she didn't even notice Lei Ao Ting's trepidation and respect for Ye Fan at that time.

  When she got up from the ground, but Wang Lin and the others had already arrived.

  When they saw that Qiu Mu Orange was about to be taken away, but suddenly, a cold, angry shout came from the crowd.


  "How dare you offend even my second brother's friend?"

  For a moment, all the people present were shocked and followed their voices.

  They saw a cold and majestic woman who got up and stood out, crossed her eyebrows and rebuked Wang Lin in anger.

  When Wang Lin heard it, he laughed then.

  He looked at the young woman in front of him and sneered, "Little girl, I don't think you're very old, you're only in your twenties, right?"

  "But at a young age, your breath isn't small."

  "I'm only afraid that the eldest princess of the Li family in Yunzhou isn't as big-tongued as you, right?"

  "Who are you to yell at me, too?"

  Wang Lin sneered and laughed, looking at the woman in front of him with disdain.

  Obviously, Wang Lin was treating the person in front of him as a spoiled yellow-haired girl who had been spoiled at home and didn't care in the slightest.

  And when she heard Wang Lin's words, Li Xueqi sneered, "Coincidentally, I'm really the eldest princess of the Li family in Yunzhou, Li Xueqi."


  Wang Lin's face went three shades whiter then, and his original smile went white as he looked stunned, "Little girl, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, but you can't say that nonsense."

  "The head of the Li family in Yunzhou, that's the second son of Li?"

  "It seems that you do know quite well.Yes, the head of the Li family is precisely my second brother.If you don't believe me, I can call my second brother here and ask him to personally come over and have a chat with you."Li Xueqi smiled faintly.

  But Wang Lin was clearly starting to panic: "Don't, don't, Miss Li, misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding."

  "This little matter, don't bother Second Master to come over."

  Wang Lin became sweaty and quickly compensated.

  He didn't dare take this risk.

  If the woman in front of him really was Second Master Li's sister, then he was afraid that Wang Lin wouldn't be able to take it.

  That was Second Master Li!

  Yunzhou's day.

  If you offend this kind of person, then you probably won't know how you'll die in the future.

  "Since that's the case, why don't you release Mr. Qiu quickly."

  "The opening of Mufan Real Estate, it was my second brother who personally gave me the word to come and congratulate you."

  "You guys are also gutsy, picking the opening celebration specifically to come over and tear down the stage!"Li Xueqi said in a cold voice, immediately asking Wang Lin to release him.


  Wang Lin was in a dilemma.

  On one side was the Princess of the Li family and on the other was the Prince of the Wu family.

  He couldn't afford to offend either of these two parties.

  Now that he was caught in the middle, he was undoubtedly in a dilemma.

  "Miss Li, don't you think that you're a little too lenient in your control?"

  However, just as Wang Lin was having a hard time, a low voice quietly came out from behind the crowd.

  Only the crowd dispersed, but Wu Yi, Wang Tian, and the Qiu family had arrived here at some unknown time.

  With one hand in his trouser pocket, Wu Yi stood peacefully among the crowd.

  There was no joy or sadness on that handsome face, but there was a kind of coldness and majesty.

  Facing the might of the Li family, this son of Wu City was indeed not afraid in the slightest.

  Other than Lei Ao Ting, Chen Nan and a few others present, I'm afraid that it was only Wu Yi, who had this kind of strength, right?

  After all, Wu Yi's background, however, was not inferior to Li Xueqi in the slightest.

  "Wu Yong, is this all your, single-handed doing?"

  Wu Yong and Li Xueqi were obviously acquainted with each other, and when she saw that Wu Yong was standing in for Wang Lin, Lu Xueqi's eyebrows furrowed as she coldly questioned.

  However, before Wu Yong could reply, Qiu Mu Ying's mock smug laughter was quietly heard.

  "Miss Li's words are a bit too much."

  "What do you mean it was Wu's hand?"

  "This Mu Fan Real Estate does illegal and indiscriminate things, the company's CEO, Autumn Mu Orange is even worse, before the big trouble entrepreneurs annual meeting, the entire Yunzhou is well known."

  "This kind of company, being investigated, isn't it a matter of right and proper?"

  "What's wrong with people doing their business?"

  "Rather, you, Miss Li, have no regard for morality, no regard for law and order, and are bullying others with your power.Miss Li, I just want to ask you, in your eyes, do you think that this Yunzhou your Li family is the biggest, or the laws and regulations of the country are the biggest?"

  "You~"Qiu Mu Ying's hat was so big that she even moved the law out, and Li Xueqi's face went three shades whiter then.

  But still, Li Xueqi snorted coldly, "You don't need to label me here either."

  "In short, Qiu is always a friend of my Li family, without solid evidence, our Li family will never allow it, you take the person away!"

  "Wu Yong, I order you to release the man quickly."

  "Otherwise, you'll definitely regret it!Do you know whose woman you have offended today?"Li Xueqi snapped at Wu Yi, in a stern voice.

  And when Wu Yi heard this, his appearance had completely chilled, and he looked towards Li Xueqi, shaking his head and sneering: "Li Xueqi, you're so powerful!"

  "Could it be that you really think of yourself as the Li family's heir?"

  "You're nothing but a woman after all, and sooner or later you'll have to marry out."

  "A woman who marries out, spills water!"

  "When the time comes, no matter how powerful the Li family is, what does it have to do with you?"

  "So, I advise you to put yourself in the right position."

  "With your status, you really don't have the qualifications, to flaunt yourself in front of me, to me, and to boss me around!!!"


Wu Yong was full of arrogance and his voice was stern as he coldly snapped at Li Xueqi.

  How arrogant and domineering that high-minded tone was.

  A cavity of pride, full of majesty, churned out in the entire hall.

  A few words, said straight Li Xueqi's pretty face pale, full of fear, a delicate body even more angry trembling.

  Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu and the other members of the Qiu family, looking at the scene in front of them, were even more gleeful and full of gloom.

  "Qiu Mu Orange ah Qiu Mu Orange, even if the Li family's eldest princess steps in, she won't be able to protect you today."

  "Waiting to make a fool of yourselves~"

  Qiu Mu Ying and the others sneered in their hearts.

  "What about adding me?"

  However, just as Li Xueqi was filled with bland anger, a cold and majestic voice quietly emerged from the crowd.

  Only a handsome man was seen, and he had already stepped out.

  With an expressionless face, he asked in a deep voice to Wu Yong.

  This person was, indeed, the eldest youngster of the Haoshou Wang Family, Wang Yuchen!

  Seeing this person, Wu Yong's brows furrowed, and a touch of gravity appeared on his handsome face.

  Obviously, facing Wang Yuchen, Wu Yi undoubtedly had a few more scruples in his heart.

  After all, Wang Yuchen was no better than Li Xueqi, but this one was the true and genuine eldest son of the Haoshu Wang Family, the future legal heir to the Wang Family's fortune.

  "Brother Yu Chen, do you even want to go down?"

  "For a wimpy woman?"

  "Because of a little, Mufan property?"

  Wang Yu Chen's face was sullen, but to Wang Yu Chen, he asked coldly.

  But Wang Yuchen laughed, "Young Master Wu, I advise you, in life, never underestimate anyone or anything."

  "Just like the icebergs that are exposed at sea level on the Antarctic seas, what you see may only be a hundred feet, but you can know that those that are exposed are only the tip of its iceberg!"

  "So, Young Master Wu, if you don't want to regret it in the future, let General Manager Qiu go."

  Hearing Wang Yuchen's words, Wu Yongton sneered, "Wang Yuchen, I, Wu Yongton, still don't need you to teach me the great principles."

  "As for you, I admit that your Wang family is rich and powerful in Jiangdong, and even more so in Haoshu."

  "But unfortunately, this is Yunzhou, not Haoshu!"

  "Even if you have a great background and supreme power, that's still in Haoshu."

  "Now in my land of Yunzhou, just by relying on you, you want me, Wu Yi, to have a negative hand and bow my head to release him?"

  "I'm sorry, but you're not enough!!!"

  "What about adding me to the mix?!"However, the moment Wu Yong's words fell, another eerie sound was quietly heard in the company hall.

  Only to see Lei Ao Ting put down his teacup and got up to slowly walk out from the wine table.

  He stood with a negative hand, and his pair of cold eyes, which were like swords, looked directly at Wu Yong, but without fear.

  "This...This is..."

  "The Prince of the Lei Family of Jingzhou, Lei Ao Ting!"

  The moment Lei Ao Ting walked out, the crowd present then exploded.


  The Ray family?Crown Prince?

  "O Vozh~"

  "Who the hell are all these people in here?"

  Hearing the sounds of discussion from the crowd, Wang Lin himself had nearly peed himself.

  I thought that he was only here to deal with a small, broken company that had just opened, a woman who was a nest egg.

  But now Wang Lin realized that what he had just pinched, where was a soft tomato, but a hornet's nest ah.

  The Li family's eldest princess, the Wang family's broad young master, and now even the crown prince of the Jingzhou Lei family had popped up?

  Any one of these people, any one of them carried out, was an existence that he couldn't afford to provoke, ah.

  When he thought of this, Wang Lin looked at Qiu Mu Orange once more.

  He had to be terrified, what was the background of this Qiu Mu Orange, this Mu Fan Real Estate?

  An opening ceremony, attracting all three of Jiangdong's famous families to congratulate not to mention, and now, even more for her sake, to offend Wu Yong.

  However, this wasn't the time to think about this, seeing as things were getting bigger and bigger, it was getting out of hand.Wang Lin, who was feeling guilty, quickly pulled Wu Yi.

  "Young Master, I think today, let's call it a day, shall we?"

  "That's the Jingzhou Lei family, the second most powerful family in Jiangdong, this kind of power, even your father here wouldn't dare to offend, right?"

  "What's more, there's also the Li family and the Wang family that have come forward."

  "Just give them a face, right?"

  Wang Lin's face was pale and with trepidation, he whispered to Wu Yong to advise him.

  After all, this matter was originally their justifiable loss, if the other party didn't have a background, they would have arrested it and the worst-case scenario would be to release it after a few days, but now, the three big families were all standing up for Mu Fan Real Estate, how great was this pressure?

  Wang Lin had panicked and started to back off.

  He was afraid that things would go too far.

  Wu Yong ignored Wang Lin's persuasion and instead looked at Lei Ao Ting with his still sullen and gloomy eyes, but after a long time, Wu Yong laughed and instead turned his head to look at Qiu Mu Orange who was silent at the side.


  "You have a lot of pride, Mr. Autumn?"

  "In order to fish for you, the Li family's eldest princess, the Wang family's eldest son, and the Lei family's crown prince have all come forward?"

  "Is it possible that in a little while, the daughter of the Jianghai Chen family, Miss Chen, will also come out to stand up for you?"

  Wu Yi shook his head and laughed, that cold laugh, but with a cold chill.

  At the end of the laugh, but Wu Yi slapped the table, only to hear a bang, shaking over countless tea, at the same time, Wu Yi's face also suddenly cold, monstrous anger, when exploded!

  "But even so, if you want me, Wu Yi, to bow down, you all together will not be enough!"

  "I must take this man with me today.Even if the Heavenly King comes to save him, he won't be able to fish him out."

  "Take them all away!"

  The furious voice of Wu Usen echoed throughout the company hall.

  And then, those underlings of Wang Lin, without any more hesitation, immediately went forward and handcuffed Qiu Mu Orange, while all the senior executives of Mu Fan Real Estate were also arrested.


  "Let go of me~"


  "How dare you arrest people~"


  For a while, the room was in uproar.

  The entire Mu Fan property was already in chaos .

  Some people were wailing, some were terrified, and some even jumped out of the window to run.

  Han Li and her husband were even too frightened to hide in the corner to come out.

  But even more, it was the onlookers who were sobbing and lamenting.

  The people of the Autumn family, including Autumn Muyoung, were filled with gloom and doom, looking at the Mufan real estate, which was bustling and prosperous just a few minutes ago, but now it's all gone, and all the splendor is falling apart in no time, how happy they feel.

  All they feel is to raise their eyebrows and exhale!

  All the depression from earlier is gone!

  "How's it going, Third Sister?"

  "This is what happens when you fight me, when you fight our Autumn Family!"

  "Perhaps, you will achieve a brief victory, but the one who will laugh at the end will definitely be our Qiu Family, me Qiu Mu Ying!"

  "When you're gone, our Qiu Shui Logistics will continue to celebrate the grand event.And you, Mu Fan Real Estate, will be infamous and a total loss!"Looking at the already-prisoned Autumn Mu Orange, Autumn Mu Ying laughed wantonly.


  "Ying Ying is right."

  "How glamorous were you just now to have the Lei and Wang families all come to congratulate you?You've stolen all the limelight from our Autumn family."

  "But what's the use?"

  "It's still all over the place?"

  "Qiu Mu Orange, Second Aunt has a message for you."

  "I've seen you put up tall buildings, I've seen you entertain guests, I've seen you...The building collapsed~"


  At the entrance of the company, the Qiu family's crowd fell to their knees, their unbridled laughter was only like a knife, stabbing deep into Qiu Mu Orange's heart.

  How arrogant and complacent was that gloating look?


While Mu Fan real estate had become a mess, Lei Ao Ting, Wang Yuchen, and Li Xueqi's faces were ugly.

  The three of them had never thought that this Wu Duo would be so crazy.

  He didn't even care about their three great Jiangdong clans!

  What's he trying to do?

  Is he trying to defy God?

  "Wu Yong, I'm warning you for the last time."

  "You are bound to regret your actions today!"

  Li Xueqi's pretty face reddened with anger, at this time, she rushed at Wu Yong and roared.

  This is Yunzhou, Lei Ao Ting and Wang Yuchen and the others, can't calm the scene, it's still excusable!

  After all, this place did not belong to their sphere of influence.

  But now, this Wu Yong wouldn't even give her face, this was undoubtedly hitting their Li family's face in front of Mr. Chu's face.

  Li Xueqi, of course, felt angry!

  "Heh, make me regret it?"Wu Yong laughed contemptuously, "Just you?A woman?"

  "The three of you are overpowering me, I, Wu Yi, am not even afraid, let alone you alone?"

  "If your brother, Second Master, were to say this himself, I, Wu Yong, would still be able to believe it three times."

  "As for you, do you think, you deserve it?"

  Wu Yong smiled coldly, that contemptuous and arrogant look, as if a high and mighty monarch was looking down on ants.

  The arrogant tone of voice, but made Li Xueqi and other angry to gnash their teeth.

  Finally, at this time, Ye Fan, who had been silent and calmly drinking tea, slowly put down his tea cup.

  Just as Ye Fan got up and prepared to make a move, who would have thought that a dignified cold voice, but outside the door of the company, quietly came out.

  "What about me?"

  The voice was like muffled thunder, carrying a long-held majesty.

  At the sound of that voice, the crowd only felt as if there was a thunderclap that had exploded.


  For a time, the gazes of the people present, but all of them looked away.

  Only outside the gate, the number of black Audi cars, do not know when, has stopped.

  The car door opened, several middle-aged men in suits, just like this to face.

  They walked leisurely, their brows were powerful.

  From the moment these people appeared, the crowd only felt, a surging dignified momentum, coming to the surface!

  That kind of majesty, that kind of temperament, was as if engraved in the bones of these people.

  The moment Qiu Guang and the others saw them, they felt a tremendous oppression, like walking on thin ice in an abyss.

  "This...This is?"

  Qiu Guang and the others were filled with horror, and even Wu Yi, his face had changed.

  As for Wang Tian and Nangong Ling, two of Wu Yi's best friends, their legs began to shiver uncontrollably at that time.

  However, who would have thought that just as the faces of Wu Yi and the others changed drastically, Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu's mother and daughter were the ones who suddenly walked out and cursed angrily at these old men in human-like dresses in front of them.

  "Where are the unkempt things that don't have eyes?"

  "Can't you see that Young Master Wu is in the middle of business, and you dare to interrupt?"

  "What doggone guts!"

  The mother and daughter of Qiu Mu Ying pointed at the person in front of her, without saying a word, splitting her head and face was a mess of abuse.

  Obviously, this catch a qiu mu orange, but again and again someone blocked, undoubtedly let the qiu muying mother and daughter are very unhappy.

  Now it was not easy to settle Lei Ao Ting and the others, but as a result, a few idiots appeared from nowhere to stir up shit again.

  Naturally, Qiu Muying and the others were impatient and immediately cursed.

  "My sub o!"

  "I'm going to Nima, right?"

  At that time, when Wu Yong saw the situation, his entire body was nearly scared to death, and in great anger, this young master of the Wu family walked up to each of them and slapped them, directly smacking the mother and daughter of Qiu Mu Ying on the ground.

  "Young Master Wu, what are you doing?"

  Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu's mother and daughter were both confused, covering their faces and nearly crying out of frustration.

  Qiu Mu Ying and her mother couldn't understand why they were beaten up instead of defending Wu Yong.

  "What for?"

  "Fuck Nima!"

  "Two fury pussies~"

  Wu Yong was itching to kick these two accomplished things to death.

  And then with a heart full of trepidation, he hurried out to greet them.

  "Dad, you...Why are you here too?"Wu Yong smiled with a guilty smile and whispered respectfully, but his forehead was already covered in cold sweat.



  But when they heard Wu Yong's words, the full house was stagnant.

  Qiu Muying, mother and daughter, were also flabbergasted.

  What was this situation?

  Could it be...

  Just as a terrifying thought began to emerge in the hearts of the crowd, behind them, the resonant voice of the chanting child, with a moment, resounded through the clouds.

  "Yunzhou City Committee Leader, Dong Pei Ming has arrived!"


  "Leader of the Yunzhou City Municipal Committee, Wang Dong has arrived!"


  "Leader of the Yunzhou City Municipal Committee, Han Donghai has arrived!"


  "Yunzhou City Municipal Committee...Shuji, Wu Weitao has arrived!"


  It was as if a thunderstorm had exploded in this world, one after another.

  Nearly instantly, the whole place was horrified.

  Here in heaven and earth, there was dead silence!

  Everyone, all of them were struck in place by thunder.

  Qiu Mu Ying stared at them!

  Wang Qiaoyu drew cold air!

  Autumn Light looked tremendously shaken!

  As for Jiang Hong, he was even more frightened and just squatted on the ground.

  Book...The clerk, are they all here?


  What's going on here today, anyway?

  Many people had gone completely insane, the tremors unmistakable.The Qiu family was even close to whipping up monstrous waves in their hearts.

  And while the Mu Fan real estate was full of tremors, in the Yulong Hotel across the street, it was obvious that they had also heard the arrival of Wu Weitao and the others.

  When the names of Wang Donglai, Wu Weitao and others rang out, in the Yulong Hotel, it was undoubtedly as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, setting off a thousand layers of waves.

  In a split second, the hall full of guests, their bodies all trembled.

  After that, those who came to congratulate Qiushui Logistics couldn't sit still any longer, and got up in droves, rushing towards the outside.

  Even the CEO of the Yulong Hotel, turned around and ran down from downstairs, shouting excitedly as he ran.

  "Qiu Lao, awesome, awesome!"

  "A celebration of your Qiu family, not only did the young master of the Wu family come to congratulate him, but now even Wu City itself, has come in person."

  "This is a big noise, a big one~"

  "In the future, your Autumn Family, this is going against the world."

  "No way, I also have to hurry out to meet it."The Yulong Hotel's CEO said excitedly, and then he also rushed out towards the hotel.

  Master Qiu was undoubtedly unable to sit still as well.

  He didn't even go out before when the Lei family came and the Chen family came.

  It was only because, Lei Ao Ting and the others were all juniors.

  Even though their backgrounds were extraordinary, a bunch of melon children were undoubtedly not qualified for him, an ancient and rare old man, to personally welcome them.

  But now, Wu Weitao was here.

  In front of Wu Shi, Old Master Qiu undoubtedly no longer dared to put up a show and quickly got up.


  "Quickly help me out."

  "Everyone, go out with me and welcome Wu City's arrival ah."


  Master Qiu was laughing, an old face nearly smiling from excitement.

  These people, obviously didn't know the situation outside.

  They only thought that this Wu Weitao had also come to congratulate them, for their Qiu family, just like his son had!

  The Lord of the First City was here, and this pushy Qiu family of theirs was undoubtedly a broken pretence.

  Glorious ancestors, this is the time!

  Master Qiu, how could he not be excited?


At this time, the full house of guests in the Yulong Hotel swarmed out after hearing the arrival of Wu Weitao and the others, and greeted Wu Weitao.

  The way they were bowing and nodding to Wu Weitao, Wang Donglai and the others could be described as respectful.

  These business owners who were normally high and mighty in their positions, were undoubtedly posing very low in front of Wu Weitao at this time.

  Looking at such a scene, the surrounding passersby were envious and sighing.

  What is power and influence?

  That's power!

  There was no need to say a word, no need to do a thing, just hearing their names drew a crowd of guests, flocking to the house.The courtyard full of rich and powerful, all came to worship.

  Without any complaints, there was no doubt that the people of this full court were in heartfelt awe and admiration of Wu Weitao!

  In Yunzhou, other than the Li family's second master, who else in the city could match such prestige and prestige, I dare ask!

  "A great man, when as well!"

  Among the crowd, however, there was a young man with torch-like eyebrows.The heart is at this time, set up ambitions.

  And while these Qiu family guests ran out to bid greetings to Wu Weitao, in the hotel, under the support of the Qiu family, the old man Qiu was undoubtedly also full of smiles, the scenery hurried out.

  "Out of the way, all of you, out of the way!"

  "Master Qiu's arrival, all of you get out of my way~"

  "Delaying the old man's reception of Wu Shi, can you afford it?"

  At this time, Qiu Guang's daughter-in-law was supporting Old Master Qiu while cursing and pushing aside all those guests who were blocking the road in front of her, one by one.

  Soon, Old Master Qiu arrived in front of Wu Weitao and the others under the escort of Qiu's family.


  "I didn't expect ah, my Qiu Shui Logistics ribbon cutting celebration, and I was able to have Wu Shi come to the scene to congratulate my Qiu family."

  "I, Qiu Zhenglun, am so honored."

  "Hurry up, Wu Shi, don't stand here."

  "Hurry with me to the hotel, our Qiu Family, we must give Wu Shi, a toast."

  "To thank Wu Shi for coming in person."

  "Before we do that, let's take a picture as a souvenir, shall we?"

  In between laughing, Qiu Zhenglun went forward to pull Wu Weitao's arm, and at the same time instructed Qiu Guang and the others to hurry up and take pictures of them, and later wash them out and hang them in the old house of the Qiu family, how scenic.

  At this time, Master Qiu noticed that Wu Weitao even brought a gift with him, and the old man became even happier.


  "Wu Shi is really too kind."

  "It's a great honor for our Autumn Family that you're here, and you even brought a gift?"

  "But since Wu Shi is kind, I'll take it from the old man."

  Old Master Qiu smiled proudly, people Wu Weitao hadn't even said to give it away, but he had already reached over to ask for it.


  "What do you want?"

  "Where's the bad old man?How dare you forcefully rob something from Wu City?"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  If it wasn't for Qiu Guang and other people to support, it is estimated that this time, the old man Qiu will be pushed to the ground to get up?

  Old Master Qiu was instantly confused.

  This push by Wu Weitao's assistant was like a slap on Master Qiu's face.

  At that time, the old man's that old face, it turned red into a pig's feet, full of doubts, looking at Wu Weitao: "Wu City, what do you mean?"

  However, where was anyone to pay attention to this old thing's words.

  After the assistant pushed away Master Qiu, Wu Weitao's face was cold and stern as he stepped towards the hall of Mu Fan's property in front of him, immediately stepping up the steps!

  "Dad, I was wrong, you don't..."

  Seeing his father come up to him, Wu Yong thought at that time that his old man was coming over to teach him a lesson for his misdeeds, naturally he was filled with fear and bowed his head to apologize repeatedly.

  However, in the next moment, something unexpected happened.

  It was as if he didn't see his own son, but he pushed Wu Yong aside.

  At that time, Wu Yong was confused and thought to himself, what was his dad trying to do?Why did you push him?

  But then Wu Yong Fang realized that he was a little too early to be confused.

  Only to see that Wu Weitao, after pushing away Wu Yi, stepped forward to the wine table.

  And then, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, the man who was the master of a city and in charge of millions of citizens actually bowed and bent down, and with the most respectful tone and voice, congratulated a skinny young man in front of him with a respectful voice: "I, Wu Weitao, on behalf of Yunzhou City, have come to congratulate you, sir!"

  "And offer a pair of congratulatory couplets."

  "With this couplet, Jane wishes Mufan Real Estate great luck in its opening."

  "I wish you a prosperous career, sir!"

  At this time, the autumn wind was still and the leaves were falling.

  Under the high hall, Wu Weitao paid respectful homage, a low voice, but in this world, quietly exploded.

  And after Wu Weitao, those who came with him also all went forward and worshipped the clear and thin man in front with respect and reverence.

  "On the auspicious day of Mufan Real Estate's opening~"

  "I, Han Dongmin~"

  "I, Wang Donglai~"

  "I Dong Peiming~"

  "Here's to Mufan Real Estate and prosperity!"

  "I wish you a prosperous career, sir!"

  "May Mufan Industries, spread all over the world~"


  The voices that rose and fell were like monstrous volleys, but they echoed one after another beneath the nine heavens.

  The reverent voices, the respectful words, but they gathered into a stream that impacted the four directions of the heavens and earth .



  Looking at the scene in front of them, everyone present was already all confused.

  The dead silence that filled the hall!

  The sound of a pin dropping could almost be heard.

  Only the clear breeze swept, the falling leaves, and the echoing sounds of congratulations from Wu Weitao and the others.

  At this moment, Qiu Muying was dumbfounded, Wang Qiaoyu was dumbfounded, and everyone in the Qiu family was dumbfounded.

  Master Qiu was even more stunned, his old eyes were round and his body was trembling, and those eyes, they were close to jumping out.

  "This...How is this possible?"

  "How...How could it be, him?!!!"

  Master Qiu's old face was pale, and his brain was already buzzing.

  Before this, Old Master Qiu had thought that this Wu Weitao was the same as his son, also coming to congratulate for his Qiu family.

  But he had never thought that this Wu Weitao, Wang Donglai, and the others, worshipped, but it was Ye Fan!It's that wimp Ye Fan!

  He's, surprisingly, a Mufan property!

  Is it the Mufan property owned by the Qiu's wife and daughter, Qiu Mu Orange?

  But how is that possible?

  No one could understand the horror in Master Qiu's heart at this point.

  Not only him, but everyone in the Qiu family had red eyes and Jairus' eyes were deadly red as they looked at the scene before them.

  Even the people in the middle of Mu Fan's estate were undoubtedly deeply shaken by the scene before them.

  The Han Li couple opened their mouths wide, almost forgetting to breathe because of the horror.

  Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes were terrified and incredulous.

  Du Cuckoo and the other Mu Fan Real Estate employees were even more like they had seen a ghost, their bodies trembling and unable to stop pumping cold air.

  The only one who can remain calm in this full house is perhaps the one who is on the cusp of the storm, Ye Fan.

  Facing the congratulations of the crowd, Ye Fan was expressionless and remained silent for a long time.

  Instead, he lightly lifted the teapot and filled a cup of tea for himself.

  He lightly took a sip of tea, before returning coldly...



  "I don't think it's necessary."

  "Wu City your congratulations, we Mu Fan Real Estate can't afford it."

  "A few minutes ago, your son flatly asserted that our Mufan Property was operating illegally, evading taxes, substandard firefighting, and wanted to seize our Mufan Property and also handcuff my wife back for interrogation?"

  "Do you think that we, a company that is about to go down, a company that has broken the law, a company that has been wantonly planted, can afford to receive your Wu City's congratulations?"

  Ye Fan was holding a teacup, but he shook his head and laughed.

  That cold laughter was full of ridicule and displeasure.

  And, when he said this, Ye Fan didn't even look at Wu Weitao, still sitting there, quietly sipping the strong tea in the cup.

  Seeing to how arrogant and rude Ye Fan was.

  The two couples on the side, Han Li and Qiu Lei, were already frightened out of their minds.

  With pale faces, they walked over to Ye Fan and immediately yelled at him.

  "Ye Fan, you're a wimp, are you crazy?"

  "How dare you speak like that even to Wu City?"

  "You want to kill our family?!"

  However, as soon as Han Li finished saying this, Lei Ao Ting on the side smacked it right up and slapped it, and then Han Li was paste on the ground.


  "Is it your place to talk?"

  "If you're not the mother of Chief Autumn, do you know that you could be killed with that one word!"

  Lei Ao Ting this is not to scare her.

  When the Taishan Martial Arts Competition was held, Wu He Rong swept away the eighteen cities in Jiangdong, but Mr. Chu killed him with a single move.

  Killing Wu He Rong is like slaughtering a chicken and a dog!

  After that, Mr. Chu unified the East River and made Chen Ao and the others to worship him.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos of the two women, and then you can see that they are all over the place.

  But after all, she's Qiu Mu orange's mother, Mr. Chu's mother-in-law.

  Lei Ao Ting and the others, naturally, wouldn't dare to really kill Han Li!

  The reason for this is that Mr. Chu's mother-in-law was too much of a bully, insulting Mr. Chu one after another, and Lei Ao Ting couldn't stand it, so he slapped her twice.

  As for the cruelty, Lei Ao Ting did not dare to use any other means.

  In case this idiot woman is really smacked out, and Qiu Mu Orange is blamed, Lei Ao Ting reckons that Mr. Chu will then be close to his wife, and will definitely listen to her and punish him, right?

  Therefore, even though Lei Ao Ting incomparably loathed Han Li couple inside, he didn't dare to do anything harsh.

  However, the slap that Lei Ao Ting had just given was clearly shaking Han Li.

  The old woman was so frightened that she was lying on the ground and didn't dare to move, probably because she was really afraid that Lei Ao Ting would kill her again, right?

  No one cared about Han Li getting beaten up.

  This kind of idiot twat was an insignificant character throughout.

  If it wasn't for the reason that she had given birth to Qiu Mu Orange, otherwise, a clown-like character like this wouldn't have the qualifications to stand here.

  At this time, Ye Fan's morbidly cold voice was still reverberating in Wu Weitao's ears.

  At that time, Wu Weitao's demeanor stagnated and he said in shock, "What?"

  "To seize Mufan's property?"

  "Arrest your wife?"

  "And this?"

  These words of Ye Fan's tomorrow made Wu Weitao's heart tremble, clearly a little terrified.

  For this young man in front of him, Wu Weitao obviously knew some of his details.

  Last time Ren Han detained Ye Fan, then Chen Ao and Li Er all came to fish for him, and finally the province all came out.

  It is even said that this matter has alerted the big people in the capital.

  This matter also involved Wu Weitao, and it was then that Wu Weitao knew that there was a real dragon lying in the third tier of their small city of Yunzhou.

  Such a person, Wu Weitao has long wanted to find an opportunity to get to know him.

  Now the opening ceremony of Mufan real estate, this is a perfect opportunity.

  Wu Weitao was thinking of taking this opportunity to make a thorough friend of Ye Fan.

  For this reason, he even personally manipulated the ink and wrote a congratulatory couplet for Mufan Real Estate.

  However, he didn't expect that he, Wu Weitao, only missed his own son.

  After learning from Ye Fan that his son was using his private power to suppress Mu Fan Real Estate, Wu Weitao's face immediately sank.

  He turned to glare at Wu Ushi and shouted angrily, "What's going on here?"

  "Why don't you be honest with me?!"

  "Dad, I..."

  Wu Yong was obviously a little panicked, and faced with his father's anger and authority, he shivered back, "I...I just heard a report that Mu Fan Real Estate was operating illegally, so I asked Uncle Wang to come over and check it out.As your son, it is also my duty to maintain the long-term peace and security of Yunzhou, I...I just want to share your worries for Dad."

  Wu Yi spoke beautifully, but how small his voice was at this point meant how guilty he was.

  However, when Wu Weitao heard Wu Use say this, he was so angry that he kicked over then.

  Wu Weitao seemed to be really angry, and the strength of his kick was enormous.

  It directly kicked Wu Ushi from the hall to the door, and the pain caused Wu Ushi to cry his eyes out, lying on the ground unable to get up at all.

  This scene scared everyone silly.

  Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei's faces swished white, and as for Wang Tian and Nangong Ling, the two best friends, they even stood there shivering, not daring to let out a single fart.

  "To share my worries?"

  "I think you're just giving me a hard time,"

  "How dare you, you bastard, use my name to cause mischief out here?"

  "Today I, Wu Weitao, have to clean up the portal!"

  "Kick you to death, you rebel~"

  "Bad for me!"

  The courtyard was filled with dead silence, and only Wu Weitao's angry voice echoed.

  After kicking Wu Yong away, Wu Weitao even went forward again and kicked at him furiously.



  "I'm wrong, I really don't dare."

  "My son was compelled by someone~"

  "Dad, please, give me a break~"

  "I'm under the spell of a villain."


  In the face of Wu Weitao's brutal beating, Wu Use is like a dog cowering on the ground, holding his head for a while ghostly cry wolf howl, can't stop begging for mercy, snot and tears are flowing all over the ground.

  At this time, Wu Use, already wretched as a dog, where there is still the slightest bit of arrogance and domineering when facing Li Xueqi and others before.

  "Wu Shi, it's okay."

  "Don't fight."

  "If you continue to fight, Young Master will really be killed by you~"

  "He already knows it's wrong."

  When they saw that Wu Yong already had a swollen nose and blood running down his face, Wang Donglai and the others hurried to stop him, which was why he pulled Wu Weitao down.

  "This beast!"

  "I, Wu Weitao, was wise for a lifetime, how did I give birth to such a beast that can't accomplish anything."

  Wu Weitao was also so angry that his old face was red and his body was trembling.

  Finally, seemingly softened, Wu Weitao eventually stopped and didn't hit Wu Use again, but was filled with disappointment and couldn't stop sighing.

  "Donglai, it's still your son who is good."

  "Loves to study, loves to read, motivated, and doesn't get into trouble."

  "Compared to Xiao Tian, my son is a piece of shit!"Wu Weitao said with hatred, gritting his teeth in anger.

  His own son was being praised, Wang Donglai's heart was undoubtedly happy and waved his hand modestly, "Hey, my little Tian isn't that good, but it's true that he doesn't cause trouble."


"He likes to be quiet and read, and I just called him and asked him about it and he said he was at home reading a book.He never participates in lively occasions like this, and he doesn't want to stand out, so naturally he won't cause trouble for me."

  "Wu Yong ah, it's not uncle talking about you, in this regard, you have to learn from your little brother Tian in the future, this kind of big occasion, less participation, naturally will be less trouble and less to make your father angry."

  Wang Donglai said like showing off, with a smug face.

  But Wu Yong was now lying on the ground, enduring the pain, but with an inexplicable gaze, staring deadly at not far in front of him, Wang Tian.


  "What are you looking at, Wu Yu?Don't go and confess to your father yet."While he was lecturing, Wang Donglai saw that this Wu Use was even absent-minded enough to look elsewhere, and was suddenly unhappy, thinking that it really was rotten mud, Wu Shi's son was considered useless, or his own son was good and loved to read books.

  However, Wang Donglai this has not been complacent for long, a turn of the head to see his son Wang Tian old face red, as if with the dull goose stands there.


  "Why are you here too?"

  "Aren't you bastards at home reading a book?"

  Wang Donglai instantly exploded and saw Wang Tian with one old eye staring at him!

  It's as if a slap on the face.

  You know, a second ago, Wang Donglai was praising his son for his love of learning and reading, not dabbling in things, so that Wu Yong could learn well from his son, but who would have thought that the slap in the face came too fast simply by surprise.

  "Dad, I..."Wang Tian lowered his head, filled with fear, and was thinking of how to explain to his old man.

  However, Wang Donglai didn't even listen, slapping the paste directly at the bastard himself, cursing angrily, "Me Nima ah?!"

  "You're an adversary, you're getting fat, you even dare to lie to me?"

  "I was wondering before how Wu Yong got in touch with Wang Lin."

  "So it's you, the beast who's pulling the strings in there."

  "Bastard, what kind of people do you dare to mess with?"

  "See if I don't smack you to death today?!"

  Wang Donglai had been involved in society for so many years that he was already very clear about the world, and there were many things that he could guess at a glance.

  Like this Wang Lin, who was Wang Donglai's right-hand man.

  It was reasonable to say that Wu Yong couldn't get along with Wang Lin.

  It must be this bastard son of his, who was also involved, using his reputation to act in a mess with Wu Yong.

  Thinking of this, Wang Donglai was undoubtedly also furious to death.

  He walked over to Wang Tian and beat him up so badly that he was like Wu Yi, lying on the ground and begging for mercy.

  "Dad, I was wrong~"


  "I know it was wrong."


  "It can't all be our fault, we were compelled by villains ah."

  "It's all that wicked woman from the Qiu family's idea, the Qiu family instigated us~"

  Wang Tian is even more wimpy than Wu Yong, before being punched a few times, he was already crying for mercy, kneeling on the ground.

  In the end, it was Wu Weitao who held Wang Donglai back, and only then did Wang Donglai make a move.

  "That's enough, Donglai."

  "If you continue to fight, this son of yours will have to be killed by you as well."

  "He knows it's wrong, so stop fighting."Wu Weitao advised Wang Donglai like Wang Donglai had advised him just now.

  Wang Donglai's old face was red.Looking at Wu Weitao, his heart was undoubtedly ashamed, thinking that just now he was still bragging about his son to Wu Weitao, but now...

  "Hey, there's no way to teach your son~" Wang Donglai sighed long and hard.

  "Yeah, we're the ones who can't teach our son well."Wu Weitao also shook his head and sighed.

  These two were also difficult brothers, and they were both somewhat ashamed to face Ye Fan at this point.

  In the end, Wu Weitao turned around and kicked at Wu Yong again, "You bastard, what are you staring at?Why don't you go over there and apologize?"

  Where Wu Yi dared to say a single word, crawling over like a dog he pleaded miserably for mercy to Ye Fan, unable to stop apologizing.


  "You're blind."

  "Can't you see that Wu Yong is gone and you're still fucking staring here?"At this time, Wang Donglai also kicked over and kicked at Wang Tian.

  Looking at his son that was just looking like a dumb goose, Wang Donglai was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

  Thinking to himself, how did he end up with such a stupid son in his entire life!

  Not even a wink!

  The father was kicked by his own father, Wang Tian naturally did not dare to say anything, wiped his tears from the ground to get up also ran over to Ye Fan begging forgiveness and apology.

  The crowd was simply dumbfounded as they watched the two people who were dazzling before, but now they were in a mess like a dog apologizing to Ye Fan.

  The heart was undoubtedly trembling with fear, nearly setting off a monstrous wave!

  I thought to myself, who the hell is this Ye Fan that he made Wu Weitao and the others so respectful?

  Could it be that this seemingly ordinary and unimaginative youth is the real big shot today?

  While the crowd was horrified, and Ye Fan was still calm.

  In the face of Wu Weitao and Wang Donglai's two leadership sons' terrified pleas for mercy, Ye Fan initially ignored them and left them alone for a while.Only then did he lift the teacup and lightly sip a mouthful of tea.

  Then, Ye Fan turned his head and smiled lightly at Wu Yong and the two, "Don't beg me, what you should beg for is my wife."

  "What you guys should apologize for is also my wife."

  "I'm just a door-to-door son-in-law, a countryside shanty, what's the use of you guys begging me?"

  "The head of Mufan Real Estate is my wife."

  "It's only right that you beg her!"

  "Besides, it's my wife who was wronged, and it's my wife who was arrested, and it's her you owe, not me."

  "The most you should do is to beg her forgiveness."

  "Of course, if my wife doesn't forgive you, then there's nothing I can do to help."

  Ye Fan said calmly, but the chill and coldness in his words was distinctive.

  Obviously, Ye Fan had decided that if his wife didn't forgive them, regardless of whose son they were, Ye Fan would never let them off lightly!

  At this time, Wu Yong and Wang Tian and the others were already scared out of their wits, and they naturally didn't dare to disobey Ye Fan's words and turned around and went to beg Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Chief Qiu, it's us who are eyeless~"

  "We were wrong."

  "We were all compelled by villains ah."

  "It's all Autumn Mu Ying, it was the Autumn Family's idea ah~"

  Wang Tian couldn't care about that much now, and threw all the dirty water on the heads of Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei's couple.

  After all, Wang Tian wasn't a fool, he kind of saw that Mu Fan Real Estate, which was previously disparaged as useless by Qiu Mu Ying and the others, had a big background ah.

  Otherwise, it wouldn't have allowed Wu Weitao, all of them, to personally congratulate!

  Wang Tian felt regret, if he had known earlier, he wouldn't have been involved in this muddle with Wu Yong.

  A small Mu Fan real estate, not only made the giants of Jiangdong cities, all sent people to pay their respects, even the Yunzhou Municipal Committee personally came to congratulate them!

  Thinking of this, Wang Tian was undoubtedly even more terrified.

  Heavens, who on earth had they messed with?


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