The King of Kungfu in school 1421-1430


Chapter 1421

At this moment, at a certain vice-national family residence.

"Damn it, Shang Hong is too much."A certain son of the Jing Clan was furious.

"Those genius beauties, everyone wants them, but Shang Hong is good, he wants them all."

"I go, that's really a bit too much, even we didn't even think about all of them, he actually wanted them all, and today he went to those nine girls one by one, and directly and brazenly said that he wanted to marry them.We had to try to approach them before, then gain their affection and chase them slowly, but Shang Hong didn't follow the rules at all."

"What now?Those nine girls were all married off by Shang Hong?"

"That's not true, it was just Shang Hong's wishful thinking to marry them, they didn't agree at all, but of course, Shang Hong was smart enough to fear that he wouldn't be able to get off the stage, so he didn't let them agree right away, and asked them to reply to Shang Hong tomorrow."

"Alas, Shang Hong is really too desperate, I hope that none of those girls will agree tomorrow."

"So insincere, only the stupid ones are willing."

This matter blew up in the Royal City, after all, Shang Hong did not follow the rules.

At one of the Royal Academy's dormitories.

A student said, "Shang material, didn't you say that your great grandfather supported you in your pursuit of the nine beauties?Why did that Shang Hong go one by one today and tell those beautiful women that he wanted to marry them, and all of them" Remember the website

"Don't say it, Shang Hong."The man called Shang material was now angry and blue in the face.

"I'm going to go find his theory."

After saying that, Shang material flew out of the dormitory.

Tang Zichen was at the lecturer's base for quiet enlightenment when a shout came from outside, "Shang Hong, come out."

"Uh, who's so angry."

Tang Zichen walked out, not recognizing the person, but the face was familiar.

"You are?A child of my Shang?"

"Hmph, Shang Hong, I'm Shang material."

"Oh, so it's you, nephew Shang material, what do you want from me?"

"Shang Hong, I don't know if Grandpa Tae has told you."

"Tell what."

"Grandfather Tai fully supported me in my pursuit of the Royal Academy's talented and beautiful women so that I could carry on the family name, why did you come and go straight to all of them, threatening to marry them all."Shang material said angrily.

Tang Zichen laughed, "So you still don't know about this, huh?However, Shang Yuan, I'm at least your cousin uncle and family elder, so don't be so rude to me."

"I pooh, you old man, you're too shameless to steal a woman from me."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over and slapped Shang material away, saying, "Shang material, I won't do anything to you for the sake of you being a son of the Shang Clan too, if you don't know any better, don't blame me for being rude, get out."Tang Zichen kicked him away.

This man was also really, he would do anything for a woman, probably because Shang Hong was going to be all of them as soon as he arrived, which infuriated him.

The next day.

Outside of Tang Zichen's office, there were many people gathered, some were students, some were teachers, but more than that, the admirers of those genius beauties, as well as the suitors.

They were all concerned about whether those nine genius beauties would agree to marry Tang Zichen today.

Shang Crouch also came.

You know, I've been in the Royal Academy for two years for the sake of these ten beautiful geniuses, and I've been trying to get close to that Qiao Xiaoqian.

Ran directly asked her if she was willing to marry you."

Tang Zichen looked at Shang Cao and said, "You already have more than thirty wives."

"Is thirty-odd considered too many?I'll just be able to marry again for the next ten years, and if I don't, it'll be gone after that."Shang stubbornly rolled his eyes.

Tang Zichen looked outside and saw that many people had come and smiled, "I'm sure many of them outside are from those Vice National Clans."

"Nonsense, do you know that action you took yesterday made the geniuses of the four Vice National Clans very upset."

"If you're upset, you're upset."Tang Zichen snorted.

Shang stubbornly said, "But, Shang Hong, those nine beauties, they definitely won't agree to marry you, at least Qiao Xiaoqin I can guarantee that they won't, I just asked her and she said that she doesn't have any feelings for you."

"Uh, yeah."

Just then, the first girl had arrived, a girl named Wang He, she came to reply to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen kicked Shang Stubborn out and let Wang He enter the house.

"Wang He, you're here, how have you been thinking about what I asked you yesterday?"Tang Zichen asked.

Wang He said, "I'm sorry, Senior Shang Hong, I feel too rushed, I'm not even ready, don't get me wrong, I don't mean to dislike you, I feel too rushed."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Wang He, come here."

"Ah, what for?"

Tang Zichen directly held Wang He back.

"Ah, Senior Shang Hong, what are you doing?"Wang He was shocked, she thought she had come to reply to Tang Zichen, but in the end, Tang Zichen was so direct.

At this moment, Tang Zichen hummed internally, "I'll see if you're willing when the raw rice is cooked."

Half an hour later, Tang Zichen asked, "Are you willing now?"

"Ooh, Senior Shang Hong, how can you do this, let me still marry like this in the future."

"It's best if you can't marry then, I did, Wang He, you still haven't answered me, are you willing?"

"I, I'm all over you, what can I do if I don't want to."

"Hahaha."Alright, you go out the back door first and wait for me in my underground cultivation room, you can't come out without my permission."

Wang He walked out of the back door of the office and immediately entered an underground cultivation room, which was Tang Zichen's cultivation room.

Tang Zichen looked at the crowd of people waiting outside for the news and smiled in his heart, Tang Zichen had no intention of asking for the opinions of those nine beauties, whether they were willing or not, they would just bring them back to the Green Rose Villa.

Tang Zichen's grandfather also told Tang Zichen to chase after them, Tang Zichen didn't bother to chase after them, wouldn't it be faster to just take them away.

At this time, three more genius beauties came outside, they came at the same time, they were Song Yang, Yun Duo, and Ziyu, they also happened to be roommates at the same time.

The crowd of onlookers outside shouted, "Song Yang, don't agree."

"Yun Duo, Ziyu, don't ever say yes."

"I'm begging you, don't promise Shang Hong."

The three girls entered Tang Zichen's office.

Tang Zichen closed the door.

Tang Zichen smiled and asked, "Song Yang, Yun Duo, Ziyu, how are you guys thinking about it?"

Song Yang said, "Senior Shang Hong, I'm willing."

"Then what about you?Cloud."

"I, I don't know, I'd like to reconsider, after all, I'm only 18 and you're old enough to be my dad."The one called Cloudy said, looking disgusted.


"What about you?Amethyst?"

That Ziyu said, "I'm also like Yun Duo, I'm sorry, Senior Shang Hong, it's not that you're bad, it's, it's that we don't match."

Tang Zichen smiled, a little depressed, it seems Tang Zichen overestimated his own charm ah, including the first Wang He who came in, came in four, these four people, only one Song Yang is willing, the other three are not willing to marry Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's heart was still a little hurt.

Tang Zichen said to Song Yang, "Song Yang, thank you for being willing to marry me, don't worry, as my woman, you will be happy.How about this, you go out through the back door, go to my cultivation room first and wait for me."

"Good, then my sisters Yun Duo and Ziyu, they rejected you, you shouldn't do anything to them, right?"

"No no, don't worry, so many people are watching outside."

After Song Yang left.

Tang Zichen directly snapped twice, immobilizing Yun Duo and Ziyu so that they couldn't move.

"Senior Shang Hong, you said that you wouldn't do anything to us."Yun Duo said anxiously.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Yun Duo, Ziyu, to be honest, I didn't even think to ask for your opinion, you have to marry even if you are willing or not, understand?" A second to remember to read the book,

Half an hour later, the Don laughed, "Now won't you?"

"Oooh, Senior Shang Hong, you're so bad, oooh."Yun Duo cried in aggravation.

"Haha, I can't help it, who told you not to, I really want to marry you, hurry up and make a statement, willing or not?"

"Oooh, willing."


Both of them said helplessly.

After that, Tang Zichen asked them to wait in the cultivation room.

And at this moment, Qiao Xiaoqian and Liang Jingjing were both waiting outside the door.

Qiao: "Song Yang, Yun Duo and Ziyu have been in there for a long time, I don't know what will happen."

"I don't think so, so many people are watching outside at least."

"Then why did they go in for so long."

"Probably because Senior Shang Hong instructed them in martial arts, didn't Senior Shang Hong say yesterday that if you come here to reply to him, you'll be given a great gift, that great gift must have been instruction."

"Hehe, I guess so, otherwise it wouldn't have taken so long to come out.By the way, you Liang Jingjing, are you willing to marry Shang Hong?"

That Liang Jingjing said, "I, I don't really want to, I feel like there's a generation gap with him, I still want to find someone my own age, what about you?With our talent and beauty, we won't be able to worry about finding geniuses our age."

"Hehe, me too, I hope Senior Shang Hong won't be angry."

At this moment, the door opened.

Tang Zichen said, "Qiao Xiaoqian, Liang Jingjing, come in."


The crowd outside still shouted, "Don't promise ah."

One of them, grunted, "This Shang Hong, the big gift he gave them must have instructed them a bit, so he will make such dirty tricks, despise."

Tang Zichen asked, "Qiao you don't want to marry me."

"Me, me."

"All right, Liang Jingjing, what about you?"

"I'm sorry, I don't want to either."Liang Jingjing said boldly.

Tang Zichen didn't wait to finish his sentence and directly picked up Liang Jingjing and Qiao Xiaoqin.

"Ah, Senior Shang Hong, what are you doing?"

"Qiao Xiaoqian, Liang Jingjing, I don't care if you want it or not, I'm not here to pursue you, I'm here to rob you by direct force, understand?"


What happened after that was repeated again, raw rice cooked.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen was a strong man, or else he wouldn't be able to carry it ah, and today, Tang Zichen was open to it.If it was for some genius land treasure, Tang Zichen would have

Spend the effort to obtain it, but for the sake of these little girls, the Don doesn't have the heart to chase after them and just take them away.

Half: "Will you now?"

"Oooh, Senior Shang Hong, you son of a bitch."Joe.

"Oh, son of a bitch is a son of a bitch, will you?"

"What can you do if you don't want to, and you'll leave us alone if you don't?"

"Definitely not."

"That crap, woohoo."

"Hahaha, alright, go in through the back door and wait for me in the training room."

After that, the last three girls also came, they were Little Green, Yeer, and Yin.

One of them was willing, two of them were unwilling, and the result was the same, cooked by Tang Zichen.

So far, Tang Zichen had spent less than half a day forcing the nine talented beauties to be willing.

And right now, the crowd outside was very nervous, what was going on after going in for so long.

Not long after, Tang Zichen opened the office door.

Those nine genius beauties also came out.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Everyone, go back."

"Hey, Shang Hong, nothing has been said about what's going on right now, and you're letting us go back?"A sub-national clan's son snorted.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Guys, isn't it obvious?I know that these nine genius beauties standing beside me are almost the goddesses of the entire Royal Academy boys, unfortunately, from today onwards, they are no longer your goddesses, they are my Shang's women now, I don't mind if you call them your sister-in-law."

"Shang Hong, what do you mean?Did you use something on them?If you dare to do so, don't blame my family for being disgruntled, this is a major part of the imperial city, and even though your Shang clan is a royal family, if you dare not follow the rules, we, a few vice-national clans, will never stop.If we all compete fairly, then we have nothing to say."Another Vice Nation Clan's peak ascendant said.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Don't worry, I won't use any dirty tricks, I was just inside and showed them my mighty posture, so they are all willing to marry a man as mighty and jade tree as me."

"I don't believe it, I want them to say it themselves."

"Okay, say it yourself, Song Yang, starting from your side, one by one, willing or unwilling."

"I'm willing."

"I'm willing."




The nine genius beauties all said willing in public, although, most of them didn't sound so cheerful.

Tang Zichen smiled, "You all heard it, they said willing themselves, I didn't force them oh well, let's disperse, if you're interested, go to my Green Rose Villa to drink my wedding wine then, thank you all first."

"Ahhhhh."Several children of the Vice Country Clan roared with reluctance.

In the end, the crowd gradually dispersed.

Tang Zichen chuckled, "A few ladies, come home with me."

A few genius beauties were a bit depressed, but had to accept reality.Tang Zichen wasn't even using proper means to get them, but where so what, what kind of identity did Tang Zichen have, with how dare they tell the truth, they had to be willing to do so.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed loudly and took nine genius beauties with him and flew back to the Green Rose Villa.

The Royal Academy, however, had an unknown number of boys at the moment, who were secretly weeping and cursing Shang Hong for his shamelessness.

Tang Zichen so divinely speedy to catch up with the nine beauties, this matter made Shang Jian laugh, very proudly said: "My grandson Shang Hong, really people love, black jiao see black jiao set, regardless of the old and young all love, hahaha.These nine geniuses and beauties, no matter how bad they are in the future, they will be at least at the late peak of the peak, which has greatly enhanced my Shang clan.Moreover, the future of Shang Hong and their offspring, no matter how bad they are, it's almost nowhere, it's really good, hahaha."Shang Jian couldn't stop laughing.


Tang Zichen couldn't stop smiling even as he looked at the nine genius beauties.

And at this moment.

In a certain magnificent place, let's not know what it was for the time being, but in any case, this place seemed to be completely different.

A woman, standing in mid-air, her feet stepped on a sword that could become bigger, or the imperial sword flight that could become medium was just that.

At the moment, this woman seemed to be disturbed.

At this moment, a woman flew over.


"Thousand Jie, why are you always disturbed these past few days, how can you still practice like this, the road to immortality is long and endless, your physique is inherently not a celestial spirit body, if you still have this attitude, it will be difficult for you to have an immortal destiny in this life."

"Master, I am."

"Alright, I know who's on your mind, I've already told you to drop it."

That's right, this disturbed woman was precisely Mu Qianji, right now she was still as young and beautiful as she was in the beginning, as if she hadn't changed in the slightest, and most importantly, even her heart tracks hadn't changed at all, as if, she hadn't been gone for very long. The first website

The sword that Mu Qianji was stepping on suddenly grew larger, and the sword became as big as a shield.

Mu Qianji immediately knelt down, his knees kneeling on the sword.

"Qianji, what are you doing?"The woman's brow furrowed.

Mu Qianji cried and begged, "Master, please help me calculate the fortune, is he killed, or is he encountering any difficulties, disciple these days restlessness, these years I have never been like this, I think, it must be something happened to him, please, master."

That old woman snorted, "Thousand Jie, you speak lightly, to help you tell a fortune, do you think that Master is so profound that he wants to do it?Don't you know that I've lost decades of my cultivation with my divination?It might even be a few hundred years of cultivation, thanks to you having the nerve to ask."

"Master, I beg you, if I don't know the answer, I won't be able to cultivate immortality anymore."

"You, Thousand Extremities, are you threatening Master?"

"Master, please, I'm really worried."

"Phew."The woman took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I can help you with a fortune telling, but you must promise me one condition after you finish this fortune telling and determine his life and death situation."

"What condition?"

"Voluntarily taking the Pill of Dissipation."

"Ah."Mu Qianji was shocked, taking the Eliminating God Pill, that meant, meant.


"If you don't agree, I won't help you, besides, if you want to go further on the path of immortal cultivation, you must take the Eliminating God Pill."

A scene flashed through Mu Qianji's mind, everything that happened with Tang Zichen cut like it was yesterday, Mu Qianji's heart ached like a knife, and he couldn't help the tears that flowed down.The first time you take the pills, it means there is no longer this person in her world, gripping reluctance as well as heartache, let Mu Qianji cry into tears.

"Master, disciple, disciple promise you just, sob."After saying this, Mu Qianji's body was vain, as if his soul had been removed.

That woman, only then did she pinch her fingers to emit stars and gold

Colored light, her mouth chanted as if she was casting some kind of spell.

This woman's divination was not the divination of those Jianghu liars, this was a true divination by the display of supernatural powers, powerful, and could even know the past and future.

After about half a column of incense, the woman took a deep breath, some fine sweat appeared on her forehead, it seems to be very consuming indeed.

The woman said: "I have calculated that your old lover, Wind Lightning, he mistakenly entered a very dangerous place, the place is called the Valley of Ghosts, is ten thousand years ago, the sacrifice of hundreds of millions of souls, after ten thousand years of evolution, this place has become extraordinary dangerous place.Those who enter the center have no life to return, and will continue to fall into the dream, again and again, time and time again, thinking that they have already woken up, but in fact, do not know, still in the dream, but according to their own will and continue to fantasize, until completely perished.Your old lover, Wind Lightning, according to that time and space, he has been trapped in this place for as long as three years, his body can no longer sustain, is gradually dying, and now is indeed not far from death.It seems that you and he, really have some telepathy."After saying that, the woman smiled bitterly.

"Master, please save him."Mu Qianji was busy crying and pleading.

The woman said, "Since you have agreed to take the God Dissipating Pill, I'll consume another few decades of mana."

"Thank you, Master."Mu Qianji sobbed.

The woman immediately cast another spell that seemed to be very spirit-consuming, and soon she felt like she was going to be wasted, and around her body, she emitted a milky white light.Mu Qianji was watching nervously from the side, so Tang Zichen was really in danger, no wonder she was so distraught and anxious these past few days.

Right at this moment, the milky white light on that woman's body suddenly rose greatly and turned into a starry golden light, moreover, the woman's entire body suddenly turned into an illusory shadow.

Master such divine magic, Mu Qianji was currently unable to achieve anything, her heart was filled with envy, but when she thought of Tang Zichen, her heart was filled with pain and a lot of frustration.

After an interval of half a pillar of incense, the woman suddenly took a deep breath and grunted, "I really don't know why I'm helping you with such a silly thing."After saying that, the dark woman's entire body was off, her face pale and dripping with virtual sweat.

"Master, how is it?"Mu Qianji was busy asking.

"It's fine, for Master to cast his magic power and make the divine thoughts pass through the void, he has already helped you to completely awaken him, I think he should be fine, and the evil spirits of that dangerous place can no longer infest him."

"Thank you, Master."

"Now, it's time for you to fulfill your promise."After saying that, the woman's hand suddenly flipped out a black bottle and poured out a thumb-sized pill.

Mu Qianji looked at the pill and cried out.

Finally, Mu Qianji stretched out a hand, shaking her hand, and received the pill, but she looked at the pill but was slow to take it, and in her mind, countless images flashed by, tears wetting her collar.

The woman saw that Mu Qianji was crying so sadly, and also moved with compassion, her tone was a little gentler, and comforted: "Qianji, you should also understand that you are not destined for each other at all, for you, only less than five years have passed, for him is still a deep memory, but for him, it's almost fifty years.A mortal, fifty years, has already forgotten all about you, so why do you need to miss him so much."

"Oooh."Mu Qianji finally couldn't hold back and cried out, the sound of his heart breaking was unbearably heart wrenching.


"Alas, Chiji, he is only a mortal after all, every flesh mortal fetus has its own destiny, we are different from him, our bodies are spirit bodies, extraordinary bodies.Of course, it is true that there are legends of fish jumping over the dragon's door and turning into a dragon in a single day, but unfortunately, since ancient times, I have never heard of any mortal who has been able to step into the void and achieve a spiritual body, so you don't have to dream that he will have such a day, his fate is already set, just like countless mortals throughout the ages."

"Oooh."Mu Qianji just cried and didn't retort, in fact, over the past few years, she had searched for many, many books to see if there were any characters about 'mortal bodies' evolving into 'spirit bodies'.Unfortunately, there was none, instead all the records on this subject said that this was just a consolation from the heavens for mortals, and that there was no way in the world that a mortal could transform into a spirit.Therefore, Mu Qianji began with a longing for Tang Zichen and ended up despairing.

After crying for an unknown amount of time, Mu Qianji stopped crying and picked up the black pill, looking at the pill in his hand without any anxiety in his eyes, as if he was muttering to himself, "Wind Light Cloud, the person I love the most in this life, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, peace, and prosperity for ten thousand generations, farewell forever."After saying that, Mu Qianji swiftly swallowed the black pill into her mouth, while at this point, tears had already blurred her vision.

Time rewound back a few moments ago, in a certain place.

Tang Zichen looked at the nine genius beauties in front of him and laughed.

Tang Zichen brought the nine genius beauties back from the Royal Academy not many days ago.

But at this moment, deep in Tang Zichen's mind, a voice, if any, suddenly sounded, "Come back, come back, come back."

"Hm?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, was someone using Thousand Mile Voice Transmission on him?

But, no, that's not what a thousand miles of sound felt like, and right now this voice, it was like, yes, it was like someone in their sleep, someone calling out from their bed.

"Come back, come back, come back."The voice in Tang Zichen's head was getting louder and louder, eventually almost making his brain shit out.

Tang Zichen covered his head, feeling painful, while the nine genius beauties in front of him were now indifferent and unmoving, as if they were still there, turning into wax statues. Remember the website

"Come back."The last voice, as loud as thunder, almost exploded Tang Zichen's skull.

"Ah."Tang Zichen shouted, as if he had been woken up from his sleep, and sat up from his lying down state.

Tang Zichen immediately looked around and saw that there was white fog all around, and Tang Zichen was sitting in the slippery black mud, the mud looked a bit like it had been stained by countless blood, there was also a chilling atmosphere in the air, and in the white fog, there were some green fluorescent lights flickering as if they were ghost fires, and from time to time, a looming face could be seen, clattering up against Tang Zichen's face, but it turned into a gust of wind, not causing any discomfort to Tang Zichen.

"Me, where am I?It's impossible, I'm clearly at home in the Dawu Empire, why did I suddenly wake up in the mountains?Could it be that this is the Valley of Ghosts?Oh God, no, I've left Ghost Valley, what's going on here?"Tang Zichen looked like he couldn't believe it.

At that moment, the voice that had just sounded in Tang Zichen's mind once again said, "Wind Lightning, count your brat lucky to have me spend decades of mana to save you."

"You, who are you?"Don was busy asking.

"You don't need to know who I am."

"Then why did you save me?"


; "You think I want to save you, but if my apprentice hadn't begged, I wouldn't have bothered to take care of you, a mortal."

"A mortal, your apprentice?Your apprentice is?"

"Hmm, it's been fifty years, maybe you've already forgotten."

"Ah, Mu Qianji, where is she?"

"All right, Windy, forget this man forever, you're parted forever."

"No, wait."

However, the voice in his head completely disappeared.

No matter how much Tang Zichen shouted, there was no response.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was able to understand that he had definitely never left the Valley of Ghosts, and all of the previous ones were all fantasies that he had imagined based on his inner will, like a movie that played out based on what his heart wanted until his body completely perished.

At this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly saw that his hands, had withered away, and all that was left of his entire body was a skin and bones.

Tang Zichen's hair had all fallen out as well, just like a dried corpse.

"Phew."Tang Zichen's breathing became heavy.

"What a terrifying Ghost Valley, if I'm not wrong, it should be Mu Qianji who knew I was in distress and then asked her master to save me.Judging from the tone of her master's voice, I seem to be very lowly, I'm mortal in his eyes, since I'm mortal, who are they now?Are they not mortal?That's all I can know, what do I do?"

"I told you, Mu Qianji is definitely not in the Grand Precious Empire, and definitely not in any empire, otherwise, fifty years, there's no way she wouldn't come looking for me."

The moment he learned the truth, Tang Zichen almost fell into despair.

Tang Zichen had been certain that he and Mu Qianji were not in the same world at all.

A world away, how distant this was.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen cried as he laughed.

Tang Zichen stood up holding on to a tree branch, his body swaying, Tang Zichen looked at the foggy sky and said through clenched teeth, "Mu Qianji, I don't care how many worlds apart from you, I, Tang Zichen, will definitely find you in this life, definitely.I once read an ancient book that said that when the path of martial arts reaches its most extreme and pinnacle, one can tread through the void, I believe this must be true.Thousand Extremes, wait for me, I will definitely step into the void and leave the mortal realm to come find you."

Tang Zichen slowly made his way out in the white mist of the mountain.

Just then, another blurred face with a flashing green light came crashing up to Tang Zichen.

"Is this a ghost?"Tang Zichen really suspected it was a ghost.

When it hit Tang Zichen's face, it turned into a gust of wind.

Tang Zichen stopped and slowly felt that gale, the gale carried many emotions, angry, being sorrowful, all kinds.

"This is a soul, I didn't expect that in this world, there really are souls, it's just that mortals can't see them, or those who do see them are already dead.Every single one that crashes into me at this moment is a soulless soul.If I hadn't been saved by Mu Qianji's master at this moment, I would never have been able to awaken, much less see these souls."

Tang Zichen looked around and finally saw that all the souls with blurred faces were rushing towards a certain direction of the Ghost Valley.

And in that place, there was a blood-red flower.


"The blood red flower?Is that spirit grass?"

Tang Zichen remembered that in his previous illusion, when he was unconscious, he accidentally caught a spirit grass, which woke him up, then he ate the spirit grass and his realm soared wildly to the sixth intention of Dengfeng Perfection.

Now that I think about it, it was truly a beautiful dream, and this dream had even made it all the way to the Great Martial Empire.

Tang Zichen's realm at the moment was still the sixth time in the late Dengfeng stage, and he hadn't stepped into Dengfeng Perfection at all.

Tang Zichen didn't have time to think too much right now and immediately went towards the blood-red flower.

This blood-red flower wasn't very down-to-earth either, it looked ordinary, but, for some reason, all the 'souls' rushed towards this flower, as if they wanted to rush inside the flower, or, be absorbed by this flower, then spit out, then absorbed again, over and over again.

With doubts, Tang Zichen immediately went up to the flower, and with a lot of effort, he finally touched the blood-red flower.

However, the flower was incomparably heavy, and with Tang Zichen's now withered hands, it was impossible to pull it out.

Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry, his body was now like a skeleton, it was strange that he could pull it out.

Tang Zichen must first allow himself to recover.

Tang Zichen dug some roots in the same place to feed his hunger and slowly recover his body. One second to remember to read the book

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

Tang Zichen had finally recovered almost.

Only then did Tang Zichen walk towards the blood-red flower, starting from the root and pulling it out with all his might.

The moment Tang Zichen pulled out that blood-red flower, the flower struggled desperately in Tang Zichen's hands.

"Hehe, it really is a spirit grass."Tang Zichen smiled.

Tang Zichen immediately swallowed the blood-red flower no matter what.

It was definitely an extraordinary spirit grass that could actually absorb the spirits of the dead.

At that moment, Tang Zichen felt like a heavenly window had been opened above his head, incomparably bright, and countless auras of heaven and earth poured in from his heavenly canopy.

Tang Zichen didn't know how long he had been closed for, maybe a day, maybe two days.

When he opened his eyes, his aura soared.

"Heavens, what realm am I in right now?Did I step into the return to the void?"Tang Zichen muttered internally.

"No way, it's really Return to the Void?"

"Damn it, this is impossible."

Tang Zichen couldn't believe that this was true, he went from late peak ascension and rushed into the Return to Void stage in no time.

Tang Zichen was stunned in place for a long time.

In the end, Tang Zichen had to accept this reality, he had really stepped into the Returned Void Stage One.

"Hahaha, hahaha, I've actually stepped into the Returned Void, gosh."Tang Zichen laughed loudly, then said inwardly, "Thousand Extremes, wait for me, I will definitely step into the Void."

Tang Zichen didn't know anything about mortal bodies, he only knew that as long as he kept moving forward, even mortals could eventually break into butterflies.

Tang Zichen leapt into the air and flew up into the air, looking down on the entire Ghost Valley.

This time, Tang Zichen could be sure that he was truly awake, because looking at everything around him, the feeling was different.

Tang Zichen flew out of the Valley of Ghosts.

"Little Fire."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Minister, you've finally come out.".

"How long have I been in there, Little Fire?"Don Zichen asked.

"Chen, you've been in there for three years."

"Oh, three years, but even thirty years would be worth it."

"Minister, your momentum?"


nbsp; "Hahaha, Little Fire, I'm in the Valley of Ghosts, I got an extraordinary spirit grass, and I stepped into the first stage of Return to Void in no time."

"Gosh."Little Fire was scared silly, riding a rocket wasn't even this fast.

"Brother Chen, you're also too lucky, right?"

Tang Zichen sighed, "In fact, this was all bestowed upon me by Mu Qianji.If it wasn't for her, I would have died in the Valley of Ghosts, much less come to my senses, plucked that extraordinary spirit grass, and charged into the Returning Void in one fell swoop."

"What do you mean, brother minister?"

"Little Fire, you might not believe it, I was in the Valley of Ghosts, caught in an endless illusion, and in the illusion, I've thought over and over again that I had left the Valley of Ghosts, and also returned to the Great Martial Empire, and even more outrageously also returned to the Royal Academy to forcefully marry nine genius beauties, huh?But I didn't expect that I hadn't left the Valley of Ghosts at all, I was just waiting to die.If Mu Qianji pleaded with her master to wake me up completely, I heard that her master had spent decades of magic power to wake me up.Only then did I finally wake up, and when I woke up, I was as thin as a skeleton, and my hair was rotting.But I didn't expect the heavens to take pity on me, hahaha, let me see a spirit grass that absorbs souls, hehe, I ate it and soared straight to the first stage of Return to Void."

"Wow, Brother Chen, congratulations."

"Little Fire, that blood red spirit grass isn't much, but I still left a leaf for you, so eat it."

"Uh, it was even left for me."Little Fire was incomparably touched, it could be said that Tang Zichen had traded his life for it.

Not only with Tang Zichen's life, but it was also what Mu Qianji had taken in exchange for taking the God Dissipating Pill and her master's decades of mana, it was just that Tang Zichen didn't know this.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's soaring to the Returning Void Stage was the result of sacrificing so much to get it, but most of all, it was also what Mu Qianji had traded for with the Eliminating Divine Pill.

Little Fire immediately ate the leaf of the spirit grass.

"Minister, I'll enlighten myself quietly."


After a while, Little Fire opened his eyes and his body suddenly expanded, Little Fire's body seemed to have evolved a layer.

"Haha, Brother Chen, I've evolved one layer to a more advanced species, although I'm still a fire beast, I'm like the difference between a snake and a python compared to before.Thank you, Brother Minister."

"Oh, Little Fire, don't say that if you're a brother."

"Brother Minister, do you still have your spirit grass left for your wives and children?"Little Fire asked.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "There's only one leaf, for you."

"Ah, Brother Chen, how can you make me feel good like this."

"Come on, Little Fire, don't be sentimental, there's only one leaf, it's not good for me to take it home and share it, instead, it will cause some conflicts, besides, a leaf, no matter who I give it to, it's of limited use to them, even if I give it to my great grandfather, it won't be of much use, it's impossible for him to charge into the Third Stage of Return to Void, so it's most appropriate to give it to you.Alright, time to go, back to the Great Precious Empire first."

"Wait, Minister."

"What else?"

: "Minister, you can't go back to the Grand Precious Empire."

"Why?Wenxia is still in the Great Precious Empire, where am I going if I don't go back to the Great Precious Empire?"

Littlefire sighed.

"Little Fire, don't you dare swallow."

"Minister, if you go back to the Great Precious Empire, you'll be killed."

"Why?Who wants to kill me?"

"Brother Chen, three years ago, about ten days after you entered the Valley of Ghosts, Wen Xia and Wei Ting, Guo Bai, Yin Hua, the four of them came after you, after discussing, Wei Ting and Guo Bai went in to find you, and Wen Xia and Yin Hua were weaker, so they stayed outside.At that time, I stopped Wei Ting and Guo Bai from going in, but they felt that they were at least on par with you as geniuses, they weren't even afraid of you, they wouldn't have dared to go if they came, a bit of that, so they went in.After that, they never came out again."


"Ah, Wei Ting and Guo Bai went into Ghost Valley and never came out?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Yes, immediately after that, Wen Yang also arrived, and Wen Yang entered the Valley of Ghosts and found the bodies of Wei Ting and Guo Bai at the outskirts of the Valley."

"What? Wei Ting and Guo Bai are dead?"


"Brother Chen, if you go to the Grand Precious Empire now, you will be killed by the families of Wei Ting and Guo Bai, because, they blame you for the deaths of both Wei Ting and Guo Bai."

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, never thought that the ending would be so tragic, Wei Ting and Guo Bai were dead, they were at least the Great Precious Empire, geniuses who stepped into the late peak of the peak in their sixties.

Every time someone entered the Valley of Ghosts, most of them died, it didn't seem to be a rumor, it was true, no exceptions would be made for anyone, even the geniuses.

Tang Zichen was able to come out alive thanks to Mu Qianji, otherwise he would not be spared and would surely rot inside.

Tang Zichen looked in the direction of Ghost Valley and said sadly, "Wei Ting, I'm sorry, I'm the one who killed you, Brother Guo Bai, I'm sorry, you have a good journey."

Tang Zichen bowed three times in the direction of Ghost Valley.

"Brother Chen, you shouldn't blame yourself, although they mainly went in to find you, but it wasn't exactly to find you, they also have an ego, otherwise they wouldn't have gone in, besides, even you almost died in there, it's understandable for them to die, now they've been dead for almost three years."Little Fire consoled. First URL

"Where are Wenxia and Yinhua?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Wen Xia and Yin Hua were even weaker and didn't go in, so they were spared, but later, they were brought back to the Great Precious Empire by Wen Yang.And, Wen Yang unilaterally announced that he broke off the engagement between you and Wen Xia."

"What?Wen Yang unilaterally broke off my engagement to Wenxia?"

"Yes, because you got Wei Ting and Guo Bai killed, you have become the enemy of the people of the entire Great Precious Empire, and Wen Yang unilaterally dissolved the marriage relationship with you is no choice, besides, Wen Yang must also think that it's wise to dissolve the marriage relationship with a dead man when you died in it, so that Wen Xia can still marry again.As for Yin Hua, she seems to be sad that her lover boy died.Brother Chen, let's go back to the Great Martial Empire, you and Wenxia have also dissolved your marriage, there's no need to go back to the Great Precious Empire."

Tang Zichen firmly said, "No, Wei Ting and Guo Bai, I'm the one who killed them, I must go to the Great Precious Empire to pay my respects to them, if I don't even go to pay my respects, am I still a human being?"

"Brother Chen, you don't want to die, Wei Ting and Guo Bai are both families of kings, the strongest members of their families are all kings of the Returned Void Phase 1, they have already threatened that if you are not dead, they will kill you to avenge your death, do you still run to the Great Precious Empire to die."

Tang Zichen said, "A man must be responsible, it is true that I died because of me, even if Wei Ting and the strongest members of the Guo Bai family killed me, I would still go.Moreover, I'm now in the first stage of Return to Void, they may not be able to kill me."

"Uh, right oh, Brother Minister, you're also now at the Returned Void stage ah, haha, then I'm not afraid."

"Let's go, go to the Great Precious Empire, pay your respects to Wei Ting and Guo Bai, also, I have to deal with my marriage with Wenxia, and Yin Hua, I have to say sorry to her as well."

Little Fire carried Tang Zichen and quickly flew to the Great Precious Empire.

After Tang Zichen stepped into the first stage of Return to Void, the momentum on his body changed very much, as if he was like a great Buddha, even if the hurricane blew, it felt like it wouldn't move.

"Brother Chen, I admire you so much, only 76 years old and you've stepped into the Returned Void Phase 1, tsk tsk, the youngest Returned Void Phase 1 in the entire world since records have been kept

The period powerhouses are over 130 years old."

But Tang Zichen said bitterly, "But I don't feel powerful at all."


"Because I am only a mortal after all, I must step into the void and leave this world."

"Ah, Minister, are you under some kind of stimulus."

"Oh, I'm just going by my own judgment, this world, it's not that simple.The world we're in now is just the mortal realm, the mortal realm, are all people who practice martial arts, the martial arts range from the three-legged cat, to the outer gate, inner gate, Houtian, innate, unity realm, master realm, peak realm, and return to the void.One level is more powerful than another, but unfortunately, at present, in the entire mortal world, since ancient times, those who can practice martial arts to the point of returning to emptiness are few and far between, but those who surpass the point of returning to emptiness are not there at all.However, I, Tang Zichen, don't believe that returning to emptiness is the ultimate in martial arts.There must be an end point, and the end point must be the ability to step through the void and leave the mortal realm.I want to leave the mortal realm and go to a higher realm."

"I don't understand anything you're saying, Minister."

"Alright, I'm just guessing, but I'm only guessing, and I feel very confident that it's true inside.Mu Qianji is the one who, along with her master, left the mortal realm, and also, that mysterious strong man I met at the ocean whirlpool, I'm sure he's not from the mortal realm."

Tang Zichen's heart was filled with longing, and this longing had already surpassed the extent of whether or not his family could continue for thousands and thousands of years.

Whether or not the family could continue forever for future generations, Tang Zichen no longer had such a strong obsession, leaving the mortal realm was his goal.

It was like, a bird in a cage, it longed to leave the cage, but this cage had no door, it had to step on the emptiness of the cage in order to leave the cage.

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at the imperial capital of the Great Precious Empire.

Tang Zichen temporarily hid the realm for the sake of unnecessary explanations.

Tang Zichen hid his realm until he reached peak completion.

Then, he arrived at the Wanyang King's Palace.

At this moment, in the Wanyang King's Mansion, a boudoir.

"Miss, Miss, Miss, it's not good."

"What is it."A woman said absent-mindedly.

"Miss, it's really bad, he, he's back."


"Shang Hong."

"Ah."The woman stood up at once.

"My husband, my husband is back?"The woman cried out.

"Yes, but Miss, he's no longer your grandfather la, you mustn't scream nonsense, or your great grandfather will hear it, after all, you know that the Wei Ting and the Guo Bai family will not let him go."

However, Wenxia ran away in flames.

Tang Zichen sat on the hall of the Wanyang Palace.

Not long after, a woman outside cried out, "Husband."

Wenxia ran in crying and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Tang Zichen smiled at Wenxia and said, "Long time no see, Wenxia."

"Husband, you're still alive, oooooh."Wenxia threw herself onto Tang Zichen's body.

At this time, a voice came from outside the door, "Shang Hong."

Tang Zichen looked, it was Wen Yang.


Tang Zichen smiled at him and said, "I heard that you unilaterally dissolved my marriage to Wenxia."

"Shang Hong, I'm sorry I had to do that, but you killed Wei Ting and Guo Bai because of your actions.Health Jin and Guo Lu, will definitely not let you go, if my family continues to marry you, it will offend their two big families, so I can only apologize to you, besides, you are not at a disadvantage, my Xuan granddaughter what purity you took away."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

However, Wenxia cried, "No, I don't want to dissolve the marriage, I don't, I want to go home with my husband."

"Wenxia."Wen Yang shouted, his face cold.

Tang Zichen asked, "Health Jin and Guo Lu must be the strongest members of the Wei Ting family, as well as the Guo Bai family."

"Yes, they are both strong people of the first stage of Return to Void, Health Jin and Guo Lu, they are both younger and stronger than me, and are likely to step into the second stage of Return to Void, I don't want to offend, I must think of my family.Shang Hong, I hope you will leave my family immediately, stay away, we no longer have any relationship."

This statement was carefully considered by Wen Yang, no matter how genius Shang Hong was, he was after all from the Great Martial Empire, distant water couldn't put out a nearby fire, it would be better to have a good relationship with a close neighbor.

"Wen Yang, are you trying to drive me away?"

"Shang Hong, I hope it's better not to have a conflict.By the way, Wenxia already has a new fiancé."

"Yeah."Tang Zichen's heart swelled with fire, his wife, but she had a fiancé again. Remember the URL

"You want to know who it is?It's actually a descendant of the Wei Ting family, about the same age as Wen Xia, although the martial skills aren't as powerful as yours, but it's worthy of Wen Xia, and in the future, I will need to rely on the protection of the Wei Ting family to shelter my Wanyang Wangfu."

At this moment, in the Wei Ting's family, as well as Guo Bai's family.

"Kings, Shang Hong walked out of the Valley of Ghosts alive, and has now returned to the Wanyang Wangfu."A subordinate reported.

In Guo Bai's family, someone similarly hurriedly ran to report.

"Shang Hong, he killed Wei Ting, I didn't expect that after three years, he is still alive, if he died, that's fine, but if he is still alive, then he must die to accompany my Wei Ting."The kings of the Wei Ting family said through gritted teeth.

In Guo Bai's family, Guo Lu got the news and meant the same thing, believing that Tang Zichen had killed the most talented son of their family and must go to accompany him to his funeral.

In a certain inn.

Tang Zichen was sitting in a corner, drinking wine alone.

"Brother Chen, why didn't you take Wenxia with you?Leaving the Winyang Palace on his own."Little Fire asked.

Yes, just now, Wen Yang told Tang Zichen to leave his house, Tang Zichen nodded and left.

Tang Zichen didn't have a disagreement with Wen Yang, and having a disagreement with Wen Yang wasn't the root of the problem at all.

"I'll take Wenxia with me sooner or later, it's just not the right time yet."

"Uh, what do you mean."

"I think the fact that I'm still alive and back in the Imperial City of the Great Precious Empire should have spread out, and the Kings of the Weiting Family, Health King, and Guo Lu, should also know about it, and they'll definitely come looking for me.So, it's only a matter of time before I fight them."

"Brother Chen, you have to hold back."

"Oh, don't worry, I'm confident, I'll wait here now until they find me, at that time, it's time for war."

Right now, at the palace.

"Your Majesty, Shang Hong has returned alive."

"What? Shang Hong entered the Valley of Ghosts for three years and still managed to come out alive?"

"Sovereign, it's true, after Health Jin and Guo Lu found out, they both rushed to the Wanyang Palace, they are bound to kill Shang Hong.Sovereign, what should we do?If Shang Hong dies in our place, will the Shang clan of the Great Martial Empire get involved?"

"Don't worry, this has nothing to do with us, let's stay out of this matter, no matter how they kill Shang Hong."


"Let's go, let's go to the roundup."

In the backyard of the palace.

"Princess Yin Hua."

"What is it."

"Something big happened, Shang Hong, Shang Hong he didn't die, he got out of the Valley of Ghosts alive and returned to the capital, now, all the kings Health Jin, and all the kings Guo Lu, they all rushed to kill Shang Hong."

"He's even fine, why wouldn't he die for three years, and Wei Ting, he only went in for a day and died?"Princess Yin Hua's eyes shone with tears, Princess Yin Hua didn't hate Tang Zichen, after all, Wei Ting wasn't pulled in by Tang Zichen, it was their own choice to go in, Yin Hua was just sorry, and also couldn't figure out why the same level of genius, Tang Zichen was able to come out for three years, while Wei Ting and Guo Bai died in one day.

Yin Hua stood up and also immediately flew to the Wanyang Palace, no matter what, she would try to stop Health Jin and Guo Lu so that they wouldn't kill Tang Zichen, after all, blaming Tang Zichen like this was indeed a bit of an injustice to Tang Zichen.

At the Wenyang Wangfu.

"Wenyang, where's Shang Hong?"Hygienic Jin yelled at the question.

Wen Yang had already been waiting for a long time, and when he saw Health Jin and Guo Lu arrive, he smiled slightly and said, "Brother Wei, Brother Guo, why don't you go in first and have a cup of tea before we talk."

"Wen Yang, I ask you, where is Shang Hong?Hand it over to me right now, or else, don't blame me for being unkind."Health Jin raged.

Guo Lu was also angry, "Wen Yang, don't challenge our patience, it's already at this time, if you still dare to harbor Shang Hong, then you'll see what you can do."

When Wen Yang saw this, he smiled, "In that case, I have no choice but to tell the truth, Shang Hong did come here just now, but then, I let him go, so he has already left my residence."

"Wen Yang, why did you let him go?"Hygienic Jin yelled.

Wen Yang also frowned, "Hygienic Jin, it's my freedom to let him go, because although I've dissolved my marriage with him, I don't want to become enemies with him.Even if he didn't leave, I won't allow you to kill him in my family, I don't want this matter to have anything to do with me, if you want to kill, go outside and kill him, everything has nothing to do with my Wangfu, hmm."

Guo Lu asked, "Wen Yang, are you sure Shang Hong has left?"

"Believe it or not, you guys have time to talk nonsense here, you might as well order your servants to go look for it all over the city."

Hygienic Jin and Guo Lu, immediately sent their men to look for them.

Tang Zichen was sitting in an inn drinking, and he didn't hide, so he waited for them to find him.

About half an hour later, finally, they found Tang Zichen.

"Report, found Shang Hong, he's at the Drunken Moon Inn."At the Wei Clan, a servant reported.

Health Jin immediately left.

Of course, at the same time, Guo Lu also got the news and rushed to his destination.

When Sanitary Jin and Guo Lu arrived at their destination, the Drunken Moon Inn, there was a large circle of people around the Drunken Moon Inn.


It turned out that someone had already found out first, but no one wanted to offend Shang Hong, so no one tipped them off and just waited for Health Jin's own family to send someone to find out.

"Where is Shang Hong?"Hygienic Gold came and shouted.

The circle of people around the place didn't say anything, and everyone turned their attention to that inn, only to see one of the windows of the inn open, and by that window, a man was sitting there, a man drinking wine.

This person was Shang Hong.

"Shang Hong, you still dare to come here."Health Jin shouted, then blasted a palm strike at that restaurant.

"Boom."With a bang, that inn collapsed and turned into ruins.

Tang Zichen whirled a wine cup into the air at the moment the inn collapsed, standing in mid-air with that wine cup still in his hand.

Everyone was a little surprised that Shang Hong was able to fly out so easily, and everyone noticed that Shang Hong's momentum seemed extraordinary, although his realm looked like it was only Dengfeng Perfection.

Guo Lu also flew in at this time.

"Shang Hong, give me death."Guo Lu yelled.

Tang Zichen threw down his wine cup and said, "Two seniors, regarding the death of Brother Wei Ting and Brother Guo Bai, I, Shang, am really sorry, and I'm very sorry, I'm just as sad as you are." One second to remember to read the book

"Shang Hong, you killed them and you're still here cat-crying and pretending to be compassionate, so if you're very sorry, then go stay with them."Health Jin said loudly.

Tang Zichen shook his head slightly and said, "That's two different things, just because I deplore it doesn't mean I want to die with them, I'm not going to lie, I came here this time to pay my respects to Brother Wei Ting and Brother Guo Bai, I still hope that the two seniors will let me go."

"Take your head and pay your respects."Guo Lu yelled.

Just at this moment, a yell came from the distance, "Wait."

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw that Yin Hua was flying in.

Yin Zheng, Yin Hua's grandfather at the scene, was among them, and when he saw Yin Hua appear, he panicked and said, "Yin Hua, what are you doing here, don't make a mess."

After all, Shang Hong was a member of the Great Martial Empire's Shang Clan, and Yin Zheng didn't want to have any grudges with the Shang Clan.

However, that Yin Hua still flew up and said, "Senior Health Jin, Senior Guo Lu, please open your eyes, Shang Hong didn't mean it."

Health Jin raged, "Yin Hua, thanks to you and Wei Ting's love affair, I didn't expect that you would treat him this way, how disappointed he would be with you if he knew in the spring."

Yin Hua shook her head and said, "Senior Health Jin, you really can't blame Shang Hong for this, after all, Shang Hong didn't ask them to go to Ghost Valley, you can't treat Shang Hong as an enemy ah, the most you can say is that you died because of him."

"That's enough."Health Jin shouted.

Yin Zheng was busy coming out and pulling Yin Hua away.

"Yin Hua, this is their feud with the Shang clan, let's not get mixed up in it, don't cause a fuss."

Yin Hua could only regretfully look at Shang Hong, as if to say, I can only help you so far.

Tang Zichen smiled at Yin Hua and looked at her with a grateful look, Tang Zichen had gotten Wei Ting killed and she was still able to be so reasonable, it was indeed rare for her to be able to say a few fair words for Tang Zichen at a time like this.

"Shang Hong, go on your way."Health Jin said, slapping a palm towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was certainly not a guest.


Although Tang Zichen had a guilty conscience for indirectly killing Wei Ting, it didn't mean that Tang Zichen had to feel guilty about Wei Ting's great grandfather as well.

Tang Zichen fiercely welcomed it.

It was just that this Health Gold was an old Return to Void Phase One, at least six times over.

Tang Zichen had only just stepped into the first stage of Returned Void, zero times, and had zero perceptions of the second stage of Returned Void.

Therefore, the difference in the realm could not be ignored, and if he did not open Life Blood Hiding, plus there was a Guo Lu beside him, Tang Zichen had little grasp of it, and in order to be 100% sure that he would not be hurt, Tang Zichen did not hesitate to open Life Blood Hiding.

"Bang."In the sky, their palms instantly opposed each other.

Tang Zichen's palm emitted a strong and powerful force, it was fast and ruthless, it was not an ordinary force, it was enough to tear a building apart.

"Ah."Health Jin shouted, feeling Tang Zichen's power was so strong, his arm was instantly subjected to an extremely strong back shock, and the bones in his elbow, which had gone through his elbow, were in great pain, and his body flew hundreds of meters backwards.

Tang Zichen, however, didn't seem to be using his full strength, like a mountain, he didn't move a muscle, and Tang Zichen didn't have any expression on his face, he still looked very calm.

"What."The crowd was shocked at this scene, and thought that Tang Zichen must have turned into mincemeat under the slap of the Health Gold, but they didn't expect this to be the result.

At this moment, Tang Zichen didn't hide his breath anymore and unleashed all of his Returning Void Stage 1 breath.

"No, that's impossible."Guo Lu, who hadn't yet made a move at the side, felt Tang Zichen's Qi of the Returned Void Stage and his entire body was dumbfounded.

Not only him, Yin Zheng, Wen Yang, were all dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen was actually a powerful person of the Returned Void Stage One, this was too shocking.

Throughout the ages, none of those who had reached Hui Void were old men or women, and a Hui Void strongman as young as Tang Zichen was simply unimaginable.

Yin Hua, who was in the crowd, was also looking at Tang Zichen in shock at this moment, she was unable to describe Tang Zichen with words.

"No, it's impossible."Health Gold, who was blown away by Tang Zichen's palm and had even pierced through the bones of his elbow, was now shouting.

Tang Zichen stood in mid-air, his clothes moving without wind, and looked at Sanitary Jin and said, "Sanitary Jin, although Shang has only just stepped into the first stage of Return to the Void, zero times, you are still not my opponent, I advise you to stop here, otherwise, I will definitely be rude as well.I feel guilty towards Brother Wei Ting, but not towards you."

Health Jin heard such a strong tone from Tang Zichen, his body's cold hairs stood on end, Tang Zichen had only just stepped into the first stage of Return to Void, zero times, but he was able to defeat him, how powerful was this.

Wen Yang, who was in the crowd, was also extremely ugly at the moment, since Tang Zichen was able to defeat Health Jin, it was even easier to defeat him, because Wen Yang's strength was not as strong as Health Jin.

Right now, Wen Yang was filled with regret, why did he unilaterally dissolve the marriage with him and just said such words to Tang Zichen in the house.

Tang Zichen looked at Guo Lu again and said, "Senior Guo Lu, you haven't made a move yet, perhaps you're still not convinced with me, then I'll give you a sword, if you can block it, I'm at your disposal."After saying that, Tang Zichen instantly took out his sword and slashed at Guo Lu.

"Wow."That sword, issued from Tang Zichen's side, in the blink of an eye, was as brilliant as a rainbow, cutting straight at Guo Lu, and the houses on the ground split with his sword qi.


"Ah."Only Jia Guo Lu screamed, before he could pick up his sword, Tang Zichen's sword Qi cut his body as if a gale blew through, and suddenly, Guo Lu's entire body was drenched in blood, as if he had been skinned.

"What."The crowd was shocked to see Guo Lu in such a miserable state, Tang Zichen was able to make him so with the power of one sword, how powerful was Tang Zichen.

Guo Lu's entire body was trembling, not only from pain, but also from fear.

Right now, everyone was incredibly looking up to Tang Zichen, as if he was as great as a mountain.

Even Yin Zheng, who was standing in the crowd, was looking at Tang Zichen with a bit of a palpable feeling.

As for, Yin Hua, looking at Tang Zichen's heart actually beat a little fast.

For a long time, Guo Lu lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, Shang Hong, I just had my eyes open, I hope Senior Shang Hong doesn't blame you."

Tang Zichen looked at Guo Lu and said in his heart, "Still, he knows how to advance and retreat.

On the other hand, that hygienic gold didn't say anything, didn't apologize to Tang Zichen like Guo Lu did.Although it didn't matter if he apologized or not, it was a right attitude, which showed that the health gold still had a grudge against Tang Zichen inside.

Tang Zichen looked at the Health Jin and said, "Health Jin, you still seem to have grievances?"

"Don't dare."Health King said. First published at

Tang Zichen raised his sword and said, "Could it be that the sword I just beheaded Guo Lu, you are sure of catching it."

Sanitary Jin hadn't said anything yet, but at that moment, Tang Zichen cut down with his sword.

"Ah."Hygienic Jin's face changed and he was busy raising his sword to meet it, but as soon as the sword was raised, his body turned bloody as if he had been skinned with a saber-like pain.

"Wow."The audience was silent.

Tang Zichen said, "Hygienic Jin, it seems you can't catch it either."

Hygienic Gold lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, Shang Hong."

Finally, after eating Tang Zichen's sword, Hygienic Gold lowered his head, not daring to have the slightest bit of resentment inside.

Tang Zichen was satisfied with this and said, "Where are the graves of Brother Wei Ting and Brother Guo Bai, take me there."

"Please follow me."

Health Jin and Guo Lu, flew away with Tang Zichen.

The crowd didn't follow, but they had to lament that the two strong men of the first stage of Return to Void were beaten by Tang Zichen with no temper.

Tang Zichen went to pay his respects to Wei Ting and Guo Bai separately, who were buried in the Royal Cemetery.

Tang Zichen had just left the royal cemetery after paying his respects when he saw Wen Yang waiting outside.

Tang Zichen didn't even look at him and just flew away.

"Ugh!"Wen Yang was stunned, his face was embarrassed and fearful at the same time, because now even Yin Zheng didn't dare to offend Tang Zichen, even though Yin Zheng's realm was higher than Tang Zichen's.

Wen Yang immediately chased after him.

"Shang Hong, Shang Hong."

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen turned back and at the same time swung a sword at Wen Yang, the sword pointed at Wen Yang's neck and said, "Wen Yang, I have nothing to do with you, Wen Yang Wangfu, this is what you told me, have you forgotten yourself?I will take Wenxia with me, from now on, Wenxia is no longer a member of the Wanyang Palace, hmm."

Tang Zichen flew away.

Wen Yang stood there lost.

"Hahaha, brother Shang Hong."A laugh came from not far away, it was Yin Zheng.

"Senior Brother Yin Zheng."

"Brother Shang Hong, although I'm one level higher than you in the realm, there's no need to be so polite, let's go, let's go to my place for a drink?"


bsp; Tang Zichen said, "The Sovereign of the Grand Precious Empire invited me to drink, so how could Shang Hong not give face."


Tang Zichen followed Yin Zheng and flew away, not far behind, Wen Yang stood there stunned, a few seconds later, Wen Yang slapped himself in the face.

Tang Zichen arrived at the palace, and Yin Zheng had already prepared a banquet to treat Tang Zichen.

"Brother Shang Hong, you've really opened my eyes today, stepping into the Void at such a young age and defeating Health Jin and Guo Lu, haha, it's enough for me to see a genius like you in my life."

"Brother Yin Zheng is polite."

"Brother Shang Hong, I can assure you that your future is absolutely extraordinary.In our world, legend has it that tens of thousands of years ago, one of the most powerful people stepped into the Homeward Void Fifth Stage, and I think that you will definitely be able to surpass this person."

"Uh, there are actually five stages after the Returning Void Stage 4."

"Right, it's just a pity that after that, no one knows what realm the Martial Dao is at anymore, as for the legend, the pinnacle of the Martial Dao, stepping into the Void, it's even more unknown what realm it's at, and it's not known if it's true or not."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, vowing inwardly that he would tread the Void regardless of whether it was true or not.

However, Tang Zichen also faced a problem, the strongest person in the world was only around the third stage of returning to the Void, if Tang Zichen had no opponent, then it would be incredibly difficult for him to cultivate.

Without an opponent, cultivating hard by himself, completely by himself, without any experience from his predecessors, all of it, relying on him alone to open up, it could be said, too hard, too difficult.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's greatest enemy in the future was loneliness.

Tang Zichen asked, "So far, in our world, which one is the strongest in martial arts?"

"It's Lan Run Shui of the Flower Moon Empire, the third stage of Return to Void, and the only one in this world, the third stage of Return to Void, and as for the second stage of Return to Void, there are currently only five in the entire world.They are me, your great-grandfather Shang Yao, and three from other empires.And the Returned Void Phase One, but there are more after all, each empire has about ten."

"Well, I see.Alright, thanks for the wine, I'll leave first."

"Wait."Yin Zheng was busy calling out to stop Tang Zichen.

"What else is there?"

"Oh, Brother Shang Hong, I don't know if you're still interested in women, or not."

"What do you mean?"

"My Yinhua, I want her with you."

"Uh, why would you want to do that."

"Haha, because you're powerful and it's nice to be able to get a little bit of affinity with you, isn't it?"

At that moment, Yin Zheng ordered a servant, "I'll call Yin Hua here."

"Yes, Your Holiness."

Not long after, Yin Hua came.

Yin Zheng got straight to the point: "Yin Hua, you are now fifty years old, before you and Wei Ting were pretty much in love, but now that Wei Ting is dead, you have no one to marry, so I'll betroth you to Shang Hong, what do you think?"

"Ah, grandfather."

"Alright, this is an order, brother Shang Hong, if you recognize me as your brother, take Yin Hua away."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Thank you brother Yin Zheng for your love, but unfortunately, I am now focused on surpassing all my predecessors and reaching unprecedented heights, women and family, I will no longer think about it.Farewell."

Tang Zichen turned around and flew away, no matter how beautiful Yin Hua was, could she be as beautiful as Mu Qian?No matter how important it is to get married, can it be as important as stepping on the emptiness?

"Yin Hua, there's no need to be lost, I'll personally send you to the Great Martial Empire after you step into the peak realm."Yin Zheng said.


"Ah, grandfather, this."

"Oh, I'm going to go to the Great Martial Empire, I'll meet with Shang Yao to cut and exchange ideas, and by the way, I'll betroth you to Shang Hong, Shang Yao doesn't have any reason to disagree, so it's useless if Shang Hong doesn't want to marry again, you're destined to marry her.Yin Hua, do you like him?"

"Uh-huh."Yin Hua nodded shyly.

"Hahaha, then step into the Peak Deng realm as soon as possible, but don't keep me waiting."

"Yes, I will definitely step into the Dengfeng Realm as quickly as possible."Yin Hua said full of fighting spirit.

Tang Zichen took Wenxia with him and left the Grand Precious Empire, and while leaving the Grand Precious Empire, Tang Zichen took the concubine, Yao Lan, who had promised her before, with him.

Tang Zichen soon returned to the Great Martial Empire.

However, because of Tang Zichen's timely return, no one in the Great Martial Empire knew about Tang Zichen stepping into the first stage of the Returning Void, and no one knew that Tang Zichen entered the Valley of Ghosts, before his grandfather and the others rushed to the Valley of Ghosts, this was just his fantasy, in reality his great grandfather and the others, did not even know that Tang Zichen had gone to the Valley of Ghosts, and the Valley of Ghosts was a place that everyone in the Great Precious Empire knew about, but not many people in the Great Martial Empire knew about it.

Tang Zichen walked into his home.

"I'm back."

"Husband." Remember the URL


Everyone walked out of the house.

Tang Zichen smiled and laughed, it was three years since he left.

Tang Zichen looked to his children, all of them had grown up.

Qin Nui has grown into a big girl, she is 22 years old, and Shang Lei Shang Xu, they are all adults now, and the youngest, Shang Ji, is ten years old.

Tang Zichen introduced Wenxia to everyone, but everyone knew that Tang Zichen had married Wenxia three years ago in the Grand Precious Empire, and there was no surprise, but it was the concubine, Yao Lan, that everyone hadn't heard of before.

Tang Zichen had a reunion dinner at home with his family.

During the meal, "Husband, you're back in time."

"Why do you say that?"

"The day after tomorrow, Vice National Clan Jing's, is going to hold a grand celebration."

"Uh, what kind of celebration is Jing Clan having properly?What do they have to celebrate?"

Qin Ren said, "Husband, after your great grandfather's deadline, the next royal family will definitely be the Jing Clan, we also need to get in touch with the Jing Clan in advance ah."

: "Yeah, now although the Jing Clan hasn't become a royal family yet, everyone is already looking at them as a royal family."

"What exactly happened?"

"Husband, in the three years you've been away from the family, there's a super genius in the Jing Clan who has stepped into the Returned Void.That one, Jing Long, is only 138 years old and has stepped into the Returned Void."

"Stepped into the Returned Void at 138 years old?"Tang Zichen was shocked, it was really a bit powerful, according to Tang Zichen's knowledge, the most powerful person in the history of this world, it was like 136 years old stepping into the return to the void, this Jing Long, was only two years younger than the most powerful person in history.

No wonder the Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire, so shocked, Shang Yao hadn't died yet, everyone was treating Jing Clan as royalty.

Even many people from Shang Clan were now thinking of getting on good terms with Jing Clan in advance.

Unfortunately, this genius of the Jing Clan, the Returned Void Jing Long, he was born in the wrong era, because Tang Zichen reached the first stage of Returned Void at a younger age than him.

Tang Zichen is 76 years old and Jing Long is 138 years old, there is no comparison!

, Tang Zichen reached the age of 76 to return to the void, it can be said to be against the sky.

: "Yes, now that the Jing Clan hasn't become a royal family, its status is above our Shang Clan in everyone's mind.Our Shang Clan, as soon as your great-grandfather died, it immediately became a vice-national clan, and we still have the Broken Generation, so our Shang Clan is actually inferior to the other vice-national clans in everyone's heart."

"Really?"Tang Zichen snorted under his breath, it was indeed true originally, but not anymore.

The next day, Tang Zichen arrived at his grandfather's mansion.

"Greeting grandfather, congratulations on stepping into the first stage of Return to Void."Tang Zichen said.

Shang Jian had already stepped into the first stage of Returned Void.

However, Shang Jian wasn't happy about it and said, "Shang Hong, you're back, when did you come back."


"Well, what did you get in the three years you were out?I heard two years ago that you took a wife in the Great Precious Empire."


"Well, it's good that you know how to marry a wife.What did you get from going out for three years of training?"

"Hmm."Tang Zichen had wanted to let everyone know that he had stepped into the first phase of Returning Void as soon as he returned, but what he heard last night, Tang Zichen suddenly hid his realm.

Tang Zichen wanted to wait until the right time to let everyone know that he had stepped into the Returned Void.

"It will still be."

Shang Jian didn't ask much, after all, three years was not enough time to practice anything at all, and asking was just a polite question.

Tang Zichen said, "Grandpa, when did you step into the first stage of Returned Void?"

"Just six months ago."

"Why don't you look happy about it?"Tang Zichen was confused.

"Ugh, what's there to be happy about, you just got back, maybe you don't know about Jing Long yet."

"I heard about it last night, Vice National Clan Jing Clan, a 138 year old named Jing Long stepped into the Returning Void."

"Yes, that Jing Long also stepped into the Returned Void half a year ago, about the same time as me.The Shang Clan held a celebration for me to celebrate my stepping into the Returning Void, and on the day of the celebration, people from the Jing Clan came to celebrate me, and Jing Long was among them, and someone suggested that Jing Long and I might as well cut and match as we both stepped into the Returning Void at the same time.So, I sparred with Jing Long, but, that Jing Long was worthy of being a 138-year-old genius who stepped into Hui Void, he knocked me down with one hand, no, half a hand, and so many people were present, it was so humiliating.It was from that day onwards that our Shang royal family, turned a bit unworthy of its name."

Tang Zichen was furious, "That Jinglong is so bold, he dared to beat you."

"Oh, come on, it's just a tangent, I'm too no good, or he's too strong, it's a benign tangent, there's nothing to hold a grudge against.Moreover, that Jing Long is truly extraordinary, we will have to please Jing, after all, when your great-grandfather reaches his limit, there is no doubt that Jing will become the next royal family, while we, still need a fault with a hidden future, how can we compete with Jing."

Tang Zichen remained silent.

Thinking that Tang Zichen was frustrated, Shang Jian said, "Shang Hong, tomorrow is the time for Jing Clan to hold a celebration to celebrate Jing Long's 138th year of stepping into the void, you should also go back and prepare some gifts to visit Jing Long."

"Why should I pay a visit to Jing Long."

Shang Jian was speechless, "We're still royalty now, but soon we won't be, if you still think you're high and mighty because of this, you're really wrong.Jing Long is likely to be the next emperor, so it's for the good of the family for you to pay him a visit, and I hope he will take care of you more in the future."


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