The King of Kungfu in school 1321-1330


Chapter 1321

Tang Zichen arrived at the family hall, and hundreds of special staff members of the family came running to gather.

Last time's Purple Clear Beast, everyone had reasons to give up for fear of death, but this time 5000 years old, everyone would have to weigh it, after all, the weight was heavy.

If you ate this level of exotic beast ten times, it wouldn't be far from the next realm, and it was a matter of accumulating less.

According to the accurate information received by our family, in the Heavenly Heart Lake, there are traces of ancient water beasts, suspected to be 5,000 years old, 5,000 years' worth of water beasts, this is a rare ancient beast to be seen once in a decade.Now, whoever is willing to go to the Heavenly Heart Lake to catch the jellyfish beast, please raise your hand, but before you raise your hand, I must also have a word beforehand, this time the five thousand year share of jellyfish beast, the three big families are bound to have very fierce competition, so the rewards and dangers go hand in hand, so raise your hand."

Tang Zichen was the first to raise his hand.

Many people also raised their hands when they saw Tang Zichen raise his hand, after all, the last time Tang Zichen obtained the Purple Clear Beast with one person's strength, this let everyone know that Tang Zichen was very powerful, following Tang Zichen might reduce the risk of death.

In the end, more than fifty people chose to go catch the Jellyfish Beast.

"Alright then, let's go right away."

Fifty people, each riding the Black Jiao, took off into the sky.

Tang Zichen didn't ride the Black Jiao, Tang Zichen was sitting on Little Fire's back, and this time, Tang Zichen took Little Fire with him.

"Brother Chen, so many people are going, even if they catch the jellyfish beast, that's not enough to share ah, that jellyfish beast, bracing for death is only between thousands of pounds to ten thousand pounds, fifty people can only share a few dozen to a hundred pounds, this amount of weight, honestly, eating it is not very effective at all."On the way there. First URL

Tang Zichen nodded, "Indeed, more than fifty people, even if we catch them, we won't be able to share anything, making me have no intention of catching the jellyfish beast."

: "Brother Chen, after arriving at the Heavenly Heart Lake, I will immediately drill into the underground of the Heavenly Heart Lake, my advantage in the underground will definitely be more obvious, when you catch it by yourself, you will hide it privately."

"This won't do, this kind of behavior is disgraceful, alright, let's not talk about it so much, let's talk about it then."

A few hours later, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the Heavenly Heart Lake.

The Seagod Family and the Bai Liu Family, also arrived at the Heavenly Heart Lake at about the same time.

The Heavenly Heart Lake was very large, a huge lake that was hundreds of kilometers in radius.

As soon as they arrived at the Celestial Heart Lake, the three great families didn't have any extra time to talk nonsense and immediately instructed their respective family staffs to rush to the bottom of the lake to look for the jellyfish beasts.

After Tang Zichen entered the lake, "Brother Chen, let's split our troops into two groups."


Little Fire's speed was very fast, and in no time, he burrowed into the mud at the bottom of the sea.

In the mud, Little Fire was ridiculously fast, after all, he was able to swim in the rocks as well as in the water.

Very quickly, Little Fire was able to find a range of several dozen kilometers, while Tang Zichen and the others were still feeling around blindly at the bottom of the lake, that was the difference.

A few hours later, Little Fire suddenly found Tang Zichen.

"Brother Chen."

"Little Fire, how's it going?"

"Shh, Minister, I found it."

"Ah, you found it?"


"No, so soon."


"Quickly go, go catch the jellyfish beast, be sure to be the first to catch it, then bring it to shore and quickly head back to the Golden Rock family, so you can still get it."


p; : "Minister, to tell you a good thing, actually, there's more than one jellyfish beast, there's two."

"Ah, two of them."

"Minister, all people have selfishness, so I hope you have selfishness, otherwise my efforts will be meaningless."

"What? Go ahead."

"Minister, one of those two jelly beasts is very small, holding up to two thousand pounds, while the other one is huge, estimated to be over ten thousand pounds.We'll catch the big one first, then the small one and let them take it."

"Ah, you mean, the big one we take for ourselves?"

"Yes. The big one I'll hole up at the bottom of the lake and take from the other direction, while you, go grab the little one."


"Minister, people are selfish, and besides, the worst case scenario is that when we go back, we'll share a few thousand pounds with the owner, but we'll keep at least five thousand pounds anyway."

"Okay, let's do it then."

Tang Zichen was delighted, he had Little Fire as his right hand man, it was so convenient to find exotic beasts in the underground.

Tang Zichen followed Little Fire and drilled into the bottom of the lake, without Little Fire to make a hole, it wouldn't have been easy for Tang Zichen to drill.

Soon, Tang Zichen and Little Fire found an underground cave tens of meters deep at the bottom of the lake, where two jelly beasts were sleeping, seemingly unaware of the enemy's arrival.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped the large jellyfish beast to death, while the small one, deliberately let it escape.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, this big one is counting on you to bring it back from the other direction."

"Okay, don't worry, you quickly go after that small one and try to snatch it up as well."

"Mm."Tang Zichen immediately went after that small jellyfish beast.

That small jellyfish beast quickly got out of the mud at the bottom of the lake.

Tang Zichen chased after it and grabbed the small jellyfish beast in one go.

The jellyfish beast was an ancient exotic beast of the size of a ribbon fish, this exotic beast did not have much offensive power, no more than a ferocious beast, if a ferocious beast then it would have to see if it was its opponent.

However, when Tang Zichen grabbed the jellyfish beast, the rest of the people also discovered it and immediately gathered around to snatch it.

The three big families were snatching at the bottom of the lake, the entire lake's water was tossing, and slowly, some blood appeared on the surface of the lake, as someone had already died at the bottom.

"Puff."Tang Zichen cut off one person's arm with a sword.

"Tang Zichen, immediately untie the Water Mother Beast."The Seagod Family, a man ranked in the top ten, roared, because he had sparred with Hai Da Gui last time, so many people knew him as Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Dream on, I caught this first."

"Then go to hell."That tenth ranked man of the Seagod Family killed up.

However, everyone was at the bottom of the lake and couldn't use their strength properly, so the fight was simple, Tang Zichen was attacked by many people from the Seagod Family and the White Flow Family, up and down, left and right, Tang Zichen's idea to be the first to charge out of the lake with the Jellyfish Beast was foiled.

At this moment in the sky above the Heavenly Heart Lake, Hai Dafu, Bai Cheng, Jin Yao, and the three of them all looked very nervous, because they found the water in the center of the lake, the water spray was tumbling, it must be the bottom of the lake at that place where a fierce battle was taking place, moreover, there were already several corpses floating up.

Hai Dafu's face was somewhat twisted.

Because the four corpses that had already floated up were all special offerings of his Seagod family.

When Hai Da Fu saw that four of his family's special offerings had died, he felt as if he was about to collapse.


Even Bai Cheng was a little sympathetic to this Hai Da Fu, just a year ago eighteen died, now four more have died, God knows what's going on under the lake, will there be more deaths.

However, both Bai Cheng and Jin Yao were very nervous, after all, they were also afraid of the death of a special offering, because a special offering death not only meant that the family's power was weakened, it also meant that it added a burden to the family.

Jin Yao was secretly praying that no Jin Yan family's special offer corpse floated up.

Soon, the place in the center of the lake, where the water was on the surface, became more and more blood red.

At that moment, the three of them noticed that another corpse was slowly floating up.

All three of them strained their eyes to see, hoping it wasn't from their own family.

Finally, that corpse floated up.

When Jin Yao looked at it, he was relieved that it wasn't from the Jinyan family.

Bai Cheng was also relieved.

But Hai Dafu hissed, because, the fifth corpse that had just floated up was from the Seagod Family, and it was also the very powerful, ranked tenth strongest member of the Seagod Family.

"Ahhhh."Hai Dafu was going crazy, the tenth ranked one died, oh my god. Remember the URL

Hai Dafu immediately wanted to rush into the bottom of the lake like.

Bai Cheng immediately warned, "Hai Dafu, but the three big families have a word of honor, our master does not allow direct participation in the looting, otherwise our family will inevitably take things in a serious direction if we take the initiative."

Hai Dafu roared, "But the five that are dead now are all from my Seagod Family."

Bai Cheng snorted, "Why are the dead ones from your Seagod Family, it means that your Seagod Family is weak."


Jin Yao also said, "Bai Cheng has a point, Hai Da Fu, I advise you to follow the rules, otherwise I don't mind joining forces with Bai Cheng."

"You."Hai Da Fu gritted his teeth in anger, what he feared the most was that the Bai Liu family and Jin Yan family would join hands.

Right now at the bottom of the lake, Tang Zichen was holding onto the jellyfish beast while having a fight with several people, these people were all from the Sea God Family, because Tang Zichen had just killed the tenth ranked one from the Sea God Family, so the other people's eyes were red, as if they vowed to take revenge, even if they didn't want the jellyfish beast, they would still behead Tang Zichen.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's situation at the moment was not optimistic.

Those who had joined forces to kill him were all top ten ranked in the Seagod Family, the fifth, third, seventh, eighth, and ninth respectively.

The top five top ten experts were killing Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's clothes had been torn several times and many wounds had been inflicted.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen couldn't do it, but they joined forces, their strength in the water was not good, and it was definitely hard to beat ten hands with two fists.

"Fuck."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, Tang Zichen would fight to the end with these people today even if he didn't want this jellyfish beast.

"Dang dang."In the bottom of the lake, Tang Zichen battled five people by himself, the battle was not uncommonly fierce.

Of course, the others swarmed to snatch the jellyfish beast, so the fight turned into two places, one for Tang Zichen and the five experts, and one for the snatching of the jellyfish beast.The snatching the jellyfish beast side wasn't easy either, no one had the ability to bring the jellyfish beast to the surface, because once it was brought to the surface, it could fly away in a black jiao, and it would be difficult to chase after it from behind.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "No, these five people's martial arts, are extremely brilliant, my Endless Sword can't exert the power it should have, what should I do.Twenty-five seconds won't be enough if I open Life Blood Hidden, once I run out of power, there's only one way to die."

At this moment, Tang Zichen saw a squid floating by at the bottom of the lake.

"A squid?"Don knew that the squid's body, the

It seemed to spew out a liquid like ink, perhaps, Tang Zichen could use this opportunity to better kill these five people.Thus, Tang Zichen immediately fled to the squid.

"Don't let him get away."Those five ranked top ten of the Seagod Family immediately chased after him.

Tang Zichen hid behind the huge squid, and those five caught up in the blink of an eye, killing the squid in pieces with a single sword strike, while the black ink spewed out by the squid blackened the surrounding dozens of meters, and the vision was immediately disturbed.

At this moment, Tang Zichen opened Life Blood Hide.


"Puff, puff, puff."Tang Zichen killed three in a row at once.

There were still two left that escaped from the Black Water Area, and Tang Zichen had to chase after one of them.

"Pfft."Tang Zichen only needed to deal with one and quickly cut off his head.

So far, Tang Zichen had spent less than twenty seconds killing four of the top ten ranked Seagod Families, including the one before, and had already killed five of the Seagod Families.

The other one, escaped out of the water.

Tang Zichen no longer bothered with him, rushing towards the group of people who were snatching the jellyfish beast, Tang Zichen killed into the crowd, carrying the jellyfish beast, cutting off the tail of the jellyfish beast with a sword, suddenly, blood stained red, Tang Zichen took this opportunity to carry the jellyfish beast without a tail in one go, rushing out of the lake.Although the jellyfish beast was missing part of its tail, it gave Tang Zichen the opportunity to bring the jellyfish beast out of the water.After rushing out of the lake, Jingyao's black jiao rushed in front of Tang Zichen in no time, Tang Zichen jumped onto the black jiao and flew ahead at fire speed.

A group of people behind him also drilled out of the water, one of them carrying a small tail.

Tang Zichen could hardly chase after them anymore.

Suddenly one man said, "There's still a small tail."

Thus, the people from the White Flow and Seagod Families had no choice but to snatch the small tail, fighting on the surface of the lake over a small tail.

The people from the Golden Rock Family didn't participate in snatching the tail because Tang Zichen had already taken away ninety percent of the jellyfish beasts, so they wouldn't snatch a small cut of the tail.

In the sky, Hai Dafu was green with anger, he wanted to go after Tang Zichen, but Jin Yao stopped him.

Jin Yao remembered that Tang Zichen said he was too cowardly, so this time, he turned out to be very tough, and when Hai Da Fu saw that Jin Yao looked like he was going to fight for his life, he couldn't help but be scrupulous, so he had to stop.

Jin Yao quickly left.

Bai Cheng stood in the sky, looking at the lake, the special offerings that were fighting for a small tail, and heavily snorted, incomparably depressed inside, this group of trash, a small tail fighting for a ghost, Bai Cheng shouted, "All of you go back, this small tail, count me as giving it to them."

The people of the White Flow Family were helpless and gave up that small tail.

The Seagod Family, after dying so many special offerings, finally grabbed a small cut of tail, but Hai Dafu couldn't be happier.

Hai Da Fu's eyes were red as he looked at the corpses floating up on the lake, one after another, and for this small tail, his Seagod Family had died a total of nine special offer staff members, five of which were still ranked in the top ten.

"Why, why, why."Hai Da Fu roared three times in a row why.

On the surface of the sea, a group of Seagod Family's special offerings realized that they had died so many special offerings, and at this moment, it seemed that no one was in the mood to get excited about that small tail.

"Who is it?Who killed it."Hai Da Fu roared and asked.

At that moment, the five onlookers who were previously watching Tang Zichen, one of them who managed to survive, said, "It was Tang Zichen, these top ten rankers of our Seagod Family were all killed by him alone."

"Tang!Son!Minister!"Kaidafu emitted unprecedented anger.


Tang Zichen brought the jellyfish beast directly to the Golden Rock Family Hall, and soon after, Jin Yao also returned.

"Haha, Third Brother, you did an awesome job."Jin Yao laughed out loud.

"Big brother, unfortunately, the jellyfish beast is too small and it's missing a tail, and I don't know which family has taken that tail."Tang Zichen said.

Jin Yao said, "It's a little small, but it's better than nothing."

Soon, the other specials of the Jinyan family returned.

Jin Yao was busy asking, "Did anything happen?"

"No, but a couple of them are hurt pretty badly."

"Send them to medical attention at once."


Other than the few special offerings that went to the rescue, the rest were waiting in the main hall, as if waiting for their meat to be shared.

This jellyfish beast could be snatched back, all thanks to Tang Zichen alone, but it had to be shared with the fifty or so special offerings that went with it, which was really unfair when you thought about it, but fortunately Tang Zichen hid a little selfishness and let Little Fire take the ten thousand pound jellyfish beast away in another direction, not knowing if Little Fire had come back yet. One second to remember to read the book

Jin Yao swept the eyes of the people in the main hall who were waiting for the meat to be shared, then said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, you have a lot of blood flowing from your body, hurry up and go bandage it up, wait until you come back from bandaging before you share the meat."

Family Master, it's okay, I can't die from this wound, everyone is waiting, it's better to divide it earlier, and after that everyone can take it home to cook earlier."

Jin Yao nodded and said, "This jellyfish beast, it is estimated that it only has two thousand pounds of meat, if we follow the previous rules, the family will divide half each first and the remaining half equally, then each of you fifty people will only be able to share twenty pounds, not enough to stuff your teeth.So, forget it, the family will only receive 200 pounds first this time, and given that Tang Zichen has contributed the most, Tang Zichen will cut 300 pounds first, leaving about 1500 pounds for all of you to share equally, I think each of you can get 30 to 40 pounds.What do you all think?"

"I'm fine with that, it's really what Don Zichen stole back."

Everyone was fine with it.

"Alright then, let's start dividing it now."

After some dividing, Tang Zichen and Jin Yao first cut off five hundred pounds, and the rest each got about 38 pounds, and everyone happily went back with over thirty pounds of meat.

Only Tang Zichen and Jin Yao remained in the main hall.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Thank you, big brother."

You contributed the most, you should have shared the most, and they understood that.Those top ten ranked special offerings of the Seagod Family today were all killed by you, right?"

"Right, is big brother afraid that if I kill so many of the top ten special offerings of the Seagod Family, it will make Hai Da Fu lose control again."

"Third brother, you're still upset about Hai Da Gui's last time, don't worry, I won't be weak again, you killed well today, the Seagod Family lost five top ten ranked special offerings, this loss is no smaller than the eighteen special offerings that died last time, hahaha, Hai Da Fu will definitely be furious, but if he dares to come to you, I will definitely fight him to the end, you don't have to be afraid."

"Thank you, brother."

"Alright, you should hurry back with your meat for those kids at your house."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Big brother, there's something I must tell you."

"What is it."

"You should go to my house first, because I'm not sure if there is one."

Jin Yao followed Tang Zichen to Tang Zichen's house.

"Has Little Fire come back yet?"Tang Zichen asked.

At that moment, the sky just happened to rush down with a huge creature.


nbsp; "Minister, I'm back."It was Little Fire, but at the moment it was the one with a body that had grown larger, and it was dragging a very large jellyfish beast in its mouth.

"Ah, a jellyfish beast."Jin Yao was stunned when he saw it.

"What's going on here?"

"Big brother, listen to me."

Tang Zichen put before and Tang Zichen also promised, "Big brother, this jellyfish beast, at least ten thousand pounds, don't worry, I will turn over half to the family."

"I'll go."

"Oh, big brother, you won't blame me for being selfish, besides, if I dragged this big one out when I was at the Heavenly Heart Lake, I'm afraid it won't be so easy to come back."

Jin Yao smiled, "All people have selfishness, and I understand what you did, in that case, I'll have no choice but to go along with you and split this jellyfish."

"Hehe, big brother, let's break it down the middle and split it in half each."

Tang Zichen took out his sword and broke the middle of the jellyfish beast, half for himself and half for the family.

Jin Yao was happy to leave with the jellyfish beast, although what Tang Zichen did was selfish, he also got the benefit, and Jin Yao was happy to see that.

Tang Zichen had the five thousand pounds of jellyfish beast meat, I'm afraid that after eating it, the whole family would have a very great benefit again.

Right now in the Seagod Family, however, it was a different scene.

That's right, they were having another funeral.

After the Purple Clear Beast incident last time, they had a very large scale funeral, and this time, there was a very large scale funeral for the Jellyfish Beast incident.

Hai Dafu had been cold, and he hadn't said a word since returning from Tian Xin Lake.

"Family Master, say something, what should we do, last time Tang Zichen killed eighteen special offerings from our family, after which the effects of this incident have not subsided, and now, five more special offerings have been killed, and all of them are ranked in the top ten, what should we do, sob."A group of people from the Seagod Family said with a weeping face.

Hai Da Fu gritted his teeth and said, "Die, this time, if I don't kill Tang Zichen, I vow to tell everyone in the family right away, don't worry, this time, I will kill Tang Zichen myself."

"Good, then I'll go and inform, let's stabilize everyone in the family first."

The people of the Seagod Family, with Hai Da Fu's words, this calmed down their emotions, next, they were waiting for the day when Hai Da Fu would kill Tang Zichen.

Right now, in the Jinyan Family, Tang Zichen was holding a spoon and was feeding his two children a mouthful of the Water Mother Beast's soup.

"Qin Nui, open your mouth."

"Good boy."

"Feng Xu, open your mouth, it's so good."

Tang Zichen finished feeding his two children and smiled hehehe.

Qin Nui said, "Daddy, I want more."

"Good, Dad will go and serve you another bowl."Tang Zichen got up and walked into the living room.

In the living room, Mu Yuyao was also feeding a child meat, it was Mu Yuyao's son, a few months older than Feng Xu.

Muyoung smiled hehehe, "Fengxu, thank you, it's all thanks to you."

"Uncle Yuyao, we are all family, what's the politeness, besides, five thousand pounds of meat is enough for everyone to eat for a month."

In the living room, Liu Yue, Wang Xing, Yang Yijian, Tang Zichen's elder brother, second elder brother, and third elder sister were also eating the meat of the jellyfish beast, or feeding it to their children.

As for Liu Xiangyun's daughter Fengling, she had only just given birth and was still drinking breast milk, there were no milk bottles in this world, otherwise she could also put soup into a milk bottle for Fengling to drink as well to strengthen her body, at least she was a five thousand year old jellyfish beast.


At this moment, Tang Zichen's whole family, all together, has eleven children, and several of them are still pregnant, such as Tang Zichen's third senior sister, Ju, who is currently pregnant, and Ju married Tang Zichen's second senior brother, Hao Zizhu, and this is their second child.

The whole family, happy and harmonious.

Of course, Tang Zichen is the main heart of this, if Tang Zichen is gone, then for their big family, they will fall from heaven to hell.

However, Sea Dafu had already promised the entire Sea God family that he would kill Tang Zichen.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's crisis was already lurking.

Tang Zichen shouldered the happiness of his entire family, and he had to live tenaciously, no longer just for himself.

A few days later.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes in the practice room.

"Whew, after eating the jellyfish beast meat, I've just actually felt the intent of mid peak ascension for once, hahaha, I've finally started on the path to mid peak ascension."Tang Zichen was excited inside, after feeling it once, there would be two or three times after that, stepping into the mid peak ascension would be just around the corner.

If it was too late to feel it once, it would be very dangerous, and one might not be able to step into a higher level for the rest of one's life.

Tang Zichen arrived at Jin Yao's residence. The first website

"Brother, I have good news for you."Tang Zichen smiled.

Jin Yao also said, "It just so happens that I also have a piece of news to tell you, but it's bad news."

"Uh, then you sir bad news."

Jin Yao said, "Third Brother, I received information that Hai Da Fu has promised the entire Poseidon family that he will kill you.That's a promise to the entire family, it seems that Hai Da Fu is really going to lose control this time."Jin Yao looked worried.

Tang Zichen snorted, "This son of a bitch, I killed his special offer, but only in a situation where it was agreed that I could be killed, in that situation, if I die, I'm afraid he'll feel that he deserves it, while his family doesn't think so when he dies."

"Third Brother, let's leave it at that for now, you said you had good news, what kind of good news?"

Tang Zichen said, "Big brother, I've already felt the intent of the mid peak ascension once."

"What."Jin Yao's entire body trembled.

After all, it was already incredible for Tang Zichen to reach the Peak Deng realm at such a young age, now, he actually said that he had felt the intent of the middle peak once, wouldn't this mean that Tang Zichen had already started to step towards the middle peak, also on the surface, Tang Zichen stepping into the middle peak was just a matter of time.

"God, third brother, are you human or not, this is too scary, you're only 58 years old."

"Yes, it's almost 60 in the blink of an eye, huh, old."Tang Zichen laughed.

Jin Yao was speechless, "I didn't say anything at 120, you're 60 and still have the nerve to mention it, third brother, at this rate, I'm afraid that in less than ten years, you'll be at my level, ten years later, you're not even seventy years old, you've reached the middle of peak deng, tsk tsk, it's incredible."

"Uh, big brother, honestly, you're in the middle of peak ascension now, have you felt the intent of the late peak ascension?"Tang Zichen asked.

Jin Yao shook his head, "You're overthinking it, how is that possible, if I feel the late stage mood, then that means that I'm already starting to move towards the late stage.It also means that I'm stepping into the late stage is just around the corner.But the fact turned out to be that I didn't feel anything at all, which means that I'm on my way to the late stage of peak ascension, I haven't yet

Forward half a point ah, God knows how far it is, even fixed here for the rest of his life."

Jin Yao's gaze was expectant, if he could step into the late peak ascension, then his life would be completely different from now.

In the late peak ascension stage, how scenic and great it was, the second most, in the Great Martial Empire, one could become a marquis.

A marquis, in the Great Martial Empire, was considered a very versatile figure, just one realm away from the middle peak of the peak, but the difference was worlds apart.

At this moment, Jin Yue hurriedly ran in and shouted, "It's not good, big brother, something big has happened."

Jin Yue entered the house only to find that Tang Zichen was also there, stunned and said, "Third brother, you're here too."

Jin Yao asked, "Second brother, what's the big deal?"

"No, it's fine."Jin Yue was busy changing his words.

Jin Yao and Tang Zichen both frowned.

Tang Zichen instantly guessed that when he didn't see him just now, he said something big, but now that he saw him, he changed his words to say nothing, it was obvious that what Jin Yue had originally rushed in to say was definitely related to Tang Zichen.

Jin Yao frowned, "Second brother, Wind Lightning is not an outsider, what is the matter directly say."

"Alas, big brother, I won't say it, not because of anything, but, this matter is related to him ah.Big brother, you'd better read the letter."Jin Yue handed over a letter.

"This letter is Hai Da Fu's own handwriting."

Jin Yao was busy opening it, and after reading the letter, his entire body was shocked.

Jin Yao said furiously, "Hai Da Fu, does he really want to start a war between the two big families?"

When Tang Zichen saw Jin Yao's face, he knew that something big must have happened, Tang Zichen was busy picking up the letter, only to see it say, "Jin Yao, I restrict you to hand over Tang Zichen within a month, and allow me to execute him, otherwise, war will start."

Hai Dafu's tone was very firm, and could feel the determination within his heart from his words, as if, this time, if he didn't obey him and hand over Tang Zichen, there would really be a war.

Family war, ah, this was a war where hundreds of thousands and millions of people would die.

"Hai Dafu."Jin Yao gritted his teeth and crushed the cup in his hand.

At this time, the steward outside ran in shouting, "Family Master, it's bad, it's bad."

The steward ran in and said with a wailing face, "Family Master, it's bad, Hai Da Fu has sent all his staff to surround our entire Jin Yan family residence."

"What."Jin Yao immediately rushed out.

Tang Zichen also wanted to follow him out, when Jin Yue said, "Third brother, at this time, you shouldn't go out, you should hurry home now, if anything happens, big brother and I will deal with it."


"There's nothing but, go home right away one me."Jin Yue ordered.

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Jin Yue also rushed up into the sky and flew to the periphery of the family residence, the Golden Rock Family's residence covered a fifty kilometer radius, so the residence was very large, and the manor of Tang Zichen and all the other staff members was within this radius.

Right now, Hai Da Fu had already sent tens of thousands of people to surround this fifty-kilometer radius.

When Jin Yao flew to the outermost entrance of the mansion, a few special offerings from the Golden Rock Family were confronting a group of people, except that the people from the Sea God Family were only guarding outside the edge and not entering halfway.


"Haidafu, what are you doing?"Jin Yao yelled and rushed up.

Hai Dafu was standing in the crowd with a cold face and said, "Jin Yao, didn't you see my letter?I am the one who has surrounded the entire area of the Golden Rock Family's residence, and if you don't hand over Tang Zichen within a month, then my people will immediately kill him."

"You dare."

Hai Da Fu snorted, "I don't dare anything, everyone in my Seagod Family is ready for a war, Jin Yao, if you're not ready to hand over your people, then please go back and prepare for war."

"You, you're crazy, do you know how many people will die once the war starts."

"Hahaha, Golden Thread City hasn't had a war for hundreds of years, I think it's time to change this pattern nowadays."

"Hai Dafu, you're really crazy."

Hai Da Fu roared, "Jin Yao, if you don't hand over your men, get out, otherwise, don't force me to kill you right now, I'm telling you, I'm going to fix Tang Zichen's head, you have to decide what to do."

Jin Yao was furious, but, Hai Dafu's attitude was very tough.

In less than half a day, the entire Jinyan family had spread the word.

Hai Dafu had brought tens of thousands of people to surround the Golden Rock Family, and the most terrifying family war in the world was about to begin. Remember the URL

After learning this news, the entire Golden Rock Family was in a state of panic.

The Golden Rock Family's strength was undoubtedly inferior to the Seagod Family, and once the war started, although the Seagod Family would also suffer heavy losses, the Golden Rock Family would only be worse off.If the Seagod Family would die 100,000 people, then the Golden Rock Family would die at least 150,000 or more, or even 200,000 or more, and it was no joke to have so many people die, so everyone panicked.

The staff members of the Golden Rock Family, who usually went to catch exotic beasts, were afraid to go for fear of death, and if a big family died, they would have no one to rely on, but now, it was going to be war, and they were even more afraid.

Therefore, the staffs of the Golden Rock Family, no matter if they were special staffs at the early stage of peak ascension or clansmen, they all went to the family master's residence and pleaded with the family master to take care of the whole situation.

"Family Master, you have to take care of the overall situation, you can't let the entire family be buried with you because of one Tang Zichen."

"Family Master, the person Hai Da Fu wants is just Tang Zichen alone, why should he put the entire family in danger."

"Family Master, hand Tang Zichen over, only one person will die, if you don't hand him over, but 100,000 or even 200,000 people will die, Family Master, think twice."

"Family Master, hand over Tang Zichen quickly, if you hand him over, the Seagod Family will retreat."

"Family Master, the person who killed the Seagod Family's special offer is Tang Zichen, ah, there is a debt of injustice."

Many people were pleading with Jin Yao to hand over Tang Zichen.

Jin Yao shouted in anger, "All of you, shut up."

Jin Yao raged, "You people, do you still have a conscience, Tang Zichen, as a member of the Golden Rock Family, any of his actions, he represents the Golden Rock Family, he killed the Seagod Family Special and also weakened the Seagod Family for the purpose of weakening the Seagod Family, everything he did was for the Golden Rock Family, and you have the nerve to say that it was his personal actions."

"Family Master."

"Shut up, all of you, I won't hand over Tang Zichen, humph, this time, I will never be weak, if Hai Dafu wants to fight, then let's fight.Everyone listen to me, get ready immediately, after a month, if Hai Da Fu really wants to start a war, then we'll fight."

"Family Master, think twice, for one person

, not worth it."

"Shut up, anyone who talks nonsense again, deal with it according to the family law, you are the special provision of the Golden Rock Family, the Golden Rock Family has provided for you for decades, even several generations, now that the Golden Rock Family is in trouble, whoever of you dare not retreat, kill without pardon."As soon as Jin Yao said this, everyone's face changed.Indeed, there was usually no war for hundreds of years, so the Jingyan Family had indeed raised these special people for several generations.Raising an army for a thousand days, but now when it was really needed, but on this side of nonsense, afraid of death, Jin Yao looked very angry.

"All of you go back and make preparations."

"Yes."All the staff members gradually left.

However, it was unknown whether these staff members, inside, were really willing to war.

Jin Yue advised, "Big brother, this is all we can do now, there is no need for you to be so angry."

"Hmph, can you not be angry, how many of them have I raised, but now when there is a difficult time, one by one they come to persuade me to hand over Tang Zichen, one by one they all act like they are afraid of death, so how can they still beat the Seagod Family."

"Alas, brother, you must also understand, fear of death is everyone's nature, usually these special offerings, to catch exotic beasts are afraid of death, but now to face the war, how not to be afraid."

"It's useless to be afraid, after a month, when the war starts, the Seagod Family will not hold back, they will die if they don't resist."Jin Yao said.

At this moment, in various parts of the Golden Rock Family, many special staff members and so on were talking in groups of three or five.

"Damn, the family master is too selfish, letting all of us go to our deaths for a Tang Zichen."

"We can't even win against the Seagod Family, this is clearly sending us to our deaths."

"Alas, the family master is iron-hearted in not handing over Tang Zichen, in a month's time, the Seagod Family will definitely start a war, what should we do, how many of us will die then."

"Maybe, the Golden Rock Family will be destroyed by the Seagod Family."

"Let's hurry up and think of another way."

"But what can we think of, we have lived in the Golden Rock Family for several generations, we can't leave this place anymore."

"Ahhhh, so angry, why is Tang Zichen taking the blame alone, wanting our entire family to take the blame of course, family head, you're too much."

At this moment, in Tang Zichen's home.

The atmosphere in Tang Zichen's home was also incredibly tense.

"Zichen, what should we do?Now the whole family is panicking."

"Will we die this time, will the head of the family hand you over, husband, you can't die, if you die, what will we do, so many of us."

Dozens of pairs of eyes, all looking at Tang Zichen, everyone's eyes were filled with panic, fear, and helplessness.

Because Tang Zichen was just too important.

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "Don't worry about it yet, isn't there still a month left."

"But, a month will pass in the blink of an eye."

"Hoo, Hai Dafu, you're forcing me."Tang Zichen silently went into the practice room.

Tang Zichen closed the door to the practice room tightly, not allowing anyone to disturb him.

Tang Zichen took out his sword and said through gritted teeth, "As things stand now, I have no other choice, in a month's time, I'll be able to reach whatever level I can, and fight Hai Da Fu, to the death."

The little fire beside him was horrified, "What, Brother Chen, in a month's time, you're going to be very Hai Dafu and fight to the death?You've got to be kidding me."


Indeed, the words scared Little Fire to death.

After all, everyone knew that Tang Zichen and Hai Dafu, were not on the same level at all.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, you also go out, don't disturb me, leave me alone."

"Brother Chen, take care of yourself, I'm sure the house master won't hand you over."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen's body emitted a palpable aura, and the sword in his hand was now trembling.

Tang Zichen fought for a month, after a month, Tang Zichen didn't care how strong he was, whether or not he was a rival to Hai Dafu, he was going to fight Hai Dafu, to the death.

Although, the Golden Yew Master wouldn't hand Tang Zichen over, Tang Zichen didn't want to implicate the entire Golden Rock Family.

Therefore, after a month, Tang Zichen wouldn't need Jin Yao to hand him out, Tang Zichen would walk out on his own accord.

"Hai Da Fu, it's really time to make an end to our hatred."Tang Zichen shouted, his sword slashed, and the entire hard stone wall around the practice room sparkled.

There were two ways for Tang Zichen to fight against Hai Dafu now: first, his realm was raised to the middle of Dengfeng; second, his Endless Merit, his Life Blood Hidden, was upgraded by another layer.Previously, Tang Zichen's Endless Technique was considered version 2.0, and Life Blood Hidden was version 3.0, Tang Zichen must upgrade all of them, so that there was still a possibility of a duel with Hai Dafu.

However, these two ways, the first one, the realm increase to the middle of the peak of the peak, only two words, dreaming. One second to remember to read the book

Yes, although he had already felt the mid-stage intent once, but to feel it nine more times within a month, this was undoubtedly a wild goose chase.One had to know that Jin Yue, who had already felt it nine times, had waited for the last one for years without waiting.

Therefore, Tang Zichen could only rely on the second path, and in comparison, the second path was more realistic, because the last time Tang Zichen upgraded the Endless Technique and Life Blood Hidden, that was when he was at the completion of his mastery.

Tang Zichen sat down on the ground and closed his eyes, allowing himself to devote himself fully.

"Endless Merit!Endless, endless."Just then, a picture appeared in Tang Zichen's mind: in a very, very large room, Tang Zichen kept flying towards one of the edges of the room, but he couldn't get to the end, and when he looked back after flying for a month, it turned out that he hadn't gone far.

Tang Zichen was delighted inside, this was inspiration, the last time he entered the ocean vortex, that illusion, gave Tang Zichen a very profound inspiration.

"Great, this inspiration is really great, this is simply an oversized opportunity, yet I didn't take advantage of it before."

"Haha, I think I can use this inspiration to raise my Endless Technique by at least two levels."

If it was version 2.0 before, then Tang Zichen could 'update' it to version 4.0 this time.Because, entering that illusion and experiencing that spatial endlessness firsthand was an opportunity that others, never had, so Tang Zichen was very confident that his Endlessness Technique could be deepened by more than one level.

As he used his sword and rehearsed his endless essence, Tang Zichen wanted his endless technique to achieve that spatially endless effect, for example, a sword kill, so that people couldn't tell the difference between far and near.

It seemed like it was far away, and then it seemed like it was close, like the big room in that illusion.




"No. What the hell went wrong."

Tang Zichen sat down again, recalling the hallucination of that day properly.


;And so, after half a month of back and forth and research, Tang Zichen finally made a cut.

"Haha, it's done, the effect I wanted has been achieved."

Tang Zichen killed with a sword, and suddenly, not only was it indistinguishable, unpredictable, and endlessly changing, but it was also unknowable in terms of distance and proximity, which meant that his opponent couldn't even determine his geographical location.

This was his latest upgraded Endless Kung Fu.

Endless Gong was just a theory, the specific implementation, Tang Zichen could apply it to sword techniques, body techniques, and so on, applied to sword techniques, it was the Endless Sword Technique.

Regarding the Endless Sword Technique, Tang Zichen's previous strongest move was the Indestructible Light.

Right now, Tang Zichen had researched an even stronger move, which was the fourth move.

"One Sword Eternal Sleep."

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled a satisfied breath, he was now much stronger than before with this upgraded Endless Technique, I wonder how much stronger he was.

Tang Zichen named this upgraded Endless Technique, 'Endless 4.0 Version' and skipped straight to 3.0, because Tang Zichen felt that he was more than twice as strong as before.

"Next, there's still half a month left, I should research Life Blood Hidden and see if I can upgrade Life Blood Hidden again."

"If I can upgrade Life Blood Hidden again, then I will be very confident to fight against Hai Da Fu, at least I won't be afraid of being killed by him."

"With the previous Life Blood Cain, I could precisely control the opening time, over twenty-five seconds, I wouldn't fall unconscious, I wouldn't have all my meridians destroyed, I just wouldn't have power for an hour.I'm going to delve deeper now, so that the Life Blood Hiding can be optimized and my strength can still be doubled."

Thus, Tang Zichen began the process of studying the Life Blood Hidden again.

Half a month before, Tang Zichen hadn't slept a wink, and half a month after this, Tang Zichen definitely hadn't slept either.

And right now, outside.

The people of the Seagod Family were still surrounding the Golden Rock Family Residence, with the aim of not allowing anyone from the Golden Rock Family to escape, especially Tang Zichen.

And the people of the Golden Rock Family had been in torment for the past half month.

Fortunately, none of those staff members of the Golden Rock Family knew which manor Tang Zichen was living in, nor did they know who Tang Zichen's family members were, so Tang Zichen's relatives were not being harassed at the moment, otherwise, some people would have definitely come to break down the door.

Jin Yao arrived at Tang Zichen's house.

"Greeting the family master."

"Where is Tang Zichen?"Jin Yao asked.

Tang Zichen's wife Qin Ren said, "My husband has entered the practice room, it's been half a month since he came out."

Jin Yao sighed, "It's already this time, he's still in the mood to practice martial arts, quickly call him out, I have something to say."

"My lord, my husband said that no one should disturb him for a month."

"What time is it now, quickly call him out."

"My lord, I hope you will be gracious enough not to disturb him."

"You, alas, just, if Tang Zichen comes out, tell him to take you and leave quickly, I have an underground passage to leave."

"My lord, I'll tell my husband when he comes out."

Jin Yao nodded his head and flew away.

In the practice room.

Tang Zichen studied and tested time and time again, but it wasn't an easy task.


Tang Zichen had tried for several days, but he couldn't compress the Life Blood Hiding time to 24 seconds.

Yes, not even a second could be compressed, so it was evident that Life Blood Hidden had reached the extreme.

However, once successful, there would definitely be a very huge leap in strength.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had almost passed again.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply.

Time passed very quickly for him.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen's Life Blood Hiding, although it was not a great upgrade, it was at least somewhat improved, only, the improvement was not in might, but in time.

Tang Zichen had now learned a more precise control method that allowed him to turn it on the moment he did it, and then end it as soon as he engaged, which greatly reduced the amount of time wasted.

To put it simply, after Tang Zichen turned on Life Blood Hidden, he used this control method to effectively engage the enemy and prolong the fight for about eight to ten minutes.

Here eight to ten minutes, it didn't refer to the Life Blood Crypt opening time, the Life Blood Crypt opening time was still 25 seconds, it was only extended because the wasted time was completely utilized.For example, when a sword kills an opponent, it only opens at the moment the sword reaches the opponent, instead of also opening in the process of swinging the sword, which greatly reduces the wasted time.

No more nonsense. First URL

Tang Zichen walked out of the practice room.

Everyone gathered around, they had been waiting outside the practice room for a month.

"Zichen, how's it going?"


"Brother Windy."


Everyone looked at Tang Zichen with full concern.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Give me a bowl of food first, I'm starving."

A servant brought up a bowl of jellyfish beast meat noodles.

After Tang Zichen finished eating it, he said, "Don't worry everyone."

"Feng'er, what exactly have you been doing in the training room for the past month?Did you raise your realm to the middle of Dengfeng?"

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen suspiciously.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't dream this kind of dream, it's impossible.I've been studying martial arts in the training room for the past month, not bad, at least I feel that I've increased my strength more than ten times, even dozens of times, compared to a month ago."

"Wow, how did you improve so much, and your realm hasn't changed."

"The level of martial arts, although the realm accounts for eighty percent of the factors, there is still twenty percent that we can bring into play.My Endless Kung Fu, I've strengthened it again, and I've strengthened it by an unknown number of times, in addition, I've turned on Life Blood Hidden, and I've also been able to control the point in time more precisely, which allows me to reduce waste, and the time I spend fighting the enemy can be extended to nearly ten minutes, so I think even if I can't beat Hai Da Fu, he may not be able to kill me anymore."

"Phew, that's good."Everyone was relieved to hear Tang Zichen say that.

Tang Zichen said, "It's not a one-month deadline yet."

"The deadline is tomorrow."

"That's good, I'll take a nap first, tomorrow, I'll fight Hai Da Fu."

Tang Zichen immediately fell asleep, because this month, he was too tired to sleep even a second.

The next morning.

Jin Yao sent someone to come and say to Tang Zichen, "Senior Tang, the family master asked me to inform you to quickly evacuate from the underground tunnel, the Golden Rock Family and the Seagod Family, will soon start a war."

At this moment, at the gate of the Golden Rock Family, a group of people from the Seagod Family, as well as a group of people brought by Jin Yao, were standing face to face, and the war was about to start.

Although the staff members of the Golden Rock Family were very much against fighting because of Tang Zichen, but if they didn't fight, they would be killed by the Seagod Family, both

It was filled with frustration and anger towards Tang Zichen at the same time.

"Jin Yao, it seems that you are really not going to hand over Tang Zichen."Hai Dafu said through clenched teeth.

Jin Yao snorted, "Hai Dafu, I told you long ago that I won't hand him over to you."

"In that case, let's fight."

"Let's fight, if your Seagod family isn't afraid of death, are my people from the Jingyan family afraid of death."

"Hahaha."Hai Da Fu sneered, "Jin Yao, I'm afraid you still don't know that your family's staff, who are very dissatisfied with you, are willing to let your entire family lose their lives for Tang Zichen, and you think, your staff, will support your selfish actions.Just because you want to die, doesn't mean they want to die with you."

"It has nothing to do with you."

"Yeah."After saying that, Hai Dafu shouted loudly, "You hear that, all the staff members of the Golden Rock Family, your head of the family, for one person, you don't care if you live or die, is such a person still worthy of following you?Do you really intend to come to war with my Seagod Family and die for a selfish person?"

Jin Yao looked at the thousands of staff members of all sizes behind him, then he said angrily, "Hai Da Fu, shut up, what do you want."

"Jin Yao, so you also know that your staff, is not wanting war at all ah, you forced it, unfortunately, you don't know people's hearts."After saying that, Hai Dafu shouted, "All of you staff members of the Golden Rock Family, I hereby promise that as long as you willingly submit to my Hai Dafu at this moment, when I exterminate the Golden Rock Family, everything about you will remain the same, all of your manors, houses, and money that you have here now will remain the same, the only thing that has changed is a new owner.I will count to three, if you are willing to come to my place, come here immediately, if not, then, go to war with me.One, two, three."

Jin Yao's face changed and he yelled, "Hai Da Fu, you shut up."

However, as soon as Jin Yao's voice fell, he saw hundreds of staff members, who flew behind Hai Da Fu, joining the Poseidon family on the spot.

"You guys, you guys."Jin Yao trembled with anger.

Those who joined the Seagod Family, said, "Master Jin Yao, you can't blame us, you forced yourself, you were willing to let your entire family get into a war to protect one Tang Zichen, we won't pay for your selfish actions, sorry, I can only choose the Seagod Family on the spot."

"Hahaha, hahaha."After Hai Da Fu laughed, he said, "Is there anyone else?Now that your family has surrendered hundreds of people to me, the gap between the enemy and me is even more obvious, if you guys don't know better, I can only say that you're looking for death."

After saying that, the previously wavering group of people flew behind Hai Dafu.

All of a sudden, the people behind Jin Yao were half less.

"You guys, you ungrateful ones.Poof."Jin Yao spurted out a mouthful of blood in anger.

"Hahaha, Jin Yao, look at you now, you look like a dog, it's really pitiful, now, won't you hand over Tang Zichen?"

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen's voice came from the distance, "No need for him to hand it over, I'm coming myself."

Jin Yao looked back, busy: "Wind lightly, you, why haven't you left yet."

Tang Zichen said, "Brother, how could I leave, am I that kind of heartless and unrighteous person?Brother, this is my grudge against Hai Da Fu, I'll leave the rest to myself, and it's really time to make an end to it."

"Nonsense."Jin Yao snapped.

At that moment, Hai Da Fu gritted his teeth and asked, "Jin Yao, what did you call him?Windy clouds?What do you mean?"The person that Hai Da Fu dreamed of killing was Wind Lightning, the scene that killed his own grandson back then, he would never forget.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Hai Dafu, you still don't know, actually, I am Wind Lightning."After saying that, Tang Zichen uncovered the mask on his face.

"It really is you!It's really you, ahhh!"Hai Dafu's body trembled and roared in anger, his eyes bloodshot red, the scene where Tang Zichen chopped his own grandson to death immediately flashed in his mind.


Tang Zichen snorted, "Yes, it's really me, a few years ago, I killed Hai Jinqiu with a sword, I still have a vivid memory of it to this day, I think the sword that killed Hai Jinqiu was the most enjoyable sword I've ever had in my life."Tang Zichen deliberately irritated Hai Da Fu.

"Ahhhh."Hai Dafu roared in anger.

The irritated Sea Dafu, for a moment, forgot to think about how Wind Lightning was only a Sect Master Perfectionist at first, and how he had stepped into the early stages of Peak Ascension so quickly.

At this moment, how could Hai Dafu be in the mood to think so much, he only knew that the enemy who killed his grandson was right in front of him, if he didn't kill this Wind Lightning today, how could he face his dead grandson.

And at the scene, whether it was the people from the Seagod Family or the Jinyan Family, they were all shocked at the moment.

Because almost everyone on the scene knew Wind Lightning, a few years ago, Wind Lightning was considered a sensational figure in Golden Rock City.At this moment, the one who was a master a few years ago was now in the early stages of peak ascension.

"Die."Hai Dafu rushed up towards Tang Zichen in a flash.

Hai Dafu didn't think Tang Zichen was his opponent.

Tang Zichen was always ready.

"Swish."Tang Zichen was the first to kill with a sword that was filled with the true intent of Tang Zichen's endless work.

Hai Dafu only felt a blur, Tang Zichen's sword technique made it impossible for him to judge the distance, as if it was very far away, but also as if it was right in front of him and unpredictable. Remember the website

"Wow."In the next second, on Hai Dafu's arm, his clothes were cut by Tang Zichen's sword, a wound was revealed, and his entire arm was stained red with blood.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, quickly flew back.

After all, Tang Zichen wasn't in the middle of peak ascension, so he didn't dare to fight with Hai Dafu in close proximity, so he could only play to his sword's advantage and fight 'guerrilla' battles with him, in this way, Tang Zichen's time to open Life Blood Hidden could also be minimized to waste.

"Ah."Hai Da Fu's entire body was shocked as he looked at the bright red strip of blood on his arm.

As soon as they fought, Hai Dafu's arm was slashed with a sword, everyone at the scene sucked in a breath of cold air, which was completely unexpected.

"How could Tang Zichen."

Not far away, Jin Yao trembled, "Third Brother, you're really well hidden, I'm afraid I can't even block that sword you've just given me, it's just too inscrutable."

Hai Dafu slowly raised his head, his eyes filled with anger.

"Yah."Hai Dafu drew his sword, just now he would be slashed by Tang Zichen's sword, but it was actually related to his carelessness, just now he didn't even think that Tang Zichen was his opponent.

But now, Hai Dafu drew his sword.

"Great Wave."Hai Dafu roared and killed Tang Zichen with a sword, this sword was one of his strongest moves.

Seeing this move, Jin Yao's face turned pale, even Jin Yao had suffered a loss with this move.

Could Tang Zichen block it?

Tang Zichen didn't feel palpitations when he saw Hai Dafu's superb move to kill him, because Tang Zichen had a feeling inside that his Endless Sword Technique was far more brilliant than Hai Dafu's, and not even on the same level at all.

"Indestructible Light."Tang Zichen sent out a move of Indestructible Light.

"Wow."A sound, just like a station

The man on the beach thought he was going to be finished when he saw the waves rushing in, but when the waves actually reached him, they were just a little bit, unable to wash him away.This was how Tang Zichen felt at the moment, as his Endless Sword Technique, the third move, the Indestructible Light, easily broke the great waves of the sea.

"How can, like this."Hai Dafu was suddenly dumbfounded at this moment, because this move, even Jin Yao and Bai Cheng, were injured in front of him, but Tang Zichen, easily broke it.

Just as Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen took advantage of Hai Dafu's stunned moment and struck out with another move.

"Swoosh."Hai Dafu immediately met the attack, but he still couldn't determine the geographical location of Tang Zichen's sword, which caused him to be very, very passive.

"Swoosh!"In the next second, another gaping hole in Hai Dafu's other arm, blood had stained both of his arms red at once.

"Wow."Everyone at the scene shouted wow, feeling incredulous and unbelievable.

Not to mention that Tang Zichen had stepped into the Dengfeng realm so quickly, but he was able to fight Hai Dafu with his early Dengfeng realm, and Hai Dafu had even lost in a row.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was inwardly pleased, "My Endless Sword Technique, it's really brilliant, hahaha, at least Hai Dafu's level can't crack my sword technique, as long as he can't crack it, he'll only be at a disadvantage forever.I, on the other hand, can easily crack his sword technique, I just need to avoid the power of his realm, and I'll be invincible."Tang Zichen at the moment really wanted to be thankful for that time, the illusion when he entered the ocean vortex, if it wasn't for that illusion, Tang Zichen would definitely not have been able to upgrade his endless power to such a high level, after all, the one who was able to incorporate 'spatial sense' into his sword technique, I'm afraid there was no one else but Tang Zichen in the entire Great Martial Empire.

"Ahhhh, I don't believe it, I don't believe I can't kill him."Hai Dafu looked like he had lost his mind, he had no face to live after losing one after another in full view of the public.

After Hai Da Fu finished roaring, the swords in his hands suddenly separated and became two swords, and the two swords crossed, while yelling in his mouth, "Son of the Sea God."

Hearing the Son of the Sea God, Jin Yao on the scene, as well as Bai Cheng, who was watching from afar, trembled.

Son of the Sea God, this was a sword technique created by the ancestor of the Sea Dafu Family, extremely clever, when the Sea God Family was able to establish a family in Golden Thread City, it had a definite relationship with this.

At the very least, Jin Yao and Bai Cheng were bound to be seriously injured when they faced this move of Hai Da Fu, of course, Hai Da Fu he sent out this move, he would also suffer great repercussions and would be seriously injured himself, otherwise, Jin Yao and Bai Cheng would have already been killed by Hai Da Fu.

Right now, Hai Dafu had actually used this move in order to deal with an early peak ascension.

Tang Zichen could clearly tell that Hai Da Fu's move was indeed far more fierce than any of his previous moves, and the air also emitted a sound of a conch chirping, a sound that seemed to have a hint of a mesmerizing effect.

"What a brilliant sword technique, within the sword technique, it even incorporates some mesmerizing effects."Tang Zichen's heart was shocked, of course, no matter how it was compared, it was far from Tang Zichen's in terms of incorporating a sense of space in his sword technique.

"One sword eternal sleep."This was the strongest move in Tang Zichen's Endless Sword Technique, currently created.

One sword out, the air is extinct, and the world ends.

How palpable this was.

Many onlookers at the scene felt as if Tang Zichen's sword went out, as if the air had been cut off, and the entire world, everything was silent and dull.


Hai Dafu's 'Son of the Sea God' and Tang Zichen's 'One Sword Eternal Sleep' bombarded together like two intense balls of fire.

The scene was serene.

The wind was so loud in mid-air that the two people fighting were not even visible for a while.

When the wind calmed down a few seconds later.

Only then did the crowd see that in the sky, the two were stationary there.

Only, the sword in Hai Dafu's hand was sagging weakly, while Tang Zichen's sword passed through one of Hai Dafu's eyes and came out of the back of his head.


Everyone felt a chill all over their bodies as they saw this scene.

Hai Dafu was dead.

Oh my god, Tang Zichen had killed Hai Dafu.

Everyone was shocked, including Jin Yao, as well as Bai Cheng who was not far away. One second to remember to read the book

At this moment, Tang Zichen's body, in everyone's eyes, was so tall, so magnificent, as if all of a sudden, Tang Zichen's image in everyone's heart became the highest in Golden Thread City.Even Jin Yao and Bai Cheng were beneath Tang Zichen, and this instantaneous change in image was incredible.

In the midst of the silence, Tang Zichen pulled his sword out, and Hai Dafu's corpse, suddenly fell slowly from the sky to the ground, Hai Dafu still had a death grip on his sword in his hand.

"Bang."The moment Hai Dafu's corpse fell heavily to the ground, everyone's heart, too, thumped hard.

The scene remained quiet and everyone looked at Tang Zichen, especially the people from the Sea God Family, trembling.

Tang Zichen turned to the crowd of the Seagod Family and said, "Hai Da Fu is dead, who else is left."

As soon as Tang Zichen's words fell, the people of the Seagod Family all knelt down with a clamor.

Tang Zichen hadn't thought of killing so many people, after all, the Seagod Family had prospered for hundreds of years, had a large population, and wasn't a demon, it was impossible to kill so many people.

But there was no doubt that once Hai Da Fu died, the Seagod Family was completely extinct in Golden Thread City.

In the distance, Bai Cheng looked at Tang Zichen, his body was shaking, and he didn't know why he was shaking.

Tang Zichen had already seen Bai Cheng.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen shouted, "Bai Cheng, come out."

"Ah!"Bai Cheng's body trembled, it seemed that the wind really wouldn't forget him.

"Come out."Tang Zichen shouted.

Bai Cheng flew to Tang Zichen in a panic and knelt down in midair, saying, "Senior Wind, please spare my life."

"Bai Cheng, how you treated me back then, haven't you forgotten."

"No no, I know I was wrong, I won't dare again."

Tang Zichen raised his sword and said, "Bai Cheng, anyone who tries to kill me, I, Tang Zichen, will not let go, now, don't blame me for not giving you a chance, pick up your sword and fight me to the death, if you win, I die, if you lose, you die, that's fair."

Bai Cheng cried, "No no no, it's not fair, you even killed Hai Dafu, where can I win against you, sooooo, it's not fair."

Bai Cheng actually cried out, Tang Zichen really fucking felt disgusted, too spineless.

At this time, Jin Yao flew up and said, "Third Brother, Bai Cheng has already repented, why don't you spare him."

Tang Zichen said, "Big brother, you can't be soft, this world, no one will treat you well because you are soft, everything is determined by strength, since we have this strength now, then how much should be

Ruthless, as ruthless as you can be, to cut out future potential trouble and save the future."

"Ah."Jin Yao shuddered, this was to behead Bai Cheng ah, but Tang Zichen was right, the three great families of Golden Silk City had fought and fought and killed and injured countless staff members, if Golden Silk City was unified, the world would be peaceful in the future, why keep Bai Cheng, besides, Bai Cheng wasn't a good person, if he was a good person, then he could bypass his life, but he was a person who was stained with countless blood, so why keep him.Besides, how could Tang Zichen forget that Bai Cheng had sent people to assassinate Tang Zichen three times, why should such a person stay.

Right at this moment, Bai Cheng suddenly jumped and attacked Tang Zichen with a sneak attack from close range, killing him with a sword, his strongest attack.

Bai Cheng's martial arts skills were known to be sinister and vicious, he thought that he must have a slight grasp on his sneak attack, after all, Tang Zichen was just a brilliant swordsman, with a martial arts realm one level lower, as long as he didn't give Tang Zichen the chance to lash out with his sword, Tang Zichen had no chance of winning.

"Be careful."Jin Yao shouted.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen was already on guard.

"Puff."Tang Zichen struck out with his sword and Bai Cheng, whose martial arts skills were slightly inferior to Hai Dafu, cut off an arm by Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Bai Cheng screamed and immediately fled into the distance.

"One sword to sleep forever."Tang Zichen did not hesitate to kill up.

Bai Cheng suddenly went still, and in the next second, his body parted, and his corpse fell to the ground.

Golden Silk City, the three great families, Bai Cheng of the Bai Liu Family, and Hai Dafu of the Seagod Family, were all beheaded by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Everyone, now that only the Golden Rock Family is left in Golden Silk City, I, Wind Lightning, hereby promise that if within one day, anyone who surrenders to the Golden Rock Family, I will accept him as a staff member of the Golden Rock Family, regardless of which family he is from.As for the person who just betrayed the Golden Rock Family on the verge of surrendering, humph, the ends of the earth are far away, no need to meet again, get lost immediately.A day later, I will start cleaning up the remaining remnants of the Seagod Family and the Bai Liu Family, so please make yourselves at home."

After Tang Zichen finished speaking, he said to Jin Yao, "Big brother, is it okay if I handle it this way."

"Third brother, you've handled it well, not driving out all the people, but also not raising the wicked and condoning them, very good."

"Hehe, big brother, then after that, I'll leave it to you to handle it."


"Then I'll go back and comfort my family, they've been in shock for a month after all."

"It should be done."

Tang Zichen flew away, and Jin Yao looked at Tang Zichen's back and smiled helplessly, "It seems that another family in Golden Silk City is going to gradually rise."

Jin Yao didn't know if this was a blessing or a curse, although the Seagod Family and the White Flow Family were gone from now on.

However, Tang Zichen had risen, now Tang Zichen's family was only 30 to 40 people, but in a hundred years, it was feared that there would be hundreds and thousands of people, at that time, a family as huge as Tang Zichen's would inevitably become similar to the Seagod Family and the White Flow Family.

Therefore, the so-called unification of the Golden Silk City was merely temporary.

Tang Zichen flew to the distance, his wives and children, and smilingly said to everyone, "It's alright, it's all settled."



Several of Tang Zichen's wives all scrambled into Tang Zichen's arms, their torment for a month was finally over, and they could live in peace from now on.

Unfortunately, only Sensei knew that Tang Zichen was still far away from living a peaceful life, because, Tang Zichen hadn't even started searching for his origins, and then, it was bound to be inevitable to take revenge again, a foul storm, where there would be no peaceful days.


A few days later, the turmoil in Golden Silk City completely ended, the people of the Seagod Family and the White Flow Family had left Golden Silk City, the two families with huge populations in the beginning, disintegrated in no time, the families also scattered, once there was no family as the core, those surnamed Hai, surnamed Bai, it was no longer possible to get together, it was not a sobering thing, but there was no way, the families were gone, thousands of descendants could only scatter.

The Golden Rock Family took over everything from the White Flow Family and the Seagod Family, including the former staff of these two families, and the Golden Silk City became the territory of the Golden Rock Family.

One night a few days later, Tang Zichen came to Jin Yao's residence as promised.

"Big brother, how come you're inviting me to dinner tonight."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Third brother, now that things have settled down in Golden Thread City, I finally have time to sit down with you, and second brother, for a meal and a drink."

"Haha, for the past few days, Big Brother and Second Brother have been handling Golden Silk City's affairs, while I've been slacking off, what a guilt, let's say you guys punish me with a drink later."Tang Zichen said.

"What are you talking about, third brother, if it wasn't for you, how could the Golden Rock family unify the Golden Silk City, it's us who should respect you."

"Big brother, second brother, you guys are not treating me as a brother when you say that."

"Fine, fine, sit down first, don't get excited."

After three rounds of wine, everyone was a bit drunk, Jin Yao said, "Third brother, you are now the number one expert in the Golden Silk City, no one in the entire Golden Silk City will disobey you, including me."

"Haha, big brother, look at what you said."Tang Zichen felt that the two brothers, Jin Yao, seemed to have something to say. First website

"Third Brother, actually, with your current strength and fame, as well as talent, and heart, you're perfectly capable of becoming a family of your own."

"A self-made family?Brother, why don't I understand."

In fact, Tang Zichen understood that if Tang Zichen were to become independent of the Golden Rock Family now and establish a 'Tang Family' or 'Wind Family', then even though there weren't many people in Tang Zichen's family, with Tang Zichen's popularity, it could be said that the entire staff of the Golden Silk City would beJoin Tang Zichen.Because everyone knew that Tang Zichen was so young to step into the early stage of peak ascension, and he was also so clever with his sword that he defeated Hai Dafu, with this, Tang Zichen gained the worship of the entire Golden Silk City, who wouldn't be willing to follow Tang Zichen?

In the past few days, in the Golden Silk City, people were talking everywhere about when Tang Zichen would establish his family ah, they were waiting to join up.

So, how could Tang Zichen not understand.

However, Tang Zichen didn't think about establishing his own family.

It was because, for Tang Zichen currently, it was of no use to him other than pretending to be a comparison, instead it was still a burden, and would also put him in the limelight and noticeable.

Tang Zichen's future goal was to move towards the Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire and find out about his origins, in the future, perhaps Tang Zichen would be miserable, how could Tang Zichen start any family here.

Once Tang Zichen's enemies found out, it would be a matter of extermination, so Tang Zichen should keep a low profile first and not take such big steps.

Jin Yao smiled, "Third Brother, it's actually okay, I really don't blame you."

"Big brother, then I'll also tell the truth, I have no intention at all to set up any family in Golden Thread City."

"Why?Your family will surely grow from year to year, and when you have children and grandchildren, you will understand.

, having a stable place for their children and grandchildren to rest and recuperate, this is so heavy now, the Seagod Family and the White Current Family, they fell, the tens of millions of people from their two families, like a flock of tree sparrows, scattered, everyone wandering separately.If their ancestors saw that, how heartbroken they would be, who wouldn't want their children and grandchildren to get together and prosper from one generation to the next."

Tang Zichen smiled; "Big brother, I understand what you mean, but I am now, after all, the children are still young."

"Third Brother, if you are concerned about my feelings, then there is no need, I should establish my own family, I have to, this is a matter of sheltering my children and grandchildren, I can't stop doing it because of anyone."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Big brother, thank you, but I really don't want to set up any family now, when I really have a full house of children and grandchildren, or, when I'm done, it's not too late for me to set up again, at that time, I hope big brother will leave a piece of land for third brother's family in Golden Thread City."

"Look at what you said, well, big brother will always support you.By the way, what did you say you were going to do?"

Tang Zichen thought about it and said, "Truth be told, I actually have the hatred of extermination in me."

"What, the hatred of extermination?"


Jin Yue was busy saying, "Third Brother, so you have a family, only to be exterminated, gosh."

"Oh, I'm not sure about the specifics, after all, I was still very young when my family was exterminated.Big brother, second brother, please don't tell anyone about this, because my enemy, is still looking for me, back then I was still young, maybe my enemy didn't know I existed, that's why I escaped."

"Ah, third brother, so serious, it seems that your enemy is not simple, it's going to be decimated."

"Oh, yes, so it's only appropriate for me to keep a low profile for now, and then do my revenge in the future when I have the strength."

"Third Brother, I believe that with your talent and strength, you will be able to take revenge in the future."

"I hope so, big brother, second brother, do you know if there was any news of the extermination of the Great Martial Empire about fifty-eight or nine years ago?"

"This, I'm really sorry, nearly sixty years ago, I was only sixty years old, I was still a young man then, I hadn't heard of it ah, besides, the Great Martial Empire is so huge, it's hard to hear about other cities, and if it's like you are, it's a drive to exterminate, it's mostly done in secret and won't get out, so there must not be many people who know about it,"

"All right."The wine cup that Tang Zichen was holding suddenly tightened.

Tang Zichen vowed that one day, he would take revenge.

After drinking until midnight, Tang Zichen went home.

Entering Li Xuan'er's room in a drunken state, it wasn't long before Li Xuan'er's voice came from the room, "Don't, I don't want to give birth to a drunkard."

"Hahaha, what's wrong with a drunkard, hahaha."Tang Zichen said with a big laugh.

The days after that were peaceful again.

Tang Zichen practiced martial arts every day, also while feeling the mid-peak peak intentions, but unfortunately, he was never able to feel the mid-peak peak intentions a second time.

Half a year passed in a blink of an eye.

One day, Li Xuan'er shyly said, "Honey, I, I'm pregnant."

"Ah, sh, what."Tang Zichen was shocked.


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