The King of Kungfu in school 1311-1320


Chapter 1311

After flying continuously on the sea for more than a month, Tang Zichen finally saw the mainland.

"Yay, we're home."Tang Zichen you were excited inside.

Soon, Tang Zichen returned to the Endless Gate.

It had been almost a year and a few months since the last time Tang Zichen left his hometown, but of course, the time spent under the ocean whirlpool was just an illusion, presumably just for a while.

"I'm back."Tang Zichen shouted.

Everyone ran out in surprise.



"Brother Feng."


A group of people immediately gathered around to look at Tang Zichen. A second to remember to read the book

Mu was incredulous, "Wind Lightning, you've stepped into the Ancestor's Great Perfection?"


"Wow, that's too fast, you've only been there for a little over a year, it seems that the continent across the ocean is really a place of great opportunity."Mu said expectantly, as if he was eager to go as well.

"Windy, you've lost weight."The teacher's wife said.

"Hehe, Shisun, I'm fine."At that moment, Tang Zichen looked towards Qin Ren's heels, a cute porcelain doll holding Qin Ren's calf, with strange eyes.

When Tang Zichen left, his daughter was still just an infant in her swaddling clothes, and when she came back, she could already stand, with mixed feelings inside.

"Qin Nui."Tang Zichen called out in a moody voice.

That girl child was busy hiding behind Qin Ren, her eyes wary of Tang Zichen.

Qin Ren said, "Qin Nui, this is your father."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Can Qin Nui stand now?"

"Nonsense, it's four days a week, you're good at walking."Qin Ren gushed.

Tang Zichen squatted down and picked up his daughter.

"Qin Nui, I didn't expect that in the blink of an eye you'd be so big, this year, I don't even know how you've changed day by day, I suddenly regret so much that I didn't participate in such an important stage of your growth."Tang Zichen looked at Qin Nui and said, "Although it's very similar to the full moon, it's a huge change.

The teacher's wife said, "Feng'er, a man's career is the most important thing."

Tang Zichen hugged Qin Nui, incomparably happy.

Tang Zichen vowed not to leave her again in the future, otherwise, if she came back in a few years, she would already be a little girl.

"Wind lightly, don't just tease the child ah, come come, tell us all, what kind of place is over there."Muyoung asked anxiously.

Tang Zichen, while holding his daughter, talked about that side of the world for most of the time, but of course, Tang Zichen didn't say anything about entering the ocean whirlpool when he came back.

"So, you came back this time to escape."Mu was depressed for a while, and thought that Tang Zichen had come back to pick everyone up from the past.

"You could say that."

The teacher's wife asked, "Feng'er, will you still go over there from now on?"

"Go, of course I'll go, why not."

Xu Mei Qian asked, "So what are your plans now?You're not afraid that Hai Da Fu will kill you?I think, it's better not to go, in the future, our family, just live here happily, anyway, people live, sooner or later, they will die, why should we go to torment so much just to live a few more years."

Tang Zichen said, "Since you have taken the path of martial arts training, you have to go all the way to the end.Moreover, there are times in life when we can't just be like this if we want to, and if we stay on the wrong side of the law, then one day in the future an enemy powerful enough to destroy our entire family will appear, what should we do then, so I'll still head to the Great Martial Empire .

And, I'll bring all of you with me, I don't want to be separated from you anymore, and it's not like you've improved at all by staying here, look at this year, each and every one of you, you haven't changed in the slightest."

Mu was busy saying, "Yes, it's true that we haven't improved at all here, every day we're just busy with the clan, in the blink of an eye, a year has passed, and you've already stepped into the Master Perfection, and we're all still at the same place."

Xie Yong said, "What about the Endless Gate?After we've all left."

"Yeah, the Endless Gate is your heart and soul."Everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Let nature take its course, I can't possibly spend my own life for the Endless Gate.Anyway, I'll stay here for a year, hitting the Peak Deng Realm, and after a year, when I've stepped into the Peak Deng Realm, we'll head back to the Great Martial Empire to settle down."

"What? You said that you'll step into the Peak Deng Realm after one year?"The crowd was taken aback.

"Yes, I've already felt the mood of the Dengfeng Realm, and I believe that I can step into the Dengfeng Realm in a year."Tang Zichen said.

"I go, how is that possible."Everyone was stunned.

"Haha, alright, let's talk about that in a year, maybe I didn't step into the Deng Peak Realm a year later."Tang Zichen laughed.

After that, Tang Zichen lived at home, and every day, apart from the time he spent practicing martial arts and comprehending the Dao, he played with his daughter, and then he spent time with his eight wives.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.


"What is it, Mei Qian."

"Me."Xu Mei Qian blushed.

"Uh, an old married couple, what's the blush for."

"You're going to be a father again."

"What."Tang Zichen was stunned.

"I'm pregnant, and it's been two months."

"No way."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

Xu Mei Qian was pregnant again.

"Are you happy?Wouldn't be so happy because it's not your first child?"Xu Mei Qian said.

"What are you saying silly things, of course I'm happy, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

Tang Zichen brought in his teacher's wife to check Xu Mei Qian's body.

The teacher's wife smiled, "Everything is fine."


"Shishu Feng, congratulations."

"Zichen, the hit rate is starting to get higher."


Tang Zichen's teachers and brothers, brothers and sisters, all congratulated Tang Zichen, who was going to be a father again.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Same joy, you guys also continue to work hard, big brother, your wife is also going to give birth, right?"

"Yes, she's giving birth next month."

"And you, Yang Yijian, your wife is pregnant too, right?"

"Hehe."Yang Yijian smiled happily.

Anyway, Tang Zichen's senior brothers and friends were all married, and several of them were already pregnant or about to give birth, but of course, there were those who had already given birth.

That would be Liu Yue, whose wife had given birth to a boy before Tang Zichen returned.

With so many people, in the future, everyone's children would be able to play together in groups, and gradually, Tang Zichen's large family would become more and more populous, and then, a family.

So, now Tang Zichen must fight, otherwise how to ensure the growth of so many children in the future.

Because of Xu Mei Qian's pregnancy, this forced Tang Zichen's original plan to stay at home for a year to change.


We can't let Xu Mei Qian set out with a big belly, we must wait until Xu Mei Qian gives birth and the child is over a full month before we can plan to go to the Great Martial Empire.

After that, Tang Zichen still spent most of his time on martial arts training, striving to break through the peak realm as soon as possible.

In the blink of an eye, another half year had passed.

Xu Mei Qian's belly was also very large, eight months old, and in two months, she was going to give birth.

And on this day, Tang Zichen completely stepped into the early stages of the Dengfeng Realm.

"I've stepped into the Dengfeng Realm, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

However, Tang Zichen was able to step into the Peak Deng Realm so quickly thanks to that stone, otherwise, he would have had to wait at least another fifteen years.

"Congratulations, Wind Lightning, you've really stepped into the Dengfeng realm."Mu Yuyao said with eyes full of envy.

"Haha, Uncle Easy, you too, cheer up, by the way, is Aunt Hua pregnant."Tang Zichen asked, Aunt Hua is Mu Free Yao's wife.

Mu Qiyao's old face blushed and smiled, "Yes, after all, my daughter doesn't know when she will be able to see again, she wants to have another one while she still can in these years."

Tang Zichen thought of Mu Qianji, his heart was dull. The first website

"Uncle Easy, you do have to have another one."Tang Zichen said with a wandering eye.

That night, Tang Zichen held a celebration banquet to celebrate him stepping into the Dengfeng Realm.

This family of theirs would be more secure in the future with a Dengfeng Realm.

After that, Tang Zichen practiced martial arts even more diligently every day, although he stepped into the early stage of the Dengfeng Realm, his enemy, Hai Dafu, was a person in the middle stage of the Dengfeng Realm.

Tang Zichen didn't know what to do if he faced Hai Dafu, so Tang Zichen had to intensify his martial arts training to at least ensure that, with Life Blood Hidden turned on, he would have a chance to escape when he faced Hai Dafu.

As for the over the top challenge, Tang Zichen didn't quite dare to think about it, because the difference between the early stage of the Peak Deng Realm and the middle stage of the Peak Deng Realm was too far, and the further he got to the later stage, the farther the gap became.The difficulty of having to break through to the middle stage again at the early stage of the Peak Climbing Realm was no less difficult than a clan master perfection breaking through to Peak Climbing, so it was evident how difficult it was, and the gap between each realm could be imagined.

Two months later, Xu Mei Qian was going to give birth.

"Give birth la la, congratulations Master Feng, the Second Lady has given birth to a young master."

"A male?Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud as Xu Mei Qian gave him a son.

"Brother Feng, congratulations, there's a successor for you."

"Hehe, thank you, thank you all."Tang Zichen couldn't stop laughing.

Xu Mei Qian's stomach was still quite competitive, but of course, Tang Zichen didn't have a preference for sons over daughters.

Tang Zichen hugged his son and laughed, "This kid, he looks quite like me."

Everyone scrambled to hug him.

The teacher's wife asked, "Feng'er, give my apprentice grandson a name."

Tang Zichen thought about what name he should give.

"Let's call him Feng Xu."

"Feng Xu."


Of course everyone was fine with it, straightforward Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian had the same surname, simple and straightforward.

At night, Xu Mei Qian leaned against the bed, holding the child in her hands, looking at the child's eyes dazed.

"What are you doing, dazed."

Xu Mei Qian mumbled, "I never thought I'd have a son, Feng Xu, Feng Xu, huh."Xu Mei Qian gently touched the child with her fingers.

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Tang Zichen said, "I hope this kid, in the future, can be somewhat successful."

Xu Mei Qian stared, "What do you mean ah, the son I gave birth to, you think it can still be bad."

"Really, you're still anxious ah, is it that now that you have a son, you don't love me as a husband ah."

"Definitely."Xu Mei Qian laughed.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed loudly, the couple's happy and harmonious look.

Xu Mei Qian said, "You don't sleep on my side tonight, go to Xiang'er's side."


Xu Mei Qian a angry, "Xiang'er wants to be a mother all crazy, don't you know, hurry over."

"Speechless, okay, I'll go then."

Tang Zichen came to Liu Xiangyun's room, Liu Xiangyun had already fallen asleep, Tang Zichen crawled directly into her nest, startled her, after that no more details.

Soon, Feng Xu was full moon, Tang Zichen held a full moon wine, and at that time, Yang Yijian's son was born, named Yang Yan.

With a sigh, Tang Zichen sighed, his group of brothers and sisters and friends had seven children so far, plus his two children.

With so many children, Tang Zichen had a bit of a headache as to how he should bring so many people to the Golden Silk City.

It seemed that the only way to get there was to modify a plane and use a flying machine as propulsion, or else there was no way to go.

Tang Zichen and the crowd worked together, using iron tools, to create a small plane that could almost hold fifty to sixty people.

When everything was ready, a good day was chosen and then they set off to leave the Endless Gate.

As for the management of the Endless Gate, Tang Zichen left it to those old men from the former Hundred Flowers Gate.

Tang Zichen wasn't worried about the Endless Gate being invaded by other sects, because before he left, Tang Zichen held a martial arts conference to let all the sects know that Tang Zichen had stepped into the peak realm, and with this, he could guarantee that no one would dare to touch the Endless Gate for at least a hundred or two hundred years.Between these one to two hundred years, Tang Zichen believed that the Endless Gate would definitely have a younger generation that could step into the Ancestor's Great Perfection and become the town's ancestor.

A month later, a small plane, flying smoothly over the ocean.

Tang Zichen was able to create this plane thanks to Xiaomeng, Xiaomeng was an academic, she was even proficient in flying ships, not to mention planes.

"Windy, about how long will it take to get to that Golden Silk City you mentioned?"Sensei asked.

"At the rate this plane is going, I'm afraid it will take seven months."

"That long."

"No way, fortunately we have enough flying machines, otherwise it would be a real problem."

At this moment, in the boundless sea, on a certain island, a woman whose appearance looked similar to Tang Zichen's teacher's wife, was practicing her sword on the beach of this island, her sword skills were extremely skillful, and, they were very fierce, as if an endless hatred was in it.

That woman stopped practicing her sword and said through clenched teeth, "Fifty years, exactly fifty years, I have finally trained the Asura Sword, my martial arts realm, and I'm in the middle of peak ascension, I should go back."

At that moment, a maid of about the same age came and handed over a bamboo tube of water and said, "Madam, drink some water first."

"Well, Xiao He, you've followed me on this lonely island for the past fifty years, it's been hard for you."

"Madame, what are you saying, Little Lotus has been following Madame since she was a child, wherever Madame is, I am there, besides, if Little Lotus didn't have Madame to guide me, I wouldn't be able to become a great master today ah."


"Alright, let's not talk about it."

"Ma'am, did you just say that you're going back?"

"Yes, I've trained the Asura Sword, I must take revenge."

"But madam, you are only in the middle of your peak, it is impossible for you to take revenge, when the master was in the late stage of his peak, he was also beheaded."

"I know, but I can't stay on this island forever, my whole family, only me is left, I must take revenge for my whole family."

That girl said, "Madam, perhaps, Little Young Master, he didn't die, if Little Young Master he didn't die, then now, almost 57 years old."

That woman had a little to face in her mind, it was so lovely, the woman had a sudden heartache like a knife, tears flowed.

The girl said, "Madam, back then we were fleeing from the sea, and we were so helpless that we put the little young master in a treasure chest and threw it into the sea, but we were lucky to escape.Perhaps the little young master is still alive."

The woman looked up and said, "The boundless sea is boundless, even if I feed him the sea gentian, it will keep him from starving for two years, but this is the ocean after all, God knows what will happen, perhaps, he will already be buried in the fish's stomach, or die of starvation in two years, my son."Said the woman with a cry of pain, thinking of her so young son, ending up like this, even though more than fifty years had passed, still could not hide the grief in her heart.

However, in the next moment, her inner grief turned into a strength, which was the power of the Asura Sword Dao.

When she first stepped into the clan, the dao that she comprehended was the Asura Dao, and this was because she was filled with a hatred that could not be vented.Now this woman, who was not yet ninety years old, but had already stepped into the middle of the Dengfeng Realm, was inextricably linked to the hatred she held within her. Remember the website

Just then, a plane passed by in the sky.

"Hey, ma'am, what's that in the sky?Is this a black jiao?Why doesn't it look like a black auger."That lady said.

However, that lady casually looked at it, not having any interest in it, there were many things in the Thousand Worlds that had never been seen before, not to mention that this was on the ocean, there were too many exotic beasts that had never been seen at all.

About seven or eight months later, Tang Zichen and the others, after a journey of almost a year, finally arrived.

"Look, the continent, that's the continent."

"Wow, it's finally here."Everyone sighed for a while, in these eight months, everyone really looked forward to arriving every day, after all, the space on the plane was limited, it was really hard to squeeze in so many people, and they didn't even get a peaceful sleep.

Everyone had lost a lump.

"Here we are, it's been a really hard trip."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Tang Zichen maneuvered the plane and flew into the clouds, his main purpose was not to attract too much attention, then slowly flew to the territory of the Golden Rock family.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys wait for me in the plane, I'll go down and check the situation first."


Tang Zichen jumped down from the plane and landed inside the Golden Rock Family.

At this moment, in one of the halls of the Golden Rock Family.

"Big brother, it's been two years since Wind Lightning left, he definitely won't come back, after all, Hai Da Fu wants to kill him.What a pity, Ben is a genius, but now he's being forced away."Jin Yue said angrily.

"I think that within thirty years, Wind Lightning won't come back."

Just then, a voice sounded from the doorway, "Who says I won't be back."

"Ah."Jin Yao and Jin Yue heard Tang Zichen

The sound of the voice, they were both shocked.

"Wind Lightning, you, you're back."The two of them were busy running out.

"Hahaha, Master Jin Yao, Senior Jin Yue, I'm back."

"Wind Lightning, where have you been for the past two years."Jin Yue asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm back home, and truth be told, my hometown is actually not on this continent, but on the opposite side of the distant ocean, a continent the size of a city equivalent to Golden Yew."

"So you're from the island, wait, your realm?"

Jin Yao and Jin Yue's faces changed.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, I've already stepped into the early stages of the Peak Deng Realm."

"What? This, this is impossible."They both stayed there.

"Hehe, I'm sorry to have frightened the two seniors."

"My god, Wind Lightning, you're too unorthodox, you're only 57 years old, right?"


"Stepping into the Peak Ascension at 57?Tsk, in the entire history of the Great Martial Empire, I'm afraid that no one has ever been this powerful.Wind Lightning, you're really, I've run out of things to say."Jin Yao said in a trembling voice.

Tang Zichen said, "Master, I won't talk to you about gossip, I'm not the only one who came back this time, I brought my whole family with me, I'm going to live here permanently in the future.By the way, what's the situation here now, how is Hai Dafu's side?"

Jin Yue was busy looking out the door and said, "Where is your family?"

"They're still in the sky right now,"Tang Zichen said.

Jin Yao said, "Wind Lightning, if Hai Da Fu knows you're back again, he'll definitely still think of killing you, so for safety's sake, let's settle your family into a secret place for now, don't let anyone know they're your family, and you yourself will first change your face and hide your identity, what do you think?This is also for the good of your family, after all, you have a big family now, you have to be careful in everything.In this Great Martial Empire of ours, it's common to exterminate your entire family, or even your family, it's just that you'll have to begrudge yourself a bit first.Don't worry, I will arrange a very nice place for your family to live."

Tang Zichen thought about it and nodded, after all, Tang Zichen agreed with Jin Yao's words, because, Tang Zichen's own parents, surely they were also exterminated, in the Great Martial Empire this kind of thing was too normal, Tang Zichen's whole family, so many children, could not afford to take risks.

"It's up to the family master to arrange it."

Jin Yao smiled, "What stinking words, in the future, if you don't mind that I'm twice as big as you, just call me big brother."

"Haha, then I won't be the second brother."Jin Yue laughed.

Tang Zichen certainly didn't mind and called out, "Big brother and second brother again, please accept the worship of my younger brother."

"Eh, why are you so polite, get up quickly, from now on, you will be our brother."

"Hahaha, that night, there is a need to hold a ceremony."Jin Yue said.

Jin Yao instructed, "Go and help third brother settle his family first."

"Yes, big brother."

Tang Zichen and Jin Yue flew up into the sky, the plane was still hovering in the sky, the reason why it was hovering was because there was no way to keep it from falling down, it couldn't be delicate there.

"Hey, what is this?"Jin Yue looked at the plane and said.

"Haha, second brother, I'll explain this to you later."


With Jin Yue's help, Tang Zichen quickly settled in with his family.


Tang Zichen's whole family lived in a very safe and luxurious manor of the Golden Rock family, called Fragrant Mountain Manor, which also had many maidservants and other maidservants, living a very privileged life, so that everyone could also spend more time on martial arts training.

Even the children's education problem was also solved together, the Jinyan family had schools, from 'primary school' to 'university'.

This was the reason why Tang Zichen chose to come here, having children made Tang Zichen realize how important education was.

Of course, Tang Zichen also wore a human skin mask and chose to hide his identity for the sake of his family.

"Big brother, second brother, from this moment on, my name is Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?"


"Good, so even Hai Dafu doesn't know that you are Wind Lightning, just restore your true name in the future when you have absolute strength to face him."


"Then you'll be aggrieved for now, I'll advertise to the outside world that you're a special staff member of one of the latest recruits of our Golden Rock Family at the beginning of the peak realm."

"Good." One second to remember to read the book

"Also, when you go home, try not to come, even if it's the Jinyan family, try not to let them know that the people living in the Fragrant Mountain Manor are your relatives.This is in case your identity is exposed and brings you unnecessary trouble, of course, it doesn't mean that you can't go back, just try not to come every time you go home, it's not a difficult task with your current strength."

"Okay, thank you big brother for being so considerate for me."

Jin Yao smiled helplessly, "Everything is not a bad idea, it's always good to be more thoughtful."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The next day, Tang Zichen put on a human skin mask and appeared in a large hall of the Jinyan Family.

Jin Yao was sitting above the main hall, and below the main hall, there were hundreds of people standing, all of whom were at the early stage of Dengfeng.

There were four or five hundred people who had reached the Peak Deng realm in that White Flow family before, and more than a hundred of them were people of their own surname.

The Golden Rock Family was no exception, and there were also about four hundred or so early peak-denying realm powerhouses.

Among these four hundred early peak realm strongmen, more than one hundred and ten of them were people from the Golden Rock Family's own surname, and the rest, all of them were special staff members.

Some of these special staff members had already lived here for hundreds of years, and all of them also had a separate manor in the Golden Rock Family, and their children, who went to school and practiced martial arts together with the Golden Rock Family, received the same education, so it could be said that they were no longer able to leave the Golden Rock Family.

At this moment, Jin Yao said to everyone, "Everyone, please be quiet, today, I would like to introduce a newcomer to you, he is a new friend called Tang Zichen, everyone applaud."

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded, Tang Zichen walked in through the main hall door.

The mask that Tang Zichen wore was the face of an old man about a hundred years old, so no one was surprised at how he reached the Dengfeng realm so young or any other expressions like that.

Jin Yao said to everyone, "This brother Tang Zichen, is a special staff member of my Golden Rock Family, who has just recently entered the city, and you all, will be friends from now on, and I expect you all to take care of each other."


"Hello, Brother Tang, welcome to the Golden Rock Family.


Everyone welcomed Don Zixin.

"Thank you, thank you all."Tang Zichen said to everyone with an arch of his hand.

After the welcome, Jin Yao said to everyone, "Everyone, here, there is one more thing I want to tell you, in the Black Yin Mountain, an ancient exotic beast, the Purple Clear Beast, is estimated to be five hundred years old, I now need to send some people to the Black Yin Mountain to capture this ancient exotic beast.However, what I must say is that the White Stream Family and the Seagod Family, also know about this news and have already sent their people to go there, they are also determined to win this Purple Clear Beast, who among you, are willing to go there on your own initiative.Of course, if the Purple Clear Beast is captured and brought back, naturally, there will be no less than your share of it.A five hundred year share of the Purple Clear Beast is at least over ten thousand kilograms, and consuming its flesh and blood will be of great benefit to us."

After Jin Yao said that, Tang Zichen immediately raised his hand, such a good thing, Tang Zichen thought that he was afraid that everyone would grab it, but as a result, only after Tang Zichen raised his hand did he realize that he was the only one who raised his hand.

Tang Zichen was full of puzzlement, go and catch the Purple Clear Beast, if you catch it you can get a share of the meat of the Purple Clear Beast, why didn't anyone raise their hand to go?

Jin Yao laughed as if he didn't blame everyone, Jin Yao said, "No one wants to go, you guys are giving up the Purple Clear Beast to the Seagod family and the White Flow family.I also understand you guys, you are all grandpa's now, even if you get married later, you are all fathers now, and you still have a big family to rely on behind you.However, opportunities and crises go hand in hand, capturing the Purple Clear Beast will definitely inevitably lead to clashes with the White Flow Family and the Seagod Family, and deaths and injuries are inevitable."

After Jin Yao said this, Tang Zichen finally understood why he was the only one who raised his hand to go.

It turned out that the early stage of Dengfeng here were all people with families, their wives, children, and grandchildren behind them were counting on them, and with the danger of death and injury, no one dared to go.

Rather, Tang Zichen, without even thinking about it, raised his hand, lack of consideration.Tang Zichen also couldn't help but think, if he went to catch the Purple Clear Beast and died and didn't come back, what about his wife and children, so much so, Tang Zichen also felt a bit worried about the aftermath, just, Tang Zichen was a very confident person, still still dared to go.

Jin Yao said, "Everyone, this kind of thing is not forced, you go back and think about it, give me an answer tomorrow, I can only say that the five hundred year share of the Purple Clear Beast is worth a fight, let's scatter."

The hundreds of special staff members in the palace dispersed, while discussing among themselves.

Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry to leave.

"Big brother."

"Oh, third brother, you might want to ask why everyone is afraid of going to catch the Purple Clear Beast.This Purple Clear Beast was discovered by the three great families of Golden Rock City, and then, a fight will definitely be inevitable, and the people from the Seagod Family who went there must be even more powerful, and at the early stage of the Dengfeng Realm, the special staff of each family's strength situation is similar to that of the clan's complete and great perfection.Our Jinyan family's special staff is hard to compete against the Seagod family, so the mortality rate will be much higher for us and the White Flow family.In the past, there were also such exotic beasts that appeared, and they often ended up empty-handed, and several special staff members died.Nowadays, most of those who are able to reach the early stages of peak ascension are now grandparents, so they can't afford to die."Jin Yao let out a deep sigh.

Jin Yue said, "Third brother, you just thought about raising your hand without wanting to, a little lack of consideration, after all, you also have a big family here, don't be so lack of consideration in the future, think about everything before making a decision, and think about your family more."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Although I also have a family, I still decided to go and catch this Purple Clear Beast, even if I end up having to snatch it from the Seagod Family and the Bai Liu Family."


"Have you really thought this through?"

"Of course, by the way, brother, why can't you go catch the Purple Clear Beast yourself?"Tang Zichen asked.

"This is because I must abide by the agreement of the three great families, but whenever some minerals, treasures, and exotic beasts appear within the boundaries of the Golden Silk City, as long as they are within the ability of someone in the early stages of the Peak Establishment, the heads of our three great families cannot directly compete, and can only send people there."

"Why do we have to make such an agreement?"

"Oh, I, Bai Cheng, and Hai Dafu, are the head of the family after all, and if we were to do it directly, it would easily lead to a large-scale confrontation between the two families, which would not be beneficial to anyone."

"But, the Seagod Family's special staff is generally more powerful, so we'll definitely be at a disadvantage."

"Alas, there's nothing we can do about being at a disadvantage, alright, third brother, go back and get ready first, come early tomorrow."


The next day, Tang Zichen arrived at the Golden Rock Hall early.

After waiting for half an hour, three people came.

Jin Yao said, "It seems that everyone is not interested in this Purple Clear Beast, Tang Zichen, Ye Xiaotian, Bai Rou, and Camel, this time to catch the Purple Clear Beast, there are only four of you, are you still going?" First web site

Tang Zichen said, "Go."

The other three looked a little hesitant, but eventually nodded.

"Alright then, let's go."Tang Zichen and the other three, each sat on the Golden Yao Master's Black Jiao and headed straight to their destination, the Dark Cloud Mountain.

An hour later, they arrived at their destination, the Crow Cloud Mountain.

"Yo, isn't this the Golden Yao Family Lord."Hai Dafu stood on the outskirts of the Dark Cloud Mountain and sneered when he saw Jin Yao.

"Hai Dafu, looks like you're in a hurry."

"Jin Yao, don't tell me you just brought four people with you."Hai Dafu swept a glance at Tang Zichen and the other four, but unfortunately, Hai Dafu didn't know to death that one of them was Tang Zichen.

"Hmph."Jin Yao didn't bother to pay attention to Hai Da Fu.

"Hahaha, Master Jin Yao, don't blame me for not reminding you ah, your family only came four people, four people want to go and steal the Purple Clear Beast, how naive, I see, these four people behind you will all become corpses in a few days."Hai Dafu said with a big laugh.

Jin Yao was depressed for a while, in fact, what Hai Dafu said was not unreasonable, four people just wanted to go to catch the Purple Clear Beast, this was simply going to die, the people of the Seagod Family would definitely kill when they saw it, after all, when robbing the Purple Clear Beast, it was reasonable for there to be a killing incident, this was also the best time for the three big families to kill the people of the other family.

Hai Dafu also said, "Jin Yao Family Master, do you know how many people from my Seagod Family have come?Let me tell you, my Seagod Family, the special staff who entered the Crow Cloud Mountain to catch the Purple Clear Beast this time, there are twenty people, hahaha."

At this time, an old man beside Tang Zichen was busy saying to Jin Yao, "Family Master, I suddenly remembered, my grandson's birthday today, sorry ah, I won't go."

Jin Yao frowned, "Ye Xiaotian, if you don't want to go, don't come just now, how come you're all at Wu Yun Mountain before saying your grandson's birthday."Jin Yao was a bit angry, this was simply a deliberate attempt to humiliate him in front of Hai Dafu.

As expected, Hai Dafu laughed loudly.

At this time, the other man named Camel also: "Master, I, I won't go either, sorry ah."

"You, you guys."Jin Yao was annoyed, but still helplessly roared, "Next time before you go, please make sure to come, don't change your mind at the last minute, get out of here right now."

"Yes yes yes."Ye Xiaotian and Camel, both of them, immediately flew away.

Only Tang Zichen and one called Bai Ru were left.

Old lady.

Hai Dafu scoffed at Tang Zichen and Bai Rou and said, "Hey, you two, you still want to go in and die."

Tang Zichen snorted, "None of your gripe business."

"You."Hai Dafu was furious, a special staff member of the Jinyan family area, daring to yell at him.

"You don't want to hang around."Hai Dafu raged.

Tang Zichen said, "No one will treat you as mute if you don't speak."

Hai Dafu was angry at first to kill Tang Zichen, Jin Yao blocked in front of Tang Zichen and hummed, "Hai Dafu, if you dare to try, I believe I will also kill a few staff members of your family."

Hai Dafu gritted his teeth and said, "Fine, fine, I won't do anything, but do you think the two of them will still be alive when they enter the Dark Cloud Mountain?"

Jin Yao turned back to Tang Zichen and Bai Rou and said, "You two shouldn't go either, forget it, we won't get the Purple Clear Beast this time."

"Master, I will definitely go."Tang Zichen said firmly, no more nonsense, and flew straight into the Dark Cloud Mountain.

And that Bai Rou thought about it and said, "Alright, I won't go."

Just like that, only Tang Zichen went in alone.

Jin Yao sighed, it was too dangerous for Tang Zichen to enter the Dark Cloud Mountain by himself, it was too dangerous for one person to face twenty people from the Seagod Family and the Bai Rou Family, I hope he was fine.

Not long after Tang Zichen entered the Dark Cloud Mountain, Bai Cheng, from the White Flow Family, brought a dozen people with him, those dozen people also entered the Dark Cloud Mountain.

Bai Cheng could only wait with Hai Dafu, Jin Yao, and the three of them on the outskirts.

Tang Zichen searched everywhere in the Dark Cloud Mountain for the traces of the Purple Clear Beast.

However, it wasn't so easy to find.

A day later, Tang Zichen stopped and rested under a large tree.

Just then, a group of people walked out from a direction.

Tang Zichen had a chance encounter with that group of people, saying that it was a group of people, but it was actually just five people.

These five people were the special staff of the Seagod Family, there were a total of twenty people from the Seagod Family, divided into four groups, and the four groups went in different directions to look for the Purple Clear Beast.

"Hey, there's someone over there."Those five people spotted Tang Zichen at once.

Tang Zichen didn't have any panic, everyone was in the early stages of peak ascension, Tang Zichen was confident that he was sure of what he was doing.

Those five people surrounded Tang Zichen.

One of them asked, "Hey, which family are you from?The Golden Rock family or the White Flow family?"

As Tang Zichen sipped his water, he hummed, "Which family are you guys from again."

"We're from the Poseidon family, what, don't you even know us?What family are you from anyway?"

Another person said, "Who cares which family it is, didn't the Sea Master say before we set out that regardless of whether we encounter the White Flow family or the Jingyan family, we should kill them on sight, this is a good opportunity to weaken the other family's strength."

Since that's the case, let's kill.

Speaking of which, one of the men with an axe came towards Tang Zichen, wanting to chop Tang Zichen to death with an axe.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted and he grunted, "Fine, then I'll exterminate all twenty of your Seagod Family's special staff members, I'd like to see how that Hai Da Fu is still arrogant."

After saying that, Tang Zichen instantly opened the Life Blood Hiding.

The reason why he opened Life Blood Hidden was because he wanted to make a quick decision, but also because he was afraid that if the people sent out by the Sea Dafu were very strong, then they would join hands and Tang Zichen's chances of winning would become smaller!


"Puff."After opening Life Blood Hidden, Tang Zichen very easily took off the head of the man with the axe.

"Ah."The other four were shocked.

However, in the next second, another one hadn't reacted and was split in half by Tang Zichen's sword.

"Run, this is an expert."The other three, seemingly scared out of their wits, immediately ran.

"If you want to run, no way."

It took Tang Zichen seven or eight seconds to kill all three that wanted to run away.

"Phew."Tang Zichen wiped the blood from his face and snorted, "Hai Dafu, I'll make your family's twenty special staff members, all of them die in, hahaha."

At this moment, on the outskirts of Dark Cloud Mountain.

Hai Da Fu said to Jin Yao, "Master Jin Yao, I don't think you need to wait here, go back, I'm afraid that special staff member of your family, in the Wu Yun Mountain, is already dead, you should go back and settle his family, hahaha."

"Hmph."Jin Yao snorted and flew to the other side, not bothering with Hai Da Fu.

Tang Zichen searched for two more days in the Dark Cloud Mountain, but there was still no sign of the Purple Clear Beast. Remember the website

However, another group of people was spotted, a group of about a dozen people, a few of whom, Tang Zichen had seen before.

"It's the special staff of the Bai Liu family."Tang Zichen said darkly.

However, Tang Zichen was wondering if he should exterminate the staff of the White Flow Family.

After hesitating, Tang Zichen decided to forget it, if Tang Zichen exterminated the Seagod Family, and the White Flow Family's staff, then the Jingyan Family would definitely be attacked by the two big families, besides, although these people were the special staff of the White Flow Family, in the end, they were all the heads of the family, and there must be a big family behind them.

Tang Zichen spared them.

Another day later, Tang Zichen encountered five people.

These five people were the special staff of the Seagod Family, and you could tell by their arrogant posture.

Tang Zichen struck again, opened the Life Blood Hidden and exterminated those five people.

After a few more days, Tang Zichen encountered the five people again, and Tang Zichen exterminated them, so far, the Seagod Family had sent twenty special staff members, and Tang Zichen had exterminated fifteen of them.

"Hahaha, there are still five left, don't let me encounter them."Tang Zichen laughed.

The Seagod Family had died twenty special staff members at the beginning of their peak, this was a huge thing, not only did it weaken the overall strength of the Seagod Family, it also added a huge burden to the Seagod Family, because the families of these staff members who died definitely wanted a pension, and the pension wasn't just a little bit, it was for life, meaning that the Seagod Family had to support the families of these staff members at least for the rest of their lives, to a most .It's more than a hundred years in a lifetime.Raising it for over a hundred years, that's definitely not an ordinary payout.

"Roar."At this moment, Tang Zichen heard a beast cry from a mountain range in the distance.

Tang Zichen immediately flew towards the place where the sound came from.

Seeing an exotic beast that was five to six meters long and looked much like a boar, with purple fur on its body.

"Purple Clear Beast, haha, finally found the Purple Clear Beast."Tang Zichen laughed loudly and immediately rushed down.

However, at this time, from several other directions, two groups of people came, one group had five people and the other had a dozen.

Tang Zichen was the first to arrive.

"Bang."Tang Zichen killed the Purple Clear Beast with a slap, then, Tang Zichen quickly tied the Purple Clear Beast behind his back, although the Purple Clear Beast was too long to be tied at all, but at least he could take the Purple Clear Beast with him.

At this time, the other

The two outside gangs surrounded Tang Zichen.

The people from the Seagod Family snorted at Tang Zichen, "I don't care which family you're from, put the Purple Clear Beast down immediately."

The dozen or so people from the White Flow Family were now temporarily observing from the side, but they knew what they were doing, so they could only choose their chance to strike.

Tang Zichen gave a sneer, "Why should I put it down, I was the first to catch this Purple Clear Beast."

The Seagod Family said disdainfully, "So what if you were the first to catch it, this Purple Clear Beast has belonged to the Seagod Family since the day it appeared."

"Hahaha, Seagod Family, I pooh, I'm sure you five are the last five of the Seagod Family that didn't die."

Those five people's brows furrowed.

Tang Zichen said, "Truth be told, I have killed fifteen people from the Seagod Family, I heard that you have come twenty, you are the remaining five, well, then let me, the young master, send you on your way."

After saying that, Tang Zichen suddenly opened Life Blood Hidden, he must use Life Blood Hidden, after all, there was the White Flow Family on the scene, and he also had to carry the Purple Clear Beast on his back, so he had to guard against it.

Tang Zichen's strength skyrocketed, and it only took fifteen seconds to kill three of the Seagod Clan.

The dozen or so people from the White Flow Family were stunned, when did the Golden Rock Family have a special offering that strong.

Tang Zichen immediately turned off his Life Blood Hidden state, he only had twenty-five seconds, he had to leave ten seconds, otherwise his whole body would be powerless and he would only have to wait for death.

Tang Zichen said to the surviving two Seagod Family's special offerings, "Today, I'm in a good mood, so I won't kill them all, go back and properly report to Hai Da Fu, and say, I, killed eighteen of your special offerings, farewell."

After saying that, Tang Zichen carried the Purple Clear Beast on his back and flew into the sky.

The two people from the Seagod Family who didn't die had already been stunned by Tang Zichen's strength, which dared to chase after them.

The people from the White Stream Family never intervened.

Tang Zichen flew out of the Dark Cloud Mountain.

Hai Dafu, Jin Yao, and Bai Cheng, seeing someone flying out, immediately lifted their spirits.

However, when Tang Zichen flew closer, Hai Dafu was stunned while Bai Cheng was filled with disappointment.

Hai Dafu roared, "How is this possible, no, this must be my blurred eyes, that person must be from my Seagod family, my blurred eyes saw it as the Golden Rock family."Hai Dafu rolled his eyes desperately, looking like he was deceiving himself.

At this moment, Jin Yao saw Tang Zichen fly out carrying the huge Purple Clear Beast, and his entire body was dumbfounded.

These days, Jin Yao had been worried that Tang Zichen would be killed by the Sea God Family, he didn't dare to think about the Purple Clear Beast, but, as a result, Tang Zichen came out with the Purple Clear Beast on his back, even Jin Yao wondered if he was blind.

At this moment, in the distant sky, another group of people flew out from the Dark Cloud Mountain, they were the people from the White Flow Family, and the two Sea Gods.

Hai Dafu looked at the two Seagod Family people, he couldn't really understand what was going on.

Tang Zichen flew to Jin Yao's side and smiled, "Family Master, I came out."

"Tang, Tang Zichen, is this true?You really caught the Purple Clear Beast?"


"But, but you're only one person, how is that possible."

"Hahaha, Family Master, more people may not necessarily mean more power, just like a certain family, no matter how many straw men they send, it's not enough."

At this time, those two survivors of the Seagod Family, flew to Hai Da Fu's side and knelt down and cried, "Family Master, oooooh."


Hai Dafu hissed, "Say, what's going on here?Why was the Purple Clear Beast snatched by the Golden Rock Family's bastards, you bunch of losers."

One of them cried, "Master, we don't have a 'group' anymore, only two of us are left, the other eighteen brothers, all of them are dead, sob."

"Sh, what."Hai Dafu's body trembled violently, not far away, Bai Cheng heard, all of them trembled, eighteen special staff members died at once?Oh my God, this is one of those devastating blows.

"Who is it, who is it."Hai Da Fu yelled and asked.

The two survivors immediately pointed towards Tang Zichen and said, "It's him, he's the one who killed our eighteen brothers."

Hai Dafu immediately turned his eyes towards Tang Zichen.

Jin Yao's body felt a cold, Tang Zichen actually killed eighteen special staff members of the Seagod Family, God, it's a wonder that Hai Da Fu doesn't hate Tang Zichen to death.

Jin Yao asked, "Wind Lightning, is this true?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yeah, I took care of eighteen of them."


At this time, Hai Dafu was furiously walking towards Tang Zichen. A second to remember to read the book

"Die, give me death."Hai Dafu yelled.

Jin Yao was busy blocking Tang Zichen behind him and said, "Hai Dafu, what do you mean."

Hai Dafu gritted his teeth and said, "Master Jin Yao, today this son of a bitch behind you must die, and, that's not enough, your Jin Yan family, must hand over double, that is, thirty-six special offerings out to compensate for their lives, otherwise, don't blame me for starting a war."

When Jin Yao heard Hai Da Fu's words, he became furious.

Jin Yao's face was also green with veins, roaring, "Hai Dafu, you're looking for death, even if Tang Zichen killed eighteen of your people, but where so what, it was your ancestors who made the rules in the first place, it was your ancestors who said that when competing for benefits, any family, no matter how many staff members killed each other, Double Fly is not allowed to pursue, let alone cause a family war as a result.How dare you threaten me with this now, do you think I'm afraid?"

Hai Da Fu said with a black face, "I don't care about you so much, the one who died eighteen is my Seagod Family, do you think I will just let this matter go?Impossible."

"Hmph, I don't care if it's impossible for you, in short, my family killed eighteen of you, this is under the double-flight agreement, there is no violation, I won't let you kill Tang Zichen, nor will I hand over double the staff for you to kill, if you want to start a war, I'll accompany you."Jin Yao was also angry, throwing his voice.

At this time, Bai Cheng came over.

Bai Cheng laughed, "Hai Dafu, it's not a gentleman to take revenge on this, if I were you, immediately launch an army and trample down the Golden Rock family."

Hai Dafu gritted his teeth and looked at Bai Cheng, this son of a bitch was still adding fire to the side.

If the Seagod Family and the Golden Rock Family really had a family war, both sides would definitely be dead and injured, and in the end, the one who would benefit would be the White Flow Family, perhaps the White Flow Family would unify the Golden Silk City in one fell swoop.

Therefore, Hai Dafu had to calm down at the moment.

That was why no matter how fierce things happened, the three great families were always unable to fight.

With a snort, Jin Yao grabbed Tang Zichen, rushed up into the sky, and flew away in a black jiao.

Hai Dafu gritted his teeth in anger and finally let out an unhappy growl, "Ahhhhh."

On the way back.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother, will Hai Da Fu come to kill me?"

"Will."Jinyo said.



Over, he wouldn't dare to kill you openly, and if I hadn't expected it, he would have tried everything to find a justifiable reason to kill you."

"What justifiable reason could he find to kill me."

"It's up to him, I think the ones he sent to catch the Purple Clear Beast this time aren't the strongest twenty people in his family."

Tang Zichen returned to the Golden Rock family.

Jin Yao said, "Third Brother, this Purple Clear Beast was caught entirely by you alone."

"No, no, no, I'm just contributing, if you didn't meet me at the periphery, even if I caught it, I wouldn't be able to get it back ah, I would still be killed by Hai Da Fu.Just follow the rules of how such exotic beasts were distributed in the past when they were caught, now how."Tang Zichen said.

"When foreign beasts were captured in the past, the Golden Rock Family would first divide half of it, and the rest, each person involved would get a share."

"Then follow the old rules."

Jin Yao smiled somewhat apologetically, "This is really."

"Alright, big brother, I don't want to break the rules, after all, I belong to the Jinyan family, even if I am close to you, I must follow the old rules, besides, handing over half to the family, I still have half ah, this Purple Clear Beast, at least it's ten thousand pounds, my whole family doesn't know how long they can eat it."

"Alright, then big brother will be obliged to take care of you for a time, hahaha."

Tang Zichen struck down with his sword, splitting the Purple Clear Beast in half, half of which was handed over to the family and half of which was his.Fortunately, Tang Zichen was going alone, but if it was two people, then Tang Zichen's half would have to be divided among others again.

Tang Zichen carried the half that belonged to him and quickly returned to his family.

The people of the Golden Rock Family were very shocked to learn that Tang Zichen had returned with the Purple Clear Beast, especially the three people who had gone with Tang Zichen before, and their intestines were now regretting at the moment.This was clearly meat that could have been shared without any effort, yet they had given up.

Tang Zichen had made a meal that night with the Purple Clear Beast, a very sumptuous dinner that everyone ate to their heart's content.

However, despite this, so many people had only eaten over three hundred pounds, and there were still over four thousand pounds Tang Zichen used to store it, and they should be able to eat it every day for a month afterwards.

Eating continuously for a month, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen's family members, especially the weak children, would benefit very significantly.

As for the Tang Zichen, the benefits wouldn't be that great.

Unless, it was the meat of a 20,000 year old exotic beast, or a 50,000 year old exotic fruit, it would be possible for someone of Tang Zichen's level to impact half of the realm.A foreign beast that was only 500 years old had no major effect and a minor effect.

In the Seagod Family.

At this moment, it was having a funeral.

The eighteen people who had died, their bodies had been found and brought back to the Seagod Family.

The Poseidon Family held a scenic burial.


Throughout the hearth, cries shook the heavens as people from the eighteen families knelt under the eighteen coffins and wept.

On the plaza outside the hearth, there were many, many staff members of the Neptune Family, all of whom had spontaneously come to bid farewell, dropping by to see how the family master handled the matter.

Clearly, this was a very big matter.

"Family Master, is this matter to be left like this?"A man cried out.

"No way."Hai Dafu gritted his teeth.

"However, they were killed in line with the agreed circumstances after all, and if we find the Golden Rock family because of this, we will definitely make them jump in their dogs and cause a war between the two families, and then it won't be eighteen people who will die, it could be eighteen thousand."Hai Dafu said with both fists clenched.


"That can't die in vain ah, at least avenge the eighteen brothers who died, otherwise, the rest of the special staff will definitely have thoughts inside, which will lead to suspicion ah."

Hai Da Fu said, "Get me Hai Da Gui at once."


A few minutes later, a man a dozen years younger than Hai Daifu arrived.


"Hai Dagui, this time I regret that I didn't send a powerful special staff, thinking that the five hundred year portions of the Purple Clear Beast would appear every few years, so I only sent the special staff who ranked more than a hundred in the family, with the intention that these staff who ranked more than a hundred in the family would also have a chance to obtain the meat of the exotic beast, but I didn't expect that the Jingyan family didn't know when they had recruited such a strongThe special offering caused our family, this time, to lose a lot."Hai Dafu said through gritted teeth.

That Hai Da Gui said, "Brother, I know what you're trying to say, you want me to challenge that person from the Golden Rock family in a reasonable name and kill him, right?"

"Yes, in order not to cause a family war, but to take revenge, we can only take justifiable means.I'm not good enough to send anyone else, you're my own brother, and in our Seagod Family, among all the early peak-degree strongmen, you're also the oldest ranked 20, so I think you should be able to fight against that person from the Golden Rock Family."

That Hai Da Gui nodded his head and asked, "Brother, then do I order a life and death duel against him, or an ordinary duel?"

"Just make an ordinary duel, that way, in case you're not a match, he won't dare to kill you."

"But the purpose of my challenge to him is to kill him." First URL

"Dagui, wouldn't you have killed him in the middle of the tournament, and then said that he was careless, that he was too bad."

"I understand, brother."

Hai Da Fu nodded, and then at the hearth, he announced the matter to everyone, saying that he had sent his own brother to avenge the deceased and seek justice, and the Seagod family's heart was a little more stable.

A few days later, at the Golden Rock Family.

"Big brother, you're looking for me."Tang Zichen came to Jin Yao's residence.

"Third brother, I received a letter of challenge from you."

"Uh, another letter of challenge from me, who is it this time?"

"Hai Da Gui."

"Hai Da Gui?What the hell is this?"

"Oh, he's Hai Dafu's own brother, a strong veteran of the early Dengfeng realm, his strength should be about the same as Jin Yue, maybe even a little stronger, in the Seagod Family, Hai Dagui is ranked almost 20th out of all the early Dengfeng, right?"

"Ohhh, I don't know him, why challenge me."

Jin Yao said, "Third Brother, it's obvious that Hai Da Fu wants to kill you, so he's looking for a seemingly justified reason to challenge you, if his own brother is stronger than you, he will definitely kill you in the tournament, and then it's the same old story again, saying that he accidentally killed you, you're too bad.This Hai Da Fu, can I still not be clear about this bit of trickery."

Tang Zichen said, "Since Hai Da Gui's aim is to kill me, then why not just issue a life and death duel."

"You silly girl, what if Hai Dagui can't win against you, so he chooses an ordinary challenge, in that case, he can advance and retreat."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Then how did he know that if I was better than him, I wouldn't have 'accidentally' killed him in the middle of the tournament?"

Jin Yao sighed, "If you accidentally killed Hai Da Gui in the middle of the tournament, then Hai Da Fu would have every reason to come to my Jin Yan family, so you can't."


sp; "Then why would he dare?"Tang Zichen was unconvinced.

"Because they're the Seagod family, and while it's obvious that they wouldn't dare to act hegemonic for fear of making us jump over the wall, but they dare ah this relatively small act, whereas we, as weaker people, don't dare, and we have to be disciplined and have no leverage to fall into their mouths."

"How unfair."

"I can't help it, who let them indeed be stronger than us."

Tang Zichen directly refused, "I'm not accepting this challenge, so you write back to them for me."

"Uh, you don't accept it, since it's an ordinary challenge, if you're confident, there's no harm in accepting it, he can't kill you anyway, if you're not confident, then refuse."

"Wrong, big brother, it's not that I don't have confidence, on the contrary, I have confidence, but I won't accept such an obviously unfair challenge, if I lose but he'll kill me 'accidentally' while I can't be careless, so I refuse, if they really want to challenge, just give me a duel to the death!, perhaps will consider accepting."

"Third Brother, don't ever challenge life and death again, if you kill another Hai Da Gui, that's not good enough, Hai Da Fu has already lost one of his own grandsons, and if another of his own brothers dies, then I don't even know what he'll do."Jin Yao said.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Big brother, we didn't break any rules, if it was Hai Dagui who ordered a life and death duel against me, why wouldn't I take his life.This will also make the Seagod Family be a little more scrupulous towards us, the Golden Rock Family."

"Oh, third brother, are you really so confident of defeating Hai Da Gui?"

"Hahaha, maybe."

Tang Zichen stopped chattering with Jin Yao and went home to help with the kids.

A few days later, at the Poseidon family.

"Brother, how's it going?Have you accepted my challenge?"

Hai Da Fu slapped the table and said angrily, "This bastard, he refused."

"Ah, what should we do, now our entire Sea God Family knows that I'm going to challenge that murderer and then kill him in the tournament to avenge the dead ah, if that son of a bitch refuses, how will I still have a chance to kill him, if this matter is left like this, many of the staff members will definitely be swayed against our Sea God Family."

Hai Dafu gritted his teeth, "That son of a bitch called Tang Zichen must die, two years ago, a son of a bitch called Wind Lightning didn't kill him and let him escape, this son of a bitch called Tang Zichen, if he doesn't die, many people will really become suspicious of our Hai Clan, and then, I'm afraid that some of the staff members will run away."

"Brother, should we, then, just issue a life and death duel?That son of a bitch called Tang Zichen, he must have guessed that I would kill him in the tournament and then refused, which means that he doesn't have confidence in me to win."

"He doesn't even dare to take an ordinary challenge, and even less so a life and death challenge."Hai Dafu was depressed.

Hai Da Gui smiled, "Brother, the reason we're challenging that son of a bitch right now is to stabilize the army ah.I'll just place a life and death challenge, and even if that son of a bitch doesn't take it, our family's staff will at least know our attitude, and our family's military heart will be stable."

Hai Dafu thought about it and felt that it made sense, wasn't the purpose of killing Tang Zichen to stabilize the military's heart?Issuing a life and death challenge, whether he accepted it or not, at least this aspect of the military's mind was stable.

"But, Da Gui, what if that son of a bitch actually accepts the life and death challenge?"

"Brother, I don't believe he would even dare to take his ordinary challenge, I don't believe he would dare to take the life and death challenge, besides, even if he did, I may not lose ah, even if I lose, I'm sure I would have a chance of escaping, right?"

"Fine, then place the life and death challenge."Hai Dafu said once he slapped the board.


Another few days later, Tang Zichen came to Jin Yao's residence again.

"Third brother."

"Big brother, needless to say, it must be Hai Da Gui who has issued a life-and-death duel against me."


"Hahaha, let's challenge it then."

Jin Yao said, "Third brother, are you planning to kill Hai Dagui?"

"Of course, I will never be soft on someone who wants my life."

"Alas, Third Brother, I actually think that if you can defeat him, let him live, it's better to resolve an injustice than to close it, if you kill Hai Da Gui, then Hai Da Fu's desire to kill you is even stronger.If you spare his life instead, maybe Hai Da Gui's desire to kill you won't be as strong."Jin Yao said.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother, to be merciful to our enemies is to be cruel to ourselves ah, why should we be merciful to the powerful when we are within reasonable limits.When I was catching the Purple Clear Beast in the Dark Cloud Mountain, I heard a man from the Seagod Family say that before they set out, Hai Da Fu had ordered that when they saw the White Flow and Jin Yan Families, they would kill them on sight.Try to ask, why would such an evil man be cowardly towards him?Just because he's a little better than us now, we're supposed to show cowardice?By sparing Hai Da Gui to win his favor?Moreover, you heard it before I entered Wu Yun Mountain, Hai Da Fu said to my face that their family would kill me at Wu Yun Mountain."

"Alas, third brother, I also understand what you mean, but what if you kill Hai Da Gui, then what if Hai Da Fu completely loses his mind."

"Big brother, if there is a family war, aren't they afraid of losing a lot of money for their Seagod family?You're always afraid that the other person will lose control, but it never occurs to you that they're also afraid that you'll lose control, and now we're all supposed to be checks and balances on each other." Remember the website

"Ugh."Jin Yao sighed.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother, I'm going back first to prepare for the duel to the death in half a month."

Tang Zichen walked away.

Tang Zichen was actually a little disappointed in Jin Yao's weakness.

The weaker you are, the more people will bully you, and if Hai Da Fu knew about this weakness within Jin Yao, he would definitely intensify his arrogance.

On the surface, if Tang Zichen didn't kill Hai Da Gui, this was a sign that Tang Zichen knew how to advance and retreat, however, at the root, it was a sign of weakness.

If Jin Yao was still thinking of weakness, then Tang Zichen would definitely not kill Hai Dagui, after all, Tang Zichen killing Hai Dagui must be supported by Jin Yao's strong attitude, otherwise without Jin Yao's strong attitude support, Tang Zichen was also afraid that his family would be affected.

In a blink of an eye, half a month passed.

Tang Zichen's entire family had been eating Purple Clear Beast Meat for more than twenty days, and the Purple Clear Beast Meat was also almost done.

Everyone of them had gained very much.

Other than Tang Zichen, Shisun, and Mu, everyone else had improved by a level.For example, Little Sister stepped into Ancestor Perfection, Xiao Meng stepped into Late Ancestor Perfection, and a group of brothers and sisters all stepped into Middle and Late Ancestor Perfection.

Of course, those seven or eight children, who had eaten the meat of the Purple Clear Beast had also become much stronger, and the effects would be reflected in the future after practicing martial arts.

The day of the duel with Hai Dagui had also arrived.

"Big brother, tomorrow is the day of the duel with Hai Dagui, I need a word from you now, to Hai Dagui, to kill, or not to kill?If you're afraid, then I won't kill, after all, even if you're afraid, then I won't have enough ability to protect myself if I kill."

Jin Yao looked at Tang Zichen with difficulty, hesitated for a moment and said, "Then don't kill."

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen's heart was a little lost at Jin Yao's weakness of


What Tang Zichen hoped was that Jin Yao would be tough and if Hai Da Fu dared to do anything, he would fight Hai Da Fu to the end so that Hai Da Fu would be scrupulous about him instead of just seeking peace.

The next day, Tang Zichen followed Jin Yao and the others to the duel site.

The dueling scene was very crowded.

In the sky, Tang Zichen was standing in the air.

Hai Dagui stood a few dozen meters in front of Tang Zichen.

"Report your names."Hai Dagui bellowed.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Your grandfather, Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, now I'll let you be the first to show off your tongue."

"Hai Dagui, cut the crap and do it."Tang Zichen said as soon as he drew his sword.

"Swoosh."Hai Dagui struck, and very strong saber Qi swept up, the blade grazing the air with a palpable whistling sound.

Tang Zichen also pounced on it, Endless Sword Technique, the strongest sword, indestructible light, as if a bolt of lightning flashed, and under that light, the blade arrived.

"Wow."Tang Zichen's strongest sword, directly split Hai Dagui's blade in half, a tiny thread of blood, cut open Hai Dagui's chest, Hai Dagui's clothes floated off on the spot, leaving only a pair of panty-like quarters.

Tang Zichen could have killed him with a single sword just now, but, thinking of Jin Yao's weakness, Tang Zichen didn't kill him, and once Jin Yao was weak, Tang Zichen didn't have the strength.

Hai Da Fu's body trembled.

Although the battle was very brief and both sides only had one of the strongest moves, but the winner was decided at once.

Hai Dagui's defeat was complete.

Hai Da Gui immediately flew back, not knowing that Tang Zichen had just shown mercy, or he would have died, just like Hai Jinqiu two years ago.

So, Tang Zichen sighed, he spared Hai Dagui's life, but unfortunately, people didn't know that, they thought that Tang Zichen couldn't kill him with one sword.

It could be said that Tang Zichen had spared his life for nothing.

Hai Da Gui flew in front of Hai Da Fu and said, "Brother, I lost, I didn't really expect that he was so strong, fortunately he wasn't so strong that it was outrageous, otherwise I would have died just now with one move."

Hai Dafu snorted, "You failed to kill him today, our family's staff must be extremely disappointed in you."

Tang Zichen flew back to Jin Yao's side and said, "Big brother, I listened to you, I didn't kill him, spare his life, otherwise, he would have died."

Jin Yao said, "Third brother, you must think that I am weak."

"Oh, big brother is overthinking, big brother is also thinking about the whole situation."

"Let's go, go back."

Tang Zichen moped all the way back to the Golden Rock family.

After arriving home, Tang Zichen went back to help with the kids.

At Jin Yao's residence.

Jin Yue said to Jin Yao, "Big brother, third brother seems to want to kill Hai Da Gui ah, he seems to be very unhappy."

Jin Yao sighed, "Yes, he wants to kill very much, I was the one who advised him not to, after all, if he kills another Hai Da Gui, I don't know if Hai Da Fu will lose control.However, third brother thinks I'm weak, but he respected me and didn't kill."

Jin Yue said, "Big brother, to be honest, the duel just now, that Hai Dagui doesn't even know that Tang Zichen spared his life, so he won't be grateful at all, he spared it for nothing."

"I know, but at least, it didn't further anger Hai Dagui."


"Big brother, there are times when you do fear the wolf a bit in front and the tiger behind, the weaker we are, the more arrogant Hai Dafu becomes and the easier he feels to bully.I know that big brother is worried about the overall safety of the family, but the fact that our family is still standing to this day is not by compromising with our opponents, but by the strength of our ancestors to deter."

"Really? Even you think that I'm weak."

"Brother, I'm just saying."

"Alas, you're not in charge, you don't know the pressure I'm under, you don't know how much I fear inside that Hai Dafu will lose his mind and start a family war."

"Big brother, Hai Da Fu is just as afraid, otherwise, there would have been a family war already.Although Third Brother didn't kill Hai Da Gui with a single sword today, but we all saw that after Hai Da Gui ran away, Third Brother didn't chase after him, this is a life and death duel, Third Brother didn't chase after him, this has shown everyone that Third Brother doesn't dare to kill Hai Da Gui's heart, this will definitely make them even more arrogant.Alright, I'm going back first, impacting the middle peak."Jin Yue said and left.

Jin Yao muttered to himself, "Could it be, was I really wrong?Ugh."

At the Neptune Family.

"Brother, I didn't kill Tang Zichen today, and many of the family's staff members are really disappointed in me."

Hai Da Fu snorted, "That son of a bitch, just because he doesn't die today, doesn't mean he'll never die, as long as I find the opportunity, I'll definitely kill him."

In the blink of an eye, a year passed.

Tang Zichen stayed in the Golden Rock Family for a year in a calm and peaceful manner, besides practicing martial arts, he spent time with his children. One second to remember to read the book

"Daddy."On the lawn of a manor house, a three-year-old girl rushed into Tang Zichen's arms, shouting daddy.

Next to her, a little boy who had just learned to walk stumbled over as well.

With his left and right hands, Tang Zichen picked up the two children and happily spun them around in circles.

Not far away, Qin Ren and Xu Mei Qian were sitting on the grass, looking at Tang Zichen, who was playing with the children, both with smiles on their faces.

Tang Zichen's two children, Qin Nui was already three years old and Feng Xu was one and four.

At that moment, a big belly woman came from afar.

When Xu Mei Qian and Qin Ren saw it, they hurriedly went up to help and said, "Xiang Yun, the belly is so big, so don't come out and walk."Qin Ren said.

That's right, this big belly woman is Liu Xiangyun.

Liu Xiangyun was already nine and a half months pregnant, which meant that she was going to give birth in another half a month.

Yes, Liu Xiangyun has finally fulfilled her dream of motherhood.

Tang Zichen has recently been in a high stage of labor, and her third child is about to be born.

Liu Xiangyun supported her back with one hand and stroked her stomach with the other and said, "Come out and walk around more, the birth will only go more smoothly ah, in half a month, she will be born, I'm getting nervous, I'm a bit scared."Liu Xiangyun laughed and laughed.

Tang Zichen came up with Qin Nui and Feng Xu in his arms and put his ear on Liu Xiangyun's stomach.

"Ouch, kick me, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Half a month later, Liu Xiangyun was born.

"Master Feng, the Fourth Lady has given birth, she gave birth to a lady."

"Hahaha, I've got another daughter."Tang Zichen said.

"Feng'er, hurry up and give the third miss a name."The teacher's wife said.

Tang Zichen said, "Then let's call her Wind Chime."

"Wind Bell, nice."

Tang Zichen's brothers and sisters, as well as Liu Yue, Wang Xing, and Yang Yijian all came to congratulate him.

"Thank you, thank you, everyone yourself.

People, no need to be polite."Tang Zichen couldn't stop smiling.

After the Jin Yao family master and Jin Yue learned the news, they also came at the first time.

"Haha, third brother, congratulations, when I heard that you've got a thousand gold, second brother and I immediately came to ask for a cup of wedding wine to drink."Jin Yao laughed out loud.

"Big brother, second brother, I was about to send someone to tell you, I didn't expect you to come first, big brother, second brother, please come inside."

Tang Zichen asked the kitchen to get a table of good wine dishes, and Jin Yao and Jin Yue, had a drink.

During the banquet, Tang Zichen asked, "Big brother, has there been any recent movement in the Sea God family."

"Not at the moment, it's only been a year, where is there so much movement, you've hardly left the family this year, even if Hai Da Fu wanted to plan something against you, he wouldn't be able to implement it."

"Well, this year, I've been practicing martial arts in the house, occasionally exchanging ideas with the rest of the special staff, my martial arts skills can be considered some progress, but, very slowly, so far I haven't felt any intention of the middle peak of the peak, but second brother, I heard that I'm about to step into the middle peak of the peak, this is really a great joy, when that time comes, two middle peak of the peak of our Golden Rock family, I'm sure that the sea godsThe family will also have to weigh in even more."

Jin Yue smiled, "Although I have already felt the intent of the middle peak ascension eight times, but it is still unknown when I will actually step into the middle peak ascension."

"I wish Second Brother good luck in stepping into the mid peak ascension as soon as possible."

"Third brother you too, feel the mid peak ascension intent as soon as possible."


Drinking to the end, Jin Yao said, "Third brother, in a year's time, in the imperial capital of the Great Martial Empire, there will be a lecture, every family has a few places, if you want to go, you have to start registering now, I'm going to let you attend it."

"Uh, next year's lecture, you have to register now ah."

"Yes, usually they register a year in advance.Because of the Great Martial Empire, you can't enter without an edict, and you have to register in advance to get the entry edict down before you can enter the Great Martial Empire."

"Well, I really want to go, thanks big brother."

Tang Zichen hadn't even been to the Imperial Capital of the Great Martial Empire.

When he entered the Imperial Capital of the Great Martial Empire next year, he would poke around a bit about the destruction of his family and see if he could find out some clues, as well as find out about the people who killed his master and took Mu Qianji away back then.

At this moment, the butler came running in a panic.

"Family Master, it's bad."

"What's happened?"Jin Yao was busy asking, the steward was in a hurry as if something big was about to happen.

The steward said, "My master, I heard that at the bottom of the Heavenly Heart Lake, a more than five thousand year share, ancient water mater beast was found."

"What? A five thousand year score, ancient jellyfish beast?"


"Go, quickly gather all the family's special staff."


Jin Yao said to Tang Zichen, "Third brother, you also prepare and gather at the main hall.5000 year old water mother beast, this is not like that 500 year old purple clear beast from last time, you must do your best to catch it."


Jin Yao and Jin Yue left first.

Tang Zichen also immediately followed to gather in the main hall.

A 5,000 year old water beast, if Tang Zichen caught it and brought it back for a family to eat, the benefits would definitely be greatly beneficial, perhaps, it would allow Tang Zichen to feel one, or half of the mid peak of the peak's intent.

If it's a 20,000 year old beast, it would directly allow Tang Zichen to step into half of the realm, but it's just that beasts of this level are too rare.


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