Dish Best Served Cold 356-360


Chapter 356

Chu Wenfei walked out with his hands behind his back, and with a commanding tone, he coldly said to Shen Meng.

  However, just when the crowd thought that this matter would end with Chu Wenfei's appearance, who would have thought that Shen Meng would kick it up with a single kick.


  It directly kicked Chu Wenfei to the ground.

  Chu Wenfei was completely confused by the kick.

  Qiu Mu Ying was also screaming in fear.

  The onlookers in the shop were even more stunned when they saw this scene.

  What was this?

  Isn't this Chu Wenfei a big shot?

  Is this shopkeeper Shen crazy?

  Kick the big man's ass?

  "Son of a bitch, how dare you kick my husband, I declare, you're finished?"

  "My husband is Mr. Chu, and all of you CEOs honor my husband."

  "How dare you dog dare to kick my husband?"

  Like a mad woman, Qiu Mu Ying cursed viciously at Shen Meng.

  However, Shen Meng laughed, like looking at an idiot: "The ones I kicked are you!"

  "Two frakking things."

  "Millions of dollars worth of stuff, and you've ruined it!"

  "I'm telling you, this eight million must be paid for.If you can't take it out, none of you three will leave!"

  Shen Meng's angry voice echoed throughout the hall.

  However, how could Qiu Mu Ying be soft and still shouted angrily, "Trying to blackmail us, you're dreaming."

  "A few hundred dollars, and you dare to shout eight million?"

  "This is naked extortion, you wait, I'm calling the police and having them arrest you!"

  Qiu Muying shouted loudly and was about to call the police between words.

  But at this time, outside the Daughter's Country, a group of people walked in.

  "Shopkeeper Shen, what I said last time, how have you considered buying those four vases of yours?"

  "If you're really reluctant, we can talk it over."

  "How about ten million, what do you think?"

  Gurunn just walked in and said to Shen Meng from a distance.


  "Where's the vase?"

  "Where are the four ancient vases?"

  After coming in, Gurungn suddenly noticed that the place where the vases were placed in this shop before was empty, and was shocked.

  Shen Meng sighed and gnashed his teeth in hatred, "Forget about it, it's all ruined by these idiots."


  Gurunn was saddened to hear this.

  "Which bastard is this?"

  "My country's ancient cultural and artistic treasures, and it's gone?"

  "It's a sinner for the country~"

  Looking at the debris all over the floor, Gurungn also sighed a long, miserable sigh, and

  Seeing the scene before them, the surrounding crowd was surprised.

  "This...Isn't this, Old Master Gurungen Goo?"

  "The president of the Yunzhou Collection Association, the art master of Jiangdong, the master of connoisseurship ah?"

  "He's saying it's a rare item, so it seems that the vase, indeed, is real?"

  "This family, they're in trouble oh."

  The crowd was discussing and looked at Qiu Mu Ying and the others with a bit of gloom and doom.

  Autumn Muyoung Orange was also full of surprises, she looked towards Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, what's going on?"

  "Wasn't Shopkeeper Shen all fake just now, how did this become real again?"

  Ye Fan didn't reply, but just told Qiu Mu Ying not to ask so many questions for now, just watch the show at ease.

  As expected, at this time, Qiu Mu Ying's entire body only felt thunder strike through, and at that time, her eyes widened.

  She was truly panicked this time.

  She simply found it hard to believe that this vase, could it be, was really an antique?

  "This...That's impossible!"

  "By no means?"

  "Just now, when Autumn Mu Orange broke a vase, she only paid two hundred dollars."

  "Two hundred dollars, how can it be an antique?"

  "Acting, you guys must be acting!"Qiu Mu Ying still did not give up, shouting angrily.

  Shen Meng was so angry that he gritted his teeth, "How much I let others pay, that's my freedom, what does it have to do with whether the vase is an antique or not?"

  "I'm also going to make Miss Autumn lose not a penny, at that time, wouldn't you have to say that this vase of mine is not worth a penny?"

  "It's a joke!"

  "Stupid one."

  "Don't you trust me, and don't you trust Master Gurunn?"

  "He's a master treasure hunter, a master of art, the president of the Collecting Society?People have touched hundreds of millions of dollars, and it's only idiots like you who think that Master Gu would even give up his reputation for these few millions!"

  "Tough talk till you're dead?"

  "In that case, let's call the police and let them handle it!"

  Shen Meng was so angry that it was the first time in his life that he had seen such a strange couple.

  Hearing this, Qiu Muying's entire body undoubtedly instantly shriveled up, no longer having the arrogance she had before.

  Obviously, she was also afraid that the police would come and really arrest them.

  In the end, Qiu Mu Ying also had to accept the facts in front of her and began to negotiate the compensation.

  "Shopkeeper Shen, eight million, isn't that a bit much?"

  "Just let us pay 80,000 for the sake of my husband, okay?"

  "Don't worry, this favor will be remembered by me and my husband, Mr. Chu."

  Qiu Mu Ying changed her previous spirited appearance and began to talk to Shen Meng in a nice voice.

  "Eighty thousand?"

  "You really have the nerve to say that?"When Shen Meng heard Qiu Mu Ying's shameless words, her entire body was simply going to explode with anger.

  Eight million dollars for something, and she was paying eighty thousand?

  Where in heaven's name is such a beautiful thing?

  Returning the favor?

  Two turkeys, their favors, what's that?

  What a shameless thing to do!

  Shen Meng was so angry that he wanted to smack this woman, she really has no shame at all?

  But after Shen Meng's anger, Shen Meng, who had calmed down, was finally able to hold back the impulse in his heart.

  Just now when he kicked Chu Wenfei, Shen Meng felt that he might have gone a bit too far.

  After all, the two of them were Mr. Chu's relatives after all, and even for Ye Fan's face, Shen Meng felt that he shouldn't have done it.

  It wouldn't be good in case Mr. Chu was angry.

  However, just as Shen Meng was worried, Ye Fan, who had been watching the show, smiled, "Mrs. Chu, don't, don't you claim to be a big family?Didn't you just say you wanted to be a role model and not take advantage of others?"

  How come you're not willing to take a few million dollars?

  "What about your earlier gesture of being profoundly righteous and righteous?"

  "How is this same thing different when it comes to yourself?"

  Ye Fan faintly said, the words in the sarcastic meaning, particularly vivid, simply do not give them any face.

  Few words, but said Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei couple were dumb and speechless, their faces filled with red, simply do not know how to refute, just bowed their heads and did not speak.

  Obviously, Ye Fan's words, let's their couple two disgraced, only feel very humiliated.


However, Ye Fan didn't have the intention to stop, and after he finished speaking, he looked at Shen Meng and continued, "Shop Manager Shen, I think, what they said before was right."

  "You don't need to worry about what kind of relationship or background they have."

  "You just follow your store's rules and dispose of them as you should."

  "As much money as you should pay."

  "Everything will be dealt with justly."

  "And what about lost wages, mental anguish and so on, just give them what they want."

  "Isn't it only right and proper to pay for breaking things at the same price?"

  Ye Fan said with a smile, but the words that Chu Wenfei and his wife had mocked him and Autumn Muyoung Orange before were originally returned to them again.

  For a while, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife were even more embarrassed and only felt disgraced.

  In the end, in annoyance, Qiu Muying went so far as to scold them directly, "You lowly and despicable wimp, we are talking here, what qualifications do you have to interfere?"

  Ye Fan didn't even pay attention to this scolding gesture of Qiu Mu Ying.

  After making his attitude clear to Shen Meng, Ye Fan also continued to watch the show from the side.

  And those words of Ye Fan were tantamount to giving Shen Meng a stillborn sword!

  So much so, that it made Shen Meng's last point of concern for Qiu Muying and the others gone.

  At that time, Shen Meng gave an ultimatum to Qiu Muying and the others.

  Eight million, not a single penny less!

  Either pay for it immediately, or, see you at the police station.

  Shen Meng's words were resounding and decisive, with no room for maneuvering at all.

  At that time, Qiu Muying was desperate, her pretty face was pale.

  Eight million, how could she possibly come up with so much money?

  These days, with the cooperation with the Qiushui Group, the amount of oil she made from it was only a couple of million.

  She had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on bracelets before, and with all the squandering she had done during this time, she only had 80,000 left in her card.

  Now Shen Meng asked her to compensate eight million, Qiu Muying herself even if she lost everything and sold the family home, she simply couldn't raise this much ah?

  And Chu Wenfei also panicked, you know, his mother is still here, and if he gets his mother into the police station because of this, his father will go back and kill him!

  "Honey, what do we do, now?"Qiu Mu Ying was anxious to cry and looked at Chu Wenfei for help like an ant on a hot pan.

  "What else can we do?"

  "Hurry up and pay for it, huh?"

  "Do you want me to wipe your ass for your own sins?"Chu Wenfei was also full of anger at this time.

  It was already a matter of paying six hundred thousand dollars, but now well, eight million, you pay you.

  It was hard to make some money this time, and she was afraid she would feel bad if she didn't make it!

  "But I don't have that much money, I only have eighty thousand left in my card."Qiu Mu Ying whispered.


  "Eighty thousand?"Chu Wenfei almost jumped out of his skin in shock, "During this period of time, what about the millions you've been greedy from the Red Flag Group's projects, and the money I gave you before, where did it all go?"

  "It's all spent, isn't it?Doesn't it cost money to buy clothes, shoes, and jewelry for our mom?"Qiu Mu Ying seemed to be guilty as well, lowering her head and saying bitterly.

  "You~" Chu Wenfei was close to dying of anger.

  In full view of the public, but Chu Wenfei and his wife were quarreling non-stop.

  At this time, many people in the Daughter's Kingdom were watching, many of whom were some of the Chu family's business partners, and even some of Zhang Li's acquaintances, all of whom were now pointing and looking at Qiu Mu Ying and the others like a joke.

  Feeling the strange gazes of the surrounding people, Zhang Li undoubtedly could no longer stand, she looked towards Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei and said sternly, "Shut up!"

  "Aren't you two bastards embarrassed enough?"

  "Mom, I~" said Chu Wenfei, pale and full of guilt.

  "Don't call me mom!"

  "Look what you've got for me daughter-in-law?"

  "It's just a stupid thing to do!"

  "What the hell is this?"

  "Chu Wenfei I'm telling you, as long as your father and I are still alive for a day, this kind of woman will never want to enter my Chu family."

  Zhang Li said angrily, splitting her head at Chu Wenfei and scolding her, not saving any face for Qiu Mu Ying.

  Obviously, Zhang Li was truly angry with Qiu Mu Ying.

  Originally, she had thought that even if this Qiu Mu Ying didn't have any highlights, she at least didn't have any major flaws yet.

  But now, she was able to see clearly that this Qiu Mu Ying, was just an idiot fool!

  I have eyes but no pearls, but instead, I'm just a turtle, pretending to be a knowledgeable person.

  Obviously, it is an antique, but must be said to be an imitation of a fake.

  Originally, she herself broke a vase, a trivial matter that could be solved with 600,000, but who would have thought that that fool Qiu Muying, in order to show off her wealth and pretend, deliberately broke the other two.

  Now well, what could have been solved with six hundred thousand, was made by that idiot Autumn Muying, eight million to solve!

  Not only that, but she had disgraced Zhang Li and was embarrassed to be here with them!

  For half of her life, Zhang Li has never lost such a person?

  "Well, you're rich, aren't you, and you want to show off your wealth?"

  "I'll do what you want today!"

  "You're an idiot yourself, don't try to get someone else to pay your bills?"

  Zhang Li snorted coldly, then stepped forward and righteously said to Shen Meng, "Shopkeeper Shen, as you saw just now, three vases, and I broke one."

  "I'll take a million to compensate for that one of mine, is that alright with you?"

  Naturally, Shen Meng was fine with it.

  Even if Shen Meng wanted compensation, it would not be on Zhang Li's head.

  What's more, Zhang Li was still a regular customer of the shop, so Shen Meng still gave her this face.

  In the end, after Zhang Li paid the one million, she left angrily without looking back.

  "Mom, Mom~"

  "Granny, Granny, you can't leave us alone~"

  Chu Wenfei couldn't stop shouting, and Autumn Muying was also calling out miserably, full of remorse.

  At this time, Qiu Mu Ying's intestines were full of remorse as she looked at the debris that was all over the ground.

  Originally, she wanted to take this opportunity to perform well in front of her mother-in-law, and by the way, humiliate Qiu Mu Ying and Ye Fan, and hit the two of them in the face.

  But who would have thought that she would end up making a fool of herself, not only did she owe a huge debt of a million dollars, but also made her image in Zhang Li's heart, completely gone.

  She now regretted to death, if she had known that the antique was real, she would never have pretended to be this pushy ah?

  As for Chu Wenfei, he was now even more furious that he wanted to kick Qiu Mu Ying to death.

  "Smash it!"

  "All smashed!"

  "Everything's fucked up for you faggot?"

  "The money's gone, and my mom's pissed off at you."

  "Now you're happy?Are you satisfied?"

  "God, how did I, Chu Wenfei, end up with a faggot like you?"

  Chu Wenfei was simply exasperated.


Things had undoubtedly come to an end here.

  Qiu Muying and her husband and wife were eventually detained in the store, while Shen Meng also called the police, waiting for the police to come and deal with them later.

  Seeing that now, it seemed that Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to watch anymore, so she asked to Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, shall we go back?"

  "Hmm."Ye Fan nodded.

  Then, Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange were leaving.

  Shen Meng saw the situation and quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, it's my first time here and something like this has happened, making you guys see the jokes and affecting the shopping experience, I'm also very sorry to be the store manager."

  "Next time I come, I promise I'll never let this happen in the store again."

  While the two of them were preparing to leave Ye Fan, Shen Meng, however, hurriedly went to see them off, and that warm and respectful appearance was simply in stark contrast to when he had angrily rebuked Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife earlier.

  Seeing such a scene, if Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei couldn't see any more suspicions, then they would have grown those eyes for nothing.

  "Ying Ying, no wonder this store manager Shen made Qiu Mu Orange and the others pay two hundred yuan just to compensate them, so he knows them."

  "Qiu Mu Orange is your third sister, hurry up and beg them, let them say something nice for us ah."

  "Otherwise, the two of us are afraid that we'll really be arrested."

  Chu Wenfei said to Qiu Mu Ying in a row.

  Qiu Muying hesitated, clearly somewhat unable to pull her face off.

  After all, for so many years, she and Autumn Muyoung Orange had been incompatible.On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival before, Wang Liang had asked Qiu Mu Ying to beg for Ye Fan because she had offended Shen Fei, and she didn't even pull down her face to beg.

  Now, naturally, Qiu Mu Ying was not willing to whisper to beg Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Go ah~"

  "Is face or money important?"

  "That's seven million?"

  "Maybe if you go begging, the seven million will be forgiven and we won't be allowed to pay for it?"

  Chu Wenfei was anxious.

  After Qiu Mu Ying hesitated for a long time, she finally nodded her head.

  His husband was right, face is not as important as money.

  So, after Qiu Mu Ying decided, she immediately ran over, pulled Qiu Mu Orange and said bitterly, "Third sister, you know Shop Manager Shen, for the sake of a relative, help me with your brother-in-law, right?"

  "Please Sanji, help us plead, we really didn't mean it."

  "I really thought that the vase was all fake ah."

  "Just plead for us and tell Shop Manager Shen to compensate us for a few hundred dollars as well."

  At this time, Qiu Mu Ying, who opened and closed her mouth three sisters, spoke extraordinarily kindly.

  In the tone of voice, there is also no longer the arrogance and domineering before, appearing extraordinarily humble and polite.

  Those who didn't know the situation, probably still thought that their sisters and their wife were deep in love, right?

  However, Qiu Mu Orange wasn't confused by Qiu Mu Ying's flowery words, she directly shook off Qiu Mu Ying's arm, ignored it, and turned around to leave.

  "Third sister, you can't be so cruel, I'm your sister."

  "Our father, but a real brother."

  "Our two sisters, but we have a common grandfather."

  "Inside our bodies, we even have similar blood."

  "Have you forgotten that we slept in the same bed as children?"

  "Don't you remember that we used to go to and from school together?"

  "Are you really so desperate as to see death?"

  "Even your cousin, you don't care anymore?"

  Qiu Mu Ying's eyebrows and eyes were red, poignantly asking, saying words that were so heartfelt and inciting that they almost made people tear up.

  Qiu Mu Orange had stopped, her back was turned to her, quietly listening to Qiu Mu Ying's incendiary words.

  At that moment, Ye Fan noticed that Qiu Mu Orange's delicate body was trembling.

  "Mu-Orange, are you alright?"

  Ye Fan asked worriedly.

  He thought that Autumn Mu Orange was crying.

  But, she was smiling.

  That smile was filled with sarcasm and self-deprecation.

  "Ying Ying, you now know that I'm your third sister?"

  "Now you know that our fathers are brothers?"

  "Now you know that we have a common grandfather?"

  "Then let me ask you, when I messed with Shen Fei and was forced to kneel by you and the Qiu Clan crowd in the middle of the Chu Clan, did you know that I was the third sister?"

  "When you stole my position, took over my business, and vilified me in front of my grandfather, did you know that I was your third sister?"

  "Hall of the Autumn House, when you drove me out of the Autumn House and stole my husband Ye Fan's imperial green, can you take me as your third sister again?"

  "Now that you've gotten into trouble, gotten into trouble, begged for my help, you're here instead to say all this hypocritical stuff.Ying Ying, don't you feel yourself, it's ridiculous?"

  "Don't you think what you're doing is despicable?"

  Autumn Mu Orange's words were eloquent, anger contained.

  A cavity of ice, full of coldness.

  A number of questions in a row, and even more resounding, ruthless words, just like gold and stones on the ground, tossed sound, in the entire hall, unceasingly echoed.

  Qiu Mu Orange is not a fool, nor is she a rotten good guy without principles.

  If the Qiu family hurt her once, she could endure.If they hurt her twice, she could endure even if she bit her teeth.

  But humiliating her, hurting her, harming her one after another, even if Qiu Mu Orange had a kind heart, that would still be painful, sad, and full of holes!

  So, now Autumn Mu Orange has figured it out.

  What kind of relatives, what kind of cousins, they were all imaginary.

  Sometimes, these so-called blood relatives were worse than a passerby.

  She only had one principle for people now.

  If others respect him three times, she returns ten!

  But if someone offends her, she will return the favor!

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange's angry and icy words were still lingering in her ears.

  Under Qiu Mu Orange's questioning, where could Qiu Mu Ying say a single word?

  She was full of shame, her pretty face flushed red, her whole body near-groundless!

  Don't tell me to lick her face again to beg Autumn Mucus Orange to help her, she didn't even dare to look up at Autumn Mucus Orange now.

  "Ying Ying, I'm advising you for the last time."

  "In the future, I advise you to be kind and good~"

  After speaking, Qiu Mu Orange immediately turned around and left.

  High heels struck the ground, the crisp da da sound, but in this world, echoed unceasingly.

  When the crowd looked up, the beautiful silhouette was already far away.

  It only left the crowd with a single, graceful back shadow.

  After all, Qiu Mu Orange didn't care about the mess Qiu Mu Ying and the others made and walked away without looking back.

  After leaving the Daughter Country, Qiu Mu Orange was clearly angry and her heart was in a state of flux for a long time.

  "Alright, Mu Orange."

  "Why get angry over a few people who don't want to do it?"

  "It wouldn't be good if you got angry and broke your body."

  "The opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate in three days, but it's all counting on you to take charge of the situation."

  Ye Fan smiled indifferently, and throughout the whole time Ye Fan was as calm as this.

  It was as if the water had stopped flowing in a peaceful lake, and it seemed that the ten thousand things in this world could hardly create any waves in his heart.

  "I'm not angry, I'm just feeling sad."

  "I didn't expect that the sister I used to grow up with would become this face now?"

  "I really can't believe it, is this the same, Mu Ying sister that I used to commute to school with when I was a kid?"


"Time has really changed so many things."

  "It makes people who were once so close, look so different."

  "Evan, seriously, sometimes, you really don't want to grow up."

  "The joy of being a kid was so simple.There were no hooks, and not so much merit and desire mixed in."

  "Pristine and pure, just like this sky in front of you."

  Qiu Mu Orange seemed to recall a lot of things from her childhood.

  At that time in the Qiu family's old house, they, the younger generation, played together, frolicked together, maybe even fought over grabbing a piece of ice-cream, but they would continue to play together again before long.

  At that time, there weren't so many cars on the road and the buildings weren't as tall as they are now, but everyone had a smile on their face that they don't have now.

  However, who would have thought that in this unconscionable time, the three sisters of their Qiu family had all started families.

  Moreover, what was even more saddening to Autumn Mucheng was that the childhood sister, Mu Ying, was no longer there.

  Already by this materialistic society, it has been completely radiant, with a different face!

  Hearing these lost words from Autumn Mu Orange, however, Ye Fan smiled faintly and said comfortingly, "Yes, time really does change too many things."

  "It makes the familiar become strange and the unfamiliar become familiar."

  "Changing everything around us, everything."

  "But Mu'orange, isn't that the beauty of life?"

  "If we don't grow up, how will we ever become strong and able, to protect the people we want to protect, to accomplish what we once couldn't?"

  "More importantly, if we don't grow up, how will I, Evan, ever meet you?"

  Ye Fan's faint voice was as if it had a special magical power contained within it.

  As he said this, Ye Fan looked at the stunningly beautiful girl in front of him like this, and his deep eyes were filled with deep affection and gratitude.

  It was a deep affection for the beauty before him, a gratitude for the years of time.

  Thankfully, the years of time had led him to meet, the most beautiful her in the best years of his life!

  At that moment, Autumn Mu Orange was stunned.

  On top of the stunningly beautiful face, there was an inexplicable emotion contained.

  Qiu Mu Orange tilted her pretty face up, just like this, looking at him in a daze.

  From his eyes, Qiu Mu Orange seemed to see the clouds rising in the sky, and also as if she saw, three thousand leaves falling!

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange was full of touch and deep emotions.

  How much she wanted to gather courage and tell the man in front of her.

  She also misses the love of the years and is thankful to have met the best of you in her most beautiful blossom.

  The autumn breeze blew the fallen leaves, and by the ears, the endless yellow leaves, rustled.

  Unknowingly, Autumn Mu Orange had closed her eyes.The pretty face with an alluring shy blush, the heart is almost even more 10,000 deer touched.

  Just like this, the hearts of the two people were gradually getting closer.

  Qiu Mu Orange had almost heard, the sound of Ye Fan's breathing.And Ye Fan, has also already smelled, the seductive body fragrance of the beauty in front of him.

  However, just when the two noses could be smelled, and the red lips were an inch away from touching, suddenly, a call, quietly sounded, but it would stir up all this romance, shattered!

  "Fanny-sensei, Fanny-sensei~"


  "Fanny-sensei, I've been looking for you so hard, but I finally ran into you today."

  "Good thing I caught up, or I would have missed it again."

  Gurungn ran along, panting after catching up to Ye Fan.

  Seeing Ye Fan again, Gurungn was undoubtedly full of excitement and joy.

  Gu Longen's sudden arrival had undoubtedly completely spoiled the good thing between Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange.

  At this time, Qiu Mu-Orange had already turned her head, full of shyness, her pretty face blushing like a ripe peach, as if pinching it, it would be juiced down again.

  What just happened to her?

  What's she doing with Evan?

  Does she want to kiss Ye Fan?

  Recalling the scene just now, Autumn Mu Orange's heart fluttered, shy, but at the same time, she felt unimaginable.

  She didn't know what had just happened to her, but at that moment Qiu Mu Orange only felt as if she was crazy, and actually felt like she was floating.

  Is this the magic of hormones?

  Is this what it feels like to be in love?

  Has she really been conquered by the man in front of her?Already completely in love with him?Have you sunk completely for him?

  Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was frightened, thinking of this, but a pair of beautiful eyes snuck another glance at Ye Fan, and then as if afraid of being discovered, they quickly shrank back again.

  Up until this moment, Qiu Mu orange still had an unsettled heart.

  Although he had just stopped at the last step with Ye Fan, that feeling was undoubtedly extraordinarily surprising to Qiu Mu Orange.

  Just like Adam and Eve who had stolen the forbidden fruit back then, it actually gave Autumn Mu Orange an inexplicable feeling of joy.

  But Ye Fan felt obviously not so good, after being disturbed by Gu Longen, Ye Fan's face was black at that time.

  It just felt like he was being ghoulish!

  "What are you doing here?"

  Ye Fan didn't have a good stare.

  It probably wouldn't be a good mood for anyone to be disturbed at a time like this.

  If it was an outsider, who was treating Gu Longen like this, this old man would probably have already exploded.

  But after being spoken to like this by Ye Fan, not only was the old man not angry, but he was also smiling, "Teacher Little Ye, there is nothing wrong with me.It's just what I said last time, my granddaughter's matter, do you still remember?"

  "My granddaughter just happens to be home on vacation these days, so I thought I'd set up a dinner date for Teacher Xiaoye, so you can meet."

  "Teacher, don't worry, this granddaughter of mine, with her looks and figure, is definitely not inferior to that daughter of Su Yuanshan."

  "Teacher, do you see if you have time tonight, let's have dinner together and get to know each other?"Gurungen was obviously hitting on Ye Fan, and by the looks of it, he was preparing to take Ye Fan, the teacher, as his granddaughter-in-law ah.


  However, before Ye Fan could reply, Qiu Mu Orange, who was on the side, was not happy and immediately refused.

  "Eh?"Gu Longen was displeased and looked to the side at Qiu Mu Orange, "I remember, you're Su Yuanshan's lady friend, Mr. Qiu, Miss Xiao Ye's boss right?"

  Although Gurungn was old, his memory wasn't bad.

  He did remember Qiu Mu Orange.At that time in the Shan Shui Club, Suzy said that Qiu Mu Orange was the CEO of a big company, and Ye Fan was Qiu Mu Orange's driver, these things, Gurungen did remember as well.

  "Mr. Qiu, Mr. Ye is your driver, and it's only right that you take care of Mr. Ye's work."

  "But, isn't it a bit lenient for you to meddle in this private matter of life?"

  "Mr. Qiu, I advise you that it's better to correct your position."

  Gurungen was polite to Ye Fan, and that was because Ye Fan was his teacher.But to Qiu Mu Orange, he was obviously not so polite.

  Instead, he even fought for Ye Fan, feeling that Qiu Mu Orange, his boss, was too lenient, right?

  You're in charge of heaven and earth and you're in charge of shitting and farting?


After knocking Qiu Mu Orange around a bit, Gurungen didn't pay attention to her anymore.Instead, he looked at Ye Fan and continued to ask if Ye Fan had time.

  After learning of Gu Longen's intention, Ye Fan smiled bitterly.

  I didn't expect this old thing to be here for this matter, but of course, Ye Fan excused himself and said he didn't have time.

  His wife could be right next to him, so Ye Fan naturally didn't dare to make a faux pas, otherwise, he would be afraid that Qiu Mu Orange would have to kill him if he went back at night.

  "What about tomorrow?"

  "Will you see if you're free tomorrow?"

  Gurunn continued to ask.

  Evan still shook his head, "There's no time tomorrow either."

  "What about the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow should be free, right?"Gu Longen was undeterred, this dedication was simply touching.

  This old man Gu was willing to do anything to take Ye Fan as his granddaughter-in-law.

  However, Ye Fan still refused: "I have to prepare for the opening ceremony of the company during this period of time, and I don't even have time, so Chairman Gu, you should stop thinking about this and give up."

  After saying that, Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to this old guy, pulling Qiu Mu Orange's arm and leaving quickly.It seemed as if he was afraid that Gurungen would catch up again.

  But Gurungen was stunned: "Opening ceremony?"

  "Did Mr. Ye start a company?"

  This was a serious issue.

  If it really was the opening of Ye Fan's company, he, who was a disciple, would have to go over there to attend, right?

  "Looks like I'll have to go back and check it out."

  After making up his mind, Guronn took another look at Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, who were already far away, shook his head and sighed, then prepared to leave.

  However, it didn't matter if this wasn't looking, Gurungn's eyes were about to pop out when he looked at them.

  Only in front, that beautiful boss of Ye Fan, actually put her arms around Ye Fan's waist, like a lover's caress, slowly moving around Ye Fan's body, acting intimate and ambiguous.

  At that time, Gu Longen's eyes turned red.

  He now finally understood why that beautiful CEO reacted so strongly when he just said he wanted to introduce his granddaughter to Ye Fan.

  It turned out that she was scheming and wanted to subdue Teacher Ye Fan ah.

  "Human face, human face, beast heart ah~"

  "Looking at her appearance and dress, it's a shame that I thought that this CEO woman should also be an ice-clear womanizer and a good person.But I didn't expect ah, behind this seemingly glorious and shiny appearance, she did such a hurtful and shameless thing to my teacher Ye."

  "How dare she use her position to subterfuge my teacher Ye~"

  Watching Ye Fan get into a relationship with that beautiful CEO, Gurungen's heart was undoubtedly dripping blood.

  After all, if Ye Fan really had this illicit relationship with her leader, what about her granddaughter?

  Wouldn't his plan to recruit Ye Fan as his granddaughter-in-law be ruined?

  "No, I'll have to remind Teacher Ye after I see her again next time."

  Gurungn was filled with bitterness, and his mind was secretly thinking.

  However, it was estimated that at this time, Qiu Mu Orange would never have imagined that her originally ice-clear image had completely collapsed in Gurungen's eyes, reduced to an unscrupulous female CEO who seduced her driver's subordinate.

  But God knows, Qiu Mu Orange was just purely pinching Ye Fan.

  "You bastard, you're getting into trouble everywhere!"

  "It wasn't enough to seduce my best friend, now you want to seduce someone's granddaughter?"

  "I'll strangle you~"

  The more Qiu Mu Orange thought about what had just happened, the angrier she became.

  I'm afraid that any person who was a wife would find it hard to remain calm when she met someone who was giving her husband a blind date.

  Ye Fanton smiled helplessly and bitterly, "Wife, I can't be blamed for this~"

  "They were the ones who approached me, and I've never actively seduced any woman except you."

  "I swear~"

  Ye Fan quickly explained.

  Qiu Mu Orange became even angrier when she heard it, a pair of beautiful eyes whirled to stare at Ye Fan, "You mean, if another woman throws herself at you, you'll say yes?"

  "I didn't say that, you said it yourself.Besides, a man, eh, always has needs, and it's excusable that I can't be satisfied at home, even if I can't withstand temptation outside occasionally.Of course, if you could satisfy me..."

  "Shut your doggy mouth!"Listening to Ye Fan's shameless words, Qiu Mu Orange was close to dying of anger, "Ye Fan, you bastard, you suffer death!"



  The whole journey was a fling.

  By the time Qiu Mu Orange returned home with Ye Fan and his wife, it was already very late.

  Han Li and Qiu Lei were still watching TV on the sofa, when they saw that Qiu Mu Orange was back, they said, "Mu Orange, someone sent an invitation card, I'll put it on your table, go over there later and take a look."

  "Invitation?Who sent it?"Autumn Mu Orange was surprised when she heard it.

  "How should I know, go see for yourself?"Han Li turned back and gave Autumn Mu Orange a blank look, however, the next moment, after seeing Ye Fan next to Autumn Mu Orange, Han Li instantly exploded.

  "Mu Orange, you dead ninny, I said why did you come back so late today, so you went to buy clothes for him?"

  "You're crazy!What clothes did you buy him?"

  "Or the suit?"

  "Too rich for your own good?"

  "Just a wimp, he deserves a suit?"

  "If you're too rich for your own good, give it to your mother me ah."

  "It's really a waste to raise you so big, giving this wimp random money, and not knowing how to honor your parents."

  Han Li reprimanded angrily at Qiu Mu Orange.

  In her opinion, spending a single penny on Ye Fan would be a waste.

  "Okay, Mom, shut up you."Qiu Mu Orange didn't bother to explain anything while throwing a few bags over and said in a bad mood, "This is the clothes for you guys."

  "Three days later, the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate, go or not as you wish."

  "However, if you go, change into these clothes."

  "For a formal occasion, the clothes shouldn't be too casual."

  After saying that, Qiu Mu Orange also went back to the bedroom.

  Ye Fan, on the other hand, also followed into Autumn Mu Orange's bedroom.

  The room.

  The dim light swayed.

  Qiu Mu Orange sat at the desk, looking at the invitation in front of her for a long time, her hands clenched in the dark.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he was confused, "Mu Orange, what's wrong?"

  "You can see for yourself."Qiu Mu Orange threw that invitation to Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan opened it and found that it was actually from the Qiu family.

  "November 11th, the ribbon cutting celebration for the second phase of the Autumn Water Group and Red Flag Group?"

  "The Jurong Hotel?"

  "Autumn Mu Ying Invitation?"

  "Mu Orange, this Yulong Hotel, isn't it the one across from our Mufan property?"

  "Same time, too, both on double eleven?"After seeing the invitation, Ye Fan was shocked and whirled around, saying.

  Qiu Mu Orange was now so angry that her pretty face was livid: "Who says it isn't?"

  "I guess this is the Autumn Family's revenge on us."

  "Same time, same place, we held the opening ceremony and they held the ribbon cutting celebration."

  "What's even worse is that they're borrowing the Red Flag Group's reputation for this invitation, fox and tiger!"

  "In that case, many people in the Yunzhou business circle will go over to give them a show, right?"

  "After all, we at Mufan Real Estate have a shallow reputation, but the Red Flag Group is the largest group in Yunzhou, borrowing the Red Flag Group's momentum to suppress us and make us look bad!"

  "They're deliberately targeting us, intending to humiliate us~"


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