Dish Best Served Cold 351-355


Chapter 351

Not only Chu Wenfei himself, the others around him were also surprised.

  They had thought that this store manager would have to make Ye Fan and the others pay a million and eighty thousand before they would stop, but they didn't expect that it would only take two hundred.

  Chu Wenfei became anxious, "Shopkeeper Shen, what did I just tell you?"

  "No need to take care of my face, no need to take care of my face, how many times have I told you, and why won't you listen?"

  "I, Chu Wenfei, am an upright person, although they are my relatives, I can't let Shopkeeper Shen suffer because of my face."

  "I look at it this way, let's all take a step back and make a whole, you can make them pay a million dollars."

  "In that case, let them get a little bit of glory from me, Chu Wenfei, while at the same time not making Shopkeeper Shen suffer too much."

  Chu Wenfei said to Shen Meng in an indifferent and righteous tone.

  At the same time, Chu Wenfei and his wife were smirking in their hearts.

  This one million was probably enough for Qiu Mu Orange and the others to pay!

  "This Mr. Chu is worthy of being a great man, he is profoundly righteous and does not harbor his relatives, he deserves someone rich."

  "With such a pattern, why not worry about achieving great things?"

  The surrounding guests watched and praised, and many women looked at Chu Wenfei with admiration in their eyes.The young shop assistant in particular, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Chu Wenfei with infatuation, thinking that this is the magnificent young man.

  Compared to Mr. Chu, Mr. Ye Fan and the others are just a couple of turds!

  "Autumn Mu Orange, what are you two still standing around for?"

  "Why don't you thank my husband for his kindness and thank Shopkeeper Shen for his kindness?"

  "If my husband hadn't interceded for you, you would have had to pay at least two million today."

  "If I were you guys, I would have to kneel down and kowtow three times to my husband."At this time, Qiu Mu Ying was full of pride, looking at both Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan with a superior attitude, laughing wantonly.

  Although Qiu Mu Ying didn't say it explicitly, the meaning in those words was already clear.

  It was that she wanted Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan to kowtow to her husband in gratitude!

  When Qiu Mucheng heard this, her nose was about to be crooked.

  The other person, Shen Meng, clearly said that it would be fine to compensate two hundred yuan, but this couple was good, taking the initiative to increase it to one million.

  Now they still have the face to say thank you?

  Shame on you!

  Of course, Qiu Mu Orange ignored the words of Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife and didn't even bother to look at them.

  Ye Fan at this time, however, was still smiling calmly, "Shopkeeper Shen, what do you mean?Let us pay a million dollars too?"

  "No, no, no~" Shen Meng quickly shook his head, "Two hundred will be fine.Mr. Chu Golden Face, it's already an honor to enter our shop, compensating two hundred will be fine."

  Chu Wenfei listened, then glared, "Shopkeeper Shen, I have said, whether I care about my golden face or silver face, this vase is not this young master kicked broken, you do not need to worry about my face."

  "Listen to this young master, this one million, you can take it!"

  "No, no, no, you can't take it."

  "This really can be taken."Chu Wenfei gave Shen Meng a hard look, his entire body was getting anxious.

  However Shen Meng still shook his head, "No no no, you really can't have it~"

  Shen Meng shivered, unable to stop shaking his head, but at this time his heart was cursing at Chu Wenfei.

  This guy is a brake, right?

  I'm not giving you any face, so why are you acting like a pussy?

  You're still golden face. You're just a bumpkin from nowhere. You have no face at all.

  You really think you're Mr. Chu?

  Shen Meng was filled with speechlessness, and was now near tormented to tears by the two oddballs Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying.

  I thought to myself, "Where on earth are these two idiots from?

  If it wasn't for Mr. Chu here, Shen Meng would have been a slap on the wrist.

  However, who would have thought that before Shen Meng was anxious, Qiu Mu Ying was the first to be anxious, looking at Shen Meng like a pencil: "I say, shopkeeper Shen, are you lacking in heart?You still don't want the money you were given?"

  "A million dollars' worth of stuff gets broken and you want two hundred, brains kicked out of your ass?"

  Qiu Muying was furious.

  Shen Meng was also somewhat unhappy with Qiu Mu Ying's rude words, "Miss, who told you that this vase is worth millions?"

  "This is blackmailing people with a bad conscience, I, Shen Meng, don't do this bad conscience thing."

  "This vase is worth two hundred, of course I'll make someone pay two hundred."


  Qiu Muying was stunned when she heard this, "It's worth two hundred?I thought you said it was a Republican-era cloisonné."

  "Yeah, but the forgeries, of course, are worthless.I bought it for two hundred dollars."Shen Meng said indifferently, and suddenly Qiu Mu Ying was unable to say anything.

  But his words were puzzling to the store staff.

  The young shop assistant who had just been incited by Shen Meng to slap her was even more puzzled, then asked, "Shop manager, it can't be an imitation ah?You said this morning that the four large vases we have in the shop are million dollar antiques?There was an antique dealer who offered eight million for these four vases before, how could this be fake, you're not confused, are you?"

  This guide was full of puzzlement, she had only heard of blackmailing more money by saying fake ones as real, and this was the first time she had seen something that made her pay for herself by saying real ones as fake.


  As soon as this guide finished speaking, Shen Meng was so angry that he slapped another paste over, directly smacking this guide to tears.

  "Bastard, you're the store manager and I'm the store manager?"

  "I don't know if the vase is real or not?"

  "Where's all this nonsense?"

  "And eight million, and you dare to blow it?I was clearly talking about eight hundred dollars."

  "You're not deaf yourself, but you're still talking nonsense here?"

  Shen Meng scolded angrily, but it scared the surrounding shopkeepers to shut their mouths, not daring to say another word.

  "Four vases, only eight hundred?"

  "It's still a fake, isn't it?"

  Qiu Mu Ying was obviously a little disappointed, I thought that this time it would make Qiu Mu Orange lose everything, but I didn't expect that after messing around for half a day, the vases on display in this store were all fake?

  "I thought it was some fancy shop, but now it looks like it's nothing more than that, taking a few hundred forgeries here to pretend to be antiques, it's really priced down."

  Qiu Muying cursed and only felt like a spoilsport, then she was no longer in the mood to stroll around here, and turned her head to take Chu Wenfei away.

  "Honey, let's go, what kind of crap shop is this?Never come again."

  "What a bummer!"

  A good show did not come to pass, of course Qiu Mu Ying mood is not good, coldly scolded, and soon the couple left.

  After the couple left, Ye Fan asked Shen Meng: "Shopkeeper Shen, this vase, is it really a fake?Is it really only going to cost us two hundred dollars?"

  "Now, I can give you a chance to regret."

  Looking at Ye Fan's inexplicable smile, Shen Meng shivered in his heart and only felt that Ye Fan was testing him.


"Fake, for sure,"

  "I'm not stupid, so naturally I wouldn't call the real thing a fake, wouldn't you?"Shen Meng had a flattering smile.

  This person in front of him, who even their chairman was flattering, gave away a painting of Tang Bohu worth ten million as soon as he gave it away, compared to that, this vase in front of him, what was it?

  Therefore, of course, Shen Meng didn't dare to really make Ye Fan and the others pay for it, and only received two hundred yuan symbolically, as a gift to Mr. Chu.

  Hearing this, Ye Fan nodded his head and stretched out his hand and patted Shen Meng's shoulder three times, "Well, still, store manager Shen will behave."

  "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha~"

  Shen Meng was undoubtedly flattered to be so appreciated by Ye Fan as Shen Meng laughed out loud.

  "Okay, stop fooling around?It's fortunate that this vase is a fake, otherwise our family would really have lost everything this time, let's go home quickly."Although it was a false alarm, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was still somewhat pale and frightened.

  She felt that it would be better to come to such upscale places less often in the future.

  This experience undoubtedly made Qiu Mu Orange distinctly feel the gap between herself and the upper class circles.

  A million dollars in compensation might just be an ordinary thing for a billionaire family.But to their family, it was enough to lose everything.

  Perhaps, this is what your lady friend said, the gap between the circles.

  Fortunately, this was fake today, otherwise, Qiu Mu Orange really wouldn't know how to compensate?

  "Don't, take another stroll."

  "Wife, you're day-to-day, now it's hard to come out here with me, so naturally I need to play around a little more."

  "This daughter country is so big, let's go over there again and take a look."


  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services for the public.

  Since the "Daughter's Kingdom" was known as the Kingdom of Women, the things inside naturally had a fatal attraction to women like Qiu Mu Orange, and although the high prices made Qiu Mu Orange not dare to expect anything, a close contact was enough to make Qiu Mu Orange feel satisfied and happy.

  However, not long after, outside the "Daughter's Country", Qiu Mu Ying and her husband appeared again.

  Between the two of them, there was also a beautiful woman standing.

  The woman was wearing a long black dress, her hair was curly, and although she was middle-aged, she was still charming.The fair face had an aristocratic temperament that could not be cultivated in a year or two, only a lady's daughter who had lived in a family of scholars since childhood could have such cultivation and charm.

  Yes, this person was naturally Chu Wenfei's mother, Zhang Li.

  Zhang Li had been here for a while, and after having dinner with Chu Wenfei and the others, she had gone out shopping together at the suggestion of Qiu Mu Ying.

  However, this evening, after meeting Qiu Mu Ying, her daughter-in-law, Zhang Li was clearly not in a very high mood, and couldn't talk about being happy or unhappy.

  In short, up until now, Autumn Muyoung had given her the feeling of being ordinary and unremarkable.

  Perhaps this Qiu Mu Ying was considered to be a superior talent, but Zhang Li still felt that Qiu Mu Ying was not good enough for her son.

  But she was after all the woman that her son was interested in, and Zhang Li planned that if her son was really determined to spend his life with Qiu Mu Ying, she would not object.

  Zhang Li was a very wise woman, and she knew that in such things as marriage, although the opinions of the parents were important, it was mostly up to the children to make their own decisions.

  What's more, after this night together, although Zhang Li couldn't talk about liking Qiu Mu Ying, she didn't resent her either.

  For the sake of her own son's happiness, she would just let him be in the future.

  "Mom, are you satisfied with tonight's meal?"

  "I heard Wenfei say that you like Northeast food the most, this shop is the one I specifically found online, we have the most authentic specialty shop in Yunzhou City that does Northeast food."

  "I just don't know, do you like it?"

  Qiu Mu Ying spoke softly and carefully.She didn't even dare to speak loudly, completely acting like a gentle and virtuous person.This journey could be described as trembling with fear, hushing and warming Zhang Li, fearing that which point she did not do well would displease her mother-in-law again.

  However, in the face of Qiu Mu Ying's concern, Zhang Li had always looked like she was lovingly answering.At this time also did not answer for a long time, just quietly walking on the road, high heels hitting the ground to make a da da da da sound.

  When Qiu Mu Ying saw this, at that time, her heart went halfway cold, and the kind smile on her face was also like the tide, which quickly faded away, and she lost her head and lowered her head.

  "Mom, don't be like this?"

  "Ying Ying is also a bit of filial piety, even if you're not satisfied, don't ignore people ah?"Chu Wenfei felt that his mother had gone a bit too far, wasn't this giving someone a bad name?

  Even if you really don't like this daughter-in-law, for the sake of your own son's face, you can't let Qiu Mu Ying get down like this ah.

  "Wen Fei, I'm a bit uncomfortable, so I won't hang out with mom, I'll go back first."

  Qiu Mu Ying was in a low mood, like a frosty eggplant, she bowed her head and said, while she turned around and was leaving.

  She was already ready to give up, she was so dedicated tonight and still failed to satisfy Chu Wenfei's mother.As such, what was the point of staying any longer?

  "Ying Ying, don't~"

  However, just as Chu Wenfei was struggling with a dilemma, Zhang Li, who had been silent, suddenly said, "Don't go yet, accompany me to buy a necklace, consider it as a gift from me to my own mother?"

  After hearing Zhang Li's words, Qiu Mu Ying, who was originally filled with loss, her pretty face lifted.In her dull eyes, a flash of ecstasy emerged.

  "Mom, is it true?"

  "You have accepted me?"

  "You're willing to let me be the daughter-in-law of the Chu family?"

  "Mom, I'm so happy, you're too kind."

  Qiu Muying was undoubtedly excited then, and ended up hugging Chu Wenfei in an uncontrollable manner.

  "Wenfei, did you hear that?"

  "Our mom has acknowledged me and is still buying my mom a gift."

  Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wenfei said excitedly.

  Although Zhang Li didn't say it explicitly, the meaning of those words had undoubtedly been very clear.

  Even calling out to her own mother, and even taking the initiative to buy a gift for Qiu Mu Ying's mother, this had clearly accepted Qiu Mu Ying as her daughter-in-law.

  Seeing her own son and Qiu Mu Ying's two excited and excited faces, Zhang Li shook her head and helplessly smiled.

  It looked like her own son, he really liked this Qiu Mu Ying ah.

  "Alright, what's the decency of cuddling on this street?It's not too late to go back and hug again, now first come with me to Daughter's Country to buy a pair of collars for your mother."

  Zhang Li's words then interrupted the cheers of the two of them, Qiu Mu Ying.

  With a pretty blush, Qiu Mu Ying quickly released Chu Wen Fei's embrace, while she followed Zhang Li into the store.


"Mom, let's not go to this store, shall we?"

  "It's full of some fake stuff."

  "Let's go to a different one, shall we?"

  It was only then that she noticed that the shop her mother-in-law was going to was the "Daughter's Country".

  As a result of the previous events, Autumn Muyoung naturally didn't have any positive feelings towards this shop.

  A few minutes ago, she had even just made a flag that she would never come back to this shop in her life, but she didn't expect the blow to the face to come so quickly.

  "What fake goods?"

  "Daughter's Country is the property of the Shen Group, it's been around for decades and has always had a good reputation."

  "I've been buying things here, how could there be fakes?"

  "If this store can still buy fake ones, then Yunzhou will have no place to sell real ones."

  Zhang Li was baffled by Qiu Mu Ying's words.

  In Yunzhou City, Daughter's Country was a premier high-end consumer place, and it was geared towards a mostly female audience, so it had always been popular with their lofty wives.

  For so many years, Zhang Li, along with some of her female friends, had always bought from here, and many of her rich and powerful wives had even ordered their wedding dresses from here when they got married, and there had never been any quality problems, so Zhang Li was undoubtedly very fond of this store.

  Now Qiu Muying said so, is not questioning her Zhang Li decades of buying are fake goods, Zhang Li was a little upset.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, so I'm going to be able to do it.

  "Alright, mom, let's not talk too much, let's go in quickly."

  Chu Wenfei smiled, immediately changed the subject, and pushed his mother into the store.

  Qiu Muying didn't say anything else, some words since her own mother-in-law didn't like to hear, she simply didn't say anything.

  Soon, Qiu Muying accompanied Zhang Li to stroll around this store.

  "Wen Fei, Ying Ying, you guys watch first."

  "I'm going to use the bathroom first, I'll be back soon."

  After strolling around for a moment, Zhang Li gave Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying a word and went to use the bathroom.

  However, shortly after Zhang Li left, there was only a loud sound, as if something shattered, followed by a noisy sound from not far away.


  "Wenfei, what's going on over there?"

  "Let's go over there, shall we?"

  Qiu Mu Ying was a restless master, wanting to get over whenever there was excitement.Chu Wenfei also had no choice, so he followed Qiu Mu Ying over while his own mother was using the toilet.

  Only when he was far enough to get in, did Chu Wenfei discover that another vase had been broken and sneered, "Hey, what did I think it was about?"

  "So you're another walking idiot who broke the vase."

  "There's nothing to see, Ying Ying we'd better go over there and wait for my mother,"

  With his hands in his pockets, Chu Wenfei turned his head after a glance, and suddenly lost interest in onlookers.

  But Autumn Muyoung looked stunned in front of her, whirling suspiciously, "Honey, look quickly, the one who broke that vase, is it your mother ah?"

  "How is that possible, my mom wouldn't do something so stupid like that Autumn Mu Orange....Fuck, really!"Chu Wenfei had just said that stupid word, but when he turned back and saw the pretty-faced frightened woman in the crowd, an old face snapped and his eyes immediately widened.

  "Quick, Ying Ying, let's hurry over!"

  In a hurry, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying then rushed over.

  At this point, the commotion here had undoubtedly attracted many onlookers.

  "What kind of bad luck is this in our shop today?"

  "This just got a cloisonné broken, and a blue and white porcelain over here?"

  "Hurry up and contact the store manager."

  The shopkeeper even complained as she cleaned up the debris on the floor, while contacting the store manager to deal with it.

  And Zhang Li's pretty face was pale, clearly in some shock.

  But after all, she was a luxury wife who had followed Chu Wenfei's father and had experienced some big scenes, so after a moment of panic, she quickly calmed down.

  As he took money from his bag, he apologized, "I'm sorry, I was in a hurry just now and didn't pay attention and broke your vase."

  "But don't worry guys, I'll pay for how much the vase cost."

  "Is 100,000 yuan enough?"

  Zhang Li said with full of apologies, treating these shopkeepers with an extremely friendly attitude, not putting up any kind of high and mighty show.

  "Mom, it's just a few hundred dollars for a broken vase, where is the need for a hundred thousand?A thousand dollars is enough to make their store manager thankful."

  A disdainful laugh came from behind, followed by Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife.

  "Ying Ying, don't talk nonsense."

  "This store I know, specializing in the field of luxury goods, there's no exceptions to anything under ten thousand in here, whether it's decorations or goods for sale."

  Zhang Li even said to Qiu Mu Ying.

  She said, "This is not an empty talk, Zhang Li can still remember a few years ago with a CEO's wife came here, at that time the CEO's wife also led a child, because of naughty naughty carving on a chair in the shop, at that time she thought it was just a chair, support death will only pay a few hundred, but the results of the CEO's wife paid fifty thousand.

  This is not extortion, but the chair is made of good Hainan Huanghuali.

  This kind of wood, a ton of high millions of yuan.

  This is only the cost price of materials, plus processing fees, labor costs, transportation costs and other expenses, a chair to compensate 50,000, is not something excessive.

  Even the chairs that allow guests to sit while resting are worth tens of thousands.This was also why, after breaking this vase, Zhang Li said that she would pay 100,000 as soon as she opened her mouth.

  However, upon hearing Zhang Li's words, Qiu Mu Ying laughed, "Mom, I really didn't say anything nonsense.These broken vases look like antiques, but they're just some imitations, and the four of them only add up to 800 yuan.They made you pay a hundred thousand, that's completely blackmailing you."

  "Mom, you just watch by the side, this matter ah, your daughter-in-law will solve it."

  Qiu Muying smiled and reassured Zhang Li.

  From the looks of it, Qiu Mu Ying clearly took this matter as an opportunity for her to perform so that she could use it to brush up another wave of goodwill for her future mother-in-law.

  In that case, it was undoubtedly a sure thing that she, Autumn Muyoung, would marry into the rich family in the future.

  At this time, Shen Meng, who had been accompanying Ye Fan and Qiu Mu orange, rushed over soon after getting the news.Along with him, there were naturally Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Who is it?"

  "Who broke my blue and white china?"

  Through the distance, one could hear Shen Meng's angry shouts.

  Soon, Shen Meng arrived here, and when he saw the pieces on the ground, his heart was almost dripping blood.

  These four vases were the countertops of the entire "Daughter's Country", and were the lifeblood of Shen Meng.

  The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation.

  Just broken a cloisonné, it has been extremely painful for Shen Meng.

  But Shen Meng how did not expect, this is only a moment of work, and broken a blue and white porcelain.


"Shopkeeper Shen, I'm so sorry."

  "I accidentally bumped into a vase in your shop."

  "Just tell me the price, and I'll pay you the full price."

  Zhang Li obviously also knew the store manager of the shop, and after seeing Shen Meng arrive, she then apologized and offered to pay the original price.

  "So it's Ms. Zhang."

  "In that case, let's compensate six hundred thousand.This blue and white porcelain is from the late Qing Dynasty, and although it's not considered a royal treasure, it was bought by our shop for eight hundred thousand.However, Ms. Zhang is a regular customer of our shop, so let's give you a discount."

  Seeing that it was Zhang Li, although Shen Meng was furious in his heart, it was not easy to act out, so he could only sigh and accept the cruel reality in front of him.

  Zhang Li is also very generous, Shen Meng said 600,000, 600,000, and did not say much, then took the card from the bag to pay.

  Although 600,000 was not a lot, but to Zhang Li, it was obvious that she could afford it, and it was just her one month's salary.

  However, Zhang Li was about to take the card to pay for it, but Autumn Muying stopped her.

  "Ying Ying, what are you doing?We broke someone's stuff, we deserve compensation."Zhang Li was suddenly puzzled.

  Qiu Mu Ying smiled, "Mom, I didn't say that we shouldn't compensate, but we can't be the wronged ones either."

  "I've said it, you don't have to be in charge of this matter, as your daughter-in-law, I'll help you set things right."

  "You just have to watch it."

  "But..."Zhang Li was a little worried and wanted to say something, but she was stopped by Chu Wenfei.

  "Mom, Ying Ying is being filial, so just give her a chance.Next, you just watch from here and see how your future daughter-in-law behaves."Chu Wenfei also smiled faintly.

  After pacifying Zhang Li, Qiu Muying then looked towards Shen Meng, "Shop Manager Shen, we meet again."

  "This is my mother-in-law and Mr. Chu's mother, the vase she accidentally knocked over just now, give us some face, I think we should forget about it."

  "It's just a few hundred dollars, it's not worth much isn't it."

  Qiu Mu Ying said lightly.

  "Well, your mother-in-law?"

  "So, you're also a relative of Mr. Chu?"Hearing Qiu Mu Ying's words, Shen Meng was stunned and whirled around to look at Ye Fan behind him with some hesitation.

  Apparently, Shen Meng didn't know what to do either.

  Although Zhang Li's relative was a bit distant, she could eventually get involved with Mr. Chu, and if she were to pay for it, Shen Meng was worried that Mr. Chu's side would be unhappy.

  However, if she didn't pay for it, together with the previous shattered Jing Tai Lan, this added up to a loss of more than a million inside and out, even Shen Meng was still aching for meat!

  Therefore, in a dilemma, Shen Meng could only look at Ye Fan to see his attitude.

  When Ye Fan saw this, he gave a light laugh.He ignored Shen Meng and instead looked up at Qiu Mu Ying in front of him, just like the previous time when Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife ridiculed Mu Orange, Ye Fan now laughed slightly mockingly, "Madam Chu, didn't you just call yourself a luxury wife and a big shot?"

  "What, a vase now, and you're not willing to pay for it?"

  "It seems that your so called luxury wife doesn't live up to her name."

  "If you can't come up with the money, talk to your third sister and we can lend you some.If you really don't want to borrow, then it's okay to take the house against it."

  I didn't expect to be mocked by a redneck?

  At that time Qiu Mu Ying was undoubtedly furious, looking at Ye Fan with a cold smile, "I can't afford to pay?"

  "I can't get the money?"

  "What a joke!"

  "Do you really think that my lady is a turkey and a pauper like you?"

  "Wouldn't a random item on me be ten times more valuable than these broken vases?"

  "The way I just said that was just giving Shopkeeper Shen a chance to suck up to us."

  "Heh, you wimp, you really think that this lady can't afford to pay for a vase?"

  "I'm telling you, don't say one, but two or ten, my lady can afford to pay for it!"

  Smiling disdainfully, as if to prove her abundant wealth, after saying that, Autumn Muyoung kicked the vase next to her with a bang.

  A loud sound.

  The vase shattered, and along with it, there was also Shen Meng's heart.

  "Bastard, how dare you?"

  At that time, Shen Meng's eyes were staring out.

  He had never thought that Qiu Mu Ying would break another vase of his.

  This short night, their shop was a town scene of four treasures, but now there was only the last one left.

  "You...You...How dare you?"

  "This is from the Ming Dynasty, it could be worth a million and a half, and you dare to fight?"

  Shen Meng roared, his eyes red.

  Zhang Li was also startled, and after seeing Qiu Mu Ying deliberately break another vase, she became anxiously angry and said, "Ying Ying, are you crazy?"

  "What are you doing?"

  Qiu Mu Ying still didn't care, pulling Zhang Li's hand and smilingly reassured, "Mom, it's really fine.You didn't really believe Shopkeeper Shen's words, you really thought it was an antique from the Ming Dynasty, right?"

  "Is Shopkeeper Shen joking with us?"

  "These vases, which look quite exquisite, are actually just fakes imitated by modern techniques.Four of them are only eight hundred dollars."

  "If you don't believe me, I'll break another one for you?"

  Between light chuckles, Autumn Muyoung stomped over again.

  "Stop it!"

  Shen Meng immediately shouted, however, it was already too late.


  The last vase, which instantly fell to the ground, then shattered.

  The clear and crisp sound, but it was so pleasant to the ears.

  At that time, Shen Meng's entire body was going crazy, looking at the mess all over the floor, a pair of eyes, like blood red.Almost kneeling on the floor, holding the debris all over the ground, but his heart was dripping blood.

  And Autumn Muyoung was kicking over two vases in succession, a little pretending to be two pussies, the whole person seemed to be still very happy.

  At this time, she even raised her pretty face high and looked at Ye Fan very arrogantly, "How about it, hillbilly?"

  "Do you really think that my lady is a poor man like you, who can't spare a few hundred dollars?"

  "I'm really going to punch you guys in the face today!"

  "This lady will use the truth and tell you that I'm not just going to pay for one today, I'm going to pay for three at once."

  "Yes, my family is that rich and that proud?"

  "Your poor family is only dry-eyed and envious!"

  Qiu Mu Ying was clearly trying to deliberately anger Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, and was now even flaunting at them in a victorious manner.

  Looking at how arrogant Qiu Mu Ying was, Qiu Mu Orange was almost angry to death at that time.No longer in the mood to stay, she turned her head and left: "Ye Fan, let's go!"

  "It's just a few stinking dollars, what are you so proud of?"

  "Sooner or later, I, Autumn Mu Orange, will make more money, and by myself!"

  "That really pisses me off~"

  Qiu Mu Orange was a proud person, now that she was being mocked and ridiculed by Qiu Mu Ying in front of so many people, one could imagine how angry she was.

  But Ye Fan held her back: "Mu Orange, don't leave in a hurry ah?"

  "Good show, it's about to start."

  Ye Fan smiled faintly.Looking at the debris on the ground in front of him, as well as the bleeding heart of Shen Meng, the corner of Ye Fan's mouth, however, revealed a wry curvature.

  That smile, no matter how you looked at it, it felt somewhat unkind, and gloating.


At this time, there was a floor of debris scattered within the daughter country.

  The guests present all looked on in fear, and Shen Meng was even kneeling on the ground looking at the wreckage all over the floor, heartbroken.

  But Zhang Li was a little startled, she looked at Qiu Mu Ying's confident appearance, and suddenly became a little suspicious.

  Were these vases really just imitations of some modern techniques?

  Suspicious, Zhang Li asked again, "Ying Ying, what you just said is true?"

  "These vases, are they really only worth a few hundred dollars?"

  "That's natural."Qiu Mu Ying was still confident and proud of herself, "Mom, don't worry, your daughter-in-law, I've never seen any treasures, the blue and white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty, the royal family's Jing Tai Blue, I don't know how many of these ceramic treasures I've seen."

  "This vase in front of you, is it true or false, your daughter-in-law will not be able to tell?"

  "Just take it easy on yourself, there's definitely no mistake."

  "Just the few vases we broke, brace yourself for a thousand dollars, it'll settle it."

  "A thousand dollars, for a family like ours, it's not even a drop in the bucket, so let's just throw it out today for nothing and take care of Shopkeeper Shen's business."

  Qiu Mu Ying proudly boasted herself, putting on an appearance of being knowledgeable.

  Chu Wenfei also echoed from the side, "Yes, mother.Your daughter-in-law is not an ordinary person, she's not an ordinary person, she's knowledgeable, and she knows the value of the vase in front of her, she knows it by heart."

  Hearing Chu Wenfei and his wife's words, Zhang Li's heart that had been hanging in the air was put to rest.

  It looked like it really was a worthless forgery.

  Otherwise, how much would it cost to break three of these at once?

  Thinking of this, Zhang Li Ton nodded her head in satisfaction, "Well, Wen Fei, it seems that you still have good eyes.Thanks to Ying Ying this time, otherwise your mother's salary for this month would have been floating."

  Although the Chu family was a billionaire, Zhang Li had always insisted on being diligent and simple, and she would never allow money that shouldn't be spent recklessly.

  What's more, the 600,000 previously was an astronomical amount to the Qiu Mu Orange family, but it was by no means a small amount to Zhang Li.

  It was her own salary for a month, and now that she had saved it by relying on Autumn Muyoung, for a time Zhang Li was undoubtedly more satisfied with Autumn Muyoung's attitude towards her.

  "However, I'm still surprised, why would such a high-class shop take a few cheap vases to display here, isn't that self-degrading?"Up until now, Zhang Li was still a bit confused, apparently still doubting Autumn Mu Orange's words.

  "Mom, do you still not believe it?"

  "In that case, let Shopkeeper Shen tell you personally to see if your daughter-in-law's eyes are accurate or not?"Qiu Muying smiled proudly, looking like she had it in the bag.

  These vases, although she boasted that she had seen them herself.But in fact, she had just heard it from Shen Meng himself.,.

  Qiu Mu Ying's words were nothing more than a good performance in front of Zhang Li.

  Then, Qiu Muying looked forward to Shen Meng: "Shopkeeper Shen, don't clean up those debris pieces yet.Quickly, tell my mother-in-law, that vase I broke earlier, how much is it worth?"

  Qiu Mu Ying instructed Shen Meng.

  At this time, Shen Meng had already gotten up and stood up, and the pair of eyes that looked at Qiu Mu Ying were filled with anger, wishing that the woman in front of him would be cut alive.

  "Fine, since you want to know, I'll tell you."

  "The one your mother-in-law crushed is a blue and white porcelain from the late Qing Dynasty, the cheapest of my daughter's four township shop porcelain, eight hundred thousand."

  "Mom, how about it, I'm not wrong.Your daughter-in-law is awesome, saying that it's not worth anything.No, Shopkeeper Shen has said that it's only eighty pieces for you to break that one."Chu Wenfei immediately smiled and a few words came out without crossing his mind.

  However, Zhang Li's face turned black then, "He said, eighty thousand!"


  "Eight hundred thousand?"The corners of Chu Wenfei's eyes instantly smacked.

  Qiu Mu Ying was even more furious, her entire body like a fried hen, roaring at Shen Meng.

  "Eight hundred thousand?"

  "Shopkeeper Shen, you're kidding, right?"

  "This broken vase is eight hundred thousand, so if I've broken those two, wouldn't you have to say, a million?"Qiu Muying retorted in anger, full of ridicule.

  In response to Qiu Mu Ying's anger, Shen Meng didn't give her any good face and returned in a cold voice, "A million?"

  "A million you can buy a Ming Dynasty blue flower produced in an official kiln?"

  "A million you can buy enamel from the Qing Yongzheng period?"

  "I tell you, the two you broke, one is worth two million."

  "The other one, worth four million!"

  "Three vases with a total value of seven million."

  "Plus the cost of lost wages and mental anguish, totaling eight million."

  "Cut the crap and pay for it!!!"

  Shen Meng was obviously really angry.

  Previously, like Qiu Mu Orange, like Zhang Li, they were unintentionally broken, and although Shen Meng was angry, it was understandable.

  But this Qiu Mu Ying, deliberately destroying the objects in the store, and being so rude and arrogant, how could Shen Meng be polite to him?

  Not to mention discounts and concessions, now they're even paying for lost wages!

  "Eight...Eight million?"

  When Qiu Muying heard this, her face went a few shades whiter.The original ease and confidence suddenly disappeared.

  She had never thought that this Shen Meng, who originally had eight hundred dollars, would dare to ask for eight million for them?

  "Shopkeeper Shen, I see you're a shopkeeper who doesn't want to work?"

  "Do you know who I am, I'm Mr. Chu's wife, the daughter-in-law of the Chu family."

  "All of you old bosses respect me as Mrs. Chu, and all of you young master Shen Fei give a respectful toast."

  "You're a dog of the Shen family, a lowly and despicable old thing, you don't know how to honor me without saying anything, and now you dare to extort us?"

  "Still bright blue flowers, still enamel?"

  "How dare you?"

  "You're not really afraid that I'll tell your old boss about your offense to my lady and make you roll up your sleeves and get out!"

  Qiu Mu Ying was filled with indignation, and now even more so, she pointed at Shen Meng's face and cursed angrily like a shrew.

  Previously, when Qiu Mu Orange had broken the vase, she had only paid two hundred.

  Now, this old thing doesn't give them face not to say, but also blackmail and make them pay eight million?

  What does he want?

  Do you really think they're fooling us?

  Shen Meng laughed when he heard Qiu Mu Ying's words, "Heh, how imposing, huh?"

  "And you're Lady Chu, you're nothing but a Lady Chu!"

  "I'll tell you today, unless Mr. Chu pleads with you, the eight million must be paid for, not a dime less!"

  Shen Meng was so furious that he immediately called for security guards to surround Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei.

  Qiu Muying's words undoubtedly made Shen Meng even angrier.Letting a few turtles insult him like that, how could he endure what?

  "You..."Qiu Mu Ying's eyebrows and eyes were terrified, and her pretty face paled.

  How could she have never thought that she would not be able to get away with this pretence, but instead she was hit in the face?

  Chu Wenfei saw the situation, and knew that this sub Qiu Mu Ying has been unable to calm down, he, Mr. Chu, should come out.

  He cleared his throat and came out with his hands behind his back, with a straight face, he looked at Shen Meng in a very unhappy tone, "Shopkeeper Shen, Ying Ying she is my wife, if you disrespect her, you are disrespecting me."

  "I am very unhappy about this matter."

  "I now order you to immediately apologize to Ying Ying."

  "As for the eight million, forget it.I'm not going to hold you accountable for your fault of misrepresenting the price with falsehoods."


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