The King of Kungfu in school 1301-1310


Chapter 1301

"Then let me be clear.In our Golden Silk City, we have both a Master Perfection Ranking List and a Master Perfection Ranking List.Among them, one of the most important lists for the three great families is the Clan Master Perfection Ranking List.However, because the Seagod Family is too strong and they're too good at caging talents, the top ten of the Master Perfection Rankings have always been those of the Seagod Family.No one from us and the Bai Liu Family have even made it in.Out of all the strong Ancestor Grand Perfectionists of our Jinyan Family, there are only two ranked in the top twenty, 13th and 16th respectively.The White Flow Family is also only 12th and 19th in the top twenty list, and the rest, all of them are from the Seagod Family."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "So, you guys just want me to be ranked in the top ten to go?Breaking the Neptune family's monopoly?"

"Yes, the Seagod Family has been too arrogant, if we, the Golden Rock Family, could also have one in the top ten miles, they would be furious.It's just that you've only just broken through to Ancestor Grand Perfection after all, and you're not that strong yet, so we hope that you'll be ranked in five years from now."

Senior Jin Yue said, "The Ranking Change War is held every three years, and it just so happens that in half a year, it will be time for the next Ranking Change War.The Seagod Family has vowed to wrap up the top ten in this Ranking Change War as well."

Tang Zichen snorted, "This time, I'll let them dream."

Jin Yao and Jin Yue were very excited when they saw Tang Zichen's vowed appearance.

"Wind Lightning, are you really that confident?"

Tang Zichen said, "Two seniors, don't worry, in half a year's ranking change war, I will definitely give the Golden Rock Family a surprise."

Tang Zichen clenched both fists, Tang Zichen was confident that if he opened the Life Blood Hidden, he wouldn't believe that he couldn't get the first place in the District Master Great Perfection Ranking List, even if he couldn't get the first place, then he was confident that he would get the top three.

"Good, Wind Lightning, I really wasn't wrong about you, then you'll train hard in these six months, I'll let Jin Yue train against you, after six months, you might really be ranked in the top ten.You're not going to be in the top ten, under normal circumstances, those who can enter the top ten are at least those who have broken through to Grand Perfection for more than 10 years, or even more old-fashioned Sect Master Grand Perfection, you've only just broken through, under normal circumstances it's impossible."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, in Tang Zichen's dictionary, there was no impossibility. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen returns to his home.

Ling'er was washing Tang Zichen's clothes.

"Ling'er, you don't want to do these things from now on, I've already told the master of the family that you'll go to the family academy of the Jinyan family."

"I don't, I want to train martial arts with Uncle Feng."

"Ling'er, be obedient, the Golden Rock Family Academy is the most suitable place for you at the moment, of course, after school, you can also come to me often and I will guide you."


After that, Bai Ling'er entered the Golden Rock Academy, which was the family academy of the Golden Rock Family, and besides the children of the Golden Rock Family, there were also people who lived within the territory of the Golden Rock Family who could enter the Golden Rock Academy as long as they had talent.It was only fitting for Bai Ling'er to enter the Golden Rock Academy and be with people of the same age.

Tang Zichen was working hard every day to train his martial arts, and his martial arts skills were becoming stronger day by day.

Of course, Tang Zichen had only just stepped into the Great Perfection, so naturally, he couldn't feel the Dengfeng realm so quickly, and he was still a long time away from it, I'm afraid.But Jin Yao said that he would do his best to help Tang Zichen.

The Seagod Family had sent three waves of Peak Deng Realm experts to assassinate Tang Zichen, but they were all dispatched by Jingyue.

The White Flow Family had also sent a few waves, but the results were the same, and they couldn't assassinate Tang Zichen at all.

Tang Zichen secretly gritted his teeth, "Seagod Family, White Flow Family, wait for me, you are unjust, don't blame me for being unkind in the future."

Late at night, Tang Zichen returned home from martial arts practice, because Bai Ling'er had gone to the Golden Rock Academy, so only Tang Zichen, Wang Rufang, and Liu Xuan resided


Today, Don entered the room and saw a woman sitting on the bed in his room.

"You are?"

"Hello, Senior Wind, the master of the house asked me to serve you."The woman said.

"Engage in what?"Tang Zichen couldn't figure it out.

"The master of the house said that you are a man, practicing martial arts every day, and your wife is not around, how can you do without a woman at night, even he can't see past it, so he sent me here, also, I hope Senior Wind doesn't mind."That woman said shyly.

Tang Zichen said, "Thank you for your master's kindness, but, I don't want to betray my wife, Wind."

"Don't worry, Senior Wind, I'm just here to spend a lonely night with you, I'm not asking you to be responsible for me."

"Oh, even so, I don't want to, girl, it's late at night, please leave."

"You seriously don't want my company?"

"No need, thank the master of the house for me."

"Alas, good night then, Senior Wind."The woman left and brought the door with her.

Tang Zichen put down his sword, took a shower, and lay alone on his bed.

Yes, Tang Zichen also felt lonely, he missed his home and his daughter, it's been seven or eight months since he came out, Tang Zichen really wanted to see if Qin Nui could crawl now.

Tang Zichen fell asleep with a smile on his face.

In Jin Yao house.

"My lord, the wind has refused to accompany me."

"Alas, why bother, you go down, if there is any need for Wind Lightning in the future, you must not refuse."

"Yes, my lord."

The next day, Tang Zichen continued to practice martial arts, and last night, that woman came back to help Tang Zichen tidy up his house and wash and fold his blankets, but she was here to serve Tang Zichen anyway.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

Golden Silk City, the triennial, ranking change war has arrived.

Tang Zichen practiced hard for half a year, although the realm didn't change much, but the martial arts skills changed greatly, Tang Zichen created another move, a stronger sword than 'Beginning and Endless', called 'Boundless and Endless'.

Tang Zichen vowed.

"Wind Lightning, let's go, go to the Ranking Change Battle, this time, I hope you can rank in the top ten of the Ancestor's Great Perfection List and show the Seagod Family.Of course, it doesn't matter if you can't, don't feel psychological pressure, after all, you've only stepped into Ancestor Grand Perfection for half a year, other people, it's impossible for them to rank in without 10 years of merit."

"Don't worry, I'll do everything I can."Tang Zichen said.

In fact, Tang Zichen was very confident inside, but Tang Zichen just didn't want to say it now.

Tang Zichen opened Life Blood Hidden, and all the ten years of merit, fuck off.

Tang Zichen aimed for the top three, or even number one.

At this moment, in the Seagod Family.

Hai Dafu was giving a lecture to a group of Ancestral Perfection and Great Perfection geniuses.

"Everyone, the triennial ranking change war is almost here again.This time of the year is the most important time for the three great families, and it's not just about your honor, it's also about the honor of the Seagod Clan.Every year in the past, our Seagod Family geniuses have bagged the top ten, and this time I hope it's the same, we won't let anyone from the Golden Rock Family or the White Flow Family, enter the top ten on the list, are you all clear?"


"Also, Wind Lightning has stepped into the Ancestral Master Perfection, if he participates in this Ranking Conference, then whoever meets him during the tournament will be killed on the spot, don't worry, Wind Lightning has just stepped into the Ancestral Master Perfection for half a year, and his strength is still poor."


Tang Zichen arrived at the scene of the ranking war.

The scene was already crowded with voices that shook the heavens.

As soon as Tang Zichen arrived at the scene, two fierce gazes shot towards him.

When Tang Zichen's eyes looked, it was Hai Dafu of the Seagod Family, as well as Bai Cheng.

In Hai Da Fu's eyes, there seemed to be a meaning that this time, Tang Zichen would die.

"Stupid hair."Tang Zichen cursed under his breath.

The tournament soon began.

The first thing that took place was the ranking change war at the Master Perfection level, and those who participated in the Master Perfection level, the entire Golden Silk City combined, there were tens of thousands of people in total.

It could be seen that in this place, there were really a lot of Sect Master Perfection people, but it was normal.

That's not much to say, it's none of Tang Zichen's business after all.

The next day, there would be a ranking change battle at the Zongshi Grand Perfection level, which Tang Zichen would participate in today. One second to remember to read the book

"All those who participated in the Great Perfection Ranking are invited to enter the tournament arena."

An old man presiding over the assembly shouted loudly.

Tens of thousands of Ancestor Grand Perfection flew into the tournament arena, and the scene was very sensational.

However, the Ranking Change War was only for the top one hundred.

"Below, after I give an order, everyone will start attacking each other until only one hundred people remain in the tournament arena."The old man who presided over the assembly said.


The heated scuffle began.

About an hour later, the number of people in the tournament arena was dwindling, and eventually only one hundred remained.

Tang Zichen stood among the hundred unscathed.

"Congratulations, you made it to the top one hundred, rest for half an hour, then the fifty war will take place below, among the hundred of you, you will directly fight two by two, and the list of the duel will be arranged according to your previous rankings to ensure fairness."


Everyone went down to rest.

The list for the duel was quickly released.

Tang Zichen's opponent in the fifty war was, a man named 'Ma Xiao Qiang', this Ma Xiao Qiang was from the Seagod Family.

At this moment, in the Seagod Family, Hai Dafu to Ma: "You are in the fifth group for the tournament, your opponent is Wind Lightning, remember, kill Wind Lightning."

"Yes, Family Master."Ma Xiao Qiang's face was cross, then he looked in the distance in the direction of the Golden Rock Family's main camp, and just happened to see Wind Lightning Cloud.

Wind Lightning was also looking at Ma Xiao Qiang at the moment.

Jin Yao said, "Wind Lightly, Hai Da Fu will definitely let Ma Xiao Qiang kill you."

"Hmph, then he's dead."Tang Zichen snorted.

However, Jin Yao said, "But, you can't kill Ma Xiao Qiang."

"Why?He can kill me, but I can't kill him?"

"Ma Xiao Qiang is just a small role, but just taking orders from Hai Da Fu, you can't relieve any hatred by killing him, and Hai Da Fu won't be distressed, but instead bring you trouble, for the sake of unnecessary trouble, you can just injure him, remember, we're here to participate in the Ranking Change War, not to look for trouble."

Tang Zichen was still a bit reluctant, "But isn't that Ma Xiao Qiang afraid of trouble if he kills me?"

"Alas, that's the problem with the forces behind us, behind Ma Xiao Qiang is Hai Da Fu, the Seagod family is the strongest family, we can't fight them hard ah."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded helplessly, it wasn't that Tang Zichen was afraid of them, it was that Tang Zichen gave face to the Golden Rock Family and didn't find any trouble for them.

The Fifty War began.


One group was engaged in a tournament.

Soon it was Tang Zichen's group.

Tang Zichen and Ma Xiao Qiang stepped into the arena at the same time.

Ma Xiao Qiang's mouth was smiling darkly, as if saying, Wind Lightning You're dead.

From afar, Hai Dafu looked at the tournament arena with a smile, Ma Xiao Qiang was at least a veteran who had stepped into the Grand Perfection for more than 15 years, I believe it would not be a problem at all to kill a Wind Lightning who had just stepped in for half a year.


"Swoosh."Ma Xiao Qiang's gaze was cold, killing Tang Zichen, killing him as soon as he did it, it was obvious to everyone.

At this moment, many spectators, seeing Ma Xiao Qiang's sword out, said in secret, "It seems that Ma Xiao Qiang is going to put Wind Lightning to death."

"Hai Dafu really won't let go of any chance to kill Feng Qingyun."

Even the judge presiding over the meeting could see that, but no one said anything, who made the Seagod Family the strongest family.

Tang Zichen scowled.

"Dang."Tang Zichen didn't even draw his sword, two fingers clamped together and twisted off Ma Xiao Qiang's sword.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked Ma Xiao Qiang's chest with a clatter, and Ma Xiao Qiang's sternum was broken by Tang Zichen's kick, swooshing away like a kite.

"Wow."The crowd was shocked.

"Wind Lightning has only stepped into Ancestor Grand Perfection for half a year, and she's so strong, no way."

The Seagod Family's main camp, Hai Dafu was extremely ugly at the moment, he never expected that Wind Lightning would be so strong, just stepping into the Ancestral Master for half a year, he was able to defeat Ma Xiao Qiang.

However, this strengthened Hai Dafu's determination to exterminate Tang Zichen.

It didn't matter if Ma Xiao Qiang couldn't be killed or not, because Ma Xiao Qiang was only a very ordinary existence in the Seagod Family.

Hai Da Fu had said that anyone from the Seagod Family who dueled with Tang Zichen would lay a death sentence, and there were dozens of Seagod Families behind him, and all of them were ranked in the top ten, so he didn't believe that Wind Lightning could not die.

"Wind Lightning wins and enters the top fifty."The referee shouted.

Tang Zichen turned around and returned to the Golden Rock Family's base camp.

Jin Yao smiled, "Wind Lightning, good job, just now Hai Dafu's face is ugly, but you can't be careless yet, after all, Ma Xiao Qiang is just very average, in the later duel, you will meet someone even stronger, according to the ranking three years ago, the top ten are all from the Seagod family, the top ten may all meet you."

"Don't worry, Family Master, I will slap Hai Da Fu hard."Tang Zichen said.

A tournament came to an end, and the war of fifty ended.

"The next one that will immediately follow is, the twenty-five war, I will now immediately announce, your respective opponents next, also get ready."

"Group one, Guang Qiang versus Xie Long; Group two, Chasing Yun Hai versus Yao Bi Chi; Group three, Purple White versus Gao Jian."

"Group 20, Wu Xiaohua versus Wind Lightning."

Tang Zichen was busy asking, "Which family is Wu Xiaohua from?"

Jin Yue said, "Wu Xiaohua is from the White Flow Family, hehe, this time, you're actually competing against the White Flow Family, however."

Jin Yao said, "Wind Lightning, I told you before, during the last ranking war, out of the top twenty, two people from the White Flow Family entered, 12th and 19th, this Wu Xiaohua, is the one who entered the 19th place last time, the White Flow Family.This opponent is very strong, you have to be careful."

"Oh, good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

At the Seagod Family's main camp, Hai Dafu's eyebrows knitted, the battle of the first twenty-five, the wind was not even assigned to the Seagod Family's opponent.


Hai Dafu snorted: "Wind Lightning, count yourself lucky for once."

However, at the moment, in the base camp of the Bai Liu Family, Bai Cheng immediately told Wu: "Wu Xiaohua, when you fight against Wind Lightning, kill Wind Lightning later."


"If I tell you to do it, you do it."

"Yes, Master."

The battle for the top twenty-five began again, with groups going up to PK, then down, and soon it was Tang Zichen and Wu Xiaohua.

Tang Zichen flew into the tournament arena.

Wu Xiaohua looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Wind Lightning, since you've only stepped into the Great Perfection for half a year, I don't want to be accused of bullying you, so I'll let you do three moves, and after three moves, I'll do it again."

Tang Zichen felt funny, let him make three strokes?Or you'll be accused of bullying him?

"Hmph, you can't let go if you like."After saying that, Tang Zichen killed up with a sword.

Wu Xiaohua really only defended, not attacked. The first website

But the next second.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked Miss Wu in the stomach and Wu Xiaohua fell to the ground, eating ash.

"Ah."Wu Xiaohua climbed up, feeling very ashamed.

Tang Zichen said, "Thank you for admitting it, now for the first move, there are two more moves."

Wu Xiaohua's face was annoyed, he was really beaten up by himself, only the first move, he ate ash on the ground, let two more moves, he would not directly lose.

"Fuck you and let."Wu Xiaohua didn't care so much anymore, and charged up with a shout.

Many people on the scene have laughed, Wu Xiaohua is so comical, what a stone to hit his own feet, honestly compared to just, but also let, the result of the humiliation of it.

"Bang."Wu Xiaohua was only halfway there, Tang Zichen punched him in the temple, Wu Xiaohua fell down without a word.

"Hahaha."Many people laughed again, this was the second strongest Ancestor Grand Perfection of the White Flow Family, the last Ranking Battle, the one who was ranked 19th, was actually defeated by Tang Zichen.

However, everyone had to marvel again, Wind Lightning was really strong, only stepping into the Ancestor Grand Perfection for half a year, he was so strong.

In the Bai Liu Clan, Bai Cheng was very angry at the moment and snorted, "Rubbish, what a waste."He thought that Wu Xiaohua's move to kill Tang Zichen should be very confident, and when the time came, the Seagod Family would definitely help him, so the Golden Rock Family did not dare to do anything, but as a result, Wu Xiaohua was not even an opponent, and he lost a big face.

In the Sea God Family, at this moment, Hai Da Fu saw that Tang Zichen's strength had far exceeded his imagination, Hai Da Fu gritted his teeth and said, "Very good, Wind Lightning, you have once again refreshed my understanding of you, very good."In Hai Dafu's eyes, the killing intent for Tang Zichen became even heavier, the more powerful Tang Zichen was, the more he had to kill, or else the more troublesome it would be in the future when Tang Zichen was powerful.

Tang Zichen returned to the Jinyan family's base camp, Jin Yao smiled, "Not bad, you defeated Wu Xiaohua, according to the last ranking, you're already in the top 20, awesome, only stepped into the clan's grand completion for half a year, and you've achieved such an achievement, it seems you're really not hopeless to enter the top 10."

"Oh, I hope so."Tang Zichen said modestly.

"Congratulations to the above twenty-five geniuses, you've entered this year's Ranking Conference, the top 25, next.According to the rules, the top five from the previous year will be directly promoted, and the remaining 20 will be pitted against each other one by one.After the duel, the top 15 will be born.Next, those whose names I read will duel.The first group, Wind Lightning versus Yang Qitian."


nbsp; "Ah."The Golden Rock family was shocked when they heard Yang Qitian.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that the first group was him.

Tang Zichen asked, "Master, why are you so surprised to hear about Yang Qitian?"

Jin Yao sighed, "It seems that Hai Dafu was forced to say something in private with the referee, and the referee only arranged you in the first match, and it's still you and Yang Qitian."

"Oh, which grizzled hair is Yang Qitian, can someone give me some science."

Jin Yue said, "You don't even know about Yang Qitian, but it's not surprising, you're not a local after all.In the last Ranking Conference, Yang Qitian won the sixth place, the sixth ah of the top ten.According to the rules, the top five from the previous year directly advanced, the remaining 20 had a match, and you, were directly assigned to fight the strongest Yang Qitian.This must be an intentional arrangement, with your strength, you shouldn't fight Yang Qitian, in order to be fair, the judge arranged the opponent, Yang Qitian should fight with the weakest.However, it was biased to arrange it for you."

Tang Zichen laughed, "So it was the sixth ranked one from the previous year, I thought who was it."

"Wind Lightning, are you sure about this ah, if not, then give up, it's too dangerous after all, our original goal for you was to enter the top ten, but, I didn't expect you to be facing off against the sixth so soon.If I'm not wrong, Hai Dafu must have explained to that Yang Qitian that he must be sure to cut you down in this round."

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's no need to worry about me, I'm confident that I'm capable of staying alive even if I can't win the fight."

"But you've only just stepped into Ancestor Grand Perfection after all."

"Hahaha, so what if I've just stepped in."

"Alright."Jin Yao and Jin Yue, both with worry.

In the Seagod Family, at this moment, Hai Dafu said to a man, "Kill, make sure to kill Wind Lightning for me, Yang Qitian, if you didn't kill Wind Lightning, then I'll take your life."

Yang Qitian's body trembled, he didn't expect that the family master had already reached this level, the desire to kill Tang Zichen had reached the point of insanity.

"Yes, Family Master, don't worry, I will kill Wind Lightning, I will."

"Very well, remember what I said, if he doesn't die, you die."

"Good."Yang Qitian clenched his teeth, this was a fucking life and death duel.

At this moment, the referee shouted, "The first 15 war begins, please invite the first group, Wind Lightning, Yang Qitian, to enter the arena."

The crowd cheered, no matter if it was Wind Lightning or Yang Qitian, they were both famous figures.

Many were even worried that Yang Qitian would kill Wind Lightning as well.

Tang Zichen flew into the tournament arena.

Tang Zichen didn't dare to relax in the slightest, after all, he was ranked fifth, and most importantly, Tang Zichen had only stepped into the Great Perfection for half a year, there was indeed a gap.

Tang Zichen now only wanted to try to see if he could defeat Yang Qitian without opening his Life Blood Hidden.

"Kill."Yang Qitian rushed to kill, his teeth clenched and his gaze cold.

"Dang dang dang."In an instant, dozens of swords were exchanged.

As soon as they exchanged, Tang Zichen realized that Yang Qitian was indeed strong, Tang Zichen's roots were not that stable at the Great Perfection Realm, and there were some gaps in the realm that caused Tang Zichen to be unable to perform.

"Beginning-less and end-less."

"The Cascading Fire."

"Dang."Yang Qitian's body trembled violently, and he discovered that Tang Zichen's strength was far above his imagination.


Tang Zichen was also forced back a few steps, Yang Qitian's move was powerful and carried a blazing heat.

It could be said that after the encounter, everyone discovered that Tang Zichen and Yang Qitian were as strong as each other, as if they were about the same.

"Wow, just after stepping in for half a year, Wind Lightning can be on par with Yang Qitian, tsk tsk."

"Too shocking, half a year, other talents stepped in for half a year, I'm afraid they all went outside of a few hundred."

"I have to say that this foreigner, Wind Lightning, is truly beyond our imagination."

Many people were discussing, originally thinking that Tang Zichen would be beaten to shit, but it turned out to be comparable.

At the Jingyan family's main camp.

Jin Yue laughed, "Big brother, we all underestimated Wind Lightning."

"Yeah, I thought it would be good if he could enter the top ten, but now it seems that he actually has the strength to fight against the sixth place Yang Qitian."

"This means that it's possible for Wind Lightning to enter the top six ah."

"Hehe, the top ten that the Seagod Family has monopolized for countless years is finally going to be broken." Remember the URL

At this moment, at the Seagod Family's main camp, Hai Dafu's face twisted, and he turned green when he saw Yang Qitian and Tang Zichen's comparable fighting strength.

Originally, he thought that Yang Qitian's move to kill Tang Zichen was one hundred percent, but in the end, he was given a match.

"Rubbish."Hai Da Fu was furious, but the reason for his anger wasn't just because he couldn't kill Wind Lightning, but because it meant that Tang Zichen would most likely be in the top ten.

This was something he couldn't accept no matter what, his Seagod Family had a monopoly of the top ten rankings in the Golden Silk City for at least two hundred years, how could he allow someone from the Golden Rock Family to be able to break it.

In the past, it wasn't as if the Golden Rock Family and the White Flow Family hadn't had geniuses in the past, but they had all been solved by the Seagod Family in secret, which was why they had been monopolized.

In the White Flow Family, at the moment, Bai Cheng's face was also quite ugly.

"How can this be, Wind Lightning has just stepped into Ancestor Great Perfection, it's only been half a year, how can it be comparable to Yang Qitian, no, it's impossible."

Bai Cheng's subordinate said, "Boss, this means that Wind Lightning can enter the top ten ah, the top ten that has been monopolized by the Seagod Family for so long is going to be broken by the Golden Rock Family, while our White Flow Family, we still don't know when someone will enter the top ten, just now Wu Xiaohua was defeated by Wind Lightning, he didn't even enter the top 25, this time, it means that our White Flow Family, entered the top 25!The, there's only one, we're instantly so different from the Golden Rock family."

"Ahhhh."Bai Cheng was furiously mad.

Bai Cheng's men said, "Boss, angry, if we had given some sincerity, maybe Wind Lightning wouldn't have left, then today's glory is our White Flow Family."

Bai Cheng was distraught and roared, "Stop it."

In fact, Bai Cheng was also regretting inside, if he had known that Wind Lightning was so powerful, he would have paid a little more attention to it in the first place.

However, regrets were useless, he had already made several attempts to kill Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen would not let him go.

This also made Bai Cheng even more determined to kill Feng Qingyun and strangle him in his cradle.

In the tournament arena.

Tang Zichen fought with Yang Qitian for several hundred rounds.

Outwardly, it looked like they were comparable.

However, the real situation, was it like this?

No, this was just appearance.

After all, Tang Zichen had just stepped into Zongshi Grand Perfection for half a year, and he was still not that solid in his realm, so it was rare to meet an opponent, of course Tang Zichen would have to fight Yang Qitian for a few hundred rounds, it would be good for Tang Zichen to solidify his Zongshi Grand Perfection more quickly.


; Therefore, Tang Zichen had never taken out his strongest sword, nor had he opened the Life Blood Hidden.

Otherwise, Yang Qitian would have already lost.

At this time, Tang Zichen had already fought against Yang Qitian for four hundred rounds, and it had taken fifteen or sixteen minutes.

After fighting for so long, everyone believed that Tang Zichen and Yang Qitian, were comparable in strength.

Everyone finally had a handle on Wind Lightning's strength.

At this moment, in the Seagod Family, Hai Dafu had a grin on his lips and said, "Well, although Yang Qitian didn't kill Wind Lightning, but, it just showed me the strength of Wind Lightning.Wind Lightning's strength is similar to Yang Qitian's, which means that there are at least five other geniuses of the same rank in my Seagod Family who can kill Wind Lightning."

Yes, the last top five ranked ones were all far stronger than Yang Qitian.

Tang Zichen fought with Yang Qitian for another hundred rounds, for a total of over five hundred rounds now.

Yang Qitian was exhausted into a dog, huffing and puffing.

"End it."

Tang Zichen brought out his strongest sword at once.

"Dang."Tang Zichen struck down Yang Qitian's sword.

"You lose."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."Yang Qitian's entire body was dumbfounded, he had lost, lost.

This meant that he didn't even make it into the top 15.

"How is that possible."

"Spray."Tang Zichen shot Yang Qitian away with a kick.

"Pfft."Many people applauded.

Tang Zichen walked back to the Golden Rock Family's base camp.

"Wind Lightning, you're fantastic, I really want to marry my granddaughter to you."Jin Yao said.

"Haha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

The people of the Jingyan family surrounded Tang Zichen in adoration.

Over at the Seagod Family, Hai Dafu saw the people of the Golden Rock Family throwing up Tang Zichen and snorted, "A dying man is just a dying man, what do you have to be happy about.In a moment, I'll arrange a stronger one to fight against Wind Lightning, Wind Lightning will definitely die this time, hahaha,"

An hour later, the top 15 ended.

The referee shouted, "Congratulations to the above 15 geniuses, they are in the top 15, the next break will be half an hour, then we will continue to start the next one, the battle of the top 10."

Everyone began to rest, food was being distributed in the kitchens of each family, and everyone began to eat their lunch, even though it was already past one in the afternoon.

"Wind Lightning, come, eat a chicken leg."Jin Yao chucked a chicken leg to Tang Zichen.

"Thank you, house master."

"What's the courtesy."

At this time, a seventeen or eighteen year old girl came and walked up to Jin Yao and shouted, "Grandpa."

"Xiao Yue, what are you doing here, not practicing martial arts properly at the academy."

That girl threw out her tongue and said, "I secretly came here with my classmates, it's such a wonderful thing, we also want to come here to see well."

Jin Yao looked at Tang Zichen and said at once, "Wind Lightning, let me introduce you, this is my granddaughter, Jin Xiaoyue."

Tang Zichen looked at the girl, very small, probably similar to Bai Ling'er, more than 1.7 meters tall, with a good figure, her appearance was eight points stronger than Bai Ling'er, she was a very eye catching little beauty.

"Oh, hello, Miss Little Moon."

Jin Yao smiled, "Wind Lightning, how is my granddaughter?"

"Oh, pretty."Don Zichen said, chewing on a chicken leg.

"Then how about marrying you as a wife."


"Ah, my lord, this is no joke."Tang Zichen was busy saying.

That Jin Xiaolian looked at Wind Lightning and said, "Grandpa, is this uncle the one you're talking about, Genius Wind Lightning?"

"Yeah, Moon, how about you look at it."

"Pfft."Jin Xiaolian looked at Tang Zichen for a few seconds, puffed and ran away.

Jin Yao was depressed, "What does this girl mean, doesn't she look good?"

Tang Zichen looked at the back of Jin Xiaolian, that figure, very seductive, indeed a few charming, Tang Zichen almost a year without near the woman, a moment really a little heartbeat.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

Half an hour passed quickly.

"Everyone, the break is over, below, the top ten war will take place, the rule of the top ten war is that from the ten people who were just eliminated, we will retrieve five of the strongest, then form twenty people, and then have a two by two duel.In other words, Yang Qitian, who was just defeated by Wind Lightning, still has a chance to fight again, and if he wins the battle again, he can still enter the top ten, this is to ensure fairness."

"Below, I'll announce the list for this duel.Group 1, Hai Jinqiu versus Wind Lightning."

Tang Zichen wasn't surprised, the first group was still him, and the person who fought against him was Hai Jinqiu. One second to remember to read the book

Hearing Hai Jinqiu's name, everyone from the Golden Rock Family took a deep breath.

Hai Jinqiu, the one who was ranked first in the last term, and he was Hai Dafu's own grandson.

Although just because he was number one in the last term didn't mean that this term was also number one, it was a testament to his strength that he was able to take first place in the last term, and there was no doubt that this term would be stronger than the last.

It seemed that Hai Da Fu had lost his mind and was desperate enough to kill Tang Zichen, blatantly letting the judges pit Hai Jinqiu against Tang Zichen.

At this time in the Seagod Family.

"Jin Qiu, leave it to you."

"Grandpa don't worry, Sun understands, although Feng Xiaoyun just defeated Yang Qitian, but it was just a top 15 battle, I'm defeating Feng Xiaoyun now, he still won't be able to enter the top 10."

"Well, it's important to kill him, not just to stop him from entering the top ten."

"Yes, grandpa."Hai Jinqiu was very confident, worthy of being disciplined by Hai Dafu himself.

In the Jinyan family.

Jin Yao did not look good, Jin Yao said furiously, "This Hai Da Fu, has gone crazy."

Jin Yue said, "Big brother, Hai Da Fu's is clearly trying to stop Feng Qingyun from entering the top ten.As long as Wind Lightning loses to Hai Jinqiu, it will stop in the top ten, so what if he defeated Yang Qitian in the previous round."

Jin Yao said, "That doesn't matter, but what worries me is that Hai Jinqiu will kill Wind Lightning.Wind Lightning's strength, it's already clear, on the same level as Yang Qitian, where is Hai Jinqiu's opponent, Hai Jinqiu is the first ranked person of the last session, the strongest Sect Master Grand Perfection in the entire Golden Silk City, and is Hai Dafu's own grandson."


Both Jin Yao brothers were very depressed.

Jin Yao immediately said to Tang Zichen, "Wind Lightning, give up."

"Family Master, why should I give up."Tang Zichen said.

"Wind Lightning, your strength is comparable to Yang Qitian, you're no match for Hai Jinqiu, ah, Hai

Jin Qiu is Hai Dafu's own grandson, he will definitely kill you, he can't get into the top ten anyway, so why fight anymore, give up."

Jin Yao instantly shouted, "Judge, wait a minute, Wind Lightning give up the battle for the top ten."

Tang Zichen was stunned, Jin Yao was too anxious, Tang Zichen hadn't even thought of giving up, but Jin Yao was doing this for Tang Zichen's own good.

On the other side, Hai Dafu heard that Tang Zichen had given up, he was reluctant and shouted, "In the tournament, there is no giving up, you must fight."

If Wind Lightning gave up, then his grandson wouldn't have a chance to kill Wind Lightning.

Tang Zichen was about to say that he wouldn't give up, but when Tang Zichen saw that Hai Dafu was more anxious than him, Tang Zichen immediately stopped talking first and let Hai Dafu be anxious.

Jin Yao huffed, "Hai Dafu, whether to give up or not, this is a personal matter, it's not your turn to disallow it yet."

Hai Dafu said anxiously, "No, no giving up is allowed."

That referee was in a difficult situation, obviously Hai Dafu was too unreasonable, causing the referee to not be so obviously on his side.

Hai Dafu was so angry that he wanted to jump up, he had arranged everything, wind lightly with his grandson Hai Jinqiu group, will then kill wind lightly, but also can prevent wind lightly enter the top ten, but did not expect, wind lightly give up, so that, not only can not kill wind lightly, will also leave the audience's mind suspense, the idea that if Tang Zichen does not give up, maybe can enter the top ten.

Hai Dafu immediately shouted, "Wind Lightning, you stand out, you are still not a man."

Tang Zichen stood out and grunted, "How am I not a man anymore."

"Wind Lightning, if you're a man, you should stick to competing instead of giving up halfway."Hai Dafu said.

Jin Yao was busy reminding Tang Zichen, "Wind Lightning, don't be irritated by him, he's deliberately provoking you."

Tang Zichen looked at Hai Dafu and said, "Hai Dafu, you think I don't know your small mind, you want me to continue so much, it's just that you want me to fight Hai Jinqiu, and then Hai Jinqiu will kill me."

Hai Da Fu snorted, "So, you're afraid of my grandson Hai Jin Qiu?In front of my grandson, you don't even have the ability to escape?"

Tang Zichen said, "Hai Dafu, if you are open and honest, you shouldn't let your grandson kill me in the competition, but with me, Wind Light Cloud, open and honest life and death duel, you engage in these you yourself are not a man anymore, but also say that I am not a man anymore."

Hai Dafu sneered, "Wind Lightning, if my grandson were to make a life-and-death duel with you, would you dare to agree?"

"Why don't you dare agree."

"Seriously?"Hai Da Fu was delighted, if this was the case, he could kill Wind Lightning openly, saving him from doing it in the tournament and being laughed at.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Yes, it's not certain who's stronger or weaker, do you think I'm afraid of your grandson?"

Tang Zichen's goal was to get Hai Jinqiu to order a life and death duel, then, Tang Zichen could take the opportunity to kill his grandson.

If he kills Hai Da Fu's grandson, I'm sure Hai Da Fu will vomit blood.

However, Tang Zichen couldn't provoke it himself, he had to let them take the initiative, so that Hai Jinqiu was killed by Tang Zichen, and Hai Da Fu could only break his front teeth to swallow.

Hai Dafu immediately said to his grandson, Hai Jinqiu, "Stop the tournament first and place a life-and-death duel letter with Wind Lightning."

"Good."Hai Jinqiu nodded, this was good, killing openly and honestly, saving others from scolding him for killing in the tournament and being shameless.


Jin Yao panicked and advised, "Wind Lightning, you're crazy, you're no match for Hai Jinqiu."

Tang Zichen said, "My lord, don't worry, I didn't use my full strength when I sparred with Yang Qitian, I believe that against Hai Jinqiu, even if I can't win, I still have a chance to escape."

Jin Yao said, "You're wrong, since you took the life and death duel, even if you could escape, Hai Da Fu would have a reasonable reason to go after you."

"Oh, my lord, I'm just talking casually, how could I run away from my life, alright, let's not talk about it, they should have written the life and death duel."

Sure enough, Hai Jinqiu used his own blood to write a life-and-death duel letter, then had a servant send it to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen bit his finger, then signed his name, Wind Lightly, on the life and death duel letter.

In this way, Tang Zichen's life and death duel with Hai Jinqiu was facilitated.

The referee said, "Hai Jinqiu, Wind Lightning, the two of you have signed the Duel to the Death, which means that no matter who kills whom in this battle of yours, the families of both sides are not allowed to interfere or take revenge, understand?"

Hai Jinqiu nodded, "Of course you understand."

Wind Lightning also said, "I also understand, and I believe I won't die."

"Hmph, dumbass."Hai Jinqiu snorted and said in his heart, "Wind Lightning, you will die, because Yang Qitian is no match for me, hahaha." First URL

After the referee finished speaking, he shouted, "The life and death duel has been signed by both sides, now, let's ask both parents to sign again."

"Hahaha."Hai Dafu immediately signed his name, using blood.

Then he looked to Jin Yao.

"Master Jin Yao, it's your turn."Hai Dafu said.

Jin Yao looked at Tang Zichen nervously and hesitated to sign.

Hai Dafu said, "Jin Yao, people are confident in defeating my grandson with Wind Lightning, what are you worried about."

Jin Yao said in distress, "Hai Da Fu, Wind Lightning would do this stupid thing, it's all because you stimulated him."

"Hahaha, stimulate?He's not a minor, Master Jin Yao, you're overthinking it, don't sign it yet."

"Hmph, I'm not signing."

Hai Dafu said, "You won't sign, fine, I'll sign it for you then."After saying that, Hai Dafu wrote an additional name of Jin Yao.

"Alright, life and death duel, you can start."Hai Dafu said to the referee.

The referee shouted, "Hai Jinqiu, Wind Lightning, are you two ready?"

Tang Zichen said with deliberate bite, "Always be prepared."

"Me too."

"Okay, then, begin."

After saying that, Hai Jinqiu killed towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen also killed towards Hai Jinqiu.

As soon as they did it, their momentum was completely different from the previous sparring, it was a life and death match.

Countless spectators at the scene, no one spoke, all watched nervously.


"Canghai One Sword."As soon as Hai Jinqiu made his move, he took out his family's strongest move, he wanted to kill Tang Zichen with one move.

So did Tang Zichen.

"Boundless Endless."This was the strongest move of Tang Zichen's Endless Sword Technique.


Both of them were the strongest moves.

Hai Jinqiu's Canghai Sword gave one a majestic and far-reaching, irresistible feeling, very strong, Tang Zichen had to admit.

It seemed that his Canghai Sword was not much lower than Tang Zichen's endless.

Moreover, Tang Zichen was not as solid in his realm compared to Hai Jinqiu, and this point was much more disadvantageous.

As soon as they fought, both of them felt their hands go numb and the pressure was immense.

Tang Zichen's airtight, unfathomable swordplay had left Hai Jinqiu confused.

Yes, Hai Jinqiu thought that he could kill Tang Zichen in seconds, but as a result, it didn't

It was so, the battle Tang Zichen had just fought with Yang Qitian turned out not to have put out his full strength.

Of course, Tang Zichen had already put out his full strength at the moment when he fought Hai Jinqiu.

After all, Hai Jinqiu was really strong, far surpassing Yang Qitian.

What Tang Zichen said about putting out his full strength did not include opening the Life Blood Hidden, only the full strength of his swordsmanship.

For a while, the two battled intensely.

Hai Dafu was a bit anxious at the moment and was busy saying, "How could this be, did Wind Lightning hide his strength before and his strength wasn't similar to Yang Qitian's?This son of a bitch."

Everyone, all of them looked nervously at Tang Zichen and Hai Jinqiu.

Both of them gave their all and killed in a dizzying manner, after all, it was a life and death battle.

Tang Zichen didn't turn on Life Blood Hidden, Tang Zichen just wanted to see if he could rely on his sword skills to kill the other party without turning on Life Blood Hidden.

Moreover, Hai Jinqiu's sword skills were also extremely clever, and fighting with such an expert would also allow Tang Zichen to bring many benefits.

In a blink of an eye, ten minutes passed.

The two of them were still fighting unable to distinguish between the two.

Hai Jinqiu was drenched in sweat, as Tang Zichen was also fighting hard.

Countless pairs of eyes on the scene were all incredibly nervous.

Of course, the ones who were the most nervous were Hai Da Fu, Jin Yao and Jin Yue.

When Hai Da Fu saw his grandson, who hadn't even won the fight after ten minutes, he already knew within himself that Tang Zichen's strength, I'm afraid, was truly comparable to his grandson.After all, in this kind of life and death battle, no one would hide their strength anymore.

"Come on, Jin Qiu, defeat him, you don't want anything to happen to you, grandpa can't lose you, you're the future hope of the family."Hai Dafu secretly prayed within.

As Tang Zichen fought Hai Jinqiu, he summarized the opponent's sword techniques.

After fighting for twenty minutes, Tang Zichen had an epiphany.

"Haha, I've come up with another, stronger move."Tang Zichen was pleased inside.

"Drink."After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately killed the even stronger move he had just comprehended, Tang Zichen named it "Indestructible Light", this move was even stronger than the previous 'Boundless and Endless'.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen sent out this move, the sword was like lightning, like a light that cut through life.

"Swoosh."Once this move was made, suddenly, Tang Zichen's strength completely surpassed Hai Jinqiu, and Hai Jinqiu was no longer able to block it.

"Not good, Jinqiu."Hai Dafu shouted.

But, it was too late.

Tang Zichen's sword fell from Hai Jinqiu's forehead and went straight to the ground.

Everything was still.

Hai Jinqiu remained motionless, and a few seconds later, Hai Jinqiu's forehead suddenly split open, and countless blood came out, as if half of his skull had been cut open.

Then, Hai Jinqiu's eyes were wide open, but his gaze was completely unfocused, as if he couldn't believe it, and his body fell straight backwards.

"Jin Qiu."Hai Da Fu shouted and flew up.

Tang Zichen flew away at once, now Hai Da Fu must be furious, it was better to stay away from him.

Tang Zichen flew behind Jin Qiu.

Hai Da Fu held Hai Jin Qiu in his arms, crying and shouting, "Jin Qiu, Jin Qiu, my grandson, Jin Qiu, oooooh."

However, his grandson was already dead.

The entire tournament arena, silent and unblinking, watched Hai Dafu hug his grandson and shriek and cry.

Jin Yao quietly said to Tang Zichen, "Retreat immediately, go back to the Golden Rock Family first, and leave the rest to me."

"Good."Tang Zichen didn't try to be a hero, and decisively evacuated while Hai Dafu was still crying, as for the competition, of course there was no need to proceed, everyone understood anyway, he could definitely enter the top ten.

Tang Zichen's heart was incomparably happy, Hai Dafu, this is the consequence of you messing with me three times, now get your genius grandson killed, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha.


Tang Zichen quickly returned to the Jingyan family, and as for what would happen to that Hai Da Fu, Tang Zichen had no idea.

Half an hour later, Senior Jin Yue hurriedly flew back.

"Senior Jin Yue, how is the scene?Has Haidafu gotten mad yet?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Jin Yue said with a tense face, "Wind Lightning, it's bad, Hai Da Fu has lost his mind, you killed his grandson, he will kill you no matter what, even if he starts a war with the Jin Yan family."

Tang Zichen was furious, "This son of a bitch, he obviously signed a life-and-death war, it's so unreasonable, if I'm killed, I'm afraid he'll take it for granted."

Jin Yue said, "Power is the hard truth, Hai Dafu's most genius grandson is dead, he doesn't care about the life and death battle letter, at the scene, my brother fought with him."

"Ah."Tang Zichen didn't expect that for this reason, the Jin Yao family master even went at it with Hai Da Fu.

"What about back there?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Jin Yue said, "When I came back, it was still a fight, my big brother told me to come back and inform you and tell you to go hide somewhere else first, my big brother is afraid that he won't be able to stop Hai Da Fu."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Jin Yue said, "Be quick ah, I'm not even half sure that Hai Da Fu is on his way now." Remember the website


"I'll lend you my Black Jiao, you should quickly take the Black Jiao and go."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Jin Yue, those two friends of mine, Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan, please take care of them for me more ah, I'm leaving, I don't know when I'll be back."

Jin Yue said, "Don't worry, they'll be fine in my Jin Yan family, you go out and hide for a year or six months, then come back to see what's going on."

"Mm."Tang Zichen took the Black Jiao and immediately left, leaving the Jingyan Family.

I really didn't expect that Tang Zichen was leaving in this way.

That Hai Da Fu, heck, Tang Zichen swore that he would come back for him.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "Anyway, I'm going out to hide, so I might as well take the opportunity to go home, it's been almost a year since I came out, go home and see my wife and children, hahaha."

Tang Zichen flew to a port and said to that black jiao, "Friend, you go back to the Golden Rock family."

"Senior Wind, my master asked me to bring you ah."

"Oh, no need, you go back."


After that black jiao left, Tang Zichen activated the flying machine on his back, which he had purposely brought with him when he had just left the Golden Rock Family, like a small satchel.

Tang Zichen quickly released it to the ocean and disappeared into the sky in no time.

This trip home would torment him for another three months, but the feeling of going home was incredibly exciting, what was three months.

And so, in the blink of an eye, a month and a half had passed.

Tang Zichen was almost halfway there as well.

At this time, Tang Zichen saw a huge whirlpool on the ocean in front of him, the whirlpool was at least dozens of kilometers in radius, people were simply like entering ants in front of that whirlpool, no, smaller than ants.

Tang Zichen stopped in the sky.

"The last time I came here, I passed by this place and saw this huge whirlpool, and this time back home, I passed by this side again.Last time, I suspected that this vortex was a passage to another world, and I don't know if it is."

r /> Tang Zichen thought of Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun and the others, they definitely desperately wanted to go back to the other world to see their loved ones, so Tang Zichen bit his teeth, "In that case, I'll rush into the vortex and take a look, if so, next time, I'll bring them back to see their loved ones."

Tang Zichen didn't think so much, and in the sky, he rushed straight down into the huge whirlpool of terror on the sea.

Tang Zichen had a great deal of confidence within himself that this vortex was a passage, and wasn't that bottomless pit just as terrifying in the beginning.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't know was that this sea vortex, it hadn't just appeared in the past few years, this vortex had been discovered a hundred years ago, which meant that this vortex, wasn't a passage to another world at all.

Tang Zichen rushed into the underwater vortex in the blink of an eye, and only flew down not too far before he felt his body was out of his control, as if a huge attraction was sucking him deeper into the sea.

Tang Zichen had a bit of a bad feeling inside, after all, he was only betting on whether this was a passage or not, if not, he didn't know what to do.

Unknowingly, the huge attraction, all of a sudden, made Tang Zichen dizzy.

Tang Zichen was too small in front of this kind of vortex.

I don't know how long it took, but Tang Zichen felt a pain in his head, then woke up, his whole body had become sore, his ears, very quiet, not a single sound.

"Hello."Tang Zichen fed, and the air suddenly echoed from all directions.

"Hey, hey, hey."The echoes echoed back for a long time before disappearing, giving one a creepy feeling.

Tang Zichen raised his eyes to look around, he couldn't tell what this feeling was, his eyes told him that this was a very, very large room, so large that he couldn't see the end of it, and even, Tang Zichen saw that the floor was covered with one piece of tile, about 3 meters by 3 meters, and the tiles were gray.

In the center of this very, very large room, there was a strong light, coming down from very, very high above, but the range of this strong light, only a few meters of that center, could not be illuminated all around.And the place where Tang Zichen was lying right now was about two hundred meters away from this center, so it was still able to glow a little bit.

Tang Zichen couldn't figure it out.

"Damn, what the hell is this place."

There was an echo in the air, "Shit, what the hell is this place."

"Shit, what the hell is this place."

"Fuck, what the hell is this place."

Tang Zichen said one sentence, and this echo returned at least a dozen sentences, one sentence smaller than the other, and finally became completely inaudible.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but tighten his clothes, a bit of goosebumps.

Tang Zichen was bold enough to slowly walk towards the center of that bright light shining.

Only when he reached about a few dozen meters away from the place where the strong light was shining did Tang Zichen see that there was a glass box on the ground where the strong light was shining, because the strong light was too strong, so it was just not visible from a distance, only a white patch on the ground where the strong light was shining.

"A glass case?"Tang Zichen was a little confused, how could he see a glass case here, glass is something that doesn't seem to exist in this world, only in another world.

Tang Zichen was even more baffled.

Tang Zichen walked to the strong light, the strong light is simply sun-like hot, Tang Zichen did not dare to look up to see where the strong light is coming from, it feels like it is coming from very, very high in the sky, but the head is black, the ghost does not know how high and how big this room is.


After looking at the glass case with wide eyes for a long time, Tang Zichen was sure that there wasn't a single fart in it.

"Damn."Tang Zichen was depressed, an empty box, no farts are the same, but using such a strong beam of light shining, the stars are like the moon, highlighting the focus, Tang Zichen thought there was something good.

"Hey, is anyone there?"Tang Zichen shouted.

There were echoes from all directions.

"Hey, is anyone there?"

"Hey, anybody?"

"Hey, anybody?"

Echoes still long to disappear.

Inside, Tang couldn't figure out where the hell he was running, it was obviously a giant whirlpool in the ocean, he came in, then ran here, and I don't know what the hell.

"No, I can't just sit here and wait for him to die."Tang Zichen immediately stood up.

Tang Zichen headed to the far side of this huge space One second to remember to read the book

However, the further Tang Zichen was from the strong light at the center, the darker it became.

By the time Tang Zichen was almost a thousand meters away from that strong light, the light was already very weak.

After walking a few hundred meters further, Tang Zichen was already 1,500 meters away from that strong light, and around Tang Zichen, it was already dark and invisible to his fingers.

Tang Zichen was a bit chilly, those unseen and untouchable places, Tang Zichen really didn't dare to continue walking.

Tang Zichen continued back to the glare.

God knows if there was any danger here, the further you went to the edge, the darker it got.

Just like that, Tang Zichen sat there, at a loss for anything to do, not even knowing what to do at all, nothing but an empty glass box, nothing that Tang Zichen wanted to do at all.

"Ahhh, I can't just wait to die like this."

Tang Zichen caught fire and scrambled to touch his back, that flying machine of his was even still behind him.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes, turned on his flying machine, and then rushed forward in a direction that didn't care if he was dark or not.

"Hoo-hoo-hoo."Tang Zichen felt his body rushing forward, and with the speed of the flying machine, it was ten thousand meters at once.

When Tang Zichen looked back, he could only see a small dot of light in the distance, which was the bright light of the glass box, the rest of the place, all darkness, creepy feeling, once again, all over the body.

Don still didn't care.

"Ahhhh."Don Zichen roared as he flew through the dark, unforgiving space.

If there was a wall in front of him, Tang Zichen was really afraid that he would crash into that wall because he couldn't see anything, this fear of the unknown was very chilling, but Tang Zichen had no other way to go.

Tang Zichen didn't know how long he had been flying for, maybe two days, maybe ten days, and anyway, Tang Zichen's beard, which he had just shaved before, was growing very prickly again.

But Tang Zichen, still in the darkness, was flying aimlessly forward.

Tang Zichen looked back, and in a far, far away place, he still saw one, a point of light smaller than an ant.

"Whew."Tang Zichen was going to feel desperate.

Tang Zichen continued in the darkness, flying and flying, right now, Tang Zichen really wished that he had hit a wall, at least he could be sure that this huge room had walls, and if there were walls, there were other ways to save himself.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen flew for another half month.

Tang Zichen stopped, and this before and after added together, it had been almost a month of flying.

At the speed of the flying machine, this was probably half as long as the ocean

The road journey was over, but there was still no end to this large, empty, unoccupied room.

Tang Zichen was lost and stopped, his heart, incomparably sad, grief, miserable.

Hunger and sleepiness made Don Zichen want to fall down.

"I can't sleep."Don's direct told him that he couldn't sleep, that if he did, he would fall asleep for good.

"What the hell is this endless space, there's no way such a place could exist on earth, huh, endless?Isn't this very similar to my martial arts, Endless?"Tang Zichen had a flash of light.

Tang Zichen looked into a far, faraway place and still saw a, smaller than an ant, spot of light, the place where he had set out a month ago.

"I've been flying for so long and I can still see which beam of bright light, what's the reason?"

"Endless, endless, is it, what's the mystery?"

Tang Zichen recalled the principle of his endless work.

To have is to have nothing, to be far is to be near, to be ten thousand changes, i.e. unchanging, to have moves, i.e. no moves, this, was the principle of endlessness.

"Ah."In the next moment, Tang Zichen suddenly realized that he was only a few tens of meters away from the distant, distant beam of strong light.

Tang Zichen muttered to himself, "I go, this space, it's boundless, but it's also very narrow, this, is the same as the principle of my Endless Technique."

Although Tang Zichen had been flying for a month, he figured it out and realized that it wasn't, in fact, distance.

Tang Zichen walked over to that glass box, when, to his surprise, he discovered that the glass box had changed and turned into a flashing glass door.

The back of the door was black.

Only, this glass door was twenty centimeters high and less than eight centimeters wide.

Even a dog wouldn't be able to get through it.

However, Tang Zichen smiled and stepped towards that glass door that even a dog couldn't drill through.

Sure enough, and I don't know how, the closer Tang Zichen got to the glass door, the smaller Tang Zichen's body became, and in the end, Tang Zichen was standing under the glass door as if it was the size of an ant.It turned out that the glass door was so huge.

Tang Zichen was standing under the glass door, which was now over ten meters thick and hundreds of meters tall.

Tang Zichen didn't think about it anymore and headed into the darkness behind the glass door.

Tang Zichen didn't know how long he had been walking for, about ten minutes, Tang Zichen's eyes opened up, his ears heard the fragrance of birds and flowers, and saw high mountains and flowing water.

Tang Zichen was surprised when he saw this scene in front of him, "This, this is Martial Island, this place is the novice village of Martial Island."

Tang Zichen was shocked, he couldn't even explain why, after passing through the glass door, he came to the novice village of another world's Martialwood Island.

Tang Zichen looked back in a panic, where there was still a glass door, and behind him, there was the same high flowing water of the Martial Island.

It was as if Tang Zichen had appeared here out of thin air.

Tang Zichen stood dumbfounded for ten minutes, this encounter, he didn't know what to explain with.

At that moment, a person behind Tang Zichen shouted, "Hey, that student, why is your costume so strange, hurry up and kill locusts ah, earn Martial Coins."

"Uh, kill locusts, martial coins?"Tang Zichen muttered to himself.

"Let's go, you're also a new student at Martial Arts Academy, I'm also a new student, my name is Ouyang Jun, can we go kill locusts together?"


"Let's go."The boy, Ouyang Jun, pulled Tang Zichen into a nearby cornfield.


At that moment, countless locusts flew in head-on, that Ouyang Jun was busy picking up his sword to kill the locusts, and every time he killed one, his ears rang with a 'tick' sound.

That Ouyang Jun turned back to Tang Zichen and said, "Wow, why is it that every time you kill a locust, your ears tick?"

Tang Zichen looked at that Ouyang Jun and couldn't help but think of the year he went to.When he first went to Martial Island, he also went to the novice village with Liu Xiangyun to kill locusts, and when he killed one, his ears ticked, ticking to the end, Tang Zichen's ears would be deaf.

However, at that time, he asked the village chief of the novice village, why would his ears tick when he killed a locust?

The village chief said that he didn't know either, but this Wulin Island was a strange place.

Tang Zichen reached out his hand and gently squeezed a locust to death.

At that moment, a voice sounded in Tang Zichen's ears, "Congratulations, you have obtained the 'Hopeful' system."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen looked around, who was talking to him?

Tang Zichen didn't even react to the voice that was ringing in his ears.

"Hey, that Ouyang Jun, did you hear what someone said?" First web site

"No. Hey, classmate, why aren't you killing locusts."

"Strange, I just plainly heard someone say, congratulations, start the hopeful system."

"Oh, classmate, are you deaf, the locusts are buzzing here, where is anyone talking."

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't care anymore.

Tang Zichen wasn't really in the mood to kill locusts, what kind of strength did he have to go and kill locusts.

The current priority was to go back to the original world, or to find the glass door that he had just come through.

Or, to see if this Martial Island, if it was real, could be an illusion.

Tang Zichen doubted that it was an illusion.

Tang Zichen walked in the Novice Village, but the Novice Village was exactly the same as before, nothing had changed.

"Damn, whether it's an illusion or not, messing with me I can't distinguish the real from the unreal."Tang Zichen looked depressed.

Through that glass door, it ran here, Tang Zichen improperly hallucinate can't even.

Tang Zichen flew up and headed to the Martial Academy.

He soon flew to the Martial Arts Academy.

The Martial Arts Academy was all exactly the same as he remembered, with only a few changes of course.

Tang Zichen stood in front of a villa door.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the door.

An old man opened the door.

That old man was stunned when he saw Tang Zichen, then he said in surprise, "Tang Zichen, it's you."

"Big brother Lin Han."Tang Zichen looked at the old man in front of him, his face full of wrinkles, a world away from the Professor Lin Han that he had met when he first came to Martial Island.

"Tang Zichen, what brings you here, hahahaha, quick, quick, please come in."Professor Lin Han frantically invited Tang Zichen inside.

Making tea for Tang Zichen.

"Brother Lin Han, long time no see, is it really you?"Tang Zichen asked, because Tang Zichen wasn't sure if this was an illusion or not.

"Nonsense, who else is it if it's not me, Windy, you wouldn't have something happened to you again, you don't even know me anymore."Professor Lin Han knew that Tang Zichen had lost his memory back then.

"No no, I'm just, oh, it's hard to explain."

"If it's hard to say in a word, then don't say it, we little people don't understand the world of powerful people like you anyway."


"Tang Zichen, let's make a deal, it's rare to come here for once, we'll eat at my place today, we won't get drunk

I'm afraid that when you come back next time, we'll be yin and yang apart."

"Uh, what's going on."

"Look at you, you don't see me like this, I'm already ninety, I don't know what will bring you back next time, I'll be long gone by then."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed.

"Well, we're not going to get drunk today."Tang Zichen said.

"That's right."

"Then I'll go somewhere first and be back before dinner."

"Good."Professor Lin Han seemed to know where Tang Zichen was going.

Tang Zichen walked out of Professor Lin Han's house and flew to another villa.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the door and a girl in her twenties opened it, seemingly up more than a shift and still sleepy-eyed.

However, once that girl saw Tang Zichen, she turned energetic and said in shock, "Uncle Tang."

That's right, this girl was Tang Zichen's old friend, Shangguan Hongyan's daughter, Huanhuan.

"Oh, Huanhuan, I haven't seen you for a few years, you've matured."Tang Zichen chuckled.

"Uncle Tang."Huanhuan looked at Tang Zichen with complicated eyes, she was seventeen years old and once fell in love with Tang Zichen, who had just come out of the Memory Stone and happened to save her.

Only, no Tang Zichen refused.

"Huanhuan, where's your mother?"

"My mom, go to class, Uncle Don, come in and sit down."

"Oh, good."

Tang Zichen entered the house.

Talked with Huan Huan, Huan Huan is twenty-four this year and has turned into a big girl.

However, Huanhuan said that she had not found a boyfriend yet, Tang Zichen just oh, Huanhuan deliberately told him that she did not have a boyfriend yet, gross meaning ah.

After chatting with Huanhuan for more than half an hour, a woman in her fifties walked in the door.

"Ah, Tang Zichen."The woman was stunned even when she saw Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Rouge, it's been several years since we last saw each other."

"Zichen, hehe, yes, I'm really touched that you've come to visit me now that you've come to Wulin Island."

"Alright, don't be so polite old classmates."

Tang Zichen came over to find Shangguan Hong Yan, another purpose was to confirm whether this was his illusion or not, after all, he was in such an inexplicable place before, he was afraid that when he woke up, he was still in that endless dark room, everything was just an illusion that his heart was too eager to produce.

"Rouge, how have you been these past few years?"Don Zichen asked.

"Well, it's like that, every day is a repetition of life, this is all we have in this life, unlike you guys, this life, there's still a long time, there's a lot of possibilities for it to happen in the future, huh?"Tang Zichen patted the back of Shangguan Hongyan's hand.Shangguan Hongyan was fifty-six years old this year, and Tang Zichen was fifty-six too.

"Hongyan, let's go to Professor Lin Han's house for dinner tonight, it's hard to get together."


Tang Zichen looked to the side where Huanhuan was sitting and said, "Huanhuan, you should come along too."

"Oh, good."

Tang Zichen chatted with Shangguan Rouge for a few more hours, then walked out of the villa.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Everything is so real, I don't want it to be an illusion."

That night, Tang Zichen had a meal at Professor Lin Han's house, and Tang Zichen didn't care about that for now.

The next day, Tang Zichen left Wulin Island, and the first place Tang Zichen went to was, the Tennan Mansion, to find Liu Xiangyun's father, Liu Chenming.

At the Tiannan Mansion, a villa, he found Liu Chenming.


"Uncle Willow."

"Zichen, you're back."Liu Chenming surprised, looking behind Tang Zichen, but there was no sign of Liu Xiangyun.

"Where's Xiang'er?"

"She, something didn't come back."

"Oh, something didn't happen, did it?"

"No no, don't worry, I just came back for a lie down because I happened to be busy."

"Oh, you came back from what?"

"I'm from."Tang Zichen was suddenly stunned.

Yeah, Tang Zichen had just returned from Wulin Island, which seemed fine, but the question was, why didn't Tang Zichen seem to remember how to get back, by plane?

"Why can't I remember how to get back?I just remember, wanting to go back to Jiangnan House first, and then, I felt back."

Tang Zichen patted himself on the head. Remember the URL

"Holy shit, this isn't really a fucking hallucination, is it?"

"It must be an illusion, it must be an illusion, I can't remember how to come back, it must be an illusion."

"It must be an illusion."

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Tang Zichen's mind, "Hey, who are you."

Tang Zichen immediately looked up, where in front of him there was still Liu Chenming, but a, unable to see the face, Tang Zichen clearly saw his face, but how could not take shape in his mind, as if there was some kind of mental shielding.

"You, who are you?Why did I show up here?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

The man stood up and scanned Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen also looked at him, obviously could see his face clearly, but it was as if he saw nothing, what kind of technique is this?

Tang Zichen didn't even know if this person was an old man or a young man.

Listening to the voice, Huh, can't even make out the voice, I can clearly hear his voice, but I can't judge.

At that moment, Tang Zichen looked around.

Only then did he realize that this wasn't Martial Island, nor was it the Tiannan Mansion, nor was it the big endless room from before, this was at the bottom of the sea, in a rocky cave at the bottom of the sea, with a thin membrane on the outside, keeping the seawater out.

Tang Zichen was puzzled, he had obviously fallen into a big, big room and then run to Martial Island, and as a result, now when he came back to his senses, he appeared in a rocky cavern at the bottom of the sea.

Gosh, which one was the real one?

Could it be that all that was before was an illusion.

"Say, who are you?"That super invincible strong man asked.

The Qi that Tang Zichen sensed from him was as strong as the heavens.

"I, my name is Wind Light Cloud, I passed by over the ocean and saw a large whirlpool, so I thought to come down and take a look, after that, after that, I came here."

The man frowned and asked, "Is that all?Are you hallucinating anything?"

"Hallucinations?"Tang Zichen hesitated to tell the hallucination, Tang Zichen felt that the hallucination was a bit unpredictable, and the fact that this strong man had asked it himself meant that the strong man also knew about the hallucination.

"Kid, you were just in a daze, you were clearly shouting, this must be an illusion."

"Back to senior, I did hallucinate, as if I had entered a big, big room with a very, very strong light shining on the ground, and there was a glass box on the ground."

That strong man laughed, "It seems that you are still someone with a bit of chance, yes, I also had an illusion like that, I have been in this illusion for a long time, and the things I saw in the illusion were the same as what you saw.It's just that I couldn't penetrate the glass box in any way, what was the mystery.When your eyes look at that box, you create countless illusions."

Tang Zichen asked, "Is there something about that glass box?"


I have heard that there is a treasure from the Archaic Era hidden here, and anyone who is fortunate is able to hallucinate and enter that vast room for enlightenment.The fact that you were able to enter that huge room shows that you are a man of fortune.However, having the chance does not mean that you can find that treasure."

"Ah, Senior, you mean that the illusion I had before, falling into a large room, was real?Is there really such a big room in the world?"Tang Zichen asked in shock.

"Yes, the legend, there really is this place, but, no one can find it, I've been searching for hundreds of years for this legend, unfortunately, unfortunately."

"Uh, Senior, that big room is huge, big."

"Are you trying to say endless, it seems you have a bit of talent, otherwise you would have died of consciousness there, you must have penetrated the mystery of that big room, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to come back to reality.

"Uh-oh."Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat.

That big room was an illusion before, but it was also real, but it was a place that no one could find.

"Alright, kid, it's fate with you, I'm leaving too, so I'll give you something."After saying that, the man threw a small stone to Tang Zichen.


"This stone, possessing a trace of my spiritual imprint, is not a good thing, but it can at least allow you to ascend to the Dengfeng realm within a year."

"What? Within a year, ascend to the Dengfeng realm?"

"What's the problem?"

"Senior, this gift is too expensive, and you and I are just duckweed."

"Oh, this isn't a ducking match, forget it, I don't understand what I told you, remember, meditate with this stone in your hand from now on."

"Can only I use it alone?"Don Zichen asked.

"Only you have seen me, no one else has seen me, it has no effect."

"Thank you, Senior."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, within a year, it would allow him to ascend to the early stages of the peak realm, this was great, after a year he was only 57 years old, had he seen anyone who reached the peak realm at 57?

Tang Zichen really didn't quite believe that this one little stone could bring him such benefits.

The man said again, "Kid, in the future, this stone should always be carried with you, if we are still destined to meet again in two hundred years, with this stone, we will be able to meet again."

"Two hundred years later?What do you mean?Where do you live?Why is it taking so long?"

"Hahaha, boy, it's too early for you to ask that, whether or not there's a fate after 200 years is still up to you, that's all I can help you with."

"Thank you, Senior."

"Farewell."That man took off at once, and Tang Zichen's body was automatically carried away from the sea floor, and soon appeared on the surface of the sea, and with that man's flight, the huge whirlpool that was just on the surface of the sea, also disappeared.

"Ah, Senior, did you make this whirlpool?"

"Or what."

"Wow."Tang Zichen could no longer describe the shock with words, what kind of person was this that could make a whirlpool of this size appear in the seawater.

By the time Tang Zichen reacted, that person had already disappeared.

The sea was calm, where there was still the slightest appearance of a whirlpool.

Tang Zichen felt that he was not even as good as an ant in front of someone at this level ah.

Tang Zichen kept thinking about his words, why two hundred years later if it was meant to be two hundred years later?

Regardless, Tang Zichen looked at the bland stone in his hand, this stone had a trace of his spiritual imprint, it would allow Tang Zichen to comprehend the Dengfeng realm within a year, great.

Tang Zichen wanted to laugh ah, without this stone, with Tang Zichen himself, he would have to be at least 75 years old, or even 90 years old to reach the Peak Ascension realm.

"Hahaha, Hai Dafu, I'll be back."Tang Zichen laughed loudly, turned on his flying machine and whirled off in the direction of home.


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