The King of Kungfu in school 1291-1300


Chapter 1291

Not long after Tang Zichen returned to the White Flow Family, the White Flow Family's steward came looking for Tang Zichen.

"Wind Lightning, the family master invites you over."

"Uh, the family master invites me?Inviting me to tea again, didn't you just have tea last time."Tang Zichen was confused.

That steward said, "This time it's not tea, but dinner."

"Ah, treating me to dinner."

"Yes, go quickly, don't keep the householder waiting."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled inwardly, to send a butler to invite him, this was a very grand rhythm.

It seemed that Tang Zichen had defeated Jiang Mingcheng and Yang Fengyin today, making the Bai Liu family's house master completely want to pull it off.

After all, for someone as awesome as Tang Zichen, in the entire Golden Silk City, I'm afraid only the Seagod Family, ranked number one, could be compared to Haiqing.

Tang Zichen arrived at the residence of Family Lord Bai Cheng.

"Wind Lightning, you've come, please sit down."Bai Cheng smiled politely. The first website

"Oh, thanks Senior."Tang Zichen sat down with a butt.

Bai Cheng said, "Wind Lightning, dinner is here."

"Ah, how polite is that."

"What's polite about it, dinner will be here in a few hours, let's have a few drinks."

"Oh, thank you Senior, then Senior is not polite."Tang Zichen smiled.There was no such thing as being polite without a reason, and since the householder was polite to him, naturally Tang Zichen was valuable, so there was no need for him to be polite.

"That's right, what do you want to eat, I'll have the kitchen make it."

"Feel free, just feel free."

Bai Cheng said, "Wind Lightning, today's sparring between you and that Jiang Mingcheng really opened my eyes, I didn't expect that my Bailiu Family actually has such a powerful genius, I'm afraid, in the entire Bailiu Family, only Hai Qing, who is ranked first on the Master Perfection List, can be on par with you."

"Oh, Senior is overpraised."

"Wind Lightning, you're someone with such a strong talent, why would you leave your hometown and come to our Golden Silk City?"Bai Cheng asked.

It was really hard to say, because they would never have thought that Tang Zichen was from the far opposite side of the ocean, that river and lake, a place that was almost ignored.

"Oh, the reason for that, it's really inconvenient to go into detail."

"Then let's leave it at that, Wind Lightning, I plan to recruit you as my special staff, on par with all my sons, what do you think?"

"Ah, Senior, this is too serious."

"Don't make excuses, you're worth it, and if I don't expect it, in a few days, the other two big families of Golden Silk City, the Golden Rock Family and the Seagod Family, will send someone to find you."

"Uh, looking for me for what?"Tang Zichen asked puzzled.

"Hahaha, what else can I do, with the talent you've shown today, which family in the entire Great Martial Empire will not welcome you, the other two big families that are also in the Golden Silk City are bound to come and recruit you, maybe they'll use money, maybe they'll use beautiful women, wind and light clouds, if I don't show a little bit, won't you be pulled away."

"Uh, not so much."Tang Zichen was startled, he just defeated that Jiang Mingcheng just a bit ah, just like that he was going to be pulled by the three big families, then if everyone knew that Tang Zichen had even defeated the Zongshi Grand Perfection, wouldn't it blow up.

"Oh, the entire Golden Silk City, at the same level, only one person can be compared to you, what do you say, alright, Wind Lightning, just don't pretend."

"Speechless, I'm really not pretending."

Bai Cheng smiled, "Wind Lightning, let's say, what do you want, you say .

As long as you can stay in the White House."

"Speechless, I'm not asking,"Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, you want to wait for the other two families to come and then make a comparison, that's fine, then you can tell me then, in short, my Bai Liu family is definitely better than the other two families in terms of conditions."

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, I go, think of Tang Zichen as so mercenary.

Tang Zichen was at Bai Cheng that, had a dinner and then went back without talking about anything.

Tang Zichen walked away, Bai Cheng's Dao: "Boss, will this kid run away to another family ah, this kid is a potential ah, it would be great if he can integrate into our Bai Liu family."

"Alas, I'm not sure, this brat looks like he has no desire and doesn't say anything, perhaps, he's waiting for the other two families' conditions."

Tang Zichen returned to Bai Ling'er's residence.

"Uncle Feng, congratulations."

"Congratulate me on what."

"You've been invited to tea by the head of the family again."

"Not for tea, but for dinner."

"Ah, dinner, that's even more remarkable, in the future you will definitely have an extraordinary status in the Bai family, you can be compared to those hundreds of staff members in the early peak realm of the Bai family."

"Uh, those hundreds of staff members in the Bai family at the beginning of the peak-denial realm, is that a high status?"

"Of course ah, far higher status than the sons of the family head, after all, the Bai family still needs to rely on these staff members of the Dengfeng realm to support them, staff members of this level, the family head has to invite them to dinner often, today you were also invited to dinner, that means your future status must be very high, those young masters, ladies, are not as good as you."

"Oh, hehe, then my status is high, so is yours, right."

"Hehehehe."Bai Ling'er smiled happily.

The next day, a strong man from the early peak realm came.

"Hello, I'm the steward of the Golden Rock Family."

"Uh, hello."Tang Zichen was stunned, not expecting that there really was another family coming to recruit him.

"Can I have a chat with you?"

"Of course, please sit down."

"It's like this, we all saw the sparring match between you and Jiang Mingcheng yesterday, and the head of our Golden Rock Family, who is very optimistic about you, would like to invite you to our home as a guest."

"Be a guest?Oh, I don't think it's necessary."

The steward of the Golden Rock Family laughed and wanted to invite Tang Zichen to be his guest before discussing other matters, but Tang Zichen declined.

"Alright then, I'll get straight to business, I wonder what Young Master Feng thinks of our Golden Rock Family."

"Uh, good, a family with a future."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, Young Master Feng is so funny, Young Master Feng doesn't know if he's interested in coming to our Golden Rock Family to develop."

"Uh, development ah."

"Yes, our Golden Rock Family is quite sincere."

"Yeah? Tell me about it."

"Well, I'll just say it straight away, our Golden Rock Family, for a genius of your level, is very respectful, you will have a very high status at our place, at the same time, we will also send you to the imperial capital regularly to train and listen to strong lectures, in short, you will get a lot of benefits."

"Uh, go to the imperial capital to listen to lectures?Training?"

"Yes, you should know, this kind of opportunity, each family only has one or two places, other families, such precious places, must have been given to their own families, not to staff, I believe the White Flow family would never dare to give you such a place."


Tang Zichen frowned, it sounded, quite lofty, for the first time he knew, what other lectures were there, if it was a lecture by some super strong people, it would be really worth listening to, of course, this kind of lecture was mainly needed more by those who were in the early stage of Dengfeng realm, Tang Zichen hadn't reached Dengfeng realm yet, there wasn't much of a need for it yet, because the strong people of Zongshi realm could come in contact with a lot, unlike Dengfeng realm, the number was even smaller, there wasn't much contact, that's why this lecture was needed.

That steward of the Golden Rock Family said again, "Of course, in addition to that, we can also give you countless amounts of money, so that you can buy land and manor, you can have a large private territory of your own, and at the same time, we will give you at least ten-figure beauties."

"Yah, and give away beautiful women."

"Yes, at least ten-figure beauties for you to practice martial arts for your pleasure."

"Hahaha, that's a bit damn attractive condition,"Tang Zichen said, indeed, Tang Zichen spoke the truth, being able to have enough money to buy a private domain, which Tang Zichen valued, so that Tang Zichen could build his own manor and then bring his wife and children, all his relatives over here.

"Allow me to think about it, if I accept it, I will come to your Jinyan family myself, how about it."

"Good, then please think about it more."

"Thank you, I will definitely consider it carefully."

The Golden Rock Family's steward flew away.

Originally, Tang Zichen had been hanging out in the Bai Family without considering it before, but the conditions of others were really good, and if he was just a vain special staff member in the Bai Family, then Tang Zichen would have left.

Not long after the Golden Rock Family's steward left, another man from the early stage of the Deng Peak came. Remember the URL

"Hello, Windy."


"I'm from the Seagod Family, you can call me Lan."

"Oh, Senior Lan."Tang Zichen didn't call him Lan, more or less give him some courtesy, after all, he was from the Peak Deng realm.

"We all know about your sparring with Jiang Mingcheng, you're very powerful, extraordinary powerful, perhaps, only Miss Haiqing of our Seagod Family, can beat you."

Tang Zichen was a bit upset, it hasn't even been a spar, how are you so sure that you can beat me.

"Oh, is that so, may I ask who Miss Haiqing is?"

"No way, you don't even know our Miss Haiqing."That Dengfeng realm man called Lan had a bit of an angry look.

When Tang Zichen saw the hint of anger that flashed across the other party's face in an instant, he became very unhappy inside, damn it, coming to pull me in, he actually dared to show his anger, the reason being that he had never heard of any Miss Haiqing from their family.

However, Tang Zichen didn't attack and still smiled, "Sorry, I'm new to the Golden Silk City and don't know many people."

"In that case, I won't delve into it."The other party said.

Tang Zichen endured his anger, you fucking still want to delve into it?If he had just explained that he didn't want to know, would he have been beaten by the others?

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled shallowly, Tang Zichen had completely ruled out the pull of the Seagod family, this kind of family, who the hell go.

The other party said, "Alright, Wind Lightning, I'm rather busy, let's keep it short."

"Oh, you say."

"In this way, our Poseidon Family, would like to invite you to our family as a staff member, what do you think?"The other side asked.

"Uh, is that it?"Tang Zixin (1936-), Chinese politician and diplomat

Wondering if he had heard something less, if the other man hadn't heard the conditions, the Don had gone so far as to ask him if he would go without mentioning the slightest condition.

"Yeah, what else?Our Poseidon Family would hardly invite anyone else, but if you weren't indeed still okay, where would we take the initiative to invite you."

"Haha."Tang Zichen harrumphed.

"Wind Lightning, go or not, give a word, I'm busy."The other party said, his tone never letting up and high.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't mean it, I have no such plans at the moment."Tang Zichen directly rejected it.

The other party snorted, "Wind Lightning, I, a Dengfeng realm personally invited, I think this sincerity is enough."

"Haha, it's indeed enough, but I don't want to."Tang Zichen laughed.

"Oh, Wind Lightning, if I'm not mistaken, the Golden Rock Family, the White Flow Family, have all given you very generous conditions, right?"

Tang Zichen undeniably acquiesced.

The other party said, "Wind Lightning, don't be that I haven't reminded you that everything can't just be based on appearances, those conditions they gave you are only material, for us martial arts practitioners, materialism isn't the main thing, whether or not there is a prerequisite is the most important thing."

"Oh, so it's promising to go to the Seagod Family."Tang Zichen asked with a bit of a sneer.

The other party seemed to sense Tang Zichen's sneering tone and burst into anger, "Wind Lightning, you speak more politely."

Tang Zichen endured his anger, Nima, who doesn't speak politely enough.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Bailing, send the guests away."

"You."The other party was very angry, Tang Zichen actually shouted to send a guest, this was not putting him in his eyes at all, no, not putting the Seagod Family in his eyes.

The other party sneered, "Wind Lightning, our Seagod Family, is the strongest family in Golden Silk City, if you have read that book on the geography of the Great Martial Empire, you should know that more than half of the business in Golden Silk City belongs to the Seagod Family, and the number of strong people in the Seagod Family is twice as many as the Golden Rock Family and the White Flow Family.Wind Lightning, the Seagod Family invited you, that's because they think highly of you, so don't give them shame."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Whether the Seagod Family is strong or not, it's none of my business, this is the White Flow Family's land, if senior still hasn't left, is it that I have to call out?"

"You, hmph, Wind Lightning, you'll regret it."After saying that, the man from the Seagod family flew away.

Tang Zichen cursed, "Trash, what a thing."

Tang Zichen was really furious, although Tang Zichen admitted that the Seagod Family was indeed powerful, but so what, such a tone of voice, and he even tried to invite Tang Zichen.

Bai Ling'er walked in.

"Uncle Feng, you're angry."

"Nonsense, you're not angry."


"Will Uncle Wind go to the Seagod Family?"Bai Ling'er worriedly asked.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm blind to go to the Seagod Family, what attitude, thanks to my first day in Golden Thread City, I was the first to go to the Seagod Family as a staff member."Tang Zichen recalled that day, he, Wang Rufang, Liu Xuan, the three of them, were the first to go to the Seagod Family, but unfortunately, the Seagod Family refused, the reason being, Tang Zichen was only a Zongshi Perfectionist, not qualified enough, while Liu Xuan and Wang Rufang, too old, would not accept.

Tang Zichen remembered that just now that person talked about a name, what Hai Qing, so he asked, "Ling'er, who is Hai Qing?Why, I just said I'd never heard the name before, and the son of a bitch almost got angry just now."


"Hai Qing ah, she's from the Seagod family, age forty-six, Ancestral Master Perfection List, the number one ranked strongest, not only that, she's also known as, the number one beauty in Golden Thread City."

"Hmph, dog shit."Tang Zichen snorted with disdain.

At this moment, somewhere in the White Flow Family.

"Boss, both the Golden Rock Family and the Seagod Family, have sent someone to look for Wind Lightning."

"What was the result?"

"Although I didn't hear what they said, it looks like the steward of the Golden Rock Family still has quite a bit of hope on his face, but the man from the Seagod Family walked away with an angry face, and I wonder if he was angered by the wind's direct rejection of him."

"The Seagod Family, always high and mighty, understand."

"Boss, now it's our turn to pull together, what terms do we have to offer?"

"Ugh, let's invite Windy to dinner tonight."


That night, Tang Zichen came back to the residence of the White Flow family's master. One second to remember to read the book

"Pay your respects to senior."

"Wind Lightning, no need to be polite, yesterday you refused to say the conditions, today those two families have come to you, you should have a comparison in mind and be willing to say the conditions."Bai Cheng Kai Mimi Shandao.

Tang Zichen said, "Oh, senior, what conditions are not conditions ah."

"Don't be embarrassed, there is no unconditional love in the world."

Tang Zichen was a little annoyed with Bai Cheng inside, why?It was because Bai Cheng let it be Tang Zichen who made the conditions, not him who made the conditions.Normally, it was him who made the conditions, but Bai Cheng probably didn't take the initiative to make the conditions because he didn't understand the conditions of the Golden Rock Family, so he was afraid that he would pay far more than the Golden Rock Family, so he let Tang Zichen make the conditions and then he would decide.

Tang Zichen said, "If Senior really thinks that I am good and needs me here, then Senior will make the conditions."

Bai Cheng sighed and said, "Alright, then I'll say it, if you continue to stay in our Bai Family, then I will give you at least two million coins, and then give you at least twenty beauties, no, thirty beauties, Bai Ling'er can also give you directly, and then, then I'll make you a special staff member, with the same status as those staff members of the Bai Family in the early peak realm.I guess that should be enough sincerity."Bai Cheng said tentatively, he didn't know what kind of conditions the Golden Rock Family was offering.

Tang Zichen made a comparison inside.

There was no way to compare Bai Cheng's conditions with those of the Golden Rock Family.First of all, White City gave Tang Zichen two million coins, which at best could only build a luxurious manor and could not buy land.Unfortunately, what did Tang Zichen need so many beauties for, besides, it was said that it was a beauty, but when it was really delivered, it was still unknown what kind of crooked melon it was.As for the identity of that special staff member, it was just for fun.

"Wind Lightning, you are always silent ah, you tell me, is this condition of mine enough?"Bai Cheng didn't believe within himself that the terms offered by the Golden Rock family could be any better.

Although Tang Zichen's heart was high and low, but the surface could not be expressed, once immediately expressed to choose where to go, in case Bai Cheng did something to him.

Tang Zichen smiled, "The conditions given by Senior, it is indeed flattering to Feng, Feng is only a Sect Master Perfection, what virtues and abilities can make Senior pay such a great price."

Bai Cheng laughed, "This is not true, with your talent, you are still worth the price."

Tang Zichen was watching Bai Cheng's face to see if he was really

That was the price.

However, Bai Cheng could not hear what Tang Zichen meant outside of his words, since that was the case, Tang Zichen was not in a position to give more hints, in a word, the first stated condition was the price that he was truly willing to give within his heart.If Tang Zichen talked about it later, none of it would be what he was truly willing to give within his heart, instead, it would make him realize that Tang Zichen might choose another family, and if he did it to Tang Zichen, wouldn't it be a waste of time.

Tang Zichen could only act as if he was happy and had a dinner with Bai Cheng, chatting with him in a happy manner.

It was only late at night that Tang Zichen left and returned to his residence.

"Uncle Feng, you're back."

"Ling'er, why are you still awake."

"Uncle Wind, Ling'er can't sleep, Ling'er is afraid."

"Afraid of what."

"Ling'er is afraid that Uncle Wind will leave."

"Silly child, Uncle Wind isn't drinking so happily with your master."

"That means that Uncle Wind won't go."

"Oh, hmm."Tang Zichen had to nod his head, because Tang Zichen also hadn't decided whether or not he would really go to the Golden Rock Family, although the Golden Rock Family had better conditions, but after all, he didn't know it well there, and he had to become familiar with it again.

"This is great."Ling'er smiled happily.

If Tang Zichen left, then her future days could be imagined to be back to the old days again.

Right now, at the residence in White City.

"Boss, has Wind Lightning decided to stay in our Bai Family this time?"A man's younger brother from the early peak realm asked.

"I don't know, seeing that he acted quite happy after hearing the conditions I gave him, and drank with me for another night, I guess my conditions are more generous than the Golden Rock Family's."

"Boss, didn't you say before that you were giving away one million coins, why did you suddenly change your mind to two million coins tonight?"

"Oh, I saw that he didn't take the initiative to say the conditions, and I was afraid that it would be lower than the Golden Rock Family, so I simply raised it to two million coins.Perhaps, if I didn't raise it to two million coins, fearing that it would be less than the Golden Rock Family, then he would probably immediately show his unhappiness and indicate that he wanted to leave."Bai Cheng said with a smile.

That underling said, "Boss, what if Wind Lightning really goes to the Golden Rock Family?Are we going to let him go?"

Bai Cheng was silent for a moment, then smiled an enigmatic smile, although he didn't say anything, but that man of his, it was suddenly clear.

The next day, the sun rose as usual, Tang Zichen did not reveal half a trace that he would leave, even Bai Ling'er was very happy that Uncle Feng would remain in the Bai Family.

Tang Zichen went to the White Family's Guardian Department to chat with Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan, having been here for so long, other than occasionally bumping into each other a few times before, he hadn't had a good chat, nor did the two of them, how they were doing as guards in the White Flow Family.

Not long after Tang Zichen left, Bai Cheng's men came looking for Bai Ling'er.

"Ling'er, tell me honestly, did Wind Lightning say anything about leaving?"Bai Cheng's underling Wen.

Bai Ling'er was busy shaking her head, "No no, he has been very happy since he came back last night, I couldn't sleep, I was worried that he would leave, Uncle Windy said he wouldn't leave."

"Oh, very well, about me coming to see you, don't let Windy know."

"Oh, yes."Bai Ling'er nodded helplessly, her heart somewhat puzzled as to why the master of the house had sent someone to question her about whether or not Wind Lightning had any signs of wanting to leave.


Tang Zichen arrived at the White Flow Family's Nursing Department and found Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan, the three of them drank some small wine, they were envious of Tang Zichen, who had made a name for himself here so quickly, while they, on the other hand, felt no hope at all.

After some consolation and some more words afterwards, Tang Zichen returned to Bai Ling'er's place.

"Ling'er, no one came looking for me today, right?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Ah."Bai Ling'er was startled, as if she was hesitant to speak.

"Ling'er, by your reaction, someone has come to see me."

"No no, it wasn't to find you."

"Uh, if it wasn't for me, then who was it for?Ling'er, if you still think I'm your real uncle, just tell me the truth."

Bai Ling'er remembered how good Tang Zichen had been to her, and with a bite, she said, "In the morning, that hand of my grandfather came down, and he asked me if you had any signs of wanting to leave, and I saw that his face seemed to be a bit fierce, Uncle Feng, why is that ah."

Tang Zichen's body shook, and he seemed to understand at once.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Bai Cheng, it seems that if I had revealed my desire to leave yesterday, I'm afraid you wouldn't have let me live at all, you're so fierce."

Tang Zichen wasn't guessing randomly, Tang Zichen was at least ninety percent sure at the moment that if they knew that Tang Zichen would leave, they would definitely go out of their way to kill Tang Zichen, so that they wouldn't add strength to their competitors. First URL

Tang Zichen was still hesitant to leave, but now, he had made up his mind to prepare to go.

"Ling'er, if Uncle Wind really leaves, what will you do?"

"Then I must be the same again."

"And what if I took you with me?Will you come with me?"

"I do."

"Why?This is your family here."

"I can but I don't feel any family here at all, only you are so good to me, Little Spirit is willing to go with you even as your slave girl."

"Oh, alright, just kidding with you, I won't leave."

At this moment, in Golden Thread City, the Seagod Family.

"Master, the Lan Shi who went to the White Flow Family to find Wind Lightning is here, waiting outside to receive him."

"Call him in."

A man entered the room, this man was the same Dengfeng realm powerhouse who had gone to find Tang Zichen yesterday.

"Pay your respects to the family master."

"You went to the White Flow Family, how did you find Wind Lightning?Would he like to come to the Neptune family as a staff member?"The Seagod Family's Home Lord asked.

"Home Lord, not only is that Wind Lightning reluctant, he also has an extremely bad attitude and says very nasty things."

"What?Wind Lightning has only slightly shown some talent, and you're dragging like a two-hundred-year-old?"

"Yes, a very arrogant tone, and he also said he had never heard of Miss Haiqing's reputation, as if he despised her."

"Bang."The head of the Seagod Family slapped the table and said angrily, "This Wind Lightning, I, the Seagod Family, invited him only because I looked up to him, but I didn't expect him to have such a bad attitude and look down on Hai Qing, he really doesn't know how to be generous."

"Family Master, what should we do now?When have we, the Neptune family, ever suffered such anger."Another of the men said.

The head of the Seagod Family snorted, "Kill."

"Ah, kill Wind Lightning?"

"Or else, this Windy, though harsh, is undeniably a somewhat gifted person, both

Natural my Seagod Family can't invite him, then let him die, so it won't strengthen the opponent's strength.In the Golden Silk City, although our Seagod Family is the strongest family, the White Flow Family and the Golden Rock Family, must not be defended, kill Wind Lightning, so that none of them can get it."

"Family Master, if we rashly send someone to kill, will this cause a conflict, after all, our Seagod Family is not strong enough to crush our opponents."

The Seagod Clan's family head snorted, "Did I say to kill openly and honestly?That's stupid, get Haiqing here."


Shortly after, a beautiful woman came.

"Pay your respects to the master of the house."

"Haiqing, there's no need to be polite, there's something you need to do here."

"What is the matter please say."

"You know about this person, Wind Lightning, I sent someone to the White Current Family yesterday with the intention of inviting him to come to our family as a staff member, but unfortunately, this person has a bad attitude and speaks out of turn, I intend to put this person to death, but I can't send someone to kill him openly, after all, if we cause a strong resistance from the White Current Family, we will also lose a lot.Therefore, I intend to let you finish this matter."

"Ah, me?"

"Yes, you can openly invite that Wind Lightning, issue a letter of war with him, ask him to fight, and then kill him in the middle of a tournament."

"But, tournaments don't usually take lives either, I'll be blamed if I kill him in the middle of a tournament."

"Don't bother with those bullshit morals, kill him in the middle of a tournament, although some people disagree, no one will say anything, you can say that you accidentally killed him, he is not as skilled as others.Anyway, I'll leave this task to you."


The Seagod Family Head's face sank and said, "Haiqing, don't tell me that you don't have the confidence to kill him?No matter how strong that Wind Lightning is, it can't be stronger than you."

That beautiful woman couldn't refuse, so she had to bite her teeth and nod, "Okay, I know what to do."

"Well, go down and prepare well."


At this moment, in the White Flow Family, Tang Zichen had no idea that the people of the Seagod Family were trying to kill him.

If Tang Zichen was an inferior character with little talent, then no one would pay attention to him, but Tang Zichen was a person with outstanding talent, this was a different matter.The three great families of Golden Silk City didn't want to add a threat to their opponents, a genius of Tang Zichen's level, under normal circumstances, was likely to become a middle stage of the Dengfeng Realm, and a middle stage of the Dengfeng Realm would mean a lot to any family.

As Tang Zichen lay on his bed, he didn't take off his clothes to sleep, as Tang Zichen was not prepared to sleep at all.

In the second half of the night, Tang Zichen suddenly rolled over and entered Bai Ling'er's room.


"Shh."Tang Zichen covered Bai Ling'er's mouth.

"Ah, Uncle Feng, it's you."Bai Ling'er blushed, she thought, what did Tang Zichen want to do by flipping in in the middle of the night.

Bai Ling'er shyly said, "If Uncle Feng wants to, you can, you can talk to Ling'er ah, Ling'er, Ling'er won't refuse."

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "You're thinking too much, alright, listen up now, I'm going to leave the White Flow Family and go to the Golden Rock Family, do you want to come along?"

"Ah, I thought you said you wouldn't leave?"

"Things are unpredictable, your family's head, is a hypocrite, and I don't want to stay and live under a hypocrite.The reason I didn't show that I would leave is because I was afraid that your lord would kill me, after all, you can't get it and he doesn't want to be gotten by a rival.This world of yours seems even crueler than ours."



"All right, Spirit, if you don't want to go, I'll go by myself."

"I do, I'll get up right away."Bai Ling'er immediately lifted the blanket and got up to get dressed.

In the middle of the night, Tang Zichen took Bai Ling'er with him and left the White Flow Family in a flurry.

Outside the White Flow Family's mansion, Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan were waiting there, meeting up with Tang Zichen.

"Wind Lightning, you've finally come, I've been waiting for you for a long time."Wang Rufang said.

"Ugh, what a pain, why did you have to leave when it was so nice."

"You guys don't understand, Bai Cheng is simply a hypocrite, if I let him know that he would leave, he would definitely kill me, heck, under the eyes of such people, there might be problems that day, it is better to leave, the Golden Rock family is so sincere, it is more worthwhile for us to go, after all, I am going to bring my family here in the future, I definitely want to choose a reliable force."

"Alright, alright, let's go."

Tang Zichen brought Bai Ling'er, as well as Liu Xuan, Wang Rufang, and the four of them rushed to the direction of the Golden Rock Family.

At this moment, the Bai Liu Family. Remember the website

"Boss, boss, it's bad."

"What is it."

"Today, I asked Bai Ling'er's girl to help keep an eye on Wind Lightning and Bai Ling'er, but I didn't expect that just now Bai Ling'er's girl came to report that Wind Lightning had left with Bai Ling'er."

"What? This son of a bitch, he even acted so calm the day before yesterday, if I had known he would leave, I would have killed him the day before yesterday, I would rather kill him than send a genius to the Golden Rock Family and the Seagod Family, son of a bitch, give me a chase right away, I must catch up and kill him before I enter the territory of the Golden Rock Family."


Bai Cheng's men immediately brought more than ten early Dengfeng realm powerhouses to chase after Tang Zichen.

Two hours later, Tang Zichen suddenly felt a strong momentum chasing him from the rear.

"No good, the White Flow Family has discovered it, at least a dozen or so early Peak Deng realm powerhouses are coming after us."Tang Zichen's face changed.

"Ah, finished finished, you said this toss, we could have survived for a few more years, but now it's good."Wang Rufang grumbled.

Liu Xuan a glare, "Cut the crap, the wind is righteous before taking us with him, now blame him, the worst case scenario is a few years ahead of the deadline, what's the big deal."

Tang Zichen had to fight his way to escape.

"Black Jiao, hurry up, hurry up."Tang Zichen slapped the black jiao underneath him.

The black jiao underneath him, however, suddenly turned around and flew backwards.

"Hey, Black Jiao, what are you doing?I told you to fly forward, but you went backwards instead."

The black jiao said, "I'm sorry, you can't escape, once you are caught up, even I will die, I don't want to die, I'm up and down, I don't want to die."

Tang Zichen was annoyed, and wanted to kill Black Jiao with a slap, but this really wasn't the time.

Wang Rufang said, "Black Jiao, if you don't turn around, I'll kill you right now."

"Oooooh, please, please let me go."

"Go, or I'll kill you."

The Black Jiao had no choice and turned around again to fly forward.

However, this delay, the people behind had already caught up, and the later ones riding the black jiao were all faster.

"Wind Lightning, still want to run?You ungrateful one, thanks to our lord being so good to you, you betrayed him."A voice came from thousands of meters behind him.

Tang Zichen raged, "Bai Cheng is truly a hypocrite, it's fortunate that I didn't show any intention of leaving that night, otherwise I wouldn't even be alive today."

"I'm glad you know, but you still don't stop."

"Stop?For you to kill?White Flow Family, I didn't want to hold a grudge against you, but since you're so overbearing and ruthless, it's my freedom to be whoever I want to be on the staff of, and you're still not even allowing me to leave."


; "Who let you have outstanding talent, since you can't be used for the Bai family, you must die, otherwise wouldn't it be a problem for the Bai family in the future, you can't escape, this place is still more than an hour away from the territory of the Golden Rock family, you have no chance to escape."

At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed out of the dark sky.

"Come with me."That figure grabbed Tang Zichen and the four of them at once and flew to another very large black jiao.

"Go."That huge black jiao flew away at once.

Tang Zichen looked at that human figure and said, "You are?Why save me?"

"You must be Wind Lightning."The shadowy figure said.

"Yeah, and you are?"

"Oh, I'm the vice master of the Golden Rock Family, I happened to be meditating in this area, I just heard you talking to the pursuers behind you, I heard them call you Wind Lightning, I didn't expect it to be you."

"Thank you senior for saving me."

"There's no need to be polite, I also just happened to be here, by the way, listening to your tone, are you guys going to my Golden Rock Family?"

"Yes, the day before yesterday your Golden Rock Family had invited me."

"I also know about this, the head of the Golden Rock Family is my brother, go, come with me to the Golden Rock Family, my black jiao is fast, they can't catch up."

Sure enough, they quickly lost the people behind them.

The next morning, Tang Zichen and the others, appeared at the gate of the Golden Rock Family.

"Wind Lightning, welcome to the Golden Rock Family, let's go, come with me to meet the master, don't worry, my brother is never the kind of person like Bai Cheng, my brother is very righteous, if you come to our Golden Rock Family, my brother will definitely still guide you in martial arts, while you are in the White Flow Family, I'm afraid that Bai Cheng didn't guide you at all, right?"

"Uh, really?"

"Of course, let's go, you'll know what kind of person he is when you meet my brother."

At this moment, in the White Flow Family.

"Boss, Wind Lightning didn't catch up."

"What? You trash, you didn't even catch up, do you know that a genius like Wind Lightning must be killed since you've decided to kill him, otherwise you'll only leave a hidden problem for the future."

"Boss, that Wind Lightning was rescued by a mysterious person halfway, and that mysterious person is eighty-nine times more likely to be someone from the Golden Rock Family."

"Son of a bitch."Bai Cheng was furious.

"Boss, what should we do now?"

Bai Cheng took a deep breath and said, "If I'm not wrong, the Seagod Family will definitely find a way to kill Wind Lightning, the Seagod Family likes to use this technique the most, they are afraid that our White Flow Family and Golden Rock Family will rise up and threaten them, so every time a more talented person appears, they will be poisoned by them, I believe that Wind Lightning, will also die someday, somehow."

Tang Zichen was in the Golden Rock Family and met a man of about 120 years old.

"Hello, Wind Lightning, hahaha, I didn't expect to finally see you here, sit down."The head of the Golden Rock Family, said very politely to Tang Zichen.

"Hello, family head."

"My name is Jin Yao, you can just call me by my first name, there's no harm in it, I don't care about these empty courtesies."

"Senior Wind Lightning, pay my respects to Senior Jin Yao."

"Wind Lightning, why would Bai Cheng let you go?From what I know of him, I'm afraid you didn't have an easy walk."

"Indeed, it was fortunate that I met your brother, Senior Jin Yue, halfway and was able to escape the White Flow Family's pursuit."

"Alas, this son of a bitch Bai Cheng, but you are fortunate to be fine, Wind Lightning, don't say anything now, I'll have someone arrange for you to wash and rest first, and I'll pick you up in the evening."

"Uh, no need to be so polite."

"It's the right thing to do, thank you for trusting our Golden Rock Family, someone, take a few of our noble guests to rest."

"Yes."A few servants took Tang Zichen and the others and went to rest first, after all, it would be more comfortable to brush your teeth and take a bath after driving all night last night.


Tang Zichen washed up and rested for a few hours before heading to the Golden Yew Master again.

"Wind Lightning, sit down, no need to be polite, why don't you sleep more."

"Oh, can't sleep."

"Understand understand, maybe you haven't gotten down in your heart yet, let's say, since you're here, then I'll talk to you.When I sent my steward to the White Flow Family to find you before, what I promised you was to give you enough money so that you can have a private manor and land, in addition, to give you at least ten more beautiful women, and also, in the future, I will recommend you to go to the Great Martial Empire to study, train, and listen to strong lectures, right?"

"Yes, that's what your steward told me yes."

"That's good, do you have anything else to add now?For example, ten beauties are not enough, or, you want to marry with our Jinyan family, of course, this is the best."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I don't have any demands, the reason why I left the Bailiu Family was not because I was greedy of the conditions you gave me, but sincerity.Bai Cheng has no sincerity towards me, the most offensive thing to me is that if I choose to leave, he would actually kill me, try to ask, how can I stay in this kind of family."

Jin Yao smiled, "You understand what you mean, you don't have to worry, if one day you want to leave the Golden Rock Family, I will never stop you, Bai Cheng is a short-sighted person, he only knows how to play with women, he has a whole bunch of them.If you become strong in the future and even far surpass me, I would very much welcome you to be able to climb higher and even enter the imperial dynasty, if you do enter the imperial dynasty, I can still oblige you to take care of you a bit more."

"Oh, let's not talk about something so far away."Tang Zichen laughed.

It could be seen that Jin Yao was indeed different from Bai Cheng.

Jin Yao smiled, "In addition, Wind Lightning, I see that you have very good talent, so if there is anything I need to help you in martial arts, just ask, and I will do my best to help you improve.I'm not afraid of you surpassing me, and if you can surpass me even better, I'll be able to let you take care of me more in the future." One second to remember to read the book

"Thank you, senior."

"No need to be polite."

Tang Zichen said, "About the money you gave me, no need, I don't need these material things right now, and neither do the beauties."

"When you really don't need it?"

"Oh, no need, it would be more important to me if senior could guide me a bit in martial arts.I'm not hiding anything from senior, I've already felt the intention of Zongshi Grand Perfection five times now, but I've been slow to completely sense it."

Jin Yao smiled, "You've already felt it five times, which means you're about to break through to Ancestor Great Perfection, normally, when you feel it ten times, you'll be completely enlightened and close the door, or even step into Ancestor Great Perfection without closing the door."

"Ah, really."

"Of course, I've been here, it's only dangerous if you haven't felt it even once.It's the same with the Ancestral Master's Great Perfection to enter the Peak Ascension."

"Thank you, Senior."

Jin Yao stood up and said, "Let's say, it's still a little time before dinner, I'll help you out, but of course, it's up to you whether you can get anything out of it."


Senior Jin Yao immediately began instructing Tang Zichen, sword and palm, through all means, allowing Tang Zichen to more deeply sense Ancestor Great Perfection.

In just an hour's time, Tang Zichen had felt the Grand Perfection intent twice more.

After it was over, Jin Yao smiled, "Wind Lightning, congratulations, if you feel it three more times, you will truly step into a complete

Ancestor Grand Perfection."

"Thank you senior for the grace of your guidance."

"There's no need to be polite, I'm just assisting you, it's really still your own comprehension, let's go, let's go and catch you up, we won't get drunk tonight."


Tang Zichen was also a good drinker and drank a lot that night.

The people who picked up for Tang Zichen were not only the Jin Yao family master, but also his brother Jin Yue, and the steward, Jin San Heng, and then Tang Zichen, Wang Rufang, Liu Xuan, and Bai Ling'er.

Wang Rufang had a rare chance to get in touch with a strong person of the Peak Realm, and was busy asking, "Golden Yao Family Master, I am very eager to step into the Peak Realm, can you give me some pointers ah?"

"Of course."Nodding his head without hesitation, Jin Yao asked, "This old brother Wang Rufang, are you now interested in the Peak Ascension, have you sensed its meaning?"

"Uh, what mood?"Wang Rufang's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen knew right away that Wang Rufang hadn't even taken a single step on the road to the Peak Ascension Realm, because normally, one would have sensed the intent at least ten times before actually stepping into the next realm, and Wang Rufang hadn't sensed it even once, so God knows how far away it is from the Peak Ascension Realm.

Jin Yao laughed, "Oh, old brother Wang Rufang, you still have a long way to go before you're in the Peak Ascension Realm."

"Ah, but I don't have many years of life left, hold on for five or six years."Wang Rufang said with a face like death, looking at Jin Yao, inwardly envious, Jin Yao's master was only 120 years old, he had reached the middle of the peak realm, while he, more than 140, almost the big limit, there was even a long way to go from the peak realm.

Jin Yao patted Wang Rufang's shoulder, expressing comfort, it had only been five years, even if he gave Wang Rufang a hang, he wouldn't be able to step into the Dengfeng Realm.

Liu Xuan doesn't ask anything, because asking would be asking for trouble, he's not as good as Wang Rufang.

Liu Xuan thought, it's better to forget about it and enjoy his old age.

This night, Tang Zichen drank happily, while Wang Rufang and Liu Xuan were in a silent mood, and today's conversation with the Golden Yew master was a complete break in their dream of reaching the Peak Realm.

Tang Zichen thus became the staff of the Golden Rock Family, and the Golden Rock Family first arranged a large courtyard for Tang Zichen, not far from Jin Yue's residence, because Jin Yao said that he was afraid that the Seagod Family and the White Flow Family would send someone to assassinate Tang Zichen, so he arranged for Tang Zichen to live near his brother Jin Yue, so that he could arrive in time in case of the real thing.

Tang Zichen was very grateful inside.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

During these ten days, Tang Zichen kept practicing martial arts, aiming for the Ancestor Grand Perfection.

"Senior Wind Lightning, the master of the house asked you to go there."A servant came to look for Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen arrived at the Golden Yao Family Master's residence.

"Wind Lightning, received a challenge letter."The Golden Yao Family Master told Tang Zichen straightforwardly.

"A challenge letter?Mine?"

"Yes, it's Haiqing of the Poseidon Family, issuing a challenge to you."

"Oh, okay, when is the time?"

"One month later, location, Mt. Uzumaki."


"Wind Lightcloud, I feel that this Seagod Family's challenge doesn't seem to be so simple, and with what I've learned about the Seagod Family, they'll probably do the same thing again."

"What do you mean?"


"To tell you the truth, twenty years ago, my Golden Rock Family also had an outstanding genius like you who could be ranked in the top five of the Ancestor Perfection List, and as a result, a fourth ranked person from the Seagod Family at that time issued a challenge to that person from my family, and in the challenge, killed that hopeful genius from my family, and said that he was careless and that it was my family's genius who was too bad.Then, the matter had to be left like that."

"What an abomination."

"Wind Lightning, this time, I suspect that the Seagod Family is trying to do the same old trick again and kill you in the middle of the duel, so, Wind Lightning, I suggest that you have the right to refuse this challenge."

Tang Zichen said, "No, why should I refuse."

"Wind Lightning, think carefully about how strong that Hai Qing of the Seagod Family is, whether or not he's about to step into Ancestor Great Perfection just like you, it's all unknown ah."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I'll accept her challenge, but I don't want to be so passive, help me reply to a letter to the Seagod Family, let's say, if there's going to be a duel, it'll be a duel to the death."

"What? You want to change it to a duel to the death?"

"Oh, isn't that what they want, so why not just fight to the death."


"Master Jin Yao, are you afraid that I will lose."

Jin Yao said, "Wind Lightning, you probably don't know yet, that Hai Qing of the Seagod Family, I heard that she's the fiancée of some Emperor Xuan Sun, even if she's not the fiancée of some Emperor Xuan Sun, then she must be the daughter-in-law or granddaughter-in-law or something of some powerful person of the Imperial Dynasty, anyway, you can't be righteous, you just have to make sure that you won't be killed by her." First web site

"Fuck, it's Emperor Xuan Sun again."Tang Zichen was furious.

"What? Have you ever known any Royal Xuangsun before?"

"No, just heard about it, okay, I understand, then I'll go down first."

Tang Zichen didn't reveal too much about that Imperial Xuan Sun called Yuan Jie, in case he would expose his identity information.

I believe that Tang Zichen's enemy must be someone at the imperial dynasty level.

One month later.

The day of the duel between Tang Zichen and that Hai Qing had arrived.

During this month, Tang Zichen had felt two more times of Zongshi Grand Perfection's intent, in total, he had felt it nine times, Tang Zichen was very close to Zongshi Grand Perfection, he only needed to feel it once more, he would be able to step into the Zongshi Grand Perfection realm, and Tang Zichen was only 55 this year, of course, it would be 56 in a few months.

"Wind Lightning, let's go, I'll head to the Dark Cloud Mountain with you."The Golden Yao Family Master rode the Black Jiao to Tang Zichen's door and said.


Tang Zichen leapt onto the Golden Yao Family Master's Black Jiao.

A few hours later, he arrived at the Dark Cloud Mountain.

Compared to the last time at the Bi Cao Lake, the duel with Jiang Mingcheng, the number of people today was not less than that day at all.

Not only that, but the heads of the three great families were all there today.

"Jin Yao family master, it's been a long time, it seems like your power has risen again."A voice was heard and a man with a black beard flew up.

"Yo, if it isn't the Seagod Family's Sea Dafu Family Master, hahaha."Jin Yao smiled.

Tang Zichen remembered when he heard Hai Da Fu's name, the geography book he saw on the first day he came to Jin Yao City said that the head of the Seagod Family was Hai Da Fu.

Tang Zichen looked at that Sea Dafu, and at the same time, the Sea Dafu also looked at Tang


Hai Dafu snorted with contempt and said, "I'm sure this is the famous, what makes me like thunder and almost shakes me over, Wind Lightning."Hai Dafu looked sarcastic and sarcastic, what with the thundering and almost shaking him over, it was all sarcasm.

The Golden Yao Family Master said to Tang Zichen, "Wind Lightning, there is no need to be restrained, this Hai Dafu Family Master is known as a good-tempered person in the Golden Silk City, no matter what you say, he will not be angry."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, understanding the meaning of the Golden Yao Family Lord's words, that he could say anything, there was no need to be afraid of him.

Tang Zichen said, "No wonder the name is Sea Dafu, his heart is like the sea, unfortunately, the back wave pushes the front wave, the front wave dies on the beach."

"Hmph."Hai Dafu snorted and said coldly, "Wind lightly, I hope you still have the heart to tease me here later."

"Of course I have a mind, why wouldn't I have a mind?Could it be that Hai Da Fu thinks my life will be in danger even if I participate in the tournament?"

"Swords without eyes, that's a hard one to say, Windy, good luck, huh?"Hai Dafu flew away, his gaze killing Tang Zichen hidden in his eyes.

The Golden Yew Master said, "Wind Lightning, with me here, there's no need to be afraid of him or anything, he wouldn't dare to do anything, although the Seagod Family is indeed more powerful than the Golden Rock Family, it hasn't reached the point of crushing us, if anything were to happen, it would be a self-inflicted loss, Hai Da Fu hasn't the guts to do anything because of these trivial matters."


At this moment, another old man flew in, it was Bai Cheng of the Bai Liu Family.

After more than a month, Tang Zichen saw Bai Cheng again.

"Yo, Wind Lightning, huh."Bai Cheng looked at Tang Zichen with a cold smile, the smile made people feel very dark and fake.

Tang Zichen wasn't even afraid of Hai Dafu, much less Bai Cheng.

Tang Zichen looked at Bai Cheng and said.How do you know my name is Wind Lightning?"

"You."Bai Cheng was furious, Tang Zichen even pretended not to know him, this was an insult, a barefaced insult to him.

"Windy, don't be too proud of yourself."Bai Cheng said.

Tang Zichen said, "This old man, I don't know you very well, don't act like you know me very well, okay."

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, we'll see, you villain."

Tang Zichen was annoyed and said angrily, "Hey, make it clear, who is the villain?"Don felt backstabbed, and it was clear he was the villain.

"Isn't it?Huh."Bai Cheng snorted and flew away.

Jin Yao said, "Windy, why be angry at such people, it's not worth it, keep your mind right, the only way to give them the biggest slap in the face is to defeat Hai Qing ruthlessly.I think Hai Dafu will be angry to death, and so will Bai Cheng, because they all want you dead, and you live to show them."

"Good."Tang Zichen bit out.

It was soon noon.

The dueling moment had arrived.

Tang Zichen flew up into the skies above the Dark Cloud Mountain and was watched by countless eyes on the mountain, many of them talking about it.

In the next moment, a woman flew out from another part of the sky, it was Hai Qing who was dueling with Tang Zichen.

At this moment, Hai Qing's face was somewhat abnormal, because she had received the orders from her master, must kill in the duel, as unintentionally killing the other party.

However, Hai Qing didn't want to kill someone who had no grudge, but she couldn't not do it.

Hai Qing flew a few dozen meters in front of Tang Zichen, looked at him, and said under her breath, "I'm sorry, Wind Lightning, please don't blame me, I'm not in a position to do anything."


Tang Zichen looked at the woman across the street, she was indeed good looking, but in Tang Zichen's eyes it was just average, Tang Zichen's eight wives, no matter which one was prettier than her, maybe Tang Zichen had a heart of gold and couldn't tolerate anyone else, so he didn't feel pretty anymore.

Tang Zichen said, "Wind lightly, please teach me."

The other side of Haiqing also said, "Haiqing, please give advice."

Hai Qington flew up towards Tang Zichen and took the lead in attacking.

At this moment on the ground, everyone was holding their breath, afraid of missing a single detail like, Hai Qing was the number one in the Sect Master Perfection Ranking, could Wind Lightning Win?Or, how many moves will lose?

Tang Zichen didn't panic at all when he saw Haiqing attacking up, Tang Zichen was just a little bit away from stepping into the Master's Great Perfection.

To be honest, the moment Tang Zichen drew his sword, he knew that this was an opponent he overestimated.

Yes, Tang Zichen was a hundred percent sure that he could defeat Hai Qing.

However, it couldn't be denied that this Haiqing, indeed, had two brushes.

Speaking of late, Haiqing's sword had already arrived, flickering and elusive, as if she couldn't see where her sword was.

Shrewd, indeed shrewd swordsmanship. Remember the URL

At this moment, Tang Zichen drew his sword.

Tang Zichen's sword came out, endlessly to, and it was as heavy as a mountain smashing down.



After a sound of gold and iron, Hai Qing felt her arm go numb, she didn't know whether Tang Zichen's sword was power or skill, elusive and inscrutable.

Hai Qing took three big steps back in a row, cold sweat appearing on her forehead.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Not bad, much stronger than that Jiang Mingcheng, Yang Fengyin, at least once I strike the sword, you can still barely block it and back away."

Hai Qing said, "Wind Lightning, you've also opened my eyes, I didn't expect that your sword skills were so inscrutable, but that's not my true strength."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "You think, this is my true strength?No, I haven't even got half of it out yet."

"Ah."Hai Qing was clearly taken aback, half of half, that's a quarter, no way, she was barely able to block that sword just now, ah, that's too, too scary.

However, Hai Qing suddenly sobered up, the wind was definitely bluffing, it was his psychological tactic, hmm, she wouldn't fall for it.

Unfortunately, instead of it being a psychological tactic, Tang Zichen said lightly, because Tang Zichen hadn't included the strength to open the Life Blood Crypt.

If the strength of opening Life Blood Crypt was also counted, then Tang Zichen was more than half and half.

"Cut the gossip, look at the sword."Right at this moment, Tang Zichen attacked.

Tang Zichen rarely took the initiative to use his sword, and this was considered a rare occasion, every previous battle, including at the Jiang Hu Conference, was almost always a passive sword break because the opponent was too lowly.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen's sword looked slow, but in the next second Haiqing realized the mistake, oh my, it was outrageously fast.

Hai Qing immediately hurriedly took up the sword to parry.


"Dang dang."

In the sky, in an instant, the two of them engaged in a dozen rounds of fighting.

They fought and retreated, of course Haiqing retreated, Tang Zichen advanced, Haiqing was unable to completely resist Tang Zichen's swordsmanship, so he retreated for protection, which was a desperate move, usually when they couldn't beat someone, they were beaten by the other side to step back.

After Tang Zichen had exchanged a dozen moves with Haiqing, the

It stopped for a moment.

Hai Qing, on the other hand, was still there brushing and swinging his sword.

"Hey, I've stopped, why are you still swinging."

"Ah."Only then did Hai Qing react, Tang Zichen had just attacked her in a series of attacks, really blinding her, even when Tang Zichen had ended his attack, she hadn't come back to her senses, she was still defending herself to the death, and as a result, she had made a big joke.

Hai Qing looked at Tang Zichen, embarrassed to the extreme, and her face was white.

On the ground, Hai Dafu of the Seagod Family, his face was very ugly, he had already seen that Hai Qing was no match at all.

Hai Dafu clenched his fists very tightly, and said with a secret gnash of his teeth, "Wind lightly."

In the skies, Tang Zichen said, "Voluntarily admit defeat, I can stop fighting, you are not my opponent."

Hai Qing shook his head, "Impossible, my Seagod Family is human, it will not admit defeat."

"Since that's the case, then don't blame me, I've just, but only put out half of my strength."

After saying that, Tang Zichen took out his strongest sword.

"No Beginning, No End."

This move without a beginning and without an end was the strongest sword Tang Zichen had practiced so far, and it could almost be said that no one in the same level had yet cracked this sword.

As expected, Hai Qing tried to fight back, but was immediately struck down by Tang Zichen's sword.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's sword was thrust into Haiqing's shoulder, but only into his clothes, not into half of his flesh, which was a testament to Tang Zichen's control.

"Hmph, you lose."

Hai Qing looked at the flying down sword and said, "You win, Wind Lightning."

Tang Zichen put the sword away.

At this moment, on the ground, Hai Dafu quietly said to a man, "Prepare to implement the second plan."

"Yes, Master."

Tang Zichen won the fight, and the audience on the ground was silent.

Hai Qing looked at Tang Zichen's back, stunned, she seemed to want to know more about the wind and light clouds.

But at this moment, a loud shout suddenly came from the distant sky, "Ah Mao, don't go, hmph, so you hid here to duel with someone, causing me to look for you for more than half a year, well, I finally found you today."

Tang Zichen immediately turned his head to look, and a Zongshi Grand Perfectionist man flew in.

Everyone was attracted by the voice.

Hai Qing, as well as the people on the ground, were all awakened by this sudden change of events.

However, Tang Zichen didn't know the man, and the man, however, seemed to be familiar with Tang Zichen.

Where did Tang Zichen know that this was Hai Da Fu's second plan.In order to kill Tang Zichen, two plans were prepared, the first one, was for Hai Qing to kill Tang Zichen in the duel, if Hai Qing killed Tang Zichen, then the second plan was nullified.If it couldn't be killed, then the second set would be activated, and at the moment, it was Hai Da Fu's second set of plans.

In the sky, Hai Qing seemed to understand something, because the Ancestor Grand Perfection man flying in the distant sky, she knew, was from the Seagod Family, a staff member who rarely showed his face.

Hai Qing knew that this must have been arranged separately by the family's master.

Hai Qing flew in front of Hai Dafu in a row and said, "Family Master, how is this back to God?"

Hai Da Fu snorted, "Hai Qing, you disappointed me, you couldn't even kill him, fortunately, I prepared a second plan."

In the sky, from the distant sky, that Zongshi Grand Perfection man flew in front of Tang Zichen, pointed at him and shouted, "Ah Mao, you really know how to hide, you hid so far away, you would never have thought to death that I would find you, right?Ah Mao, do you think you can run away from what you've done by changing your name to some breezy cloud?"


Tang Zichen looked at the man in front of him, frowning, "Who is your Excellency?"

"Hairy, don't pretend you don't know me, do you think people will believe you if you pretend you don't know me?"

Tang Zichen's brain flashed twice, and he had already guessed that this must be the Seagod Family, or the White Flow Family, who had sent someone to arrange this, I'm afraid that they wanted to kill Tang Zichen through this means.

The reason why they didn't arrange for an early peak realm powerhouse to come out and impersonate someone who knew Tang Zichen, I'm afraid that it was because, peak realm powerhouses were so famous that no matter which one they sent out, someone would have seen them, so they sent out a Zongshi Grand Perfection that no one had seen before.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm not Ah Mao, and I'd like to finally advise you to get down immediately, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."

That Zongshi Grand Perfection on the other side laughed coldly in his heart, "What an arrogant Wind Lightning, I am a Zongshi Grand Perfection, but I also dare to say that I am rude to me."

At this time, Jin Yao flew up.

Jin Yao asked, "Wind Lightning, what's going on?Who is he?You know him?"

Jin Yao thought that this person could be Tang Zichen's former enemy.

Tang Zichen said, "My lord, I don't know this person."

That man suddenly sneered, "Ah Mao, you say that you don't know me again?The good you've done, I will make it public today, and, I will make you pay for it." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said angrily, "Don't force me, I have no grudge against you, don't be someone else's scapegoat."

"Ah Mao, you defiled our village chief's daughter, you won't just forget about it, do you think I won't recognize you if you change your name?I was ordered by the village chief this time to come out and do harm to the people."

"Village your sister's chief."Tang Zichen yelled.

"Hmph, Ah Mao, today, I will avenge the village chief's daughter."That clan master man said with a sword drawn.

Jin Yao snorted, "Who dares to touch him."

That Ancestor Great Perfection man looked at Jin Yao and said, "Senior, this is a matter of our village, please don't interfere, this person is our village's Ah Mao, he raped and killed our village chief's daughter, relying on a bit of strength, he ran away afterwards, this run is thirty years, unfortunately, does he think that he can change his name and surname to live a new life?Impossible."

Jin Yao frowned as he saw the man's talking head and frowned, Tang Zichen had never said anything about his origin before.

Could it be that Wind Lightning was really Ah Mao?

"Master, you should know what kind of person I am, you should know that this person is sent by Hai Dafu, or White City, in eight or ten cases."

At that moment, Hai Da Fu flew up and said angrily, "Feng Xiaoyun, you shouldn't spew blood."

"Whether or not it's a bloody mouth, you know it well."

Hai Dafu grunted, "Feng Qingyun, since that's the case, I'm going to be in charge of this matter to the end, that whoever, you said he was thirty years ago, was he the Ah Mao of your village, right?"


"Well then, I'll make your decision today, and I will definitely not agree to anyone who dares to harbor such criminals.Master Jin Yao, you don't want to harbor such murderous criminals, do you?"

Jin Yao said angrily, "Hai Da Fu, is this really none of your business?"

"Nonsense, but I'm prepared to administer justice, Master Jin Yao, I expect you not to be the enemy of the entire nation, but countless pairs of eyes are watching here, if you dare to harbor such criminals, then don't blame me for obstructing you."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Jin Yao laughed furiously.

At this time, another person flew out and said, "This matter .

I support Hai Da Fu, we all know that Wind Lightning is an outsider, but I never thought that he would be a son of a bitch who raped and killed the village chief's daughter.Since this kind of criminal element has come to our Golden Thread City, it is necessary for us, as the Golden Thread City's householders, to give justice to the woman who died tragically.Jin Yao Family Master, you must not do anything stupid."

"You, Bai Cheng."Jin Yao bit out in anger.

Today, it was obvious that Hai Dafu and Bai Cheng, both wanted to stop him from rescuing Tang Zichen and allowing Tang Zichen to be killed by that clan master, if he stopped him, he would not only be blamed by all the spectators and lose the hearts of the people, he would also be attacked by Hai Dafu and Bai Cheng.

Tang Zichen said to Jin Yao, "Master, you should back off and let me handle this matter."


"Family Master, trust me."

Golden Yao's Family Master was in a dilemma, Hai Dafu and Bai Cheng had pushed him to the brink.

With a snort, Jin Yao flew away into the distance.

Hai Dafu said to that Zongshi Grand Master, "Don't be afraid, I will definitely make decisions for your village head."

"Thank you, Senior."

Hai Da Fu snorted at Tang Zichen, a hint of smugness in his eyes, as if Tang Zichen was already dead, and then flew away, deliberately flying not far from Jin Yao, as if to more easily prevent Jin Yao from rescuing Tang Zichen.

The same was true of Bai Cheng.

The sky was left with Tang Zichen and the man who was a great master of the clan.

Tang Zichen drew his sword and said, "You will regret your actions at this moment, don't think that I don't know who you were sent by."

"Hahaha, Ah Mao, it's already this time, you are still cunning, you still don't repent for the things you committed in the first place, you really are hopeless, it seems that if I don't put you on the spot today, how can I face the village chief's daughter who was raped and killed by you."

"It's useless to talk too much, let's do it."


Tang Zichen immediately opened the Life Blood Hidden.

Tang Zichen's strength soared wildly after opening Life Blood Hidden, Tang Zichen was originally close to stepping into Ancestor Grand Perfection, and then opening Life Blood Hidden, Tang Zichen's strength could be imagined.

This Zongshi Grand Perfection was really looking for death.

However, Tang Zichen wouldn't kill him, because killing him couldn't clear Tang Zichen's reputation, instead, others would think it was true, and Tang Zichen would force him to tell the truth.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen instantly rushed up.

The other side also came to kill Tang Zichen, Hai Da Fu said that if he killed Tang Zichen, he could make a merit and give him a large sum of money.

However, he suddenly felt bad, because the extent of Tang Zichen's sword killing was completely beyond his expectations.



Tang Zichen let his opponent's sword turn into pieces with a single blow.

"Ah, this."The other party's eyes widened.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped his opponent's chest at close range.

"Crack."The other party's sternum cracked all at once, and in the next second, Tang Zichen grabbed the other party's skull, and with a single push, Tang Zichen could crush his skull.

"Ah, don't."The other party screamed out in fear, and Tang Zichen used only three seconds to make him lose everything.

At this moment, the entire audience was boiling.

In the distant sky, Hai Da Fu's face changed, "Oh no, how is this possible."

At this moment, Tang Zichen's hand squeezed his opponent's skull and said, "All I have to do now is push, and you'll die."


"Don't."The other party's face was pale.

Tang Zichen said, "If you don't want to die, you tell me the truth right now, I can spare your life and, bring you back to the Golden Rock Family, then let you leave the Golden Silk City and save your life, otherwise, you only have one death now."

"Me."That Ancestor Grand Master looked at Hai Dafu in the distant sky.

At this moment, Hai Dafu was extremely ugly, he didn't expect Tang Zichen to be so strong, but of course, this Zongshi Grand Perfection he was looking for was also a very useless person, otherwise he wouldn't have been sent to do the lowest job.Hai Dafu suspected that Tang Zichen was already about to step into Ancestor Grand Perfection, it was unbelievable to think about.

Hai Da Fu didn't have time to think about it and immediately took out a silver needle and quickly sent it at the man to kill him.

However, a person appeared to stop him, it was Jin Yao.

Jin Yao smiled and said, "Master Hai, it's better to let them settle this on their own, it's a matter for their own village, what do you think?"

"Jin Yao."Hai Dafu's face was cold.

Jin Yao, however, snorted with no fear at all.

Next to him, however, Bai Cheng didn't say anything, the matter was revealed, and Hai Dafu wasn't his friend, so he didn't have to help Hai Dafu.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Tell the truth or not?I'll count to three, one, two, three." First published at

"I said, I said, I'm a staff member of the Seagod Family, I spend a lot of time in the mines and rarely show my face, and Hai Da Fu asked me to do a job, and if I succeed, I'll be given a big credit and a large fortune."

Tang Zichen let go of that clan master's great success.

At this moment, the audience below was talking, and although no one dared to accuse Hai Da Fu to his face, they were all saying something in private.

Hai Dafu's face was twisted.

Tang Zichen didn't kill that person, and that person would definitely not be able to escape Hai Da Fu's execution anyway.

Tang Zichen flew to Jin Yao and said, "Master, let's go, the matter has been settled."

"Good."Jin Yao greeted his Black Jiao and flew over, carrying Tang Zichen ready to go.

At that moment, the Ancestral Master just now shouted, "Wind Lightning, you said that you would take me to the Golden Rock Family if I told the truth, and then arrange for me to leave the Golden Silk City."

Tang Zichen turned back and snorted, "Are you worthy?Don't worry, Hai Da Fu will send you on your way."

After saying that, Tang Zichen and Jin Yao flew away in their black jiao.

At the scene, Hai Da Fu was so furious that the matter had been revealed anyway, he just slapped that Zongshi Da Sheng Cheng just now and flew away in full view of the public.

Tang Zichen sat on the black jiao and closed his eyes.

Tang Zichen had just once again felt the intention of the Ancestor Grand Perfection, which meant that Tang Zichen was about to step into the Ancestor Grand Perfection.

A few hours later, the black jiao arrived at the Golden Rock Family.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

Jin Yao smiled, "Congratulations, Wind Lightning, you've completely stepped into the Ancestor Great Perfection."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled.

Jin Yao exclaimed, "At only 55 years old, stepping into Ancestor Great Perfection, Wind Light Cloud, your future will definitely surpass mine, keep up the good work."

"Thank you, Master."

"You performed very well today, making Hai Da Fu's plans come to naught and severely smacking his old face, exposing his schemes to the public.Now that you've stepped into Ancestor Great Perfection, it's a great joy, and I'm going to announce this, to the

How do you feel about the entire Golden Silk City going and letting everyone know that you're only 55 and have stepped into the Ancestor's Great Perfection?"

"This, will it be too high-profile."

"It's an honor, reaching Ancestor Grand Perfection so young, there aren't many of them in the history of Golden Thread City.Moreover, if the news reaches Hai Dafu and Bai Cheng's ears, they will be even more furious, don't you want them to be angry."

"Haha, that's up to you to arrange."

"Alright Le, then you go and solidify the Great Perfection Realm."


Tang Zichen returned to his home and went into seclusion, mainly to solidify his Master's Grand Perfection realm.

A day later.

"Bang."Hai Dafu slammed the table.

"Son of a bitch, is this intentionally angry with me?"Hai Dafu gritted his teeth.

"Family Master, this is clearly a deliberate attempt to anger you.Now that Wind Lightning has stepped into the Sect Master Great Perfection, and he is only 55 years old, in half a year's time, it will be the triennial Ranking Change List War, and then Wind Lightning will definitely appear on the Sect Master Great Perfection list, and in a few years, with Wind Lightning's talent, it is very likely that he will enter the top ten of the Sect Master Great Perfection list ah.Over the years, the top ten on the Ancestor Grand Perfection List have always been our Seagod Family, never allowing anyone from the Bai Liu Family or the Jin Yan Family to win."

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, well, well, does he think I'll stop here?No way, I'm not going to let him have a chance at a 'ranking change war' in six months"

In the Bai Liu family, Bai Cheng was also furious and also secretly determined to send someone to kill Tang Zichen as soon as he found the opportunity.

Three days later, Tang Zichen was out of the gate.

"Uncle Feng, you're out of the gate."

"Well, Ling'er, no one came looking for me during the three days I closed the door, right?"


"That's good."

At this moment, at Jin Yao's residence.

"Big brother, I got the news that Hai Dafu and Bai Cheng both looked furious after learning that Wind Lightning had stepped into Ancestor Great Perfection, only, it seems like they both want to find a chance to send someone to assassinate Wind Lightning."Jin Yue said.

Jin Yao snorted disdainfully, "Feng Lightning is within our Jingyan Family, do they think, it's so easy to kill?What kind of place do I think the Golden Rock Family is."

"That's right, they didn't find the opportunity to kill Feng Lightning so easily.Big brother, Wind Lightning's talent is extraordinary, I believe that in five more years, he will definitely be able to enter the Golden Silk City and the top ten of the Ancestor Great Perfection Ranking."

Jin Yao said full of expectation, "If he can, then it will be wonderful, the Master Perfection Ranking, the top ten are monopolized by the Seagod Family, all along, our Golden Rock Family, White Flow Family, none of us have been able to enter the top ten and break their monopoly.If Wind Lightning can break their top ten monopoly and enter the top ten, then it will be really wonderful, the Seagod Family will be furious, right?Jin Yue, next, you will focus on guiding Wind Lightning, making sure to let him enter the top ten in five years' time."

"Yes, big brother."

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen's voice sounded from the door, "Why five years later."

"Ah, Wind Lightning, you're here."Jin Yue was busy smiling.

Tang Zichen walked into Jin Yue's room and said, "Sorry, I overheard your conversation."

"It's fine, it's fine, Wind Lightning, please sit down, there's no need to be polite, since you heard our words, then you also know the situation that our Jingyan Family, is facing now."Jin Yao said.

Tang Zichen said, "It's not very clear yet."


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